Freedom FighterEdit

Tetsu would have tinkered with the robot for about 20 minutes. He’d been able to hook his pistol up to the plasma generator that made up the blast which emeited from the machines cannon like gun. It was like a quite staredown as the bots waited for Tetsu to make his move. The crowds had cleared this mini area, as Tetsu was now staring down 4 of them. “I can at least get these guys out of the way…..alright….lets do this…” (  ) Tetsu would place his fist an inch above the ground he was squatting on. He would focus his kenitic energy into one single point i.e his entire right forearm. Then used the technqiues found in the one inch punch like method, and punch the ground as hard as he could, but not revealing any thereating motions from his position. Then using the inner ki strike he would channel the kenitic force to a near by semi truck and cuase it to erupt from both sides of the tires, and flip the car towards one of the bots, knocking it flat on it’s ass. The other pilots turned their attention away from tetsu for a brief moment which was all tetsu needed. He then  pointed his gun from out of the hole he’d made with the old pilots body in the bot and begin shooting the cannon at two of the opposing pioted bots. The blast were aimed towards the arms this time, and using their own machiner, tetsu had disarmed two of the bots, ridding them of their arms, and leaving them with only their legs. The bot tetsu had originally knocked over however, had  gotton the jump on him though. Tetsu looked up at the sound of mechanical gearing and turning, as the bot was coming down on his position. Tetsu would quickly leap backwards, in a hand sprung backflip to avoid being hit by the things cannon. He still had it’s weapons….Tetsu would catch himself, and look at the pilot suit. “Getting real tired of your shit pilot guys….” Tetsu would run towards the suit, and listen for the “CLINK” befor it’s gattling gun before it began to fire. Tetsu would then quickly slide to his knees and go under the bot, just as he did this however, he’d latched a web to the bots cock pit. Tetsu would then fuse chi into his legs, and leap, only to flip the machine on it’s back with a loud “THONK!” Tetsu would then shoot two webs outwards with both of his arms, and in a slingshot like fashion, allow his body to go back as far as it could and the webbing to stretch to it’s limit and allowing it to slingshot him right ontop of the protective glass exterior of the suit’s design infornt of the cockpit. Tetsu would perice it landing right on top of the pilot and knocking him unconscious, only to turn around, and see the armless bots running towards him. Apparently they could fucking kick….Tetsu was then booted in the chest by one of them, and then knee’d to the back by the other. He could feel every inch of the steel that battered against his skin and muscle and it pained him so when he had to spit  the blood outon the pavement, as he rolled 10 feet away. Tetsu would hold his stomach as he laid there on his knees…tired. “Agh…Damn..” Tetsu would look back and see them moving again. Tetsu would stand up and begin running away, at a break neck 60mph speed.  He’d then flick the wrist his watch was on, and a near by manhole would begin to rotate in place, as suddenly pieces of a onyx black armor would burst from it and and consume his right hand..It was the right arm piece of the dark god armor, tetsu hadn’t used in so long. “Good to know some things never change!” Tetsu would then stop his momentum and shift it only to turn around and aim a low clothesline towards the lead bots leg. The indestructible meteal that coated tetsu’s arm riped right clean thorugh it’s leg, and crippled it even further preventing it from moving any further. The bot that was fowling the lead stoped dead in his tracks. He had no weapons….no offensives…just legs. Tetsu would stand there breathing heavily and staring it down. “You’re the last one in line right now…even. Shut your machine down and come out quietly.” The voice inside laughed. It was a cackle…an annoying one at that. “You have one metal arm and you think you’re the shit? HA! I’m gonna flatten you!” Tetsu looked at the last pilot bot he had infront of him. He wondered where the other ones were….but knew he needed to focus on one at a time.

Roaring Fang..Edit

Sezomaru: Ginsukei was in the middle of the foot battle, Yakuza and opposing troops all around him. Death was surrounding him. ( ) He swung his fists, each punch connecting with man after man, sending them to the ground. Suddenly he heard a loud “RAT TAT TAT TAT” and in the next second, bullets poured into a Yakuza man beside him, blood pouring from his wounds. Ginsukei turned, seeing a big mech type suit with some sort of pilot outside. He gripped his hand into a tight fist as he rushed forward, leaping over a parked car, bullets pouring out into it as he hit the ground, rolling to his feet. He continued running, using men to block the oncoming bullets, most of them being the opposing forces. He rushed soon made his way up to the mech suit, leaping into the air, slamming his fist against the right leg, causing a tiny dent to appear. “That’s it?...” He stared at his fist as he dropped to the ground, having felt the heat that came off of the bot for a moment. ( Ginsukei growled as he burst into a sprint to the right, dodging bullets that sprayed the ground behind him. He dove over a car, bullets smashing into it. “What the fuck is this?” He moved around the car, making sure to stay low so that the pilot wouldn’t see him. He then burst into a sprint, moving through men, hoping to stay unseen just for a bit. He soon ended up behind the mech, nodding his head to settle himself. “Shit’s not like it used to be…” He roared out, charging forward. He leaped onto the bot, climbing his way up to it’s back, feeling the intense heat that was radiating from it. He reared back with his right fist, using his Piercing Straight to slam his fist against the back to make a small opening, enough for him to begin beating the tiny weak point, making it bigger and bigger. “GRAAAAHHHH!” The Pilot realized what was happening with the first punch and began trying to move around to get him off. He climbed higher onto the bot, slamming his fist against it along the way. Ginsukei heard a shout that told him to move. He gripped onto the mech with his right hand, swinging up a bit higher onto it as bullets barraged it’s back, his men on the rooftops spraying it with bullets. They were great shots so their bullets were hitting central points where Ginsukei had been punching it, working down the defenses of the back. The pilot began making the bot spin and spin, trying to get him off though he had all of what he needed. He moved back down to the weak point they had created and with one strong punch he opened up the back of the bot. He grabbed the pilot by the back of the neck, ripping him through the hole which caused the metal to cut into his body. He tossed the pilot onto the ground, dropping down he landed on the pilot’s face, a loud squishing noise being heard. Ginsukei looked down at his right fist, realizing the damage it had taken. “Fuck… Won’t last long like this… At all…” Ginsukei looked up, noticing another bot off in the distance. He had to do something about them even though he wasn’t sure if his fists would last. ( 29:00)) Ginsukei began to roar out, charging his energy, a deep red energy forming over his right hand. The energy looked like some sort of lightning that was violently sparking on his hand. ‘ROOAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Kaiju Bakuhatsu No Ken!!!” Ginsukei charged forward, sprinting as fast as he could, gripping his right fist tight. He jumped onto a car, leaping off of it, hearing the words “I’M GONNA FLATTEN YOU!” just as he grabbed onto the leg of the boy, stepping onto it to push himself up higher, giving him just enough height so he was able to slam his fist against the front of the bot, sending his fist into the pilot’s face, launching him out of the back of the machine. Ginsukei then dropped down, looking down at his right hand, burn marks covering it. “Tch…” He then looked towards his right, noticing someone from his past… A pig… The “Super Cop” Tetsu Ryoji…

Abundant ReunionEdit

Tetsu would be weaving the bots kicks with swift ease. Without it’s guns, it was nothing more than some giant machine with extendible legs honestly. Tetsu would weave one last time, ducking below the spnning roundhouse kick. “You guys get predictable after an hour of fighting…” Tetsu would stand up,and hold his ragnite covered hand out, to completely block the oncoming back kick that would’ve done him in. while holding the pilot bots leg, Tetsu would use the Muteki No Ken technique and rip of it’s leg, and push it forward, taking off it’s balance completely. Tetsu would then calmly walk on top of the machine and punch thorugh the glass with his ragnite covered arm, and knock the pilot out. Tetsu would then flick his wrist and return the ragnite armor to the sweres incase he needed it again..He then heard a voice. A familer one at that. Tetsu would look to see Ginsukei. The same guy whom he pursued at one time…who only escaped with the help of Tasanagi. Tetsu would smile and speak. “Ginsei Yanazuka, it has been a while hasn’t it. Still chasing your tail I see. You kagemaru boys never change.” Tetsu would shake his head. “Good moves on the bots there pall, it’s pretty clear  you’ve grown over the past few years.  However, I need to ask if you know anything about whats been going on..It’s quite disheartening to see the city in a state of complete turmoil…” Tetsu would cross his arms and look at the wreckage cuased all around him by the gangs of people and the violence that had taken place..

Sezomaru: Ginsukei reached over with his left hand, grabbing his right sleeve, ripping it off. “Fuck… This jacket’s done.” He ripped off his suit coat and button up shirt, tossing it to the ground. His now naked torso reveals his Yakuza tattoos that covered his back and arms as well as his chest. He glanced over at his right arm which was slightly burned though the burns worsened the farther down towards his hand that someone looked. “Dammit…” He flexed his hand, clenching and un-clenching it. He then looked over towards Tetsu Ryoji, addressing him. “I guess you’ll always be chasing this dog’s tail.” He walked over towards Ryoji as if there wasn’t a huge battle going on around him. “You’re honestly asking if we had anything to do with this? If we did… Why would we be fighting? You know what questioning me will get you… By the way… I never asked you how that ramen was.” A smirk curled across Ginsukei’s lips as he stared Ryoji in the eyes, unmoving.

Tetsu watched as he riped his shirt off and thought “ugh….What is up with yakuza’s and shirt ripping.  I though you guys were tough guys not male strippers SHESH” Tetsu would dust himself off and take off his own shirt. It was riped to shreads regardless. Tetsu would reaveal to have some bruising on his mid section, a stab wound on his left shoulder, and a gash on his right one. “None the less…i do not chase you anymore. I’ve learned to let the law handle people like you. I’m smart enough to tell you Kagemaru are no where near this smart or advanced to pull that kind of tech out of your resources…” Tetsu would raise an eyebrow at the comment concerning the Ramen. He’d only have one reply. “It tasted pretty legit..still emotionally sore from that last thrashing huh? Heh heh heh….well Ginsukei. I’d like to ask for a summary of the situation but I can tell you’re not going to give it. I can also tell your not just going to let me walk away…” Tetsu would pop his shoulders. His body was pretty thrashed at the moment, but he wasn’t peak human for halfassery…He worked hard for these kinds of situations and for the last five years he’d been doing nothing but war and war tatics. Tetsu would place one hand behind his back, and extend his right arm forward, with his palm facing his own body, his hand taking a relaxed posture. “Lets make it quick mutt.” Tetsu would then wink at Ginsukei, baiting him. Wondering if he was still short tempered and ready for anything.

The Supercop & The FangEdit

Sezomaru: Ginsukei sighed, shaking his head at Ryoji, listening to his words about the Kagemaru not being smart enough to devise this. “Still the same man… We honestly don’t know what happened.” Ginsukei spoke as he took up a boxing type of stance, his fists level with his chin, slightly extended from his body. Despite having the appearance of a boxing stance his feet were slightly planted on the ground. He stared at Ryoji for a second before speaking again. “Some fools came into the city, declaring the city was on lockdown, sending these excuse for assassins and other men into the city like they own it.” Hints of a red smokey aura flowed off his body for a few seconds before fading away, the atmosphere around him changing to a slightly calmer air. “Fine then pig… Let’s finish this quickly.” He rushed forward, charging towards Ryoji quickly. He stopped right in front of Ryoji, swinging a quick left right combo towards Ryoji’s face before swinging a hard left hook towards his side’s right under his ribs. Taking these two hits would hit with more force than Ryoji would remember his strikes hitting with, snapping his head back. With the following left hook he would definitely feel it with the precision of the hit under his ribs. Following his left hook he reared back, swinging a hard and heavy right hook towards Ryoji’s throat which would choke him and possibly stun him.

Tetsu would watch the man as he moved to him. That was one of the key points in Jeet Kun Do and Power Fist…to intercept. For the opponent to strike he must MOVE to me…Tetsu thought to himself. When Gin stoped, and threw out his left right combination, Tetsu would simply use his extended right hand which kept distance at arms length, and push away both of said punches with the points of his hands deflecting them away from their point of origin. However the left hook to the ribs did make it’s mark and send a wincing pain throughout tetsu’s being. It hurt like hell because he was already banged up in said area…a key strategy to attack weakness. Basic Art of War. Tetsu would hold strong, however, and live up to his title as “supercop” and not crumble under pressure. He would wince for a second, but use muscle tightening and short breaths to persevere and duck underneath Gin’s heavy right hook which was aimed for tetsu’s neck. Once cleared of that strike tetsu would raise back up behind Gin, and launch a chop using the blade of his hand to the back of Gin’s neck, cuasing him to be pushed forward, and have a slight heavy feeling in the middle of his neck but only for an instant. Tetsu would then resume his same stance, spreading his feet a little more keeping his one right arm extended, and his left one behind his back. His chi flashed blue for a brief second as his stance became solid.

Sezomaru: Ginsukei watched as his right hook was ducked, looking down he slightly noticed Ryoji moving behind him in which he then whirled around clockwise which would slam against Ryoji’s chop. The force would hopefully force his hand back or send his arm forward, across his neck without hitting in which Ginsukei would continue his turn, swinging a hard left hook towards Ryoji’s right side, right under his ribs similar to his left hook. He reared back with his right fist, gripping his hand tight as he slung his fist, aiming to slam his fist against Ryoji’s face which if he hadn’t braced himself, he would stumble backwards. He then moved forward if he had been pushed backwards, swinging a hard left hook towards Ryoji’s ribs once more. If he hadn’t been forced backwards Ginsukei would swing a hard left fist towards Ryoji’s face, knocking him towards the right. If his moves were blocked or dodged he would prepare himself for whatever was to come his way.

Tetsu was impressed that he countered the chop so easily. Tetsu’s hand was sent backwards, to his surprise indeed. Gin would aim a hard left woards tetsu’s right side. Tetsu however used the recoiled action of his right hand which was sent backwards, and  used it to move it downwared to protect his side from being attacked. Ginsukei was relentless however, and and then aimed a fist towards Tetsu’s face. Tetsu was intent on only using one hand and as such, to counter appropriately, Tetsu would  use his physical prowess and rear his head back and slam his chin into gins fist, with a greater amount of force, turing an attack on him into a defensive maneuver completely. With this Tetsu would use key boxing style head movement, and head roll around Gin’s left fist, and counter by taking the offensive and striking out with extreme speed towards gin’s solar plexus with a wing chun thrusted sright fist. The force of this fist would be enough to stun him if it hit and cuase a shortness of breath. Weather this attack hit or not, tesu would continue his onslaught, by throwing a short elbow, with the same said right elbow and a blurred pace, attempting to cut Gin acoss his nose and draw blood, cuasing his head to rock to the left. The combo would indeed continue regardless of susess or failure, as tetsu would then bring his elbow backwards, to strike gin again, this time with the back of his elbow attempting to rock his head to the right this time. Tetsu would attempt to finish off the combo by bringing his right hand back to the now leaned over (if he took the hit of course) gin’s forehead. The forehead punch would have enough oomph to send  him sliding backwards 5 feet away, and tetsu would hold his one armed posistoin. These hits would be in rapid sucession, and happen one after another swiftly, with little to no interval for a break, however a skilled combatant could counter in some way. Even if the last two attempts failed, tetsu would simply attempt to hold guard preparing himself for whatever might come from the mutt. You can never turely predict them.

I Expected No LessEdit

Sezomaru: Ginsukei expected nothing less from the infamous Tetsu Ryoji as he easily protected his side from being attacked as well as using his chin as a defense against the next punch. He then used a boxing technique known mostly as a head roll, dodging the next punch that came his way. “I expect no less.” Ginsukei said as he thrust his left arm in front of his chest at an L shape, blocking the swift thrust to his own solar plexus. A sharp grin crossed his face right as the Pig’s elbow connected with his nose, the force being enough to cause a hard gash to cut across his nose, blood leaking from the wound as he leaned over towards the left, the hit having a lot of force behind it. ( ) Glancing up he’d notice the next elbow coming towards him which he responded to by raising his left arm in an L shape in front of his head, bracing himself to block the elbow like a stone wall. He then took his chance to take the offensive again, a red aura smoking off of his body into the air, the aura in the area and around his person changing into a more deadly and blood thirsty atmosphere. “Let’s end this shall we?... I hope you remember this from before…” Ginsukei had a devilish grin on his face as he somewhat glared at the pig in front of him. He gripped his right fist, rearing back, swinging as hard as he could towards Ryoji’s chest with enough force to surely stun him for a second at best, giving him time to swing a last hard left hook towards Ryoji’s right side, right under his ribs. During this second hit however something was different about Ginsukei. His iris’s had gained a hard red tint to them and the aura floating off of him gained more intense. “GROAAAHHHHHHHHH!” ( The aura exploded off of him as he entered his Satsui No Hadou Kusei form. His next attack, a vicious combo that consisted of three hard hits was then released, consisting of a swift right hook towards Ryoji’s throat which upon connection would take his breath away and cause him to gag and struggle to regain his strength, plus with the added power he had from his Kusei form there was a possibility that his wind pipes could collapse, giving the possibility of death. Though despite knowing this he would next throw a strong armed left uppercut which would crush against Ryoji’s chin, lifting him into the air to the point his stomach would be level with Ginsukei’s face where the third and last blow of the combo, a reared back Piercing Strike would slam against Ryoji’s stomach, launching him backwards and into a car that sat parked across the street amid the chaos.

Tetsu would have a sick sense of satisfaction as his hits made their intended connects, however…the sudden spike in gin’s chi activity startled tetsu a bit. It’d been years since he felt this kind of thing, and he never expected to feel it again at a time like this. Gin made his attack, and landed a rocking right fist, to the side of testu’s face, enough to bust the skin and cause a mixture of spatial and blood to fly from testu’s mouth. Tetsu would begin to feel a dazed effect for a second, only to then be rocked by another hook underneath his ribs. “Damn, he’s targeting that area…” Tetsu would think to himself. Tetsu then took note of gin’s eye color, and the surge in his aura. He had entered the same state he entered years ago, however back then it was less perfected. So much so Tetsu didn’t even have to transform to counter it. Sadly tetsu was running on 65% of power since he took on those mechs..Tetsu’s reflexes in cases like these were his best friend. Gin threw swift right hook, to which tetsu had been getting used to seeing in this battle, as his head movement, sharpened by his reflexes would allow him to simply weave back in an Anderson silva like fasion, and avoid the first hit. While not in a heightened state, tetsu’s physical conditioning is the most deadly aspect of his being, that and his incredibly high amount of chi..with that, testu would then see a forceful uppercut coming his way….tetsu choose to fake his way out of  this one. Instead of being “hit” by the uppercut, tetsu would wait until the hit just barely taped the skin on his chin, to lift his own body up with a jump, and allow the rest of Gins fist to graze up his chin, however thanks to this tetsu didn’t take nearly as much damage as intended, if anything it would’ve been the equillent to a tap..however with the leap tetsu made, he would appear to have taken the hit to Gin. Tetsu’s next counter was completely unpredicted. Gin’s chi was obviously charging for another hit which had a specially charged ailment to it. Due to tetsu being the one in control of his airborne momentum, tetsu would preform a stunning acrobatic spin and turn maneuver, tucking his arms inward to avoid any further friction. With the spin, tetsu would simultaneously turn his body at a horizontal degree, just barely, clearing Gin’s original aim which was for his stomach instead. Tetsu would only have time for one spin, but it was just enough for him to extend his right leg, and as his spinning kick descended he would aim his leg for gin’s left shoulder/neck curve. This kick would have the handed impact that would cause a near dislocation of the very joint connecting the bones if left unchecked to an undurable opponent. This kick (mind you, preformed after said chi infused attack was launched) would force his opponent’s body to crash down to the ground, face first with a loud “THUD” to the concrete, even possibly throwing off the concentration needed to focus his attack from earlier. Should this kick miss (highly unlikely) tetsu would still have dodged the last attack and would have time to tuck and roll his body 4 foot behind gins own, and stand up again taking a defensive stance. The real kicker was if the kiock connected.. should the kick connect and the opponent fall as intended, tetsu would waste no time and begin to quickly move in a Greco wrestling like fashion, to attempt to grapple gin in a head lock using his left arm (keep in mind, tetsu and gin are on opposite sides of each other at the moment.), and locking it in with his right arm. If properly locked, tetsu would then prop his legs up to a squatting position, and proceed to do an uplifted suplex to ginsei, throwing him behind his own body and slamming him to the ground, but it would not stop there, the swiftness of tetsu’s combat is almost godly, as once ginsei would hit the ground on his back, tetsu would keep the hold and use the momentum to roll on top of gin which would land him in a full mounting position on top of him. When and if the position was properly mounted, Testu would grab Gin’s cranium with his left hand (the top of the skull) and make sure to place his knees on top of Gin’s shoulders, to properly seal his body to the ground and leave only his lower half of any use (though any mma martial artist could tell you there are little to few escapes for this position unless your that flexible) Tetsu would then continuously rain down a barrage of blows to Ginsukei’s facial structure and throat, attempting to bruise them badly and cuase crucial damage. Tetsu didn’t have time to play around with old rivalries when the fate of the city was at stake…tetsu would aim these punches at vital parts on gin like the eyes, nose, and mouth attempting to cuase some form of blindness or hard breathing. Tetsu would continue to throw these blows until bested or inturpted otherwise, but the longer he was allowed to throw them, the more damage would be given and pressure would be added..

Victorious Fang?...Edit

Sezomaru: Ginsukei growled as he watched his Piercing Strike miss it’s mark which was Ryoji’s stomach which would have sent him flying across the street. He watched as Ryoji spun, swinging a kick towards his left shoulder. “Aiming for a dislocation” Ginsukei thought to himself as he slowed his right fist, the attack losing it’s power as he braced himself, taking the kick though with his added power from his Kusei form he was able to brace himself enough to take the kick and keep standing. Using this opportunity he would raise his left arm, wrapping it around Ryoji’s leg around his knee. He’d then use brute force to slam Ryoji into the concrete which with the intense strength from his Kusei form would cause the concrete to crack underneath Ryoji which was sure to cause intense pain unless Ryoji prepared himself for impact (If the grab was allowed). Ginsukei would then rush forward, making sure to stand right over Ryoji, bringing down a hard left fist right against the solar plexus of Ryoji’s chest which would stun him and take from his breathing for a couple seconds in which Ginsukei would then raise his right hand, gripping his fist as he brought it down, aiming to smash it against Ryoji’s nose which would surely cause a break with the straight on hit that was being made which would also cause a slight dazing feeling, making Ryoji even more impaired than he already would be from the punch to his solar plexus. Ginsukei roared out as he would then attempt to take hold of Ryoji’s throat, gripping it tightly only to lift him off of the ground by a five inches, enough to then sling Ryoji across the street into a pile of concrete that had been made from a mech when it had landed after being dropped from the aircraft though that mech was long gone. The impact with the pile of rubble would be like connecting with a brick wall and would surely cause a slight bit of dazing to Ryoji upon impact. Ginsukei would then move with the speed of his Kusei form which made him seem like a mere blur would appear above Ryoji with his right foot raised. As his body began to smoke once more with that intense red aura he’d slam his right foot against Ryoji’s chest which would stun him and cause great pain with the added possibility of the bones in his chest cracking. His attacking wasn’t over though as he raised his left fist, bringing it down severely against Ryoji’s (possibly) already broken nose, causing severe pain to that area. He would then begin to bring down a barrage of strong punches to Ryoji’s face, planning to beat him bloody and senseless. If Ryoji wasn’t able to counter or stop his punches, he’d punch away at Ryoji’s face until he stopped moving. The strength from his taken form would also most likely cause fractures to his face with each punch that was made.

Super ComebackEdit

Tetsu’s kick was indeed intercepte miraculously and strangely…Only to be countered even further, by him being whiplashed around and slammed down on his back. Tetsu was able to tighthen his back muscles enough to sustain his breathing, but the impact was hell on earth. “Tch” Tetsu would wince, and close one eye. Tetsu would then see Gin rushing over at him like a mad man. “I can’t ease this one huh…Batsu!” Tetsu would scream out. His chi would then flourish as he would tap into the reserves of the Hadou Kussei energies, for this brief moment of time, filling his body with chi only to do…nothing. Gin’s  assault would continue as tetsu’s chi enfused body did give him greater durability at the moment, as he would continuously “tap” into the Hadou Kussei before moments before impacts had struck him against his nose. Tetsu would throw his arms up to avoid serous damage to his face, and avoid any broken bones. However the impact alone hurt tetsu’s arms a good bit. He was not intent on using the full force of the hadou kussei and as such was only bursting. The hit to his solar plexus did connect but tetsu would again “burst” to make sure the damage wasn’t to crippling to the point where he could not continue the fight. The pain doesn’t go away, it just lessens..Tetsu would then be grabed by the neck and lifted into the air, only to then be thrown even further accorss the field and the pile of rubble right with his back. Tetsu was indeed in pain..but It was nessecary indeed. Tetsu while “bursting” was also abosroing bits and pieces of the incredible force behind Gensukeis blows. To boot Gin was in a heightened state of power, which only increased the amount of movement force behind it all, and the impacts. The harder the force, the more kenetic energy required to do so..simple physics were tetsu’s greatest advantages. The hit against the wall was also factored into tetsu’s kenitic abosroption ( ) and gave him a boost in power. hIs body was containing the force he’d gathered since he’d been tossed around. Tetsu would then smile with confidence. Gin was making his move. Though he disapered, tetsu would burst one more good time, so that the image of gin moving would appear to him as clear as day, allowing him to keep up with him and his manouvers. “Good fight….Kagemaru.” As gin arrived, he raised his foot and was expecting to stomp tetsu’s chest in, but It would be stoped dead center by tetsu’s right hand. The force behind the kick had been absorbed into tetsu’s body, though it would look like a sudden burst of strength, and seeing as how gin does not know about this technique, it’d be hard to even detect..Once gin raised his right fist, tetsu’s key moment came. Tetsu would raise his right hand once more to stop the same attack, except this time he would grip the fist in hand, and at that same instance, use the the Inner Ki Strike in combination with the Quake technique (also in powers and abilities), to channel the force of all tetsu’s accumulated force from his movements and gins, and cuase a sink hole to appear beneath gin’s standing position, instantly sucking him in and sinking him under. Gin had never experienced this attack and has no true knowledge that tetsu could even do such a thing..Once gins body had sunk, it would then stop when his head was the only thing above ground. If gin stuggled to move or break free the combination of rubble, bedrock, and cement would only fill in the spaces and tighten around his being, until it would form a solid canvas of rock around his body and being.  Even if he did remain still, the fact that he was traped still remained imminant. Tetsu would then sit himself up, and stand over gin’s prescene and speak sternly. “Selfish…” Tetsu would burst one more good time before raising his right foot and attempting to bring it down upon Ginsukeis crainium. From gins position countering would be almost impossible. Using his technqiues in rapid sucession i.e quake, and inner ki strike again the impact only burry gin’s body completely underneath the rubble and send him falling down into the sewers below face first into the water. The kick itself would cuase a bloody concussion and possibly render gin’s motory functions useless for a brief period of time cuasing unconsciousness. The ground sourroundig gin would only open the wounds in his arm even further, and cuase pressure damage to his outter msucles and scrath his skin to hell and back.This sequence was more than possible since tetsu didn’t launch any real counter attacks and allowed gin to continue his combo up until the last punch, to which then It would be to late to preform any real defensive manouvers, however anything maybe possible, ginsukei’s fate would be bleak at best..

A Father Before A Warrior..Edit

Sezomaru: Ginsukei grinned as his attacks were going through, feeling that he was beginning to take an edge on this battle until the moment that Ryoji took hold of his right foot. Ginsukei’s eye’s widened, his anger growing as he tried to hit Ryoji again, this attack being blocked once more. “GRAHH!” Ginsukei roared just as he fell into the sink hole, feeling it close around his neck. The next thing he knew, Ryoji’s foot slammed against his head, causing his eyes to almost bulge from the intense blow as he fell through the concrete into the sewer water below. Using the last bit of his Kusei and will he used his left arm to climb out of the water, laying on the cement on the right side of the water. He felt the sewer water sting the wounds all over his body. ( He crawled over so that he was at least able to sit up against the wall, his Kusei form dropping, the power draining from his body. He had utterly no strength left. “Damn that pig… I’m thirty four years old… A chairmen… And I still…” He winced at the pain from his head as well as the searing pain in his arm. “I still can’t… Beat him…” He glanced up towards the ceiling where he had fallen from. “It’s like… falling to a realization… This sewer… Is the darkness that surrounds me… It’s all… I’ll be… In this dump… the weakest… Of men…” He then looked down at his own pathetic body, beaten down and bleeding. “I can only… Hope… My son is doing better… Than me… That he will do better than me in life…” He tried to laugh but the pain he felt was intensifying as the added durability he had dropped away. All the pain he endured came rushing to him, causing him to wince and groan in pain. “Ginsei… I haven’t… Been good to you… I should have… Taught you to be stronger instead of… Shunning you…” He glanced at his right arm which was cut all over, in his weakened state the wounds and burns on his arm intensified, not being able to sustain the strain from using his Kaiju Bakuhatsu. “Using the darkness… Has it’s… Severe fall backs… When the day comes, I hope you realize this Ginsei… Don’t.. Over do it.” Ginsukei winced in pain once more, unable to move his right arm. He felt the last of his strength draining, knowing that he’d be able to do nothing but fall unconscious soon. “Ginsei… If I’m not found down here, I could bleed out… Forgive me for being a weak father…” He then closed his eyes, falling unconscious.


Tetsu would fall to his knees and cough up some blood…his body had already been through hell and back. Let alone to take a beating this feircesome was already taking it’s toll. Tetsu’s body was shouting “rest”..he needed it badly. Tetsu winced as he leaned over to see the after result of it all. He saw Gin leaning against the wall….breathing slowly…”He’s still moving….You kagemaru…you fight for your cuase…I can do nothing. But give respect for that..” Tetsu would groan. Surely he had a some cracked bones somewhere along the way. He slowly stood up, holding his stomach and contemplated walking away. However…( ) Tetsu would sling a web at Gin’s chest. And slowly begin to pull his body back to the surface. He would use what strength he had left to hoist him up and hold him in his arms. Tetsu would walk with a limp, towards the nearest populated area. There were people there, mainly kagemaru men. They watched as Tetsu walked in their ranks, holding Gin in his arms. There was a silence…one of the men opted to attack, but was stoped by his frined who’d whispered. “No…the boss would kill us if we interfeared…renember your kagemaru honor.” The man nodded and tetsu would place Gin down on a car hood. He would take a few steps back and bow. Only to speak once. “Get him some help..” Tetsu would fwip a web . He’d struggle at first but…he’d get a running start and hoist himself up and start websling his way to a desolate area. Namely a rooftop. Tetsu would fall back to his knees and lay there for a second.”….One nap….and I’m good……” Tetsu would turn and lay down on his back. Looking at the helicarrier. “…..No…..” Tetsu would ball his fist and reach for the helicarrier before letting it fall back to the ground. A warriors rest is needed…for the both of them.

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