Miazaki (Left) Isabel (right)


Early Wake Up Call

It was something 5 in the morning..and it was bright and warm outside, though with a hint of a morning chill. Being it was Spring, the weather of spring here must think it was summer apparently, though in the morning, it reminded those that it was still definitely spring. (Place for visual reference: ) I had let out a heavy breath as I hadn't woken up just yet. My left arm was also throbbing as well. The geisha tattoo that served as a pleasant reminder of who and what I was, but also a reminder of who I got it with. A geisha by trait, education, and presence. But it reminded me of when I got it with Keyome, received after the day or so after me and him had..kissed..shortly after I had confessed again how I felt..Him kissing me. Something told me that, within myself..these feelings weren't exactly the same. Same in a good way of course. Different from how I felt with Hajime.. The kiss that was exchanged between me and Keyo gave me well, butterflies when I think about it, or when I think about him. *tweet tweet* Then the the loud echo of the gong being pounded on, signaling the time, up here in the mountains they don't have electricity like they did back in Kasaihana. It was a great place to help oneself clear their head. No really clear link to the outside world besides writing letters if you lived up here. They basically were nomads.. I finally emerged from out of the apartment about 30 minutes later. The apartment was given to me upon my arrival and in a sense check in... ( For visual reference: ) It was a place anyone could live in really, space that made it possible for a single person to live comfortably in. A table, in the middle of one of the rooms for either a personal meal, or have a group meal with others. A separate room to sleep in with sliding shoji screens that separate the rooms. Since I had left the twins back with Nami while I was doing this for myself, and to progress with my chi, and light Hadou. It was better I did this alone. The worry-some twins would never allow me to find a center of balance for me to even get remotely close to my goal. Setting off away from my place of residents I did a normal routine that seemed to become normal to me now with my stay. Jog, or run, depending on my speed to one of the temples I had been meditating at the past two days. Picking up a comfortable jogging speed it brought the morning air quicker to my exposed skin as I wore my somewhat considerably revealing top, sweatpants and my sandals  It caused me to let out a breath that was somewhat visible in the morning air. On my way to the first portion of the climb up the mountain, I had past a few of the people who resided within the village. They were the ones that worked the fields that I had gathered from what equipment they brought with them, heading in the opposite direction. Though most of the people just gave me a smile, not phased by my clothing, my tattoo, my looks. Did they know who I was? Probably not this far out and up in the mountains where the culture of the city didn't touch their old traditions It was nice because.. I didn't have to worry about someone coming up to me, and possibly arresting me like Keyome was back in Kasaihana. Though, by some looks of the woman in the town, they saw the geisha on my arm and probably wondered what possessed me to get this tattoo. Maybe I would show these people a show they wouldn't forget, give them a brush with tradition older than any of us. That would truly be something to see.

Cleansing The Mind, Exhausting The Body, Exerting The Spirit

As I jogged my way up the summit, the path I took, different from the usual, (For visual reference: )it was laden with trees here and there, and it was a forest of bamboo. ( For music affect :3:  ) The jog would lead me to a path that was laid with rocks across a stream. It was interesting really to see this path, jumping from one stone to the next I couldn’t help let out a small giggle like a child. Have I truly not really lived through my childhood that much, that jumping from rocks is considered entertainment for someone who is in their early 20’s sometimes I wonder every night what life would have been like if I still had both of them in my life.. I reached the other end of the small stream and continued on my way up. But I was more lost in my thoughts… The images that floated of my parents smiling faces, where they happy now.. maybe even resting in peace? I had to let out a sigh. I missed them, the images found back in the hidden fortress really, seemed to never leave…why would someone keep images of them..keep images of the dead.. It was like maybe Thomas left them there in his tricks… It was possible. I had to wave the negative thoughts off it just didn’t seem healthy to think of such negative thoughts when entering a place that I was heading. I let out a breath and picked up the pace this time as I made the climb up the mountain, the climb was always getting steeper it seemed, the place that would have greeted the one who traveled up this way, it was meant to clear the man (or woman’s) mind, before they stepped into the shrine of the God or goddess, for when one prays, their heart has to be pure, from what I have learned, and heard from travelers and the villagers in the village. Each stage of the mountain was like a step towards something when I really thought about it.. The stone steps over the stream, how willing was one to cross an obstacle in their path to reach their destination. My next stage up the mountain were a large flight of stone steps (For Visual reference: ), leading up to the temple…how far would one go for their goals, their dreams. The stone steps seemed to loom in front of me, to anyone else, it was like, to say to someone that it was a challenge, one could give up at the beginning, or they could continue on and venture up to reach the prize that awaited them at the top. But I took the challenge, as I started to jog up the stone steps that seemed to get steeper, and wider, it was the mountain produced its own steps, not so spaced apart were markers, leading and lining the way up towards the temple. It was a good 5 feet up that they continued. Nodding my head to myself more so, I took in a breath and began to job up the steps, they said that if the traveler thought about their lives while walking up these steps, each step would be the memory, until they ran out of memories, good and bad alike, once they reached the temple they would be calm in spirit and in mind, even though they would be purely exhausted. Well after what seemed like 5 hours, when in reality it was probably only two hours, I finally reached the top of the steps. The sight that greeted me was amazing and marvelous over and over again, (For visual reference: ) The temple shrine didn’t have a lot of visitors at this time of day, so it was the perfect time for me to get what I needed done, and make my way back just as everyone was making their way up the summit. Just as I had, but it was always the elderly that made the way up, the young people didn’t seem to notice the or care about the shrine, it had to make me wonder a bit, as to why the young generation didn’t pay respects. The crunch of the gravel was the most satisfying sound that I think anyone could hear really, it gave you the notion that, you made it to the top. I had noticed countless times before about this temple was, it wasn’t just for one god or one goddess. It was dedicated for five. I learned along the way it was dedicated to the kami of sun, the kami of archery and war, the fox kami that gave the people the ability to farm like they have been, for quite some time apparently… the kami of the sea, storm and the protector of Yomi, and the kami of the unseen world. Makes you wonder what happened to the rest…. Made me want to just walk up to them and ask why they stayed while the others didn’t answer the prayers of the people, but, as the speaker of the kamis had said, the others left while the five chose to stay because they saw that they were still needed, that moment where you question, needed for what really, and if this was true. But, who am I to question a kami’s choice, or right really. I am only human to them.

I had made my way through the temple to where I needed to be, near the shrine. )( For visual reference: ) It was a simple shrine, what the people gave to the kamis, pleased them enough to grant them what they needed, not what they wanted. Seemed some had their heads on right. The temple priests knew who I was from the whispers in the town that made their way up the mountain, but they only knew me as the new comer in the village. They didn’t know my name, my background, which saved me in the long run from explaining. They had allowed me to meditate in the shrine room, unbothered… well sometimes. They always came in with clay jars of water, making sure I remembered to drink with the many hours of meditating I spent? Ha… why would people care about someone like me really… the tattoos never really scared them off did it? It was like they had seen it all in their old age, the coming and goings of their devotes and just travelers wishing for their safe travels to their next destination. With closed eyes, I found a balance mind set, letting go of whatever I felt, had been through… Reflecting on my life.. The last piece of the puzzle to this never ending cycle of my life… if I could fix this..I could possibly have an open door to my light hadou, but also gain peace within myself. ( for the feelllsss: )My mind went to the one image that seems to come back strong and unwavering… it was my parents. I was holding onto those pictures, the rosary as if they were everything and more, stowed away gems, hidden from man itself. I had lowered my head because something in my chest grew tight… the ping of loss… the ping of regret.. or anger? **Inner voice that isn’t her own**Never hold anger or regret. What’s in the past is in the past. Look on to the future with a smile. Soon… you will see the path of your past come back to intertwine back with yours.**Voice fades out** I had let out a held back noise, a muffled sob some would say, my head was still lowered, I came to the realization… I was just as broken as any child torn away from their parents, thrown into a new life…a rough one…  Growing up without any closer as to what happened, why it happened…nothing…  All I really wanted was to know if they wanted this for me… ** Inner voice** Me and your father loved you dearly.. **voice fades** How can someone give up their own child…but say they love you… **Inner voice** It was the right thing for us to do… Your father promised he would find you again… **voice fades** No one was in the room when the tears were running down my face. He was dead, and so was she, but she still lived, like she said she would, and I knew that from the nightmare, turned dream.  But it still felt like what it was, a dream. I placed my hand over my chest where I felt her warm, firm hand that was placed over my heart….. **Inner voice** It wasn’t a dream little flower.. You have to listen with your heart…not your ears… For when the time comes…you will know the truth of all things…**voice fades** I looked up at the shrine that gave the images of the five kamis…listen with my heart…not my ears… The truth…the truth of what Hahaoya? It seemed I would let everything I learned down… just because I couldn’t understand why this happened, or…why this had come to pass. **Inner voice** Things happen for a reason. It is all a path of destiny, fate. There is endless possibilities one could choose for a future..the boy being one of them.. as it was your ancestors choice to choose you.. **Voice fades**  I blinked at the shrine, my ancestors…chose me?

Letting go of everything before this, was easier than this, I thought anyways.. letting go of the past was like tearing a child away from its parents.. I corrected myself as I sat back in the stance I had taken, whipping away the tears from my face, taking in a few breaths then letting them out. I meditated and reflected on how I was feeling, and what was…given to me? To let go of something like letting go of a cage bird, one must think, and reflect for a long period of time in order to take the first steps to get over it.. but I had always been in the process of trying. I took the first steps of letting go.. Letting the fates decide the balance of my parents resting place, and state. I wasn’t really in a full state of awareness, my mind was in this state of just being, when I spoke out in a soft tone towards the shrine. “I won’t hold onto anger…I won’t hold onto regret..” It was like saying an apology to someone you had missed for so long, like the worlds weight was lifted off your shoulders for the first time in your life. The spoken words seemed to have lifted whatever chains I had placed, what something else had placed. **Very soft voice(s)**Female (Ama): We have heard you..and seen you grow, be brought down, and rise again.. Male voice(Hachiman): We will bestow upon you this power…that few can whiled… Unknown voice(Inari): You have fought long and hard young we will give in return for that.. Male voice(Ōkuninushi): Use it is not like the ones you have seen before.. Male voice (Susanoo): Go forth..and bring peace and light back to this lost and darkened world… **All voices fade*** If you were visited by ghosts….of any type…and you felt their presence…you would get that chill up your spine, and goose bumps on your skin. I had opened my eyes to look around me, the room was silent, with the outside noises coming in to the space. It seemed I was looking at the world a new… the colors a bit more vibrant then before. I pushed myself up from the floor taking a stance in front of the shrine as I looked up to the five depicted kami’s, then I offered a bow to them, in gratitude..In thanks. When I rose from the bow, I looked down at the still filled clay jar of water, I shouldn’t leave it here for someone else to pick up after me. Kneeling a bit in a squatting position I picked up the pitcher of water then rose back up, giving one last bow to the shrine and headed out of the room.

Still holding onto the pitcher of water in my hands as I left the room that held the shrine, and was greeted with the outside courtyard that held the bells that were to be said that signaled the gods that someone was about ready to pray. An older gentlemen, was walking towards me with a large pack on his back and with the look of he had been traveling for miles. He had probably spotted me as he was on his way approaching me, I offered him a smile, the older man, returned the smile.. the older generation weren’t as judgmental as some others were. “You look tired and weary Sofu-Sama… I have some water if you need it, and one of the priests can help find some food if you’re hungry.” The older man nodded his head in gratitude as he approached the leveled floor boards I was standing on, he took a seat with his pack off, I knelt in a lady like fashion as I put the pitcher of water down. The older man had taken out his own cup to put the water in, which saved me, because…the priest didn’t give out the cups, or I left it in the room. I was in the process of pouring his cup when the man looked at me with a knowing smile on his face. When I had poured the cup of water, I looked up to see the smile on his face, which caused me to blink a few times. “Sofu-Sama?” The man picked up his water and took a small drink of it then put it down, like he was a gentleman of some far off time period. “You’re a geisha…” I quickly put the pitcher down; I didn’t know if I had spilt any water fall out of the pitcher, the man completely shocked me. I had placed both my hands on my legs as I looked down, but he let out a kind chuckle, “Haha, my dear, you are quit alright. I won’t tell anyone your secret.” He reached out and patted my one of my hands, I had to look up at this old man. “How did you know Sofu-Sama..” The older man gently took his hand away as he picked up the cup of water again, it was like he needed something in his hands or he would fidget, “My girl…the way you knelt, and the way you addressed me, and lastly my child. The way you poured. I have been around many geisha in my days. I know a true geisha when I see one. And you, are the prettiest, and well mannered one I have met.” This caused me to blush a bit as I smiled, well, if that gave me away to an older man, then I’m pretty much sure I would give myself away to anyone by now. As the sound of approaching footsteps approached, I looked up as my face returned to its natural state, when I looked up it was once of the priests approaching. “Oh please Miss you don’t have to do that.” I have to giggle a bit and shrug my shoulders a bit; I didn’t mind helping at all. “I don’t mind. I was here, and he needed water.” The priest gave me a large bow when he was near, it seemed weird to me for a priest to be bowing to me… when truly it should be the other way around, but I returned the bow and rose to be on my feet, not the same height as the man, but, we were both standing. As we both rose, the priest had a smile on his face, not of a snide attitude, but something different. “It seems, there is still good in the people. You are like an angel sent from the heavens.” I had to blink at his statement, why would the man say such a thing. Hmm….I suppose I will never know. I gave the priest one last bow, same with the old man, who had a kind smile on his face as he gave a polite bow back. I walked to where I had left my sandals, slipping them on. My last piece of business was to go to the bell and send a prayer..

The Geisha vs the Samurai...The Two Tenchi Souls Encounter

Upon my approach to the bells, it was not a part of where I was before. It was further away from the shrine. The bells ropes were old and worn out ( For visual reference: ) I reached out and took the rope in my hands and gave it a good tug causing the bells to chime out, bringing my hands up to chest level I clapped my hands twice, after the second clap I put them together and closed my eyes as I lowered my head to pray. **Prayer** Kami of the sun, of the people, of the forest, of the sea and of the unseen world. Give this follower guidance, strength.  Protect me as I go.. Watch over me.. Protect my mother and father in the unseen world… may they have a peaceful after life**End of prayer** ( BEHOLD THE AWESOMENESS LISTEN TO IT! )  When I was giving my prayer, I didn’t hear the footsteps behind me… The silent scrap of steel being pulled out of its holding cell, the holder of the sword pressed the blade against the left side of my neck, the cold lick of the steal pulled my eyes open slowly. “I don’t know who you are..or what you’re doing here up in these mountains so far from your precious guns and weapons..but I know who you are..your tattoos give you away..” I stared straight ahead of me...the man’s voice seemed muffled by a mask of some sort? But..know who I am? What am I exactly? I didn’t reply back to the man, but he sure had something to say to me. But when he spoke, his voice came out as a harsh whisper. “You’re a yakuza…I know of your KIND..” When he said kind, it was like he spat at me.. Spat out the vile word of yakuza… “Your tattoos give you away YAKUZA…I sworn to protect these people..and I will do just that. I know every last bit of your kind…you all deserve the punishment…from the crimson blade…” I reached out to take hold of the rope, but the man answered my action with pressing the cold steal against my neck. “My kind…? You say it with such hatred in your voice… Do you truly know my kind…?“  The man didn’t reply back, he just kept his blade pressed against my neck, any more pressure applied to the sword…it would cause to put a slice in my neck, cut an artery or something within my neck, or he could change how he was holding it…and slice my neck off…in one…clean….swoop of his sword…I drew my hand away, I could tell I was getting a bit nervous, my hand was shaking but I wouldn’t let him see it. “Do you fear for your life yakuza?” I tilted my eyes up, the little bit of the sky I could see, I sent a small prayer up..maybe it could be heard….. **Give me the courage and strength…**  (  REPEAT FOR THE WIN. DO IT! its so awesome >8O DO IT! ) “I SAID DO YOU FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE YAKUZA!!” With that…I took my chance, the moment his anger rose, he let his guard down…mistake number one…never let your emotions get in the way. Instead of what some would do is go after the sword, I went in the other direction…I went AWAY from the sword. Leaning to my right so that the sword was no longer pressed against my neck and dropping down to a low squat. The man blinked a few times when the sword he had pressed against my neck went flying to the right since there was no solid object. This gave me my chance. I quickly shifted my weight to my hands so I was in a hand-stand now and then sent out my legs to that they aimed at his chest, in a back kick. The man went stumbling back, *CLANK CLANK CLANK* Pushing off my hands back onto my feet, I turned around with my arms up in front of me to defend myself, the man was in a samurai suit….not like you see those every day, and a katana in his hand…I’m so out matched its not even funny…it seemed he followed some code of ethics if he dressed up like that..heh…the old ways seem so tired into this place.. “How did you…how did you do that!” I gave him a smile when he looked at me. “Not every pretty flower is as innocent.” The man looked at me, with..a look. Challenge accepted old man..even if I didn’t have a sword. After he regained himself he brought the katana back in front of him, like he was a kendo fighter. *Trained fighter..alright* “Alright..little lotus flower…”  I had to smirk to myself…. With that, I ran at him, and he the same. Running at full speed the man had brought back his arms with the katana pointed out. I well had nothing, but I did have plans. When we were about to clash together him screaming his warrior cry “AHHHHH!!!!” I pivoted off my foot so that I was in the air then came down on his blade, eyeing the man in the eyes, as that was pretty much the only thing exposed. Well….he was old… With that quick few seconds, I sent myself into the air by pushing off the steal of the katana. *Launching into the air is how you lose…* But he had to stop his speed and turn around, when I had to just land on the ground and regain my composure. Shifting myself in the air I was brought back down by the gravity, *CRUNCH* The gravel under me sent a jolt up my spine. The older warrior had went running then turned around and looked at me; the look in his eyes, it kind of sent shivers up my spin really. He really wanted to get rid of me that bad…Protector of the mountains huh? Well then. I guess I will have to give him a show…of my, somewhat developed abilities!  We took our stances again, we pivoted off his foot first, than me pivoting off my right foot. What the older samurai didn’t know was I had been letting my chi slowly seep into my body, building it up slowly…relying on what Keyome had taught me, keeping in mind of what happened to the rock, like stitching…letting it slowly build. 3 feet away…2 feet away…a foot away…I built the chi into my arm as I covered my arm and knuckles in chi to coat it for no possible fractures to occur…

I Won't Die That Easily! 

Literally footsteps apart from each other, the man lunged his sword out at me trying to strike me; I evaded the sword as I lunged my balled fist out at his chest. When my knuckles made contact with the chest plate, I released the hold on my chi which would release an even powerful impact on the chest plate…**CRACK!…CRACK!!…CRACK!!!** “Ah.hhh…” The older man had to let out a cough as we stood there for a few seconds, the chest plate was beginning to shatter from the crater that was created from my fist… “The power you hold is quite impressive…for a have much to fear from the Crimson Blade!” With that the man lunged his hands towards my stomach, I didn’t have time to react…but when he made contact it was like a power drive to my stomach. I probably had a surprised look on my face when the pain radiated from his punch, when the man shoved his hands outwards it sent me flying backwards. I was still sidetracked with the fact that, that punch /HURT/ like hell. Falling to the ground, I rolled a few more feet with the gravel scraping at my exposed skin. ( listen? :3  ) “You Yakuza are so weak. You will never know the true strength of the gods…you are too far in your corrupted darkness to understand. Let me end your life now Yakuza…” I started to push myself up from the ground. Weak.. That is the third time now I heard someone tell me I’m weak… I looked at the ground… I’m not weak.. Not with Her here… Not with everything at stake now… I pushed myself up to my knees. I will never know the truth strength? I propped one of my legs under me so I was in a knelt position…why did everything seem to come back do being weak… “You..are blinded…by your own…darkness..” I had to force the words out of my own mouth… “You…who has sworn to protect these people…are blind…by darkness…” My words were a bit raspy..When I looked up at him, he had loosened his grip on his katana..the look in his eyes said it all.. I hit something.. But it was like he wasn’t focusing right on me.. “My kind..What is my kind..” I forced myself to my feet, it was pure determination that was driving me at this point, while another part of me was screaming *DIE, JUST LET HIM KILL YOU. YOU CAN”T DO THIS* I won’t hide from this or any other part that is presented to me.. “Yakuza background..yes..I’m far different..but yet I don’t know what darkness blinds me... I’ve lost a lot.. and gained so little in return for my achievements in my 22 years of life..” I was looking right at the man, while pulling myself to my full height towards this man, it seemed like he was..Weakening at my own words? “I have..been torn down..beaten…stripped CLEAN and built a new..only to be torn down again..and built back up..” I let out a cough a bit as I took a fighting stance “…and I won’t let the likes of you…or anyone else..tear me down again…I will stand here and show you and anyone else who challenges me that I am not weak! I am not useless! I am not a burden! I will never be this broken child I used to be…don’t underestimate me! ”  I didn’t realize I was crying again, but, the tears were streaming down my face.. clear as day..for anyone to see, for him to see.

**From the older man’s/Miazaki’s point of view**(continue to play the same song >8I it has the feels)**

Somehow this young woman was standing after that punch…it made me think she wasn’t any ordinary Yakuza…but Yakuza none the less… Her words were weighted as if she had lived a thousand lives over..yet she was ready to fight again. What could possibly make her want to continue to fight after that, the deep scratches that were evident on her started to either burse or swell up. *Yakuza background yes..I’m far different..but yet I don’t know what darkness blinds me from…I’ve lost a lot..and gained so little in return for my achievements in my 23 years of life.. I have been torn down..beaten..stripped clean and built a new..only to be torn down again..and built back up..* The sad life of a yakuza child….Maria…could I really take the life of this child…regardless of what I sworn and what I used to hate? Could I really do that to her…The girl’s determination was shown not only in her face, but the strain in her body. The next part is what struck me the most and pulled me out of my train of thought.. ”and I won’t let you..or anyone else..tear me down again.. I will stand here and show you and anyone else who challenges me that I am not weak! I am not useless! I am not a burden! I will never be this broken child I used to be…don’t underestimate me!” The girl’s determination and her words were compelling enough for me to listen. The fact she started crying… The way woman cry it seemed like their eyes were like the gateway to their souls. The girl was more focused on proving others wrong, showing what she has. Something about this girl…. Was definitely different.. The space around her started to shift white..than change into transparent wings but not of her own it was clear with anyone who could see chi, or this type of manifestation…that the wings belonged to another figure. It had them wrapped around her protectively. Then burst open uncovering her like her soul had been released ( More so for the affect..) Behind her, was a ghostly form of a woman, the look on the woman’s face was not pleasant, but it had a fierce look to it..*Ahh….so another Tenchi Soul user…how interesting…* This would prove interesting.. The girl must be from a line.. But I never knew anything of the sort was possible. Maria what should I do.. **Inner voice**Train her…Help her become stronger..Better herself..**Voice fades** You always know what to say Maria… What would I do without you some days? I slide the katana back into its case as I looked at the young woman standing in front of me…

**Back to Isa’s point of view…If still playing the music don’t need to :3**

The man had a look of shock over his face..why did he look so shocked..It didn’t make me feel all that comfortable…he was not that far from killing me, but now he withdrew is katana and put it back in its seethe. Something in my chest had grown warn, and fierce, I knew it was because I wouldn’t let this man kill me that quickly, I had too much to prove. “Put your arms down young woman…” Do what… Was he kidding? He had to be kidding…put my arms down…right..right… “You wouldn’t get anywhere with that poor of body condition anyways…” The man’s voice was was…kind. Not just a few minutes ago he wanted to kill me..Why would he do this? **Inner Voice** He is a kindred spirit..just lost I wouldn’t let any arm come to you.**Voice fades** I shifted and stood in a normal stance as I lowered my arms looking at the man…My voice came out low when I spoke “Why are you doing this…” The man walked up to me, it looked like a man had been defeated ages ago. When he approached he took off the helmet. The face that was hidden was now revealed, the man was definitely older, early 50’s. He offered me a bow, I was still apprehensive about this, but I gave a small bow in return. When we both rose, I looked this man in the eyes, the eyes now that looked defeated and worn. “Chihana Miazaki..and why my because you have what is called Tenchi Soul…As you are a light Hadou user..” I blinked at him which left me confused..Tenchi Soul.. This Miazaki gave a small chuckle, and patted my shoulder, “Come I will explain everything for you to understand..and we will nurse those wounds and your chi back to health. I live at the base of the mountain..come..I will break bread and give you a warm will be dark soon” Explain apparently what no one else could tell me? Yes please.. Though if anyone else in my situation was asked to go to a 50 some odd year old man’s house. That would feel like a pedophile like question but I took up his offer, the way back to the village would take a few hours to even make it to any near Inns…and it was about to be dark soon.. So I followed where he lead…down the mountain, through shortcuts I never knew existed, well obviously this man would have known where he was going because he had lived here longer.. On our decent down, Miazaki started up a conversation with me.. “So..what is your I gave you is only fair to give me yours.. *Looks over shoulder* With a face like one would forget a name.” I kept my eyes to where I was going, though I did notice he had looked over his shoulder to look at me, than looked back over to face forward. I guessed my face wasn’t all that pretty looking right now. “Nakayama Isabel..” He’d node his head and march down. I couldn’t give a fake name like I probably should..but…he already knew that I was a yakuza.. why lie to a man that was giving you the chance to live…  We had walked on in silence tell apparently he had formed together his thoughts, “So..Isabel… What brought you all the way to the temple of the Kami of the Heavens? Let alone the small village?” I looked at the back of his head, then looked straight forward, we had broken from the trees and I could see the sky setting into its twilight fase… “I had to find inner peace.. fix lose ends..the city is to chaotic for one to do those things..” He nodded his head as she turned a corner to avoid a cliff, I approached the turn but instead of turning, I stopped at the edge and looked went all the way down..It over looked the path way up the mountain…*Clever this Chihana-Sama is..* Turning my attention, I saw he had stopped and was watching me with a smile, he knew what I was thinking. “Yes, I had watched you climb the mountain. You did pretty well and looked like you were going through a lot of memories, which is supposed to happen.” I gave him a node and we headed on back to this house stowed away in the mountains above the civilization.

Time to Recover, Get to Know One’s Allis

It was probably after ten when we finally got settled in, prepared food and ate, three or so hours before that when we finally arrived. The man really did live far out in the wilderness. The one thing I was catching on with this man was, Miazaki seemed to cling on to a lot his wife’s kimonos…as elegant as they were. I had taken one simple kimono into the area that was designated as the wash area.. It was like he lived like his own country here. The house was nice, large, but, for just one man, then again, who am I to judge where he lives…When I lived in a protected place like I did. Everything was set up with water, and it was still steaming hot. “Hello warmth…” It was all I could say really, I stripped off the clothing that I wore and slipped into the bathtub. I let out a hiss of my own feeling my sores and wounds react to the warm water.  I slipped into the water and scrubbed at the bruised, scratches on my skin with the soap that was provided. I had put my hair up in a semi-messy bun on the crown of my head, strands hanging on both sides of my head. The warmth of the water was soothing once I finally cleaned out the scratches, preventing infection of any kind. I leaned back against the wooden part of the tub to look up, the sky was clearly visible, I let out a sigh as I sat in the tube, sinking slowly into it… I brought one of my hands out of the soapy water and put it in the air like if I was trying to reach out to catch a star..or even the moon… *Hahaoya…is chichioya with you…and happy..* I tilted my hand still looking up.. But the inner voice didn’t answer back which caused me to frown. Will I ever know what happened? Shifting out of the bath I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me, while in the process of wringing out my hair with the water from washing it with clean hot water. Stepping out of the wash area in the borrowed kimono, I slide the sliding shoji screen behind me and headed to where I was supposed to sleep. It was dead quiet within the household, and it made me wonder if the older man had left on his regular route. Dropping off the items in the room, I began my exploring through the house. I heard the noises of animals, barking was first, that of an older dog, and the small whimpering of puppies, when I found the room, I quietly slid it open, what I found inside the room was a wonderful site, it was a mother Japanese Akita and her pups…I smiled then closed the shoji screen and continued on my way out. I had let out a sigh in what seemed to be frustration. This place was to big to scout out personally but I had to go and find things out on my own. *A man’s voice through a screen that lead out to a pavilion* “Maria…I picked those wild flowers you had always loved so much when we moved here…” It caused me to blink and silently open the shoji screen..

What greeted me was in this pavilion, it was the center pavilion of the compound, the pound, pathways to each side, and a small grave in one of the untouched spaces. There was Miazaki, knelt on the ground placing flowers there..The things mortal eyes are not supposed to see… Was he grieving still the loss of this Maria woman? “Maria…I hope you don’t mind her wearing your kimonos… She didn’t bring anything else.” I stayed where I was…it was like he was talking to himself. “Haha…right…Maria…as you say…” Well…if this guy didn’t have any notch on the anti-social scale, and the creepyisum just now…he just did.. “Maria….I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you…I was so…weak…blind…She’s right….For such a young girl she is right..Yet, haha..Maria…I have to frightened me when she said that. It was like she read me like an open book..” I walked silently on the wooden pathway, and every so silently closed the shoji screen behind me.. Listening to this man talk, I didn’t feel like the only person..But it frightened him when I spoke towards him those few hours ago.. I had to let out a silent sigh, how conflicting having a conscious is. “Maria…Ask the gods to forgive me..and ask them help me train this girl to better herself, give her strength in her own ability..ask them to give me strength to know how to do so..” I slowly approached the edge of the raised walkway that was separating us, I felt like such a child, standing here, with my left arm straight down my body, while the right was crossed over my body and held onto my left elbow. He was in the process to get up, I didn’t want to interrupt him, make him think I was hovering, or think I was about to kill him even though he has shown hospitality towards me. When he finally turned around he looked at me…and slowly his face turned into an unreadable mask. “How long were you standing there…” I shifted my glance away from him…A yakuza leader…and I couldn’t look an elder in his eyes… “Not that long Chihana-Sama…” With my answer, in a low tone, I heard the weighted footsteps as he approached, then what surprised me was, he turned and sat down on the raised ledge, and patted the spot where I stood, asking me to sit down. Gathering the kimono bottom in my hands I knelt next to him, in such a habit. It was a beautiful kimono, I didn’t want to get it dirty by letting it touch the ground. His look shifted over to me, as he smiled a sad smile. “Ahh…trained are you…might I enquire if you’re a geisha Isabel?” I gave him a node of my head. “hai..” (yes in Japanese) He gave a node of his head. “My wife..Maria…was a geisha too..luckiest man I ever was when I found her. How long have you been in the Floating World?” I looked down at my hands as I looked them over. “Since I was 7…” If I looked up, he probably would look at me, and, I honestly wouldn’t now the look he gave me. “So young.” I nodded my head. “Hai..Both my parents sent me away to live in Kasaihana to live in the Kamishichiken.. I still don’t understand why..” It grew a bit silent tell he probably faced away when he asked. “Who is the leader of the geisha clan..” Who is the leader of the geisha clan..Ahh….He knew of the Wakahisa clan then… I had to let out a soft laugh. “Would you believe me if I told you…I was?” I looked up to see how he would act, at the same time he looked right back at me, the look of shock. “You? The leader of the geisha clan?” I nodded my head to reassure his question. “Well, you do have the beauty to support this claim.” I offered him a smile and looked down, then looked back up to look at the sky, it was getting close to late, and I knew my body was aching from everything that transpired today. “Sometimes I wondered why fate put me in the situations it did. Like, it was because I did wrong as a child. But I’m learning because…maybe I’m supposed to make a difference in the world.” I looked to him as he was nodding her head. “The same dream I had back in the KPD my girl.” I looked at him and blinked, I couldn’t hold back the shocked sound as I was about to speak, “The…KPD….” He nodded his head and crossed his arms in that young man cocky way. Something Keyome would probably do. It caused me to smile a bit, I wish he was here, to watch me grow if I grew any at all. “Yes Ma’am. The KPD. It wasn’t as far in the pits of Yomi as it is probably now. Back in the day…it actually meant something to be in the KPD…” I looked at him, I couldn’t help but wonder, what did it mean to be in the KPD really… Everyone there was either sick and twisted or just pure mad and wanting world domination. I heard enough of them tell me they wanted this person, or that person’s head on a plate while being intoxicated, truly wasn’t a pretty sight at all. “Well the KPD now…are lost…but someone was fixing the problem…” He had to laugh to himself and node his head. “Dead-Shot?” Oh my word, he’s smart. I gave him a nod of my head. “Hai.” He smirked at this then shook his head. “Killed my commanding officer, killed my fellow partners while on his killing spree. I think he did some good back then. Helped me get back my life, and my Maria, it got us here.” He nodded like he was going over a memory of that day. I had to wonder…what did the older man go through truly? Was the KPD really…that respectable back then? We both sat there, talking, exchanging stories of our lives, him with the KPD, me with my Yakuza life….it was strange really…to tell someone of the KPD my life. But he probably felt the same way as well. But reassured every so often that he wasn’t KPD, and hasn’t been in a few good years. Covering my mouth I had let out a small yawn, and he let out a chuckle and nodded his head in an agreeing mannor. “Well, it’s getting late, and we should probably head in the right areas of the bed.” I gave him a nod in compliments. Shifting up to my feet he would turn slightly and look at me. “Isabel..” I looked at him and blinked a few times. “Hai?” He stood up from where he was sitting and took a large step to get on the risen wooden platform. “Never let anyone tell you, you are weak. Or a burden.. You are a strong woman. Stronger then you let on, and once this training is over. You will be able to defend your clan with honor.” I looked up at him…I couldn’t help but feel honored by his words, I gave him a bow, a respectful bow. “Arigatou gozaimasu Miazaki-Sama. Guddo naito.” As I rose back up from my bow, Miazaki had a very big smile on his face, “You are so formal. It’s a nice feature to see on a young person such as yourself. Goodnight.” I offered a warm smile, and headed on my way to the room I was to stay in, it seemed that, even in the worst of times, you can always find a kind person. **Inner Voice** There you go my little flower.. **Voice fades** And even if you have to get past an obstacle in your path, you can always find the path you were traveling on and along the way. And along the way, you could possibly find assistance in times of need. Or out of the blue. 

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