A Pimp Named SlickBack

-After his “encounter” with Agent Angel, Donnie knew that he was just in the same shit on a different day. Tasanagi of course is pissing off the wrong people and now it has found its way to affect Ryuzakii. Donnie now has the feeling that he is constantly being watched now after talking with Angel. Donnie continues to walk down the city streets of District 2 no longer having the ability to just fly at his whim anymore. The Pada Virus no longer belongs to him but being alive is a good thing to keep instead of flight. Walking wasn’t that bad though. He got to see just what his City had become in these last four weeks…and he was disgusted. Even in the rich areas of District 2, hookers and drug dealers are standing on the corners of the streets. He also didn’t exactly look like a normal guy while in his new Dragon’s Attire. One of the hookers walk up to him saying-“Hey BooBoo, you wanna have a god time?”( Donnie stops in his tracks and looks at this woman. He checks her up and down and snickers a bit at what he was looking at. He then says to her-“You aren’t her…”-And then proceeded to walk off. The woman made an angry face cleary upset at the reaction she got from him. She then yelled out to him-“Well fuck you then you circus lookin motherfucka!”-She then proceeded to throw a vodka bottle that she had in her hand and it smashes across the back off his head. He could have easily moved out of the way and dodged the situation as a whole but his killing intentions in life would not let him. Donnie quickly turned around as his eyes began to burn bright red. The evil rushing through his veins, he charges at her with a gust of wind escaping his body. *The sound of flesh being ripped apart* Donnie’s hard ripped right through the prostitutes body and came out the back of her body. Blood quickly squirts out of her mouth as Donnie smiled deviously at her. He then asks her in a sick and demented tone-“Want to see my Circus Trick?”-Donnie then thrusts his arms upwards as it rips through her head, completely splitting the top portion of her body into two pieces. Blood squirts all over the nearby area as people begin to run off. Then from out of nowhere, a black man in a purple suit comes walking out of a purple limousine. ( He comes walking out with his cane and says-“oh hell to the nah, you did not just kill one of ma hoes. Nigga you really don fucked up now, son. You betta be payin for dat bitch right no-GAH!”-Before he could finish his sentence, Donnie had squeezed down on the pimp’s throat and completely cutting the air from his lungs. Donnie’s eyes glowed with a bright red essence as he spoke-“You like slapping women for your bidding, do you?”-Donnie then proceeded to backhand the pimp with his freehand over and over again. Donnie then squeezed his hand completely as the pimp’s throat combusts and causes blood to explode like a firework in the sky. Donnie then releases the pimp’s body and begins to continue walking down the street, covered in blood.-

Going Home

-After an hour or so, just simply walking, Donnie makes it to one of the old Unit Bad Blood hideouts. This is the old Unit Bad Blood House that he had used in the second ark. A lot of memories were held in this house, memories of his fallen brothers. When he opens the door to the house, he immediately sees that everything was left the same since he was here. Garyx asks Donnie-“Why are we here?”-Donnie takes his vest off along with the chest guard and says to Garyx-“This is home…”-Donnie then walks into the living room of the house and gets into a flashback.*ENTERS FLASHBACK* Zero and Hunter sit at the couch and continue to play Madden football games on the Xbox720. Zero says to Hunter-“YEAH! Fuck you boy! Get on my level! TOUUCCHHHDOWN!” Hunter: “That’s BULLSHIT! Dammit Terrell catch the fucking ball!”-*RETURNS TO PRESENT TIME* The controllers to the Xbox system still sit on the couch from the last time they were at the house. Even though it may seem like something that is not worth remembering, it was something special to Donnie. Garyx asks Donnie-“Why do you hold onto them like that? I had brothers once…and now they are nothing but enemies…”-Donnie smirks a bit and replies back to Garyx-“That’s because you didn’t have ‘brothers’…you had family…Family can turn on each other at any time. These two…they died believing in what I fought for…what WE stood for. That is why I hold onto them…because they were…are…my BROTHERS.”-Donnie slowly makes his way down to the basement where he used to work and prepare his team for up and coming missions. He flips the switch for the lights to come on and it looks as if the place were the same. The equipment from all the Unit Bad Blood missions had been stored here. Donnie walks to the other side of the basement and brushes the dust off a small black box. He slowly opens it up to see the Old Deadshot versions of the Bad Blood mask. Garyx asks-“Are you going to wear that again?”-Donnie slowly picks the mask up and says-“I wore this mask as DeadShot, caused the City a lot of pain with it…The City thinks that Deadshot was some terrorist, only a few people actually know who Deadshot was…”-He then slowly puts the mask back down and says-“People have already accepted Donnie’s death as it is…Using the same mask and outfits would just make it easier to piece together…Let people believe that I am nothing more than a look-a-like who has lost his mind and craves to be the ICON.”-Garyx then asks-“And what of Keyome and the people closest to you? They will recognize you.”-Donnie thinks about it for a moment and says finally-“They won’t…It has been too long and does not fit my M.O. As Deadshot nobody took control of Yun Corp. But Kuma has already taken it into control. People will believe that they want and by all looks of it, Donnie was killed. Keyome himself…he won’t believe that someone survived that attack he used on me. And he wouldn’t have the slightest guess that You had brought me back…Let Keyome believe that he had killed me. I’ll even let him have his fun with District 2…I could care less about it now…”-Then out of the blue, the voice of Kuma’s came up-“Is that a fact?”-


-Donnie takes a deep breath in and asks-“What are you doing here Kuma?”-Kuma walks around and gets a few feet in front of Donnie and asks-“The better question is, What are you doing here? I didn’t know Hell gave weekend vacation trips to Earth.”-Donnie laughs a bit and says-“Well yes, I did die out in the forests outside YOUR new home. You have seemed to make a lot of moves in my death, Kuma.”-Kuma: “We all thought you died Donnie…We had to make these moves to keep the business alive.”-Donnie then glares at Kuma as his Dragon Eyes are proof of a different man walking in these shoes and says-“I did die! Out there in the dirt!...But…that is no longer the issue. The issue is YOU losing control of the city and letting Tasanagi’s fucking two dollar Army to take over District 2.”-Kuma smirks a bit and replies with-“I am not too worried about Keyome and his army. When you died…I continued your work…The Pada Army has been made. We can move at any moment in time. Will you now be returning to work and such?”-Donnie quickly answers-“No…I will not show my presence in this world yet. I am going to cripple this City down to its knees. I will turn this place into hell on Earth…”-Donnie then makes his way out of the basement and Kuma asks-“Where the hell are you going?!?”-Donnie: “To raise Hell!”-Kuma then sighs and leans down on the table still in dis-belief. Donnie then walks into the garage and hops into the H1 Hummer that is still within the house. Donnie quickly turns the Hummer on and activates the Alfred A.I. system. Donnie quickly says to Alfred-“Take the car to Kagemaru occupied D2.”-

Solid Snake pssshhh

-After half an hour of driving into the Kagemaru occupied D2, it was like a war zone. These people didn’t understand just how dangerous these guys actually are. The night had begun to poor with rain as it laid down some heavy cover. Lightning strikes around a building that the Kagemaru have called one of their “beacons.” Donnie parks the Hummer half a mile away from the building. He gets out and goes to the back and quickly grabs a large black bag and unzips it. When the bag opens up , the contents of the bag are stricktly….guns…He grabs a long black L96A11 Sniper rifle. It was equipped with a long barrel, a bi-pod, a silencer, and a standard rifle scope. He then takes off his dragon attire top and switches it out for a bullet proof vest. Garyx asks-“Why would you use a vest when you have the Scales?”-Donnie quickly replies while he puts some extra mags in the vest-“Because the Dragon Scales hasn’t been mastered yet and this is a no-risk taking mission.”-Donnie grabs two M1911’s and straps them onto his lower back as his side arms and finally a fully equipped M4A1 assault rifle. This AR had a Red Dot Sight, a silencer, extended mags, a fore grip, laser attachments, a side flashlight, and a retractable stock. The final item that Donnie grabs for this endeavor is a custom made Scouter. Because he is no longer a Pada his eyes are no longer of a cybernetic nature, so all of his special visions that he had become accustomed to no longer exist. This scouter connects to the left side of his face, being held up by his ear and a see through glass lens covers his eye. ( After being fully prepared for the mission, Donnie begins to walk off into the direction of the Kagemaru Building. When Donnie gets a few hundred yards away from the building, he sees that there are a few scouts up top on the roof of the building. Garyx asks-“Just smash it all to hell!”-Donnie smirks and begins to scan one of the scouts on the building. As the scouter went to work, he said to Garyx-“You picked me because I am good at what I do…and playing smash smash on an entire building, that might not end up well for me…At least until we finish what we spoke of.”-The scouter then beeped a bit as the scan had been complete. He reads over the information that is given and says-“Keyo has built that armor up well…but it is lacking in major areas. Time to expose them.”-Donnie then looks at a nearby building and decides to make his first plan into an action. He goes to the side of the building, making sure to stay out of the view of the scouts and retracts his claws out from his fingertips. These claws have the durability to cut through steel with ease and even stronger metals if it is backed up with Chi. Donnie then proceeds to crawl up the wall by sticking his claws into the wall of the building and one by one, raising his hands to get vertical. Once he made his way to the roof, he sets up a Scout Sniper station aimed right at the building for Kagemaru. Once he was perched up at the opposite building, he looked through the scope and prepared to fire a shot. Garyx asks-“You read the information, how do you plan to get past that Titanium Armor?”-Donnie doesn’t answer and simply lets out a slow breathe and…Donnie squeezes down on the trigger. The silencer keeps his Rifle quiet and under the radar as the bullet spins towards its target. The bullet then pierces into one of the scout’s helmet and turns his brains into scrambled eggs. Donnie pulls back the hammer of the rifle as the shell of the bullet flies out and he says-“Vibranium Bullets…”-Donnie then begins to pick off the Scouts of the building rooftop one by one with his Sniper Rifle. Garyx is impressed with how well rounded Donnie actually is. He would never had expected him to be a marksman as well with his fighting ability. After he picked off the scouts, Donnie aimed down to the street level and counted how many guards are on the ground. Five. Donnie said to himself-“Shit…I can’t go around that. If I kill them, their bodies remain on the floor and I can be easily discovered…”-Garyx asks-“Well what are you going to do?”-Donnie thinks about it further and finally makes a decision-“We have to go down there and take them out before we breach into the building.”-Donnie quickly grabs his rifle and hops off the building. He rolls on the contact of the floor and begins to run towards the building. Garyx asked-“Why are you bringing the rifle along with you when you have the M4?”-Donnie inches his way closer and closer to the building while using the rain as cover and says-“Because I only have Vibranium bullets that fit for Snipers. Making bullets like these for Automatic weapons would cost too much Vibranium.”-Donnie gets one
600px-SCB 14
hundred feet away from the building and activates his Scouter to hack into their communications systems. He puts the bi-pod on top of a trash dumpster and begins to aim down his sights at one of the Dog Army guards. He prepares to fire but sees that one other guard is walking towards him. The second guard says to the first-“Hey man, what do you think of this weather?”Guard 1: “I hate this shit man haha. But I guess it’s worse for Patsy on the roof. How you doin up there Patsy?”-radio silence-“Ya there Patsy?”-Donnie says to himself-“Shit! We gotta act fast.”-Donnie quickly fires a shot at the first guard and the bullet rips through that helmet like butter. The man next to him turns around trying to find the one who fired at his friend. Donnie quickly pulls back on the hammer and fires a second shot at the dome of the second guard. As the second body falls to the ground, Donnie begins to run out into the open and cock back the hammer. The next part is as if time slowed itself down. Donnie got to the street that leads into the building and slid down onto the street covered in water. His body slid across the floor so smoothly and Donnie aimed his rifle at Guard number 3 and fires. Donnie then as he is still sliding, points his rifle at guard number 4… and fires. Finally, he steps up of the curb and as he begins to stand back up he aims at guard number 5…and fires. And all at the same time, the three bodies slowly fall to the floor with their brains shattered to shit. Donnie clicks the trigger and sees that he had ran dry of his ammo and says-“Looks like it was just enough.”-He then tosses the rifle to the ground and grabs each body, one at a time. He puts them in the nearby bushes to keep the city clean of any mystery. Garyx asks-“What’s next? Do we knock on the front door?”-Donnie smirks and says-“Garyx, we all can’t be a God like you. Sometimes we have to play the spy instead of the Marine.”-Donnie walks to the side of the building and once again uses his claws to climb his way to the top of this building. When he gets to the top, he draws his M4A1 and slowly opens the roof door that leads to the stairwell.-


-Once he began to move down the stairwell, Donnie keeps the stock of the M4A1 on his shoulder with his right eye focused through the scope. As he moved down the stairs, he kept himself as quiet as possible; making sure not to alert anyone. He focuses on his information and finds the floor he was looking for. He slowly opens the door that leads to the floor for one of the Kagemaru executives, Bill Thomas. The doorway opens up to a hallway with empty cubicles all over the place. ( Not a sound could be heard in the office as Donnie crept under the cubicle walls, searching for Bill Thomas. As Donnie continues to walk through the office, his scouter beeps. Donnie thinks to himself-“Looks like someone is here after all.”-He walks over ten feet and begins to hear the sounds of a woman. Donnie gets a bit closer and eaks through some

1188124-mw2 screenshot 03
open blinds and sees a man having sex with a woman on his desk. Woman:-“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Come on Bill! FUCK ME!...OOOO yeah.”-Donnie laughs a bit to himself and thinks-“I think we found our target.”- Then Bill said to her-“Call me BASEDGOD!”-The woman then did as she was commanded-“mmm Basedgod! Basedgod!...OHHH GOD IS BASED!”-Donnie tries to contain his laughs but said-“Ok…time to get to work.”-Donnie takes out the mag of lethal ammo and digs into his pocket and grabs a mag of tranquilizer ammo. He clips it into the weapon and begins to aim down his sights. He thinks to himself-“This has to be the biggest level of cock blocking…”-and then fires one silenced shot at the throat of Bill Thomas. The dart pierces into Bill’s skin and he begins to get drowsy. The woman asks-“Bill, are you okay? Are you okay? Bill, are you okay?”- She then pulled the dart out of his neck. Donnie then fired another dart to pierce into her. She fell across the desk with her breasts bouncing around. Donnie then stood up and began to walk over to where the two are. As he walked over he switched the ammo again and returned to lethal ammo.-“Sorry to interrupt Bill.”- He looked down at the woman who was very attractive. Donnie licks his lips as his lizard like tongue is a lot longer than normal humans. Donnie bends down and sniffs her scent as it sends chills up his spine. His eyes began to glow red as his fangs were drooling over her. Garyx had to say to Donnie-“Control yourself! We are here on business. Save that kind of action for later.”-Donnie laughed very demonicly and licked the woman from her neck to the check of her face.-“Yes Garyx.”-He then grabs Bill by the pants, which he was forced to pull up, and makes his way out of the office. Garyx asks-“How do you plan on escaping?”-Donnie smirks as he makes his way out of the office and says-“We walk out the front door.”-

A taste

-Donnie makes his way back to the stairwell and begins to walk down all the way to the bottom floor. When he gets to the bottom floor, he uses the X-ray vision on his scouter and looks through the wall. Behind him looked to be ten men armed to the teeth with Assault Rifles and that special Dog Army armor. But one of the men stood out to him than the others. He looked to be the leader. Donnie slowly opened the door and walked out, leaving Bill Thomas at the stairs. The Leader smirked under the mask as Donnie made his way in front of them. Donnie looks down at his rifle with a full mag and listens to the Leader as he begins to speak.-“Did you really think you were going to walk out of here alive?”-Donnie laughs a bit and says-“Yeah, that was the general idea. You gunna try and stop me?”-The leader raised his fist in the air and the ten other men raise their rifles at Donnie and the sound of readied weapons fills the room.( </span>ß--Listen to it)  Donnie raises his arms in the air and says-“Ok, you guys win…and now for the prize.” Donnie then leaps through the air, to get behind a beam that holds the building into place as he begins to fire his M4A1. Bullets begin to rain through the air as the ten fighters begin to fire their weapons at Donnie. The bullets ricochet off the beam as Donnie uses suppressive fire at the Army men. Beause of their strong suits, even if he had shot them he wouldn’t know if he was able to put them down or not. Donnie then leans his back on the beam and stands back up to his feet, holding his rifle to his chest. He then leans out to the right to where his head just peaks out to aim down his sights and he fires at one of the Army men. The bullets all dig deep into the helmet of the fighter but cannot penetrate through. He tries this over and over and on the third try, he puts one soldier down. He clicks down on the trigger and he is out of ammo.-“Shit! An entire mag on once fucking guy!”-Donnie quickly reloads and sees that he only has two mags left. He peeks out again and fires upon the soldier next to the one he had just killed. Unleashing the entire magazine into the fighter he yells out-“COME ON MOTHERRRFUCKKKERR!!!”-The second fighter goes down but just like before, Donnie runs dry. He reloads once again and takes out one more fighter with his M4A1. Garyx realizes that he is running empty and says-“Donnie your run and gun plan had gone as far as it could. Now it’s time to use Chi like we worked on.”-Donnie growled a bit and knew that it was going to come to that point. Donnie drops down the M4A1 to the floor and focuses his chi. He had only had a little over a month of training with his Chi
Flame Aura by PulseBoy
but Garyx had always been a greater help to get him to understand it faster. A red fire aura begins to form around his body as it melts away the beam that was protecting him. ( The Dog Army fighters were reloading their weapons during this time and Donnie could only smirk. His dragon eyes and fangs showed to them all as the fight alone could strike fear into their hearts. Donnie then draws the two swords that are always at his back and says-“Now we finish this boys…”-Donnie then leaps into the air, and lands behind them all as they finish up reloading. They then begin to fire upon Donnie like a firing death squad. Donnie begins to swing his blades around in front of him like a helicopter and the bullets begin to ricochet back to them and even go into their suits. But just like the first three kills, the bullets tend to do damage to them. One of the soldiers asks out of fear-“What are you?”-Donnie smirks and says-“Oh just something that crawled up out of hell…”-Donnie then proceeds to make multiple slashing motions with his blades as his body runs across the entire area. Blood squirts all over the room as each of the small foot soldiers gets chopped up into pieces. Donnie, after his swordplay, lands on one knee and says-“Adamantium beats Titanium, boys…”-The Leader is on one knee as well with blood dripping from his gut.-“Why did you come here?”-Donnie walks over to the man while digging around in his pocket. He grabs a small black device and says-“hmmm. I came for the fun of it. But, I wanna leave you with something.”-He then magnetically attaches the black object to the man’s suit and says-“Whatever doesn’t kill you…simply makes you….stranger….”-Donnie then clicks the button on the black device as it begins to countdown from 10. Donnie grabs Bill and makes his way outside while whistling to himself. The Leader yells out-“GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!”-3….2….1…..The black device sizzles a bit and a smiley face with confetti pops out of the device. The man almost pissed himself at the thought of this thing being a bomb and said-“That son of a-“ BOOOOMM!!!!! The black devic explodes and causes an hellacious explosion that rises throughout the entire Kagemaru building. The building explodes completely as Donnie slowly walks away, being a cool guy and not looking at the explosion. The entire building falls fast. Donnie then tosses Bill into the back of the Hummer and he gets into the driver’s seat. When Donnie goes to turn the car on, he hears the voice of Edward’s(Drankin)-“So is this what you do with your spare time now?”- To Be Continued….-

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