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Ryuzakii Nagara

Getting work in

Pallas: -It had been almost a week now since the experiment of Donnie’s had been underway. Kuma, Alfred, and Dr. Kakaratto have all been at Donnie’s side as he hangs on for dear life. Donnie himself is in his own home under intensive care by Dr. Kakaratto. The experiment had seemed to be a success in its first few stages but now they have to play the waiting game just to see if Donnie will live…or perish. Dr. Kakaratto is on call 24/7 on Donnie’s bedside with a few of his team members. If they lost Donnie you could sure as hell bet, they would lose their lives to the hands of Kuma. Kuma himself remained at Donnie’s side as a friend and as an aniki, never to leave his chairman behind. Alfred of course played the bodyguard for Donnie at this crucial time. Alfred has been on constant watch duty to make sure that no one will come in here trying to take his creator’s life. The only thing on their minds at the moment is Donnie’s health. Donnie seemed to be in a coma like state but whether or not he was going to wake up is unknown. For all they know he could wake up today or a year from now. Everything is uncertain at this point in time. All the men including Alfred are currently watching over Donnie while he sleeps. Kuma is sitting in a chair in front of the bed where as Dr. Kakaratto continues to check the vitals of Donnie. Alfred hasn’t moved in days. He remains in the position of standing next to Donnie like a statue. Kuma had taken note of this. He thought to himself-“For a machine…he sure has a lot of emotion towards Donnie…”-Which was very true indeed. Even if Alfred was made out of nothing but wires and metal, he still has emotion. He probably has more emotion than most people gain in a lifetime. And it was at that moment that Donnie’s house phone began to ring. Kuma slowly got up from his seat and answered the call. When he put the phone to his ear, he answered with a very monotone-“Hello…”-That is when Donnie’s red haired assistant said-“Hi there. Is Mr. Yun home?”-Kuma: “No, he is away at the moment. May I take the message?” Assistant: “May I ask who this is?”-Kuma grunts a bit at the having to explain himself but answers the woman with-“I’m Donnie Yun’s number two. The Aniki for Soramaru. So if you have something for him to know…tell me.”-The woman’s voice becomes afraid at whom she is talking to and relpies with-“W-w-well sir a Mr. General Hightower is here to See Mr. Yun. I think it has to do with The Spartan Project that Ryuzakii Nagara handled.”-Kuma puts his fingers on the bridge of his nose from frustration, not to the woman but the fact that another issue has been brought up.-“What does he need? Can it wait?” Assistant: “Well he seems rather excited about something. I don’t think it should be taking too long.”-Kuma looks at Donnie and sighs. He then says-“I’m on my way.”-And before the woman can say anything else, Kuma hangs up and walks back to the others. Kuma then says to the others-“I have to stop by Yun Corp for a moment. Seems like there is something that needs to be handled.”-Kuma then proceeded to walk out of the Villa. When he got outside, the sun was shining brightly. A beautiful day, but Kuma did not see it as such. Kuma then uses his newly developed Pada Virus to forge the Palm Blasters and Repulsar Boots. After the Vibranium had taken the mold, he activates the thrusters and blasts off into the air. He flies at a slow pace of 220mph with the trajectory to reach Yun Tower within the next few minutes. When he arrives, he enters through the opening through Donnie’s roof office. After touching down in the office, he forges his second skin to turn into an all-black suit. Once he was dressed for the meeting, he sits down in Donnie’s chair and clicks a button on the intercom. He then says to the assistant-“Send him in.”-</p>

LightFang: - After the day of full on training with Tetsu Ryuzakii would emerge from his comatose like state. He would be amazed to find himself back in the room Tetsu let his stay in as he sat up in his bed. He would look around at all the things and notice he was still dressed the same as he was yesterday. He started thinking back on the fight, it seemed to giv him a headache to recall what had happened. The last he could remember was a sudden surge of power over taking him and moving unbelievably fast. Then his memory faded to that of a feudal era with swords and shields. It was all kinda primative but also, in a way futuristic. It was all a blur to him but he could recall the weapon he used. It was like a Ninjato but had a gun built into the sheathe. Ryuzakii jumped up at this thought, "I should make that!" He would rush to his feet going over to the closet. He would throw off his old clothing and throw on his white trench coat. Its the one he got when he started working at Yun Corp. and kept with him ever since. He also pulled on some cargo pants and shin high boots that went over the pants. He would then pull out a peice of paper and a pen and write up a note. One to tell Tetsu, " Hey sorry i disappeared today going in to work so i can get some work done, ill be back some time tomorrow probably." He would leave that note on his pillow after he straightened up his room and made his bed. That way he knew tetsu would see it when he came to wake Ryuzakii up to train. After that he would head out of the building into the outside world of Kasaihana City. The morning air was very refreshing and was alot easier to breathe than the pressure chambers air. It felt nice as he headed down the busy roads toward Yun Tower. It was such a huge building that was easily seen in the distance. As he approached the main door he would walk into the building and swipe his employee card to show he was clocked in today. He made his way into the Laboratory that he had authoritative power over and entered through the door way. His White Coats looked up at him with a suprised look to him being back after 6 months. He would walk past his men and pull up a peice of paper working up a blueprint to work on. After he finished up the blue print he would have his men bring him out the raw materials. He'd use a Titanium bar cut to shape to make the different parts. The blade itself, the sheath, and the hilt. He would hollow out two chambers for the sheath. One area to place the sword and the other for the barrell of the rifle. The sheath would take the majority of Time as it was the most complex portion. He created a casing slot for the rifle clip to be injected. The sheath would be modified to fire a .308 round from its gun portion. In addition to this the blade can be fired from the sheath at the same speeds as a bullet can. This would give a tactical decision to Ryuzakii if he was to use this in combat. next he would forge together the ninjato blade and hilt. It would form together in an odd fashion than most blade. This sword not only would work as one solid sword but can be split down the center to have duel swords to use. This could be used to surprise his enemys by using this style of combat. He would complete the sword alltogether and sheath the blade looking at it alltogether. He'd ask a White coat to bring in a dummy that Ryuzakii would then use to fire his blade at. This was to test the alignment, it flew straight and Ryu was pleased with it. He went over picking up the blade and resheathing it. He would pick up a couple .308 cartridges and slam one into the ammo slot. He would be readying himself to take a few more Target practice shots as the other employees were watching him. "Don't you guys have something to work on?" He said without looking over to them.-

Pallas: -A few seconds after letting the assistant know he was ready, the elevator doors open up. General Hightower then walks out and quickly makes his way over to Kuma. The General shakes Kuma’s hand and says-“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I just had to come down and personally meet the man who is responsible for creating our Spartan Suits.”-Kuma shakes his hand and replies with-“Well You haven’t met him just yet haha. The Weapons Developer who was in charge of The Spartan Project is a kid named Ryuzakii Nagara. Donnie likes to call the kid a ‘Prodigy Child.’ Says he has the mind of a brainiac at such a young age.”-Kuma never liked having to play a ‘fake’ and compliment people he did not actually respect. And the only thing he had heard about this kid is that he is smart. Kuma has the mind of a gladiator-warrior and tends not to think of things beyond a fighting stand point. But for the sake of Donnie and the company, he makes this kid sound like a prodigy to help build business. The General then sat down on the opposite end of the desk and began to speak about the Spartan Suits-“The suits your men made for us passed with flying colors! We never expected such Excellency from this project. They were worth every penny. Not one of our soldiers has been put down on a mission while wearing one of Yun Corp Spartan Suits.”-Kuma then quickly said to help speed up the conversation-“We appreciate the praise from you General, but is there something we can do for you now? I am sure this meeting isn’t just for praise of our product.”-That is when the conversation got silent for a moment. The General then digs into his briefcase and pulls out a file. He then hands it to Kuma and says-“Give that to your Weapons Designer. Inside you will see a blank check. If he can create what we are asking for…money will be no option.”-The General then stood up and walked out of the office. It was odd but over nonetheless. When Kuma opened the file, a picture of The Spartan Suit was all that was inside. This confused Kuma a bit. But then Kuma found a page beneath it. It was a see through like page, trace paper if you will. When he put it over the Original Spartan Suit design, Kuma’s eyes had widened. The General was looking to put weapons into the suit. Wrist guns, gattling guns over the shoulders, and even S.M.A.R.T. missiles. Kuma said to himself-“What the fuck is he planning?...You only need weapons…when you prepare for war…”-Kuma then closed the file and slipped it in the drawer of Donnie’s desk and clicked the button of the intercom again. He told the Assistant-“Find me Ryuzakii Nagara….NOW!”-The assistant then went to work on locating where the boy is. She quickly located him in his special R & D lab within Yun Tower. She quickly called down to Ryu’s lab and said over the loudspeaker-“Ryuzakii Nagara is wanted in Donnie’s Office. It is urgent.”-Kuma then turned the chair to where the back was facing the elevator and looked out the window of Donnie’s office…waiting.-

Awkward Meetings

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would have been firing off a couple rounds into the target. The spread Ryuzakii had was all pretty tight, hitting mainly within the eights range. Some of them would slip outward hitting sixes range. It was satisfactory to Ryuzakii, he knew he needed to work more on his accuracy with guns. However he had a basic knowlede of using guns. Based on him being a weapons developer he had a basic knowledge of using almost any weapon now. "Ryuzakii Nagara is wanted in Donnie’s Office. It is urgent." The announcement came through the room loudly and Ryuzakii looked up. "hmm guess he knows im here now. Well i wonder what he could want.." He would resheath his sword again and clip it onto the hook on his side. He'd then walk out the door and head out to Donnies office. Once he would reach the office he would walk in stepping up to the desk. "Yes Donnie, you wanted to see me?" –

Pallas: -Kuma waits for the kid to come to the office and while he waits, he looks outside and just observes the surroundings. Without much waiting, the elevator doors open and he hears the voice of Ryuzakii for the first time. A smirk would appear on his face when he spoke. Kuma then slowly turned the chair around to reveal that instead of Donnie being in the chair, it was Kuma. Kuma puts his hands together and says-“So you are the Boy Wonder that Donnie seems to want to keep around.”-Kuma then stands up and walks to the front of the desk to look at Ryu. The height of these two would be almost the same as if he were looking at Donnie. Kuma’s eyes were as dark as the blackest void in the universe.(-popo voice- What?) He looks at Ryu un-amused by the boys physical stature. He then says to Ryuzakii-“Looks like we might have another job for you kid. General Hightower seemed to like the work you did on The Spartan Project and wants to work with you again…”-Kuma then stands up while the Pada Virus slowly forms the Palm Blasters on his hands. He then says to the boy-“But before we hand you this job…You have to prove your worth!”-Kuma then raises his left hand at Ryu and fires a Plasma Blast out of the Palm Blasters. The blast itself flies through the air as fast as a bullet(Approx. 2,100 feet per second.) Which makes the blast reach Ryu’s distance within a matter of milliseconds. If the boy were to be hit by the blast, his body would be shot out of the tower and slowly descend down to the floor, 88 stories below. But if the attack were to miss, Kuma would change the forgery of his clothes and turn them into the Slave Attire that he used to wear back in his days within The Armada. He continues to wear these garbs to only further his rage in remembrance of the life he once had. He then re-forges the Palm blasters into new weapons for this battle. His right hand quickly makes the forge of a Gladius sword. Approximately three and a half feet long with the blade portion being made of Carbonadium with a Vibranium outer shell. With his left hand, the Pada Virus constructs what looks to be a custom made pistol. But the pistol itself is made out of Vibranium and shoots out concentrated doses of Plasma Energy and S.P.I.N. Darts. Underneath his forearms, the Vibranium would harden to create a small shield like substance for him to use during his bouts. These constructs would only take a matter of five seconds to fully mold and harden. Once he was fully prepared, Kuma looks to Ryuzakii and says-“Come little fuck…show me what ‘The Prodigy’ is capable of doing!”-He then slid his right foot back, about two feet from his left foot. His legs shoulder’s width apart and his hands up. His left hand had the gun pointed upward ready to fire whereas the sword stayed further back on his body; ready to slash the opponent down in a split second.-

The Games Begin

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would be suprised to see that there was some other man sitting in Donnie's chair. When he started speaking to him about the Spartan project he guessed it must be someone under Donnie in the company. " A new job hmm? well im not ready to exactly come back to..." Before he could finish his statment the man had raised his hand to Ryu and a beam was released from it heading straight for him. Ryuzakii had little time to react but everything seemed to slowdown as he reached for his blade. An afterimaging efect would form around Ryuzakii as he drew his new sword and wrapped it with his chi to try and block the blast. It would prove to be to much for him as his feet began to slip and he was ejected from the building. It wasn't with a powerfull enough force to throw him far, so due to the structure of the building Ryuzakii only fell 4 stories onto a golf course that was connected to Ryuzakiis pent house. The fall would surely hurt any normal person but Ryuzakii augmented his chi to his back so he could sustain the fall. He would get back up and run into his penthouse heading to his console. He would type in a code then walk over to a platform. a ring would come up around Ryuzakii and begind attaching the N.E.M.B.A.S. MII suit to his body ( A mechanical arm would come down and insert a chip into the back of the suit. The chip would say Au.S.T.E.N. on the top of it. Once entered a female voice would speak to Ryuzakii." Hey there stranger, long time no see." Ryu would respond,"Hello Austen its been to long." He would then activat his T-Pack and take off out the window into the sky looking up at the hole he had just been shot out of before. "We got work to do, combat mode, unknown enemy power. Be ready for anything." Austen would respond in a cute but authoritative voice, "Sir, Yes sir."-

Pallas: -Kuma activated his scanners within his cybernetic eyes and watched as the boy’s body landed down only four stories. He smirked at seeing how quick the boy was able to get up. But was most interesting to him was the fact that he went to apply a Mechanical Suit of his own onto his body. He began to scan the suit very deeply. He scanned for the metals of the suit and the system used to work it. He said to himself-“So the boy made a Spartan of his own…”-He also takes into the account that the metal is not Vibranium. Kuma is actually surprised to see that Donnie left his “Prodigy” without the special metal but gave himself(Kuma) the Pada Virus. Did he not think this boy is deserving of it? His thoughts would have to wait as the boy’s body slowly rises back up to the top floor. He was in no way surprised at the fact that he was using boosters from his feet to get back up to this level. Kuma smirks and The Pada Virus begins to forge the thrusters on the bottom of his boots. He’d also think to himself-“Counter-Scanners activate. We don’t need this guy trying to find out our secrets.”-The scanners within his system would then create a shield around his technology and systems. Not saying that anything can hack into The Nano Suit-Pada Virus technology since no one besides Donnie has actually looked and studied the systems; a better to be safe than sorry. He then activates the thrusters and slowly lifts off into the air. He floats out of the hole that was created and floats ten feet away from Ryuzakii. As the two men stood in the air the citizens below them wonder what is going on. Camera phones begin to snap pictures and videos which will quickly hit the internet. Kuma looks down at them and then back to Ryuzakii and says-“May we give these people good fucking contest!”-His thrusters then charge after Ryu. Just as before, Kuma chooses to fly at approx. 220mph which is unseeable to the naked eye and a blur to the trained eye. When he reaches five feet to Ryuzakii(approx. .02 milliseconds) Kuma fires his Vibranium Pistol. But this shot is not as one would think. Kuma fires the weapon from the left and swings his arm to the right to fire out small doses of Plasma Energy. These attacks would reach Ryuzakii before Kuma which puts them at a speed above 220mph. But instead of firing to hit his body, the explode inches away from Ryuzakii’s body and create an extremely thick smoke screen. Then almost immediately after the smoke screen is created, Kuma thrusts his right hand forward and attempts to punch Ryuzakii in the face. Using the added smoke screen and his sheer speed, The time difference between the smoke screen and the punch is mere milliseconds. The punch would have the force to potentially break Ryuzakii’s nose if connected as Kuma’s sheer strength is one of his best assets in battle. If the punch did not connect, Kuma would react accordingly to the situation. But upon connection, Kuma would raises his right leg upwards and thrust it to attempt contact on the center portion of Ryuzakii’s chest. Using the stun from the first punch, he wastes little time for this attack. Upon contact of the kick, Kuma would activate the thrusters to create a Plasma Blast from his feet. This all consorts into one attack. If the foot makes contact with the chest, the point black plasma blast follows as a whole. This attack would cause a huge explosion in the air and send Ryuzakii flying backwards like a missile to a target. Kuma would lower his leg back down to remain floating in the air wondering if the boy still had anything in him to continue.(Though Kuma knows the metal is not Vibranium if the Plasma Blast makes contact with the Titanium it will cause a warping effect on the suit.)

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would throw his arms up to cover his body when the beams were heading to him. They exploded taking Ryuzakii by suprise again as the smoke screen formed around him."Austen, quickly adjust for..." Ryuzakii would stop in mid sentance to focus on his chi to strength his face in an instant as Kuma's fist came flying at him. The blow would connect but Ryuzakii would just smirk as it turned his head to the side but didn't knock him back. "That all you got." Austen understood what Ryuzakii commanded her even though he didn't finish speaking and so she began to prepare the overide feature when the kick started to be lifted up. once extended out ward Austen would tak control of Ryuzakii's arms and catch the kick. As the kick connected to his hand and it pushed him backwards kuma activated a thruster. Ryuzakii would activate his own thruster lifting himself up while pulling up on the bottom of Kuma's foot attempting to send him into a backflip. If this was successfull it would be followed by Ryuzakii doing a front flip and dropping his foot. It would be timed to attempt to strike the back of Kuma's head as he spun back arround. The force of this kick should be enough to throw Kuma down about 3 storys (in equivalent to the Yun Tower building). If that landed he would then look down drawing his blade. He would activate his thrusters and fly down toward Kuma's body (takeing him 1 second to reach him) pulling his sword back. Then as he passed him he would slice the sword downward across Kuma's midsection attempting to cut through his body. He would then turn and look up to where kuma was. Hewas sure that last attack could kill a normal man but he wasn't about to underestimate his enemy.-

Swordplay at it's best

Pallas: -When the punch is thrown Kuma did not expect the boy to be so cocky. He thought to himself-“So the kid has a pair after all…”-Then as the kick is thrown, he is surprised that this kind of straight kick can be even caught at all. A risky tactic and Kuma utilizes the dangerousness of the boy’s tactics. When he fires the blast it is at point blank range whether it was caught or not. So as Ryuzakii lifts his own body into the air, the blast makes contact into his gut. The attack hits cleanly and practically goes through the titanium like butter. But because of the high durability of this kind of Titanium, Ryuzakii’s skin would only feel a first degree amount of burning. The layers of Titanium took the full force of the blast and practically saved Ryuzakii’s life. Kuma went with the flipping motion that Ryuzakii aimed to set him upon and if he still went through with his attack, Kuma gets smacked on the back of the head with its full force. Kuma begins to descend downward due to the blow and with each foot he dropped, was a foot in gain of his anger. His anger has been what fueled his fire for many years now and it only makes him stronger. When he drops approx. three stories worth he activates the thrusters in his palms and feet to keep him levitated at that distance. He then looks up at Ryuzakii who is drawing a blade of his own. And then in a split second, he attempts to slice Kuma in half. From where Ryuzakii is positioned after his slash he would not see the front portion of Kuma’s body. Kuma has a smirk on his face as he looks down at his midsection. The silver shine of a Vibranium metal glows off his midsection. The Pada Virus helped activate the Vibranium skin just as Ryuzakii looked to throw a final striking blow. Kuma then de-activate the skin to return him back to what would look to be “normal” skin. He does this to just toy with the mind of Ryuzakii. He hoped that the boy would wonder just how a man could survive a blow like that as if it had not been there. But Kuma would know why. Kuma looks down at Ryuzakii and says-“At least you swing for the kill…but a missed swing it was indeed…Now feel the end…OF MY FUCKING BLADE!”-And at that moment, Kuma once again went on the warpath. He charged at Ryuzakii with blinding speeds of 300mph. No one of normal eye could possibly dream to follow that speed. Even an advanced eye would have the most trouble of just trying to keep up with Kuma’s afterimage. (Attack 1)Kuma would quickly slash his blade from above his head to below his hip in the attempt of cutting right through that armor in about half a second. And with the opening that was created from the hole in RYuzakii’s gut, a gash would cut right into it. (Attack2) Kuma then follows up that attack by making five slashing motions within a matter of two seconds. These slashes would be aimed at the gut portion of Ryuzakii’s body in the attempt to send gashes into the boy’s body and cause blood to stream out.(Attack 3) And the final attack of this combo, Kuma puts his hand across his chest with his palm facing Ryuzakii. He then would fire a Plasma Blast out of the palm blasters that would aim straight for that gut injury to be the final nail. The blast once again moves at the rate of 2,100 feet per second. If the blast were to hit in succession of all three attacks, Ryuzakii would most likely be unable to continue the fight and be in critical stage if not already gone from this world. But if the blast were to hit alone, Ryuzakii would take the full force of this blast in the exposed gut and possibly bleed out. The plasma blast has already shown to cut through Titanium like butter and can only do worse to exposed skin. Kuma wuld remain in the position after firing the energy blast as smoke comes off of the plasma blaster. He would have a smirk on his face as he awaited the final outcome.-

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would be amazed at how Kuma still seemed to in one piece. The attack should have split him into two. As Kuma charged in at a blinding speed Ryuzakii was reminded of the speeds Tetsu moved throughout their training. He was fast indeed but Ryuzakii's trained eyes could see a blur of the movements. As the man got in close to Ryuzakii, Austen would take over and use the thrusters to pull him to the side letting him evade the first attack swiftly. The second attack would catch both Ryuzakii and Austen off gaurd as it came. Ryuzakii would pull his arms up to take the first two slashes. The second slash would make Ryuzakii lower his arms making him take the 3rd slash across his midsection. In a reaction to that Ryuzakii would lift his legs up to take the last two hits across his legs. Theses slashes would have easily cut through his metal suit. Austen would see the next attack coming toward Ryuzakii and override him again turning off the thruster making him fall below where the blast went. After the blast went past Ryuzakii would reengage the Thrusters. His head would be hung down and his arms and legs would look like they were hanging loosly. the metal plating of his suit would begin to chip away peice by peice. The arms and legs would chip away and fall to the ground below. Any citizens below should move out of the way or would be crushed by the falling metals. "Ok..." He would raise his head up to looking at Kuma, a red tint to his eyes. "Now im mad..." Ryuzakii would have grabbed the riflejato sheath in his left hand still holding the sword in his right. Due to the suit no longer having to power the entire body it would have an overflow of thermal energy. Ryuzakii would use the overflow to supercharge his T-Pack. (attack 1) Ryuzakii would resheath the sword and fire it out at a speed of 2000 feet per second (the speed a bullet could travel) to attempt to slam into Kuma's face. Ryuzakii would then follow the sword by using his thrusters to move at a speed of 120 mph. Not as fast as Kuma could move but fast enough to close the distance in less than a second. Ryuzakii would catch the sword in his right hand and prepare to follow up his own attack. (Attack 2) He would augment his flame red chi around the blade, increasing its speed and durability and bring it down. Copying the move Kuma used before he would attempt to make 5 quick devistating slashes across Kuma's midsection. These should easily have enough power in them to cause Kuma to bleed openly from the wounds.(Attack 3) Immediatly following this Ryuzakii would thrust his sheath forwas with the gun pointed toward Kumas gut. He would infuse his chi with the bullet that was chambered and fire it at a speed of 2700 feet persecond (a low speed that most rifle bullets can travel based on a 2500 - 3500 range). This would be fired at Kuma's gut at such a close range that dodging it would seem almost impossible. As he finished that last attack he would look up at Kuma with an evil smirk. He was satisfied that he had seemingly copied Kuma's previous attack.-

>The Final Fuck you Punch

Pallas: -Kuma laughed a bit as the pieces of his armor just fell away as if it were just paper in the wind. But the laughter soon faded as Ryuzakii spoke. Kuma then said to the boy-“I make Ryuzakii Angry? Me no like Ryuzakii when he angry?”-Just to taunt at the boy. That is when Ryuzakii throws his sword sheath at Kuma’s head. This angered Kuma solely on the fact that it was a child’s attack. One does not simple throw a sheath at an opponent. But this only made Kuma the more dangerous. The sword is drawn fom the sheath and the five slashes go through Kuma’s body effortlessly. But Kuma’s body remains still. Because Ryuzakii is also doing the same attack as Kuma just previously used, the gunshot would be mere milliseconds after the five slashes. The gunshot goes through Kuma’s gut…but there is no blood. The smirk that Ryuzakii has would most likely fade away at what he sees next. The image of Kuma’s body slowly begins to fade away into thin air. This is the usage of The Pada Virus’ sheer speed enhancements. The After Image created was used to misguide Ryuzakii into thinking that his attack hit on a full scale. Using the speed of this three attack combo he utilizes the After Image Effect perfectly. Even with highest of technology while the focus is on attacking, Ryuzakii would not notice the image as an image but believe that it is Kuma. As the image fades away, Kuma comes down from the sky above Ryuzakii and attempts a right punch square on the jaw of Ryuzakii. The power behind this punch is no longer the soft one he felt before. Kuma put the power of The Pada Virus into this punch which has the strength to punch through steel. This can potentially smash Ryuzakii’s jaw into little micro pieces. It also has the high possibility of just knocking Ryuzakii out along with the other effects. Due to the best Element of Surprise, Ryuzakii would not even see this attack coming with his own eyes. If it made contact with Ryuzakii, Kuma would catch the boy by the end of the collar with his right hand and the blade that he had created in his left hand. By all means the fight would look to be over and done. Kuma then floats back to the office and sits Ryuzakii down in one of the office chairs like a small child. With the blade still in his hand, he would say to the boy-“You showed enough to me for my respect…but as a warrior when faced with defeat…you lose your life…in your case..”-He then uses his superior strength and actually snaps the blade that Ryuzakii had just created today. Kuma then drops the blade in front of Ryuzakii and says-“You lose a blade…small trade for a life…”-Kuma would then go to Donnie’s office desk and grab the file that was delivered by General Hightower. But before handing the file over to Ryuzkii, Kuma grabs the blank check and thinks to himself-“Kid doesn’t need that kind of money…hmph”-And with a smirk on his face he puts the black check in his pocket, throws the file onto Ryuzakii’s chest where he is positioned, and makes his way to Donnie’s seat.-“Now time to relax.”-

LightFang: -Ryuzakii's eyes would widen at the sight of Kuma vanish. "What the fuck?" Austen would speak up as she saw his movement, "He went above, Ryu!" "What!?!?" He would know an attack was imminant and pulled his chi into his body to strengthen himself all over, preparing for any attack. As the punch connected to his face he would be knocked unconcious and start to fall from the sky. He would be grabbed at the collar and taken back inside. He was layed down on the chair still dazed. He seemed to be fighting somewhere between conciousness and being unconcious. He would keep trying to lift his head but it would just fall back down. This was almost like he didn't want to pass out. Since he was unconcious he wouldn't have seen Kuma break his sword but obviously he would be upset when he woke up and found it shattered.-

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