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Morning BloodEdit

Sezomaru: Eleven in the morning… A slow morning after the beginning of this crazy lockdown. Ginsei rose from the couch that he slept on in the warehouse he currently lived in. He had already showered earlier that morning though with nothing to do he had just laid back down for a few hours. He reached back to the back of his head, tightening his ponytail before shaking his head, causing it to sway back and forth. He had just slid Yuuyaiba which was in it’s sheath through his belt loop, tying the rope to the save belt loop to keep it tightly secured. He grabbed the black jacket that he was going to wear, glancing down at the white shirt, black jeans, and black boots that he was also wearing. “Guess I might as well find something to do…” Just as he was about to slide his jacket on the door to the warehouse burst open, a few men carrying swords on their hips and backs came walking in. Ginsei stared them down, his face blank as they took notice of him. They noticed Yuuyaiba on his hip which caused them to react in the typical manner of placing their hands onto the hilts of their own swords and weapons. Ginsei released a sigh before placing his left hand onto the base of Yuuyaiba’s sheath. He bent his left thumb, pressing the tip against the guard of Yuuyaiba. He watched the men, waiting for their movements and as if being mirrored, they did the same. Moments passed, silence filling the warehouse as the intense stare down lingered between the men. Suddenly one of the men standing towards the middle of the group spoke. “Who are you swordsman? Are you one of us?” Ginsei thought back to that broadcast with the guy speaking of KasaiHana being on lockdown and the supposed “hired help” that had been sent out into the city. He figured that these men were part of the hired help. Ginsei hadn’t fought anyone since he had left the monkey bleeding out on the street and he figured if there were swordsmen roaming the streets, he’d end up having to cause a lot of bloodshed anyways. He stayed silent, simply pushing his left thumb forward, straightening it out which caused Yuuyaiba to unlock from it’s sheath, leaving it’s holding place to reveal the base of it’s blade protruding from the sheath. Ginsei reached over with his right hand, taking hold of the hilt, slowly pulling the blade from it’s sheath, a metallic grinding sound ringing out throughout the empty warehouse. The men quickly drew their weapons, standing at the ready as Ginsei slashed through the air with Yuuyaiba before lowering it to his side. He stared at the men through the bangs that were hanging over his face. The men took him drawing his blade as a challenge and charged him which he gladly responded to by waiting for them to fully advance on him. ( The approached him at full speed, the first one to reach him had his blade raised, ready to slash at him but Ginsei was in full killer mode. Before the guy had a chance to swing his vertical slash Ginsei sent a swift horizontal slash into the man’s torso, dragging his blade from the right hip to the left shoulder, blood splattering past Ginsei as the man fell. He rushed forward, sliding past a stab attack though it cut into his left cheek which he ignored, quickly sending his blade piercing through the stomach of the one who had attempted to impale him. He ripped his blade to the right, tearing it from the guy’s stomach, sending blood spraying into the eyes of his next victim. The next one destined to fall took a huge splatter of blood to his eyes which was his undoing. Ginsei swung his blade viciously in a horizontal motion to the ride, sending his blade slicing through the now blinded man’s neck, severing his head. Ginsei twirled to the left, an upwards vertical slash cutting the air where he had once been. He turned on the new attacker, raising his right hand, gripping Yuuyaiba’s hilt just before bringing the blade down in a horrific vertical slash, ripping through the left side of the man’s torso, splitting his torso open. He quickly reared back and sent a horizontal slash through his stomach, causing him to fall like a lifeless sack of meat. ( Ginsei then jumped forward, spinning in a 180 degrees turn, landing on his feet five feet away from the remaining warriors. Ginsei stared the remaining two left right in the face as blood continued to pool on the warehouse floor. Blood was splattered all over the warehouse and there was only going to be more by the time this fight came to an end. Ginsei raised his left hand, feeling the cut on his left cheek, blood slowly trickling from the wound. The two men charged Ginsei, aiming to get him at the same time, their blades drawn back as if they were going to use their swords like a pair of scissors to cut him in half. Ginsei charged at the men, rearing his blade back yet he leaped high into the air, clear over the men’s head which was easier to do due to the face of their “leaning run” meaning they were leaning forward as they charged, taking away from their full standing/running height. He landed behind them, turning on his heels, sending a vicious horizontal slash through the backs of the two men as they tried to stop their charge. Ginsei grinned as they fell to the ground, groaning from the pain that had slammed into them like a brick wall. They tried to crawl towards the door, gripping onto their swords for dear life. Ginsei walked up behind them, raising his blade, aiming the tip down towards the back of the man on the right. He sent his blade downward, piercing it through the man’s back into his heart, causing him to gasp before falling limp. The other guy screamed, trying to roll away. Ginsei walked up to him as the guy stopped his roll, ending up on his back, hurting from the deep gash going through his back. Ginsei raised his blade, bringing it down like a guillotine, tearing the man’s neck in two. Blood sprayed into the air before beginning to roll down the dead man’s neck. Ginsei wiped his blade off on one of the clean parts of the man’s clothing before sheathing Yuuyaiba. He took a step and realized he had a cut on the outer side of his thigh. He sighed as he walked over to the couch, grabbing his jacket. ( Ginsei slid his arms through his jacket, making his way out of the bloodied warehouse and out onto the street.

Pallas: -A new day dawns over the Second District as the city begins to panic while in this new lockdown that they have been put under. Personally, Duke really didn’t give two shits towards those people and the threats they made. This city has always been put on the edge of extinction and it always seems to come out fine on the other end. Right now, Duke stands on the edge of a small five story building, looking at the City. He could have been at his home safe but something just brought him back to this area. These last few days sure have been interesting for him though. He received practically a whole new life from the person who saved him after the explosion at the concert. And every so often, the thought of that woman he helped pops into his head. But he really didn’t try to think much of it; in his eyes he thought he’d probably never see her again. Duke is wearing his new battle like gear from the thanks of his benefactor. He especially loves the arm guards; they come in handy more than he thought. As he stands on the edge of the building, he receives a call from Tyrone. Tyrone’s voice comes through the other end frantically yelling out-“Duke, Man I need yo help, son! I’m bein chased down the streets of the city cause these people want me dead! I think they are some bullshit wannabe badasses cause I’m outrunning them pretty good but I need yo badassery here to help!”-Duke laughed a bit and said-“Yeah man, I’ll be right there.”-Duke then hung up the phone. And before he could jump off the roof, bullets hit the side of the building and slowly began to rise to where Duke is standing. He quickly rolled to the right as the bullets just missed his body. Duke quickly looked up to see a helicopter coming into his direction. He said to himself-“Well this outta be good.”-The helicopter made its way over to him and he could see a man running a .50 caliber Gatling gun on the side of the helicopter. The pilot then spoke out on his intercom-“Put your hands on your head, now! Or we will shoot!”-The helicopter then began to lower itself down, trying to land on the building. Duke slowly put his hands down by his pants and quickly drew Lust and Envy. His speed was almost a blur as he quickly fired a round from each gun. The bullets flew towards the pilot of the helicopter. They’d almost instantly reach the pilot window and break through it. After they pass the window, the bullets pierce into the brain of the pilot, killing him instantly. And because of the electric and fire rounds that the gun holds, the bullets cause the man’s head to explode like a balloon; sending chunks of his brain all over the front of the helicopter. The helicopter then begins to sway out of control as the run running the .50 cal is having trouble staying balanced. The helicopter began to fall towards Duke and he said to himself-“Not again…”-referring to the night were he shot down an attack chopper and it came crashing right into him. As the helicopter came crashing into the roof of the building, Deucalion leaped towards the helicopter with his arms in front of him. He leaped straight for the run who held onto the .50 cal or dear life.-“RAAHHHHHHHH!!”-He roared out as the two bodies met. Duke’s body made impact with the man’s body and as he crashed into him, he released his bone claws; piercing them into the man’s chest. The force of Duke’s body crashing into his own caused them both to fly out of the other end of the helicopter. The helicopter continued to roll as it fell of the opposite edge of the building and hit the floor. Duke and the soldier on the other hand were falling five stories now. Duke kept his claws into the man’s chest as he used him as a human shield until they hit something below them. After a few seconds of falling, the human shield landed on a trash can with its top down and the impact caused him to spit up blood. Duke landed softly on top of the man as his claws drilled deeper into the human body. Duke then lifted himself up and retracting his claws back into his arm. The human shield slowly died on the top of that trash bin. Duke looked down at him as he jumped off the top of the trash bin and said-“Sorry bub.”-and began to walk off. A few seconds later, the helicopter on the other end of the building explodes with a loud and glass shattering BOOM! Deucalion just kept on walking because cool guys don’t look at explosions. ( As he walked away, he wasn’t really paying much attention to his surroundings and accidently bumps into a man. With his mind still on the situation of anyone can be crazy and attack, Duke Pushes out his claws and gets into his fighting stance with a grunt. His fangs were out as he was reaching a Primal Anger. But then he recognized the man and said-“Gin!?”-as his claws slowly retracted back into his arms. He’d then ask him-“What are you doing here?”-

KimiKatsu: A well-manicured hand came down on the hard, wooden desk top. The loud ‘bang’ from the action ripped Sekushi’s bright gaze from her lit up computer screen. Tsuyo jumped from the sound, as well and lofted his head from his paws. The woman Sekushi was staring up at looked completely annoyed and very banged up. Every bit of her exposed skin had small scrapes and gashes along with some smudges of dirt. “What the hell are we still doing here?!” The young Latina asked as she glared down at her boss. Sekushi’s gaze broke away from the angered woman to glance around her office. Occupying the dark couches were small groups of her girls. Their injuries varied from gashed and torn muscles to broken bones and heavy bleeding. The women that were in better shape were doing their best to help their friends feel better, but for some, the outcome was obvious. Help wouldn’t come. . .not for two weeks and no one dared to help D3 get past the walls that D2 and 1 were trapped within. A genocide? No one was dumb enough to call that a bluff. Not these days. “Hey! Are you even thinking?! None of us are safe here! You don’t think we were followed?” Sekushi slowly peeled her gaze away from the injured that were being housed in her office with her and locked it back onto the deep brown eyes that glared down at her. “Look. . .I know you know who that psychic is. Don’t think that I didn’t see that damn business card on your desk. You could end this! You could get help for us! For everyone that’s fucking injured!” The louder and angrier she got, the thicker her accent got. It was quiet for a moment. All that could really be heard were the light whimpers and sobs from the injured as well as the huffing and puffing of the angry woman in front of her. All eyes were on the two. Some of the women looked confused and had no clue what the Latina was talking about while others just held their breaths and prayed that their boss would help them and everyone else. “It’s not like I haven’t thought of that. . .” Her soft voice broke the brief silence. The Latina straightened and gritted her teeth lightly as she crossed her arms beneath her DD breasts, pushing them up even more than the bright green lingerie had been. Sekushi placed her hands on the desk, then slowly pulled herself up out of her chair while scooting it back a few inches. She kept her hands on the desk and stayed slightly bent over while staring right into those dangerous brown eyes. “But the day that woman came to me for the first time was the day I felt like I owed her something. . . Something didn’t feel right that day and I felt a lot better after she came through. Something bad could have been about to happen. Why else would she have randomly come to me like that? I believe that she may have saved me from something. What it was: I have no clue, but she must have. I owe her this. Especially after she trusted her identity with me.” The woman scoffed and shifted all of her weight to her right leg, causing her left hip to push out slowly. “If you aren’t going to save us, then I’ll just have to fucking do it myself.” The Latina dropped her arms to her sides and slowly turned away from her boss, then looked around. “And if any of you want to come with me, that’s fine by me, ‘cause I’m bringin’ back help.” She looked over her shoulder after tucking a dark brown lock of hair behind her pierced ear. “That’s for damn sure.” She’d say before she started to walk towards the door that led out into the General Gentleman’s section. A few other girls started to slowly move around the couches to follow behind the Latina. As they grouped up near the door, Sekushi sighed lightly. Her dainty hand swiftly moved to grab the S&W 340PD .375 magnum from her open bag that had been pushed off to the side so Sekushi could try to get her computer working again. Just as she grabbed the gun, her other hand moved over to a small keypad near the keyboard of her computer. Her pinky pressed down on a small red button and a loud ‘click’ signaled the result. The Latina grabbed at the door handle after hearing the door locked and tugged on it roughly. A string of frustrated curses left her plump lips, though they were in Spanish so only a few were really identifiable. As Sekushi raised the weapon, a few women gasped. She ignored the shocked stares and raised her arm so that it was parallel to the ground. A few of the girls that were trying to leave with the Latina turned. Their eyes were wide with fear as they backed up. One managed to bump into the Latina who seemed to be getting increasingly more frustrated. In response to the light bump, she froze, then slowly looked over her shoulder. Seeing the gun aimed right at her, the woman turned and pressed her back to the door. Her tan face was twisted up in a look of sorrow, frustration, and anger. “You’re willing to protect some stranger over us! We’re your family! La familia!!” She shouted the last bit angrily as tears streamed down her cheeks. Tsuyo climbed out of the large swing/chair that had been pushed aside to leave room in front of Sekushi’s desk and to keep full visibility of the room. The large dog moved to sit beside Sekushi’s desk while his caramel colored eyes stared the women down. His slightly floppy ears were folded back a little as he tried to make heads or tails of the situation. He couldn’t fully understand why these women were trying to go against their Alpha. It just didn’t seem right. Sekushi’s hand was steady as she slowly put the center of the Latina’s forehead in her sights. “This isn’t right. This isn’t right you stupid bitch!” She shouted as the four girls around her huddled closer. “Betrayal isn’t right. . .the punishment is the only thing that’s fair, right now.” Sekushi would say, her voice lacked any immediately noticeable emotion as she spoke. Just as the Latina broke out another string of Spanish curse words, Sekushi’s pointer finger pulled back on the trigger. From the outside of the heavily locked up club anyone nearby would hear a loud ‘pop’ along with women screaming and see a brief flash of light in the dark windows from the single gunshot, then there was a pause. Pop, pop. Pop. Pop. With each gunshot, there was another flash of light. Then, it got quiet again. The five women were piled up in front of the door. Each one fell over onto the other as they were shot down. Sekushi’s eyes, which were normally very sweet and kind, were now narrowed and full of hurt as she slowly lowered her weapon. The five shot revolver was now empty, so she didn’t have to worry about putting the safety on at the moment. Her pinky, which was lingering on the little red button, pushed down, unlocking the door. The women that were resting in the General Gentleman’s area had been awaked by all of the noise. Some were hiding behind couches and in rest rooms while a couple had moved up to the door to check on their boss. A woman with dirty blonde hair tried to push the door open, but the bodies proved to be a very difficult barricade to get past. With the help of three others, the door was pushed open enough for the blonde to peek her head in. Her deep, green eyes widened and her glistening lips parted, leaving her mouth agape as her gaze dropped to the pile of barely dressed strippers that her and the others had fought to push out of the way. “Oh my god!” She half screamed as she dipped back behind the door again. Sekushi could hear her panicked sobs and figured she was telling them what she saw. One by one, other women looked in, only to have the same reaction. Sekushi let out a soft sigh and slowly lowered herself into her seat while setting her gun back in her small book bag. Tsuyo stood again and moved around the desk to lay himself under it near her feet, though he was a little big for it and couldn’t fit as well as he could years ago. Sekushi rested her bare feet on the dogs ribs softly and rubbed his sides. “Tonya. . .” She’d say lightly. A woman with skin that was only a few shades darker than the Latina’s rose from the couch. She had been cleaning another dancer’s wounds while she rested. “Yes, Miss. Yuri.” The woman stood a little off to the side, making Sekushi have to turn her head a bit to look at her. “Please tell the others not to worry. . .I’ll be going out in a little bit, so I want you and Shirley to watch over the wounded. Tell Mika and Dianna that they will not let anyone in or out unless it’s me. No major decisions will be made while I’m gone.” The woman nodded, then turned to hurry to the other section. As she got closer to the pile of bodies, she slowed down and gave them a single, sad glance before slipping through the door to tell the others. Tsuyo’s big, caramel colored eyes slowly closed as Sekushi continued to rub his ribs with her feet, enjoying the way his fur tickled her feet. “Oh Tsuyo. . .this city is going to hell quick with this damn lock down and assassin thing happening all at once. . .” The dog groaned out softly, as if agreeing in a groggy tone. She slowly placed her right elbow on the surface of her desk, then tipped her hand back at the wrist so she could place her chin in her palm and tilt her head so the rest of her cheek laid in her hand, making her look as if she was bored or tired, though she was venturing deep into her mind to think for a quick moment. She hadn’t seen Ryuu since she shooed him out of the club so she could shoot another one of her Pornographic movies without any interruptions. If she would have known some of her VIP guests would barge in and attempt to steal away their favorite strippers, she would have kept him close by, but the males that she picked to participate in the skin flick had managed to help her secure the men. Before they were tossed back out onto the street and shot, they were spewing out stories of how the city was going to shit and that they wanted ‘theirs’ before the end. Sekushi didn’t believe it until a good amount of her women that worked the streets came running in sobbing and panicking about the assassins, the man on the big screen, and the large, seemingly indestructible walls that surrounded D1 and 2, keeping everyone in and D3 out. “All of this. . .” She would softly speak. Tsuyo’s ears twitched lightly and his eyes slowly opened a bit as he listened. “For one woman. . .” Sekushi’s tired eyes slowly closed and she drew in a slow, shaky breath. “Wherever she is. . .I hope she’s safe.” As she spoke the last few words, Tsuyo’s eyes began to close. He had an idea of what Sekushi was going through after shooting those girls and making the choices she made. . .he just hoped it wasn’t for nothing. For everyone’s sake.

AlessandraSkar: Noon had approached rather slowly, dreadfully inching by from the night that Shira couldn't seem to sleep through. She stood stock still in front of her bedroom window, watching the city streets. Nearly every resident of Kasaihana City were in an extreme state of panic ever since the commencement of the lockdown. There were people dying left and right, confusion racing through the minds of every man, woman and child. Everyone was pretty much convinced that they couldn't even trust their own friends and family for fear that they'd turn out to be murderous killers working for the dangerous entity who'd set up this anarchy. Shira heard a sound come from behind her, the clicking of her doorknob. Her sapphire orbs snapped in the direction of the door before she whirled around with a start, alert flashing in her eyes, but to her relief, it was only Kaori. “I brought you something.” She said. Shira watched with curious eyes as Kaori pushed the door open further, revealing her treasured skateboard that she'd left on that helipad before she was thrown hundreds of feet through the air by lightning. Shira looked quite taken aback, her brows lifting when she saw that the skateboard had been through quite a deal of repairs after all the abuse it'd been through. “How did you...?” She tried to ask, but was cut off by a thundering gunshot from somewhere outside. “It's the neighbors.” Kaori took a deep breath, laying the skateboard on the floor and kicking it toward Shira. The skateboard rolled right under her foot and halted as she applied weight to it, her eyes never leaving Kaori's. “Did you...see what happened to me up there? When I was training?” She had to ask, frowning slightly when Kaori only lowered her head and sighed. “I saw it all.” The green-haired woman responded, folding her strong arms across her chest. “And my conclusions were correct.” Shira looked confused. “Correct about what? I don't get it.” Kaori lifted her head to look at her, her forest green eyes stern as stone. “Do you remember the fire that wiped out your old home?” Shira nodded. “According to the information I've gathered from investigations, you should've been among the unlucky ones; the ones who died during the fire. But you survived. Came out with a single scathe. How? It's simple. You could possibly be approaching the first stages of peak human genetics.” Shira took a step back. “But....I'm not even entirely sure what that is? How can that be?” But then she stopped, her head lowering for a moment as she thought back to the day before when she and the fake KPD officer were going head-to-head in the street. The amount of power she felt coursing through her body, the speed at which she could move, the anger that had driven her to halfway destroying an entire city block along with her young opponent. She'd never experienced any of that before. She looked back up at Kaori, but couldn't say a word as her mind continued to race. “That skateboard under your foot....” Kaori began, making a head gesture toward the object. “It's been through a few enhancements. I had a me with the new design.” By associates, she was referring to her comrades at the BGS underground base, but couldn't mention their existence to or in front of her prodigy. “Because of this lockdown, a lot of unadulterated chaos and anarchy's been spreading through the city like a disease. I am sure that....I will not always be around to protect you like I have since you were a toddler, Shira. In the event that we are separated--” “NO!” Shira suddenly cut her off, her voice slicing through the room. “Don't say that!” Shira looked infuriated. She knew the woman before her had faced giants, beings and opponents who couldn't have been from this world and here she was, about to proclaim that the lockdown would perhaps be the death of her. She was not the fighter she once was, clearly, but that only meant that she was stronger than her younger self. Braver. Smarter. She could handle anything. Shira, on the other hand, lacked the training and the experience. She was afraid of the lockdown and that was something she would never admit in front of her mentor and adopted mother. However, Kaori could see it in the teenager's sapphire eyes that she was becoming deeply concerned with her well-being and those that she held dear. Kaori took a deep breath before continuing to speak, “In the event that we are separated....your skateboard has been equipped with mechanisms that will respond to any and all situations. Whether you are ambushed, in need of a quick getaway, or facing an opponent who may exceed your own level of strength. I know it may seem a little outlandish, but these are perilous times. I couldn't afford to leave you with nothing.” At that, Shira blinked. “Leave me? What do you mean by that? Where are you going?” Kaori sighed once again. “All of this...death and disaster...can only be ended if someone finds the person causing all of this. I'm taking it upon myself to do so. It's for the greater good.” Shira took a step forward. “Kaori, you could die out there! Why not let the authorities handle this!” Then again, they weren't exactly doing their best as it was. “They are just as afraid as the citizens they've vowed to defend.” Kaori stated matter-of-factly. “That is why it's up to those who have fought for justice in dire situations before.” Shira went silent, her eyes filled with concern as she held Kaori's stern gaze. She couldn't have had a better role model in her life than the woman before her. To watch something happen to her during this lock down would be absolutely devastating, but she simply allowed her chin to fall, her loose platinum blonde locks falling slowly over her face. “You need to stay in the safety of this penthouse, Shira. Do you understand me?” Kaori instructed. She'd momentarily slipped from mentor mode to the mother she'd taught herself to be when she first took Shira under her wing. “Yes, Kaori.” The teenager replied softly, worriedly and a moment later, she heard the door to her bedroom click shut. Outside the door, Kaori lifted a hand to her right ear, pressing her index finger to the well-hidden communication device lodged in her ear. “Roman Pendergast, this is Kaori Gin Masumoto.” She spoke softly as she began down the hall, shrugging out of her long, beige trench coat to reveal the skin-tight black bodysuit beneath it. “Operation Illumination has just begun...”

Guest_Entichi: His breathing was heavy as he stared down the three thungs that stood in front of him. He'd run from the police station he was in last night after it had been overrun with ninjas and samurai. The only reason he was in the station was because he couldn't keep his dick to himself. That was the last time he'd do something like that. Atleast with someone he'd have to kill after that is. He was questioned the whole night until the KPD had enough evidence to point to the girl as the person who blew up the stage. They still kept him overnight for having intercourse in public, which he didnt think was very fair. Now he was on his way to the strip club to see if Sekushi was okay. He was her bodyguard and his place wasn't in a jail cell. He wasn't quite sure who sent the town into chaos and for what reason but he didn't care. He only cared for doing his job. He was now looking at three idiots standing infront of him, each holding the same knife. They were obviously from the same place. He'd rather completely past them up rather than wasting his precious time killing them. His eyes closed slightly and raised while a bullshit smile drew across his face. His tone was somewhat higher pitched than it usually was.~ "Wouldn't you rather die on a nicer day? I mean come on today is so dull. Lets just be friends eh?" ~The three guys bursted in laughter while the one in the middle spoke for all of them.~ "Are you fucking kidding me? The boss said to kill until that psychic bitch was found. Why would we be friend with you anyway? You giant faggot." ~His bullshit smile immediately snapped into a dark glare as his feet parted. His left shoulder faced them as his right hand gripped firmly on the hilt of the katana rested on his back. The three lugs continued laughing obviously not paying any attention to Ryuu. He talked calmly and let out a sigh.~ "Well, my grandmother did always say there's no helping a natural born idiot." ~With that the katana sprung from its sheath and dashed downward onto the head of the thug in the middle who'd insulted him. Right before the blade impacted he opened his eyes and let out a short shriek that caught the attention of the other two. The blade easily tore through the tissue of the man's skull only meeting resistance when reaching the bone. The blow was strong enough to grind the sword halfway in which was enough to kill the fucker instantly and allow him to pull the blade right out. Ryuu's action stunned the other two where they were standing. They stood there trmbling as their partner's limp body slammed against the pavement. Ryuu looked to the one on the left.~ "Well?" ~His cocky attitude sent a spark through the man causing him to run towards Ryuu with the blade firmly in both hands and letting out a loud cry. Before he could make contact Ryuu weaved to the right while sending his knee upward into the abdomen of the man causing him to unhand the blade making hit hit the ground with a clang. Ryuu didn't have enough space to swing his sword so he gripped the handle of the pistol strapped to his left leg bringing up the barrel to the back of the mans head. Without hesitation ryuu squeezed the trigger letting out a loud pop sending the bullet straight through his brain causing blood to splatter onto the concrete below him. Ryuu didnt have enough time to personally deal with the third one. As the man's body fell from Ryuu's knee to the ground he brought up the sights of the pistol aiming it directly at the face of third thug who was too busy shitting himself where he was standing. He squeezed the trigger three times. Each bullet landed in a random location but it was definately enough to kill him. The blasts from the bullets caused his body to fall backwards leacing another pool of blood under him. Ryuu placed his gun swiftly back into its holster and sheathed his sword after whipping it to the right to get off whatever blood he could. He quickly remembered why he was in the middle of chaos and resumed running. When he made it to the strip club his fist slammed against the door three times. It was locked, with good reason of course. His boss was no idiot. He could see atleast two workers in the building and he knew his knocks could be heard. He slammed his fists against the door again in frustration. Once it was clear that he was being ignored he took a deep breathe and charged his shoulder through the glass easily shattering it. He maneuvered his way through trying not to get cut as the worker's who he had seen previously screamed in fear and ran away. The alarm then started to go off as a large man in a black suit come from the back and approached ryuu. Ryuu didn't waste time in shoving his foot in the man's stomach and then kneeing him in the eye as he doubled over. The man fell to the ground out cold. Ryuu walked towards swkushi's office and swung open the door only to find her and Tsuyo sitting there as if nothing was happening. All he could do was pause and stare.~ "Do you have any idea what's happening outside.?"~He then looked down only to find the bodies of five females laying at the entrance of the door.~ "Maybe you do."

Meeting of KillersEdit

Sezomaru: Ginsei walked down the streets of District Two, watching as people panicked in the streets, running around, scared out of there mind. Thugs had taken it upon themselves to have fun with this lock down so they went around robbing and beating people. Ginsei watched as people were chased down the street by a group of thugs. He shook his head, sighing to himself as he placed his left hand on the base of Yuuyaiba’s sheath. He had to stay ready in this storm of chaos, there was no telling when he’d be confronted and attacked again. Suddenly a voice rang out, calling Ginsei’s name though not his legal name, his street name. “Lion of Ryoku! BOSSSS!” A couple guys came running up to him which Ginsei recognized instantly. It was Jacki and Benny from his old gang Kokuga. “Boss! You alright?” Benny asked him in concern, having seen the gash on his cheek. “Of course he’s fine. He wasn’t our boss for nothing.” Jacki said, nodding in a knowing manner. Ginsei nodded, looking the two over. “Yea, I’m fine.” He turned and started walking, the two following right behind him. Jacki was holding a hunting knife while Benny was twirling a metal bat. The two had apparently gotten weapons to defend themselves in this lockdown which was habit from running in Kokuga, always be prepared for a fight. The three walked down the street as the chaos continued. Rape, murder, thefts, the city was going crazy in this lockdown. Benny, always being the weaker of the trio looked down an alley way to see a woman getting her breasts cut off with an already bloody bowie knife while she was being raped, her screams ringing out through the alley way. Benny raised his free hand to his mouth though a second later he was puking behind a parked car. Ginsei sighed, shaking his head as he glanced down the alley way. He continued walking, not letting all of this chaos get to him. Jacki stopped to make sure Benny was okay after poking his guts out. He wiped his mouth and ran to catch up with Ginsei with Jacki. Out of nowhere Benny was bashing some guy over the head, sending him sprawling to the ground. “You haven’t lost your touch with a bat.” Ginsei smirked, glad to see his boys hadn’t lost their edge. Suddenly Ginsei felt something bump against him just as he was about to turn the corner. He was ready to draw his blade when he recognized the big guy in front of him. The big guy yelled out his name as Jacki and Benny had gotten ready to attack. Ginsei held up his right hand, making them back up. “Duke wasn’t it?” Ginsei glanced down, noticing the claws that had protruded from Duke’s wrists, guessing this was that Bone Manipulation that he had spoken about the night they met. “I decided to go out for a walk… So you’re out in this shit too eh?”

Pallas: -Deucalion looked at the men Gin had with him and said-“Yeah man. I could’ve made it out but…why miss the show right? Haha.”-Deucalion turned and faced the now burning building and said-“That’s what happens when choppers try and grab me haha. So what about you? You run into any trouble yet?”-It was a funny thing to have a conversation in the middle of everything that is going on but Duke found a sense of humor in any situation. But the conversation is soon interrupted by the sounds of gunfire coming from down the street. Gunfire had been going off throughout the city for a while now but Duke knew this was different. He looked over and saw a large group of mercenaries coming towards their direction. Most of the gunfire that was heard so far was pistols and small arm gunfire; things citizens could get their hands on. The group is carrying high grade military weaponry. They are all wearing tight and strong military armor with their faces covered by mask. ( Duke knew that this was going to be troublesome. They shot and killed whoever they saw on the walk up to through the street. Duke looked at the four of them and said-“Well it looks like we have to go back to work.”-Duke knew he wasn’t an immortal and his talent in hand-to-hand combat could only give him so much of an advantage in war like this. This is why he still carries Envy and Lust, because not all fights will resort to a hand-to-hand combat with his style. Even with his bone claws and Ulak’s, parrying bullets is not on his level yet. Duke did see that Gin is a blade style user so maybe he does hold the talent to swing bullets away like they are flies. But for now, Duke has to fight the way he knows how. He grabs both Envy and Lust and says to the three men-“Good luck, mates.”-before turning down the street to fire upon the mercenaries. ( He fires his weapon with precise aim as he runs to a car for cover. His bullets pierce into the vests that these mercs are wearing but it seems like the vests are bulletproof. One merc yells out-“These baby bullets won’t do shit against us!”-Duke smirked as he kept his back to the car, waiting. A few seconds later the bullets from Envy jolt two men that were shot with her bullets. The bullets have enough electrical juice to paralyze a man’s nerves in place. The men who were shot by Lust instantly burst into flame as her bullets cause a fire to erupt from its impact zone. Deucalion just laughs a bit as he remains covered. Moments after, Deucalion would stand back up and unload the rest of his clips into mercs who tried to get closer to him. Hopefully Gin and his men would use this cover to try and get closer without being noticed. The sounds of zapping sounds and fire burning begin to fill the street from Deucalion’s guns.-

KimiKatsu: Her dark eye lids felt heavy as her thick lashes fluttered open. A groggy little noise left her slightly parted lips as she shifted in her seat. Her hand slipped from under her chin and her arm fell to the side lazily. The sound her knuckles made against the wood of the desk made Tsuyo sit up abruptly. “Oh. . .I must’ve dozed off. . .” She would murmur before looking around. She half expected to see all of her girls gone, but the office was just the way she left it before passing out at her desk. Sekushi knew her girls were pretty tired as well. She wanted everyone to be able to go home and be safe in their rooms, but the last group she sent out never came back and they were supposed to be scouting the area. Just thinking about their possible demise made Sekushi's stomach ache. “Tsuyo. . .” Her voice was light as she called for her dog, forgetting he was just under her feet. The large dog pulled himself out from under her feet and her desk clumsily and lowered his hind end to the floor so that he was sitting beside her. “Good. . .you’re still here.” Though the club still had running water, there was no food. Everyone in the club was starting to get hungry, but it was a little too dangerous to go out and scrounge. It was always the most dangerous in the beginning. At least that’s how Sekushi looked at it. But she didn’t want anyone to go without a little snack, at least. “I thought the girls would have trapped you to eat you later. . .” She smiled a bit and placed a hand on his head. Though it was a joke, she was half serious. Shit got crazy fast after news of the lock down spread. The young woman leaned back in her seat and brought her arms up over her head to stretch. As she did this, her well-endowed breasts bounced a bit. She was still wearing her outfit for the movie that was being filmed – a white, lacey bra with little, silvery designs on the back straps and a matching white, lacey thong with a little silver bow right in the front at the center of the waistline. They were custom made for her with her name embroidered in each piece of fabric in small, fancy script. To help cover her very exposed body, she wore a thin, silky robe that was colored silver to match the rest of her outfit. Before she could even attempt to say anything else, there was a loud pounding coming from the front of the building. Sekushi’s eyes locked on the door of her office that lead out to the main area. ‘Who in the world knocks anymore?’ She’d think to herself as she sat there. After a moment of silence, there was more knocking. Sekushi’s heart began to ache. She was a very kind hearted person. . . she wanted to be able to help everyone. But she couldn’t endanger the remaining girls that stayed with her in the club. . .and least the ones that were breathing. From what she could see, one whole couch had been abandoned with the exception of women who looked peacefully at rest. Closer inspection helped Sekushi realize that she had lost four more. When everything was over and back to normal, she’d have to put up a sign that she had never put up in her years of living in KasaiHana – ‘Hiring’. Not even two minutes later, there was a loud ‘crash’. It sounded like glass breaking and falling to the hard wood floor in the other room. She could hear the women screaming. Sekushi swiftly reached for her S&W 340PD .375 magnum again and gripped the hand grip tightly in her right hand before pulling the gun into her lap. She kept her grip on the gun as she watched the door that connected her office to the main room being pushed open more. Her grip tightened. Tsuyo could feel the tension and it made his muscles tense as he lowered his head, folding his ears back firmly. His subtle growling sent a shiver up her spine as she snapped the weapon up, aiming straight at the figure that stepped in. Her sights were centered on his jugular as his gaze lifted to lock onto hers. Her narrowed eyes blinked, then softened as the man spoke. She recognized him right then. ‘It’s a good thing he showed his masked face. . .’ she thought to herself. He seemed to think that she had been sitting in there and relaxing with her workers without a single idea of what was going on in the outside world, but things came into perspective for him as soon as he saw the pile of women near the door he had just entered through. Sekushi slowly lowered her weapon, setting it on the desk in front of her. She hadn’t realized until then that her weapon was actually empty at the moment. ‘I guess it’s a good thing for both of us that he is who he is. . .’ A soft sigh left her delicate, slightly pouted lips as she sat back in her seat again. The chair reclined back a bit with her weight shift as she placed her hand on Tsuyo’s head to calm him. The dog straightened and his body relaxed as the familiar scent reached his nostrils. Though he didn’t really like the man. . .he was glad that it was him and not some stranger wanting to rape and kill Sekushi. “I’m not entirely helpless when you’re gone, Ryuu, but I am happy to see that you’re ok. When you didn’t return by the time I told you we’d be done, I started to think you were killed off like the other civilians caught in this catastrophic nightmare.” She motioned for him to sit in one of the dark swing/chairs near her desk before continuing. “We’ve had our own little chaos happening in here. I’ve lost a lot of my performers. The ones you see here that are still living and breathing are the only ones left.” There was a very subtle, sad tone to her soft voice, but her face didn’t show much of anything. “I was about to head out. . .to go and get food. I had sent out a group of my girls, they were armed, but none have come back. It’s been quite a while and I don’t think they’ll be back.” As she went on, her gaze slowly moved off of him to linger on the bodies that had been pushed away from the door. “They knew that I know who they’re after. They wanted to throw me and that woman to the wolves.” Sekushi’s right index finger traced the hand grip of her weapon slowly as she leaned forward again in her seat. Her breasts pressed together as she placed them on her left forearm that was resting just in front of the edge of her desk before her. In the midst of all of the chaos, she somehow still found time to be sexual, look sexual, and so on. Her bright gaze snapped back over to Ryuu and she huffed lightly. “I don’t want to just sit here. . .while she’s probably fighting for her life or hiding somewhere. I want to help her the way she helped me. I just. . .” she slowly wrapped her fingers around the hand grip of her pistol and tightened her grasp. “I just feel so useless here!” She kept her voice as low as she could with the emotion she was feeling. Her well complimented chest rose and fell quickly, only helping to expose how upset she was getting. Tsuyo could feel how upset his girl was becoming and scooted closer to her chair. His head leaned in so he could place it on her right leg as best as he could. He whimpered softly, wanting her to hug and cuddle him the way she did when she was feeling down. “Tsuyo. . .” She murmured lightly to the dog as she released her weapon to slowly move her hand down to her lap so she could lightly pet him. Doing this did calm her a bit – more than she thought it would. Her gaze had been off of Ryuu with her head hanging a bit low. Her long, platinum hair hung over her shoulder and in her face a bit and her eyes were closed as well. She didn’t like when people saw her being. . .’weak’. Sekushi lightly bit down on her lower lip, then very slowly relaxed her glossy lower lip so that it would slowly slip out from under her front teeth and back into place. As her small tongue slightly slipped from her mouth, she licked at her lips with just the tip, then pulled it back in. “Don’t mind me. . .” She’d half laugh as she spoke. “I’m just kind of new to this KasiaHana craziness. My mom talked about it a lot before I left. She said she wanted me to expect the unexpected so I could prepare for it, but I never thought that. . .” She laughed a tiny bit again. “Never mind. . .” She slowly lifted her head again and returned her gaze to Ryuu. Her eyes were glistening a bit more than usual, but she blinked back the forming tears and her eyes were normal again. “What took you so long to get here?”

Knee deep in BloodEdit

AlessandraSkar: Shira stood still as Kaori's words rolled around in her mind, her chin remaining low as loose strands of platinum hair hung over her eyes. She waited, listening closely to the sound of Kaori's heels echoing down the hallway and then finally, the sound of another door closing somewhere in the house. Shira's head snapped upward in that instant, her head whipping back as she grabbed her skateboard, tucked it under her arm and bolted for the bedroom door. She all but ripped the thing off its hinges as she ran out into the hallway, nearly crashing into the wall as she made a hard right and raced down the rest of the hall. The rest of the house was silent, meaning Kaori had taken her leave. The woman should've know Shira wasn't going to do what she was told, especially not while the city of Kasaihana was overrun with chaos and death. No, Shira was not as strong at Kaori and knew that she would be challenged to the max dealing with this situation but she refused to sit around and do nothing while some windbag was reeking havoc in the city over a goddamn psychic. For that matter, she refused to let a damn thing happen to her mentor. At the end of the hallway was a large window, from which she could see the sunlight illuminating the city. It was through this same window that she planned to make her exit. Tossing her skateboard to the floor, she jumped onto it and propelled herself forward using her back foot. The inertia nearly knocked her backwards from how fast she was flying down the hallway; thank goodness it was long enough for her to get full balance before – CRASH! She shielded her face with her arms as she leaped right through the window, glass flying in all directions with those irritating shrieking sounds. Her arms went out on either side of her and when she looked down, she could see that she had several stories to drop before she could reach the city streets. One hand held onto the front of her skateboard as she descended swiftly, the forces beneath her fall already pushing the object up into the bottoms of her feet. Her hair looked like blazing fire above her head as her eyes watched the streets rising higher and higher up to meet her. She could see people running and scattering about. Gunshots echoed along with frightened screams. There were criminals and thugs everywhere taking full advantage of the lock down. But the worst part had to be the ninjas and African warriors running around slaying innocent people like it was nothing. The wheels of the skateboard met the side of the large brick tower, rolling straight down its surface so fast that for a moment, Shira couldn't breathe. The wind roughly beat her face and she had to squint to see the little awning over the entrance to the tower. Bending herself lower, she eventually rolled right off the awning, sucking in a gasp of preparation as she was propelled forward into the open road where people were being snatched out of their cars and beaten to death by any given means. Shira spotted a woman and her son trapped in their little minivan while a ground of low-life gangsters were trying to smash their way into the vehicle with baseball bats and crowbars. Shira was still flying through the air when she saw one large man beating on the roof of the van with a huge, titanium chain and immediately made him her first target. The impact of her skateboard crashing directly into him was devastating, leaving him in shock as flew several feet before crashing spine-first into the sidewalk nearby. The wheels of Shira's skateboard came crunching down on his barrel chest not even a second later, the sound of his sternum and chest cavity shattering under her weight audible even above the endless gunshots and screaming. “Try picking on someone your own goddamned size you crotchless dipshit!” Shira shouted angrily as blood began to bubble up from the man's mouth and nose. “HEY! LITTLE GIRL!” A booming voice suddenly came from behind her and when she whirled around, the other four guys hammering on the van were now stalking toward her. “You fucked with the wrong crew, kid!” Shira bent sideways to grab the long, titanium chain that the dead man had been carrying, kicking her skateboard behind her as she began to swing the object around beside her. “Sounds more like I'm just in time for the party.” She retorted slyly.

Sezomaru: Just before Ginsei was able to answer Duke’s question gun shots rang out from down the streets. Ginsei, Benny, and Jacki ducked behind the corner, not letting the possibility of being shot have any chance. “Tch.. What sort of bullshit is this?” Ginsei growled to himself just as Benny tapped Ginsei’s shoulder. “Uh… Boss…” Ginsei glanced at Benny who was pointing down the street at a group of guys who were carrying blades on their backs. They seemed to be armed with an array of equipment which was strapped around their thighs and waists. Suddenly one of them slung their arm and the next thing Ginsei knew, Benny fell to the ground, a shuriken dug into his forehead and throat. “BENNY!” Jacki yelled out though it was in vain, Benny was already long dead. Ginsei flicked his left thumb against the guard of Yuuyaiba, pressing it so that the blade slid from it’s holding spot in the sheath. The base of the blade showed itself as Ginsei grabbed the hilt with his right hand. ( Jacki gripped the handle of his hunting knife, charging in at the men only to be brought down by a shuriken to the throat, like Benny. Ginsei swiftly drew Yuuyaiba, swinging upwards, slicing a shuriken, knocking it back into the air only to fall harmlessly to the ground. He then charged them, rushing quickly forward, the opposing shinobi looking men charging as well. They met in the middle, Ginsei ducking his torso backwards, dodging the swift swing of a straight edged sword. He stabbed his blade forward, catching the man in front of him, blood pouring from the stab wound as Ginsei pulled the blade from the stomach. ( He then quickly swung with a horizontal motion to the right, his blade cutting right into the neck of a man to the right of him. Ginsei was forced to move backwards as two of the men came swirling at him like a top, trying to slash his head off. “Sorry… You won’t be taking my head.” Ginsei jumped back again, slashing horizontally to knock down two more shuriken that came in his direction. “Fucking ninja?” Ginsei shook his head as he but his boxing skills into practice, bobbing and weaving the slashes of these shinobi styled men. ( Ginsei swung his blade horizontally, blocking the swing of one of the ninja. He swung his left fist in a hook style punch, connecting with his current attacker’s face, making him stumble backwards. He then drew back, stabbing upwards, sending his blade through his head from under his chin. One left… Ginsei thought to himself as the last one charged at him. This one, having a considerable amount of skill sent a flurry of slashes at Ginsei, one of them connecting with his left shoulder, another connecting with his right hip. Ginsei took these few blows for his chance which he soon found as the shinobi went to stab him in the chest. He raised his blade, swiftly and viciously slashing horizontally downwards, sending his blade ripping through the man’s chest, his torso tearing open as he dropped to the ground. Ginsei wiped his blade off, getting rid of the blood before he sheathed his sword. He turned, looking back towards the street corner, wondering how Duke was fairing.

Pallas: -Duke continues to fire upon the mercs as they come up, setting fire to half the men he hits with Lust and Envy. As he is firing, he takes a notice that Gin is now busy with his own situation now. Duke sees that he is up against ninjas with conventional weapons and he says to himself-“I’d trade your guys for these in a heartbeat.”-Duke leaned back down on the car that was now riddled with bullet holes from the mercs and he thought to himself-“Well…I guess today is a good a day as any to die.”-Duke slowly places Envy and Lust in the holsters of his as he begins to strategize a plan. He takes a quick peak out at how many mean are left and a good five men remain. Deucalion looks down at his hands and forces his claws to come out. He reached down into his Primal Rage as his fangs began to extend outward. His growl became menacing as he slowly stood to his feet. ( One of the mercs yelled out-“There he is! Right there!”-And they all began to unload at where he is standing. As the bullets came at him, Duke leaped on the tops of cars, running on all fours like an animal. He hears the bullets penetrate the cars behind him as he focuses on moving swiftly. He jumps off of one car and leaps towards one merc and he thrusts his bone claws into the chest of the man, knocking him down. As he did that, Duke also stuck his sharp fangs into the neck of the merc, causing blood to spew all around him. One merc appears in front of Duke and fires his gun. Duke is hit on his right shoulder and rolls back. But with his primal rage drawing adrenaline through his body, Duke leaps forward and thrusts his two main bone claws through the eyes of the merc. Duke then grabs the weapon that the merc is holding and unloads the clip into the third man who was ready to fire at Duke. The bullets rip through the third man like paper as he quickly dies. Duke sees the fourth merc hiding behind a car, reloading his weapon. Duke quickly jumps onto the roof of the car and grabs the merc by his shoulders. He lifts him up and with his sharp razor fangs, he begins to bite and thrash into the man’s neck like an animal dying of hunger. The mercs body begins to shake violently as blood begins to pour from his body. Duke was wide open and the fifth and last merc takes advantage. He begins firing his weapon at Duke and the bullets begin to hit him. A bullet pierces into his left thigh, another goes through his gut area, and one pierces through the center of Duke’s left forearm. The impacts of the bullets cause his body to crash onto the floor in front of him. He spits up blood as he uses his right hand to reach into his utility belt. To the view of Gin, it would look like Duke had died and his body is out of his sight. The merc begins to laugh as he reloads his weapon whereas Duke crunches down on a bright blue tablet and takes a hard swallow of it. *Through the Point of View of the merc* “Aww yeah mothafucka! You think you can kill me with that weak ass shit! HAHAHAHA! I am unfuckingstoppable! HAHAHAHAHA!...WHAAA!?!?”-The man’s eyes widened and his arms dropped at the sight of what he is seeing. ( Duke’s body slowly begins to rise up from the ground. Blood covering his body but no wounds to be found on his body.-“WHAT!? HOW CAN THIS BE!? I SHOT YOU!”-*BACK TO DUKE* A smirk appears on his face as he looks down at his arms to see no sign of injury to be on him.-“Thank you benefactor…”-Duke slowly cracked his neck to the side and quickly charged at the merc. Within less than a second, Duke thrusts his right hand forward at the mercs chest. And as he did that, the bone claws spring out from his arm and pierce into the man’s heart. Duke puts so much force into the attack that his hand pushes through the man’s entire body and out of his back. ( As Dukes fist peered out of this man’s back, the heart of this man is stuck in-between his bone claws and slowly still beats. Duke quickly retracts his bone claw and before the heart can fall to the floor, Duke grabs it with his hand and squishes it like a bag. Blood squirts out like a water balloon and Duke then pulls his arm out of the man. The mercs body slowly falls to the floor as Duke looks over at Gin. He begins to walk back towards Gin and says to him-“Well that seemed interesting for the both of us aye?...hmph…”-

KimiKatsu: Sekushi recalled a few of her youngest dancers talking about the explosion, because they had been there. They said everyone on stage and around the stage was either dead or horribly injured. They managed to escape with minor injuries because they were a good distance away from the stage. She wasn’t too sure who set off the explosives, but she felt like it had something to do with the lockdown that was going on. She was actually surprised that Ryuu had been taken in for questioning, but she figured it was just a routine thing. The loud sound of weapons being readied interrupted Ryuu, causing him to jump up with his side arm ready. She was already way ahead of him with the whole ‘stay quiet’ thing, but Tsuyo wasn’t going to stay completely silent. He was growling lowly and the hair on his back rose up some. He could smell some strange people nearby. The dog instantly went back to completely hating Sekushi’s new body guard. Busting in wasn’t smart to do when they had the building secured for a reason. The dogs’ ears folded back as he lifted his head to look over the desk towards the door. His jowls were raised as he briefly revealed his large, white canines. The dog was preparing himself for a fight. Sekushi grabbed her small bag and pulled it closer to her. She quickly unlatched the cylinder and pushed it out to the side. Her other hand reached into her bag and pulled out a white box filled with fresh ammo. As she loaded in each round, she started to rise from her seat. By the time she was done, she was standing fully, not seeming to give one fuck about the fact that she was dressed up in expensive lingerie and matching robe. Sekushi quickly flicked the safety on and set the weapon down so she could pull open the drawer in the center of her desk wear her Glock 23 sat, brand new and unused. There were a few boxes with full clips around the already loaded gun that she kept in case she needed it around. Sekushi grabbed that gun and three extra clips and lightly put them in her bag before closing it and pulling it on. After that was done, she grabbed her primary weapon and flicked the safety off, then pulled it close to her busty chest. Her eyes lingered on the door for a moment before she looked back over at Ryuu. Tsuyo had already moved out from behind the desk and was keeping himself low and ready to attack the first thing that came at him. A few shots rang out, earning screams from the women in the front room. This alarmed the girls in other parts of the building. There was more shooting. Screams were cut off and there were a few sickening ‘thuds’ in the next room. Sekushi’s eyes widened and her body tensed for a moment before she gritted her teeth together. There was sickening laughter near the door and men shouting. A few soft yelps and whimpers let Sekushi know that there were still women alive out there. She wasn’t sure what to do. This was her first shoot out.

AlessandraSkar: The first thug lunged at Shira and her left foot immediately shifted back to provide balance. She whipped her arm back, unfurling the titanium chain and heard how hard and loud the metal struck the concrete. It already felt heavy in her grasp, now she was certain it would do plenty of damage. She had but a few seconds to react once the thug lunged to attack. He was armed with two machetes and one bowie knife clutched between his teeth. Shira found that odd, but not too outlandish for a city like Kasaihana where people hid weapons in any and every possible crevice. The moment he came within a foot of her, she swung the chain directly for his right arm, pulling him directly into a nasty roundhouse click to his lower jaw. The impact sent the knife flying from his mouth as his head snapped sideways, obviously unaware that a sixteen-year old girl could do such a thing to him. Now becoming outraged with her, he swung his left blade at her throat, which she easily ducked back and away from, bringing her leg up and slamming it down on the chain so that his arm was yanked straight downward. He yelped as he hit the concrete and didn't have a second to recover before Shira cartwheeled to the right, twisting the chain along with her. A loud popping noise was heard as the man's arm rotated and snapped clean out of its socket, followed by a gut-wrenching cry of agony. He forced himself onto his back to ease the pain, a clear signal that another thug needed to step up to the challenge. Shira ripped her chain from around his arm as she saw the second man charge from the corner of her eye, unable to react in time before a hard elbow slammed into the side of her head. She staggered a bit as her vision blurred for only a split second, the pain now throbbing through her skull causing her to grow more angry. Whipping her head around to glare fire and daggers at the man, she watched his large chest as he simply chuckled at her. “What's the matter, little girl? Getting tired of playing with us already?” He taunted her. Shira's sapphire blue eyes flickered up to meet his gaze, her brows furrowing deeply with determination. The second he lunged at her again, this time throwing a right hook toward her cheek bone, she ducked beneath the attack and spun around behind him. Before he could turn around to face her again, she jumped up and threw the titanium chain around his neck, pulling so hard on both ends that his windpipe felt like it would shatter at any moment. She then spun around so that they were back-to-back, twisting the chain with her movement so it would squeeze his neck even harder and with a loud shout, threw the man forward over her body. The remaining thugs looked surprised as the large man crashed hard into the concrete. Shira ripped the chain out from around his neck and crackled it against the concrete like the whip of a dominatrix. Her left leg slid behind her while her right leg bent forward in front of her, raising her free hand to make a “come here' gesture toward the remaining thugs. “Ha!” A man with a huge, nail-studded baseball bat laughed out loud. “This little piggy thinks she's big and bad just because she took down our weakest ass holes!” He exclaimed in a rough voice, his large gut shaking around as he laughed harder. “Think you can fight all of us, little shrimp?” He said in a threatening tone as he tapped his baseball bat against the concrete next to his foot. “I've been doing a pretty good job so far, don't you think?” Shira replied in a smartass tone, gripping her chain harder. She knew this fight would be a bit more challenging than the others. “We'll see how ya do against ME, then.” The man growled. “And I'll try not to do too much damage to that pretty face of yours. Those glossy lips might be of some use to me later on!” He exploded into laughter again as he lunged at her much quicker than expected of a guy his size, leaving Shira very little response time after he swung his nail-spiked bat straight down toward the top of her head.

Guest_Entichi: ~Ryuu didnt even realize that he had a gun aimed straight at his face. He was too busy looking at the corpses on the ground. He chuckled after she spoke even at a time like this. "Heh well your not the only one who can take care of themself." When she gestured for him to sit his foot shoved the dead woman's body that layed before him. He slowly made his way to the chair grabbing the back of hit to balance himself before releasing all of his weight on to it. He had to admit it felt good to rest on something comfortable after dealing with an explosion, hacing rough intercourse on pavement, being taken in for questioning, sleeping on the piece of shit cell bed, then fighting the entire way to the strip club. He just wanted to pass out in the chair for the next day, but he knew that was impossible at this time. As he looked at sekushi he noticed her outfit. He tried his best not to stare, but it was nearly impossible for him not to. He decided to just keep his head down to avoid it. When she started to speak about how she let her workers leave armed it sent a shock through Ryuu's brain. He'd seen a group of people laying dead on the road a few minutes before getting to the club. He wondered if it was Sekushi's workers. He decided not to mention it to spare her the grief for now. This was not the time for feeling down. Sekushi's sudden outburst caused his head to snap upward in surprise. He stood up facing her.~ "Look I know it sucks, but the last thing you need to do is go out there and get yourself killed. You hired me to protect you and that's what I'm going to do." ~When he saw Sekushi was calm once more he sat back in the chair. Truth is Ryuu wouldn't have actually minded going out and gutting those guys but he was beat down from the past two days. He used being her bodyguard as an excuse to rest. During the silence he layed his head on the back of the chair and closed his eyes. He felt himself about to doze off until Sekushi started speaking again. He laughed with her trying to make her feel better. He could tell she didn't like this.~ "Well I was met with a few friends before I got here, and I had to walk all the way from the police station. The reason I was at the police station...." ~ He paused and thought about what she would think of him if he had told her the complete truth about why he was in jail. He decided to take off a little bit of the story so that he wouldnt have to go into detail.~ "....well I was at the area of that explosion at the concert yesterday...and uhh....I kinda got into it with someone there. Its all fine though the po-" ~Just as he was about to finish his sentence the echoing sound of guns being cocked ripped straight through his words. His eyes widened as he knew an assault rifle and/or pistol when he heard one. He picked his and up at Sekushi gesturing for her not to make a sound. It seemed as if Tsuyo could tell what it was as well he sprung up from his comfortable position and growled lightly. Ryuu cursed under his breath now regretting his form of entrance into the club. He knew his rest wasnt going to last long. He stared at Sekushi and talked lowly.~ "Looks like you're not going to be sitting here useless. Get your pistol loaded and whatever other weapons you got hidden in here."

XAkioNaraX: -Noctis lay'd in his bed as usual when he wasn't up to anything, his eyes were shut tightly with his ear buds deep inside his ears nodding his head and feet to the beat of the drum he hummed and sang along knowing the lyrics word by word, It was his favorite song after all. At the window on the left of the bed stood Sachi, she couldn't stop thinking about the male she saw resently, the thought of what he was capable of scared her to tears. Lately she stared out of the window for hours hoping that he would never come any closer to the building like last time when he simply walked by it. Noctis looked over his shoulder and opened his eyes, the scared look on Sachi's face bugged him, he sighed and got up from his bed and plucked his ear buds out-Sachi...-he said quietly as he stood up from his bed and grabbed his new sword from the top of his tv, above it stood his regular sword that he used which was a lot thinner and didn't have much weight to it, Sachi looked away from the window and looked to Noctis-Where are you going?-she asked concerned and moved away from the window to walk over to him, as she did Noctis threw his heavy sword on his back and turned to the door throwing one hand in the air-I'm going to kill that guy so you'll stop being such a chicken shit to go out and stuff-he reached for the door handle and swung open the door, quickly Sachi grabbed his shoulder and stopped Noctis, she gripped it a little pulling him back-be careful...he’s different-Noctis’s hair hung over his eyes making them covered. He raised his arm and placed his hand over top of hers and smirked-I don’t have to be, its in the bag already-he then lifted her hand off his shoulder and walked ahead closing the door behind him and leaving Sachi there alone. He definitely was not going to kill this guy, instead he was going to find him and try to befriend him...It was the smart idea only because if he did end up fighting him and losing..there would be the possibility of him going after Sachi and he didn’t want that to happen.-”Sigh”Now i gotta find this guy and buy him a drink or something?-he said to himself as he made his way out of the apartment and looked from side to side-Now...where should I go-he then he’d a scream and his right eyebrow raised-Well that answers my question-he threw his arms in the air and folded them behind the back of his neck resting them there so that he may lean his head back and relax while walking. As he got closer to where the screaming came from he saw a male rip off a woman's dress in a alley making her breast bounce out in front of the males face so he may be able to suck on them forcefully, Noctis would take a closer look and would see that in his right hand he had a small blade to her throat, he quickly came to the realization that she was being raped, but before Noctis would take action he made his presence known by saying the only thing that would come to mind .-OH SWEET, TITS!-the female would look over her shoulder and glance at Noctis-Please, Please help me!-she yelled as the male finally looked over-Beat it kid, you don’t want any of this-he said trying to scare Noctis off as he simply raised his right arm and picked his ear with his pinky then flicked whatever was on it showing the man that he wasn’t affected at all by his words which as a result made him a little mad-HEY, I’M TALKING TO YOU OR I’ll-Noctis interrupted him-Mine is bigger-Noctis said with a smile on his face. The male raised his eyebrow and took the knife from the females throat and pointed it to him while he had his free hand on the females tit-What are you talking about son?-Noctis reached behind him and pulled out his death reaper sword over his head then swung it straight down making a “clunk” sound as it made contact with the floor which made the man jump and loose grip of the female which ran as soon as his grip was gone. Noctis repeated himself-Mine bigger-he then walked towards the male dragging his sword behind him, in response the male backed up at the same speed of Noctis’s foot pace which only encouraged Noctis to speed up to close the gap between them. The male turned from Noctis and started to run- NO NO LEAVE ME ALONE-he threw some nearby garbage cans behind him to create a obstacle for Noctis-Awe come on you pointed a knife at me-he grunted as he leaped over the garbage cans and lifted his heavy sword behind him, the male was about a 3 seconds away from him-You must obviously want to PLAY!-Noctis then raised his sword and again he slashed downwards hitting the man between his shoulder and his collar bone, the sword went into his body about 6 cm deep before Noctis pulled it out making the male fall to the ground and hit his face off the floor. Noctis walked in front of him as his blood started to spill out his wound and surround his head and shoulder- Ya know he grabbed the male by his short black hair and pulled his face up-maybe if you payed the fee like everyone else does-he released his grip of the male’s hair and stood up putting his sword on his back and walking away-You could of lived.-he rubbed his hands off on his pants and walked off leaving the male on the ground to die. Noctis then looked around-Now that thats been handled-his eyes peered around the city-Where are with the strange blood-he walked onto the city streets and crossed it to the other side looking around to see if he could spot the man with the strange dna-

Sezomaru: Ginsei stared at Duke as he had apparently finished his own fight. “Yea… It was interesting I guess. Ginsei slid his hands into his pockets, beginning to walk down the street, not even taking a second glance at Jacki and Benny’s lifeless bodies. He wondered if Duke planned to follow him though if he didn’t it wouldn’t change Ginsei’s mind about moving forward. He wasn’t just going to stand and talk in one place due to all of the shit that was going on. He glanced up at the sky as a helicopter flew by, probably patrolling the city or watching the chaos. He headed down the street, a sigh escaping from his lips. He rounded a corner to see three thugs attacking one blonde headed girl. The biggest one of the trio was swinging a spiked bat around at the girl. Ginsei noticed other thugs though they were down, making him realize that she had done it. He recognized the guys who were attacking her, a gang that had tried to mess with Kokuga a year ago. Ginsei swiftly unsheathed Yuuyaiba and charged forward, grinning to himself. He reached one of the three thugs quickly, swinging his blade horizontally towards the guy’s side, slashing it wide open. The look on the thug’s face was a look of utter shock, having not expected someone to come out of nowhere with a blade. The guy stumbled back, giving Ginsei time to rush forward, stabbing his blade right into the throat of the stumbling thug. Ginsei ripped his neck open as he slashed his blade out of the falling thug’s throat. He then rushed towards the thug who had been swinging his bat at the blonde girl. He swung his blade in an upward horizontal manner, his blade tearing into the huge thugs lower back, ripping up to his shoulder blade. Ginsei used an ability called Hisomutou which sent a powerful blow following his initial strike ( See for move) which sent the thug flying over the girl’s head, blood spraying from his back. He landed on his face, dead to the world, blood pooling around his body. The last thug started yelling “Who the fuck are you!? Another bitch to join the party!?” Ginsei turned his head, staring the guy right in the face. The thug’s face became full of shock as he recognized Ginsei. “You.. You’re the one they call the Dark Lion of Ryoku..” Ginsei turned, walking towards the thug, his bloodied blade dripping with the fresh blood from the fallen thugs. “If I take you out, I can have your pretty ass head on my WALL!” The guy rushed forward, brandishing a metal pole. He swung at Ginsei which proved to be a futile move. Ginsei ducked the swing, slashing upwards horizontally, tearing his blade through the right side of the thug’s torso. In a split second after his first swing he was swinging his blade again in a horizontal attack, slashing the thug’s neck wide open. Blood spewed as his body fell, lifeless. Like usual, Ginsei wiped the blood off of his blade before sheathing it. He then glanced over his shoulder at the blonde girl.

Pallas: -With everything that had been going on Duke nodded towards Gin and watched as he began to walk away. He could tell that he and Gin were two completely different people and trying to pull a tag team event here in this chaos wouldn’t create some lifelong friendship. They wouldn’t be braiding each other’s hair anytime soon. Deucalion used his animalistic nature to climb up a nearby building as Gin walked away. The roof of the building was only one story above ground level and Duke began to walk across the roof, heading into the direction of an alleyway. When he reached the alleyway, he jumped down from the roof, landing on both feet softly. He wasn’t really paying attention to his surroundings as most of his thoughts had to do with the fact that he almost died a few minutes ago. That’s when he is stopped by a number of a lowly gang. Duke looks up to see three men in front of him carrying bats.; he sighed and said-“Look, I’ve had one hell of a day already and I really don’t have the time to mess around with you three youngins…okay?”-That’s when the middle one said-“You hear that boys!? He thinks we aren’t worth his time. Let’s get him boys!”-Duke’s anger began to rise as he thrusts his claws back out from within him arms.-“You obviously don’t know…WHO YOU ARE FUCKING WITH!”-The men then charged at him but only took a few steps before they looked at Duke. Their eyes widened and struck with fear they dropped their bats and man for the hills. Duke looked puzzled but didn’t think much of it. He retracts his claws back into him and says-“Well that was easy.”-He then hears the faint breathing of something above him. Duke slowly turns around to look up and see a giant hulking figure that makes even him look small. ( The brute quickly grabbed Duke by the neck which was pretty much like grabbing him in the chest. The man quickly threw Duke into the ground like he was nothing. The impact makes a loud Boom! Sound that echoes through the entire alleyway. He then lifted Duke up and tossed him through a brick wall that led into an empty building. When Duke slides across the ground, he thinks to himself-“Why am I always tossed into a god damn fucking building!?”-He got up and quickly rushed towards the giant man, releasing a heavy martial arts combo. Duke throws punch after punch, kick after kick, and they all land on the giant man; but they seem to do nothing on him. As Duke jumps up to throw a hard right punch, the giant man punches Duke dead in the chest and sends him flying through the other end of the building. The impact sends Duke through the opposite end of the building and once again flying through a brick wall. Duke lands in the middle of a street, rolling back up to his feet. A small drop of blood drips from Duke’s mouth as he says to himself-“Playtime…is over…”-Duke flexed his hands and the claws sprung from his arms, his fangs grew outward as he got down on all fours. As he did that, he saw that Gin and the woman he had helped get home a day ago were talking. His mind was set on other things at the moment though. A loud roar is heard from the inside of the building as the giant man comes crashing through the wall. Duke focuses his energy and leaps forward at the giant with all his might. The spear like attack had enough force that it actually knocked the giant off his feet as both men go tumbling back into the building. With the empty building being as dark as night, Deucalion felt a smirk arise from his face as he asked the giant man-“You aren’t afraid of the dark, are you?”-

AlessandraSkar: Shira's sapphire blue gaze snapped upward in time to see the nail-studded baseball bat headed straight down toward her cranium cap and for a moment, that was all her vision could focus on. She became oblivious to everything else around her, including the group of idiots trying to record the fight with their cell phones nearby. As the bat neared her skull, she felt her grip on the chain tightening, her body lowering down into a deeper stance as the muscles in her arm tensed up, preparing to take this man's head off with the chain. But wait! Just as the two were just half a second away from going at it, then unexpected occurred. The sound of flesh tearing ripped through the air and suddenly, the man with the bat arched harshly with an outcry of pain. Shira blinked once, her eyebrows lifting in surprise as a split second later, the huge man was launched clean over her head like he had been thrown by the hand of a god. Her body stood frozen as her eyes followed the flying body, tiny droplets of blood raining down on her face and clothing with audible pit-pattering sounds. Once the guy had crashed into the concrete, she brought her eyes back down. All she saw at first was sunlight glaring from the sharpened edge of a blade before she noticed the guy carrying it. He looked young, perhaps about her age with long black hair that was tied up into a high ponytail. “Who the fuck are you?!” She heard a sudden exclamation, her eyes snapping in the direction of the loud voice at the same time that the young man with the sword looked at him. Her eyes narrowed when she heard him say something about the “Dark Lion of Ryoku.” She had no idea what that was, but it seemed like a pretty dangerous title to have in these streets apparently. She watched the young man walk up to the last thug, duck beneath a huge metal pole and then slash the man open like freshly cut steak. The sight of the blood spurting out of his neck slightly alarmed her. She wasn't used to seeing so much blood; in fact, the most blood she'd seen was during her fight with the fake KPD officer. She swallowed, forcing herself to round her shoulders back as she shifted into her normal posture, her gaze lifting to look at the man with the sword as he glanced back at her. She was silent at first, the breeze sending stray strands of platinum blonde hair across her face and sapphire blue eyes as she simply stared at him. She still held on to her chain and her muscles remained tense just incase. The fact that this man had helped her out with her thug problem didn't mean that he could be trusted, especially with that weapon he was carrying. And that name he went by. He could've been one of the men sent to kill innocent people in the streets, only trying to appear as a good guy so that he could get away with murder. She narrowed her eyes at him before her lips parted. “Thank you.” She said somewhat softly. “But I didn't really need any h--” Just before she could get the full sentence out, a sound like a loud roar came exploding from somewhere nearby, causing her heart to jump. Her head snapped in the direction of the noise just in time to see a large man come crashing through a brick wall and not even a split second later, something pounced on him. Something big. She snapped into a fighting stance the second she saw what was happening, thinking she and the man with the sword were in more danger. But the two large men vanished inside the large building before she could even respond. “What the fuck WAS THAT!” She exclaimed, her breath heaving slightly. “Did you fucking see that?!” She glanced toward the unknown swordsman, then back at the hole in the side of the building.

Guest_Entichi: ~He was already surprised that she kept a pistol on her at all, but now he found out that she keeps more than one and a bunch of amunition to go with it. He thought to himself 'Maybe there's alot more to her than I thought'. He snapped back to reality. Now was not the time thing about such things. His teeth tightly clenched against each other hearing bodies dropping like flies. He could still hear the pleads of one of the female workers. He knew what they were going to do to her and it made his blood boil. The men outside of the door cocked their guns and that's when Ryuu sprung into action. He rolled the chair out of his way slowly and then started to move slowly across the room each of his guns in either hand. He moved in a sort of diagnal direction. His right foot would slowly "hop" over the left and his left fot would swiftly move back into its original position. He did this until his back was against the wall connected to the door. Tsuyo unexpectedly got in a ready stance on the opposite side of the door. He could hear his heart damn near beating out of his chest waiting for anything to happen. Suddenly the door exploded open and two goons with assault rifles walked in, but they didn't have their guns aimed. As soon as they entered Tsuyo charged at the one in the front wrapping his canines onto the leg of the first one causing him to drop his weapon and let out a loud shriek of pain. The other good went to aim his gun at the dog but Ryuu slammed the handle of the pistol in his left hand onto his wrists making him drop the weapon. Ryuu swiftly lifted the pistol in his right hand to his skull and pulled the trigger without hesitation causing blood to splatter all over the wood of the door. He quickly turned to the other man sending another two shots at his skull causing instant death and his body slamming the ground. The carpet was now stained in a pool of red blood. Tsuyo released his grip on the corpse and quickly ran to Sekushi. Ryuu looked up at her and spoke in a serious tone.~ "We're leaving. Now." ~He peeked his head out of the door checking for more goons down the hall, but there were none. The rest must have been in the front still toying with the female workers.~

Sezomaru: Ginsei slowly turned, looking at the blonde girl. He examined her face, her blonde hair, her blue eyes. She was a rather gorgeous girl. She looked to be about his age maybe a year older than he was. He noticed how tense she still looked. “If I wanted to cut you down, I would have already charged you and made an attempt.” He slid his hands back into his pants pockets as he continued to look at her. He began to nod as she said “Thank you”. Just as she began to tell him that she didn’t need something a loud roar rang out. He watched as a large man crashed through a building, another man jumping on top of him. The glimpse that he got, though he looked a bit different, seemed as if it was Duke that had attacked the bigger guy. The two went barreling into a large building, disappearing. She began yelling, asking if he had seen what just happened. “Yea, I saw it.” He nodded, beginning to walk towards her. Right before he reached her he stepped around her, walking towards the large building that Duke and the bigger man had disappeared into. He glanced over his shoulder at the girl before turning to look into the hole the two men had created. “Well… Isn’t this just becoming a day of surprises?” He continued to stare into the dark hole. He glanced at the girl again, wondering what she intended to so from here.

Pallas: -The grunt stands in the middle of the building as Duke lifts the welding goggles up to his forehead. His golden eyes reveal themselves as the grunt struggles to find where Duke is. He says in his deep and monster-like voice-“I will find you, boy!”- Deucalion kept his body low as he chose to use a stealthier weapon then his bone claws. He reaches back and grabs the two Ulak blades that were gifted to him by his benefactor. He grips the handles of each blade tightly as he slowly moves his way closer to the beast. His eyes paint a perfect visual picture for him in this darkness. This is where Duke is his most dangerous. He slowly moves closer to the beast and once he is close enough, he runs and slides across the ground with the blades on his chest; making an X formation. As he slid across the floor, he passed through the grunts knees. And as he did that, he swings his blades forward and the Vibranium metal slices up the skin of the grunt and digs a few inches into the man’s inner thighs. The grunt would roar out as he dropped to one knee. Duke spun up back to his feet with his Ulak blades dripping with the blood of the grunt now. Duke wasted no time now as he jumped high into the air with his arms over his head, aiming for the back of the grunt. He stabbed both ends of the Ulak Blades into the shoulder blades of the grunt and that caused him to roar out in pain. The Ulaks dug more than four inches into the man’s back as Duke continued his assault. He thrusts his head forward and uses his fangs to bite into the neck of the grunt. His fangs dig deep down into the flesh of the grunt, tearing his skin like its paper. Blood quickly oozes out of his neck and pours down his large body. The grunt reaches over his back with his right hand and grabs Duke. He then throws Duke off of his body, causing Duke to rip an entire bite of his neck along with him. The Ulak Blades remain in the beasts back as Duke flips in the air and lands on his feet. He spits out the large chunk of flesh he has in his mouth as he is now covered in the grunts blood. The grunt is now on his knee with his left hand on the ground from the massive blood loss. Duke stands up and wipes the flesh from his lips and says to the grunt-“You know…your roar is pretty good…but see mine…mine on the other hand…”-And before he says anything else, he thrusts his head back with his arms flexed at his side and unleashes a godly roar-“ROOOAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!”- ( at the 1:00 mark, after that click this link for a badass song that goes with the rest of this post –“See mine…is just so much better than yours…”-That roar he unleashed would echo throughout the entire neighborhood, causing windows on every building for 100 yards to shatter. Duke slowly began to walk towards the grunt as the blood began to pool around the grunts feet. The grunt lifted his right hand as to try and stop Duke from getting to him. Duke laughed as the hand was placed on his chest as he said-“no no…”- Duke then swings his left elbow above his head and downward onto the grunts arm. As he did that, his left leg would spring up off the ground so his knee would meet at the same point on the other end of his arm. (Intersection_Method.JPG) This causes his arm to snap cleanly into two from the inside. The grunt roars out in pain again as he falls to his back, using his left arm to now try and cover the blood that is quickly escaping his body. When he tries to get up again, Duke says-“No no no, stay the fuck down”- and uses his left leg to push the giant back down to his back. Duke then gets in a full mount position except the size difference calls Duke to stand instead of sitting on top of a body. He looks down at the man and places his left hand behind the grunts head. With his right hand he begins to whale on the grunts face, over and over again. With each impact of his fist on his face, a loud BOOM! Echoes through the building. Duke is using his Speed Fighting Style to create multiple Crack punches on the grunts face. He even goes as far as to mix it up by throwing straight punches and hammers down with some hard elbows to the face. With each punch and elbow he throws, the grunts body shakes violently from the impact. After a few minutes of this, Duke’s body was covered in the grunts blood as he pounded the grunts face into a flattened state that he basically decapitated him with blunt force. Once it was all over, he grabs his Ulak Blades and begins to walk back towards the hole where Gin was standing the whole time, watching the gruesome show. Duke lowered the goggles down to his eyes again as he exits the building. When he gets to where Gin was standing, Duke asks in an aggravated tone as his right arm is drenched in blood-“Somethin I could help you with, Gin?”- As he steps over the brick and rubble, he sees the woman again. He thinks to himself-“Well this day is just getting better and better by the second…”- He then waits to see if they are going to say or do something before he goes back to wondering on his own.-

AlessandraSkar: “Whoa wait.” Her eyebrows lifted when the unknown swordsman answered her, then began making his way toward the building. She grew a little nervous inside, quite convinced that what she had just seen was a monster battle and there was one with a mohawk. She quickly bent sideways to grab her skateboard, tucking it beneath her arm as she finally decided to follow after the swordsman. She was quite hesitant in approaching the hole in the side of the building, mostly because there was pretty much nothing but a black abyss beyond the layer of bricks and cement. On top of the fact that there was no telling just what in the hell was in there. Hell, what she saw wasn't even human. She glanced back at the swordsman as he kept glancing at her, then returned her attention to the dark hole, swallowing when she began to hear movement. A monstrous voice echoed from inside, sounded like something straight out of hell. Shira's grip tightened around her new titanium chain the moment she heard it, her gaze shifting toward the swordsman standing beside her, then back at the darkness. She couldn't understand why he looked so calm at the moment. There were two huge THINGS fighting in there and there was no telling when one of them was going to glance up, spot the two fresh pieces of meat standing outside, and initiate attack. She was already getting herself ready for anymore sudden surprises. “Okay, I don't what's in there but we may need to be prepared for....I mean, y'know.” She tried to sound as stern and brave as possible, but only a tiny hint of her nervousness could be heard in her voice. “I mean because, something really fucked up is going on in there. I might have to choke somebody out. And you?” She turned her head to glance at the swordsman, then his sheathed weapon. “You aren't even READY!” A split second after she shouted the word, another sound exploded from the darkness louder than thunder during a storm. It was another roar, but this one was ten times louder than the first one. Shira sucked in a sharp gasp, her arms snapping up over her head as glass came raining down on the sidewalk all too suddenly. Once it stopped and she lifted her head to look around, her sapphire blue eyes widened in surprise when she realized that every window on every building standing nearby had been shattered. Her breath continued to heave as she looked back around to face the whole, her jaws clamping together as she rocked back and forth on her feet, squeezing her chain so hard that almost her entire arm was shaking. 'Alright,' She thought to herself. 'This just got more serious than I imagined. It's time.' She was just about to brave the dark when more odd sounds stopped her. This time it sounded like someone really heavy was dropped to the hardpacked ground, followed by a series of booming noises that came echoing from the darkness, slamming into Shira's now heightened senses. “I don't know about you,” She said. “But we might need some fucking back up.” As she said this, she could hear the footsteps of someone approaching and her legs shifted apart as if she were preparing to get into a fighting stance. Her hand which carried the chain moved back ever so slowly as a figure began to form from the darkness, getting closer and closer while her eyes focused harder and harder. “Alright, samurai guy, on my count of three, we're gonna slug this mother fucker. You got that?” Before she could fully say the number, a large masculine figure stepped out of the darkness, revealing himself to be the same guy who'd helped her out the other day. Yep, the mohawk and the strange goggles were all in place. But today, he was the one who had blood on him. In fact, he was fucking drenched in it. 'I knew it! I knew this guy was a cold-blooded killer! And you got in the fucking car with him, you dumb bitch!' Her voice rang out in alarm in her mind. 'What if this fucker took advantage of you while you were half-fucking-dead!?' She blinked the thoughts out of her mind as she simply stared at him, her grip on the chain loosening slightly as she began to stand up straighter. He said something to the swordsman, then glanced over and saw her. With those god-forsaken goggles hiding his eyes, there was no hint as to what he was thinking. All she could say in response was, “Um....are those....fangs?”

The Separation Edit

Sezomaru: Ginsei stared into the dark hole, silent and calm, listening to the blonde headed girl beside him as she was trying to make sense of the situation, wanting to do something about it. Suddenly a loud roar rang out from the dark hole, glass began shattering on every building in the surrounding area. The glass came down like rain, shattering into smaller prices as it hit the ground. He sighed just as the girl spoke about slugging someone on the count of three. He smirked, nodding a bit. “Sure, slug the one to come out of there.” Ginsei had a feeling it would be Duke to be the one to come out from the hole which is why he kept his hands in his pockets. Soon footsteps could be heard and a muscled figure exited the darkness. The figure to exit the darkness was Duke and he was covered in blood from the guy he had apparently just killed inside. Duke then asked if he needed something with an aggravated tone which Ginsei sighed, shaking his head. “No, I don’t need anything.” He finished speaking as Duke looked to the girl. “You seem to be doing fine on your own.” Ginsei then turned, walking past the girl back towards the street he had been walking down before he slew the thugs that had been attacking her. He continued to walk with slow strides though they were quick enough to get him to the corner of the right building at the end of the street. He turned the corner, glancing behind him, seeing the silhouettes of Jacki and Benny down the street. He then glanced up towards the sky which had slowly began to cloud over though it didn’t look like it was going to rain anytime soon. He began walking down the street, taking slow strides, in no hurry to go anywhere. He looked down at himself, seeing all of the blood that had been spilled all over his clothes. He sighed, thinking that the blood stains would stain these clothes forever.

Pallas: -After he came out and listened to what Gin had said, he laughed a bit and said-“Right.”-Before he could say anything else to Gin, the woman who he had helped before asked if his teeth were fangs. Duke smiled at her, revealing his razor sharp teeth and said to her-“Why yes they are. You are a very observant one aren’t you?”-His mouth is covered in blood from that grunt and the mercs from earlier and he is in desperate need of a shower. As he watched Gin walk off, Duke once again does not follow him. Their two paths seem to cross on more than one occasion but he was not going to go play follower with him. If this was the last time they saw each other today, he was now sure it would probably happen again later down the road. He takes one last look at the woman, though his goggles would hide his eye movements, and thinks to himself-“I gotta give it to her though…she is hot…”-And then turned around to walk in the opposite direction of Gin. Duke looks down at both of his arms while he walks and can see both men who got torn to bits by these hands. He’d never ripped a man’s heart out of his body until today. He said to himself quietly-“I might as well get cleaned up somewhere.”- When he turned the corner to walk down one of District Two’s main streets, he is surprised to see how empty it is. Empty in living that is. Bodies riddled the street as he carefully walks over them. The city had become hell, literally. The men who planned the whole event must be getting exactly what they wanted. The city was on the brink of killing itself to extinction. A few hundred yards in front of him is a Diner that seemed pretty empty. He figured that is a good enough place as any to get cleaned up in. As long as it has a sink or a god damn hose, he should be fine. Duke nodded to himself and quickly began to walk into that direction, hoping that no more people or things would want to pop out and attack him.-

AlessandraSkar: Shira's head slightly turned as the swordsman walked away, her eyes following him as he went on his way like nothing had even happened within the past few minutes. At least now she knew he wasn't a bad guy and he could more than likely take good care of himself while wandering these hellish streets. She slowly returned her attention to the tall male before her, her eyes rising up his massive form until she was looking at those goggles again. Why the FUCK did he wear those things, she wondered. Her brows furrowed a bit at the sarcasm in his answer, but she quickly forgot whatever insult she was prepared to throw back at him once she spotted the razor-sharp canines in his mouth. She'd never seen anything like it. Not as a part of a human being's anatomy, at least. Or was this guy human at all? She took a moment to observe him, noticing the bulging muscle beneath all that blood. Apparently, whoever that dead guy was inside that building wasn't the smartest to have picked a fight with someone with fangs. And she had to admit, he was an Adonis. She could stare at him for the rest of the day if she didn't think he'd backhand her into next week for it. Judging by the way he'd gotten aggravated with the swordsman, he could have had the same reaction toward her over one wrong move. She didn't reply even as he turned and walked away from her, her sapphire blue eyes trailing after him, continuing to look his massive frame up and down observantly....just like he'd called her. “Smart ass.” She mumbled under her breath, then glanced inside the darkness of the empty building in front of her. She squinted past the darkness, just barely able to make out the figure lying on the ground in a muddled heap, his flesh torn and scattered in a pool of his own blood. By the time Shira had returned her attention to the massive male, he was already well on his way. She frowned. 'Oh, so he gets to just walk off like that without even explaining where those goddamn teeth came from? And why does he wear those fucking goggles? That sure as hell isn't a fashion trend around these parts. He's such an ass hole, too.' She dropped her skateboard onto its wheels and climbed aboard, propelling herself forward down the sidewalk. A deep breath escaped her lips as she thought about the other day after that gruesome fight. 'Well...I suppose I should probably thank him for the other day. But he's still an ass hole!'

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