School Is In SessionEdit

Impresssed: Rina yawned as she walked through the halls passing by everyone acting as if no one was there. She ignored anyone and everyone that got in her way knew to move out of her way, she didn't even have to say anything. Her expressionless face just intimidated them. It didn't bother her, however it was difficult to make friends and do group projects. Rina made a sharp left walking into a blonde busty girl. The girl gasped as she fell back along with Rina falling back not noticing who she bumped into. Rina rubbed her head when they collided, the girl seemed to be in a rush when they bumped. "HEY WATCH OUT Y--" Rina stood up holding out her hand to the girl. "… S-sorry Rina, I didn't mean to." The girl got up quickly ignoring her hand and scurried right by her. Rina stood there with her hand held out watching her leave. quickly. She pulled her hand away. She sighed a bit starting to walk a bit rubbing her head. 'Idiots..' She thought to herself. Finally Rina walked into the Library the librarian watched her hesitantly, Rina headed to the Fiction section and browsed through the selection of books. Rina loved to read, she loved anything that had to do with being in another world, other than Earth, and reading did that for her. Her mind went to her happy place when she reads. Rina placed her right hand under her chin using her left hand to slide her finger against the books, looking at each title. She pulled out a book and skimmed through it placing it back in the shelf. She looked up and noticed a book that caught her eye. She reached her hand up attempting to reach the book. Her short frame didn't allow her to reach that high. She struggled reaching it on her tippy toes. "Gah.. Damn short genes." She mumbled reaching for the book wiggling her fingers a bit stretching as far as she can, almost jumping for it.

No New FriendsEdit

( ) Danny would be parading through the hallways, with this song blasting from his lil super Mario bomb omb speaker. His hands stuffed in his pockets, as his head bobed back and forth, he’d walk through the hallways sliping through bodies, and avoiding bumping into anyone. A woman, and a rather busty one would walk up to danny, her hips swinging side to side quite quickly. “Hey there, Danny. I’ve been looking at your for a while an-“ Danny would raise his hand and mush her face in, pushing her backwards and knocking her on the floor. “No new friends, No no no New.” Danny would turn and moonwalk away from her, staring at her and clicking his teeth, pointing at her with both index fingers. He’d make his way into the library, with the music still blasting. The librarian threw a book at Danny’s forehead, causing his entire body to arch backwards, from the blow as he fell backwards and his music shut itself off. “Dammit Danny! Shhhhh!!!!!” The librarian woman would scold him. Danny would lay there for a second with swirls for eyes. “ah…Why me…I d-didn’t wanna come to school..” ::Flashback:: Amy would be dragging danny down the street by his feet, as Danny’s nails dug through the pavement in resistence. “I DON’T WANNA, I DON’T WANNA I DON’T WANNAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Amy would scoff. “Your going to at least drop out with decency instead of not going at all! Densuke said so! And he gets what he wants!...Oh Densuke….why must you take care of that woman over me! Ugh!” Tears would run from Danny’s eyes like a leaky fossit. “Baa-ha ha ha-aad Daaaaaaay!”::Flashback over:: Danny would sit up and shake his head, rubbing his forehead, softly. He’d take note of a woman reaching for a book. “Ah ha..shorty. I know the feeling. I got you lady!” Danny would pull out his trust slingshot which he always carried on his person. He couldn’t bring a sword obviously, but he got the slingshot and knuckles! He’d take his expert aim, and shoot a small silver marble at the book she was reaching for, amazingly missing her hand, and entire being completely. If she was smooth enough the book would fall into her hand…or adorably fall onto her face. Either way Danny would attempt to provide a public service with a smile.

Wanna Help Me Out Here?Edit

Impresssed Whisper: Rina noticed in the corner of her eye, a man talking/yelling to her. She scoffed as she noticed a marble hit the book on the bookshelf, causing the book to fall.. along with many other books on top of her. She had the book in her hands as she fell over backwards onto her butt. She sat on the floor turning to the man who decided it would be genius to throw something at the book instead of simply reaching for it and handing it to her. The librarian looked at them just as she was about to yell at the girl she noticed Rina was on the floor with books on top of her lap and all around her. Rina sighed pulling a random book off her head. "Rina started pulling some books off her lap. She looked up at him giving him a blank look. She didn't look mad, nor annoyed. She just looked at him and parted her lips a bit to speak. "Thanks." She mumbled sitting on the floor. She looked down at her hand at the book. At least she has her book. The librarian completely ignored the fact Rina was on the floor covered in books, instead she ran over to the books and checked them for scratches. "Oh, yeah I'm perfectly fine, thanks for asking." Still looking at her book as she spoke, she looked up at the librarian. The librarian looked at her and backed up a bit. "Err.. um.. you look fine. Now clean up this mess." She walked away hugging a book she picked up. Rina shook her head still siting on the floor. She started to feel a bit comfortable sitting on the floor covered in books. Rina looked back at the man. "Wanna help me out here?" She held out her hand to him expecting to be helped up.

Danny would grab his face and shriek in terror at what he’d just cuased. “GA-AHHHH!” He’d tried to say quietly but it came out quite loud. Danny would observe as the librarian preformed her dickish gesture, not even bothering to attempt to help the girl up by any means. She grabed one book, and then left accordingly. “Well someone found shit in their cornflakes this morning…” Danny would get  up from his spot and dust his shirt off. He’d hear her request for help. She didn’t look mad…but she didn’t look happy. It was quite difficult to read this woman. None the less Danny was no asshole, and nodded at her request. He’d grab for her hand and assist her in getting up. “Ah, My appoligies!” he’d be waving his hands back and forth. “I didn’t mean to hurt you a heh! I was trying to help! Honest! Please forgive me!” Danny would clap his hands together, and bow three times to her, before returing to an upright standing position. He’d then begin picking up books and folding his arms to hold as many as he could together. He got a least a stack, about 3 books over his head, and then began to speak. “by the way the names Danny!...that’s just if you wanna cuss me out personally for what I did. If you want I can take care of this myself. I did cause it!” Danny would wobble in place a bit, the balance of the books taking him slightly, but in a goofy like fashion.

Emotionless VengenceEdit

Impresssed: Rina took his hand and stood up dusting off her skirt with her left hand as she hugged the book with her right arm. She watched the man quietly. He was hurrying to pick up the books and apologizing. She looked at him almost as if she was about to laugh, although she didn't. She watched him blankly, then started to pick up books as well one by one, placing them back on the shelf. "It's fine. I'll live." She said as she placed the books back. She looked at him in the corner of her eye. "I don't curse." She stated as she kept placing the books back. She turned to him and poked his chest hoping he'd fall back as he tried balancing the books on his head, possibly making the books he balanced topple over him, if so her lips would curve up only slightly but just enough to notice she wanted to smile. It only lasted for about 5 seconds as her emotionless face went back to being emotionless. "I prefer revenge." She hugged her book staring at him. Rina was not the type to get angry, she was just the type to plot a way to make them seem like she was ok with it, then as they turned around she'd plot her revenge.

Introducing, Mr.ConsequentialEdit

Discordia: A loose, clenched fist covered her yawn as Kyoko walked into school. She paused at the door and glanced her reflection over, straightening the short plaid skirt and crisp white shirt. She bent to adjust her socks so they both hit at the exact same spot on each of her calves. With a finally tug on her bow, she slipped her fingers around the cool metal handle and opened the door. Kyoko glanced around nervously, she hadn’t heard from her other half yet today. Perhaps she was still pissed off over last night. Still, she wasn’t going to try her luck, and risk waking her. She scanned the hallways and found them littered with teens in white shirts and dark bottoms. Even though it was buzzing with life, she felt rather alone. However she wasn’t going to let that affect her. School, real school; in her mind it was some magical rite of passage that had left her life lack luster. Kyoko made her way through the halls trying to stay out of the way. She had no real idea where she was going and paused for a moment, leaning against the wall and sifting through the bag on her back before she pulled out a small slip of paper. With a finger she scanned the sheet looking for what class to go to, reading the name of the teacher Mr. Consequential. “What in the world kind of name is that?” She thought to herself. “This school had odd names for the faculty.” She shook her head a bit as if she had read something nonsensical and began to look around for some sort of indication of where she was supposed to be. Kyoko did not want to ask for help, but she felt like an idiot standing there clueless and she finally caved and asked a girl that was walking past. The girl pointed a finger and Kyoko followed. A little sign hung near the door with his name and she gave a weak smile. Only a few kids were scattered around the room and she slipped in and took a desk in the back corner, letting her bag land with a soft thud on the floor next to her.

Danny would smile nervously as she said she didn’t curse. This in a way sort of scared him….She already seemed so emotionless. So dead to the world. So zombie like. “Well that’s great! Eh heh heh heh WHOA!” Danny would exclaim as he felt a figner push him backwards, and next thing you know He was down for the count, with a pile of books consuming his upper half. Danny would lay there and groan in silence as he exclaimed. “I knew it was gonna be a bad day…I knew it.” Danny would sit it, a book flying up in the air only to come down and smash him on the head once again. A series of tweetie birds in a comical effect would float round his head as he sat there with a dumbfoundedly stupid look on his face. The bell would sound, and Danny would pop himself in the forehead. “God I shoulda had a V8!...phew! time to get to class!” Danny would pick up the books and then slide them against the wall, kicking them for good measure so they were somewhat neatly stacked. “I’m gonna head to class now! I’ll see ya round if we have the same class or at lunch or some random unforeseen turn of events, more than likely due to some advancement of a high and mighty above power, who wishes for some form of excitement rather than just a normal school day! AnywhogottagobyebyenowseeyoulaterhaveagoodDAAAAAAAAAY!” Danny would echo off as he grabed his bag, and rushed out of the library, and into the hallway, and with his shooes squeeking against the floor, he’d head to class.::Mr.Con:: Mr.Con would be sitting on his desk. Yes his oakwood desk. His long flowing white hair, draping, over his head band with a kanji, and the red marks sat on his face, like war paint of somesort. He’d heard the bell, but he continued writing something in…a small composistion book. “An evening breeze as fierce as….no…..that just sounds redundant. Common man…” He’d close the book with a clap and then look over to all the faces, that were in the classroom. “I’ll wait about an extra 10 minutes for all to get here. No worries, I’m just anticipating the late bloomers. We’re all apart of the same life stream class. Sit tight, and we’ll begin the lesson on the difference between Samurai’s and Ninjas. Get the cool stuff outta the way of the boring stuff that’s to come soon.” He would keep his legs crossed, his red and grey attire sitting loosely against his skin, as his sandals sat on the floor. He’d reopen his book, and begin scrbing away yet again, awaiting for this last ten minutes. Suddenly a door would burst open, and A kid with black hair would burst in panting. “Ah, Mr.Chan you’ve arrived. I saw you on the new arivals list welcome! To Asian history!....which starts in ten mintues, so take a seat and get comfortable. Danny would pant and speak. “Y-yes sir!!!....PHEW!!” Danny would cop a squat in the middle row of the class room (5 rows btw) right beside the windo to the courtyard. He’d sit his books down and sigh, leaning back in the chair, and propping his feet up on the empty seat infront of him, having his legs additionally propped on the desk he was already at.

Impresssed: Rina watched him covering her mouth trying not to laugh as he ran off when the bell rang. Such a strange child, although she wasn't one to speak. She blinked a bit waving to him as he ran out of the library. The librarian shook her head watching him exit. Rina shot a long glare at her. "You're next." The Librarian widened her eyes and ran off somewhere in the library. Rina shook her head stepping over some books leaving the library calmly hugging her book. As she walked through the halls many people walked by hurrying to their classes. Rina walked through everyone swiftly, and silently as someone walking by hit into her causing her to drop her book. She looked down and sighed, about to bend down to pick up her book as she was picking up her book a teacher was picking up the book for her. She looked up to spot a very busty and attractive looking woman in fishnet tights and a tight shirt with red heels. She stared up at her as the Teacher got to her book before she did. "Don't bend over in such a small skirt young lady." The teacher smiled down at her handing her book. Rina covered the back of her skirt and looked up at her a bit shocked at her. No one ever acknowledges her nor did they ever stop in the hallway to help her, everyone ignored her and were scared of her. Why was everyone being so nice today? Rina took the book from the teacher nodding slowly. "Yes ma'am." she answered. As Rina started to walk away she felt eyes watching her from behind, definitely the teacher. Who was she, why hasn't she seen her before? She heard people mumbling as they walked by her. "Mrs.Cosmic is so sexy." One of the boys whispered to his friends walking by the teacher. Rina heard her talking to one of the boys as they walked by. 'Mrs.Cosmic?' She thought. Hm, she pulled out her program card and read off the classes to herself. She spotted the same teacher as one of her teachers. She felt a bit of relief, then she looked up the paper as she was walking and read off her next teacher. 'Mr. Consequential.' That was definitely a name given by some students. She started to walk to his class and walked through the door. She noticed the man she met before in a seat by the window, she glanced over at the teacher and looked around for an open seat. She noticed Danny's feet were up on an empty seat in front of him. She felt the need to bother him a bit. Rina walked up to the seat took his feet and placed them on the floor. "That's not how you sit at a desk." She patted his head and took a seat behind him. She looked out the window watching some kids during gym.

AlessandraSkar: “Coming throuuugghh!” A few uniformed students standing on the sidewalk in front of Kasaihana High jumped almost instantly at the sound of the female voice and just as heads were turning, everyone gathered nearby could spot what appeared to be a young blonde-haired girl flying off the roof of a parked car on a skateboard. Holding her arms out on either side of her, Shira Hanako narrowed her eyes on the paved ground below as she bent her knees in preparation to stick the landing. The wheels of the skateboard smashed hard into the concrete but were fortunately strong enough not to shatter under her weight. A few students shrieked in alarm as they all but dove out of the path of the flying skateboard. “Out of the way, people! You guys should be in class already!” Despite transferring to a new high school from her old private school, Shira carried the same bad habits along with her that she had while attending her old school. In explanation, getting to school late as all hell. Hence the reason why she was currently too fast and too furious. She rolled up the handicap ramp leading up to the doors of the large building and came to a skidding halt, stomping down on the back end of the OBEY board so that it would flip upward under her arm. She ran her hand through her silky, platinum blonde tresses which, as she could see from the reflection on the glass doors in front of her, had gone through quite a bit of wind damage. Then, elevating her chin a bit, she adjusted the red tie fastened around the collar of her pressed white shirt and tucked it into her bright gray cardigan. It was her first day after being accepted into the academy and she wanted to look as neat and presentable as possible. On a regular day, she would've come in a rather nonchalant manner, but seeing as though she still had paperwork to turn in, it was best to give off a good first impression. 'Don't want Kaori kickin' my ass for getting into trouble on the first day.' She thought to herself as she pushed open the doors and walked inside, paying no attention to the groups of teenagers eying her curiously. Her sapphire blue eyes scanned the corridor as she searched for the administrator's office, rather surprised to see just how many students she was stuck in this place with. It wasn't like her private school with only a few hundred rich kids. This school's attendance rate ranged in the thousands. She swallowed nervously, knowing that it was going to be a bit different around here. Her cell phone rang in her backpack just then, startling her a bit. She pulled it out of its sidepocket and saw that she had a video message notification. She pressed a button to open the video message and her eyes widened when a zoomed in face filled the screen followed by a loud, excited voice. “Heyyyy Shiraaaaa giiiirrrrll!” It was Jeremy. He'd probably sent the message before heading to work. “I just wanted to tell ya I hope you enjoy your first day of school. Don't get into any trouble and you already know who to call if some bitch decides to give you problems. Toodles, darling!” “Excuse me.” Another voice spoke up from out of nowhere. Shira's head shot up instantly, eyes wide like a deer in headlights. A woman in a crisp dress suit was standing in front of her with a rather harsh look on her matured features. “You are NOT allowed to have cell phones out inside the building. Put it away this instant.” The woman ordered. Shira kept her eyes on the lady while she tucked the phone back into her backpack. “I'm uh, looking for the administrator's office. Got a few papers to turn in before I can get started.” She said. The woman pointed a thumb behind her at the office location. “Make it quick, dear. Classes have already started.” Shira nodded before taking off. “Thanks, lady!” She called over her shoulder

Sezomaru: Yuzen slowly opened his eyes, his arm laid across his forehead. He pushed out a hard breath, pushing his bangs out of his face. He slowly sat up, sliding his left hand through his bangs before glancing over towards the clock beside his bed. The clock read 7:25 which made Yuzen grimace. "Oh fuck, I'm late." He didn't sound at all freaked out by this fact, more sarcastic and uncaring. He groaned some as he drug himself out of bed. "Got to stop partying so hard.." His Irish accent was thicker than usual when he was in his tired and groggy state after just waking up. He took his shower before getting dressed in his school uniform. He buttoned his white dress shirt up half way, not caring to button the rest, revealing his chest. He finished getting dressed before grabbing his bag which he slung over his shoulder, holding it with the index, middle, and ring fingers of his right hand. He made his way out of his house, nodding to the boys who had dropped out of school or barely slid through graduation. "Have a good daaaaaay" Some of them tried to tease him for having to go to school which he responded with a nice flip off with his left middle finger. He made the long treck to the highschool, KasaiHana High which he was a senior at. He spit off to his right, causing a ball of spit to smack against the front door frame of the school building, a sort of tradition he held. "Time to finish this last year.." He had his schedule due to the deliveries that were made to his house. Yuzen glanced at his schedule which he had dug out of his left pants pocket. "Mr. Consequential.. Fuckin 'ell." He trudged to the classroom, slowly opening the door. He was at least forty minutes late for class. Yuzen walked into the classroom, shutting the door behind him. He didn't care to see who was in his class nor did he care to make some sort of bullshit excuse for Mr. Con. "Another semester." He said as he walked past Mr. Con. His Irish accent was still very thick due to how tired he was. He sighed some as he took an empty desk towards the very back of the room.

(  repeat if nessecary.) Danny’s eyes would open as the girl from before approached him and kicked his feet off of the desk, and pated his head telling him that’s now how you sit in a desk. “Ah maaaaaaaaan. Can’t a guy recover. My head is killing me and all you did was laaaaaugh” Danny would point to the red spot on his forehead, frowing with his eyes closed. “Today is already terrible! I hand’t been to school in god knows how long…let alone renember anything important concering history!” Danny would press his face to the desk and sit there for a few minutes. He was about to ask the girl something, but time had passed, and another person walked into the classroom. Danny would hold his head up wiping drool from his lip. “What? long was I?...” Danny looked at the clock. “40 minutes? What’s Mr. Co-“ Mr. Con would be at the front of the room laying down facing the ceiling…sleeping?? Danny’s head would tilt to the side. “Maybe this is the lesson….” Danny would silently fist pump and offer one to the girl he’d met ealier. She probablywoudn’t take it, but it was worth the offer.::Mr.Con.:: “You must be strong as a coursing river……You must be” Mr.Con was in dream land, training an incredibly bust girl in martial arts. In his dream, it had turned into somewhat of a softcore pornography, as he coressed the woman’s breast feverishly. In reality he had the goofiest smile on his face, with a loud snore. “Another semester.” A familer voice would ring into his ears, waking him up almost instantly. Mr.Con would raise his arms up and begin stretching. “Ahh Yuzen! One of my brightest slackers! You know some would say, you make the day hell, but I like you. The wrong dooers are the ones who make the right decisions in due time. Keep up the good fight you rebel you.” Mr.Con would stand up and slip his wooden sandals on..He’d eye the class slowly and begin speaking agiain. “Good morning students of kasihana high. I am your Asian history teacher, Mr.Consequential, but you can call me Mr.Con or Mr.C. what ever floats your prepubescent boats, my children.” Mr.Con would take a breath before speaking again. “Todays lesson is a fun one for now. Yes yes I’m aware no one wants to sit here for 90 mintues and ramble but we alllllll gotta do it at some point. Today is different! We’ll be learning about the difference in Ninja and Samurai. Two iconic figures, that are often confused by ignorant anime fanboys, and looser wannabe Otaku’s” Mr.Con would place his hands behind his back and tilt his head up in the air, speaking, walking between each row paitently. “Can anyone of you youngsters tell me the absolute differences between these two? If you do, you’ll get a fee scultupre of yourself, made by yours truly. That or I’ll sing to you, if no one answers. I just finished listening to my old R-Kelly album…so please oblige” A playfully trolltastic grin spread across Mr.Con’s face, as he then whipped his hair around, spinning it in all of it’s glorious whiteness and then exclaiming loudly. “ANYONE CARE TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE OF PRESSURE AND ANSWER THE PITCHING QUESTION?” He’d strike a pose with both of his arms out, one on each side, and his legs spread apart, looking like some hermit of some sort.

Discordia: Kyoko Kita rested her chin on her hand, a notebook open before her. School was not the grand adventure she had imagined. It was boring… very boring. At least at the shrine, her lessons were normally outside and they were broken up. She had sat there and watched the teacher sleeping for well over a half hour and he looked to be having a far more entertaining dream than the lesson he was supposed to be giving. Cherry blossoms drifted across the page instead of notes. Finally, he was dragged back to reality when the kid with the accent showed up. She was slightly thankful for the boy who had showed up late; at least the teacher was awake now. Her other voice whispered in her head “this is bull shit” before taking control. Kyoko’s voice called out above the chatter of the other kids. “Hey sleepyhead, if you can see ‘em coming they are Samaria, and if you can’t they are Ninjas. Only an idiot would confuse the two.” And as soon as she had taken control, she was gone again leaving her other half blushing and feeling like a moron. Her shoulders stooped and she slid down in her chair as she tried to hide, praying that she wouldn’t be noticed but knowing it was completely futile. A feeling of dread gripped her and she muttered under her breath to her other half, “Thanks a lot, you couldn’t be quiet for just a day.”

AlessandraSkar: Shira tapped her foot impatiently against the carpeted floor of the administrator's office as she sat in a chair against the wall. There were several other students waiting to be acknowledged along with their parents who looked just as annoyed and impatient as their teens. “Shira Hanako?” A voice called. Shira jumped up immediately, unaware of the eyes following her as she made her way to the registrar's desk. “Hi, there. I just have a few papers to turn in. Couple of records to go with whatever my mom sent in during the registration process.” She said, sliding the slim stack of papers over the desk. The woman with square-lensed glasses looked her up and down before taking the papers. “Good thing you decided to turn these things in today. It's the last day to get fully registered.” Shira sighed in relief. “You seem like you'd do pretty well here, too.” The registrar continued. “Fortunately, according to the schedule they set up for you, you're in a class with the new teacher on campus.” Shira wore a curious expression. “New teacher?” She asked. “Yep.” The woman nodded. “They call him Mr. Consequential. And, yes, go ahead and assume everything the name implies.” Shira looked worried for a second, but soon nodded in understanding. “Now get on outta here, kid. You're already over forty minutes late for your first class.” A moment later, Shira was standing in front of a classroom door, looking back and forth between the schedule in her hand and the number on the door. 'This must be it.' She thought to herself, then slowly pushed open the door. A nervous look crossed her face as several heads turned to look at her. She lowered her eyes and shrugged off her backpack, setting it on the floor beside her foot as she awkwardly slid into the desk nearest the door. 'Well...that was awkward.' She thought to herself while taking a quiet breath, hoping the other students weren't still staring at her.

Sezomaru: Yuzen yawned some as Mr. Con sprang back to life, calling him a rebel who would make a good decision one day. Yuzen shook his head some, sighing as Mr. Con began class after apparently taking a small power nap. "Damn I should have smoked this morning.." Yuzen mumbled to himself as a girl decided to answer Mr. Con's question. He rolled his eyes some as a girl walked into the classroom, taking her seat near the door. She looked pretty damn good, that was for sure. "Damn.. Maybe this year might not be so bad." He leaned back in his chair, slouching some. He stared to his left, looking out of the window. He shook his head again, wondering why he thought this school year wouldn't be bad. School was fuckin' terrible. He just had to suffer through one more year,

Samurai Or NinjaEdit

::Danny:: Danny would watch as the teacher paraded around with fancy hand motions and getstures. “this guy… fucking awesome.” Danny would utter aloud as he’d just fnished asking his question. Danny would then take note of the abrupt answer that came from some random girl in the classroom. It was harsh, but right. Correct even. At the same time, prior to that, a late kid with greyish looking hair, borderline purple, walked in and later after some blonde haired chick. Danny’s eyebrows perked up, as he started really paying attention to the women here in the classroom. Fair slection indeed. Danny would raise his hand. “Uh what she said. Basically. Only difference in that is Most Ninja are better at hand to hand, and use martial arts specifically meant to defeat armored opponents i.e jujitsu…” Danny would scratch the back of his head, feeling an odd…sense of awkward in this classroom. “Gee wiz, you couldn’t cut the tension in here with a bloody chain saw.” Danny would mutter pretty adubily.::Mr.Con:: Mr.Con’s attention would be drawn to the first answer he’d gotten. “You.” He’d speak low and point at the woman who’d answered his question. “YOU!...Are vastly correct. Samurai’s have honor amongst themselves, and prefer to dual with one another or their opponents. Ninja’s have a different code, and usually kill in the shadows. Avoiding confrontation if it can be helped that is. YOU madam..eanred a COOKIE!” Seemingly out of no where, Mr.Con would throw a high speed chocolate chip cookie at the woman who’d just answered her question. If she dodged it, the cookie would crumble against what ever surface it hit, but the intention was for the cookie to be cought. When hearing Danny’s answer Mr.Con would turn around, with a cookie in the palm of his hand, and a gleam in his eye. “YOU TO ARE COREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT!!!!” Mr.Con would literally slap Danny in the face, the cookie inserting itself into his mouth, but the force of the slap sending Danny flying to the front of the classroom into a pile of paper. As the paper scattered everywhere danny would emit a low groan….”Bad daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay……………..” Danny would twitch whilst under the pile. Mr.Con would pace back to the front of the classroom with his hands behind his back. “Now that you know the difference…before history is learned, we must first know preference.  This next question is for everyone, and individual vocalized answer from whomever I choose.” Mr.Con would stand behind his desk and place his together,and then place them on the desk. A surge of electricity would emit for a brief moment, before two figurines made of oak wood would emerge from the desk. They  were small, no bigger than a 12 inch action figure. One was of a samurai, and the other was of a ninja. “I want everyone to tell me their preference of which they like more and why. This will help me see the personalities that lie dormant beneath this layer of awkward steam that is ever prescent in my classroom. Starting…..” Mr.Con took a moment to scan the classroom before choosing who he’d make answer the question. He’d then point. “Yuzen. Lets start with you. Then you can pick the next person you want to answer. Elementary style.” Mr.Con would lean back against the desk and cross his arms, waiting to hear from his students.

Impresssed: Rina turned her head towards the girl who spoke, answering the teacher. Rina heard her loud and clear. She turned her head to see the teacher's expression although before he said anything another student walked in. Rina glanced at her as she came in and sit down silently, she sat up in her chair turning back to face the teacher. Rina lost interest in many things very quickly. She looked down at her notebook as she decided to draw, she softly dragged the pen across the thing white paper. She doodled a face, soon enough it became a very creepy looking face with blood dripping down it's chin and ratty crazy hair. She wrote at the top of the paper. 'Dear ms.library lady person, I decided to say sorry for dropping all your books on the floor so as an apology here is a portrait I drew of you." She ripped out the paper and folded it up. She placed it neatly at the end of her book keeping in mind to give it to her later. Rina looked up from her notebook to glance around the classroom. Her eyes wandered around the room, she examined the class. 'This is going to be a long year.' She thought to herself starting to nibble on the tip of her pen with the tip facing forward watching Danny get a cookie shoved into his mouth roughly as he flew across the room, she was amused although refused to show it. 'Which do you like better?' She thought to herself. 'Like.' She thought again. Rina sat there quietly thinking to herself, she took the pen out of her mouth slightly tapping the desk.

Discordia: Her hand quickly shot out and caught the cookie unharmed, setting it on the corner of her desk neatly before leaning forward and resting her chin in her palm and peering intently at the two figurines as if they magically would reveal an answer she had never considered. With her other hand she twirled the end of her pigtail around a finger. Running through her mind was every bit of detail she could recall about the two figures. After a moment, she leaned back into her chair as the answer was clear and her eyes drifted around the room as she waited to hear the other’s answers.

Sezomaru: Yuzen watched as Mr. Con pulled his usual shit. He threw cookies at the students who got answers right. It was usually that, or he smacked them with treats. Mr. Con was usually outrageous and over the damn top. He watched as Mr. Con made two figurines appear, one was obviously a Samurai and the other was a Ninja, otherwise known as a Shinobi. Mr. Con decided that he would treat them like children and make one person answer and then volunteer someone else to answer. Mr. Con, being the asshole that he was, chose Yuzen to go first. Yuzen stared blankly at Mr. Con before shaking his head to the left, causing his bangs to sway away from his eyes. "Of fuckin course aye?.. Always doing this shit Mr. Con." Yuzen didn't care about cussing in front of teachers at all. He stared at Mr. Con for a minute before speaking casually. "I prefer Samurai. Something about the way they handle a sword with their different styles as well as the honor they hold for their lord. They were true warriors." As Yuzen finished speaking he placed his right elbow ontop of his desk. He clenched his right hand into a fist, leaning his right cheek onto his knuckles. He went back to looking out of the window before choosing the next person to go. "The beautiful blonde by the door." He glanced over towards the girl, looking at her in his peripheral. Despite him being late and looking the part as well as acting the part of the hoodlum, he gave his answer without fumbling over his words. He was really smart, people just mistook him for being an idiot due to his thuggish appearance. He watched the blonde in his peripheral, waiting to hear her answer even if it looked like he wasn't paying attention. The blonde girl was pretty damn gorgeous and she had a banging body to boot.

::Danny:: Danny would be in the pile of papers…just laying there. At least he was able to get the nap he’d wanted. To boot the paper was a nice cushion. Danny would slowly but surely start to munch on the cookie. “Damn….thats a good ass cookie.” Danny would munch continuously, and obnoxiously loud, for some to hear but at least it was a sign he was alive.::Mr.Con:: Mr.Con would have the “Not Bad”  type expression on his face, as he’d listen around to some of the answers he was hearing. He thought to himself. ‘Ah these kids are pretty intelligent, and descriptive. Theres a lot to be learnt from these children indeed…” Mr.Con would look over at Danny, and see he was moving and stirring a bit. Mr.Con would clap his hands together, and touch the wall behind him, cuasing a brick to extend from the wall above danny, and fall on his head, with a loud crash like sound effect. “You seemed like you were having a good night sleep. Rest young Chan, I’ll get to you later.” Mr. Con would now be sitting on the desk, with his shoes off, and his legs crossed. “Please continue children.” He’d smile with a grin, and rest his head in his right hand, and place his other one on his opposite knee. Who knows. Might even see some type of debate begin to commence in this process. At least until it was time to leave that is.

Impresssed: She was slowly starting to daze off again, she stared outside watching kids run around and tackle each other, she watched as people laughed and smiled to each other. She somewhat envied them, she wanted to smile and be happy like that. She even wanted to know how it felt to get mad or sad. She blinked back to reality facing the class. Rina tapping her pen she looked over at the very attractive looking blond girl that the purple haired delinquent aimed to. Rina watched her as she didn't notice he was talking to her. She scoffed. Rina not paying attention she felt all eyes on her as the girl stopped speaking. Rina blinked her long eye lashes as a girl behind her tapped her shoulder. "You're next." She whispered. Rina looked out to the class, her facial expression completely blank as usual, nothing new. Her long hair slid over her shoulder when she turned. She started to speak in her innocent voice. "Well, if I had to choose I'd say ninja's are my favorite, they're like mercenaries, clad in stealth and uphold no standards, fighting ruthlessly in the shadows and for whatever price they can get. " She paused a bit looking around the room. Her short self had to rise up from the desk to see the other side of the room. "Girl with cute pig tails. You're next." She spoke sounding sweet yet harsh as she sat back down into her desk.

Discordia: When it was her turn to answer, her voice was soft almost nervous. “Sir, in my opinion, the question really boils down to what you prefer, honor or freedom. I would choose freedom hands down so the answer is undoubtedly ninja. Samurai are born into their role and have no choice in the matter. They are forced to serve whatever Master they are born under. While their role is one of honor and prestige, it also is one of bondage. Ninja, on the other hand, they chose that path and are only accountable to themselves. They operate in secrecy so no one need know how they spend their time. They are free to live a life they choose. Their deeds are carried out in shadows and our never linked to their name. Also, physically, my body type is more apt for the type of combat a ninja utilizes. Attacking from the shadows rather than charging head first at an opponent and engaging in hand to hand combat. Not to mention, that the samurai is forced into those horrid suits of armor that most likely weighs a ton.” As she spoke she fidgeted, playing with her bow and looking around at who to pick next. The only one who was left was the kid who was out cold. “I guess we will have to wait for sleeping beauties answer.” She added hastily as Kyoko’s eyes drifted over to him.

Tasanagi Whisper: ((" KEYTH GO NOW!" " RIGHT!" click, click, click BOOM! The Safe exploded with a loud wave of fire and debree as 4 young men rushed inside filling there bags with money and jewerly all over. " Keyth you have a 68 second interpool before the cops arrive, move your ass!" Keyth wearing the black hoodie with the mask on his face turned to his Arasumaru comrades. " C'mon man! We gotta hurry up, i have a test today!" The guys looked at one another blinked and continued stashing money. They were robbing a Kasaihana bank in District 2. The cops began to flood the front area, armed to the T with all sorts of weapons, looking like a special unit task force, infact they were. The KPD had one just for bank robberies. Keyth gripped tightly to his Assualt rifel as he charged out of the safe with a back pack and a duffle bag over his shoulder filled with money. " Everyone stay down!" Air carries stormed over the bank maing sure that none of them could escape. His eyes shot left to right as he eyed the number of cops outside. One cop in paticularly stepepd infront of the group. He pointed at Keyth through the bank. " Surrender, or you'll be shot down." Keyth smriked. " Fucking... TRYYYYYY ITTTTTTT!!!!!!"He said letting out round after round as he began to shoot at the cops through the glass windows of the bank. They ducked down behind there cars for cover and he kept firing like a mad man. " CLAYMORE, IM GONNA NEED THAT ESCAPE FUCKING SOON, AS IN NOW!" (( said over the gun fire. Through his earpiece claymore responed. " Working on it! Alright Amy, do your thing!" the sound of a chain explosion errupted through the streets. All of the cops turned there heads in fear as the explosions continued to rip and tear there way through the city relentlessly. Coming straight towards them. The leader of the squad shouted out " FALL BACK, FALL BACK!" The chain explosion soon engulfed the police squad taking them all in one shot. Keyth and the rest of his guys ran out of the bank as Amy appeared in a black Suv type vechile. " Keythhhh-kunnnn!!!" She said smiling waving her hands. Keyth and the rest of the guys got into the suv as she quicly drove off. Oh but they werent in the clear yet. As they peared off down the street 10 cop cars came behind them. " Shit, Shit, Shit! They wont let up!" Said one of Keyths men. " Tch!" Keyth stood pulling himself from the front seat and out of the window, climbing to the top of the car. He Crouthced down like an animal as he eyed the cars. " Whats the fuck he doing, He trying to get killed!?" Said the cop car right behind them. Keyth summoned his blade in his right hand, his black hoodie blowing in the wind rapidly as he leaped off of the car , slamming his blade right into the windshield of the car, he'd flip off of it using his momentum to land on the next one, slashing the whole top of the car with one slash. Exposing the cops inside he pulled the pistol from his right pocket while still soaring in mid air, firing at the two cops within killing them both before he landed on the car right behind that one. " AHHH! what the fuck is he fucking human!" Said one of the cops in the last car. " TIME TO END THIS BOYS! HAHAHAAHAH!" Keyth said as he pushed off the car as hard as he could. Fighting the current he'd launch his body back to the Suv but of course he'd miss it by a long shot. Tossing his blade into the engine of the car, it caused it to crash into the car behind it, and then they'd all chain crash, BOOM BOOM BOOM! They hit each other. Keyths body landed into a wall with a hard crash, making him hit the ground face first before he slowly pulled his body up shaking his head. " KEYTH, KEYTH YOU ALRIGHT!?" Claymore said through the ear piece. " Yeah man, im alright..." Keyth said popping his back. " They should be in the clear now, ill stash this money at the apartment, what i got is my cut... think i got about 500,000 in there. So that was a good run. I didnt get much, i wanted Tonie to get the most... he's the one with the kid on the way." CLaymore had a sigh of relief. " You should get changed, and head to where ya going. Before the cops find ya again." Keyth nodded making his way through an alley way

Guest_DeyaniraDarkness: Her father surprised her coming home from the office in the middle of the day. Noelle was sitting in the living room reading a French Vogue with her body guard Kazuko painting her toenails. Her father almost walked passed her when he stopped, briefcase in hand with a bewildered look on his face. “What are you doing home? Why aren’t you at school?” he asked her walking in to the living room. “And why is he painting your toes?” he asked even more confused. Kazuko stopped and looked up to him. “Hey, I didn’t tell you to stop.” Noelle said shaking her head and pointing back at her feet, where he continued. Then she turned her attention back to her father. “I tried to call you to tell you, I’m not going to that school.” She said simply flipping the page. Her father sighed and inquired further, “Not going? That isn’t an option Noelle.” He said rubbing his forehead. She let out a dramatic sigh and closed her magazine, laying it on her lap. “They have uniforms, you know how I feel about uniforms.” She said pointing to the hideous thing lay out on the chair. “It’s made of a wool blend, probably acrylic. I can feel it.” She said with a shudder. “it’s better than what you’re wearing now You’re hardly dressed!” he said motioning to her crop top t shirt and shorts. “I wouldn’t expect you to know style daddy” she said raising a sarcastic brow. “There are enough gang bangers running around this town I don’t need them getting any wild ideas about my daughter!” he said sternly. Noelle tossed the magazine aside and leaned up closer, “And what if I think they’re the right ideas.” She said narrowing her predatory eyes and casting a wicked smirk. Her father sighed again and turned his back on her to walk out. “You’re going to school tomorrow or I’m canceling your credit card.” He said walking upstairs before she had time to throw a fit but her shriek could be heard all over the house. – a few hours later she was slipping in to something skin tight she knew her father would hate. “Come on monkey boy, we’re heading out on the town. And Mum’s the word remember?” she said winking to his emotionless face. She put on a pair of black diamond earrings, slipped in to her stilettos, and then snuck out the front door. The limo was waiting but she shook her head, she wanted something faster tonight. She punched in the code for the garage and the first door opened up. Inside was the Katana XLR 220, jet black, and all blacked out. ((looks like a lambo)) Kazuko walked to the driver’s side but Noelle shook her head, “Oh no, tonight I drive.” She smiled jingling the keys.


::Mr.Con:: Mr.Con would nod and grin at the answers  that were given. “Ah good job! You’re answers were all pretty good, and loveable at best. I can tell we’re going  to have a fun class this semester indeed.” Mr.Con would nod and then look at the clock. “Alright kids, I’m gonna let you go early. It’s lunch time, and you need to fill those spirits of yours with good food. The cooks are decent, but I shall return to my own homestead and make my own stew. If anyone wants some, then leave me a note! Until next time my galiant students!” Mr.Con would stand up and clap his hands together, only to then tap his foot on the ground and disappear through a hole he’d created. The last thing being seen was his flowing white hair.::Danny:: Danny would raise his head up form the paper pile and look around. “Lunch? LUNCH?!?!”( ) Danny would shuffle to get up, his feet blurring in place from his moving them and shuffling to get up. He’d then dash out of the classroom, bursting through the door, and skidding down the hallway. The look in his eye was  a crazed one, filled with nothing but hunger and angst for the lunch he would consume. He would then proceed to vroom down the hall way, at a……break neck and comical speed., leaving a wind blowing past everyone he passed.

Impresssed: Rina starting to be completely unamused. She looked at the time for the bell, one minute before it rang. Rina sighed to herself staring straight ahead. She dozed off a bit again, she felt her stomach about to eat itself. She was starving, after all she hasn't eaten all day, and during training she refused to eat as well. Soon enough she hear Mr.Con dismiss them for lunch. As Rina got up she spotted Danny spring up from his slumber Rina's hair flew as she stood in place watching Danny jetted out the class room. Rina sighed, getting her books together and walking out of the classroom. She blinked watching him run down the hall to the lunch room. She shook her head while watching him. She started to walk to the lunch room as well, she paused as she was walking a noticed the library in the corner of her eye. She turned towards it and walked into the library. "I forgot to give you this." She said walking up to the slightly frightened librarian, handing her a note. Rina stared at her waiting for her to open the note. The librarian opened the note smiling thinking it was something sweet. Rina just stared at her waiting for her reaction. The note had a picture of a old hag, creepy looking with crazy sharp razor teeth and ratty hair. The librarian looked at Rina and said out loud. "A portrait..?" Rina nodded and waved to her walking out the door. "Just a thank you drawing for my favorite person." She spoke before exiting the door and left the library. Rina started to walk to the lunch room, she looked around noticing people sitting together. As Rina walked by people started to close up spots just so she wouldn't sit with them, she knew better anyways they we're all scared of her. Scared of a short, innocent sounding girl who didn't know much about people. Sounded accurate. Then again her personality was a bit creepy, so no one would blame them. She liked to be alone, but not all the time. Rina sighed walking up to an empty table. She pulled out her book and her lunch she made. Sushi, her favorite.

Discordia: Kyoko took her time getting up from the desk, watching the other students leave as she bent down, grabbed her bag and carefully slid her notebook that had acquired a rather nice collection of doodles on it. She slung the bag over her shoulder and with the other hand picked up the cookie. She had no idea what to do with it, it felt a waste to throw it away, but she never really had cared for cookies and sweets. Kyoko was the last to leave the classroom and she entered into a packed hallway, watching what appeared to be a fight of some sort. Out of the corner of her eyes she noticed Keyth seemed to be at the center of the scuffle. It seemed the one person she knew at school was always into some sort of trouble. She paused for a moment, realizing she had no idea where the cafeteria was. Her shoulders sort of slumped and she stood there holding the cookie in one hand and looked around for signs of some sort.

Sezomaru: Yuzen sighed to himself as he left the classroom, he headed straight to the bathroom, mumbling to himself. He needed to change which he had brought a change of clothes with him, knowing he was going to get tired of his school outfit. He had packed his usual street clothing which consisted of a grey jacket with a black hood over a white shirt. He also had black jeans and black boots. He slid these clothing items on before sliding a belt through his belt loops, fastening it. He heard the small clinking of the chains that were connected to the belt on the back and the sides, He made sure his hair and clothes were straight before he walked out of the bathroom. Being let out of class early gave him plenty of time to change. "I need a smoke." Yuzen walked back to Mr. C's classroom. He opened the window, pulling a cigarette out of the pack he had in his bag. He pulled his black lighter from the bag, lighting the cigarette. He took several long drags, the wispy smoke flowing out of the open window. As soon as the cigarette was nothing but a nub, Yuzen flicked it out of the window, watching as it fell down below onto the school yard. He turned, heading towards the lunch room. Yuzen sighed to himself as he entered the cafeteria, looking around. He noticed Jakey walking into the cafeteria. Jakey noticed Yuzen and grinned. "Let out early?" Yuzen nodded some. "Aye, skippin?" Jakey laughed before nodding. "Yea man." The two walked into the lunchroom, heading to grab some food.

Danny made his way to the lunch court, and boy what a sight. There was a massive assortment of food gathered in one place. Danny grabbed a tray, and began to stuff his plate…with nothing but fried chicken, and Macaroni Pie. “Aye man, the hell is wrong with you are you homeless or some shit?” Danny would turn and look at the man, a chicken leg between his teeth. “Well to be frank I was. Builds character. Here pal.” Danny handed the man a biscut. “Get yourself something nice.” Danny would walk off with a tray full of food. “Oop! Almost forgot.” Danny would snatch about 35 packets of Texas Smeet Hotsuace, and take it with him. Danny would look around for a place to sit. As it was his first day, so the meeting should be mutual. He had no hate, but he had no rep. It’s not like he can bust out being a gang member, otherwise it might start some uneeeded beef. And that just wouldn’t be appropriate. He’d look around and see that one chick who’d trolled him almost to no end in the library and the classroom. He decided to go sit down infront of her and smiled, with the crispy fried golden chicken infront of him. “Eh there friend I never got a chance to become friends with! How’re you doing today good madam?” Danny would began cascading the chicken breast in hotsuace, and then beginning to profusely eat it, savaging every piece of meet he could get between his teeth, and munching on it.

Gotta Make An EntranceEdit

Tasanagi: (( " Tasaaaaanaaggiiiiiii..." Keyth turned around to see the Blaze ball players coming through the hall way approaching keyth with a look of vengeance on there faces. " Look who's trying to take over the school!" Keyth turned around eyeing all 25 of the jocks putting his hands into his pockets. " You guys.... are about to piss me off, AND I JUST GOT HEREE!! AGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" He turned to the men, charging at them like wildmen. His hair blowing in the wind as they charged him back. He tackled one guy to the ground mounting over him pounding his hands into his face before he was kicked in the ribs into a locker where he was then punched in the face into a water fountain. He tripepd one guy up, as he was falling he'd grip the back of his head and slam it into the water fountain. Some of the Arasumaru men were about to help when one of the older guys stopped him. " DOnt... do that, you know how pissed he gets when we help him.. let em fight, he loves this shit.." Keyth stood up after knocking the guy out with the water fountain. He pulled his jacket off only wearing a tank top as he got down into a basice fighting stance hopping around before he charged forward side kicking one guy in the jaw with a round house kick. Only to land spinning and sending a back hand into another knocking him into the wall. " AAGHHHH!!" Punch after punch he'd slam his fist into jock after jock before he turned around to eye one of them swinging with a bat. Keyth threw his hands up blocking the hit but getting knocked into a locker hard. He hit the locker with now bruised arms as he dropped his arms again to block a hit to the ribs. He kicked the guy away with a boot and then leaped into the air slamming his head into the ground with a DDT. He rolled to the ground after getting kicked in the head with a hard boot. All of the kids watching were litterally going insane with excitment. Blood leaking from the top of Keyths head. He tackled one of the guys into a classroom breaking the door down as he threw the guy into the middle of the class falling on top of students. The teacher screamed out in anger as they sent out a book at Keyths head which he leaned back and caught it with his left hand and threw it at a jock. He dashed forward and drop kicked one at the door way, kicking his way out of the room as he landed on the jocks chest with his right knee. He stood up again only 6 left now. " AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Keyth ran towards the group and then baseball slid under the guys leg and landed behind him, flipping him off his feet and spinning back up at the same time only to kick the guy in the back as he was drifting back down to the ground causing him to go skidding across the floor. Keyth dodged a punch, weaving to the right and judo tossing the guy over his shoulder, still with his arm in his grip he twisted his body breaking the guys arm as he stood back up to eye the remaning ones. They all backed off soon running down the hall in fear. Keyth simply stood there like a wild animal eyeing them. Getting ready to chase after them he ran full speed into a big pair of... breast? ((" Tasanagi.... what... do you think your doing..." She said through gritted teeth. " Mrs.Cosmic..." (( Keyth looked away with a bright blush on his face. Her full plump breast, beautiful dark hair and skin made her look exotic. Her very smell was tantalizing, it made any man hungry for something that she had. It was almost irresitable." Your disturbing the peace again Tasanagi, do you want to be expelled before the semester even starts.." Keyth looked away. " No Ma'am.." " Good, get yourself cleaned up... and goto class. No more fighting.." She said walking away. All of the boys turned to watch her large hips sway left to right in a hypnotizing pace.

Guest_DeyaniraDarkness: Her father had forced Kazuko to school and threatened to cancel her credit cards if she skipped. As her limo pulled up the school she peered out the deep tented windows. “What a dump.” She said as the driver opened the door and she slipped. She had made a few unauthorized changes to her uniform, raising the hemline and unbuttoning her blouse just enough she slipped her designer bag on her shoulder and headed for the door. Kazuko opened it and followed in after her. There were hardly any people in the halls, but any who were immediately turned to her and stared. She paid them no notice, as she was used to this reaction. As she walked down the hall Kazuko loomed behind like an eerie shadow keeping all the annoying onlookers at bay. It was apparently lunch time, but if they thought she was eating school cafeteria food they had another thing coming. Her father has already enrolled her and she pulled out her schedule from her purse. Of course he put her in college prep everything. She sighed, she’d just pay someone to do her homework for her like usual. As she entered the cafeteria she saw that it was indeed large and filled to the brim with teenagers. She could feel all there eyes on here as she stood, hand on hip in the doorway. “This is dreadful.” She said to Kazuko, who like normally didn’t respond. Some people whistled, others gasped. There was one excited looking group of girls who approached her almost immediately. There were about five in all, one obviously the leader in front. She had long black hair and a decent face. Way too much make up. “Hi there. Welcome to Kasihana High” she said with a big pearly white smile. Noelle said nothing. “I’m Raven, this is…” she began to ramble off the name of her posse but Noelle was already bored with this conversation. “If you need a tour, we’d love to give you one.” She said with a smile placing a hand on her hip. “No offense, Raven was it? But I’ve already got a friend who goes here so I’m sure she’ll show me all the ropes” Noelle said dismissively which apparently did not sit well with this girl. “Oh ya? Who’s that?” she asked with a little attitude. Noelle sighed and decided to continue, “Arya Winter.” She said and Raven nearly snorted with laughter. “Trust me, that is not that girl who want to be hanging out with if you wanna make it here.” Raven said rolling her eyes. Noelle smiled lightly, amusingly, “Oh ya, and I suppose you’re the kind of girl I should be friends with?” she asked. To which all the girls nodded. “Well Raven, I can already tell we’re definitely not the same quality girl.” Noelle said narrowing her eyes. Raven seemed shocked and her girls were immediately on the defense. “I’d be careful if I were you, because we can make or break you” she said, an empty threat. Noelle almost laughed, but composed herself “Oh Raven, your smile is as fake as those knock off Gucci shoes.” Noelle said looking her from toes to teeth. Before she could answer Noelle continued as if she were a lion tearing in to a wildebeest “You’re weak, and you look strong because you found a group of even weaker sheep to follow you around. And until you came up to me just now I was content to let you keep your school. But now I’m going to destroy you with it. When I’m done, your friends here are gonna ask Raven who?” she smiled giving her one last lingering look before pushing past her and making her way through the cafeteria


Impresssed: Rina was eating her sushi and reading her new book she picked out from Satan's library. She looked up from her book to see the guy who she enjoyed to tease. She watched him blankly and quietly. She watched him eat obnoxiously, she cringed a bit. Rina put down her book and leaned across the table reaching over to Danny. She ripped the chicken from his mouth and held it to his face. "That's not how you eat in front of a woman." She took a napkin and placed it in his hand, she then took a bite of the chicken and placed it on his plate. She pulled back sitting in her seat again chewing the chicken she just bit off from Danny. Before he could say anything she picked up her book and started to read again. As she was reading she spoke "My name is Rina, and just because you're fun to toy with doesn't mean we're friends just yet." Her sweet voice sounding so cold. How could such a cute innocent small girl be so cold and empty? She pulled another sushi roll to her naturally red lips and bit down on it as she carried on her reading.

Discordia: “Dear god, are you fucking helpless?” Her other half mumbled in her mind. “I might kill you if I have to watch your clueless ass fumble around anymore.” And with that she switched. Her posture straightened and her steps became surer. She pushed through the group of kids and took a few wild guesses on what way to turn before finding the cafeteria. It seemed most of the kids had already been through the line, so she didn’t need to wait as she grabbed an apple, a soda and a cheeseburger. With a loud bang she set her tray in the middle of a table that faced a row of windows looking out on the lawn. It was already full of kids, she just silently glared at them for a moment before uttering “Move.” It came out in a guttural sort of growl. The kids looked at her for a moment and noticed that the look in her eyes signified a problem that was far more than they wanted to deal with. They eventually picked up their belongings and moved on and she sat down. “See that is how it is done cupcake.” The voice taunted before disappearing and leaving Kyoko to her own.

Danny would have an open mouth type look as the girl as she had the audacity….to take his food form  his hands of all things. She then scolded him about not how to eat infront of a lady. Let alone took a bite of it, and gave him a napkin. Danny would at least get her name out of it all to say the least. All be it in such a cold mannor, he contemplated not having it all. “Well uh…You don’t have any like Dieseases or anything do you before I keep eaing?....YOLO! “ Danny would eat the chicken piece she’d bitten off of, and enjoy the savory spicy flavor. “Well it’s nice to meet you to Rina. What grade are you in this year?” Danny’s mouth was a little full, but hie was still audible so it all worked itself out. He’d  tear through the chicken piece, after piece. Injecting the white meat like he’d never eaten a day in his life. He then stoped, to grab a spoonful of Maccaroni Pie, and began to scarf it down with vigor and joy in his heart. “You’re kinda bland about things too arent’ you Rina.” Danny would exclaim after savaging his food.

Impresssed: Rina sighed from her book, she looked up at him and watched him pig out. She ignored the fact he was eating like he hasn't eaten for decades. "I don't have any diseases, unless you count being allergic to idiots a disease." She took another bite of her sushi politely offering him one. She was cold but she wasn't a bitch. Rina just had no care for peoples feelings. "I'm a senior. How about you?" She noticed in the corner of her eye kids scattering around looking for seats as it looked like they got kicked out of their table. She turned her head towards that direction as they scattered about. They cleared up showing the same girl that was in her class before. 'I wonder why they ran from her?' Rina blinked looking back at Danny. She tilted her head a bit as her long black hair flowed down her shoulders. "Yet he refuses to take my advice.." She mumbled watching him eat.

Discordia: She sighed and rested her head on her chin and bit into the apple as her eyes looked out the window. This sucked. She looked around the room and noticed the pair from her class, with a shrug she lifted her tray off the table and made her way towards them. With wide eyes she stared on as the boy inhaled his food, almost awestruck, before speaking. “Hi my name is Kyoko, I am new here and was wondering if I could join you?”

Danny would continue to woof and then finally, he was full. He would lean back and sigh, stuffing a toothpick in his mouth, and chewing on it a bit. Danny would perk up a bit breathing a sigh of relief of as she didn’t’ have any prior dieseases, but he would nod at her being a senior. “ah I’m a senior myself. Well I’m gonna go for one year, and then drop out. I’d rather it be official instead of never having even attempted it ya know? I’ve gotten use to the life of a homeless man..with bennifits.” Danny would laugh a bit before letting out a belch, and then covering his mouth, releasing a lower belch under his breath. Danny would then take note of another woman requesting to sit with him and his new friend. “Well sure! Go ahead and cop a squat next to Rina over there. She loves company, just adores new people.” Danny would wink at Rina with a rather devilsh smile.

Impresssed: Rina looked over at Danny with a glare in her eye, she looked up at the girl and scooted over quietly. "Be my guest." She kept on eating and watching him pick at his teeth with a toothpick. Rina stared at him a little longer, soon she parted her lips to speak. "Homeless..?" She questioned him closing her book as she gave up on reading. She placed the book back in her bag. "You're not dropping out. You're staying in school, and getting a job and a home so you're not homeless." Rina snapped at him, it sounded as if she was being mean although she was being the complete opposite, she actually felt pity for people who gave up all hope in themselves. She sensed he wasted to give up on himself but she knew she won't let him. Rina watched him quietly waiting for his response. Her red looking eyes watching him carefully analyzing him, her tiny figure sitting up straight and polite.

Discordia: Kyoko sat down, smiling widely at the others. “School is a rather interesting place and I am not quite sure if I like it,” she said before lifting the burger off the small paper plate and taking a bite. A bit of ketchup smeared across her cheek and she wiped it off with her napkin as she listened to the other two. “What is the point of going if you are just going to quit?” She asked before taking a sip of her soda. “It seems like a rather pointless and un-invested endeavor. You should listen to Rina, she knows what she is talking about.”

Good YearEdit

Danny would look at both of the women as they lectured him and then give a playful frowning face. “Ah well I’m not homeless anymore. I live with my home Boy Densuke Ryoji, my roadie really. It’s just the way he put it, if I was content with the life I live, then it’s fine. But if I’m not then I’m to live it how I want to ahaha!” Danny would scratch the back of his head smiling nervously. “Besides, I think I’ll like the experience and if it gets interesting I may pursue it…”Danny would take a sip of his water bottle. “But, if not im gonna keep on doing my usual life of exercise, Netflix, and food. Lots and lots of food.” Danny would look at Rina, and tilt his head innocently. “You’re a very stern girl aren’t you? Do you read a lot of books? And, by the way, erm. Miss girl that I don’t know, but am very pleased to meet, himynameisDanny, but that outburst you had in the classroom was pretty lol’tastic bahaha!” Danny would lean back in his seat, acting quite casual in his situation. These girls were very serous, but Danny…well wasn’t. One thing was certain. He could tell this year was going to be along one indeed. 

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