The Challenge Begins....


Tetsu (goku) vs Uub (Ryuzakii)

XxdensukexX:Tetsu would be walking into his fathers study, after having a good lunch (can’t find previous post on meh computer v.v). He’d be in there waiting to see if ryu was still game for some training. Tetsu acutally wanted to make this his last day of training, and then let it be complete. Tetsu would only have to help him and Asami to develop chi techniques that would suit there persons and aid them in battle. Tetsu would pick up a book on mechatronics, one of his fathers favorites. Tetsu was well versed on all things electronic and mechanic, i.e his studyings as a child, and never minded reviewing what all he learned over time. He’d be wearing his grey tank top, with some black jeans and no shoes. He was at home so it was only natural he could lanuge around. Actually this study was so expanisve, they could probably train in here if they so desired. Tetsu would pace the floor reviewing the book, as more than likely Ryuzaki would indeed find him, and ask about it. Tetsu would continue to read and pace the floor of the study. With looming book shelves, burgundy walls, and tables with chairs all surrounding them. It was more like a library than an actually study….

LightFang-Ryuzakii would finish up lunch and head into the kitchen to wash his plate. He was wearing a red flannel shirt unbuttoned down three buttons to show off the muscles he had put on throughout the training. He looked around and saw tetsu had already left, he didnt even clean up his plate. Oh well, He walked over and grabbed Tetsu's plate taking it to the sink and washing it. He then walked down the halls of the mansion. Being here for 6 months he had started to learn Tetsu's pattern. He would turn down the hall and head to the Study. He would enter the study and catch Tetsu in his sights. He was pacing through the room with a book in hand. "Look like you got some problems." His eyes would narrow down on the Title of the book."Ah mechanics and technology hmm? You know i am a mechanical designer over at Yun Corp, maybe i could help ya out there." He would look over waiting for Tetsu's reaction.-

Tetsu would continue reading, and then hear ryuzaki’s attempt at an interaction. Tetsu would reply accordingly “Psh as if. I’ve read this book to hell and back.” Tetsu would close the book making a slight “thump” noise when the crack of the book collided. Tetsu would hear ryu’s comment about how he worked for Yun Corp as a weapons designer. Tetsu’s interest actually peaked a good bit. “Weapons designer huh? Ha! No wonder you and my pops get along so well. I might actually need you for a project in the future. Though we’re close friends, I do still have my secrets to hide.” Tetsu had been hiding the Dark God secret from many people now, Ryu included. He didn’t want anyone else to find out but in the future with tetsu’s upcoming plans for Ragnite and the KPD, goiong public may be the smarter thing to do, but maybe in the future. Tetsu would place the book back on the shelf, and turn to look at ryu and cross his arms in a casual fashion, with a smirk like look on  his face. “Today we’re going to go ahead and have your final combat test as my pupil in a sense. I’ve tought you the basis of martial arts, and martial combat in general. You’ve improved so quickly, it’s astounding. Sometimes I really think you wanna fight me for real.” Tetsu would laugh for a second but then talk again, keeping his arms crossed. “Today lets go all out. Use everything you’ve learned and developed. I MIGHT do the same.” Tetsu put empisis on might as he did not want to simply unleash on a friend, especially when its for teaching and not for competition or competitive resoning. Tetsu would look at ryu and await his reply

Yule:After lunch Asami would head to the lab. She had some more testing to do on her gloves. She was sure that Ochigi had been working on them but she wanted to work on them as much as possible. Asami was walking down the halls and then stopped at the door of the lab. She had spent many hours in that lab recently and she was proud of that fact. But today she would be sparring. It was going to be a little rough since she hadn’t done it in a while but she was sure to do fine. She had been watching Tetsu and Ryu go at it for weeks. Though she had been working on her gloves she made sure to watch what was going on. She didn’t want to get surpassed and wanted to see how the boys fought. She knew how Tetsu fought but not Ryu. After thinking about these things for a while Asami walked into the lab and looked at her gloves. She pulled them on, clenching and unclenching her fists. They felt pretty good. She was super excited to be able to use these in a fight. She would have the complete element of surprise in that battle, at least once. Asami pulled the gloves off and started to do some tests on them. She wanted them to be the perfect pair of gloves.

LightFang:-Ryuzakii would Laugh a bit at Tetsu's comment. "Yea me and your old man seemed to hit it off pretty quick eh." He listened to Tetsus comments about helping him with a project and how he had been keeping secrets. He couldn't really blame him, Ryuzakii had his own secrets aswell. Like what he had really felt in his chi when it was awakened. "So were finally getting serious hmm?" Ryu would chuckle a bit knowing he was only aggitating Tetsu a bit to try and push him to actually give him a full on fight. "Oh and by the way, your thoughts their right. I really do wanna fight, all out, for real." A grin crossed his face and his dark eyes had shimmered into a bright blue blur as Ryu had channeled into his Light chi. Tetsu should be able to notice this change instantly since he had seen it many times before. Ryuzakii started meditating on his chi as he stood in front of tetsu. He looked on him with a serious intent. He had been holding out a secret fighting style in his belt and Ryu thought now was the time to let Tetsu in on the secret. "You wanna see all i have developed hmm? Well come on Tetsu, i got a secret to share with you." He would raise his hand as he sunk down into stance. One hand out streched to Tetsu and the other near his face. He channeled his Chi more intently and an aura would start to be noticeable around Ryuzakii. The strange thing would be it would only emminate for his elbows down on his arms and from his knees down on his legs. He had focused it in these areas as he prepared to use this new style on a real opponent for the first time.-

Tetsu would raise an eyebrow as Ryu’s eyes flashed a brightish blue coloration. A signature of ryu’s one could say. Ryu had taken a stance, and his whole demeanor changed in what seemed to be an instant really. Tetsu smirked at ryu’s comment about all that he had learned. The saiyan effect inside of Tetsu would cuase a smirk to slither its way even further on his face. Tetsu was in love with the mistress named battle….and would almost contemplate marrying it, if he did not love Asami so much. Ryu’s Aura would take the places of his amrs and legs, mainly elbows down, and calfs down. “Impressive….you’ve grown……so much.” Tetsu would nod, and take the same stance he had in the pressure chamber, bouncing around a little bit, keeping momentum and emitting non telegraphic movement, so he couldn’t be read so esily, a key in the Power Fist style of fighting. Tetsu would begin to charge his own chi, keeping it internal, and forming it into the center of his being. Determining the course of the battle would determine what tetsu wished to do with it,  but until then, tetsu would remain in his stance, and give ryu an intense look. He’d then squat slightly and say calmly. “Let me show you why I’m still the teacher, Ryuzaki….now….fight!”

Well now....he grew up.

LightFang:-He moved in an instant locking eyes with Tetsu. Being about 3 feet from tetsu since no distance was ever stated) He would lean forward setting his style into motion.( In quick movements of the arm , almost half a second each, Ryuzakii would throw 2 finger jabs in attempt to his Tetsu quickly. These first attacks would be aimed to strike each presure point at the underside of Tetsu's shoulders. If the were to hit Ryuzakii would push his pin point shots of his chi inot Tetsu's points to injure them further. After these two attacks Ryuzakii would do a quick clockwise spin and attemp to throw his right elbow into Tetsu's chest. This attack would have enough force due to the spin to fracture a normal persons ribs but knowing Tetsu this long it should only be able to wind him. If this attack was to miss Ryuzakii would hold with the spinning and drop down into a squat and then attempt to sweep out Tetsu's feet. He would watch Tetsu for his counter and the aura around Ryuzakii would start to fade to only coveing his two outstreched fingers on each hand, as he started pooling his chi more.-

XxdensukexX:Tetsu would eye the male coming in from a distance. They weren’t in the pressure chamber so they could both fully move at speeds they both wanted to. Meaning tetsu….was not limited in any way what so ever. The pressure training made them both much faster than the human eyes could truthfully perceive by anymeans…to anyone watching that couldn’t sense chi would be baffled at the movements of the two males in combat right now. Tetsu’s peak human reflexes would indeed snuff out ryuzaki’s jabs towards both of tetsu’s underarms. His hands were infused with chi, meaning the attack twords tetsu would be something serious. With only the precision of half a second, of course tetsu’s reflexes probably ranging eve higher, tetsu would turn his body , so he could raise both of his arms, inside of the space, between ryuzaki’s arms wihich were thrusted for his underams. Tetsu would aim the backs of his blocking fist, twords the insides of ryu’s wrist, as to avoid touching his chi enfused fingers completely, and smacking the arms outwards, completely disarming his original first attack, but ahh Ryuzaki would continue…In a quick clockwise spinning motion, he would land an elbow deadest on tetsu’s chest. The blow connected, and would wind tetsu a bit, but not enough to completely immobilize him. Tetsu had training to deal with and recover breath, prior to his days as a vigilante, this is no different. Having the reaction time to deal, with the spinning low kick aimed at tetsu’s  lower legs. A swift maneuver..but counterable, as al things can ever be. Tetsu would watch the muscle movment of his opponent, and by lifting his left knee, and throwing his weight back, gliding accros the floor with a “skiish” sound using his left foot. This is known as the boxing maneuver known as “shuffling”. Tetsu would shuffle backwards, exactly 1 inch away from ryu’s leg sweep, which after the spinning maneuver of course, tetsu would make sure to close the distance, by dashing back in exactly 1.5 seconds after dodging ryu’s initial sweep, using the same shuffle maneuver, only switching feet and moving forward. With his training in body control, tetsu would have cought majority of the breath he needed back by now, and once his actions completed themselves he would be back to regular timing. Once 2 inches from ryu’s body in this incredibly swift movement, tetsu, using his reared back right knee and punt kick ryu in his chest (seeing as how his position in the spinning maneuver would bring him back to his original forward position). Even in this close of a distance, tetsu would apply the force needed by using the principals of the One Inch Punch, in this particular kick, making it so that even from this little of distance, tetsu’s kick would knock ryu 5 feet away from his original position cuasing him to fly straight back and land against the book case on the opposite side of the room. Should this kick be sucssesful, Tetsu would take his original stance, and keep charing his chi prior to how he had been from the get go. He would then tuant Ryuzaki by speaking “you’ve been doing some training I see…impressive indeed. Show me more” Tetsu would stay content and keep his stance waiting for ryu to recover, should the hit have connected.

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would be delighted in the feeling of this battle. He had never actually put all his force in any training outside the pressure chamber before. since everytime him and Tetsu fought it was in that chamber. It was an entirely different feeling for Ryuzakii to be pushing his limits and still feel so good and comfortable in his body. It made him feel like he almost could do more than he ever could in that chamber. When his elbow crushed against Tetsu's chest the thought of applying his chi came to mind but he didn't think it quick enough to apply it. He had already attempted the next attack and saw how effortlessly Tetsu had dodged it. "wow, such quick movements." Ryuzakii was obviously impressed by Tetsus agile ability in combat, it never ceased to amaze him. Before he knew it he saw a boot coming toward him and had to react. He poured his chi back to his hands and caught the kick with both hands. He effectively would have blocked the kick but at the cost that it stung against his hands. It felt like when he was younger and pushed to the ground when his hands scraped along the concrete. Only difference was there was no blood. Maybe that was cause of his Ch(1)i. He took this oppurtunity to take advantage of his Aikido roots and pull onTetsu's foot pushing him more foreward (If allow able)(2). He would then turn along theside of Tetsu's leg in a time frame of 1.3 seconds, His elbow positioned above Tetsu's knee. It would start to glow in a shimmering red aura, the color of Ryuzakii's chi. He would positon his free hand on the under side of Tetsu's leg and drop his Elbow in full force. The attempt was to strike Tetsu's knee cap and cause a severety of damage. Ryu didn't know if he had enough power to break any of Tetsu's bones, but given this oppertunity he was givving his full power in this attack so it may possibly fracture Tetsu's leg if it connects. " Ill show you everything i've got Tetsu!" He had little concern anymore for the safety of the Study they were in. His entire focus was trying to beat Tetsu.-

We're on the same level now..?

Tetsu would look upon Ryuzaki’s actions, and it would seem as if the word was moving in slow motion. Tetsu’s reflexes were his best friend. Tetsu’s foot however would be caught cold turkey. “Well now, this is indeed impressive timing on his part…” Tetsu would think to himself. Tetsu’s right foot would be jerked forward, causing his body to also move forward . Turning around to the right side of Tetsu’s right leg (since it was never stated weather he was turning towards the inside of Tetsu’s legs or the outside) Tetsu would take a crushing blow to his right knee cap “Tch!!” Tetsu would wince in pain. The hit was definite chi effused….had to be…….no way it would hurt this much if it was not. Tetsu’s knee was definitely closely fractured. Anyone with less  status than Tetsu would’ve had their knee taken from them in this situation, but seeing as how Tetsu was still peak human, he could indeed continue even with the blaring pain. 1.5 seconds after the blow was delivered, Tetsu would drop to his left knee, leveling himself with Ryu on the ground (seeing as how Ryuzaki never got up from his position), and then proceed to place his left hand down on the ground to brace and support his body weight firmly. Once that was done, Tetsu would pivot off his left knee (assuming Ryu would still have it in his grip, which he never said he let go) and spin his upper body in a breakdance like motion, in a 360 degree upper body spin preformed on his left hand. This break dancing motion of spinning his entire body around, with his legs outwards, would be perfectly possible thanks to Tetsu’s peak human stature and strength, including the precise balance of an Olympic gymnast. This attempted attack would at first have enough force to drive his left knee into Ryuzaki’s gut, with enough impact to cause loss of breath, and enough trauma to release Tetsu’s knee/lower leg (since the post manipulated Ryuzaki to being on the right of Tetsu’s leg). Even if Ryuzaki should somehow maneuver his way out of this spinning kick, and somehow increase his grip on his leg, Tetsu would continue the spin, even if Ryu chose to hang on. Should he have hung on, Tetsu would use his momentum and spin, then placing his hands in a back spring position, forcing  his legs over his upper body with Ryuzaki’s body, still attached, this rapid moment would cause him to hit his head directly on the wooden floor (if Ryuzaki didn’t let go by this time). Should Ryuzaki let go before the spin starts, or even in the middle of the maneuver, Tetsu would preform the maneuver and then back spring in the opposite direction of Ryuzaki, clearing a bold 7 feet between the two, and taking his original fighting stance again. Tetsu’s counter motion would have taken place in 3 seconds time, with or without Ryuzaki holding on to his leg in this maneuver. As Tetsu would stance, he would stand on his right leg, by letting the ball of his foot rest in the air, and the other half of his foot sit on the ground. His knee was indeed hurting, but it was something he would have to  deal with. Tetsu would keep charging the chi prior to what he’d been doing, and watch Ryu intensively. Easing his way over to him, but stopping the gap at about 5 feet, and waiting for his pupils next maneuver. “Your  fierce Ryuzaki….quite fierce indeed.” Tetsu  would keep his stance and have his reflexes on the ready.

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would feel he could almost hear the cracks tear through Tetsu's knee. He would see Tetsu drop to his knee and then he could feel tension in his foot. Tetsu was starting to move almost in a breakdance like movement. Ryuzakii would quickly let go of Tetsu's foot and stand up. He would see the left knee coming, now instead of being aimed at Ryuzakii's chest it would be aimed for his shin (because it was stated he was squated when tetsu aimed it). Ryuzakii would jump effortlessly over his knee and land evading it nicely. He would then jump away about 10 feet completeing the move in 2 seconds. (since he let go the second attack by tetsu is ignored) He would see Tetsu do a back handspring away 7 feet. Leaving the distance 17feet between them. (big study eh?) He saw tetsu move his way over to a distance of 5 feet. He would look down at his Right knee since Tetsu seemed to be leaving presure off of it. "That one hurt you my freind. Don't think imma go easy on ya cause of that injury though. You stood up which says "lets keep going" to me." After saying that he would rush Tetsu. The movement so quick it would be a third of a second in time. He would stop with his left foot just past Tetsu's feet, inbetween them. He would think that after that attack even Tetsu's hightened reflexes he'd have trouble evading multiple attacks. His first attack would be Ryuzakii throwing his right palm straight at Tetsu. The attack would take .5 of a second and hoped to land in Tetsu's gut then release the Chi that had been in Ryuzakiis hand the whole battle into Tetsu's diaphragm causing it to flex and force all his air from his lungs. If the attack missed Ryu wouldn't release the Chi. At the very second this attack was executed it would be followed by Ryuzakii adjusting his position. Doing this he would pull his left foot back and attempt to sweep out Tetsu's Right foot. This would be to try and trip him back onto his back and also bring tetsu's right knee up into striking range. If the trip worked then Ryuzakii would bring his left hand down and attempt to chop down on Tetsu's right knee. This attack would also be chi infused enough to add to the pain of his knee. If the trip was not successful the Ryuzakii would have just move to a new stance with his right foot forward and be standing face to face with Tetsu, readying himself for an epic counter that he knew would follow.-

Tetsu held his position. He would smirk at Ryu’s observation of Tetsu’s sore knee cap. Then….Ryu moved. At an incredibly fast pace. Almost a blur even to the best of eyes. Tetsu would study the movement of his running, and observe. Reflex wise, Tetsu could still perceive the movement, but his reaction time would be slowed but only a bit. Not to a degree where he couldn’t handle his own pupils initial attack pattern. The palm came, and Tetsu knew what he had to do..The chi he’d been charging (for 3 post now) would now be dispersed thought out his being, seeping it’s way into the muscles, and very fiber of his being. With only a second to react (since this was energy movement and not a physical one) this was preformed, and Tetsu decided to enact a technique he’d been meaning to try since he developed it in secret from Ryuzaki…Kinetic Absorption. With Tetsu’s body brimming with chi, a feint aura would be seen emitting from his body, but nothing to flashy our out the way. Just a subtle seeping of his inner chi. The palm would connect to Tetsu’s diaphragm, however…..with Tetsu’s kinetic absorption technique taking place, Ryuzaki’s physical blow would have significantly decreased in power, and the kinetic energy used to build the momentum of the punch would be absorbed into Tetsu’s being. This however did not stop the chi aspect of the blow, which would cause Tetsu to flinch in agitation, but not to the same degree due to the force of the attack being reduced greatly. Ryuzaki seemed to have nothing but determination in his fighting style as he then attempted to sweep Tetsu’s right foot from underneath him. Clever as he was trying to target a weakness and capitalize from that point….as expected of someone with Ryuzaki’s analytical prowess. However Tetsu being not as damaged as Ryuzaki would have hope, would not expect, Tetsu’s counter attack, which would be….taking the blow. Tetsu would take the hit to his right leg and fall backwards. What Ryu wouldn’t know is that Tetsu also kinetically absorbed the force of his kick as well ( ) and held it in the being of his chi infused body. Tetsu was now falling with two blows of kinetic force in his being, and with timing so subtle and just right…Tetsu’s back hit the ground, but once it did a series of things happened as his back collided with the floor. Tetsu  waited until his back hit the ground to unleash the kinetic force stored up in his being, and channel it through the floor via “inner Ki Strike” and place it underneath Ryuzaki’s positioning. Ryuzaki would be in mid attempt to attack Tetsu’s knee by the time Tetsu’s back hit the ground (as stated in his post), and with that, Ryuzaki’s reaction time to this maneuver would be near impossible but again anything can happen. The kinetic strike would completely level the floor underneath Ryu’s proximity, and level out in circular motion about 4 feet. Which thanks to Tetsu’ being tripped up, his upper back would be positioned to be away from Ryuzaki’s position, also adding that Tetsu would back hand spring backwards  5 feet away from where he initiated the Ki strike, to avoid falling with Ryuzaki. This attack would take place in a single second, and added to the fact of the matter that Ryuzaki would be aiming for his knee and in mid attack would not help a viable counter…should this maneuver take place, Ryuzaki would fall through the caved in floor to the room below him and Tetsu, which would be a private dining room in which Ryuzaki would be sent crashing through the dining table and leave another following crack in the floor below him. The sudden force of falling an entire story would be enough to damage Ryuzaki’s back to a high degree, causing vitiating muscle strains should he try to move and exert himself. Some of the objects Ryuzaki fell would fall on like plates and cups would also add to his new feeling of uncomforted, as this blow could potentially render him unconscious but it being Ryu it may or may not be the case. Tetsu would then sit up, and pat his knee should this combination flow through, (high chance of success but again Ryu is crafty) and begin to speak. “Your strong Ryuzaki. You’ve grown so quickly it’s astounding. But the most important part of a battle is humility. You have to realize that you arnt always going to be stronger than your opponent. Hell there may be times when you’re certain you can’t even beat your opponent.” Tetsu would sigh. “but that’s the point of battle. To better ones slef, not to prove who’s stronger.” Tetsu would then stand up, and shake his knee out a bit to dull down the pain. He was able to stand but on, but nothing to strenuous, as he wasn’t trying to push himself at this particular moment. He would then proceed to leave the study, and tap Asami on the shoulder. “Wait til he’s up and let him know that you and him will be fighting soon. Buuuuuuut. Until he gets up…” Tetsu would slowly slip his hand around Asami’s waist line and, and lean his forehead against hers, nuzzling his lips against hers in a ticklish manner. Tetsu would then kiss her firmly, making sure his lips could be felt against hers, and leaning his head to the side slightly.

LightFang: - Ryuzakii would see, as his hand was being thrusted foreward, the feint aura givin off from Tetsu's body. Through deductive reasoning he knew that it probably wasn't a good thing, and that Tetsu probably had something up his sleeve. However, it was to late for Ryuzakii to react. Tetsu had seemed to take the hit though it seemingly didn't give as much force as he had hoped for. As he tripped tetsu back he knew something was wrong as the chi seemed to be moving to Tetsu's back. As Tetsu hit the ground it would shatter around him causeing Ryuzakii to fall through the floor. But unlike what Tetsu hoped for, Ryuzakii had at the last second turned his body to wher he landed on the table feet down. The force would hit sending a shock through Ryuzakii's legs, mainly sending a pain in his ankles. Ryuzakii would wince in pain at this dropping to one knee. He would look up at Tetsu and stand back up focusing his chi into his ankles. A light glimmer of aura would show around his ankles when he did this. It was used to strengthen his ankles so he could keep going. Ryuzakii was not ready to give up in this fight. Ryuzakii was starting to get angry now that it seemed no matter what he could do, Tetsu would be a step above him. Ryuzakii's blue eyes would be fading into a redish orange glow. His rage was building now and his body started glowing in the red aura. It would then move down to his arm, except the amount held to strangthen his ankles, as Ryuzakii threw a punch in Tetsu's direction. This to a normal person would seem like a stupid gesture. However, what really happened was the chi in Ryu's arm would be sent forward in a strong force toward where Tetsu was standing. It would take out the floor around Tetsu's feet. Hopefully this would catch Tetsu off gaurd as Ryu had swapped into tapping his Dark Hadou. This was a side Ryu had hidden from Tetsu because he didn't want Tetsu to stop training him because of the Dark Hadou. It was also hoped to make Tetsu fall through the floor onto the other end of the dining room putting him on equal level with Ryuzakii. "Tetsu! Im not fucking around with you anymore. I'm gunna destroy you this time!" There was a feirceness in his voice as his chi began to surge back up. He began formulating his chi as a reaction of feeling this anger, it almost looked like flames as it formed around him. He dropped back into his fighting stance and wait as he knew he should have Tetsu's full attention at this point. 

Tetsu would be kissing Asami quite slowly, but the step back slowly, saying softly “Well let me check on him an-WHOA!” The ground beneath Tetsu’s feet would suddenly collapse and crumble underneath him. “Tch!” Tetsu would simply turn his body in mid air and land, though sadly….it was on his bad knee, which hurt like a bitch. Tetsu would wince a bit, a pretty noticeable one too. Tetsu would stand up, keeping his right foot up on the ball of his toes, and keeping pressure off of his knee as much as possible. He then heard Ryuzaki speak….with such ferocity. That technique…..was abnormal. Tetsu had experienced something similar to it, but not exactly. Tetsu would let Ryuzaki finish talking. There seemed to be spite in his voice. Tetsu would only speak lightly, but enough to be heard. “Oh?..........Word.” Tetsu would send a mildly thick layer of chi, to his right injured knee, which was beginning to feel a little bit better, but not much. With that Tetsu, would coat his knee cap in chi to protect it from further injury and allow him to move at maximum capacity for now. Tetsu would take the stance he’d been taking, and speak yet again. “I’m going on the offensive… ready”. Tetsu would take off after speaking, lunging at Ryu in 2 seconds flat, and would seem to disappear for a rapid second, though someone with advanced training could follow the movement. Tetsu would throw a right hook towards Ryuzaki once 2 feet away from him, but ah…this was a feint indeed. Once Tetsu’s fist reached an inch away from the left side of Ryuzaki’s face, Tetsu would use the Foot Technique, in which He can accelerate his chi into his feet to cause “dash” movements that make him seem like an after image to even the trained eyes of martial artist and enhanced humans. This “dash” like movement is meant for short to mid-range boost, of about 2 ft to 8ft. Each after image has a 15 second time limit of appearance. ( ) the punch would be so strong the wind from it would even touch Ryuzaki’s face, just from the speed of the blow thrown. Once Tetsu used the foot technique the image would be Tetsu appearing to throw the punch towards ryu’s left facial structure, but Tetsu would actually use his acceded speed to quickly dash to the right of Ryu, and take him from behind, in another 2 seconds flat. Once behind Ryu, Tetsu would not hesitate to then initiate his Slight of hand technique (same paragraph as the foot technique), which is where he can create illusions by moving his hands at a fast speed, making it seem as though he has multiple hands,  or can throw feints during an exchange of hand to hand to trick an opponent. Also he can make it seem as if a punch is heading in one direction, he may actually be hitting in another direction. With the slight of hand techniques he can be considered very tricky to those who think they have good eyes(also the afterimages last 15 seconds). Tetsu would enact this by moving his left hand to the right in a horizontal motion, the images of his hands trailing behind his left hand left 6 of them. Once that after image was left, Tetsu would then in another 2 seconds flat, dash back in front of Ryu, to the area where his afterimage was left to his, which would give a rather confusing looking figure as Tetsu’s body would seem disfigured and deformed, his body blending in an abstract way with his after image. Tetsu would then throw an attempted powerful yet fearfully quick right uppercut dead to Ryu’s gut, in 1 second flat. Should this blow connect (which with all of the after image effects, is likely unless countered or followed movements of a move never seen to ryu) it would not only cause the diaphragm to stop for a mild second of breath, and stun Ryuzaki briefly for 2 seconds but Tetsu, would lift Ryuzaki with his fist digging in his gut, 3 feet in the air (added to Tetsu’s own body height this is  8 feet above the ground level). Once in the air (low manouverabiilty, only should the initial uppercut land), Tetsu would begin throwing 4 blows at Ryuzaki’s gut, practically juggling him in the air, keeping him air borne with the force of each strike as it would attempt to follow thorugh…as if this wasn’t bad, tetsu would be using his slight of hand technique once again to create multiple after images of his hands to confuse Ryuzaki in this state, and make attempt to make him clueless as to which punches were real and fake. While tetsu was actually aming for: the mid chest, left pectk, right peck, upper abb, abdominal region, and mid peck again, the afterimages would demonstrate hand moving twords other areas like the face, forehead, neck, arms, and various other upperbody parts. Should this connection follow thorugh Ryuzaki’s frontal torso would be screaming in massive amounts of pain. His muscles may eve begin to spaze out a bit from the sheer force of impact from tetsu’s blows..once tetus deilivered the last punch,  tetsu would preform a boxing shuffle backwards, allowing ryu’s body to fall forward, which would cause him to fall face first. Would however…tetsu would interrupt that process. Using the suffle to back away only 2 inches from ryuzaki’s falling position in a second on the dot, tetsu would throw his left leg up, in a kick horizontal kicking motion, which thanks to his numerical calculation and distance intel, this kick would be timed to attempt to connect with ryuzaki’s right jaw, as he was descending. This kick had maximum force behind it, and should it connect, not only would it send a roaring pain throughout ryu’s entried left crainial section, but it would send him flying 15 feet to the other side of the dinning room into the cabinet with dishes, and other various silverware inside. Should ryuzaki’s body collide with the dishware, this would add on the the severe damage he would suffer with the combination (should it flow thorugh of course), and render him on the brink of blacking out, giving him only mere seconds until he finally does. Should the combo flow thorugh smoothly, tetsu would step back a foot, his foot making a cracking noise in the debree, as he would slide his feet apart and keep his stance, eyeing ryu down. Tetsu would then speak yet again. “Your so powerful, and you don’t even know the full extent of what you can do. So fierce. So tactical. So Keen. It’s almost scary how fast you’ve grown. You’ve done well Ryuzaki. I hear by pass you as a pupil of mine. You’ve learned to harness your physical body and mind to it’s untapped potential in combat and I couldn’t be prouder.”

In The End, You've Still Grown....You've Passed.

-Ryuzakii's eyes have fixated directly on Tetsu. They seemed to have the intent to kill behind them. He would watch as Tetsu fell through the floor, noticing it hurt his knee more. He could also see the chi augment around his knee. "Clever.." He would listen to Tetsu as he had spoke out. "Offences hmm, bring it." It came at him so fast, It felt like he blinked and Tetsu was already in his face. This caused Ryuzakii to lean toward tetsu trying to pull his hand up to attack as Tetsu did his "Feint" attack. This leaning forward would make the feint connect and knock Ryu back about 5 feet, knocking him clear of the following lightning fast combos. This punch would knock Ryu back into his light Hadou status as he looked at Tetsu afterimaging around. His eyes would follow this technique and annalyse it till his eyes became a solid blue color. As Tetsu threw the upper cut jab on the area where Ryuzakii was He would activat the chi he had stored for 3 turns. (as stated in previous posts) He would use it to augment his body to an advance motion status. He then used this to rush Tetsu and in a fraction of a second catch the uppercut with his right hand, effectivly blocking Tetsu from further movement (if allowed). He would then move his left hand in a speed resembling Tetsu's toward Tetsu's face. The speed behind it fwould leave after images behind his hand as he threw the punch in  .25 of a second. If it was to land the blow would be almost surely devistating as it was packed with chi enhancement. Following this attack Ryuzakii would duck down and lunge forward attempting to throw his shoulder into Tetsu's gut. If this was to hit it would be followed by Ryuzakii standing up and throwing Tetsu up over his shoulder. This would almost surely be unavoidable if the shoulder lunge was to hit. Following this Ryuzakii would move at a speed leaving an afterimage where he was and follow Tetsu to wher he should land. As Tetsu was about to his the ground Ryuzakii would attempt to throw a rightupper cut into Tetsu's gut followed immediatly by him spinning in reverse of this punch to drop his right elbow onto tetsu's back. This attack should have enough force to push him back upwards from his fall then slam Tetsu back into the ground with greater force. After this the chi build up would deplenish leaving Ryuzakii in pretty bad shape. He would start to sway looking at Tetsu hoping he would stay down as he fell to the ground ontop of him and faded to unconciousness.-

“Heh…the correct choice.” Tetsu would think as Ryuzaki took the feint and began to follow Tetsu’s movements to a degree. When Tetsu attempted the uppercut jab to the gut however, it was blocked. Following the block however, Ryuzaki retaliated with a speedy left hook of his own, using after images just like Tetsu.”!” The metal gear solid noise effect would take place as he saw Ryuzaki almost mimic his technique so flawlessly. The left hook connected, and would rock Tetsu’s head to the right, and quickly recoil it back to forward position looking at Ryu, like a toy with a sprig loaded head. The spit had left Tetsu’s mouth as if someone simply decked him with a steel shovel… It was a devastating blow that caused a good stinging sensation in his right side of his jaw. Ryuzaki then ducked down for a quick shoulder tackle of sorts once letting go of Tetsu’s hand, however one hand was still free…and Tetsu’s reflexes were still acute as could be with his condition. At the half a second Ryuzaki’s shoulder thrust would connect to Tetsu’s gut, Tetsu would counter by taking his right fist, and throwing a low swung hey maker at Ryuzaki’s left head lobe, while simultaneously stepping backwards only a narrow inch out of the range of Ryuzaki’s upper body to avoid the shoulder tackle. This simultaneous attack/counter would leave a bad pain in Ryuzaki’s left ear, as that was the target of attack, also cause a deadly ringing noise in his ear. The attack/back step were performed at the same speed, of a 2.1 milliseconds, and should it connect would throw Ryuzaki off his game for whatever combination he was planning by that maneuver, causing him to stager a slight 2 feet. Tetsu watched as Ryuzaki then preformed the after image technique again, but Tetsu would not be surprised by this one. He was sure by the earlier punch that Ryuzaki could move at this speed…which exited Tetsu. Tetsu would stand there and watch, as Ryuzaki came in, with a right uppercut, but ah…Tetsu would double over, appearing to be hit, but this would leave an afterimage of Tetsu being bent over as if the blow was taken. When in reality: the moment the punch would’ve made connection to Tetsu’s gut, Tetsu pushed chi into his feet, and swiftly weaved to the right, seemingly floating above ground, to appear at Ryuzaki’s left side, but prior to doing so he bent his body over to avoid the punch towards his gut, bending his stomach out of the attacks range and leaving an after image of just that. Tetsu watched as he performed his follow up attack move, on an image of himself as he reappeared 2 feet from Ryu’s left side, and note that he wasn’t there in that position. Tetsu then prepared to launch a preemptive strike to Ryuzaki’s lower leg, but then noticed….Ryuzaki was fatiguing. Heavily. He then appeared to fall to the ground, and become quickly unconscious. Tetsu would keep his guard up and circle to the front of Ryuzaki, i.e his head area. He’d look down at him, and smile confidently. “Learning a technique so quickly in the heat of battle.” Tetsu spit out some blood in his mouth from Ryuzaki’s earlier punch, and then looked back at Ryu. “If you can hear this, you’ve officially learned all I can teach you. It’s up to  you to make your own techniques, though I can help you when needed.” Tetsu would nod at Asami who would proceed to get the first aid kit. This guy was gone need some serious rest and plenty of it. Tetsu would then dust himself off and look at the surrounding room. “……well darn. The combots will get it. Speaking of bots….” Tetsu would leap up, clearing the distance from the floor, the next level they were originally on, by making it to the doorway. There were two gaping holes in the floor for goodness sakes. Tetsu would then look both ways to make sure Asami had left them be. He wanted to head to the lab, that his dad was hiding in from everyone else, and see if he was finished with his “project…” 

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