Sleeping beauty and French Vanilla...

MelianMay: Anna was tired of this sleeping, she didn’t know when it had happened again but her dreams were even worse now. She had people to lose this time and the dreams were either her worst nightmares or oddly peaceful memories just swirling around in her mind. There were still the old monsters from her first time asleep but now there were men with guns and knives lurking in any dark area she passed and eventually ran from. Even the light areas with Yuh and Kaori would disappear and she would have to look for them again before the creatures came after her. Anna was constantly running around and rarely got a break, even when the light areas were the pleasant memories. She never had a peaceful sleep or spaces where she would ‘wake up’ into new dreams. It wasn’t like the nights she spent in the guest room or even on the couch where her dreams didn’t always come, and if they did they weren’t terrible and she could wake up from them. She had learned how to by then actually and now she couldn’t wake up, she felt trapped. Anna hated being trapped, it gave her no sense of security what so ever. She was just running from a dark area and into the light when suddenly her eyes shot open. Her vision was blurry at first and she felt really weird, though she tried to figure out where she was. Violet eyes closed again as she just tried to regain her other senses which didn’t take long but there was a really heavy weight on her chest. After a while Anna would sit up and look down at herself to try and figure out what the new weight was only for her eyes to go wide. “What the hell is this?!” She started to grope at her chest and the design over her heart was pulsing violently now that she was awake and freaking out. Anna leaped off of the table only to stumble a little bit as she felt all off weight and different. She spun around and tried to look at herself but she just felt larger all over and her hair was darker. Not that she didn’t mind, it was a more rich color. Her hands would eventually drop from her chest and pat over the rest of her body to make sure it was all there, since she couldn’t figure out how to get the damn weights off. She seemed fully intact but just different and she couldn’t explain it. That would be when she noticed someone else in the room, sitting in a chair. She didn’t know this man though and instantly started to back up, her face much like a dear caught in a headlight with fear. “Where am I?! Who are you?!” She screamed, tears coming to her eyes. The last thing she remembered was being in a car with Kaori and Yuh, they were going shopping for dinner and Kaori was talking about making some kind of cupcake… She spaced off for a moment before shaking her head and looking directly at the man. She didn’t want to take him out of her sight even though she didn’t know what she could do to protect herself. Her mind suddenly remembered the wave and going into the club and more panic started to fill her body. “Where are Yuh and Kaori?!” Anna had to know if they were alright, they couldn’t have been hurt. This was all so confusing, everything was always so damn confusing! She was getting angry, she hated not knowing what was going on but on the outside she still looked like a frightened girl.

Ochigi would sit there, sipping on his coffe. “mmm…French Vanilla. Wifeys old favorite…*sigh*” Ochigi would remensice on his darling wife, and some of their fonder memories. She was his everything….his only. Ochigi never ceased to think about her even for a second of a day. However today was quite…different. The cydriod he’d been working on, suddenly shot up, from her sleep, if one could call it that. Ochigi would stand at attendance, lookin at her with curiosity. He’d never seen a cydriod in action. Ochigi’s eyes widened not in fear, but in amazement and wonder. He was so curious as to what this droid could do! He saw her grope her breast however and…blushed quite feverishly. Ochigi hadn’t known the pleasures of a women in god knows how many years, so it’s only natural that he’d be enticed. Especially when he was the one who had put all of the detail into her bombshell appearance of all things. With a nod and a “Not Bad” ( ) look on his face Ochigi would snap back to reality, when she aksed him a question aobut where she was and who he was. It appeared as if she was crying. Ochigi would keep his hands in his pockets, as not to cuase any sudden movments and put her further on edge, and speak softly. “Calm down….everything is going to be okay, alright? Your inside my home, my laboratory. My name Is Ochigi Ryoji….my son found you. Do you know Tetsu Ryoji? Does that name ring any bells?” Ochigi would continue on to respond. “ Yuh…..Yun? Donnie Yun and Kaori? I imagine they’re at Yun tower, but I can’t rightfully tell you. I honestly don’t keep track of them. Tetsu might know. Do you want to talk to him? I can get him down here for you no problem.” A small minibot with similar design to r2-D2 from star wars would appear at ochigi’s side holding, two cups, filled with coffe, vanilla cremer inside of both. Ochigi would take one cup, and then turn to look at her, keeping his other hand in his pocket, where his remote was (nothing to do with anna, just his remote). He would then send the driod over to Anna. “you like coffe? The bots do pretty well with the brew if I do say so myself.” Ochigi would take a sip, waiting for her reaction.

Meanie Face is a bitch...on the real though.

Anna watched him carefully as he talked and her face twisted in disgust when he mentioned Tetsu. She kept her comments to herself though until he was done talking and she watched a little robot bring him some kind of dark drink. When the robot came near her she took another step back before realizing it was only offering her the other cup full of the… coffee? She had never tried that before. Her hand gently reached out and took the cup by the handle and lifted it to her mouth. Pale lips would form into a soft ‘O’ as she blew on it to cool it down as she could feel the heat coming through the glass where her finger touched the actual cup. Anna would take a sip after a moment and let it sit on her tongue before forcing herself to swallow it. Her face was clearly disgusted with the taste and she shook her head, giving the bot back the cup. “That is terrible.” She stated bluntly and shook her head, wishing she had something to get rid of the bitter taste left in her mouth. Her focus went back to what he had said about Donnie and Kaori, making her wonder why they weren’t here with her. “Why… Aren’t they here? The wave… The club…” Anna shook her head a few more times as her memories really started to come back. “Is Yuh even ok…?” She asked more to herself than to him before she ended up sitting down on her knees. Anna sat like this so she could spring up if needed to get away fast but for the moment she wasn’t worried about… Ochigi hurting her. She realized she hadn’t answered one of his questions though so she would look back up at him from her spot on the ground. “No, I hate that meanie face. He was very jealous about my body suit and called me a robot to make me feel bad. He’s a bitch.” The last part slipped out her mouth without her even trying when she remembered something about it being bad but at this point when she had heard others around her speak it she wasn’t concerned anymore. “I want Yuh and Kaori, I should be with them.” Anna said firmly. She wanted to go back to Yuh’s place, it felt so weird here and if Tetsu was here she really didn’t want to be near him. He was too mean for her tastes. And Keyome… Well, after him yelling at her she doubted he would want her anywhere near him to begin with because she wasn’t stronger at all by now. “Why do I look like this anyway? What did you do to me?” Her eyes narrowed at him a little while she motioned to her body. The violet lines on her suit were back to their normal glow and only the lines over her heart were flashing with the beat of her heart.

Ochigi raised an eyebrow at her reaction to the coffee. Tis was not a surprise, coffee is sadly one of those acquired taste that aren’t often liked until older age of some sort. Ochigi kept observing her. Studying her feverishly, watching how the mechanics in her system worked with one another. Her glowing pulse as Ochigi called it, was at a bright beat, harmonizing in sorts. It was quite the light show. Ochigi would listen intensively and sip his coffee, while looking at her, trying his best not to look down at her perfect bountiful breast. Ochigi thought to himself. “damn……I should be a surgeon for this shit.” Ochigi would then hear her questions, but then pull back his speech as she began to answer his questions as well. He’d listen to her comment on Tetsu and almost spit his coffee out laughing. “Meanie face huh? Ah man.” Ochigi shake his head. His brown hair reflecting his cranial movement. “That boy is still socially awkward as I am. You’d think he’d learn by now. He is kind of a little meanie face isn’t he” Ochigi would laugh a little more, expecting Anna to join in, should she choose to. After which Ochigi would return the stern look to his face, and begin to speak to her in a calm tone of voice, as to keep things relaxed. “Well  that’s the thing dreary. I don’t know where Donnie Yun and Kaori are. I’m sure Tetsu does, but he’s probably sleeping or something of the sort at the moment. I sent a droid to go find him, and fetch him for us. If you wanted I could get him to escort you to Yun Crop. More than likely If Donnie’s anywhere it would be there no doubt.” Ochigi would feel confident until she asked why she looked the way she did. Ochigi would close his eyes, and tilt his head downward, and speak in a tone stern and firm. “Well my dreary, your old body was fine, but when you were picked up form the KPD by meanie face, your body was a little battered and bruised. Tetsu told me what he did know about you and your situation, as such I figured that if you wanted to seek out Donnie and Kaori, you could do so yourself. It however is no place for a little girl to be by herself so…” Ochigi hesitated for a moment. By not he’d be blushing, trying to think of an excuse for her curvatious body. “Your…assets are to distract opponents of the male and female sort., This way should you be attacked you could not only move through the air easier with your lean figure, but effectively defend yourself need be. I only did it because I didn’t want you to go out there unprepared.” Ochigi would let out a sigh and the take a few steps closer to Anna, and squat down in front of her a foot away with a smile on his face. He’d snap his finger and have the mini bot bring a platter with cake, and ice cream of all sorts of different flavors on it. Ochigi would hold his hand out for a handshake, as a gesture of trust. “I know my son is an ass, but I assure you it’s not a family trait ha-ha. I’d like to aid you whenever you need be. I’ll help you out as best as I can.” Weather she took the hand shake or he would smile and speak yet again. “Well do you want some ice cream or some sort of sweets? I’ve got plenty” Ochigi would hope to become this girls ally, as they could be beneficial to each other. He could sympathize with her being alone in a world and confused. It’s a tough feeling for everyone but Ochigi didn’t want that to happen to someone else.

MelianMay: Anna shrugged a little. “Socially awkward or not.” She would make the small comment to say that no matter the excuse it wasn’t a proper reason or right for him to be like that to her. She didn’t really find it funny though but she gave him a weak smile as to try and make him feel a little better. Ochigi did seem nice so she didn’t want to upset him or hurt his feelings. She would listen to him speak about the Meanie Face and then about Yuh and Kaori, nodding a little here and there to show him she was still listening. When he went on to talk about her body being found at a station though her face only turned confused as she didn’t really understand how he could make such drastic changes to her body like he had. She wasn’t going to ask him more about that though because she had a feeling it would only confuse her more. Especially when he said about preparing her for the world and what was out there, she had a feeling he had the best interest in making these changes for her to help protect herself. Violet eyes narrowed though as he came closer to her and she was about to back up when he stopped and only offered his hand. Remembering that Isa had done the same thing she reached out her hand and lightly shook his before pulling her own back and placing it in her lap. “It doesn’t seem to be a family trait since you haven’t called me a cydriod yet.” She nodded her head in approval before looking at the offered sweets and her eyes going wide. They looked delicious, especially the ice cream. “Ice cream sounds wonderful. I’ve never had it though, but it looks yummy…” She would reach out for one of the cups of ice cream and take a spoon, it was a dark shade of brown much like her hair. Putting the spoon through it and lifting it to her mouth she would swallow the ice cream down and then smile brightly. “It’s delicious! Much better than coffee!” Anna smiled brightly and took a few more spoonfulls of the ice cream while she thought about his words. “I guess I’ll deal with Meanie Face taking me to Yun corp so long as I get back to Yuh…” She sighed a little her face dulling, she missed him. It would be nice to be back with him and Kaori, especially after all of the nightmares, just to know that they were still there and ok. “I guess his help will be for the best but I won’t like. He needs to learn to say sorry and not be so rude.” She grumbled a little and went back to eating the ice cream, still thinking about Yuh and Kaori. Ochigi said he didn’t really know where they were so that worried her, especially with the huge wave that was coming at them. She would look up at Ochigi with curiosity and ask. “What about that huge storm and wave? Did that hurt them? Is the storm over now?” She was done with her ice cream by now and put it back on the plate, she wanted to try another but felt a little rude to just keep eating especially when Ochigi wasn’t. Anna didn’t know him that well and so she was trying her best not to be rude.

Ochigi would catch her comment about being socially awkward, and smirk. It was kind of fun picking on his son. Makes him feel pretty happy he can joke around with someone about how his son reacts to certain things of nature. Ochigi was happy that she’d accepted her handshake, and glad he hasn’t revealed her cydriodness. Ochigi then made the conclusion she doesn’t know what she is, and has yet to discover it. Ochigi felt she should know, but it’s a process that can’t be rushed. She’ll learn on her own eventually.  Ochigi looked puzzled upon discovering that she had never had ice cream before. He’d await her to try it, and give a huge reassuring grin when she said she loved it. And apparently it was  much better than coffe heh heh. Ochigi nodded at her willingness to cooperate with tetsu. Ochigi honestly had no clue what tetsu did to make this girl hate him with such a daring passion, but the apple definitely fell far from the tree on this category i.e her. Ochigi took note, and replied to her question concerning the storm. “Oh that? Goodness I wasn’t around. I don’t think tetsu told me about that part….i beilive that was whe-“ “When Donnie Yun saved us all pretty much. We all owed him a great debt. Of course the whole him being dead thing wasn’t true. I knew it wouldn’t kill a man like that..” The voice coming from the corner of the room would cuase ochigi to let out a small sigh and speak. “Well now mr.meanie face. Mind telling me how long you’ve been in here?” Ochigi didn’t even look in tetsu’s direction, as tetsu lowered himself downward in a spider man like posisiton. He was upside down, holding on to the web with both hands, and keeping his feet placed together for added grip, as he looked upon his father and anna. “I’ve been here since she began her explanation about why she hated me heh heh heh.” Tetsu would scratch the back of his head in a timid like fashion. He’d then turn his attention to Anna, and look at her, as if he was meeting her for the first time. “I hope we can get off this meanie face gig eventually. I’m pretty sure….I can get you to Donnie Yun and Kaori today if you wanted to. It’d be no problem you know.” Tetsu would flip downwards, and land on his feet, in a squatting position.  He’d then stand up, wearing his black v-neck with a leather vest over it that had rolled up sleeves. His hair was cut shorter since anna last saw him. He’d also grown considerably buffer but not much more than what he was originally however it was noticeable. “You sure tetsu? If you heard right, she’s only willing to deal with you if you take her back.” Ochigi would hold in his laugh a bit and utter “Meanie Face” Ochigi would burst out in laughter as tetsu would look down, and let out a sigh. As much as tetsu wanted to defend himself…he decided this may be a way to play to the masses of redemption. This trip would be terrible if she hated him that much, so to make it bearable tetsu was going to do what should’ve been done six months ago. “Look Anna. I’m sorry about…insulting you and calling you a robot. I was just so jealus of your outfit cuase it has cool colors!” Tetsu would pout in a playful mannor. “I just wanted to know how you do it…I’m sorry. But hey I’ll make it up to you by getting you back to your parents today, hows that sound for an apology present.” Tetsu would nod and point to himself  with his thumb giving a typical cheesy anime grin. “I’ll see to it you back home by the end of the day, that’s a promise..If you can trust a meanie face that is.” Tetsu would then begin walking twords the door that lead to the upper ground. It would be angeld so tetsu could get shot like a cannon ball twords the city instead of stight up in the air. Tetsu would point to that door, while standing beside it. “This here? Will shoot us back up to where we need to be. From there I can hike you to the city, and once we’re close enough we’ll just walk the rest of the way to Yun Corp, so Donnie can get a visual on you from afar. I’ll let you go first, and then I’ll follow behind.” Tetsu would look up the tubes direction and speak yet again. “I’d take you in a car but uh…I can’t drive, and we’re in the mountains sooooo…kinda difficult when your on the coast. But we’ll get there all the same.” Tetsu would be talking to her as if they were mutul friends, although it was up to her how she interpreted it. “you ready Anna?” Tetsu would look back and see if she was ready to go, or even if she would give him the trust he needed to get them where they needed to go.

Where the hell did you come from?..Oh well. To the tower.

MelianMay: Anna was enjoying talking to Ochigi and couldn’t help but laugh as they joked about Tetsu together. She would listen though as he started to talk again but when he was cut off by a familiar voice, her body reacted. She shot up onto her feet and went into a low crouch, her arms coming out in front of her like she was ready to box and the minute her fists clenched she would hear the sound of metal sliding out. Confused Anna would look down to see that blades where coming out of her wrists like some weird piece of jewelry. “What the fuck!” She jumped back and nearly tripped over before catching herself as she held up her hands and looked at the blades curiously. “How…” She looked at Ochigi but when Tetsu started to talk again her attention would shift to him. He made her furious and she really wanted to use the blades on him, she guessed they had good timing. As she listened to him talk she would drop her arms to her side, since she couldn’t cross them, and stare at him with narrowed eyes. She didn’t really believe his apology but she wanted to go home and see Yuh. She missed him more than she hated Tetsu. He was talking way too much too and she was starting to get bored but she forced herself to pay attention. When he started to talk towards a door she would follow after him with a sigh but stopped between him and Ochigi. “How do I get them to go back from where ever they came from? You’ll have to show me how they work sometime but for now I miss Yuh.” She smiled at him softly and held out her hands to see if he could help her get the blades in, or at least show her how for now so that she wouldn’t have this problem whenever Tetsu pissed her off. She assumed that would be happening a lot. Anna would look over her shoulder at him. “I’ll start to forgive you but only when I’m home. And in one piece as well.” She said simply before turning her attention back to Ochigi and flat out ignoring him.

Tetsu’s eyes would widen at the sight of the blades popping out of Anna’s forearms. “O.o” would be the expression on Tetsu’s face as he would slowly back up a few inches, to avoid getting stabbed in the gut by this girl who’s hate for him burns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. Ochigi would smirk and look at his work of art in action. “ah very good indeed Anna. Your emotion at seeing Tetsu must have set off the pulse blades in your forearms. Nifty little weapons they are. You’ll be able to cut down most any surface you encounter excluding out of the ordinary metals of course. To retract them, simply vision the blades folding back into place where your forearm is. Think of it as….your special ability.” Ochigi would smile reassuringly. He knew she had yet to discover the full fruit of her powers and abilities at his point, but with Tetsu pushing her emotional state….this might not be such a bad thing if she continues to hate him up until she can realize her full potential. Ochigi imagined if she wanted to kill Tetsu then it’s possible she’d unlock every ability in a heartbeat but maybe this won’t happen. Maybe. Tetsu would swallow hard, as she ignored him. Tetsu was trying to be nice, but after being hated by this particular individual he was starting to loose interest in gaining her trust, more so doing her the favor he promised he would. After Ochigi would explain how the blades work, Tetsu would turn to the machine and speak. “in any case…” Seeing he was being ignored, he figured he’d catch her attention. “To get to the city faster, we’ll be web slinging meaning you’ll have to hoist on to my back. No harm done or strange intent, it is just legit faster than us walking or running.” Tetsu was pretty sure she could easily wrap her arms around his neck and snap it, if she wanted, but more than likely she would cooperate. She wanted to see Donnie again, and well…even with the negative emotion between them, Tetsu wouldn’t turn his back on someone in need. Even if he was hated. Its just apart of doing what’s right. Should all go well, Anna (if allowed and wanted to) would hop on Tetsu’s back and the two would step into the door, leading to the pod. They would then be shot up at 100 mph through this shoot, which would launch them clear over the mountain range, and right over to the beach area in district 2. Once at this height Tetsu would launch a web line from his web shooter and begin swinging through the city at 85mph. He would also keep in mind his acute parkur skills, to rebound off of certain buildings, and across rooftops to keep his momentum. Even go as far as to swing down to ground level to move between cars and whatnot. Tetsu loved web slinging. It was his new favorite way of travel, and he was happy to have abandoned the jet boots for these babys. Tetsu would continue to swing for a while, heading twords Yun Corp tower…

MelianMay: Anna blushed a little when Ochigi said ‘Very good’ like she had done something well. She hadn’t been praised like that before and it felt pretty nice. When he told her how to retract the blades she would close her eyes and imagine it happening, even if she doubted it would work, but it did which brought a surprised smile to her face. “I like it… Thank you, Ochigi.” She smiled at him brightly before looking at Tetsu and nodded her head. “I don’t mind… Please, don’t drop me.” She murmured softly and walked over to him, her suit pulsing a little faster as she was kind of nervous. Heights weren’t something she really enjoyed, what so ever. She hated the thought of falling and then splatting into nothing but goo. When he turned for her to crawl onto his back she would, lightly wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, pressing her face between his shoulder blades as she closed her eyes to prepare for whatever he was going to do. When they shot up into the air he might hear her whimper but he would feel her grip grow really tight on his body with her fear as she even started to shake against him. Her eyes closed tightly and the whole time he was. It felt like she was falling, swinging and then falling, swinging and then falling. It was making her dizzy and her grip would loosen a little bit before she held onto him tighter. She really hoped she wasn’t going to be sick.

Death of Donnie Yun.......Again -_-

Tetsu continue his swings in mid air, and then arrives at least a mile away from Yun Corp, only to notice a crowd of people gathered around the building itself. Tetsu would look around at the people who were there. No one he recognized, but he did see some kind of hole in one of the windows, up top near the top floor. There would also be……what appeared to be a person flying. Two people in the air but…it was hard to make out. Tetsu would push chi into his eyes, and see that some strange man was carrying a figure back into Yun Corp tower. Tetsu had no clue who this man was, nor what was going on, but he was certain of one thing: in this crowd of people getting, into the tower the frontal way isn’t going to cut it. Tetsu by this time had already placed Anna down, and allowed her to look around. Tetsu would then look back at her and speak loudly, trying to talk above the roaring crowd. “hey stick close okay? We’re going to try the font door, if that doesn’t work we’ll come up with a back up plan.” Tetsu was sure her enhanced hearing would pick up on his words, as he held his hand out towards her, signaling he was trying to guid her though the crowd and nothing more than that. Should she take it, or not, tetsu would proceed to push and weave his way through the crowd of people. Tetsu would see the front door, and proceed inwards. Tetsu would walk up to the front desk, letting go of her hand by this time (should she have let him grab it by now) “hey, names Tetsu Ryoji. Need to head up top to meet Donnie Yun up there.” The front desk secretary shook her head and pointed to the elevator.  Tetsu would head there, and with Anna and step inside. The elevator moved exceptionally well, and they were up at the top in at least 5 minutes. Once there, they would so happen to arrive at the 88th floor. Once the door opens, the sight would be quite….odd. Ryuzaki would be knocked out on a couch of some kind. And there would be some odd looking man sitting in what appeared to be Donnie Yuns chair. Tetsu would raise an eyebrow  and look at this man with curiosity. “Ayeeeee…..Donnie Yun around here? Maybe Kaori? I’m his friend. Tetsu Ryo- well you don’t know me anyway. Look is Donnie around. Someone really wants to see him. ”Tetsu would await an answer from this mystery man.

MelianMay: Anna almost dropped to her knees when he finally set her down on solid ground. She was so thankful and swore she would never do that again unless it was a life or death situation. Her eyes were closed tight as she tried to push out the sounds around her to get her balance back on key but when Tetsu talked to her she forced herself to focus and after a moment the headache was gone. When he offered his hand she would take it and hold onto it tightly not wanting to get separated in the crowd. She would have walked beside him but with all the people around them it was becoming difficult so she would move behind him and hold onto the edge of his jacket instead of his hand. She felt childish doing this in such a crowded area but she had no other choice since she had no clue where the hell they were going. When they stepped into the building she would move to his side and take his hand to keep up with him better. Violet eyes idly looking around the room as Tetsu talked to the secretary to figure out where they were going and soon they were going up in an elevator. Anna assumed they were pretty high up from how long the ride was compared to a normal few floor ride. As they stepped out of the elevator and into a room her attention would go to a man on a couch that seemed to be… passed out? Was he even alive? He looked fine from what she could tell but she had the strangest curiosity to go and poke him to see if he was awake, she held back from doing so though. When Tetsu started to talk her attention would shift to a man in a chair that she guessed would be the boss of the place from how nice it looked. The woman’s eyes would narrow as she looked him over before blatantly stating. “That’s not Yuh.” She would sigh and shake her head at Tetsu, having really hoped he was here. She wanted Yuh and had no clue where her cellphone was, only just now remembering he had given her the thing. Had she left it at his house? Or did Ochigi take it off of her? The short woman sighed and started to fix her hair seeing it was all over the place from the wild ride here. “This sucks.” She grumbled to herself and started to look around the room, noticing the window with a hole through it and wondering how the hell that happened.

Pallas (Kuma) -Upon sitting down in his chair he couldn’t help but think to himself-“And this was the kid that Donnie thinks will one day be just as powerful as him…”-He then looks to Ryuzakii and laughs a bit-“He’s a long fucking ways away from that one D-man.”-Kuma then gets comfortable in the chair and uses his Cybernetic mind to see the news group that is located outside the building now. They did what the media does best, make things look to be what they aren’t. The news reporter talked about the dangers of having these quote unquote “Superheroes” around the city doing whatever they want. This brought Kuma to just laugh at the puny woman. To Kuma, if he could kill you…he won’t ever listen to you. A warrior to the bone, that is what he is. The laughter was soon taken away from him again as the elevator doors opened up. He then saw Tetsu Ryoji come through the doors with….Kuma’s eyes widened and his jaw practically dropped at the sight of this woman who came with Tetsu. He thought to himself-“Good god! She’s….she is gorgeous.”-But he had to snap out of that fantasy land when Tetsu begins to speak. Donnie had spoken of Tetsu very well, one of the only people who got positive reviews from Donnie’s files. When he asks where Donnie is, he slumps his head down a bit. He didn’t know why Tetsu was here but the question Tetsu asked him…was one of great importants. That is when he noticed that he was still in his Slave attire. Though the outfit did show off his huge muscles to the pretty lady who just walked out of the elevator, he did not find it suitable for the news he was about to give Tetsu. Kuma focuses the Pada Virus to re-shape his clothes again and return it back to the all-black suit he wore before the fight.-“Tetsu Ryoji…I know who you are…Donnie talked about you a lot…”-His voice would almost seem saddened. A warrior saddened by the potential loss of a warrior brother. He then continues on with his speech-“There’s not easy way to say this so I’m just gunna say it…Kaori is fine…But Donnie…may be dead…”-He looks up at them with seriousness in his eyes-“He wanted to make himself better…better than what he already was…so he had this experiment done on him…and right now…it isn’t looking too good for him…The only reason why I am telling you is because he wanted me to give you something…he said you might know who this belongs too.”-He then opens his hand as the red and black Vibranium Cellphone that Donnie had given Anna comes out. She had actually left it back at the house mere seconds after Donnie had given it to her. Then Kuma relays the message over to Tetsu by saying-“He wanted you to give this to your “Meanie Face” bestfriend…whatever that means…and that to tell her that…He never should have left her…”-To Kuma’s knowledge he had no idea that the Meanie Face girl was standing right next to Tetsu. A climactic moment indeed.-

Tetsu would look at the guff man with intent. Apparently Donnie did indeed think highly of Tetsu. What was on Tetsu’s mind was what happened to Ryuzaki? You’d think that training left him in some kind of good condition but eh. He’s still a rookie and actually still needs good kicks in the ass every now and then. Although seeing this man gawk over Anna was indeed kind of hilarious but expected. Tetsu was impressed, but the fact that they had some strange hate/help relationship actually took the attraction down for Tetsu….though……dat ass…..anyway. Tetsu continued to listen…..and he heard news of Donnie being dead. Again. As if it had not been more than six months since this man was pronounced “dead” already. Tetsu wouldn’t believe the supposed death until it was seen by his own eyes. Tetsu….put a lot of faith within Donnie’s ability to survive and adapt. Donnie probably could die. But it wouldn’t be a quiet one. Donnie’s death would more than likely be one of the heroic kind…or maybe in the heat of battle. But in secret? Nah. Tetsu didn’t believe an utter word of it…but out of respect for his friends, and those who hold Donnie in contempt Tetsu would simply bow his head, and look down with a keen sadness. Thought he knew in his heart Donnie was not dead…hearing it wasn’t exactly mood lifting. Though the death cause sounded right….Tetsu was sure Donnie was alive, just as Stone Cold Steve Austin was sure when he said so, he said so. Tetsu would keep quiet, allowing the grieving process to endeavor, and had a look of profound sadness and deep thought on his face. The disbelief in Tetsu’s eyes would be obvious…but respected for who would really think he was dead you know? Most of all…Tetsu was worried about Anna. She’d already had such a strong bond to Donnie…to hear this….after waking  up from not seeing him again…just. She’d not be able to handle it. This situation could go terribly…terribly…wrong here. Tetsu would act quickly as to try and see if things were really as bad as they were about to stack up to be. “Can we see him……please.” Tetsu would say sternly. He’d already felt the pain of loss before. Should this situation be real…Tetsu would be strong none the less. And carry on. For his sake…and Anna’s. Anna….Tetsu was most worried about what she was going to do…how she was going to take this….waking up in a world where someone you loved is taken from you in a heartbeat…it almost makes you feel bad for the girl. Really bad…”………” Tetsu would turn around in silence. Not in disrespect however. But in determination, which could be shown through his posture and tone of voice. “Anna….lets go to him.” Tetsu didn’t know what Anna would do…but for this one time. It’d be best if they faced something together for once, instead of being cutthroats. Tetsu thinks to himself “….Lets see what you’ve done to yourself this time Yun. Something you’ll return from no doubt…” Should the mystery man choose to lead, tetsu would follow and remain silent.

Anna was just finishing fixing her hair as it swayed around her now curvy hips in a somewhat straight manner though there were still waves going through her hair. She fixed her bangs and finally it was all back in order just in time for her to hear the man in the chair start to talk. He was addressing Tetsu so she almost spaced out but when she heard Kaori’s name she instantly paid attention. A small sigh escaping her lips as she heard the woman was fine and now she was even more excited to go home and see her but as the man continued on her eyes darkened in confusion. ‘May be dead.’ Was running through her mind over and over and her legs just gave out from under her. She fell to her knees and her eyes were instantly full of tears that soon were running down her cheeks but she refused to sob or make a noise after Keyome yelling at her. That was still engraved in her brain so she cried silently as she tried to process that information. She was reverting back into her mind as Kuma walked over and was holding something out to Tetsu that Tetsu wasn’t taking, Tetsu looked sad but she could tell from his posture that the feeling was off, wrong. Maybe he wasn’t sad, maybe he was but he didn’t seem… It just seemed weird to her. ‘I never should have left her.’ Was the next phrase that struck Anna so now her eyes focused on what was in Kuma’s hand and the teary violet orbs went wide. In a second she was standing and the blade on her right wrist was out as she took the step between her and Kuma and snatched her cellphone from him with her left hand, that only taking about two more seconds. Anna was only a violet blur as she backed away from the two men and to the opposite side of the room. She turned her back on them and started to cry harder, holding the cellphone to her chest. The other blade slipping out from her left wrist, now that she wasn’t in danger of slicing someone in half. She barely heard Tetsu ask about seeing him but her ears did pick up her name and then something about going to him. She would be very still for a moment before eventually  nodding her head. Her hand coming up and wiping the tears from her eyes as she forced herself to take deep breaths and try to calm down. The half naked man had only said he was dying, not that he was dead. He was still alive, she could still see him, she needed to see him, had to see him. (If no one had come over to her.) Anna swirled on her heel, causing her dark hair to swirl around her body and her chest to bounce slightly as she marched herself back over to the two men. Her shoulders straightened and her gaze hardened as she looked at the stranger. “Take us to him. Please.” The ‘Please’ sounded like an added thought as she was rolling in emotions of anger and sadness. He had left her and now he was dying, that wasn’t fair to her at all. Why hadn’t he come looking for her? What had he done to put himself on a death bed? Her body was starting to shake and her blades were starting to hum though when she noticed that she took another deep breath to let her body relax so that they would stop. Her left hand was still clutching the cellphone but now it was at her side along with her right hand. Her suit was pulsing with her heart rate again, the violet beat matching her stormy eyes.

-Kuma had expected the man to be more emotional during this situation but it did bring some light into the problem. Kuma could tell by the eyes that Tetsu had that he had not lost hope in Donnie’s life. Donnie had told Kuma all about the attitude that Tetsu holds. And as he witnessed it first hand, it was refreshing in his mind. But it was at that moment that the girl…woman…took the cellphone out of his hand. He smirked a bit at the fact that a blade was drawn. He thought to himself-“Kitty has claws…hmhm.”- But watching the blade come out of her hand made him skeptical about her being. So his eyes read her body like a book, going…deep…inside of her. His eyes would catch hold of the same notorious fact that rocked Donnie’s foundation…she is not human. He once again thought to himself-“Damn…I should have seen that one coming…no human has a body like that…”-But unlike Donnie, Kuma showed no compassion towards the tears. Throughout his lifetime, the compassion had been wiped clean away from his body and soul. As she cried, he would just turn away with a blank emotionless face. But when Tetsu spoke of trying to take them to where Donnie is, Kuma turned back to face him. He had to ponder the thought of maybe taking them to the house. But would Donnie want them there to see him in the state of being that he is in? Kuma sighed a bit and had to think deeper onto the possibility. He was ready to turn to Tetsu and deny his request of seeing Donnie but before he can say anything, the woman shoots back up acting as if she just wasn’t in an episode of crying. He sighs again and still has the plan to tell them no. But then…for some odd reason, the memory of his Mother comes back through his mind.*KUMA RUNS THROUGH FLASHBACKS ABOUT TIMES HE HAD WITH HIS MOTHER BEFORE SHE WAS TAKEN FROM HIM* It was remembering the fact that he wished he could have seen his mother one last time before The Armada killed her off as if she was less than nothing. So when the woman who still had the tears in her eyes asked to see Donnie…Kuma did not picture Anna in front of him…but he pictured himself. A child standing before him asking to see his mother one last time…Kuma says to his child self(Out loud for everyone to hear)-“Yes…I will take you.”-Not knowing that he was saying that out loud. And when he finally realizes that the people are probably going to think he is talking to them, he is not going to have to take them to Donnie’s. The only words he could think of was-“Shit…”-Kuma then proceeded to make his way towards the elevator for the others to follow him.-“Let’s Go…”-

Tetsu Ryoji: Tetsu would watch kuma intently. Waiting for an answer. He looked lost in thought. Deep in podering. It wasn’t his face that gave it away but the tilt of his head really, and his relaxed posture. Tetsu would watch him and turn and as he said “lets go” he headed to the elevator. Tetsu would nod at anna, singnaling that they should move, but then tetsu got a call on  his watch. It was briggs’s voice. “Tetsu, you’ve received an important notice from District 3. They’d like to schedule a conference meeting with you, about your posisiotn as an Oficer. It’s rather urgent, calls from them don’t come to often.” Tetsu would listen and then bite his lip. The puzzled look on his face only gave more opening to the fact that he didn’t want to leave…..he wanted to give his respects. But then again…tetsu in some way looked up to Donnie, and didn’t want to see him in his weakened state. Not like this.  Tetsu would stop in his path, and speak in to his watch with hesitation. “….give me a few okay?” Tetsu would put his hands down by his sides, and sigh with the fullest regret. “I’m afraid I can’t go…..I just uh….*sigh* Donnie’s gonna be just fine. I’m certain of it. With all due respect….i’d rather not see him this way. It’s….” tetsu thought about the talk he had with Donnie about the call to battle. “It’s not…proper. To morn a warrior…who isn’t dead yet.” Tetsu would figure kuma had known Donnie for a while now…and would possibly understand tetsu’s regards to the situation. Tetsu would look at Anna, and speak “Be strong. Your superheroes not going anywhere….if you need me just uh..” Tetsu didn’t want to mention anything about electronics to her as he’d already dug his own grave with her about that. Things could change however so tetsu worded it differently than usual.” Just think really hard about talking to me. And you’ll reach me, I promise. I know you hate me…but right now lets just squash it. For Donnie’s well being. And we’ll get some ice cream with my pops later.” Tetsu knew that anna acutally had a communicator built inside of her cranial area, that would allow her cydriod asthetics to bounce her thoughts off of satellites across the globe only to reach tetsu’s communicator in less than a second if she wanted to. If she thinks hard enough it’ll happen for sure, and she’ll be able to get in contact with Tetsu when ever she needed to. Tetsu would turn around to see the unconscious Ryu, laid on a couch. Along with a file thrown onto his being, and a broken…sword? Of some kind? Tetsu assumed it belonged to ryu, as he did mention that he was a wapons designer. Tetsu would walk over to Ryuzaki and hoist him over his shoulder. All the wile, tucking the file inside of ryu’s shirt, and the placing the blade back into it’s sheath. He attach the blade to ryuzaki’s backside, by webbing it to him, sticking it in place, being careful not to restrain ryu with it, only attack the sword. “Hope you don’t mind me taking my little trainee back for a while. He’s still got a ways to go, but I’ll fix em up. Tell Donnie…we should have that match soon he promised me a while back. I’m pretty sure me and my “spine” would oblige.” Tetsu knew no one would get the joke, but if kuma told Donnie liked he’d been asked, Donnie would probably laugh it off, as a testament to know that tetsu had indeed come to see about his old friend. Tetsu would then turn to the window, and open it. He’d then leap in a free fall, and proceed to begin swinging away form view.

Anna was standing and waiting for an answer when Kuma said he would take them. She smiled softly and started to relax, her eyes calming down. She would realize that her blades had come out again and she sighed, closing her eyes to think about them coming back into her. Soon they would disappear from where they had come, and Anna would rub her wrists lightly. She still didn’t understand where they went but at least she didn’t have to worry about hurting anyone or herself for the moment. As Kuma walked towards the elevator Anna would follow after him but was stopped in her tracks when she heard Tetsu’s call. Her body would turn a little so that she could look at him with confusion clear on her face and suddenly she was a little worried. She was going to be left alone with this stranger? He seemed to know Yuh but still she didn’t know him. Anna’s teeth worried at her bottom lip while she listened to Tetsu talk, nodding her head a little bit. She understood that he didn’t want to see Donnie in pain and she didn’t want to see it either but she had to see him, she missed him terribly and if this was her last chance to see him alive… She shook her head and forced those thoughts from her mind. Anna couldn’t afford to think like that, she would go through another break down and it was hard enough to control this new bodies emotions to begin with. The small woman would offer Tetsu a weak smile at the sound of eating ice cream together later. “Sounds like a plan. I like the…chocolate kind so far.” She murmured and waved a little before turning and walking back to the elevator. Her hips swayed as she walked and her arms crossed over her chest as she wished she could fold in on herself right now. Once she was in the elevator with Kuma she would move to one of the corners and lean back against the wall, her head tilting up and staring at the ceiling. Anna would be lost in thought the whole ride down unless Kuma said something to her.

Pallas: -After he had gotten into the elevator he nodded at Tetsu who decided not to come along on this trip. As a warrior himself he understood how Tetsu feels. He also noticed that Tetsu took the kid along with him. Kuma smirked as he felt pretty accomplished in the fight he had with Ryuzakii. Though it ended faster than he had imagined, it was an enjoyable fight to say the least. The elevator would then take Anna and Kuma down to the basement level of Yun Tower. Kuma wasn’t exactly going to fly Anna back to the house. Though if he had flown, they could get there a lot faster. Kuma wouldn’t say a word to the woman as the elevator doors opened up at the basement level. When they walk out of the elevator, they enter the garage of Donnie Yun’s vehicles. Every one of Donnie’s vintage automobiles resides in this garage. Some of the most vintage and one of a kind cars remain down here in this tomb. Kuma walks over to a machine that has a small screen on it and begins to press a few buttons. Then the garage system would begin to move around and within a few seconds, Kuma’s 72’ Dodge Challenger would raise up from below the ground. The car had black and orange paint job done to perfection, black and chrome rims to shine across the sunlight, and black leather interior. Kuma would walk to the passenger side and open up the door for the woman.(If she got in) Kuma would then walk to the driver’s side and get into the car. Since he and Donnie just flew everywhere they had forgotten the ways of how to actually drive a vehicle. Their cybernetic minds of course could just instantly learn how but they figured it was a waste of space in their minds. Who needs to drive when you have an Alfred? Kuma presses an intercom switch to activate the Alfred A.I. and says-“Hey Al, take us home.”-In which Alfred would reply with a simple-“Yes Mr. Kuma.”-The car would then rev up sounding like a lion. Alfred begins to drive them out of the garage and on route to Donnie’s Villa. The drive itself would take close to an hour due to the Villa being outside of the major District Two areas. Within that hour, Kuma would not make any conversation with the woman but if she spoke to him, he would respond to her. After the hour passes, Alfred pulls into Donnie’s Villa where the gate halts them for the moment. Kuma quickly says the password of-“Big Booty Bitches.”-And the gate opens right up. Alfred slowly rolls the car in next to the pool and comes to a stop. Once they had arrived, Kuma steps out of the car and walks over to the passenger door. Kuma opens the door for her and lets her out of the car. Alfred then takes the car into the garage of The Villa while Kuma walks into the house. The lights immediately turn on throughout the Villa upon Kuma’s entry; the house completely empty of people. Kuma signals for Anna to follow him and (If she follows) Kuma would lead her to the Vibranium Metal Door that leads to Donnie’s secret basement. Before Kuma puts in the code to go inside he looks at Anna and asks-“Are you sure you want to enter?”-

Anna would follow Kuma into the garage and silently wait for him to pick a car, following him to the passenger side of it. A small blush came across her cheeks when he opened the door for her and she would slip inside of it easily, waiting for him to close the door before buckling up and leaning against the window. She would watch Kuma get in from the corner of her eye and then hear him call Alfred to drive them home. “I haven’t seen him either…”She murmured more to herself then to Kuma. He seemed… Like a person who didn’t like to talk and the ride out to the villa only proved that. Kuma didn’t try to make conversation about why she wanted to see Yuh or who she was so she didn’t bother with talking to him either. It was hard enough not to stare at him with how…Nice he looked. He was still half naked and that was more than distracting so whenever she caught herself looking at him she would turn her head and look out the window. On the fourth time she found herself look at him again she would completely angle her body away from him and force herself too look out the window harder as a small blush was making its way over her face. It felt like forever until they were at the Villa and she shook her head when she heard the password. It wasn’t too shocking though for some odd reason. Anna was going to open the door for herself but Kuma beat her too it so she would gently slip from the car and fiddle with her suit a little even though it was still perfectly formed to her body. The small woman would follow after him into the villa her eyes looking around and remembering the place and memories that came with it. When they passed the kitchen she remembered the first time she had breakfast in there and when they went into the hall she remembered when Yuh gave her the cellphone that was still clutched into her left hand. She sighed a little dreamily as she remembered the nice memories but when they came to the mysterious door her mind moved back to the moment at hand… Yuh was possibly going to die and this door was where he was. “I always wondered what was behind this door…” Anna spoke quietly to herself her right hand coming out to touch it for a moment before she blushed, knowing that probably seemed weird. Her hand fell back to her side and she would nod her head, looking at Kuma’s face instead of making eye contact. “It… Doesn’t matter if I’m sure or not… I h-have to see him…” She murmured her nerves starting to get to her now. What if he was all beat up and stitched together? Could she handle seeing him like that? It didn’t matter… He would be there for her, he was her super hero after all.

Pallas: -Kuma nods at what the woman says and then begins to enter the password of the Vibranium Door. Donnie had added a technologically advanced password system that only allows the users of Alfred, Kuma, and himself to actually open this door. Kuma uses his mind and enters that specific password. The door then makes an air pressure release sound as it began to open up. Once the door had opened, Kuma walks inside the basement workshop. Immediately on the right hand side, Anna will see all ten Nano Suits ever created in what Donnie calls “The Hall of Nano Suits.”( This marks the first time that someone outside of Donnie’s “Inner Circle” has entered this room. Kuma has to take Anna further down into this secret basement to get her to where she wants to go. After they pass The Hall of Nano Suits, Kuma stops at a door that has Donnie behind it. Behind the door is Donnie on a hospital bed being cared for by Dr. Kakaratto and his team. He fit more for the scientific portion of medical science and needed his entire team to come out here. While they all fought hard for Donnie to live, it looked like they had reached a stalemate. At this time there was nothing more they can do but wait. Kuma then walks in with Anna as the first thing she will see is Donnie with wires running through his body and tubes through his nose. The sounds of beeping medical machines just echoing through the room. Kuma sees Dr. Kakaratto and asks-“So what’s the situation so far?”-That is when Dr. Kakaratto shows Kuma the images of Donnie’s brain. In one slide they show colors flashing violently. And in the other they just disappear. Dr. Kakaratto says to Kuma-“His brain waves just spaz out as if he is having a nightmare and then BOOM! They disappear. If you asked me…what’s keeping him in that coma isn’t the Plasma Energy we put inside of him…He is keeping himself in the coma…Whatever is going on in that head of his…is keeping him under…”-Kuma would nod to the doctor and begin to wonder what would make Donnie keep himself in a coma. What battle is happening in that head of his to completely have his body shut down? Kuma can only speculate on what exactly is going on in that head. But now he looks at the woman expecting her to be balling out over seeing her “Superhero” in this kind of state.-

Anna waited for Kuma to open the door and she could’ve sworn he did it with his mind but that wouldn’t be too shocking, at this point she believed anything was possible. She would walk after him though as she walked in her suit would start to flash a little more as her pulse speed up. Her eyes barely paid attention to his suits, not really caring about them at this moment when the last time she had wanted to go through that door she probably would have loved to take a closer look at them. When they came into the room with the doctors Anna would almost stop in the door at the sight of Yuh. Her eyes widened slightly and tears filled them as she looked at him hooked up to the machinces. Things didn’t seem to be going well from the mood that was happening either, everyone had a sullen feeling about them. She would bit her lip as she heard Kuma ask how he was doing and Anna would listen intently even though her eyes never left Yuh. She was shocked to hear that Yuh was keeping himself in the coma and that it was like he was having a nightmare that would turn on and off… It reminded her of when she was asleep after he had rushed them into the club. She was either having peaceful thoughts or nightmares of losing him which were only seeming to become more and more true. When Kuma looked at Anna she would be holding back tears as she was trying to put on a brave face for everyone but also because if Yuh did wake up she didn’t want him to see her in tears. Anna didn’t really ask or think before she acted but she started to walk toward the stretcher and if no one  physically stopped her she would keep going. Anna kneeled down on the side of it so that her shoulders were level with the edge of the bed,  and she was staring at his face. It was so hard to imagine that this was her Yuh, that he might die. She hated it, it made her want to cry and scream and shake him until he woke up but she knew she couldn’t be doing things like that anymore. She would lean onto the bed slightly, and gently reach up to brush some of his Mohawk back into place so it wasn’t all over the place. Her other hand set down the cellphone on the edge of her bed before her small hand moved to hold his gently, though she didn’t squeeze his hand not wanting to hurt him. She really had no clue what to do with herself at this moment but this felt right. Her face was soft with thoughts now as she didn’t seem on as on the verge of crying now that she was closer to him even if her eyes were still a little teary. “Please wake up…” She whispered to him softly, hoping no one else would hear her. She didn’t want to sound crazy or weak to any of them but she wanted Yuh back.

Pallas: -*INSIDE THE MIND OF DONNIE YUN*The battle of Donnie’s mind takes place inside of the blackest of voids.(-popo voice- There it is again) Donnie lies on the floor of this black void covered in scrapes and cuts. Standing over him is Thomas Flint. Thomas looks down at Donnie and says-“Why are you fighting me Donnie?...mmm you shouldn’t be so close minded…Imagine all you will be able to do if you just let go.”-Donnie then slowly tries to stand up but then is immediately punched back into the ground by a huge red fist. Adam’s body then stood next to Thomas’ and said-“You should listen to him Donnie…You are weak when you want to play Good Boy…Join back to who you really are…”-Donnie’s will wouldn’t allow him to give into what he believes. He isn’t ready to give up. He once again attempts to stand up from the position he is in. Thomas then kicks him across the jaw just to send him back down one more time.-“You know my fear tactic only seemed to work on you…you must not have liked your fear at all…”-Thomas is referring to when everyone was in the sewers with Thomas as he put them under some kind of spell. It sent Donnie into a spiral after watching his fear. Thomas then asks-“So why did you choose to kill the little robot girl after all?”-Donnie began to chuckle at Thomas’ question and rose to one knee. Blood dripped from his mouth and he said to Thomas-“I destroyed the image of Anna…because if I fear losing her…than my will…would be breakable…”-Thomas raises a brow-“So you don’t fear losing Kaori?”-Donnie laughs again-“No you dumbshit…I know she can fend for herself…but Anna…I’d always have to try and save her…I shouldn’t be worrying over a fucking droid!...”-Thomas laughs and always falls backwards at what Donnie says.-“Ohhh so you don’t want to have the droid in your life? Who are you trying to fool Donnie? You and I both know you love that girl like your own daughter…”Donnie: “Shut up!” Thomas: “Oh did I strike a nerve? Imagine…if you chose to not save her that night…how that man would have just raped her…over and over…and over…”-And it was at that moment of Donnie picturing what would have happened to Anna that the monster was unleashed. ( Play this while reading the next part.) Donnie fell to both knees as a blue static formed around his body.-“ STOP ITTTT!...THATS ENOUGH!!!”-Donnie’s body then lifted up into the air as he yelled out-“RAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”-His Inner Plasma Energy then bursts out of his body to create a blue flame like aura around his body. His black Mohawk flowed effortlessly in the wind from the power surge throughout his body. Thomas and Adam looked stunned to see what Donnie had turned himself into through such a rage. Donnie then cupped his hands together at his hip and began to focus his Plasma Energy into his hands. A small blue orb would form in the cuppings of his hands as he yelled out-“KOYANN!!!!”-And he then thrusts his hands forward with his palms facing the two men yelling-“ISQATSIIII!!!!”-( And upon yelling out the attack name, a bright blue Plasma Energy Beam fires out of his hands and almost instantly makes contact with Thomas and Adam. The impact of the attack creates a huge explosion in the black void of Donnie’s mind as the battle came to a very destructive end. Donnie kept his hands out in the finished position to see smoke coming off of his palms. A smirk appeared on his face to see that he had completely obliterated the two men.*BACK TO REALITY*After defeating the villians in his mind and finding out who he truly is…it seems that Donnie’s mind has finally been made.(PRAISE KAKAROT!) After years of battling the demons of his mind, it seems like the clouds above him have cleared. Donnie’s eyes slowly begin to open and the first thing he sees is a beautiful woman holding his hand on the edge of the bed. The Blue Plasma Energy rolling through his body now once again returned his eyes to a bright ocean blue. He knew it was not Kaori because of the hair color and age difference but for the life of him…he can’t put a finger on who this person is. Then his eyes catch whim of the cellphone that he had given Anna. Donnie smirks a bit and says-“Have I really been out that long, that you have already grown up on me Princess?”-Everyone in the room would look at Donnie with shocked expressions as he finally has awoken from his Coma. Kuma smiled a bit but did not show much more excitement than that. Even though he was extremely happy that Donnie had woken up, a warrior to the bone…and Donnie nods to Kuma to show that they both get each other. Donnie was also more surprised at the fact that Anna is a grown woman. He hopes that by seeing him awake, she doesn’t just pass out. He also hopes that he hasn’t totally ruined the father-daughter relationship that they had. But if she hated him for leaving her…he would understand it. He continues to lie there in bed waiting to see what Anna says next.-

MelianMay: Anna had closed her eyes as she held onto his hand, silently going over the memories in her mind about Yuh. She could have stayed like that for hours and happily would have, she wasn’t going to leave his side until he woke up or… She refused to let her mind go there again, she had seen it enough in her own nightmares, she didn’t need to think about it while she was awake or ever again in her dreams. When she heard his voice though her eyes went wide and she stared at him in shock as the tears flooded her eyes again but she refused to let them fall as she stared into his face. His eyes were open and as bright blue as she remembered them the first time she saw them. Her mouth hung open in shock before she practically leaped onto him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Though her movements were careful of all the wires she would lean over the bed and push her head into the crook of his neck as she finally let the tears fall. Her shoulders and body shook a little as the silent sobs wracked her body but eventually she had let enough of them out so that she could talk. “I don’t know how long it’s been… Please don’t leave me again, Yuh… I ended up with Meanie face…” She murmured gently into his ear, nuzzling closer to him and kissing his cheek lightly. “I was asleep too and having nightmares like you… They almost came true when I woke up though…” She whispered so that only he could hear. She didn’t like admitting she was scared or that something scared her but losing him had truly scared her to the bone. If he hadn’t hugged her back she would gently pull off of him so that she wouldn’t smother him. She would go back to kneeling by the bed, her hand moving to take his again, and giving it a soft squeeze, as she smiled brightly at him. “I love you, Yuh.” She spoke gently, hoping he wouldn’t mind. He was like a father she never had and it felt so nice.

Pallas: -As Anna jumped up onto his chest, the doctors were ready to have a heart attack. They had just kept Donnie alive and this big chested woman might have ruined it all. But her hug only brought a smile to Donnie’s face and he wrapped his right arm around her. His one arm alone is big enough to wrap around her like she is nothing. He held her close as a father would to his daughter, finally letting everything else go. His State of Mind no longer as reckless as it was before. He laughed a bit as she talked about Tetsu being a meanie face and said to her-“Oh I’m sure he was fine haha. Maybe you should be nicer to Meanie Face.”-As she talked about her nightmares, he pulled her closer to him to make her feel like she is no longer alone for her nightmares. Now she has a big Tin Man to help her fight those nightmares. (If she says I love you to him while he hugged her) Donnie gives her a kiss on the cheek and says-“I love you too, Princess.”-Afterword he would raise his body up out of the bed as the wires attaché to him snapped off. The doctors try and request that Donnie go back into the bed but of course, he does not listen to them. He’d set Anna down on the floor and walk over to Kuma. They would shake hands at the forearm, something all Warriors seem to share. ( Kuma says to Donnie-“Welcome back…The Gods yet keep you here on this Earth.”-Donnie laughs and replies with-“If only for the moment haha.”-The two then begin to walk out of the doctor’s room and back towards The Hall of Nano Suits. Donnie signals for Anna to follow and join them and if she chooses to follow, the next part goes as follows. When they get to The Hall, Donnie stops and says-“Ah, Anna this is Kuma.”-He then points at Kuma who is still walking around in barely anything. Donnie had gotten fairly used to Kuma walking like that. Donnie can relate with not wanting to wear a lot of clothes. He then looks at Anna and says-“And this is Kuma. The finest Warrior that a Gaul can be. A champion among men. He is the Aniki for my Soramaru. If I am never able to do something…just call upon Kuma for assistance.”-Kuma nods to Anna in a show of respect towards what Donnie had just said about him. Donnie would then wait to see if Anna has anything she wants to input for this greeting.-

Anna smiled brightly as Donnie wrapped his arm around her and held her close. It was easy for him because he was still massive compared to her even if her body had grown some. It felt so good to finally be getting a hug after waking up, especially from Yuh. “Maybe…” She muttered lightly and would take that into consideration, if Yuh thought she needed to be a little nicer she would at least try to be nice to Tetsu. Anna would smile at him brightly when he said he loved her and she would gently move off of him as he got out of bed so that she wouldn’t be in his way. Anna would stand up and put her cellphone into a pocket that her suit would make in her left boot so that she wouldn’t have a weird bump standing out against her body.  By the time she straightened back up she would see Kuma and Yuh starting to walk out of the room and she would catch Yuh’s hand sign to follow. The small woman would walk fast to keep up with the two huge men in front of her and when they stopped Anna was still smiling and right behind him. As Yuh introduced her to Kuma, Anna would blush softly and stare at his face so that her eyes wouldn’t wonder to his body, it was a really hard task since he was so naked and his had huge muscles… She forced herself not to look, though, and would nod her head as  Yuh said she could call for his help. “Thank you, I’ll try not to be a bother.” Anna murmured softly and held up her hand for him to shake to be polite. 

(Two line troll) Afterward introductions Donnie would tell Anna that her room was still there and she was free to do as she pleased while Donnie and Kuma went to go train.

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