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Tetsu vs Keyome


Unwelcomed Vist

DarkKeyome: After waiting around at the beach I took a small walk out into the District 2 forested area. Most people call it a park, but eh... too many wild animals that can maul you to death out here for that. If I walked another mile out, i'd be at the home of Donnie Yun. Which I heard... wasnt feeling too hot these days. Ahh... whatever, that guy's not gonna die.. I wont even concern myself with a visit.( Dont watch the video it's gayy haha, just the song part it goes with ? The wind blew by slowly as i looked up at the moonlight sky... Ha. Surprisingly she was on my mind again... Why? I clenched my gut as in attempts to make the feeling go away. “...Dammit...” I said under my breathe. “...Im not supposed to be the weak one... c'mon Keyome...” I sighed and sat down in the middle of the field where the grass for some reason grew around it. “...Whats Love to a Monster...” I said again, I wonder if she had woke up by now? I wonder... Gaahh! “ Tch!” I slapped myself in the face and shook my head. “... Get a fucking grip Tasanagi.... No weakness...” I stood up and brushed my pants down. A frown on my face as I slowly stood back up. ( “ I am... Keyome Tasanagi... and I show no weakness... Hmph...” I looked out at the moon as I closed my eyes. “ I SHOW NO WEAKNESSS!!” As I opened my eyes they were a hell red with a demonic glow, the force from my Chi would cause the grass around me to rip up and my hair to momentairly stand with the powerful wind guys. “....” I dropped my arms and my hair fell back down yet my eyes stayed that color red.

XxDensukexX: XxDensukexX: Tetsu would watch kuma intently. Waiting for an answer. He looked lost in thought. Deep in pondering. It wasn’t his face that gave it away but the tilt of his head really, and his relaxed posture. Tetsu would watch him and turn and as he said “lets go” he headed to the elevator. Tetsu would nod at Anna. Signaling that they should move, but then tetsu got a call on his watch. It was Briggs voice. “Tetsu, you’ve received an important notice from District 3. They’d like to schedule a conference meeting with you, about your position as an Officer. It’s rather urgent, calls from them don’t come to often.” Tetsu would listen and then bite his lip. The puzzled look on his face only gave more opening to the fact that he didn’t want to leave…..he wanted to give his respects. But then again…tetsu in some way looked up to Donnie, and didn’t want to see him in his weakened state. Not like this. Tetsu would stop in his path, and speak in to his watch with hesitation. “….give me a few okay?” Tetsu would put his hands down by his sides, and sigh with the fullest regret. “I’m afraid I can’t go…..I just uh….*sigh* Donnie’s gonna be just fine. I’m certain of it. With all due respect….I’d rather not see him this way. It’s….” tetsu thought about the talk he had with Donnie about the call to battle. “It’s not…proper. To morn a warrior…who isn’t dead yet.” Tetsu would figure kuma had known Donnie for a while now…and would possibly understand Tetsu's regards to the situation. Tetsu would look at Anna, and speak “Be strong. Your superheroes not going anywhere….if you need me just uh..” Tetsu didn’t want to mention anything about electronics to her as he’d already dug his own grave with her about that. Things could change however so tetsu worded it differently than usual.” Just think really hard about talking to me. And you’ll reach me, I promise. I know you hate me…but right now lets just squash it. For Donnie’s well being.” Tetsu knew that Anna actually had a communicator built inside of her cranial area, that would allow her cydriod aesthetics to bounce her thoughts off of satellites across the globe only to reach Tetsu's communicator in less than a second if she wanted to. If she thinks hard enough it’ll happen for sure, and she’ll be able to get in contact with Tetsu when ever she needed to. Tetsu would turn around to see the unconscious Ryu, laid on a couch. Along with a file thrown onto his being, and a broken…sword? Of some kind? Tetsu assumed it belonged to ryu, as he did mention that he was a wapons designer. Tetsu would walk over to Ryuzaki and hoist him over his shoulder. All the wile, tucking the file inside of ryu’s shirt, and the placing the blade back into it’s sheath. He attach the blade to ryuzaki’s backside, by webbing it to him, sticking it in place, being careful not to restrain ryu with it, only attack the sword. “Hope you don’t mind me taking my little trainee back for a while. He’s still got a ways to go, but I’ll fix em up. Tell Donnie…we should have that match soon he promised me a while back. I’m pretty sure me and my “spine” would oblige.” Tetsu knew no one would get the joke, but if kuma told Donnie liked he’d been asked, Donnie would probably laugh it off, as a testament to know that tetsu had indeed come to see about his old friend. Tetsu would then turn to the window, and open it. He’d then leap in a free fall, and proceed to begin swinging away form view. (this next part is in response to keyo) tetsu would be swining at a high speed of 100mph, hitting off buildings with a kick pushing motion and keeping momentum as he cut flips though the air, holding to ryu. ( ) with quick whips and dashes of the web slinging out of the air, he would keep swining like this til arriving close to the beach which was near the moutains. His home. His REAL home…that no one really knows about. Once at the beach tetsu would land on the ground, and then start to walk a bit, as ther were no buidlings out here. Tetsu would start to walk but then sense a dark chi in the area. It was faimiler…..really familer….tetsu would look around on the grassy part of the beach, and see a starnge figure in the distance. Tetsu walked closer only to see Keyome Tasanagi standing there in the field. What would he be doing here? God this guys already as close to a ghost as it gets ,you think he’d at least be pratical with his location. Tetsu would sit ryu down with his belongings, and speak out to him. Tetsu’s home was close by….but he knew Keyome wouldn’t know that. He’d speak aloud. “Tasanagi? What’re you even doing out here? This isn’t exactly an ideal location for a mob boss to reminisce.” Tetsu would say this noting that Keyome looked lost in thought. He’d cross his arms, and wait for an answer, approximately

LightFang: -Ryuzakii in his unconcious state would be unaware that he was being lifted away. Tetsu had picked him up and was now carrying him away quickly utilising the new webslingers he had gotten from Yun Corp. -DREAM SEQUENCE- He was running from a group of kids on the playground at his old highschool. "Come back here Momma's boy!" They would call at him as they were chasing him one with a baseball bat. It was roughly a week after his mothers death and he was seen being emotional alot in classes that many of the other kids would pick on him. This was no different although this time these kids meant harm. Ryuzakii was to worried about getting away that he didn't notice he was running himself into a corner. As he neared the deadend ahead of him he was certain he was about to run out of options. The boys all spread out filling up the only means of escape for Ryuzakii. He would drop down to the floor and wait for the beating that was sure to come. The boys all slowly aproached him with evil grins on their faces. The bigger one holding the bat would raise it and slap it back against his hand the speak,"Your so weak..." Ryuzakii would be huddle over with his hands above his head trying to hide his tears. The man spoke again, in what seamed to be a familiar voice, ".....Your weak. Crying those tears.... your less of a man..." Ryuzakii would be taken back from those words and a orange glow to his eyes would be seen as he raised up and said, "You... I will KILL you!" With those words Ryuzakii rushed the man but the others would crowd around him. "Boy you don't know what you just got into." He would step back as his men surrounded Ryuzakii and only look on as they prepared to attack,"And if you talk to me like that again........WHAT" In a blinding display Ryuzakii would do a swift spin releasing his chi outward into each of the other 4 men. The chi would find many terminal point within their bodys disabling their bodies as they fell to the ground. Ryuzakii would look up at the man a dark stare in his eyes as he finished the quote,"I'll rip your spine from your back!" After those words were said he would move in towards the man and raise his fist. He would throw it forward stopping it an inch from the mans face. This speed would startle the man making him step back one step. "Nope down here." The first punch being a fake Ryuzakii would use his left hand to bring it up and upper cut the man. This blow would knock the man off his feet and make him drop the bat he was holding. The man fell backwards onto his butt still sitting up and looking at the demonic Ryuzakii. Ryuzakii pulled his leg back channeling his chi into his foot and bringing it forward across the mans face. It would connect and the chi would be expelled with the force of the attack. The mans head would turn and you could hear the bones crack as it broke his neck and severed his spinal collum. The man fell over to the ground where he layed dead.-END DREAM SEQUENCE--

" The Whole KPD is a super joke."

DarkKeyome: I turned the moment that Ryoji made his appearance with the male on his back. Tetsu Ryoji. Kasaihana cities finest KPD officer of his age. Not only did he help me and Donnie Yun stop Tanaban( Antagonist of Ark 2.) He also helped defeat Thomas Flint and put him into Prison just 6 months ago. Also the 3rd strongest fighter in the world, seeing that he came in 3rd in the GMAF's. I would have respect for the guy if he wasnt so fuckin happy go lucky. Not to mention he's dating my Aniki, well Ex-Aniki... “...Ryoji... you have nerve asking me what im doing out here, better question is..” I turned to the male tilting my head up. “ Whats one of Kasaihana cities lead deputy dumb-asses doing out here... shouldn’t you be fighting crime or something...” I scoffed my hands in my pockets. “... Which I gotta say... congratulations on. Nice worrkk taking out most of my Drug Syndicates. Too bad, I got 20 more where that came from. Cant you see? This City is filth... everything about it is filth. People like us have the power to change it. Or so THEY say. This city is the plague, and the good people within it, are the things that keep it alive. It's the cure. But even you and I. Are apart of the filth. The most fucked up part...” I turned to the male. “ I know im Filth... I am the sickness. It's kinda sad that you see yourself higher. Look at this city, you save someone.... and then 10 more people die while you were distracted saving 1 person. Some supercop.... the whole KPD is a superJOKE...” I turned to face the man fully. “... Go Home Ryoji. Go play superhero or something. Hmph... “
The guy did stop 20 of my syndicates... that -300,000's that could have been in Kagemaru Pockets.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would listen to keyome’s rude remark about him asking a question. Of course tetsu wanted to add “Well you are near my house you creep.” But tetsu would keep that remark to himself. Then he heard his witty insult on tetsu’s status as a cop. Fighting crime? Tch. Tetsu would think as he does that on a regular basis so much it’ll only repeat itself over time. Looks like Keyome did hear about my raid on multiples of drug syndicates..but the news he had more, was no surprise. If Keyome was thing it was smart. Street smart. Tetsu often wondered if his intelligence was higher than that of a pebble…with iron arms. Tetsu would stare at Keyome, the moonlight grazing off of his green eyes, making them emeit an almost feint glow..Once Keyome was finished tetsu would sigh and begin to speak. “Once again you make a point. A good one, that I cannot deny. I’ll take your congrats to heart.” Tetsu would look at the waves washing on the shore. “You know…in bibilical times they say a great flood washed the world clean of all impurities and filth in the world…rebuilt it anew. Started it over. Gave new life with potential destruction. Equivillent exchange to the fullest.” Tetsu would pause before continuing. “ I look at different then we all look at ourselves. We all strive to find our place in the world and hold on to it. Just like you and I..even Donnie and ryu over there. We’re all even in terms of having something to live and to die for. Just like the people in the city. The “filth” have dreams to…some unacceptable, and some achievable. I always realize I can’t save everyone….It’s impossible. And a heavy burden. If I could I would…but the thing is.” Tetsu would look back at the ground infornt of him, and then look at Keyome. “If no one stands up…and says anything. The we are filth…and noting more. If just one person. One person alone. Could show everyone that this city isn’t for ruin. Maybe we could reach an understanding though other methods than war, or violence.” Tetsu shook his head. “but lets be realistic. The odds of that happening…are unlikely. But even if I can’t save everyone…one person at a time. I will prevent this filth from being flooded out completely. If theres one thing I’ve learned…its that theres always room for change. Even you Keyome…you could change. Your not on such a level that you do not understand human compation. The whistle in the wind. The sound of children’s laughter. The warmth of a lover’s embrace…don’t you see? These are the things worth fighting for. The things I want to protect, not only for myself…but for others that might have the same things.” Tetsu would sigh deeply. “I’ll agree the KPD isn’t exactly on it’s game….but that will all soon come to change with future plans of my own….i will gladly play superhero anyday. You on the other hand should learn that not everyone in this world is as heartless as you are Tasanagi…at some point you’ve got to realize you’re still human too.” Keyome may be a hardass, but he feels just like the rest of us..

LightFang: -DREAM SEQUENCE- "It's all very clear to me now." The man on the ground would stand up and take a new shape. His body contorted and morphed changing into a new being. The physical structure would rip apart as it became this more demonic entity."You have no idea how to control yourself"( It looked to be male and had black ish hair. Long in length. It had angelic white winds potruding from its back but they looked to be damaged and missing feathers. It also had a pair of white horns piercing through its long dark hair. It was now wearing a long white cloak and if it wasn't for the dark sence to the voive of the horrid look in its eyes Ryuzakii would think it was an angel. Ryuzakii's eyes would cool over returning to his normal state, "What do you mean?" The demon would speak again,"I mean you just rush in and attack anything that upsets you." The voice had changed to a softer tone, one a friend could use. Ryuzakii wouldn't have realised but he was talking to his inner spirit or conscience. As Ryu had calmed so did his inner voice, as shone in the tone change."Then why dont you tell me how to control it?" RYuzakii would ask. "No, you must figure it out." With those words Ryus mind state would fade away and the surrounding area would seem to melt away. Everything would fade to black as the dream had ended-END DREAM SEQUENCE- Ryuzakii would murmur slightly in his sleep rolling over to his other side. He would hav bumped into a rock and rolled back over laying on the ground spralled out now in a deep sleep.-

DarkKeyome: “....I stopped being Human a long time ago Ryoji.” I closed my eyes listening to the shore off in a distance. “... The only way to cleanse this city, no this world. Is to destroy it completely....” I said to myself as I opened my eyes. Tetsu just gave me a hint of realization just now. “... Haha.. by god Ryoji. Your much smarter than I gave you credit for...” I turned to face the man fully. “ I once tried to protect this city. But with all these fuckin Freak shows popping up. It's a bit hard to do that. Thomas Flint, Tanaban. All of them working together and there are more of them, others who are also on a remarkable level of strength. The fighting we do to protect this city when all over the world the filth grows... consumes... festers... infects. It's all a sick fucking game. But now... thanks to you. I know what I must do.” I turned to Ryoji yet the hair on my face hung neatly. (( Click it, it goes with it ? “ You yourself... are a threat Ryoji.... even that boy, and Donnie Yun are a threat.. So...” I clenched my fist. “ I might as well Kill you now before you get in the way of things.... isnt that right. Supercop. I mean thats the smart thing to do right...?!” I tilted my head up, giving myself a sinster smirk on my face as I got down into a Boxing stance. “ Hahahahaahh!.... I've been wanting to kill you since you stopped my fight with that pyscho with the swords. “ My hands shifted down to a Karate stance, the original stance. The ground shook abit as I channeled my chi. “.... C'mon Ryoji... Show me what you got...” I immediately began to channel my chi. “ SHOW ME WHY ANY OF THIS SHIT IS WORTH IT! IF YOU KILL ME RIGHT NOW! YOU MIGHT SAVE MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED! HAHAHAHAH!” I bursted out in laughter mocking him. “.... Well...” I stomped the ground and got back into the Thunderous boxing stance bouncing left to right. “ What are you waiting for...”

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" You Yakuza Piece of shit"

XxDensukexX: ( keep the music going xDDD )Tetsu would eye Keyome down as more talk of cleansing the city spout from his mouth., surpsinginly he praised Tetsu. Surpassingly that is. Tetsu would listen as Keyome acknowledged him as a threat. It made Ryoji smirk slightly. This was something Keyome should have been realized by now…would’ve been smart on his part. Tetsu let Keyome finish his rant about killing him. Even flashed his chi to show he was…serious. Keyome was intent on killing Tetsu here and now. As the male laughed in front of Tetsu would look at the stars one last time. One last good look before he engaged Keyome in battle. Tetsu took in a breath…then let it flow. “Well Keyome…you make a point. Killing me would save you a lot of trouble in the near future. The long run in general as well…however.” Tetsu’s eyes flourished a bright blue, as his chi, completely leveled the grass around him with a furious wind that was released form him channeling it into his body and all of it’s structures. “Someone like you…will never kill me. I’ll show you…the heart that beats within the city. The cry for help that goes unanswered….” Tetsu took his power fist stance, placing his right hand up near his face, at a bent angle, and placed his other left hand outstretched, with his palm facing downward. (lars alexanderons’s stance from tekken). “I won’t kill you Keyome. No. I want you to live through every agonizing ounce of pain and tourture I’ll personally deiliver to you. Well shadow dog….” Tetsu spreadhis feet apart shoulder width, and galred at Keyome one last time before speaking. “Bare your fangs, or run home with your tail between your legs, you Yakuza piece of shit….Your under arrest. Keyome Tasanagi.” Tetsu would keep his guard awaiting a response or an attack. Either way tetsu would be prepared for either. His body in it’s peak human state would be ready for anything..

DarkKeyome: “ YOU FORGOT TO READ MY RIGHTS!” Keyome took off getting in close between him and tetsu's once 12 foot space. He stopped 2 feet infront of him, as in stopped in his tracks. Simply eying him as the wind picked up for a brief moment. His eyes flashed a bright red as he smirked again then sent out a whiplashing uppercut towards the man's chin with his right hand that seemed to flair itself outward within an instant a blink of an eye almost keyomes hand moved at a blur. But... it was a diversion. He intended to miss, but he needed it to look like he didnt. The moment Tetsu would ignitate a dodge, maybe a block or maybe even side step. Keyome would have had extended his left arm attempting to palm the male in his chest. If he blocked the hit, or it went through either way  this would have been what Keyome was expecting. The force from the palm would have sent Tetsu backwards just a bit if he so as moved his legs an inch back keyome would have forced his own left leg within the males leg space from him moving backwards in less than a 2.2 time frame ( Once again a blink of an eye). He'd then buckle his knees so that his right leg would have been forcing itself into Tetsu's right knee to buckle as well. causing him to lean backwards getting ready to fall back it seemes. Keyomes body and Tetsu's would have been close together as keyome forced Tetsu to move back in an Odd Matrix fashion. As Tetsu would have drifted down Keyome would have brought his right fist to the back of the young cops head with a force so explosiove it would have Knocked Tetsu back up right and possibly blinded him from blunt trauma for more so 2 seconds. The moment Tetsu would have been knocked standing back up he'd not only be met with a right Knee( The knee meaning that Keyomes right leg was free and he would have used that to send the kneeing strike into the males Abdomen area.)  Which would have caused the Young cop to bend over slightly gasping for air if it connected. Where Keyome would then send a upward left back hand attack towards Tetsu's face which would have again knocked him up straight. Ah but the back hand wasnt alone and was accompanied with a series of 6 other back hands, keyome would have done a windmilling back hand technique with both of his hands in a 2.3 time frame yet to the  untrained human eye they would have picked him up doing atleast 3 back hands. Each back hand would have knocked him up further and further until he was standing up striahgt. But then to end the combonation a powerful right hook was sent to Tetsu's collar bone area that would have sent him back in a powerful explosive force backwards by 10 feet. Note that this whole sequence would go into play if Tetsu blocked or dodged the Palm, or the uppercut.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would raise an eyebrow at Keyome’s smart remark about reading rights. Even if Tetsu managed to arrest Tasanagi….the court wouldn’t really let something as trivial as rights get to him would they? Nah. The justice system cannot be that fucked up..Tetsu would see the man dash…Keyome’s speed. Every time Tetsu improved, it seemed as though Keyome improved as well. Like they both achieved new statures of power simultaneously? Strange…Keyome threw an incredible uppercut towards Tetsu, but he didn’t move. An inch. This would only reveal that the uppercut was a feint. That’s funny because Tetsu planned to take the hit regardless. Ah but Keyome’s true attack came to the light. His left handed palm extended from his body, and connected dead center with Tetsu’s chest however…the effect Keyome was looking for did not/would not happen. Instead Tetsu used the chi he stored prior to the exchange, to absorb the kinetic energy out of Tasanagi’s blow, appearing to not have taken damage at all. Like a tap to the skin, if one had to describe the feeling. Like a stone standing in the wind.,Tetsu would simply smirk at Keyome and utter “Nice one. Try this one for size.” While talking, as not to be vulnerable, Tetsu would redirect the kinetic energy gathered form Keyome’s foot, to his right leg. With that being done Tetsu would then attempt to stomp his right leg into the ground, using his signature technique “Quake”. Which would in this case not even need much chi as he would simply use the force from Keyome’s punch, amplified with Tetsu’s own chi, to cause a sink hole beneath him, which would suck Keyome’s body 5 feet under, leaving only his upper half above the ground. His arms would be below the ground, trapped with in the hole. Not only would this action take less than 1 second to even happen, but This hole was big enough to engulf his body, and….geometrics would come into play, as should he struggle the ground would simply shift and fill in the areas where his body made spaces with more dirt. In short: the more he struggled to break free, the tighter the hole would become. Should this move work, Tetsu would waste not time spreading his feet, placing his right foot forward, bending his knee so that it was under Keyome’s chin, like a place holder, and extending his left foot backwards (note his body is facing frontwards if it helps visualize the vision of this stance) once this was done in little to no time frame at all, Tetsu would begin to unleash a furious barrage of right straight hooks, left straight hooks, right and left jabs, right and left crosses, all aimed towards Keyome’s facial structure. Tetsu in less than 2 minutes would’ve thrown at least 20 of each of the blows listed at keyome’s face…..his peak human strength having enough force to break and crush stone, even dent stainless steel, all these blows would be like a concussion bargin sale. Tetsu wasn’t intent on holding back on Tasanagi for he had seen first hand what he could become…keyome’s (attempted) predicament would make countering unlikely, and tetsu would continue this barrage of blows until Keyome appeared incapacitated and unable to move. Tetsu wanted to end this and yet…..some part of him wanted Keyome to fight. To come back from this. Tetsu….wanted to….have fun. And he knew After holding back for the past few months against ryuzakii, letting loose would be just what he needed to do so.

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The battle continues

DarkKeyome: I was ready to deliver my strike but he ate my palm Tch... the fuck? Before I knew it my body was sunk into the ground like tetsu had intended. Like a snug bug in the rug it seems. Before I knew the guy was sending strikes to the top of my head. I was defenseless for the most part, weaving my head left , to right dodging at least 9 of them but most of them meeting there marks scoffing my face and leaving a gash under my right eye reopening my scar on my face.  Punch after punch was echoing throughout the area as I took the punches to the face, I felt my jaw shift a bit but not to the point of cracking completely but all the while. I had been charging my own chi. (  for about 2 post now.) And If Tetsu looked down for a split second he'd see a small glint of golden glow emitting from my right arm but it could be possible that he didn’t see it too. My original Auto mail mailed arm the first one constructed. The last strike that Tetsu would have sent would have been on the left side of my face causing my head to turn to the right spitting the blood fro my lips.(  It was a smart move indeed I’ll give him credit for it. But I had something in store for him. Seems as though every time I move my body gets stuck further within the Pitt he had formed for me. The glow would increase further until. “ HA!” I said throwing the right side of my head to meet with a right hook that Tetsu had thrown at me. I Channeled my chi into my only available weapon available my head. Using my most treasured technique The push blast technique. At more powerful levels, Ones Chi or Hadou has the ability to create a telekinetic impulse via the power put into it, launching a concussive burst of pressurized air-not unlike the blast of an archaic 'pipe bomb'-that would impact a target with enough force to knock it over, launch it into the air, or even (particularly in the case of fragile materials such as ceramics) shatter it into pieces. The greater the user's Chi ability control, the larger the pressure differential, and thus the stronger the effect and the heavier the target. With practice, a skilled Chi user could increase the range and arc of the blast without lowering the average kinetic energy, creating a blanketed wave instead of a focused impulse. So when Tetsu threw his last strike to my head and I pulled my head back to meet the blow the top of my head would have struck his fist creating almost a magnetic pulse between my head and his fist. “ HAAA!” The force with his fist and my head would cause the ground around to rip tide shake and rattle as his fist was colliding and battling with the force emitted from my head.  I pulled my head to the left, like I was releasing it some sort of energy and as I did the force it self would of caused Tetsu to get fired back by 4 feet with the hand he used to fire with being thrown into the air to signify the ' Bounce off' effect that I had created. I Used 35% of the Chi I had charged to do that segment of attack. Now... to get me out of here. The second tetsu would have been knocked 4 feet back and 2 feet into the air. ( Wasn’t that much because I didn’t use a lot of chi). “ HHUUYYAA!” My eyes glowing a bright red as the golden aura around my arm increased significantly. “ GOLDDEENNN... FIIISSTT!!!”  using a technique I made up called. “GOOOLLDEEN STTIRRKKEE!!'” BOOMM!! I used my Push blast technique to erupt the ground around me by a 6 feet radius leaving me room to move and by the time the ground errupted my right fist brimming in power would be aimed at Tetsu's face as the ground around us erupted further. If the punch connected it would have knocked the male 10 feet into the cutting a full back flip. ( Also make note that... you would be in the air, and with the ground that he was once on he would have been knocked 2 feet in the air, plus what keyome did by making the ground under him explode the ground would have made a 8 feet gap between his feet and the crator that keyome just made.) The strike to the face would have hurt him by causing his jaw to lock momentarily as his body would flip back wards. Keyome still in mid float would then shout. “ HADOU... BAKUHATSUUU!!”( see here for what it is. ) And his body would be engulfed in a red tint as he bursted with the brimming dark Hadou coursing from off his body. And within the blink of an eye he would have started closing in to Tetsu while he was drifting in the air. Only taking 5 seconds to get to him, once met keyome would then began to send an onslaught of punches and knees. ( 15 punches, 23 knees.) all 10 of the punches aimed for his chest, and 5 of them aimed for his collar bone,  20 of the knee's aimed for his gut, while 3 were aimed for his chest. his body would have been spinning in a 360 Bey-blade style as he twisted and turned sending out the flurry of punches and knees. The only way Tetsu would be able to combat this would to attempt to clash with keyome. But seeing as he was moving at about 120 mph. It may be highly unlikely. Each punch and knee would send a powerful pain exploding through when and if the hits connected.

Draggin em through

XxDensukexx: Tetsu would be raining down on keyome’s face. This guy can take a beating for sure…most people would’ve passed out by the 10nth punch for goodness sakes. Tetsu could feel keyome’s jaw shifting between his kunckles. Knowing his blows made some kind of impact Tasanagi was enough to keep him going. Tetsu did however catch a feint golden glow of sorts, coming from keyome’s right arm with his peak human sensory system in play, but he decided to speed up the punching process to see if he could prevent anything from happening. Then the craziest thing happened. Keyome struck back with…his head? This guy…..tetsu read his chi arua, and saw he channeled the chi into his head to reduce the damage and counter tetsu’s punch head on. Tetsu’s fist momentarily clashed with keyome’s head, but utterly tetsu was knocked back 4 feet with additonall being knocked 2 feet into the air. “Shit!” Tetsu would see keyome’s right arm glowing this bright…and beautiful golden coloration. Then pushing forward with the force technique, which to tetsu looked like a red wave of blanketed chi. Then suddenly a wild “THOOM!” connected to tetsu’s face, dead and center. This made tetsu’s face shrink in a little bit, and even cuased a squirt of blood to fly from both his nose, and his mouth. He even cut an entire backflip, being so vulanerable in the air. Tetsu’s jaw even took a locking like sensation and wouldn’t even allow the words “SON OF A BITCH!” to utter from his mouth. Tetsu would be even more unfortunate to see that Keyome was now attacking him with an onsluought of knees and punches to various areas on his body. It looked like some wack job anime scene going on. Being stranded in the air and onloughted relentlessly. The blows would indeed commence however….tetsu’s quick witted thinking would come into play. The first of the 10 punches (9 left) would be taken, but at that moment..tetsu would use 15 percent of his chi reserve, as that was all he’d need to channel the chi into his body. He’d end up letting a few (5 punches) graze his cheek, rib cage, and facial structures. The puinches still hurt equally, but would’ve hurt more had they all made solid connection, but tetsu’s natural reflex speed was enough to maneuver his own body in mid air,allow some of these punches to graze him. However 3 did make their mark on tetsu. 1 in the gut, and two on the collar bone. Though the bone should be broken, tetsu’s peak human stature would live up to its durability. Even with keyome’s metal fist, it’s about the force applied not just the material made. Even with indestructible fist, his punching power is still maneuverable…the knees however were a different story. Tetsu was able to counter 15 of the knees aimed at his gut, with his own knee caps, meeting the force of Keyome’s out of sheer fighters instinct, and using his own impact as well to meet the cuase of Keyome’s knees. However Tetsu did end up taking 8 misc. blows to his chest and gut area all together, but he would tightened his muscles before each blow, to make it barable for him to continue fighting on. The only reason tetsu was even able to counter keyome’s blows in mid air was because with each blow he managed to counter, he would ride the momentum of the blows, and push up off of them. So with every hit, tetsu would use it to keep his own body airborne and on par with keyome’s, so he wouldn’t loose his opportune moment to make a counter attack…which was coming indeed. The chi tetsu gathered before the exchange, was used in the same mannor as before, absorbing bits and pieces of the kinetic energy and not all of it as a whole. He still felt the pain but he played smart….with the massive number of blows thrown,tetsu gathered enough kentic energy to charge his favorite rarely used technique: the Inner Ki Strike: It is a process in which a person would gather chi into their fist or an area of their body and "force" their chi into a forigen object, and cuase the impact of thier intended force to be expanded. This force can even be manipulated in direction by the user i.e tetsu as to a certain area of his own, or another person’s body in general. Thanks to the continuous onlsought of blows, tetsu had overstocked on chi…and needs something to use it on. i.e Keyome Tasanagi. Keyome would throw his very last punch (since it was stated the onlsluoght would continue on even after specified attacks) at tetsu, and tetsu would throw his face into the blow, cuasing a seering pain in his right jaw. Seems stupid. However the force of keyome’s blow was enough to spin tetsu around..which is what he used it for. Riding the momentum of keyome’s punch tetsu would spin his body to the left, and bend backwards, avoiding any further attacks to the upperbody (which they were all aimed for). Once this was done, tetsu would use his peak human agility and physique to spin his body 2 times in a millisecond, and then attempt to launch his right foot twrods keyome’s left side of his neck. This spinning kick would not only  have the accelerated force of momentum, and impact seeing as how the lower calf before the curve of the foot, would be the part that connected, but while spinning…tetsu had pushed all of the kentic energy absorbed from Keyome, and push it into the chi he had charged into his right foot. Then once impact was made with said right foot to the left side of keyome’s neck, not only would he naturally be knocked back 8 feet with tetsu’s natural strength and have enough force to possibly leave a giant black bruise and a terrible close to snapping neck sensation, but the inner ki strike would push tetsu’s chi into keyome’s body, cuaisng the force of said kick to expand to: keyome’s entire crainium and his kneecaps. So now instead of just a near neck snapping kick, which tetsu was sure Keyome would survive, he would have the sensation of being hit with a steel pipe in his upper head, and being bashed with a metal baseball bat in the right and left knee cap. Also the combined momentum, kentic energy, and chi put into this very spin kick, and the kick taking place in less than a millisecond, (added with the illusion of thinking tetsu took the full force of said blow by leaning backwards) this kick would more than likely connect, given the circumstances of the situation, and cuase Keyome to go flying to his right side 20 feet, into the sand. However this was only 10 feet, as the blow would also cause keyome’s body to tople over into the grassy area ten with the other 10 feet that would be applied. Tetsu would then fall to the ground. Burises on his chest, abdomen, and his face was getting messed up as well with brueises as well. While still falling tetsu wipes his nose and mouth area of blood, and then proceeds to tap into…the Hadou Kussei with the bursting method. ( speed section).  Once in said state, tetsu’s abilities borderline those of the superhuman kind…espically speed in general. Once taping the ground with his foot, tetsu would move so fast, the sand would move around his being, splitting in two, and bursting out of his way. He’d reach keyome’s body in such a time frame, Keyome would literally have JUST hit the last of his distance from tetsu’s kick..once this distance was reached, tetsu would attempt a grab Keyome by his crainium and begin running at a speed of 100mph. Dragging and digging keyome’s head through the dirt, gravel, and ground benith them. After traveling a mile and a mile only, tetsu would stop his momentum and toss keyome’s by now dramticly weakend body 10 more feet forward into a tree. Tetsu would then attempt to come at the male yet again, but with regular chi enhanced speed, and not the speed of the Hadou kussei, as he used it in a bursting motion. He would then preform a jumping flying karate kick to keyome..chest area, using the reamianig chi in his foot to knock Keyome and the tree an additional five feet away. The force of this would surely render Keyome highly injured and possibly unable to fight but tetsu knew…..keyome would survive throughout some means. His durability has increased to such a point, it’s astonishing. Should tetsu’s attempted grab fail however (the dragging sequence or should it be interrupted, then this is what tetsu would do instead.) tetsu would continue to dash to and fro, in different directions in his regular chi enhanced state around keyome’s general location to confuse him. His movments would be ranging at 80mph+, leaving after images behind him each time he made a stride past keyome’s location. Attempting to confuse him but also curious as to what else Keyome would do. However at this speed tetsu wouldn’t be hit very essily and tracking something at 80mph is hard at best..even for trained eyes.


The Clashing point.

DarkKeyome: The bastard was actually keeping up with me... blow for blow. For the most part I saw a few hits pass through but none the less we were going at it toe for toe. But.. what I was not expecting in the slightest was his next attack. The kick would strike me in the targeted area of my neck causing my neck to bend violently as my eyes turned into a pure white that showed just how enticing the kick was in which it was delievered. As I drifted to the ground my body would have then been hit by unknown force fields it looked like as I jolted violently in mid dirft ( his kinetic maniuplation.) I hit the ground as Tetsu had intended skidding across it violently as the ground erupted around my body as my body finally met the turf. I didnt even have time to recover!? This guys moving everywhere! Fuck! The moment he caught my by the top of my head and was dragging me across the ground like some lifeless doll my jacket had been torn right off my body. “ AAHHHh!! MUTHAFU- Gahhh!!” my eyes turned into a bright red signifying my anger yet my left eye was sqwented to show that I was indeed in pain. I gripped onto Tetsu's arm as he pulled me across. My body badily sliced up and damged to the Tee. Not to mention the massive bleeding gash on my forehead that was leaking all the way over my right eye. Most fucked up part was... I was enjoying it all. Before I hit the ground I was fully conconcious till all I could do was gather the Chi into my body to kind of 'stiffen' myself to take the blow head on. I saw what he was doing and then.. it hit me! I latched on tightly to Ryoji's arm and as he slung me outward my left hand  gripped tightly to the mans arm well better yet his wrist as if I were hanging onto dear life. Our eyes locked and it seemed like I was in the air for years as I slightly hovered in the air over him slightly due to the powerful whiplash of the intended throw. Using the Push blast technique a power I had bent my rigght arm stretched out all the way in an obtuse angle. It would sound like an engine was reeving up then for those 2 chilling seconds then BWOOSSHH! Using the push technique my right arms elbow area would send out a powerful amount of Chi out of my arm like a rocket thruster causing me to propel forward in my extended out state attempting to send a Gelloutine clothesline into the males head, right on his forehead actually. If it hit Tetsu's body would have flipped violently 3 times actually before he hit the ground on his stomach and would have a bone shifting sensation in his head after the blow was dealt. By this time I had ran and got a full distance away from him of about 12 feet. “....Ha... your better than I thought..” I said crouching down a bit... looking kind of feral. “ Hahahah your way better... than I thought... but now... It's time to quit fucking around..!” ( THE BEST BATTLE MUSIC CLICKK ITT HAHAHAHA ))Using the last bit of Chi I had built up. I waited for tetsu to get back to his feet so he could witneess... would power truly was. “ C'MON... RYOJIII!” I extended my right arm out and it began to turn into a solid gold for a moment. “ ILL SHOW YOU... WHAT POWER IS! OBLITERHATING GOLDING STRIKKEE!!” The ground around me would erupt in a 20 foot radius as the waves around my body began to emiit a golden color around my body that was meshing with the demonic red aura of my Dark Hadou. ( the gold only shows there to show the height and to signify just how hot his arm is right now. The third and strongest of the Strikes that Keyome can use in this stage. Functions the same as Golden Strike and Golden Power strike except that the arm does completely turn chrome gold and red streaks of lightning appear as an odd design( It signifies the Dark Hadou trying its hardest to combust out of the arm, if it were a normal human arm, it would blow up instantly if tried any of these techniques, but due to keyomes Indestructible arms he's more than able to contain it for these attacks.) that gets destroyed and the firepower is further increased: this is the attack that ranks Keyome at multi cityblock-busting power, capable of wiping out hundreds of thousands cubic meters worth of rock in energy collisions with force of impact.. Using Keyomes Push Blast Technique he's able to emit a force of his chi out of his back to propel himself out at fercious speeds to build momentum to deliever the blow. He uses this method with all of the Strike attacks and due to this A red wing would appear on Keyomes back as he brought his right foot forward and then took off at Tetsu with his right arm cocked back. The wing simply being his Chi taking Manifestation of his Oni form and is showing itself dormant right now as a weapon to keyome to propel himself forward with and to show the Oni within him in a way. Tetsu would see this wing easily protruding from the top of Keyomes back on the right side, this one wing. The Aura around his body left a gold and red streak behind him as he travled over to the male with the fercious attack. Tetsu would only have 5 seconds to react. If Tetsu did not counter this attack on contact everybone in his body would shift shake, and the all of them would combust with the impact of this powerful fist.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would drag Keyome’s face into the ground…..feeling every piece of gravel, and dirt plated pallet his face traveled through. Ryoji’s feet had never moved faster, for he never got to move this fast. Ever! Always holding back….always. it was time for Tetsu Ryoji to cut loose and fight on par with somebody for once. Tetsu would be feeling confident his attack was working, and it was….until Tetsu went to throw Keyome at his destined target he had aimed for in the first place..Keyome played smart, and hung on to Tetsu’s arm in mid throw. The momentum from Tetsu’s enhanced strength…keeping them both airborne for a moment which seemed to carry on for ever. As the two floated in mid air, time would seem to slow down. Red eyes and Blue eyes could be seen glowing from a distinct distance, as the two exchanged glances in mid air. That’s when Keyome took the offensive approach to the situation. Using Tetsu’s own force against him a loud “KLANG” would be heard, as Tetsu was clotheslined blatantly by Keyome’s forceful strong arm like technique. Tetsu’s chest was on fire…..nearly caved in at this very point. Followed by that hit Tetsu would be flipped violently 3 times in mid air, and then hit the ground on his stomach. The ONLY thing that saved him is that he was still in the Hadou Kussei mode when he initiated the throw, giving him enhanced durability…however that was not enough to stop the violent bloody puke that found it’s way out of Tetsu’s mouth. “BLARG!....*pant..pant*” Tetsu knew the power of Keyome’s metal arms, and was indeed hurting from the attack. His chest…was crying out in pain. Tetsu’s body was rocked from that very blow. And yet….Tetsu looked up only to hear Keyome say what he said. Tetsu would reply in a low but audible tone of voice. “Your right…..Tasanagi…heh heh”( ) Tetsu would stand up, only to watch Keyome crouch down in his feral like stance. Tetsu used his brain to block the signal of “Pain” from passing to his body. Allowing him to operate as if he was at 100%...although this was dangerous as tetsu could esily rupture something in his body and just as well not feel it all. He knew this….an as Keyome shouted to Tetsu, his care for his own well being left him completely. This man in front of him, was going to be the cause of a something…catastrophic. He couldn’t let Keyome Tasanagi leave this forest…able to walk. “SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO TASANAGIIIII!!!” MUTEKIIIIIIIII NOOOOOO KEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!” (anime nikkas shouting attacks n shit xD) Tetsu was…having fun. He was sinicily enjoying this fight. The pain. The strain on his body. It empowered him…like a modern day saiyan of his age…Tetsu’s body would begin to emit a raging blue aura around his body. The ground beneath him began to rise. Chunks of gravel, rock, and stone began to rise around Tetsu as his power started to rise. This bright almost white like aura…the power of nothingness flowed though his very vessel. And as the aura started to calm down, it would focus and swirl around his left fist…and initiate a technique known as the Muteki No Ken..while drawing upon the “burst” feature of the Hadou Kussei…he was able to obtain the full power of this attack, but only for a moment. Which would be all he needed to unleash it’s true potential. The True Muteki No Ken is an advanced technique that can turn ones hand (s) or body into an invincible weapon meant only for destruction and maximum chi output poured into a fist. This technique is similar to Tetsu Ryoji's version but more mastered and focused. The true potential of this attack could level a one stories house completely, or even destroy cars on impact and do much more damage to the human body should one ever be struck by an attack of this magnitude. This however does come with setbacks as without mastery, this technique can cause great strain on the arm or body of the user, so much so to the point where physical recovery is a MUST. Pushing ones body to become invincible is at most already forcible enough, and doing it for elongated periods of time would make it even more strain nous. If mastered this technique will render the users body or fist a bright blueish white color, and only be seeable by chi practioners, but it's effect can be felt regardless. Should someone master the perks of this state, they can become a being of justice, that can defeat any evil, but not without great cost to thier own body..This surge of power focuses on the physical aspects of chi rather than projectiles as such the physical body of the user has its aspects pushed beyond what regular human limits are capple of. The energy can render a mans fist with the ability to dent or smash any object that isn't equivalent to his own force or pressure like stone, metals, etc. This is completely dependent on the user however, the more trained the body, the further said limit can be increased. With these techniques being formed in rapid succession, Tetsu would also utilize the speed of said bursting state, and rush at Keyome as well, clearing the six feet of his half of twelve, meeting the five second interval that was presented to, and calculated by Tetsu himself. Tetsu would charge Keyome, even vanishing from sight a few times, with his right fist cocked back as well…the two powerful fist of steel and invincible flesh would collide in the center of the 12 feet distance between them. The forces between there fist, would seem to cause both of their images to warp in a sense, as someone looking at them would see a strange twisting in the image that is their attacks colliding. Once the warp expanded upon itself, a loud ‘KA-THOOOOOM!!!!!!!” would erupt so loudly even the furthest buildings of kasihana would hear the loud jet like take off. The ground beneath the two men would crumble in, so deep the previous torn areas made by each individual would seem like child’s play. The momentum of their attacks keeping them airborne, as the ground beneath them started imploding in on itself, causing the crater below them to span 17 feet, and keep growing the more they stayed in that position. The two men grunted into the night air, trying to push their chi’s to repel the other ones. After an entire 2 minutes of this they both let out one final push, and then another loud “KA KOW!!!!” would emit from the two, similar to the sounds of thunder and lighting…a bright purple flash of light would span 20 feet in the air in a dome like shape, the trees and rocks leveling under the sheer force of their outward power. Then the flash died down….the forest they were in….seemed to be gone……no traces of either left….until one would look really closely. The two men were face down infront of each other. Both of their faces lied in the dirt, inside of the crater cuased by them both, their bodies being 7 feet away from each other. No movement from either. No response. No breathes taken…..just silence…the rustle of the sea, and the silent breeze of the night..

" Your Under Arrest.."

DarkKeyome: Keyome lay quietly on the turf.... the wind blowing by there knocked out bodies as he laid there looking at Ryoji from there distance. “... G-...Good fight..” his body was banged up. Slashes and blood blotches from ripped and torn skin all over his body. He was in tough shape. “... you fucking.... pig...” his eyes rolled to the back of his head, his chi depleted as he passed out completely. All that was heard, was the silent rush of the sea in the back ground hitting the shore. The silent... and cool ocean rush  (( what it sounded like in the back ground → Keyome would appear peaceful. At one with himself the faint sound of police sirens could be heard as they both lay in the crator. The beach only 15 feet away from there current spot and now with the tree's gone it was easy to see. The moon light shining over them in the crator.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu laid there face first..his body was in terrible terrible pain. But it was kind of soothing…..rewarding…as the breeze flowed by on his bare back and skin. His blood trickling from weakend spots. Tetsu heard Keyome speak, and lifted his own head, with one eye open to respond. “Y-….yea….Gotta do this again….” Tetsu coughed up some blood infront of him, and spit out the rest to the side…it hurt just to move his neck. couldn’t move an inch of his body BUT his head. “Fucking…..Whiped….dog….Tch.” Tetsu tried to pull himself up, but it didn’t work. He was tired. He hadn’t realized the power of that mode until he’d enterd it first hand..The ocean sounds….were indeed enticing in so many ways….Tetsu would speak softly….from his posisiotn leaving his head to rest to the side…the sirends were on ther way…now they want to come. Tetsu would utter his last words before passing out. “Yo-…have the right to….remain silent….anythi-….ing you……fuck it.” And with a small thump tetsu laid his head on the gorund, and decided to let briggs and the rest of the KPD handle the situation from there. The biggest bust of his career. Keyome Tasanagi. Though sadly…things might take a turn no one would ever expect.

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