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Pallas: AlessandraSkar: Shira felt her heart skip a beat when he agreed to going to the party, fist-pumping in victory once he turned his back on her. 'Phew. That would've been embarrassing if he said no.' She thought to herself as she looked over to Jeremy and gave him two thumbs up. “Hurry up and get your ass over here, girl.” Jeremy mouthed in return, then slipped back inside the flashing room. Shira watched as the young man went into his room for something, then returned a moment later with a smile. “So where's the party at?” He asked. Shira laughed. As if the answer wasn't obvious. “Right this way.” She answered as she turned on her heels and made her way over next door. “I hope you don't have epilepsy or anything cause uh--” As soon as she opened the door to 1408, a storm of flashing neon lights seem to burst from the darkly-lit room and spill out into the hallway, accompanied by the blaring of the electronic dance music coming from Lord-knows-where. “Hey, you.” A tall, muscular guy in a basketball jersey called from beside the door, arms folded over his chest in a serious manner. Shira could only assume he was the makeshift security guard around here. “You can't get in without a bracelet.” Shira patted him on the arm. “Not to worry, big guy. This one's with me.” She said reassuringly. “And for fuck's sake, be nice. I'm pretty sure he's knew around these parts.” The makeshift security guard took a good look at the giant, noting his visibly massive size and stature. There was no doubt that someone needed to keep an eye on him without pissing him off. Lord knows what this guy was capable of when angry. “Alright, fine.” Security said gruffly. “I see you have your bracelet on so go on in, kid.” Shira smirked before turning to head further into the room. “Thanks, bro.” She said. Looking around, she could see that almost every young adult and teenager from ages 17 and up in Kasaihana was in attendance at the party. There were people dancing everywhere. Lights flashing. Music blasting. It might as well have been a fucking night club. She glanced back to see how the giant was doing, not surprised when she noticed lots of stares aimed in his direction. He did stand out a little. “I hope this is your kinda scene.” She had to shout above the music and chatter. She didn't realize it but she was already moving to the music. “There's always like fifty parties going on at the same time in D2. Just have to know which one's gonna be the best. I'm sure the guy who threw this thing is gonna be happy to see some new folks around here.”

Pallas: -When she made the comment about epilepsy, he raised his eyebrow in not understanding what she meant in the beginning. And then it became clear as the door swung open and the neon lights came into view and the music blaring. (  ) The music played its techno and other electric kinds of music to go along with the neon and the strobe lights. Damian walked in behind the girl with no trouble at all. He would be inches taller than most of the people in the room and his muscle mass would stand out to all the scrawny people in the room. The eyes had come on to him as he walked in and it brought a smirk to his face. When the security guard came walking down and talked to the girl, Damian began to look around at all the people here at the party. He noticed that the women in here were practically naked as the clothes that were the high fashion here in Kasaihana had been reduced to short shorts and shirts that barely even cover their breasts. Damian did not complain about it. When the girl he came with started to walk again, he continued to follow. As he passed the security guard, they shot each other a look and Damian just smirked at him. He didn’t have trouble hearing the girl talk due to his keen senses and he replied to her-“Yeah…50 parties and one of them has to be going off right next door to my room hahaha.”-After he said that, he noticed that she had begun to dance to the music. He couldn’t help but look down at her ass as it moved back and forth with the music. He mouthed the word –“wow”- as he stared at her. After a few seconds of being lost in that trance, he began to dance a bit as well. He wasn’t one to not enjoy a good party so he began to loosen up a bit. He slowly walked over to where the girl was and placed his right hand on her hip. He’d then begin to move along with the music, trying to keep his and her movements together as he tried to get a dance in with her.-

Ginsei sighed as he walked down a street in District Two. He glanced up at a hotel that was hosting a part which a certain person of interest to him was enjoying. He was met by a member of his former gang, a  guy named Scotty. He nodded to Scotty as they both walked into the building. Scotty had gotten into the party before hand, pinching a bracelet from one of the party go-ers. He tossed the bracelet to Ginsei before they both headed into the hotel and up to room 1408 where the party was being held. Flashing their bracelets the jersey wearing makeshift bouncer let them both pass. Ginsei nodded to Scotty again, signaling that he didn't need to hang around anymore. Scotty soon went off on his own, getting lost in the crowd as Ginsei made his way through it, catching the sight of a blonde girl that he distinctly remembered from the time of the lockdown. It was pretty hard to forget a girl like that, even for Ginsei who hardly made time for girls. He made his way to a corner of the room where a guy was sitting with three others. He looked roughly around twenty years old, sporting a five o'clock shadow and slicked back black hair. As the three surrounding men caught sight of Ginsei they moved over, making room for him. He sat down beside the man with slicked back hair who poured him a drink in a shot glass. Ginsei tapped glasses with the man before downing in, watching as it was soon filled back up. "Didn't think you were one for the public my pony-tailed friend." The man said, a smug grin on his face. Ginsei shook his head before speaking. "I'm not and you know it. That's why you dragged me out here Leon." The man called Leon just laughed as if he had been caught red handed. "Yes well, you know how I like to operate." Ginsei nodded some, glancing at the guy before downing another shot like it was nothing. "Let's begin business then shall we?" Leon said, grinning before downing another shot himself.

Densuke would walk up ito the hotel, expecting to get in, but was denied entry due to him deilivering some bad pizza to the manager here a long ways back. So he took mannors into his own hands. He’d walked around to the back of the building, where a man was exchanging old laundry, for new laundry, towels all be it. The man went around the building for a quick smoke break it would seem. The bug in his ear rang with a voice. “So you renember the plan prior right?” Densuke would dash in a goofy and quiet like fashion over to the cart, and leap inside of it, making sure to cover himself with the fresh clean linen. After a few moments, the man would return and start to push the cart back into the hotel. Densuke was uncomfortable as all get out, but he knew he’d have to make due. When the cart stoped, he waited….then peaked his head from beneath the towels to see he’d been droped off at the laundry room. He’d reach in his jacket pocket to reveal a piece of paper. “ go to room 1408, investigate this man, Hayate Takavich ( ). He’s been running a series of drug strings and murders of bakers,and pastery makers. He’s rumored to be a raver, so check this area specifically.” Densuke would reply to the voice in his ear after reading the note. “Yeah I got it. I’ll see what I can find. I can only do so much with this small ass spy camera….” Ochigi would retort. “it’s meant for stealth. Your not a fed so you shouldn’t have anything like this. Be careful.” Densuke would nod. He’d walk up to the room and meet the bouncer, who’d told him since he had no bracelet, he couldn’t enter. “You’re fucking joking….” “Nah kid, no bling, no entry.” Densuke contemplated beating this man, but…instead came up with another idea. “Well alright. Arm wrestle.” Densuke would walk over to a hallway end table and knock the lamp off of it and set his elbow down. The bouncer would oblige, laughing and set his arm down as well, griping hands with Densuke. “ready….set….go-I WIN!” Densuke had used his strong arm technique in rapid succession and slamed the mans hand through the end table. The bouncer held his wrist, and nodded for Densuke to enter. “I tried to keep it low key but eh……I’v got somebody to find here…” Densuke would walk in the spot with his hands in his pockets. He wore a tee,and rolled up black pants, with his usual attire. “Time to find me a murderer.”

It's All Fun And Games..Edit

Pallas: -His large hips would move perfectly along with hers as he was rather enjoying the night so far. His hands remained on her hips, feeling her soft curves as they danced. The DJ would spin on the turntables and the people dancing would cheer for him as he was spinning rather well. When she turns around to face him, she would look up and see his eyes staring down at hers. He didn’t have any special color eyes as he held an all-black pupil color. But in that defense, he does get emerald color eyes when he transforms. He would smile a bit when she made the comment of him enjoying himself. Then as she made the joke about him having a normal name like Bob, he laughed a bit with his bright white teeth. He then said to her-“The name’s Damian. It’s a pleasure to meet you Shira.”-He then took notice that she was eying the bar that was glowing a bright blue color. He smiled and asked-“You want to get something to drink? Haha”-He then began to walk in the direction of the bar with his left hand resting across her back. If she were to let him, they would walk over to the bar and sit down. The bartender would then walk over to them and ask-“What are we having?”-Damian looked over at her as if he were examining her and said-“I think the lady here would want…hmm…a Martini.”-He’d wait for her to respond to see if he was right on his guess of what she would want to drink before he would order a drink himself. After she responds, Damian would look to the bartender and say-“I’ll take a Scotch on the rocks.”-A rather elegant and high end drink but he gets it from his father. The bartender than goes to prepare the drinks and returns a few minutes later. When he delivered the drinks, Damian takes a quick sip of the scotch. His immune system would cause him to never get drunk, but that never stopped him from taking the occasional drink every now and then. He’d look at Shira with the glass of Scotch in his hand and say-“Thanks for the invite to the party haha. I’m having a good time.”-

Sezomaru: "So.. What do you think eh?" Leon grinned as he leaned back, two girls coming to sit down beside him, one on each side of him. They leaned against him as he rested his arms on the back of the couch they were sitting on. Ginsei sighed as he downed another glass of vodka, the drink they had been downing. He leaned forward, glancing at the girls that had surrounded Leon. He shook his head. "Can't do business without women I see." Leon grinned again. "Women are amazing, they make the mind work harder." Ginsei shook his head again, his bangs moving slightly with each shake of his head. "More like the cloud the mind. You know, I guess that deal would work out. It'd give me the advantage I need." Leon nodded some. "So... You'll take a third and build up the rest from there?" Ginsei nodded, leaning back, crossing his arms loosely in front of his chest. "All I need is a third. I can work with that and build on it." Leon nodded as if he understood, downing another shot. "Well then, take your pick of my boys. I'll be sure to show you the die hard loyal men that I have. You won't have any problems." Ginsei glanced at Leon with a cold look. "I'm not above making examples... Losing a few fingers tends to make men not want to act up." Ginsei then downed another shot before sliding the glass away, the girls that were cuddling with Leon had a fearful look in their eyes from what Ginsei had just said. He glanced out at the people dancing and having a good time at this party, feeling that this little business deal was coming to an end sooner than he expected.

Tasanagi: (( stepped into the club. His body... seemed like he hadnt been brutally beaten by his father at all. Keyth had been resting in his home for the past month. Keeping his distance from civllization to the best of his abilites so that he could heal properly. Word around town had gotten out. Keyth Tasanagi is what they called him. After theKPD found out of his father, they fired him, and told him to never return. People started to look at him differntly... he was getting noticed, something he didnt like. His hands rested in his pants pockets as he made his way down the to the dance floor. After getting his ass kicked... it hit Keyth that he needed more than himself to defeat his father. The only thing that ran through his mind... was revenge. But he couldnt do that, without the help of others. And he knew that. His hair had grown out, they looked like dreaded locks that hung over his face, giving him that wild look that made people move out of his way as he walked in. His Shirt hugging tightly to his muscular body, he hadnt spoken a word to anyone. "...." He was looking for Heavy hitters, or anyone that seemed overly able to help him in his cause. He walked over to the bar sitting down and looking at the bar-tender. "...Brown." He said to the man. The Bartender didnt even bother to ask for ID, passing keyth the drink, which he paid for. He'd Chug the drink down and then shake his head in disgust slamming the glass cup into the ground. Keyth tilted his head up and looked out at the sea of people dancing, moving there bodies with the hard music. " Hey big boy~" Keyth turned around, to see a pair of twins attempting there way to seduce the boy. " We know who you are, your Keyome's boy." He looked at them both out of the corner of his eye. " Yeah, so what of it." He said leaning back. They'd wrap there hands around him. " Why, everything! Money power, respect. You have it all now." Keyth shook his head. " I have better things to worry about besides bullshit like that. Why dont you two do what sluts do... and go creame on each other or something..." Keyth said pushing them both off of him with both of his arms, they'd both fall to the ground. He didnt even bother to look back makig his way to the dance floor.


Densuke would be cought dancing between two other women. One a bust brunette with an ass from heaven and a dirty blonde behind him with a rack from hell. Even in the midst he was keeping his eyes out for his target. Word is he had something to do with this singidig. Densuke didn’t have his suit on him, only the watch that allowed his usage of it, but he did have some access to it’s functions, so all was not lost. It’s been almost a month, and Densuke had nailed the superhero t hing pretty much in the head. Tetsu recently started calling him the “prodigy” as it seems he’d pick up everything unusually fast. Even his body seemed to keep up with his rapid development as he is in a much better physical condition than he was a month ago. As his body adapted to being peak human in the suit, he’s actually strengthening his own development slowly but for this party, Densuke then slid from between the dancers and made his way over to the bar Area. Of course he’d be the only jackass standing up, and ordering. “Yeah, can I get a shot of peppermint schnopz? Throw a little bit of coke in there too.” The bartender started making the drink while Tetsu’s voice poped in on Densuke’s bug. “Densuke…are you seriously drinking on the job. These are not the detective skills we went over.” Densuke downed the shot, and then wiped his mouth, only to look away and speak softly. “chillax I got this. I’m looking for clues right now.” Densuke would take a seat and close his eyes for a second….in state of meditated focus, he would try to tune out as much as he could to only focus on little details he could see. He’d found 3 things strange about this set up. The first was that there were multiple men and women here with barcodes tatted on their necks, on some odd area. This was not a requirement to get in, which made on think. The second, is that the sprinkler system had loose lining, an had a slant to it. Signifiying it was filled with something besides water, or maybe even worse. The third and final thing, is that there were drops of blood scattered accros the floor. This is a rave so it’s not uncommon..however the direction of the splatter, was in the same direction, meaning a trail was present, and it was from multiple people…Densuke took hold of his mini camera and sanped pictures of the three thigns he’d cought on to, and he would slip the cam back into his pocket. He’d then get up, and find the same brunette he’d liked from ealier and begin to dance with her, in a flash mob like fashion as he continued to watch the room for any familer faces. He did however spot a blone, with a rather huge giant man. He renembers the blonde as the chick he fought, but never knew her name. The only other thing he took note of was a man with incredibly beautiful hair talking to a man at the bar with women at his side. It’s not uncommon to see this type of thing at a shin dig like this. Densuke kept mental notes, as he was still far from finding this drug lord…

AlessandraSkar: “Damian.” Shira repeated the name with a pleasant tone. “I guess its a pretty good fit. Nice to meet you too, Damian.” She smiled at him and even while in the midst of conversation, her body refused to stop moving. Her brows perked up with excitement when he asked if she wanted a drink. “Ha! It's like you read my mind!” She exclaimed in response. She followed as the large male known as Damian began in the direction of the war, the both of them having to push and maneuver their way through the sea of dancing bodies in the way. She felt his enormous hand on her back, knowing that if an issue were to suddenly spring up, those big hands would probably take care of any problem. i.e., break somebody's fucking neck. They approached the bar and Shira leaned forward against the counter, her sapphire blue eyes trailing along the assortment of alcoholic beverages lining the glass shelf behind the bar tender. “What are we having?” The woman asked, drawing Shira's attention away from the drinks. The bar tender looked young and pretty, probably getting a lot of attention from the males attending the party. Shira took a moment to think about what she wanted, not realizing that Damian's eyes were upon her. There were so many choices with so many desired results. There were the drinks with the sole purpose for loosening up and then there were the hard drinks for people who wanted to get straight up hammered. Shira tapped her chin in thought, knowing that she'd loosened up enough to begin with and although getting hammered was fun some nights, she didn't exactly want to be stumbling all over the place in front of her new friend here. Finally, she opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, Damian's voice was heard first. Her brows lifted when he requested a Martini for her, a rather impressed expression brightening her features. “Wow.” She laughed. “Once again, it's like you read my mind or something.” The bartender fetched said Martini for Shira and “Scotch on the rocks” for Damian and after receiving their drinks, Shira turned to lean back against the counter and took an almost elegant sip of her beverage. The sour apple flavor made her taste buds tingle in satisfaction as she swallowed down the sparkling liquid. “Mmm! This has to be my favorite drink of all time.” She commented, swirling the drink around in the glass. She looked beside her at Damian as he stated that he was having a good time, smiling after he thanked her for the invitation. “Ah, no problem, big guy.” She replied in a friendly tone. “I thought you might've wanted to join in since it's right next door to your room. Not like you were gonna get any sleep anyway.” She laughed at that. “So, uh, not to make any assumptions or anything, but you're not from around here, are ya?” She turned to face him now, resting an arm on the counter as she leaned sideways against it, taking another sip of her Martini.

Pallas: -He laughed a bit as she made the comments about him reading her mind. He said in reply to her-“I guess that’s a hidden talent of mine haha.”-His eyes looked around the bar area as the place began to fill up now. He saw out of the corner of his eye, a man whose hair looked like it belonged in a Loreal commercial. He takes another drink of the alcoholic beverage in his hand while he listens to Shira talk about how his night would have sucked if he was to have stayed in his room. His attentions were then drawn to a guy near them who was being very sneaky about something. His eyes would only move to see what he was doing but he tried his best to be more focused on Shira. Then when she asked if he was from here, he nodded and said-“Is it that obvious? Hahaha. It is true that I am from here, but I am no stranger to Kasaihana. My father is a man this city idolizes as their hero. That statue in District Two of The Armored Warrior is a nice replica of the real thing haha. I’m sure my father loved to be publicized as the hero of the city.”-He laughed a bit as he told Shira that he is the son of one of Kasaihana City’s most famous heroes, Donnie Yun. But then, Damian overheard the conversation going on just behind him.- " We know who you are, your Keyome's boy."-Those words shot around his mind like a bullet, over and over. His eyes flashed a bright emerald green color as e remembered his father’s number one enemy…Tasanagi. Damian slowly put down his drink and stood up and turned to face the one they called Keyome’s Boy. ( Only The Epic Intro approx. 30 seconds) His large muscular body towers over the boys chair as he asks-“Keyome’s son?...As in Tasanagi?”-And as he asked that, static electricity would spark around his body. It would make a loud zapping sound though it did not hurt anyone or touch anyone as it was almost like an Aura around Damian’s body. The people around them began to back up a bit as the tension that built in the room was very much felt. If Keyome’s Son was to turn and face Damian, he would see the six foot five Super Soldier giving him a death stare, if looks could kill. Damian would then wait to hear a response from this man.-

JinzoningenJu: The sound of fast-paced dance music was muffled by a pair of tightly closed double doors., Frank walked past the bouncer with a nod and entered, much to the dismay of the twenty-odd people waiting in a line. As soon as he opened the doors, a wave of loud yet tantalizing music hit him, urging him to merge with the crowd inside and lose himself in the beat. Frank got a tip that people from the ChiTori would be here, that’s all he needed to know to bring him here. He was wearing a red and black strip shirt with a open long leather jacket, along with a pair of black pants and shoes. As he walked in he scan the room looking at people lose themselves with the beat of the music. Just in case his tip was right Frank was packing heat, a pair of AMT Auto Mag II .22 Magnum hidden in his pants with a pack of c4 in his back pocket and leather coat. Frank hung his coat on the rack before walking on the dance floor, as he walked a lady came towards him and asked to dance. Frank nodded seeing her sexy figure she had an ass to die for he placed his hands on her hips and began to dance to the song but his eyes shifted towards the group who were at the bar seeing their clothing and the way they carried themselves he could already tell they were mixed into something. He wondered if they were in the ChiTori. Not knowing for sure he looked back to the female he was dancing with as he said “Thanks for the dance maybe another time.” And with that he left her on the dance floor heading for the bar. Shifting his way through the hordes of people crowding the dance floor Frank made it to the bar as he took a sit and smiled at the bartender before saying. “Water.” The reason he sat was to get in on what they were talking about he made sure to have his back towards them as they began to have there chat

Sezomaru: Ginsei sighed as he glanced out among the people dancing and grinding to the music before looking back to Leon who was still cuddling and kissing those two girls in a type of three way makeout triangle. Ginsei shook his head some as he started to get up considering their meeting was finished. He then noticed something beginning to brew in the air. It felt like a large amount of hostility. To someone who was able to sense energy the hostility would feel like a sort of... Humidity in the air. Ginsei glanced around before noticing a big guy who was near that blonde he had recognized from earlier. He shook his head, figuring that parties like these always ended up in a fight. He sighed one more time as he walked back towards a back wall, leaning against it, crossing his arms loosely, scanning the area for whoever the big guy was trying to face.

Resident Evil..Edit

Densukes would open the door of the pantry he had been dragged two as two girls steped out of it with him. He was…. A little entoxicated to a point, but still able to retain his right mind. “Ugh….I feel like shit. None the less…it’s time to make my move.” Densuke would start to approach the dance floor when he took a moment to observe the room. Something wasn’t adding up. At all. The party, the people, the blood…which multipled? Were there more blood drops on the floor? Densuke then heard a feint static cling in the area, and turned to see the huge man from before but this time, he looked different. His eyes were an emerald like green and was that static coming from his body? Densuke went to take a picture, thank god not having flash, so he could record this for future study, until he took a look at something…in the sprinkers…they were leaking. And as Densuke watched a drop fall his eyes winded. “Blood…similar markings…everyone here…this isn’t a normal party.” Densuke turned to see a big man locking the hotel door, which was the entrance. He’d also glance once more at the big man only to see that he was looking at a tone skinned male, who seemed familer to him in some form of way….Densuke would look up once more before all of a sudden the sprinkers starting to shower, but it wasn’t water at all….it was blood. The sprinkers were raining blood and yet the music continued?...if anything…got louder??? Then the real freaky shit happened. The people with barcodes on their necks were bathing it in.  Spreading it against their skin, and some drinking it?! Densuke took off his shirt, deciding that it was best to leave it off. Where was this blood coming from? Did the drug dealer set this up? Densuke then turned beside him to see a woman with blood red pupils looking at him, with a tilted head and a devilish smile. She looked high…on something. God knows what. The lady then proceeded to attempt to gnarl Densuke’s face. Her attempted was blatantly interrupted, when Densuke raised his right knee, and jaw droped her, knocking her into the celing and cuasing her to fall flat on her face. Multiple other’s with barcodes on their necks would turn with the same look, like some shit in a horrer movie. Even the woman he though he k.o’d would return to her feet. Densuke would turn and look around. “The hell did I step into…” He then took a big whiff of the blood and found something else extremely odd. “….Gas? This isn’t a party…IT’S A FUCKING CULT SACRIFICE!” Densuke would turn left and right but all he’d see is this crowd full of frienzied people. Densuke would put his guard up, which at this moment was all he could do. Defend himself and hope there were still able bodied people in this room who could assist him…At the corner of his eye he’d catch sight of a man. The man he’d been looking for. The man in his baggy white long sleeve and his baggy jeans would smile, only to then disappear into thin air…


Tasanagi: Keyth heared the male say his cursed last name. He stood up, people starting to stair as the long haired male had turned to eye the giant. "....Yeah... what's it to you..." Keyth said eying the man. Not Afraid of his height. Nor his size even though he towered Keyth completely. He looked up at the male. His eyes were locked onto the giants, not speaking a word. Untill a loud Screaching could be heard in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone around the giant, and the blonde had started to mutate. Screaching and pulling at there faces, there eyes turning into a hell red. Keyth blinked. And looked around. One of them rushed towards him attempting to grip his face and sink there teeth into his neck. He leaned to the right gripping the rabid male by the neck and smashing his head into the bartender counter, Knocking him out. " Just my fucking night... i just healed up.." He looked around him and the giant and the girl, surrounded by 100's of people. Keyth took a deep breathe. "....I dont have my fucking sword. Guess this is the real party..."(( began to breathe hard, his body starting to show the excitment as it rose and rose at a fercious level. He looked down and then turned his head back up at the group of rabid humans with a sick smirk on his face. "...I dont know... what the fuck is going on..." Keyth said taking a step forward. " BUT ILL KILL...EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He said rushing into the group leaping into the midst of it all. All one could see is the boy engulfed in the waves of rabid humans. Surrounded completely with the loud dubstep music playing in the background. They had dogged pilled him. Trying there best to naw and eat at his skin. The dog pilled rummbled... and then.. BOOMM!!!!!!All 25 people would fly off of his body all over the club like ping balls. Keyth got up...rising slowly... the beast circling his body like a beast. And he was moving like one himself. He roared out a fercious shout. CHarging into two with a clotheseline. And then uppercutting one into 3 other rabid humans. He took a step back and kicked someone in the shin so hard they buckled over, thats when he sent a superman punch into there jaw. Keyth turned around and gripped someone by there shirt and tossed them into the wall with a hard crash. He turned around to get slashed across the face causing him to fall into the wall holding his leaking cheek. He looked up and dodged a kick aiming for his chest by mer centimeters. The kick would rip his shirt, causing keyth to pull it off completely. He instantly began to send punches and kicks into the random assessetment of rabid humans. Getting hit in the process. Picking up two rabid humans he'd choke slam them into a glass table. Rolling backwards to dodge two only to land on his feet and do a sweep kick knocking one off of his feet, pushing his body off the ground in a push up postion he'd flip and land on his right knee into the man's neck he knocked off his feet. He kicked off the now knocked out man and caught someone by there head with his left knee knocking them back. But he kept grip and came down with his left elbow of there head knocking them out. He turned around. (( Start at 4:44)) getting tackled by two of them into the wall. They began to bite and slash at his torso. " AHHHHH!! FUCK!" Keyth gripped a stero above hishead and slammed it into there heads with inhuman strength knocking them both out. Picking up a pipe he began to swing and beat random rabid humans, anyone that had red eyes he'd attack. He did a limbo like slide behind a kick as he slid across the floor. He stabbed the pipe into the ground so that it'd send him into the air. Thats when he came down with two elbows knocking out two rabid humans. He was then gripped from behind by his arms. Where 4 Rabid humans began to claw and punch at his stomach and torso. Keyth began to black out as they kicked his ass. His eyes closing. He began to think of Keyome... his father.. calling him weak. over and over in his head. His eyes opened up. " I AM... NOT... WEAKKKKK!!!!!"(( Start at 1:52)) Keyth sent a kick into one of the rabid humans stomach knocking him back into 5 more. Using his sheer strength he pushed his body off the ground and slammed the one that was holding his arms back into the club ground. He'd mount on top of the man shouting at the top of his lungs. " AHHHHH!!!!!!!!" He slammed his fist into the man's face over and over, blood spewing all over Keyths body. He turned seeting one of them lunging at him. Rolling on his feet he lunged at the rabid beast just the same. Infact... Keyth was acting like one of them. He and the creature tummbled on the floor exchanging blows before keyth won the mount. And began to claw and punch at the man's face showing a hint of Keyomes punch speed as he slammed his fist into the man's face 15 times within 10 seconds. Keyths body seemed to be a bloody mess as he continued to fight. Losing his sanity and falling inlove with the blood shed the more and more it continued. He got up and punched one mans chin into his head with sheer force along, an instant kill. He jumped to the right and choke slammed one man into the ground on his head cracking his skull with the powerful attack. Keyth was... going crazy. He knee'd one in the stomach, causing it to fall on its knees he had gripped both of the rabid humans arms. "Hahahaahahha!! AHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!" He said laughing and ripping them off with his sheer barbaric strength alone, the blood firing off all over the place as Keyth was covered in the filth. " JUST LIKE MY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLDD MANNN! HAHAAHAHAAHAH!"


Pallas: -Damian looked up as the sprinklers began to poor out blood! He stretched his hand out in front of him and saw the blood drench into his all white glove. He thought to himself-“What the fuck is this shit!?”- He looked in front of him at Shira and the Tasanagi Boy wondering if they knew about what was going on. He then began to hear growls going on behind him. He slowly turned around to face the growls as the people within the party were also covered in blood and ENJOYING IT!? An entire group of those freaks were in front of him ready to attack. ( Damian looked at them as he pulled back on his glove and said-“You obviously…have no idea…WHO…YOU ARE FUCKING WITH!”- One of the freaks then came straight for him and Damian would quickly react by thrusting his large right fist into the chest of the freak. The impact would echo through the room as the freaks body would fly back and make impact into the wall next to the entrance door. The impact would cause the body to remain deep in the wall as his body hung like a painting. Two more came charging towards him while giving a loud screeching sound. Damian had a smirk on his face as he waited for the two of them to get closer to him. Damian thrusts his right hand out and clinches onto the face of one of the freaks as the other takes a back fist to the face from Damian. The strength in Damian’s punch would cause the skull of that freak to crack into pieces and fall to the floor. The freak that is caught in the hold of Damian’s giant fist would continue to try and swing their hands at Damian. He quickly looked over at the body and balled his hand into a fist. As he did that, the skull of the freak would be crushed into a small ball as eye juices, brain matter, and blood would squirt out of the holes in-between Damian’s fingers. Damian slowly began to walk forward into the mess and one freak jumped from the corner of the room. Damian would lean back on his right foot as the freak would land right in front of him. He would then thrust his right knee up as it plants itself onto the gut of the freak. The freak’s body would then be lifted into the air as Damian’s left hand clinches onto the back of the freaks skull. As he did that, he thrusts his left hand into the ground, causing the skull to completely flatten on the surface of the floor of the hotel room. Damian ends up on one knee as he looks up to see an entire horde of these freaks surrounding him. They quickly jump on top of him creating a dog pile on him. It would look as if he had been lost in the amount of bodies on top of him, but then the sounds of his roaring yell would echo through the hotel room.-“RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!”-His body then shot back to its feet as a shockwave was created from his energy. The bodies of the freaks would go flying across the room, bouncing off the roofs and the walls, and even flying into other people. The electricity that formed around his body before began to surge around him more violently. Seeing one of the bodies hit the wall nearby him, he used his amazing speed to practically flash over to the body as he thrusts his right hand into the gut of the freak. Blood would squirt out of the freaks mouth as Damian then lifted the freaks body up to the roof and then slams him into the floor, causing a loud BOOM sound. ( to 5:15) Damian slowly then, made his way to his feet. He would then look over to see if Shira was okay. He made his way over to her (whether she is fighting or still at the bar). As he walked in her direction, freaks still came at him. Damian sees one more coming at him and he quickly thrusts his right hand in a superman punch formation as he knocks the head off of that freak like a champagne cork. And throughout all this fighting, Damian continued to walk and keep a straight face; as if this was nothing to him. He said to himself-“Such a waste…”-Then, before he could get to Shira; a larger freak came walking out cutting off the route of Damian. Damian said to himself-“This should be interesting…”-The man who was just a few inches shorter than him charged at him. Damian quickly rolled to his back and thrusts his legs up just as the beast came at him. Damian would then roll backwards as the giants body was thrusts behind Damian and flown into the wall. The giant falls on his head and stands back to his feet, rubbing his head with his hand. Damian wasted no time as he quickly made his way over to the beast. Damian lifted the beasts head up with his right index finger and then thrusts his left fist into the jaw of the beast. This would cause the beast to lean his back against the wall for Damian to continue his assault. ( ) Damian quickly thrusts his fists into the gut of the beast over and over. His fists became a blur as his speed in punching was incredible. It came from his mastery of Speed Fighting that his fists looked like they weren’t even connected to his arms. With each punch, blood squirted out of the mouth of the beast. After one hundred punches in a matter of a few seconds, Damian thrusts his right hand back to charge a hard Crack Punch with a smile on his face. Damian then thrusts his right fist forward, hitting the beast square in the chest. The impact would create a loud BOOM from the Speed Fighting master. The impact would also send the beast flying through the wall and down to the floor below. The body fell fourteen stories and made a loud SPLAT sound as he hit the concrete. Damian stood tall as he had completely destroyed the beast. His head then turned once again to try and find Shira.-


Sezomaru: Ginsei looked up as screaching began to ring out throughout the hotel room. (( 6:40)) The people around him began to mutate, their eyes turning into a deep blood red. They began going crazy, their arms swinging wildly. Even the man he had been assosciating with named Leon had begun to transform and thrash around, tearing the head off of the two girls that had been snuggling up with him. Ginsei turned to his left, grabbing a bar stool by one of the legs, swinging it with his left hand, slamming it against one of these crazed creature's faces, sending it sprawling to the floor. He put his hands up in his boxing stance, bouncing on his heels as the creatures started charging him. He bobbed left and weaved right, dodging a couple of the creatures that tried to rush him, only to slam face first into the wall behind him. He sent a hard two hit combo into another charging rabid human's face sending it falling to the floor. He glanced to his right noticing a switch blade laying on the ground from one of Leon's boys. Ginsei rushed to his right, grabbing the switchblade with his right hand, swiftly flicking it open in time to slash it horizontally to the left, sending it ripping through the throat of another of these infected people. "Lucky.." He raised the switchblade as they began charging him. He used his boxing skills, bobbing and weaving the wildly flung arms, slashing the switch blade, causing it to tear through flesh, sending blood spraying everywhere. "The fuck is this?.." Ginsei mumbled to himself as he ducked an infected human who had leaped at him. He turned, slamming the blade into the temple of the fallen rabid human, causing his movement to cease. He flipped the switchblade around, now holding it backwards, slashing through the throats of every infected creature that came his way, blood spewing everywhere from the torn open throats. (( 0:31)) Ginsei continued to bob and weave through the infected, slashing them as they went past him or approached them, taking them down one by one. He slashed at one coming to his right though the switchblade became stuck between it's ribs. "Damn.." Ginsei's eyes seemed to flare as his Dark Hadou spiked, the dark aura swirling around his fists as he began punching down each and every infected that came near him. He suddenly felt teeth dig into his left arm, going through his jacket. "Dammit!" Ginsei turned, slamming his right fist against it's head, causing it to lose it's grip which made Ginsei slam his fist against it's face again, sending it sprawling to the floor. (( 0:20)) He roared out as he slammed his left fist against another Infected's throat with enough sheer force to cause the windpipe to partially collapse, sending it to the floor. Ginsei spun to his left, picking up another bar stool, swinging it, slamming it against two Infected's faces which broke the barstool, leaving the leg he had been holding in his hand. He twirled it a couple times before holding it like he would Yuuyaiba. He began swinging in horizontal and diagonal directions, smashing countless charging Infected to the floor. Ginsei glanced to his right, seeing the infected Leon finally rise up, rushing at him. Ginsei swung with a horizontal attack but Leon ducked it and rushed him, grabbing him around the waist, slamming him back into a table. Ginsei felt the table smash into his back as it broke underneath the impact. "Fuck!!" Ginsei punched Leon in the face twice with his left fist, causing him to back up which gave Ginsei enough time to get up and slam the leg of what used to be a stool against Leon's face. Leon fell to the floor but slowly rose up, charging Ginsei again which was met by a downwards vertical swing which sent Leon's face into the floor. (( He raised the wooden leg again, slamming it against Leon's skull several times, causing blood to splash up on the last hit, showing that Ginsei had broken the skull. Leon's boys rush towards him this time, being met with two swift yet hard horizontal swings to their faces though they muscled through the blows, grabbing Ginsei, throwing him into a bar stool. Ginsei growled as he picked himself up out of the broken stool, feeling a sharp pain followed by a warm and wet feeling. He glanced down, seeing blood on one of the broken parts of the barstool, realizing he had been stabbed in the side. (( 0:50)) Ginsei glared at the two that had thrown him, watching as they began charging him. A black smokey aura began to flow from his arms and shoulders, his Satsui No Hadou beginning to flare up violently. Just as they reached them he sent a hard and devastating diagonal swing against the left Infected's face, sending it slamming into the legs of the one of the right, causing them both to fall to the floor. Ginsei then raised the leg of the bars of the barstool, beginning to repeatedly slam it against their heads, over and over, soon causing each hit to make a sickening sort of squishing noise, blood bouncing up with each blow that was delt.


KimiKatsu: The bass in the loud music was enough to make her 40 C breasts and well-rounded ass bounce subtly. The vibrations made her body tingle and it kind of felt good. The ‘security guard’ at the door to the party seemed upset about the young woman bringing her large dog in, but his mind was changed when she nearly pressed herself against him and practically begged him using her sweetest/sexiest voices. She could almost feel him harden under the fabric of his pants and took that as an ‘OK’. Now, she was almost exactly in the middle of the dance floor with a few men. With Tsuyo sitting near her on the dance floor, there was a decent amount of room to move. Most people didn’t want to get too close to the dog or his obvious owner as she rolled her hips in time to the music and pressed her ass right up against one of the men’s groin areas. A lot of women in D2 were starting to dress like they were just getting off of work at one of the many strip clubs she owned. A small, devious little smirk tugged at the left corner of her light pink, glossy lips as she grabbed the man in front of her and pulled him to her. Her left leg lifted and he gladly grabbed it and held it up against his waist as she swirled her hips and pressed her perky breasts to his chest. The dress she wore was a very short, tight, strapless number that complimented all of her ‘assets’. Her ass cheeks were just barely covered. Sekushi looked like she wasn’t violently taken advantage of just the other day, but she was actually still in a little pain from that day. Regardless, she was going to have fun tonight and just forget about it for the time being. Tsuyo was on high alert, though. After Sekushi confided the event to him, he had been stuck to her side like glue. The large dog was looking from one face to another in the crowd making sure no one looked suspicious, but he couldn’t seem to shake the lingering, metallic smell of blood. It was just barely there, but he could still smell it as if it was fresh. The dog huffed lightly and slowly looked back over at Sekushi. She was bent over at the waist with one hand holding her long, platinum locks in place behind her ear to keep hair out of her face and the other off to the side a bit and bent at the elbow. She was looking back at the darker skinned man that was grinding up against her ass as she lightly bounced her ass against him. It was an odd thing for Tsuyo to see. Was she trying to mate or doing some sort of mating dance? The dog’s ears were perked slightly and his head was tilted to the left a little. As Sekushi was getting more into the dance, the sprinklers went off. Room temperature liquid came raining down from the ceiling, coating her pale skin and white outfit along with everyone else in the room. Upon feeling the liquid flood down her face and soak her hair, she closed her eyes tightly. At first, she was smiling and laughing, thinking it was just water. However, she was soon tasting the liquid. It was heavily metallic tasting. “What the fuck?” Her smile faded, replaced by a look of slight disgust as she opened her eyes and straightened. Everyone looked confused and disturbed. Blood was everywhere and some people were just. . .loving it – bathing in it, drinking it, rubbing it all over themselves. Tsuyo was already by Sekushi’s side. The hair on his back rose up as he growled lowly at the few dancers around them that had looked their way. Something about these people didn’t feel right. Then, all hell seemed to break loose. The freaks that enjoyed the blood were charging at all of the others. A few broke off from the crowd to charge Sekushi, who was now covered in head to toe with blood – her white hair was stained a dark red just like her dress and blood dripped down her body and into her cleavage. “Tsuyo!” She’d shout as she snapped her arm out and grabbed his collar before dragging him off in the opposite direction. She was headed for the exit, but stopped in her tracks. Many people were tugging on the doors only to find that they had been locked from the outside. The ones that kept trying the door were rushed and thrown to the ground by the crazed party goers. Those unlucky people were jumped on and it looked like they were being bitten, but Sekushi didn’t stay still long enough to confirm or deny what she saw. She felt a set of hands on her and quickly whirled around. No. She wasn’t going to be taken again. Not without a fight. Sekushi wasted no time raising herself up onto the balls of her feet as she spun around again. As she spun, she brought up her left leg so that it would hit her attacker directly in the gut. The impact made the woman’s feet slip out from under her (due to the floors being covered in blood and slippery). She hit the floor hard and gasped out. The woman on the ground looked up at Sekushi and . . . growled? There was something very wrong here. As the woman started getting up, Tsuyo quickly jumped onto her and began to violently clamp his jaws down on the woman’s throat and thrash his head about. As her windpipe was torn from her neck, whistling could be heard from it as the woman tried to breathe but began to drown in her own blood. To ensure that the woman was dead, Sekushi raised her right foot up over the woman’s face as she gasped out for air and stomped that foot down. The heel of her shoe pierced her right eye, causing it to rupture and gush out as the heel stabbed into the woman’s brain. Sekushi had some trouble pulling her heel from the woman’s face, but managed to pull free as she was tackled to the ground by a skinny white man. His snap back fell off of his head as they both fell to the ground hard. Sekushi cried out as her elbow was crushed between her body and the hard floor.


ChairmenRyoji: Densuke would look around, keeping his arms posed by his side. This was like some worse off shit from a bad resident evil game, or that one blade movie..One of these freaks screeched, and began it’s assault. ( ) Densuke would step back, dodging it’s mouth, and back fisting the shit out of it, sending it crawling to the floor. Densuke then took the offensive, running in a low crouch only to jump in the air and grab one of the freaks in a make shift neckbreaker, only to flip forward and throw it at the crowd of them, but that only angered them more. Two rushed at Densuke, and flung their savage like claws at him. He ducked forward, only to clothesline their legs, from beneath them, sending them temporarily airborne. He continued the combo and jumped up himself, preforming an aerial split kick sending them both flying. He’d find himself scrathed in a blind spot by one of the freakish creatures, but that only increased his motivation to, side kick the beast, cuasing his body to bend around his leg. Another came, and Densuke switched legs, to do the same to it. Then as his luck would have it, a horde would arrive, and Densuke would be the rat traped in the middle, sidekicking as many as he could. A freak attempted to tackle him to the ground, but densuke weaved it and grabed the freak by it’s hair and pants waist line. Using him as a human weapon Densuke began to smack around the random assortment of things with this man in his arms, using it’s skull to bash the others ones in their throats, rib cages, and he even preformed the “giant swing” maneuver, spinning the freak he was holding in a 360 motion, to trip a few of them. “Why won’t they stay down!?” his fighting seemed to become more focused. He would throw his body back and peirce the nasal cavity of on beast with his elbow,, only to then grip it’s neck and flip it forward..More came. Two would approach him from both sides, but with a slick cartwheel Densuke would dodge them, only to dash forward with a flying knee, and using his peak human balance to literally balance on the face of this thing using his knee. Then to add insult to injury, he would spin off of it’s face only to kick the temple of the one beside him and knock him clean cold out of consciousness. ( ) “THOOM!” Densuke’s back would crash against the counter top. It’s not that he couldn’t handle them it’s that their numbers seemed endless. Densuke would side roll to avoid being mud stomped, and catch to his feet. He’d block an incoming head butt and retaliate with, with a combination of his elbow and knee cracking the skull just enough to cuase brain damage. He’d had no remorse for these things in all honesty. He was then bumrushed by two of them, and they proceeded to sink their teeth into the flesh of shoulders. “AHHH!! WHAT THE FUCK YOU PROBABLY HAVE RABIES OR SOME SHIT!!” Densuke would then be tackled into the wall, with the beast still gnawing on his shoulders. ( ) He then renembered a trick his father tought him. How to snap a neck without killing. “The only way to rid the immobilize them..They were coming…Densuke closed his eyes and honed in for a second… the beast infront of him dug his claws into densuke’s pectorial muscles, and it cuased him to wince a bit…he was scratched and skared…and his shoulder muscle was going to be devoured if he didn’t act soon…with this plan made…he then opened them with an iredescent blue pupil coloring. He then used the strong arm technique, to grow his shoulder muscles, and crack the jaws that were clamed down on them. “EEEEEEEEE!!” Is the sound made by the things as they groaned in pain. Densuke would then push them away, and kick off of the wall, only to preform a spinning haymaker to one of the creatures, still using the strong arm technique, and send him flying through multiples of the horde. Densuke would then grab one by the arm, and “CRACK” he’d crack the arm at the elbow, and then flip it. Like the beast they were more would rush, but Densuke had his plan. He’d kick the shin of one inside out, releasing another loud crack, then simultainously grab another by the neck, only to snap it out of place and in place again. The shock from it would cuase instant loss of feeling and awakeness, an instant K.O…if done right. Densuke would then hear one coming from behind, and preform a split on the ground, grabing it’s leg from under it and twisting at the ankle, and the knee, in his arms grip. Then whilst on his back, he’d turn himself, and preform a bruce lee like leg take down, only to trip it, and grab it’s ankle, cracking it. Densuke would then move to his left in a monkey like roll, tackling another one to the ground, and punching both of it’s knees, shattering it’s bones. All that could be heard in his area were repeated cracking sounds, as he was literally breaking the bones of the things, killing their mobility entirely. He’d dash back and counter an attack, by griping the wrist, and twisiting it backwards, then turing around and pulling the elbow over his shoulder, and cracking that in two. While still holding one beast, another would run at him in an attempt to grab him. Densuke would smirk (still holding the arm of the beast before) and wrap his legs around the beast neck, now looking like a plank in the air. Densuke would then twist his own body to the right in mid air, snaping the arm of one of the beast completely, cuasing a limpness and snaping the neck, and resnaping it in a quick like motion with his feet and ankles, flipping himself, and the two beast simultaneously, only to land with a crouch. “As for the rest of you…” Densuke’s arm would grow three times it’s size, as he charged the horde. Then as his punch aimed for the one in the middle line, his fist went incredibly blury for a second…Then when he made impact with the chest of whom he was aming for,the pressure completely shifted, and a wave of blurred force and air pressure would explode, “THOOOM!!!!” sending the man he punched flying across the room, and the sourrounding group into multiple directions like the celing, the bar area, and even sliding on the floor. Densuke’s iris, kept the blue flash, as his aura expelled only briefly, and then faded. He thought to himself. “We’re not gonna get anywhere like this…but maybe if everyone pulls together..” Densuke would leap to the top of the ceiling and monkey grab the pipe lining. Luckily it was strong enough to support his weight. He the placed his feet on the end of it, and began to climb his way over to the door, avoding the flying bodies from the battles around him, and decided to scope the place out for an alternate entrance....mainly an exit. Densuke spotted a lining of beads, which looked like they covered a door. “Bingo…” Densuke would monkey climb his way over towards there. Maybe the man was still present, but he’d only know if he went to invesitage.


AlessandraSkar: Shira's head snapped left and right as her sapphire blue eyes narrowed on the beings ambling toward her from every direction. She wasn't even sure if she could call them human with the way their oddly colored eyes rolled around in their heads like crazed zombies and they moved as if their own minds couldn't function, but were being controlled by their inhuman lust for blood. 'How did this happen to them? No...better yet. What the hell are they?' Her inner voice said in her mind as a determined look crossed her features. No matter how horrifying these freaks of nature looked while smearing the blood from the sprinklers all over themselves while shrieking and screeching like animals, Shira never backed down from a fight. Not even ten on one. She glanced sideways, spotting Damian who had already sprung into action and it wasn't long before one of the possessed-looking cronies made a move at her. The crazed man quite literally sailed through the air after lunging her and the first thing Shira did without even thinking was sliding off to the right and with a hard swing, shattered her martini glass into the creature's face. There was a loud inhuman groan before the bloody man flipped backwards and smashed into the floor, twitching like a broken battery-powered doll. The next creature came from the side with claws that were aiming to slash open the right side of Shira's face. Spotting the movements of what used to be a human female, Shira ducked backwards, her eyes following the hand as it just barely passed in front of her face. While the woman was still coming forward, she gripped her wrist as well as her upper arm and thrust the limb straight downward as her left knee rose up to meet it. A loud popping sound followed by an almost deafening screech was heard as the woman's arm snapped in half like a twig. However, she wasn't going to go out that way. Her other clawed hand came swinging at Shira's face a split second later. The teenager ducked down just in time as the monstrous talons took off a few strands of her hair. She took advantage of her low position and swept her leg under the woman's feet, knocking her clean off balance before driving her fist hard into her throat. “Who's next!” She demanded viciously and just as she did, something grabbed her by her hair and snatched her backwards. “Wha...HEY!” Shira screamed as she was dragged toward the bar, two zombie-like creatures holding her arms while another stalked toward her from in front. “Let go of me you freaks!” She fought against the strong hands holding her arms out like a crucifixion. “I'm fucking warning you!” The creature continued ambling toward her until he was towering above her, a nasty overly long tongue waggling from his stretched mouth as his hissed and growled at her. Shira stared at the razor sharp teeth in his mouth, her eyes wide with both fear and anger as she squirmed and pulled against her captors. “Don't...don't even think about it.” She panted. “I swear to the fucking gods I will--” Before she finished her own statement, her right leg snapped up at almost blinding speed, the toe of her Vanz sneakers crashing hard into the creature's chin. It's head snapped back, leaving Shira opportunity to drive her left leg straight forward into its chest and send it flying backwards into a set of couches. The two brainwashed creatures on either side of her shrieked in horror at the sudden defense. One of them gripped her arm tighter and threw its head down into it, sinking painfully sharp teeth into her flesh. Shira cried out in agony as a small helping of blood squirted out from the bite wound, but the pain only made her angrier. With another shout, she bent both of her knees low and launched herself upwards. Having forgotten her own strength at times, she was surprised to see that her feet were exactly ten feet off the ground before she slammed both creatures down into the floor so hard that the concrete beneath the carpet layer caved inward. She landed on one knee a second later between the unconscious bodies, gripping the bite wound on her upper arm tightly as she winced and grunted in pain. “Fucking hell, that hurt.” She hissed, her eyes darting about angrily at the other creatures who were now approaching like vultures to a corpse.

Hatred Aside

(( Keyth would get knocked back by a larger Rabid human... he was mutating more, his stage hitting some form of advanced evolution. Taking a step back Keyth continued to move back untill his back would hit a pony-tailed teen. Looking over his shoulder he almost puked with disquist. " Great.... its fucking you..."Keyth said in a harsh voice. His eyes scanning around to see that around the two teenagers the horde was growing more and more. " Looks like... if we dont help each other push out of this shit. Were both gonna fucking die. So what do you say pretty boy... we put our bullshit behind us, this one time... to get this shit done... Lets kill these bastards... So i can kill you another day myself.." Keyth said getting into a stance. Ginsei backed up, watching the crowd of infected in front of him grow larger, growling some wondering how many more would possibly show up. The infected even seemed to be growing bigger as if they were somehow evolving. He continued moving backward, still brandishing the broken stool leg which by this point was broken up even more. He tossed it aside just as he felt his back connect with another person. He glanced over his shoulder, noticing a dark skin tone that he knew all too well. "Looks like you survived Monkey." Ginsei looked ahead of him again, seeing the horde of infected as they moved in on the two. "Tch.. We don't have much of a choice do we?" He slowly took up a boxing type stance, nodding slowly as if it could be seen. "You'll be the one to die the next time we fight..." (( " ON ME!" Keyth said as he gripped Ginsei by his right arm sleeve and harshly tossed the male into the horde of monsters infront of them. Throwing him  feet over there heads. If the toss was successful he would have spun in a 360 motion over 10 times before he got over the creatures heads. Keyth had spun his body at the same time he had thrown him, wasting no time he had lashed his hands out gripping two kitchen knives from on the bar and tossing them at Ginsei. If they killed em, then oh well. But he meant for him to catch the blades and do some damage with them however he pleased to do. Hopefully Ginsei would have mowed some of down with the kitchen knife in whatever fashion, so that when he landed Keyth would simply leap over his head sending a bycycle kick into 4 of the rabid humans faces knocking them 10 feet back, kicking there faces in. Ginsei felt as the male grabbed onto his sleeve, beginning to spin with him which Ginsei allowed considering they had decided to work together. After about ten spins Keyth slung Ginsei into the air over the Infected's heads followed by two kitchen knives which Ginsei caught as he landed on the ground. He spun to his right, slashing through one of the Infected's throats with the knife in his right hand. He then spun to the left, taking two more out with both of the knives. Just as he tore one more Infected's neck open with a horizontal slash with the right kitchen knife he'd see Keyth fly overhead, kicking in four of the Infected's faces in. (( managed to land on his right foot. He'd look over his shoulder at the male giving him a nod, where they both would have taken off into two directions. Moving like streaks they would have taken out enemies like mad men. Keyth moving swiftly, lashing out punches and devstating kicks while Ginsei would have slashes and sliced his way through them all. They were running in a oval formation as they ran taking out enemies as they went. once they met back up around the other side of the room. Using there unusual and enhanced chimestry Ginsei would have tossed Keyth a blade as they passed each other, they never stopped moving and soon they were running each others path that the other one had been running before. Now they both were slashing and slicing up a wave as they both ran on opposites sides. On the other end the mutated giant rabid human roared at them both. Keyth looked at Ginsei from the other side as they both were approaching the beast.(( how it looked Keyth nodded. " I LOW! YOU HIT HIGH!" He said shouting on the other side of the room. Ginsei simply gave him one of those looks but nodded. Within seconds the two boys had met the creature where they were forced to go on a toe to toe battle with the 7 foot tall creature. They both lashed out, fighting the creature. At the same time the boys rolled and slashed at the creatures knees. Only to both land on there right legs. Keyth lunged low, and Ginsei did a cartwheel in the air. While upside down, Ginsei slashed the beast neck, and Keyth had used his cheer force of power to Slice the beast leg off by the Knee caps, they both landed in a roll and on a knee as they both looked back at the now dead creature. Keyth turned looking over at Ginsei. "... Nice... pretty boy..." He said walking off. Ginsei grunted some, shaking his head as Keyth complimented him. it was something he didn't really expect. "Tch.. Yea.. You too Monkey." Ginsei turned, making his way in an opposite direction.

Old TiesEdit

Pallas: -( Just the Android theme) After defeating a heavy number of those crazy freaks, Damian walked around the hotel room. At first he was looking for Shira but then his mind began to wonder. He thought he had heard something behind a door that led to the bedroom of the hotel room. He slowly then turned the door knob and walked inside the dark room. Out of nowhere, he heard the voice of a man saying-“Peek-a-boo!”-and as he said that, a claw came slashing at the face of Damian. The five nails dug into the skin of Damian as he wasn’t expecting something so fast to come out at him. He didn’t wince or say anything after the attack as the claws digging into his skin wasn’t rather painful. The lights then turned on to reveal a large muscular almost beast looking man. The man would say-“Well hello there Yun.”-( Sabertooth.jpg) Damian’s face remained emotionless as he stared down at the man before him. He then asked-“How do you know who I am?”-The man smiled and revealed the sharp fangs that reside inside of his mouth. He then said-“Super Soldiers always can tell when they are in the midst of one of their own…”-Damian’s eyes widened a bit at the thought of being in front of another Super Soldier. He said to him-“That’s impossible!...There is only two Super Soldiers left in the world…”-The man laughed historically as his voice was so much like an animals. He then said-“Yes, I know you speak of Adam and yourself…But just like Adam…did you ever wonder who the original Z-Beast serum holder was?...”-Damian’s face became filled with anger as he said-“My father was the only Z-Beast Soldier…”-The man laughed once again-“Oh how that is funny…But untrue…You may want to ask your father what Dr. Kakaratto did before giving Donnie the final serum fusion…”-Damian’s body began to show the blue color electricity that flows as a small portion of his aura-“I’ve had enough of your games…You bore me…”-Damian then slowly moved his feet back to get into his fighting stance. The man then said-“Not yet young Damian…We shall have our time…I just wanted to see what you could do…and you didn’t disappoint. You see, we Super Soldiers are always special in our own way…Adam the first of our kind…Me, the first of the Z-Beasts…and You…the first to be born with the power of being a Super Soldier…We will see if you can hang in the ranks with our kind…”-And Before Damian could even try and stop him, the Z-Beast jumped out of the window behind him and began to wall climb up to the roof. Damian ran to the window and looked up, thinking about chasing him down. But he still heard the commotion going on beyond the door and said to himself-“I should at least see if Shira is okay…Damn!...I’ll find that rat bastard…”-Damian then went back to the main room where the fighting was still going on. When he got outside, he saw a horde of those freaks walking closer to Shira. Damian grunted and quickly leaped into the air. His feet landed on the back of one of the freaks and caused his body to practically rip in half on the floor as Damian slid off its back lie a surf board. ( Piccolo Angry) Damian then stands up in front of Shira to guard her from the freaks. He then charged at them with his might. He chose to waste no time on these as their numbers begin to dwindle. When he reached the first one, he simply closelinded it with his large arm and swung him around to toss him into the wall. He then became surrounded by the final four freaks that wanted Shira. Damian charged at one, thrusting his knee into the gut of the freak. He then raised both hands over his head, interlocking his fingers, and then swung his arms down at the back of the head of the freak. When he made impact, the head of the freak would completely explode from the pressure and strength of Damian’s attack. He then spun his fist and body around and clocked the second freak with a powerful spinning back fist. The impact would cause the freak to spin five times in the air and land on the floor with a loud THUD! With the other two charging at him now, he quickly stretched his arms to the side of his body and waited for the two of them to get closer. He then swung his arms together and grabbed them by the heads. As he did that, the two heads would smash together and because of Damian’s strength, their heads would actually stick together like pancakes. The bodies would then fall to the floor lifeless. Once the killing had ended, he walked over to Shira who was injured and helped her to her feet. He then asked her-“Are you okay?”-Even though he knew that she had been injured by these freaks.-


ChairmenRyoji: After making his way across the room Densuke would land without making a single noise. He didn’t want to become another target of the bloodthirsty beast. Though he’d broken at least 35-X amount of bodies he needed to continue what he was sent here to do: find this man. Densuke would open the blinds, and find exactly who’d he’d seen ( ) He’d be sitting the corner casually, writing letters with blood on the wall. “Dear god almighty…” The man would look at Densuke and stand himself up in a casual mannor. So lean and flexible it was pretty odd….and creepish looking. He spoke with a soft voice, unspoken and…polite. “Oh? You didn’t enjoy my party out there? ….i was sure everyone was having fun…” he’d casually walk over to the couch and sit down, putting his knees up to his chest. He’d then pick up a cookie and proceed to eat it, and munch on it quietly. He’d talk with a mouth full. “So, since you found me what next kid? Gonna be a hero? Try to make me out like I’m responsible? I am. Fully. But I mean if I like….i don’t know shot you or something then no one would know right?” Densuke swallowed and kept cool. While he was capable of handling himself…this guy had an odd vibe. “Look I’m just a high school kid who snuck into a party…but if the cops get here where are you gonna go!?” Suddenly a knife flew past Densuke’s face, leaving a small cut on his cheek. Densuke turned to look at the bouy knife, only to turn back and see this mysterious man not buy mere inches infront of him, staring him directly in the eye. “Your slow….yeah I could kill you..wouldn’t take long either. I’m not in the mood…buuuuuuuuut I think I kind ha-“ suddenlya loud pop would be heard, as Densuke deilivered a boxers uppercut to the chin of this weird creep, sending him air borne. The man would however simply cut a backflip and land in the chair, in the same position he’d been sitting in. Densuke put his guard up. “Look…if you let me go, I won’t say anything..” Densuke’s real intentions were to bring this man down..but he didn’t have his suit..and he had to be low key since he was playing role of a hero. “Well be honest, we both know that’s a lie….so like I said you kinda have to die. It’s probably the only way your getting out of here..” He’d pick up his cookie and begin crunching on it. Blood ran down densuke’s cheek..Densuke then grabed the knife from the wall, and threw it at him, but he’d vanished. Again. “Getting real tired of your SHIT!” Densuke predicted his line of attack, and spun his body to the right, attempting to backfist the man,who’d appeared where he’d figure he would. The man didn’t move but his fist phased right thorugh him and hit the wall. “?!” Densuke was surprised only to be sliced from shoulder to hip with the combat knife that WAS on the other side of the room. Densuke’s reflexes made it a shallow would but none the less a visable one, and as he took a step back, he’d outstretch his left arm with an open palm and riase his right fist at chin level, bending at the elbow. ‘If I can just get a picture of this guy…I can analyze him at the lab…IF I can..might have to take an asswhoping for it.’ The man would move again in a vanishing motion, and appear infront of Densuke with the knife landing slash, after slash. All densuke could do was eject the camera from his sleeve and attempt to get a good shot, but he’d need the opportunity…if someone looked or even remotely saw, they’d see Densuke ducking, doding, and taking knife slashes from this man, who’s body would seem to blink in and out of view, when really it was inhuman speed and swiftness….and did that hit even hurt him from ealier?>

Parties Over FolksEdit

Tasanagi: Keyth was pressed against the wall. Listening to the kid, and the Freak speak with one another. He took a deep breathe. And began to do what Slash man Tyrone had taught him. Building up the chi in his chest he turned the corner and kicked the door open where Densuke and the freak had been. The moment he kicked the door open he unpuffed his cheeks and let out a roar... a roar so fercious it LITERALLY sounded like a lions roar and his chi exploded from his mouth. A Powerful force of Dark, and an unknown Hadou swrirrled and hit the freakish man in the chest on impact the powerful blast would knock the man right out of the building along out of sheer force and power. After Keyth had finished a large hole in the wall would be present. He'd burp, smoke coming out of his nose as he shook his head. " Well... looks like i saved you ass roll-bounce... fuck you doing up here anyway.." He said turning to look at the male. Police sirens began to blare out. Keyth took a look out of the hole he had created when knocking the man out of the building. "...Looks like the parties over. C'mon Roll-Bounce... we gotta move." He said gripping his arm and pushing him along. " YO...EVERYONE WHO'S NOT DEAD, THE COPS ARE HERE LETS MOVE PEOPLE, C'MON MOVE MOVE MOVE!" Keyth said guiding survivors out of the door.

AlessandraSkar: Shira remained on one knee as the creatures continued to advance, her hand still covering the bloody wound on her right upper arm. The entire limb burned hot as fire and she could feel it deep under her skin that something was horribly wrong. Yet, she bit back the pain she was feeling in order to face these monsters hell-bent on taking her down. “Come on you savage sons of blood-sucking bitches.” She growled between clenched teeth as she readied herself. Her Seismic Sense had long kicked in and she could feel the vibrations growing stronger through the floor beneath her feet. “You wanna attack me? Then DO IT!” She shouted, but before the creatures could do just that, a large figure seemed to drop down from nowhere and land on one of the monsters. Shira froze, watching as the other creatures spun to face the giant who'd taken down one of their own. She was relieved to see that it was Damian, but a slight frown creased her brow when he placed himself between the horde of creatures and herself. “Wait. What are you doing?” She started. “I can handle them mys-” She was cut off by a sharp pain in her wounded arm which halted her in her tracks, wincing hard as she grunted in pain. It felt like a million needles were stabbing into the wound, causing what felt like her spine had started to crawl. She lifted her sapphire blue eyes once she heard the action begin and according to what she was seeing, Damian had arrived at a perfectly good time. Every one of his attacks were practically devastating, filled with enough power to completely vanquish the horde of ugly, mutated blood-suckers surrounding the pair. Shira monitored every movement, taking mental note of his fighting style and strength as the creatures were taken down one by one. 'That power.' Her inner voice spoke within her thoughts. 'It's like he's literally part human, part animal.' After the brutal onslaught, Damian turned to approach her and she allowed him to help her to her feet, though her usual stubborn nature would have refused the act. She had to force herself to breathe steadily to ease some of the pain racing up and down her arm, lowering her hand off of the wound as she rounded her shoulders back and stood up straight before the giant. She eyed him for a moment, because a part of her wanted to tell him that she could've handled those monsters by herself; she didn't need his help. That was the stubborn, prideful part of her. But the other part? Her features softened a bit, but her expression remained a level under stern as her sapphire blue eyes met his plain dark ones. “I'm fine.” She answered him, clearly fighting back her pain. She refused to look weak in front of him. “And, uh, thanks. I guess I owe you one.” Another sharp pain seared through her arm hot as fire from hell. This time making her lurch forward as her hand snapped right back over it. She lowered her head to hide the look of pain on her face as she clenched her teeth together so hard she thought they would shatter at any second. “Fucking hell.” She grunted, lifting her head to look around at the mutant corpses littering the entire room. It was amazing how a night of fun could turn into complete bloody chaos like this. “I wouldn't have brought you into this if I knew this was going to happen.” She stated in an apologetic tone, not looking at Damian as she spoke. “I don't know what caused all of this, or what got into all of these people, but I'm more than willing to find out.”

Densuke would watch as the man he’d once fought before entered the room and emit some kind of sonic roar, that bellowed his attacker. While he didn’t nessecarily know where that came from, he’d quickly sanp a picture of his savior, not willing to leave without some form of research. The mystery creep was to fast to get anything. When He called him roll bounce he laughed a bit. “Chea, I think we all need to get the fuck outta here….” Densuke would step to the hole that was made, and press the bug to his ear. “I got some evidence and material. We’ll compile it when I get back…I need to be fucking tested..” Densuke would reach into his pocket, and pull out his keys, and presses the button. His shirt was bloodied. His body ached. And he just needed some medical attention. His hover bike hovered it’s way over to him, and densuke mounted it. Twisting the throttle, and heading on back to the lab, for study and medical attention.

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