Serenade Of A Nightengale...Edit

( ) It was a rainy afternoon. People all over the city who were supporters of their local police force and just people who’d been helped by the KPD in general were ghatered here….the people wore nothing  but black. No sign of white unless it was skin. The raindrops fell down, like a soft and small pitter patter of marching feet. The roads leading to district 2 KPD tower were flooded, not with water but with people. Infornt of the tower there was a large stage set. A picture of sheeva at the very top of it, in all her glory. Her flowing blonde hair. Her beautiful smile, with those memorable pearly whites. She looked happy in that picture. At the back of the podium was her coffin. Baby blue, with white rose pedals scattered across it. A reverend stood, and waved his hand infront of the crowd, singaling it was time to keep calm…and listen.

My backbone..Edit

( ) “We are gathered here today…to see the soul of one Sheeva Nightengale…of to another realm of peace and prosperity. Where she will be free of the shackles of human life, and enter an eternal paradise, where she can truly express nothing but begotten happieness and joy.” Sheeva’s parents stood in the front of the crowd. Her mom was balling her eyes out….sheading tear after tear, not caring who heard her sniffles and whines…she’d lost her daughter. Her only daughter.  The father of sheeva held her mom in  his arms. He kept a stern expression…you could see his eyes watering, but he wouldn’t let one tear fall for his daughter. The reveredned began speaking again. “Today we have special guest speaker, someone who was close to this dear woman. Mr. Tetsu Ryoji.” Tetsu would emerge from the side of the stage, dressed in all black. His steps were silent..he looked tired. Lack of sleep. To much on his plate to worry about at this point. Infront of all he stood….ready to speak. He’d place his hands on the podium and speak…( ) “Hello everyone….It…*sigh* it is with great sorrow we are here today. We’ve lost an important face in this city. Mrs. NIghtengale. She as a woman was indeed a beauty. Strong willed. Courageous. She would do the jobs we would hate, or woudn’t want to do. She was my back bone…the cities hidden face of organization. My shadow…even when she shouldn’t have had to be.” Tetsu would wipe his eye and pause for a moment….then continue.( Repeat this one )  “As an officer, she was second to none. Refused to be. Hell…she bested me in almost all of our spars. She was the literal top officer under my command. She could do what a platoon of men could in LESS time…she lived her life. She died in the line of duty. To protect what we….what I. Worked so hard to establish long ago. The KPD tower. The symbol of hope in Districts one and Two. A sign that as long as this tower stands, crime will and can be put to a stop. She fought to uphold that. I’m here today, not the mourn the death of Sheeva Nightengale, but to celebrate the Life..of Sheeva Nightengale. Soilders.” Men in white and blue suits, would begin to march down the open space bewtween the stage and the crowd. They would preform drills, spinning and flipping their rifles about. Tetsu would raise his hand to the sky, and as he did the men would point their rifles up ward and shoot on command. Tetsu gave Sheeva a rousing 21 guns salute…The people in the crowd one by one gave their own salutes. Even Sheeva’s crying mother… tetsu looked around, only to feel a nudge beside him. It was his son Densuke. And his wife Asami. They to gave their salutes in her honor. For Densuke a mentor, and a way to stray form trouble. For asami a dear friend and caretaker of her child. Even Ochigi would emerge rom behind tetsu and place a hand on his shoulder. The Ryoji Family would be in the debt of Miss Nightengale. A flashback would ring through tetsu’s mind as all this was going on

It's Raining..Edit

.::Flashback:: )(Tetsu would be sitting in his office chair, looking out over the city. A pair of arms would engulf his neck gently. “Sheevaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’ve told you about this. We’re professionals, not affairist. Sheeva would pout. “Just teasing goodness.  I wouldn’t even if you were the last man in this universe.” She’d spin tetsu in his chair playfully and take a seat on his desk looking out the window with him. “Sheeva be honest… I really be in this chair. I mean the things  I’ve done in my life up to this point. All the  heroics…the deeds….it all just repeats itself. I can’t put a stop to it all. All I can do is try…I don’t think that’s enough.” Sheeva would sigh and speak. “It isn’t, to be honest.” Tetsu would look over at her. “Well aren’t you the optimist.” Sheeva would laugh. “hey you asked. Maybe you don’t belong in that chair. Maybe this city isn’t ever going to change. Maybe….this will be the same shitty place forever, and theres nothing we can do about it….” Sheeva would stand up. “But that’s why we’re here. That’s why your in that chair. That’s why people are starting to fight back. They want something more for themselves. You affect more people than you think Ryoji. These people look up to you for a light…a becan of some hope. Thanks to  you people…know they’re not helpless. If one man can change the tide of a city, then anyone can. You’re in that chair not because your supposed to be.” Sheeva would turn the chair and look tetsu in the eye. “You’re in that chair because you choose to be. And for that you will forever have my respect.” Tetsu would smile and nod. “Thank you sheeva…thank you.”:: ( )Flashback end. Tetsu would be bitting his lip as the fireworks took place over head. Drops of water would fall onto his shirt. He would take his military hat, and place it on his head, covering his eyes.  Asami would look over, and as she did tetsu spoke. “It’s raining…lets get somewhere dry.” Densuke could see his father was crying. They could see it…but as far as they were concerned…it was raining. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

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