Elite Team UpEdit

Tasanagi: Keyome stood ontop of the Kagemaru building, after having a Discussion with Kaori she'd let them go, Allowing him and the Teen girl to easily make there way through the war torn streets. Keyome found a female, that Kaori recommended herself along with a cyborg male that he actually knew quite alot about. Turning to look at the air carrier above there heads keyome began to pace around the young teens. (( Pointing up at the air craft his  long black trench coat blowing in the wind as the night sky began to produce a thick a rain. " See that thing..." He said turning around to eye it. " If i rushed in there... they'd know. They'd kill me on first arrival. But all of you? They'd never see coming.." He said smirking turning around to face Pychic female. " Espcially with you there... they most definatly wont see that coming..." He'd smile shaking his head. Sliding his hands against the 3 pods hooked up to 4 large generators. " I need you all to get inside, and blow up the core. If you check the back packs ive given you... you'll see the array of weapons and all ive given you. Chaff gernades, i think i packed a frag in there, maybe even two pistols... i doubt you kids know how to use guns properly but oh well.." Keyomes insanity began to show as he shook his head sliding his fingers through his hair. "... Go in there, dont be seen or your dead. Kaori's kid.. is the power, Vexxen is the brains, and Jet's gonna be... well.." He'd eye the blonde haired male who was giving him a bright smile. "...He'll be uh.. Jet.."After walking around to the front of the pods he'd punch in a code. " Get into the pods children.." He said with a sinister smirk on his face.After they had did what was asked of them he would have punched in the code for them to take off into the air and get launched right into the air carriers shipment hold which was blasted down when someone from the ground shot it open with a large missle. Keyome took a step back as he watched them get ready to be fired into the air. " 5... 4.... 3....2....1..." The machine said, then VWOOOSSHH! They'd be blasted high into the air going past the empire state building in height untill they all would land perfectly in the shipment docks. Along with the other cargo. Keyome watched as they landed successfully and then took off his trench coat focusing his chi within his body and then his wings would sprout from his back as he stood there, his eyes burning a bright red as he got down into a sprinter stance and then took off, leaping right off the edge of the building and drifting down to the earth before he took off with a hard kick, blasting off into the air. His body twisting rapidly to pick uup momentum. With his right hand out forward he'd channel his chi into that arm untill it chimmed a bright gold with the heat coming from it. Launching the fist forward he'd thrust the fist right into the cock pit of the battle ship punching his whole body through it. Causing a large explosion. Not enough to take the thing out but enough to get the guards in the area that the kids had landed into away from it. Keyome floated above the air craft, then 4 jets were fired from the air craft following the winged demon as he took back off into the air. His body moving swiftly to dodge the gun fire, tucking left to right twisting his body in curves and dips.

Some Squad We Got Here.Edit

Vexxen: -As a small team of two teenagers including myself and a cyborg were formed, my mind began running, how was it that someone like me, one who had almost died and come back to life, spend the majority of her days happily in solitude end up  being the target and reason for the chaos of the city and now standing in the middle of a warzone? I couldnt help but feel the slightest bit of worry from how immensely out of place I felt. "..You? They'd never see coming" I looked up to meet the eyes of Keyome Tasanagi again as he spoke, there was a smirk on his face and the most familiar glint of insanity in his eyes. Regardless, I nodded my head once and slid the straps for one of the backpacks on my shoulder, with a firm grip on one of the straps I saw a flutter of possible outcomes for how things would end up working out. ofcourse..  depending on what happened the second we landed in the carrier would reveal the real outcome of this task. I looked over at the cyborg, despite how long i had lived in kasaihana city.. i had never seen one.. however the fact that he wasnt human was obvious as this cyborg named "jet" had quite a clueless smile.  My teal eyes trailed from the clueless looking cyborg to the pods that were sitting dormant off to the side as I heard Keyome's voice  "Get in the pods children.." he had instructed with an eerie hint to his voice. Thoough I couldnt help but feel hesitant.. I walked towards one of the pods and hopped in with a grim look on my face.. "...i really dont like whats going to happen" i softly muttered to myself as I saw the pod seal up along with my chance to escape.  I squirmed uncomfortably in the pod as a robotic voice within the pod begain the count down from five.. "5...4..3..2......1" with a load roaring of the motor/engine I began feeling the pressure of gravity against me faster than I was able to comprehend what was going on. The speed of how fast the pods were being launched had ensured that gravity was only pinning me down and that alone was already preoccuping my thoughts the speed- blurred view of the outside only looked like a few coloured streaks. I couldnt, and wasnt able to tell how far up these pods were going, but counting how many times my ears popped I had decided I was probably better off not knowing, or at least until my feet were on solid ground once again. It was nly a few minutes into this horrid "ride" where It felt that the pod I was trapped in had hit something, The sound of grinding below me was enough to know that my pod had landed where it needed to go. As it opened I jumped out as quickly as possible as if it would go into reverse and shoot back downwards. The sounds of a small explosion and some fighting were somewhat faint, remembering what was said before getting into the pods, "dont be seen or youre dead" rang in my mind, I was only here to aid the process of shutting down the core of this carrier,  I looked over towards the other direction to see the other pods having crash-landed near the one i had just escaped from

A Parents TrustEdit

AlessandraSkar: “Are you sure you want your daughter to go through with this? I mean, you could just do it yourself, and quite easily, might I add.” Roman Pendergast leaned back in his giant, leather armchair in his office at the BGS main base, looking his pupil in her emerald green eyes sternly. Kaori Gin Masumoto folded her arms across her chest, standing firmly on the other side of Pendergast's desk with her chin lowered in thought. “That is exactly why I am sending her.” She answered in a serious tone. “I realize, in this day and age, one cannot stay sheltered from the dangers of our world. I became as strong as I am today because I faced those dangers head-on and with no one by my side. No one...besides Donnie. I will not always be around to train Shira and pass my strength on to her for the future. That is why she must face trials and tribulations on her own for the best training experience she can endure.” Pendergast nodded. “I trust that you know what you're doing, Masumoto.” He said. Miles and miles away from headquarters, Shira Hanako stood atop what was said to be the Kagemaru Clan's headquarters, looking out over the remnants of the city as she remembered what happened to her the last time she was this close to the sky. She fought those images out of her head as she focused on the man before her, known as Keyome Tasanagi of the Kagemaru Clan. As usual, there was a breeze stirring through the city, blowing tresses of platinum blonde hair across Shira's face and she watched the man closely through the stray strands as he spoke of the task at hand. After all Kaori had warned her about in regards to the war that had broken out in the city, she was surprised that her guardian had sent her to do this. First, she wanted her to stay in the penthouse at all times. Caught her in the streets after putting down a whole host of the city's most dangerous thugs, lectured her, then got over it and sent her on a death mission. Shira could've guessed that this was either punishment or intense training on an extreme scale. Either way, now she knew not to disobey her adopted mother. After clear intel was given by Keyome, Shira nodded her head once and approached her designated pod, swallowing down the nervous lump in her throat when she peered inside. 'This is DEFINITEL Kaori's way of punishing me.' She thought to herself as she climbed inside the pod and sat down in the cockpit, strapping on her seat. The pod door shut in front of her and her sapphire blue eyes did the same as she tried to collect herself. 'I can do this.' She told herself silently. 'I just have to remember what I've been told. Plus I have help. Yes, help is good.' Her eyes opened slowly as she heard the pod prepare for takeoff, then VWOOSH! The force of the takeoff pressed her into the seat, and she somehow resisted the urge to scream as she felt just how fast the little aircraft was going. 'Keyome said I'm the power...the brawns. I need to act as such.' She thought about the other two who were going to the helicarrier with her, wondering if they were alright with this whole thing. Within moments, she felt the pod strike its landing point and her entire body was rocked with the impact. She gasped, not realizing that her nails were digging tiny holes through the arms of her seat until she had to move her fingers; it felt like she was pulling them out of someone's flesh. She stood once the pod was still, exiting once the door hissed open before her again. She looked to be a little off balance as she came staggering out of the pod, the change in atmospheric pressure having taken its toll on her as a wave of nausea caused her to quietly groan. Swallowing hard, she stood up straight as she turned to face the other female who was sent up to the helicarrier, giving a nod in her direction before turning her head to look at the third pod. Whether or not the male came out of the pod, Shira would look forward, take a deep breath to collect her strength and then say quietly, “Alright. Is everyone ready? Remember...don't get caught. Don't screw up. And don't get killed. It's time to take this bitch down once and for a--” She was cut off by an explosion from somewhere on the helicarrier, but didn't flinch, knowing that it was Keyome trying to create a diversion for the crew to carry out their plan. “I think that's our cue.” She stated.

Great Time For A NapEdit

Tasanagi: (( Start at 38 Seconds haha)) The pod would open with a creaking sound as the smoke fumed from it. If the girls turned they'd hear a light snoring coming from the pod, along with a hard snort which woke him up. Odd? A Cyborg needing to snort and all. He had been sound asleep despite going through mach 5 all the way up to get into the air craft. He rubbed his eyes and stood up yawning. " Yayy! We made it!" He said smiling brightly as he took a step out and slammed face first into the ground with a hard THUNNNNKKK. His body curled over completely as he lay face first in the dirt. He'd pull himself up with a hard crack of his back as he turned around to eye some enemy soliders. " HEYYYY HEYY GUYSS! OVER HERE GUYS. HEY! CAN YOU SHOW ME WHERE THE RESTROOM IS!" He said shouting at the top of his lungs as he waved like an idoit.

This Guy...Edit

Vexxen: -I watched as the blonde haired girl stepped out of the pod looking just as sick from the pod-flight and just as happy to get out of it, as the other pod opened I waited for the so called cyborg to come out of it probably with that stupid smile on its face. As a few seconds passed since the pod had opened up.. I slowly stepped closer to the cyborg's pod to see why he was not coming out from the pod. as i walked a few steps closer I began to wonder "did the pressure from the gravity screw up his system? Did he break? did he die?.. no cyborgs couldnt di- A few steps closer to the pod, and i was able to see into it, my thoughts were put on a screeching halt as I heard a loud snoring sound coming from the pod .. Looking at the cyborg in disbelief... "Wha-" I began as he suddenly jumped out of the pod yawning and celebrating our arrival "yay we made it!", that eerie smile was back on his face. I flinched and jumped back a bit as the suddenly slammed his face into the ground. "what are you doing!?"  I asked him in a sharp whisper, Jet the cyborg had ignored me as he saw the enemy.. the ones we were supposed to avoid. as the idiot-bot began waving his arm and screaming "HEY OVER HERE" as if greeting a friend I looked at the cyborg in horror, had the gravity pressure jacked up whatever intelligence function he had? I reached over and grabbed the cyborg by the back of his shirt and pulled him back as i jumped a few steps back towards the blond teen, I watched as the handful of soldiers began running towards our direction, Mr Tasanagi was probably somewhere near by trying to distract any of the enemy soldiers from coming over to where the pods had landed, and i was assuming the explosion I had heard earlier was from that as well. and since he was playing the role as the distraction.. we probably didnt have enough time to stick around for long since the other soldiers fighting off Keyome were a few seconds shy from calling for back up. I took a quick look around and saw that we had landed somewhere near the cargo area, at the other end of the carrier near the engines and hopefully the core of this hideous aircraft. I noticed a few crates on the sides of the wall along with thick black nylon nets that held the crates in place to prevent them moving around during transit.. but more importantly a large metal plate on the side of the wall with a red light above a heavy looking black lever. "geeze..." i quietly muttered to myself, glaring at the cyborg who I was still holding onto I yelled "if we make it out of this alive, first thing im going to do is have you rebooted!!"  I reached over and grabbed onto one of the thick nylon nets by sticking my right arm through one of the gaps and grabbing onto a strap as I turned my head to the blonde teen "pull that lever!" If this idea worked.. large metal door of the cargo area of the aircraft would open up and the slightest opening would act as a suction and pull out anything or anyone that wasnt securely in place  out f the ship.. I saw this play through my mind.. once the door was opened, the lever would have to be pushed back up into place  to close but more importantly this would only allow us a few critical minutes to move elsewhere before any more of the enemy soldiers were attracted to the cargo area from the sudden opening of the doors. -

AlessandraSkar: Shira's head turned as she heard a hissing sound from the third pod opening up. 'Finally.' She thought to herself as she began making her way toward it to check on the passenger. Hopefully he hadn't suffered worse effects from the air travel. Anything worse than what she went through would probably be enough to mess someone up for quite a long time. Surprisingly, however, when she approached the pod and stood next to the other female, she saw that the male inside had obviously found comfort in the unenjoyable thrill ride. In fact, he was asleep. An eyebrow arched when Shira saw this, one hand lifting to rest on her hip while the other was slapped to her face in both disbelief and annoyance. “You have GOT to be kidding me.” She muttered into her palm. She heard movement seconds later and lowered her hand to look at the Cyborg. He'd stood up to stretch and yawn, causing Shira's lips to form a thin line as her eyes narrowed. “We're about to embark on a mission that could kill us...and you choose to fall asleep on the way?” She strained an irritated whisper. Surprise hit her when, in response, the Cyborg stepped out of the pod and collapsed flat on his face like a plank of wood. Her eyes went wide for a second as she watched him get back up, then senselessly exclaim, “Yay! We made it!” Shira's heart nearly stopped as his voice echoed throughout the hangar, her eyes darting about nervously. “Are you out of your damn mind? Shut your happy ass up, kid!” And then, “HEYYYY HEYY GUYSS! OVER HERE GUYS. HEY! CAN YOU SHOW ME WHERE THE RESTROOM IS!” Shira's eyes widened to the size of golf balls, but luckily before she could knock this guy into next week, the other female grabbed him and started pulling him back. As expected, the footsteps of enemy soldiers started to echo throughout the hangar along with alarmed shouts. “Shit.” Shira hissed. “Who's idea was it to bring this troglodyte up here?” She saw the other female looking around, perhaps to observe the place. Shira could guess that she was probably formulating a plan, and indeed she was. “Pull that lever!” She instructed, Shira's head snapping around to find what she was talking about. It didn't take long for her to spot the black lever, immediately knowing what it was for and what would happen if she were to pull it. It was a risky idea, especially for her, but she knew it was probably their only way out of this situation. Narrowing her eyes in determination, she bolted across the hangar for the lever, her toned legs working hard to get her to her destination within a matter of seconds. As she ran, the enemy soldiers spotted her, training their weapons on the blonde target before opening fire. “Damnit!” She shouted as a few bullets just barely missed her, bouncing off the floor behind her feet. She practically jumped for the lever with both arms outstretched, gripping it with both hands as the weight of her body yanked it straight down the full notch. A loud buzzing noise echoed before the hangar door began to slide open  and almost immediately, the air began to get sucked out through the opening. “HOLD ON TO SOMETHING!” Shira shouted above the roaring of the wind and a second later, her legs were swept out from under her. She held onto the lever for dear life as the suction force began to pull nearly all objects toward the hanger door. Soldiers started to freak out as they were knocked to the floor and dragged toward the opening like the hands of demons were snatching them into their doom. Shira shut her eyes tight to focus on holding on for dear life as she heard the screams and shouts of the enemy soldiers. She knew that at some point, she would have to push the thing back up.

No Rest For The Righteous..Edit

ChairmenRyoji: ::Testu::Tetsu would lay there…sleeping….resting……tired…..he could barely lift a finger. Tetus senses were still attuned. He was in a state of inertia…awake, but not yet sleep. Testu’s eyes fluttered open and shut as he could see a figure crash into the front of it…it had black wings…..”..Keyom-----“…..Tetsu would also notice two pods that headed towards the ship as well..”…huh….I can’t…..ugh…How long have i?....damn.” Tetsu would lay there for a second and focus. He’d close his eyes and inhale deeply with what strength he had to be able to even do this much. Tetsu thought to himself. “I’ve been away from this city….for five years……and I come back only to this..destruction..that I can’t even prevent…”( )  Tetsu would clench his fist…he’d used his bodily control to enduce an adrenaline rush to the fullest extent and force himself to his feet. His mid section leaked a good bit of blood…but tetsu would reach into his utility belt and grabed his iron press, which was handheld. He’d turn it on and seer his wound shut. Tetsu clenched his teeth and and placed that device back inside of his belt. Tetsu’s adrenaline was still sky high as he leaned over the building he was on and looked down. There was a manhole to the sewers…perfect. Tetsu slung a web at it, and lifted the the hole up and slung it to the side. Tetsu, looked up however, and saw a few helocopters coming his way. Tetsu would quickly leap up and take a diving pose into the manhole. The bullets would richoschet around him as he dove and then he would shoot his body right into the manhole and cut a single flip, landing almost perfectly in a squat. “….damn that hurt…tch!” Tetsu would begin to break into a sprint, pushing on nothing but willpower and heart. His body was aching and tearing, but it was nessecary.

Villan Downtime..Edit

::Wilson::  Wilson would sit against the wall in the corner, flipping his knife up and down, juggling it as if it was nothing. He’d hear of the breech in the front cockpit and grunt. “So, someone in Kasihana has gotton gutsy eh?” Wilson would stand up and take a mental check of all his according gear. “Let us see how this plays out….I can only imagine who would be bold enough to try something on armed warship.” Wilson would stand and look out of the window and begin to type something on his wrist computer. He would take a seat and close his eyes, beginning to meditate and formulate any and all possibilities of the situation at hand...

LightFang: -"Checkmate." Mykale said as gave a synical grin to the man sitting opposite him at the table. Mykale had just moved his rook to take the mans bishop pinning his king in the corner with no possible moves. ( He then waved his hand and spoke out, "Now now, back to your post before you get in trouble." At that momment a huge tremmor was sent through the ship as an explosion struck the hull. "What the fuck!?" Mykale turned to the man who still hadn't left and reached across the table. He grabbed them by the neck and brought them close and told them, "Go find out what that was now!" He then tossed him back knocking the man to the floor. The man, a normal assassin grunt, stumbled up and ran off towards the epicenter of the explosion. Mykale gripped the bridge of his nose in disgust and then turned to the window. He looked out over Kasaihana City and looked at all the fires and fights going on. "Where are you...." He asked himself quietly. Mykale heard an alert ring out from the moniter on the other end of the control room. The words 'Hull Breached' were written in red on the screen and under that was the immage of the ships bluprints with a large red flashing beacon over the cockpit. "Thats where the explosion came from. Huh... Whats this?" Looking closer Mykale could see three smaller dots flashing at the cargo bay. "Whats going on here... " Mykale turned over to Wilson. "So Griffon, looks like things are getting interesting." Mykale flipped a glass case up on the console and pressed the button below it. As he did that a loud siren rang out and a message to alert all personel of a hull breach 'Warning all units, proximity breach in the Bridge and Lower Cargo Hold. All available units respond.'-

Dem Ryojis Doe..Edit

Yule: Ambrosia would shine a light down one of the tunnels in the sewers. It had been an hour or two since she, Danny and the maid had come down in the sewers. It was going to take her about another half an hour to get to where her Pop’s was located if these two kept being slow. She was tempted to have the maid carry him so they could get there faster. Danny kept hitting on her even after what happened last night, but she just shrugged all his pickup lines off.  Ambrosia was glad it was kind of cooler down in the sewers. She had on a white cut off shirt that had long sleeves, denim shorts, and some suspenders.  Her high top shoes made no noise against the ground as she walked. “Guys we need to get there sooner. I just have a feeling in the pit of my stomach.” Ambrosia turned to the maid and Danny. “Maid please carry Danny. We can get there faster if we can run there.” With that Ambrosia turned and heard Danny protest being picked up. Ambrosia broke into a run down the sewers taking turns and twists. She had a weird feeling going on in her mind and body. It wasn’t a good one either. Ro would look behind her every once in a while to make sure the maid was behind her. Ambrosia and the maid would run for another ten minutes before reaching the hide out in the sewers. She would put in the code to get in while waiting for the maid to catch up. “Please go in so we can meet up with Pops. There is a lot to be done and it needs to get done right away.” Ambrosia followed the maid in and walked down tunnels in the hide out.  Ambrosia would press on the ear piece and speak. “Pops we are here. Where do we need to go? I’m sure you have us on camera so just tell us where we need to go.” Ambrosia would wait for her grandpa to answer her so she would know where to go. While they were waiting Ambrosia had the maid put down Danny.


Tasanagi: Jet had been drugged along. Standing in the middle of the air carrier stand the wind was blowing by swiftly as the air duct was open. His body weight due to his cybernetic structure made him incredibly heavy. Large crates flying out at high speeds out of the cargo area. A large random missle from below was shot into the cargo area causing a large explosion. The back area where the girls had been holding too would be destoryed causing both of them to go flying out into the sky. If the air blew them back they'd swifly be shot to the earth. There bodies jerking vionelty in the air he'd turn to eye his two partners now gone air-bourne. The soldiers that had tried to attack them had successfully been thrown out of the air-carrier. (( In slow motion he saw them fly out. Keyome who was flying at Mach 5, dashing through the air dodgin the jets saw the two girls go air-bourne. " NO!" He said getting ready to catch them himself was powerless he knew he wouldnt make it to them in time. Using as much speed as he could he'd rush over to the girls when a jet caused him to get knocked off course. If the girls werent scooped up in time they'd both fall to there doom. Jet's processing system was still heavily bugged after his fight with the red-headd assassian but the longer he stared at the girls being ripped away through the air. His systems seemed to re-boot themselves shaking his head he snapped back into reality. " Wait.. What!" He said as he took off hopping out of the air-carrier soaring down in a nose diving dive as he soared down swiftly to the earth in attempts to grabbing the females. His hands stretched out, at the soles of his feet would burst into a firey booster as he took off even faster. After about 5 seconds he'd scoop up the females up with blistering speed. " Sorry about that ladies!" He said gripping them both up tightly to his body. " My systems were fired after this big fight i got into! Im all good now. Sorry for the late rescue. Hi im Jet Frost." He said smiling at the females, his teeth and facial expressions almost seemed perfect. The Cargo area began to close up due to a securicty back up system booting itself through. With only seconds to get to the cargo area jet tucked his body to the right and then took off back into the cargo area with both of his partners in his arms, making it inside with literally 3 seconds to spare. He'd land gracefully making sure that each of the girls never lost a hair on there pretty heads. " Here we are.." He said patting them down. A large map behind them, had the structure of the whole air-craft, it clearly stated that the core was atleast a 20 minute walk from there current spot.

Not The Hero TypeEdit

Vexxen: -as the blonde girl had lowered the lever and yelled to grab onto something, I had held onto the nylon netting as tightly as I could as the violent gust of winds were trying to take everything in the cargo area off the air-craft and into the skies outside. , the force of the wind felt as if it was blowing against me from the front, I could barely see anything as the dark locks of my navy hair blowing in all directions in my face, The few seconds where my eyes were opened I was only able to see some of the heavy crates in the cargo area sliding downwards and being sucked in by the wind along with the enemy soldiers that were approaching us flying out the opening of the cargo's gate.. "Close the gate!" I yelled out, due to being blinded by the strong wind and my hair in my face I couldnt even tell if i was yelling in the right direction or if the other girl was even currently able to do anything with the lever. As the gate began widening I began feeling my body being lifted up even higher.. and waving around similar to a worn out flat tied do a flatpole on a windy day. my eyes were tightly shut as I felt a stinging on my face from my navy hair wipping against my face and a burn on my hands from holding onto the net for dear life. Suddenly, a explosion went off leaving a loud ringing in my ear. Hearing the explosion my eyes immediately opened not caring that the wind and hair was still blowing in my face to see that the back of the air-craft that we were standing in was now destroyed and in pieces . Both the impact and the damage by the explosion had caused me to lose my grip on the nylon net I had been holding onto just a moment ago, I felt myself falling backwards as I watched the air-craft moving away from me as I fell down, The opening of the cargo gate now fully opened, I fell through the gate and was now free falling out of the air craft and in the sky. I began falling so fast that it was only a few moments until the air craft i was just on looked so far away as I was falling It felt as if I was stuck in a pod and holding onto a net a few seconds ago, Due to the sudden explosive speed of the events I couldnt even find myself able to scream or react in a way i would have imagined myself reacting, the screeching roar of the wind rushing past me and through my ears where the only thing I was able to hear. Being a psychic I was never able to see into my own future or demise, simply because I would end up seeing only what I wanted to see and never the truth. Due to the self-biased attitude posessed by humans, i had considered it taboo to look into my own future which only left me to feel just as ordinary as another average human being, so for all I knew this could be my own end.. What was that? I  blinked. a couple of times during my surprisingly calmness to my possible doom to see something flying or falling towards me, it was definately coming towards this direction at great speed and it was only a matter of a few seconds until i recognized the face. was that.. "..Jet?" i whispered quietly to myself . It had felt that almost as soon as I saw something come flying towards me, I felt something grab onto me and pull me to the opposite direction, No longer falling and now flying. I looked over to see the blonde haired girl and the cyborg I looked at him curiously as he spoke " My systems were fired after this big fight i got into! Im all good now. Sorry for the late rescue. Hi im Jet Frost", . Ah.. so this was what cyborgs are like.. I silently thought. The aircraft that I had just seen moving away from me was now coming closer as Jet was carrying the two of us closer to the air craft  I felt my mind snap back into reality and the reason why I was currentl in the middle of this mess, remembering what Keyome Tasanagi had said right before we were launched from those ridiculous pods. I looked upwards to see that the door to the cargo area's gate was closing with a bright red light blinking inside as a loud alarm was echoing through the skies, I had assumed that either the unauthorized opening of the gate had triggered an emergency shut down .. that or the explosion. either way It was closing and if we somehow didnt make it through before it closed the plan would be ruined. I looked over to Jet "We can make it right?" I asked hearing a slight bit of concern straining my voice. The cyborg didnt respond to me as he was probably too busy trying to get through the gate as he was well aware of the situation ahd the mission that was needed to be completed as well. The brightness of the evironment changed as Jet had successfully flown through the tiny crack of the closing gate almost a two and a half or three second before it was completley shut from the outside. . Unlike how I would have landed If Jet had not flown down to the rescue, Jet hand landed gently, and as soon as I felt my feet back on a solid and sturdy surface I let out a small breath of relief.. I had decided during the little ride in the pod that I wasnt a fan of heights or flying.. I was more than convinced after nearly free-falling to my death that I was indeed, not a fan of heights or falling. Taking a few deep breaths to calm down my racing heart beat I took a look around on where the three of us stood and saw the large map on the wall behind us. Walking closer to it I began studying the maps and each route drawn on it.. I began quickly scanning the map with my eyes trying to figure out where the core of the air craft was and more importantly the quickest way to it from where we stood. I raised my hand to the map trying to draw a few possible routes with my finger.. but seeing that it didnt seem possible to get to the core any quicker than in twenty minutes.. I had decided that it would be much more efficient for me to memorize the map and the route to go instead. The last thing we wanted was to lose our way and waste time trying to find it... -

AlessandraSkar: Shira's hair bustled violently behind her head, revealing the winced expression on her face as she held onto the black lever for dear life. She had no idea how much longer it would be before the mission was failed due to the whole team getting sucked out of the helicarrier and falling to their deaths. She shut her eyes tightly as she grunted, feeling her hands beginning to grow numb around the cylindrical object. It was the only thing keeping her alive at this point. “Just...keep...holding....on!” Her voice sounded almost strangled as she tried to pull the rest of her body toward the lever. If she could just get her feet to grip the wall somehow, she'd be able to push on the lever until it shut the hangar door. But before she could even make the attempt, something exploded against the back of the ship with a raucous booming noise and all she saw was a flash of bright red light before she was suddenly snatched backwards. She shrieked loudly as the invisible force took her against her will, her arms and legs lifting up in front of her as she flew backwards out of the carrier. Her eyes were shut as an enormous cloud of black smoke engulfed her, leaving her almost no oxygen to breathe. Her body was spat out from the otherside of the cloud like the thing was alive and didn't like how she tasted or something and when she opened her eyes, all she saw was the helicarrier drifting further and further away from her, the blue sky above her and the city thousands and thousands of feet beneath her. For a moment, time seemed to slow down several notches. All sounds around her dulled to nothing until all she could hear was a ringing in her ears and the pounding of her heartbeat. Her arms and legs began to kick and flail about as the force of gravity flipped her over and over like a rotisserie hotdog through midair. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hung agape, but she couldn't utter a scream as she watched her fate unfold. She could already see herself plummeting to the pavement miles below, her body scattered all over the city like shattered glass. Kaori would find her, and the devastation would drive her to an insanity that she wouldn't be able to control. She'd probably destroy the whole city in response to the sheer, unadulterated anger if she were to find out that Shira was killed. 'We....we failed.' Her voice echoed in her mind. A split second later, she heard a voice. A shout rather. Her sapphire blue eyes flickered in its direction, spotting a winged man flying in their direction. She thought for that split second that there was hope, however he was so far and she was falling so fast that she wasn't sure he'd reach them in time. On top of that, a missile was fired at him. 'Fuck!' Shira thought to herself, but suddenly felt something wrap around her and snatch her up into the air. She shrieked out of sheer astonishment, surprised that she was now heading skyward and not plummeting to her death. When her head whipped around to see what had happened, all she could see through her bustling hair was black and yellow. A wave of relief washed over her when she realized that it was the Cyborg, come to save the day which was unexpected of him, seeing as how he was acting like a complete idiot just moments ago. In his other arm was the other female; thank goodness she'd been rescued as well. They landed back on the helicarrier within seconds and the moment Shira's feet touched the floor, it felt like her legs had turned to noodles. She staggered forward a bit, swallowing back the urge to vomit after the occurrence of nearly losing her life. Regaining her composure, she rounded her shoulders back to face the others, having already heard what the Cyborg called himself. “Thanks, Jet.” She said through heavy breaths. “We owe you one. But for now, we need to get on the move. If this helicarrier is equipped with the amount of security that I suspect it is, someone should've been able to detect a disturbance on this wing by now. There's no telling when hundreds of men are gonna come flooding in here.” She noticed that the others were looking at a map of the carrier, her own eyes zooming in on the image, including numbers and letters that marked each wing and each chamber. “Hmm. Twenty minute walk.” She said to herself. “I wonder how many guards we can juice in that amount of time.” An evil smirk lifted the corner of her mouth as she smashed her fist into the palm of her opposite hand, already mentally preparing herself for a handful of merciless slaughter aboard the helicarrier.

Family Reunion Short Lived..Edit

ChairmenRyoji: ::Ochigi:: A signal came in and let ochigi know she’d safely made it to the labs corridor. “Ah good you in. Just take the straightforward route to the lab. As long as you weren’t followed you should be fine.” Ochigi would look at yet another failed result in the suit he was trying to create, as it was not going his way…he’d pull on a lever, and cuase the suit to regress and sink back down. He did not want to reveal his projects juuuuust yet, so he would hide them. Should ambrosia arrive as planned ochigi would greet her with a nod  and then stand there slightly dumbfounded at a familer face which would come thorugh the door. Surely Ambrosia and the maid would turn to see the deadly familer face.”….Tetsu?”::Tetsu:: Tetsu would have made it to his fathers lab in no time, and let the scanner scan his eye. “Identified: Tetsu Ryoji. Welcome.” Tetsu would then enter the lab and traverse the corridor taking note of someone else who’d maid it there…Tetsu would approach with caution looking like some mad man who’d traversed a war zone. His body was bruised, battered and beaten beyond recognition. He was a sweating mess, and almost a complete wreck. Tetsu would place his hand against the wall to keep from falling over and then look at the long lost face he’d not seen in quite sometime. “RORO! Oh god it’s great to see you again!” Tetsu would attempt to hug ro, and though he had a mallhideous odor of blood and sweat, hopefully it would be barable for man who hasn’t seen his daughter in literall years. He would then let her go and speak to her. “How’ve you been?...well actually hold that thought…I can’t even catch up at the moment..hey dad! This helicarrier in the sky, do you have any information on it at all? Sorry for the rude reunion but this is serious.” Even at this moment he smiled at his dad whom he hadn’t seen in years. Ochigi would just smile and nod. He understood and was happy for it to be just like old times. “Well the systems are….far beyond my hacking capablilties. However,I’ve been keeping an eye on the carrier, and I see your old friend Keyome, is making moves. Also. “ochigi points to the screen to reveal three little black dots. “There are people already on an attempt to sabotage the ship. Weather that works out or not is unknown, for I’ve no recognition on who they are or what they do…’s a blind mans gamble.” Tetsu would cross his arms and think. “hmm..Wait wheres Densuke? Has he started the training regeime I left for him?” Ochigi sighed. “He went slack about it for a long long time….I doubt he even trained as much as you did…and yet his development is suprisngly exceeding. But hey.” Ochigi pats Ambrosias shoulder. “We’ve still got a Ryoji around for the job.” Tetsu would place his hands on his hips. “Ambrosia I haven’t been a father to you for the longest time…I don’t want to just throw you into the fray of danger, not when I don’t have to….however we need someone on that ship. Theres still mechs running around the area, and keyome can’t distract that ship by himself….I need you to go up there and help the search party, whomever they may be. Can you do that?” Tetsu would wait for an answer and if she said yes he would remove his belt.” Here take this. It has exactly 5 of each item left, minus exploding shurikens…I used those earlier, but you’ve got some first aid materials, and a lot of other protection. Theres even a built in camera so we can monitor who you encounter. This is by no means safe…I’m counting you.” Tetsu would hug her, and then guide her over to a body pod. “Get inside. I’m going to manually get you up there.” Ochigi had to exclaim outloud. “Tetsu your almost broken for gods sakes….you should let the pod launch on it’s own, I’ve got the trajectory righ-“ “Too risky. If she gets shot down that’s on my hands…” Tetsu would wave wrist, and the pieces of the dark god armor would begin to form around his body in rapid sucsssions. The mask of the armor flashed blue, before going black again, and tetsu’s monitorial commands would holographicly appear infront of his eyes in his hub. “man has it been a while…”(  ) Tetsu moved around a bit. “Still as flexible…good.” If ambrosia was ready and in the pod tetsu would use the boots to hover,and grab the handles on the top of said pod. He would then take a deep breath and manually shoot through the pressure shoot, and begin flying at his max speed of mach 3. He’d hope ambrosia straped her self in properly for this was not a smooth ride. Tetsu would be heading straight for an exterior wall of the ship, and hitting the override on his boosters would thrust right through the bottom exterior of the ship only to drop ambrosias pod what appeared to be the west corridor of the ship. Tetsu would continue to plow through until he emered through the top of the ship, only to be met with the ships automatic gunfire defense systems. Tetsu was on fullbullet proof mode, and would simply fly circles aroud the helicarier, ducking and dodging gunfire, when he didn’t even have to. Tetsu would read the hub readings of his suit…it only  had about 50% power left. “…I got time.” Tetsu would continue to occupy the ships offenses for as long as the suit held out.

The Names Frost..Jet FrostEdit

Tasanagi: " That... would be a negative.." Jet's eyes flashed a bright white. The sound of a computer processor would be heard. Sounding like numbers would be racking up. " Calculating 260 men on the eastern wing, the wing we need to be on." He'd turn to the females. "...Best chance and probable cause of reason. Im the fastest. I should take the west wing, and make my wayto the engineering areas. And shut down the main power supply. Giving you all 5 minutes to get to the core.. and shut it down. If you two fail... then the ship will go into the back up generators and it will be forced into a supreme securicty protocal. Which is a suicide attempt for us all." Jet turned his back on the two looking down the halls, to the east and west. "...Chance of scuession. 45%, but its all we have." Jet would turn to the two. " Please be swift." Passing them a watch he'd crank it up for 20 minutes. " In 20 minutes i should be down to the engineering docks. Make sure that when the power is done. You all hit that core.. you must be swift. Please stay hidden." Jet looked at the both of them and gave them a wink as he took off, dashing down the eastern wing as swiftly as his body would allow him to move. His long legs giving off a full stride as he ran at the full speed down the hall way. His body moving almost inhumanly swift. Parkouring his way through the area. He pressed against a wall, looking around the corner to spot two soliders. He tapped twice on the wall. The solider would turn around and say " Huh... what was that noise?" Walking over to investigate, Jet slammed his fist into the soliders helmets mask and then pulling him over his should with a judo throw over his right shoulder, he'd break his neck at the same time. He'd leap from around the corner, landing on the wall to the right, the other solider was facing the other direction, Jet leaped off of the wall and then spun his body so that he'd land on the shoulders of the solider, wrapping his knees around his neck and then twisting his body completely snapping like a twig. As soon as it was done he took off down the halls again moving at his enhanced speed.


::Wilson:: Wilson had now heard of multiple openings in the ship and decided that enough was enough. “The time is near…they’ve made their moves to drastic…” Wilson would activate his cloaking device, and begin to walk with his expert ninjutsu skills. His steps quiet he would hop up and cling to the surface of the celing like a moving menace….stalking the corridors and looking for who or what had borded the ship

LightFang: -Mykale decided It was time he went on the offencive as well. He stepped out of the control room and into a room next door filled with rows of lockers. He walked down one of the rows and found locker number  049. He then turned to face it and touched a numpad on the lock. A mechanism opened and slid out a lens for a monocle. Mykale looked through this lens and a red scaner traced his iris vertically and horizontally. There was a girating sound and then a click as the locking mechanism opened. The locker door swung open and revealed Mykale's gear. He quickly got himself suited up and ready for a good fight. He pulled on a pair of black nylon pants the he tucked into a set of leather combat boots. A chain was attached to the left side of these pants aswell. He took a metalic looking vest out of the locked and slipped it on over his shoulder blades. (this is his automail vest, see Bio) He then pulled on a black mesh undershirt that had a muffler and facemask added to it. Over that he wore a Black leather jacket with metalic protecters on the shoulders. He then pulled on a pair of bicep long gloves that have metalic forearm and hand gaurds. He reaches into the locker and takes out his Karasushi Chokuto and tucks it into a inner pocket of his jacket. He then pulls out a small devise with a button on it. Mykale presses the button and a group of nine similarly dressed assassins appeared from around the corners. "Alright guys. You all know of the breach already. I want 5 of you to spread out and scout ahead. Any of you run into anything signal me." Mykale grabbed a set of 6 wrist watches and handed out five of them before putting one on himself. These watches can manually signal a person by a push of a button and will also send out a signal if the wearer's heart rate falls to low. "You all know how this works. Stay consealed and signal me first thing, before you engage any hostiles! The other four of you, you're with me. We are the support team at first signal we go running." Mykale then adjusted his watch to the other five's frequency and looked up at them. "Now you five go, spread out and find those son's of bitches." The five men then dissapeared as quickly as they appeared and head down the corridors of the ship nearest the breaches. (if you want an interaction note that one of these men found you <.<)-

Resentment Turned GloryEdit

Yule: Ambrosia heard a faint voice in her ear and then nodded to herself. “Thank you Pops. On my way.” Ambrosia led Danny and the maid down the lit halls to the labs. The air was cool on her skin, even more so since she had sweat from running. When she reached the door Ambrosia would see her old grandfather greet her with a nod. “Hello Pops. So nice to see you.” Ambrosia would see a dumbfound look on her Pops’ face. She was curious to see what would have even her grandfather acting like that. Slowly Ambrosia turned and saw something she hadn’t expected to see in a long time. Her heart pounded in her chest as she started at the man in front of her. There, stood a man who looked like an older version of her twin brother. The only thing that made him look different was that he looked like an old boogan. She could see the sweat and blood coating his body, his nasty manly odor drifting across the room and giving her nostrils a shock. When her father took her into a hug she hugged him back feeling the grim on his skin as she stayed in shock. She hadn’t seen her father in such a long time. She hadn’t seen him since she went to Europe and that was over ten years ago. Ambrosia felt softness in her heart for the wreck that was her father. “Dad…you’re right we don’t have time. There are more important things to do.” With that Ambrosia would turn to look at her grandfather. She waited for him to speak but while she did Ambrosia’s mood suddenly turned sour. This is the man that had left her brother and mother all alone for five years. ‘Who the hell knows where this man went during that time.’ Ambrosia thought to herself bitterly. She was snapped out of her thoughts by talking. Ro listened intently to what they were saying. When her father asked about Densuke, Ambrosia gave him a look out of the corner of her eyes. When Pops put a hand on her shoulder she looked up to him. “That’s right you haven’t been a father to me really, but that’s alright. I think you should be more worried about your other child. I’ve been training since I went to Europe, I may not have trained as much as you when you were a kid but I’ve still got some abilities. I’m going up there and you are going to help me do it, Dad.” Ambrosia was feeling very sassy towards her absent father. She would take the belt and wrap it around her waist. She checked all items. Before she finished she went over to the maid who had her tessen and tanto. She strapped the tanto around her waist as well and put the tessen into one of the empty pockets. Ambrosia would hug her father back and nod to him. “You can count on me Dad.” She quickly walked beside him into the pod. Inside the pod Ambrosia would sit down and close her eyes. There was a lot riding on her right now. She took a deep breath, filling her lungs. When she let the breath out, she was being shot into the sky, towards the giant carrier. Once they hit the ship Ambrosia was roughly dropped. Once she wasn’t moving anymore, Ambrosia kicked the door to the carrier off and made her way out into the ship. She heard some guards running her way and quickly hid behind a pillar. A few guards were looking at her pod as she slipped around the pillar quietly and moved down the corridor silently. Her heart was pounding in her chest from the adrenaline pupping through her body, she only hoped no one could hear her. Ambrosia moved stealthily knowing that her father and grandfather were depending on her, she was depending on herself to show them that she wasn’t just some pretty little blonde either. She was going to show she was her parent’s daughter. A smile spread across her face at that thought.

Cliff HangerEdit

Vexxen: My attention was taken away from the map as I heard Jet speak and the subtle soft sounds of what seemed like the sound of a an small engine purring and grinding gears. I paid close attention to the cyborg as he spoke reading out his calculations and plan.  " Calculating 260 men on the eastern wing, the wing we need to be on."  He began. Hearing the sound of the number of soldiers that happeend to be on post in the area that we just happened to need to get through, i felt heavy from worry. There is no way three of us would be able to attack all 260 or even half of that amount and have enough time to get to the core to shut the air-craft down.. ". And shut down the main power supply. Giving you all 5 minutes to get to the core.. and shut it down. If you two fail... then the ship will go into the back up generators and it will be forced into a supreme securicty protocal. Which is a suicide attempt for us all. ...Chance of scuession. 45%, but its all we have.. Please be swift" Jet had finished reading his calculations and providing the two of us as much information as he was capable on giving.. I looked down to the floor and then back at Jet, then turne my head to take a glance at the blonde girl next to me. I was just beginning to learn the functions and malfunctions of the cyborg.. I wasnt sure if he was able to feel or sense things as a ordinary human was.. and I asnt sure how the other girl would feel after hearing all that.. but some of the stuff Jet had read out felt like being hit with a ton of bricks. starting with the high volume of soldiers in the area we had to get to.. the short amount of time we had to finish everything, the possibility that this was a suicide mission, and the succession rate that was close but not quite a solid 50 percent. I bit down onto my lower lip to conceal my worry. I recalled that as I was about to get into the pods from earlier.. there were so many possible outcomes to the end of this mission. some had more favorable results while the rest where the more less desired.. and something I didnt wish to think about. I looked over to the blonde haired girl with a small smile which I hope would supress the anxiety i truly felt about the whole thing.  She definately looked like the kind of person who was more used to fights and finds more comfort in her skills than someone like me, who had only experienced and learned fighting in the most controlled and strictly regulated environment as possible. In an attempt to shake off my own self doubt my mind began running through everything that I had learned as I felt somewhat glad I had tested the water on a few styles rather than sticking with one.. especially since I wasnt too entirely sure what kind of opponents we may or may not have to face. I watched as the cyborg bgan dashing off towards the part of the air-craft he had planned to take on his own, once he disappeard far enough till I couldnt see him,  I took off the black backpack that had been sitting on myback the entire time since before jumping into the pods and unzipped the pouch to find what seemed to be everything that we would need to get this mission done and completed. These wouldnt come into use until later on.. i had decided as I zipped up the bag and slid my arms through the straps again allowing the backpack to rest on my back once more. I took one step forward and felt a wave of fear strike through my entire body.  I felt frozen in place the only movement I was able to do was tremble slightly, my eyes were widened in fear before my eyelids dropped halfway. ".. If we're really unlucky.. we'll come across someone who will severely lower the success rate of this mission" I muttered hoping it was loud enough for the other girl to hear. Deep down i knew that this person  who could potentially trash our success was much more skilled and difficult than the rest of the soldiers that were simply guarding the place. I had felt the fear fade even the slightest bit, I had just been thrown into the air into this spaceship, my head had a bounty for no reason, I had nearly fallen hundreds of feet in the air to my potential doom.. and as much as I decided I wont be doing any of that again for recreation.. I didnt feel like letting one bastard possibly make all this go to waste. I stood next to the blonde haired girl and closed my eyes for a moment as I learned her name. Ah.. thats a unique name.. I silently thought to myself.. having unable to introduce and meet each other previously.. I didnt find this the right time to start chit chatting.. Alright Shira, when we get out of this alive I promise to introduce myself, I made a mental note to myself as if i was talking to the girl. As the two of us began running towards the other wing, we had gotten about a few yards into the wing before two shady figures dropped from the ceiling. I felt one swing his arms under mine to bend his arms towards him pulling me back against him having my head  in between his arms with my arms restricted from full movement, Being unable to move my head I was only able to shift my eyes to my right as far as I could to see one of the figures tilt his head slightly forward and to the right as he took a glance at my face "You dont look like you belong here girlie" he whispered in a low tone.  I struggled a bit in his grip before  I swung my  right leg up swiftly with as much blunt force possible into what looked like a verticle split to have the hard heavy platform of my shoes hit him right in the face,  I heard him groan in pain and stumble backwards after releasing the hold he had on my arms, as he held one of his arms to his face where he had suffered the impact I made note of a odd looking wrist watch strapped on his wrist. "you.. You little runt!" he roared as he began lunging towards me. It was the difference in height that had allowed me to successfully hit him in the face with my kick.. and it was the difference in our height that would prove to be my advantage, as he lunged forward, his arms slightly wide apart as he had planned on catching me to a hug- like hold. I had noticed the exposed parts of the underside of his arms. i bent my knees slightly to give myself better balance and made a fist with both my hands, I clenched my fists with my middle and index finger sticking out and held close together.. as  he took that last step towards me closing in the distance between us measuring about 3 feet, I struck both my arms straight forward hitting the pressure point located on the underside of his upper arms, the inside of the elbow, and the forearm. Although I did not posess a completed mastery of pressure points and this fighting style, the knowledge I did posess was something I knew would come in handy.. such as now. As the the pressure points of my opponents arms were struck with powerful precise strikes, it would enable his arms to feel limp and temporarily paralyzed for a few hours. as he still stood in front of me struggling to move his arms looking at me with an expression of rage , Balancing my weight on my right leg, and standing slightly sideways, I raised my left leg bent towards him before swiftly kickhing the side of his face with a clean blow that was just strong enough to knock him out unconscious combined with the first blow he had suffered. . I crouched down and removed the wrist watch that was on my now partially paralyzed opponent and took a look at it. I had noticed that despite its appearance it wasnt doing its "typical" function of telling time.. feeling suspicious i dropped it onto the ground before slamming my foot down directly onto it until hearing a loud crunch under my feet. -

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