Waking Up AgainEdit

( ) Densuke would open his eyes……it was dark…blue……There was barely any lighting in this place.  “Ugh…what the hell happened….okay….bodily assessment.” Densuke twitched his finger..then took note he couldn’t move his arms. Legs. Or his entire body for that matter. He moved his head up and looked down to see he was connected to this machine. His body was aching…but he was fine. Densuke spit the oxygen mask off of his face and shook his head. “H-hey! Where am i? I can’t move, let me the hell outta here!” Densuke struggled to release the cuffs on his hands and waist. “Calm down. Your fine now. I’ve healed with a rare healing agent.  A potent bodily stimulanat, invented by Donnie Yun, known as “Quick heal”. I samepled it from your fathers blood along time ago during rutine test. I manged to harvest it, and recreate the atomic structure of the concoction. Saddly it was only enough to heal you once. The secret of that formula died with Donnie Yun sadly.” A man steped out . he was a fairly looking young man but he had some years on him. Some cruff on his chin, a five oclock shadow. He was looking pretty aged. “Who are you?” Densuke spit out.  “I’m your Grandpa Ochigi duh.” Ochigi grinned at Densuke as he used to do with tetsu. “Gramps! Ah man you save d me?” Ochigi nodded. “It took some cleaning…and rearaging…hell your skeletal system was doomed to fail.” Densuke’s smile faded. “That one guy! He’s the one that put me in that condition I know he was!” The cuffs locking densuke in place were released and he rubbed his wrist. He then stepped out and saw the clothes layed out for him. A wife beater, and some pants. Not his style but he was willing to deal. “Densuke it’s not to wise to go out after you just were healed. I really need to study your vitals and-“ “No time gramps. This means war. I don’t who he was but ill never forget his face as I fell to my death. Don’t worry I don’t plan on getting fucked up today. I’ve got some detective roots to trace if I’m gonna find this guy. He went after me. He could do it again.” Densuke walked to the shoot tube his father used to use and steped inside. “Densuke your gonna need a suit, without it you’ll be shot to the sky. You should really listen-“ ochigi was intrupted once again “Look I got it okay? Come by the house sometime why don’t you but let me work okay?” ( ) Densuke was then shot up through the pressure tube,and into the sky. He then pushed the alarm on his hover bike, and then it came vrooming his way on time. As he was soraring he met with the bike in mid air, and cartwheeled above it only to land on the cycle and begin reving it, to move to his incentive. He began to hit 120 mph, not giving a fuck about the speed limit. He traversed D2 wondering where to start. “A good detective looks for the obvious and expects the unobvious….so if I’m going to find him I’ll have to make my presence hidden amongst the obvious…since I’m the only target I know of.” Densuke was vrooming until he saw a large gathering below him. Apparantly there was a concert going on today, a local one at that. “Perfect…it’s public and he likes to show off his kills…” the image of the armored man ran thorugh Densukes head as he renembers falling to his death…and being hit by that truck. Densuke cringes. He hated feeling weak…being defeated…he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to keep calm though. He parked his bike in the public parking area, and then proceeded to step off of it and walk into the crowd non chalont. Looking around and waiting, for it was all he could do. The place was packed. There were shops everywhere, food stands and venders. Even Drug dealers disquising themselves as venders. A prostitute here and there and porta potties to suit the needs. A good old time in D2 for the win.

A Happy Little Concert.Edit

Vexxen: -This afternoon was the day that many frequent visitors of District Two's shopping area had been chattering about for the last month or so. Ofcourse due to many bad incidents that had occured in District Two the celebratory date had been shadowed by those malicious events such as the rumors of kidnappings, explosion of resturants, and who knows what else that was going on during the night in the shadows.. Kasaihana news was kind enough to let me take a more hands on approach to my job.. I no longer had to sit in the office and robotically speak about the news reported by others in front of the soulless eyes of the camera.. lenses. I was put in charge of providing a summary of details on today's event along with pictures. I had left my house today wearing a dress that looked like an oversized sweater with my thin white collared shirt's collar peaking through the neckline of the dress, to avoid showing too much skin i had opted for a pair of sheer tights that clung to my thighs snugly without slipping and a pair of ankle boots. Finishing off the "formal-casual" look I tied a thin silk ribbon around my head tying it into a small knot at the top side of my head letting it peek through my long curly pale purple hair. The only thing I would really need to equipt myself with was a thin wallet with my identification and some money.. that would go in the pocket of the shorts i wore underneath the dress and the camera that would allow me to take images of the event. Today's event would mean that the shopping area would be even busier than usual.. I didnt think it was a good idea to take the Taxi there so I would be leaving 10 minutes earlier prior to the planned time I wanted to arrive to D2 since I would be walking there. The camera that was hanging around my neck by a thick leather strap caused the camera to lightly tap against my stomach a few times as I walked to where I needed to go , It was apparently the 10th aniversary of District 2's shopping area, I had heard rumors that there would be a huge event held today with many attractions, live concert, and ofcourse.. stores were hanging up signs about their "huge discount sales" Kasaihana would not be Kasaihana without the ominous shadow of possible threat.. meaning with a huge jump in the amount of people along with the inevitable chaos of the events would give one the perfect chance to stir up shit with a lesser chance of the responsible individuals getting caught.. As I continued walking and thinking of all the possible outcomes of today.. ofcourse I thought about the cops.. I also began thinking about the woman I had met a few days ago when I had sought her out to tell her about how I just knew that the bombing was just the beginning of a chain. Ofcourse it was much too soon for anyone to know whether or not the people responsible for the bombing were out to get something or someone but I just knew they were here for something. Arriving at the border/entrance of the shopping center, just as I had suspected there were a line of cops and their cars gaurding the area with their police fences. I slowly approached the border and just walked past them. Perhaps they were doing random checks.. or perhaps they didnt see a 16 year old girl with a camera to be a threat. either way.. I shrugged and continued walking. From where i stood I was able to see the large crowd that had already formed so early on in the day the event wasnt supposed to start for maybe 1 and a half hour(s) I could see the concert stage being set up with its large stereos being hooked up, mic stands being placed, and the stage crew working to get everything set up in time. Looking around there were more attractions with such children appealing activities as balloons with the shopping area's name written on it. I felt a slight tug on my right arm as a man in a suit lifted up my right hand and tied a white balloon string on it, Looking upwards I saw a rather cute white balloon tied onto my wrist. I smiled and thanked the man before pointing at my camera as I wanted to take his picture for the article. "sure thing" he responded before taking a step back and holding the bundle of balloons in front view, Lifting the camera to my face i snapped the picture and looked at it through the screen, not seeing anything blurriness or photobombing I nodded again and thanked him before moving on. I got closer to the concert area and took a few snapshots of the crew setting up the stage, as well as the large crowd that seemed to be made of a mix of people who were curious about what was hapepning along with people who were fans of whatever band that was playing today. -

Pallas:-With a new day bringing new activities, Deucalion was still healing from his injuries from the fight with Drankin. His right hand was still wearing the white cloth that stopped the bleeding the night prior. Deucalion had to go all the way to a random auto-shop to find himself a new pair of welding goggles since he couldn’t go home and get his extra pairs. His face had some purple bruises around his eye and forehead from the thunderous punching from Drankin. After he had grabbed a new set of goggles, he noticed a poster on a wall that promoted a concert that was held very special to Kasaihana. He immediately brushed it off, not thinking much of it. But as he kept walking down the street, still shirtless, he thought about what he was going to do today. There was no way of him getting home, now with his training with Drankin’s going to be held in District 2. So he thought about what he was going to do? It’s not like he has the money to go clubbing or the resources to enjoy any part of the city. And since the concert was a free thing, he began to walk into the direction of the concert. When he got to the concert area, he walks into a nearby bathroom. He looks at himself and sees the dried blood on his face and the bruises as well. He had never felt a beating like this and he could only expect it to be the beginning. With his weakened body, he splashes water onto his face and watches the blood run down into the sing. He cleaned himself up as best as he could and went back down to the concert area. When he tried to enter, a security guard stopped him and said-“Who the hell are you? No way you are comin in here lookn like dat, boy.”-Deucalion quickly looked up at him and said in a perfect Australian accent-“Oi? I’m with the bloody band, mate.”-And by the looks of him, you would think he really was. And the guard let him in. Deucalion smirks as he gets in scot free and looks around to see what is going to happen. Hell, he didn’t even know what kind of music was going to be played tonight. But he figured, it’s better than a night laying down in the gutters of the Second District. So he is trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation.-

LightFang: -"No you dumbasses, I said put that box over there." A young man about eighteen could be seen tripping over a set of boxxes and toppling over onto the floor before Xaki would raise his hand to rub his temples. "Dumbass..." Xaki walked over to his stand and picked up the boxxes placing them underneath the desk of his shop. Him and his young employee pinned up a sign on top of the shop with the words 'FXCK for when you dont have one to give' written on it. Xaki looked into a box and pulled out two new red muscle shirts both that said 'I don't give a FXCK' on them. Xaki tossed one over to the young employee and started to take his T-shirt off. "Come on Bradon, put on the shirt. We gotta sell the merchandise." Xaki then pulled the red muscle shirt on over his bronzed skin and Bradon followed suit. "So Zacky, how much am i making for this gig?" "You did good kid, getting us a stand here and all. I'll pay you OT for sure." Xaki looked up to the crowds of this concert. The place was crawling with young teens all swooning over the band as the band was setting up the stage. He turned back to Bradon and started directing him to set up the displays. "Alright we need to get these things hanging in the back and let these people know what we got to offer." Xaki set up a couple displays and then decided to address the customers and sell a couple shirts. The customers were coming by less frequently since the concert was starting but Xaki was content with the amount of money he was bringing in at this gig. "Hell yea, a couple more days like this and i can expand into a bigger shop."-

Not The Only One Waking UpEdit

AlessandraSkar: She could hear faint sounds in the distance, odd muffled voices and noises coming from all directions, static-like as if there was a broken 1940s radio sitting around somewhere. It was pitch black. And it didn't take her long to realize that it was because her eyes were closed. Tightly, at that. After a while, she felt something surge through her body and it seemed that her nerves had come to life at that moment. Her fingers twitched slightly, their tips brushing against a hard, rough surface. Pain seared through her back and when she tried to move, she felt that she was laying on it. Concrete bit into her exposed flesh where her shirt was rolled up just below her chest, but at least it was a clear indication that she was alive. Her eyes at last fluttered open, the dimming daylight peering down through the two large buildings on either side of her. She blinked twice, her chest moving upward with a sharp gasp as consciousness slammed back into her. Literally. Her upper body snapped up, lose strands of platinum blonde hair whipping into her face. Her sapphire blue eyes were wide open like a deer in head lights as she stared directly in front of her at the flow of traffic outside the alley. The smell of cigarette smoke and musty hobos assaulted her nostrils as she used the brick wall beside her to push herself to her feet. Her body twitched hard, causing her to stumble forward onto one knee. She grunted softly as she caught herself, and that was when she looked around and realized that she was being watched. There were dozens of alley dwellers watching her in silence, as if she'd grown two heads and a tail. Goth kids, smokers, drunks, hobos. Some not even giving half a fuck. “What...the fuck....happened?!” Shira demanded. She realized she was breathing heavy, once again pulling up on the wall beside her. “Well, uh,” A man with a thick, southern drawl spoke up after taking a swig of his packaged drink. “Ya just kinda dropped out da sky. Durin' da storm like ya got fired out a cannon er somethin'. Landed so hard we dun thought yer bones broke, but when we checked ya, you was fine.” At that, Shira's eyes widened to the size of baseballs. Well...close enough. She stared at the southern man as if he'd told her that she would die in three days, the memory of what happened to her coming back to memory like a slap to the face. She remembered seeing those electric poles lighting up all around her while she was training on the helipad. She remembered making a bee-line for her skateboard in order to get the hell off the roof, but before she could even get near it.....BOOM! The lightning bolt had come from nowhere and with no giving warning, shocking her so hard that she felt like she would be ripped apart. But how? How the fuck did she survive something like that? On top of being thrown several hundred feet through the air and falling down Lord-knows how many stories of altitude before splattering to the concrete like a dead fly. She was baffled, taking off along the brick wall with one hand gripping her chest which still ached from how fast and hard her heart was racing. As soon as she ran out of a wall to hang onto, she collapsed out onto the city sidewalk, landing on her knees while slamming her hands into the ground to keep herself from falling face flat. Civilians looked concerned as they walked past her, but the selfish fucks didn't bother to help her up. She winced in pain as she got to her feet on her own, leaning sideways against a nearby lightpost. There was enough daylight left for her to look down at her body and check for injuries. She'd only suffered a few minor scrapes and bruises, but to her surprise, she wasn't covered in any burns despite the fact that the lightning bolt felt as hot at the fucking sun. She had to lift her hands and arms up to her eyes but even then, she could hardly believe it. She could hardly believe that she was even alive after that. “How...?” Was all she could whisper as she stared at her smooth, creamy skin.

Just another Day for Me.Edit

Sezomaru: Ginsei sighed as he sat up on one of the raggedy couches that sat near the makeshift throne he used in the old Kokuga occupied warehouse. He grabbed a roll of bandages, pulling off the old dirtied ones from the day before. He wrapped his torso with fresh bandages before standing up, grabbing a white sleeveless shirt off of the back of the couch. He grabbed a black jean vest from the arm of the couch after sliding on the white shirt. He walked to the door of the warehouse as he slid the vest on, releasing a long yawn. He opened the door to come face to face with a guy who used to roll with him in Kokuga. “Yo Ginsei man, you heard about that concert tonight?” With a grunt Ginsei stared at him blankly. “What sort of concert?” “I dunno, but we should go check it out. Leave your sword though man, that’s a dangerous hazard.” Ginsei stared at him before moving past him, not caring about who thought his sword was a hazard or not. Considering he didn’t have anything better to do he decided that he might as well check out this random concert. “So you going man?” Ginsei glanced over his shoulder as he slid his hands into the pockets of his pants. “Nothing better to do, so I guess I am.” He continued walking with a small sigh escaping his lips, he wasn’t much for social events but he figured he might as well show up for the hell of it. He walked down the street, being followed by the guy who used to run in his gang, the guy’s name was Jake. He was just a sort of errand boy for the gang but he had a lot of respect for Ginsei and a hint of admiration though he never really let it show. They both soon reached the concert area and spotting a string of trees and bushes Ginsei glanced down at his sword Yuuyaiba. “No way in hell.” He mumbled to himself in response to his thought of hiding his sword to pick up later. He then glanced at Jake and an idea popped up. “Jake, you still have those extra phones don’t you?” “Yea boss, uh I mean Ginsei.” Ginsei nodded, figuring that this was going to work. “Give me one of them, I want you to hold onto Yuuyaiba for me. Return it to me after the concert.” Ginsei grabbed the base of Yuuyaiba’s sheath, untying the rope that was connected his belt loop before sliding the sheath from the same belt loop. He gave Yuuyaiba to Jake while Jake handed over a black phone which Ginsei took, sliding it into his right pants pocket. He nodded to Jake and walked to the entrance of the concert area. He slipped right through with a group of people in case money was needed for this event. He glanced over his shoulder in the direction Jake had been, watching as he left. Ginsei shook his head some “Kid’s too loyal…” He glanced around at the crowds of people, wondering what he should do to pass the time.

Conflicting Ambitions.Edit

KimiKatsu: As Z got closer to the crowd, she changed course. Instead of moving into the crowd like some people were doing, the young woman turned and started walking parallel to the crowd and a good distance away so she wouldn’t be noticed right off the bat. She glanced over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of a few officers patrolling around. A gentle curse escaped her lightly glossed lips and she slowed her walk to a stop. Just as the cops spotted her, a tall, tan skinned male was about to pass by. He looked like he was having a conversation on his cell phone; maybe talking to some friends and trying to locate them. Z quickly snapped her hand out and grabbed his wrist tightly in her petite grasp. “Julio!” She shouted, using an overly excited voice. The male looked confused, and sounded just as confused. “Juli-“ Z didn’t give him time to voice his confusion as she yanked him down – she was quite short. Her lips slammed onto his and she pulled herself back so that her back hit the brick wall behind her. She was smooth enough to make it look as if he was the one to push her back and pin her to the wall, though it was all an act. The male’s cell phone dropped to the floor and his hands were soon roaming her body, though they lingered on her luscious ass and hips, squeezing as he began to press her into the wall himself. The cops that had once been eyeing her were now walking off to continue their patrol. They figured the two were a very passionate couple that were meeting at the concert and had just found each other. The man’s eyes were still closed as Z’s dark lids opened just enough to peek out. The coast was clear. Her petite hands released his shirt and pressed to his chest so she could violently shove him back, causing their lips to part. “Yo, what the fuck?” The guy shouted. To quiet his angered complaints, Z brought her right arm back, balled her hand into a fist and leapt forward while pushing her small fist out. The impact caused him to fall over to the side onto the concrete sidewalk. His cheek was already beginning to bruise and was cut deeply by the ring she wore. The petite firecracker stood over him, brought her left leg back, then snapped it forward into his stomach. The man coughed and groaned out as he rolled over, placing his left hand over his stomach and the other over his face. “Don’t fucking touch me or come at me like you know me, fucking cunt!” She hissed, her eyes narrowed. The man didn’t answer, which was probably a good thing or she would have kicked him again. After a quick look around, Z stepped forward, not caring if she stepped on the man or not. As she crossed the street, she started getting closer to the backstage area where she could get everything started.

Aye Girl...Edit

XxDensukexX:  Densuke continued to pace through the crowd, looking around and making sure there were no suspicious looking people or activities around. So far it looked like nothing was going to go down. “hmm…maybe this place is to obvious for a target.  I don’t get it though. Its big and spacious and no one would even be able to detect anyone who’d make a shot. A girl could get kindnaped here and no one even notice…” Densuke decided to head towards the wall of a building to get better coverage of the area. Crowd control was key for this day as he didn’t want to miss a thing. He was surprised his physical condtion was better than what it used to be. It seemed different…as if it learned….strange indeed. Densuke shook his head. “Agh this detective thing isn’t easy…how do you notice what others” Densuke as he was leaning against the wall took note of a girl. A rather….charming one on the eyes. She had pale skin, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her clothing was borderline stripper but also quite boner tastic. She looked as if she’d had a rough night. Probably the after effects of a party but….thats what a normal person would think. What if the ninja man had attacked her as well and left her to perish. If so she came out a lot better than what Densuke had that is for sure. Densuke would approach her slowly and cautiously. Gotta make sure he didn’t alarm her in any way whatsoever. He’d stop a few feet from her and then lean in slightly to speak. “Aye girl you good? Look I don’t know you but I’m with the KPD, I’d like to ask you a few questions concerning some suspicious activity going on if you don’t mind?” Densuke pulled out a small black notebook and a pen, for a prop. Of course he wasn’t really a kpd officer, but the stick was at least to get more information. Who knows if she trusted cops but I was worth a shot.


LightFang: -Xaki would begin nodding his head to the music playing in the background as he looked over to Bradon. Bradon was busy unboxing another set of shirts. "Hey Zacky, this is the last of the IDGAFs right here." Xaki leaned up and said, "You shitting me? Fuck yea man we made a huge ass haul in today." Bradon stacked the shirts up and looked over to the empty stacks and replied," Yea but what we gunna put on the table?" Xaki looked down at the other boxes and grabed one full of denim jackets. He then tossed them over to Bradon and instructed him to put them on the display. He then told bradon to watch the shop cause he was gunna scope the crowd. He grabbed a fresh IDGAF shirt and carried it with him as he planned to give a free one out. He noticed a man not wearing a shirt get in the concert a moment ago and decided to track him down. He could just see him on the edge of the crowd and made his way over to him, shoving past some wild teens who aparently were to high to even remember this night in the morning. As he aproached the man he noticed he had a mohawk aswell. This made Xaki grin and he spoke out, "Hey fucker, nice hair." He said this as he tossed the shirt over to him, cause clearly he forgot his own. "Take this, on the house. Cover those nips of yours."-

Pallas: -As he walked through the concert area, people where staring at him like he was some weirdo in the bunch. His right hand began to tingle again, sending a jolt of an almost pain feeling throughout his body. Deucalion raised his arm to see what it was and he could see his bone claws slowly moving from inside of his arm. His eyes widened a bit from behind the goggles as the bone looked as if it were growing again. His left hand gripped down on his right forearm as the jolt flowed through his body. As he was focused on himself, a man came walking up to him and said-“Hey there bud. You look like you could use some new apparel.”-Deucalion looked up at the man with a raised brow knowing that he didn’t exactly look dressed to the nines. His pants were dirty and ripped from the fight last night, he was lucky to somehow have these pants intact. But he said to the man with pain in his voice-“Sorry…I don’t have any money to buy anything…”-He flexed out his right arm as the pain then slowly began to fade away from his body. That’s when the man said-“No worries, tonight for the concert we are giving away fresh white v-necks. They are usually a hot sale for us during the year and we decided to show an appreciation to our supporters and fans of the concert. One for everyone.”-The man stared at Deucalion to get his size and then tossed him a shirt. Deucalion put it on over his head and it felt rather nice. He then turned to face the salesman and said-“Thank you.”-before walking off closer to the stage. He looked at the band as they were setting up and doing a sound check. His ears picked up on a lot more than just the regular feedback from the mics and amps. He cringed a bit every time the equipment got high pitched. But the closer they got to actually playing, the better the sound became. Deucalion kept looking around to see who was here and what was happening. His giant 6’4 body would make him very noticeable and for him, easy to spot people out.-


Guest_Entichi: ~He had a day off today while Sekushi was out on buisness. She didn't tel him what it was but he hadn't bothered with asking her. He was just glad that she didn't leave him to watch that unholy animal she called a dog. That thing gave him the chills when it stared at him. Since he had nothing better to do he decided to go out into District 2 and do some looking of his own since the only time he'd been out into the city was in a car or he was following his boss. The noise of the busy city muffled the sound of his shoes hitting the concrete. He walked constantly just looking at stores and waving at the occasional street vendor. He looked at all of the people walking down the street, most holding bags from shopping. He finally reached the center of District 2 that seemed to be in the process of being set up for a concert. A small amount of people were gathered watching. He decided to check it out when it was ready but he had to kill time. He went to a nearby coffe shop that was small and cluttered but had a perfect view of the stage. He approached the short man wearing his work uniform and had on glasses. The worker was the first to speak in an almost faint voice.~ "Hello sir, what can I do for you today?" ~ He looked over the entire menu determining what he wanted.~ "Uhh....give me a small cup of light coffe and two chocolate chip cookies." ~The short man nodded and picked up an empty cup and walked over to a large machine with two levers. He held the cup under a nozzle as he pulled the right lever, pouring pre-made coffe into the cup until it was full. He reached under the counter grabbing a small top and popping it onto he cup before reaching into the plastic see-through case on the counter and grabbing two cookies. He pushed them towards Ryuu and waited for payment. The mas spoke with a smile.~ "That will be four dollars and sixty-nine cents." ~Ryuu reached into his pocket and pulled out a five holding it to the man.~ "Keep the change." ~The man took the money and waved.~ "Have a nice day, sir." ~Ryuu walked towards a stool at a table that was right next to the window. He noticed more people gathering around the stage.~

I'm Not Okay Obviously.Edit

AlessandraSkar: Shira bent forward a bit, her nails practically digging into her chest now. Nausea had suddenly arisen in her and she felt like she would blow chunks all over the sidewalk at any minute now. Thankfully she didn't. The way her chest ached, it would've hurt her like hell to heave up a whole heap of vomit. She turned to lean her back against the lightpost. The metal felt cool against the exposed part of her back as her sapphire blue eyes glanced up toward the sky. Evening was gradually turning into night and according to the time, she'd been knocked unconscious by that lightning bolt for almost a full goddamn day. By now, Kaori had to be worried sick about her and was probably driving all around Kasaihana in her Bentley looking for the poor girl. Reaching a hand up, Shira yanked off the scrunchy that was holding up her ponytail, allowing her platinum blonde locks to tumble past her shoulders. As she shook her loose tresses about, a strange feeling went prickling up her already throbbing spine. The feeling that eyes were upon her. Frowning slightly, Shira's gaze flickered sideways just in time to see a boy cautiously approaching her. Being a girl who wandered out in the streets a lot, she knew full and well that some boy approaching her like couldn't have meant anything good. Her alarm went off in the back of her head instantly, but instead of immediately popping off with the defensive threats and insults like she'd been taught to do, she decided to take a second to examine him. He was taller than her, toned, cream-colored complexion with brown hair and blue (or gray...whatever lol) eyes. He didn't look like he had any weapons on him that could harm her. Then again, a man's bare hands were dangerous enough. But so were hers. Squaring her shoulders back, she turned to face him as he began to speak, biting back the pain she was feeling in order to avoid the appearance of a vulnerable woman. She kept her eyes narrow and stern so he wouldn't have her fooled for some easy as girl on the street. Despite the tied shirt, that definitely wasn't the case. “I'm fine.” She answered his first question in a stern tone, her head tilting when she heard the second question. Well of course he didn't know her. It wasn't like she was famous like her adopted mother. But now she had to ask herself why a KPD officer was coming up to her like this. Did she look like she knew anything? “Sure, fine. Ask away. My answers may be limited, however. I don't know too much about what's going on except we might have some pretty rebellious kids on the loose. That...or terrorists.” She folded her arms across her chest, now lending her full attention to the random man.

Secrecy At It's BestEdit

KimiKatsu: After another quick glance over her shoulder, Z slipped behind the large stage. She could barely hear herself think. The music was just so loud. Though people cheered and clapped, she felt like the music was the dumbest thing she’d ever heard. Z actually liked a lot of the things from groups that had long since passed. As she slipped past the band’s trailer, a man called out something that sounded like ‘Hey you!’. Z turned froze in her tracks and turned around slowly. A man stood behind her wearing a dark shirt with the word ‘Security’ printed across his chest. She frowned a bit. Frank told her she’d be good to go and that security wouldn’t be out back as much as usual due to their orders to make rounds. “Dumbass. . .” She’d murmur under her breath. Just then, her scowl quickly softened, giving her a doe-eyed, innocent fan girl look. “Oh. . .oh I’m sorry. I just. . .I have this pass. . and I wanted to get back stage before it was too flooded.” She’d say, using her cutesiest voice. The man started coming closer with his hand held out and his palm facing up. “Where’s your pass?” ‘Fuck. . .’ “Oh . . .I have it right here.” She’d say, her lips curving into a sweet little smile. A devilish sparkle twinkled in her eye as she slowly started reaching into the fabric that covered her breast. Tucked safely in a small pocket that was sewn into her bra was a sharp razor blade she stole from her art class. The young girl took ahold of it between her left pointer finger and thumb. When the security guy stopped in front of her, his hand still out, she moved closer to him. While his eyes were on hers, she swiftly pulled the blade from her bra. His eyes tried to follow her hand, but she leaned up and pushed herself up onto the balls of her feet. Her lips pressed to his roughly and her right hand gripped the back of his head tightly, holding his lips to hers. The man protested for a moment, but calmed as he relaxed himself. She pressed her breasts against him lightly and began to lightly nibble on his lower lip. When she pulled away a little, he chuckled lightly, his tone husky and full of lust. “I never come back stage to see the bands. . .” She’d say seductively as her right hand slowly moved down to grope at the hardening bulge in his pants. “The security guards are the ones that I wear these lacey, little thongs for.” The man’s hands slowly moved down to her ass to squeeze and he looked around slowly. While he was looking away, she brought her left hand up, razor blade at the ready, and slashed it down and across his jugular while she hopped back quickly. The blade tore through his delicate flesh and arteries like scissors through paper. Blood sprayed out at her, spattering all over her pale face. As the man fell to his knees and choked on his own blood, Z bit down on her lower lip and closed her eyes, taking in a slow, shaky breath. “I would have loved for you to choke me into submission. . .but I guess you aren’t my type after all.” She’d say as she looked back down at him. After a quick wink, she turned and ran off. Her friend, Frank, told her he hid the supplies just below center stage. God she loved the perks of sleeping with a guy who liked fucking around with explosives. He had somehow attained quite a few bricks of C4. They were all wired up and ready to go. All she had to do was snatch the detonation device and run back a good distance. She figured she could watch from a block or two away. It wasn’t much longer and she was working her way under the stage, weaving over and under little support beams. She could see the large stack of C4 stacked neatly under center stage. The detonation device was sitting beside it. The spark of pleasure shot through her and she bit down on her lower lip. Frank was definitely going to get a lot more time with her after this. Z’s little hand grabbed the crudely made remote and pulled it close to her carefully. The button was apparently very sensitive so she had to be extremely careful with it. The band was announcing their next song by the time she had rolled out from under the stage. She kept the remote close to her breasts as she took off, her high heels click clacking loudly against the pavement. ‘So close. . .I’m so close!’ She’d think loudly to herself. She could imagine the explosion. The band being torn apart and their limbs thrown into the crowd. Such magic! As the band’s next song played, she rounded a corner quickly, pushing and shoving her way between couples and through groups of friends that scolded her. She couldn’t wait any longer. Z skidded to a stop as she ducked into an alley and pressed her back to the wall. This was it. Her chance to create panic. The idea rocketed pleasure through her small figure and she gasped out lightly. Without a second thought, she looked down at the remote and smashed her thumb to the button just as the lead singer was performing his little solo. The C4 exploded just as planned, unless stopped somehow. If not, each burned and torn apart by the blast. Anyone too close to the stage would get the same thing. Hearing the explosion caused ecstatic laughter to rise from her. She seemed to be highly enjoying the screams of pain and fear. Her legs quivered as she slid down the wall to sit with her back against the wall and her knees to her chest to hide the remote.

XxdensukexX:Densuke would pay close attention to whom he was talking to. Her speech, posture, tone, body movment and language, breast, eyes, breast, and espically her breathing pattern to see if she was stressed in any which way possible. Densuke heard that he had the okay to ask away with some questions. Though he will admit she was her fist lead, he knew he couldn’t sound like an ametur so he decided to play it smart, and with a nod began to talk. “Ah I couldn’t agree with you more about the children aspect. Terrist are far fechted but not impossible, your quite sharp. Now then I’ve already asked a few other suspects before coming to you and I’m just trying to see if the pieces I already have possibly have any connction or correleation. My questions are as follows: The night of the first explosion, do you recall your where abouts? Also have you maybe heard rumor of a man dressed in orange and black who could be connected to the explosions? Have you seen any suspicious looking characters at all lately? Maybe some in drag, odd dresses, possibly some that just plain look like they’re not in the norm at all?” Densuke would hold his pad up, writing down the questions he was asking as he asked them. “Also may I ask is your physical condition…” Densuke paused for a moment taking note of how her folded arms pushed her breast up slightly…and the way her stomach rolled down the the curves of her hips. A bead of sweat driped from Densukes intensive paused stare, to which he had to break free of to maintain what professional image he had. “ any way connected to a physical act of violence towards you or vice versa? So far I have only a few common denominators. Mam.  Ahem.” For some reason Densuke could not take his eyes off of her bountiful rack. It was astounding. Marvelous. Like planets coinciding in a field of stars. Densuke did his best to shift his eyes between her gaze and her bust but it was painfully obvious by now he was definitely sampling goodies. At least he could be considered a real perverted pig like cop somewhat…so all was not completely lost.

Vexxen: -I had been in the area taking pictures of children and adults at the event, I probably had about 23 photos stored up in the digital camera by now. multiple pictures of children with balloons and teens and adults jumping around chanting waiting for the concert and ofcourse a few were of people in the area taking adantage of the sales that were going on. As it seemed that the stage was nearly complete, with the preparations as I saw a group of males who looked as if they were in costume due to the overly extravagent outfit they were wearing. I raised the camera up to my face to take a picture as I spotted a young girl going backstage. by reflex my finger had pressed the button t the shutter taking the pic f the girl going back stage. "shit.." i quietly muttered. as I lowered the camera and went through the gallery to try to delete the mistake-photo i felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around to see a young male looking at me "Hey aren't you that girl on the news?" I smiled and nodded shyly "yes i was like.. one or two times" I hadnt realized that the sudden random encounter had caused me to forget about the photo i was about to delete. After a brief conversation with the random male I turned around and blinked a couple of times. Almost as if it was happening in front of me, my mind vividly played out a scene of an explosion of the stage similar to the resturant. I bit my lower lip feeling a bit in despair as the following images in my head that played out made it obvious that i couldnt interfere. I took a few steps backwards ignoring the lump i felt at the back of my throat from the anxiety and guilt that i felt. I knew things would work out in the end for this incident it was just a disappointing shame that I couldnt interfere, as interference would set it off on a different track of events with no possible resolution.-

Detections Of VulgerEdit

Pallas: -The band was rocking out and the fans were enjoying every bit of the show. Deucalion was probably one of the only people who weren’t jumping up and down to the music. He was enjoying himself but not like these others was. It looked to be a peaceful and enjoyable night. But then a scent slowly flowed through the air. Deucalion sniffed the air a bit, not moving his body now as his body stiffened up a bit. He thought to himself-“Blood…”-And once he had come to that realization, he began to follow the scent like a bloodhound. He pushed through people trying to follow the scent. It led him all the way to the stage where there is a security guard who was quickly bleeding out. Deucalion reacted quickly and perched himself under the man. He placed the man’s head on his knee and placed his left hand on the man’s neck, trying to stop the bleeding.-“Hey man, you’re going to be alright.”-Blood was literally gushing from this man’s neck as he struggled to hold on to dear life. Deucalion tried all he could, but the man’s wounds were too deep. With his last bit of strength, he looked at Deucalion and pointed his finger to the distance around him-“woman…must…find…”-and like that, he was gone. Deucalion took a whiff of the man and the scent of a woman came cleanly off of him. They must have been touching if a scent like this came so clear. Or maybe she was wet? (Giggity :D) But nonetheless, Deucalion got a hit of the scent and quickly turned around. He roared out as his fangs came out of his mouth and under the goggles, his golden eyes burned. The roar caught the attentions of the people around him, but he didn’t care. He stood up and began walking towards the area that held the scent like a man on a mission. As he was walking away from the stage, he heard a faint sound of a beep and he tried to turn around. But before he could…BOOOOM!!!The stage blew up into a huge eruption of C4. The blast lifted Deucalion’s body into the air, completely throwing him back like he was a ragdoll. He flew back ten feet and rolled on the floor another ten feet. His entire right side felt the heat of the blast and his clothes were almost completely destroyed. He was unconscious on the floor. *DREAM WORLD* “HAHAHA Come on Dad, lay with me some more!”-“Alright Son! Here I come! Hahaha.”-A small child Deucalion runs up and down on a jungle gym. A happy child playing with his father. Deucalion gets all the way to the top of the jungle gym and then slips, causing him to crash and burn on the floor.-“OW!”-He hit the ground with a loud crack sound. He cried out for his father, who quickly came to his aid.-“Hey there bud, now you’re okay no need to worry.”-“But it hurrtsss!”- Deucalion’s father runs his hand through his son’s hair and stands back up. Deucalion looks at his father confused but then his dad asked-“Why do we fall, Deucalion?”-In which Deucalion had no reply too, trying to hold back his tears. His father then put his hand out to help Deucalion stand back up and says-“So we can stand back up.”-Deucalion then stands back up without the help of his father and goes back to playing.*BACK TO REALITY* Deucalion wakes up on the grass to an image of a burning stage and bodies littered everywhere on the floor. It was only a few seconds after the initial explosion. ( Deucalion begins to slowly stand to his feet like a zombie coming alive. He held his right shoulder with his left arm as his right arm was bleeding from the explosion. That is when he heard the evil laughs from a woman who was enjoying the explosion. She held the same scent that he was tracking beforehand and his fangs peered through his lips as his anger rose. He began to walk over to her, even with his injured body. With her guard down, she wouldn’t probably notice Deucalion making his way over to her. As he walked in her direction, he unhooked his right holster and grabbed Envy. With his right arm looking injured, he kept the gun behind him leg and out of sight. To anyone it would just look like his arm is broken and he is leaning down on it. If he makes it too her without her noticing, he would get ten feet in front of her (With Hells Bells still playing XD) and say to her in a deep and aggravated tone-“You think it would be that easy to get rid of someone like me!?...You’re nothing! Just a trickster…If you want to try and kill someone…”-He then lifted up his left index finger and made the “come here” motion and said to her-“…I’m right here…”-

Guest_Entichi: ~Ryuu slowly drank the coffe to past time and finished off the cookies before getting up from his table. His right arm pushed against the door causing the small bell implated in the door to ring. He took a deep breathe before heading slowly towards the stage. He was suddenly stopped by a stranger who'd come from a nearby table. The man looked at Ryuu as if sizing him up, and then he spoke.~ "Would you like a complimentary t-shirt its on the house." ~ Ryuu's eyes squinted in confusion, not knowing what the point of giving free t-shirts was. He did not want to be rude so he spoke back.~ "Uhhh....sure?" ~ The stranger gestured at another person from the table and shethrew him a neatly folded plain white t-shirt. He held it out at Ryuu with a smile drawn across his face. It seemed innocent enough so Ryuu extended his arm to grab the shirt, but the unexpected happened. Just as he was about to grab the shirt, the loudest noise Ryuu had ever heard in his life crashed into his eardrums and the man who was handing him a shirt fell backwards with his eyes wide and mouth agape. At the same time Ryu felt immense heat all within the two seconds. His instincts for danger kicked in as he turned around as fast as he could with his hand gripped tightly around the hilt of his blade. When he turned all he saw in his eyes was chaos. The crowded stage was now a burning pit of limp bodies and equipment that was shattered and broken to pieces. There were also people who weren't caught in the explosion running away screaming. One man sped towards his direction. Ryuu didn't notice him until he ran right into his shoulder causing himself to toppel over and Ryuu to lean back slightly. The man hurridly got up, nostrils flaring and eyes wide.~ "DONT YOU SEE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO GET OUT OF HERE YOU DUMB FUCK?!" ~ Ryuu ignored the man his attention still locked on the stage. In his mind he was wondering who had done it and why. Out the side of his eyes he could see the man reach into his jacket pulling out a metal object.~ "DIDNT YOU HEAR ME?" ~ The man's voice was somewhat hoarse. As ryu turned around the man was hold a pistol right up at him. Ryuu didnt think twice his hand made it to his hilt the thumb pushing up against it. He pulled the blade out immediately sending a verticle swing at the mans arm. The blade went right through causing not only the pistol but half of the man's arm to fall to the ground. The man screamed in pain and fell to the floor. Ryuu didn't have time to worry about idiots he started running near the demolished stage to try and help anyone that he could. He darted towardss the scene looking around for anyone who was still in atleast two pieces and alive. He stopped as he heard the voice of a nearby man.~ "" ~ Ryuu turned in the man's direction wrapping his arms around the mans torso then dragging him away from the area. The man spoke weakly~ "thank you" ~Ryu placed the man down near a water fountain.~ "Someone is going to come soon and help you." ~Ryuu started to head back to see if he could find anyone else.

She Ant Buying It..Edit

AlessandraSkar: With her arms still folded across her chest, Shira arched an eyebrow when she heard that this guy was questioning 'suspects.' he saw her as a suspect? That's why he came up to her? She took a bit of offense to that, but decided to let it slide this time. There were bigger matters at hand and besides, if she actually reacted to it, the man might've thought she was guilty of something. She listened to his questions, keeping her stern demeanor. “The night of the first explosion? You mean at that restaurant or whatever? Pfft. I could've been anywhere around the city, bro. I didn't find out about that whole sha-bang until my friend told me. I'm pretty pissed off at the fact that I missed it actually.” Then came the second question, which made her frown a bit. “A man in orange and black? What, did he think Halloween was comin' early this year?” As the man might've noticed, Shira wasn't the most polite 16-year-old and would often catch herself getting smart at the mouth. It was too much of a frequent habit for her to notice; definitely a bold aspect of her personality. “As for any odd one besides you.” On the last question, Shira noticed the way the so-called KPD officers eyes suddenly dropped and she didn't have to follow the gaze to know what he was looking at. It seemed like he was taking his sweet precious time drinking in her shape and form, despite how beat up she looked after getting struck by lightning and thrown from a near 20-story building. Anger swelled within her as her arms lowered to her sides, her brows slowly knitting in toward the bridge of her nose deeper and deeper until the wrinkle in the center of her forehead appeared quite visibly. As soon as the officer was done with his final question, Shira took a few steps forward until they were standing eye-to-eye and dangerously close for that matter. It was bad enough that she thought all men were slobs. Now this one was in her face practically stripping her with his eyes while making it almost as obvious as it could possibly get. Point proven. She could've told the man the truth about why she looked the way she looked, but who's to say he would believe that story. “For one thing,” She began, her voice coming out in more of a low growl as her sapphire blue orbs stared straight into the officer's like they were piercing into his soul. “You can stop looking at me like I'm a piece of steak fresh off the grill, OFFICER.” She said the last word with strong emphasis, first to let him know that he was indeed busted and secondly, to let him know that he had a minimal three seconds to find something else to look at something else before she took his eyes out. Before anything else could be said, a sudden explosion echoed from somewhere nearby, causing several walking civilians to freeze and look in its direction. Shira kept her eyes on the officer despite hearing sudden screams now echoing from the distance, her eyes narrowing on the officer even harder. “Perhaps YOU might have something to do with these goddamn explosions. That's why you're questioning people and finding an excuse to stare at TITS! Are you even a REAL KPD officer?” She moved even closer, her eyes burning fire through his skull as her fists tightened by her sides

KimiKatsu: Z didn’t get to enjoy her success for much longer. A man’s voice caught her off guard. She quickly stopped laughing and turned her head to look over at him. ‘Who in the hell. . .?’ She gripped the remote tight in her left hand and smoothly moved her hand to her side so she could set the remote down and cover it in some loose trash before pushing herself up to stand. “What are you talking about? What’s with the gun?” She asked, putting on her innocent little look yet again. ‘Men.’ She’d scoff inwardly as she turned to fully face him. Her right hand came up to push her red hair out of her face and tuck it behind her ear while she looked at him. “Is that. . .is that a gun?!” She made herself sound genuinely terrified. “Oh god! Please, please put the gun away!” As her mouth closed, she purposefully bit down on her tongue, causing tears to spring to her eyes instantly. “Please don’t shoot me, I don’t even know what I did.” She’d cry lightly as she buried her face into her small hands. Her shoulders shook as she continued her show, though she didn’t really think to look closer at the man. She was far too busy in her own little world to really think about it. As she continued to whimper and cry, she forced the tears to keep coming. The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth before she could swallow it back, then swallow the remainder. As she did all of this, her legs still trembled from the ecstasy of creating chaos and panic. Her panties were boarder line soaked at the moment and she was just about ready to find her friend to reenact a rape fantasy she had been dying to try.

XxdensukexX:Densuke would take notes on the girls answers. Making sure to keep a track record. She was quite the fowl mouthed one much like himself, so it didn’t bother him as much as it might have should have. Her facical expressions made it obvious she was indeed getting upset and highly annoyed. “Just a little longe.r….” Densuke listened and recorded as she answered. Her remarks were even comical at best however…she seemed to have cought wind of Densuke’s staring as he feared,and she approached him with quite the mean look on her face. It was over. The rouse and everything. As she ranted at him, and explosion went off in the distance sadly and it seemed to cuase massive destruction. It was on a high scale level of sorts it seemed, and yet densuke was stuck here staring down a rather busty woman. Once she finished Densuke placed the notebook his back pocket and contemplated  how to approach the situation. He thought about what his father would do. Possibly ponder the suspect with more clues. Araise reasonable doubt and see if  he could dig deeper into her subconscious. Tetsu was easy to talk to which made him a great detective. Densuke on the other hand……” Okay ya know what? YES I was staring at your tits! Lets just get that outta the way. Second, No I’m not a kpd officer. Last night I was attacked by a fucking Halloween reject, thrown into the path of an oncoming eighteen wheeler, nearly killed, have been brought back thorugh the mercy of SICENCE and not I am here! No offense but you look pretty damn suspicious blondy, those are obviously not normal cuts and brusies!” Densuke placed his hands loosely by his sides and continued to talk. “ Me setting up exploisves? Trying to divert attention away from your self miss? How do we know ya didn’t get those cuts from setting the explosives and a tussle with the guards eh?! And for the record, YOU HAVE. A NICE. RACK.” Densuke met her blue eyed gaze with his own light green one. He was a meat head and didn’t know when to shut up. On the bright side he now had a new site to check out and see if he could scoop some evidence up for proof. On the negative, he had pissed off a girl who looked as if she was hell bent to fight him. Not even fight. More liably to just beat the shit outta him. Densuke stood lax and awaited the womans respons.

Golden Arms..Edit

Pallas: -After Deucalion’s encounter with the woman, his body began to seriously feel the effects of the explosion. It was the adrenaline rush that kept him held together as he was talking to the female. But now that he was trying to make his way out of all the commotion and fire, his body began to ache and blood was still coming out of his right arm. His feet stumbled a bit as he was walking on the sidewalk. His right hand leaned up against a wall of a nearby building as he thought to himself-“What is happening?...I feel like I’m about to collapse…”-Deucalion’s eyes underneath his goggles looked glazed over from losing a lot of blood. With the injuries he had sustained the night before along with these new ones, his body felt like nothing but a long noodle. Deucalion’s eyes slowly rolled back to his head as his body fell down to its knees. His hands hit the ground as he tried to keep himself up, but his body is too weak to almost even do that. As he laid there on the ground, the moon shined over his head, creating a large light. The light created from the moon created shadows of people, if they walked by. And it is at that moment; Deucalion hears the sounds of someone walking closer to his direction. ( Deucalion slowly raised his head to face whoever was walking towards him. His eyes started at the legs, they are large and muscular. It rivaled the size of the man he fought the night before…this guy…is huge. Then his eyes widened at the sight of this man. His skin is muscular; his muscles have muscles on top of muscles. There is a large black tattoo or scar maybe going up from this man’s right arm and chest, all the way up to the right portion of his face. He has short white spiked hair and eyebrows. But the whiteness wasn’t because of age as he looked like he is in his mid to late 20’s. And his eyes…his eyes have no pupils; just an empty whiteness. But what stands out most about this man isn’t what he has; it’s what he doesn’t have. As the image of the man came clear to him, Deucalion saw two large golden objects hanging from his shoulders. Then it hit Deucalion as his vision came clearer, those weren’t two objects…those are his arms! The strange man kneeled down next to Deucalion. The aura this man gave off made Deucalion feel uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that he began to sweat from his forehead. The area around them almost seemed evil and demonic. Then the man began to speak. His voice is very deep and just like his aura, it gives off a very demonic like tone-“It looks like you could use some help…”-Deucalion’s body was motionless, almost like he couldn’t move. The strange man then lifted Deucalion over his shoulder like he was a ragdoll. Deucalion is a 6 foot 4 inch 200 plus pound man, who this stranger just lifted up like he was nothing. The large man then began to walk off away from the concert. Where was he going to take him?-

Guest_Entichi: ~He wasn't sure what to do at this point. He knew the man had his gun aimed directly at her. Was he too late? Did he hesitate too much? He stopped thinking and decided to act. His eyes opened as he turned his head only to find out the man was already walking away, and the girl was on the ground, but she seemed more angry than scared and hurt. He figured going after the man was a waste of time, and it wasn't worth getting in another fight especially in his current state. When the man was gone he watch the woman stand and then look directly at him making the scar on her cheek clearly visable, but she wasn't angry any more she seemed helpless. He found it weird, but he decidedo go "help" her both out of curiousity and for the sake of being civil. He stood up from his kneeling position eyeing the woman the entire time. She slowly walked away from him she didn't seem to be in any rush to get help. His hand losely grabbed onto the hilt of his blade and he crept up behind her. He placed his hand on her shoulder and turned her around to face him. He stared at her directly in the eye trying not to show any sympathy.~ "What the hell was that just now, and don't lie." ~ As he said that his eyes got narrow and his grip around the hilt tightened.~ "Why would he just give you a flesh wound and walk away?"

Who's Had It Worse?Edit

AlessandraSkar: It was bad enough that she caught this fool undressing her with his eyes. Now he was admitting to it! Shira felt both offended and violated, though the last feeling might have been a bit extreme. Her anger boiled within her, starting from her core and spreading out throughout her entire body like a wild fire engulfing a forest. She had no idea what he was talking about when he mentioned being attacked by a Halloween reject nor did she care about him almost getting his ass run over by an eighteen wheeler. Hell, the pig probably deserved it! Shira was practically fuming. If this had been a comical cartoon scene, people would've been walking by with wide eyes wondering why steam was blowing out of her ears. Her hands balled into tight fists on either side of her, the toned muscle built along her arms tensing until she thought she would pull something. The sudden urge to grab this man by the throat and squeeze until his head spontaneously combusted came crashing over her like a tidal wave and the next thing she knew, it was as if the imagery before her had begun to turn red. “Oh, so now you're accusing ME of this terrorist shit breaking out in the city!?” Her voice rose tremendously, drawing attention from a few passing civilians as she jabbed an accusing finger at his nose. It wasn't fire that burned in Shira's sapphire blue eyes. It was......lightning? “For your information, I was nowhere near the fucking explosions! If you knew anything about detective work, you'd probably know that if I was setting up bombs, I'd smell like gun powder and ACID! And for the record, I don't look like this because I was setting up bombs and wrestling guards! I look like this because I was struck by mother fucking LIGHTNING!” On the last word, she felt like she'd had enough of this guy. Her left foot shifted back behind her as her right leg remained in place, bending low at the knee. Her upper body turned sideways in a snapping motion as her left hand lifted and reeled back behind her, her fists nearly white from how hard they'd been clenched. Her teeth gnashed together angrily as her eyes made a big red target dead in the middle of the fake officer's face and with a loud shout, her left fist shot forward. The punch was like a bullet, a high straight lead aimed at the boy's nose that cut through the air at lightning speed. The strength behind it matched how it would feel to be hit by a baseball thrown at 90 mph by a professional pitcher. In other words, if the boy didn't dodge within 0.5 seconds, the flying fist of absolute fury would connect with his nose hard enough to cave the cartilage into his face and more than likely shatter his orbital bone. There would be a pause (after connection) before it would look like an invisible force launched the boy into the air with the sound of a gust of wind exploding from between the two. It would cause the surrounding air to explode outward like a bomb had went off, causing Shira's clothing and hair to blow backwards vigorously as her left arm was stretched forward and her right fist was pulled to her side, ready for another strike.

XxDensukexX: Densuke simply scowled at her, as she threw  insults left and right. Her temeper was rising and it was obvious from her facial expression. Anyone watching would either laugh or get ready for the asswhoping of a life time, more than likely deilivered by her. Densuke tensed up a bit. He didn’t know if this chick was hostile or not. Judging by her story however……she wasn’t the culprit or even connected. Just a chick with bad luck. However Densuke probably took it to far as her body language changed. Densuke was gritting his teeth already in anger, but when he saw her shift, he shifted as well. Shit the girl was fast. The punch she threw was insanely fast…and not even remotely human. Densuke saw the punch but only at the last second was he able to react, as he did not see this level of speed coming. He only barely managed  to turn his head to the right, riding the flowmotion of her punch, only to barely meet the time frame between her movement which would’ve been only exactly one second before impact and avoiding it barely.  After dealing with sparring sessions and a blood hungry assassian, one could argue he’d be “ready for anything” However Densuke would find himself pushed backwards a few feet by just the sheer force of said punch. He’d turn around and then look back at the girl who only looked more ready to fight. “Oh? Oh okay word word.” Densuke shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “You know I don’t even, don’t EVEN hit girls, but oooooooWE!” Densuke paced in a circle before shrugging one last time and looking at her. “I’m bout to bust yo busty assssssssssssss today!” Densuke took a fighting stance similar to wing chun before moving in for a strike. He would enter her personal space, with a sright right handed side fisted jab towards her forehead, at least attempted to anyways. This strike would rock her head, and cuase her crainium to snap back in a painful manner. Weather it hit or miss the combo would continue, as Densuke would then proceed to lean in with his left arm, and throw a short elbow, towards the right side of her neck, which if this attempt was successful would cause sharp breathing, and lesser directional focus. The combo would ensue regardless of impact or not, as Densuke would then shift his hands, and thrust both the blades of his hands (martial arts term for the pinky half of the hand) towards the underside of her jawline, at the tissue that connects it to the neck. With the force he’d put into it, it would lock the muscles of the neck temporailly not even allowing a single scream of pain to utter from her lips (assuming it connects.). This however also doubled as a defensive maneuver, as even if the strike did not connect, Densuke would have both of his arms stretched forward at chin level and the distance between her and him was very close, meaning any inside attacks towards the face of Densuke could be blocked or countered if given proper effort. If the double neck attack landed Densuke would back up a few steps to watch her try to catch her air, resuming his wing chun stance, and spreading his feet apart. Should it miss for some odd reason, Densuke could only brace himself for what was to come, but he had set his pieces up properly for this exchange of combat.

AlessandraSkar: Shira saw the man reluctantly take up a fighting stance. By the time he was done with his trash talking and spinning around in circles as if he couldn't make up his damn mind on a response, she had already pulled her fist back and was in a readied Jeet Kune Do stance. Unfortunately, her first jab had missed him by hardly a millimeter. He had to have been fast as lightning in order to dodge that. This would be interesting. Shira started to weave side to side a bit, her hands revolving around in slow circular motions in front of her as she waited his parrying attack. At last, his right hand took a shot at her forehead. It was a quick motion, but she'd been taught to detect such attacks before they came. Her movement was loose and fluid as her flexible spine bent backwards just in time before she was nearly socked in the cranium, her eyes crossing as she watched the boy's fist fly directly above her face. Eventually her legs followed with the curving backwards motion of her back until she had sprang into a full backflip. Now as the boy attempted to launch his elbow into the side of her neck, she flicked her legs up one at a time. The left leg snapped upward first in an attempt to kick the arm that was attempting to jab her in the neck. This upward kick would come fast as if it connected, would knock the boy's arm upwards and probably throw him off balance from the forceful impact. If he did stumble, Shira's right foot would have snapped upward to follow the left by then, clipping him square in the chin which would more than likely smash his teeth together in his mouth. After which, she would at last complete the backflip, landing in a low crouch with both knees bent and one fist planted on the sidewalk. She launched herself forward from this position, keeping her upper body low as her arms hung out on either side of her. From point A – which was the spot she'd landed on – to point B – which was where the boy stood, she would reach him within a matter of 0.9 seconds which was seen as only a blur of white and gray to a normal human's eyesight. She snapped both arms up in front of her as she seemed to “appear” in front of her opponent, center line, arms meeting as she opened her hands and aimed her palms at his midsection. In less than a second, her palms would connect with his ribcage and if the hit connected, air would burst from the impact and explode from all around them, launching her opponent several feet backwards while shattering his ribcage and possibly causing internal bleeding.

KimiKatsu: Just as the man's hand shot out at her, Z lifted her chin, as if she knew what he was going to do. A soft moan escaped her slightly parted, pouty lip as he squeezed and her knees immediately buckled inwards, pressing against each other lightly. Her panties were still a little damp from the explosion, but this was enough to start getting them wet all over again. Her legs trembled briefly as she listened to him and let her dark lids drift shut slowly, the look of bliss occupying her face. The sound of him pulling his katana from its sheath sent a spike of pleasure through her, only causing the delightful tingling between her tight thighs to intensify. She didn't see any other reason to keep acting like a dumb little snitch, so she allowed her lips to curve into a deviously seductive smirk. "God, you're strong." She bit down on her lower lip softly before speaking again. "You really should have stripped me and forced me down, first. Oooh, or you could have made me get down on my hands and knees. Maybe jam the hilt of that blade of yours into the back of my hip to make me fall over. . ." A shiver traveled up her spine. She could feel her little nipples hardening beneath her shirt. After a moment of just savoring the moment, Z swallowed back a bit of saliva as best as she could. The little bit of trouble she had with swallowing made her gasp out lightly before her eyes slowly opened to stare up into his. “Why was he hurt and not me? Because I wasn’t dumb enough to be so close to a ‘hazardous’ area. Some people need to use their heads. The bomber attacked just a few days ago. Why would he stop there? The concert was set up near his first hit. Why would he try to look for a different place when this one would be the most televised? Use your head, kid.” She’d snap lightly, though behind her words was a blissful tone. Both of her petite hands slowly came up to firmly grab his wrist. She tipped her small chin up to reveal more of her neck to him. “If you keep this up, I might let you pound my tiny, little cunt in that alley over there.” Her smirk seemed to darken as she winked playfully at him. She didn’t seem to care one bit that she could die soon. Z merely seemed preoccupied with the new situation – well. . .the one before her. . .and the one between her smooth thighs.

Damn She's Good.Edit

XxDensukexX: Densuke’s initial strike was indeed dodged. “Ah man…..she’s amazing.” She leaned back in such a sweet fashion. Surely she was something of a physical enhanced training result. Once leaned back she avoided densuke’s initial forehaead, strike and countered his elbow by…flipng?! Her maneuver worked. Densuke was cought off guard with the….long beautiful and thick leg that deflected his arm. The other leg however was the real….”kicker” ;D. The other leg snaped forward, and WHAM. Clocked Densuke square in his chin, cuasing his mouth to slam shut, and a roaring pain to shoot thorugh his head from his chin to the top of his dome.. “Kyh!” Densuke would attempt to grunt. Her flip was complete, and she moved swiftly into another motion. Densuke’s body was in a state of pain. She was moving so quick…yet Densuke didn’t have much of a coutner in mid air….or did he. Densuke could see she was going to finish the combo, and decided to use the only game changer he had. Chi. Densuke had little time to counter and as such acted as fast as he needed to and in less than 5 seconds, Densuke commanded his chi to flood his mid section, which was the obvious intended point of attack provided by her attack motion. Densuke enacted his “Strong Arm Techqiue” (reference wiki) in a more subtle manner, causing his mid section muscles to grow 3x in size and durability. It was this and only this that allowed Densuke to take the blow to said midsection, but with majorly reduced damage. It still hurt a great deal, which only showcased the girls strength, however it was only enough to cuase densuke to plop back down to the ground with a slight hard landing and his muscles to return to normal afterwards. The pain in his newly tingling numbed midesction cuasing his adrenlilne to rush, and his abs to swell but it, would act as a support to allow Densuke to preform his next maneuver. Once landed, Densuke would growl , and whilst she was still recovering from her previous attack attempt, he would quickly move in with a slamming right hook punch to her abdomen (an attempt mind you). This attack was much faster than his previous endouvers, and would happen within mere seconds. Should this hit connect it would drain the air from her lungs and cuase a massive bruise to take place on her stomach. Even if it was to miss however,  Densuke would be as close as he needed to be for his next maneuver. He would slide his foot infront of hers, making their space extremely close, dominating the centerline as basic wing chun principles explain. Densuke would then throw two  left haymakers in rapid succession  at an extremely blurred speed towards the right side of her face. Should theses hits connect, it would send her stumbling over to the near by brick wall, cuasing her to fall against it in dizziness and possible head truma., to which Densuke would then circle her and shrug his shoulders awaiting her next manvouer. He was in no mood to hurt this girl or even fight her but he did want to demonstrate he was not some simple push over. If these hey makers somehow miss at this distance, Densuke would follow up instead with a right straight punch to the center of her chest i.e her sternum, attempting to land the blow right dead center. If this blow manged to connect it would send her back a few feet, as Densuke purposely used the close distance to put some “umph” into this end piece combination (only if the two jabs didn’t connect that is). If all else failed and his attacks were somehow avoided densuke would utterly prepare mentally for what was coming at him next.

AlessandraSkar: Shira filled with triumph when she felt the top of her foot connect with the boy's chin, feeling that her kick had done a great deal in causing his head to snap back. Hearing his grunt of pain made her swell with pride, but she knew not to let it get to her head. At least not until the fight was over and she knew she'd won...if that was the case. This guy was pretty good; definitely a challenge. She made sure to monitor his form and style, that way she could watch for weaknesses and any small detail she could use against him. Just because her hits were connecting didn't mean she was winning the fight. Kaori had taught her that much in several of their spars. In fact, she realized this as her palms slammed hard into his midsection; the desired effect hadn't taken place. Instead, it had felt like she'd palmed a brick wall that was once human flesh. She'd felt the drastic change and it had been more than just the tensing of muscle. It was as if he'd increased the overall hardness of his muscle, but how was that even possible? Shira didn't wait for him to get back up once he was launched backwards by her last attack, her right leg which was always planted in front of her pushing her back a few feet as she awaited his parry. She positioned her hands back out in front of her, weaving side to side once again as they began to revolve in vertical circular motions before her. It wasn't long before another attack came, this time a right hook aimed at her midsection. Her right foot slid back as she turned sideways just in time to just barely get clear of the boy's flying fist of fury. She could feel the wind of the limb passing just an inch away from her stomach and could only imagine how much damage that would've done. Her sapphire blue eyes stared down at the arm, eyebrows lifting, arms out on either side of her. Then, just as she was about to plan a parrying attack, he had turned to face her. Now as they stood extremely close to each other, the boy chucked two jabs towards the right side of her face. The speed at which they came was astounding, but not anything Shira hadn't already dealt with. Especially training with someone like Kaori. Her left fist shot straight up instantly, tensing the muscles along the limb so tightly that the first haymaker was simply deflected. Her fingers opened on the second jab as she ducked her head back in case the hit had moved her hand. With both of those moves blocked, the boy then attempted to punch her in the center of her chest with his right fist. And with that, it was time to use his own strength against him. Long ago, when Shira had first begun her training at the age of 6, one of the main skills Kaori had taught her was the ability to slow down the inhuman speed of an attack into visible speed, meaning if someone through a punch at her that travelled quicker than the normal human eye could register, she'd be able to see it coming in almost slow motion. When the boy threw the punch at her chest, she could focus on its speed just enough to make it look like it was coming toward her slower than it truly was, allowing her brain's reaction to act accordingly. As the fist neared her sternum, she sucked it in a bit, at the same time, whipping her body to the right so that it could pass by its designated target. This time, however, instead of just letting him “miss”, her body continued to turn and her right hand reached up with an attempt to grab the man's wrist and use his own momentum plus her brute strength to pull him forward. If she was successful in pulling him forward, her right leg would snap out in front of him and he would have no choice but to trip over it which would, in turn, allow Shira to throw him facefirst into the nearby brick wall. If the motion was successful and he stumbled into the brick wall, her body would have already made a complete 360 turn to face him and she would proceed to launch a series of palm jabs toward the base of his spine in rapid succession until he was practically being drilled into the brick wall (Imagine Neji's 64-palm jutsu lol). The speed plus the momentum of these attacks would be hard enough to leave him momentarily paralyzed without shattering his spine. She didn't exactly want to kill him. Not infront of the whole city, anyway, but a simple lesson would do for now.

XxDensukexX: Densuke’s eyes narrowed at her swift and fluid movements. She was godly in combat. It was amazing to see. Densuke smirked…out of jealously. He was outmatched here…guess he should’ve taken his training more seriously. Densuke threw his right hook towards her chest, but she was on some super duper judo type esque style. She redirected his momentum and cuased Densuke to trip and land face first into the brick wall. Densuke would hit the wall and then grunt in pain. He realized he was getting frustraited…which was the opposite of what he needed to do. Even Danny tough him this. He was so swift in a fight. So calm, and so cool. Densuke wanted that with a passion. As he hit the wall he quickly rolled to his right in sheer reflex. He then came to see she was striking at him but luckily he avoided some massive damage. Densuke steped back and panted for a second only to suddenly stop. He looked at the girl and with focused eyes. He then glanced to the side only to see that the explosion had cuased roaring flames. People were still there.  The evidence was still around..possibly not even being investigaged. But this fight….was no just purely personal. “Alright your good I’ll admit. But I’ve got something to fight for at the moment. It’s that reason why I really can’t loose here. Theres something bigger than you and me going on right now…and It’s in my blood to find out what.”  Densuke took his wing chun stance and then used what chi control he had to pump up his leg muscles and rush his opponent at a blurred speed yet again. If one wasn’t trained it would almost appear as if he’d disappeared from his spot.  He’d rush forward in seconds and then launch a right elbow twords the bridge of the girls nose, with enough force to cuase blood to drip from heer forehead, and give her a massive headache. The combo would continue regardless of connection or not as Densuke would then duck down, and spin to his right, circling her completely and end behind her. Densuke would continue his onslaught by launching another elbow, his left, at the back of her neck, which would cuase her to stumble forward in disorientation and pain in the neck area. If this attack hit or missed, densuke would then launch a rapidly quick spinning forward right roundhouse kick towards her mid section from behind (assuming she hand’t turned around by now, but even if she did he would attempt this) Should this hit connect it would send her slamming back first against a car in the road, cuasing her to lean on it in pain. Densuke (if the hit connected) would then throw his left leg up and attempt to boot kick heer deeper inside of the cars frame however, this was no normal kick. This kick was enfused with the strong arm chi technique which would increase the size of his leg by 3, enhancing the power behind it and would cuase the door frame of the car to sink in slightly. This would have enough force to disorientate her drastically and cuase a weakness in her legs, possibly hindering her standing and motery ovement. If the kick that lead to the previous maneuver didn’t connect, Densuke would recoil for the kick and take his stance again readying for any sort of counter.

I'm Gon Fuck Dat Girl..Edit

Guest_Entichi:~He knew the woman was faking. Her attitude completely changed once she realized that she had no way out. He listen to the woman ramble on about what he should have done and watched her body react to his choking her. He finally noticed that she was enjoying the pain. He then heard her final proposal. At first he was going to let her go and walk away, but the he thought about it and looked at the woman more carefully. He finally put into thought her body more importantly her breasts. Hell he saved a few people, why not get something out of it. He also figured that she might as well pay in the long run, so he was going to take it the way that he wanted to. Suddenly his leg stepped forward and the shoulder of the hand that held her neck also pushed forward causing her small body to fall backwards. He begun to push downward bringing her body slamming to the ground causing an instant thump. He honestly didnt care if she had fallen on her head or not, she had asked for it. He himself only fell to his knee. He kept his grip at her neck using his other hand to spread apart her legs allowing himself to push up against her crotch. A devilish smile formed under his mask.~ "Well since you insist I guess I have no choice, but to accept your offer. However, I see no reason to go into a dark alley." ~His palm gripped tightly onto her small shirt and pulled roughly slowly but effectively ripping her shirt from her very body. Only some of the fabric was left under her he let the rest fall beside her in a tattered mess. Most of her torso was now except for the white laced bra covering her breasts. His free hand grabbed her right breast roughly and squeezed while he pushed his crotch up closer into hers.~

KimiKatsu: Her deep gaze focused on him as she watched his eyes get their fill as they roamed her curves. With the sudden push back, her small hands tightened around his wrist. The impact from hitting the hard concrete road made her gasp out. Though she felt quite a bit of pain from the slam and was left momentarily breathless, she still seemed to be enjoying herself. A light, delighted moan escaped her small form as he pressed her against the ground further. She didn’t even seem to feel the growing pain at the back of her head from her collision with the ground. She allowed the man to hover over her and spread her legs with his hips to rest his growing bulge against her warm, little mound. Her dark lids slowly closed as he spoke to her, his voice husky with a dangerous sounding desire. She could almost hear the smirk that occupied his lips beneath that little mask he used to cover the lower half of his face. Z lightly bit down on the inside of the right corner of her lower lip as she let the idea of fucking in the middle of a street soak in. The idea of ‘here and now’ for a little fun had her aching desire to fuck raging hard. When his hand palmed at her breast, she sucked in a shaky breath and tipped her head back a little. She felt his fingertips beginning to dig into her through her thin shirt just before he began to firmly pull back. A light ripping noise could be heard as the seams of her shirt began to separate. Her shirt tore easily, but messily, from her body the more he pulled and she could feel some of the fabric under her being roughly pulled up against her back until, finally, he dropped the bit of fabric in his hand beside her vulnerable body. She could still feel a bit of her shirt beneath her as the cool, outside air caressed her smooth, pale skin. The lacey, white bra she wore cupped her 48C breasts perfectly. It looked like one of those expensive name brand bras like the ones from the vintage ‘Victoria’s Secret’ magazines that were hard to get ahold of. Z slowly began to relax her body until she felt his big, strong hand tightly grope her right breast. Her dark lashes parted and her eye lids opened a bit, giving her the ‘half lidded’ look as she looked up at him. A gentle whimper rolled out of her slightly parted lips as he squeezed and pressed his bulge against her simultaneously. Her inner thighs pressed to his sides, squeezing him in return as she lightly rolled her hips up, then back down to rub her damp panties against his rough pants. Her hands slowly began to release his wrists before falling to lay – palm up and fingers curled in towards her palm, but relaxed – on either side of her head. Any people that walked their way would pause for a moment, squinting their eyes to see if what they were seeing in the middle of the street was actually happening or just a side effect to being in shock. When they realized that the intimately rough scene was real, they’d turn away to avoid awkwardly walking past them or interrupting.

Guest_Entichi: ~Ryuu wasn't exactly sure what he was doing and why, but it was happening and he wasn't going to back out now. He completely ignored the bystanders who probably thought he and the girl were crazy. The feeling of her rubbing against him caused a light blush that was easily hidden beneath his mask. He had never done something like this in public, hell this was his second time doing anything like this at all. He was just acting out the heat of the moment and so far he had no regrets. He removed his hand from her plump breast causing it to bounce slightly from being released. His hand slowly traced down her chest then stomach as if trying to savor the moment. Once his hands reached her thin and slightly damp panties his thumb pressed against her sensitive flesh from the outside causing her panties to become slightly more wet. His thumb went in a vertical back to back motion while pushing against her mound. He suddenly snapped into it realizing that he had no time for foreplay. He quicky unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick tube of hard flesh. He roughly pushed aside her panties ripping them enough to reveal her soaked cleanly shaven cunt. His body was being conpletely being controlled now by his lustful thoughts. He held a firm grip onto himself and rubbed the tip against her before roughly ramming himself into her tight hole. The feeling was enough to cause a grunting sound to escape his mouth. He took no time in beginning his thrusting motion causing her body to jaggedly move upward with each one. It wasnt exactly like last time. This time he was in control and it felt amazing. That thought alone almost caused him to ejaculate.~

KimiKatsu: The moment her released her luscious breast and began to press his thumb down just above her highly sensitive clit, she let out a gentle, little squeak. Foreplay in the middle of the street? That was extremely new for her, and she highly approved. Her thighs shook subtly and her lower lip trembled as she held back a blissful sigh. The foreplay didn’t last long, however. He must’ve gotten impatient, because his pants were already being unfastened and her soaked panties were already being pushed aside for access. Z lifted her head as best as she could while his other hand still gripped at her neck. One of the things that really go her off was being able to see the act of a man shoving himself into her. It was like lighting the fuse to boxes of TNT. As his thick, hard cock head stroked her smooth, freshly shaven cunt, it became soaked in her juices, making it slip and slide around a bit before he rammed his hips forward. Because of how small she already was and how tight she always seemed to be, the first rough thrust only allowed the head of his cock access. The rest seemed unable to fit. Z gasped out, feeling the sting of his thick shaft beginning to stretch her. Along with that sting came a dose of pleasure that seemed to melt it away. Her muscles tensed and she gritted her teeth a little as his hips pulled back, then rammed forward again. Each time he did this, he sunk into her more and more until his thick, hard cock was buried to the hilt inside of her. She moaned out, tipping her head back briefly, then looked back up at him. She could feel his rough thrusts pushing her across the pavement. Her perky breasts bounced against every thrust he dealt out. The more he pounded her sweet, little mound, the more the fabric beneath her started to roll and fold up, leaving her smooth back bare and vulnerable as it started to scrape against the hard, hot ground. “Oh fuck~!” She moaned out as she brought her left arm up to wrap around him. Her opposite hand moved up to her mouth, which was moist with a bit of saliva and glistened softly. Her small tongue slowly slipped from her mouth to wrap around her pointer finger near the tip, coating it in saliva before doing the same to her thumb. With both fingers slick with her saliva, Z brought her hand back down to her right breast. As she began to roughly roll her hips up into him, intercepting his thrusts in an animalistic and rough rhythm, she pinched her little pink nipple between both slippery fingers and started to pinch and roll it between them lightly, causing it to harden slowly.

Guest_Entichi: ~The girl's moans pleased Ryuu in a way that he couldnt exactly explain. He let out a grunt everytime their bodies popped into each other. It sent a shockwave through is body and most likely through hers as well. The feeling of her tight cunt wrapping and squeezing onto him was enough to keep him going.He knew that she wasn't going anywhere so he decided to free her neck. All his shirt was doing was holding him back from fucking her as hard as possible. He quickly removed his shirt tossing it aside. Ironically he treated his clothes alot better than hers. His right hand traced across to her shoulder and his other doing the same to her opposite shoulder. His hands gripped tightly bracing them to each other. Each time he as about to thrust in his hands pushed her body down onto him probably scratching her back against the hard rugged concrete scratching up her back, but she didnt seem to mind being hurt before so he completely forgot about being sympathetic. His rhythm changed from a slow anamilistic pace to a hard and quick pace that increased with each thrust. He could feel himself about to give in but he held it back not wanting it to end just yet. His breathing was how short and sharp.~ "F-fuck" ~Not only was he acting differently he was also speaking differently. Under no other circumstances would he speak in such a way but for some reason he didnt care. The grip his hands had on her shoulders tightened immensely. If he squeezed any harder he's probably break her collarbones. He quickly leaned over and placed his mouth on her neck biting and sucking hard enough to leave a mark. It was a matter of time before he blew up.~ 

KimiKatsu: Her entire body was exploding with tingly pleasure as he pounded her soft, wet cunt. Her eyes were closed tightly as she felt him throbbing wildly inside her. She tensed her lower muscles so they’d squeeze his cock briefly, then she released slowly. Her fingers pinched and tugged at her hardened nipple continuously until he released her throat from his tight grasp. Air flooded to her lungs, giving her a feeling that was close to ecstasy. Though her neck ached from the grip he had on her – and light bruising was slowly becoming visible – she still whimpered and moaned, enjoying the rough fucking she was receiving. Had she expected to get fucked in the middle of the street in such a manner, she would have brought along her favorite toys - a 12 inch, light blue gel dildo being one of them. She wasn’t quite sure when he put his hands on her shoulders, but she became aware of it when he started pulling her into his savage thrusting. She slipped her left hand up into his hair and gripped a handful tightly while she went from rolling her hips to swirling them counter clockwise. It was timed perfectly so that every time a rotation was completed, their hips would smack into each other hard. Her entire body was bouncing as this went on. When her right hand finally left her erect, little nipple alone, it darted straight down her abdomen to her aching mound. Her pointer and middle fingers pressed down on her throbbing clit as best as she could with all of the movement and she began to vigorously rub her little clit from left to right. The young woman’s back arched, causing her shoulder blades to press against the pavement harder. This, along with him pushing her forwards against the road, focused the scraping to her shoulder blades and upper back.

Guest_Entichi: ~Ryuu was completely lost in his actions with the female until the thought dawned on him. What the hell was he doing. The girl pretty much gave away who she was, and he was fucking her. Although he had to admit he had no regrets. While countinued to push himself in and out of the woman. He played the scene into his head again. She said it had been the large man who had done the bombing, but he was hurt and she was not. That was suspicious enough, but she was also yelling and screaming only turning pathetic when she saw him staring. Someone who was actually hurt and sad about her boyfriend being a serial bomber wouldn't be letting a stranger fuck her out in the open. He wasnt an idiot he knew what she'd done. He decided to handle her as soon as he was done with his current buisness. He snapped out of his thinking and continued as if nothing was wrong. His hands left her shoulders and snapped against her curvy hips following her circular motion. His mouth moved from her neck and pressed against her lips while he inhaled deeply. His tongue pierced her lips sliding onto her tounge and moving rougly. Mixing their saliva in a twirl of lust. Right in the middle of his next thrust they were interrupted by an innocent bystander.~ "What the fuck are you two doing?~ Did you not see the explo-" ~ Ryuu didnt stop fucking her to respond to him, instead he removed his hand from her hip and in a quick motion grabbed his pistol from the left holster aiming it in the direction of the man. The stranger immediately shut up and backed away slowly. Ryuu placed his gun back and wrapped both of his arms around her and lifted her bringing himself to his knees now pushing her body upward with each thrust causing her breasts to bounce and rub against him.~

KimiKatsu: Z didn’t even seem to notice the random guy that walked up on them. She was too busy lost in the bliss, but when she felt his big, strong hand leave the curve of her hip, her eye lids opened just enough for her to peek out at him while she suckled roughly on his big, warm tongue. She spotted the gun in his hand and realized that he was pointing it at the man. A spark of excitement rose in her and as soon as the man put his weapon back and wrapped his arms around her, her own arms did the same to keep herself pressed to him as he lifted her so he could fuck her while standing on his knees. While he continued to thrust up into her, Z began to grind her pelvis down on him. This caused her sensitive, little clit to press against his pubic bone as it was rubbed against him. Her legs trembled further as she kept them tightly wrapped around him. She didn’t normally do the whole passionate kiss during sex thing, but right now she just wanted something for her mouth to do. So much moaning was making her feel weak. Z bit down on his lower lip and tugged back on it before releasing it to drag her tongue across it. Her breasts bounced quite wildly before she slammed herself down on him and held herself there. Pain filled her body from the head of his cock piercing her cervix, but she only viewed it as more arousing than painful. Without wasting another second, Z brought her hands down to his chest and shoved violently. If he allowed her to push him back this rough, or at all, she’d lean forward, keeping her hands on his chest and very slowly lifted her ass up while keeping her knees on the ground on either side of his hips. She moaned softly as all of him slipped out of her. Her little cunt was dripping wet as she reached between her legs with her right hand, catching some of the viscous droplets. Her petite hand took ahold of his thick shaft and gripped very tightly as she began to move her hand in a jerking motion up and down on his cock, keeping her fingers tightly wrapped around him. She only did this for minute or two before scooting herself up enough for her to press his cock head to her tiny ass hole. As she sat back a bit more, the head of his cock would start to push up into her. Her juices acted as a lubricant, making it easier for him to slip in than it would have if he would have gone in dry. Without even the slightest pause, Z dropped herself the rest of the way on him. She hissed in pain, but her face turned a dark shade of red as he violently stretched her little ass hole. She tipped her head back, flipping her long, bright red hair out of her face, then looked back down at him as she placed her left hand over her slick mound and began to pinch and roll her clit between her pointer finger and thumb for a moment while the other hand reached back to grab his thigh. She held onto him so tight that her nails would start to dig into him as she brought herself up and slammed herself back down on him relentlessly.

Sexiest Gesture Ever.Edit

AlessandraSkar: “Shit!” Shira hissed loudly as the boy rolled across the wall, leaving her no choice but to palm the bricks with all the strength she'd used to attempt to paralyze him. The spots on the bricks her palms met crumpled inward, denting as easily as fiber, meaning it'd been the boy's spine, the results would've been pretty nasty. She snapped back, knowing that another attack was probably coming, but instead her opponent paused ever so briefly. Something else grabbed his attention for a second and when her sapphire blue eyes followed his gaze, she saw in the distance, flames roaring and rolling up from where the explosion took place. Her eyes narrowed at the gruesome scene, wondering how in the hell someone could've thought that she of all people could've been the cause of that. It angered her. She may have looked like she was up to no good, but that sure as hell wasn't the case. She turned her head back around to look at him as he spoke, listening intently until her brows began to furrow. “You think you're the only one who's concerned about all this?” Her voice rose at him once again and not even a second later, he lunged at her with such incredible speed that he looked to be nothing but a blur. Before she knew what was happening, she felt a sharp elbow slam into the bridge of her nose, unaware of how serious it was until she felt something warm trickling from the impact point. Her head snapped back as she grunted loudly in pain, stumbling backwards a bit as her arms lifted up in front of her. By the time she at least halfway regained her bearings, the boy was behind her and she didn't even see him move. Before she could even turn around, another elbow practically exploded against the back of her neck, causing her to now stumble forward. She felt dizzy from the rapid attacks to the head and neck area, but knew that she couldn't let it overtake her. She couldn't lose this fight. Nor could she live with the sense of failure she'd get from being defeated by some perverted punk pretending to be a KPD officer. Kaori would be disappointed to hear a thing like that. If she was going to go back home covered in blood, it would be HIS. Just as she shook the dizziness away partially, the boy's heel plunged into her flattened stomach, sending her flying backwards like she'd been launched out of a cannon. Her arms and legs floated up in front of her involuntarily as she sailed for what felt like miles, at last crashing into the side of a car. The combination of her weight and the speed at which she'd struck the car caused it to slide sideways into oncoming traffic, but with Shira's eyes tightly shut from the pain, she didn't see that a car driving at nearly 70 miles an hour had to slam on breaks to avoid running head-on into the back of the sliding car. The ear-piercing shriek of the tires of concrete seemed to shake Shira awake, the pain throbbing through her spine alerting her of the level of seriousness this situation had just escalated to. Her eyes shot open, blazing with anger as she then saw that the boy was coming toward her with another kick. She knew exactly what would happen if she allowed the second kick to even come near her, and with her feet already planted into the concrete, she lifted her hands up behind her, squatted slightly and jetted upward, flipping herself backwards and upward onto the roof of the car just in time before she was nearly crushed into it. The flip itself was painful on her now aching back, causing her to wince and grunt as she now stood in a crouched position on the roof of the car. With how hard and fast the boy had initiated the kick, it was no surprise when the car door dented inward on impact, causing her eyebrows to lift slightly. Something was different about this kid...something about his strength to be precise. Could this have been what Kaori was trying to tell her about for so long? Still crouched on the roof of the car, Shira's sapphire blue eyes slanted sideways in time to see an eighteen wheeler rolling quickly down the road. She focused her attention back on her opponent and raised her right hand slowly, making a rather taunting “come here” gesture with her index finger. “You plan on fighting a force that's bigger than you and me with the moves you're using right now? Ha! Is that REALLY all you got up your little sleeves, pig boy? Come on. I know you can do better than that.” Her lips pulled up into a devious smirk as her chest moved up and down with heavy breaths, continuing to make that “come here” gesture with her index finger.

Still fucking dat GirlEdit

Guest_Entichi: ~He moaned feeling himself poking at her cervix. He suddenly let out a large huff feeling his chest forcefully flying backwards. He winced and grunted in pain as his back slammed against the hard pavement. At first he grabbed the handle of the cold steel strapped to his leg thinking she was trying to hurt him. but then he looked at her face realizing she was still lost in the ecstacy of the moment. His hand let go of the hand and latched itsself back onto her waist. As she lifted her elf from him her tights cunt slipped right off of his hard cock causing him to let out a slight moan. He eas slightly upset that they were finished until he felt her hand strap around his cock and start stroking it. Instead of moaning he forced himself to breathe from his nose. He hand movements cause a drop of pre-cum to leak from his tip. He layed his head back letting her do the work until he fult the tip of his cock pushing against something. He lifted his head quickly and as soon as he could see what she was up too a shock was sent through his body as he felt an extremely tight squeeze against his cock. His eyes immediately shut and all of his muscles flexed at the same time trying to hold in any noise that could possibly be made. That was the last thing he expected her to do. He sucked it up and started to move in and out of her slowly. He asshole was much tighter that her cunt and it felt much better. His hands moved up to cup her breasts stopping them from bouncing up and down while he pushed himself into her. He squeezed them lightly as the index finger and thumb of each hand pinched down on her nipples and pulling. As she played with her throbbing clit her juices dripped down onto his crotch. His back arched upward lifting her body slightly into the air. After each breathe his chest hammered back down onto itsself only causing his breathe to be short. His speed increased with every thrust stretching her little hole more and more causing the thrusts to become more animalistic than rhythmic. Their bodies making a popping noise when hitting each other that even cut through the sound of people around them.~

Going Hard as Hell.Edit

XxDensukexX: Densuke would watch as his attacks hit in succession, but she sheemed just as ready as ever. She avoided the last blow, only to have near death encounter with a car accident. This was not Densukes intention but for some reason he could almost feel himself growing…which was odd. However the matter at hand was certain. He could see a very worth opponent infront of him and at this point, he was sure they were both aware of one thing and one thing only: Someone had to be the winner of this fight. He observed her movements and smirked at her gesture. My god she’s looking mighty fine with that expression her face. Densuke laughed and shook his head at her. “You know what if things were different you’d be a kick ass homegirl.. Ah well. Shit HAPPENS!” Densuke’s adrenaline was pumping…along with a  throbbing pain in his abdomen and and forehead. Densuke would attempt to cross his right arm over his body, and then swipe it back towards the females legs. If this was sucsessful it would sweep her balance right from underneath her and cuase her to fall to her right side and land on the car with a painful “THUD” Denting the hood a bit. Densuke would then utilize his strong arm technique once more however, it was getting harder to do. This time however he would start sweating a good bit. He was pushing his limits…but he knew he had to and his competitive nature just wouldn’t let him stop. Densuke would grip the car with his 3x enhanced muscles while having his adrenaline pump through his muscles. Even regular human beings when in a state of sheer panic and lift a car to save a friend in need.  Densuke would lfit the car, with her on it, and flood his body with chi, and then “FWOOM!” Densuke would flip the car a few feet into the road. Densuke however was counting on her to jump either way however….if she jumped forward after densuke flipped the car (in his direction) Densuke would side step to the left if she decided to come down in his direction and then boot kick her in her mid section once again and send her flying into the brick wall, possibly weakening her even further. The kick would not only rock her ribs n possibly crack a rib, but the force against the wall might do some further crainial damage. If she went backwards and chose to go into the road, Densuke would take his guard back up and pant slightly heavily. His will was the only thing keeping his momentum and reflexes up. But his body was in pain…and he was hurting pretty bad.

Bout time finished.Edit

KimiKatsu: As his arms came up to wrap around her yet again, she started to fall back on her own, only aiding him as he sat up and pulled himself out from under her while simultaneously pulling his hard cock from her sore ass hole. As she hit the ground again, she let out a soft groan and gritted her teeth. Her back, mostly her shoulders, was raw, scraped up, and sore from the pavement. The way he lifted her legs to rest them against his shoulders before he leaned in close had her lower body tipped just enough for her juices to start leaking down her abdomen to pool up near and in her belly button a little. Her deep eyes rolled into the back of her head as she pulled her hand from her soaking wet pussy and brought her wet fingers to her lips. She pressed her pointer finger past her slightly parted lips and began to lick and suck the juices from it. She did the same to her middle and index fingers, as well, occasionally stopping to moan out to him and pant heavily. Her walls tightened around him as she felt his hand come down on her tight ass cheek. She let out a blissful sigh and slipped the three wet fingers into her mouth to suck on them hard as she felt her orgasm spring up out of nowhere. Her warm cum spurted lightly from her, spattering onto his lower abdomen a bit, but it wasn’t enough to really make a mess. . .well. . more of a mess than there already was. Z was screaming out in pleasure. “Ahhh! Fill my sweet little ass with your cum! Do it, you fucking pig!” She shouted as she put her arms up over her head and clawed at the pavement a little. Her eyes were shut tightly and her toes were curled as he pounded her like a wild, horny beast. Her breasts bounced with the rest of her body as he fucked her. When he leaned down and started to suck and bite at her neck, she turned her head away from him, offering more of her sensitive flesh to him. As her breasts bounced, her hard nipples rubbed against his chest, only giving her more pleasure.

Guest_Entichi: ~Her words only fueled him to go in harder. When she called him a pig without thinking his hand cocked back and sung at her face as best as he could. He could feel it approaching he went even faster until suddenly his body tightened up and his hard cock twitched inside of her. His thick hot cum exploded all over her walls and deep into her. He kept going in and out for a while after getting off. It then snapped in his mind what he had originally set out to do. After all of that he had forgot who she was. He realized that he had been successfully seduced. He was not going to let her live after that. He leaned in closer to her as if he was tired and pressed his lips against hers. While he did this he wiftly took ahold of the cold piece of metal attached to his right leg. He had it firmly in hand. He continued to push into her slowly. He lifted his head slightly allowing him to speak while still breathing hard.~ "That...was alot...better than I expected. It's such ashame....that you revealled your...true nature. Whores like you alive." ~ As he finished speaking he leaned back pulling himself out of her and at the same time popped the band holding his pistol in place and drew it quickly aiming it straight for her head within the same second. He looked right throught the sights seeing each eye on either side.~ "Die bitch." ~ His finger squeezed the trigger three times in rapind succession fire three bullets point blank at her. The sound of the bullets leaving the chamber sent multiple cracking sounds echoing through the entire place causing some bystanders to turn away and others to scream out in surprise. If all went according to plan The three bullets would swiftly pierce her skull leaving 3 perfect circles into her face. This would be more than enough to end her life instantly. He would then fall backwards to the ground from exhaustion leaving her limp legs to fall to the ground with a pool of her juices pooled at her crotch.~

Clashing Pride and Words of WisdomEdit

AlessandraSkar: Shira narrowed her eyes as the boy shook his head with laughter, her own head tilting ever so slightly as she wondered just what could've been so humorous about this situation. However, her smirk remained as he spoke. Her goal was to taunt him and get him ferociously angry so his moves would become more nonsensical, that way she could somehow out think him and use that to her advantage. However, she noticed that this guy was different in combat than the guy she'd first run into who only cared about tits and good acting. He was using both brains and brawns at the same time like she was, making him more of a challenge than she initially judged him to be. That was good. She enjoyed a good challenge every once in a while. At the end of his dialogue, she was able to quickly register the way his right arm snapped to his chest, instinctively knowing that something was coming next to catch her off guard. But once his arm swept out toward her legs, seeing as though she was already crouched downward, it was somewhat easy for her to just slightly leap upwards enough so that his arm would whoosh right beneath her feet. A second later, her bare heels came slamming back down on the fiber glass surface with a metallic thump, once again landing in that crouched stance as she waited for his next move. However, she was not prepared for what came next. Her sapphire blue eyes widened slightly as she watched his hands grip the side of the car, so hard perhaps that his fingers forcibly bit into the metal. 'Oh shit...' Was all she could think before the entire car was suddenly lifted off the pavement and hurled out toward the street. Between the time that it took to grip the car and then flip it over into the road was enough time for Shira to bounce her ass off and avoid flying straight into traffic, but that wasn't her immediate response. Instead, her entire body went into shock as her hands gripped the door frame beneath her and the wind whipped her loose platinum locks forward into her face. For a moment, it seemed like all the sounds around her momentarily dulled in her ears to the point where all she could hear was the pounding of her own heartbeat. All she could see was the boy drifting farther and farther away from her in slow motion before her eyes slowly drifted shut. 'You mustn't allow a single attack to catch you off guard nor elicit fear or intimidation. Why? It's simple. You'll mess around and get fucked up the ass by some Chi-using cunt!” Kaori's authoritative voice echoed from somewhere deep within her mind, causing her eyes to snap back open, once again blazing with anger. She wasn't even aware that she was just seconds away from being sandwiched between the thrown car and the oncoming eighteen wheeler that was now honking its horn loudly. “Your strength....does not....FRIGHTEN ME!” She pushed off on her bare feet and launched herself upward into the air. With her legs having been bent the whole time, she was able to get as high as ten feet into the air added with the distance between the ground and the top of the car. She wasn't aware that she could jump this high, so when she managed to pull it off, it was as much of a shock to her as the boy throwing a heavy ass car. The wind whipped her hair up and away from her face, revealing how her features were now twisting into a feral snarl. She was practically flying back across the street where she'd came, but not straight toward her opponent. Her right leg was bent in front of her while her left leg was extended behind her, her upper body twisting to the left as she drew her fist back. All the way back. She wasn't aiming to land directly on top of her opponent, because she knew he probably had something waiting for her. No. She was going to land elsewhere. “THIS.....ENDS......NOW!” Not even a second after the last word burst from her mouth, she struck the ground directly in front of her opponent fist-first. The sheer strength behind the punch created a tidal wave of invisible force to burst outward like an atomic bomb explosion and would send everything within fifty feet of the impact point flying in all directions. This included her opponent if he didn't find some way to NOT go flying. However, if he did get launched backwards by the sudden blast of force, Shira would proceed to push herself forward using the soles of her feet and take off like a rocket straight towards him while he was still flying backwards. Quite literally appearing before him after having traveled so quickly through the distance between them, she would thrust her right hand forward and drive her palm directly into his chest with enough force to knock the wind right out of him. After which, her feet would connect with the pavement, allowing her to push forward once more and drive the elbow on that same arm into the side of his jaw hard enough to knock his head sideways. If this connected and his head was still to be turned, she would stomp her left heel down onto the front of his right foot and spin with a hard heel kick to the temple. If this connected, he'd be knocked sideways and the severe trauma to the head would cause him to stagger tremendously or fall to the pavement. Either way, she performed yet another spin kick, this time at blurring speed, aiming the back of her heel at the back of his skull. If this attack connected, he'd more than likely go flying forward into the street based on the brute speed and strength at which he'd been kicked, probably landing facefirst on the ground if he didn't catch himself. “We fight for something bigger!” She shouted as her extended foot slammed back down into the pavement hard enough to create branching cracks on the spot. She pushed off from that same foot, though using this rapid speed was now beginning to take a toll on her. Her rush of adrenaline was making her slightly unaware of the strain she was putting on her body. “We fight to gain power and strength! To get stronger!” Her voice roared once again as she flashed up to her opponent once again, once again pulling her left fist as far back as she could. “But if we aren't fighting for justice and to stop the evil that's happening all around us, what do we fight for THEN!” After the last word, she released a loud shout and swung her fist at the boy as hard as she possibly could. At any point that her fist connected with him (unless he dodged or blocked), the immaculate strength behind this punch would send him flying over fifty feet and he would most likely land in oncoming traffic. If he was punched in the face, his nose would be caved into his face and his orbital bone would shatter around his eye sockets. The head trauma would more than likely knock him unconscious and there would be a tremendous amount of blood spurting from his face. If the punch were to connect with his chest, his sternum would be cracked while the wind would be knocked clean out of him, which would either leave him in a state of shock or cause him to pass out. The same would go if the punch were to hit him in the stomach, which would shatter a rib or two and knock his breath out. Either way, if he was hit, he would go sailing through the air like a football. It was not in Shira's initial intentions to kill this boy or put him in grave danger, but by now, she was blinded by rage. Blinded by the urge to win this fight and prove herself worthy no matter what the cost.

XxDensukexX:Densuke figured she’d dodge the Initial bait, but he won’t lie he was pretty damned proud of himself for pulling off that damn car flipping maneuver like that. He honestly didn’t know he could do that. He’d figured he’d at least won somewhat so he got lax…for a second. Until she saw her hoist herself through the air and leap a long ass distance. Towards him. Densuke’s eyes would widened in shock. He…was not expecting this at all by any means. He was literally in shock. He went to step back but it was to late until he realized. “She’s not aiming for me…” then “BOOM” The gournd beneath Densukes feet erupted as she shouted her anime style attack line, sending Densuke flying backwards down the street and through the air. He was pretty…high up there. What was crazier was that she was on some arial persue type bullshit. The first palm to the chest rocked Densuke, cuasing him to cough his lungs up almost. She air dashed again and then landed a hit square on his jaw line, that cuased his body to spin in mid air. Desuke had already begun seeing a few spots but the assault did not stop there. She’d jumped again and landed one more solid kick to his temple and sent Densuke flying back down to the ground. Densuke could feel the pain. His adrenaline fading. His conscious…if he even had one left. He knelt down on the street  end with blood running from his lips…his read running the liqud down his clothing..”heh….heh heh…I fucking suck.” Densuke would utter as she came in with a spin kick so ferocious. Densuke could barely see it but he’d managed to simply  let his body flop, just quick enough to weave it. Densuke would utter once more…”I fucking….suck…..but..” Densuke would stubmle a few feet backwards, and the small rubble sourounding his person would quickly be shot outward by the force of Densuke’s rising chi. He then  spread his legs and leaned forward, eyeing the girl though the cracks of his hair. She was shouting words…inspiring words. Words…that not many people seem to say now adays. Densuke  felt a surge of power all of a sudden deep from within. As if her words inspired her. “yes….” Densuke utterd as the weight of his gathering chi began to swell. He’d never felt this power before in his life! As if some dormant power has finally decied to surface itself. As she said her last line Densuke screamed “YEEEEESSSS! YOU SPEAK TRUTH!! NOW FIGHT MEEEEEE!! NYAHHHHH!!!!” Densuke knew just what to do in this last instance. He pushed every bit of chi he had into his leg and right arm, only to increase his hitting power for this one last instant. He could feel the strain on his tendons and muscles. As if they were tearing. But he didn’t care. Densuke had rose as she charged him and retaliated to her punch, by meeting it head on with his own chi enhanced fist. His arm 3x it’s own size, and as solid as steel in a metaphorical sense. Densuke clashed with her fist, and A large shockwave ensued from the meeting of said two fist. Densuke actually had to input his entire being of chi and physical prowess to match her input as she was in the dominat conditioning at the moment, as such he would be able to pull out this last ditch effort meeting her force head on. The shockwave (if agreed on cuase it’s like so fucking cool right now xD) would send the surrounding  cars scooting away, and even sink the pavement beneath the area of impact a signifigant deal. After Densuke met her fist however his serious look would turn into a smile…a faded faded smile. And he would utter gooflily “You should…..fight me again sometime…..boobie lady.” Densuke would then simply fall forward face first and lay there in a pool of his own blood leaking. Though he was not dead, he could slowly feel his need…to sleep. Just sleep. He was exhausted beyond probable beilf and in some much pain he just could not find the strength to even look at her. If she could see his face still she’d see he was smiling while laying in the face of what should be imminant death. And Yet…he was still breathing. Just fading back to the blackness he’d experienced the night before is all.

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