XxdensukexX:Tetsu woke up…..dazed… some kind of serious strain. “Wh-……what happened….?”  Tetsu tried to move…but his movements were restrained. Tetsu tried to open his eyes, but only one would have vision..”eh……o-OH GOD!!! MY EYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! GAAAAAAAH!” Tetsu’s eye was missing from it’s socket, and there was nothing there but a hollow spot, and what looked like brain matter floating on the inside of the hole. It seemed like the pain tetsu’s body showed was finally coming to fruition. His body was brusied and battered. Cuts up and down his mid section and back side. Each cut oozing the bleeding red liquid out slowly and agaonizingly painfully… driped….into an even bigger pool of blood. “Gotta……ung! Gotta move!” Tetsu tried to move his arms, but found them chained up to two planks hanging up from the dark red soild. Tetsu looked around, panting as it was unusually hard to breathe. All he saw was a blood red sky….and two pairs of eyes….( ) looking down at him. Tetsu’s spine chilled….he was scared…..tetsu was Scared. His eyes widened at the sight of the eyes. They just looked at him…said nothing….just looked. Then a menacing smile opened up in the blood red sky as well…It’s teeth were white. A scary bright white….like off of a colgate commercial….It emited a low growl, that cuased tetsu to shake in sheer anticipation of what could possibly happen here. “T-thomas!!! Get down here and fight me! Let me Gooooo!!!” Tetsu then heard a loud sheireking noise. It sounded like a scream of terror. Tetsu looked to his left…then looked to his right. He didn’t see anything at all. Then the moment he turned his head back from looking at the right, he saw two figures in black hoodies holding Asami by her arms. With tears running down her eyes, she cried out to tetsu “TETSU! H-HELP ME PLEASE! I TRIED TO FIGHT! I REALLY DI-“ One of the figures in the black hooded robe punched her in the face, and cuase blood to spit right out of her mouth..”WHAT ARE YOU DOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!?!?!?!! STOP IT!!!!” Tetsu struggled to move his body but it was useless. He was suddenly sweating…it had grown hot, and it felt like his body was cooking itself. Tetsu watched as the dark robes came off of the figures, and revealed two goat looking man demons….they had jet black skin with red markings and  large protruding horns from the tops of their heads, and furry goat like legs. One of them pushed Asami face down on the dirt, and raised her butt high in the air, ripping her pants off with it’s claw. “STOP IT YOU SON OF A BIT-AHHHHHHH!!!” the demon wasted no time thrusting it’s man meat, right inside of Asami’s insides. Tetsu’s eyes widened in horror, as he struggled to move and break free of his chains. He disredarded his pain for that instant and tried to struggle free of the chains, but they seemed to just wrap themselves tighter around his wrist, making sure he couldn’t even move an inch without tearing the skin. The beast continued to hound Asami, as the claping of her pelvis would huant tetsu each second he heard it and looked at it. She tried to scream but the second demon forced himself into her mouth….and shoved it there. Keeping it there. Not letting her breath. Tetsu screamed and struggled as hard as he could. And as much as tried he was helpless. Tetsu then turned his head to hear another scream. A familer one. He turned and saw his mother experiencing the same thing Asami was. Tetsu’s mind went blank. He was in such blatant shock he didn’t know how to handle it. He tried to scream, but it was as if fear itself put a cold hard grip on tetsu’s wind pipe, as he could not utter a single word. His mother…kept making a terrible gagging noise due to the beast consistent forcing of himself into her thorat..she vomited multiple times, and tetsu almost did as well seeing the two women he cared for be forced into such a predicament. The beast even began scratching them…clawing them…beating them….and continuing in their lustful endouvers as the did this. “THOMAS STOP ITTTTTT! YOU KIILLING THEEEEEEEEEEEE! YOU BASTARD!!!!!! YOU FUCKING BASTARD STOP IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITT!!!!!!!!!” Tears…..tears ran down tetsu’s cheeks violently as he shook his head in ashtonishment. He screamed and yelled at the eyes in the sky with the errie smile. But the face in the sky kept looking at tetsu just the same. That sinical smile….as if someone sharpened his teeth with an iron nail file..It got even more gruesome as the time progressed…the demons…they..riped the heads off both the women. Their blood trickleing down from their severed necks. They began making out with them..and shoving themselves in their severed crainiums. Yet they were alive enough to feel it…to experience it. Tetsu cried, and let out angry scream after angry scream. Tearing the skin off of his forearms trying to break the chains. He looked like a rabid dog, with water and snot leaking from his face. The last thing he saw….was just cruel. He saw his father. Running twords the both of them. As fast as he could. A smile appeared on tetsu’s face. “d-dad? DAD! THANK GOD! DAD SAVE THEM! U-USE THAT WING CHUN I THOUGHT YOU! PLEASE DAD DO SOMET-“ Tetsu’s dad was running but suddenly a chainsaw pierced his abdomen from behind. Ochigi looked at tetsu with winded eyes. Unable to even speak a word form the blatant pain he was feeling. Ochigi’s body was then kicked to the ground, and Thomas in his regular form was standing there, hoding the chian saw laughing, lightly. As if he was playing a simple game and it ment nothing. “THOMAAAAAAAAAAAASSS! THOMAS!!! THOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!” Tetsu had struggled so much, the chainds dug themselves into his forearms and severed them clean off, bone and all could be seen left entangeled inside of the chains. Tetsu then sadly fell into the pool of his own blood, but it was deep….deeper than he originally thought it would be. Tetsu struggled to move twords his loved ones, but then black boney arms began to grab tetsu on his armless body. “LET THEM GO! LET THEM GO, THEY DIDN’T BEAT TANABAN!!! THEY DIDN’T DO ANYTHING, LET THEM GOOOOO!!!” Thomas stood there trickling the chain saw deeper up Ochigi’s upperbody…the sick fuck was drawing pictures in Ochigi’s flesh with it. Every time he hit a bone, he’d start over. Tetsu was being dragged down…deeper into his own  blood. Watching everyone around him struggle and die. Being tourtured. And there was nothing he could do. As tetsu was being dragged down deeper into his own red secretion, in a bloody mess, Thomas began to sing lighty and in an eirry tone: “Lights will guiiiiiiiide you home.” Tetsu sunk deeper. “And igniiiiiiiiiiite your bones.” Tetsu was starting to gasp for air…the blood flooding his lungs as he descended deeper. As tetsu sunk into the blackness, the last thing he heard was Thomas singing. “and I will tryyyyyyyyyyyy to fix youuu”. Wether tetsu was alive or dead was uncertain. All there was to do….was fade into the blackness.

Memories Suppressed

-*Insides The Dream World that Thomas Flint had created for him to show his fears* Donnie in his seven year old body runs out of his bathroom in some pinstriped pajamas. One thing that stands out if the Mohawk that little Donnie has planted on the top of his head. And one thing that is never seen from child Donnie to adult Donnie is the innocent smile he has on his face. The Fear Trance that he is in brings him back to the moment where he witnessed the death of his parents. Child Donnie jumps into his father’s arms saying-“Hi Daddy!”-His father is wearing a white lab coat that flows down to his ankles, a shirt and tie underneath the lab coat, and slack pants to go along with the outfit. ( His father picks Donnie up under his arm while laughing with his son. He then says to Donnie in a deep, very masculine voice-“Come now Son, it is time for you to go to bed.”-Donnie then says with a pouting face-“But Dad, you didn’t read me a bed time stowwy.”-His father laughs and says-“I promise to read you a bed time story when I get home. Daddy needs to go work right now.”-Donnie’s father had a tan skin, holding an American accent. The man had traveled from America to Kasaihana after the war turmoil. An American born citizen who actually held the Mexican-American ethnicity. After hearing the words from his father, Donnie quickly wiggles out of his arms and runs over to where his mother is. Being just a little kid, he used to hold such a huge innocence about him. He runs over to his mother with his arms up as he clings to her legs. His mother was a KasaiHana born and bred. She was one hundred percent Japanese, her family had always been a Japanese bloodline. She was actually the first in her family to marry outside of the Japanese heritage. This is what made the relationship between these two a special one. Donnie clings to the pink kimono that his mother is wearing and says with a sad voice-“Mommy, Daddy said he won’t read me a stowwy.”- His mother bends down and hugs Donnie lovingly and says to make him feel better-“It’s ok my Warrior, I’ll read to you right now. I’ll walk Daddy out and come back up here.”-Donnie wraps his small arms around his mother’s body with a smile on his face. ( His mother then said-“Now go jump into bed. I’ll be right back to read you your story.”-Donnie nods his head and then runs over to his bed, quickly getting under the covers. His parents then leave the room and the entire room goes pitch black. Then a few seconds later, BAM! Donnie hears the sound of his front door being broken down. He then soon hears the screams of his mother and the sounds of what sounds like a fight between his father and someone else. Donnie quickly jumps from his bed and runs down the hallway to get a view of the fight. Donnie’s small childish body hides behind the staircase pillars as he looks down at his parents. His father is on the floor with some blood coming out of his mouth from taking a punch. Donnie’s mother is bending over her husband as tears roll down her eyes from what is happening. Donnie wants to just jump out and help, but he is too small to ever do anything. A few feet away from them is a man dressed in a black uniform with two bright silver Katana’s. These would later be known as the Adamantium Blades that Donnie carries as DeadShot. Donnie’s father stands back up and says to the man-“Captain, you said we had the time to research and develop this product!”-The man with the blades is known as Captain Richard Hacktavish of the American Military. Captain has his hands over his head with the blades crossing each other and says-“The boss man doesn’t want to wait any longer. He says that you have had more than enough time to prepare the product you and your partner have been working on.”-Donnie’s father prepares to speak again, but Captain Hacktavish stops him. The Captain brings his blades in a downward slash motion and completely slashes off the father’s arms. Blood quickly spills through the room as the mother’s screams echo through the house. Donnie’s father shows his pride by not screaming out in pain, even though he can barely hold it in. Donnie’s mother wraps her arms around her husband in fear of what is coming next. That is when Captain Hacktavish squats down to whisper into Donnie’s Father’s ear-“mmm And the boss man said I could do whatever I wanted with you two…You sure do have a pretty wife Mr.Yun…”-That is when Donnie’s Father got irate. He tried to stand up to at least defend his wife but not having any arms made that difficult. As soon as he stood up, Hacktavish punches him back down on the ground. Donnie’s father couldn’t even stand back up as he laid on his back. Hacktavish looked at the wife and then back to the father. He said to him-“Can you do me a favor and hold my blades for me?”-Hacktavish then stabbed both blades into the chest of Donnie’s father as blood squirts out of his mouth. Donnie’s mother screams out in pure fear as tears begin to roll down her eyes again. Hacktavish then evilly grins at Donnie’s mother and says-“Now it’s your turn.”- The mother begins to run away but is quickly caught from behind by Captain Hacktavish. His left hand wraps around her body as he begin to lick her neck with his tongue. Donnie’s mother did all she could to fight it but was no match for The Captain. Hacktavish said to her-“Don’t fight it…It’s about time you had fun with a real man anyways…”-That is when Captain Hacktavish tosses Donnie’s mother to the back end of the couch where the impact bends her over. Before she can begin to try and stand back up, Hacktavish plants his right hand on her neck just to keep her bent down. With his freehand, he then lifts the kimono up to reveal her entire lower body. Hacktavish slaps her ass and says-“mmm Now I can see why the boss had an interest for you…”-The Captain then lowers his pants and inserted himself in Donnie’s mother. She screamed out in pain as the tears kept rolling. Donnie’s small seven year old body did not know what to do. He had just watched his father get murdered and now his mother getting raped. His anger had rose along with the tears rolling down his face. He then threw caution to the wind and jumped over the staircase railing and lands on the back of Hacktavish. Donnie pounds his little fists into the head of Hacktavish, but his strength was nothing to where it is now. Hacktavish quickly pulls himself out of Donnie’s Mother and throws Kid Donnie into the staircase.-“Well aren’t you just a cute little bugga!”-Donnie then went to attack again but is caught in one of Hacktavish’s defenses. When Donnie throws a punch at The Captain, Hacktavish quickly draws his pair of handcuffs and locks Donnie’s hand. He then attaches the other end of the handcuff to one of the staircase pillars and says to the kid-“Ok now, I am going to finish your mom…and then come back to you. Ok lil buddy? HAHAHAHA!”-Hacktavish then went on to raping Donnie’s mother. This went on for an entire hour. Donnie’s once innocent eyes have been tainted by the blood of his own father, and the pain of his mother. When Hacktavish was finally finished, he picked his pants up as Donnie’s mother remained bent over the couch. Hacktavish saw how Donnie was still trying to free himself from the handcuffs to try and save his mother…this brought him to laugh. That is when the Captain grabs Donnie’s mother by the neck and begins to walk her over to little Donnie. He grabs one of his blades out of the father’s chest while he makes his way over. Donnie notices a white liquid dripping between his mother’s legs but is too young to understand what it is. The Captain then puts Donnie’s mother in front of Donnie’s face and says-“Look at your mother, boy!”-Donnie continued to try and free himself but his eyes were locked with his mother’s. Hacktavish then said-“Tell the boy you love him…”-Donnie’s mother sniffled as she had run out of tears to weep and says-“I…I love you son.”-And before Donnie could reply, a silver blade shoots through her mouth. Blood squirts onto Donnie’s little face as Hacktavish had sent his blad through the back of her head to come out of her mouth. Hacktavish then pulls the blade out of the woman’s mouth and the body just falls to the floor…lifeless. Donnie yells out-“NOOOOOOO!”-And his anger pushed him to actually break through the staircase pillar and he jumps up to land a clean punch on Hacktavish’s jaw. This brought The Captain to do nothing but laugh. The Captain then spun around and delivered a Spinning Back Kick to the jaw of Little Donnie. Hacktavish then grabs Donnie by the throat and says-“The Boss man didn’t say what I can do to you…so I think I am going to leave you with a gift…”-Hacktavish then makes two cuts going down Donnie’s right eye which causes blood to pour out of those gashes. Hacktavish drops Donnie and the kid grips his right eyes as blood keeps coming out.-“One cut for each parent you lost HAHAHAHA!”-Hacktavish says to Donnie. Donnie then stands up and charges at Hacktavish as if all he had left was the hate to drive him. But this is also when Thomas Flint changes the Dream World. As Donnie charges for Hacktavish, The Captain’s mouth widens as Donnie returns to Normal Size and falls inside this mouth. His mind had returned to him as he struggled for air as he fell…fell down a throat!? Donnie thought to himself-“Where the hell am I!?”-He tries to activate his Pada Virus to create a mask do he can breathe, but it is to no avail. But by the simple remembrance of what made him the emotionless man, changed him. Could this have an effect on the person he had become? As his body fell through what felt like an endless void, he struggled to catch his breathe. For the next six hours he was in a fight with simple air as his insides felt like they were going to burst from lack of oxygen. When the sixth hour came, Donnie’s body crashes into what feels like the floor. When he makes impact, he lands in what looks to be a puddle of green water. He slowly stands up to his feet as he tries to get the green gunk off of him. And when he looks up, his eyes widen like they are going to pop out. Around him was nothing but the inside of a stomach. Green slime falls from the roof of the stomach to fall to the green puddles on the floor. And ten feet in front of him…were Kaori and Anna. Kaori and Anna are both nailed to a crucifix, blood dripping from where they were nailed in. Around them were black demon looking figures.(Keyome’s Oni) They had spears and swords in their hands as they began stabbing into Kaori and Anna. Donnie saw this and immediately charged to try and save them. But before he could get far, chains fly out of nowhere and wrap around his arms to chain him down. He screams out-“NOOOO!”-as he is not strong enough to escape the hold of the chains. Veins pop out of his arms to show just how hard Donnie is trying to get out of this lock. Kaori and Anna slowly dwindle away from life as Donnie is forced to once again watch the people he love, die. But then, Kaori locks eye’s with Donnie right before her eyes slowly shut. And just like as a child, he went irate. Donnie’s anger rose to a new level at seeing his love die. His eyes slowly turned white as the blue static formed around his body. He then pulls on the chains and they shatter like glass. He then zooms over to where Kaori is as the demons turn into smoke and rise into the air. Donnie sees them leave but they are not the main focus of what he is doing. He quickly takes the nails out of Kaori’s body and holds her body in his arms. She was covered in her own blood with multiple stab wounds. Her body lifeless and cold. He buried his face into her chest with tears rolling down his face. It was like his life had just ended. That is when the smoke above him and create two separate beings. One was Danchou and the other…was Keyome. Keyome looks at Donnie with a blank face and says-“Damn Donnie…You really have fallen into a bitch mode…”-Danchou nods and continues the insult by saying-“This is the man who took over my Clan? Shit…I never knew a pussy could do my job…”-Donnie didn’t care about their words, only the woman in his arms. Keyome squats down in front of Donnie and says-“All that technology…and you still couldn’t save her…tsk tsk…she probably would have had a better chance if she really did hook up with me HAHAHA!”-Donnie says to him while his voice is almost gone-“My will…has been broken…”-Danchou kicks Donnie down away from Kaori and says-“You didn’t lose your will because of this…Your will was broken long before this moment…”-Donnie doesn’t understand and raises a brow. Keyome then continues where Danchou let off-“You used to be a fighter who cared about nothing but the HUNT! Now you are some family man!? You bitch!...Your will was broken because you let THAT into your life!”-He then points at Anna who is still on the crucifix. Donnie still is lost and asks-“Why does Anna have to do anything for my will!?”-Keyome then says-“Because you went against yourself…You’re the kind of man who hates Cydroids because they are ‘Human.’ Shieeett, even your Butler(Alfred) told you that you were going against yourself…..And that is what made you weak…”-At that moment, Donnie’s right arm formed the Plasma Blaster without Donnie forming it. It was the first time that a weapon was forged without his knowledge. (Because it’s a dream world) Danchou then says-“Your Fear is losing Kaori…which any man can understand…but you are broken because you let a Cydroid into your life…So choose…shoot us because of your fear or break your own hold on your soul…..and shoot the Cydroid…”-After hearing the choices that was received by Danchou and Keyome, Donnie slowly rises to his feet. The stomach quickly turned into a black void but the only thing remaining were the two figures of Keyome-Danchou and Anna. Donnie looks down at his Plasma Blaster as the thoughts of what to do run through his mind. Were the men right? Donnie slowly then points his hand up at Danchou. The two men have smirks on their faces expecting Donnie to follow through with blasting them instead of Anna. But Donnie then moves his hand to the right and shoots a Plasma Blast at the crucifix. The blast causes a huge explosion and creates smoke to cover the black voids. The only thing that can be heard after the blast is Cydroid parts clanking on the floor. When the smoke finally clears, Donnie’s head looks down with his Mohawk moving in the wind from the blast and says-“I wasn’t much of a family man anyways…”-His face then rises a bit just to show his bright white eyes and a sadistic smile on his face. Then the room goes all black even taking his body, the only thing seen is the bright white eyes of Donnie Yun.( -

The Fear of a Child

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would have entered a mind trap trance that burrowed deep into his psyci and formulated his worse fears into a hellish reality. He felt like he had been asleep for days when he finally started to open his eyes. His eyes showed him a blackness around him. He could only see far enough to notice he was bolted onto a chair that was sitting on a wooden floor. It was like a spotlight was shinning only above him. Then another light cam on. It shined above the body of his mother, dangling from a frayed rope tied around her neck. Ryuzakii strained at the restraints trying to force himself our of the chair to go help his mother. It was no use he couldn't budge the bolts open. He noticed the rope start to slip before it broke and his mother fell to the floor. Ryuzakii jumped throwing all his weight against the restraints. He managed to knock the chair ove but he fell hitting his head on the floor which knocked him out. After what felt like another few days his eyes opened he was no longer in a chair but he was back to the way he was when he was 8. He looked up and saw his dad smiling down at him. Ryuzakii was so happy to see his father again but that smile soon faded to a face of sheere horror. He saw as a blade was thrust threw his fathers body. Ryuzakii felt like he was feeling the pain of this moment. He started coughing up blood even though he wasn't the one stabbed. The sword in his dad was pushed through deeper and lifted his father up. Ryuzakii felt like he was choking as blood poored from his mouth. He saw another hand come from around his dad. It held a gun in its hand and aimed it against his dad's head. Ryuzakii closed his eyes and heard the loud 'BANG' go off feeling a huge pain in his own head. His entire mind would then fade to a black empty space. He would seem to sit in this void for weeks.-

Moment of Weakness

Watching what seemed to be in slow motion, Daichi, Daiki and Yuuta were running at me. But I wanted to move towards them, but something stopped. *NOOOOOOOOOO!!!* Was all I could hear, the echoing of their cries, were deafening to hear. I could see in their faces how devoted they were to me, the love in their eyes was no mere illusion to me. Why couldn't I move? No matter how much I demanded my legs, my arms to move. Why were they screaming at me? Then soon the Kagemaru men appeared, what? What were they doing? As they brought their fists, their kicks then any blunt object like a bat down on them. The horrific scene unfolded in front of me as they were beaten to death in front of my very eyes, every kick or punch or attack from a bat their screams echoed in my head, the screams of my name for help. I wanted to help I wanted to just demand and will my body to move as my screams didn't have sound to them even though I mouthed *no, no no no* repeatedly, . I could feel the tears running down my face as I watched this. It tore at me, my pride, and my heart. The tightening of my chest continued as if the air was being squeezed out of my lungs completely. The scene of the three being beaten diminished as another fear took over… slithering and crawling became present as I looked and spotted the snakes and spiders, causing my eyes to widen in frighten horror. The snakes buried within my skin caused me to scream out in agonizing pain “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”  I’d wither in it, and crumble to the ground on my knees, wanting to claw at my broken skin to relieve the pain from under my skin. It was as if the tender of a garden cut the bud of the flower off, which caused the chain reaction of the plant to stop the nutrients from flowing out of the now missing bud. The slithering snakes beneath my skin crawled up my body until they were now wrapped around my neck as if the screams I admitted from before. Was now cut off, no longer were my screams audio-able anymore, the snakes coiling tightly around my neck, cutting off my windpipe. I knelt on my knees as the more I thought I screamed the more the snakes coiled around my neck, crushing my throat. I was gasping for air, the tears streaming from my eyes as I stared at the floor holding at my neck. Black shiny shoes  appeared in my peripheral vision, as I looked up Keyome was in front of me…Keyome was in front of me, he could help me, save me from this antagonizing pain. I tried to say *help me* but nothing came out of my mouth. I wanted to get up off my knees and shake him, beg him for help. The tears path would stain my cheeks red but the tears would still be on my face as he began to speak“....You are weak.... love is weak.... your pathetic. You can’t even protect the ones you care for. Which simply makes you a burden...“ I stared up at him as he handed the blade in my way. The thoughts swam in my head, the screams for help from Daichi and Daiki, from Yuuta… It rang clear in my head when he called me weak. Said love was weak. Didn’t I just tell him when we were trapped I knew that…Keyome…why…why…I stared at the blade…why was he handing me the blade? “...Kill yourself... and do us all... a favor...” It caused me to quickly look up at him in shock and horror. He dropped the blade in front of me and disappeared. Keyome, how…how could you do that to me, pierce me like that, like you knew me. *Your weak…weak…* The silver blade ( visual reference: ), it seemed to shimmer and shine in some hidden spot of sunlight in the ever growing darkness that threatened to surround me and engulf me. *Love is weak..weak..weak…You can’t even protect the ones you care for….care for…” I wanted to scream, I wanted to shout for the voices to stop. For him to shut up, he didn’t know me, he only knew the little things I told him. He didn’t know the struggle that I went through when I was a child at 7….when I was sent to live in a geisha house being told what I was allowed and not allowed to do… I reached out for the sword and gripped the red and black hilt tightly as I dragged it over towards me with whatever effort I had left. *How am I still alive this long…if I am such a burden on everyone it seems...* I brought the blade close towards me and pointed the blade at myself staring out in the darkness. *If this is where I truly…rest…then I accept my death…* I pressed the blade into my stomach slowly….It seemed my fear was realized. I admitted to myself. I was afraid of losing my three, boys…two who had been at my side for whatever seemed to be thrown at me…Yet look what happened to them…they were dead. Keyome…Someone who I thought, I could come to love, spoke my fear I thought I had put away… He tore at the remaining part of what was left of my heart..I wanted to learn to love him…without it becoming weak..but did it make me weak regardless it let down a wall…I pressed the blade so I could feel the blade into my stomach…but did I have the effort to do it?...*I…I don’t want it to end here…not like…not like this…but…I…*Something far off in the darkness seemed to be dim but it was bright…like a light at the end of the tunnel… I was gripping so tightly onto the blade that my knuckles were turning white. The light seemed to scare me as it came closer…and closer and it only seemed to come closer… It seemed I found my voice finally but the tight grip of the coiled snake made my voice rasp out “I… wont… die… here… won’t.. give.. you… the… satisfaction..” I pulled the blade away from my stomach..I wanted to cry out from the pain I felt in my body…but as I pulled the blade above my head then sent it down into the ground as the surrounding area shattered. The light that seemed to approach engulf me in..a type of warmth as I fell over with the shattering for-ground….it now seemed like a void as I was falling, and falling. Closing my eyes I let it take me..and whatever seemed to happen next. I would gladly accept it.

To Fall Yet Again...

Asami would look around at the darkness around her. She was confused as to where she was. Then a scene played out in front of her. She saw her parents and they were being a happy family again. Even Asami was in the scene but she was as old as she was now or at least looked that old. Her parents treated her as though she was still a child. They were all sitting in their kitchen, Asami and her mother were making cookie dough and her father was just eating the raw dough out of the bowl. Asami’s mother smacked at her husband’s hand and laughed. They were a happy family again. Then there was a loud bang and everything in the scene shook. A man came in and started to slash her family to pieces. “No! Stop! Don’t kill them! They were all I had!” Asami was screaming, tears running down her cheeks, and trying to fight the man that was killing her parents before her but there were men holding her back and making her watch what was happening to her loving family. She kept screaming until her family was in pools of blood on the ground. The man then turned to her that had slashed her parents to their deaths. Asami tried to reach for weapons but the men holding her wouldn’t allow it. She was then cut into pieces just like her family. After she died in this dream the scene skipped to another. It was of her and Tetsu, a dream of sorts really. She and Tetsu were together in their apartment. They were watching a movie together and cuddled up on the couch.  They looked so happy together. Then all of a sudden their power went off. Tetsu got up to go see what was going on and soon there was an attacker in their home. It was the same attacker that had killed her parents in the last vision she had. Asami cried out but she couldn’t move a muscle. Her body was frozen, it was as she feared, she wouldn’t be able to help him. She would always need to be protected by Tetsu. The man approached  Tetsu, who was now chained up to the kitchen island. “Leave him alone! Take me instead!” Asami yelled but to no avail. She watched as he man with his katana cut through Tetsu like he was a piece of paper. Asami cried out as she started to cry again. “You can’t do this to me twice….you can’t take away the people I love twice..” Asami’s head drifted down and then when she saw his feet in her vision and knew what was going to happen next. She was going to die. Asami looked up into the face of the killer. The second she did she was cut in half by his blade.  Asami’s mind was then blank, she felt like she was sitting in a dark isolation room and everything didn’t exist.

Breaking free

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's head was spinning, hardly able to grasp what had happened within the past few....however long it was. Her body ached all over, especially her right thigh that quivered with a sharp burning/stinging pain that caused her to wince. She blinked several times as her head turned to the right, looking down the hallway she was in....the hallway where she'd met that platinum haired witch...and lost the resulting battle. 'Damn.....her...' Even her mind seemed to stagger a bit as anger broiled within her, lagging like a dirty computer. Her brows furrowed into a deep frown when she realized that she was laying down and looked up toward the ceiling. She tried to stand, tried to move, but she was frozen. No...not frozen. She was restrained. “Uh....huh?” Sh grunted as she looked down at herself, her eyes growing wide with anger when she saw that she was wrapped in a steel door, quite like a tortilla or a soft taco. And it was a heavy door, at that! Oh, that's right. The one she tried to bash that bitch's head in with but failed. It was a wonder how she even managed to get the door around her like that, without even having to lay a finger on it. The bitch could manipulate bullets for fuck's sake! But how? That was all Kaori wanted to know before she ever ran into her again. How the fuck was she able to manipulate bullets and bend metal like straw? Was it some form of new age technology that she wasn't aware of? 'I have to get out of here.' She thought to herself. 'If I'm going to find Flint...and his fucking blonde whore.....where are the others? What if the bitch found them too? She could probably turn them inside out if she wanted to.' Her thoughts were cut off by that sharp pain in her leg where the bullet had cut a gash into her thigh. It was enough pain to make her wince again, this time with a small grunt. 'That's it...' She growled in her head. 'I'll show that we do things...back home!' She began to flex her muscles inside the steel wrapped around her body, her head falling back as she began to push her limbs outward until the metal material began to groan. The metallic groaning started out soft, mingling with her grunting as she clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tight. Then escalated to loud groaning as she continued to push harder and harder. And then –BOOM! The steel burst in all directions, shards of metal hitting the walls on either side of the hallway as Kaori seemed to jump clean out of it with her arms and legs spread out on either side of her. It had been with a loud shout to add more power, more strength and it worked thankfully. She landed on her two feet with a soft thud and was just about to take off running when her wounded leg gave way beneath her. With a gasp, she staggered into the wall nearest her, her shoulder hitting it hard with a loud thud. “Fuck!” She shouted, grabbing her wounded thigh with both hands. “No...I won't let this stop me. I...have to find...Flint.” She grunted as she pushed herself up from the wall and started to limp forward. Eventually the limping turned into slight bouncing, and the bouncing turned into a half-skip, and the half-skip turned into a run/limp, until finally she was racing full speed down the hall. 'Your little blonde pet couldn't hold me down, Flint.' She said in her mind as if the man was standing in front of her to hear her words or something. “And now,” She said out loud as she ran faster and faster, the muscles working in her legs in order to project her speed. At the end of the hall was a two-way split, but she wasn't planning on choosing between the left or the right. No, she was so full of rage from everything that'd happened so far that she was just going to bash her way through the walls until she found Thomas Flint. “I'm fucking.....KILL YOU!!” She released a loud war-like cry as the front of her body made contact with the metal wall at the end of the hallway and all she saw was sparks and metal flying all around her as an explosion left her deaf for just a split second. Her body powered through the metal like a human wrecking ball, and had gone through about four feet worth of reinforcements before exploding out of the other side of the wall. This caused large chunks of metal to go flying in nearly all directions across the room, but the cloud of smoke that resulted from the sudden barrage left Kaori momentarily blinded and unable to see exactly what was inside the room. Four of the chunks of metal that flew off the wall were headed straight toward where Venetrix and Thomas were seated without Kaori knowing it until she came skidding to a halt on the hard floor and if the couple were to notice, they would have to either move out of the way within 3-5 seconds or find some way to block the fifty-pound pieces of metal headed toward them. Within those few seconds, Kaori saw two things that she definitely wasn't expecting to find just from breaking through that first wall: Number 1#: a group of familiar people laying on the floor in the room like dead bodies. And number 2#: a couple sitting and watching them like entertainment. The woman was easily recognizable, but who was the man? That had to be Flint. She stood still for a moment, stunned, her automatic assumption being that they were either dead or beaten so badly that they were comatose. “N-no...” Her breath shuddered in astonishment. She then turned her body to face where Thomas and Venetrix were sitting ((whether or not they dodged or blocked the metal shards)), her face twisting into an expression of boiling anger as she slowly began walking toward blondie and the man she assumed to be Thomas Flint. “I....have been looking....all over for you evil, putrid, disgusting, cruel, worthless mother fucking snakes from hell!” She growled loudly, her shoulders and chest moving up and down as she stalked toward them in a threatening manner, looking as though she would spring to attack at any given second. “And're gonna wish I never found you.....”

12 Steps ahead of you...

DarkKeyome: Its funny... when your 2 steps ahead of the game sometimes. It's hard not to do what I have to do... I know what, I was going to have to do. Before I even signed up for this shit you know? I mean.... dying. Doesn’t... Doesn’t really scare me you know? Hahah... specially when I have to die twice. ****FLASH BACK*** “ Keyome... please! Im no killer! This isnt meant for me! I just want to go home... to my kids! To my family! I just want.... I just want to see my family! And train my kids! I ju-” the loud crack of gun fire was sent throughout the room as a shot was met right in between Nat's eyes. Nat's head jerked back and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell to his knees and then fell over on his side. Keyome was standing... with the desert eagle up, and the barrel smoking out of the end of it. “.... Then you are weak. And you are an insect..” Keyomes eyes boar out on the dead body as it dropped hitting the ground and the pool of blood around it began to form. “...This goes for anyone, and everyone! This world.... has no room for the weak. The weak...are insects. Insects...waiting to be crushed...”****FLASH BACK 1 ENDING***** Keyomes... a pretty smart guy to be honest. I volunteered for it... but I mean. I didn’t think it would actually work.... ****** FLASH BACK 2, IN THE DUNGEON TYPE AREA EVERYONE WAS TRAPPED IN AFTER THE STORM HAD HIT, ***** “ Alright guys...” Keyome said, Talking to his men through a Skype call back in District 2, AKA Maru Jieitai soldiers ( “ This wont be easy.... But, I know Thomas is planning to get us all in one place...” Alex Stone approached the camera pushing through the small amount of Kagemaru's on the room with her to get up close and personal. ( ) When her hair was black before she dyed it. “ Keyome! Why are you always getting yourself into trouble all the time! Y-You dont have the right to do this Keyome!” The Kagemaru chairmen would intterupt her mid-rant. “ Listen.... we dont have time for this ok... “ She sighed and walked away from the camera, and Keyome continued to talk on with his plan. “ The Titan-Force soldiers are planning something big, on the outter survialnce. I can easily see them plotting, and doing something etc etc. But... I know it has to have something to do with that sick Fuck Thoma's Genocide plan. Everything i've tried to do against him... has been stummped. It's like were playing chess here... and nothing I do is enough to shut him down. He's like.... 10 steps ahead of me, ahead of us...” The men went silent. “ So that means...” A young boy stepped up infront of the other men. Fairly young, and Keyome had grown to know the boy well. “ That we have to be...12 steps ahead of him!” The Boys name was Nat, Nat Farhan. A young male, of White, Asian, And Egyptian decent, but he looked more Asian than anything. ( Nat Farhan-> Nat ran a Martial arts Dojo for the Youth in District 2. And with that alone keyome had grown to resepct him. Keyome smiled at the words that the man spoke. “...Thats, why I hired you Nat. “ The young boy broke out into a blushing laugh. And rubbed the back of his head. After that, Keyome went into Further detial of the plan. And Nat Voulunteered willingly for it. *****FLASH BACK ENDS*** (( Nat's Song... → some Degree... pretending to get shot in a head wasnt any fun at all to be honest, specially when it hurt like it did. Keyome had used a fake gun, to shoot me in the head with a weapon that had just enough kick to hit me in the head and break skin, it technically sliced me all around my cranimum just to break skin, causing the massive blood leakage. The bullet itself broke like a wire, wrapping around my head an splitting it to cause the bleeding out effect. It also had a coating in it, with enough morphine to knock out 500 men.... thus why I looked so dead. Thomas more than likely saw Keyome Kill me. Or so he thought, just like everyone else as well. I saw Keyome... and all of the others in the main common room. And when he gave me the Nod... I was already dressed up as a Titan-Force Solider. He knew who I was because I gave him the hand signal before I hauled ass down to the Drainage area. When I had woken up from being knocked out. The Box inventor bot that Keyome left had been programed to follow the group exactly 2 hours after depature. It did, and with it.... a whole Casing of Nanomachine Suppressors. Putting the Suprresors in a suit case, I put them into my back pack, and then pulled on the Titan force army uniforms armour. Also, getting the Hydro bomb that Keyome had some guys from the Yun Corportation to help make under the table without Donnie knowing. I honestly dont know why he didnt want to let Donnie in on this plan... Keyome can be a bit of a Jerk sometimes. I mean the loner thing is cool sometimes.... but its good to have someone to rely on, you know? But anyways, Thomas Flint, is a powerful man. But.... he wasnt so good at covering his tracks. With a bit of Research, Keyome and Alex had both came up with he was the first patient for the Nanomachines back in the 1970's.... he's a pretty old guy you know. Hahah. But anyways.... He's been noted as Immortal. And he's able to flip ones reality into there own... or thats what Alex told us anyways. The KPD were the only ones able to get there hands on Nanosupperors... they could kill a KPD officer if they've used them for there whole lives... so imagine a guy like Thomas flint using them huh? I moved into Drainage area... it was heavily gaureded and I mean.. heavily gaurded. I shook my head, pulling the rifel from my back and charging, I began to dump shots into the men but not without getting tagged up pretty good myself. 15 shots in the stomach actually... so by now. Im bleeding out. I held onto my side and moved down to the Drainage level. It had been shut down to to 'MAXIMUM LOCK MODE'. If this thing stayed locked up... and The 2nd half of that storm hit... Kasaihana city would be destoryed. You know... before you die. You tend to think about your loved ones. And all those people that count on you. Well I thought about all my students... And all the things they said they wante to be when they were older.... Fireman.... Police officers... Managa Artist, comic book writers... Soliders.... hell...even Yakuza's. I love... each... and every last one of those kids! And id die... a million times and over for them! I charged, using the last bit of my strength to pull the Lever. And then... the water Began to pour down.... flooding the place. Lucikly the Drainage was outside in large containment area.... I was simply watching from a window. “...Ok.. now for the last part...” I had to do... one last thing. Just one more thing... I held onto my side... walking down the hall with the blood dripping down the hall-way. I used to play a lot of Metal Gear solid when I was a kid... I loved it. Hahah Solid Snake honestly... was like the dad I never had. I remember watching him crawl through that Microwave... cooking like a fucking poptart. And Yet... he pushed through. He fought foreverone you know... for everyone...Odily enough... I just... I just wanted to sing. “....What a thrill...With darkness and silence through the night What a thrill... I'm searching and I'll melt into you What a fear in my heart But you're so supreme!” I coughed. “ I'd give my life Not for honour, but for you! In my timeeeeeeeee there'll be no one else Crime, it's the way I fly to you! I'm still in a dream, Snake Eaaaaaater! “ ( Song he was singing I bursted out laughing dispite the fact I was closing in to death... I still had time to laugh you know? I walked to a large fan within the Labortoray. And Keyome was right... this insilator room had enough enforcing to take a Hydro bomb. Hahaaa.. And when I saw Hydro bomb I dont mean the real thing. It's a bomb, but its compacted. It'll explode and water will engulf the room... the water will evaporate with the heat in this room alone... and then the pressurized air will get the nanosuppressor machines in my back pack, and send them out into the air vents... they'll hit Thomas... like a sack of fucking bricks, leaving him powerless... an human... . I stepped out into the room and took on the heat... yet my body was to cold to take it all in fully. I moved over to a corner. And pulle the Nanomachines out of my back In the large suit case that they were in. Placing it within my lap along with the bomb... “...I did this for you guys..” I said pulling out some photo's... looking at my students one last time as the tears ran down my face. (, And with that... im going to pull this switch... My Name... Is Nat Farhen... And I am... A Kagemaru..." 12...steps... ahead of you...* Hits the switch on the bomb* ".... ********MEAN WHILE***** Thomas Flint and Venetrix both turned to eye the female. Due to the loud noise Venetrix would simply turn around and guide the projectiles away except for the last one, leaping into the air to meet it, the strike knocked the female back into the walls behin her skidding across it violently like a thrown rock across water. “ Ahhhh... Donnies Girl Friend.” Thomas said standing up. Not even caring about his wives well being. “ So Nice of you, to join us here at ou-...” a loud BOOMMMMMMMM!!! Erupted on the right side of the building. This Caused Thomas eyes to grow large, he was getting ready to speak... when His nose began to twitch... and his once dark raven hair... would instantainously turn snow white, and his skin wrinkled. “....What... no... no... th-..this cant be..”

Beat down's

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's gaze flickered toward Blondie just in time to see a chunk of metal hit her head-on and send her flying into the wall behind her, her lips pulling back into a vicious snarl when she moved her eyes back toward Thomas. Whatever had happened to Blondie was just a tiny taste of the payback she was about to get for wrapping her up in metal like a tortilla wrap, but she'd made up in her mind right then and there that this Thomas Flint son of a bitch was going to get it ten times worse. She continued to stalk toward him as he stood to his feet, appearing to be amused with her appearance when he should have been afraid. Very afraid. “Ahhh....Donnie's girl friend.” The prick spoke, completely ignoring the fact that his whore had been hurt. As soon as she heard that name, Kaori's anger boiled even hotter within her, like fire and molten lava flowing through every inch of her, ready to burst out of her at any moment now. It was time for the flood gates to open. 'That name...doesn't even deserve to come out of his mouth.' She thought to herself as her teeth clenched tighter and tighter behind her snarled lips. And for a moment, the scene around her looked different. The entire picture and everything that was happening seemed to slow down and morph into something completely different....something that she was unfortunate enough to witness hours ago. For that split second, she saw herself screaming at the top of her lungs and reaching outward as bodies ran against her, pushing her back toward an elevator where everyone else in the club was headed to escape the flood waters. She was reaching for Donnie, while she watched him fight back the waters for as long as he could before it all came bursting through and the elevator doors shut before her. She could hear her voice, the pain and fear behind it, and never imagined that such a sound would ever come out of her mouth. “I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to him, Flint.” She growled, tightening her fists as they swung back and forth on either side of her. 'I'm gonna make you my little bitch!' Just as the words went through her mind and Thomas started to speak again, something exploded on the side of the building, causing the entire lab to shake harshly. Kaori staggered a bit, lifting her hands up and spreading her legs to balance herself. She narrowed her eyes at Thomas as she regained composure, noticing that he no longer had that look of evil amusement on his face. Instead, his eyes were large, his nose was twitching and...his was changing colors. It took only a split second for Kaori to read that he was caught off guard by the explosion moreso than she was and only that split second to know that that was her cue to make a move. Leaning over, she grabbed onto a piece of metal that was laying close by. It was wide enough to hide half her body and about a foot thick, weighing an estimated 80 pounds or more. Kaori pushed off on her right foot and jetted forward so quickly that she was mostly a dark blur until she seemed to appear directly in front of Thomas, swinging the chunk of metal straight upward toward his chin with an uppercut. If the attack was successful, the combination of her superhuman strength and the blinding speed at which she swung the object would send Thomas flying straight up about feet off of the ground. While Thomas would be in the air, Kaori would bend her knees slightly -ignoring the pain shooting through her wounded leg- and propel herself into the air after him, swinging the chunk of metal horizontally to the right across his jaw. The impact would both shatter his jaw (unless his bone structure was able to sustain the blow) and send him flying through the air toward the wall to the right. Thomas struck the wall with a loud crash just as Kaori landed on the floor some feet away, dropping the chunk of metal to the floor before taking off running in his direction. “You set us up to die!” She shouted just as she reached his body which had slid down the wall and hit the floor in a heap, grabbing him by the collar and lifting him up until only his toes could touch the floor. “To drown!” Turning completely around, she used her brute strength to pitch him forward like a baseball, watching him clear the entire lab until he crashed into the wall right next to the hole she'd created. “To suffer a fate that none of us deserved!” She charged forward again as she heard him grunt loudly. This time, he was able to pick himself up and see her coming toward him. “F-foolish child!” He yelled at her as he staggered forward a bit, his eyes rather half-lidded as he let out a cough. “Do you...have any idea...what you're doing!” Kaori released a loud shout as she launched herself into the air with one leg extended forward for a harsh kick and the other tucked under her for form, driving her heel so hard into his chest that it sent him right through the wall with a loud crash. “Why, of course.” She growled, landing in a crouch. “I'm getting even, BITCH!!” She sprang forward like a tiger attacking its prey, pouncing on top of Thomas just as he hit the floor out in the hallway and slid several feet, raising his hands up to defend himself as best as he could. “For trying to kill us!” She yelled as she grabbed his collar with one hand and punched him hard in the face with the other about three or four times before standing to her feet, hauling him up above her head with both hands and then bringing him straight down onto her knee gut-first. Thomas coughed loudly as her knee hit him so hard that it shattered three of his lower ribs with a loud crackle, the pain so alarming that he wasn't even able to cry out right away. Kaori flung him back through the hole and into the room where the others lay unconconscious, watching as his body rolled across the floor before halting in the center of the room. “I'm not done with you, prick!” She growled, walking back into the room. She found a large titanium chain laying on the floor in her path, bending over to scoop it up into her right hand. “You've caused me a lot of pain, Flint.” She lowered her voice a bit as she began to wrap the chain around her knuckles with her free hand. “ took my Donnie away from me. You took my happiness away from me. And you killed millions of innocent people!” By then, Thomas was on his knees, holding one hand over his midsection while pressing the other against the floor in an attempt to crawl toward his little throne. “YOU DON'T GET TO LEAVE WHILE I'M TALKING!” Kaori shouted at the top of her lungs as she slammed her foot forward into his side, causing him to cry out as he flipped sideways and hit the floor on his back. She mounted him fully, making sure that she had dropped on top of him hard enough to make his ribs crack further beneath her weight. Grabbing him by the throat, she squeezed tightly but not tightly enough to kill him, only tight enough to cut off his air passages mostly while raising her fist with the chain wrapped around it in preparation to punch his head clean off of his body. She brought her fist down onto his face, the titanium connecting with his nose first and shattering it into his skull. Blood spurted in all directions, a few crimson droplets landing on Kaori's thighs and dripping from her chained fist. She struck him again, the blow sounding like a gunshot as it echoed throughout the room. After hitting him for the third time and seeing that his nose was shattered, his lips were beyond swollen and busted open, and blood was practically raining from his face, she lifted her chained fist up beside her head, keeping her other hand wrapped around his neck and growled, “Now....before I pummel you through the floor like the senseless, despicable animal you are....I'd like to hear a fucking apology for all you've done. And after I kill you....I'm gonna rip your slutty whore of a girlfriend apart limb by limb until there's nothing left of her! So go ahead...say your last words, you son of a bitch! You took Donnie from me! So now I'm gonna take you out of EXISTENCE!! OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AND SPEAK!!!” She was shaking with rage now, her teeth gnashing so hard to the point of nearly breaking as she waited for a response. As she waited to hear Thomas Flint's last words before she sent him straight to hell where he belonged.

Waking up to resolves.

Pallas: -*In The DREAM WORLD* As the fear dream slowly fades away, the effects of this dream had taken its effect. Donnie had changed, yet again. Will these changes come back into the real world?*Back To REALITY*Donnie’s body remains standing there, a few feet away from Thomas and where Kaori now is attacking him. His eyes slowly open up to reveal a pale white color. The Vibranium blade and shield are still in his hands as the Pada Virus does not fail in the Nano-Attack. He slowly raises his right hand to look down at the Vibranium Blade to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming anymore. The Vibranium slowly melts away and returns back inside of his body and the wires swerve back into his skin. His movements are different than before. He looks up and sees Kaori as she is just pounding away at Thomas. A small smirk appeared on his face at seeing his woman go off on some other dude. The fact that she was a great fighter was something that just turned him on about her. He waited until she raised her hand to punch again and then took action. Donnie raises his left hand and activates his Magnetism in his Palms and calls the Titanium around her hand. If the titanium was wrapped hard enough, she would fly backwards into Donnie. He would then catch her in his arms and say-“Thomas isn’t worth killing anymore…Let us return home…”-Donnie would then begin to make his way out of the room as if nothing had ever happened. Not caring about the others and not caring about Thomas…..What needed to be done…was done…-

~In Isabel's dream world~ *Tweet tweet tweet* I shifted around on something soft yet prickly. *tweet tweet tweet* The sound of birds? Something was warming my face, was it sun? I was afraid to open my eyes now. I still had the images of the twins and Yuuta in my head, The words from Keyome echoing in my head. I shifted my head and pressed my cheek into the prickly....grass. I had opened my eyes and shifted more as I opened my eyes and pushed myself up with my arms looking down. It was grass as I blinked a few times. Looking up, I was welcomed with an image of a large tree, the leaves russtling in the wind..of...home...A small two story house on the sea shore. The crash of the waves made me blink a few times. *What in the world..* I pushed myself into a sitting position as I looked around myself. I heard a woman's voice. "Isaabellll!" It made me shiver and jump from where I was sitting and get to my feet pretty quickly as I tried to find where the voice came from. "Isabelll!" I started to run more, I knew who that voice was. I knew who it was, it was her. It was my mother. "Moma!" My voice shook as I seemed to cry out for her. "Isaabell!" I finally had ran into the house to find her sitting there with something on the table. "Moma.." I approached her slowly, the smile on her face was warm and welcoming. "Have a seat." Moma...She...she looked so beautiful...I reached up and placed a hand on my throat and looked at her. Remembering the snakes, the horrible memoriese from before. Yet I was here with her, but I did as I was told as I took a seat. It seemed tears were streaming down my face now, because she leaned over and placed her hand on my cheek. "Everything will be okay." I wanted to tell her that nothing was okay, that the life that I live wasn't okay. I quickly reached up and clamped onto her hand tightly staring at her in tears. "Everything will be okay little flower. You will see. Have confidence within yourself. Within the power that can and will be taught to you. You have grown up in a harsh society..And for that..I apologize.." Why was she saying this? How did she know of what was going on? I clamped tightly onto her hand. "Have faith in yourself. You are strong, smart, and cunning. Like your father. But you took after me...I am sorry...I am not able to tell you anything else. But, I can give you this much." She withdrew her hand from mine. I wanted to tell her no, no I wanted her to stay. She needed to stay, but what shocked me was, she placed her hand on my chest as something warmed the inner part of my chest, and calmed my nerves.. "I will always be with you. I never left. Be strong little flower. People will come into your life and tear you down. Prove them wrong. Prove our family isn't what they think we are. We are Nakayama. We are strong woman. Also...tell that boy your feelings.." I placed my hand over hers as I looked at her, tears still streaming down my face, as if I was a childed seeing a lost parent for the first time, she had been lost. Tell that boy my feelings? she ment Keyome, so that version of Keyome wasn't...really keyome..." Yes Ma'am..I will prove my worth. Moma.. Stay by my side.. Tell the end.." She offered that once in a blue moon, bright smile, that made her eyes sparkle. "Always." With a large flash of bright white light. It seemed the color in the surrounding scene started to fade, drain like wet running paint. I had kept my hand over my chest where now an Orb was, a small voice was within my head as I talked outloud, closing my eyes, almost falling asleep? "I will keep you close." It seemed like the orb fused in with my chest and vanished as my hand now rested against my chest. ~back in the physcial world~ It seemed like reality greeted me with loud sounds...was that...yelling? I opened my eyes and blinked, and shot up catching my breath, and still blinking ajusting to the light. I pushed myself up off the ground and looked around. Who was yelling? It sounded like...Kaori? I looked around to see who was alive...what was going on. head hurt.... I placed a hand to my head then noticed Kaori...Donnie....that woman from before and who seemed to be my only last guess Thomas Flint.....

XxDensukexX: (Tetsu would open his eyes slowly. He’d look around his sourroundings, and notice that things were not as calm as all seemed. “It was all a dream huh……” Tetsu took in a breath and noticed sommore of the unconscious people around him except for two. The kaori girl, and Donnie Yun. Tetsu would look over and see Donnie hugging kaori. Tetsu would also see Asami still laying on the ground unconscious as with a lot of other people as well. Tetsu would sit up only to see Thomas. Laying on the ground. In shock and half way beaten to death. Tetsu would sit up and shake his head. He’d then stand up and crack his neck in multiple places, and walk over to Thomas and look down at him. “……………” Tetsu would quickly punch Thomas in the jaw, just like that. “My mother said “fuck you”. Tetsu would then pull a walkie talkie out of his backpocket and speak into it. “KPD Station this is Supercop Ryoji, I need a team down here stat to get these nursed back up top, secure the premises, and handle any left over terrorist threats. Get me an open manhole, and release everyone as accordingly. Thomas….” Tetsu looked at Thomas. “Thomas is dead.” Tetsu knew hew as not dead, but wanted to let him rot. Tetsu was showing mercy to the man that took his mothers life…..But for more sinical satisfaction tetsu would pull his nine milliemeter out, and shoot Thomas point blank in both of his knee caps, dead and center. Tetsu would then walk away and sheath his gun, and await the arrival of the KPD officers. Tetsu was sure Donnie had plans for Thomas, as well did keyo. Tetsu would turn to look at Donnie and speak. “Glad your alive Yun. We should do lunch sometime when I’m all fixed up.” Tetsu would smile and give a thumbs up as he grabed Asami’s body, and started to head twords the manhole he requested be opend for him.

" Check mate..."

DarkKeyome: *******WITHIN KEYOMES MIND TRAP****** “....Hahhaha..” he begun to laugh after his arms were re-ripped off. His head dangling low. Keyome tilted his head up and smiled. “....Check...mate...” Both Danchou, and Donnie both bursted into a red light. Okami appeared and began to destory all of the others as well. Thomas Flint appeared clapping his hands. “ Ahhh.. Mr.Tasanagi. I know why Tanaban couldnt use his Mind Techniques on you now as well...” Keyome stood up from his holding place as Okami walked next to him growling. “ Because of your pet there hm? He has a mind of his own.... and he's from another world from our own...Impressive Tasanagi.” Keyome stayed silent letting the man talk as his hands hung low slowly closing into a fist. “ You lose Flint...” Keyome said pointing out at the man. “ Oh I never lose Tasanagi...” Okami looked at Keyome and nodded, his body would morph and turn into a red blanket that wrapped itsef around Keyomes body before seaping into his skin, with that Keyomes arms reformed within his mind.Thomas smiled yet his smile faded quickly. “ Why...Why cant I leave your mind??” ( Keyome smiled. “ Because... we've been in Okami's mind since you brought yourself in here. Haha... Okami's, Okami being my demon... or better yet Oni. This is his world... So techincally...” The sky would crack and explode before a demonic Dog like creature was behind Keyome. Keyome Smirked and leaped into the air landing on the creatures back and looking down at Thomas. “ hell...” The Best Roared and charged at Thomas who couldnt warp himself out... The Animal Got Thomas within his mouth and begun chewing him up like a piece of gum in this fantasy realm for over 2 years... ( Since the mind has no limitation on time.) Okami would spit him out.. reform his body and begun to eat him up over and over again. All that was heard was Keyomes sick and sinister laughter in the back ground. ******END OF KEYOMES MIND TRAP*******Keyome and Okami released the hold on him and by the time it was released Kaori had already begun her beating on him, which keyome had been watching from afar. Keyome would have moved away from the group on the other side of the Room with Isabel's head in his lap sleeping soundingly and a cigarette in his mouth. An Acoustic guitar in his hand he had begun to play a light tune. By the Time Donnie and Tetsu had risen and gotten up they'd more than likely see Keyome near the giant hole they created for the entrance playing his songs to himself. “... This is for you... Nat..” He said playing the tune. ( → song he was playing. He managed to place the Girl Isabel on his shoulder and walked over to the Kid know as Ryu. He squatted down and shook his head. “... You should be out. In school. And Living your life... and being a child. I know how it feels... to have that taken from you... I envy you as well... kid... Guess your not so weak after all.” He said to the boys unconcious body as he pulled him over his other shoulder as well soon making his leave, letting the authortizes handle Thomas Flint. Venetrix Flint seemed to had fled the scene long before the cops got there.


Keyome and Donnie Yun had planned to make a reaity room that allowed Thomas Flint to be captured and placed within it. This Reality room was actually an all white room set up with nothing in but heavily thick walls of glass as an outer covering. Thomas Flint power begun to resurface and surprisngly he wasnt killed after the beating which only indicates that it will only be a matter of time before he grows in strength again. The Chairmen worked together and funded an underwater prison to place the man in. 1000's of feet underwater in the all white room. The room was set to a reality where Thomas was an infant and he'd be forced to re-grow up inside of the room. Everytime he died within the reality world. His life would restart and force him to relive it over and over being that it was different each time. With the District 1 being destoryed Keyome took it upon himself to start to rebuild it though it will take time. Thomas Flint has been defeated. Nat Farhen was noted as the Hero of Kasaihana city and next to the Large Egale in the middle of District 2 is a statue of Nat, the young 24 year old... who had a heart that was too big. And at the bottom of the statue all of his students and people within the city had placed flowers pictures and other things to show love for Nat. The Inscription at the bottom said. “12 steps... ahead of you.”

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