The WaitingEdit

(( Ginsei stood in the middle of the abandoned warehouse he had called home up until he joined the Kagemaru Zaibatsu in which he then had moved into the old apartment that his father had lived in during his young days. He stood with his hands in the pockets of his black jeans which hosted a resting place for Yuuyaiba in it's sheath. He let a slow breath escape from his lips as he listened to the soft pitter patter of rain fall onto the roof of the building. He glanced up to the ceiling, recalling the things he had been doing with his life since he joned Kagemaru which consisted of mostly training with his boss and uncle, Keyome Tasanagi as well as his father. The training that he had gone through was aimed at developing his Satsui No Hadou was well as his hand to hand combat. He turned his head towards the door of the warehouse, hearing it creak open. He had been waiting for someone who had agreed to meet him here. Ginsei waited until he felt the energy of the person entering the warehouse. It was dark, malicious, and brutal though Ginsei didn't budge due to the fact he knew who it was as well as the fact that it wasn't the darkest energy he had ever felt. A figure stepped through the door and as it did, the dark energy flooded the room. The figure stepped into the light of the warehouse, revealing his father, Ginsukei Yanazuka who was wearing his black suit with a light blue dress shirt underneath. "You took your time didn't you?.." Ginsei looked at his father over his shoulder before turning to face him, slowly sliding his hands from his pockets. "I had business to attend to." Ginsukei said with a slight nod, raising his hands to begin pulling his gloves from his hands. He tossed them off to the side as he stared across the warehouse at his son, allowing his dark energy to flood and suffocate the air in the room. 

The Meeting of EnergiesEdit

Ginsei stared at his father, unmoving in the energy that swirled and flowed around him, feeling it as if it were seeping into his skin, down into his bones, down into his very soul. Ginsei released a slow breath, his own energy beginning to swirl and thrive inside of him, pushing his father's energy out as if it were a foreign germ in the human body. Ginsei slowly grabbed the base of Yuuyaiba's sheath, pulling it from his belt loop. He moved over to the couch that he used to sleep on when he took up residence in the warehouse. He then turned to face his father again, releasing one more hard and slow breath, allowing his energy to begin to flourish and flow against his father's energy. The two of them usually did this before each training session as a sort of chi warm up. If it were to be seen in a physical manner, it would seem like two walls pushing against each other or even simple arm wrestling. Ginsei released his chi, allowing it to flow even harder against his father's. Ginsukei stared at Ginsei, a smirk curling across his lips as he felt his son's energy begin to flow, taking note that it seemed stronger than the last time they had done this exercise. A minute passed, pure silence had fallen on the warehouse, the only nosie to be remotely heard was the impact of the rain on the ground and buildings outside. Another minute passed, silence still holding the warehouse before suddnely, the two energies dropped. With the drop of the two energies the two charged each other, Ginsei stared at his fatehr as the two charged each other in silence until the moment that the two came two feet away from each other in which Ginsukei released a loud "Raah!" as he swung a swift left handed haymaker toward's Ginsei's skull. Ginsei weaved to his left, the haymaker barely missing his right shoulder as he brought a hard left uppercut against Ginsukei's jaw. Ginsukei took the hit, his head cocking backwards, a grin sliding across his face. He took a few steps backward, rubbing his jaw with his right hand. "You're getting a bit faster.." Ginsei turned, walking back towards the couch, grabbing Yuuyaiba, unsheathing it. He charged his father, gripping Yuuyaiba's hilt in his right hand. Ginsukei grinned as he walked towards the door, raising his right hand. Suddenly a man burst through the door of the warehouse, leaping over Ginsukei's head, landing in front of Ginsei, stopping his charge.

The Dark StrangerEdit

The man stood, brandishing a katana in his right hand. The man was dressed in all black, having on a long black trench coat, black cargo pants, black boots and a black shirt that seemed to be covered with some sort of chainmail like metal material. The guy's hair was spikey yet it moved backwards as if it were slicked back though it didn't stick to his head. The final object to this guy's look was a rather large war fan on his back which was being grasped by his left hand. (('War.png/250px-Fan_O'War.png?t=20110323201307 With an extended handle, for referrence, as big as Madara's fan)) "Tch... What is this?" Ginsei stared at the guy in front of him, gripping Yuuyaiba's hilt a bit tighter. The guy suddenly charged Ginsei, slashing with a swing that seemed to fast for a sparratic slash such as that. Ginsei moved back by a couple steps, raising Yuuyaiba, blocking the slash though he was pushed back by a couple inches from the speed and intensity. "Where'd you find this guy?" Ginsei mumbled to himself as he stared into the guy's menacing eyes with a cold stare of his own. (( Liek the drop of a dime the two charged each other, beginning to release a barrage of slashes at each other through a range of horizontal, veritcal, and diagonal, each slash from the two of them clashing and rebounding off of each other in loud "Shing!" and "Clang!" noises. The metal on metal clashing echoed throughout the empty warehouse as the two went wild, small cuts and gashes appearing on various places on their bodies from slight misses of blocks or parries. In the next instant, the guy grabbed the pole of his fan, swinging it which connected with Ginsei's chest, sending him sliding back by about ten feet. The fan felt like a brick wall even though it didn't seem to be made of hard material. (( He rubbed his chest with his left hand, shaking his head, trying to shake off the hit when he noticed a dark aura swirling around the fan. "What the hell?.." The guy suddenly charged Ginsei, beginning to swing a barrage of attacks with his sword as well as his fan which was still swirling with that dark black aura. Ginsei did his best to block each sword slash, parrying them as best he could though slashes appeared down his arms and his sides. He suddenly was hit by the swing of the fan, being sent through the air into a wall. Ginsei caughed blood, the impact seeming to flow through his entire body, a severe pain following. "Shit..." The guy charged again, a wild grin on his face as he immediately swung the fan in a horizontal swing at Ginsei's head though this time Ginsei ducked the fan, sending a swift horizontal slash towards the guy's stomach just before leaping forward past the guy, rolling to his feet. The slash had made some form of contact though it had connected with the metal chain the guy was wearing as a sort of protection for his torso. Just as Ginsei made it to his feet from his roll he turned only to be met with another swing of the fan which sent him tumbling backwards, his back connecting with the ground so hard that he flipped, rolling to a stop on the ground. He slowly raised himself up into a kneeling position, gripping Yuuyaiba's hilt. His head was lowered as blood slowly dripped from the right corner of his mouth. His bangs slightly hung over his face, more than usual. He coughed, blood splatting onto the floor. He released a harsh breath, rather pissed that he was being beaten around like a limp ragdoll. (( He felt his energy as it slowly began to swirl around inside of him, beginning to spike just as this stranger leaped into the air, aiming to bring the fan down onto Ginsei's shoulder which would have sent his face smashing into the floor which would have broken his nose as well as his cheek bones though just as the fan was comign down, Ginsei raised his left hand, the fan colliding with his hand just as his Satsui No Hadou spiked intensely, dark aura beginning to smoke off of his body and hands. ((Music should be at 0:35))Ginsei raised his head, glaring at the guy with a menacing and cold stare. The guy was surprised that Ginsei had been able to catch his fan in his hand which left him somewhat frozen though it faded as the guy grinned once more.

Fighting BackEdit

"Good... Finally putting up a damned fi-" The guy stopped in the middle of his last word as Ginsei shoved his sword through the guy's side, cutting right through a spot in the metal that gave way to his stab. The guy coughed, blood spilling onto Ginsei's face. (( 0:21)) Ginsei slowly rose to his feet, ripping the fan from the guy's hand, sending it sprawling across the floor behind him as he ripped his blade from his opponent's stomach. The guy jumped back, a strange grin still on his face. "Well... Seems as though you're ready then." He charged Ginsei, coming with a barrage of horizontal and diagonal slashes which Ginsei bobbed and weaved around, dodging each slash. He occassionally raised Yuuyaiba, blocking a slash or two. He then moved to the left, slashed through the man's other side, causing him to wince and cease his barrage. He jumped away from Ginsei, smirking. "Let's go then!" (( He charged Ginsei again, swinging his blade wildly and rapidly which was met by blocks and parries from Yuuyaiba as well as slight dodges and weaves around the slashes. Some slashes connected with Ginsei's body though in his current state he was ignoring any type of damage that was inflicted on his body. His face was blank and cold as he dodged and blocked this man's attack's.

A Devil is BornEdit

The next slash that came his way was a horizontal slash which was met by Ginsei's left hand which he raised, catching the blade even though it dug into his palm, getting caught in his flesh. He stared the guy right in the face, his stare seeming to stab right into the man's soul as he looked at his blade digging into Ginsei's hand. Ginsei suddenly raised his right arm, gripping the hilt of Yuuyaiba before suddenly swinging a strong a vicious horizontal slash, sending his blade into his opponent's neck, tearing right through it, be-heading him. Blood spewed from the base of the neck, blood splattering onto Ginsei's face as well as the floor around them as the body dropped. (( Ginsei released the blade, blood beginning to spill from his palm as he walked over to the war fan. He leaned down, grabbing the pole of the fan raising it up. He let it come to a rest on his shoulder as the smokey like aura faded away as he turned, looking at his father who had begun to clap. "And just like that.. My son has begun to understand Satsui No Hadou and what seems to be a form of his Kusei. So my son... What do you have in mind for your future now?" (( Ginsei stared at his father as blood began to cover the pole of the war fan. "I'm... going to become the Demon of the Underworld of KasaiHana.." He then raised the fan, turning it to place the top against the ground, holding Yuuyaiba in his right hand, letting his right arm hang loosely at his side. Ginsukei nodded some as he turned, leaving the warehouse, letting his son dwell inside and ponder on his future as well as the steps that he had begun to take.

Our Golden BoyEdit

(( had watched this all on a camera he had sat up into the samurai's body that had fought the young warrior Ginsei.He stood and walked to the large hologram of Kasaihana city. " My Nephew... is showing promise." He said turning to look at the group of Yakuza Chairmen that stood at the Kagemaru Branch families. All of the chairmen were there, Ginsueki being an exception. " That boy... may be a threat one day Tasanagi.." Said the leader of the Yoshimaru clan. " I am aware of that." Keyome said walking to the other side of the room. " He is alot like his father. Yet... stronger." He said turning back to the Chairmen. " He will one day, be a powerful Assesst to the Kagemaru..." The leaader of the Tenchimaru stood raising his hand. " Tasanagi, what of your son... Keyth?" Keyome placed both of his hands behind his back then sat in the chair at the end of the table smoking from his cigar. He looked over at the Soramaru chair... it had been empty for some years now. He closed his eyes, showing remorese for his brother clan then turned back around to eye the men. " Keyth... is not important. He's weak." He said blowing smoke out of his nose. Pointing to the frame stop of Ginsei. " Thats... our golden boy..."

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