Loosing Touch..Edit

The Night Of The Funeral...Edit ) Tetsu would awake in his bed, in the KPD tower. He’d slept there for the night in honor of the fallen sheeva…He stood up, and went to the bathroom to wash his face. He hadn’t much time…He had to fufill keyome’s dying wish, and he needed to get a move on it. He washed himself up as best as he could, and straped on his usual police gear. He then took a duffle bag and began loading it with weapons, equip, gear, rations…anything he thought he would need for these next two days of adventure. “So you’re going eh?” Tetsu would turn around to see Densuke standing there. Tetsu would nod. “Yes. I have matters to attend to. It’s late…the funeral’s been over for sometime, shouldn’t you be on patrol as the Dawn?” Densuke would shrug. “I’m taking a night off. I’m tired and body has a limit you know, no matter how much training I do.” Tetsu would throw one more item into the bag and begin zipping it up. “No excuses…just. Just get to patrol. The KPD”s a wreck and I’ve got no one to cover yet except Nick.” Tetsu turned around, and Looked at Densuke. “This isn’t about you anymore, it never has been. This is about the need of the city, and it’s your JOB. To fuffill that…I expect-“ “I expect, I expect. Do you listen to yourself? You’re a wreck. Ever since sheeva’s death, and you went to talk to keyome, you’ve been offwall. Take it one step at a time.” Tetsu would place his face in his hand and shake his head. “Look did I not just tell you to do something? Don’t disrespect me right now okay? I’m leaving I’ll be back.” Densuke would turn to walk off. “And I’m taking the night off. Not like you’ll do anything about it or have time to.” “So, you’re just going to run off with that gang of yours again huh.” Densuke would stop at the doorway, with a shocked look on his face…he’d then begin to laugh a bit. “yes. Yes I am. I figured you’d know by now…what can I say I have f-“ Tetsu’s voice grew sharper. “you’re a hoodlum. You steal, you deal in drugs, you beat up innocent people.” “HEY! I do not…beat up innocents. If anything I’ve never once killed  a man, I use the non lethal technqiiues you tought me to put them down, but I do not kill them. Don’t make me out to be some kind of monster.” “Why not? That’s exactly what you’re going to turn into if you go down this path. I for one will not have a son of mine, doing crime, when he should be out there-“ Densuke turned and took some steps towards tetsu. “Doing what? What you wanna do? Go fight crime in a suit?! You’re a cop! I’m a FUCKING TEENAGER! I didn’t want this!” Densuke’s arms would match his emotions. “The training, the physical strain, the power, I had NO CHOICE IN ANY OF THIS!” Tetsu would drop his bag and point a finger at Densuke. “There was a damn choice and I gave you one! You took it up YOU gave it your all, YOU chose this life, and I’m only supporting your choice!” “I CHOSE THIS LIFE FOR YOU! NOT FOR ME! The training was fine! I love the feeling of helping people, but I’d like to live my life and make my own damned decisions, instead of reporting to mr. know it all super cop supreme here!” Tetsu was now looming over Densuke with a glare into his sons eyes. “Don’t call me out of my name…everything I’ve done is for the greater good of this family, and this city. I will NOT have it ruined by my own flesh and blood. Not MINE.!” Densuke would look up at his father with an equally menacing glare. “You didn’t even raise me. Sheeva and Grandpa ochigi did. You came back for the city not me. You came back for the job not me. You came back to live some vigilante dream team thing, but not ME! Your sorry….and you know it. I didn’t have your upbringing and I don’t have your motives to do what your making me do. I’m gonna live how I want ,this is my story, and I’M MAKING MY OWN DAMN ENDING!” Tetsu would inhale deep and exhale harshly. He was off the wall pissed. “Do what you want. You’re no son of mine anymore. Get out. Don’t you dare show your filthy ungreatful mug at my doorstep. The next time we meet I’m throwing  you in jail, and I’ve got the evidence to put you away for good. You know nothing of my pain and journey…you’re as good as another two bit Yakuza.” Densuke’s scowl only grew.  His fist clenched. His first words were uttered out of pure rage. “is that why sheeva died? Neither of us were there. Where were you mr.protecter? in the lab? You’re the reason she’s dead, and it must kill you inside you sorry excuse for a COP!” the unthinkable happened, when Tetsu…tetsu ryoji…grabed  his own son by his throat, and  held him in the air. Squeezing his windpipe, with his peak  human like Grip. Densuke’s feet wiggled profusely, as his dad held him in the air. “You pathetic little shit…I’ll show you who you’re talking too!” Tetsu’s grip tighted and Densuke could feel his breath slipping away. ( )He muttered a few more words through his windpipe. “F-fuck….You!!!” Densuke would raise his foot, and boot his father in the face with all the force he could muster sending himself and his dad a few feet away from each other. Tetsu glared at his son, before an image of Keyome appeared in his head. “We’re not so different…eh Ryoji?” Tetsu’s eyes winded….he’d seen the brusies on his sons neck. He fell to the floor and looked down. Densuke would stand and hold his neck. “Fuck this superhero job. Fuck this house. Fuck the Ryoji Family…and Fuck You Tetsu Ryoji. You have no son.” Densuke would turn and walk down the hallway, about to leave. ( ) Tetsu would hold his head. “Whats wrong with me…..what’s happening to me….” He’d shake his head, and grab his stuff, heading down the opposite hallway of his on. He then went to the bay of the lab, where ochigi would keep travel wear. He saw a jet plane, which was newly contsrutcted. Tetsu would throw his things into the cockpit of it, and check to see if had the map locations. Ochigi had honed in on “cube” and “artifacts” for areas that he needed to go….Tetsu would get in the cockpit and start the jet up accordingly. The base of the mountain would crumble as Tetsu’s jet would depart from it. He looked over and saw his son riding on his hoverbike, twaords D2. Tetsu would lean his head back and put the jet on auto pilot. He’d close his eyes to rest…he needed it. He wasn’t feeling the same. And after this, nothing would be… 

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