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Ginsueki Vs Keyome

The moment we've been waiting for.

DarkKeyome: “ You finally maddee ittt. Impressive.” (( BATTLE THEME UGHHH SO FUCKING BAD ASSS!!!)) I said standing up to my full height eying the animistic male. “ In records time... last guy died on the 2nd week. You have passed the 2nd test and now it is time for the final one.  Only then will I show you how to truly unlock what is within you. “  The sky was dimming into night fall, torches lit up automatically as the sun slowly drifted down. “ When Kasaihana city was first created, the Kagemaru clan fonders came to this very mountain to determine who would be the Aniki's of there clan back then there was a large tournament held in this very spot. This mountain is known as Mt.Yuureiha and that forrest, is YuriYumi forrest... countless lives have been lost in those very woods for the title you may achieve if you win.. or better yet. Survive. ... Now...” tilting my head down my eyes would burn a hell red as the night sky suddenly appeared. “... It is time, to show me if your a Shadow Dog or not... “I pulled the Katana from my hip, it had the 'Oda' Symbol on the hilt pulling the blade up in a UN-orthodox style smirking a bit. “... Hahaha...I'll show you what pain is... hope you don’t mind if we have viewers... your famous now.” A Helicopter above our heads shinned there lights down on with the cameras hooking down viewing on me and the male. Kagemaru members walked around us making a wide circle around us about the size of a football field in length around us, all of them wearing black Martial Arts Gi's. “ Kasaihana city!” I shouted out to the camera above our heads, they would have zoomed into my face showing me with that sadistic smirk on my face. “ I am... Keyome Tasanagi... Chairmen of the Kagemaru Clan. But you know that already...” I pointed my blade to the animal looking male in front of me. “ This.. is a Challenger to me. We will all get to see his strength today! “ I tilted my head down looking at him as the red aura which he and the other Kagemaru clan members would have been able to see“... Come now!” All throughout Kasaihana city the large TV screens within the city would show Ginsueki all bloodied up the citizens all stopping to watch the event with confused looks on there faces. *********A man by the name of Ketosan Hideo would have actually been in Kasaiahana city for the first time in 20 years in an all black trench coat and a hat to hide his face when he turned to eye the large TV screen seeing his pupil Keyome Tasanagi about to fight a male and was clearly broadcasting it out to the whole city. “ Idiot... so he's letting whole city know of his Yakuza Activites now.. Tch, child-splay..” The old man dug his hands into his pockets as he made his way through the city and out to his destination.

Sezomaru: Ginsukei stood, blood caked all over his body. He slowly reached up with his right hand towards his left shoulder. He would grip the animal pelt in his hand before ripping it off of his body. He would throw it to his right so that it slid across the ground for a few feet. He listened to the Chairman speak of the history of the Kagemaru clan, how the Aniki were chosen, about this moment, and the forest he had just survived. He slowly leaned down, taking the hilt of the katana that the Chairman had given him to survive in his right hand. The blade was covered in blood, as well as the hilt from the numerous tribesman he had killed, as well as the bear. He watched the Chairman un-sheath his own weapon, a katana with a strange symbol on it.. The symbol of the Oda clan. He remembered seeing this symbol in the teachings of the Old Man he had stayed with. Ginsukei soon heard the whirring of a helicopter overhead just as the Chairman spoke of having an audience and him being ‘famous’ now. He glanced around, noticing other Kagemaru members forming a circle around the two of them. Just after the Chairman speak of being a challenger and showing his strength, Ginsukei would tightly grip the blade of the Katana with his right hand. ( Lets do this) He would stand firm, holding the blade down at his side. “I’ll show you.. I’ve become the Wolf you wanted.. And one the clan will be proud of and honored to have.. Here I come.. Chairman Tasanagi..” He gritted his teeth some, feeling that burning feeling well up in his chest, the blood thirst he felt, the drive to fight, the want to go absolutely crazy.. He felt it all, he wanted more, he wanted to fully expose the feelings and use them with his fists. He suddenly began charging forward, gripping the hilt of his Katana hard. He soon came to be about four feet from his opponent in which he would then lean back some in mid step, pulling his blade back. He would raise it over his head before swinging down in a diagonal strike and if connected it would come down across the left shoulder of the man and would drag down to the right hip. In success of this attack, Ginsukei would then forcefully slash horizontally so that if a connection was made, he would be able to make the blade tear across his opponents stomach.

DarkKeyome: Keyome pulled his blade up with his right hand over the left one on the hilt as he watched the male run towards him. He put his right footbehind him and swung his blade up with his right hand so that when his blade came down to strike him like it was intended a loud TINNGG would echo throughout the area, the 2nd strike would have connected but only by a bit, keyome saw it coming but not this fast as he pushed himself backwards the blades tip slashed at his stomach tearing his Gi and ripping it so that his abs were showing now with a shred of blood trickling down onto his pants. No words were spoken as keyome landed from his leap of 2 feet backwards in his failed attempts to get away from the males strike. The moment Keyome landed he would brought the blade to the right of his body, then pulling it swiftly to the left in attempt to Horizontally slash at the males chest, the impact would have caused a deep gash to explode from its current holding place, oh but it wasnt over. The moment keyome did the slash he went with the momentum throwing his body in a carwheeling motion to the left as he swung the blade just incase a parry woud have been ingiated he would have been clean out of the way and onto the right of the male. Once keyomes feet hit the ground he would have been on his right side of Gin. The moment he landed his blade slashed out with his left hand in attmept to strike the male on his right knee so that if it landed he would fall, buckling and hitting the ground where a round house kick with his right leg would have been sent to the back of Gin's head causing him to roll to the right 4 times before regaining his senes.

Sezomaru: Ginsukei would cross the blade diagonally across his body, the tip o the blade down by his left side, the hilt near his right shoulder so that the attack would connect with his blade, causing it to slide past, the seething sound of blade against blade would sound and just as this happened Ginsukei would watch the male as he cart wheeled to the right. He stayed silent as the next attack came, a slash towards his knee. Ginsukei would raise his katana into the air, slashing downwards in a hard vertical slash just as the blade made slight contact with the side of his knee. His own blade would connect down with the opposing blade and if unexpected or ill braced, the blade would be knocked down towards the ground, canceling out the rest of the slash. Ginsukei would then jump to his left, a jump that gave him a distance of about three feet. Just as he felt is feet hit the ground he would leap inwards, raising his own blade so that it was above his left shoulder. As the distance between them closed he would slash his blade in a horizontal swing so that if a connection was made, the edge of the blade would slice deeply into his opponents right shoulder, down to the bone. Ginsukei wasn’t finished here, as his first attack was made he would continue on, landing only one foot from Keyome he would cross his right foot in front of his left and bracing on his right foot he would spin in a clock wise motion, and upon coming around, he would aim to slam his left foot against Keyome’s chest which upon connection would send him tumbling backwards by about four feet or possibly, straight to the ground. One last attack was coming after this as Ginsukei would slam then continue his motion, leaning forward, slamming his left foot onto the ground, raising his blade once more before slashing downwards in a vertical motion to slash down the right side of the man’s chest which would tear it open, causing him to start bleeding horribly.

Free handed

DarkKeyome: Keyomes blade slung itself from his hands causing his body to jerk to the right as his blade had lodged itself into the ground. ' Impressive parry..' keyome thought to himself. As the male with went his 2nd attack sequence keyome was leaned to the right due to the parry so when Ginsueki rose his body to strike him in the shoulder like it was intended. Taking into consideration that his arms were raised high, keyome would have pushed up and rammed his right shoulder into the males open gut in attempts to knock the air out of him long enough that keyome would quickly take half an inch foot step back so that he could get his arms up, if his elbow connected ( and with the small range between him and the male, possibly being about 6 inches away now, and the fact keyome pulled into this attack sequence immeadaaitly after, exactly 2 seconds after he was disarmed. ) then keyome would have began to send a powerful florusihes of punches into the mans chest and stomach, each punch having bone chilling and bone cracking sensations due to his powerful fist. The first 3 strikes were with his left hand. A hook, a straight, and a jab, followed up with a pivot to the right after the strikes, each strike. Afterwards pivoting he'd land on his feet and begin to send a quick 4 piece combonation into the males chest and head, 2 strikes to the head a jab and a hook with his left hand, and 2 hits to the chest the first one a jab and then the last one a super man punch which would have knocked him 10 feet back with a powerful force like movement crashing into the dirt.

Sezomaru: Ginsukei as his blade was raised, took the blow to his gut, growling some though he was robbed of his air. The blade dropped from his right hand, stabbing into the ground with a slight lean. He would lean down some, trying to recover his lost breath. He let out a rasped cough just before he slowly raising up just as his opponent began throwing punches towards him. Ginsukei would raise his right arm, bent at the elbow, raising it so that it was level with his head, allowing him to barely block the hook. He tried to continue his block just as he regained his breath but just then, he felt Keyome’s fist connect with his face, causing his head to snap back, causing his last jab to miss by a couple centimeters. ( He’d growl, stomping down with his left foot, raising his right foot in a quick upwards front snap towards Keyome’s chin just as he landed from his pivoting. If this were successful he would stop his right foot down and lean forward, using the moment of his stomp to swing his left hand which was now clenched into a fist in a swift yet powerful hook towards Keyome’s right cheek bone. Upon succession of this second attack he would clench his right hand into a fist, feeling power well up in his entire right arm, the will to win seeming to build up inside of him. He’d swing a powerful right uppercut towards his opponents chin and upon connection it would send his opponent into the air by a couple inches and with a new found swift movement he would drop his right arm and raise his left leg, aiming to send a powerful hammer kick ((A forward pushing kick)) into Keyome’s stomach which would send him falling backwards by about five feet to the ground.

DarkKeyome: By now each punch dealt would leave powerful throbbing and bone crushing sensations in each place that keyome had lashed out. (( stated it in last post.)) which could possibly slow down Gin's movements by a small bit. Keyome leaned back in attempts to dodge the incoming right foot but it did hit his chin causing his head to jerk to the right momentairly. As the hook was coming keyome would have used his falling back momentum from the kick to use his right arm to knock the boys arm to the left as it attempted to strike him in the face and as he knocked his arm away (( if it were successful)) Keyome would have then sent his own quick 2 piece combonation into the boys chest with 2 swift left, right, jabs which would cause his chest plate to have a cringing and implouding sensations with each strike. As keyome stepped off to the right he was not expecting the kick to come to his chin and it did strike him causing him to go airborune for a brief moment. As he did keyome indeed go into the air, he had saw the male attempting the last strike of his combonation and simply used his left hand to catch the males foot while in mid air so as keyome came down ( if the catch connected.) he would held the males leg way above his head, arched his body by just a bit and sent 5 quick punches with his right hand into the males leg, each punch going into different places, 2 in the calf, 1 in the thigh and 2 more in the back of th knee. Keyomes mechanical arms may prove to send enticing pain throughout the males left leg that he attemtped to strike with leaving it in a painful postion that felt like his very bones would snap if he werent careful.

Sezomaru: Ginsukei would grunt, taking both hits from Keyome’s two piece against his chest though he continued with his combination. Soon, seeing that his leg had been caught, he would growl, rearing back with his left arm, clenching his hand into a fist, both of these movements taking about half a second and just before Keyome’s first punch to his leg, he would through a straight jab as he had watched Keyome do each time he had fought the Chairman. His jab was quick yet powerful and if connection was made, it would stun Keyome for a second and possibly make him loose his hold in which Ginsukei would begin with a new set of attacks. He would rear back with his right arm, clenching his hand into a tight fist before he swung with a slight arc, it would be similar to a hook like punch. He would have aimed this punch to slam against Keyome’s left cheekbone, and if he had been hit by the first attack, this attack would cause him to stumble back by at one foot. Having gotten his leg released from the first two attacks ((if connection was made)) he would quickly brace himself on his left leg while he brought a swift knee towards Keyome’s gut, taking advantage of the short distance, hoping to deprive the Chairman of air just long enough (about two seconds) for him to raise his right arm, bending it tightly at the elbow so he was able to swing in an attempt to catch Keyome’s jaw with this harsh elbow blow.

Show me your strength

DarkKeyome: As he threw the first strike keyome still had the boys leg in his grip, he'd quickly counter by pushing his leg into the punch that he meant to strike him with, making him hit his own leg cancling out his attack sequence.(( I know you just got in the game hahah but ill give you some advice, just something I learned in my old ninja rp, when ever you make an attack, make sure you state what happens even if your move didn’t connect. Because then I can do stuff like I just did which could ultimately mess up your whole combo.)) Keyome would then push forward using the fact that he had Ginsueki's left leg in his grip quickly heaving his body up, gripping Gin under his right thigh and pulling up with the male in the air for about 2 seconds before he slammed him hard into the sand making it fly up. As they had fell Keyome would have landed on the males arm making his crotch be right in his face (( no homo.)) So that he'd have the males arms restricked down completely. Due to the fact that Gin had attempted to punch keyome would have simply used his forward momentum to push him back into the mount with the double leg take down, the previous move he used to scoop him off his feet. After fully mounting the male, keyome would have begun to send punches into the males head but he made sure to coat his fist with chi lightly to the point that even Ginsueki couldnt see them, just so he wouldnt kill the male. Punch after punch after 5 seconds keyome would have sent out 15 punches. “ Ginsueki! Use it! Use the Dark Hadou! Dont be weak! Use your strength! Pull out the power of anger! And the lust to win! Be a warrior! Show me if your a Shadow DOOGGG!!” Keyome would say in between punches as he sent them out. Each punch would feel like a rock to Ginsueki's face yet keyome had coated his hands so he wouldnt kill the male.

Sezomaru: Ginsukei’s eyes would widen as he was raised into the air “FU-”. He wasn’t able to finish his sentence due to his back slamming against the ground, causing him to gasp for a breath, his head jerked, slamming against the ground just as his back did. ( This blow dazed him severely. He felt as each punch connected with his face as if it were all in slow motion, as well as a blur. He felt as if he wasn’t able to do a thing under these conditions. His right cheek, just above his tattoo split open, blood beginning to seep from the wound as Keyome’s punches continued. He felt as if he were in a tunnel as the Chairman’s words echoed. “Show me if you’re a Shadow Dog.” The words rang out and continued to echo, repeating over and over. He clenched his jaw, gritting his teeth as what he thought was the tenth punch connected with his face. He suddenly felt his heart beat harder than normal, but just for one beat. The burning and welling sensation he had felt early seemed to grow instantly, surging through his entire body. He began to feel the need to kill, the need to fight, the need to spill blood well up inside of him and grow stronger and stronger. His mind was going crazy, he couldn’t think straight, nor did he realize what was happening around him. The 12th punch connected with his face as a faint blood red aura began to appear, floating around his body.. The 13th punch slammed against his face, causing the feeling in his chest to intensify, almost painfully. The red aura that had formed around his body grew, in intensity as well as visibility. Ginsukei closed his eyes, only to have them burst back open, now glaring at Keyome. “OOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” He’d roar out, the aura now an intense crimson color. Seeming to be connected with his roar, the aura seemed to pulse, sending a forceful sort of blast against Keyome as if a powerful wind had picked up. The aura around him twisted around his body violently as another pulse was sent out, this time, if Keyome was caught off guard, he would most likely be sent falling backwards off of Ginsukei so that he landed at his feet. If Keyome were to fall back, Ginsukei would stand slowly, the deep crimson red aura still twisting around him violently. He would glare at Keyome, his fists clenching and un-clenching a couple times as blood dripped from his face, trickling from his jaw to the ground. If Keyome were to stay on top of him, he would roar out once more, beginning to writhe and thrash as much as possible under him, the pulses would seem to get stronger, a span of three seconds being between each one, as if they were keeping in a pattern with his own heartbeat.

The Clashing point

DarkKeyome: Keyome smriked as he continued to send his floursihes out... yet, it wasnt the fact he was pummling his face in that had gotten him excited it was the fact that the male was letting his anger fester to the point that it was empowering him, and him keyome both. (( He'd get knocked back his body cutting 2 back flips in the air as the force was sent into him causing him to fall into the ground on one knee. “ Thats... What im talking about!” Keyome said smirking and then got down in a martial arts stance letting his own red aura seap around his body as he too tapped into his Satusi no hadou. “ THIS IS WHAT WE ARE!” He said screaming out as the sand around his body exploded around him the helicopter above them would start to move in a frenzy until it crashed into a high peak of the mountain miles away the flames fell down from the sky around them and the Kagemaru around them stood there unphased. Keyome got down in a Martial arts stance as he tilted his head down, a Traditonal Karate stance yet he had his hands up like a boxer. “ Lets...end this! Ginsueki! SHOW ME YOUR STRENGTH NOW!” Keyome would rush to the male with his right hand cocked back channling all of chi into his hand as he pulled all the way back and then released the punch sending it out to rock the male in the chest with enough force to send him 20 feet back. If he instead attempted to clash with keyome the force from the Satusi no Hadou users would cause random things to explode and implode, chuncks of ground, chuncks of the mountain, even the ground would began to shake as there fist collided with one another for that brief moment. If the clash was successful they would have battled it out trying to see who's chi would overwhelm who until BOOMMM!  The Kinetic force between the two would suddenly back fire knocking them both back by 15 feet into mountain walls of pure stone.

Sezomaru: Ginsukei stood there, releasing deep breaths as blood continued to drip from his face. The feeling in his chest was almost overwhelming as the crimson red aura continued to swirl and flow around him. He would clench his right hand into a tight fist, glaring across at Keyome, who now seemed pleased with what had just happened. Ginsukei slid his feet on the ground, sliding his legs apart slightly so that they were an inch more than shoulder width apart. He would then bend his knees ever so slightly, bending his back so that he leaned forward a bit. He looked like a feral animal who was ready to kill and slaughter, an insane person who was about to cause a mass blood to be spilled. Hearing the Chairman’s challenge, telling him to show his strength, Ginsukei gritted his teeth before roaring out once more as he rushed forward. “OOOOAAAHHHHHH!” He would rear back his right arm, his hand still tightly clenched into a fist, the dark energy that had engulfed him seemed to channel into his fist though, he felt as if he had done it as if on instinct. As he neared Keyome he would release his arm, launching it out in a rock like punch, putting all of his strength into it, aiming to slam his fist against the Chairman’s chest, which a blow that powerful would surely send him flying back by at least 18 feet. Just as he had released his punch, he noticed the Chairman’s coming with the same sort of intensity and before he knew it, his fist collided with Keyome’s, the release of energy that followed was utterly incredible, the ground cracked and shoved itself up in chunks around their feet as an explosion launched out from around the both of them. Ginsukei gritted his teeth once more, determined not to lose to the Chairman in this clash, not now, not after he had gained this power. After a few seconds of clashing, another explosion occurred, but this time, it was from their clash and it was powerful enough to send Ginsukei launching into a wall of the mountain, his body becoming imprinted into the wall before he slid out, falling to his knees, his head and back now cut up and bleeding from the impact. His left shoulder had cracks throughout the bones which was evident as his left arm was drooped down lower than his right. He gasped for a few breaths, regaining his senses from the intense collision.

The New Aniki

DarkKeyome: Keyome pulled himself out of the rock, his back severly torn up in various places but it was nothing new to him. After about 10 seconds of catching his breathe he'd walk over to male and pulling him up by his good arm, putting his arm around his neck to hold him up. “ Alex...” Keyome only said once and down came his Secretary hauling over to her Chairmen. “ yes sir.” He smiled at her and then looked at Ginsueki. “ Get the chopper ready... were going home...” She nodded her head and hurried over to flying vechile placing herself within it and getting it ready. Keyome pulled himself and Ginsueki into the center of the sandy battle area. “....Kagemaru's....” He said holding the male up looking around. “...Do you approve...?” They were silent, not speaking a word at first then a slow calming chant could be heard amongst them... the sound of African drums almost... as the intensity increased. Keyome nodded his head. “ Alright then! From this day forward!” He said shouting out at the overly increasing chanting men. “ Ginsueki! Will be known as Fang! To you all he is your Aniki, my 2nd in command and my weapon of destruction! KAGEMARU FOREVER!” As keyome shouted the final words they all did as well 5 times ' kagemaru forever' it made him smirk as he pulled the male into the helicopter with him. “ We'll take him to the Chitori place, let him get fixed up in Asami's hospitals.” Alex nodded. “ yes sir Mr.Tasanagi.” Keyome looked over at the male and smirked again. “ Hey... good fight. Your one of us now..” He said leaning back into his seat closing his eyes and putting his head-phones in his ear.

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