Densuke Mifunae

Damian Yun

Retracing Steps..Edit

Densuke would’ve left his bug back at the lab. He’d also have given his phone to Danny, since he now had a watch to communicate with people he wanted to, similar to the watch his father had. Densuke waited until the feds had left the area. There was nothing but blood and red caution tape sourrounding the once booming party room. Densuke would have on a pair of latex gloves, snooping the area, and tracing the blood stains and scuff marks. “I may have gotten all I can from here…I don’t think anything remains but loose ends now.” Densuke would stand up from his crouched position and walk over behind the bar. The alcohol was there. Densuke took a bottle of peppermint schnopz and poped the cork off of it. It was chilled…surprisingly. Densuke would take a sip only to renember a thought. The speedy man he’d enounterd yesterday was eating…if his food remained uneaten, maybe he could swipe a bite sample of some fort. Densuke would straighten his leather jacket up, and be careful not to damage his cargo pants, as his goggles hung tight on his head. He’d had his costume inside of his bag, for a just in case moment. He’d return to the beaded room, and see the man’s food was still there. Densuke would take a pair of tongs, lift the half eaten cookie, and place it into a plastic ziplock bag, only to stuff it in his backpack. If someone walked in on him, they’d see him looking like some kind of pharensic officer or something. “Gotcha, you bastard…”

Looking For CluesEdit

Pallas: -After the long night he had in the hotel room, Damian decided to wake up earlier in the day. The conversation he had with the supposed “Super Beast” made him think about the possibility of it being true. He steps outside of his hotel room and sees the yellow tape that the KPD had left behind on the hotel room. He thought to himself-“Since they are gone, I guess I can go take a look for myself.”-Damian then ripped through the yellow tape, really not giving fuck about the consequences. When he got inside, his shoes make that squishing sound against the blood that was still on the floor. He quickly went into the room that he had the talk with his Super Soldier. When he got inside, he saw pretty much nothing can could have been of use to him. He then heard a noise from within the room and it caught his attention. He made his way back to the center of the hotel room and focused his hearing and heard the footsteps of someone inside the room. Damian slowly made his way in and saw someone with rubber gloves on and investigating the scene. Damian smirked a bit and asked-“I thought this place was shut down?”-

Second GenerationEdit

Densuke would hear the ripping of the yellow tape, and a squishy noise from outside. It put Densuke on edge slightly but he kept calm. He turned around, only to see the same giant he had taken a picture of the night before. He’d take in his comment only to reply accordingly. “Ah it actually is, but I was….doing some work for the junior KPD unit…yes, they wanted some extra samples.”  Densuke needed a good cover up story and of course being the son of a famous cop would get you recognition already. “Yeah my old man is pretty strict on me about my police work. I’m sure you know Tetsu Ryoji right? Supercop but lousy dad heh heh.” Densuke would shake his head and laugh seeing if his joke was caught on to. “In any case, what brings you here? You’re not emitting static electricity this time around.” Densuke would chuckle to himself. He didn’t know the guy but he was to much of an easy to goer to care in all honestly.

Pallas: -Damian would look at the kid in front of him and listen to the story. He chuckled a bit at the jokes that were made and began to remember the stories his father told him. The stories about how he and The Dark God, Tetsu Ryoji. He laughed a bit again at the joke of the static electricity that appeared around his body the night before. Damian focused his energy and causes a spark of that electric energy to show around his body for a second and said-“I always could.”-at the comment of not using his static electricity this time around. But then he said to him-“I’ve heard stories of Tetsu Ryoji from my father…You might have heard of my father….Donnie Yun.”-He smirked a bit at the mention of his father’s name. He never hid the fact that he was the only son of The Armored Warrior. Afterwords he said-“I came for the same reason you are. I came to find clues about what had happened last night. You find anything?”-

Densuke would turn around and fold his arms, casually as the man cuased the sparks to emit from his body. Densuke’s eyebrows would raise up in a nod like fashion. When he mentioned their fathers, densuke couldn’t help but comment. “Ah so your dad is that statue. And he’s the guy who made my sh-“ Densuke had to stop himself for a moment. He cleared his throat. Couldn’t go giving out his secret identity like that, or at all for that matter. “My fathers, shooters. His web shooters. Those things are so FUCKING cool” Densuke would laugh and pick in his ear. “Well I found a good many clues looking around last night. I actually fought some guy in here who admitted to playing a part in this whole sceneario. He was eating so I went ahead and took his half eaten food. Maybe I can trace it back, and find an identity of some sort. Anything useful…could be a result of bio-chemical warfare if this goes left unchecked.” Densuke would tighten his bag. “So Donnies kid and Tetsu’s kid in the same place…naturally we should we friends. Which could work if you teach me that static thing you do. Hehehe” Densuke would have the goofiest of grins on his face. Then in the background, suddenly the sound of police sirens whired by, seemingly in a rush. Their direction was twords the square of District 2, the shoping area. This couldn’t be good. “I wonder..whats going on now? Those were a lot of squad cars.” Densuke would step over to the hole and check out what was peep out to see. “Looks like something to check out if I do say so myself. Gonna need a few things though..wanna get a head start? I gotta hit up the KPD station.” Densuke was hoping he’d oblige, whilst he changed into his costume and was planning on getting a headstart himself…planning on getting a headstart himself…

Pallas: -Damian raised a brow as the boy in front of him stopped his sentence. He thought to himself-“He must’ve not wanted me to know something.”-When he spoke of the web shooters that his father had made for Tetsu, Damian said-“Yeah…the web shooters.”-showing that he caught on to the fact that this boy in front of him was hiding something. He then listened to what Densuke had said about the food maybe being a clue to help him out in his case. Damian then laughed as he spoke of maybe learning how to do the trick of having an electrical aura. He then said to him-“hahaha, Sorry Ryoji. That’s only susceptible to Super Soldiers.”-He said Ryoji not knowing that he did not take the last name of his fathers. Then when the sirens went off, he could see how much of the attention that the boy in front of him had to it. He nodded when he said that they wanted to go to the scene just to see what was going on. Damian walked to the hole that he had created when he punched the beast through the wall and said-“You better not take too long.”-He then jumped out of the 14th story hole and fell down to the ground. He lands on one knee as his impact caused the ground to crack around him. He then began to run into the direction of where the cars were going.-


(( )) Keyth kept his hands into his pockets as he made his way from class. Ever since the events with him and his father... he had been distant with everyone, and everything. Feeling defeated and somewhat lost. To Accompony that, everyone knew who he was now. Keyome had the KPD fire him after they found out his Connections with the Yakuza, i.e. Kagemaru clan. Dreading the fact he was even born, He sighed, shaking his head. A Police car flew by, sirens going off loudly as they seemed to be in pursuit. Keyth paid no mind to it. He didnt much get involved with issues that involved the police anymore. All chances of him becoming a KPD were gone. And He knew Keyome had something to do with it. Why was he doing this to him? Keyth wondered it often... He couldnt defeat his father alone. And he didnt have anyone to help, evantually he gave up. Living alone and just attending school everyday. He had headphones in, after learning how to put music on it. He had taken a liking to rock, and hiphop. But he loved Jazz, he didnt understand why but Jazz was just... cool to him. Keyth walked to a hotdog stand, pulling out a empty wallot. He looked up at the hotdog man who looked at him back with a cold stare. Keyth sighed putting his wallot back and making his way down the street further. Hungry and lost he turned around the corner to see a dumpster. Keyth looked around and then pulled over, taking out a trash bag and opening it up. He pulled out left over chicken from a box and ate it. After a few hours he made his way home... to see an eviction notice on the door. "...You have to be fucking kidding me.." He said tilting his head back. He made his way back outside, not seeing much point on staying there. he sat in an alleyway and took out a pack of ciggerattes. Something he started to do when he got stressed he placed it in his mouth, lit it... and began to smoke it. Blowing the smoke out of his nose. "....Could things... get any fucking... worse." A loud thunder clap shook the city, then rain followed behind it. Keyth sat in the alley, starting to get drenched his cigerrate getting put out. "...Fuck my life."

Hero UP!Edit

Densuke would watch as the Yun child ran off. “Ah the coast is clear this time around….” Densuke would drop his bag to the floor, and pull out the super suit, stretching it to form around his body with the custom made watch. He would then pull out the shield to which he’d strap onto his right forearm. He’d finalize by putting on the cowl, and looking out into the distance as the suits effects took place and he entered his peak human state, though it was starting to feel genuinely more natural….Densuke would press the button on his watch, and his hover bike would come to his area. Densuke mounted it, and reved on up, only to fly a different rout than the yun child, to keep suspicion down. He’d arrive at the scene notably before or around the same time Yun got there, only to see a gang of masked people…who’d look like they were deformed in a sense (BaneJS.jpg ) “Hey, did you grab the money!” “Yes boss! I got two arms full of cash!” The eight of the masked men with tubes scrimiged out. The KPD lead by Sheeva would surround them and shoot at them, but the bullets only DENTED their if they had insanely rough skin. “Eat some of this muscle!” two of them gathered together, and flipped a car towards some stand by officers, killing them both on inmpact. Some of the other ones would be grabing cops by the head and throwing them around. Knives would only leave shallow gashes in these guys…what were they? Densuke would arrive at the scene only to leap from 40 feet in the air, and preform a falling drop kick to the back of the neck, on the man that held the money in his hands. “KUAAH!!” The man would shout as his body crushed into the car. Densuke would flip off of the body only to land, and take a low fighting stance. The men then all looked at Densuke. “Looks like we’re not the only costume freaks around here eh? Hahaha!” Densuke would  smirk. “You two bit crooks are all the same. Hitting up banks. It’s all about the money eh? Well prepare to be paid in full…OF JUSTICE!” 4 of the men would charge at Densuke, and he hoisted  his shield, ready for whats to come.

Super Soilder All The WayEdit

Pallas: -He quickly ran with his Enhanced Speed pushing him to actually pass the ongoing cars in front of him. When one of the cruisers switched lanes, Damian quickly Kong Vaulted across the roof and landed on the other side of the car with his feet still sprinting to where the area had become a war zone. Guns going off and people going at it like animals. He sees one of the giant men grabbing on a helpless woman saying-“Money and women! HAHAHA That’s all that matters in the world! Now you’re coming with me little lady!”- The man would then look up to see a large body spinning in the air. Damian would spin in the air, gathering kinetic energy as his body began to spark up around him. (  until 1:00) Damian’s left leg then swung around and crashed right into the face of the giant male, causing his body to crash right into the ground with a loud BOOM sound. The impact would cause the males body to actually crack the street gravel below him. He then looks down at the woman and says-“You should get out of here now…”- Damian then saw as four of the giant men came running towards him. He charged at them as well as he put his fists up in a boxing like stance and was ready to strike. One man swung with an overhand right and Damian quickly ducked and sidestepped to the left as the entire left side of the giants body was left open. Damian quickly released ten punches to the gut and ribs of the giant. These ten punches would flash in less than three seconds as each punch cracked and broke into the ribcage of the giant man. The giant would then fall to his knees and Damian would jump into the air off the giants shoulder as his legs wrapped around the head of the second giant. Damian would then thrust his body back as he did a Hurricanrana and both of their bodies would flip in the air. While they flipped, Damian made sure to keep his legs wrapped tightly as he landed in a full mount position with his legs around the head of the giant. ( Damian then focused his energy into his right fist as he repeatedly punched down on the head of the giant. With each hit, blood and a loud BOOM sound would echo through the area. Damian looked up to see the leg of the third giant coming straight for him. Damian would quickly react and would grab onto the leg of the giant and turn his own body to get the giant into a Knee Bar. Within a matter of seconds, Damian would apply enough pressure on the knee of the giant to cause the knee to pop out of its place in the giant’s leg. The giant would roar out in pain as his leg had been ripped apart from the inside. Damian would then quickly roll back and use his hands to shoot himself up to his feet. That is when the final giant came swinging with a powerful right hook. Damian had to quickly react as he grabbed onto the giant’s arm with his hands and Judo Flipped him with great speed and power. The giant would spin across Damian’s back and land on the floor with a hard THUD! Damian would then drop his body down with his left leg over the head of the giant, and his right leg secured under the giants back. As he did this, it put the giant in an Armbar. Just like the other giants knee, the arm would completely snap in two within a few seconds. Damian would once again roll to his feet as the two giants were griping in agonizing pain from their injuries. Damian says sarcastically-“You two behave now.”-and went on to help others.-

The DefenderEdit

“KLANG” would be heard, as Densuke would shield bash the head of the buff man, in an uppercut like fashion, sending him airborne. The secondary man came at Densuke with a a boot kick, to which Densuke would raise his free hand and elbow block. The assailent wasn’t done as he then , threw multiple kicks at Densuke, looking like a a multi legged freak, but Densuke’s hand would take the same look as he’d deflect the kicks. He had to react fast, and pull a black flip however, due to antoher man from the side attempting to rock his jaw with a haymaker. After his narrow evasion, he would throw his down a smoke bomb, to conceal his location. The four men would stand perfectly still as the mist began to sourround them. The next thing heard was a whirring noise, through the air as one of the men, were cloncked in the forehead, leaving a dent, and cuasing blood spew from his mouth, and the shield would disappear again. “WHERE IS HE?!? WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?!!?” “I DON’T FUCKING KNOW MAN!!...AHH!” next thing heard would be a scream, followed by a loud “KA-CRACK”…a bone was broken…it was actually ribs….5 of them. Two men remained…until Densuke sliped past one of them and stuck them with an explosive ball, and then BOOM!. An explosion to the backside, cuasing burns and loss of concoiusness. The smoke started to clear and the last man looked at the last bit of the cloud. “NO WHERE TO RUN! COME ON OUT!” Densuke would throw his shield out of the smoke. “Predictable!” The masked man would run at the shield and jump over it, cutting a front flip. At the VERY moment the man landed, desuke had already broken out into a sprint, and came running 60mph with a flying dropkick to the thugs chest. The kick being so powerful, the bones surrounding the sternum could be heard breaking. The man’s muscles would also suffer a terrible rip as the kick hit to the very core of the chest, it was not far from being caved in at all…the man hit with the kick was sent flying 20 feet backwards and stumbeled and extra few feet. As densuke landed, the shield bounced off of a car, and reverberated back towards Densukes direction to which he’d cought it. Densuke would then look to Yun, and with the voice mod in his suit, he’d sound like a fully grown American man, disguising his voice. “Good work soilder, you’ve got some real skill in those muscles of yours. I applaud you and thank you for your aid.” “Who said it was over?” A sinster voice would be heard, as from the hold of the bank, a large bodied man would emerge ( ) This man looked like the others but MUCH larger. He made the Yun child look almost like a midget….the big man spoke with a thick russin accent. “You break my allies? This American country is full of SHIT! Now I will break the both of you in half, and eat you for breakfast!” The tubes connected to the man filled with green ooze and his muscle massed only increased? He’d lift two seprate cars with on hand each and throw one at The Yun child and One at Densuke. Densuke would simply duck, and place the shield over his head. While this seemed stupid, the shield’s properties made this look like an inhuman feat. The car would literally land on top of the shield and slide right off, instead of crusing Densuke’s very beging. The vibrainum properties absorbed all the kenitic energy and made the car less damaging than what it would’ve been. Densuke would look over to Yun to see if hea had made it as well, hoping he had a plan of action.

Big Bubbas In The HouseEdit

Pallas: -As he heard this “Superhero” speak in trying to compliment him with an American accent, like something out of a comic book. His face was blank with a “Bitch you serious?” kind of expression. Once he had finished speaking, Damian said sarcastically-“Mothafucka I know it’s you! Who do you think you are talking too?”-Damian facepalmed as Tetsu’s son tried to get away with being a superhero to the son of the man who assisted the original superhero in their family. Damian laughed at it but then his laughter soon ended as a very large un-humanly body came out of the darkness. Damian thought to himself-“Well this city just keeps getting more and more interesting.”-Damian’s love for battle got him excited as he saw this large and deformed creature. He listened to the Russian speak about eating them for breakfast and before Damian could say anything back, a car came rushing straight for him. Damian smirked as he focused his energy into his right fist. The static electricity began to surge around his fist as he thrusts it forward at the car. His fist would make impact with the roof of the car as the electricity swirled in the air and around the vehicle. The impact would bend the metal and cause the car to split into two pieces and fly behind him. Damian kept his fist out as the electricity disappeared. He then said to the Russian-“Sorry…breakfast ends at 10:30…”-Damian then shot his eyes at the Russian and charged at him with amazing speed. He thrusts his right fist forward and yells-“But lunch is serving a knuckle sandwich!”-The Russian would also throw his right fist forward and both of their fists would impact with each other’s. The impact would create a loud BOOM and a small shockwave around their fists. The two would keep their fists there for a few seconds before they both began to swing their fists as rapid speeds. Both of their fists would keep hitting each other as if they were playing a round of bloody knuckles. With each punch an ear aching BOOM sound would echo throughout the area. The shockwaves would lift the dirt off the floor and cause the cars around them to vibrate intensely. Finally, Damian would jump over the right fist of the giant and thrust a strong left cross that impacts the jaw of the giant. This would cause him to stagger back a few feet. But before Damian could even get back to the floor, the Russian swings his left arm with a straight jab and hits Damian on the jaw as well. Damian is tossed back to where he was talking to Tetsu’s son. His body slid on the ground but Damian would use his hands to roll on his back and springboard back to his feet. He lands on the roof of a nearby vehicle and wipes the spit from his jaw. He then says to Tetsu’s son-“This may be harder than I anticipated…I like that…”-

The Dream Team Is Born...Edit

Densuke would sigh and hang his head. “Well so much for being a good superhero…” Densuke would note as Yun destroyed the car with such ease, and then began to counter and match fist with the Russian juggernuaght as he could be called. The area seemed to be shaking all around as their fist met, and then the last sound effects could be heard as Yun made his mark but also came flying in the direction of Densuke. Densuke would look over at him and wince a bit. “Man you are one tough guy…that super soilder thing is legit.” Densuke would then squat “Let me see if I can pick him apart…” Densuke would break out into a full sprint motion towards the Russian. The Russian seems well versed in the martial arts, able to dish out moves like that and reamin that huge. The russian’ raised his fist and combined them in a double axe handle like fashion, coming down on Densuke’shield which he’d quickly used to block. He’d then leap into the air with a spin, and kick the Russian’s jaw full on, cuasing his neck to fly to the right. Densuke was then however grabed by his ankle, and his waist, in both of the beast hands and raised into the air. “ME SNAP YOU LIKE TWIG!” Densuke, looked down at what he was going for. Full on backbreaker. “Not today tough guy!” As the Russian brought him down, Densuke would slip the shield behind his back, cuasing his assailant to pound his own knee with the full force of the metal sheid. “TCH! UNGAWA!!” the man would bitch slap Densuke to the side, knocking him a good distance away. Densuke would roll and catch himself thinking. “I don’t have the power to finish this guy quickly….Yun does however. He just needs an opening…” Densuke would strap the shield to his back and reach into his utility belt. He’d pull out shuriken in one hand, and stick explosivde shperes in the other. He’d then sprint towards the Russian leaning in low, for added speed, and throw both of the items in his hands simultainously to form exploding shuriken. The Russian would simply cross his arms, and as the shuriken dug into his skin they would explode not a moment later, but the explosion unphased him by any means. Densuke’s real aim was his injured knee. Using the explosion as a distraction, Densuke would slide underneath the man’s large body between his legs, and place an explosive sticky explosive right underneath the back of the bad knee, and moments later it would explode. Densuke was counting on this mans durablitly to not blow his leg off, but it did however bring him down to one knee from sheer pain. He emited a bear like groan, but Densuke was not done. He’d draw his shield and leap over the man’s upper back only to come down from being 8 feet in the air and attempt to bash the Russian. The Russian however moved backwards, and klocked Densuke twice, with a left and right hook. Densuke was dazed but as he saw the third hit coming, he would spit the blood from his mouth into the Russians eyes, throwing off his attack and cuasing him to stumble forward on his bad knee. Densuke’s next move was simple. He’d positioned himself underneath he Russian man, and using the shield as the ultimate leverage he would allow this big man to fall on the shield, and with it’s properties it would have made the giant Russian less weighted for an instant, allowing Densuke to power through and lift himself along with the Russian up, sending the russain air bore exactly 10 feet in the air. “FINISH EM OFF YUN!” Densuke would yell, as he would squat down in a wince of pain, but continue holding his shield in case he’d have to continue, though knowing Yun he could easily dispatch of this guy using his might.

-Damian would remain standing on the roof of the car as he watched Tetsu’s son work so tactically against this Russian. Their difference in fighting style was beyond being just opposites. Damian is a brute who is ruthless and is only tactical with his body. Tetsu’s son on the other hand moved so swiftly and brilliant with his gadgets and his shield. Damian kept his eye on him as he watched every bit of his movements. He smirked as Tetsu’s Son had basically picked apart he giant, making him use his size against him. Damian’s love for combat had always led him to see the opponent at their strongest level and ability so he could break through that. Beating a person at their best game always was the satisfaction he looked for in victory. Damian didn’t want to be out of the fight for long so he jumped off the roof of the car and began to slowly walk back to the fight. As he did that, he slowly cracked his neck and his knuckles as he thought to himself-“Being tactical with your weapons is good…”-And as his monologue was said, his body began to form a bright blue flame aura around his body, slowly moving up from his feet to the tip of his hair. ( –“But once that has gone dry…”-The static electricity began to surge around his body as he focused his energy throughout his body. ( –“What matters most is your own STRENGTH!”-Damian then broke out in a sprint as the flame aura left a trail behind him. Tetsu’s son had given him the word to finish the beast off as Damian’s speed shot up to a blur. Damian jumped onto the roof of a car and then leaped high into the air like a missile to a target. While in the air, Damian thrusts his right hand back as the static electricity forms around his fist once again. Moving at an amazing speed, Damian thrusts his fist into the chest of the Russian monster. The impact would cause a loud BOOM and the electricity to jolt around the Russians body. He would roar out in pain as Damian’s fist dug deep into the skin of his body. Damian wouldn’t let up as he grunted to push his fist further into the chest. Suddenly, the Russians body gave way. Damian’s large body broke through the chest of the Russian (0:45) and bursts out of his back. Damian’s fist breaks the backpack that feeds the Russian the substance to make him what he is and a huge gaping hole is left in the chest of the Russian. Bot of their bodies come flying down to the ground. Damian rotates his body and when he hits the ground, he lands on one knee causing the ground to crack around him. The giant Russian would land ten feet to the left of him lifeless and bleeding out all over the ground. Damian’s blue flame aura would then subside back into his body along with the static electricity. A few seconds after the fight had ended, Damian stands back to his feet and looks back at the Superhero. With a small smile on his face he would walk over to where Tetsu’s son had been squatting down and said-“That wasn’t too bad. You seem to be breathing, which is always a positive.”-He then put his hand out for him to help Tetsu’s son back to his feet. Soon after the fighting had ended, news vans came rolling to the scene. They all began to chatter about how these two saved District 2. Damian overheard one of the news reporters saying-“After a huge attack from some mysterious super gang, two men came to the rescue! Every fan girls dream of a small tone bodied masked vigilante came to the rescue with his mighty shield! And beside him is a man who isn’t afraid to hide his identity! Though his name is still a mystery his large bulging muscles and smile keeps knocking these women viewers dead! Who are these dream team hunks in Kasaihana City!? We’ll have more within the hour!”- Damian smirked a bit and said to Tetsu’s son-“Looks like we just might be friends after all…Name’s Damian by the way.”-

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