Being a ghost

-After giving the job for General Hightower to the boy known as Ryu, Donnie has had nothing but free time to find Dr.Wright. But having all that time doesn't always mean things get done. At the basement where Donnie get's his work done, nothing had come to a success.-”Dammit Alfred! Why can't we find this damn guy?!?”-Alfred:”I am sorry Sir, we are trying everything we can to find him.”-DOnnie sits down in a rolling chair and puts his elbows on a desk. He rests his head in his hands and muffles to himself-”We have to be missing something.”-Donnie then raises his body and leans back on the chair and says-”Why is it we weren't able to get his location before?”-Alfred then checks his database and replies with an answer.-”Well because he was in Old New York Sir. How he even got in there is a mystery to everyone. I am almost certain that he is still in there now.”-DOnnie runs his fingers through his Mohawk and hates that this is stumping him.-”It can't be because he is in New York. We have cameras everywhere in New York. We have heat signature's to alert KHC when something out of the ordinary happens in New York....What are we missing here Al?”-The room goes silent for a moment as they both were stumped by it all. Then Alfred says-”What if he isn't human?”-Donnie raises a brow and says-”Huh?”-In turn causes Alfred to explain his question.-”What if he isn't a human. He is the second in command to Tanaban. And we all saw how dangerous Tanaban was with his mystical powers....What if this man has some of those abilities as well?”-Donnie then rolls over to one of his computers and begins to search through his records.-”If he weren't a human...what makes him escape our machines?”-This stumped them even more. Not knowing what a person is can be bad enough, but not knowing if you are even correct is even worse. Donnie continues to search and search and cannot find anything on Dr. Wright. His anger causes him to toss the computer onto the floor.-”WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I FIND THIS GUY!?!?”-Donnie doesn't want to give up on searching for this man but right now he has no choice but to move onto the next main thing. Finding Zero's NanoSuit.  


-Donnie knows how smart Zero can be and understands that the NanoSuit will be in a location that does not stand out. Back when Zero's NanoSuit was created, Donnie did not have a tracking device inside of the suit to always monitor where it was at. He felt that he trusted Zero enough to take the responsibility and know what to do. And even to this day, Donnie knows what he did was a good decision. Donnie thinks to himself and then asks Alfred-”The original NanoSuits gave off radiation because of the old design of plasma energy right:?....So that means if we counter act the radiation in the City we may be able to find it.”-Then Alfred says-”But Sir, I am sure Dr. Wright and his people have already tried that. If simple radiation testing was all that was needed, they would have found it by now.”-And because of that statement, Donnie sparks an idea.-”What if they already have?”-He slides to another computer and begins typing something up as the screen changes from image to image. Donnie then puts his fingers on the screen and spreads the data off to look like a hologram in front of him. ( Donnie then grabs a cube like hologram and says to Alfred-”See the city of New York has radiation up the ass. It is filled with Biological attacks and Nuclear radiation. No one would be able to find anything in this mess with Radiation finders. It would take in point technology to try and find one specific amount of radiation in this location. But....”-He then grabs another cube that shows the radiation that would come off the Original NanoSuits and says-”The NanoSuit radiation can mix itself with the New York radiation.”-He puts the two cubes together to show a match between them.-”If we can do a pin point radiation search in Old New York I believe we will find where Zero hid his NanoSuit.....even in his death he laid one final plan haha. Smart guy.”-Alfred and Donnie then begin to work on an algorithm that can track down the exact amount of radiation they are looking for. All radiation stands out and the NanoSuit would be one of its kind. The only way to find it would be to have a sample of it already. So Donnie uses his original suit to get a best example he can. Finally after hours of work, they are able to complete it.-”Ok Alfred, you keep trying to locate the NanoSuit, I am going to head to New York and be ready when it's complete.”-

Time to assemble 

-Donnie gets up from his chair and walks to the Metal Circle where he assembles his NanoSuits. He says to Alfred-”Let's put a GangBuster on me. I have a feeling that this won't be an easy mission to accomplish.”-Alfred does as he is told and begins the assembly of The GangBuster NanoSuit. The floor below him begins to open up as metal arms brag pieces of the GangBuster and begin to attach them to his lower body. The arms from the roof slowly grab the upper body pieces as well and begin to attach them to his body. All the pieces screw into each other perfectly and he is now ready to go. Donnie walks to the open ceiling area and quickly bursts out of the ceiling as one of the computer screens says-”25% complete.”-His body soars through the air like a rocket, leaving a trail of smoke behind him. He reaches the gate of Old New York in a matter of minutes and knows that he has to hack his way in yet again. He uses his pad on his wrist to get into the Gates system and unlocks it in a matter of seconds.-”Easy as pie.”-Donnie then walks through the gate and is materialized at the Old New York gate. When he comes through he is greeting by nothing but wrecked buildings and a brown sky. He looks at the top right hand corner of his helmet screen and it says-”57% complete.”- Donnie slowly makes his way into the heart of Old New York which would be Times Square. He gets to the area of Times Square where the streets break off into two and he looks up at the most famous building in Times Square.-”Funny how this City used to be the Center of everything.”- After standing there for a few seconds, Dr. Wrights voice came through what sounded like an intercom system.-”Welcome Welcome to my City of play! You look like a man determined so we are going to play a little game! It's called “Let's see if you survive!” You remember how back in Old China you had some fun with my little creation....Of course you must remember. You destroyed my little machine and now I have come to return the favor. Go get um Boys!”-After this was said, the voice disappears and Donnie says to himself-”What a freak show.”-He looked at the corner of his helmet screen again and it says-”90% Complete.”-Donnie smiles at the fact that the system is going to find the NanoSuit. But then the smile is interrupted by his mini-map in the other corner of his Helmet screen. It showed ten objects coming straight for him.-”The fuck are those?”-In a matter of seconds, one by one, Cyborg Drones landed in a circle around him. ( Donnie looks around to see himself surrounded and says-”Well this just got interesting.”-

Fighting Back

-Donnie gets his Plasma Shooters ready as the ten Drones get weapons ready. They all carried the same weaponry of Machine Guns attached to their wrists, 28 missile shooters over their shoulders, and what looks to be metal blades from the hands.-”I've got time to kill anyways.”-Suddenly all ten of the Drones fired missiles at Donnie.-”Shit!”-Donnie places his hand on the floor and activates his energy shield as 10 missiles from each Drone makes contact with the shield. A large explosion is created as it causes a small quake in the New York area. The smoke is heavy and Donnie is hidden very well by it. Finally, the sound of energy charging is the only thing to break the silence. Donnie then raises his right hand and fires an Energy Blast at one of the drones. This sends that drone flying and causes the other Drones to start firing their machine guns at Donnie. As this happens, Donnie begins running into the direction of one of the drones while firing Energy Blasts at some of the others.(9 are in action) When he gets to the nearest drone, it releases the blades and tries to slash Donnie in half. Donnie uses the thrusts of his feet and leaps his right knee forward. The added speed causes the head of the drone to shatter into pieces. Donnie then drops an elbow on the back of the same drone to send it crashing into the ground.(8 remain) The GangBuster is taking heavy fire from the drones and it causes the screen to static a bit. Donnie puts his hand out as the wrist portion opens up. A second after that, six S.M.A.R.T. Missiles shoot out and head for three of the drones. Two stick onto one, and the other four do the same for the other two. The missiles drill deeper into the metal for a more fatal shot and then explode. This caused a medium sized explosion and completely destroys the three drones.(5 left) Donnie uses his mini-map to locate the other five as one was able to sneak up on him. Donnie takes a punch to the face and is sent flying fifteen feet. His body crashes into an abandoned car. The drone that attacked him begins running towards him and Donnie reacts. He gets out of the car and grabs it by the doors. After he gets a good grip on the car, he swings it around and completely rips that drone in half from the impact. The car is sent flying into a nearby building as (Four of them remain.) Donnie quickly uses his Energy Blasts to shoot two of the drones that were firing at him.(Left hand for one, right hand for another. 2 remain.) These two drones draw their blades and try to slash at Donnie. Donnie uses his amazing speed and agility to sway out of these blades and go on the attack. Donnie ducks underneath one of the drones and uppercuts his entire body through the hull of the Drone, thus ripping it into two. Finally he points both palms together in the direction of the final drone and fires a combined double Energy blast at the drone. The blast completely engulfs the drone and melts it to nothing but liquid metal. Donnie then stands tall over the ripped in half drone and looks at his power.-”Shit...that killed thirty percent of the Core power system. I have to recharge from these drones.”-He puts his hands out like a Jesus Christ pose as his suit begins to gather the remaining energy from the ten Drones around him. This is a rather quick process when the energy source he is receiving is rather small. He looks at his power system again and it reads-”80% Energy remaining.”-He then looks at the Radiation Algorithm he created and it reads-”100% completed.”-Donnie activates the system and waits for it to tell him where the NanoSUit is loacted,-”It's time to fufill the promise.”-

Just his luck

-Within the next few seconds, the helmet screen would put the location of the NanoSuit on the mini-map. Donnie then activates his thrusters and begins to fly towards the direction of the NanoSuit. All he can think about is finally putting an end to this whole situation. He uses this time to also charge his suit up little by little as he flies through the air, gathering wind energy. He sees on the mini-map that there are other things around the NanoSuit location.-”Oh no...”-He then pushes his thrusters to the max and soars through the sky in nothing but a blur. When he gets to the location, he is shocked to see....Dr. Wright. He had found the NanoSuit. Donnie is shocked and asks-”How....How did you find it before me?”-The doctor laughs and says-”Because I have been looking for it longer than you have ole Donnie Boy. Ever Since the first time you used this thing. I have wanted it it. And now I have it....All that is left”-The helmet of Zero's NanoSuit closes and the doctor says-”Is destroying you.”-Wright then raises both palms and fires his own Energy blasts at Donnie.-

The Titan VS The God

-Donnie is hit with the energy blasts and is sent back flying ten feet. He flips in the air and lands on his feet and says to Wright-”You have no idea who you are fucking with now!”-DOnnie uses his thrusters and tackles Wright as both of them go rolling into a nearby building. Donnie is sitting on top of Wright and begins whaling on him with his fists. The sound of metal on metal echoes through the building. Wright then smacks Donnie in the face and sends him into the wall. They both stand up and are only three feet apart from each other. Wright then says-”You don't deserve to wear this Suit.”-Donnie says to him-”You want to be the Big Man....Well come take your shot!”-They both charge at each other and begin to exchange blows. Donnie connects with a gut shot and then a head shot, doing the head-body-head-boy tactic of Boxing. Then Wright counters with an arm grab and then hip tosses Donnie through the opposite wall. Wright taunts Donnie again and says-”See what I mean, you don't know how lucky you are that I struck an interest in this suit.”- Donnie fires an energy blast at him and sends him into the sky, crashing through four walls before being blasted out of the building. Wright uses the thrusters to keep himself floating in the sky. Donnie wastes to time and uses his thrusters to send him up to where Wright is floating. Donnie uses the speed and angle to land a HARD right punch that dents into the helmet of Wright's NanoSuit. This causes his screen to static a bit. Wright gets angered by the fact that Donnie is still winning and says-”Enough with the hand to hand!”-He then activates the weapons system and fires everything the NanoSuit has to offer. But because it is still the Original NanoSuit type, it does not have much that Donnie has to offer. But saying that, Wright still has the Repulser Weapons which are by far the most dangerous. Wright fires the gattling bullets at Donnie as they all just bounce of of him. The Vibranium Metal is doing it's job of bouncing the bullets off the suit. Donnie says to Wright-”You can't beat me Wright! Just stop now before it gets worse!”-Wright's anger grows with each passing moment. He charges at Donnie again as the Hand to Hand begins again. They go back and forth, exchanging blow for blow. Their two bodies are blurred in the sky at the rate they are fighting at. ( This continues for half an hour. Back and forth fighting as Wright seems to be holding his own against Donnie in the hand to hand combat of NanoSUit fighting. Finally, Donnie is able to create an opening and he double fist hammers Wright on the side of his face and sends him crashing into the ground. Donnie slowly floats down and says to Wright-”You cannot win. Why don't you just give up?”-Wright slowly gets up and says-”Because I know you are having just as hard of a time at destroying this suit as I am of yours. Even if this one doesn't have the same weapons...we are made of the same metals.”-Wright then takes the dangerous course of action.-”Time to end this....RIGHT!....NOW!”-He gets into positon as he begins powering up the NanoSuits most powerful weapon...The Repulser Chest Blast. Donnie sees this and prepares hiw own and yells out-”You don't know the power you have! Stop this now or the whoe City will be destroyed!”-The irony of it all was that the City is already destroyed in it's own sense. But Wright does not listen. And the two suits get to their max powers. Finally, they both fire their beams at the same time. ( This causes both blasts to meet directly in the middle and create a blinding light. ( Both men struggle to hold their beams forward, then the impossible happens. Both energies collapse into a millimeter size circle and then dangerously expand to create a huge SuperNova light explosion.( The size of this explosion was about the size of three football fields. This sends both fighters into the blast as they reach into the unknown territory of Plasma Energy Explosions.  

Explosive end

-The blast sends both men flyinf backwards through buildings and then finally crash into the ground about 500 yards from eachother. Donnie's GangBuster suit begins to spark up a bit as the system seemed to be at an all time low of energy. But because of the extra metal in the suit, his body is able to withstand such a blast. On the other side of it all, Wright was not looking so good. His suit does have Vibranium, but even that amount of it is not enough to hold that kind of blast. Blood comes out of his mouth as his body is almost warped from the blast.-”That...son of....a bitch...”-Donnie slowly gets upand begins to make his way over to Wright as the battle looked to meet it's end. Donnie looks at Wright who is only five feet away now. He says to him-”Now do you understand? How weak you really are...”-Then Wright begins to laugh and say-”No....I'm ready to finish this.”-Wrights eyes begin to turn all white as his body begins to expand. Donnie says to himself-”So he really isn't human after all...”-The bigger Wright's body got, the Vibranium of the suit began to give way. Donnie saw what Wright was turning into and he said to Alfred-”Activate the override...”-Alfred says-”But sir, if we use may die as well!”-DOnnie:”Just do it!”-Donnie then gets into a power charge position as his suits power system begins to skyrocket. ( His power system reaches an 800% Power override as static electicity begins to swirl around the suit. The pressure of the power puts so much strain on Donnie's body that sweat begins to form on his head. At this point, Wright's body completely shatters through the Suit as he looks like some blob figure.( Wright then says in a much deeper and more creepy voice-”Now let's see who will win this fight!”-Donnie smirks under the helmet as two bright white orbs begin to form on the edges of his palms. He finally puts both hands together as the two balls form one and create a large static electricity around the orb. Wright begins to charge at Donnie when he finally yells out-”EXTREMIS!......FIRE!”-And with all 800% override powerboost a large yellow Energy Blast comes out of the connected palms.( The attack completely engulfs Wright as it was a mile wide shot and all you see is his blob like body slowly DE-materializing with a scream. The shot was held for a moment just to long and the center point of the attack where the blob figure was caused a massive Plasma Explosion. The smoke and fire rise into the air to make a Mushroom cloud. ( This causes Donnie to fly back over several miles as the Vibranium layers of his Suit began to peel off, leaving only the Carbonadium behind. Almost 75% perfect of Old New York became a barren wasteland. Donnie's body lands in the sandy beaches of what used to be Manhatton as he is unconsious from the blast. His body in a coma like state from using the Override attack. The mushroom cloud now high into the sky as everyone in KasaiHana would be able to see it and wonder what was going on. The Zero Nanosuit and Dr. Wright were completely obliterated in the blast. What was to happen now?-

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