Seeking the truth...

IzzyDaPada: Before every open door, I paused before I crossed it and haulted my breathing so I could hear if anything was possibly living inside the rooms, or moving if at that. I then quickly sprang infront of the door way holding out my gun infront of me waiting to hear a scream of a woman, or a shocked look of a man. But I was always greeted with the emptiness of a room...It caused me to frown a bit. *What part of the building am I in?* It wasn't like I couldn't turn around and come the way I came right? there was always that option, lowering my gun I let out a sigh. "Why do these halls keep going on and on.." It seemed that after the...100th door? Was it 100 already? It seemed the labs stopped after a while. It started to turn into bedrooms, lofted beds, assuming for the army of men they held within the building under Kasaihana..That caused me to frown more. Thomas Flint was smart, too smart apparently. "Your messing with my mental stability aren't you Flint..." I stepped out of the room and finally continued to walk down the corridor of the hall passing the rooms, seeing no life in them what so ever. I apparently started to talk on a tune humming it down the hall ( the tune she took: ) Not like anyone was here right? I started to spin the gun around my finger and shift my body as if I was in the tea house performing back when I was geiko.. I shook my head and went back on alert. *No time for that..* I came to a room.. It was closed, I chuckled slightly to myself. *Room...112...And the door is closed. What are the odds its locked?" As I approached the door I pulld up the gun to my chest and approached it with caution, assuming someone could be living in it. As I approached it, *SWOOSH* The door opened, causing me to blink and press myself against a wall. *SWOOSH* The door closed. Automatic doors? Interesting.... taking in a breath I let it out slowly, pushing off the wal I swung my body so when the door opened I had my gun pointed into the room...what I didn't expect to greet me was a single person living space..but no one inside...stepping into the room the door closed behind me *SWOOSH* "I'm going to hate that door so much.." It seemed like someone lived here...I was taking a step as I stepped onto a pile of...*looks down* Clothing..rather..large..piece of clothing. "Someone takes steriods apparently...That isnt' healthy.." I knelt down and pushed at the piece of clothing with the barrel tip of my gun and hooked it up, it was a shirt. As I stood up, it caused me to blink at how large the shirt was...*hmm* putting the shirt back where I found it, I looked around the room. "Seems someone was living here.." As I continued to look around the room more with curiousosity then anything. I found pictures laying face flat on the nightstand. "Someone had a fight with their wife?" I sat on the bed that didn't seem to have been made when ever the person had rested in it, and put the gun in my lap for quick access. Reaching out for the first picture, I reached out hesitantly and grabed it and picked it up...*CRASH* I stared at the broken picture frame on the ground staring horrified...The womans face, seeming to be in her late 30's. Looked liked..Me...long black hair.. An image flassed into my head when I looked at it...."Hahaoya (Mother)......" My face came out very small, and almost, frail? The woman in the image was smiling and happy...I quickly looked at the other images that were layed face down...I reached out with an already shaking hand and grabed for the next one....but keeping it face down so I didn't have to look at it and drop it, make my existance in this room nonvisable. I rested the picture on my lap ontop of the dessert eagel. I looked up at the matalic ceiling... I closed my eyes... When I lowered my head I had flipped the picture frame up and opened my eyes.. I stared at the picture....It was a family portrait...Of a man...and the woman, my Mother...and...myself.....years before I was sent away...Years where it seemed the happiness couldn't die..."Chichioya...Hahaoya..." I gripped onto the picture frame tightly, as my knuckls would turn white. It was a death grip now. I sent out the picture towards the end of the night stand and shattered the glass that protected the image and let the glass fall and took the picture from it....then reached down and took the picture of her...I haulted as I looked at the image that was still laying flat... *Should I honestly reach for the picture? What will I see when I do?* It made me pause and think as I held the two pictures in my hand..the only two images of my past life I didn't have...

IzzyDaPada: I hesitently reached out toward the picture that was laying face down, *Who is this have pictures of me and my family..* Could be some crazy stalker...who could have a fantasy of killing me..But it still doesn't explain the family pictures..As I picked up the face down picture. I stared, and stared, and stared. The man in this picture. I had no memory of who he was. But the eyes stood out. They looked like mine... But everything about this man didn't resemble anything else. A man dressed in a fighter-monk attire.."Add on a robe and medals maybe..but.." I stared at the mans face, it looked, fierce, demonic, but controled, and yet, at peace? Yet his eyes held secrets that only he could bare, like something was torn for him, for the greater good? *Greater good of what? Besides your faciel features could scare anyone really...* I placed the picture back to where it could be displayed to those who would enter the room. Along with the picture on the nightstand, were beads, I looked closer and realized they were rosary beads.. ( Reference image: they were old, that I could tell, and it seemed who ever was using them, used them well as in places it seemed very faded. I reached out and picked up the beads carefully. Holding the small image of what seemed to be christ on the cross. Remind me of the cross on the back of my neck.. *Its just an odd connection that this is christian and I have a cross on the back of my neck...but..* I gathered the rosary beads in my hand and slipped it into my pocket then folding the images and doing just the same, I slipped them into my pocket, and picking the gun up off my lap. I had dropped the boxes of ammo for the shot gun some way back. Since I didn't have the gun...Why should I keep it really..Right? Figuring it was time to leave the room, pushing myself up off the bed, I looked around the room. "Who ever lives here will see the pictures maybe he will come looking for them.." I slipped out of the room with the doors *SWOOSHING* behind me. It didn't make sense to me still as to why the pictures of my family were in this particulare room. Why that strange man's picture was there, why he held the same eyes at me....It all didn't make sense. Then the man back in the sewers..."You..are..his daughter.." It echoed in my head. Could they all be connected in some way? can't. My father, and mother died when I was 7. My heart told me same... Thats what I knew. That's my reality, and I wouldn't think alter my life for the what ifs.... I shifted my glance up and down the hall..."Continue on the serch for Thomas Flint and his wife, see where this hall leads...or...go back and find the others... " I fornwed a bit... I decided to continue down the hall, what could it due right?

Bruce lee and Pod's?

Kaiten: *Skylar's pale grey eyes were glued to the screen as the enigmatic hero depicted upon it unleashed a powerful step-side kick to the face of a claw-armed ninja with his tell-tale bird-like cry. The colorless hues, devoid of the pigment normaly granted to a child by it's parents, were bright ith excitment as the images depicted were broken down in her specialy engeniered mind into date that was quickly converted into muscule memory. She'd seen ths film hundreds of times, but it never got old to her. Not when it was all she knew. Even most of the languages she knew were learned through martial arts films and the few sparse interaction she had with the man behind the window and her kindly nurse lady, Rebecca. As Skylar watched, her hands twitched excitedly, each punch or kick thrown making her want to fight, as it always did. Tugging at the fingerless gloves on her fingers as she leaned forwards towards the screen, she bounced in place as she sat cross-legged.*

DarkKeyome:After Acknowledging Donnie Yun, i'd tell him that yes it was great that he wasnt dead. But this was no time for childish did you miss me games. After about an hour or so I was placed in a hospital looking section of the vast base. I sighed after Alex told me to sit down, and she'd see to my wound... “ Your Appendix is ruptured! How are you even still walking around with this!?” I simply looked forward. Not speaking a word I wont say that the pain wasnt gone because it was there... but I didn’t care. Pain made you weak if you couldnt take it... and strong if you could push through it. “ Im fine...” I said cocking my head to the right. “ Give me some Antibiotics... Stitch it up, ill be ok.” I took the pills and gulfed em down, took some painkillers too. And she stitched me right up. Not before long I was up and going again. “ I want every bit of this shit hole looked through! Find Thomas Flint!” My men rushed the areas kicking down, tying up the scientist within the facility and leaving them in closets dispite my orders to kill them. Tch.. whatever don’t listen to me then. I made my way throughout the establishment until I found a jacket of a larger mans... ( Drankin Jacket). I pulled the black leather jacket over my person after ditching the flak that was torn to hell anyways. “....” I pulled myself down to a lab which was blocked off from majority of the laboratory. “ Only...Authorized Personal huh..” I said cocking my head to right and with a hard boot I knocked down the glass container shattering it with one hard boot dispite it being bullet prof. “ Trivial..” I said gripping the Light Machine gun in my hand looking left... to right. An all white room... yet the sound of a Kung fu movie could be heard faintly.. I approached slowly with my weapon pointed up to a Pod of some sort... I tapped on it with my weapon and the Pod opened with Automatic doors revealing.....

Kaiten: *Sky heard the pod's sliding glass door open, sne turned with a smile to who she expected to be Rebecca the nurse, and instead found herself looking at a man. A man with his shirt missing. How strange. He must be her new combat test. Standing and casualy slapping the non-existant dust from her thighs just like her movie hero, she rolled her head to the side to loudly pop the joints there before she turned to face him fully. As her silver-hued eyes locked onto his, a small and playful grin spread over her youthful face and she began to bounce a bit, swinging her arms back and forth while her body floated over the steel floor like a dancer's. After this momentary display of aloof looseness, she brought her right hand up in a loose fist and pressed her thumb to her nose, pushing it across to make a small, cocky gesture before she settled into the traditional Jeet Kun do stance made famouse by the man still playing on the TV behind her*

DarkKeyome: I watched the young girl hop around in the Jeet kun do stance. “...Bruce lee?” I said looking at the TV Screen behind her. A child right? I thought nothing of it. I pulled the weapon behind my back and crossed my arms. “ Where is Thomas Flint...” I said pointing at the child as I walked over to her. Well I assumed it was a child she was short enough. My fist were clenched and within 5 seconds I was only 2 feet away from the girl. My body moving slowly over to her once I was in correct and appropriate distance I would have squatted down infront of her. The fact she was jumpping around like this I didnt pay much attention too. I mean she couldnt have wanted to fight me right? My dark raven hair hung over my face, yet my eyes were full accessible. Red due to the Dark Hadou being so prominent within my body as of right now, and the scar over my right eye would give me that demonic menacing look yet I gave her a smile to reassure her of her safety.

Kaiten: *As she squatted down in front of her, the girl tilted her head to the side, as if she was a bit confused by his actions. That lasted only a moment though as her fighting instinct suddenly kicked in. With a loud, bird-like cry that pierced the air and echoed around the room, Sky threw her upper body to the right with both arms hooked into a perfect 90 degree angle just like Bruce Lee, something that both perfected her form to add force to what was to come, but also increased her momentum to nearly full speed the moment her right foot left the ground. As the turn completed itself, her raised right foot was whipped outwards towards his head like a sledge hammer, her heel aimed to collide with the side of his jaw. Unlike Bruce Lee however, she was a human made to be perfect in a test tube. Her perfect DNA granted her strength and speed that was both inhuman and perfectly balanced down to a genetic level. that, paired with her perfected form and his disadvantagous stance left him less then half a second to react to the powerful blow. On top of this kick however came a secondary blow. Fully rotating over her extended leg, Sky jumped her planted left up up off the floor and let the momentum from her kick bring her around fully as her left leg was raised upwards into a perfect point, her knee resting flat against her chest by the time she was set in possition right over his head. The left leg was then brought straight downwards in an axe kick that, like the first, was aimed to drive her heel into his skull, this time right between the eyes. the kick combination was known as a Dragon Whips It's Tail, an advanced technique originaly performed by the legendary Ip Man and passed down to Bruce Lee, who perfected it. With both of the kicks launched in an instant, no doubt he would not even hear the conjoined cries of both the girl and the man on the screen behind her* "Cho! Wahtah!"

DarkKeyome: I looked up the moment and my smile was then met with a powerful punch that caused me to get knocked back a bit after it struck me in the jaw“ Tch!” I didnt even think about it, I hadnt seen anyone with this kind of speed off the spot like that! The moment her fist rocked me to the right it caused my head to Jerk. She was quick indeed but not fast enough...! Due to my Training after the GMAF's ( Look for Ark 3 episode ' I wont be so weak next time' ) I had been placed in situations like this before with my fight simulations. I leaned back exactly 2 seconds before the kick was made causing me to do it matrix style the kick breezing right by my nose as I leaned back. As I leaned up I would sent both of my legs into the air, the right leg, the first one that was sent out was going straight for her chin with the impacting force to knock her into the air by 1 foot to so she'd be stunned for a brief moment. while the other one ( the left leg) would follow up2.5 seconds afterwards aiming to strike the girl in the stomach in a right angle. The kick having enough UMMFF! To knock her onto the other side her room and into the wall. After the kicks were made ( and if they connected I would have thrown my legs back onto the ground with a cartwheeling back-flip after the kicks were made getting down into my boxer stance. “ Tch! The fucks your problem !?” I said rubbing my jaw abit from that punch.

Kaiten: *As her heel collided with the suprised man's face, he was lifted from his squatted down position and sent sailing back the way he entered, his body twisting in a cork-screw from the force of the blow as he slammed into the glass door behind him and slid down almost comically slow just as she finished her twist and landed back in the almost dancing stance of Jeet Kun do, her feet trailing along the floor in nimble bounces while her swinging arms took on loose fists once more with pinky's and thumbs extended. Cooing almost like a pigeon as she stared at him, her playful grin still over her face, she brushed her thumb across her nose once more before taking a single leaping step towards him and then jumping off the ground with her planted back foot. She took flight with this, extending her right foot outwards while her left was hooked up inder her thigh. This 'Flying Dragon Kick', converted her body into a living missle aimed to collide with his chest and smash him into the already cracked glass door, something that would certainly push him through and into the lab outside as she once more called out with her strange, bird-like battle cry* "Wahtaaaaaah!"

DarkKeyome: The Collision itself would rock me into a daze causing me to hit the wall. “ For... fucks... sakes..:” I said shaking my head for a brief moment before I pulled myself up trying to shake off the dizziniess. I blinked and slowly stood to my feet. The Red in my eyes starting to give off its full hellish like tint. “ OK then..” I said standing back up and brushing myself off. Pulling my jacket off and smacking my face a bit. “ Lets give that one... another try then..” I said getting into my full Thunderous Boxing stance. “ Lets see you do that again when my guard isn’t down.” But as I pulled myself up I saw the female leaping towards me in some Odd Kick. Tch... I'd simply tuck and roll myself to the right, more or so like a side step but not of the fray of her attack completely. I'd allow it to pass my face, I had even leaned my body to the right to assist in moving out of the way of the kick further. As I leaned my body to the right I would have thrown my right arm in the moment that her body had passed me by a few seconds, attempting to launch my right fist into her gut so that'd she be knocked back into her room and into the wall behind her. The fact she was in mid air would make it difficult for her to manuever out of the way of the attack.

Kaiten: *As he sidestepped and launched his counter, Sky's foot collided with the cracking glass door behind him. Had she not pushed off of it instead of simply carrying through with the original kick, his fist would have collided with her stomach as planned. Instead, he hit only thin air as she pushed away and just barely cleared his attack, landing once more in the jumping, mobile stance she'd taken before as the door shattered behind him. He was better then the other men the Window Man had sent in for her to fight, but that only made her more excited as she waited for him to fully clear his ringing head.* "Oooh, your pretty good mister. Are you one of the other pod people or are you like me?" *She didn't wait for him to answer as she stepped forwards and launched a powerful jab directly at his face, her hand converting into a blurred streak of light as she aimed to strike him. This was only a distraction blow however, as her right hand would rise up in a powerful uppercut aimed at his gut while her usual battle cry rang out once more. While both of these attacks could fell a normal man instantly, the uppercut had the power behind it to actualy send his back crashing into the cieling if it connected, which was apparent by the odd swirl of wind that arched off her fist due to the speed and force backing it's movement*

DarkKeyome: Quick little bastard for sure. The glass she had landed on crashed and I had took the time to take a few steps back still in the boxing stance. “ I dont have time for this! Where's Thomas Fl-” In mid yell the woman had sent out jab to my face it caused me to throw my hands up, both forearms ready to take the blow but it apparently was an illusion of some sort. The uppercut was indeed powerful, striking hard enough that it knocked me into the air by 2 feet but my Adamantium arms wouldnt allow the female to knock me into the ceiling like she wanted due to me being to heavy to do so and gravity playing its role. I'd instead use my airbourne manuever to send an elbow down with my right arm with me being only 2 feet above her in mid air. I'd use the same elbow thruster technique with my chi, but instead I used it with right arms hand. Sending a powerful burst of pressurized air from my fist making the crashing down elbow strike that much more powerful. If it connected to her head like I wanted it wouldnt have killed her, but it would have stunned her long enough so she'd be dazed heavily for 4 seconds. Even if the technique was dodged and she managed to manuver out of the way ( which may be difficult due to the distance of only 2 feet, giving her about 2 seconds to get out of the way not to mentinion the chi booster effect.) I would have kept my footing up with her, staying close once I landed and sent a series of right jabs all aiming to her chest which each punch with my admantium fist would leave a ringing and bone shattering effect throughout her chest area. Also three swift left straights all aiming for her gut, each punch had a Push blast technique applied. But focusing to only exert it after the punches were pulled back so even if these strikes were dodged a force like blast ranging from 2 feet would strike the girl in her gut. and even a left hook to her neck which would have knocked her unconsciouis if she were a normal human but with her it'd simply stun her. But endiing the combination with an uppercut to her jaw with enough force to knock her into the air by 4 feet so I could then end it with a striaght left to her gut and through one of the lab walls with a hard crash. The punch combo was swift and inhuman only happening within 2.5 seconds.

Kaiten: *She felt her fist sink into his stomach, the blow lifting him from his feet as expected, but she was not prepaired for it to have no effect on his ability to counter attack. Even if his bones were metal, that blow should have winded him at the very least. She had no way to dodge the elbow, and at this range it didnt matter, but she could at least get back at him for not fighting fair. After all, not being hurt when every other man she'd faught had been taken out with such attacks had to be cheating right? With her fist sunk in his stomach as it was, he had no way of even knowing she was attacking with the same fist just as his elbow collided with her forehead. The pain was blinding, but at the same time she unleashed a technique she'd mastered after hours of watching it in the videos. The One Inch Punch. Pushing forwards with a twisting motion as well and springing her wrist outwards for added pressure, the cloned girl sent enough force into his already caved in gut to send him soaring into the cieling despite his added weight. This was, after all, her strongest technique. As he had no way of stopping this from happening since he did not dislodge her fist from his stomach before he attacked her, he would soon find himself inbedded in the steel ceiling, the added force to his body stopping the other attacks planned after the elbow strike. She, on the other hand, stumbled backwards, holding her forehead with both hands as she did while she rather comically bounced up and down in pain* "Ow ow ow ow! Your such a cheater! Cheater! Not fair!" *She whined, her childish voice whining as she rubbed the aready healing bruise he'd left between her eyes as she glared up at him*

DarkKeyome: I blinked seeing that my elbow connected yet I wasnt prepared for the next attack. Though I should have been. It struck me in my gut. That got damn... fucking 1 inch punch! Sheesh... you'd think with all the Bruce lee wannabes around here.... I’d get use to this one. But... this one was even worse than the others. It struck me, and then knocked me into the air ceiling for sure. BOOOMM! My body was imprinted into the ceiling... laying perfectly within it as I blinked. “....Fucking.....A....” I said feeling like I was ready to barf. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I fell down right on top of the female as my body finally went limp from sitting within the ceiling for too long. Crashing right onto the female so my head would crash into her owns, like some sadistic skit from that Anime Fooly Cooly.

IzzyDaPada: Spinning the gun around my finger. It seemed the the halls did a circle around. "Smart trick there Thomas.." I had been wondering around through the empty corridors, this and that, past labs with signs that said "Personal Only" Which caused me to giggle slightly. I wondered if they gave tours to outsiders. So it made people think what was behind the doors. Passing one of the many "Authorized Personal Only" rooms. A lound *CRASH* like someone..hitting a wall of sorts, was emitted from one of them. Following the sounds with my gun pointed infront of me, elbows bent as I approached one of the open doors...As I entered the room I pulled the safety back preparing the gun if I some how ended up in a bad position. When I entered....What I didn't expect to see was Keyome....on a small....girl? It caused me to blink a few times. *....Tasanagi....what in the world....are you doing...on that little girl....* I put my hands on my hip with the dessert eagel in one of my hands as I walked up to the pair. A blank look on my face, I cleared my throat as I looked down.. "I think...At a time like this...the position your stuck in right now Mr. Tasanagi.... Isn't want you should be doing.." Some how, I wanted to kick him right in the side to give him a good jolt. But, I think my voice was maybe enough.. "Though I do have to ask. What exactly are you doing?" I arched an eyebrow down at him.

DarkKeyome: Looking down at the female that was under me. I blinked trying to get the full realization of where I was. And then... I heard and felt a feeling so ominous on the back of my neck. That it rivaled the demons of hell themselves in malifacent grace.... I shot up upon hearing the voice. “ I-Isabel..” I said looking away a light blush on my face.”.... it's not.... what it looks like.... >////>” I said making sure not to make full eye contact with her

Rise of the machines...

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would look off to the right from the door way he just came from and see the hall way he was in continued down around the corridor. He approached the next door and swung it open. He barged inside, the room was back as night. Ryuzakii reached for a light switch and after the room fully lighted he stood in the middle of a huge room in awe at what he found. He now stood at the entry way of a robot asembly room. There were no workers in here for it seemed everything was made by machinery on the assembly lines. There seemed to be many different models of robots with in here but the majority was made for 2 reasons. One side seemed to be army robots built with weaponry installed and armored bodies. they look like they would take a couple rounds before being destroyed. The other type were service droids. Either for repair services of the other robots or down to making a sandwhich when asked. "Wow... look at all of this... I'm glad none of these are active we culda been in serious trouble if he sent these after us..." Ryuzakii's eyes fell apon a terminal at the far end of the room. "Wait a sec... maybe.. nah its to risky..... but then again.." His mind was hard at work in a battle with his own logic. He walked across the room leaving the two men that were following him to stand at the door as he approached the terminal. "This may never work..... Hey you two be ready to destroy everything in here, im gunna try something!" Ryuzakii activated the terminal and a 4 digit pad lock came up "Uh... 1..2..3..4.." The lock disengaged and allowed Ryuzakii access. "That was too easy, but i guess when your fortress is this well hidden password security is the least of your troubles."He ran a couple scans of the commands the robotic army had been given. It seemed like they were programed to seek and destroy any person that wasn't listed as one of the Titan force members or a staff member on this facility. "Well now.. let's see if we can fix that." Ryuzakii rewrote the coding and commands to say only to destroy those people who work for Titan force and its soldiers. "We're gunna use their own toys against them." Ryuzakii said with a smirk. He continued to look into the files and added that the robots were to take orders from himself, Donnie, Tetsu, and Keyome. He hesitated putting that name and information in but he did seem to be running most of this opporation. These people were listed as comanders because they are the only ones Ryuzakii knew enough about to input their info for the command promt. "Alright now to see if they work." He hit a big red button that said above it activation and lights came on down the row of battle droids.( they each stepped out of their crates and formed squads of 4 each lined up in rows going back 20 rows (80 robots in all <<).( They stood facing Ryuzakii awaiting commands. Ryuzakii was a bit hesitant wondering if they were going to attack him or not. After a few seconds of silent stareing he assumed they were waiting for orders and spoke out what Keyo ordered everyone. "Alright we are withing a compound their are many rooms within this compound. I want you all to seek out the rooms and kill those you find inside, but only kill those listed in your memory under Titan Force employees and soldiers. anyone else you find you ask them if they need help and follow their orders. dont stop until everyone on your list is eliminated. Now you 4 in the front here" He read their chest plates noting their numbers 011, 012, 013, 014. "You will follow me and my orders as i give them understood?" A 'Yes sir' could be heard though its sounded like an echoing sound made from an old recording device as the robots responded. "Now GO!" Soon the room was emptied of robots except the squad of 4 Ryuzakii kept to his side and they made their way out continuing down the halway. sounds of guns going off and people screaming could be heard all down this hall back to the main area where we entered through the wall. Ryuzakii ordered his squad to follow him and exited this room. He went on back down the hallway heading back in toward the main area, a light smile on his face for the shear brilliance he had just set in motion.-

The Tin man of Wreakage!

Pallas: -After making his pleasantries with Tasanagi, he decided to go on a trip of his own. It looked to be that everyone was going down their own paths and heading into their own rooms. Donnie figured that the only thing he would need to be interested in is the technology hidden within this lab. Donnie notices that the rack he destroyed that help the Cydroids still continued into another room. Obviously the railing that holds the rack must lead somewhere so that was his plan. He leaps into the air and latches onto the railing. He sees that his hunch was right and the rail continues on into the lab. He uses both hands now to monkey walk his way deeper into the lab where the Cydroids are being held. When he gets to the edge of the rack, he sees at least twenty soldiers surrounding a center portion of the room. Everyone in the lab had been on high alert since the ambush had begun. In the center, it looked like a scientist of some kind was working on something. Donnie thinks to himself-“Must be important if he is still trying to work…”-That is when Donnie leaps down from the railing; flipping in the air to land on one knee in front of the soldiers. Twenty clicks of readied rifles are all Donnie heard when he slowly lifted his body up to a standing position. The leader of this squadron yells out to Donnie-“Alright! Hands on your head or we will shoot! Do it!”-This brings a smirk to Donnie’s face as he replies with-“Yeahhhh…How about fuck you...I’m Donnie Yun…I do what I want…”-The leader scruffs at the response and yells to his men-“SHOOT TO KILL!”-And at the given order, twenty assault rifles began firing at Donnie. Donnie smiled and enjoyed the poor challenge that these soldiers are putting up; nothing like playing a little lion and mouse. Donnie quickly takes off, heading straight for the leader. He uses his Aim Dodging technique to simple weave through the bullets as if they weren’t even there. Hundreds of bullets come at him and he moves so effortlessly through it. Within the next few seconds, he reaches the leader of this squadron. Donnie’s arm pushes forward as wires shoot around his arm, forging a weapon. Within the second he started to thrust his arm, a red and black arm blade forms around his arm. The Vibranium quickly hardens with the tip of it being Carbonadium. The blade quickly slashes through the soldiers chest effortlessly. Donnie says to him with the blood dripping of the arm blade-“So, you want me to put my hands on my head? this?”-Donnie then lifts his hands up to his head. While he does this, the blade effortlessly slashes upward on the man’s body, cutting through his entire chest and up to his head. The man’s guts quickly fall from the hole that is being made as Donnie lifts his arms up. When the blade reaches the head, it cuts right through the middle of the soldiers face. The right eye falls from the socket from no longer being held up together. And finally the body separates from a whole piece. Blood falls to the floor like a flood as the body falls down in front of Donnie as well. And while this attack was happening, the other soldiers thought reloading was the best thing to do. Donnie laughs at the image and says-“Oh please, do take your time hahaha. I’m only just killing. HAHAHAHA!”- The arm blade slowly retracts back to Donnie’s normal arm as he changes the weapon scale. He creates the Plasma blasters on both of his hands as he was going to pound the rest of them into a pulp. The soldier’s had finished reloading and began to fire again. This time, Donnie quickly reacted by activating his Metal Exoskeleton ability. His body quickly is covered by a Vibranium layer second skin. The bullets ricochet of his metal skin, sending the bullets all over the room. It was at that moment two of the cyborgs that Ryu had hacked into came into the room. The door explodes off its hinges as the two robots run in. They immediately see Donnie and say-“Mr.Yun, we were ordered to assist you!”- He looks at them with a smirk and says-“cool…”-He then points his Palm Blasters at them and uses his Megnetic System to call the cybernetic bodies of theirs over to him. He grabs both Cyborgs in each hand by the ankles. Once he caught them, he spins around and tosses the cyborgs at the soldiers. While they flew in the air, Donnie slowly sat on one knee with his Palm Blasters aimed at the cyborg bodies. He then released two Plasma Blasts at the cyborgs. Their bodies would immediately explode and create a huge explosion in the lab. The explosions by both cyborgs quickly created a large flame ball around the entire lab. Donnie remained on one knee with his arms at his side as if he were making some kind of Angel pose. Flames remained around the lab and cause the fire sprinkles to go off in the lab. The scientist was down, next to his work station stuck under some of the rubble. Donnie then stands up, with his now wet Mohawk covering the right side of his face. He walks over to where the scientist is stuck and sits down on the rubble that is keeping the scientist down. The added weight would cause the scientist to scream out in pain.-“AAHHHHH! What do you want!?”-Donnie plays with his teeth a bit while he sits there and says sarcastically-“You’re gunna tell me about these cyborgs you keep making…”-

The Phoenix and The Succubus

AlessandraSkar: Kaori moved carefully through the brightly lit hallway, her head turning left and right as she observed her surroundings. There were about five million doors on either side of the hall, hundreds of corridors, plenty of random twists and turns – of course if one were to completely exaggerate- but not a single sign of that Thomas Flint son of a bitch. 'Come out, come out wherever you are, bitch.' Her voice whispered in her mind. She was squatted down slightly, holding her dual TMPs against the front of her shoulders in preparation to fill any unknown life form with lead if it was necessary. There was no telling what Flint kept hidden in this lab, obviously some pretty twisted secrets judging by the fact that it took a trip through the goddamn sewers just to find it. “Smells worse than a fucking hospital in here.” Kaori muttered, turning up her lip at the variety of deadly chemical scents looming about the lab. “Kind of....reminds me of....” She stopped in her tracks and straightened up, taking a deep breath as her eyes fell shut. Now was not the time to suffer the sudden invasion of those awful flashbacks she'd get from time to time of her torture in an underground laboratory similar to the one she was walking through now. The only main difference was that Flint's lab looked ten times cleaner than that rotten hell hole she was dragged down to years ago. She side-stepped across the hall until she was able to place her back against the wall, moving slowly against it as she approached a particular door in her path. It was shut, perhaps locked, made of steel and – by the looks of the keypad next to it – required a special password for access. Kaori had to wonder what such a door was hiding. What could possibly be in that particular room that was perhaps so deadly that it needed special permission to be accessed? 'Not in my goddamn book.' Kaori snarled, swinging her hand straight back so that the butt of her TMP hit the keypad and shattered it. She lifted her arm up over her face as the device sizzled and crackled loudly, sending sparks shooting everywhere. The electrical fit died down within seconds, followed by strange mechanical cranks and buzzing within the metal door. “Jackpot.” She muttered, then turned to stand in front of the door. Taking a step back, she jumped into the air and flung her body into a perfectly executed spin kick, the bottom of her left foot hitting the door with a combination of blinding speed and incredible strength, so much so that the whole thing dented inward and went sailing into the locked room. Kaori jetted forward the second she landed, lifting both automatic machine pistols into readied positions. She moved both arms in several directions using rapid motions, her eyes darting about as she scanned the room. And – oh, gee, just as she suspected – there were two Titan Force soldiers turning in time to face her, ceasing their activity with the unknown equipment and machinery all over the room. “Intruder!” One shouted in an eerie, mechanical voice. “Prepare to be disarmed!” The soldiers ran forward at her and with such a distance to clear, Kaori knew she had time enough to prepare herself to fight these two. “Oh, come on, boys.” She tilted her head a bit as her eyes narrowed on the two, spreading her legs shoulder-width apart as she aimed both guns forward. “Do you really think you can handle a girl like me?” Both Titans lifted their left arms behind them at the same time, wielding what appeared to be two gargantuan turret guns held in front of them by large handles. “Oh, that's cute.” She muttered and a split second later, both Titans opened fire. Kaori pushed off on her left foot and rolled to the right, dodging the tirade of bullets that were a split second away from cutting her in half. “Fuck!” She shouted as her shoulder hit the metal exterior of some lab equipment, then realized that she was still out in the open. She rolled behind the machine, wincing as the bullets rang against her new found shield. “Alright, so that's how you boys wanna play.” She jumped to her feet and side-swept the bottom of the metal object, sending it flying toward the Titans. While they were distracted with trying to dodge the unknown mechanism, Kaori pointed her TMPs at it and fired, spraying lead through it until – BOOM! A flash of light bombarded her before she could even put up her defenses, the force of the explosion sending her flying backwards through the door and into the hallway. She grunted loudly as her body struck the floor and rolled until her back struck the opposite wall, pain shooting up and down her spine like electricity. “That's....gonna...leave a little mark.” She winced in pain as she used the wall to pull herself back up to her feet. She looked straight ahead into the room where she saw a few Titan limbs scattered about on the floor, and other than that there was nothing but black smoke floating out of the room in a huge cloud. 'That might draw some attention.' She thought to herself. 'Yes. Maybe if Thomas sees me trying to burn his little rabbit hole down...he'll come after me. Perfect.'

“ Ahhhhh!! haaaa! Haaa!! haaaa!” The sound of 2 men and one female echoed throughout the lower barracks of the faculity. A line of 15 men all plowing her guts in at a time as they fucked her like animals. After 15 minutes later all of the soliders sat down panting and gasping for air while the female simply fixed her skirt and patted her clothing down. “ Now boys.... i've told you about earliy deliver. What has mama Venetrix told you about early calls home?” The men all said at once. “ Dont dump the bucket, if the rain aint filled it up yet.” She nodded her head. “ Thats right.” After that was stated she'd pull her glock from her purse firing a bullet into 10 of the men, the last 5 trying to run away she'd drag them back into the room and the sound of ripping flesh and cracking bones echoed throughout the room for a good 15 minutes. After all of it was said and done she had made her way out of the room her shoes clacking on the floor before she took them off. “ I swear, thats the best part of sex now-a-days hahaha... hmm..” She said sliding her fingers down her face and then BOOMMM!! a loud explosion of sorts echoed throughout the area... quickly she went to investiagate when she found a woman... with odd looking hair. “...Hm... are you one of my Thommy wommy's guest...” She said tapping her chin. “ And your causing a mess too..” She eyed the womans body and cocked an eyebrow. “ oooohh... a nice catch this one was. “ She said putting both of her hands on her knees. “ Say... how about me and you heading back into me and Thomas room. He's not here right now... but when he gets back, we could have some fun with him. Whattayasay huh? Wanna come ride with some swingers?” She said bursting out in horrific laughter.

AlessandraSkar: Kaori lifted a finger to her bottom lip and just barely tapped it, pulling it back to check for blood or any bruising. 'Not gonna let these Titan Force sumbitches damage a pretty face.' She thought to herself. Peeling herself forward off of the wall, she turned to continue reeking havoc down the hall, but something stopped her before she could even take a step forward. It was the sound of feet coming toward her and at first, there was nothing but a dark form moving on the other side of the sheet of smoke flooding into the hallway. But then, as the figure moved closer and Kaori squinted her eyes, she could see that it was.....a girl? She stood still and stared at the woman observantly, her head tilting sideways a bit until she spoke in a voice that was a combination of seduction and evil. 'Thommy Wommy?' She repeated the strange pet name in her head, then it was made clear when she heard the name 'Thomas' who she was referring to. Kaori shifted a bit as she raised her chin up, taking a deep breath as the name echoed around in her head. 'Thomas....she must mean Thomas Flint. The man who set up a bunch of people to be killed. The man responsible....for Donnie's death.' The very thought made her lips tighten in anger and her chin dropped again, causing a shadow to fall over her green eyes. Apparently, the woman before her was a close associate of Thomas Flint, maybe even his girlfriend or something. Only one way to find out. “I don't know what the fuck you thought, lady,” Kaori began in a low, sharp tone, twirling her TMPs around her index fingers on either side of her. “But I'm not the kinda girl you're lookin' to party with. I could make you a little deal though, since you seem so generous....” With that, she lifted both TMPs and aimed them directly at the woman's face, closing one eye to make sure her aiming was spot on. “Instead of trying to share me with you and your buddy Thomas Flint,” Saying his name with emphasis. “How about you tell me EXACTLY where he is, and I might let you walk away with your head. Otherwise...forgive me while I paint these walls in your brain juice.” She pulled back the safety guards on the guns with two loud clicks (just for the dramatization). “Oh, and by the way, I'm gonna count to five.”

DarkKeyome: “ Awwwww! You. Are.So.Cute!” She said clapping her hands hysterical as she eyed the female with her cold purple eyes. “ Well if I told you were my Thomas was.... he wouldnt like that a whole bunch. He is such a busy.... busy... man.” She said crossing her arms and and then placing her right hand on her hip. “ So you must be with the little ' Freedom fighters' trying to come in here. Thought it was just that Tasanagi asshole... And that Argonaut fuck Donnie Yun... and not to mention the happy go lucky fucktard Tetsu Ryoji. To find a woman of your stature with such a bunch of fucking sick.... barbarians is actually quite sad. But the dumb-asses always give you the best orgasims dont they....” She laughed thinking back on past events before her eyes dropped back down to the female infront of her. “ Look at you, acting so heroic... and so cute. I should give you a ribbon... lets not fight! Lets go get matching tattoo's.... or maybe matching clit tattoos. “ She said shaking her head. Hahaha. Well ok. I'll count with you.” She said taking a deep breathe. “ 1, 2...”She licked her lips and leaned down. Letting her tonge run down the barrel of her gun as she eyed the woman before leaning back. “3.....” She said taking In the pistol on the right sucking on it vigorously with her eyes on her. “ 4....” She said with a mouth full of gun as she pulled her lips back off of the weapon. A chain of saliva on her lips from her chin as she pulled back completely. “...5...”

AlessandraSkar: To stand there and listen to this psychopath talk about Keyome and Tetsu like they were just some insignificant screw balls was almost entertainment to Kaori's ears...but when she heard the name, Donnie Yun, come out of her little mouth, her eyes narrowed. She didn't know how much longer she could listen to the bitch talk about tattooing her vagina and calling her cute like she was some kind of little girl who plays with dollies. If anything, Kaori took the heads off of the one standing in front of her. The longer her annoying little voice droned on, the harder the itch in her fingers grew to just pull the trigger. This girl was toying with her. Why? Why did people think it was fun to toy with crazy people? It just wasn't right. It was total injustice! Her brows knitted into a frown as the girl agreed to count to five with her. What? Now this bitch was counting down to her own death? 'What the fuck is wrong with this broad?' She thought to herself as she watched the woman sensually lick the barrel of her TMP then practically suck on it like a dick! And the second Kaori heard her say the number five, “Fine!” She practically growled, snarling in disgust at the woman as she took a step away from her. “If you don't wanna tell me where Thomas Flint is, I guess I'll just have to find him my damn self.” She lowered both guns just a tad so that the muzzles were aligned with the girl's windpipe. She would enjoy removing her head with two single rounds. “Oh, by the way,” She added. “Never....EVER....slander the name of Donnie Yun, bitch!” As she said the last word with harsh emphasis, she pulled the triggers on both guns, spraying bullets toward the girl as the sparks shooting out of the muzzle lit up the hallway with quick flashes of golden light.

DarkKeyome:“ Oh did I strike a neerrvveeee??” She said making a poutuing face. “ Oh I was just trying to have some fun with you. Your a Pretty girl... you should learn to... “ She gripped the top of her shirt moving it around until her full breast were showing.”....Lighten up.......... hahahahaahahahaahahaahahah!!” She said laughing sadisticly as she jerked her head back. The the loud clanging of gun fire after gun shot rang in the air. The smoke around her body would coat around her but it didnt make much of a disfferne. All of the bullets that were fired towards her neck were all 2.4 inches from her neck still spinning and twirling in the air. All 23 of the bullets. She looked down at the bullets then back at Kaori. “ No fair! I dont eve have a gun!” She said at the female. She stretched her right hand out and all of the bullets made a braclet around her hands. She smirked and then said. “... You know when I was a kid. Toy story was my most, favrotistest movie ever. I used to have the major fucking hots... for Buzz light gear. Imagine it, a 12 year dreaming of sucking the skin off of his space cadet cock and then spewing and swimming in his white essence until it filled me up with the ever lasting delight of sexual stimulations!” She said gropping her breast before she looked up at the ceiling seeming to get lost in her own train of thoat. “ Anyways.... I loved his little wrist thingy. He'd just go.. PWUNG PWUNG PWUNG!” As she did this 3 bullets from her wrist were fired two aiming at the ground around Kaori's feet with enough force to knock her off her feet completely leaving large crators the size of 34 inch tv screens on the ground while the last one was aiming to hit the female in her right thigh, well nip her on the thigh. “ Haaaa I always thought woody was a weak shit though...kind of over-rated. Like Donnie Yun... haha... He's proabbly swimming in the water somewhere..deadier than a fucking log. And your running around here fighting for his ghost! How pathetic! Hahahahaha! “ She fired 4 more shots from her wrist aiming to strike the girl in her legs which would force her to go flying back by 6 feet into a wall on the other side of the wall. Each bullet moving at the speed of 500 mph. “ Hahahaaaaaa.... Mmmmm... Do you like The Weekend? He's a bit before your time....Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shameBring the drugs, baby, I could bring my painI got my heart right hereI got my scars right hereBring the cups, baby, I could bring the drankBring your body, baby, I could bring you fame That's my muthafucking words, tooJust let me muthafucking love yooooou... NOWWW TELLLMEEEEE YOUUU LOVVEE MEEE!!” She'd let off the remaining bullets all out at the female at once they'd baracade themselves around her body in a fercious speed. All of the aiming for her chest at the speed of 650 mph.

AlessandraSkar: 'What the fuck?' Was all Kaori could think while the girl's voice was still ringing in her ears. 'Is this bitch still talking after I just blew her fucking--' Before she could finish the thought, she saw exactly what had happened to all the bullets that she had fired. They were....floating around her fucking neck! Kaori's eyes widened as she took a step back, the taunts coming from the girl's mouth barely heard as she stared at this phenomenon in absolute shock. 'How the fuck is she doing that?' She asked herself, keeping her guns pointed forward while no longer firing. 'She's...manipulating the bullets!' She continued to stare in shock as the girl rambled on about her childhood fantasies of sucking Buzz Lightyear's dick and then...POWPOWPOW! Out of nowhere, three bullets went straight to the ground at Kaori's feet and all she heard were the faint 'clicks' before she was suddenly flung through the air by the force explosion. While in the air, she bent her back into a full arch until she was able to tip her head back and see the ground moving beneath her. Then, holstering both of her TMPs, she backflipped and landed on her feet in a crouch about ten feet away. Using her hands to steady her against the floor as she skidded backwards a bit, a sudden pain burned through her thigh like fire. She grunted loudly as her attention moved downward to search out the source of the pain and saw that one of the bullets had cut across her leg like a blade, leaving a burning gash in its path. “Ah!” She hissed between harshly clenched teeth as she lifted her head to look up at the insane girl, covering the gash with her hand as blood began to trickle out of her. She was talking trash about Donnie again....and those words were going to be her last. But wait....Kaori caught on to the slightest movement, her attention immediately going toward the bullets floating around her wrist. The second that arm even twitched, Kaori pushed off on the wounded leg which caused a good deal of pain and rolled herself sideways just as four more bullets struck the ground where her legs would have been. Thank goodness she was quick, otherwise it would have been a wrap. “Alright, bitch!” She panted through clenched teeth, her eyes shifting beside her in time to notice that there was a metal door right next to her. This time it wasn't padlocked. 'How about you touch yourself to this.' Just before the girl could fire the rest of the bullets, Kaori's hand shot out beside her, puncturing right through the metal door but not so far that it winded up sticking out of the otherside. With her hand inside the thick door, she closed her fingers around a clump of metal on the inside and used that as a grip while she yanked it toward her. The sound of the door breaking from the threshold echoed loudly throughout the hall as Kaori swiftly moved the 215 pound object in front of her, turning it sideways so that its 10ft height and 4ft length would send the bullets richocheting off of its hard, reinforced steel exterior. As the bullets continued to ring against the door, she once again pushed up on her wounded leg and charged forward with a scream, ignoring the awful pain as best she could as she ran at the woman fullspeed with the door in front of her. It would be like bashing someone in with a gladiator's shield, only the 215 door aided with Kaori's enhanced strength would knock the woman back about 15-20 feet and IF the woman was to get knocked backwards that far, Kaori would proceed to fling the door at her body while it was flying through the air much like throwing a frisby. The combination of Kaori's enhanced strength and the weight of the door would send it flying at about 80mph while spinning horizontally and if it were to hit the girl, any part of her body that the door connected with (if it were to connect) would suffer noticeable fractures and breakage.

DarkKeyome: She watched as the female rushed forward with the large hulking piece of metal door charging at her so that the bullets would simply clang off and hit the walls around her. “ Impressive.... hahahaha... impressive... indeed.” Venetrix readied her self as she saw the female continue to charge for her. She raised her left hand and when she was 5 feet from her. “... you have a lot to learn... so young. So Naive... so head strong, and yet beautiful with rage for your lover that gives it the equvialnce of a burning sun... “ She cocked her head to the right. “ I envy you.... You remind me... of a Phenoix. I'll call you that... from now on!” She said closing her fist as Kaori got within 3 feet of her, the metal around the door would instantaneously wrap around the females body likea tortia wrap, compressing it around her within 1.5 seconds and waiting till she was close enough to do it, wrapping her cup completely in a metal coating. ( If connected) Venetrix would simpy boot the large metal object that was now flying towards her into the wall until it crashed into the wall, on the other side of the hall way. “ …. Phoniex. May we meet again... you are not ready yet. Learn to stretch your wings... and be free. And then... we'll fight again.” She said turning around to meet a Thomas Flint eating an apple. “... Hm... Seems as though the little freedom fighters are causing a racket.” Thomas said eying his wife. “ Not to mentioin.... Donnie Yun is alive. Zetsui more than likely has failed in killing Ryoji... and the Cyborg isnt ready yet to be set out on Tasanagi. Not to mention... that little Fuck Ryu's been tampering around with our things.... Donnie Yun Even destoryed our line of Cydroids. Things are taking a turn but no matter. For I always have more plans to run by. But I will not lie....We have to hit them soon, and fast... or our plan for this particular event will not work. The eye of the storm is closing past... and the 2nd wave will hit soon. “ Thomas began to walk down the hall way with his wife. “....Let out....Adam..” He said laughing to himself as the faint. 'Lights willl homee...' Echoed down the hallway as he sung his song, Venetrix would follow right behind him skipping like a school girl.

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