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Thomas Flint


The Catalyst...

DarkKeyome: Thomas was sitting in his Camaro his head leaning left to right as he sung to himself. “ Lights willl guuiidde...” He said to himself humming with the song as he waited for the woman to arrive. He made sure to get the message out to the female to his best abilities. He rested in the seat with it pulled all the way back. Two hours past as he slowly began to drift into sleep. His Suit that showed his stylish carefree lifestyle showed with clear views that he had the money to dress himself properly yet he didnt care enough too. His Camaro stuck out horribly in the run down part of District 1. District 1 was mostly Harlem anyways it still had parts that looked the same as before and was never truly reconstructed. By now he was on the phone with some Ambassador in another country. “ Yes... yes I am aware of this. I will get the job done. I am nothing like Tanaban who let his glory get to his head. I assure you... that within the next few weeks my plan will take lift. “ As Thomas spoke on the phone he eyed the van that suspiciously parked on the other side of the road about 10 cars down. He smirked knowing that his phone was being tapped. His eyes began to glow there occasionally blue on the left and green on the right as he stared at the van inventively. The passengers within the van stepped out.. and stood right in the middle of the road seeming to be brain washed of some sort. They both pulled there weapons out of there pockets and shot each other simultaneously right in the road blowing there brain matter all over the pavement. “ Haha... ahh... foolish KPD officers. Why wont people learn... not to fuck with me.”

DolliesBelle: The meeting point was rather dark, a large place that seemed to be dwelling in its own stench. Miss Molly was a woman of superiority, a classy girl with a degree in bitchiness. This woman was the definition of prude and she was not afraid to lay the law on anyone. She’d look around her, eyeing the dark ally way. She’d keep herself in that temptress striding motion, expressing her dominance over the few that followed her; henchmen. The men wheeled three crates, hefty in both weight and size. “Boys, remember.. if anyone comes NEAR these crates without my permission, snap their puny little necks into four and use their wind pipes as flutes. Make sure you play mama a victorious tune~ Hm?” She’d chuckle a bit in her devious tone, allowing a smirk to curl from the corner of her lips. It was not long after her small demand that they finally made it to the meeting spot; walking the whole nine yards to even be ‘on time’. She’d stop in her stride, coming to press her hands firmly to her hips and looked over to what appeared to be a car in the distance. “Keep an eye on them, dolls… they are Mama’s precious babies..” She murmured, coming to look behind her to the henchmen. They were brutes, the usual type of man that would be at a woman’s side. She’d part her lips slightly and raised her tone. “Slug boy, Mama’s here.. perhaps you should come out and play in the salt maze, hm?”

DarkKeyome: Thomas looked out of his window rolling it down as he eyed the woman in her clothing and all. This made him smirk yet all thoughts protaining to the females chosen attire would never be mentioned. He stepped out of the car and closed the door behind him slowly. “ Hello. Miss. M. Glad you could make it.” Thomas said pulling out the pack of cigarettes from his back pocket and placing one into his mouth. He took the dark corruption of smoke into his body... and when he exhaled... it came out as a snow mist. This was due to the nanomachines killing the threat of chemicals the smoke enters his system so when he exhales... it is purified as mist. “ I see you brought the merchandise and your on.” He looked at his watch on his wrist. “ Time! Excellent.” As he got done speaking he moved himself into the trunk of the car. Within the Trunk a man beaten to death tied up and his skin sliced to hell in various places. “...Dammit Venetrix. I've told you not... to leave your toys in the car.” He said looking over his shoulder. Molly and her men could more than likely easily see the dead guy in the trunk of Thomas's car. “ Im sorry. My wife doesnt know how to clean up after herself sometimes. “ he said smiling at her and her men. Slowly he pulled the 2 brief cases out of the trunk and made his way over to the female. “ here we are. 500,000 Tanz in each brief case. Cold, hard, cash. More where that came from if you continue to do business with me I assure you.” He put the brief cases down at the females feet as he smiled once again taking a step in a half back. “ The man who you got these Marvelous specimens from is currently deceased he was actually an acquaintance of mine. Though it does not matter anymore. “ He pushed the glasses onto his face as his golden eyes focused on the womans body taking note of every detail to even the miniscule things.

DolliesBelle: She’d smirk to the man speaking, the poor little thing not really knowing what he was getting into. She’d keep silent until the trunk of the car opened. She paused, seeing the bloodied body. Boy oh boy, the sight basically caused her to cream herself right there on the spot. She pulled herself together, mentally, and allowed her lips to part slightly as he mentioned his wife. “If that’s the mess you have to clean up after you’re dame, then I’d be much more trouble than you’d expect..” her voice laced itself with a more enticing tone before it faded quickly. The man placed the brief cases at her feet. She’d knock them over with her foot and kicked it back to the closest henchman. The man knew what to do, she opened them both and began to count to ensure every dime was in it. “Good boy, that will get you the smallest crate with the smaller big boy toy.. but Mama asked for much more for the other two.. after all, they’ve been my eyeing prize..” She’d glance behind her, coming to jerk her head to the boy who had the smaller crate of the three, rolling it over. “I’m sorry Sugarbean, but you’re not the best coffee in this town; I hope you know. I have men lining u at the door with bigger offers for the other two crates.. “

DarkKeyome: Thomas simply cocked an eyebrow and he nodded his head slowly turning his vision off to the side and then back onto Molly. He simply smiled giving the impression that he was always happy and that he never shows anger. His Tranquil state would make hims seem like he was a push over when reality it was all a cloak to hide the demented figure that laid dormant within his soul. Yet... she did have something that he wanted.” Hm.. more money then. That's fine. I can acquire the money you want..” He said crossing his arms. “So state your price. I'll have it delievered right away to this very spot.” He placed both hands behind his back giving her that smile again. Yet in reality. He wanted to lock her up into a room and slice open every tendon and artery on her body. And possibly place under his eletric torture lock. Same thing he did to Keyome Tasanagi yet he'd stay at bay. He knew when to play his cards right now wasnt the time. “ Though... a million dollars. Is ha... Quite steep. I shall.. * clears throat* Press more money into your direction.” He said lifting his head up. One of her men was eyeing him andd he simply smiled at the man nodding his head.

DolliesBelle: She’d furrow her brows, coming to glare at him curiously. This man seemed to have something about him that would even make her skin crawl. She’d offer a cloaked smile, coming to wander up closer to him. Upon getting close, she’d press her right hand lightly to his chest and slightly dug her sharp nails into his clothing a bit; indicating curiosity. “You have this perfect skin tone that I would love to see burned in red and rubbed in nothing more than your own sweat, tears, and disgust.. Now, I’m no fucking fool boy.. You walk in a path Mama does… “ She’d jerk him back a bit from her hold, turning quickly on her feet and wandered over to the biggest crate. “This boy is worth 5 mil on it’s own, as Jr. to my right is 3.5 mil… I don’t play games.. I only invent them, kid..”

DarkKeyome: The females offensive tone threw Thomas off guard when she jerked him up by his shirt. And quickly his eyes began to shine the intense blue and green from each eye. If she turned to look at him. She'd see the change of color on the eyes. But that wasnt the kicker. Her men that stood next to her so proudly were now pointing there guns at there own boss. They readied the weapons aiming it at the females forhead. Both mens eyes were hollowed out white to indicate the trans. “... Now Now Molly. “ He said leaning down whispering in her ear the same sadistic smile on his face. “...Lets not... get carried away here. So. You like money? So do I, infact I love money. And with that... im sure we can come to a compromise that we both can agree to madam. You are a woman of good taste. And even now when you threaten me, and the cards.... seem to be turend on yooouu... you still have the grace and beauty that a woman of your standards should have. No... I take that back. Because that would be an understatment.” He said gently placing his fingers allowing the females wrist and attempting to press her hand to his lips kissing the back of her hand. “... 1.5 each... and ill pretend that this never happened and you and your men... can go home with a lot of money...So lets not get greedy...” He placed the females index finger into his mouth sucking on it, she'd more than likely feel a brief stream of a powerful rush of stimulations throughout her body. “ Deal..?” He said pulling away and smiling. As he said this her brainwashed men cocked there weapons aiming it at the females head

The Mission Briefing. Infiltrate the shadow dogs!

ForgottenFallenRhage: Jasmine was trembling all over from both fear and exhaustion. Hell even Hishigi who was in perfectly good shape was out of breath and struggling to continue. And yet it seamed that the guy chasing them was still playing, as if he did this every day. They had been all over district 2 by now, and had somehow ended up in a small ally not far from the park. Hishigi and Jasmine hid behind a dumpster, trying to get a break to catch their breath. It wasn’t long before slow, casual yet heavy foot steps was heard at the other end of the ally, along with the sound of a gun being loaded. The shadow came closer, and Hishigi’s face showed clearly that he was going to do something stupid. Sure enough, when the guy was right beside the dumpster, Hishigi swung out in attempt to pull his gun and shoot the guy in the head before he could blink. A loud shot was heard, way to loud to come from Hishigi’s 9mm Beretta, so Jasmine dared look up at her friend. For about a second ore two Hishigi just stood there. He then tilted backwards and hit the ground with a perfectly circular wound right between the eye’s. Jasmine screamed and crawled over to him, grabbing his vest and shaking him, begging him to wake up again but froze instantly when she felt cold metal against her neck. A cold voice behind her said “Your under arrest for assaulting a federal officer, attempting to escape custody and resisting arrest. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand these rights, Yakuza?” Jasmine nodded lightly. “I’m sorry about your friend. He made a stupid move. Are you going to make that same mistake?” Jasmine shook her head and looked down at Hishigi’s dead body. Oh hell, what was the point anyway? If she didn’t die here, she’d die in jail because she was weak so it was worth a shot right? The second she reached for the gun holstered on Hishigi’s leg a bullet was shot trough her head, shattering most of it over Hishigi and the ground, having been shot at point blank range with a revolver. Jason looked down at the two with disgust, mumbling to himself “Why do they always have to go the hard way?” He holstered the Revolver at his side and turned around, walking back in the direction he came from “Better get out of here, surely someone heard that..” Luckily for him the chase had been in circles, so he had ended up only a few blocks from where his car was parked. Walking down the street and turning right he pulled out his car key’s and unlocked the black 72 Nissan skyline and got in behind the wheel. He sighed deeply as he pulled out his revolver and placed it in the glove deposited, turned on the V8 engine and took off down the street. More paperwork waited for him down at the precinct after that little stunt. Hell it wasn’t his fault, those damned kids just wouldn’t stop no matter how many times he told them to. A quick gaze was directed to the watch on his left wrist. It was evening, but not that late so HQ wouldn’t be completely empty just yet. After a few minutes he pulled into the parking lot and turned off the engine. Before he got out the car he checked himself in the mirror, fixing the half long black hair so that it looked as it should again and grabbed the 9mm Beretta the force had given him, holstering it at his side while moving for the main entrance with casual steps. Calm amber eye’s stared dead ahead as he walked inside, the light blinding him at first, causing him to bring a hand, covered by a fingerless black glove, up to his head to cover. A series of bracelets covered his right wrist, and clinged softly against each other when he lowered his hand again. He was one of the only non-Asian guys in the force, with his Latino tan skin, the Italian looking face and the beard that covered only his chin. He was also one of the few who had tattooed sleeves on both arm’s, one of the few who wore strictly black clothing with very few variations in symbols, and one of the only ones wearing a tank top. Silver dog tags dangled around his neck as he walked trough the PD and towards his desk, where he sat down and leaned back with a loud sigh before he opened a drawer and pulled out the files he needed, starting to fill out his report. [rp with me please? XD]

ForgottenFallenRhage: A sudden ”BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!” woke Jason up in a shock. Immediately he was blinded by a bright light, causing him to squeeze his eye’s together to two small lines. The American – Japanese, 25 year old male used a few seconds to look around and try to take in his surroundings, even though it was hard with that darn light in his face. He then noticed he was at the office, and the light and the noise came from his computer. He sighed deeply and opened the top draw in his desk, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and tapped the bottom of the pack, pushing one out which he grabbed, placed between his lips and lit with the Zippo lighter he pulled out from his pocket. After an deep inhale he exhaled in a deep sigh and rested his elbows on the table, looking at the screen, staring directly into the face of the man he hated more than anything in this world. The screen showed a wanted poster with a picture of a former Soramaru red fighter , the man who had been responsible for his father’s death. Two weeks earlier he had cornered that son of a bitch in an ally in the 2nd district of town, along with some broad. He had shot and killed them both. The official explanation was that they both resisted arrest with force and had left him no choice, but that wasn’t how it went down. The man had resisted, that was no lie, and Jason had placed a bullet between his eye’s. But the women…. Why did the women have to die? Caught in the moment he had been convinced she was reaching for Hishigi’s gun when he shot her, but what if she was simply reaching for the purse laying on the ground beside it?? No use in considering that now, they were both dead anyway. Fucking Yakuza scum, Jason hated them beyond believe! And not just the Yakuza, but anyone who dared pretend they were above the law. After his fathers death, Jason had devoted his entire life to hunting down and punishing criminals, no matter the crime. Rape, drug dealing, murder, GTA, he didn’t care. He’d take care of them all, kill them if he had to. With his lieutenant badge, it was next to impossible for anyone to convince a jury that he, a cop, had crossed the line and committed a crime himself. Which was a pain in the ass for his superior. Every time he had made an arrest, the person he had arrested had been severely roughed up because the fool had tried to resist the arrest. A black lock of hair was pulled back behind Jason’s ear with a stroke of a finger across tan skin. With his thumb and trigger finger, he drew a circle on his face from the eyebrows and down to the goat tee on his chin while he inhaled from the cigarette again. As he exhaled, the long black bangs wavered softly under the pressure of his breath, causing a small smoke cloud to form around his head. He felt a sting at his right hip and looked down at the gun holster that was strapped into his belt. He stood up, opened his belt and pulled the holster from his hip, placed it on the table and closed his belt again before sitting down once more. He then reached for the 9mm Beretta at his left side, hanging in the shoulder holster and pulled it out. The gun was looked over by a pair of deep blue eyes. It was old, showed clear signs of having been used a lot. It had been his fathers, and now it was his. He holstered it again and stood up, put out the cigarette in the ashtray, straightened out his black tank top, and headed for the door. His steps were heavy, his breath calm, his boots making a “clink” sound every time they hit the floor because of the metal implanted in the sole on the black cowboy boots. Five throwing knifes gave off a soft sound from the pocket on his right thigh, and two grenades rubbed against each other from the pocket on his left thigh. Even his bracelets gave off noises when they hit each other, bouncing up and down on his right hand, along the dog tags hanging around his neck from when he was in the army a few years back made noise when he walked. So much weaponry and accessory on one man, most would think it to be a little to much, but Jason had learned over the years that one could never have enough firepower. The bracelets and dog tags were his own choice, but the weapons were standard procedure, he just refused to wear a west in the HQ. When he passed trough the lobby, the light from the neon signs made the white cross on the left side of his chest, engraved in the tank top, glow in a blue color, but he hardly even noticed that. Once he excited the building, he headed straight for the parking lot, towards a black 72 Nissan Skyline, while pulling out his keys. He unlocked the car and opened the door and sat down on the drivers seat, closed the door and put the key in the ignition. He then sighed and mumbled to himself “Where are you going Jason?? It’s over, his dead, there’s no reason to stick around anymore.” He then reminded himself that if he left, there would be no one to do his job. Besides, he was lightly to be transferred soon anyway. After that stunt he pulled in the ally with those two, he might as well be put in jail. But knowing his boss, he’d probably get transferred instead. Maybe he got to go undercover? That would be awesome, being able to bring the Yakuza down from within. But then again, he might as well try to track down unicorns. He growled lightly and got out of the car again, slammed the door behind him and walked back inside after locking the car. He walked straight back to his desk, sat down and closed the window on his computer that showed the wanted poster on his computer. He then closed his hands behind his head and leaned back, closing his eye’s, just waiting for something to happen. Someone to call in with an emergency, someone to call his name, getting fired, anything but this boring assed bullshit with just sitting around and waiting.

DarkKeyome: “ JACKSON!” A loud shout was made when the sound of files smacking onto a desk was heard soon after. “ Got DAMMIT! JACKSON! What have I told you about those Casualty counts! Time, and fucking time again jackson!” The elderly man said as he shouted at the younger officer. “ You even killed a woman this time! The fuck were you thinking! I dont care if your a detective or not, and yes thaat may give you the right to kill when nesscary. But you have the highest hit rank in this whole got damn Precient! I mean it Jackson! Next time I hear your offing people, your revoking that badge of yours I dont give a flying monkeys ass what rank you are!” The elderly man bent down putting his finger into the males face. “ Now... I went out of my way... to get you something... that you've been wanting to do for sometime now... SO DONT... FUCK IT UP!” He said shouting the last few words. “ Now...You know about the Kagemaru clan right? Mhm. So with that being said, you also know of there high street fighting syndicates. Also... theres been word around the city of a high drug trade and maybe a bit of illegal Cydroid trafficking into the city and out. I need you to get in... get into there ranks... and shut Kagemaru down. Did you know that fucking Chairmen is younger than you... and he's up there making orders and barking em at any and everyone like he owns the place?! no... not anymore! Your going to get in there! And handle that shit....Isnt that right..... jackson!” Police Chief Randal was walking backwards as he stepped out of the office leaving Jackson his mission briefing and starter details on the mission in a file.

ForgottenFallenRhage: Jason blinked a few times and looked down at the file that had been slamed on his desk, mumbling ”What just happened....?” it then occurred to him “Wait a sec, did he say ‘ranks’?” He flipped the file open and ran trough it quickly. Undercover, Kagemaru, ranks.. This was perfect!! Jason finally got what he wanted! An undercover mission in the Yakuza. Finally he could take those fuckers down from within, bring them down for good! And Kagemaru of all clans, their leader was one of the most wanted men in the whole fucking town! A wide smile spread on the tan lips as Jason jumped up from his seat, grabbed the files and his laptop and ran for the door. As soon as he was outside he headed directly for the Nissan, tore the door open, got in, slammed the door behind him and stated the engine with a loud roar before blasting out on the streets. From here he headed down to the closest bar, the one where he always went. He knew the waitress, and the moment he entered the door, she simply nodded at him with a smile, saying “Welcome back lieutenant! The usual??” He nodded and headed for the same corner he always used, where he sat down and flipped open the file once again, reading trough it with eye’s so sharp a hawk would be jealous. He caught every detail, every name, every word, nothing missed his attention. His drink was brought down to him, a 72 year old Single Malt Whiskey with two ice cubes in it, placed on a white napkin to spare the table. Jason’s smile was wider than ever. He looked at the highlighted name on the file, the name of the one running the Kagemaru clan, while mumbling “Your mine you little son of a bitch!” He then closed the file again, emptied his glass in one stroke, left 20 dollars on the table and walked out the door, leaving a waitress who looked like one big question mark while mumbling to herself “What the hell…?” Once outside Jason walked to his car again, got in, placed the file under the seat, pulled the 9mm from the holster at his left shoulder, checked the mag, loaded it and holstered it again, fired up the engine and drove into the night with a wide smile, loud music and for once in his life, a happy feeling.

Doing it for the kids!

DarkKeyome: I pulled myself out of bed as I looked out and over the city. Walking to the large window that would reflect the city out to me. They didnt even know what was ahead of them... A Genoicde...? Who was I supposed to run and tell...? I sighed... and turned around eyeing the young girl I had brought back with me from Old New York in the ruins who was still asleep. Tch... since when does machinery need to sleep anyways. I pulled on a blazer and a dress shirt pulling a tie down around my neck... I looked at myself I the mirror and threw it off. “...Tired of all these fucking suits..” I pulled on a black sweater as I stepped out into the elevator of my apartment. I sighed again and slid my hands into my pockets. I got a phone call and I answered. “ Mr.Tasanagi? Ahhh it is you! Hahaa Hi! Remember me!? Im that guy who stopped you in the streets awhile back about putting you into a movie! Do you got time to come by to the studio on Tsunami street? Im sure you know where that is. If you have time any time this week please come by. I have a project you just have to get in on!” We conversed and the conversation ended. I made my way through town until I stopped infront of a Dojo. I sighed looking through the window to see some kids practicing there Karate lessons from a guy who didnt look that much older than me...I walked in.. looking around to see all the faces. The Kids Trained hard and I adimered that. I should head back to district 1 soon... see how the kids over tehre are holding up with training. The Sensei saw me watching and said. “ Ah.. Look Children. Seems we have a celerberity in here. “ All the kids turned... they were from all ethnic back grounds. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, It waws a diverse crowd. One of the boys smiled and pointed. “ I know him! Thats The guy who did all that crazy stuff in the GMAF last year!” One of the girls pointed as well. “ Oh gosh he even looks better in person!” They all began to bombard me with questions....autographs... I just blinked... a dark blush appeared over my face I hadnt the slightest idea that these kids admired me like this... I never knew I even... had fans... “ Haha.. Ahh guys one at a time alright?” The Sensei approached and Spoke out to me from the crowd of kids. “ Mr.Tasanagi. I was just telling my Students here about how to use there isntincts in fights. But I need a better example. I would fight you.... but I dont think i'd stand much of a chance. “ “Tch.. dont say that infront of them they have to atleast believe in you... you'll discourage them.” The male nodded his head and rubbed the back of his head. “ So are you asking me to Spar someone in here...?” The male nodded his head and I nodded as well. “ Ahh. Well alright then. “ I took a step back and rubbed the back of my neck. I didnt have anyone else that I could ask to come down to show these kids a thing or too.. besides. They'll lose there mind when they see the man in the metal flying suit come in here to teach them some stuff. My phone dialed smoothly as I waited for Donnie Yun to answer my phone call. “ Hey uh.... Donnie. I need a favor. Got some kids who wanna see a Legit spar to teach them some stuff. Besides Ryoji your the only man I know who's on a physical prowess as me... And even if he helped us In the tournament... im not about to call the Feds in here to help me with anything. Come on down to Tsunami street, you know the street where the Dojo is in District 2. The new one... i'll be waiting.” I said hanging up the phone.

Pallas: -It was a regular day at Yun Tower. Donnie was doing his research on what "The Red Beast" could be. It was still getting to him that somethine like that could just poof up out of nowhere. But something about that transformation seemed familiar. It was as if he knew what that felt like. He felt as if he had done something like that before. Donnie scratches his head as there is nothing in the Yun Corp manifest to show something similar. Alfred walks to DOnnie and says-"Why do you think we would have taken part in something like that?"-Donnie replies with-"I don't know Al. Deep down I know it wasn't Yun Corp that made that beast but I feel like I've seen or even felt what that power was."-He pinches the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumbg saying-"If only Keyome hadn't destroyed everything about the Z-Human project. Maybe there is a link in that. Maybe one got away, I don't know."-Alfred had to agree that maybe there was answers in the Z-Human project. But now that everything about it had been destroyed, what could it help? Donnie shuts the computer down and says-"I'm gunna go get some fresh air."-Alfred asks-"Do you want me to come Sir?"-Donnie walks to the edge of the office where the opening for the Nano flight is and he says-"No thanks Al, I just need time to think or do something. This Red Beast thing just keeps bugging me. I hate not knowing the answer to something haha. See ya soon Al."-Donnie then used his second skin to forge the PLasma Blaster gauntlets and Repulser Boots so he can create flight. With his training getting better and better this transaction only takes a second to create. Donnie then activates the Repulser thrusters and lifts into the sky. He stays at a steady 80mph because of the fact that he is not in his suit. He slowly flies around D-2 as if it were his own personal playground. He looks at all the buildings and all the people looking up at him. It was at that time that he got a phone call from someone he never thought would be calling him. His mind acts like a helmet screen and a notification came up with Keyome's picture and it caused Donnie to smirk a bit.-"I wonder what this guy wants haha"-Donnie listens to Keyome's favor and laughs a bit. He agrees to meet up and when the call is hung up he says to himself-"On a physical prowess with him? hahaha. He is going to be in for one hell of a suprise when he sees how I am now haha."-Donnie kicks it up a notch to 120mph and soars through the air to get to this location within a few minutes. Donnie sees the dojo and drops down from the sky to make an entrance. Out of nowhere, Donnie lands on one knee with his left hand in the air, his perfect pose. The sound of his abroubt landing would caue all the kids to look out the dojo window to see Donnie. Almost instantly, the kids would go wild with excitement. One kid says-"No way! It's THE ARMORED WARRIOR!"-Then another kid came out and said-"This is going to be the best fight ever!!!"-Donnie could hear them praising him and he smiled. Donnie then slowly makes his way inside as the kids crowd the door as if he were a king or something. Donnie laughs and says-"Don't worry kids, there is enough Armored Warrior for everyone."-He then looks at Keyome and says-"You rang? Haha"-

DarkKeyome: Iwatched the kids run to meet up with Donnie at the door. I myself stayed in the middle of the Dojo. The Sensei who's name I later on found out was Nat tapped me on my shoulder. “ Hey uh... dont uh. Destory this place alright?” I nodded my head and walked over to the side of the room and picked up a staff. I twirled it around a bit as I got the feeling for it. “ Dont worry whatever gets messed up. Me and Donnie can handle the expenses but I doubt it'll even get to that scale of destruction. “ I said eyeing the man as he made his entrance I walked to him and put the staff into the ground. “ Alright Donnie. Lets try not to level this place. Less we both will be paying a pretty penny for it. “ I said looking at the male. I cocked my neck to the right a slight popping noise was heard... I was stiffer than a board. And the lack of sex was really getting to me.. “ Lets get this show on the road. My idea was to show them some Traditional Martial Arts. But your free to use whatever you want..” I spun the staf around in a 360 motion twice in my right hand before I spun my body with it and slapped the staff onto the ground coming back up getting into a stance with it.

Pallas: -He sees Keyome pick up a staff and he thinks to himself-'Already with the weapons haha.'-Donnie retracts the Repulser Boots back into his body but the Plasma Gauntlets remain. They were just the hand portion of his Nano Suit and Donnie got into his Muay Thai stance.( Then he smirks and re-shapes the Gauntlets. The wires would guickly re-shapen and the entire mold of the Guantlets would change. The metal soon takes on the mold of M.M.A. gloves that are red and black. ( Then for a little salt, spikes pop out of the gloves. Not razor sharp spikes, but rounded spikes to add blunt power to his attacks. Donnie looked at Keyome and said-"I won't make any promises if this place doesn't get some holes in it or not haha. But I'll be sure to put in half for the repairs hahaha. I think the count it 2 to 0 with me in the lead of two fights haha. Will the third time be the charm for ya Keyome? haha"-He teased jokingly at Keyome but meant no anger harm behind it. He then waited in is stance to see how Keyome would react and start the spar.

DarkKeyome: My serious expressions that seemed to never want to fade quickly became a smirk as he made a joke. This guy really was keeping score. But what had me on edge the most... was he... was compartments of his suit retracting into his body...? I blinked... what has he done to himself this time.... I couldnt belive my eyes when is aw the gloves appear over his hands. Tch. Everytime I get stronger it seems as though I have a ways to go still. “ Lets begin.” I bowed and hopefully he did the same. I recovered from the boy and put my staff up getting into the ready. Instead of running to him blindly I took step by step to him as I closed in the distance. I gripped the weapon and once I was 5 of him I took solid ground. “ Ok Kids. First, Donnie Yun will show you all how to handle a skilled fighter who is equipted with a weapon. Please Pay attention there will come times when you have to fight someone and your un armed. “ After I was done speaking I gripped the end of the staff and swung the weapon to the right attempting to hit the male in the ribs on his right side with the weapon. The speed I used would make it difficult for him to grip the weapon seeing that it moved to its designated area in less than 4 seconds. After the first strike I'd pull the staff back to me so it'd slide under my left arm pit and pull my body around in a 360 motion swiftly. As soon as the spin ended i'd be sending a sideways boot kick to the males stomach with my right leg in attempts to knock him back by 5 feet onto the other side of the dojo.

Pallas: -When he saw Keyome smirk, Donnie knew that this was going to be fun. Using the second skin as his clothes he made sure to change into his M.M.A. gear. When he heard Keyo talk to the kids he knew that this was going to be a learning experience for them and a chance for him to test out his new abilities on someone in a controlled envirnment. So all in all, it was a good opportunity for everyone. As the staff comes to the rib portion of his body, Donnie raises his right leg up to a forty degree angle for his shin to take the impact of the staff strike. His hardened skin takes the staff strike like a normal attack and his leg goes back down into his stance. This required little effort for Donnie, even a normal Martial Artist knows the know-to on defending that attack. Then as the boot comes towards him, Donnie's eyes change a bit. The iris center of his eye becomes smaller like something out of a cyborg movie as is Cybernetic system breaks down the attack almost instantly. In his mind's eye the brain of his calculated the speed and pressure that the kick is coming at and where the location of the kick will most likely land do to this calculation. Donnie uses this to calculate a proper attack of his own without wasting anytime. As the kick comes within a foot of hitting the designated target, Donnie raises his left knee and thrusts his left elbow downward. His accuracy would be almost pin-point with the help of his cybernetic systems as he aims to hit Keyo's shin bone with these attacks. The elbow and knee would aim to impact the top and bottom portions of the shin with fierce strength. The attack itself takes a second to execute. ( After the attack, Donnie would takes two steps back and return to his Muay Thai position and wait to see if Keyo wanted to talk to the kids more or fight it out.-

DarkKeyome: The first hit was deflected, which is something I expected I was doing it slow enough so the kids could see it properly. When I twisted my body around I wasnt prepared for the attack that he was getting ready to counter my kick with. The moment he did the attack it would strike shooting an enticing pain throughout my body. Shit... didnt see that one coming. Once said move was sent out I staggered back holding my leg. I kicked it out once getting a full 5 feet from. When I kicked it a loud POP was heard. The kids were in awe and were whispearing back and forth about the attack. “ Alright Kids. When in a situation where your oppoenet is armed with a weapon like this. It is orginally best to wait and take the defensive. Look for the perfect openings. And when you find one take it. Dont hesitate because if you do it could mean your life.” All of the kids nodded at once to the lesson that taught. I stretched my lightly hurt leg and after awhile it felt better. I tossed the Staff over to the Sensei Nat. “ Alright Kids, now pay attention. Me and Donnie will have a boxing match. I want you to watch the foot work being used. And the percise hits that are aimed. Take note that some of the moves that we do, will take some years to learn. Or master to a higher scale and degree. “ With that being said I pulled my shirt off and pulled over some tape around my hands pulling my pants up so I wasnt sagging. I'd get down into my Boxing stance an Orthodox stance. I reached my hand out so that Donnie would connect so we could commense into the light boxing match. We were so submersed into the session. We didnt even realize the group of people who were coming by to watch the two chairmen spar. Some married women pointed out. “ Awww. Look at them, there not so bad. There teaching those kids and being respectfull about it.” Some random husband. “ Yeah teaching em how to kill each other for later..” his wife smacked him up side the back of his head to tell him to shut the hell up.

Pallas: -Donnie smirks a bit at hearing what the husband and wife say outside. Donnie turns his head slightly and says to the husband-"Not your wife's fault she sees something she likes haha. And we are teaching self-defense not training killers here bub. But thanks for the comments hahaha."-Donnie then turns back to Keyome while starting to hop on each foot like a boxer in the ring. It was rare for Donnie to just use his boxing in a fight but he had some great hands. Donnie takes a few practice jabs and straights and says-"Okay Keyo, let's give these kids a good show."-Donnie uses his seond skin to actually put speakers on the blades of his shoulders as if he were a radio and began to play DubstepRadio. Music began to fill the room as it pumped him up. He had a smile on his face as he was ready to roll. While in his Muay Thai stance still, he takes a few steps forward to get three feet in front of him. Donnie would have the height and reach advantage in the fight so distance would be an advantage for him. Donnie's head slowly bobs left and right as it became second nature to go through the Muay Thai movements that throw opponents off their game. But his hands always remained up infront of his face, perfect technique. Donnie opened and closes his left hand multiple times as a faking tactic and quickly throws a right straight punch to test the reaction time of Keyome. The punch is actually aimed at Keyome's hand as this was not a punch used to cause actual harm. Donnie then used the Cybernetic system in his mind to completely size Keyome up. The height, reach, muscle mass, and even heart rate was being calculated as if Donnie were a walking computer. Donnie would also take into account that he is carrying two Adamantium arms that can be real hell in a boxing match. This thought gave Donnie a smirk as he was finally sized up and ready to fight. Donnie steps in with his left foot to get two feet away from Keyome's body and he throws a left jab to the center of Keyome's face. This punch is a lead punch that sets up a second punch. The jab is aimed to try and land inbetween the hands of Keyome's stance. The speed of the punch is set up to be a quick punch that is almost a blur to the nake eye. From this position, Donnie had a number of combinations to go to. As the jab is thrown, Donnie quickly throws an Overhand Right punch with tremendous power and speed. This punch would be almost twice as fast as the jab as this punch was aime to connect with the left eye area of Keyome's face. Keep in mind the roundd spikes on the edge of his Vibranium Gloves. With the set up jab working along side this overhand right, the attack has a high percentage of making contact if done correctly. As the right hand punch is thrown Donnie makes sure to keep proper technique and uses his left hand to block the open side of his face. A quick 1, 2 punch combo that can cause some serious damage. If the attack hit, Donnie would have a bright smile on his face as he began to hop around on his feet and shake his gloves out. The kids would all watch in amazment and suspence to see just how roudy this fight will be. Hoe will Keyome respond?-

DarkKeyome: I'd been ready keeping my eyes focused as I scanned over his body. For any slight twitch of movement that would give me the upper hand of manuvering my way out of a situation. I the first strike the jab to the face would have been blocked with a swift weave backwards still staying in my same posotion. I stepped to the right swiftly and the jab that was meant to hit my hands would have instead hit my stomach. It hurt but it wasnt enough to get me down. I took a step back and then thats when I saw the overhand that was coming right for me my face it was fast but it wasnt that fast. I leaned my body to the right and came back up at the same time with a powerful uppercut that was aiming at the males chin when he was making his transition to defend his face beating him in doing so by 2.3 seconds that's how swift the movements were. I pivoted back and as soon as I did the quick two piece was sent my way. The first one I weaved with a swift side step to the right, as the other punch was making its way in i'd close in, seeing that this was my time to do so. I stepped in and sent a swift 4 piece combonation into his abdomen once I was in close quarters with the male. Using the manuever i'd do on the punching bags in the gym. My hands seemed to almost roll in a circular motion as I sent the strikes out before I swiftly took a step back getting 3 feet from him still in his striking range. The crowd was clapping now at the proformance from both sides and the kids were picking sides. It was... kinda of pleaseing to see and hurmors for the most to hear them shout out. “ Yeaahhh get em Donniee!!!! Yeah yeah you can do it! Use your super powers!” The girls shouted out along with the boys. “ Go Keyome! Your so hoott!!” The other kids looked at the one girl that screamed this out and she just put her head down.

Pallas: -Seeing that his Overhand Right hand right punch had missed it's target, Donnie has to react quickly. But before he can even get back into position, he sees an uppercut coming his way. This is when the Pada Virus helps him out. The Cybernetic forcs within his body focus the Vibranium onto the location undr his chin to help cushion the blow of the Adamantium punch. Vibranium is known best for it's ability to absorb attacks like a sponge. But because Adamantium is a harder metal, DOnnie still feels some of the blow. But this was nothing he can not shake off. Then He gets into a covering position with his hands close to his ears as he just eats those punches to the abs. His durability orving itself as DOnnie prepares to go back on the offensive. As the body punches are thrown, keyo uses both of his hands which leave his face open to attack. Donnie quickly takes advantage of this and snaps his right hand down from his ear and onto the back of the neck of Keyome, putting him into "The Clinch."(Due to the sheer size advantage and punches thrown, alls Donnie would have to do is lower his hand to wrap it around Keyome's neck with little to no effort.) Close Hand-to-hant is when Donnie really causes some damage as seen in the last fight between Keyome and Donnie. With his right hand secured around Keyome's neck like an anaconda vise that would need A LOT of working to get out of, Donnie begins to attack like a shark who smells blood in the water. Donnie uses his left hand to throw mean uppercuts to the lower chin of Keyome's head and then left hooks to the cheek and eye portion of Keyome's right side face over and over. Continueing to switch punches at a blinding speed. Within five seconds of starting this attack, 12 puches are already thrown. With the gloves being made of Vibranium and having rounded spikes these punches would cause somer serious damage to Keyome's complection. And while Donnie is doing all of this, he makes sure to keep perfect posture by keeping his head close to his right arm so he cannot get blindsided by punches. This could potentially end the fight if something big isn't done to defend as Donnie shows no sign of letting up from this attack. The attack is goaled to go for 15 seconds as any longer could potentially kill a person with the power Donnie is utting behind these punches. When fifteen seconds comes, he slowly begins to release the hold of The Clinch. But keeping his hold on him long enough to create just an inch or two more spac to deliver the homerun blow. His left hand is cocked back and when The CLinch begins to release, Donnie swings for the fences. His left hand creates a hook and his hips send his arm like a rocket. He aims to hit Keyome smack dab in the jaw for the knock out punch. If al had gone to plan Keyome would be greatly dazed from the first attack and potentially not even see this final attack coming. If contact is made all the kids would cover their eyes at the final punch. The power causes the glass to break from the Dojo window and the Dojo Owner's eyes widen at the sight of it. Donnie then gets back into his Muay Thai stance with his left Vibranium glove most likely being covered in Keyome's blood. Donnie waits to see if the fight is over or if Keyome still has something left in the tank.-

DarkKeyome: The first few of attacks did ring out and connect to my face. I hadnt been in a situation like this often but I had before. He took note on my dispostion and gripped my neck and pulled me down into the clench the crowd was oohing and awing at the punches. The first 5 had met my face and jaw but after being eletricuted.... blown up. Having to get my arms replaced while I was live and up to witness the inscrusiating process. Plus having to fight Donnie who slammed me through the floor of a building? These attacks didnt phase me as hard as some may think. But my face on my right side had cut a bit and started to bruise. I maanged to get both of my arms up covering my face and moving with him depending on where the punch was going to defend myself simply waiting out the storm until it was over but I was pretty dazed and made sure to pretend like I was getting rocked the whole way. Donnie was a big guy and I knew this wasnt going to be enough to take him out but when I saw the openign I took it. The moment Donnie loosened the Hold I shot myself up with a smirk on my face it almost seemed like things went in slow motion as I came up with a roll of punched, two sift punches to the gut and then a uppercuting palm to his torso. But it didnt matter the male was was already coming in for a powerful hook... So i'd do the same. As I retracted my left fist back i'd get ready to deliever the blow back. But... As we both punched at each other due to my height. And then me moving my head over just a bit. Our fist would glide by each others face the force behind said blowed being so strong that since they made no connection to anything. All of the windows within the establishment would shatter. And Explode outward as for the people who were spectating outside of the window as well would get blow back onto the side walk as we both missed our targets. Even the sensei and some of the kids were pushed back to the walls. ( What the attack pretty much did in a better look. Start at 1:26) After the moves had been thrown I simply blinked looking over at the group of people who were looking at us if we something straight out of a horror film. I nonchanlantly began to bow to everyone picking up my shirt and awkawridly walking out. “ So uh yeah Nat p-put that in my name huh? Ahhh um. Yeah kids. Dont do Drugs.... um. Dont fight unless you have too... And even though most of you guys are 12... uh........use.......condoms........and stuff..OKGOTTAGO! Hey donnie Come by tomorrow alright I gotta tell you some stuff alrightSEEYAROUNDHAVE A NICCEEEDDAYY!'” I took off runninng full speed out of the Dojo as the people who were in it and outside of it simply blinked in shock. One guy outside was screaming about his leg and how he thought it was broken. All of the kids waited and then started going crazy amongst themselves screaming and yelling jumping up and down and laughing” YEEAHH THAT WAS SO AWSOME! DID YOU SEE THAT THEY WERE LIKE BOOM BOOM BOOM!” The kids all shouted and scramed in praise about the fight.

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