Let The Trolling...begin

Yule: Julie was reviewing the case before heading into court. It was odd that there was a police officer that was the prosecution and then a yakuza member to be defendant. Then again it was a normal case all the same. It was time to go out and decide if the defendant, Keyome Tasanagi, was guilty or not guilty. There was to be no jury in this case and she was to be the only judge in this. Julie put on her Judge’s garments, meaning her robe, and walked to the door. When she knocked quietly she heard the bailiff say, “All rise for the honorable Judge Julie.” She would walk out and up to her chair in the box. She walked with folder in hand and when she got to her seat she said, “You may be seated.” Julie would then sit down. Her black hair got in her eyes so she had to move it behind her ear. “Now…We are here for the case of prosecution, Tetsu Ryoji, suing the defendant, Keyome Tasanagi, for a case of assault and battery. Let’s get this case started. The Prosecution will go first. Mr. Ryoji and lawyer, you have the floor.” Julie would sit back in her chair after reading from the files. This was going to be a good case in her opinion.

Brain battle of the Idoits

XxDensukexX: Tetsu’s lawyer would stand up at the ready. His astonishing hairstyle, took the most attention in the court room. That and his odd looking hawaian open button shirt, with is striped pants, and clashing black boots. His hair was a cherry wood brown, and he had the smile of a winner ( ). His name was Zap Brannigan.“Thank you your honor! And good evening to you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll people of kasihana city!” The lawyer would strut his way up to the front of the court room, and look at the judge. He would then lean on the desk of hers, and say quite loudly. “So I was thinking, we should go get some drinks after this hm? You know a coulple of lates, a few ruffies here and there, and we got ourselves a great Friday night huh?” weather the judge slaped Zap or simply rolled her eyes, he would turn his head back to the rest of the court, and reply with an “ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLRIGTY THEN! I CALL TO THE STAND THE STAR WHITNESS AND PERSON ON TRAIL! TETSU RYU…RUKUFU….RIKAJIMA….TETSU TAPIOCA PEOPLE!” Tetsu would face palm himself quite loudly. Afraid to even stand up in this embarrassment of a courtroom as this lawyer was acting in such a fashion, he’d rather just let Keyome go and call it a day for gods sakes. Tetsu would sigh and stand up, looking around the court room, and dusting off his suit. It was absolute that a strong case was presented if this was to go down accordingly. Tetsu made his way to the bench, and sat down. Zap then, in a nonchalantly cool would walk over to the stand where tetsu was stitting, and lean over the table and speak.” So! Mr.Ryoji! Tell us!” Zap would lean in and whisper “like what we talked about!” and then lean out and start semi yelling. “What exactly happened! On that night, of said date, of said date of said night! Date! Copy! Print! And Paste!” Tetsu would raise an eyebrow…and then speak his peace. “Well…..okay. It was exactly 3 days ago from today. It was night time, and I was taking Ryuzakii Nagara back to my beach house, in the 10 house residence near the end of district 2.” Tetsu had to cover up his underground mountain home, so in preparation he hacked the residence system using the S.M.A.R.T technology and chaged the name on the lease to his, and stated he had owned the house for 2 years now. A smooth move indeed. “While taking him to my beach house, I came across Keyome Tasanagi on the beach. It’s no surprise that he is the chairmen of a Yakuza clan at best, but we initially were engaging in conversation. After some words were exhcnaged, he insulted me, I said I was going to arrest and apprehend him, and then proceeded to become hostile, and attack me by striking me in the chest. After which it became a matter of self defense, and a fight ensued. I took action, and fought Keyome Tasanagi. Though we tied, it was long enough for the police to arrive and take him into custody. I myself would also like to mention that I am counter suing Keyome Tasanagi for hospital bills (even though tetsu is fine) and compensational blunt force tramma. He is none the less a criminal, and even thought the organizations he funds will be stoped for a while, I have made a pass to the commander of district 3 for compensation and continuation of said programs, but without yakuza influence. It’d be best not to let this sociaopath walk free today.” “YOU DON’T DECIDE WHATS BEST FOR MOLLY!!!!!!” Zap said right after tetsu was finished talking. Only for tetsu to reply with a “O.o…*facepalm*” Zap would then walk away and point to tetsu. “THIS MAN IS INNOCENT! He is the S-U-P-E-R-T-O-A-S-T-E-R!! he his here to stop crimes, maniacs, and criminals like!” Zap points at Keyome. “KEYHOLEY TASA-FUCK ME!” zap would shake his head in every w hich direction when pointing at this man, and then step in the center of the courtroom looking around, and then flasing his peraly….unbeilivable white….teeth. “Your honor…..we are sueing Keyome Tasanagi on said mentioned ground, and will take no less than 20,000 YEARS IN PRISON!” Tetsu cleared his throat. “can’t…do that until…this case is over, and he’s trialed again…ahem.” Zap stood there for a second. Looking puzzled and moving hiss jaw back and forth. “NEXT PEOPLE TALKING PLEASE! TETSU MEH BOY! BACK IN YOUR SEAT!” Zap snaps at tetsu telling him to move. Tetsu would stand up and speak “don’t snap at me! I’m not a b-“ “DOGGY WANNA BISCUT?” Zap then throws a doggy biscut at tetsu’s forehead. As the biscut bounces off his forehead, he would then head back to his seat, saying. “it’s….the defense’s turn…your honor….*facepalm” tetsu would lay his head on the table. Zap was now humping the air with thrust of solid precision, and force, as his hawaian shirt flapped in the wind with each motion.

DarkKeyome:“ Well then Keyo My boy. Guess its our turn!” The male stood up. Dark brown hair and a smirk on his face that screamed 'Anus face douche-bag.' I was already in my seat. The court room was filled up and honestly... the only thing on my mind.... was what I was going to eat for dinner. “ The Names Hary'Motherfuckin'Pinewood And im gonna be the League Champ-” I uppercut the male in the jaw making him go airbourne as I non-chalantly walked by him and took my seat into the stands area. After 3 seconds gary would land, face planting right into the ground but getting up non-nonchalantly patting himself down. “ Ahem...well then.” He said patting himself off and turning to face everyone with his back turned to me and the judge smirking. He'd then turn around to me. “ Keyome... Tasanagi. Mr. Ryoji says that you struck him. Is this true?” I leaned back in the seat and yawned. “...No “  Hary nodded his head. “ So you didnt strike him?” I shook my head. “ I did not.” “ But you just struck me Keyome....” I blinked. “....I never hit you.” “AHHAA!” Hary would then turn to the rest of the court, then pacing over to the Jury. “ You see? My Client is... Innoncent. Why would he ever strike someone when he's clearly not a Hokemon League Champion?.......Like myself. All of you are quite insignifacant when I think about it. Last month I got 24 badges at my last Hokemon contest. I beat Ass Ketchup. Do you know who Ass Ketchup is?!? DO you!? He's a bitch that who he i-” I would have launched the bible I had on my desk right in the back of his head forcing his body to violently twist 10 times before he hit the ground. Where he would the Non-chalantly stand back up. “ My clinet, would never harm another Human being. But.... you know who would? Would you all play the tape that I brought with me please?” One of the men nodded and pressed the button on the button which would then project a screen above everyones head showing... “ DAAA DAAA DAA! W-WRONG TAPE WRONG TAPE WRONG TAPE!” the tape would then switch to a sex secne of two dudes going at it like rabbits on coke. “ I SAID WRONG TAPE! WRONG FUCKING! TAPEE!” Evantually the tape stopped and everyone was clearly... in shock. Hary blinked and attempted to play it off.. “ FUCKING... HOKEDICKS... THIS.. is the right one..” After finding the right video it would then show a video reinactment of Hary dressed up and looking like Tetsu Ryoji, and then a fat cute child playing a Kagemaru. ***********MOVIE*********The Fat child would be at a lemonade stand, it said ' Kagemaruaid. 60 cents a cup.' The Scronny Hary playing as tetsu would then walk up to the stand. “ Haaaaa haaaa My name is Tetsu Rehomie.. “ A voice in the back ground would say'* ITS RYOJI YOU DUMBASS'* “ TETSU RYOJIIII... You are a Kagemaru! A bad... man and stuffs! Im gonna break your lemonade stand...!!” The fat kagemaru. “ Nooo pwesh mr.Ryoji. Pwesh dont bwake my wemonade stand. Mr.Keyome Saysh if I get 5 dowwas. He's going to give me a brand new heart transplant for my dying moovva.” The fake Tetsu said. “ FUCK YOUR MOTHER! GAAHHH!” He began to break the stand and then brutally beat the child ****MOVIE END****.... “ With that being said... and it clearly seen, if there are no questions. I'd like to bring... Isabel... to the stands please.”

IzzyDaPada: When I was told I could enter the room, I walked in with as much grace a geisha could muster. This was Keyo’s court date, and I was called to the witness stand. What was I witness to exactly..not like a geisha would reveal her secrets. Even if it would cost her..her life. But, that was for another time. As I approached the stands, I took some bigger steps as I normally would, as I was wearing my red and white kimono. As I approached the gate that separated the public seating and the main important people involved. One of the leaned down and opened the gate as I walked through, giving him a nod, he closed it behind him. I approached the witness stand and took my seat fixing my kimono so it wouldn’t wrinkle. *Such a bad habit..* Looking up, I looked to the lawyer who had called me to the stands, it was obvious it was him as he was the only standing one in the room. The questions he was going to ask…I had to wonder to myself. Do you lie at the witness stand? Or do you tell the truth? What, or matter of fact, who would it benefit more in retrospect. Did this man expect me to tell the truth to whatever his questions were?

DarkKeyome: Hary rubbed the back of his neck as he approached Isabel at the booth. “ Hello Miss Nakayama. You and my client know each other correct?” He smirked. “ You guys ever uh..” He leaned on the desk. “ Play a game of Hokeball together... I bet Keyome isnt any good at Hokeball... i'm a Hokeball League master, this only a side j-” A book would find itself in the back of his head which caused Hary's head, to face-plant on the desk as he hit the ground. Quickly hopped back up fixing his clothing. “Ahem... well then. Tell me Miss Nakayama, My Client Keyome Tasanagi.... would he ever assault another human being? I mean.. besides the GMAF's. He is a Trained fighter. But would he really assault... an officer?”

IzzyDaPada: When the man approached the bench I gave him a polite nod of my head. “Of course..” When the man started going into his..Well I couldn’t give you the best example in the world. But the man just simply..seemed perverted…*Normal as always..* I offered him a smile as I was about to give him a reply when a book came flying and hit the man in the face… *Never lean in with your face.* I had placed my hands in my lap waiting for his question. *Would he ever assault another human behing.* *But would he really assault…an officer?* A calm ‘poker face came over me as I gave him a reply back. “No, he wouldn’t Sir..”

DarkKeyome: “ See? This is Miss Nakayama, a proud women of her elegant race of elite host women. Who all wear make up and dress in beautiful formal clothing when easily a T-shirt, maybe a pair of jeans would sufffice. Maybe even Yogi pants, or a pair of short shorts the kind with the Hello Kitty symbol on the part where the crack of the ass would be shaped so perfectly that it rivals in the roundness of a new addition grassymon Hokeball elite forecaster blaster add on number 5 addition. That's only sold in store in Tailand, and Jamaica, also in Aus-” A Knife would fly by almost impaling the male in the face as it landed nicely in the wall. “ And with that, you can see my Client is innocent Isabel may take her seat. And I myself will seat as well.”

The Golden warrior

XxDensukexX: Tetsu wanted to stand up and yell at the top of his lungs, but Zap interrupted him. “OBJECTOIN YOUR HONOR! TETSU HAS ONLY BROKEN ONE LEMONADE STAND IN HIS LIFE! AND THAT! IS THE LEMONADE STAND OF INJUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT THAT WOMAN HASNT GARGLED KEY-DILDO’S JESUS JUICE, UPSIDE DOWN, BENT OVER, TIED UP, LEGS CROSSED, EYES SHUT, LOCK JAWED, 20 TIMES OVER!?!?!?!” zap would hold the enjustince part, when the courtroom door opened wide. A shadow figure stood and stoped for a second. The court room went quiet….as a wind blowed…. Then 50 dead bodies poured into the court room door. All ninja’s. dead. With bloodied faces, and ripped off limbs. The figure walked in the door, and walked down the walk way. He was shirtless. Bloody claw wounds leaked his body. But he looked fine. His aura glowed, with such power powerfulness……….it was golden. So birght the sun looked like a btich. His name was unknown…but his face was ( the man xDDDD). The man walked over to tetsu personally. Zap fell to his knees. “B……B……………..Br-“ “….” The figure looked at Zap, with a glare. He then pointed at zap. And then pointed twords the door. Without uttering a single word. Zap simply noded, and walked to the walkway, and bent over with his but out. The figure then let out a loud battle cry “woooooooooAATA!!!!!!!” And with side kick so fierce, Zap went flying thorough the white light that filled the courtroom doors. The man then patted Tetsu on the shoulder. And spoke softly. “…..The most important fight……is prolonged. Do not rush……the inebitble.” With a couple more pats on his shoulder, tetsu then shot out of his seat, and was slamed against the celing, and then fell back down only to crash land on the prosceuters table, and be rendered unconscious. The figure then proceeded walk back down the run way out of the court room doors. And the doors shut behind him. Tetsu is now rendered unconscious, and unable to continue the case.

Yule: Julie would watch what happens in this strange case. She has thought that much of this was odd conductivity in the court but ignored it for the most part. After Tetsu was knocked out Judge Julie pounded her gavel and looked at the court room. “Seeing as the prosecution cannot resume I dismiss this court. Keyome Tasanagi, you are not guilty. Now…seeing as this was more a circus than a court case, everyone get out of my court and have a nice day.” Julie stood and then gathered her files. She made her way down to the bailiff and said to him, “Please take the unconscious person somewhere else. I have another case in an hour.” With that she walked back to her office.

Drop it like its hot

DarkKeyome: “ Oh.. what? Im free? Im good to go? Well then..” The song would began to chime in the back ground (( HAHAHA CLICK IT AND READ ALONG BISHES → I got up doing a 2 step to the middle of the court room dancing over Tetsu's unconcicous body as a bunch of big bootty bitches came in twerking and shaking there ass. “ Drop it like its hottt.”  20 girls were dancing around me suffocatiing me with ass and breast. Next thing you know I was cripp walking on the judges stand dancing around. The gaurds were dancing going “ Snoooooooooooooooooooppppp” an elderly woman of 85 was break dancing in slow motoion with her posse of elderly b-dancers. They began to crowd surf me out of the court room and out into the evening streets of district 2. “ GO KEYO, GO KEYO, GO KEYO.” I was cripp walking down the street all the way to downtown District 2. Nice Try Ryoji. Maybe next time. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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