YuiKiara: It was early in the afternoon, hot outside and great to be home under an air conditioner. Nora has just gotten off of work, and got done with taking a shower. She kept her apartment in district 1, not feeling any threats coming from Keyome since surprisingly he let her keep her job. Her sister also decided to get an apartment near her own, promising to stop hiding in the shadows around her. It was without a doubt that Nora was still mad with her sister, but at the same time happy to have her back. Feeling a bit betrayed. But ah well. She walked in to her living room wearing a pair of jeans and a tank-top, a towel over her wet hair. She grabbed her remote to turn on the tv while rubbing the towel against her head. The news popping up with more criminal activities happening within the city. More murders, robberies, rapes, kidnappings. Nora's jaw clenched as she turned it off and threw the remote to the side against her leather couch before she herself fell back on it, the towel falling down around her neck as she closed her two toned eyes slowly, allowing her mind to go blank for a moment, simply enjoying the silence.

Vexxen: Sitting in front of a small white fan I gazed at the blurr of the spinning fan's propellers thought i knew it was spinning in one direction.. it almost looked as if it was spinning to the left for a second then the right the next. I tilted my head to the right as I tried to view this spinning fan in another angle to see if this would change. As i dropped my head a few angles to the right, i saw a blurr of dark blue as the fan began blowing stray locks of my hair into my face. brushing the strands of hair out of my face I leaned over a bit pushing my face closer to the crossed wire cover of the fan that stood between me and the spinning propellers. Today was a day off for me, meaning no training of any kind unless I wanted to train on my own free will.. Though I knew Roy would probably prefer me training.. after weeks of nonstop training i was given one day off which I would use to do whatever I wished. i flopped backwards to lay on the hard wooden floor letting the fan blow against my feet instead, i turned my head to face the wall nearby to read the clock.. it was about 11 AM.. and despite the humid heat of summer being so apparent in the dojo.. the AC wouldnt turn on until at least 12. I groaned before rolling myself over to the small dresser placed in the corner of the room, I finall sat up with my legs crossed as i pulled the lower drawer out towards me to reveal a drawer holding some of my clothes. pulling out a pair of dark close to black..or black jeans and a cropped tanktop I stripped out of what I would normally wear in the dojo, a cropped shirt and a pair of shorts under a black gi robe top that fell towards my thighs, Changing into some normal clothes in a long while felt nice and a bit uncomfortable since for 8 months now.. I had been wearing nothing but different shorts, tops and robes during my..."stay" here. I knew i wasnt supposed to leave.. but I was much too bored and I had already been here for 8 months.. that was almost a full year.. I had only witnessed the seasons change through the small view of the windows.. plus I knew that everyone in the dojo knew that i was itching to leave after the 6 month mark. I cracked open the sliding wooden doors to my room just an inch, enough me to peer through the opening to check if anyone was nearby. though everyone in this dojo would be called a friend.. right now.. for me and my urge to sneak out.. everyone was an enemy. I snickered a bit from the mild thrill as I struggled to pull the sliding doors open more without making too much noise. Most people werent here today.. and those that were here were problably doing their own thing elsewhere. sliding the doors open a bit more I tried to squeeze through the opening sucking myself in as if trying to fit on a tight pair of pants, my right hand was held over my chest to push them down a bit making it easier to slip through the small crack of the door, once my entire body was out I dropped to the floor and reached in to grab my black boots.. i wasnt going to walk around the city barefooted.. I stretched my arm out as far as I could to grab the pair of black heels by their laces and slowly tugged them towards me before I slipped them through the opening as well. Holding the pair of boots behind my back I jumped down the small staircase and began tiptoeing across the smooth wooden floors of the dojo heading for the entrance as fast as I could. "oh my god im gonna get out" I exclaimed to myself in glee I couldnt help but smile a bit as I reached out and grabbed the cool metal handle of the entrance doors as if it was a safe-base. I took a quick look around before leaning myself aganst a corner near the doors to put my shoes on while jumping up and down to avoid losing my balance and toppling over. "there" i quietly whispered to myself. my shoes were on and now.. to tighten the laces.. as I held the laces in my hands I heard muffled voices coming this way and almost as if a reflex.. i pushed the doors open and ran outside to freedom. ....burning..freedom.. Perhaps my 8 month stay indoors had made me feel this way.. but the sun seemed to be burning hot.. much more hot than I remembered.. I quickly seeked refuge under some shade a nearby tree was casting as I sat on the bright green grass enjoying my ..burning freedom. I looked towards the sky, a cloudless almost solid bright blue sky the only thing in the endless blue sky was a white bright sun that seemed to be taunting me with its burning hot rays. "what to do...." I softly hummed to myself. I felt my eyelids growing heavy and closing slowly.. One more look at the blue sky was all i saw before i dozed off for a minute. As my mind was slipping into unconsciousness from drowsiness caused by boredom.. I had a flashback of sitting in a car with a cop talking about how I feared soemthing happening to the city.. oh yeah.. my old life.. Considerable changes had occured to both Kasaihana city.. and my own life since that car ride.. I jolted myself awake in realizat Vexxen: tion that I would have to get back to the dojo soon before Roy found out... I tilted my head back and rested it aganst the tree in frustration "ugh... i dont have time to fall asleep!" i growled to myself.. Remembering the random flashback I just had... maybe ... maybe.. My lips curled into a slight mischevious smile as I jumped up onto my feet and began running towards the nearest curb to catch a taxi.. -

YuiKiara: After a few more moments of simply sitting in silence, Nora got off the couch and went towards the kitchen. Her stomach growled as if just now recalling she was hungry as soon as she entered the room. She was known for her wits to be faster than her stomach. Opening up her fridge, she leaned foreword to look at what she had, also enjoying the cool air at the same time. Nora released a light sigh before glancing side to side, having trouble deciding on what she wanted. Finally, she reached for some eggs, peppers, bacon, and onions. An omelet would do. She picked out a pan and turned on her stove, placing it on the fire before breaking the eggs in a bowl and mixing them up. Her eye turned towards a bowl on her table half full with chocolate chip cookies. Her hand stopped its constant movement of beating the eggs and the whole place seemed to go silent. Flashed of her and Keyth within the kitchen baking the sweet treats he so much liked. Nora's expression was blank, was he even alive anymore...Nora closed her eyes tightly and shook her head. She went back to cooking, taking a knife and the peppers starting to chop them up on her cutting board before going for the onions. She engulfed herself with work to take her mind off of things, possibly even forget. But it was times like these, when she was alone, that her mind started to wonder and remember, bringing more heaviness in her chest. She hated it.

Vexxen: -I saw the a white taxi coming towards me as I began waving my hand frantically signalling it to come over. It halted right in front of me just so the back door was right in front of where I stood. grabbing the handle and pulling it, it let out a low click as I swung the door open and hopped inside the surprisingly roomy interior of the taxi, I leaned forward to see an elderly man in front of the wheel as he looked at me waiting for me to provide instructions on where I wanted to be dropped off. "71 Haidward street in District 1 please" Once relaying the address, I plopped back into the seat and crossed my right leg over my left and began tapping my fingers anxiously on my knee. Perhaps it was due to the anxiety of leaving the dojo when i wasnt supposed to and then suddenly invading a cop's house... Invaded was a more appropriate term to use in this senario since... I only met this person once and had no way of knowing her address......if i was just an ordinary person. Why this person of all people so suddenly? I didnt know too well mnyself.. but im sure there was a reaso why I suddenly got a glimpse of her face over all the other possible faces I couldve thought of. I glanced over to the driver again to ask, "How long would we get there?" He turned his head slightly after stopping the car at a red light before responding, "well we are close to the edge of district 2 and 3.. maybe.. 30 minutes at the most" I nodded my head before leaning my head against the window "How long has it been this hot?" I complained. The driver looked at me confused and chuckled to himself "its always been this hot, and sadly it will only get hotter as summer approaches," He began humming as I began trying to remember if the weather was always this hot.. the last time I was outside during the lockdown.. was summer. I suppose being indoors for so long makes you forget... I had dozed off without realizing and it wasnt until i felt repeated nudges on my leg from the driver trying to wake me up. "miss, wake up. this is your stop, 71 Haidward street in District 1, wake up" blinking a few times i rubbed my eyes to clear the drowsied vision away and looked out the window. "I suppose this is it" I muttered to myself. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a couple of bills and handed them to the driver "thank you" i said with a small smile before jumping out of the car and closing the car door behind me. I heard the car start again and drive off behind me as I was looking at the building I needed to get to, Walking up to the front door I saw a bunch of tags next to tiny black knobs and began reading each name.. Assuming that these were the name of the residents.. my eyes scanned up and down until i saw a " N. Haruko" written in the same monotonous text as the rest, I didnt know her last name.. but i did know her name started with an N.. and this was the only tab that had the initial N on it, Ill take my chances.. I placed my finger on the tiny black knob next to the name just before i ducked down, crouching wanting to avoid any cameras that might show my  face to the tenant, I began pressing the button repeatedly and tirelessly over and over in an annoying fashion knowing that she might come down here on her own possibly to smack whoever was overly harassing the doorbell. -

YuiKiara: Nora had finished her meal and began to try and think of ways as to how to distract herself now. Going outside was too hot, and drinking was probably not a very good idea either since she might go overboard and get drunk...and a drunk Nora was not usually appreciated by the neighbors. Sitting in her chair cross legged and fingers tapping on the now clean wooden table, she decided on reading instead. She stood, headed back in to the living room and picked out a favorite book of hers. She usually liked to read a book once, leave it for a few years and read it again. Reading it over and over in short periods of time made the book lose its excitement. So she liked to wait until pieces of the story were forgotten, then read it again as if it was a new story once more. "Clockwork Angel" Read the bold and steam punk like words on the front cover. It made Nora smile recalling the main character of this story. A brave, but victimized girl. In a world she doesn't know who to trust. The last part sounded a lot like herself. Those that she thought she could trust were actually never trustworthy at all. It started with her own sister, just as the main character of this book with her big brother. Then Keyth, her lover, and now..the KPD itself. Her step parents lived back in District 3, and after going in to the KPD she simply lost contact with them. She appreciated their kindness, but now knew it was all due to her sister and her sending money. Greedy...everyone in this world was greedy and selfish. Pleasure and money meant everything these days. It made Nora sick to her stomach. She slowly turned away from the bookshelf opening the book to the front page. Just about to make herself comfortable when her doorbell began to ring constantly. She decided to ignore it at first, not really in the mood for any visitors, but it kept ringing...and ringing...and ringing. Frustrated Nora threw her book at the couch next to the remote she flung a while back and went to her door. "Somebody better have died." She mumbled angrily under her breath.  Unlocking it and throwing it open she yelled. "Damn it,  what?!!!"

Vexxen: -I heard footsteps coming closer and closer and someone muttering something in audible to me, but i did recognize an angry tone when I hear it. As soon as i heard the inner gears of the lock snap and unlock the door would open only a second later, my chance. As soon as the door opened , still crouched i turned so I would be facing the door when it would open, crouched not even a foot away from the door itself. I hand my right hand straightened out and stiff, fingers straightened and stuck together, knowing that I was dealing with a cop her reflexes would probably be more sharpened than that of an ordinary person across the street. I would have to make it as swift as possible, as soon as the door opened, i jumped up onto my feet, my right hand raised to the level of my head, i heard her yell "Dammit what!!" just a moment before my hand swiftly swung down aiming to hit the curve on the bottom of her neck and shoulder with enough force for a thud sound to emerge and cause her to slip into temporary unconsciousness. -

YuiKiara: As soon as Nora opened the door, her two toned eyes glanced around when she saw no one, but the, seconds later it came as a blur. Her reflex was to move her arm up to protect her head and step back, but her arm got only halfway up before she was hit hard at the base of her neck. The impact made her body go numb for a second and the nerves to her mind quickly shutting her senses down. Her eyes closed before she could catch sight of her attacker and her body fell back on her wooden floor.

Vexxen: -I saw Nora's arm attempt to block my hit but a second too slow, I watched as her eyes shut and she began falling towards the floor, extending my arms out I grabbed her before she hit the ground. Holding onto the now unconscious Nora I stepped one foot into her apartment and grabbed for anything that looked like keys, seeing a silver ring holding a set of keys i grabbed them and dragged both myself and Nora out of the apartment and shut the door behind me. Now the hard part.. getting ourselves out and back to the dojo. I had been out for around 40 minutes now and now seemed like the perfect time to begin heading back. I swung both of Nora's limp arms around my neck and held them in place and started taking slow steps towards the end of the hall following a elevator sign.. Probably the most efficient way to get out. Nora didnt look heavy.. but the fact that her being uncoscious meant dead weight, it wasnt the easiest task to drag another human being around my height around so freely. Getting to the elevator I saw an old woman pass by holding a bag of groceries, she stared at me suspiciously as I laughed nervously. "oh... shes just drunk.." I smiled innocently just as the elevator opened up and a man stepped out, The man in a suit who had just stepped out of the elevator looked at me suspiciously as well. i slowly dragged myself and Nora into the elevator and just as the doors were closing i got one last look of the two before the foggy reflective silver doors of the elevator closed completely. I reached over and smashed the button reading "G" over and over in the similar fashion I had assaulted Nora's doorbell a moment ago as if this repetitive action would quicken the process. I watched as the digital screen began descending down floors untl It read "Garage" and made a low ding tone as the doors opened again revealing a row of various cars parked neatly in the apartment's garage. "now now which one was your car again?" I spoke as if talking to Nora. I raised the keys in my hand and identified a rather bulky rounded rectangular one as keys that would fit for a car, seeing the different images on the buttons I decided to press them all at once since I wouldnt know how they would help me find her car.. a nearby shiny black car began blaring loudly with its alarm piercing through the garage, Startled I jumped and frantically began pressing randm buttons again until the car shut up. 'Geeze..." I let out a sigh of relief.. I dragged Nora towards the car, and as we stood two feet away from it, i looked at the keys again. "now how to unlock..." I pressed a button that looked like the right one.. only to hear a slight popping sound as the trunk of the car opened. "eh... thats not it.." I slammed the trunk of the car down closed and gently placed nora to sit on the floor leaning against another parked car as I tried to figure this out. Once Nora was placed safely aside I tried it again, "unlock!" i exclaimed, my eyes focused on the little knob inside the car waiting for it to push upwards only to have the trunk of the car pop open again "grr" i growled as my head whipped away from the car lock and to the trunk. "what is this frustrating spaceship you drive Nora??" I sighed in frustration before dropping the keys onto the floor to go over to pick Nora back up .I looked at the car's trunk with a tempted expression on my face.. "i guess this will have to do.." Dragging her towards her car I somehow managed to get her into the trunk of the car, making sure that all her limbs were away from parts where the trunk would close, I slowly shut the trunk and walked towards the side of the car just as I stepped on something to hear multiple low shutter souns go off. I looked down to see my foot had stepped on the car keys and managed to unlock the entire car.. and not open the trunk, I bent down and picked up the keys " thats how you do it.."  I looked over to the trunk of the car with a guilty expression.. "but.. youre already in there.... just stay put okay?" I said to Nora. I jogged over to the front of the car and sat behind the wheel somewhat excited to drive as I got the ignition running. The car began purring and my hands were on both sides of the steering wheel, my feet on each pedal. I cringed slightly as i realized ive never driven a car.. I shook off the realization telling myself that Ill manage.. besides.. how hard could it be to drive a car? ive seen taxi drivers do it all the time, said the girl who repeatedly opened the car trunk when trying to unlock the car. -

YuiKiara: Nora woke up with a shiver, her eyes snapping open as she saw a wooden surface high above her head. Her eye began to glance around until she began to notice the interior of a room, looked to be from an old Japanese home. She slowly sat up with a light tremble, the numbness in her body still uncomfortable as her nerves were slowly waking up. She grabbed hold of her right shoulder with her left hand and moved it around to wake it up. She got hit pretty bad and usually she would have been able to dodge such a hit. She left her guard down, how stupid could she have been?! Her instincts began to kick in, thinking that this kidnapping was Keyome once more, but the surrounding area did not seem to be so. Unless it was some hidden layer. Nora got up from the futon like bed, which she just now noticed being in, and walked towards the nearest window she could find. Outside she saw a backyard, very beautiful, if it were not for her black mercedes being there looking a bit banged up. The hood seemed to be slightly smashed in, a few dents in the sides, a flat tire and her trunk also seemed to have been ripped open. Her eyes were wide in shock at the sight, almost wanting to faint once more as she jumped over the low windowsill and walked towards her car as if in disbelief. Third time!!! this was the third time her baby took a beating! Her hands moved slowly over the dents as if in disbelief. "Who the..why the...when did...."

Vexxen: -A brutal 40 minute drive back to the dojo.. i forgot the way back, i didnt know how to drive, i fought traffic... and got lost plenty of times before I finally got back..I began stressing over the explaination id have to give both Nora and Roy for the beat up car parked erratically outside the dojo, but until then... I had at least gotten Nora out of the trunk and dragged her into my room until she woke up.. which would be any time now. I had stopped by the break room to get a small bag of ice and a glass of water for Nora when she woke up, water to drink, and the bag of ice for the spot I struck on her earlier.. my excuse was that I wasnt sure if shed come with me if i asked like a normal person.. a pretty crappy excuse but it was the only one i had to work with. "Nora are you awake yet?" I slid the door open to find both the room and the futon to be empty. quickly placing the glass of water and the bag of ice down on the floor i panicked and began searching through the dojo looking to find Nora before anyone else found her first-

YuiKiara: Nora was still studying the damage of her car when a man walked by, he was dressed in a white robe and a wooden stick attached to a black belt around his waist. Her eyes seemed to flash with a glint of menace as he looked at her weirdly, about to turn and call for backup quickly. But before he could even muster a word or move, she dashed at him full speed, jumped up and fly-kicked him to the ground. Getting on him quickly Nora grabbed his arm and pulled him up, pulling his arm behind his back before slamming him against the wall of the building. "Keep quiet or i will give you a reason to scream about." She spoke in a harsh whisper near his ear which made the male shiver and turn pale.  He nodded and pulled his lips in to show he will keep quiet. " want some answers. One..where is this place. Two..why am i here. And three...who brought me here.." The man shook his head furiously quickly signaling her that he didst know, Nora lowered her head lightly then a shadow cast over her eyes as she grimaced almost devilishly. "Not the answer i wanted to get.." She took hold of his index finger about to break it, the man's jaw dropping as he began to wiggle like a fish out of water.

Vexxen: -It wasnt too much searching before I found a dojo member on the ground with Nora holding his finger..looking as if she was about to break it, I ran up to the two of them "Nora!" i whisper yelled, "we need to go back to my room.. ill tell you everything there!" passed an apologetic look to the man on the floor before focusing on Nora again. -

YuiKiara: Nora stopped just as she was about to commit the act. Lifting her gaze up to the voice that called on to her. She was shocked to see Vex there, begging her to come back and release the man. She looked down at the guy then back at the woman, not being able to comprehend the situation for a moment before getting off and releasing him, walking towards her very puzzled. "Vex...the hell is going on here? Do you live here? where am i and why the freak is my car in such a condition?!" She raised her voice some then pointing to her car seemingly in disbelief.

Vexxen: -Just as I was about to open my mouth to answer the questions Nora was asking.. I heard a bunch of footsteps of dojo members gathering to the center as Roy was about to enter the main part of the dojo. I flinched a bit and grabbed Nora by the arm and gently pulled her towards the room she had woken up in earlier while whispering "hurry! ill explain it all in a minute"-

YuiKiara: Nora gasped as she was pulled away, her eyes widening before she turned her head to look towards the footsteps she was hearing coming towards them. She didnt get to see who they belonged to as she was pushed back in to the room she woken up in. Almost face planting the floor from the woman's pull. For a small female she sure had a strong grip. As they were back in, Nora released a sigh and placed a hand on her hip while the other moved up through her now dry, but messy hair. Her silver eye closed but her good eye was still fixated on the girl, looking a bit frustrated. "Can you please tell me whats going on here now? Im losing my mind."

Vexxen: -as we got into the room I sat down with my back facing the door as i pat a spot in front of me for Nora to sit. recalling the questions she had asked me my began thinking.. my thoughts were interrupted temporarily as I heard the other dojo members loudly greet roy in a uniform manner, peeking outside I slowly closed the sliding doors carefully to avoid slamming noises or ... loud noises in general. Once the door was closed I turned around again to face Nora. "you car.... a deer jumped out of nowhere and hit it." I sat in front of her with my best poker face-

YuiKiara: She looked at the woman and when she patted the spot next to her, she fallowed simply and sat down with a leg under her while the other was pulled up against her chest, her hands wrapped around it. She looked back when a group of men yelled a greeting, then turned her attention to the floor, putting on her best poker face, saying that her car hit a deer. Nora looked to the woman in disbelief, her eyes blinking a few times before she let a smile spread over her lips, her brows furrowing giving her expression a clear "i dont believe you" look. "You've gotta be kidding...a dear could not do that much damage to my car. The most it would have done was crack my windshield, not smash the hoot, break the trunk and dent the doors." Nora replied with an almost laugh in her voice.

Vexxen: - Hearing Nora state that she didnt believe me, I flinched and felt my shoulders stiffen.. i was never a good casual liar.. I stuttered a little "w-well... maybe... I... h-hit the deer, or the street lamp... a tree.. a street sign.. and another car.. the curb.. and such." i raised my hand to my face and began scratching my cheek nervously with my index finger before pushing the bag of ice towards her as a form of a hopeful distraction-

YuiKiara: Listening to Vex speak in near disbelief. Almost fainting on the spot. Falling sideways lightly she then lunged at Vex, her eyes flashing as she grimaced widely. Her hands reaching foreword and grabbing the girl's cheeks pulling them from side to side. A gentle smile on Nora's lips, her eyes closed but looked quite frightening. " are telling me..that you took my car out for a spin and ran in to a pole, a street sign, a curb, and so almost flipped it over?????" Her voice took a darker tone.

Vexxen: -feeling my cheeks being pulled left and right I began slapping the floor as a signal of stating that I give up before mumbling out "but at least youre here in one piece!" I raised my hands to smack Nora's hands repeatedly to swat them away from my face before finally breaking free, I rubbed my now pink cheeks trying to soothe them from the pinch and crawled backwards to the other side of the small room "and at least you dont even have bruises even though i put youin the trunk- .... oh crap" realizing my fatal choice of words that slipped out of my mouth I quickly got on my feet and began running towards the door, swinging the wooden door opened ready to dash out before i felt a something heavy hit me on the head causing me to fall backwards onto the floor, as I fell I rubbed my head "Ow..fuc-" before I was finished swearing, I felt another smack on the head causing me to place both hands on my head, my legs tucked in closer to me as I looked up to see a tall man with short messy black hair in a hakama and robe in front of me holding a wooden sword.. the weapon used to hit me on the head..twice.. I gulped realizing who it was.. Roy, the person i was avoiding. I turned my head back to glance over at Nora and then to glance over at Roy. Either way.. one would kill me for knocking her out unconscious, stuffing her in the trunk of her own car, and then taking it out for a wrecking joyride.. and the other would kill me for sneaking out, assaulting, kidnapping and bringing a foreign person into the dojo without permission.. I was screwed. I sat there silent for a moment before whining "shiiii-" Wack! a third hit on the head as that hit had made me realized.. Roy hated swearing-

YuiKiara: Nora's eyes snapped open at the woman's confession, and within moments she was hovering over the girl that dashed at the other side of the room, a fist in her hand as she cracked her knuckles, a demonic like stare down at the female. "Is that sooooo, continue with your confession." Before Nora could grab hold of the her, she dashed right by like a cornered cat finding its escape. Slipping away out of the door. Nora was just about to chase after her when suddenly Vex got whacked over the head with a wooden stick by a very tall, almost frightening looking man. She calmly walked over and crossed her arms under her chest, leaning against the door frame as she heard Vex try to curse again but simply get hit a third time. She bit back a laugh and kept her face monotone. Her two toned eyes lifting to take a good look at the male. one she recognized. But at least now she knew how she got here and who the culprit was. But that still did not answer the question as to why..

Vexxen: -(Roy): Looking down he saw the dark blue haired girl on the floor and smacked her over the head a third time with the wooden sword due to her swearing, his eyes scanning over to the foreigner in the room he looked at the raven haired woman for a moment before looking over to the young girl he had sheltered for the last 8 months. " Why is there a stranger in your room?" Smack " why is there a beat up car outside of my dojo?" Smack "start confessing" Smack!- (vex:) I felt two devlish vibes from both the front and back, Nora and Roy, I saw Roy look at Nora and then back at me and began firing some questions at me.. each question ending with a hit from the wooden sword on my head. I flinched with each hit on the head expecting him to ask me why I left the dojo with each question.. but ended up mildly surprised that he didnt only to have that surprised feeling interrupted with a wack on the head. I glared a bit hating the constant smacks on the head as i retaliated with "youre going to make me lose brain cells!" I yelled out. Roy smacked me on the head again witht he wooden sword an responded in a sarcastic tone "People with braincells dont do half the things you do", before giving me a chance to respond I looked over as he gave me the "ill deal with you later" look and turned around to leave "Make sure your friend is properly escorted back home where you arent driving" he demanded. I raised my hand to my mouth to supress a giggle as I recalled the deer excuse I tried to pass off a moment ago. As Roy left I felt a wave of relief.. until I looked over to see Nora cracking her knuckles=

YuiKiara: She watched as the girl got whacked over the head over and over, and she began to wonder if this was Vex's father. But then again there was no resemblance between the two at all, so it could not be possible. She heard the male demand that she was to be properly taken back home and that Vex was not to be driving. As he left, Nora reached down and grabbed Vex by the collar of her shirt and pulled up, a very annoyed look on her face. "Will you now please explain what i am doing here?....And why was not a polite greeting offered before hand along with a nice conversation over tea and cookies not good enough?" Nora held back from putting her fits against the top of the girl's head. Having mercy on her after being whacked so many times, but was very tempted.

Vexxen: -I stared at Nora and blinked a couple of times before swatting her hand off the collar of my shirt and freeing myself again "because.. you mightve said no..." my voice trailed off before i began splurting out a response as fast as i could "and you have no idea ive been trapped in here for so long i miss socializing with normal people and i couldnt take no for an answer" I looked at the spot by Nora's neck and shoulder and looked away sheepishly "oh.. and sorry about your neck, i panicked when you sounded angry answering the door"-

YuiKiara: Nora listened to the girl speak, and honestly she sounded just like a little child complaining about being kept inside for too long and not being allowed to go out and play. Kind of made Nora want to chuckle and pat her head. And she kind of did just that. With a sigh she released her, walked around to face her and keeled down in front of her, gently placing a hand on top of her head, hoping that her two toned eyes meeting her own would not scare her too much. She had decided to remove that...but why..was another story. "Alright kid...i understand. And your right..i probably would have not came along. And i know teenagers can go through frustrations. You should have seen me." Nora chuckled lightly, closing her eyes and shaking her head. "I did a lot worse than this." Rubbing gently the spot she got whacked on continuously she stood back up to her feet, rubbing the newly formed bruise on her neck. "How about we talk about this around some owe me right now for this.."

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