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Keyth vs The Virus

A Trip to sora streetEdit

Music: Chill day:::the kids rushed through sora street, young and old. 'Divine Fist' AKA Shimerugen. Was this new Game made specificlly to place you in different scanrios, it can hold up to 50 people within the game at once. Its a fighting game, making you sit in a seat and place a helmet on your head so that you can implement yourself into the game to any shape that wish. Though the game typically reads your brain waves and tries to make you as how you see fit rather than you picking your shape though its your choice. It was 50 bucks to enter and play, for as long as you want. Meaning if you didnt die, you could come back and your chair would still be open for you the next day. But, the moment you die, your chair is given up and you'd have to pay again to re-enter. Walking down in his school uniform Keyth Tasanagi and his friend Claymore were making there down district 1 when they saw the people pooring through the Arcade district to see this name game for themselves. Keyth stopped, sliding his hands into his pockets while Claymore simply placed both hands behind his head. " Video games..." He said shaking his head. " I've never played one." Keyth said as he looked up at his older friend. " You've never played a video game Keyth?" The young man shook his head as he gripped onto his back pack. Claymore pulled out his wallot giving Keyth 100 bucks. " Go knock yourself out kid, ill be at the hang out if you need me call me." Keyth took the money and gave his friend a thumbs up. " Thanks Clay." He said turning back over to the crowd. Tucking the money into his pocket he placed both hands behind his head walking forward when suddenly, two men in black suits walked infront of him. Both wearing shades. " ....." Keyth stopped looking at both of the men as they looked at him. One of the men reaching into his suit coat pocket from the inside pulling out a letter and handing it to him. "..." Keyth took the letter with a confused look on his face. Both of the men would then walk past him, venturing off into the crowds.. Keyth blinked a bit confused before he simply shrugged it off and made his way into the Arcade.

ChairmenRyoji: “Feh…..” Densuke would be walking with a smooth stride. He picked a casual outfit, that wasn’t really meaning to look any kind of nice. He’d stretch his left arm a bit, being careful not to hit felicity, whom was beside him, as he was heading to sora street arcade. “Hey, next time, take it easy on those arm locks and shit. I said I’d teach you to better you r technique, not to wear me down so you could kill me in my sleep or something.” Densuke would shake his head and laugh to himself a bit, failing to contain it. “That’s why I only let you carry around knives and that special powder or whatever it is. Tommorow your wearing leg weights, and only allowed to use your legs in our next spar. Gotta work on your in close game and you’ll be ready to help me kill Wilson…” Densuke would growl for a moment, before composing himself. “Anywho, I gotta a call from The Iron Fist Gang sub leader, he wants to discuss “territories” our gang owns…I’d probably just gonna see what he wants and if it’s prophitable. You stay close though. Seems like everyones after you and it’s a real piss off…” Densuke would see the arcade,and a poster that announced a new game known as Divine Fist or it’s Japanese name “Shimerugen”. Densuke didn’t really have time, he’d played himself out of video games at the age of 6. He was here on business of all things. Densuke hadn’t had “fun” in quite sometime sadly, with all the shits he’s been dealing with.

Impresssed: She was also wearing a casual outfit. She runs her hand through her hair teasing it a bit. Felicity smiles looking up at him. "Hmm, scared of me? Aw I only tried to kill you once~" She teased with a slight grin. "You got it chief. I'll try not to kill you in your sleep." As she walks next to him listening. Then her tone of voice changed as he mentioned the weights on her legs. "Excuse me.." Pausing, she watches him with her eyes a bit widened. "Weights? HOW AM I GONNA WALK?" She scurries after him. "Jeez.. you wanna kill me huh? Pay back? " She chuckles. She tossed her hair over her shoulder fixing her shirt. "Aw but that game sounds fun! We should play!" Grabbing his arm jumping as they walk. "Oh please please!" She smiles happily jumping about, completely ignoring the fact that they were going for business. She looked up at him with her ridiculous big eyes and bright stupid smile.

Sezomaru: "An arcade game?.." Ginsei glanced over his right shoulder at Leo who was standing in the doorway to his office. "Yes boss, called Shimerugen." "Divine Fist eh?.." Ginsei glanced out of the window that rested in the wall beside his desk, looking towards District Two. "In Sora Street eh.. Alright, it'll help me to get refamiliarized with that part of District One." Ginsei walked past Leo who turned right behind him, sliding his arms behind his back as he began to walk behind Ginsei. "It's a good idea boss." Leo said, smiling some. Ginsei nodded as they soon left the Osoremaru building. Leo walked off, walking down a wide alley, driving a black car out from inside, pulling up in front of the building. Ginsei climbed into the back seat before Leo drove off, driving towards Sora Street. He parallel parked beside the sidewalk, seeing the huge crowd that had massed for the releasing of the game. They both got out of the car, striding into the crowd. Ginsei and Leo soon puushed there way through the crowd, paying their fee to get in. They made their way into the arcade, having bought seats for the both of them which they were soon escorted to. They sat down, glancing at the chairs. The chairs soon lit up a red color before these helmets slid down, sliding over their heads. As the helmets slid into place they made a locking sound, the light of the chairs turning white. There would be a small wait before they were able to get into the game, due to the launch time as well as filling up every seat.

Discordia: The street seemed buzzing with life and Kyoko looked around with wide green eyes. She had spent most of her life at the shrine and was not used to so many people in one place. The air held a certain liveliness to it. Kyoko reached up and carefully adjusted the small white bow that held her dark bangs out of her eyes. Nervously, she tugged on her shirt trying to conceal more of her midriff than the tied up shirt was showing. The voice piped up as she made her adjustments “Awww, does the little prude feel uncomfortable?” it taunted. Her cheeks blushed slightly but she shrugged it off, not wanting to deal with her tonight. This was a completely new environment to her and she was bursting with excitement that her new found freedom brought and she didn’t want it to be spoiled. A large group gathered in front of the arcade and she watched curiously, wondering what everyone had gathered for. She stood on the outskirts of the crowd blending in to the other students her age also wearing their uniforms. Alas, Kyoko had yet to start school and had just got her uniform today, so not a single face in the crowd was recognizable to either of her halves. Another might have felt out of place amongst the strangers, but she was far too excited to even notice. She felt a slight pang; she was supposed to be getting her school stuff and instead was standing around in the street. “Oi, it isn’t like anyone is there to scold you when you get home. If you even think about going anywhere, I am taking over and I will go have some real fun.” The voice piped up again with a mischievous tone. If her other half was telling her to stay, she had an inkling she had probably should have let, but who knows what trouble she would have to deal with if the other half took control, and what was the harm in watching?

Into the game!Edit

Tasanagi: Keyth took his seat in the room, sitting down as he was placed in a chair. The helmet slid its way down over his wild hair as it pressed down onto his head. A bright flash of light would flow through the helmet then a loading screen. behind the loading screen came the picture of a female. Everyone took there seats as the picture of a female appeared on the screen. A Neko girl, meaning half cat half human. They used to be really popular in Japan a long time ago. " Hi there." She said smiling and waving. " My Names Hoshiken, but you can call my Fish sticks!"(( Everyone that put the helmet on would be getting the same image or announcement. " Welcome to Divine Fist. Divine Fist is a world made completely for those seeking adventure in our lives. Made my someone you may know. The Teacher of Kasaihana high made this prototype of this game that your playing right now. Mr.Obvious, gave this idea to the Kagemaru which sent it to the Soramaru company and made this game a reality. This is a Kasaihana city game, and were now testing it out to see if its ready to be marketed globally. (( She floated to the middle of the screen a big moon behind her as she crossed her arms. " Right now we only have three levels, a feudal Japan looking world, and then the wildrenss, then we have a tower. But dont go there, its not safe yet. And the Virus lives there." She said crossing her arms. " What's the virus you say?" She'd snap her fingers, pictures of monsters, and demons alot appeared. (( " Mostly the monsters or well viruses will take the form of giant humans. Beware stay away from these guys, if your hacked it may send your body in the real world into a frenzy and get you killed by send a shock to your brain." She floated close to the screen her large breast jiggling as she clamppsed her hands together. " So we have some selections to pick from, Warrior, mages, and rangers. Select carefully theres no turning back once you've chosen.If you die in the game then lose your seat and will be asked to leave, it is up to you if you choose to leave though if you sit here and rot your actually body... then we have no say in that. Your mission new comer is to come out and find me in the world, and help me save the gods from the demon 'Onigami'. He's a fercious and powerful demon raging across the land and destorying all in its path. This game is competeitve but remember have fun!." She flashed away and then in bright flash of light Keyths eyes began to flutter... layin in a field of grass he stood up, wearing well.. a bright set of armoured clothing. Red, and he was shortless he had a tail and a pair of dog ears, though his hair remained black. He blinked, and looked around, seeing as other characters spawned all over the place looking around confused just like him." What have i gotten myself into..."

ChairmenRyoji: Densuke would sigh as she grabed his arm and jumped up and down repeating the word please. Densuke was gonna say know until he looked at her. That smile…that fucking smile. All adorable and shit…Densuke would sigh, running his hand through his hair and smiling timidly. “Ah. Fine. We’ll…go playt his game. What is it anyway, some kind of fighter or something?” Densuke would walk to where the game was being heled and hosted. Their were many seats opened, and they were getting filled up rather quickly…Densuke looked around for the Iron Fist reperensitive, and found him. In the chair to play. Wow. “Lets go sit over here, aprantly this is supposed to be some VR type deal…” Densuke would grab her hand, and lead her down a row, one row behind the Iron Fist Gang rep. He’d sit down, and the game mechanisim’s would begin to activate. The helmet slid down, and made a slight hising noise. The chairs glew white, “I’m just gonna…see where this gets me. I guess having some fun couldn’t hurt..” Densuke would snug himself into the seat and speak. “May as well let you have some fun for a while you’ve earned it. This game better be good.” A man in a suit would approach Densuke and tap him on the shoulder. “Excuse me sir, you didn’t pay your fee.” Densuke would reach into his pocket, and slip the man 200 Tanz. “Keep the change, and fuck off, I’m busy here.” The man’ would nod hastily and grin. “Ah have fun!” Densuke would watch as the virtual game began and things looked…like an acid trip. A high end acid trip. But on the bright side there were big tits and scary monsters to fight against. There were also three classes….Densuke began pondering. “hmm….could there be fusion classes” Densuke’s gamer instincts were kicking in and he began to ponder vigerously the choices. “This will be more fun than I thought.!” Densuke’s char appeared randomly generated in silver armor, shirtless, with white and black hair, and armored arm guards.

Sezomaru: Ginsei's eyes widened some as a brig breasted woman appeared infront of him, introducing herself as Hoshiken though she said he could call her "FishSticks." She began explaining the game to him as this weird music played. She explained that there were three classes being Warrior, Ranger, and Mage. He nodded some, having listened to her entire little speech before picking warrior. A light shined around him before he appeared in purple and black armor with Samurai like pauldrins and gauntlets. He glanced down at his shirtless torso before noticing long white hair hanging down near his eyes. He looked back at Hoshiken, thinking about what sort of surprises this game would hold. He chose to appear in the Feudal Japan looking world. She nodded before the area turned white, an old style feudal Japan street materializing around him. NPCs walked around him, all with different and unique named. He slowly began walking through the city, glancing around at the surroundings.

Impresssed: Felicity smiled even bigger as he agreed with her. "Hooray!" She hurried over to the seats, as he took her hand. She knew she could get to him, this devious little bitch. Felicity sat in the chair staring at the screen, she jumped a bit giggling as the helmet was placed on her head, it was a bit big on her head at first soon enough it adjusted itself to her head. In the corner of her eye noticing Densuke talking to the man handing him money, she chuckled as she noticed he really wanted to play the game. She noticed a big busty girl in a bikini talking to her, she giggles at the silly animation. "A guy definitely made this." She laughed watching. Soon enough she got into the game, her eyes flickered with each picture she saw. She listened as they instructed her what she could do, and be. Felicity's character finally appaeared, she was still a redhead, with a cute little outfit but she had her throwing knives that Densuke took away. The game knew? Strange but she was happy. As she looked around it appeared she was actually in the game. Her actual body was no longer reachable, although she had her new body. Felicity turned as a tail slid against her thigh. She jumped squealing trying to run from the tail. She grabbed it and jumped again. 'Ow.. it hurt when I pulled it?' She thought. She scratched her head feeling kitty ears. She squealed again. "I'M A NEKO!?" She yelped again. She looked around for Densuke, hoping for an explanation. "I'm.. a fucking.. cat.." She face-palmed blushing feeling very embarrassed. She looked down at her outfit feeling ridiculous. She had on a little skirt and corset with boots, her hair thank god stayed the same. "Where … are my.. clothes.." She groaned, looking over at her environment. It seemed very pink and girly. She squinted her eyes in the distance.

Discordia: Without much warning, her posture shifted and she went from an excited and juvenile like stance to one with a bit of a laid back feel. Without care or concern, Kyoko pushed through the crowed. “What are you doing?” She heard the voice of her other half whisper. Her lips curled into an impish smirk. “Just a little fun” She thought in reply to the nagging voice. Kyoko, made her way into the arcade and after fishing out the money from her wallet, which was supposed to go for school supplies, she paid the man and slid into the seat that he showed her. As the helmet slid down over her head, she gave a chuckle and then slipped back into her head forcing her other half to the surface. Kyoko barely had time to register what the cat girl said besides the three options. She quickly chose mage, hoping her background in Shinto would help her given she was pretty much clueless as to what her other half pulled her into. She spawned on a grassy knoll surrounded by other characters coming in to play. She glanced down and found herself to be wearing a short grey kimono and leggings. This wasn’t the only thing to change. Nine tails sprouted from her back side. Yep nine, she counted them twice. She felt her head where two fuzzy silver ears jutted out. On her face, whiskers sprouted. Dripping with sarcasm her other half muttered “Well, isn’t that adorable.”

ChairmenRyoji: Densuke would twitch his arm. The sensory system felt real. This was not a good thing. It could effect the body in a harmful way…..COOL! Densuke thought. He glanced around. He handn’t even picked a class yet, but I guess this was a “learn as you go” type environment. Densuke looked around for Felicity, but he couldn’t find her off bat. “Odd….” Densuke would make his way through the fudeal japan like area, looking at all of the NPC’s and possible PC’s walking around. It was quite the peaceful environment, and so life like. Densuke was even able to take a breath. A breath for gods sake. “Well first things first. I need to pick a class, find a cheap ass upgraded weapon, and start leveling up. RPG logic….” Densuke would run around into ally way’s, breaking barrels and garbage cans, only to have loose change fall out. The games currency no doubt. Densuke would pick it up, and it would disappear. He wondered where it went to. “Surely this game has some sort of HUD…mmmm” After concentraiting long enough, a hud appeared in his vison. He could see his vitals, hit points, mana points, and currency, along with exp points, and equipted gear and weaponry. “Ahh…nice.” Densuke would squeeze through the crowds, too and fro, going into ally ways, and digging through dumpsters for gold. If anything was certain he was going to have to have money to really do any sort of thing in this game. “I wonder…is pickpocketing an option?” Densuke would stick his head out of an alley way, peeping around. There was no need to be sneaky, but the game mechanics had to be tested for realisim….there are legit rules here. Densuke had accumulated at least 1,200 gold pieces, from 10 mintues of ally way diving, and needed more. His future actions may get drastic, but there was one other thing he needed: Party memebers. If he could find felicity, or anyone else for that matter, the game might get that much easier. He continued his stroll through the ally ways of fudeal japan and the next step was peoples homes, if he could help it.

Impresssed: Felicity started to wonder around the area she was in, it seemed like no one was here. It was peaceful and quiet as little pink petals flew by her. She blinked staring at a figure in the distance. She started to walk closer to it soon enough she bumped into a wall. "OOF." She fell back and her health line went down a bit. "H-hey.. what?" She placed her hand dumbfounded on the invisible wall. She looked to her left standing up and holding her hand out touching another invisible wall. "W-What.." She started to laugh a bit. "This is a trick." She grinned looking around. It appeared she was stuck in an invisible box but she knew better. She looked around noticing a crack in the side of the wall. She kicked the crack with her heel as it all shattered into tiny pieces. She stood in place as the pieces of glass shattered around her. She noticed a pop up come up. "Choose your fate." she saw the three options. "Hm… a Ranger, they deal with bow and arrows right..? This would be fun." The pop-up disappeared as she looked around. It wasn't the same environment in that trick box she fell into. It was dark and eerie, there were people walking around, probably other players minding their own business. She walked around as she bumped into a strange girl. "GOD WATCH YOURSELF NOOB." She yelled at her as she stormed off. Felicity holding in her laughter at the girls freak out, she couldn't believe how people took this seriously. She swayed her tail as she walked and soon enough she felt a tug on her tail. She turned facing a large hideous looking man. ". . . . . Well aren't you hot." She chuckled pulling her tail out of his grasp. The man looked down at her with a serious expression. "You look like you're lost. Need help?" She watched her with a boring expression. She smiled up at him. "Actually, I'm looking for someone, um his name is Densu---" He cut her off pointing to exactly who she was looking for. She turned to where he was pointing and turned back to the man as he didn't even say bye he walked off from her. She shrugged walking toward Densuke. She tapped his shoulder. "Dumpster diving I see?" She crossed her arms forgetting about her appearance.

ChairmenRyoji: Densuke would be head first in the dumpster, digging his way for any sort of goods he could bet his hands on. He even came across a rusty shield, about 500 more gold, and a rock….”Why do they even put these here? Ugh…” Densuke would hear a familer voice, ring in his ear. He’d look up to see a stragne…yet attractivie neko girl. “….Felicity?! Holy mother of Zues, this game treated you well didn’t it.” Densuke would step out from the dumpster, and break one more barrel. A pile of 300 gold popped out. He’d pick it up and toss it to felicity. “Take it. I’ve scored mmm 5,000 at best. Gotta get an uber weapon and an armor buff.” Densuke took notice of her weaponry. “Ah you picked your class already! Nice. I’m holding off….money is important.” Densuke would walk over to her and nudge her on the arm, giving a devioius look in his eyes. It was playful, yet sinister. “psst…hey. Lets jack up some fools here. Follow me and mimic my hand motion. It’s another training thingy, but your broke so play along…” Densuke would walk into the crowd, and bump into an innocent by stander. “Hey watch it dude!” “Ah my bad, I’m sorry!” Densuke would yell out. He crossed the street and once he got to the other side, he would flash the sack of gold in felicities direction. He’d pickpocketed antoher 500 gold off some random guy. He’d nod to her for her to try, and stand on the other side of the road waiting to see if she could pick it up. For good measure on his own part, he’d wait til another old man walked by, and pickpocket him as well, only to score 500 more coin. “This is gonna be a good first session I beilive.”

Imgination is powerEdit

Tasanagi: Keyth stood up slowly. His eyes flickering as he wobbled left to right. " WELCOME.. KIDS... I HOPE YOU

Keyth vs a Virus

ALL DID YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE COMING HERE.." Said a man with blue hair as he stood well... floated in the air. He wore a suit dispite the games theme. It was no one other than Keyths Teacher Mr.Obvious, for his 3rd period class. " Hey you!" Keyth said shouting at the top of his lungs. " Since when did you get the kinda Mula to afford these kinda things huh!? Your supposed to be a teacher!" He laughed placing both of his hands behind his back. " I see you didnt read the note those men gave you Tasanagi typical behavior from you. Becareful, acting like that and you'll see be turned into dust before you know it." Mr.Obvious, said as he floated above the crew of kids heads. " You all are currently in the woodland wilderness area of the game. Which is a mistake, you all should be in Shinto town, the feudal japan looking city with the futuristc feel to it down there." He said pointing across the land where they'd see the large city not to far off from them. " The only problem with that... Is well.. There's a Virus in this field... I kind of over looked it, so i didnt get rid of it in time."All of the kids went silent as they looked at one another. " Im sure you all remember the games Protagonist explaining to you what that is i assume?" He said clapping his hands together. " Dont fret, I may not be able to help you. But there is something in this game that you all should know. Notice how you all have simple weapons? Swords, bows, etc?" The Kids would start to look at one another and then there weapons, nodding there heads."  Well those weapons wont do you any good in a place where  monsters wont be affected by it. Some will be, while others wont.  So let us take a moment to think. What... is our greatest weapon as human beings..??" Said the Teacher as he continued to float." Anyone?" He said placing his hands into his pockets. " Um.. our spirit??" He smiled at the girl who spoke up. " Almost Kimiko." He said nodding his head. " OUR WILL TO SURVIVE!" Keyth said. All the kids diverted there eyes, looking at him with that ' Shut the hell up look.' Mr obvious smiled and shook his head. " No, close though Keyth." He said before clapping his hands together and making a vortex of sorts. A Construct of a brain was then shown as his hands spread apart. " Our mind, our brain, your imgination. That is the humans greatest weapon." He said smiling at them all. " IN here, your power is unlimtied, your strength is limtied to your imgination. Be smart, be creative, Have fun and be safe. I know this is scary... because this all seems so real. But its not..." As he said this. (( Large Crator in the ground errupted behind him. The Virus was showing face. A Large hand errupted through the sky it looked decayed, sick looking... As the Virus errupted through the ground. The sky turned into a hell red to signify the coding going haywire due to the virus itself. The hand rose so high that people in the feudal Japan like city could see it from where they stood, and that was miles out. Mr.Obvious stayed there unphased. " I hope to see you all tomorrow, in class." He said as the hand came down smashing his body into pixels. Slowly but surely A large monster errupted from the ground, the size of well.. the empire state building, hell even taller. It towered over the group of about 35 new players, noobs. Roaring at the top of his lungs. "....Well fuck me..." NPC's in the city began to run going rampid, some even began to glitch up. " ITS THE MONSTER OF THE EAST!!" They said shouting as the large Oni looking beast came from out of the ground waving its hands around, it looked like a demon. " Holy.. fucking..." Keyth said as he imagined his blade though it didnt appear in his hand as he thought it would. " Tch!?  Yamisuki where are you!?" He said looking back up at the  beast of a creature. The massive monster pointed down at the group, ripping one of its horns off of its head as it chucked it down to a large mass of players killing them off instantly. The aftershock sent Keyth rolling hard to the other side of the grass fields as he landed with a hard hit to the shoulder then springing back up on his feet. " Tch!?... That.. kinda hurt.. why did that hurt!?" He said notcing that the game had pain recepters. "...." He stood back up to his normal height. "...." Staring up at the beast he clapped his hands together, closing his eyes tight. " Ok... have to imagine.." He said to himself. " Just think.... Just think.... Just think... C'MON!" A bright flash of golden light appeared as he oppened his clapped hands and a large buster blade like weapon pixelzed in his hands. " Heh!" He said swinging the large weapon around, gettind down into a sprinter stance he took off as hard as he could. His speed... becoming inhuman the more and more he ran.. "AAHHHHHH!!!" He said charging the beast, before long he had leaped into the air by 60 feet. Something he could never do in reality. He landed on the creatures thigh and began slashing up his body as he ran. The monster swatted at him, the beasts large hand colliding with the boys body like a fly as he sent him flying off. In mid air, he swung the blade around landing on it before he hit the ground, as if it were some kind of hover board. a lever came out of the center of the blade. A railing of sorts. He'd used it to hold himself up as he'd fly back into the air even further. " Is he fighting that thing?!" Said one of the new players. " No way, that's Keyth Tasanagi!" " That Yakuza kid?!" " What's he doing here!?" The Whiseapers went from the field all the way back to the city where the rest of the new players were. Keyth kicked off again on the sword, doing a ollie kick flip type move which then caused the blade to dart over to the beasts Neck .
Tumblr moyat5lzbo1r8tyjfo1 500
Tucking his body back he'd dart himself at the beasts face rocking it in the jaw with a stright superman type punch with his right hand. A Large sonic boom errutping from the crushing blow, knocking it on the other side of the field. The blade flew back like a bummmer rang which he caught in his left hand. It began to glow a bright golden color as it sat in his hands. " ALRIGHT BIG GUY! TIME TO TAKE YOU OUT!!!!!!!!" He said twisting his body rapidly with the blade, so fast that a golden tornado of sorts formed around his body, about the same size of the giant beast. It began to fire blast from its mouth but Keyth would weave and bob through the attacks.(( As he Reached the beast the Tornado would disprese in a sonic boom of golden

Varation of what Keyths attack looked like

energy which began to slice and rip at the beast. It Screamed in pain as blood began to explode from its wounds. " ONE... MORE... TIMMMMMMMME!!!!!" He said gripping tightly to the blade he pushed it back his whole body being engulfed in the golden aura as he fired off like a star towards the beast and with the force of 300,000 men, he sliced the beats head right off, killing it as it dispersed into red pixelzised dust everyhwhere. Keyths body began to glide back down to the ground where he was met by the other new players. The lifted him high into the air, screaming and yelling for there champion. Mr.Obvious and Mrs.Cosmic were watching it all through a computer somewhere far off, crossing there arms. Mrs.Cosmic shook her head. "...How did he defeat a Virus... at level one. You said that it would take him out." Mr.Obvious put both of his hands into his pants pockets. " I said that yes i did." " If you hadnt had given them that damn speech maybe it would have! Must you make your jobs harder.." Mr.Obvious simply stayed quiet as Mrs.Cosmic stormed out of the room. He smiled shaking his head. " Have a little faith in me Jennifer.." He said blowing the smoke out of his nose.

Split personalitesEdit

Discordia: Kyoko stretched her arms and legs and looked around. Kitsune, hmm, they had magical powers. She had read somewhere in one of the crumbling ancient rolls of parchment that they could create fox fire. “Don’t be such a sissy,” her other half piped up “give it a try.” Kyoko stood with her palms up and focused, her breathing slowed and her eyes bore into her hands waiting for something to happen. As she focused on her hands, she hadn’t noticed the man in the suit until he began to speak. Of course she would end up in the wrong part of the game. She listened to him intently and watched the interaction between him and the other boy. This was one of her teachers. High school was going to be far more interesting than lessons with her old character. “Well, he is kind of cute,” her other half added. Kyoko’s eyes went wide as the monster tore through the earth. She froze for a moment. “MOVE YOUR ASS KYOKO” the voice shouted and she jerked with a start. She darted out of the way just in time to dodge the horn, watching in horror as the other who had not been fortunate enough to get away. As she ran, she trying to recall everything and anything she could about kitsunes. If her mind was her greatest weapon and she could use it to her advantage here, she should be able to think of something. Then it hit her. Kitsune can form pockets in time and space. They can take a small space and make it larger and create their own realm. Alas, time passed quicker in the realms. Still, if she could figure it out, a few seconds was all she needed. She spotted a small hole in the ground and she focused all her energy on it, running straight for it. She was about to either make a brilliant escape or become a huge fool. Kyoko glanced over her shoulder watching the beast rage behind her. Within seconds she had leaped blind into the hole. As she landed the space seemed to expand around her. The space didn’t expand much just enough to fit her body. As soon as she was inside the whole, she hopped back out. The scenery before her had changed completely. She stepped out just in time to see the boy, who had been conversing with her teacher before, sever the head of the mighty beast. Both halves seemed rather impressed. “You need to stick with him if you want to survive cookie, your little disappearing act ain’t gonna cut it for long.” Her other half piped up and as much as she wanted to argue, she knew she was right. It was not exactly how she wanted to meet her new classmates, but what the hell. Kyoko made her way to the circle of kids who were cheering him on. Kyoko kept her eyes on him and watched as the other kids too stupid enough to actually do anything on their own cheered him on. She hung back close enough to watch but not in the crowd of his adoring fans.

Tasanagi: " Yoooo Keyth my main man! That was so cool bro! Was that a cheat code!? How'd ya do that man!?" Said one of the guys in Keyths first period. " Bonjao.. Whats up man.." Keyth said as he rubbed the back of his neck. " He's not smart enough to be a hacker, so he must of cheated.." Said a girl in glasses. Keyth shook his head. " To be honest guys.." He said looking up at the sky. "...I dont know how i did it." Everyone seemed so sincerce. " Hey look at him.. being modest not rubbing it in our fac-"(( " BUT did you see that huh!?" Keyth said throwing his hands into the air. " LOOK OUT DIVINE FIST! ILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO CONQUOR YOU, ME, KEYTH TASANAGI!" He said pointing at the sky. At that moment everyone around him face planted into the ground while he stood with his hand pointed high at the sky that supid determined look on his face. " Hm..?" He turned slowly, eying the girl who had so many tails. The ears on his head twitched, and a shade of pink broke across his face before he shook his head and placed a frown on his face in disquise. A boy rose up from behind her snuggling into her many tails. " OOOOOOHHHH So mannyy! Is this a glitch!? I dont care it feels so goooooodd~" Said some random boy. A girl appeared behind him stompping her in the head, her eyes a solid white as she flaired her hands, her teeth looking like that of a sharks. " HEY GET YOUR FILTHY PAWS OFF OF HER, YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER, BE NICE!" Keyth watched the events go down blinking before he approached her, placing both of his hands behind his head. " You alright? All these clowns i goto school with. But you i dont know, the Names Keyth... Im guessing your new here. Dont be afraid im not this cool in real life." He said giving her a smile, showing her his teeth which some seemed to sharp for humans.

Discordia: Kyoko watched as the kids tried to figure out his secrets. “I guess they should have listened to their teacher” her other half muttered. She listened to his claims, let him be the one to conquer this place, she didn’t care, just as long as she survived was all she cared. And she was a survivor. Kyoko continued to observe and had no intentions of being thrown into the middle of their discussion. She was caught completely off guard as the strange boy began to fondle her tails. Her fists clenched as she fought to keep control, afraid of what the other half might do if she took over. Thankfully, the strange girl intervened. Kyoko regained her composure as he approached. She shifted slightly almost nervously as he neared. “I am fine Keyth-kun.” She replied, giving a polite nod. “I am not exactly new around here, but I will be starting school for the first time. My name is Kyoko, Kyoko Kita and apparently I am a kitsune currently. Though I assure you, I am not this fluffy in real life.” She added, her lips curving into a smile.

Tasanagi: He'd smile giving her a thumbs up. " Hahah that was a good one." He said putting both of his hands behind his head. IN the tower that they were told not to venture off into, sat Mr.Obvious shaking his head, a lollipop in his head. " Damn Tasanagi's. Should known one of them would have been able to break the code and unlock that kind of stuff so early.." he said sighing. Looking up at the sky. " Even in this realm, where i made things to be peaceful, chaos will dawn upon it as well. Seems as though like me, this world is meant to turn into dust." He said leaning against the walls of the window gate. " Mrs.Cosmic, how much longer before Keyome gets into the fourth pedal?" He said looking over his shoulder at her. " Not much longer now, the King has sent one of his finest knights to fetch his pieces." They seemed to be talking through some form of code. " Awsome." Mr.OBvious said as he took a bite out of his apple. "... Seems as though he wont be turning into Dust after all then." He said walking away from the window and back into the tower. He made his way down to the very bottom area where he stepped infront of a large cage of a structure that held back a various amount of monsters behind code like caging. "Will you all fight? or become dust like the rest? I'll send you all out soon enough. Just hold tight." He said taking a few steps back as his body was shrouded by darkness. Back to Keyth and friends. " This my first time playing a video game.." by now him and the female were walking some kind of dirt road path going down into wilderness even further. "  ATTENTION ALL GAMERS.... MORE AREAS HAVE BEEN UNLOCKED DUE TO THE DEFEAT OF THE FIRST FIELD BOSS, THE DRY DESERTS ARE NOW AVALIABLE FOR EXPLORATION." The echoing voice could be heard throughout the gamer world which made Keyth stop on a dime and look around. "..." He looked foward litterally watching a deseret digitize infront of him. "...That's pretty cool.."He said looking back at his female friend. " I cant wait to beat this game, i wonder whats the prize in the end. All we gotta do is find that Cat girl thing.." he said placing both of his hands behind his head, a big smile on his face. " So, you goto my high school? How old are you?" Keyth said looking at her. She had been following him since they left the grassy plains.

Discordia: Kyoko looked on as the desert appeared before them, she had her apprehensions as to why the new area had magically seemed to form directly in their path. This cannot be good, she thought. “Well, no shit Sherlock” added her other voice. She scanned the scenery, nothing but sand and sun. Who knew what was hidden in the dunes. Keyth didn’t seem too concerned with the change of scenery and continued to chatter, asking her questions. “I am 17, and yeah, I go to Kasaihana High School. Well, I haven’t officially started yet. I have never gone to school before.” She answered, adding the last bit on as an afterthought and though she tried to hide it, a tad bit of her nervousness mingled with her voice. “What about you, how old are you? And what do you think we are going to find in this desert? I am sure it is going to be loaded with pocky and bubble tea and all sorts of treats.” She said as they walked. Kyoko stopped in mid step as her eyes caught the base of a tree trunk that had fallen. On the side of it, a large cluster of reddish orange mushrooms jutted out of the side. “Oh look” she exclaimed “Ling Zhi, perfect.” She stooped down and began to pluck them from the trunk. “I am not sure how they taste, but Ling Zhi provides energy and vitality as well as improves the flow of Chi. I had to collect them at the shrine to make tea for the caretaker.”

Tasanagi: (( blinked as he watched her collect the materials and all. "...You know about Chi?" He said watching her pluck from the plant. "im currently 19... or is it 18? Im not sure, its one of those." He said rubbing the back of his neck. " But for you to know about chi, must mean your a practioner, and a fluent martial artist. Or... well no, thats not true. You may just have the general basics about the crap." He said putting both ofh his hands behind his head as he looked up at the sky. " Maybe that Neko girls out there in that deserert. We could go take a lood if you want. I think we still have a little while longer before the Arcade shuts down for tonight." He said looking back at her with a bright smile on his face. The Game time sun began to do down which made Keyth blink. " Hey what? Night time, why is it night time! It was just 3pm in the real world, it cant be night yet. Hey whats the deal!" He said stompping the ground. Not understand fully as to why the time shift was faster because it was a game. " I guess we'll have to set up camp.." He said looking down at her as she continued to get what she needed. After a few moments he had gathered what looked like wood, oddly enough the games physics allowed him to make a fire place. It was warming and Keyth had gathered alot of wood to keep it that way. " Bet your wondering why a city boy.. knows so much about this kinda stuff huh." He said looking over at her after picking up random items. "...Well, you see im not from Kasaihana im from actually the wilderness outside of the city, me and my family, well.. tribe. Lived there for many years before they all.." He paused and then shook his head. " Went away.." he said continuing to toss items into the fire.

Discordia: “One does not have to be a fighter to know about Chi. I grew up in a shrine and there were scrolls littered with information on it.” She replied as she watched him build the fire. Fire, that was right, she had completely forgotten about the fox fire. Kyoko was not exactly keen on her only way of surviving being to dip into a magical hole and hide. She would have to practice that later. Kyoko plopped down cross legged in front of the fire, her tails fanned out around her as she listened to him speak. Her shoulders drooped slightly as she relaxed. “What was it like, coming to a new place so different from what you were used to?” She asked her green eyes tracing the features of his face before she looked away. She held her palms open and began to focus on them, might as well give it a try. She could figure this out, especially while the other voice was quiet and doing only the gods knew what. She just needed to create a spark. Her breathing slowed and she closed her eyes, searching for some sort of feeling inside her that she could tap into. It started as a small burning in the pit of her stomach and she continued to focus on it till that was all that was there. Soon, the burning spread and she could feel it in her hands, her fingers flexed and she opened her eyes. Her face shifted from a look of focus and determination to a proud smile as she stared at her palms. A small blue flame sat in each of her palms. They were not very big, barely the size of the flame on a flickering candle, but she had done it. It could only get easier to draw on that power the next time.

Tasanagi: ((" It was... terrifying." He said looking back at her. " I was, thrown her, well left to do so because i didnt have much choice. I came here looking for my dad, and when i did. Well lets just say, he wasnt who i thought the guy was gonna be.." He said closing his eyes after watching her spark the flames in her hands. He couldnt do that, he had tried the moment he saw her do it. " But... enough about that, what do you do outside of this? And school? Im uh, i run a community services of well organized men and woman who strive on radical decesions to right the community in there own light of protection and money handling." He basically two bit thug without saying it. " Kind of a jack of all trades kinda guy now, just... trying to figure life out you know.." The sun was now setting, the deseret sky starting to make an odd color blend. He'd sit down watching it intentivly as he placed both of his hands behind his head. " We should hang out after this, you seem kinda cool." He said smiling at her, tilting his head to the right. " ATTENTION ALL GAMERS, THE ARACDE WILL BE CLOSING SHORTY, WHEN THE BLUE CHIP APPEARS SIMPLY EAT IT, SO THAT YOU MAY LOG OUT." The Game announcer said. And as it was done speaking a bright blue chip appeared before them floating before the both of them, they both had there own. Keyth took it, gripping it into his hands and shrugging. Taking a look out on the deseret he stood up and placed both of his hands behind his back. " I wonder, if our reality. Can ever become this peacefull." He said taking the chip. " Meet me infront of the burger place outside of the Aracde if you wanna hang out. If not then, that's cool too." He said taking the chip and tossing it into the air, eating it with one gulp his body dispering into digtal code. The helmet raised off of his head slowly. He watched everyone leave alot of people praising him for taking down the virus, alot of people detesting him for it. Calling him a cheating show off etc etc. He made his way outside and stepped into the burger place sitting down at a table and putting his head down. He closed his eyes pulling his back pack under his head as a pillow.

"Shoulda read that letter.."Edit

Discordia: Kyoko listened as he spoke, realizing that this was the first time she had a conversation with someone her own age in a really long time and she was rather curious. It seemed that she would have to wait for another opportunity to satiate her curiosity. The voice boomed and the blue chip appeared and he disappeared. She took her own blue chip and bit down on it before experiencing the odd sensation of disintegrating from the virtual world and returning to reality. Keyth had invited her to hang out before he poofed and she was unsure whether she should or not. Kyoko removed her helmet and straightened her bow. It would be rather rude to not go, but it was also really late. Still, she was really hungry and even though it was only a game, her body felt worn down as if she had been running through the woods. Kyoko’s stomach gave a rumble and she blushed slightly, looking around the emptying arcade to see if anyone had noticed. Well, there wasn’t any harm in going to the restaurant and getting something to eat with a jack of all trades type of guy. She rose from the seat and straightened her skirt before making her way to the burger shop. Tentatively, she opened the door and walked through it, scanning the place before she spotted him slumped over his book bag and headed towards his table. She paused for a moment at the head of the table before clearing her throat softly. “Keyth-kun,”she said her voice raising at the end as if she asked a question rather than made a statement.

Tasanagi:He'd look up rubbing his eyes. He looked almost exactly like he did in the game but his hair was longer in reality. "...Ahh... i think that game gave me nausea.." He said shaking his head. "...ughn.." He said shaking his head as he looked up at the female. He sat up in his seat and as he did he pulled a tooth pick in his mouth. " I'll warn you though.." He said leaning forward. " Hanging with me,would not be a good idea. You see... alot of people dont like me you know. Mostly because of who my father is." As he said this a black SUV pulled infront of the burger place, 4 guys stepped out armed to the T with machine guns and such. THough he hadnt took any notice to them just yet. He pulled that letter from his pocket and finally decided to read it. It said ~Dear Keyth this is your Teacher Mr.Obvious, i uh wrote you this letter because well i need for you not to enter into that game today, if you do... some very dangerous men will be looking for you. They need something you have, something that a certain Yakuza clan needs to keep there boss alive. Your blood Keyth. Your fathers about to die, and the Kagemaru will stop at nothing to obtain you so that they may bring you in, kill you and extract your blood from your body. Every child who plays this game today will be looked, and looked passed. But you have the same DNA structual system that your father has. I didnt know that this was installed into my games system coding untill the moment i saw what they were planning to do. PLease Keyth dont go into that Arcade.~ He blinked. "...Well, guess i shoulda read this..." (( He looked outside eying the men. He'd smile. " Oh great." He said running his fingers through his hair. " Say, you any good with a gun? Ahh nevermind. Remember when i said i was a Jack of all trades and all that Jazz? Well uh, this is one of the things that come with my job. Health insurance. And you see with that Health insurance, they must first. INjure  you first." As soon as he said this bullets began to rain throughout the store. Keyth twisted his body, litterally ripping the steel table out of the ground and twisting it, litterally knocking the bullets away that were about to implant themselves into the girls back. As he did the manuever he would have pushed her along the back of the store. " MOVE MOVE MOVE!" He said as the bullets began to fire continously. The Kagemaru men rushed inside of the store with there guns aimed high kicking down the back of the burger shop they all stood in the back alley. " Where is he!?"  One of them said. " Split up... they coundlnt have gotten far.." They nodded and took off in diffrent directions. In the middle of the alley way a stealth camoflague system would deactivate. Mr.Obvious in the front seat of the car, while Keyth and the younger female sat in the back. Mr.Obvious turned around looking at Keyth. " Keep your head down, you should have read that letter Keyth.." Keyth slummped down in his seat as Mr.Obvious began to drive them both off.

Discordia: Somewhere through all the running, dodging, and tables being ripped from walls she switched. Her gentle features morphed into the face of one angry, pissed off bitch. As she ran, the two voices bickered inside her head. “Seriously, I leave you alone and you almost get us killed. What kind of idiot meets up with a stranger they meet in a game,”she scolded. “I just wanted to get a cheeseburger, and if you were driving you would have done the same thing. You are more reckless than I am any day.” “Oh just shut up and let me think.” The voices continued to go at it as they were concealed by their new teacher apparently. Once in the safety of the van, Kyoko turned and faced him, her green eyes fierce as they looked him up and down. “For fucks sake, what the fucking hell was that.” She exclaimed. “Next time you invite some naive and stupid girl out make sure that a swarm of thugs isn’t about to shoot the fucking hell out of you.” She fumed in the seat as her other half pleaded with her. “Stop it, you are going to make a mess of things and I am going to have to deal with it. He didn’t do it on purpose and you can’t talk like that in front of a teacher. And I am not stupid.” “Fine then, you deal with this mess that you got us into.” With that, she switched and her posture relaxed and her face visually calmed. 

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