Jin and Isabel

Keyome And Isabel


Watching Over, Butler Time!

NamikazeSoudai: Her mind was yelling at her in the instance before she shot up from her bed. Nami was breathing heavily, like something had been keeping air from her lungs up until then. She stayed in that stance sitting up in her bed, for a moment just looking forward before she slowly begun to look around and wondering what lead her up to the bed.. "Isabel.." She whispered remembering her at a table with Nami, they had just eatten a delicious meal and her guardian was opening up a present for her..It was a beautiful outfit..She didn't quite remember anything after that..Except getting hot then getting dark and then waking up here. "I hope i didn't upset her.." She said softly, feeling a little sad that there was a chance she could hurt Isabel who had been so kind and generous to her. She got up off of the bed, standing for a moment still and looking down at herself..A nightgown? "D-Did someone change my clothes?" She asked to herself, lightly blushing to the thought of one of the twins doing that. She walked forward out of her bedroom, the light that was in the following room hurt her head a little bit but otherwise she was alright. "Miss Nakayama?" She called out for, not too loud though in case she was asleep. She walked towards her bedroom first to see if Isabel was in there..

IzzyDaPada: I had been in my office working on papers late at night as I rubbed at my forhead with a heavy sigh. Daichi was incharge of watching out for Nami while I was up in my office. I let out a sigh as I looked over these papers. It's been a few months since it had been asked of me to create a ball for the chairmen of Kasaihana city..but somehow I look at this now, and it makes me a bit concerned if this was the right decision for everyon. After all, getting out of battel with Thomas Flint, everyone probably doing this and that within the city. I myself, taking care of Nami. ***Meanwhile*** Daichi was sitting in a chair with his one of his legs crossed, his ankel resting on his knee as he had a book pressed to his face. *This book is so boring sometimes...* He placed the book page down on his knee as he rested his elbow on the chair's arm and rested his chin on his knuckles. Some how, maybe the pressence of one more women in Kamishichiken wasn't that bad to him. But he knew that his Job to Isabel was more important this is personal life. He worked more then he had time for personal things, execpt for sleep. *Miss Nakayama?* He looked in the direction of where the voice came from, it was the young woman they had been watching. And the one he offered the umbrella to before the lounge got remodeled. Shifting up in the chair he offered a small smile. "She is in her office Miss.Kibou. Is there anything I could help you with?" He would pick up the book and fold one of the edges then closed it as he sat up from the chair with the book in hand. Waiting to see if Nami would ask anything of him, or go back to bed, which, he figured by the way she was dressed, she had just gotten up out of bed.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami paused her advance and looked over to the man, one of the twins.. She smiled a little, he was kind and loyal to Isabel, as were most of her people. "I just wanted to ask if she was alright.." She replied speaking softly, crossing her arms over her chest. Of course there was no reason Isabel wouldn't be okay..But Nami wanted to make sure she didn't upset her in some way, the gift she gave her was lovely and Nami didn't want Isabel to think she thought otherwise. She moved over and leaned agaisnt a nearby wall, looking over the man briefly..He was the handsome one while his brother was the cute one, well in her mind anyway..She barely ran into the other twin though. "Why aren't you asleep..?" She asked curiously while her eyes went down to the ground now. The slight silence inbetween their voices told Nami that it was raining outside, but it was only a light drizzle, nothing too serious like a hurricane. Nami enjoyed the light rains, sometimes just watching from a open window or sitting outside during it..It calmed her mind.

IzzyDaPada: He nodded his head towards Nami. "She is doing alright. Though she seemed panicked when you passed out." He watched her, not in a creeper, stalker way. But more so on her body language, to fully make sure he wasn't nervous. When she moved and leaned up against one of the neary by walls, he shifted from where he stood to stand out of the way to offer her the seat, the gentlemen thing for him. *Why aren't you asleep* Hmm...why wasn't he asleep. Well there are many contributing factors for himself as to why. But he started out with the one. Holding out the book with the image plato, the acient Greek philosophers. "Late night reading really. Plato is my favorite philosopher from the 423 BC – 347 BC... acient greek mainly." Awkward small laugh. He never did share his likes, dislikes, or passions with anyone, besides his twin brother Daiki. But they were always inseparable as kids, and sometimes now as adults, but it came with the job they were employed at now. "Also, it was my turn to watch this route tonight." He now looked at Nami in a questionable, but nice way, "But besides wanting to make sure that Miss. Nakayama is alright. Any other particulater reason as to why the young Miss.Kibou is up at this late of hour..expecially in her..well..nightgown." He arched an eyebrow at her, in a kind gesture, but a smile played out on his face all the while. It seemed that both him and his twin brother Daiki were the same in their blank features, as they had to be when they worked. But when they were in a comfortable place, such as the lounge, or in the dojo the twins owned. They seemed to have a caresmastic feeling to them, pulling jokes at people if they could. They were tricksters when they coudl be, but serious most of the other times. Daichi could remember back to when they were are Yun's house (Donnie Yun) and a woman, was hiding herself from being spotted, himself and his twin pulled a little joke on the woman. Finding out it was the woman from the fight from the GMAF Tornament. And they (Daichi and Daiki) both thought it would be funny to acknowledge her, then walk away. Which, to them it was funny. After that, they both didn't know if it was funny at all to the rest.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami looked down at herself again, lightly blushing at the whole naughtyness of a nightgown. "I uh..Didn't think it would be a bother.." She replied not taking his offer for the chair. "E-Excuse me.." She mumbled, fleeing down the hallway. It was likely to assume she was awake because she had fallen asleep so early in the night due to herself passing out. She was restless now even if the skies were dark with the lack of sun and the clouds, Nami went into the kitchen to the fridge, opening it and exaimining her options. She paused though and turned around, seeing a jar of lolipops up on the counter. "Eh.." She turned her head like the jar had insulted her and returned to the fridge taking out some grapes to munch on. She put them into a bowel and walked over to the nearest window which happened to be a sliding door in which she opened, letting in the coldness from the weather and standing in it's doorway staring outside. She sighed lightly, wondering who Plato was, another thing she didn't remember.. (actually she never studied it) amongst of sea of things that were blurry in her mind just on the edge of being unlocked but she could never find the key for it..

IzzyDaPada: The now fleeing Nami left a blinking Daichi in his wake. "Apparently I said something wrong." He held up the book and looked at the image of Plato. "Don't give me that look..not like I go out of my way to talk to woman.." He lowered the book. Then again, he did go out of his way to be nice..letting out a sigh, he placed the book on the coutioned chair and walked to where she had ran off to. Daiki came out of a side passway and frowned. "Your leaving your post..." Daichi looked at him and gave him a look. "And you left yours, probably snoring like a monster again I'd assuming." The twin borthers would look at each other and stare. Then lighten the situation and walk into the kitchen. Daiki seemed to be quit out of it when he asked. "So how is Kibou doing?" Daichi nuddged his brother as he pointed in silence to where she was. Shouldering off his jacket, Daichi approached Nami slowly and put it on her shouldesr. "You shouldn't stand infront of an open door Miss. Kibou. You could catch a cold.." Daiki would appear next to his brother and reach over and snatch a grape and pop it into his mouth with a smile. "I don't think Miss. Nakayama would be to happy with us if you got sick under our watch." Daiki offered a smile and headed off into another part of the kitchen, then exited through a doorway. Well seemed like he was on his way to busy himself. "Don't mind Daiki, he's his own person. But I apologize if I offended you in some way Miss. Kibou." He withdrew his hands from her shoulders, and looked down at the tiny woman.. She was wuit shorter then him in comparrison.

NamikazeSoudai: She looked back when the men appeared in the room and then back forward, not being surprised when Daichi came up behind her and placed his jacket onto her shoulders. She was a little pouty when one of her grapes were stolen though, but that was just joking around, there were plenty of grapes to share. It was nice to see her out of her sadness no matter how briefly it was, she had always acted as though she wasn't trying to cling onto this new life that was given to her, that there was a chance that she would remember who she was and what she left behind in the pass and that joking or enjoying herself would take her off of that path. "It wasn't too cold.." She said softly then watched as Daiki walked away. "Daiki doesn't bother me..I enjoy his company.." She reassured the twin that his brother was a good boy, staring back out the window. "Sometimes i wonder..Why was i shot.." She mumbles, the two scars from her wounds on either shoulder were visible through the nightgown. "..And why Miss Nakayama has been so kind.." She stepped forward and outside onto the porch. "Maybe if i..almost die again..i will remember what i lost.."

IzzyDaPada: He looked down at Nami when she started to speak, a small smile appeared on his face a bit as she reassured him that his brother was a good part of company. If only she knew him when he was a kid, she probably would have wondered how he himself lived through Daiki's escapades. Watching down at her while she stared out the window. Her question put him off guard a bit as he eyed the top of her head, leaning against the opposite wall as she stepped onto the porch, he stuffed his hands into his pockets. From how Isabel decribed it to him..from her personal expierence, Nami had followed into the sewers when the hurcaine hit..but nothing was ever explained what happened to her EXCATLY. Expect she had gotten shot. *sometimes I wonder..why was I shot..and why Miss Nakayama has been so kind..Maybe if I almost die again..I will remember what I lost..* This caused him to frown at her statment. Resting more against the wall in a relaxed fashion, he surched for words of wisdom. Or tell the truth with wisdom. He knew he wasn't in the excate place to tell her what had happened to her, why it was happened. "Well..they say people take after people of the past, could possibly have spiritual guidness without knowing it..Hangaku Gozen was one of the few onna bugeisha..for..non-japanese speakers. A woman warrior.. You could have taken after her spirit." He was really beating around the bush abit but then he let out a heavy (man) sigh. "Miss. Nakayama does have a heart and is a caring person. It's how she's been since I've known her. But Miss.Kibou...Nami...Almost dieing, it could put you at risk to actaully dieing. The doctors did say you could gain your memory back..things will trigger it. Certian scents, tastes, sights maybe even feelings..." He thought a bit about it then looked at Nami, who was facing him. "And if I could make an educated guess...something with the yukata triggered your memory. But, almost dieing again. I don't suggest that anytime soon. The memory is a strange thing man has yet to figure out.."

NamikazeSoudai: She paused her advance into the rain, looking back to him, not smiling at first but she managed to create one. "Well.." She sighed lightly, stepping back into the room and closing the sliding door behind her, shaking a little to free herself of the rain. "Do you wanna watch tv with me?" She offered while walking over to the couch and plopping herself down onto it. Isabel didn't have to scold her about homework, nearly every night she tried her best to do what she can and considering that she had to look up a lot of the history subjects, she did pretty well with a lot of her homework from school. She would have enjoyed Daichi's company but probably would have liked it more if it was Isabel watching tv with her.. Something inside of her desired the company of people who could fill the role of her family. Sometimes Nami thought of Isabel as a sister, other times it was as a mother, in the end of it..Isabel was a good friend to Nami, someone she needed. Whether or not the man took up her offer, she found the tv remote and turned on the tv, looking for something to watch.. Eventually she came to a adult comedy channel, but as she watched she lacked any laughter of the stand up comedy that was being played. "I don't get it.." was repeated by her numerous times. When it came to racial comments, she had enough and went back to channel surfing.

IzzyDaPada: Watching her come back inside sliding the door behind her, he leaned a bit and locked the door. At her offer to watch TV. He had to think a bit, but thinking she needed someone to keep her company. "I wouldn't mind it, though I can only watch so much. And I will need to get back back to work." Walking up behind her after she took a seat on the couch, he walked around it then sat at a good distance away from her, not to make her feel like he was crowding her. He watched her flick threw the channels then choosing an adult comedy channel, he had to admit it was funny a few times. Though when it hit the racial comments, it didn't really have any touch of comedy for him. He thought she felt the same when she spoke about not getting it. Watching the channels flick by, Daichi leaned back into the couch. THey sat there for a few hours it seemed flicking thorugh channels, stopping on some channels to watch them, watching the end of the news. Daichi had made himself comfortable as Daiki came back into the room with a rasied eyebrow as he approached his sibling and patted his shoulder. "Bro, let the little lady sleep." Daichi looked up and punched his twin brother in the arm. "What did she ask for?" Daiki looked down at him and shrugged a bit. "She needed the accountent more then the lawyer." Looking at Nami who was probably now looking at him, Daiki offered her a smile then looked back to Daichi and leaned down and whispered in his ear. "But she may need to get out in a little bit. Papers are scattered, and she is getting stressed again." Daichi looked up at his brother and blinked. "Really?" Daiki nodded his head. "Somethings bugging her a bit apparently. I on the other hand, do not know if she is stressed with what happened about TF, or its something else..." Daichi looked at him and made a face. "You mean womanly problems?" They both laughed at this and Daiki nodded. "Yes..very much so. Womanly problems. She may just need to go get drinks with him and call it good." Daichi smacked his sibling in the arm as Daiki this time knew it was coming and dogged it quickly and looked down at him. Daichi gave his brother a hard look. "You know how she is. Leave her be."/"Says you. Keeping Kibou up of course." Giving his brother a snicker, he walked off towards the bedrooms with that. Daichi rubbed at his forhead. *What time was it?* Pulling at his sleeve to reveal a watch with a frown. "God where does time go. Always the humanity in onesself to chase after lost time." Hearing his phone ring he quickly reached for it and picked it up quickly. "Daichi..Yes Ma'am....No Ma'am..She's sitting here you know when you will be back?...*pause* Alright Ma'am. I will watch over her...*another pause* Already told Daiki? Alright. Understood. Goodbye." With that he put his phone away hearing the sounds of Isabel upstairs shifting her things around, walking over the floorboards, then heard her come down the stairs. Shifting himself back he watched her exit the house, closing the door silently behind him. *Well then, buisness as always.* Looking down at Nami he offered her a smile.."Well its just me, you, and Daiki. Miss. Nakayama left out for some business meetings."

NamikazeSoudai: Nami watched the tv through the hours, at point point she stayed at a channel that showed old classic cartoons. "He has to get that bird, he's uses a ingeni- what how did it malfunction? I don't trust this acme company he keeps on buying things from.." She commented as the coyote struggled to captured and ultimately failed to catch the road runner, something she couldn't believe. It was pretty funny though and at some times Nami was laughing, something that hadn't been heard in a while. The brother came over though which took her attention away..Nami after a while knew better than to ask about some of the things they were discussing or Isabel's business, it was just a common sense thing and she was privledged to not know some of those things and continue to live amongst the clan as a princess. As she heard though that Isabel was going out without one of the guardians, this made her speak.. "You aren't going with her?" She asked Daichi, concerned and jumping off of the couch and going to the window to watch Isabel for as long as she could. "IS someone going with her?" She asked again before anyone could reply to the previous question. She felt her energy draining from her at the thought of anything bad happening to Isabel, if anything happened to her Nami would be alone like the moment when she woke up in the hospital without knowing anything, without anyone there to tell her who she was and what happened, why she had been shot.. Nami knocked on the window to try and get her attention, if Isabel looked back Nami would have waved, otherwise she would have gone back to the couch..

IzzyDaPada: Daichi looked to Nami as he asked her question. "She is capable. And she probably knows where she is going. She always carries that desert eagel with her. She's a strong woman." He watched her jump off the couch pretty quickly then run to the window and ask the same question. He got up and stand next to her. "Miss. Nakayama is a very strong woman. We have no doubt she will be fine." He again watched as she knocked on the window, hoping to get her attention. It made him smile a bit as she waved. In the far off distance Isabel turned around and gave Nami a smile and waved back then turned back around and continued to walk to where she was headed. He stepped out of her way allowing her a clear path back to the couch. He leaned himself up against the wall as he watched Nami, in a small silence, thoughts going through his head a bit.

NamikazeSoudai: She sniffled a litle bit, a part of her feared that this was goodbye, though Nami could not read into the future. She went back over to the couch, sitting down much more lazy-er than she had previously, losing her womanly grace in the manner and looking more pouty. It wasn't long though that the tv cartoons brought her happiness back. "That man has a rifle..Why can't he kill that rabbit?" She asked about bugs bunny.. It was 40mins later that Nami was resting her head agaisnt the side of the couch and not really focused on the tv, drifting back to sleep. Her feet had come up onto the couch and her legs were curled up pressing agaisnt her chest while using Daichi's jacket as a blanket. A few minutes and she was out cold, visiting her cloudy dream world once again.

IzzyDaPada: Daichi had watched over her for a bit, tell finally he was sitting next down to Nami watching the cartoons with her. Yet 40 minutes had passed as he finally blinked at one of the cartoons playing between Daffy duck and Bugs Bunny, which of course, he never understood american cartoons. Looking over at Nami he noticed she had fallen asleep, shaking his head a bit he had to smile. She looked like a girl without a care in the world in her sleep. She seemed to worry to much when she was awake. Then again, she had every right to do so. Leaning over her scooped her up bridal style gently and pressing her into his chest holding onto her so he didn't somehow magically drop her. Walking back to where the room she was staying in, he nudged the somewhat closed door open and walked to the bed placing her gently back into the bed, pulling the covers over her gently. Pulling himself up he looked down at her, with a soft expression to his face. Then took his leave closing the door but leaving it a bit open. Daiki came out of no where and looked at him. "What?" Daiki still gave him a look. "No. Don't even." Daiki gave his twin a large smirk. Then Daichi reached out and shoved him away and headed towards their posts at the end of the hall. "Don't get ideas Daiki." Daiki looked at Daichi with a smirk. "I'm not the one with the ideas."/"Your lucky your my sibling...I want to punch you right now."/"You've grown soft. Like warm puddy."/"Says the man who tried to flirt with the geiko not that long ago?"/"Damn right."/"She'd kill you."/"As she'd kill you." Their voices got quiter and quiter as they drited down the hall and took thir spots guarding where Nami was resting. Protecting her while everyone was out doing their business..and to await the return of Isabel.

The Light To The Darkness

DarkKeyome: DarkKeyome: It was day time, about 5:00PM, a full week after the last time Keyome had been here last. The sun was beaming. The Dojo of where a young man known as Nat Farhan died only 6 months ago. Keyome Tasanagi sat in the middle of the old Dojo. The Students stopped going, having to dear with there Masters death wasnt easy on them. It was actually quite hard to cope with. Yet the Kagemaru had been coming here everyday after the mans death to show his respect. His Dark Hadou Coursed throughout his body showing only to those with the eyes to see them. ( Chi/Hadou Practitioners. Not everyone can see this.) Keyome opened his eyes as the golden glow around his iris shinned as looked out forward. His body had toned out further during the 6 months after everything had happened. His muscles protruding from his body as he stood. His long raven hair hung over his face. He was only 21, yet the things he had been through made him look about 26 with his facial hair. “...” He took a deep breathe, and exhaled out of his nose as he popped his back. He stretched down and got into a handstand position with 1 arm starting to bust out a couple push ups to get himself back into his routine. “...1....2....3.....4.....5....” He had been doing these works outs for some time now. And they were finally starting to show, it was also his favorite form of training as well when it came down to the physical stuff.

IzzyDaPada: Letting out a sigh, a white bag with training cloths that were stuffed in there. Needing to leave the lounge quickly to get air, after all the frustration seemed to build up tell she couldn't seem to think in her own office now. A place that used to be a place of peace and quietness. Maybe it was because when Nami passed out that made her rethink her actions completely, caused her to think of what caused the small woman to pass out like the way she did..was it her memory coming back? The boys were incharge of taking care of Nami while I was out. When Nami knocked on the window and waved, it made me smile really, a sweet gesture. As she made her way into D-1, she went to look for one of the local Dojos..the one that came to mind was the one that had gotten shot back in the sewers months back. This was his place..I should show some respect. Approaching the door I opened it and stepped through the door. I noticed was Keyome working out. Doing pushups..As I approached, I could tell something was different about him. But I had to remember that Keyome was Keyome, regardless of how much he changed emotionally, physcially. As I approached where he was, he seemed to count how many push ups he could get...Though I knew it couldn't work twice but I had to do it. Starting off where he left off...*55..56..57...58..* "1..2..3..4..." I offered him a small smile if he lost count and looked up at me.

DarkKeyome: DarkKeyome: “ 59... 60.... 61.... 1....2....3...4-” Keyome would turn a bit to see who had implemented him to restart in his counting. He looked over at the woman known as Isabel and soon pulled himself back onto his feet. “ Haha... thats your thing now huh? Messing up my counting?” The 5:30 bell rang and the other kids within the Dojo would look up soon packing up there stuff and walking out. “ Seeya later Keyome... “ They said with there heads down, 1 by 1 as they stepped out. This caused Keyomes Expression to soften watching the 15 boys and girls getting ready to leave, as they were stepping out he'd speak out.. “ Hey...Do not Mourn over Nat.” They all turned around and gave a awkward stare. “...Nat.. was a hero and a good man...” they blinked and Keyome sighed. “... He loved you all... he did that. For all of you.. be strong for Nat now.. like he was strong for you...” One of the girls sniffled and they all came back an bombared keyome with Hugs. “ Thank you Sensei...” Said the oldest of the boys, His name was Mike. A black Kid from District 1. He lives in District 2 now, seeing that District 1was getting repaired. “ Haha... dont call me that Mike... Call me Big brother.” The boy nodded. Keyome hugged the children back and waved as they made there leave. Watching them step out the door he'd place his right hand on his hip. “ You know... theres not a day that goes by that I dont think about what Nat did out there... I sometimes ask myself, if I would have done the same. I think I would have... im not sure though.” He said turning to smile at Isabel. “ But yeah, come in to get some training done again today?” Keyome and Isabel had been working lightly on her getting used to the Chi or better Yet Hadou within her body.

IzzyDaPada: I giggled hearing him successfully lossing count. *Nakayama One, Tasanagi Zero* I gave him a nod to answer his question, which was pretty funny to say the least, first time was clever, second time was funny on so many levels to me. "Of course Keyome, how would you know it was me coming in if I didn't make myself known one way or another?" I seemed to have a good attitude about this. Hearing the bell ring and the kids, all so sad about the death of their dojo teacher, it made me a bit sad and wanted to say something. But Keyome beat me to it. Saying Nat was a hero and a good man, this I could agree with, the kids showed how much they loved him, and already missed him. Watching the kids react to Keyome's words in their own way, they all came crashing back into the room and almost toppled Keyome over with their little bodies. I couldn't help but smile as they all looked up to him as a figure, and a light in their dark times it seems. Watching them leave I looked to Keyome as he spoke as I took my bag off my shoulder and hold it in my hand. "Sometimes, you can't always think in the past Keyome. You have to look towards the future. Nat did a good thing. He would have done anything for you, and the Kagemaru clan." When he turned to me and smiled, I couldn't help but smile back. "Mhm. I did. And just alot going on back at the lounge that, I needed to get out of course." Keyome had been helping me with Chi, well, how he has put it getting used to my light hadou within my body. Somedays it was all I could think about, the endless amounts of possabilities. Other days it seemed like a heavy weight on my shoulder. Do the right thing, make the right choices. Maybe one day I just wanted to be a human and live. But who knows with these abilities now a days.

DarkKeyome: Keyome would nod going behind her and placing his hands on her hips. “ OK, come on. Just like how we practiced..” Keyome would lift her into the air with both of his hands. Both of his holding up, Isabel was then supposed to channel her chi into her body, manipulating it. So that i'd levitate her body lightly in the air. This was to strain the chi within her body to the point it was like she was flexing it like a muscle of some sort. Enough of this and she'd be able to do it on her own. “ Alright... im gonna let you go, you ready?” 

IzzyDaPada: When he stepped behind me, his hands on my hips were strong every single time he lifted me into the air and I tried this. I nodding my head I'd gently cox my chi to flow into my body. Like watching a lily open when it was morning, and the first light touched its petals. It felt weird, like everytime when I brought the chi into my body and doing as he said. Making it touch every corner of my innter body, touching my feet, first then letting it take its course through my body. I had placed my hands on his hands so I had my upper body supported. He had levitated my body up off the ground and in the air a bit. Yet the more I channeled it, manipulated it, it started to cause my body to ache in places. When he said he was goind to let me go..wait..let me go? I nodded my head when he said he was going to let me go and asked if I was ready. "Yes..I'm ready." 

DarkKeyome: Keyome would nod again. He slowly pulled his hands from her hips as he pushed off of her body. He could feel the chi course throughout her body before his fingertips even had pulled from her. He had a worried look on his face, hoping that she'd be able to hold herself into the air if only it was for a mere few seconds. Every new second on her record of holding herself up would only mean that she was indeed progressing her training with him. To be honest keyome was nervous about training someone. He was paitent, but he knew he could be harsh. Yet it was hard for him to be angry with her, they went too far back. 

After stepping back to fully examine her, his eyes focused on the her body. “ Dont force too much chi out to quickly... let it seap throughout your body... and hold it in place... like balancing a plate on a rod... think of it like making a Kimono... you want to get every stich in perfectly so you go slowly... you take your time for your perfection.. this is the same way... take your time... “ He said in a low and calming voice. Orginally her time had been that of 5 seconds. But the last few days she had been getting 8 seconds, 10 last thursday. So she was getting better. He stood under her abit his face near her butt in a way just in case she fell down he'd catch her and set her back up on her feet. To Isabel doing this task would prove to be tasking and quite tiring. But if she ever approached an event where it would be needed. She wouldnt have the problem of dishing it out, and not dishing it out too much as well. She'd be able to focus if perfecty and easily without pushing too much through to tire her quickly. Basiclly this was all about control.

IzzyDaPada: Letting his hands slip from under mine, part of me didn't want to let go of his hands, in fear of falling again. But I let my hands rest at my side as I closed my eyes concentrating hard. The training I have been reciving has been hard, not because he was a harsh teacher. But because this was completely new to me. As if it was like being a geisha all over again. Hearing him say not to force to much out, let it seap throughout my body and hold it in place. Him mentiong that it was like making a kimono, he was right. Every stitch had to be perfect, so you had to go slow and so the fabric wouldn't be rinkled. Taking that into mind I took in a breath and slowed it down, letting it seap ever so slowly into my body. Taking my time. Though in the back of my mind, I wouldn't lie, I held the fear I would fall again on my face this time though. But last time I held it for a little bit, I wasn't keeping track. I had my eyes basically willed shut as I continued to consintrate..*10..11...12..13..14..15..16..17..* I held it for 17 seconds as I started to wobble a bit. As I opened my eyes really quickly and started to flail my arms in a circle motion trying to catch my balance...on...air..

DarkKeyome: Keyome had slid under her making sure to scoop her up in his arms in a cradling matter as she begun to fall back down. his arms cuffing her body up and holding her closely to himself. “ Alright, good job.”he said smiling at her and then putting her back down. “ Ahh see you are getting better you just beat your record to day.” Keyome had told her, moving some of the hair out of her face that had fallen there after she had fallen herself. “Ok... now. Lets see if you can implement some of that controled chi into an attack. ” Keyome took a few steps back and then guided her over to a stone marbel like structure in near the punching bags that Keyome had set up just for Isabel. They had little and large cracks all along the stone marbel in the shape of fist marks, they seemed to get denser as it went down. The first crack was light, and barely noticable. Keyome chuckled after remember how Isabel hurt her hand on it the first time with this crack on the large stone. It was marked ' Isabels training, week 1.' the 2nd one was labled ' Isabels training month 1.' And it had a pretty nice crack on it that time around, and they got even denser as they went on. Now being on month 6 the punches in the stone were growing to the point that she was almost able to shatter the stone with a clean punch if she did it hard enough, this seemed to be her area of Chi. Forcing it out at the right moments then extering it to cause explosive effects. “...Dark Hadou, and Light Hadou. Are similar maybe in one way. Thats increasing physical attacks. This is what I told you during the first week do you remember?” Keyome said pacing around her before he was behind her and massaging her shoulders slowly gliding his fingers into her shoulders to ease her up. “ Clear your head... and think about... nothing. Simply act, know that you have the power, to break this marbel stone in half with a single punch... know that you can snap it like a twig... its nothing to you... because you have the power to make that statement.” Keyome pressed his hands back down to her waist. “... Make sure, to strike it with percise, and swift hand movements. A nice quick, hard jab to the stone should do it... I know you can do it, show me what you can do.” Keyome took a step back putting both hands behind his back and watched her. “ Channel the chi into the arm you are using, and at the very moment that your first connect to the stone use the Chi within yourself to send a even more impacting force towards it to do the deed. Whenever your ready.” Keyome said waiting and crossing his arms. “ If it takes more than one try, then keep doing it... until you get it done. By next week... I want you to break one of these in half easy. Remember to also coat the chi around your hand so not to break it, or better yet fracture it again.” He said making note to her first week of doing this, laughing a bit to himself as he shook his head.

IzzyDaPada: When I had fallen Keyome was there to catch me, and scoop me into his arms and cradled me close to him, my arms were wrapped around his neck and well, basicly clinging to him, and pressing just as close to him as he held me. The falling sensation was still a scary thing for me. He said I did a good job, which caused me to look up at him and smile, just as he was smiling at me. *He does have a good smile...* As he set me back on my feet touched the ground I quickly pulled my arms away from his neck and looked back up to him holding back the girlish reaction I felt. Hearing him say I beat my record. I smiled and almost wanted to bounce for joy and squeal. That was personal progress. But I couldn't rejoyce just yet. Keyome pulled me out of my thoughts when he moved a pice of my hair out of my face, which that caused me to blush slightly, luckly he didn't notice it when he said we should move on. When he took a few steps back, I followed him over to the stone marbel sturture that was near the punching bags, Keyome was nice enough to set up for me since I had been working on this. I had made alot of progression...the stone showed with the little and large cracks shapped in fist marks that littered the stone marbel. Looking at the the cracks, I could feel my fist pulse like it did when I had broke it the first time...that really did hurt..Everything was marked. From the first week, to the to the first month. I stared at the stone clearing my mind taking in a breath and letting it out, I nodded my head giving him an acknowledgment that I remember what he said the first week. A nice quick jab.. He seemed to pace around me, then came up behind me and on my shoulders and started to massage them. The tention in my body that I felt seemed to drain when he did that. I took into mind what he said. Think of nothing, just simply act. Okay. I didn't notice that his hands had pressed into my waist as I stared at the stone marbel. I was letting the chi seap into my body then into my right arm. Once I felt it was enough, I imaged a type of glove over my hand, in a sence "coating it" so I didn't..break..ore refracture my hand again. As I approached the stone, I took a few quick steps then sent out my right arm at it..When I felt my knuckles make the first connection to the stone I pushed my chi into the top of my fist. "HAA!!" With that. The chi errupted from my hand and with a loud *CRACKK* The stone seemed to morph around my hand with a large crater as a crack went around the rock perfectly around until it met on the other side. Pulling my hand away I blinked a little bit at the stone.."Did...Did that come out right..." I figured slightly that if I didn't do it right that my hand would have been re-fracted again.

DarkKeyome: He'd cross his arms watching as she did what was asked of him. For himself he was just thinking about his plans with the Ambassadors. He'd have to send his own Yakuza men out to wars that werent there own, all for the name of money power, and respect of there clan and inside it was kind of eating away at him though he'd never admit it fully. To the Public he had become a Strong Political figure, and a leader of the City. But the general public didn’t know of the Drug Syndicates, the illegal fighting rings, the murderer. To himself, he thought of himself a monster more, nothing less. To himself... he hated being a Yakuza some days. “....” His thought process had been broken from a loud CRACKK! It caused him to blink coming back into reality. ."Did...Did that come out right..." Isabel said which caused me to see if I could examine the stone to answer her questions. Literally 1 second after she spoke the larges tone slummed over and the top half leaned over falling to the ground with a hard crash shattering into chunks of stone along the ground. This caused keyome to cough a moment as he brought his right arm up to fight back at the smoke in a since. He slowly moved his arm down and blinked after seeing the marble broken. He had told her to do this, but it surprised him that she actually did it but he was proud of her because of it. “ Hahahaah! Now thats how you do it. Just like that. From now on. I want you to do all of the marbles that I get you like that on the first try.” She truly had progressed a lot over the months. “ One more thing... and then were good for today. Were gonna race...” Keyome said smirking as he picked up a T-shirt and began walking to the stairs on the right side of the Dojo which would carry them out to the roof tops. It was already 6:00PM and the sun was going down. The Dojo was located near the beach of Kasaihana city and once they reached the top building they'd be able too see the beach easily. Keyome made his way to the top and began to stretch. dispite getting older, he still had playful ways when he was around those he was comfortable with. Like Isabel... he never really got to be a teenager and have fun. “ Alright. See the new News station tower. It's about 5 miles out. Were going to pakour ( Street run, you know all the cool flipping stuff.) All the way there. If I win... your paying for those drinks were getting after this.” Keyome began to stretch and looked over his shoulder at her. “ I mean unless your scared. “ Keyome had gotten down into his sprinter stance after hearing her answer and would get down in his stance waiting a few moments before she was down next to him in her own stance. ( If she said yes.) “ On your mark.... get set....” He wouldnt even say go before he'd take off running full speed. He'd look over his shoulder at Isabel who was more than likely waiting for the 'Go' to be announced. “ Hahahah gotta do better than that!” He said taking off he'd leap over a fence and then pull which just so happened to be the edge of the Dojo's building. As he leaped off the building he'd land on the other one running full speed. ( Soo basically were gonna have 5 post to get there before the other person beats the other one. ) 

IzzyDaPada: Waving the dust out my face and coughing I saw that the top of the stone was gone. Which caused me to shout at the top of my lungs "YEAAHHH BUDDY!" and cause me to flail my hands everywhere/ *Yeah buddy* was from some show the twins watched apparently...apparently I wasn't paying much attention to thoe show itself, and my other senses picked it up. I had started to laugh when Keyome said thats how I do it, and should do it from now on. I kept that in mind as I cleared my throat pulling myself together. Watching Keyome grabe his shirt and walk away it caused me to blink a few times, as I followed him slipping on some sandels as he made his way to the roof of the dojo, that outlooked the beach, which the outlook greated me warmly with the breeze of the ocean. (if there was one xD) Looking back to Keyome who was stretching. Which assuming he had something else in mind, so I did the same, pulling my arms above my head to stretch them from left to right, then infront of me. Then stretching out my legs as he explained what he had in mind....When he pointed out the new New's Station tower I took it into mind as I looked down then looked back to him when he said we were going to do a pakour. Which caused me to blink..*I'm going to die..* I let out a small laugh when he said if he won, I would have to pay for the drinks. Well then, to the debet card it goes if I lose. I didn't have a negative doubt in my mind that I would lose. But it could have been a possability. When he looked over his shoulder to look at me, and ask if I was scared. I gave him a smile that said I wasn't scared. "Of you Tasanagi? Oh, I am not scared sweetheart. Your on." I felt a little teenager-ish when I gave him the responce, not the chairwoman of a Yakuza clan. But who cared? When he dropped into a sprinters stance, I took the same one... *On your mark..get set..* He didn't even say go as he took off, which caused me to blink then quickly push off my foot and take off at full speed hearing him taunt me, and leap over the fence, I ran at the fence, I did the same, with my arms supporting me as I leaped over it. Pushing myself off the fence I was greeted with the edge of the building. "AAHHHHHH!" I let out a scream with a large smile on my face as I hit the gravel topped roof of the next building as I got quickly up I sprinted after Keyome....With a cleaver thought, I let my chi start to seap into me, slowly. As I started to get close to him I pushed the chi into my feet and quickly took off past him with a smile on my face. "No one like cheaters Tasanagi!" With that, I took off leaping off one of the building we were both on onto the next one. *CRUNCH* the gravel under my feet, then quickly regained myself and continued on on my pursuit towards the News Station. Remembering correctly, the News building from here was 5 miles..Alright. Releasing my chi from my feet and legs I continued at my full speed. I couldn't help but feel free up here. Like anything bellow didn't exist. It was just..Keyome, myself, and the race across these buildings to the News Station. I took another leap of faith across the gap between another building *CRUNCH* then booked it across the building* Looking behind me to see where Keyome was, if he was still in toe with me, I'd give him a smile then a teasing wink as I turned back around to watch where I was going. Seeing a large box in my way I blinked a few seconds "Oh..shi.." Quickly taking a few steps I leaped over the box in a hurdle jumper with one leg extended and the other bent as I leaped over it, landing passed the box I continued my pursuit running.

DarkKeyome: ( Post 2) He'd laugh hauling ass moving as quickly as he could. He'd pull himself over a trash can as he hit the ground. His eyes shot over as she sped past him. He wasnt expecting that In the sl-GAHHH! Screw this fucking 3 person crap! When I hit the ground noticed that she was way quicker than I had expected “ Tch!” I pulled my pants up and before I could even get myself situated she was already a building ahead, a whole building ahead. I ran to the edge of the building that I was currently on and focused my chi into my body and with a hard pulling leap I forced myself into the air and right over the building that was currently gaping us away. I soared throughout the air drifting about 20 feet in the air in a twisting tumble roll in the air all spider man like. When I landed I saw Isabel turning around to eye me all she would see was a dark blurr swoop behind her, and then... her pants would be around her ankels the black blurr would then roll forward and she'd see me pull myself over an air conditioning unit and then over another fence. I pushed myself around the fence with a hand stand holding myself up before I allowed my body to swoop down the alleyway gap until my right hand latched onto a fire escape which I would then sling myself through someones apartment, dash past a couple having sex in the room and then leap out of the window on the other side to land on another building now being 2 buildings away. Good.. only 5 more bulidings and hellooooo to free drinks. 

IzzyDaPada: I didn't expect to see the pants down around my ankels! Almost falling over I went into a tumble as I reached out and grabed onto my pants as I bounced back onto my feet and pulled them back up then continued my pursuit. Watching the blur, Keyome, pull himself over the air conditioning unit, then over another fence. But I heard a "HEY! OH MY GOD GET OUT!" That sneaky little sausage.... I ran quickly at the conditioning unit pulling myself over it as well then jumping over another fence and pushing off of the fence and onto another building that was a few feet below me *CRUNCH* I had to catch up to him quickly. Taking off I took another route to catch up, following where he went I kept him in sight as best as I could. Letting my chi seap into my body again, I directed it into my legs again as I took off heading for the ledge which was quit aways away from where Keyome was now. Which was below me, as I took off at a good speed at the building I waited tell I got at the ledge to push off sending myself through the hair, my arms and and legs seeming to "flail" as I was just seemingly floating in the air, reaching closer and closer to the building until I finally got to it, I went into a tumble roll and got back to my feet as I took off again and bolted to head across another building...he was another building ahead of me..we were only 5 buildings away from the news station. So thinking quickly I let my chi continue to seap into my legs as I quickly ran to the edge of the building and quickly sent myself through the air again and with a loud *CRUNCH* I hit the gravel topped and started to run faster, with the help of my chi, it made me run considerablly faster then I would have suspected or noticed myself. But when I got close enough to Keyome I pushed enough chi into my legs so that I was able to be in synic with him as we ran. I didn't pay attention to him so I wasn't going to get distracted. As I now ran past him, I ran for the edge, what we both didn't expect was the large...LARGE gap of a busy city street below. Pushing off the edge I seemed to pull in air into my lungs as I flailed *Crap..crap..crap..crap* I twisted my body so that when I was "flying" through the air my back was facing the ground as I was looking at the sky....*It seemed so pretty...* twisting my body again, I realized that...I was close to the building..twisting it again I made sure to land feet first. *CRUNCH* and off I went running across the building. 3 buildings left...3 buildings left...who would win?

DarkKeyome: ( Post 3) She had gotten close again, Tch... no shaking Isabel. I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye and I saw that determined look in her eye... it was... kinda cute. I smirked and then channeld into my own legs and forced myself to stay neck and neck with her. But... when the edge of the building was met looking down at it I wasnt expecting to see the large gap that was now between her and myself. I pushed my self into the air with her pulling my legs back so in mid air i'd be forced to do a full back flip. Her and I had landed on the roof at the same time, but I pushed my arms forward to propel myself so i'd do a full front flipping roll once I hit the ground. Once I was on my feet we'd both be neck and neck. The Building we were on now currently had a bridge that connected to the next one. We looked like Ninjas running along the buildings way to swiftly for the average human to be moving. Haha coulda been Ninjas in another life or something. A large bill board was on the building that was on the opposite of side the bridge that we were on. Once we made it across the bridge I kicked myself up so that I planted my legs onto the bill board starting to running side-ways right over her head until I did a cartwheeling flip landing on the left of her. Now literally 1 building away and running neck and neck I could see that she was giving it her all. It made me a smile... i've never met a women so determined before... sadily to say i've always had one view of women and to see her, of all people sitting here racing me... on a roof top is questionable. Haha the old chairmen would spit in our faces. Proabbly say we were acting like children... but who's fault is that? Theres... they made us leaders young... for positons we werent ready for... and to be honest... I think its ok to be childish sometimes. As we were running neck and neck i'd pull back a bit seeing that I was getting tired and you know what. She won... she'd proven to me what I was looking to see in her. So I started to pull back fully letting her win as we both leaped off the last building at the same time once again yet she'd beat me by 3 seconds. After landing i'd lean forward gasping for air while both of my knees were planted on my knees. “ Whew! Hahaahah! I havent got to do anything like that since I was 17, 18 years old. Hahahah!” I laughed like... like I hadnt done in a long time. “ Haha good race Nakayama..” I said plopping down on my butt and whipping my forhead. Now looking at the moon light staring out at the night sky. “ Guess im paying for the drinks.” The last few feet of the race, we took to the air. Running across bridges on the buildings. Running neck and neck. Within the last..few seconds as we leaped into the air and landed on the last building. When I looked around I blinked. I came to a complete stop as I took in quick deep breaths trying to clear my breath..yet..I had to completely fall over with my arms on my knees knealing on the ground. As I heard Keyome laugh I had to laugh too. It felt good and refreshing the runing from the buildings and the laughing together. I placed one of my hands over my stomach holding as I kept taking in my breaths. "I have never done that before in my life! That was amazing!" I laughed again, as I pushed myself up I walked over to him as he said good race. He was sitting staring up at the sky now, I bent over..probably not the best choice in this outfit as I gave him a smile. "Same to you Tasanagi. We should do it again sometime." Which, that was no joke. I would love to do it again. Looking up at the sky I squated next to him, in a lady like fashion of course then heard him say *Guess I'm paying for the drinks.* Looking to him I would let out a giggle and smile. "Sounds like you do Mr. Tasanagi. There is a good place to get drinks at..and could have them at the lounge. Seeming as at this time of day, all the girls are out with their clients. And, the one I'm taking care of is probably asleep now."

DarkKeyome: I looked over at her. “ One your taking care of?” I shook my head. “ahh you shouldnt babysit your boyfriends. If he's a man let him take care of himself Nakayama. “ I said standing up brushing myself off and looking down at the ground. “ Alrighty then, We... could take a car if you wanted... or...” I looked over at her with a light smile on my face as I walked over to the edge of the building. The moon light would shine perfectly off of my body as I smiled at her with devious little smirk of mines. “...We could take a trip around the city a better way.” I said with my left hand out to her. “ But I mean.... the choice is yours.” I dont know if she knew what the other way I meant was. Haha either way though. This made me wonder if I was truly human after being able to what I was able to do. “...So... what do you say huh?” I said once more, moving the dark jet black raven hair out of my face so I could eye the woman fully.

IzzyDaPada: I was about to nod my head when he said..babysit my boyfriends? I had to look down and giggle softly to myself. I haven't had anyone, like that in a long time. I looked back at him just as he was standing up and brushing himself off, and I did the same. I started to wonder to myself, how do you tell someone, such as himself. You don't have a boyfriend, but yet you have feelings for the one standing infront of you. *It only takes a moment of courage Isabel..*..*We..could take a care if you wanted..or..* He had pulled me out of my self thoughts as I looked over to him with that light smile on his face. When he walked over to the edge of the building, the moonlight seeming to hit and light up his body perfectly. Some how I couldn't help but follow, not a brain washed bot or any of the sort. But, because how it hit him, made him look well..very mysterious and attractive. The devious smirk on nhis face when he offered to take a trip around the city that well, sold me. I approached taking his offered hand. "I think taking the second option would be much more fun..and also..Tasanagi..I am not babysitting any boyfriends.." I held onto his hand as I walked to him further, when I was a good few inches away from him, I looked him in the eyes. "I haven't of those since he left.." I didn't want to say his name, as I knew the images would flash into my head. But Keyome and I both knew who I spoke of. "I'm taking care of Nami, with the twins help."

DarkKeyome: “ You know... I dated a girl who said they were babysitting a kid when they actaully had a man at home.” the wings sprouted from body yet my shirt/tank top stayed on. They sprung out with a loud BWOOSH, flapping smoothly in the air, and with it my eyes glowed a bright red to signify that I was indeed tapping into my Oni“ They lied.. haha. Hang on.” I said pulling her close to me with my left arm around her waist and hooked to me so that or torsos would touch completely. I then kicked off backwards with her close to me as we drifted down the 40 feet building slowly for about 10 seconds spinning rapidly before my body was turned back up extended out completely as we swopped in the air, gliding over the side walks before I pulled my body up allowing us to glide back into the air so by now we were able to see the whole district 2. The bright city lights below us. I had grown used to this to be honest, flying this high. “ Attention passengers. We have reached the highest altitudes but were going to have to take a little dip. Please hang on, do not panic for you are with a very experienced pilot. “ I said laughing afterwords. “ Hoooolld ONNNN!!” I tucked my body down gripping the woman so both of my arms hooked under her breast as he swooped down quickly. My body twisting and turning it'd feel like a super sonic roller-coaster for about 5 minutes. The butter flies fluttering throughout my stomach only pushed me to do this further. “ Hahaha Alright ma'am... now..ill quit fooling around. Where to?” I said after my little flying show case was over. We now simply glided smoothly throughout the air with ease as I waited for her landing orders to where.

IzzyDaPada: I looked at him as he said about the part of him dating a girl once, and babysitting a kid, but she actaully ad a man at home. with the loud BWOSH, I noticed wings sprouting from the back of his shoulders. *The power of Dark Hadou?* When he told me to hang on, he  hooked his arm around my waist it pressed us together, torsos to torso, which it caused me to blush, but I did my best to hide it. But I did as I was suggested to and so I held on with my arms wrapped around his neck because well. I didn't want to drop to the ground and break with the idea he had in mind. When he kicked off, I clung onto him eyes closed, the sensation of falling and spinning really didn't do good for onces vision. When I opened my eyes I was greated with the beautiful image of District 2, it was like little twinking stars from way up here. When he pulled me out of my thinking and looking over the city, "What..take..a di- AHHHHH!" I let out a shrill squeal as I clung on to him when he decided to take basically a nose dive down, the twisting and turning didn't do good on me, but it caused me to laugh and burry my face into his chest basically holding on for dear life. After what seemed like forever, when truly it was only 5 minutes, I took in a few breaths as I pulled my face away from his chest and looked to my left and right then look back up to him...*So close.....yet so far Nakayama..* **It only takes a moment of courage** I couldn't help but hear that small voice in my head again.. When he said he was done fooling around, and asked where too, I pointed to a about where I think the store was. "That place with the good drinks are right there..I think..Its easier from the ground then up here. Everything looks like stars." 

DarkKeyome: After swooping in we'd allow ourselves to get the drinks she wanted, I wasnt a big drinker so I got things with cool names. This Moonshine thing sounds pretty cool, says it was legalized about 10 years ago. Huh... wonder why it was illegal. After purchasing what I thought sounded cool i'd see if Isabel got anything for herself. I called a Cab and we soon made our way to my home in District 2, I didn’t want to fly it back... believe it or not doing that can prove to be very tiring. This Apartment in District 2 would be the one that Isabel and I had fought those men in about 3 years ago, those Armada guys. I had to get it repaired now I just rent it out but as for now its available. The people who used to stay here before moved out to California, saying how they wanted to live off the coast or something. Anyways it was open, and much closer than my pent house on the Outside of District 2 borderline District 3. “ Well.. I know its kinda cold, but make yourself at home... I just got a lot of this stuff back in here last night when I moved some stuff in here the other day.” I went into the living room cutting on the flat screen and then placing my drinks on the table, I had already called a guy for Pizza on the way here.... I dont even know why im doing this to be honest. I think I should be home, you know sorting out paper work, and getting ready for my next big move. But... I dont know, this felt kinda... good.

IzzyDaPada: When Keyo finally swooped down to the ground and put me down on the ground so we could get what we wanted to drink, I went in surch..going through the wine section, I picked out a nice red wine. It was my favorite when it was ordered when I was out with clients if they asked me what I would like. But this one I picked up was a Sancerre. I then picked up an E&J brandy. Something hard to drink if he wanted to. Walking back up to the counter and purchasing what he and I wanted. When he called the cab, we both got in and headed off to where he told the cabbie to go. Pulling up to his apartment, and got out of the cab. I had both my drinks in a bag as we approached the building, vagly recalling the last time I was caused some flashbacks a bit to when the Armada was in town. Snow White had busted in the door when he tried to come in, and tried to kill us both. But, none of those remaines of the fight were here, which calmed me really. It was slightly cold, but I couldn't complain, it was nice to. I nodded my head to him, "It's not that bad. It can be easily comfortable." I offered a small giggle, as I followed him into the living room and placed my drinks on the table as I uncovered them and revealed the rose wine and the brandy. Taking a seat on the couch as the TV came to life. I had my mind mainly back when I was last here. I had made myself such a fool, thinking Keyome was Hajime..but that caused me to smile a bit when I remembered back to that. Looking to Keyome, I offered him a smile, "Thank you for accepting my invite for drinks Keyome." Standing back up, I had to make myself usefull, so wondering into the kitchen I went and retrieved two wine glasses, incase he wanted some as well. Walking back into the living room, I sat the wine glasses down and reached out for the rose wine. "Wine?"

DarkKeyome: When she offered the wine I shook my head lightly. “ Umm, no thank you. Haha, my dad always told me that Wine is a womans drink.” Not like I knew much about alcholic beverages anyways. I stood and looked out the window and placed my fingers along the hair on my chin, the fuzzy chin strap that I had made me look much older than my real age. “...Hm..” I said stepping off to the side a moment. “ One second..” I went into the restroom and begun to shave it off, yet lining the hair up along my chin and then I took a shower, seeming to had ran and worked out all day it seemed like a good idea. I cleaned myself up and walked out of the restroom with the white towel on my body, it barely sitting around my waist line. My body soaked and wet to the T. And my long black hair hanging down and curling up showing my African American traits with the curly ness. “ hey uh... you seen my phone?” I said stepping down and scratching my head. If Isabel turned to look at the stairs she'd see a half naked Keyome. Maybe I was too comfortable... ha. I dont know... “ Ah..” I said walking infront of her and picking it up and begun to dial a phone number when the Pizza man rung. “ Hey Isabel.. can you get that for me?” I said walking up stairs to change I put on a pair of boxers and a Tank top but i'd leave my hair down. I sat down on my bed and pulled my glasses onto my face as I spoke to the man about what ever idea he had for something in the GMAF'S coming up in a few more months. “ Yeah... we'll get it all set up. As for now i'll speak to you later about it..” The man spoke about a few more things before the conversation ended. I came down stairs plopping down on the other side Of Isabel now wearing a Kimono that my father gave me, and his fathers gave him. Haha dont ask... its just one of those weried family things. I wore sweat pants over my boxers and sandals. I forgot I had my glasses on though. “ Alright... so..” I said pouring something to Drink in a cup, some of that moon shine stuff, I sipped it and made a face... christ that thing tastied nasty.. but I drunk it anyways. “ I see your moving on well with yourself. How are the Twins? I really wanna fight those guys one day, should tell them to come to my Dojo sometimes. Well... Nat's Dojo..” Keyomes eyes wondered over to his phone which had a picture of him showing Nat how to do a round house kick, Alex had snuck it when they werent looking.

IzzyDaPada: I giggled softly when he mentioned his dad nodded my head. "Understandable." I pulled the quork out of the win with a loud *POP* with some mist coming out of the top of the wine bottle. Picking up the wine glass I poured myself a glass. *One Second.*/"Alright." Where he went. I didn't pay attention. I had placed the bottle back on the table and was looking out the window now. I had let out a soft sigh then took a sip of the wine, it was a crisp taste to it, and easy on the taste buds as well. I made a mental note saying that I chose well. I seemed to have been staring far to long staring out the window when Keyome came back into the room where I was.. *Hey seen my phone?" I turned around seeing keyome stratching at his head..but..what caught me more was the fact he was half naked, soaked, with holy a towel around his waist. It caused me to suddenly blush and avert my eyes, my face wouldn't let go of the red tint in my cheeks. He had walked infront of me to find his phone to pick it up, but his body caught my eyes again. When the pizza man rung in, and I was asked to get it. I quickly nodded my head putting down my glass and walked passed him. Taking in a big breath trying to find a way to calm myself down. Walking to the door, I unlocked it and pulled it open and was greeted with the smell of pizza. Offering a smile to the man, we exchanged the money for the pizza(s?), and I closed the door behinded me I  headed back into the living room and sat the pizza(s?) on the living room table. Picking up my wine glass I sat myself down on the couch, swirling the wine around the cup idly really. After a few minutes Keyome came back and took a seat next to me. He was in a kimono now, a male form, which I had to personally say it was rather good looking on him and..*mental shake of head* I needed to stop that thought before it went there. I took a sip of my wine, the face he made when he drank from his cup it made me giggle softly a bit as I lowered my glass. "I am, though some days are harder then most. The Twins are doing fine. They are watching over Nami for me, which is a life savor for me when I have business else where or I need to just get out. I will let them know you want to fight with them." I watched his eyes wonder when he mentioned Nat's Dojo..The soldier who had been shot in the head back in the sewers months ago. I took another cip from my wine glass then began to talk again. "Nat is in a good place.." Is all I said as I had pulled my legs up under me and faced Keyo. "We live for today. Remember and honor those who are not here with us today. And continue on for the future. Because they wouldn't want us to linger and mourn on their death longer then they would want us to." I placed a hand on his arm and gave him a smile. "Well, the pizza is getting cold. And I do not know how cold pizza is. I always see the twins eat cold pizza like his heaven itself." I gave a small shrug. "I never understood that really. Never really understood their eating habits either.." I couldn't help but giggle at my statment.

DarkKeyome: I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. “Hmm.. Maybe your right.” I said smiling a bit. “ Nat is in a better place. “ I said sitting up straight after eating some of the pizza with her. “ Wait... Nami's staying with you?” I said blinking and I closed my eyes. As it drug me into a flashback of some sort. *****FLASH BACK**** It was about 3PM, a few weeks after Thomas was Defeated. Keyome came into the Hospital with a pair of flowers and a thing of Lolli pops. “ Becareful with her... She doesnt remember much anymore...” Keyome nodded, proceeding into the room to see the small female. She was sound asleep when he came in. “...Nami..” He said as he sat the candy and the flowers next to her bed. “...Hey Solider..” He said to her sleeping body. “....Im sorry.... for dragging you into this fight. I should have made sure you that you went back with the others but instead I went in guns a blazing... and... im sorry for that. “ The small female did not speak whih caused keyome to sigh. “... I take... full responsibility for this... “ He'd shed a tear and quickly whipe it away. Soon he'd stand up giving her a bow. “... I m not strong... im not even strong enough to stay...” He'd come back up from his bow. “ Goodbye Nami...” He said walking out and closing the door behind him. ****Flash Back ended***** I sighed opening my eyes and coming back to reality. “ Sorry hahah, kind of... phased out there. Well I hope Nami's getting better.” I said turning my head and drinking more of the drink as it... was starting to get to me. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes and a light pink blush appeared on my face.  i'd ask her about random things, there I go... acting like a kid again. But then the question that caught my attention the most was. “Hey Isabel... seeing that you and Haji were together for so long..”  I said looking at her with half lidded eyes and a drunk look on my face. “ You guys ever.... you know... do the dooo??? “ I said laying my head on my right hand nonchalantly smiling like an idiot with that dark red blush on my face.

IzzyDaPada: I offered him a smile when he smiled a bit back, that smile on his face seemed better then the long face he wore before it. I nodded my head when he asked if Nami was staying with me. He closed his eyes, was he trying to remember something..? But something within me started to pickup along the lines of..sadness, regret maybe? I looked away from him as I took a sip of my wine, a LARRGEEEEE drink of my wine..I forgot that it only took one glass of win to get me a little buzzed. Which it wasn't a large buzz at all, it was a comfortable buzz. * get....* **Sorry haha kind of.... phased out there. WEll I hope Nami's getting better** "She is." I took another sip finishing off my glass of wine as I scootched forward and filled it up again, grabing a piece of pizza then sat back on the couch. I had taken a bite of my pizza and was about to take a hardy sip of the wine when...he asked a question...*Hey Isabel..seeing that you and Haji were together for so long..* I put the wine glass to my lips as I let the wine fill my mouth. *You guys know.. do the doo???* Do the what!?! I pulled the wine glass away and I was going to swallow the wine when I started to caugh...great reaction. Me and Haji...doing the WHAT...I blushed at that question, when I turend to look at Keyo he had his head laying on his right hand in that nonchalant smile on his face, with the blush on his face. I couldn't stop blushing. "Of course not!" I at first shouted as I took another large drink of my wine...this is making me very loose lipped..."He never got that far. And I am a pure virgin if you were wondering Mr. Tasanagi."....Loose ships....sink ships....Good job Nakayama....I looked at Keyome out of the corner of my eyes to see how he would react to my well, womanly buzzed outburt.

DarkKeyome: “....Aghh!...Why..WHy do you!?” I took a gulp of my drink. “ Always Call me Mr?! Im like...Im like the same age as... * puts right finger in the air* You... * Presses it on her face* Sheessh... its bad enough most people mistake me as 31... “ I said hickuping and then rubbing my eyes. “...And... What stopped you guys?” I said sitting back in that same position I was in smiling cheekishly at her.

IzzyDaPada: I let out a laugh as he started to basically well, flip out about how I always called him Mr.. I couldn't help but laugh, I put my hand over my mouth as he put his finger in the air then press it on my face which then I waved off with a smile. "I'm sorry. It was how I was raised and taught. And you do have the tendencies to act older then you really are." I took a drink from my wine glass. I looked over the brim of my wine glass at him as I pulled it away. "Being a geisha got in the way.." I leaned back against the couch as I looked at him..**It only takes a moment of courage** I offered him a smile when I looked at him. "But now that..I am my own woman. I don't have to worry about my duty really. But I still have to be the good example for them." I swirled the wine in the wine glass a minute thinking over that small statement that seemed to keep coming back to my head. It only takes a moment of courage. "Though, the girls lately, have been bagering me about.." I took a big gulp/drink of my wine to find my courage. I seemed to not have the courage to say anything right. I'm a geisha. We don't endulge in love, or any emotion involving anyone else. Hajiame was a fluk to that system. Yet that cheeky smile was still on his face, when mine seemed to have spaced out. But now I bit at my lower lip as I brought myself closer to him..leaning into him. "I may be buzzed, or drunk..I will blame the wine..I'm very bold apparently.."When thought surfaced so did the blushing as I looked at him. "I'm stubborn sometimes..but..I care about you Keyo.." Was that my moment of courage? I was seeming to fiddle with the wine glass when I looked at him I wanted to look down. But I won't shy away from this.

DarkKeyome:I was watching for her reaction throughout us talking and I couldnt help but giggle out on random things she did. Haha it was like she was hiding her face behind the glass or something. “ Ahhh Haji was an amature when it came to girls though haha. Ahhh... I miss that guy..” I said looking out at the window as I rubbed my eyes I turned to her, just to hear her say the words. 'I'm stubborn sometimes..but..I care about you Keyo..' My Cheekish smile.. faded the moment I heard those words came from her lips. “...What.. what do you mean..?” I said looking at her through half lidded eyes. “... You care about me huh.... Hmph... you said that 6 months ago too didnt you...” I started to think, and I dont know... my... stomach turned maybe? It twisted and it flipped... butterflies? What am I 15 again? What is love to me? “ What is love... to a monster...” I said as I looked down at the glass of liquor that had my chest burning hot. More than likely... she'd start to talk about how she did have feelings for me... And possibly how I wasnt a monster you know how girls are when they rant this I expected. And if this was the case... in her mid rant ( if she did even if she didnt.) I'd break into her speech and turn myself to her completely pressing my left index finger on her lips to stop her from talking. “...” My head low i'd slowly raise my head back up with my eyes locked onto her own... my eyes bore a bright red to match my blush and my canines within my mouth seemed a bit sharper than usually. “... And... What if I told you...” I said looking up at her. “... That even though you were with Haji... I've... always kind of... have a thing for you...I just... He was my best friend... and I could never... I...” I cant explain it but... I wanted to show her... what I meant... I closed my eyes and leaned into her pressing my lips against her own, dead locking our lips together as I closed my eyes and pulled her down onto the couch behind her on her back... I couldnt help it.... did I want to help it? I broke the kiss for a moment... then renaged. The blush on my cheeks a even brighter red now.

IzzyDaPada: I looked at him when he asked me what I meant. Then realized I said that 6 months ago, in the bunker in the Club Lahana. I nodded my head to give him an answer. I did tell him that 6 months ago. *What is love... to a monster...* I had to blink at him a few times. He wasn't a monster. Not at all. "Keyome..your not a monster...I do not see you as a monster..and I will always care regardless of what you do.." I had leaned forward and placed my wine glass on the table and leaned back to look at him. "I care about you Ke-" I was cut off when Keyome pressed his index finger on my lips. I looked at him..what was he doing? *... And... What if I told you...* Keyome.. *... That even though you were with Haji... I've... always kind of... have a thing for you...I just... He was my best friend... and I could never... I...* He had a thing for me? Decribe a thing for me Keyo.. I never really got to ask him.. Closed eyes, he leaned in and pressed his lips onto mine and dead locked our lips together. This is what he meant by a thing.. I closed my eyes as he pulled me down onto the couch so that now I was on my back and wrapped my arms around his neck. He broke the kiss for a moment as I caught my breath and my face blushed. But he quickly rengaged, what was going on. Was I really in this position with him right now? Gods sake, I didn't really care, I brought my arms closely around his neck to hold onto him as I kissed him back back, his kisses were intoxicating.

DarkKeyome:( Muic :D)When one is lost... and surrounded in Darkness... the light always surfaces no matter the reason, nor the cause. Whats done in the dark, will always come to light... In my heart... I am a monster in the Dark who simply drifts from place to place... the pain it be alone can be a bit unbareable at times. Never having someone to understand you... can hurt so much. It was unbareable. I always want to be strong... I always... end up fighting for someone else even though how I preach that I should fight for my own cause... and my own reasoning... This..feels so wrong... yet it feels like the perfect form of right. I closed my eyes a bit harder and almost... got a bit aggressive but made note to calm myself after a moment... after all... im dealing with a flower here. I pulled back on the kiss for a moment to look her in the eyes and slowly I went back in. When one is lost... and Surrounded in Darkness the like always surfaces no matter the reason nore the cause. Whats done in the dark will always come to light... maybe... maybe she's... she's the light to my Darkness....

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