Yuzen Sorutobu

Miya Minamori

A Normal DayEdit

Sezomaru: (( Yuzen sat on the steps of his buddy's house like any usual day. Today was Thursday and it was about one pm on a sunny afternoon.  His buddy who's name was Jack, was rolling up a blunt. Jack was the fastest roller Yuzen had ever seen, he really had a talent for it. Yuzen played with his own black bic lighter as he waited. As soon as the blunt was rolled and sealed Jack held it in his right hand, between his index finger and thumb, lighting it with his ice blue bic lighter. As soon as he got it fully lit he placed it between his lips, taking in a long breath, hitting the blunt. He took two more puffs before passing it to Yuzen. Yuzen took the blunt before his index finger and thumb, pinching the end lightly as he raised the blunt to his lips, beginning to suck in, feeling heat begin to race towards his throat. He could taste the loud weed as he sucked on the blunt, enjoying the taste and feeling as usual. He ceased his long drag, sucking in a bit after moving the blunt from his lips. He held his breath, taking a couple gulps as if making sure to take all of the smoke  in. He parted his lips, slowly releasing the white thick cloud of smoke that seemed to have a slight green tint to it. He repeated the process he had just performed before passing it back to Jack. He closed his eyes, beginning to slightly feel the effects of the green plant already. He slowly opened his eyes to see his group of boys walking towards him. He dapped up Jack before getting up. He slid his hands into his black jeans pockets, walking towards them. He pulled his right hand out of his pocket, dapping the four of them up, glancing around. "Jakey, go get Miya." "Got it." The guy named Jakey answered, jogging over towards Miya's house. He knocked on the door, waiting on her to answer as the other three and Yuzen began walking down the sidewalks towards the city side of District One towards their normal hang out which was an alley way they had furnished themselves. They occassionally had to beat the shit out of any hobos that tried to hang around there but it was their place to chill and relax. 

Impresssed: Miya woke up from her long nap, she rubbed her eyes looking around at her surroundings. She fell asleep on her couch from the party she went to last night. She rubbed her head somewhat feeling her hangover. She shrugged it off rising up from the couch slowly fixing her hair as she walked to her fridge sleepily. She opened her fridge pulling out an iced tea. She shut her fridge while popping open her drink. She sipped her drink walking over to her kitchen counter placing her drink next to her. She reached over picking up her pack of cigarettes. '..2 left.' She thought to herself sadly. She pulled her third cigarette out of the box and placing the cigarette to her lips, she reaches for her cupboard for her pink and grey skull lighter, she starts to light her cigarette pulling at the cigarette filling her mouth and lungs with smoke. She leaned her head back letting out the smoke from her mouth relaxing a bit shutting her eyes. She took another pull as she heard a knock on the door. She sighed finishing up her iced tea, she walked towards her door as she walked she threw away her drink in her garbage as she walked to the door. She answered the door in her pajamas, consisting of a really big shirt with no pants down to her thighs and long white socks, her hair a bit messy. She yawned taking another pull of her cigarette letting out the smoke as she smiled at Jakey. "Hey, what's up, I just woke up…" She leaned against the side of the door yawning a bit again placing the cigarette in her mouth.

Sezomaru: Yuzen glanced over towards Miya's house, seeing her standing in the doorway wearing what she most likely slept in which looked like a long shirt that came down to about thigh length, and long white socks. He pulled his hands from his pockets, straightening his his jacket before sliding them back into his pants pockets, beginning to stroll over to the house. The other boys hung back, standing on the sidewalk. Jakey smiled some at Miya before his face straightened again. "Nothin girl, just chillin. Probably about to go chill at the spot. You down?" Jakey spoke in a friendly tone of voice when he talked to her. He glanced over his left shoulder, noticing Yuzen walking up. He nodded at her before turning, walking back to the small group on the sidewalk. Yuzen made his way up the steps, skipping over every other step. He leaned against her doorframe in the open doorway, glancing at what she was wearing. "Just wake up eh?" His Irish accent was solid and unmistakable as he spoke. He shook his head left to right, causing his bangs to sway slightly with the movement. "Hung over from that party last night?" Yuzen grinned, figuring she was. He remembered last night perfectly even though he had downed his share of alcohol. The only moments he didn't remember were the moments before he passed out. He remembered all the dancing he did. He had danced with a couple girls though mainly he danced with Miya, before and after she got drunk. They grinded on each other for the majority of the party. It was a regular for the two at parties even though everyone knew they weren't a thing. "Good party aye?" Yuzen crossed his arms over his chest loosely. "Go get dressed will ya? We're gonna be movin to the spot soon." He glanced at her messy hair and long shirt that seemed like a dress on her.

Impresssed: Miya smilied at Jakey nodding to him as he walked away, she watched Yuzen walk up to her and she ran her fingers through her hair loosely. She remembered only bits of the party, dancing and dancing and.. more dancing. She did infact remember dancing with Yuzen, they weren't anything but she a lot of fun looking at the boys around her squirm in jealousy. She also remembered being so drunk she couldn't walk so someone carried her home, she couldn't remember who but as long as she was hime safely. She took a bit too many shots than her british, tea drinking self could handle. She pulled the cigarette from her mouth half gone, she place the rest of her cigarette into Yuzen's mouth. "It was a long night." She smiled tilting her head a bit, her british accent was very strong and polite sounding, although most of the things she says aren't so polite. Miya smiled slightly and waved him off. "I'll be there, let me look decent." She waved to the other guys as they were walking off, one yelled "Hey Miya!" and the others just simply smiled or waved back to her. Miya patted Yuzen's cheek playfully and shooed him off. "Now go, I'll see you guys in a minute." She smiled at him slowly shutting the door. She walked to her room and opened her drawers. She pulled out a tshirt and ripped jeans. She slid off her shirt and her socks. She looked at her body for a second in the mirror. She felt a bit sickened every time she saw herself, images of her father. She cringed, slowly she pulled on her ripped jeans slowly turning her head away from the mirror. She pulled on her tshirt, grabbing her leather jacket from her coat rack. She slid on the leather jacket as she walked to her door, she slid on her boots and looked in the hallway mirror fixing her greenish black hair. She smiled at herself a bit as the corners of her lips turned to a frown. She grabbed her keys and walked out her house, she locked the door walking towards the boys catching up to them. "That was probably the quickest I've gotten dressed before." She chuckled swinging her keys around her finger. 

Into The CityEdit

Sezomaru: Yuzen smirked, able to tell she was remembering the night before just like he had. He knew she enjoyed watching other guys act jealous when she didn't dance with anyone but him. He may have been considered a thug and a hoodlum but he certainly wasn't stupid. "You're welcome for the ride home by the way." Yuzen smirked as she waved him off, telling him to let her look decent. She always looked decent, good at that, even in her bed head look. He listened to her British accent as it reached his ears. He accepted the short of a cigarette that she had placed between his lips, taking a small drag on it before taking it between the index and middle fingers of his right hand. He looked off to the left, releasing a wispy stream of smoke from inbetween his partially opened lips. He felt her soft fingers as she patted his cheeks. She was the only one he allowed to treat him like that, others wouldn't dare to do so or there would be a serious problem. He turned, heading back over to the guys who were now making there way towards the deeper part of the city, not to say their neighborhood wasn't in the thick of it but District One always had darker corners. Yuzen glanced over his shoulder as he took another drag on the cigarette though this time it was much longer. He released a thick yet wispy cloud of smoke from between his lips as he saw her leave her house. He saw that she was wearing ripped jeans, a tshirt and her usual leather jacket. Most of the boys wore black himself included. "I don't doubt that." Yuzen said when she caught up and made a comment on the speed of her getting dressed. He tossed the cigarette butt onto the street, letting it burn slowly until it put itself out but by that time, they would be a ways away from it. He pulled out his own pack of cigarettes, pulling out two of the cigarettes known as "Heaven's Touch". They were cigarettes made by the Kagemaru Zaibatsu. They were made up of only nicotine, none of the harmful chemicals that were put into cigarettes years ago. He placed one of them between his lips before handing one to Miya. He glanced at her, speaking around the cigarette. "A bit low on 'em aren't you?" 

Impresssed: Miya was still a big hung over as she tiredly caught up to them. She smiled at everyone following them. Miya looked at Yuzen's eyes, they were tinted a bit red. "You guys had weed and didn't spark me?" She teased nudging him a bit as they walked. Her eyes flickered quickly towards Yuzen's hand as he pulled out his cigarettes. She reached her hand out over him attempting to steal the second cigarette. "I got two left.. and I need to save them. I get paid next week." She whined a bit reaching over him more now walking backwards in front of him.

ChairmenRyoji: ( )Danny would be walking the streets of D1 at this time, blasting this music in his portable speaker. He was feeling rather spiffy today. He’d be strutting down the street in his new clothes. He was happy that he wasn’t a bum anymore. He’d been fucking a cydriod, living in a nice house with his best pal, and joined a pretty cool gang, full of cool people. He’ start cryp walking down the side walk, shuffling his feet and nodding to the music. Twising and turning, and bumping into random people, but he didn’t care. He was happy. You coud hear his music a mile away, as he smiled, and turned acting like a hard ass. He’d come to a cross walk, and began make shift moonwalking into the road, when “BLAM”. Danny was hit by a taxi, and crashed straight face first into the window shield. “Kid are you okay oh my god!!!” The woman driver steped out, and pulled danny from the windshield. Danny would shake his head, and speak with a daze in his voice. “I-I’m all beans and gravy cap’n jack sparrow!!” Danny would get up, and dust himself off, shaking his head a few times to get himself back together. “Ahh….How to kill boredom. I could hit Claymore up and see what he’s up to…I would hang with amy but she’s always on Densuke’s jock.” Danny would be standing in the middle of the road, completely oblivious to the honking horns of people wanting to go by him. He was holding up traffic pretty well one might add, but he just shrugged and continued his walk, starting his song over. He’d keep walking only to see an Asian man sitting on the side walk polishing his sword. Odd. One doesn’t see someone so casual about their sword polishing…Danny would walk over and squat down infron of the man. “Nice Katana. Stainless steel I take it?” The man with black hair, shaggy at that would look up at Danny and nod. “Yep. My pride and joy. You a swordsman I take it?” Danny shook his head. “Nah. White lotus province of martial arts. Never been a weapons man, but I can use a broad sword decently. I don’t prefer to though…Not really a violent guy unless it’s a spar.” The aisan man laughed to himself. “Ah I like that. Care to buy a blade? I’ve got plenty for sale.” Danny would tilt his head as the Asian man unrolled a roll full of swords and spears and bladed weapons alike. Danny’s eyes lit up. “Well sweet mother of god let me browse around here!!!”

Sezomaru: Yuzen laughed when she made a comment about the guys having weed and didn't share. "It was just Jack." He said, teasing her with the cigarette before handing it to her. He pulled his black lighter out, raising it to the end of his cigarette. He lit it, slowly dragging on the cigarette to help to fully ignite it. He took the cigarette between his index and middle finger, pulling it away from his lips, releasing a long wispy cloud of smoke. "It was pretty good though. Some good ass loud." He smirked, nodding some. "It's chill, I still have five left and I've got money for another pack." He smiled at her before placing his cigarette between his lips again, sliding his lighter back into his left jacket pocket, taking a drag off of the cigarette. He released another cloud of smoke. They reached the bigger buildings of District One, more and more people began walking along the sidewalks the deeper they got into the city. People moved out of the way as the group walked which was nothing special. People never wanted anything to do with teenage hoodlums, or thugs and hoodlums period for that matter. They soon cut a left, walking down into their alleyway. Yuzen jumped up onto the hood of an old car that had been left there to rust, causing it to make a creaking noise though it didn't budge besides that. It was really solid. Jakey had danced on this car before and it hadn't budged so it was for sure solid. Yuzen finished his cigarette, flicking it into the trashcan that they burned trash in when it got cold at night. 

Impresssed: Miya laughed looking over at Jack. "Tsk Tsk." She happily took the cigarette and placed it between her lips, she pulled out her lighter from her back pocket and started to walk next to him, as she walked she lit her cigarette. She sucked in on the cigarette, placing the cigarette between her two fingers as well. She pulls the cigarette away from her mouth letting smoke slide out between her lips as she watched the people scurry away from them as they walked through District one. It didn't bother her, she liked intimidating people, along with her friends. Miya kept walking ignoring people's remarks as the group walked. She tossed her hair to the side as she walked, they turned to the left and Miya following him to the rusty old car, that seemed like it went through hell. She lied across the head of the car looking up at the sky pulling at her cigarette still, she sat up and turned to Jack, she blew the smoke into his face. "That's for not sharing." She smiled laying back down clipping her cigarette and putting the clip into her almost empty cigarette box. "So any plans today guys?" She asked sounding polite with her sweet accent.

Jack laughed when she blew smoke into his face. He was a lot higher than Yuzen was due to him smoking more of the blunt than Yuzen had. "I can't help it, you and that sexy accent." Jack got rather flirty when he was high though it was only words, he'd never try to do anything. Yuzen yawned some, glancing down at Miya. "We might as well take a lap around the District or some shit." He looked up at the sky, pulling his knees in slightly so he could plant his feet up onto the hood of the car. He placed his elbows onto his knees, resting them there. "Damn, let's go. Fuck sitting there aye?" He jumped up, beginning to walk. The others started to follow him though he'd wait for Miya to catch up. He'd slid his left arm around her shoulder, pulling her against him as they walked. He did this sometimes when they went on casual walks or showed up together at a party. He glanced at the people who decided to move out of there way. He smirked, watching a cop car roll past, eyeing them though they didn't stop. They rolled on down the road. "Fuckin pig ass bitches." Jack said as he flicked the cops off when they turned the corner. "You won't do shit though." Yuzen glanced over his shoulder at Jack, grinning. "Yea, I'm not crazy like you pig fighter." Yuzen laughed, thinking back to the time he drunkenly beat the shit out of a cop and his partner before escaping. He had no idea how he had done it, it must have been adrenaline. They really had some good times over the years, it was pretty great having a gang of boys like them.

Impresssed: Miya chuckled at Jack's comment and shoved him lightly on his shoulder. "Oh shut up." She laughed jumping off the rusty car hood. The car hood felt very rough and cut up her thigh a bit. She sighed looking at the scratches. "Stupid car." She shrugged it off and walked along Yuzen as he place his arm around her shoulder, however it didn't bother her much since she was used to it. Miya noticed Jack's reaction to the cops as they walked by and rolled her eyes a bit giggling. She remembered when Yuzen got into a fight with a cop, then actually getting away with it. He was insane. She looked over at Yuzen and shook her head. "Something is wrong with your brain. Drinking too much, you should stick to pop." She pet his hair softly and kindly, his hair was very soft and nice to play with. As she walked her hips swayed casually but the boys behind her drooled over it, her usual walk was just out of habit. She loved to be a big tease, although she didn't even need to try. 

Sezomaru: Yuzen glanced up at the sky as they walked, feeling something bumping against him slightly as they walked. He glanced over his shoulders at the boys, seeing they were highly focused on something. He glanced down slightly, noticing Miya was doing her usual walk which involved a hell of a lot of hip movement even though it seemed casual. "Oi, I don't drink too much, I'm just fine the way I am. You stick to drinking that fizzy juice." He took his arm from around her shoulder, smacking her butt lightly before sliding his arm back around her again. "You're making the mates drool again with your ass." Yuzen looked at her, grinning as they continued to walk. He looked back up at the sky before glancing over towards a group of guys he knew in an alley across the street. They glanced up, noticing him. "Yuuuuuzen my boy!" One of them sounded as if he had a Scottish accent, Yuzen grinning when he heard the voice. "Aye!" Yuzen continued walking though as if that little exchange was enough talking. "We should get some drinks, what do you say?" He glanced at the boys, seeing their nods of agreement.

Impresssed: Miya smiled at him as he spoke to her, she laughed at his comment on her backside. Miya flinched as he smacked her butt and looked at him quickly giving him 'the look'. She chuckled shaking her head. "Hey, it's called pop!" She teased, laughing a bit. She noticed in the corner of her eye one of the guys staring at her butt, she snapped her fingers in his face as he quickly looked back up at her. "Stop that." She snapped. He laughed at her and looked at her noticing her facial expression was serious. He quickly turned facing forward. Miya smiled turning back at Yuzen with a satisfied expression. "I don't mean to, it's just a habit of mine." She watched him walk away as he pulled away from her and followed the boys. Standing behind all of them she pushed through the group to Yuzen as they separated watching her walk through them. Miya glared back at the boys as they stared at her. She chuckled at their scared faces she caught up to Yuzen. "What did you guys say?" She caught up to Yuzen looking at the scottish sounding man talk to the guys. 

Sezomaru: Yuzen looked at her when she said that shaking her ass wa a habit of hers. "Aye, and it's a bad habit." He slid his left arm around Miya's shoulder again. "I said we should get some drinks." He glanced back towards the alley where the thugs he had been talking to were hanging. "I used to run with them when I was eleven." Yuzen grinned some. "They're part of the reason I am how I am now. The Scottish one's name is Lucks. Yea, L-u-c-k-s, Lucks." Yuzen smirked. "Wanna go get some drinks, I'll even buy you another pack of cigs." Yuzen looked at Miya, waiting on her answer as he walked with her, his arm staying around her shoulder, keeping her close. The boys were walking behind them though now they were trying t keep their eyes off of her nice ass. "Jack wants to re-up on some green too." He glanced back at Jack who nodded. "Yea man, gotta keep my money coming in and the loud for us to smoke. I need to smoke Miya out since she decided to sleep and miss our blunt earlier." Jack laughed after he finished talking. "Aye, we haven't smoked her out in a little while. We should throw another party too. Miya might not be able to handle another one though." Yuzen looked at her, grinning some. He was obviously teasing her like he usually did.

Impresssed: Miya laughed at his remark about her habit. She felt his arm go over her shoulders once again. "Nice to meet you.. uh.. L-Lucks?" It was hard to pronounce with her accent but she tried hard enough. "Drinks sound good, and aw you're such a gentleman Yuzen." She chuckled blowing him a kiss." Miya smiled at the gang he was talking to and greeting them all. "Hello everyone." She looked over at Yuzen and then Jack. "Smoke me out?" She snorted folding her arms loosely. "Oh please, I can handle anything." She winked at Yuzen. "Can you handle it?" She poked Yuzen's chest playfully. She looked around curiously at her surroundings. Miya noticed a cracked mirror on the floor she looked at her reflection. She frowned a bit stepping on the mirror cracking it more. She hates looking at herself. She turned to Yuzen smiling again. "You're not joking about the party are you?" She laughed a bit trying to get her mind off things.

"Aye, Lucks is me name little lassy." Lucks spoke with a really thick Scottish accent and speech pattern. "I was teachin yer boyo there 'ow to walk these streets since 'e was a little one." Yuzen glanced back at Lucks grinning. "Aye old man." He then looked at Miya, grinning when she blew a kiss at him. "Oi, it's a bit better if you kiss my cheek, even at this distance yea?" He smirked when she made a comment about him handling it. "Miya, you should know I've been blowing haze since I was little, nothing i can't handle." He noticed that she stepped on a cracked mirror. He spit to the right, causing it to land on the street away from them. Spitting was a habit that he had, it developed when he had started smoking back when he was little. He knew that she didn't like seeing her reflection or looking at herself period for that matter. It was something she had told only him when they were both drunk and high off of their ass, completely shelled. "Oi, of course I'm not joking about the party. What do I look like joking about one?" He laughed, hugging her shoulder a bit.

Impresssed: Miya smiled a bit as she understood who Yuzen got his charm from. "My boy?" She smirked looking at Yuzen. She rolled her eyes a bit laughing. She figured he was joking when he said that. After all they were only close friends. Miya was always friends with the guys, she didn't get along very well with girls. "A kiss on the cheek?" She chuckled looking away. "But I like to tease you mate." She looked back at him grinning as he spit to his side. "Oh bloody hell, another party? Where to this time?" She questioned him as he squeezed her a bit. "And oh of course not! Silly me, eh mate?" She giggled a bit to herself as her sarcastic tone amused her. 

Sezomaru: "Oi, shut up." He laughed, leaning over. He pressed his lips against the corner of her mouth casually. He smiled at her before glancing back at Lucks. "Aye, go get us some rum." Lucks nodded, laughing. "Aye, I got ye boyo." He walked off, heading across the street into the liquor store. He came out a few minutes later while they waited. He handed Yuzen the bag with a rum bottle inside of it. "Hell yea Lucks, like the uncle I never had." Lucks gave a hearty laugh, throwing his head back. "Aye aye boyo, me littl nephew and his girl." Lucks then turned, walking away from them with a wave, heading back to his own group of thugs. "He'll think you're my girl no matter what we say." Yuzen said as he glanced at Miya. He looked down at the bag again, grinning. "So we should go hang out in the chill spot and drink this." He said as he glanced back at his boys. He turned, turning Miya around with him, walking through the group of guys, heading towards the alleyway they always chilled in. 

Impresssed: Miya laughed with him as he leaned down and kissed the corner of her mouth as if he's done that multiple times. She stared at him carefully as he gestured for his "uncle" to get the rum. She smiled a bit rolling her eyes covering her cheeks. He loved to see her get flustered because he knew she wasn't so comfortable around guys. Miya's eyes flickered towards Lucks, her eyes squinted a bit at his remark about being his girl again, just when she was about to say something Yuzen interrupted her telling her he will always think she was his girl. Miya simply laughed it off, she nodded to him. She took the bottle from him smiling at him innocently. "Yep, off we go." She smiled as she held the rum. She looked inside the bag at the rum as she looked back up walking to the alleyway holding the drink tightly and securely. Finally as they got there she pulled it out of it's bag and handed Yuzen the bottle. "Bottoms up darling." She grinned holding out the bottle to him.

Fun With RumEdit

Sezomaru: Yuzen laughed, taking the bottle from her. He popped the cap off of it as he walked into the alleyway. He raised the bottle up to his lips, beginning to down the harsh Rum. He slowly pulled the bottle from his lips, releasing a harsh sigh. The rum that Lucks bought was pretty harsh though it was sure to get them drunk in a few rounds. Yuzen walked into the alleyway, turning to the right into the deeper part of the alleyway where there were couches set up. He sat down, taking another swig from the bottle before passing the bottle to Miya once she sat down. He was really chilled out, leaning against the back of the couch. He leaned his head back, releasing a satisfied sigh.

Impresssed: She watched him drink the rum, it looked strong by the look he gave her as he drank it. She took the bottle eyeing it, and placed the tip of the bottle to her lips. She took a big gulp, pulling it from her lips she swallowed it making a face. "Bloody hell, that was strong." She felt the drink burn her throat as it made its way down her throat. She sighed a bit. She handed the bottle over to Jack. "Here you go, try it out." She smiled holding out the drink, flipping her hair over a bit as she sat next to Yuzen looking up at him. "He sure picked a really harsh drink, didn't expect that kind of kick." Licking her lips tasting some of the alcohol on them. She turned to watch Jack to see his expression when he took a sip. She leaned back on the couch getting comfy on it, although it wasn't the best for comfort she made it seem very comfortable.

Sezomaru: Yuzen glanced up, seeing the look on her face. He smirked when she sai it was strong in her thick British accent. "Lucks always liked the rough stuff, he has me hooked on it." Yuzen looked at Jack as he took a swig of the Rum. He scrunched his face up, passing the bottle over to Jakey who scrunched his face up as well. The bottle soon got back to Yuzen. He took it, taking a longer and harsher swig off of the bottle, shaking his head. He passed the bottle back to Miya, the harsh Rum hit him like a train after the second long swig while Jakey and Jack were feeling the affects after the the first swig. "Damn..." He looked at at Miya, grinning, watching as she went to drink out of the bottle again. He was starting to feel drunk, the rum was seriously that harsh.

Impresssed: She started to laugh a bit covering her mouth as she laughed. "Hey, don't drink it all Yuzen!" She whined taking the bottle. She smiled at him while taking a sip of the rum. She flinched a bit taking another gulp, except a bigger one this time. She pulled the bottle from her lips slowly. She swallowed it all passing it over to Jack again. She felt the alcohol hit her, pretty hard. She giggled to herself. "I shouldn't have taken that big of a sip." She stretched a bit crossing her legs. She started to feel a bit tipsy. "Goodness, my throat might as well be on fire." She laughed a bit watching Jack take another big gulp, he made the same face passing it to Jakey.

Sezomaru: (( Yuzen grinned when she started giggling, knowing that she was tipsy by now. She always got giggly when she got tipsy or drunk. "I'm not gonna drink it all." He laughed at Jack's face and the thing that Miya said about her throat being on fire. "Eh, I guesssss." He looked at her for a moment before he leaned over, sliding his right hand under her hair, his fingers wrapping around the back of her neck under her skull, his thumb rested on the side of her cheek, right in front of her ear. He held the side of her head with his one hand gently, slowly leaning in. He pressed his lips to her top lip, giving his head a slight tilt to the right so he was able to get a better position. His eyes lowered slowly, stopping before fully closing, being about half way closed. If she were to return this kiss he would move his lips against hers, adding a bit more pressure to deepen the kiss they were sharing. He'd reach over with his left arm, slowly sliding it around her right side around her waist, slowly pulling her close to him.

Impresssed: Miya turned to Yuzen as he took her by the back of her head, she felt his lips against her top lip. She smiled during the kiss her drunk self not realizing what was happening. She felt as he deepened the kiss, she just went along with it wrapping her arms behind his neck folding her hands together. She pulled away from the kissed brushing her lips against his leaning in and bites his bottom lip softly staring up at him. She grinned once again pressing her lips against his bottom lip, tilting her head a bit as well. She heard Jack in the background chuckling and Jakey arguing wether he should take another gulp or just pass it to someone else.

Sezomaru: Yuzen smiled when she parted their lips, brushing hers against his before nipping his bottom lip. He grinned just as she did, moving his lips back against hers. He heard Jack as he made a comment about them always making out when they got drunk like this. Jakey decided to put the bottle down, leaning his head back. His eyes closed as quickly as he had put his head down. Jack smacked him before standing up, walking over to the car. He got into it, starting the car. The guys had decided to fix the car up enough that they were able to play music. The parts were all stolen of course. He started playing some laid back rap that still had enough bass to bump to. Yuzen slid both of his hands down towards her hips as his eyes closed fully, his lips still moving against Miya's.

Impresssed: Miya smiled mid-kiss as they turned on the music. She slid her hands down his shoulders onto his chest resting her hands there for a while. She slid her hands back up to his shoulders continuing the kiss she pushes him off her unexpectedly. "N-No.. I don't wanna.." She turned to him then crossed her arms. She stared at his lips again. "but I do.." Her confused drunk mind made her crawl over to him sitting on his lap, she takes his chin and pecks his jawline, moving back up to his lips. When she's drunk she doesn't know what she wants, Yuzen knew this, so this was nothing new. She heard the music get louder not hearing their lips move against each other anymore. She slid her hand through his hair to the back of his head running her fingers through his hair softly moving her hand over his shoulders as she leaned against the arm rest of the couch.

Sezomaru: Yuzen watched her when she pushed him back. Here was when she became really indecisive. She soon crawled onto his lap, beginning to kiss him again. He heard the music get louder but not before Jack made a joke about liqour bringing out true feelings. There was some sort of truth in that but Yuzen didn't believe in it. He slowly broke the kiss, lifting her up. He set her down on the couch beside him before he got up, pulling his pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket. He pulled a cigarette from it. He placed the cigarette between his lips, pulling his black lighter from his pocket with his left hand. He sparked the lighter, igniting the flame. He lit his cigarette, taking a slow yet long drag off of it. He slid his lighter back into his pocket before taking the cigarette between his right index finger and thumb, pulling it away from his lips so he was able to blow out the wispy cloud of smoke. He glanced back at Miya, smiling before he walked towards the car. He leaned against the hood, continuing to smoke his cigarette.

Impresssed: Miya overheard them talking as she ignored it completely. She refused to believe it as well as Yuzen. This was nothing but a friendly kiss as usual. "Friendly." She watched him take out a cigarette she pulled out her clipped cigarette from before from her back pocket. She leaned back on the couch folding her legs again casually placing the cigarette between her lips. She gestured for one of the guys next to her drinking to light it for her for she couldn't keep straight she felt a bit dizzy and giggly. One of the guys lit her cigarette laughing a bit back at her. She smiled patting his cheek while she pulled on the cigarette. She pushed the guy away from her as she pulled the cigarette away from her lips with it between her right index finger and middle finger. She stared at the cigarette box. "Cancer stix." She smiled a bit laughing looking up watching the guys at the car as she pulled at her cigarette, she called them 'fags' as they called them that in England but they laugh at her when she calls them that. She never understood why.

Sezomaru: Yuzen smoked his cigarette down to a nub quickly. He always smoked quickly when he was tipsy. He flicked the cigarette butt into the same trashcan that he had flicked one into earlier. He looked at Miya, smiling some as he slid his hands into his pants pockets. Jakey was sitting beside him and noticing Yuzen's look he grinned, nudging him. "Why don't you go for her bro?" Jakey was speaking to Yuzen at a low volume to the point that only Yuzen could hear him over the bumping music. Yuzen shrugged, shaking his head some. "Dunno. I've thought about it but I don't think it'd end up working. We're probably best as friends aye?" Jakey shrugged some. "If you don't one of the other boys or some other strange guy is going to try." Yuzen glanced at him, shrugging again. He looked over towards Miya again, his eyes lingering on her face.

Impresssed: Miya finished her short cigarette walking towards the garbage can, then moving over next to the boys. She didn't walk in a perfect straight line but it wasn't that stupid looking when she walked. She felt eyes on her as she walked towards them. She patted Jakey's head softly. "Mmm, your hair is so soft." She started to play with his hair. She smiled looking up at them pulling away from his hair. "What are you guys chatting up about?" She smiled her british accent harsher as she was a bit drunk. Her words slurred a bit but she was pretty clear when she talked. Miya standing next to Jakey she felt him laugh at her when she played with his hair. He sounded a bit upset when she pulled away so she went back to petting his hair. 

Sezomaru: Yuzen watched as Miya walked over to them and started playing with Jakey's hair. He then glanced at Jakey who flicked at her hand. "You're drunk giiiirlllll." He was drunk too but he knew that look from Yuzen. When Yuzen was drunk he was more prone to fight someone and whoop their ass though it was also when he was the hardest partier. Yuzen yawned some, keeping his hands in his pants pockets. "Might be about time to head back." Yuzen said though he didn't move, he stayed leaning on the hood of the car, looking towards the sky.

Impresssed: Miya pouted as he flicked at her hands. She looked up at Yuzen's expression and immediately realized why he did that. She smiled a bit "You're the drunk giiiirll Jakey." She laughed at her own joke walking up to Yuzen. "Yuzzenn… You have very pretty eyes." She said reaching up to his cheek softly brushing his cheek. She blinked pulling away from him. "It is kinda late.. though." She patted her back pocket checking for her keys, she felt them jingle. She looked up at him. "Wait.. where do I live again?" She mumbled to herself confused. "Wait shit what?" She blinked blankly staring into space. "ah yea.." She looked up at Yuzen hoping he didn't notice her do all that in her stupid moment.

Sezomaru: Yuzen watched as she stood in front of him, telling him that he had pretty eyes. She brushed his cheek before saying that it was getting late. "Yea, even though it's only about.." "Four!" Jack yelled from the drivers seat of the car. He slowly got out, turning the car off. "Let's go party guuyysss." Jack and Jakey laughed as they started walking towards the opening of the alleyway, ready to head home and start partying. Yuzen nodded some, getting off of the hood of the car so he was able to begin walking behind them. Jack turned to the left, heading off into the city on his re-up run. He still needed to get more weed, especially if they were going to party. Jakey walked ahead of Yuzen, wanting to get back into the neighborhood. Yuzen glanced over his shoulder towards Miya to make sure she was coming with them and was able to walk. If she wasn't able to he would fall back and slid his right arm around her shoulder, guiding her. He was the most adept in doing things while he was drunk so walking was no problem at all for him.

Impresssed: Miya shot a glare at Jack. "Yeah, four.. that's like the time I usually wake up." She smiled as they offered to party. "I agree, let's go." She started to follow them catching herself as she walked she caught up to them without a problem. She walked looking around. "Where are we going to?" She questioned clicking her heels as she walked her usual walk, sobering up a bit from the cigarette. She yawned a bit. " I need something to wake me up.." She groaned walking alongside Jakey. He looked at her snapping his fingers in her face. "WAKE UPP." He yelled in her face. She flailed her arms about shooing his hands away from her face. "Not like that idiot!" She ran her fingers through her hair teasing her hair a bit as she walked. 

The Wrong OneEdit

Sezomaru: Yuzen yawned some as he walked with his hands in his pockets, trailing behind Jakey and Miya. She was doing her usual walk with her sensual hip swaying. He watched as her hips swayed before shaking his head, looking away. "Hey girl! You look good as hell, what're you going with that punk?" A few guys, three of them, came walking across the street, yelling at Miya, trying to hit on her. The punk they were referring to was Jakey. Jakey looked in their direction and grimaced when suddenly Yuzen walked out onto the street, heading in their direction. Jakey saw Yuzen as he walked towards the guys but he didn't have time to say anything. Yuzen had already pulled both of his hands from his pockets. He gripped his hands into tight fists as he reached the three guys. He caught them by surprise, swinging his right fist in a hard right hook, slamming his fist against the guy closet to him's face. They guy fell back and instrinctively Jakey looked into the alleyway beside him, seeing a metal bar. He ran into the alley way, tossing it towards Yuzen. Yuzen reached back, catching the metal bar, clenching it tightly. He swung it as hard as he could, slamming it against the guy in the middle's stomach. He had been the one who had yelled at Miya. The guy doubled over, about to fall though Yuzen didn't give him the chance. He lowered the iron bar, swinging it upwards, slamming the bar against the guy's forehead, causing him to flip back onto his back. The last guy swung his left fist towards Yuzen's face though he leaned back, the punch missing the tip of his nose just barely. He swung the iron bar, slamming it into the attacker's stomach, causing him to double over as well. Yuzen raised the metal bar, slamming it down against the back of the guy's skull, sending his face into the concrete. Yuzen twirled, slamming the iron bar against the first guy's face. Yuzen slowly dropped the crowbar, sliding his hands into his pockets. He walked away from the three guys as if it had been nothing. He moved past Jakey and Miya, looking down the street.

Impresssed: Miya turned hearing the guys hit on her. She made a face at him before she could speak she saw Yuzen stand in front of them and work his magic. She gasped as he used the pipe on the guys stomach. He looked as if he was gonna throw up. She chuckled a bit watching them get beat up. "That's what you get, pigs." She rolled her eyes. She stepped over the guys bodies as they lay across the ground. She watched Yuzen walk away casually as if nothing happened. "Well, that escalated quickly." She commented. She started walking next to Yuzen. "I didn't even notice Jack left. " She looked around. "Oh.. and thank you for that, those guys we're jerks.." She rolled her eyes. "How do guys like that even find me." She mumbled to herself. She looked up at Yuzen, how did Yuzen even find her? Why do they keep her in the group, she's probably just an annoying usual girl with a temper. She was so close to just socking those guys in the face right then and there but she held back. She was gonna try to ignore them, she needed to because her stupid heels make her walk a bit more sensually. 

Fun with a FriendEdit

Sezomaru: Yuzen noticed her sensual walking once more though he did his best to keep his eyes forward. He pulled his left arm out of his pocket, sliding it around her shoulder. He pulled her close, walking with her. "They see your body and flock to it." Yuzen said, softly kissing the side of her head. "Don't pay them any attention, I'll handle them aye?" He continued to walk with her, heading back towards their neighborhood. They entered the neighborhood and were greeted by some of the homies who were chilling outside. Yuzen dapped those who walked up to him with his free hand which was his right hand. He then looked at Miya, then glanced back at Jakey. He leaned over, whispering into her ear. "Let's go to my place.." He was slowly walking towards his house with his arm around her shoulder still.

Impresssed: She smiled at the guys he greeted, one of them checking her out she flipped him off with a sweet smile. He backed away noticing Yuzen had his arm around her. She looked up at him a bit confused. Sudden realization she nodded and took his arm smiling, waving to Jakey and walking towards his house. She took his keys from his pocket and unlocked the door, dragging him in through the doorway. She smiled up at him shutting the door after them. Locking it. 

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