A Calm EveningEdit

Tasanagi: (( Tuesday. 8:00Pm. It's August 21st... Cool airs tonight ironically. In Kasaihana city its really hard to place judgement on the weather. Or so ive learned with my stay here. To be honest... i think this city is making me lose my edge. It... kind of sucks you know. People die here like animals shit.. its constant. Im feeling a lot better after sleeping in. That explosion really put a number on me im suprised i came out in one piece dispite the fact i was caught within it. " Hey watch it buddy!" Said one guy as i brushed past him violently. Bummping my arm into him just to make him drop his wallot and i'd pick it up. I pulled out the cash and dropped his wallot just as quickly as i had picked it up playing it all off as if i had been fixing my shoe. Gotta hand it to myself... i've turned into a real low life... My hands deep within my pockets i turned the corner slowly making my way through DIstrict 2's lower half. People were already turning in... My sword on my back i kept my eyes closed. I didnt have anything on me besides that pistol i found the other day and my blade. I didnt keep much on me... and to be honest i liked things better that way. Never knew when you were gonna have to drop everything and just GO. I walked past an Arcade. It looked pretty old. My hands pressing against the glass like material as i peared my through to see what they had in there. (( "...Hmph." I pulled back from the glass the moment i did, 5 police cars had raced by blowing my jacket in the wind with there fercious wind. I kept my eyes locked onto the vechiles as i clenched my fist. The bright blue and red lights flashing throughout the darkly dimmed area. "..." I turned around placing my hands behind my head as i casually made my way down the streets. I was heading down into the District 2 Park, wouldnt take me about 30 minutes or so if i took the Metro. My Taxi cab got totaled a few weeks ago. So... Eh.. Didnt much matter now. I couldnt drive that thing for shit anyways. I tilted my head back as i eyed the flying vechiles soar over my head whizzing by in there bright lights. I climbed up a fire-escape as i looked out at the city, watching the lights flash over and over, my feet dangling over the edge of the building while keeping my head forward to view the sights before me. As ugly... and monsterous this city is... it sure is beautiful.. to see at night.

Sezomaru: (( Ginsei released a long and slow sigh as he made his way down a sidewalk in district two. His strides were slow just like the sigh he had been in the process of releasing. He glanced up at the sky, feeling the cool air slide across his face. Why was it so cool tonight? He asked himself, thinking that the weather was pretty unpredictable and random. He hadn’t walked the streets of the city for a long while due to his sort of hiding out. He had these strange moods where he just wanted to get away from the world and hide away from all the ignorance and the constant attacks. He had been staying in the warehouse that was recently used for his now broken up gang. It had become completely deserted once again, the old warehouse turning back to it’s old state before Kokuga had occupied it. He was pretty sick of the random happenings lately. Despite his hiding he stayed up to date on what was happening on the outside. Today, august 21st was the first day he had really decided to go outside and walk the streets of the city. He let his hands rest in his jeans pockets as he walked down the street. He moved fluidly through the people who were walking all around him. He had Yuuyaiba which was the name of his wakizashi on his hips which as usual turned heads. Swords weren’t usually carried in this day and age. He felt a small tug on the bottom of his ponytail. He turned his head, glancing down, seeing a small child with his mother. He was the one who had tugged his ponytail which was something he hated. He grimaced and as the boy’s mother noticed his face she quickly pulled the child away, hurrying through the crowd. He sighed once more, shaking his head as he continued walking, turning a corner. He heard a string of sirens as cop cars raced by. He turned his head to the side so, looking at the building beside him. He figured that the cops were still on the look out for him due to the string of “murders” that he had committed. He continued down the street, completely unsure as to what he was going to do tonight or what sort of shit was going to happen.

HinataTenshi: ~It was such a disaster of a day for Harumi. Everything was going so wrong for her. Lately she has been lacking sleep for the sake of an experiment she was working on. Down in her laboratory, she would stare at the man struggling on the strapped bed, gagging and coughing up blood. His skin was turning a light blue and his teeth was getting sharp like razor blades. His features were changing and stray marks would appear among the side of his thighs. “The more you struggle, the more painful it’ll be.” Not like she really cared either way, she wanted this man to suffer. He was identified as Tom Jinks, a man that had a series of rape victims of little girls who doesn’t deserve to live. He was lucky enough to even see Harumi’s laboratory. Many people died trying to see the inside. With a soft cough from the stench of the man, she would stand up from her chair and walk over to her operation area. The operation area had multiple of buttons and screens, some labeled and others not. Without even looking, Harumi would press a blank white pad button, on access, a large barrier would surround the man. It was impossible to escape it; it was designed to withstand strong forces and detonate abilities of all sorts. The experiment wasn’t going so well for Harumi though, her hypothesis was completely wrong compared to the results so far. It would only take a manner of time before she could get clear results that she had expectation of. She couldn’t possibly kill her test subject yet. He was so close to the missing link that had her going nuts for the past couple of days. Unlike her past test subjects, they were all a failure and died as soon as injection was taken part. She would turn back at Tom with a sick grin on her face.He would be the missing link and she knew it. What she was looking for was instant transformation. She wanted this man to turn into an intelligent programmed shark; a creature to live upon the sea and communicate with her. Something that could collect scraps and new objects. If subject Tom was the missing link, she could make multiple copies of him. “Hahahahaha” She chuckles at the thought. Lounging on the side of the operation walls, she would view the status of Tom’s body temperature. It was decreasing according to the temperature of the room. He no longer had a constant body temperature and she could easily tell that he was becoming cold blooded. Seeing nothing extraordinary happening, she lowers her hands in her white lab coat’s pocket and pulls out a twinkie. She literally just ate four buckets of hot wings before entering the lab three hours ago and was snacking on some gummie bears while she was injecting her subject. Tearing the wrapper of the delicious snack, she would stuff the twinkie in her mouth and swallow it whole. “Mmm, so good.” She ignored the fact that her subject was screaming in pain watching her eat. She hasn’t fed him nothing tasty but soot blended with chemicals to keep him full and alive. She just couldn’t afford to give him something that was actually edible, he wasn’t worth the waste in her eyes. Feeling bored watching him struggle, she would mute him with a stare, her iris turning silver as she did so only for a second. “Well, I’m heading out...” She gives Tom one less look before walking over to the elevator. She would step in as it automatically opened and listen quietly to the sounds of the elevator going up. She honestly didn’t have to use the elevator but did so anyways. Finally on the level needed, she would step out and grin as she saw her beloved creatures greet her. “Welcome back, Haru.” Said a small creature with pointed elven ears and a long skinny neck; it’s skin looked like it was rotting and decaying. “Thank you, Subject 1035“ She knew that he was a useless creature and would have to destroy him soon. She could never sell it. “Do you have the reports.” Harumi spoke to them coldly, her eyelids lowered as she watch the creature head over to a desk, taking out a stack of papers. “Oh..lord” she whispered to herself as she saw it, not expecting so much. “Just take it into the operation room in the twelfth floor down.” She wasn’t in the mood to take it herself, nor call one of her skimpy cyborgs. Turning her back towards the creature, she walks back to the elevator and sighs as the doors would shut. ‘I need a break....’ She really did, all she did was stay in the lab all day. She hasn’t really used an ounce of her abilities while researching except muting her subject. She tries not to use them, she wants to do this on her own. Yawning, she presses a red button gently that resided on the elevator buttons. As soon as it was touched, she vanishes and appears somewhere in District 2. From the looks of it, it was the Lower Half. “Ugh..” She really needed to adjust it better. Sighing once again; she walks the streets, enjoying the beautiful view of District 2. ~

A Monkey CallsEdit

Tasanagi: All was chill and nice. Untill i turned my head and...(( " ITS.... THAT... FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I said shouting at the top of my lungs, im sure he could hear me." HEY.... HEY YOUU!!" I said feeling my blood with excitment like that day i had met him the first time. " Hey pussy! You remember me!!!!!!!" I said leaping off of the building my stomach hitting a light pole making it crash right into the middle of the street. I shook the pain off as i pulled myself up recovering from my painful fall. I wobbled to my feet with a sick smirk on my face pulling the blade from my back. " HAHAHAHHA... IVE MISSED YOU PONYTAIL!" I said pointing the blade at him. " BECAUSE OF YOU ASSHOLE! IVE HAD THE COPS ON MY ASS FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS BUT THATS ALRIGHT! FUCK THAT BITCH NORA... IM GONNA KILL YOU... FOR MY OWN PERSONAL GOAL.... AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!" I said with a sinster laugh. I licked my lips as the pyschotic grin broke across my face with an extremly high intensity. My eyes wide and strained it seemed like they were ready to explode from my skull. I felt my heart racing... the thumping in my chest growing more and more feverioush as my breathing grew even more laboured. " WELL... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! C'MON! LETS FUCKING FIGHT!" As I shouted a loud Thunder clap could be heard in the background... and with it... the slow trickle of rain began to pour. ( Power of plot MUAHAHAHAHAH). I took a few steps back letting my blade dangle as i gripped onto it tightly. " Ive been waiting for this...." I said as i tilted my head down. My hair hanging down as the rain began to pour down upon it.

Sezomaru: Ginsei heard some sort of loud yelling, a voice that he vaguely recognized came with the yelling. He glanced to where the voice was coming from only to hear a sort of thud come from his left. He glanced to his left, seeing that guy that he had fought a while back. He lowered his head some, his bangs hanging over his face before she shook his head, causing his bangs to sway. “Shag head… It’s been awhile. How was jail?” He pulled his hands from his pockets only to let his right hand by his side while his left came to a rest on the base of his sheath, the tip of his thumb pressing against the guard. He gave a small push with his thumb, causing his blade to become unhitched from it’s resting place in the sheath. “You’re not the only one who’s been waiting for this.. No interruptions this time, you’re going to die…” He moved his right hand over to the hilt of Yuuyaiba, gripping onto it. He slowly pulled the sword from it’s sheath, a slight metal grinding sound ringing out in the ears of everyone nearby. He sliced the air as the tip of the blade escaped the sheath. He let his right arm hand down by his side as he kept a tight grip on Yuuyaiba’s hilt. (( He stepped forward with his right foot before suddenly pushing off, rushing off towards his shag headed opponent. His face was utterly blank as he moved forward. The distance quickly became shortened and soon he was three feet from his opponent. The second this distance was reached he moved his blade to his left, preparing him for a swift yet heavy horizontal slash that if connected would tear through his opponent’s torso from the right hip to his left shoulder. His attack wasn’t finished here though, he next lowered his arm down to the level of his own ribs so he was able to swing a vicious horizontal slash that would rip through the torso of his opponent right between his upper and lower sets of ribs.

HinataTenshi: ~Harumi was wondering around with big curious eyes, looking around to find something interesting. She wasn’t sure if she should head towards District 1 and investigate rubbish or just have some fun. *Bzzzzz* She heard a vibrate from her pocket. *Bzzzz* It buzzed once again. She knew exactly who it was. Slipping her hands in her pocket, she would pull out an odd shaped cell phone shaped like a cookie and answer it. “Hello.” She heard the sound of an annoying voice, “Haru-chan! Hi! Wanna go out and stuff! We can go do karaoke or uhm...” Harumi would shudder hearing the voice of one of her closest friends. Harumi would speak in a hush voice, “How about a date?” She smirks as her friend went silent. “Uh....err..what? Like...karaoke?” Harumi would chuckle at her friend’s dense nature. To think that Jelisa would invent a time machin, it was very hard to believe. As Harumi was talking she noticed something going about, almost sounded like a fight was about to occur. Come over to the lower half of district 2.” With that, she hung up, curious to see what was going on. As she rushed over, she heard the sound of sheathing swords. ‘A fight’ Finally making over to the area, she sees two men ready to brawl. ‘Fuck yeah!’ Harumi was excited to watch. She would widen her eyes, activating her recording vision within her eyes, her eyes were silver and emotionless, her pupil was no where in sight. She was as one of the men make an attack.~

Tasanagi: (( leaned my body back swiftly dodging the horzonital strike. The moment the pony tailed man went from his second strike i brought my blade up in a Horzonital motion all the same, tilting it down just a bit untill a loud CLANGG could be heard. I used the hilt of my blade to catch his, the pirate design of my blade allowed this manuever, As his Katana would get stuck within the hilts gap space. (( How the hilts looks.)) I Pushed forward, using my right hand by sending a hard push towards Pony tails chest in attempt to push him back while my left hand went up attempting to sling his blade right out of his hand Slinging it 5 feet away. Due to his blade getting stuck tightly within the gaps of the hilt this was most likely very viable, and I had used the time that he struck to perform this techinque. If his blade was thrown off i would have twisted my body in a 360 motion tossing my blade into the building next to us and when my body was facing his again I would have sent a crushing uppercut that if it struck would have knocked the male into the air by 2 feet where i would have then moved to the right in a swift motion, wrapping my arms around his body and then pulling my body all the way back with him in my grip so i could side suplex him into the phone booth behind us. If This manunver worked i would have hopped back and got my distance between him and I. Rolling back so i could snatch my blade from the wall and then walking over to pick up his own blade. " Heh.." I smirked as i gripped tightly to his blade and my own as i charged forward towards the now broken phone booth. If my slam connected he would be resting within the walls of the phone booth, lying on top of broken glass. It would only take me seconds to get back to the phone booth where i twisted both blades around so i was holding them like one would hold a knife in the kitchen, upside down. " HAHAHAAHAHAHAH TIME FOR SOME SANDWITCH MEEATTTT!!" I said stabbing both of the blades down on him in a rapid succession in attempts to slice him all the hell laughing manically all at the same time.

Sezomaru: Ginsei watched as his blade became caught between the guard of shag head’s blade. He pushed his chest out slightly, pressing against the pushing hand. He wrenched his sword upward slightly to counteract the upwards motion that was being made to pull his sword from his hand. Using the upward motion to level his blade and the gap in the hilt so that he was able to swiftly pull his blade from the gap as if he were unsheathing his sword. (( He jumped back by about five feet, glaring at his opponent. “I figure if one of us is going to die then we should learn each other’s name’s… I’m Ginsei Yanazuka..” He spoke quickly before he charged in once more, rearing back with his right hand, gripping Yuuyaiba’s hilt once more before he reached about three feet in front of his opponent once more. He swung his blade hard in a horizontal motion towards Shag Head’s chest. The resulting connection with the body or blade would result in a secondary strike due to the early use of his ability Hisomutou ( See technique description) which allowed for a ghost like strike to follow behind the original as if two strikes were actually made. The force of this blow would either shred into his opponent’s chest, sending him sliding back. If the slash and following technique were to be blocked he would take a small jump backwards whose length was about a foot before he sent a swift two stab combination towards Shag Head’s stomach. His attacks were vicious and aimed to kill.

HinataTenshi: ~Her eyes would glow at every movement made, scanning it all in slow motion and yet watching what was in front of her in regular pace. She was curious as of why these men were fighting. She knew everyone had a story of some sort. What if these men had a past together, she wanted to know. Her curiosity would increase by a dozen. She sensed that these men were powerful and strong, just by the energy and spirit they give off. Their movements were exquisite in her eyes. She had a reason to record every fight she saw; she likes to program movement into her cyborgs using experiences of others. Half the time though, they would get destroyed if too much power was into the movement and that is when the creatures came in. She already knew she had to improve them, but by watching these men movement, it was obvious that they would break down. Harumi was so fascinated by the men movement, she always wished she could fight like that. She depends on her abilities to save her sorry ass. She knows that she could eventually steal other people experiences of fighting if experiment with it, but that would have to come later. She already had enough to deal with. As her recording continued, from the corner of her eye she saw her friend Jelisa heading her way. Not caring much for her friend’s presence, she was feeling herself analyzing the fight. ‘They would be great test subjects...’ She grinned slightly but then it dropped. There was no way in hell she could get someone like that inside her lab but then again, she did like risk. Her mouth would muffle as she bit her lip hard, making it bleed. The fight was very tense and it was bugging her if she should intervene and capture both of them with her barrier. ‘Are they trying to kill each other?’ She pondered on that. If one of them died, that would mean only one test subject. She’ll just have to see what happens exactly. She would lift her wrist up to her chest and use her other hand to press on a small gadget upon her wrist. It was scanning the information of the two men fighting; despite the rough movement, it would still get their identity. She loved this invention of hers. She could know anyone in a matter of time; sometimes though, people are somehow identified. She already got the name of one of the men due to him screaming it out. “Ginsei Yanazuka’ she smirks. She then press miniature buttons with her finger tips, designing a barrier. Her friend Jelisa would just watch her in silence, shaking her head. ~

Ass Kickings EverywhereEdit

Pallas: -Deucalion had scraped up a few dollars together from selling the rest of his drugs to Tyrone Biggums yesterday, but he was still plenty short to get back home. Deucalion is still wearing his black hoodie jacket and black jeans. He was lucky to not be smelling like a hobo. But with his animal like nature, he doesn’t sweat at a normal level like other humans. As he was walking down the streets of District Two, rain began to trickle down on him. He looked up into the sky and raindrops began to trickle onto the dark black welding goggles that he wears to cover his eyes. It’s a good thing it rained during the night time. At least this way, Deucalion can take the goggles off. When he lifts up the goggles, his eyes are revealed. He places the goggles down on his forehead as his bright golden eyes almost glow in the night light. His eyes have no pupils, only a golden circle in the middle of his eyes. As people walked by him, some looked with curiosity but out of fear as well, they just kept on walking. Deucalion smirked a bit at the sky and said to himself-“Well this is interesting.”- With the rain beginning to come down harder, Deucalion lifted the hood of his jacket over his head. He now needed to find a place to sleep for the night. His vision in the darkness differs plenty from normal people. As it was said before, his eyes are hindered during the daytime, which causes Deucalion to wear the goggles to begin with. But at night…his eyes become strength for him. His vision is as clear as even in the darkest corners of the city. There isn’t anything he can’t see in the darkness. He begins to walk by an alleyway and hears the sounds of feet hitting the floor, then the groans of a man in pain. The voice is familiar to him. Deucalion stops and then looks into the dark alleyway and with his eyes, he sees four men gathered around one beating that man like he stole something. As he looked closer, he saw that it was Tyrone. Tyrone was a man that Deucalion sold the rest of his drugs to the day prier. Deucalion began to walk into the alleyway like a man with purpose. When he got a few feet away, Deucalion lowered the goggles again to his face, adjusting them to his eyes. He lowered his hood and spoke in a calm and deep tone.-“I don’t think he likes being touched…If I were you, I’d take off…while you still can.”-His voice echoed through the ears of all four men as they stopped and looked up at him. One of them slowly began to walk closer to Deucalion and said in a sarcastic tone-“Oh?...And what happens in that little world of yours…if we don’t run?...You gunna kill us all with your barehands?”-Deucalion smirked a bit as he kept his head slightly lowered, looking down at his fists and says to the man-“Imma kill you with my bones….”-“What was that?”-the man replied, not hearing Deucalion clearly. Deucalion then lifted his head up to the man, raising his right fist upwards and says-“I’m going…to kill you with my bones.”-( A few seconds go by and then the man rushed towards Deucalion. And without a second’s hesitation, Deucalion thrusts his right hand forward at the man’s chest. The sound of bone ripping through flesh echoed through the area. The three men’s eyes widen at the sight of their friends back. Three razor-sharp bones stick out of the back of the man around his heart area. The man begins to cough up blood as Deucalion slowly begins to lift him up into the air. Deucalion lifts the man’s body completely over his head and then tosses him forward to his friends. The body rolls all the way over to them as the man takes his final breath. Deucalion then puts his hands down to his sides as his left armed Bone Claws slowly come out of his skin. (DakenClaws.jpg) The three men looked at Deucalion as they ran to attack him. Deucalion smiled evilly as his fangs peered through his lips as he too began to charge forward. Deucalion leaps into the air with his feet forward and drop kicks one of the men in the chest. The impact causes that man to fly backwards into a chain linked fence. Deucalion lands on his back and quickly springs himself back up like The Rock. The second guy comes in with a right handed punch and Deucalion quickly sidesteps it to the left with beautiful body movement. And without waiting, Deucalion thrusts his left hand upwards and his bone claws slash through the man’s arm like butter. This sends the arm and blood flying through the air. That man quickly falls to his knees in pain and agony. The third man came running at Deucalion widely, throwing punch after punch. Using his Speed Fighting style, he quickly slipped through the punches like a Boxer. And on the last punch, Deucalion bobs under the punch and as he weaves through, he thrusts both of his fists into the ribs of the man. This caused all six of the bone claws to penetrate through the small spaces in the ribs to puncture the man’s lungs. Deucalion then stood to his feet, keeping his claws in the man’s body as he said to him-“ouch, looks like you have some punctured lungs there, bud. You know, they say that a punctured lung can be one of the worst ways to die.”-As he spoke, the man began to spill out blood from his mouth.-“See a punctured lung causes blood to fill into the lung…causing you to drown from the inside. Now imagine how that feels…drowning above water haha. Could be an hour of you struggling maybe longer…let’s find out shall we?”-Deucalion then retracts the bone claws back into his arms, causing the man to fall to the ground with his lungs slowly filling up with blood. Deucalion began to wipe off the blood from his hands when he heard the cries coming from the man who he had cut an arm of of.-“Oh hey there. I totally forgot about you.”-Deucalion walked over to the man as he held onto his arm, trying to think that it wasn’t real. Deucalion kneeled down and places his hand on the back of the man’s neck and said to him-“Don’t worry, yours will be quick.”-And just like that, Deucalion sprung the bone claw that comes out of his wrist and it penetrates through the man’s neck. The impact quickly caused blood to flow out of the man as he quickly died. Once that was all over, Deucalion walked over to Tyrone and said to him-“You all good bruh?”-In which Tyrone stands up and said in his high sarcastic voice-“Yeah man! I had these guys handled. Just buying my time ya know? Now where’s the crack they had!?”-After saying that, Tyrone quickly began searching the bodies for the crack that they had. This put a smile on Deucalion’s face for the moment. Then it quickly disappeared at the sound of an extremely deep and burly voice saying-“Well that was an interesting show…”-And out of the shadows a large and buff giant that rivals Deucalion in size revealed himself. Deucalion growled a bit, showing off his large white fangs at the strange man. The large giant said to him-“Time for you to get a taste of your own medicine…boy…”- And at the sight of hearing those words, Deucalion sprung out all six of his bone claws and getting into his fighting position. ( Deucalion then said to him-“Bring it on, Old Man!”-

Tasanagi: As Keyth was vaulnerable after his last attempt at disarming him a powerful slash was sent to his chest then.. VWOOOSSH a slithering slash Krept up behind the strike causing Keyths body to skid back by 4 feet. Blood spewing from his chest as his body smashed into the wall. His right shoulder hit the wall. And suprisingly the blow didnt kill Keyth. If anything... it got him even more excited. He stood holding his chest and then swinging his blade out (( And then pushing himself off of the wall. " You... want to know.. my name!?" Keyth said laughing to himself as he woobled left to right a sick grin on his face. " YOU WANT TO KNOW... MY NAME!!! MY NAME... IS FUCK... YOU... YOU PONY TAILED BIIIIITTCCHHHHHh!!!" Keyth said charging at the male like a bat out of hell as he wildly slung his blade out towards the man's neck in a horzontal strike with his right hand, only to quickly take a side step, then another side step both of them to the right, and then another side step to the left. During all of these steps he would have slashed the blade with his left hand each time, each strike aiming towards one spot. His Upper chest area. They each contained a hellish power to them. Each strike had enough force to knock a chunk out of The pony tailed mans body if they connected. Keyth would have taken a step back if the attacks made point. If the hits made contact The pony tailed males body would suffer from an extreme amount of blood loss and pain about how Keyth was feeling. Ending the swift combo he would attempt to boot the male with all of his force he could muster with his left leg. Attempting to once again! Knock him into the phone booth. It was evident Keyth had no traning and had been just swinging the blade like a mad man.

Sezomaru: Ginsei watched as his opponent launched into the wall, his stabs piercing only air now. His right eye twitched slightly as he heard his opponents ignorant comment towards the suggestion of name sharing. “You ignorant little fuck…” He lowered his eyes slightly, his bangs covering his eyes slightly, a look appearing in his eyes like the first time the two had met. A sort of crazed yet calm look. A look that screamed that blood and death was about to take the area by storm. He rushed forward to meet his opponent. He raised his right arm, gripping the hilt to make his blocking of the first strike towards his neck. He then moved his blade in accordance to the next two slashes, blocking them. Each connecting hit caused a loud CLANG to ring out in the area. He then made a quick side step to the left, causing his opponents blade to slash right through his side right above his bottom rib. He ignored the searing pain that rushed through his side, the hellish sort of strength slightly surprising though this guy was like a wild monkey with rabies.. He twirled to the left after taking the blow, swinging his blade with a ferocity to match the hellish strength given to him. The vicious horizontal slash would be aimed at his opponents right side. If connected his side would be ripped open, causing blood to pour. Following his heavy strike he would swing a horizontal attack towards the guy’s chest which would tear from the middle of his chest to his right shoulder, just under his shoulder. He would then swing a left hook towards his opponents face which upon connection would send him stumbling back and possibly to the ground. These attacks would have left the guy’s body looking like a pig that had been repeatedly slashed and gutted with the high amount of blood that would have been lost. If his opponent had taken these hits or at least the last punch and ended up on the floor Ginsei would step up to the guy, the tip of his sword close to poking against his neck. “Get stronger you worthless piece of shit..” Ginsei would then wipe any blood on his blade onto the downed guy’s shirt before he sheathed Yuuyaiba. He’d then turned, sliding his hands into his pockets, ignoring the pain that was radiating from the cut in his side. He began walking down the street, feeling his own warm blood sliding down his side. He grimaced a bit, hoping the bleeding would slow to a stop soon.                                                           

HinataTenshi: ~Hearing a yawn next to her, she would tilt her head and speak lowly towards Jelisa, “You seem bored. We can always go on that date.” Harumi decided she should let a clone of herself finish this since Jelisa was with her. Though, its recording wasn’t as good as hers. “Uhm...” She laughed inwards at her friend’s shyness. Harumi felt Jelisa a really useful person, “Clone me, Jelisa.” She wanted to leave for a bit, still feeling the barrier form. Jelisa was a bit fed up, she didn’t like the fact that Harumi always try to capture people. “No! You and your stupid gadgets! They irritate me so much...leave research alone for once in your forsaken life and...” She walks up to Harumi and breaks the gadget with forming lightning in her hands, breaking the barrier. “No more, just for today.” Harumi just nodded, ignoring the fact that her device was destroyed. “I still want to record the fight, clone me.” Her voice sounded serious. She wanted those movements. “Fine...” Jelisa huff-ed at the unmoved Harumi, pressing her hands her shoulder. She just wanted to get it over with; her hands would start to glow and a body would emerge from Harumi’s body making an identical clone of herself. “All done. Now, can we go NOW!” She yells so loud the world could hear. ‘Annoying’ Harumi thought. If it weren’t for her cloning abilities and expertise of inventing like her, Harumi wouldn’t reside among her. Harumi would deactivate the camera within her eyes, turning from blank silver eyes to black pupil eyes. Her clone would then record where she left of. “Let’s go...” Jelisa would take Harumi’s hand and drag her among the District.~

Pallas: -( Deucalion quickly charged at the giant man with amazing speed. He thrusts his hands attempting to slash into the man’s chest but the speed of the older gentleman is so much swifter than Deucalion’s. The old man simply moved his body right or left to avoid the swings from Deucalion. And when an opening was presented, the old man throws an overhand right and smacks his large fist into the face of Deucalion. This causes Deucalion to smash into the ground chest first. The sound of the impact sends a wave of energy through the area. Tyrone looked up due to the sound of that thunderous punch and makes a run for it. Deucalion slowly gets back up to his feet; his right temple begins to bleed a bit over the welding goggles. The old man’s face remained blank as he was still in his fighting position. Deucalion jumped into the air with his right hand raise over his head trying to strike down from above. But the only man is more than prepared to handle an attack like that. He only lifts his right hand up and he grabs the right arm of Deucalion’s as he comes down for the attack. And almost instantly, the old man thrusts his head forward and head-butts Deucalion on the head, going forehead to forehead with him. The impact creates a gust of wind around their feet as Deucalion’s legs almost turn into spaghetti, barely holding him up. The old man then uses his superior strength by baseball throwing Deucalion into a nearby building. Deucalion is shot like a 95mph fastball into a brick wall. The impact pushes his body through the wall and into the first floor of the vacant building. Deucalion’s body crashes and rolls across the floor as he ends up on his stomach. He coughs up some blood as he slowly gets to his feet. ( Deucalion’s jacket was practically ripped in half as he uses his right hand to rip it completely off of him. As he breathes heavily, he says to himself-“Who the hell is this guy?”- His shoulders are covered in brick and blood from the impact and his forehead begins to bleed from the impact of the head-butt. Seconds after Deucalion rose to his feet, the large old man comes through the hole that Deucalion’s body had made. His deep and burly voice once again echoes through the room as he answers Deucalion’s rhetorical question.-“To answer your question young man…The name’s Drankin.”- Deucalion snarled as the man spoke and wiped the blood from his mouth and said to him-“I’m not finished yet.”- As he said that, he got into a Speed Fighting position, no longer relying on his claws at the moment. ( Drankin chuckled a bit under his breath and then said to Deucalion-“I was hoping you weren’t ready to tap out yet…”-The two stared each other down and then the fight resumed. Deucalion went back on the offensive but this time, used his martial arts rather than his claws in the hopes that he will be more successful. Deucalion began to throw solid punches and combinations. But Drankin’s speed is amazing. He is able to parry the punches like they are nothing, causing Deucalion’s anger to grow. Deucalion puts all his strength and energy into these punches and they are being swatted away like common house flies. Deucalion then leaps into the air, spinning, and attempts a strong roundhouse kick. But Drankin is right there with his left hand to grab hold of Deucalion’s leg. And as he grabs the leg, his right arm comes down and WHAM!, Drankin cracks Deucalion on the chest with his huge fist. The impact sends Deucalion crashing into the hardwood floor with a loud THUD! noise. Deucalion grabs his ribs in pain but has no time to recover as Drankin grabs him by the head and lifts him up. Drankin places both hands on the sides of Deucalion’s face and begins to squeeze his head like a pimple. The pressure began to build up as Deucalion’s head felt like it was going to pop. The black welding goggles began to crack and then finally the len’s broke, revealing the bright golden eyes to Drankin. Drankin then spoke to Deucalion, saying-“You aren’t what I thought you were. You are nothing…just a weakling who thinks he is actually worth something…You’ll die here…”-( LISTEN TO THIS SONG! DOOO IT!) Deucalion thought to himself with the pressure quickly building up-“How!?...How is this happening…GAH! I’m not going to fucking die!...”-Then his thoughts became words-“NOOOOO!!! HAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”-As he roared out like a lion, his eyes slowly began to turn red, shocking Drankin. As his eyes turned, Deucalion’s fangs grew out slightly larger than before. Deucalion placed his hands on Drankin’s hands and lifted himself up. As he is in the air, he thrusts his legs forward and dropkicks Drankin. The old man wasn’t expecting an outburst like this and is pushed back a few feet. The attack had a good amount of force to it, even for a guy like Drankin. Deucalion then landed on his feet and continued to attack. His speed had increased and the punches and kicks were hitting their mark. Deucalion began to really go on the offensive as he was punching Drankin in the face and mixing it up by hitting him in the gut with his punches. Drankin had no idea where this ability had been lying this whole time. Was this what Drankin saw in the boy? He couldn’t have time to think about it as Deucalion was giving it everything he had. Drankin wasn’t fighting close to his full power this whole time but now had no choice but to step it up a bit as Deucalion raged like an animal. Drankin began to use his Chi Manipulation to harden his body to the blows, causing the damage to practically vanish. Deucalion did not notice this while he is in his fury but he kept attacking like he had no tomorrow. Finally, Deucalion sprung out his bone claws in his right arm and thrusts his fist forward at Drankin’s chest. But Drankin was ready to defend as his body had practically become a substance stronger than steel. When Deucalion’s bone claws impacted with Drankin’s chest, the bones broke down the middle into little pieces. Deucalion grabbed his right wrist with his left hand as his bone claws had been reduced to small little pieces, only inches long. Deucalion fell to one knee as he grabbed hold of his right arm. His red eyes slowly turned back to their golden color as he raised his head to look at Drankin. Deucalion said to the man-“Just…just finish it…”-But Drankin only laughed and put a hand out to help Deucalion back to his feet. Deucalion looked confused as the man helped him up and asked-“What…What are you doing?”-Drankin looked at the boy and then said to him-“I was testing you…and you passed.”-“Passed for what?”-Deucalion asked. In which Drankin showed Deucalion why he was there. Drankin raised his right arm and large pieces of bone spikes slowly came out of his arm. Deucalion’s eyes opened wide with shock as the two had more in common than Deucalion thought. Drankin said to the boy-“I came because I wanted to help you…I hadn’t seen a Bone Manipulator like me in some time…and you look like you needed the help. I’ve been watching you the past few days…”-Deucalion retracted his bone claws back into his wrist, though they are broken and need healing. He then asked Drankin-“How can…How can you help me?”-Drankin quickly replied by saying-“I can make you better…Better than you are now. Make you an unstoppable force.”-Deucalion finally realized that his goggles had been broken and he takes them off of his face and says-“What’s the catch?”-“The catch is…you stop all the mischief with your dealing and killing people.”-Drankin responded. Deucalion looked away for a moment and contemplated his thoughts. He then slowly turned back to face Drankin and asked-“When do we start?”-

AlessandraSkar: Twang! Twang! Twang! Shira's fingers were as gentle as they'd ever been on the tender, silver strings of her brand new guitar, her head tilted slightly as she listened to the way the notes sounded, echoing with crystal clear tunes from her bedroom walls. Several square feet away and across from her bed where she sat, her balcony doors were open, allowing the city breeze to pour in with its soft whistling, causing the thin white curtains to dance and sway in front of the glass. Shira wrinkled her nose a bit to the sound of the last string she strummed. It was too flat according to what her friend Jeremy had taught her at the music store. After tuning it up a bit, she tried it again, this time nodding when the note sounded much sharper. Bringing her legs up into criss-cross formation, she rested the black guitar across her thighs and began to play a series of chords that Jeremy had taught her to start off with, focusing on the way each note sounded. At first, she played the notes slowly to get a feel for them and then after a few minutes, she could play them at the same pace that they'd been taught to her. Just as she was beginning to get lost in the music, she heard a clicking sound, her head turning in time to see her bedroom door creak open. A medium-height figure stepped in dressed in nothing but a red, silk kimono robe. Her head was wrapped in a thick, white towel like some foreign woman, but Shira could still see little strands of sea green hair peaking through the wrapped layers. “I knew that had to be you making that god-awful racket.” Kaori Gin Masumoto's pouted, light brown lips curved up into a sideways smile at her young prodigy. Shira couldn't help but smile back. “I'm still learning, Gin. Sheesh!” She laughed. “Do I smell pizza?” Kaori chuckled. “Yes. I didn't feel like cooking tonight. Hard day on the job. You have no idea.” She sighed with a shake of her head. “How was school today?” Shira's shoulders slumped a bit, but she quickly straightened up, forcing a wide smile on her face. “School was great!” She exclaimed. She was lying through her teeth and in the back of Kaori's mind, she knew exactly that. As one of the top field agents in the Black Glove Society, it was easy as pie to drop in to Shira's high school and see whether or not she was in attendance and no one would even know that the famous green-haired woman was even present. She was also aware of Shira's skipping habit, mostly because Kaori was once a teenager in high school and did the exact same thing. Her eyes narrowed a bit at Shira's answer, but she kept her sleek smile. “That's good.” She said, trying not to sound conspicuous although she knew Shira had skippd that day. Shira laid down her guitar and practically high-tailed it across the room toward the door. “Yeah, yeah, but enough about school. It's time to get some pizza!” Just as she reached the door, she was surprised when she ran facefirst into the palm of Kaori's hand and was sent bouncing back across the room like a basketball. She landed on her backside with a hard thud, her platinum blonde hair tumbling down in front of her face like a veil. “Hey, what gives!” She frowned after flipped her hair back, practically glaring daggers at Kaori who simply stood in the doorway with her arms now folded. The woman chuckled, shaking her head side to side. Then suddenly, her entire demeanor switched. Her hands lowered to her hips, gripping them firmly as her smile melted into an austere expression. “Shira Hanako, you and I both know it's been three days since the last time you've trained. And you know exactly what that means, missy.” Shira looked baffled. “What? No! I HAVE been training. private.” She forced out a nervous laugh, nodding her head vigorously, but stopped when she saw the flat look on Kaori's face, meaning the woman hadn't bought a single word of it. “You're not getting any pizza until you've completed a full hour of training. I want you to work on what I taught you last week and I know just the perfect place for you to do so.” Shira huffed quietly, folding her arms across her chest. “Alright, alright. Where am I going?” Kaori glanced toward the balcony across the large bedroom. “You're going to the rooftop where they used to land private helicopters. As far as I know, the thing's been out of use for months. Plus, I can see you from here so there isn't gonna be any fooling around. Are we clear, young lady?” Shira nodded in response, getting to her feet. “I'll be on my way as soon as possible, Gin-sama.” She answered softly.


Ginsei mumbled a few curses about that shag headed, ignorant, loud mouthed fool who he had fought for the second time in a row. The guy was wild and didn’t have much of a style at all though he wanted to fight him when he got skilled and became stronger. He walked down the street, ignoring the redness of his shirt which was slowly spreading from the still bleeding wound on his side. Some people if they were actually looking would see the redness of his shirt and realize that he was bleeding or was covered in someone else’s blood. He trudged along, knowing he couldn’t go to a hospital incase his face was put up. He figured that the police saw him as a murderer if they had even found out that it was him that killed those thugs a while back. He looked to his left, seeing an empty and dirty alley way. (( He grunted as he leaned against the wall, sliding to a sitting position on the concrete floor. He glanced up at the darkening sky, figuring it had to be going on at least 9:00 pm. He reached his left hand over to his side, sliding it under his jacket to press his bloody shirt against the wound, putting pressure on it now to finally make an attempt to slow the bleeding. He released a heavy sigh, wondering how he had let that wild animal actually get this bad of a cut on him. “Fucking monkey…”

Vexxen: -A light slapping sound was heard on the cement sidewalks of District two, the soft sounds of quickened footsteps were slowing down as my footsteps were gaining a larger gap as I attempted to slow down the pace. Though of all places Kasaihana was probably the worst place for a young female to be running around on her own at night.. having been a resident to District 2 for most of my life, I knew each street and block fairly well and more importantly I knew that not alot of people lurked the dimmly lit street of the Lower portion of District Two this late in the evening. The reflective surfaces of the buildings bounced the dim lights onto each of the buildings next to or across from making the place seem even the tiniest bit brighter.. the street lights alone would never be enough for anyone to properly see where they were going. I stopped in my tracks and stretched my arms, linking my slender fingers together tightly before reaching for the dark sky as I bent my right knee and shook my foot a bit to loosen up the muscles I had just relyed on for jogging..A few quiet pants escaped past my lips as I was now beginning to catch my breath and reintroduce a healthy amount of oxygen back into my lungs. I bent over slightly my hands resting on my knees as i felt the slight burn on my calves from my sudden and random decision to go running at night. Noticing one of the slightly worn navy blue laces on my sneakers were loose, I dropped my foot firmly against the base of a nearby flickering streetlamp and began untied the knot to tug at the laces until they were tight enough and tie them again. Once I had felt that my shoes were securely and snugly tied on, I moved onto adjusting my hair, I wouldnt put too much effort into this as I just lightly tugged two parts of my side pony tail to push the elastic that held it together up a bit more. maybe I would push myself to run either one or two more blocks before calling it a night and heading back home.. I switched feet and placed my other foot onto the base of the light before a slight cramp on my right leg had caused me to slightly lose my balance. I was graceful enough to not completely fall over, but sadly it wasnt enough to keep me from stumbling a little. As I stepped into a slightly brighly lit spot on the sidewalk, I saw a few dark drops, was it rain? I looked up at the sky and noticed that there were no visible clouds.. infact the sky was clear tonight and every star was visible from where I stood... so rain was definately out of the question. Although I kenw better... I poked the dark droplets with my index and middle finger and brought my hand closer to my face, as the light on my fingers got brighter as my it got closer, I felt my face shift into a surprised expression at the sight of the dark red colour that stained my fingers. I looked around, my left and right to see if there might have been a corpse of a person or a dead animal on the side of the road that I may have accidently ran past, but I didnt see a silhouette of anything or anyone in sight. Was it my business to look for the person or thing that was bleeding out? Although a part of me was trying to convince myself not to get involved, just as always the more reckless side had won, I took slow steps carefully examining the ground in the crap lighting in attmpt to find maybe a trail of blood?.-

A Meeting in the AlleyEdit

Pallas: -Deucalion and Drankin continued talking for some time about the information that was needed to get training between the two of them started. Deucalion looked at Drankin with his right hand bleeding still and asked him-“So what do I do now?”-Drankin then began to wrap Deucalion’s arm up with gauss and said-“Well for now, you get healed. You should gain a bit in Bone Manipulation from this fight but we will begin training to put your Chi and Bone Manipulation together. Just be ready and prepared like I told you. And never be late.”-Deucalion nodded at what Drankin said and just like that, the giant was gone. Deucalion walked out of the building and was now injured, shirtless, and goggleless. Tonight was going to be a rough one. As he walked out of the building, he continued to walk down the alleyway. And it was there that he saw a man who looked worse off than he did. When he saw the man, he could smell more than one person’s blood on that man. He thought to himself-“Looks like I wasn’t the only one who ran into some trouble tonight.”-He kneeled down to the man and looked him in the eyes, his golden eyes glowing in the night, and asked-“You okay, man? You look pretty bad.”-If the man were to look at Deucalion’s right hand, he would see the white gauss slowly filling with blood, but only a small amount. Deucalion stayed there until he got a response from this man.-

AlessandraSkar: Shira took a deep breath as she felt the wind rush through her platinum blonde hair, the silken tresses pulled up into a lazy ponytail toward the side of her head. Her bangs brushed across her forehead, just barely touching her thick lashes while her eyes were shut, two stray strands swaying on either side of her face. The night sky drenched the city of Kasaihana in the heaven's tears and unfortunately, there was no shelter above Shira's head. Within minutes, she had reached the rooftop Kaori instructed her to visit thanks to her trusted skateboard which was parked a distance away, off of the helipad she stood on. In the very center was where she stood, the rain soaking her from head to toe, but she didn't mind it. In fact, she liked it. It was more soothing than a shower. She was dressed in a torn white shirt which had the word DIRTY written across her chest in black letters. Below that, a baggy pair of dark gray sweat pants hung from her hips and a pair of footwraps were secured around her feet. She flexed her fingers, the spiked studs on either of her fingerless gloves glinting in the city lights, indicating that she had finally grown serious about this training session. Thunder rumbled somewhere behind her, the sound distant and as if on cue, Shira shifted her right foot in a semi-circular motion across the helipad until it was a few inches behind her left. Her hands lifted from her sides to positioning themselves in front of her as if ready for a fight, but she didn't ball them into fists like the usual fighting stance required. Instead, her fingers were opened, her left elbow bent at her midriff while the right was extended just a tad bit further at chest level. At this stance, she was prepared for any attack from the front. Her eyes remained closed as another thunderclap echoed, signaling the official beginning of her training. Sliding her back foot forward in a lightning-fast motion, she kicked at the air in front of her with a high jump, her left leg following immediately, the momentum of the second kick causing her body to make a full 360 spin. She landed in a crouched stance that was almost animal, her right knee bent while her other leg was extended out beside her, her right hand planted into the ground while her left was also extended outward. From this stance, she spun on her right palm, bringing her legs around in a sweeping motion. It almost looked like she was break-dancing and after the movement, she aikido rolled back up into the stance she had started off with. Another crackle of thunder, this time with a lightning bolt that lanced its way through the night sky. Shira performed a series of punches, all of which moved so fast that if anyone were watching, they would simply see a blur of moving flesh. Kaori had taught her to be this speedy, so quick that none of her opponents could predict her moves. Her fists seemed to dance with one another, each punch flowing with nearly perfect fluidity as if everything had been practiced a million times. Then again, as hard on her as Kaori was, it probably HAD been practiced a million times...and counting. After she finished the punching series, she sprang into the air with a vertical split kick. Her right foot which was behind her at all times, came up into the air first and she flipped forward with it, cartwheeling forward with her hands at her sides, not allowed to touch the helipad beneath her. Lightning flashed in the background as her left leg followed and she landed firmly on her two feet, legs instantly bending as she thrust her right palm forward, her voice echoing with a loud kiop. By then, she was panting, her chest moving up and down with heavy breaths as she continued to flip kick her way around the helipad as hard and as fast as she could. She knew she couldn't slack up on this, because the penthouse was just a block away and her mentor had eyes like an eagle. She was watching intently from their own roof. Probably had a lawn chair and a glass of lemonade, just waiting for Shira to screw up so she could get a scolding. 'She's depending on me to get stronger and stronger each week. Train to the fullest. Until my arms and legs fall off and my fists bleed from punching.'s HER strength that I want.' Shira spoke to herself in her mind as she did another series of Jeet Kune Do punches, her fists literally whooshing through the air. 'The strength to swing a 900-pound tree like a baseball bat. And shatter an entire brick wall with one fatal punch. How does she do it? What is her secret?'

Sezomaru: Ginsei sighed to himself, closing his eyes as he felt the flow of the blood slowly come to a stop. He suddenly heard a voice talking to him. Asking if he had gotten into trouble tonight, asking if he was okay. Ginsei opened his right eye, glancing at the face in front of him. He noticed the golden eyes though he paid them no mind. He closed his eye again, releasing a slow breath. “Hardly trouble… Just ran into a skill-less monkey. I’m fine.” Ginsei opened both of his eyes, the green of his iris’s being visible in the light of the now risen moon. He had noticed the bandages on the guy’s hand that were slowly turning red from blood. “And what about you? Seems as though you ran into some trouble as well.” Ginsei used the wall to slowly slide up to a standing position. He stretched some, wincing at the wound before shaking his head. He reached both hands back to the back of his head so he was able to adjust his ponytail which had loosened from the fighting and the wall. He tightened it before he slid his hands down and into his pockets, releasing a small sigh.

Pallas: -When the man took notice to the wrapped up hand, Deucalion lifted his hand to look at it himself. He sighed a bit and made a strong fist. He then said to the man-“Yeah…Well, when you fight someone who has better Bone Manipulation than you do…you tend to get hurt.”-He wanted to see if the bones loked any better, but he knew that they would still be nothing but stumps until they healed. But Drankin did give Deucalion good news to it. News that made Deucalion believe that this injury wasn’t as bad as it may look to be. Deucalion rose to his feet when the man in front of him did, not wanting junk in his face. Now he thought about what the man said, and Deucalion asked-“So you fought a monkey? Like an ape?”-Deucalion being unaware that this man was talking about an actual person. Deucalion waited to hear a response from him and whether he spoke or not, Deucalion said-“The names Duke by the way.”-

Vexxen: -I had found myself feeling a bit frustrated as the lights were aggravatingly dim and unhelpful in helping me find the next blood spots. I found that as i continued finding more drops of blood on the floor, the amount of blood spilt on the sidewalk seemed to increase droplet by droplet. As the the amount of blood on the floor was increasing, as it appeared that i was getting closer to the source, the droplets were appearing quicker and quicker until itjust seemed like a dotted trail of red. I tilted my head upwards to see the trail of blood slightly smeared on the floor leading into a dark alley. If I had been.. the textbook definition of a normal teenager.. I would probably have known better.. but as I did not feel threatened or have any feelings of having to worry.. I stepped closer to barely see two shapes in the alley talking softly with low voices. I stepped closer slowly not wanting to startle anyone espeically since I couldnt tell who they were.. A few careful steps closer I was able to see enough to know that I had reached the owner of the trail of blood. I saw one with long dark hair clutching onto his wound.. and a much bigger male next to him. I wasnt to sure if it was simply my imagination that was making my senses imagine things that there werent there.. but with or without lights, it almost seemed as if the metallicy-irony smell of blood was present. "are you okay?" I asked in a soft whisper. –

KimiKatsu: It was about 9 or 9:30 pm now. The club was open late, but Sekushi had been there working since about 6 am that morning. It was about time for a little break – maybe a visit to D2, but it was much too late to try walking; she knew better. Now was the time to take the Bugatti out for a spin. It was parked in the same spot out behind the club. With the new body guard and all, Tsuyo was forced to sit in the back seat while Ryuu, her body guard, satin the front beside Sekushi. The large guard dog felt slightly replaced, though he looked at a lot of things as small victories. One, he got to sleep in Sekushi’s bed with her and continue protecting her throughout the night while the new man had to sleep downstairs in the guest bedroom. Two, Sekushi always hugged him and kissed him on top of the head. Three, she made him little snacks all of the time. That was just a few things, of course. {} The music in the car slightly vibrated the seats as it played through the speakers. Sekushi’s soft voice sung along with the song that played. Her lips were curved into a charming little half smile as she sang word for word with it. Tsuyo sat in the back with his head slightly between Sekushi and Ryuu, it looked like he was bobbing his head subtly to the beat. As a new song started { music starts at 1:00.} Sekushi was pulling through one of the last stop lights before D2. She was singing along with the sweet voices of Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes in her top favorite song by Pierce the Viel. They were pretty popular in the twentieth century. Sekushi couldn’t bring herself to part with her music from that century and the other popular music from back then. It was all better than the current music that played on the radio. Since they didn’t play stuff like that anymore, she had to hook a little cassette tape to her Ipod and slip the tape into the tape player. The little devices were actually pretty common and came in handy. “You told me think about it, well I did. I don’t wanna feel a thing anymore~. . .” She’d continue on as the D2 lights began to reflect off of the shiny, light blue body of her brand new looking Bugatti. Tsuyo shifted a bit in his seat and subtly looked at Ryuu through the corner of his eye. He knew the man was hired for Sekushi’s safety, but he didn’t trust him. He didn’t want to. He was the only one that protected Sekushi and he felt like he did a good job. Much better than this guy could ever do. Sekushi glanced over at Ryuu as well, then back at the road. “So. . .how are you settling in?” She’d ask. “I mean. . .I don’t think you’ve ever lived with your clients before, have you?”

Guest_Entichi: ( I watched as the bright lights zipped past his eyes. They were all a blur. I had been on this job for about two days, and I only took it for the money. My boss took me with her for a ride in the city. I didnt give a shit why; I did what he was told because I had no choice. I did not speak, much less talk I daydreamed instead. The only thing that was on my mind was the night before the hospital. The guys that I hung out with surrounded me. Its still engraved in my head as if it was yesterday. The ring leader was the only one who spoke.~ "You think you can just fucking quit on us like that". ~ I was about to charge in at him until I felt a fist crash ito my face causing me to topple over to the ground. I quickly got up and swung my fist wildly at his face. The punch missed and another one of the guys kneed me in the stomach before I could swing again. I could still feel the pain. When I turned to the side I could see the steel of a blade coming right for my side. My thoughts were quickly interrupted by the words of Sekushi.~ "Huh? Ah, no. It's fine I guess." ~ His face turned slightly red ad his head turned back to the window to hide it. He still remembered what had happened between them before he moved in.~

Sezomaru: “Bone Manipulation?” Ginsei glanced at the guy who called himself Duke. “You’re able to manipulate your bones eh?” Ginsei glanced up towards the dark sky. “Seems like a pretty nice ability.” He nodded a bit, getting back to the conversation. “Duke eh?.. I’m Ginsei.” He gave a small smirk at the question about actually fighting a monkey. “No, but it might as well have been. He’s too wi-“ He glanced to the opening of the alley way, noticing a girl with white hair that had some sort of purple tint to it. Maybe her hair was actually purple… “I’m fine.” He didn’t really know why a random girl cared if he was okay though he shrugged it off. He guessed that she had followed the drops of blood which he noticed when he glanced down at the ground. Two random people on the same night, man this city was pretty damn random when it wanted to be. You could never predict what was going to happen next from the weather to the people you’d meet. This though ran through Ginsei’s head as he stared at the girl who had asked him if he was okay. He wondered who she was that she’d follow a trail of blood. Was she a nosey person or someone who “cared”? Who really cared about people anymore?

Pallas: -As the man talked about his bone manipulation being a good ability, he smirked a bit and nodded in agreement. At that time, he felt a slight tingle in his right hand and as he looked down, he could see the bone claws in his arm begin to move slightly. His right eye winced a bit as it brought a slight pain to his arm. But that is when he noticed the girl come and ask them if they were alright. He looked the man, Gensei, or I guess it can be Gin for short, and nodded at what he said. He then added on to it by saying-“We’re all fine here.”-and out of sarcasm due to the fact that they both were bleeding and she was obviously fine, he asked her-“Are you okay, miss?”-with a smile on his face.-

AlessandraSkar: The poolyard of the penthouse was out in the open, the perfect place for Kaori to stand watch of what was happening a block away. She leaned forward on the rail surrounding the rooftop, her forest green eyes focused on the small figure moving on the helipad rooftop in the distance. She took a deep breath, her right hand reaching up to touch a tiny communication device lodged in her ear. “Pendergast. Are you there?” She spoke in a low voice. Some static buzzed in her ear in response, probably a weak signal due to the rain, but soon enough, a male voice responded. “I'm here, Masumoto.” Roman Pendergast, Director and Chief of the Black Glove Society replied in a tone that mimicked Kaori's own austerity. “Is the girl in place?” He asked. Kaori bit her bottom lip for second, evidently reluctant to answer. “She's in place, Pendergast. Are you sure about this?” She sounded worried now, her gaze lowering to the street below. “I mean...what if this doesn't work out the way we planned. The way YOU planned?” Pendergast simply sighed. “Listen, Kaori. It's the only way of knowing whether or not we can call this child a full human being without dragging her into something she's not willing to do. Bringing her to our lab is out of the question unless we kill her right afterwards and you refuse to let me drug her so she doesn't see anything. So what're you gonna do now? Think of any better options?” A pause. Roman took a moment to calm himself. “There is a specific reason why she survived that fire 13 years ago. We both know it.” Kaori rose to her full height of 5”7, her brows knitting into a frown. “Alright. Do it. And hurry the fuck up!” Afar off from the penthouse, Shira was still practicing her Jeet Kune Do, making sure she did every motion and every technique as accurately as possible. Just as she was beginning a new series, a strange noise caused her to freeze. She frowned, her head turning toward the sound of something sizzling and crackling loudly from behind her. Her eyes widened when she saw a tall pole standing from one corner of the rooftop. There was a silver sphere at the very top, sizzling and crackling as bright sparks of electricity danced all around it. A similar sound came from another direction and when Shira looked around, she saw that there was a metal pole on every corner of the octogon-shaped roof, eight in total, now sizzling and crackling with electricity as if someone had randomly flipped on some kind of power switch. Above her, the thunder continued to clap and lightning flashed brightly across the night sky. Now, the dangerous bolts were dangerously close, popping and crackling above the helipad loud enough to deafen her. “What the fuck is going on?” She said aloud and just as she started moving toward her skateboard, it seemed that the heavens had suddenly grown upset with her. A bolt of lightning lanced down from the night sky, striking the helipad where she stood so suddenly that she had no time to get out of the way. Before she knew what was happening, she was engulfed in heat, her body frozen within the bolt that had engulfed her entire body. Her limbs siezed and twitched uncontrollably and against her own control, she could hear her own voice as she cried out in excruciating pain, her back arching as her feet lifted off the ground. She felt like her body would be ripped apart after it was scorched like barbeque, time seeming to move slowly as thousands of volts of electricity passed through her painfully. Just as her heartbeat sped up rapidly, it felt like something exploded near her, an invisible force throwing her body several feet into the air. Time slowed down as she sailed clean off the helipad, past the edge of the rooftop and over the busy street dozens of stories below her. Her entire body felt numb, drained of all energy, holding on by only a thread of life. Her eyes fluttered shut as she seemed to fly over Kasaihana city, a trail of smoke streaking through the air after her. There was no telling where she would land and all she could do was hope that she fully shut down before she felt impact.

Vexxen: I couldnt help but smirk a bit.. Though he was silent the tone of his voice alone i was able to pick up hints of conufusion. I tilted my head slightly to see that the light was brighter outside of the alleyway.. while it was dark in the alley itself.. He probably couldnt see me other than my silhouette. I stepped a little closer to the two, The sound of tearing fabric made a slight echo through the alleyway as I had ripped off the fabric that was tightly wrapped around my upper arms. I held the bands of fabric in my hands as I slowly crouched down, my left knee against the floor of the probably dirty alley while my right foot was planted on the floor with my right knee somewhat close to my chin. I saw a glimpse of what seemed to be a weapon. . the last thing I needed was another injury to add to my list.. and I wasnt entirely too sure whether my actions would cause either of them to attack. I didnt feel any sense of malice from either.. infact although I couldnt fully see the faces of either I had felt that I had met the bigger male before. I scanned him for a moment noticing a dark coloured splotch over his knuckles. I had decided it would be safer on my part to try and distract them with words.. Looking at the larger male I mumbled "you should probably wrap those bandages around it tighter to slow down the bleeding.." I held the fabric in my right hand as I rested both my hands ontop of my right knee and rested my chin on my hands before I glanced over to the sword again before looking at the shadowy face of the male with the ponytail "sword fight huh?.. Im glad to see that the fighting style still exists.. " my voice trailed off as I paused for a bit before speaking again with a more serious tone to my voice " Youre going to bleed out at this rate.. and you wont be able to fight that guy again.." I handed him an end of the fabric i had just unwraveled from my arms, I had tied one end of them together to create a longer strip. I continued to hold the strip in my hand waiting to see which decision he would take. –

KimiKatsu: Her body guard sounded somewhat distant to her. She sighed a little. He was always being this way. He wasn’t as fun and outgoing as she had hoped he would be. He seemed too serious or something. Sekushi turned her radio down a little as she pulled into a little parking lot for a small, old fashioned diner. “I love places like this.” She’d say as she unbuckled herself. Tsuyo jumped up and began to move around, excitement flooding him. As she pushed open her door and stepped out, Tsuyo jumped over the seats and hopped out of the car on her side. “Come on. . .I’ll buy dinner.” She’d say with a soft smile before closing her door firmly with her purse clenched in the other hand. She was wearing a pair of dark blue ‘daisy dukes’ and a pink and white plaid button up that normally would have clung tightly to her body, but she tied it in the front to get kind of a country girl look. Her platinum hair was brushed neatly and bounced softly with every step she took. Tsuyo trotted happily beside her as they made their way up to the entrance of the small diner.

Guest_Entichi: -He could tell that she was trying to "breaak the ice" with him. He decided that he would stop being a sad case and loosen up. He put on a weak smile.~ "Sure" ~ As he stepped out of the car he paused before closing the door realising that he still had his weapons. He decided to remove his pistols keeping the katana because if something happened and he could do nothing he was going to get blamed for it. He closed the door of the bugatti which he didnt think about before but he noticed t was a really nice car. He followed behind the woman and the dog lazily. At first he wondered why the dog was going into the diner but he didnt question it. Deciding not to keep it awkward and quiet he spoke.~ "So uhhh do you come here often?" ~ He placed his hands in his pockets as hs teeth clenched under his mask.~

Ginsei glanced at the girl as she came closer to him, holding out a scrap of her clothing to him. He glanced at his wound which had slowly stopped bleeding by this point. He shook his head, keeping his hands in his pockets. He walked past the girl, exiting the alley. He turned to the left, moving around the corner as he walked off, back towards the old warehouse that he was currently staying in. He had no interest in staying there anymore. He didn’t need any favors or any kindness given to him. He didn’t care about someone trying to help him with his wounds. He was fine and he’d heal on his own, that was the way he thought about it. “Forget about this…”

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