Fight For Your Life

Pallas: -Adam chuckles at what Donnie said about just getting started and Adam replies with –“You’re right, we are just STARTING!”-Adam then charges at Donnie again with blinding speeds, way faster than back at District Two. Donnie smirked and got into his muay thai stance as the wires within his body shot around his fists. The Vibranium metal had to work quickly as it took the mold of his MMA Gloves. And just like before with Keyome, the gloves grow Vibranium spikes but instead of being blunted, these have the shark points at the end. Adam comes rushing in and begins to swing his arms at Donnie, trying to finish the fight. Donnie uses his speed and waits for the right time and opening for Adam to leave. Donnie then leaps up at Adam’s face and thrusts his right hand at the jaw of Adam’s face. The impact creates a loud cracking noise that sound like bone breaking. Donnie lands on his feet a few inches away from Adam with his right hand across his body. Adam staggers back a few feet from the impact as the spikes were strong enough to actually pierce into his Hardened Skin. Adam uses his right hand to wipe the red blood off of his chin and says to Donnie-“Looks like you have some new tricks up your sleeve as well.”-Donnie smirks a bit and gets back into his Muay Thai stance ( while saying-“That’s right Red…and you are about to find out just how strong I really am.”-Adam laughs and replies with-“WELL BRING IT ON!”-They both charge at each other and punches begin to fly at rapid pace. Donnie’s sized caused him to use his legs and his arms to block and attack. Adam used his size to wail his arms at Donnie like a madman. The two fighters went back and forth for about ten seconds before a big attack was hit. Adam thrusts his right foot upward and plants itself on the chest of Donnie with a huge amount of force. This sends Donnie’s body skidding across the floor like a ragdoll. But Donnie resiliently rolls back up to his feet and fires two Plasma Blasts from his Palms that aim to hit Adam in the face. Adam doesn’t have time to react and takes the full force of the blast as it stuns him. He covers his face with both of his hands and roars out-“AUURRHGHHHH!!!”-from the pain. Donnie then uses this time to charge at Adam for a huge blow. Donnie moves at lightning speeds and begins a deadly combo. Donnie begins to punch at Adam’s gut area over and over. His hands are almost not visible in movement to the normal eye. The only thing seen is the blood coming out of Adam’s gut. Within five seconds of punching Adam, 35 punches are thrown. The spikes of the Vibranium Gloves dig deep into Adam’s gut, tearing an inch into his thick skin. Donnie then flips into the air and places his palms on Adam’s shoulders. He does this to turn his body like a handstand on Adam’s large body. Donnie then lifts off Adam’s shoulders and finishes his deadly combo. As his body comes down due to gravity, Donnie slashes the spikes on the Vibranium gloves to dig an inch deep into Adam’s back. Donnie slashes in an X formation as Adam roars out in pain.-“RUAAGHHHH!!!”- The X takes a large portion of Adam’s large red back. Adam staggers forward as his body slowly dripped bright red blood. His Healing Factor was slowed down by the Vibranium and his healing was not as fast as it should be. But was unaffected is the anger within him. Getting hit like that sends Adam into a frenzy.-“ROOOAAARRRR!”-Adam smashes his hands into the ground in front of him as a sign of anger release. Donnie is standing only a few feet behind the large Red Beast. Adam quickly launched a Beast Spinning Back Fist as it clocks Donnie on the right side of his body. Donnie flies to the left as he once again is launched through the wall of the lab. After taking such a beating from Adam, Donnie is slow to get back up. Adam takes advantage of this and launches his body through the wall to have his right foot land on Donnie’s body. The impact causes Donnie to spit up some blood as it felt like he had just got hit by a meteor. Adam bends down with his foot still on Donnie and asks in that monstrous voice of his-“Remember this from our first fight?”-Adam slowly then released his foot and began to swing his fists into Donnie’s stomach. Over and over, Adam wails his large red fists into the stomach of Donnie Yun’s body. With each punch thrown, Donnie’s body slowly goes deeper into the floor. By the tenth hellish punch, Donnie’s body is now laying in a small crater in the room. Adam just laughed menacingly as he enjoyed every second of the attack. Would Donnie be able to escape The Wrath of the Beast?-

XxDensukexX:Tetsu had arrived at the lab, following the tracer planted on one of Keyome’s soilders. As tetsu landed he thought to himself “Ah….this looks more like a base than a regular lab…..yeesh…better find an infirmary.” Tetsu would walk in and see the door blown clean off it’s hinges. As he walked in he already picked up feint scents of blood, urin, and stale ball sack….Tetsu would walk on to his left, noticing an amass of dead bodies. He’d continue walking, looking around, for any sign of something that might help him. He was almost out of ammo, and had not a form of protection. He then made a left at a corner, and discovered an infirmary that was empty. “Perfect!” Tetsu quickly rushed in, and grabed some anistetic, alcohol and a needle and thread. He quickly shut off the “pain signal” in his brain, to fully proceed and stich his cuts and wounds together. He would then take a defiblulator and take the handles that conducted electricity apart. Using his keen knowledge on electronics and wiring, he would quickly rewire it to “heat” and not “shock”. Once this was done, tetsu grabed some cloth from a drawer, for clean up and proceeded to put the heating pad to his wounds, burning them together, to make sure he didn’t loose anymore blood…”Ah…this would be terrible if I could feel this shit..” Tetsu then cooled himself down, and looked in the droors sommore. He found some painkillers but tetsu didn’t beilive in them. His reasoning is that painkillers actually slow down reaction time, and cuase the body to act slower, which he didn’t need at the moment. Tetsu would keep tracking the solider with the tracer afterwards, with some newly fesh bandages on. The soilder had died….but his gear…was some good. Tetsu quickly searched the body, taking the soilders flak jacket, any 9mm ammo he had on him, even coping a spare 9mm in general having two on his person now, and straping the Ak on the man’s back to his own back. Tetsu would then stand and close his eyes, trying to search for any forms of chi. He of course saw the familer ones, but he wasn’t caring about anyone else…but Thomas. Tetsu would then activate the mp3 player on his watch, and begin to play a Coldplay playlist at maximum volume to hopefully draw him out. Even if unwanted company was attracted, tetsu would simply shoot to disrarm and to disorientate…the only one he’d consider killing was Thomas…his watch played “Vida La Viva” by Coldplay as he continued down the halls, the two pistols in hand…a man on a mission….to avenge his mothers death….

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would walk into the empty space of the main room and look around. He saw the destroyed wall of cydroids that seemed to go on forever. The scorched metals of the beams told him that only Donnie could have been resposible for that. He turned back and looked at his robot squad and pointed to the one numbered 014. "You, i Know that your all connected through a hive mind, now tell me status report of the others." the robot responded in a army soldier voice that sounded robotic, "Sir all squads quickly dispersed within the compound and began eliminating all distinguished threats." "Yes good and have you come in contact with any of the others yet?" "One squad did meet up with Donnie Yun." There was a long pause before Ryuzakii spoke out again."And..?" "Well, he used them as weapons themselves and destroyed them." "Damn that sounds like him... so how many did we lose?" "To Donnie 2 sir" " No i mean in total" "We havent suffered many losses only losing 18 soldiers in all" Ryuzakii softly chuckled to the way the robot spoke of the others like fellow soldiers when they were designed as more of tools."So we still have 62 of them, good" Ryuzakii stood in the center of the main room when something caught his ear. it was a rythemic sound that kept pounding in his ear, so feint but easily detected. Was it music, it sounded like coldplay. Ryuzakii looked at his robotic squad, "Zone in on the sound and lets go, follow me!" A unison 'sir' was heard again as Ryuzakii set off runing in prosecution of the sound hitting his ears. after a bit of running he had found it. It was Tetsu playing his music way to loud from his watch."Hey Tetsu, what are you doing trying to wake everyone up?" He would now be along side Tetsu with his squad following behind him closely.-

Tetsu would be walking along, studying the hallways. The feint smell of burnt metal was in the air as well. Debree… must have been burnt to cinders. Tetsu walked around with the gear he’d coped form some dead soilders, even picking up a couple of grendades as a just in case feature. He only picked up two. All and all tetsu really preferred his fist over anything else. He’d continue walking but his peak human hearing would pick up someone talking about following the sound. Ah so someone picked up on the sound of coldplay afterall. Was it Thomas? Couldn’t have been…sounded familer but tetsu wasn’t one to take chances. Tetsu could hear running, and proceeded to draw his pistols, and as the mysetery sound made it’s way around the corner, it would be Ryu, with a squad of…robots? “Ah Ryu! Heh heh, don’t put me on edge man.”Tetsu spun the pistols on his fingers, and them sliped them back in their holsters. The song ( ) Speed of Sound would begin playing on his watch, but tetsu would turn it down to a tolerable level to be audible to ryu. “Well thomas likes coldplay, so I figured I’d bait him out with some music. I just got here from my battle with whats his face…didn’t catch a name.” Tetsu shook his head and then looked at the robots, as tetsu had his hand eased over the pistol hoisted on his left leg. “These robots….friends of yours? I’m pretty trigger happy at times….” A simple smirk slithered it’s way to tetsu’s face. He was peaceful at hear, but target practice never hurt. He was truthfully only being catious of it all

-Ryuzakii would smirk thinking back on his genius hacking moment. "Well, to tell the truth their more friends of your Thomas guy. I found them laying in a storage room and figured if he wasn't gunna play with his toys then i would. I assume the others are causing him a real problem right now." He would slowly tap his foot to the song playing in the background. "Damn thats catchy.... anyway." Ryuzakii shook himself getting back to the matter at hand. "We're all in here clearing out rooms on the search for Thomas, as i said before i hacked some of his robots and sent them out to help with this. Its only a matter of time before someone finds him, and if its one of my robots I'll know. They were programed with a hive mind so they'll let me know when they find him." Ryuzakii looked around a bit, he always checked his surroundings periodicly. Some may call it being paranoid, but he was just overly cautious. "Tetsu, i got a question for ya though. Why would a man who knows people are in his compound looking for him come out to the sound of his favorite music. I would think of it as more of a trap than anything. Just seems like something an idiot would walk into."-

Tetsu nodded and acknowldeged that the robots were more so pawns than any real threat to him at all. Tetsu observed Ryu’s foot nod, but would listen as he continued talking. Turns out everyone else on en route to Thomas as well…hm. Tetsu didn’t want to race to kill the man, but he for sure wanted to be there to aid in his defeat, or at least pick up the spoils afterwards some way somehow. Tetsu was indeed impressed at the fact ryu took control of these robots and turned them into pawns. Amongst all things having hive a.i’s? May as well have 360 vision while your at it. Tetsu raised his eyebrows at ryu’s question though it sounded more like a statement than anything. “Ah well you see, it’s obvious that Thomas won’t simply “come out” to his favorite band. That’s illogical. But it keeps my location known, to him and..” Tetsu pointed at one of thomas’s dead soilders, with a bullet mark in the shape of a cross. “The soilders. They know Thomas loves coldplay, so when they couldn’t see me, they’d think it was Thomas and take no caution. Which played in my favor for a surprise attack. Less energy exerted, and amongst all things Thomas can die to his favorite band…” Tetsu cleared his throat after that last comment. He wasn’t one to wish death on anybody good or bad but Thomas,….the thought that he might have been the one behind tetsu’s mother’s murder…it egged him to a deep pit of sorrow and hate. After a breif paused tetsu spoke once again. “Well we seem to be heading in the same direction, so lets continue.” If all went well tetsu would continue in his direction but down a different hallway of sorts. This one filled with more bodies of course. Should ryu choose to follow tetsu would open with conversation. “So ryu..whats your story? Not to judge but I mean a young guy like yourself probably has better things to do than be tossed in a lions pit dontcha think?” Tetsu relaxed a bit being near an ally but would keep up his composure just in case of course.

-Ryuzakii would straighten up stopping his foot from tapping and drawing his guns into his hands after hearing that more soldiers would come closer to this music because they might think its Thomas. " Guess we should stay on gaurd then hmm?" He saw tetsu start heading out again inviting him to tag along. Ryuzakii obliged and followed beside Tetsu with his four robots following behind them at a respectable distance. He was asked the sudden question and it kinda knocked him back a bit. "What am i doing here? Whats my story?" He lowered his head a bit thinking to himself before speaking up. "Well my story is....... I'm here because....... I dont know I'm tired of acting like the weak pretentious bystander. Anyway I could ask the same of you, you dont look like your that much older than me, 'SIR'" Ryuzakii would enfisize the word sir in a almost mocking way. Tetsu wouldn't know without great perception but he had hit one of Ryuzakii's walls. He had many protective barriors on his personality and asking for his background is one thing that triggers these walls. They only come up because Ryuzakii has a hard time trusting anyone. He never was good at making friends ever since his family fell apart.-

Tetsu looked at Ryu waiting for an answer. His body language spoke otherwise, as he seemed a bit defense about the topic indeed. Tetsu heard his comment about being a weak pretentious bystander and could relate indeed…tetsu was the same way before he came out as the “Supercop”. He only just started coming out of his shell truthfully so he could relate in a sense. Tetsu would make a “-__-“ face at the mocking tone of Ryu’s voice, but then quickly compose and reply accordingly while placing his hands behind his back, keeping his Adamantium blades from scratching his head. “I’m nineteen thank you….but you’re right I’m not much older than you at all probably.” Tetsu looked away, hatting to admit he was till a “kid” to most. “And I’m here for….many reasons. One of them which includes doing my duty a cop and arresting Thomas accordingly for terrorisim and plans of genocide. I mean look at this lab. “ Tetsu pointed around to the dead bodies, but then stoped in his tracks for a minute looking at something……

LightFang: -Ryuzakii chuckled softly catching a glimpse of Tetsu's annoyed face out the corner of his eye. He nodded when Tetsu told him he was 19. "Three years then, Im sixteen." His face grew back to a more serious one. "And I'm here to prove something to myself, to prove it to that Keyome prick, to prove it to everyone! That im not a kid to push around. Just cause i used to live on the streets, just cause i have no family, just cause i've watched anyone i ever loved die around me, doesn't mean I'm gunna give up here." There was now a burning look in his eyes again. He looked over at Tetsu and saw his face as he stopped. Something seems to have puzzled him, but what?-

Tetsu took in his words, and felt he had hit a soft spot….watching a parent die was never easy. “I understand…watching parents and loved ones around you parish…….isn’t exactly a preferred way of building character. And sixteen is a prime age where you can start down and pursue any path….god I sound old.” Tetsu face palmed himself but then pointed something back out a light. Tetsu would point a finger at a dead body that tetsu made a key observation. “That dead body… has the EXACT same markings as the one we passed previously exactly 10 minutes ago…” Tetsu would then look around. The markings on the walls….the appearance of the bodies in order. Even the familiar smell was still the exact same…Tetsu used his brain and his enhanced memory to put the pieces together, in a systematic fashion. “It’s a trick…..if you notice we’ve gotton nowhere new in the past time we’ve been traveling, however it seems as thought the illusion was so sneaky in it’s placement it was meant for neither one of us to notice….” Tetsu closed his eyes for a second. He tried to see figures of chi but there were none….”Lead.” Tetsu would say outloud. “The walls. Their made of lead. That’s the only reason my chi vision isn’t working…” Tetsu walked over to the wall on his and Ryu’s right, and began knocking on it, thoroughly. He started charging chi in his center, for he was planning on finding a way to dispel this trickery even though how they both ended up in it would be mysterious indeed.

LightFang: -He stood shocked a bit that he hadn't noticed this himself. "So we have been wandering around in the same spot for all this time..." Ryuzakii looked over at the bodies and kicked them. "Can't believe i let myself fall in such a stupid trap." He looked around wondering what could be done but his ear twitched at what Tetsu said. "Wait lead... that metal crumbles to dust when hit with a high impact, right..." Ryuzakii drew up his guns and shot at the other wall away from Tetsu and the bullet went straight through crumbling a bit of the wall. " If these walls are lined with lead then we can just blast through them, if were being held in this hallway no matter what turn we take how bout we just make a way out then?" He then raised his hand and ordered the robots to fire at the wall carving a hole big enough for tetsu and Ryuzakii to fit through. Ryuzakii looked up at Tetsu and held his hand u to the hole in the wall. "After you, be carefull these rooms tend to have things hidden inside them. No telling what we might find in there, prolly best to stay alert. He would wait and see if Tetsu would enter the hole in the wall and he would follow in behind him if he did.-

Tetsu would nod at ryu’s plan, and watch as he commanded the robots to take action. The lead was indeed a good observation. It’s thick indeed but in no way bullet proof by any means. The lead crumbled, and under the many more shots fired off. Tetsu would step inside and step on something squishy of some sort. Tetsu would, would use his ninety percent brain and dilate his eyes to adjust to the room’s dim light. It was a lab…..and it was….intestines? “What…the hell…” Tetsu looked around and saw noting but machines and heart monitors. And what looked like some kind of metal generator…it was liquid. What it was unknown but at the very end of the room was a test tube with some…inhuman looking creature on the inside. It looked like it was just put together or something. A combination of human, but mutated. (,r:29,s:0,i:231 ) Through what means Tetsu had no clue. Beside it’s tank was a big Gatling gun. Tetsu would signal light to come inside if he could see him. “Watch out…for the ….squishy floor..” Tetsu would stand infront of the tank in awe. Looking at the monster inside of the glass. Tetsu would study it even closer for something looked odd. It appeared to be….breathing…breath fogging up the gla-“Wait a minute…in tank full of water breath doesn’t…” Tetsu thought to himself before yelling out. “FUCK MY LI-“ Before tetsu could finish his sentence The monster began to move and break through the glass with a loud ‘GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” spital flying from it’s mouth, as it charged twords tetsu with it’s arms open, as if he was going to grab him. Tetsu would be shocked but his reflexes would not be, as almost on instinct he would throw his right leg up and kick the beast directly in his jugular vien which should bruise it but it looked like the kick only was hard enough to send the monster flying back behind the wall he came from, and send him flying through it. Once the kick connected tetsu would flip backwards in handsprings until he was outside of the bullet made hole with light and the robots. “GET YOUR GUNS READY! THIS IS GONNA GET MESSY FOR SURE!”

LightFang: -Ruzakii would run in pulling up his G18s and switching the safety off. He ran into the room through the wall making sure to step over the intestines and then signalled his robots to follow him in. Ryuzakii first noticed the fluids all over the floor and the bio organisms all over. He then looked up to the base of the room and saw the form of this monstor infront of them. It looked like a patched together humanoid wrapped up in a black cloak. He stared curiously at the beast stuck in the wall and then saw the gattling gun. "What ever you do keep him away from that" He sent his robot squad out to protect the gattling gun. Ryuzakii pulled up his guns and fired a couple crack shots at the monster all aimed for the center of it. He was attempting to hit the beast while it was in the wall trying to take advantage of the moment offered up.-

“UGH….GUHHHHH!!!” The beast would watch as the robots attempted to take hold of it’s gattling gun, but to no avail as the beast quickly attempted to grabed two of the bots by their craniums and smash their heads together, cuasing sparks flying out everywhere, and electricity flying from it. The beast would attempt to lash his great arms left and right preventing any further interference form the droids as he reached for his gattling gun, lashing out at them with suprising speed for a giant behemoth. The droids would more than likely attempt to attack him by gunfire but if so the giant would simply tank the bulets reciving only dents in his appearing to be fleshy skin… while the tanking bullets (if that is the course of action taken) The giant would grab for the gattling gun (if it wasn’t stolen) and attempt tos wing it at the bots with no precision mainly distance, however it would still prove effective given the monsters seven foot tall frame and wide spanning distance……Tetsu watched as the monster attempted to grab the gattling gun and would quickly run out twords Ryu screaming “Time to make a break for it!!” Tetsu would attempt to grab ryu by the arm and give him a nudge in the right direction, which was down the rest of the hall way. If ryu took this warning sign the moment tetsu deilivered it he could avoid the monsterous bullets that would begin raging from the beast gattling gun as it fired down the hallway and position ryu would be in (if he hasn’t moved by now from watching in the first place). The beast would then throw off the rest of the robots and proceed down the hallway to finish his job. By the time the beast walked out of its place of origin however, tetsu would reach the end of the repeating hallway and quickly channel chi in his right fist, and smash it against the wall. With the chi technquie Quake, he would create another hole in the wall which would lead to a different colored hallway, more than likely the main and accurate ones. If ryu was following behind (which he should be) tetsu would quickly shout “You go left I’ll go right!” and with that tetsu would kick in the door to the right and quickly go in to discover an AK-47, to which he would then grab, secure, and load, and hold in the ready position, hiding behind the wall of the door, and hoping that ryu had made it to the opposite side. He would look for some kind of signal, as he peeped out of the door only to see the monster walking down the hall dragging one of the cyborg bodies (if one was injured and or killed by the previous attacks), and his gatttling gun beside it.

LightFang: -The robots would instantly switch into fighter mode. The first two would raise their arms up above their heads to knock away the beasts hand away from their craniums. All the robot would get thrown back because of the arm flailing in every direction. This would throw all the droids onto their backs and unable to prevent the beast from retrieving the gattling gun. As they were falling backwards three of the robots would switch their hands. Their hands would turn over with the palms upward then the hands would fold over exposing a couple barels underneath the wrist portion of the robots. These are gun barrels which is evident by them now opening fire on the beast. The bullets fired from these guns were Full Metal Jacket encased and fired in a more upward based on the layed back position of the droids. This was to ensure that the droids wouldnt be shooting each other should the beast move. Ryuzakii then felt a hand on his shoulder, looking over to see tetsu. He would roll with the push and take off down the right hallway. "Wait wont this halway just loop around continually?" after he said that Tetsu would punch in the side wall and crumble it into another hallway. Red in color. He followed Tetsu into the other hall (as he should) And heard Tetsu give out the commands. "Left ok got it!" Ryuzakii would sling up his right hand and aim at the door as he neared it. He would shoot out the lock mechanism from it and the door swung open. Ryuzakii would enter this room and find a staircase. "Wait this place is multi layered?" He then remembered when they entered the new hallway he had noticed it was much tall then the others, and weren't there windows in that hallway too... Ryuzakii quickly ran up the stairs and holstered his pistols. Instead he switched out to his submachine gun he kept on his back and flicked on the laser sight. (This would be the signal Tetsu could see). He made it up the stair case and found himself in a room with, as he thought, windows over looking the hall way. As he bashed out one of the windows he could see the monster creeping down the hallway. Dragging along behind him was a Droid. Upon closer looking Ryuzakii saw it was 014. "Aw damn he was the one i relied on as a leader.... oh well." Ryuzakii shouldered his weapon and the green laser would raise up to the back of the monsters head. Ryuzakii unloaded the rapid firing bullets aimed toward the back of the things head hoping that in a rapid succession he could pierce the mans skin, or atleast buy tetsu the time he needed to get ready. At that same moment the other three of Ryuzakii's robots would round the corner pulling up their arms and opening fire toward the monster's back.-

Tetsu would be secluded inside of the room he chose to enter. It seemed to be storage of some kind as it reaked of pine sol and ammonia. Ugh. Tetsu would shake his head and focus on the situation at hand. He saw a laser flicker. More than likely this would be ryu’s signal of reaching a safe point. “Nice one kid. For a battle virgin he’s got some guts…” tetsu though to himself.Tetsu would watch light as he entered the opposite room. Following the subtle sound of his footsteps, it would sound as if he had ascended to an upperfloor. Tetsu did take note of the hallways enlargement but alas he was in the closet. With no stairs. Greeeeeat. Tetsu watched as the beast continued down the hallway, looming. Apparantly unaware of our posistionings…this is our advantage. The monster would drop the droid and begin to echo out a loud and menacing moaining noise of sorts, but hen reicive gun fire to the back of it’s head. “GYOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” The bullets penetrated going right through one antoher, and piercing the beat head….yet it lived? Tetsu looked at the monsters structure. It had coils…streaming out of it’s neck. Could that be a weak point? Tetsu peeked out to see that ryuzaki’s droids were rounding the corner like the faithful soilders they seemed to be and they began unloading against the monsters backside. The monster had already turned around however after being shot in the head the first time, and would continuously be shot by these bullets. The monster would be pierced but…keep moving some way some how. What was this beast secret? Everything has a weak point, even behemonths like this. The beast would appear to be inhaling, and once it was done it would let out a blood curteling roar, that seemed to emit some type of force, that would shatter the upper windows of this asceding hallway and release a force that would attempt to knock the robots back thorough the wall behind them. The force of the blast would be enough to incapacitate them if not shut them down (however they may be made of an incredibly reienforced metal so this may just slow them down or shoot them thru the wall with minor damage). The wave was enough to blow the doors off the hinges in the hallway, and almost got tetsu’ cloncked in the head with the door he was behind. “Hmm…” Tetsu had calmed down from his surprised state and decided to approach the situation. “Whatever the case…this thing can obviously feel pain…but apparently can suppress it as well….” Tetsu thought. And he’d be sure light may make some keen observations. The only way to find out was to see what the beast had to offer. Tetsu wound dash out from the hidden storage room and stomp his foot on the ground, using his inner ki strike and quake technique to cuase a pot hole underneath the beast right leg. Should that work the beast would fall to it’s left and and it’s gattling gun would fall with him, leaving him vulnerable as the hole took the beast entire leg inside of it. Even then it was still at least 6.5 in height. Tetsu would not hesitate, to fling on his Adamantium trench blades, and approach the beast, and begin battering it in the face with a seris of rapid punches, that made his hands appear as windy blurs, impacting the beast crainial section. The beast seemed numb to it, as if it effected noting at all, and it would show as he raised his right arm and with incredible speed swiped tetsu to his left side, slamming him against the wall. “kah! Tch…fucking strong one arnt ya!?” Tetsu was pinned by it’s arm but with a swift double directional cut he’d use the backs of the trench blades that had the bladed part and cut the beast arm up and downwards, cuasing it what appeared to be either pain or aggravation…either way it would let go, and tetsu would be free to go back on the offensive. Assuming the bots would be back up and at it by this time, tetsu would use his peak human athleticism and leap directly over the beast, and cut a quick front flip only to take the beast by the backside. He’d then hook his blade into beast neck with his left hand having to turn his left hand upside down to do so, while consistently blundering it in the back with his right hand using chi enfused blows and channeling kentic energy throughout the beast for added effect. The beast head was obviously more valunerable than the rest of it’s body and yet it wouldn’t die…so tetsu decided to see how much damage it’s torso could take by pulling the beat head back with his left hand, arching it’s lowered body and hiding under it like a shield almost. “RYU! TELL THEM TO UNLOAD ON THIS THING!” hoping ryu and the bots would unload on the beast whom would be struggling to break free of tetsu’s grip. The fact he could even grip something like this in a deadlock was a feat indeed, but all of his triaining would allow this but for how long was the question…Tetsu would want to test the durability of the beast torso by using himself to do do so, but hopefully ryu would realize (which god hopes he does or I’m dead xD) that the bots should aim for the upper torso and not the lower unless some bullets to make it through and hit tesu, on mistake. Any shot to the head or upper torso would not hit tetsu however.

-Ryuzakii would throw his arm up over his eyes covering himself. The glass would shatter and a gust of wind like force would push Ryuzakii back to the corner of the room. " gaaaahh... thats some raw power." HIs robots would be knocked back on their backs again aswell but they would quickly stand back up and take aim again. Ryuzakii would move back to the window and then catch Tetsu in his eyes. This kid was something unlike Ryu had ever seen. With one step he caused a crater under the monster. Then with a blinding speed he was on his back fighting the beast. If only he saw that arm coming he shoulda been able to dodge it. Ryuzakii was a bit amazed he could even see the movements because of how fast they were moving. In an instant Tetsu seemed to have recollected himself and was now on the beast back yelling at Ryu to make a move. Ryuzakii shook himself wondering why he was so dazed right now. He was to caught up in watching Tetsu fight, it was quite amazing to Ryuzakii (Lead up to the training later to come :D). Ryuzakii jumped out of the window he made it over to the other wall and placed his feet on it sliding down to the ground level and jumping back at the base of the wall. He landed front and center of his robotic squad. He had returned his machine gun to his back and drove his hands back down to the pistols on his side. He pulled them up and crossed his hands over one another aiming toward the beasts jugular veins, which seemed to be protuding alot right now. He swaped the rate of fire from semi auto to full auto and spoke out to the robots. "You heard him guys, OPEN FIRE ON THAT GUY. but make sure to aim high dont wanna hurt Tetsu." At that Ryuzakii would pull back on the hair trigger of his pistols and they would stream out a flury of shots toward the neck of this beast. These should hit the beast due to it being bound but if they missed they would spray the ceiling behind it. The robots would follow suit spraying a barage of bullets toward the beast, all aiming high like instructed. The barage could hit anywhere between the pectorials of the chest up to the forehead of the beast. The hopes was to mainly get the pulsing tendrills around the beasts neck trying to get more vital areas of its body. A couple of the shots should blits by either grazing the beast or completely wiffing by it into the wall and cieling behind it. "Dont let up!" Ryuzakii comanded as he ejected the clips he had and slamed two more in. He returned to firing openly at the beast readjusting his aim for the eyes of the beast. "maybe i can blind it.." He thought to himself as he attempted to shoot its eyes out.-

Looking Through The Looking Glass

DarkKeyome: I noticed that the young girl had no clue as to where Thomas Flints whereabouts were. No matter... guess i'd find him on my own. “... Sir!” two of my men ran to me giving me a saluete. “ We have nothing on Thomas yet. We've almost cleaned out each and every room of this place. Yet nothings been found.” I nodded my head and slid my fingers through my hair. Slipping two Antibiotics within my mouth... I could feel the sickness breaching its way throughout my body further. I shook it off. And made my way into another medical room of some sorts. “... my Appendix... the infection.. must be reaching my entire body by now. Ha.. why does this shit always happen to me! “ I kicked a door down and began to pace throughout the room. My hands rested down onto a sink as my eyes bore into the drainage.... Slowly I pulled my head up to eye my own reflection... “...Your not weak... so dont you start acting weak now.” Then.. in the shadows of the room. Thomas Flints body began to show seaping throughout the shadows as he came from almost thin air. “... Weakness is a understatement for what you are. Tasanagi.” He snickered. “...Why are you playing mind-games Flint.... you must be getting scared. Scared the people of this city are closing in on you.” I laughed and watched for the illusioist to respond to me. “ Hahah.. your all insects caught in my web Tasanagi. Nothing you could do, would be even rometely good for you. Your in hell... all of you. Are in hell now.” I lifted my head as my eyes began to turn into a bright red. “...Yes... drag me into hell... and feed me. Feed me the strength. That I need.” This made Thomas face disperse from the once smile into a morbid face. “ Do not... fuck with me. You Sewer rat.” Thomas said as his skin began to go black... “ Oh... someone fucking with your mood now.” Keyome Smirked at the man and then VWOOSHH! A Demonic looking hand broke from the mirror and gripped at Keyomes Neck as Thomas face began to morph into the most hellish creature I have ever seen in my life. “ Hahahaha! You have not seen a bad mood from me YET!” He tossed me across the room into some medical supplies which caused my body to hit the rack and slowly hit the ground with my head hanging. Slowly I looked up at the mirror.. and saw the hand drift back into the mirror with a sinister laugh. I stood up.. my eyes shinning a bright red light. “...And thats... all I needed..” I closed my eyes and I was within my mind. Oni, the Demon within my soul was simply waiting for my call. “...Im ready. Lets do this.” The wolf nodded and then began to send more of his Chi within my body when I opened my eyes. I felt my body morphing... muscles tensing and expanding as I gained the full degree of 'Turbo boost' A Hyper mood if you will... I held my stomach and walked to a trash can. “...I...Am not... WEAK... I'll show you Thomas.... What a real Devil is..” I heaved my chest and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as my body began to shake and then... POOF.. I opened my mouth to a unhumanly level and hurled out the broken appendix. My body barfing up evey bit of the infection within my body at the same time. This caused my body to go into shock. Falling back and stummbling into a cabinent and knocking it down gasping for air. “...Haaa... Fuck..” I said shaking my head and finally getting to my feet. “...others... wont have that kind of priledge.” I picked up a phone making my way over to the nearest Laptop and sitting down. I called down to the Chitori hosptials. Little did I know... who was going to be the one to pick up. “....A-Asami!?” I shouted ( if you picked up the phone.) “ Wait, wait, wait! Where's Neko...” ( Asami's response about how Neko is dead, and etc etc. You now run the clan.). “...You mean the to tell me.... that you've been Running the Chitori for the past few months...” I sighed and shook my head. “ I know that District 2 has been protected from the Hurrican as of yet. But The 2nd half of the storm is closing in. I need you to Drive down to the Heat Dome Arena where all of the District 1 civillians are being held. Go in there, and ask for... ' The Kagemaru speciality team' There going to hook you up with some men of mine. There good guys, ask for 10 of them. Make sure you ask the Nurses, they work for me too. There Really geisha spies that im getting to watch just in case something bad might pop off. When you get there, and you get my men. Go down into the sewers and head to the general drainage area of the sewers.. there... are arrows that will guide you along the way. Bring guns... there are men down here that may kill you. Also... I suggest you bring a team of medics...a lot of people hurt down here. Look... I know your proabbly bitter about me firing you.... but it was for the greater good. I... I saw how you looked at Ryoji. You love him... I could never put you in harms way... where you could be hurt. And he'd lose someone he cares for....... I know how that feels. And it makes you... dead inside. Look, im asking you... not as your boss, but as your friend. And as a fellow Chairm- * A loud explsion in the back ground is hear*. “ Sh-Shit! I have to go. Please get here as quick as you can alright!” I hung up gripping my hands on a pair of Machetes and hauling ass down to the area of the explosions. When I arrived I saw Ryoji. And that Ryu kid.... battling it out... with... a fucking Demon or something!? “... You... Have to be fucking Kidding me right now!” I took a deep breathe... and the lust of the Oni began to fuel me more. All of the corrupted and demonic feelings and thoughts this thing had coming from it.... this place... it was fueling me... I... I couldnt control it almost. I began to laugh as my hair stuck up once again. “ HADOU.....” I Said loudily. “ BAKUHATSUUUU!!!” The Ground around me errupted and I put both of the machetes behind me as the wind around my body began to cause random things to explode backwards. THEN VWOOSSHH! My body dispresed and i'd appear to the untirained Hadou eye in 10 different places as I slashed the creature up in a series of area's before jumping back a few feet and slinging both Machetes into the creatures face in attempts to decapate it fully. I'd land 15 feet away on my right knee as my hair was still sticking up. “ Hahahhaha.... Having a party with out me huh!?”

Pallas: -Donnie’s body was being pummeled by the large fists of Adam. Donnie quickly activated his Metal Exoskeleton to help defend against the hellish attacks from Adam. The light grey metal forms around his skin turning him into a life of metal as the punches began to smash against the Vibranium. The punches begin to feel softer because of the absorbing abilities of the Vibranium Skin. But the pressure that Donnie feels is almost just as bad as it was with his normal skin. Adam thrusts his right hand down as he was showing no signs of giving Donnie a break. But this time, Donnie is ready to act. Donnie puts both hands in front of his chest to catch the large fist of Adam’s. The battle of strength wages right then and there. Adam’s arm began to vein up as he pushed down on Donnie’s body with all his might. Donnie was giving it all he had, Adam’s strength proving the legend. Donnie’s body slowly went deeper into the crate that the punches had created. Adam grunted as he was still just trying to get his right fist down to smack into Donnie’s chest. But Donnie’s unbreakable will gives him the strength to continue to push against Adam’s overpowering strength. Donnie then uses a Jiu Jitsu tactic and shrimps away from the arm. This pushes his hips to the right and causes Adam’s punch to crash into the ground with a fearsome impact. Donnie then rolls to his feet and is still under the Beasts body. Donnie then uses the Repulser Thrusters in his boots to launch his body into the hips of Adam. Donnie then wraps his arms as far around the hips of Adam as he can. The thrusters quickly lift Adams body into the air as they both crash into the roof of the Lab room. The two bodies create a loud crashing noise on the impact and both bodies fall to the ground next to each other. The roof begins to crack up and begin to leak ocean water from the world above them. It was leaking rather quickly but nothing to alarming. Both men laid on their backs while the water dripped down on top of them. Donnie slowly rolled over to his stomach and began to slowly get back to his feet. His Mohawk was down and in his face now after the beating he had been taking. He then returned his skin to the normal skin tone while he glares over at Adam. Adam sits up and rubs the back of his head as the fight seems to come to a break, but only for the moment. Adam then gets back to his feet and says to Donnie-“Let’s finish this boy…”-Donnie chuckles as he remains on one knee and says-“You know, you are the hardest challenge I get in this world…Such a shame that it has to come to an end today…”-Donnie then begins forging weapons from his body. His left forearm slowly turns bright red as wires shoot out of his arm. They make a rectangle like mold as the Vibranium slowly flows over the mold. It then hardens to form a bright red and black shield on his left forearm. And as this happens, Donnie’s hard shot out wires from his palm to take the mold of a Hand-held Blade. The handle of the blade is a red and black but the blade itself is a very dark grey. The blade is of the Carbonadium that lies within Donnie’s body. ( the one on the left). Donnie then slowly rises to his feet as the two once again face off with each other. Donnie covered in crushed gravel and his own blood while Adam stands tall with his body covered in stab wounds and cuts from Donnie’s Vibranium Gloves. A gruesome image to witness but a fight of Titans. Adam then roars out-“IT’S TIME TO END THIS!”-while he charges after Donnie. Donnie nods his head and begins to charge at Adam…the end was near.-

XxDensukexX: “GYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” The beast would howl as it was bombarded with bullets galore. The bullets pierced through the head with ease including a shot taken at the eyes, but why the hell was it still functioning? Tetsu closed one eye,as the shots continued raining down on the monster’s chest and head. “Why isn’t it dead?!” Tetsu thought aobut the basic structure of the human body. Even if this thing was mutated it had a human beings psyhice which means it’s vital points should be the same as a regular mans…”or…are they?” Tetsu would feel the beast weight shift slightly, and as it was continuously bombarded, one of the bullets shot it’s tendril that was pocking out of it’s neck. A nasty green oozed spread from it as it flaied about, and the monster seemed to let out a shriek of sheer pain and angst. The tendreil however then started to grow…the flesh appeared to be multiplying as the continuously shot , and it eventually spread out into some disgusting looking fleshy shield that was dense enough to stop bullets? Tetsu shook his head, and thought to himself. “If I can send it underground….we may have a chance to-“ Just as tetsu was about to use his leverage to lift the giant beast in the air, the beast suddenly became…lighter. A face similar to “O.o” would appear as tetsu was now lifting the giant beast torso above his head with only one hand. He’d lift if to see that there were different chunks of the beast body laying around his area. Tetsu would speak with a confused tone. “Tasanagi?…Thanks bruh?” Tetsu would then toss the torso 6 feet behind him with a loud “THUD”. Tetsu would then wipe himself off, assuming Ryuzakii had called off his fire at Keyome’s appearance. Speaking of appearance Keyome’s chi was dastardly different this time around. Usually it’s controlled and somewhat at ease though its dark always anyway. But this….this made tetsu’s skin crawl slightly, but he’d keep his same happy go lucky demonor. Truthfully there wasn’t much Tasanagi could do to surprise him anymore. “Glad your alive too.” Tetsu would tap his mid section to make sure he didn’t open his wounds. The battle with Zetsui didn’t go as smooth as planned…” Well formalities aside you’ve been her longer than I and I think with the three of us here we should at least get some recon on whats going on in this facility.” Tetsu glanced over at the sliced up body, and then back at the droids light had hacked for his control only. “Besides these strange experiments…it doesn’t fit. Thomas has to have more than what he’s giving us. I’m certain of it. I mean to ask you this earlier to Ryu but what do we have on this place so far? Besides the only way to progress is to bust down walls, and for some reason certain rooms are lead coated to prevent me from seeing other life beings.” Tetsu would place his hands behind his head inventively, awaiting answers from both men, assuming someone would want to cooperate that is. He was more than ready for some sasuke uchiha loner bullshit to plop from keyome’s mouth, but hoped this one time they’d get somewhere with something espically since the goal of finding Thomas was similar…

LightFang: -Ryuzakii dropped his fingers off the triggers as he saw the monster form a shield to protect itself. "Wait hold off with the shots, Its got a shield up right now that our bullets cant pierce." Ryuzakii would raise his right hand in a comanding way to seem like a seace fire command. "We need to analyse this situation and find a way aro-" At that moment about 5 versions of Keyo would apear and hack the monster up into bits. "What in the... How can you just come up here and slice this guy we been fighting so long... " Ryuzakii looked over back to where Tetsu was and he had flipped a large chunk of the beast over himself. He saw tetsu start talking to Keyo like old friends or something and figured he should leave himself out of this conversation for now. He twirled his guns off his thumbs and rolled them into the holsters on his legs swaping the safety back on. He crossed his hands over his chest and stepped closer to them. He wached as tetsu started rambling about the experiments going on down here. The when Tetsu started asking the questions Ryuzakii responded almost snidely,"Well to tell the truth this is the only hallway i had seen that was trapped like that but i wouldn't doubt others to be trapped in other ways, never know what might be down here." Ryuzakii would drop his arms and let out a sigh when asked for info on the place. "Well i dont know much exactly, i did manage to swipe some plans on flying cars, prolly gunna steal that invention idea and sell it through Yun Corp. I also managed to Hack these robots here, wait a sec... They have a hive mind to the system maybe they know something about the things in here." Ryuzakii turned to his robotic team, now down by one. He asked them to access everything the other groups had come across and things that were listed in this place. The robot 013 spoke up in a army sergant like voice, "Sir, there seem to be a wide array of mechanical experements within this compound as well as bioenginereing mutants. Like the one you faced here. The one programed to us as Donnie Yun seems to have encountered somekind of enemy we havent seen before though. A description came in as it being a giant red man with 'hulking' muscles giving Donnie a bit of trouble. We have not attacked the creature as it is not listed in our records as a hostile you instructed us to combat on sight." Ryuzakii would be confused a bit by this statement, "Wonder what that means.. should we check it out guys." The robot spoke out again, " On a side note we have lost another 19 of our forces" "Thats not good but atleast we still got more then half of them." Ryuzakii would turn back to Tetsu, "So that answer your question?"-

Pallas: -Both men charged at each other has the fight was wearing its toll against their bodies. But both men having such great durability that it would look like they could go all day. When both men got close to each other, Adam thrusts his right fist as Donnie as he had begun to get predictable with his attacks. Any good fighter uses tendencies against their opponents but to someone like Adam, this can prove difficult to accomplish. Donnie raises his shield as the punch slides across the sleek Vibranium as if it were nothing. Donnie then raises the blade up in a stabbing motion as it clean cuts right through Adam’s right bicep. Adam roars out in pain as he retaliates by swinging his left arm to smash into Donnie’s body. Donnie still had the blade stabbed into Adam’s arm and is forced to take the blow of Adam’s punch. The blade comes out of Adam’s arm which causes bright red blood to squirt out of Adam’s arm. Adam falls to his right knee while holding his arm. He had never experienced his skin being punctured before this fight. And the same can be said for Donnie as his body laid there on the floor. He spat up a small amount of blood as he slowly tried to stand back up. But his body had been through the mill with being constantly struck by Adam’s huge fists. He thought to himself-“I can…I can beat this fucker with just my normal form…I know I can.”-Donnie then slowly stands up as his body begins to shake. Adam sees Donnie rising from the ashes once again when any advanced fighter would probably be dead from all these attacks. He then yells out to Donnie-“Why won’t you just fucking die!?!?”-Donnie slowly turns around to face Adam as the rocks on the floor begin to shake a bit. A small static begins to form around Donnie’s body as his Mohawk slowly begins to rise as if a wind was lifting his hair. Donnie then raises his head to glare at Adam and yells out-“BECAUSE YOU AREN’T STRONG ENOUGH TO KILL ME!”-He then balled his hands into fists as a bright blue aura erupted from his body. His body was activating the Normal Form version of an Override. ( His eyes began to glow a bright white color as his muscles veined up, The Vibranium shield and Sword still in his possession. The eruption of the aura would push all the objects within the lab back and explode any technical devices within the entire Titan Lab area. This eruption of power would be felt by anyone who was in the vicinity of the Titan Force Lab. Adam’s eyes widened as he could not believe what he was witnessing. Donnie’s body then disappeared in a sudden blur. ( Adam stood up in the center of the room as he was trying to find where Donnie had gone to. Donnie then re-appears behind him and slashes the back of his left calf muscle as it sends Adam down on his left knee.-“AUUHHHH!”-Donnie’s body was circling around the move at blinding speeds as he came around again but this time slashed into Adam’s right calf muscle as it send the beast down to his knees. Donnie’s body then re-appears in front of Adam with the blade on the right side of his neck. Donnie’s eyes still had that bright white glow with the static surging through his body. Donnie then asks Adam in a sick and demented voice, back to the voice he had when he wore the mask of Deadshot-“Will you beg for your life?”-Adam grunts as the gashes on his legs were at least 4 inches deep into his leg muscle. He couldn’t move them. He looks at Donnie and says with passion-“Fuck you…Finish it…”-Donnie smirks sadistically and replies with-“Good answer”-He then spins around and swings his sword around to deliver the finishing blow. His blade struck the left side of Adam’s throat as it effortlessly dug itself inches deep into the beast’s throat. Donnie slashed the blade from “ear to ear” as the Italian Mafia would call it. Bright red blood gushes out of the throat wound almost instantly. Donnie roared like a champion while he delivered this final blow. After the gash was delivered, Donnie raises the blade into the air as it drips with blood from Adam’s body. Adam raised his hands to his throat trying to stop the bleeding while his body slowly fell to the ground. He landed on his back which created a loud thud sound. After a few seconds, his arms released from his throat and came to his sides and the blood began to surround him. Donnie slowly put his arms down while he watches Adam slowly fade. The white glow of his eyes would also disappear with the static. The override had been complete. Donnie smirked a bit as the fight finally came to its end. The override started to take effect on Donnie’s body as he slowly fell to his right knee. Has Adam clung to dear life, their eyes locked once more and Donnie says to Adam-“See ya in hell old boy…”-Donnie’s eyes then shut as he became unconscious. His body then crashed next to Adam with the shield and blade still in his head. Adam lays in a pool of his own blood and Donnie lays on his chest. Has the world lost two Titans?-

Yule: Asami was at her office. She was getting calls left and right about the approaching storm. She got a call she would have never expected in a million years. “Hello?” She heard a very familiar voice, it was Keyome. Well this was certain kind of awkward. After explaining what happened with Neko and Asami getting to run the clan she answered his questions. “Yes I have been running the Chitori, might even say I’ve been doing well.” She then listened to him. She started to write down what she was supposed to be doing as well. After his instructions she started to say something but then heard a loud explosion. She looked at her desk and then after he hung up she set her phone down and stood from her desk. She looked to her secretary, Hayi. “Get a squad of ten of the clan’s best nurses. Also get me a blue print of the sewer system for district one and two. ” She was going to use her clan, they would be able to handle what was about to go down. She then walked down the steps and to the little closet area in her office. She pulled out her mission outfit and stripped her clothes there and pulled it on. After getting that done she grabbed her gas belt, throwing knives, senbon, and her syringes. She put her belt on making sure it was tight. She then strapped her throwing knives and senbon to both her thighs, knives on the right, senbon on the left, and last but not least attached her syringes to her belt. She also grabbed her gas mask before returning to look at Hayi. Hayi said firmly, “They are waiting down in the garage.” Asami nodded and walked to the door. “Tell them to follow me when they get there.” Asami left the room after getting her blue prints and went down into the garage. After hoping into her new car she speed out of the garage, knowing the others would be able to follow her and headed to the Heat Dome Arena. When she got there she got out and walked into the building. She found a nurse and then said, “I am looking for The Kagemaru specialty team.” Once someone from the team came up to her and confirmed who they were Asami spoke again. “I need ten men, also tell his nurses to keep an eye on this here while the ten of you are gone. After that meet me outside, we have something to take care of.” Asami walked back out and pulled her out a blueprint of the sewer that she had gotten from Hayi earlier and started to track the path they would follow. There was a tunnel that would lead from District Two to District One. She would take them men that way. After the men came out she called her nurses over and briefed them all on what they would be doing. “ Kagemaru men, if you have weapons you better bring them. Make sure you all have enough ammo to keep up with what’s about to go down. I briefed you so now if you will follow me we will get to our entrance point and get down in the sewers. Remember men, this is for you Chairman. Fight well.” Asami then turned to her nurses and said, “Ladies, you will see a lot in these sewers. Be prepared, your job is to assist the injured. Tasanagi said there were many people injured. Let’s work hard ladies.” With that Asami got into her car and started the engine. She was ready to go start this mission. After driving a while she pulled up to the spot where they would enter the sewers. It was a man hole but it was better than nothing. Before leaving her car she would grab her medical bag from the back of her car and put it over her shoulders. It was her book bag; this allowed her to carry much more than her messenger bag. It also allowed her to carry extra of all her weapons. Asami looked at her team and then put her gas mask on. She didn’t have time to waste putting it on later if she were to use her gases. She assumed everyone else would have one as well, if not it was on them. Asami lifted the man hole cover and dropped down into the sewer. She landed on her feet and started to walk in the direction of district one. After about five minutes they got into district one. It would be about two miles until they hit the general drainage area that Keyome had talked about. Along the way she saw many dead bodies and for a second she hoped that Tetsu wasn’t one of them. She shook her head, she wasn’t going to allow herself to think that way. A couple of the nurses stayed back when they hit the bodies to make sure there weren’t any survivors. After a while they walked to a small opening. After stepping through Asami saw a giant red man and then she saw another man fighting the red man. Asami just watched as this went down but almost killed one of the nurses out of surprise. One of the nurses screamed when she saw the giant red man. Asami turned quickly and threw her hand on the nurse’s mouth. “What are you doing?” She hissed and then looked over her shoulder. She hoped that the two men didn’t even notice what was going on, but it looked like their fight was over. After the scream Asami hoped it didn’t echo through the whole sewer, but with the acoustics like they were it most likely happened. Asami took her hand from the nurse’s mouth and then turned back around to face the scene before her. The men of the Kagemaru stood behind her as did her nurses. They were all waiting to see what was going to happen next

IzzyDaPada: I looked at Keyome, with a blank look on my face as his two of his men approached, saying there was nothing on where Thomas Flint was. I holstered the desert eagel back on my thigh and put my hands in my pocket..brushing my hands against the rosary beads. ( ) He walked off to antoher part of a room, I followed him, a feeling kept running up my spine that he was in pain, but being the man that he was, he wouldn't say a thing to anyone. I outside the room when I heard him speak to what seems himself. *Pep talks?* Then heard the mention of Flint...I shifted my glance over my shoulder as I reached for my gun that was strapped to my thigh as I approached the room slowly with the gun pulled, and with a swift action, I saw Keyome go across the room and land against a table with medical supplies, eyeing what caused Keyome to fly back like he did, I saw the last glimps of a hand go back into the mirrior.......*They don't prepare you for that in the Floating world (geisha community)* It caused me to think what we were truly up against, what the people that were brought here truly had within themself. What I had within myself even, I had been provided the answer of WHAT, but the tools to use the what is another problem. I was drawn out of my thoughts of staring at the mirrior of where the hand came from when Keyome was......SPITTING OUT HIS APENDIX and god knows what else! I blinked. "Well then..." Was all I could really say then. *Have you ever seen a devil before* No...No I haven't. I kept that the way it was. (btw the spitting up was rather disgusting to read =w= ) I stepped out of the room to let him take his phone call, over hearing that, Neko was no longer the Chairwoman? That was news to me... I wonder who took over the ChiTori of Neko wasn't the Chairwoman anymore. *Loud Explosion* With the loud kaboom in my surrounding me, it caught my attention. My attention to where it was as I held the desert eagel in my grasp. I felt a gust of wind from behind as the lose strands of my hair would infront of me, out of no well not excatly no where, Keyome would appear swifty in the fray with two boys. (the boy wonder cop anddd the lightbuld buahaha). Keyome drawing out two machettes (I BUTCHERED IT FORGIVE ME) and practially...well....bitch slapped the demon. *One way to get things done I suppose...*....To get out of dodge, and make my way back to the main part of the base..*LOUD SCREAM* It caused me to come running into the base with my gun pointed. What caught my attention was a fight between two..well one ratherly large fighter, and another....It was..Wait....It seemed like....the fight was over, but I couldn't tell who looked like one won with a slash to the throat. I held the desert eagel in my hands with a tight grip as I pointed it at the bodies on the ground, it looked like both were dead, a large pool of blood on the ground, a seen of of Troy, or maybe even Gladiator... It caused me to shiver a bit as I approached. *I am no nurse or doctor but....Seeing as the ChiTori are here...* They didn't approach? Okay, I will, upon fully approaching the bodies that were one was laying on his back, while the other was on his stomach on the ground, the one looked...vagly familiar, but I wouldn't chance that from behind (HAHA) nudging the body laying on his back first to make sure that this it wasn't going to come back from the dead. Kneeling down putting two fingers to the person that was face down neck, I caught a pulse. Assuming he was alive. Or that was my nerves making me assume things.. Stepping over I'd pull the man onto his back Which was some effert due to the man being somewhat extreamly heavy. "God....your heavy....." Looking down I blinked at the face. "DONNIE YUN!" I almost screamed from the shock. Looking back up, I had to look around again, then back down. "Oh my god he's alive." Pressing two fingers again back against his neck to feel for a pulse I felt the vage pulse. Yet something harsh came out of my mouth and I didn't think about it. "Your so stupid! You had us all worried! Yet your knocked out right now and you can't hear this!" And I wanted to bring my hands down on his chest and hit his chest to wake him up. But, that was rude. But you know, maybe to wake him up. (HAHAHAHA XDD) "In desperate times, calls for desperate messures. Donnie Yun wake your bloody heavy ass up now!" I then didn't think twice of my actions, and brought my hands down on his chest in a hitting action, I know I was considerabbly weak comepared to this man. But you know, it was worth a try.

DarkKeyome: “...Haha..Thomas Flint..” I said walking around the room. “ He's a monster.... that man. Has lured us out here. And now he's playing with us in his fucking mad house from hell. Forcing us to battle the adveseries that he places infront of us.” I sighed and held onto my stomach. Alothouh the sickness was gone... I still felt sick. “...Gahh...” I gripped at my stomach. “ This guy has been around for over 200 years. Im not surprised by all of the shit he's cooked up in here. I looked into his files though most of the important things. He's had over countless amounts of names. And what he's doing here.... isnt it clear to see...? You'd think nerdy little dweebs like you would be the first ones to figure it out.” I turned to the boy known as Ryuzakii. “ He's lured us all in here... to the slauthter. Effort after effort, attempt after attempt. All we've done is drove us further into the dead hole. This will never end. Evantually it'll force us.... to fend for oursel-” BOOOMM!!!”....Ah... fucking A. What is it now!” I picked up my machetes as I ran quickly over to the general area of the explosions. What I found.... was a monsterous red creautre.... and Donnie Yun... I hadnt told anyone of his surivial just yet. For the most part... I didnt deem it important just yet. I walked to the body and squatted down next to him, and Isabel. “.... Looks like Tin-ma got into a tussel.” I said patting his face. “ He wont wake up huh? Ha... this bastard isnt dead. Some reasons he's the hardest son'of a bitch to kill around here. I guess thats the only thing Yakuza about him..... we dont die easily. Not without taking a million bullets at once.... Heyyyyy DONNIEEE WAKKEEE UP!...” I looked at face... No response. Then... the idea struck me. Where was Kaori? Haaaa... she's nowhere to be found.... hope she isnt dead.... or worse... But yet it did not render the sadistic thoughts to surface to the top of my cranium. I leaned in close getting into Donnie right ear. “....hey Donnie... I know your dead. * Keyo's lying* But..... I have something to confess....” I sighed. “ During....During your time away from us Donnie...Kaori...She got...She got lonely. I felt... so much sorrow for her, and for... for you. She just seemed so alone...and well I wont lie. Even then...she was pretty hot. Nice... catch you got there Donnie. Nice titttts.... nice asssss....pair of hips, and a pretty face to match. Really packs a..PUNCH.. if you... know what I mean. Anyways, So you can imagine how I felt to see her in tears.... I simply. Took it upon myself to do what any man would. I confered her. I... laid her down on the darker side of the chamber... and I... fucked her guts out... I fucked her guts out. So everyone could hear me do it... She didnt even.... think about you... I even did this one thing where I got her dow-* By now I hope donnie wakes up and tries to kill me*

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would be listening to Keyome, as he crossed his arms, and put one arm under his chin. Even though Keyome had quite the intimidating tone, tetsu was pretty much used to it. The guys a fucking jerk what do you expect? Tesu watched and observed as he winced in pain. He probably had his squabbles in here to no doubt. “A game to be played huh….” Tetsu would utter aloud. He figured this was some kind of game. It had to be. The question is how do we play….or….should we even play at all. Sometimes if you put the controller down and just sit for a minute you can discover something you wouldn’t notice. Tetsu would continue to listen until a loud “BOOM” erupted in the hallway. When the scream made way, thorugh the halls, tetsu hestitated…none. It was like a watching a crack head react to a police siren the way tetsu turned his head and looked towards the sound of it. Tetsu wouldn’t waste a minute, and would quickly move at such a speed it was almost comical. He even had that Jackie chan look on his face. The he makes when he beats up on all of the bad guys n whatnot. Rushing past ryu (if allowed) tetsu would scoop light up under his arm, as if grabing a child, which would leave ryu’s upperhalf protruding from the front of tetsu’s right under arm, and his lower body from the back side of tetsu’s under arm. Running like a mad man Tetsu and Ryu would arrive at the scene to see some familer faces. Asami of course, which tetsu would sigh reilief that she was indeed okay, but be focused on what everyone was looking at. Not arriving to long after Keyome to place light down, and head over to quite the grim sight. Donnie…and a huge red beast on the ground. Judging by the blood…and room damage. These guys had quite some war here. Tetsu would speak not to long after Keyome made his remark and asked Donnie to wake up. In some weird sense of sinical humor tetsu would utter to himself in a smooth criminal tone of song “Donnie are you okay? You okay? You okay Don-nie… seriously Donnie wake up. I knew you were alive but only to get into another life threatning squabble? Duuuuuuuuuuuude.” Tetsu would shake his head, but hen notice keyome’s action. Peak hearing in tact he would hear what Keyome had said to Donnie….and like a boxer on the defensive tetsu would lift his right leg and shuffle back 4 feet on his left foot, just in case Donnie exploded at Keyome for that comment….tetsu would also wonder if it was real and if it to was filmed…..Tetsu made note to look it up later.

LightFang: -Ryuzakii was listening to Keyome as he started up his synical way of speaking down about everything. He kept thinking of sarcastic remarks in his head. To the slaughter my ass, we seem to be killing them off just fine and all. Ryu has been called a nerd before, but so what its what he is. Least he is smart enough to use what ever traps this Thomas guy has against him. He was still halfway paying attention to Keyo thinking more snide remarks to himself as suddenly *Booooom* a large crashing sound was heard in the distance followed by a loud scream, seamingly out of fear. He would see Keyo immediatly take off in the direction the sounds came from in a quick pace. Ryu would look over to Tetsu who also looked like he had the plan to go off in that direction. He saw Tetsu rush toward him and instinktively Ryuzakii threw his hands up to block his face. HE was lifted up by Tetsu and carried off to the location of the sound. He was more in shock at how fast Tetsu was running than anything, but that changed once they arrived on the scene. There was a giant red goliath bleeding out on the floor and Donnie layed on the floor unconcious next to it. Ryuzakii knew donnie wasnt dead because he had seen him in the main hall when he and Keyo talked briefly before he set out to find people downhallways. He pushed himself out of tetsu's grasp and stood up on his own staring at all the people around. His team of robot had followed along and just finally caught up. Keyo was saying something unaudible,to Ryuzakii's ears, to Donnie. When Ryuzakii saw Tetsu move backwards he figured he might want to aswell. He looked over the red man. He was just as the robots described, a big red muscle man. His eyes looked back at Donnie body. "get up man..." He said softly.-

Pallas: -As Isa rolled his body over to his back, his eyes would still remain perfectly shut. His black body armor now covered in crushed gravel and Adam’s blood. His mind had been completely blank as his Cybernetic System reboots. And then that it is when Isa began to strike down on Donnie’s body. His body had remained almost lifeless at the tries of Isa. But because of her strong hits against his Vibranium chest, his Cybernetic systems within his brain came back online. With his brain back online, he can hear what everything is being said. His brain also began to slowly turn everything else back online as well. But as he remained unconscious, he was in a dream world. Of course in his dream he was with Kaori. This had always been what was on his subconscious mind. In his dream world he was back in his bedroom with Kaori right next to him. They were both just getting up, they had finally moved in together. The two of them were sharing a kiss in the early morning while still under the covers of his memory foam bed. Then the small steps of pitter patter are heard in the room. Anna ran into the room and jumped onto the bed with Kaori and Donnie. Her small nine year old body now in between the two of them. She then asked-“Good morning. What’s for breakfast?”-Her cute smile emerged after asking that as Donnie laughed. He then looked at Anna and replied with-“Well I don’t know.”-He lifts her up to give her a big hug-“What’s my little girl feel like having today?”-Kaori had a bright smile as she too played with Anna as they were all in the bed together…just like a family. That was the first time that Anna had been in one of Donnie’s dreams. Had he grown attached to the little one? But before anymore thought can be inputted into the dream world, Keyome’s voice is heard like an echo.- During....During your time away from us Donnie...Kaori...She got...She got lonely. I felt... so much sorrow for her, and for... for you. She just seemed so alone.”-Upon hearing those words, his mind completely turned the image he had of his “family” into nothing but smoke. The smoke then floated in the air as his body remained. The smoke then took the form of what Keyome’s words were talking about. The smoke turned into Kaori’s body…her crying body. Donnie’s body in the dream world tried to reach out to her but the image just going further and further away from him. It ate at him that he would ever make Kaori feel like that. But then it got even worse. Keyome then said-“and well I wont lie. Even then...she was pretty hot. Nice... catch you got there Donnie. Nice titttts.... nice asssss....pair of hips, and a pretty face to match. Really packs a..PUNCH.. if you... know what I mean. Anyways, So you can imagine how I felt to see her in tears.... I simply. Took it upon myself to do what any man would. I confered her. I... laid her down on the darker side of the chamber... and I... fucked her guts out... I fucked her guts out. So everyone could hear me do it... She didnt even.... think about you...”-His mind was about ready to burst at hearing those words. The smoke had kept Kaori’s body in that sad pose but then Keyome’s body slowly walked to her. Donnie’s anger began to rise. Then the smoke turned into the image of them two together and it sent Donnie into frenzy. His dream world body went berserk. A bright blue aura bursts through his body and creates a blinding light as he charges at dream world Keyome. Dream world Donnie then threw a left handed punch that completely obliterated the image of Keyome. And in the real Donnie was ready to burst.-“ I even did this one thing where I got her dow-“-And before Keyome could finish his sentence(If allowed) BOOM! Donnie swings his left hand up and cracks Keyome on the right ear with his left hand. The hand comes up with the shield and hits Keyome’s face with amazing force. Donnie’s eyes shot open and revealed a pale white colorization. The impact would push Keyome’s body off of Donnie which then leads to Donnie lifting his legs over his head and snapping upwards like The Rock. Donnie lands on his feet but his body was well beaten and tattered. His left shoulder is slightly slouched from all the impacts his body has taken but his Pride would not let his beaten body be seen as bad as it really is. His bright white eyes stare at where Keyome is as if there was no one else in the room and says-“You know I am going to kill you now…”-He then swung the blade around in his hand and was ready to charge as his anger had skyrocketed. After taking notice on the situation he noticed Isa, Tetsu, and Ryu in the room now. It was no matter, his anger is what fueled him right now.-“Come Tasanagi…let me finish what I should have finished back in the KPD Station…”

Yule: Asami saw the whole thing that went down between Keyome and Donnie Yun. She walked up infront of Donnie and looked at him. “You don’t know me but you are in no condition to fight at least not by fighting chance standards. I suggest you let me or my nurses take a look at you.” Asami put her hands on her hips. Her words would be a little muffled through her gas mask but she knew all her words were understandable. Two of her nurses came up behind her and they all looked at him. “I can obviously tell by the way your body looks that your left shoulder is pretty messed up. Now you can either calm down and let me and my girls take care of that or you can screw your shoulder AND arm up even more. But regardless your best interest would be to calm down and fight him when you are both in good shape. It’d be so much more satisfying. You can look at Tasanagi and see that he’s in pretty bad shape to.” Asami glanced back at Keyome and saw that he looked pretty roughed up as well. After she got this under control she would have her nurses look over everyone here to take account of the injuries. Asami looked back at Donnie. “What’s your choice?” She put her hands on her hips.

IzzyDaPada: It seemed everyone else was noticing what I came upon myself. Keyome knelt next to Donnie, just as I was knelt but trying to wake him up. Keyome whispering something his ear I looked at him then realized what he was doing, I blinked a few times, then frowned. "You shouldn't really do that Keyome...That'll-" As if I had read it on some deck of fourtun teller's cards. Donnie came alive, it caused me to jump back, the look in his eyes was murderous and not the pleasent to see. He brought his arm up that held a sheild attempting to hit him, I had to quickly get out of this...Pushing with some force I really probably looked like I was scurring away from the exchange of the blow from Donnie. *You know I am going to kill you now…* I had looked at Donnie blinking, and in shock, when he looked at me, I wanted to plead with him that wasn't the truth, as I knew the truth that he didn't touch Kaori...*Come Tasanagi…let me finish what I should have finished back in the KPD Station…* Pushing myself up from the ground..*What am I doing...I can't possibly win...with words...He's already pissed off...I could try though..* I didn't want to draw the gun, obviously this guy never seemed to die one way or another. If...he could listen to anyone, it was probably either Kaori, or someone else. But god I was putting myself out there with his anger.... "Donnie! Don't. You wouldn't want that.." I was set on a type of auto pilote now. "What Keyome said isn't correct. Please, if you have to listen to anyone. Please just listen to me!" Why was I yelling? I shouldn't be yelling. He could hear me......Right? "He never touched her. Please trust me when I say that." I wanted to step in his path, but that probably wasn't the smartest of things, as I already voiced myself. To stop a confrontation, stepping infront of an angry man wasn't smart. Instead I stepped into his line of sight.

The Appearence Of Thomas Flint

DarkKeyome: The blow indeed struck causing me to roll and tumble over in pain as he hit me in the face. My body still a bit dazed and in pain with my appendix being ripped out. I took the hit, I was expecting the hit. As my body skidded over. I gripped my face. Resting on my knees. I looked off to the corner of my eyes. And a figure looked back and nodded, soon hauling ass down the hall way. “...Haa.. I knew that' wake you up...Yun..” Even though I had been lying. I did feel bad in some form of way. “...Look at you So ready to fight, to kill me as soon as you hear the slightest lies against your lover. Foolish... Your all...” I looked at them all( Start at 35:00) Tetsu, Ryu, Isabel, Donnie, even Alex was eying me like I was a monster. They'd never understand. I stood to my feet and slowly stood up as I watched him.” Your all foolish... lies. I never had to sleep with her.... but I knew... I knew something as Trival as that... would wake you up. So... get angry! Its your weakness.... it weaknesss you so much...” I clenched my fist... “...That it brings you back... from the fucking....dead....” I laughed to myself... and yet. It wasnt funny. I was... jealous. I felt empty... him, a fucking robotic man. Even had more emotions. More feelings over a woman then I did... whats wrong with me? A Tin-Man... has more compassion than me... a human being... Well no. I take that back, im a monster... I lost my... humanity a long time ago. I landed 6 feet back and I saw as his blade was out, with that murderous intent in his eyes. I smirked.“...Dont you think.... you've done enough fighting... You can barely stand, and yet your still sitting there trying to fight... for what. For love? Love is what drives you? This isnt even the same Donnie Yun Anymore. The guy I remember back in the day fought for himself. He fought for himself,and for power! You... You dont get to live a happy life! IF I DONT GET TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE!” I said coughing, my hands quickly moving over to the wound on my side. Shit.... the pain was getting worse. “...You wanna kill me... then fine. Kill me then...” I was the drive. I know... as a leader. Sometimes you have to push people in the best way you knew how. All I know is tough love. That Ryuzakii kid... I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He proabbly hates me. Hmph... He reminds me of my best friend Pony that died... he was just like him... I stood up for him everyday. Fighting for him... gettnig my ass beat for him.... everything. People loved him, I made sure to hang out with him everyday in the 7th grade....But to avail... it didnt stop him from killing himself. Thats when I learned that you have to be strong in life. Or life will eat you away, but if not for my harsh words... would the kid be here now? Ryoji... hmph. I barely need to push that guy... he's the most optomistic guy i've met in my life... I envy him. I stood up and eyed donnie and my own blade was retracted. “ If you want to.....then by all means. Take my life.... so I wont ever.... have to fight I can be with my friends.... I'll let you know now. I hate all of you.... And I honestly.... could give two shits as to how any of your survivie...” I was lying... or was I? I dont know anymore. “ Just because you saved us.....doesnt mean I owe you shit!” I pointed at Tetsu. “ Just because you helped me in beating Tanaban. Doesnt mean I owe you anything either!” The sound of clapping could be heard in the back ground. ( CLICK ITTTTT-> PUTT IT ON REPEAT))“ Hahaha.... Yessss.... fight.... fighttttt figghttt.... fighhhtt! Hahahaahahaahahah!” Above our heads... was a monsterous grin on his face as he munched away at the apple. ( “ Hahahahahah! FIIGGHTTTTTTT HAHAAH!” I looked up... eyeing the creature as it floated above our heads. “ What!? What the fuck are you some kind of experiment!?” The Creature floated in the air and began to laugh. “ Hahahah Something.... likkkeee.... thhaaaattttt....” Venetrix was running down the hall way... she came into the common area all bloodied up... her body beaten and her right arm.... was gone?! “ PLEASE...RUN! ESCAPE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE PLEEAASSEE!!!” The Womans head would then combust exploding as the creature above our heads snapped his fingers. “ ….” I sat there with a ':O' Face. My mouth gaping open... all of my men rushed into the room and soon there bodies began to combust one by one as the demon above our heads laughed and snapped his fingers. “ Hahahahaah Look at you aaalll... this is... the product... of your blashmeyyyy.... Hahahaahh yourrrr... trrrreaaachherryyyyyyy......” I looked up. Notcing the monsters arms. It... It was the same hand that had came out when Thomas had attempted to choke me out. “ Hahahahahah! Yesssssss.......... Yessssssss I FEED OFF OF THISHAHAHAAH VENNIE TOLDDD MEEE.. TO TAKE MY DOSE BUT I TOLD HER I DIDNT NEED IT ANYMORE HAHAHAAHAHAH THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ALLLL ABOUT LIVE IT THE FUCK UP HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!” My eyes widned up. “ It's....Its Thomas!” I pointed out at the creature. “ YES. THIS IS WHAT THE EXPERIMENTATIONS HAVE DONE TO ME! ALL THESE YEARS IVE BEEN ABLE TO KEEP IT STABLE... BUT... BUT YOU FUCKING KIDS! HAHAHAHAHAH YOU FUCK UP ALL OF MY FUCKING PLANS EACH....AND EVERY.... LAST ONE OF YOUUUU!! HAHAHAHAH WHY WONT YOU JUST.... JUST FUCKING DIEE!!!” My eyes focused on the beast. “.... All this time... this is.... this is what you've been hiding to the blind eye.... How did... How did you become this way...” The Creature never responed. “ Ill kill.... ill kill you AALLLL!!!!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAH” I tilted my head up and the creature clapped his hands together forcing an over blinding light over all of our eyes. and I smirked...Time for phase 2... ( During the min traps. No one will be able to escape through high intellgence, nor will they be able to break out with any power of Artifical intellegence.) ::::::::::::::MIND TRAPS PART 1, RYUZAKII'S FEAR:::::::::::::: Within Ryuzakii's mind, he'd be strapped in a chair... to him it would seem like he'd been In this chair for over 24 hours. ( meaning it'd feel like he'd been literally sitting there.) His mother... was in a chair, and he'd be forced to watch her kick the chair snapping her neck on impact over, and over within his mind. Seeming to never end. Everytime she did it, it'd seem brand new to him. It was a sick pattern. After 10 or more kills from his mother, it'd show his fathers murder, forcing Ryuzakii to watch it over and over with new eyes. Each time he saw it. It' be brand new... the pain never easing away.::::::::::MIND TRAPS PART 2 ISABELS FEAR:::::::::::::::Within Isabels mind, she'd see her 3 most loyal servants and beloved body gaurds rushing to her rescue. Each of them. Running full speed to try to save her. “ NOOOOO!!” they'd shout when they rushed to her rescue.with every intent of love to savve her. Yet it would not be enough as soon Kagemaru men appeared an began to blantely beat them half to death as they screamed out her name for help. Yet her body would not move, it could barely even breathe. Snakes, and spiders crawling over her flesh as the snakes began to burry within her skin giving her an inticing painful feeling. The snakes would slither beneathe her skin wrapping them selves around her neck from under her broken and beaten skin Keyomes body would appear infront of her. “....You are weak.... love is weak.... your pathatheic. You cant even protect the ones you care for. Which simply makes you a burden..... “ He'd hand her a blade. “...Kill yourself... and do us all... a favor...”:::::::::::MIND TRAPS PART 3 TETSU FEAR:::::::::::: Tetsu Ryoji would be forced to be chained up by his arms and hands into the air, with a black void of nothing around him while a group of men with no faces continously raped his lover, fucking her senselessly. One of the faceless men gripped a blade and pressed it to her neck pulling up and slicing her head off, and then her arms.... and legs... slowly. Piece by piece.... each limb taking over 4 hours as they sawed it off. Her chilling screams echoed throughout the room as the men began to laugh during the process. “ Hahaha.... where is your power.... now hero...” The chains would not break even if he did. His mother was on the right of him as a group of men were doing the same to her, yet her body was broken, and her head was hanging to her body by a slight thing of skin. Thomas was standing over the mens bodies as they laughed... “ Hahahahaha..... Hahahahaahahh weaknesss.... weakling...” Tetsu's father would appear reaching out for his sun as Venetrix appeared to saw the mans body in half. His cold eyes gazing at his son with his dying breathes.::::::::: MIND TRAPS PART 4 DONNIE YUNS FEAR:::::::: Donnie would be sitting up, with his body also in chains. Except he'd be a younger version of himself. First it'd start off as him seeing his parents. They'd kiss him... and before he knew it. He watched them leave his home as they closed there bedroom doors. Donnie could look down the hall way to see his parents bed room from his door. He was in bed of course and little Donnie was getting ready to goto bed himself... when the sound of his mother screaming an his father having a struggle would fire out from his room. He turned quickly to look down his hall way which was blood red with satanic faces all within the wall. All of them with morphed mixed faces that blended in with over a million faces screaming and wailing in pain. As Donnie pulled himself out of the bed to save his parents his body grew in age and soon he found himself falling into a giant mouth that appeared onto the floor his body was sent through the overly suffocating process of going down into a humans body which would last about 6 hours of simply gasping for air and fighting to live. Wasnt long before his body would drop down to a lower part of the stomach and he'd hit the ground where he'd fall into a caccoon of some sorts. With only two holes within the dark creavice so that his eyes could see out of it. When he looked out he'd see Kaori, and Anna both curcifed and being impaled over and over again. There bodies lifeless and dead. Suddenly spikes would appear. Impaling him all over forcing him to watch the 4 day process within his mind of his loved ones dying over and over::::::::::::::::::::MIND TRAP PART 5 KEYOMES FEAR -Keyome is strapped down to a chair in the middle of his District One. A crowd of people surround him and laugh. Then out of the people, Donnie and Danchou appear through them all. They both have evil red eyes and sadistic smiles on their faces as they walk up to Keyome. Donnie ruffles Keyome’s hair and says-“Awww what’s wrong Keyo Weyo? You no like to be strapped down? Awww Danchou let the little boy out.”-Danchou then waves his finger in front of Keyome’s face and says-“ah ah ah. We need to make sure the little guy can behave.”-Donnie nods and then they both place a hand on Keyome’s arms. Donnie and Danchou then rip the metal arms off of Keyome as if it was nothing. Donnie then taunts Keyo with his own arm as blood flows from his arm as the pain is excruciating. Donnie then scratches his goatee with Keyome’s arm as if it were his own and says-“I don’t think this is enough to make the widdle man upset.”-They both dangle the arms in front of Keyome’s face and Danchou says-“I think it’s time we brought our little lady into the conversation.”-They both turn around as Isa is thrown onto the ground in front of them. Her hands are tied behind her back, her mouth gagged, and wearing nothing but her bra and panties. Her face was bruised and around her thighs. Donnie then grabs her by her restraints and puts her in front of Keyome. Danchou grabs her by the hips and licks her neck as his tongue spreads all the way around her neck like a snake.-“mmm Tastey. Keyo did you know me and your little love here went for a few rounds?”-Danchou then runs his hands down the Geisha’s body and says-“Oh yes, she screamed you name…called you for help…but you didn’t come for her.”-Isa had tears in her eyes as Danchou felt her up and saw Keyome. Then suddently, a blade came through the chest of Isa’s body. Donnie had stuck his Vibranium blade right through her heart. Donnie then pulls the blade out as blood slowly begins to spill from the hole. Danchou then stuck his fingers inside the hole and while using his Super Soldier abilities, he rips Isa in half right down the middle. The blood squirts all over Keyome’s body as he is forced to watch the woman he loves, get raped and murdered by his most hated man. This goes on for hours and hours. Killing and raping as the sounds of Isa’s screams are all that Keyome hears. And he is forced to just sit there…and watch:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MIND TRAPS OVER::::::::::Thomas flint would be sitting in a chair in watching all of them laying down on the floor infront of him. Venetrix sitting perfectly in his lap. “ Why dont we just kill them now...” Said Venetrix. Thomas shook his head. “ Because that takes the fun out of everything. Just sit back and relax, after all Venetrix my dear... we have to...* crunches apple* Enterain... our guest. Hahahahaah...”

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