Out Of The BoxEdit

( Densuke would be sitting in his cell flipping a coin. He’d be reflecting on his trip inside of that fucking box. “…that shit will break a nigga from the jump. Dad said this wouldn’t be easy…..he never said anything emotionally scaring was going  to happen. “ Densuke would flip the coin one last time, and then catch it and stuff it In his sweat pants. He’d stand up and stretch for the day. “Keyth must not be not be out yet….Guys tough. He probably lasted at least an hour longer.” Densuke would step out and see the opened cells. “Looks like everyones out for the day. Better see if I can gather some info on that guy….::Flashback::  ( ) Densuke would be pulled from the box, with a dry cough. His body was dirty, and he looked like a rag doll that had been used profusely. The guards drug him, and the light hit him like a heavy weigth boxing champ. He was pulled into a dark hallway, which only had one door at the end. There was a man who opened the door. It all looked like a dream…and only so much could be made out. ( ) “Sir, here he is…The Ryoji Boy. Mifunae is what he prefers but even so It’s your orders sir.” The man would look down at Densuke. Densuke’s eyes flutterd  like blinds, for he could barely sustain concouiouness. Only hear words. “Ah the son of supercop in my prison? You know little boy your dad put most of these men here. It’s kind of funny to think such a coeincidence would fall into my hands. In all honesty I’m obligated to treat you well or your dear daddy would have my head….or I would attempt to take his. Ah….Death would await either of us. And it is death which brings life. Do you agree?” “nugh…” Denuke murmured. He looked up one last time, and saw only half of this mans’ body but the other half covered in shadow..with a glowing eye. ( ). “We’ll keep him alive. And let him suffer in this prison his father helped create. All the while I have paperwork and planning to do. Please do treat him well.”::flashback over:: “Densuke winced at the image of the man. “I can honestly say…I was legit scared there.”

Typical Jail BoredomEdit

Densuke would walk down the hall only to hear lots of commotion. Apparantly they set up a ring in the courtyard. Typical prison fighting. Not like they have much else to do so eh. The crowd was live, and there were fighters in the ring already, taking each other on. One of em was some pretty looking blonde guy. Densuke spotted Claymore, they guy he’d met when they first got here. “Hey dude whats up?” Densuke would hold his fist out for a fist bump, and get one in return. Him and seemore were just chilling in the back of the crowd on a bench. They could see the fights a lot better from a mid way distance, kinda like a movie theaters middle row.  “Yeah whats good man? How was your tirp to the box?” Densuke shuttered to think of it. “Don’t remind me…” “Yeah it happens man. Your lucky you didn’t kick the bucket. Most people don’t even last a day. You and that other guy made it a week. I’m certain that’s a record.” Seemore would nod in agreement. “Eh…willpower I guess. Though something about Tarzan feels off. I don’t know what but I try not to question it. Say the warden around these parts…whats his deal?” Seemore shrunk a bit in his seat. Claymore spoke “Ah….Warden Rahpheal. He’s….just otherworldly. The guys a legened in the military, and the underground assassian circle. These are rumors but…he’s never had an injury that stoped him from battle. It’s said his entire left half of his body is composed of automail along with synthetic attachments and whatnot. His swordplay? goddly. Apparantly bullets….can’t even touch him. He deflected bullets from an anti tank gun from only 5 feet away….” Densuke scoffed. “Rumors, rumors, rumors. I need facts.” “I’m telling ya this guys the real deal. He single handedly prevented a prison outbreak and killed at least 150 men with one hand. He even beat a man named Thomas Flint in a game of chess, and he himself could like…..bend reality and shit.” Densuke’s head perked up. “Thomas Flint…I rebemeber my dad told me about him and his powers……..” Densuke thought for a moment. “is there someone out there as intelligent as Thomas?...” Densuke then spoke back up. “Well in any case…thanks for that. I maybe be confronting him sooner or later about some things. One more question.” Claymore nodded. “A brown haired guy…kind of a lean build. About hmmm 6’5 is he around here?” Claymore raised an eyebrow.  “I wouldn’t know. I don’t  know everyone here, especially if they sound new.” Densuke nodded. “Another dead end I suppose..” Densuke would look back at the ring and hear the man boasting on about a challenger. As interesting as it was, Densuke wasn’t really feeling for a fight today. But apparently keyth was. “?” Densuke would watch keyth step into the ring. “ohhhh boy.”

Fucking Savage...Edit

Densuke would watch as the match unfolded. Keyth was doing…quite poorly. The boxer man he was fighting obviously had so much skill it was ridiculous by all means. Keyth was putting up some good defensive measures, and it even seemed like he could take the win until he started getting bullied around with bare knuckle blows, and well timed precision striking. All of a sudden keyths aura shined very brightly. First red then blue….it looked pretty radiant He then began weaving and dodging the man as if it was childsplay. Then with some maneuver as if it was from a movie, Keyth rebounded the man off the rops twice and then slammed his face to the matt. Keyth began to violently beat him….terribly. The man even tapped….but Keyth killed him. Densuke put a hand over his mouth and almost vomited. Why would you kill someone like that….why would you kill at all. Densuke swallowed hard, and shook his head. “Sick little bastard isn’t he.” He then listened to keyth’s protest, and shook his head. “You get one win and think your king of the ring..” The situation escalated but then a large and muscular elderly looking man emerged and escorted keyth elsewhere. “He’s a real barbaric fellow. Ah…” Another man would step into the ring, and clean the blood up only to make an announcement himself. “HEY! BRING HIM BACK I WANT MY SHOT AT HIM!” The crowd would then protest. “Yeah if this is his place let him come back then!” “Yeah bright eyes, get yer ass back in here!” Densuke would hop up. “I think I’m gonna jet…” claymore spoke. “You don’t wanna give it a go?” “Nah hahaha ryoji’s are natural pacifist.” A man in the crowd would overhear Densuke utter “ryoji”. Densuke would then be approached by a rather large man, with a lean build and quite the demeanor. “Ryoji? in that Fucking pig head ryoji? The man who put most of us IN this place?!” Densuke swallowed hard as all attention turned to him. “. . . Fuck.”  ( )Densuke was then shoved through the crowd, and forced into the ring with this man ( )The man was calm but had a demanding and silent tone to him. “…stand up! You were brought here with the kagemaru child of destiny. Surely you’re worth something are you not?!” Densuke would stand up and dust himself off. “Fuck off you anime reject, I’m not in the mood for it today.” The crowd boo’d profusely. “You seem to be affriad of a challenge. Your family name proceeds you indeed. Ryoji’s have always been cowardly.” Densuke glared at the man for a moment. “. . .Alright guy.” Densuke took his shirt off and disguarded it, leaving only his orange jail pants on and his shoes off. “I don’t much know who the hell you think you are. But where I’m from I like to introduce myself..” The two circled each other in the ring. “Densuke Mifunae…Sir Name Ryoji.” The other man would oblige with an answer. “Masataka Takayanagi….” The two would each take their respective stances. Densuke’s being a free lance off boxing stance, and Taka’s being a muay thai stance, that even  had a slight bounce to it.

Freelancer Vs Thai BoxerEdit

(  repeat if needed) The match began and as it did the crowd roared for more violence. Densuke would be throwing controlled hey makers left, and right, as taka elbow blocked the lot of them, only to lead Densuke over to the ropes. He’d then duck the last blow, and roll off of densuke’s body in a spin shoving him into them and proceeding to kick him in the back. Cuasing him to recoild back to taka’s position only to me grappled into a back suplex like slam. This would’ve worked but Densuke would at the last moment extend his hands and catch himself in a back handspring like motion and bounce himself out of taka’s grip.( ((As he was getting up however, take would launch a low kick at his feet, with spin of course. Densuke would react with parkur like instinct, and cut a backflip in place to avoid it, only to take a standing posistoin again and put his guard up. Taka would charge him with an inhumanly strong right hook Densuke threw up both of his hands to block it, however the sting of the blow could be felt through the rattling of his very arm bones.Densuke however counter attacked with a series of well timed spinning round house kicks. Two on the ground, and one jumping on. Taka was no slouch however….he leapt over one, raised his foot to avoid another one, and when Densuke leaped, he’d grab him in mid air and bring him down on his knee diging it right into his ribs. “AGH!!!” Densuke would cough blood on the mans chest, as he was then tossed into the turnbuckle of the ring back first. “he almost broke me in half….fuck.” The man charged at Densuke with a flying elbow, however Densuke was smart enough to weave, with well timed head movement, and use momentum to push taka in his used to be spot, densuke would then unleash a furry of right hooks, left hooks, uppercuts, jabs, crosses and any kind of punch he could think of. Something was off however. Taka literally countered with such inhuman reflexes, dodging, ducking, and blocking. Not a single blow was landed. Densuke steped back in hesitatin, as taka sat there with his hands up in a boxing guard. He then reswitched to his muay thai stance. “…Your not that great at all are you.” He’d rush Densuke with a flying knee right to the schonz i.e his nose. Densuke’s nose gushed blood and so did his upper lip. Taka kept a hold on Densuke’s hair in his grip, and began throwing crushing knee after knee into the gut of Densuke. Densuke tried to tighten his stomach to reduce damage but none the less it wasn’t helping much. After 20 consecutive knees thrown in less than a minute, Densuke was finally knee’d into the air, where the thai boxer would quickly backtrack to the ropes, and charge Densuke with a stylish flying knee to his abdomen, sending him flying into the opposite ropes of the ring. Blood gushed form his mouth, as if it was vomit, and he went straight into the ropes. His body acted flimsy as once he was bounced he was met with a flying clothesline strike, which flipped his entire body…and cuased him to land face first into the ground.The crowd was chanting…screaming for more. Taka stood rasising one hand. Densuke appeared to be out cold…lifeless. Claymore shook his head. “Damn….” Densuke’s body however…..twitched. Taka looked at him, as Densuke struggled to get to his feet, holding his head, appearing to be in pain. “Ah…my head is killing me…” Densuke’s eyes then flashed a bright gold before returning to normal color..his eyes then had a complete yellow iris. “Ah….I feel as if a weight has been lifted or some shit…” Densuke looked at himself. He was indeed in pain…but it was slightly more barable. Unbeknownst to him his brain had surpassed yet another subconscious mental barrier, restricting him form his true potential….he had now become slightly stronger int his one instance. While not healed, he was feeling “ascended” in a sense. He looked over at taka. “Alright Taka…..One more.” Densuke put his hands up, and then extended his right hand forward with an open palm, and placed his left fist at his chin level, spreading his feet a bit. “You have a different look in your eyes…come.” Taka took his thai stance…the battle continued…

Smack My Bitch Up..Edit

“GRAAAAAH!!!”( ) Densuke would be matching taka a lil more evenly now. The match had a much more different flow than before. Taka would rush Densuke with spinning elbows aming to knock his block off. Densuke would duck, each consecutive elbow, keeping his hands low. As stupid as it may have seemed, he was actually taunting the man secretly. Taka would rush him with a superman punch, and densuke would spin and roll off of the arm taka punched with only to footwork to the other side of the ring. “That it? You were owing me a second ago…” Taka would growl, and then jump to the turn buckle of the ring, only to dive in Densuke’s direction with a flying elbow. Densuke would step forward and leap, preforming a bicycle style karate kick, and aiming the underside of his toes right at Taka’s solar plexus. Taka would fall out of the air, like dead weight. ) Densuke would begin to walk over to taka. Taka stumbled to get up, holding his chest…”What happned…” he thought. He’d attack Densuke with a right hook, well timed…but not good enough. Densuke would simply catch the fist, and pull it forward, all the while turning his own body facing away from taka. Densuke would then bring the grasped arm down over his own shoulder, releasing a loud “CRACK!” Kata would yelp in pain as he steped back,  his arm now dangling. “That’s one. Conceed. I’m not keyth so I won’t kill you…but I will borderline it if you gonna be stupid about it.” Densuke held up a false guard. Kata hissed “FUCK YOU!” and charged Densuke with a series of jabs from his working arm. Densuke would block them, alternating hands as he did, only to grab the man by his forearm, and send a well placed fist right to his rib, cracking two of them in one go, right below the arm. Kata tried to move, but Densuke would just loop with him holding the forearm, as he then side kicked kata, breaking the another two ribs. Holding on to his forearm, he’d use that same foot, to wrap it around kata’s entire arm, and end up with the top of his foot underneath kata’s chin where he’d then pull, and push at the same time, to snap it out of it’s socket as well. Densuke would then release Kata, and then time seemed to slow down for a moment. Densuke would release him and begin spnning his body prepping for a leaping spin kick. Kata watched. He could see what was coming. The spinning arial back kick by densuke was launched, but ducked by kata. Kata grinned…as if he’d be able to counter..however the moment densuke’s spin kick ended, this happened ( ) Densuke would lash his opposite free foot forward towards kata’s chin/mouth/nose. The kick made a loud noise that was sharp! Similar to a whip cracking but with more cruch, as kata’s chin crumbled beneath the top of densuke’s foot. Densuke fell from the air, but landed on his hand, and held his own body weight off the ground like a break dancer, with perfect balance (enhaced dexterity ftw) kata crumbled…..and fell to the ground. The room grew silent as densuke stood himself back up.  ( ) He’d walk out of the ring, and down the steps. He’d walk over to a guy with a fresh unopened coca cola and take it. He’d pop it open in his face, and begin to drink it. He’d pat the man on the shoulder, and then begin walking over to another man who had some cash in his hand. Densuke would snatch the money from the man and pocket it, still sipping on his soda. “Keyth went that way right? Okay” Densuke stuffs the now empty can down the suit of one man and pats it. “Have an autograph you jolly green fucker.” Densuke would grab his shirt he threw and then begin to trail keyth, leaving the jail room in silence as they contemplated the two men who’d just fought in that ring.

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