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A Monett OriginalEdit

InukaAnite: Evelyn walked out of the convient store with ten cans of spray in a huge brown bag in her arms. She found insipration; this time it would be a masterpeice. She went to a blank wall and dropped the bag at her feet, unzipping her jacket, revealing at least six more cans that she lifted from the store. She placed them in the bag, throwing her jacket on the ground next to the bag. She had a white shirt on with paint splotches all over it, the sleeves ripping at the seams and the shirt way too long for her, even though she was kind of tall. Evelyn ran a hand through her black, blue and grey hair, rulffing the already curled hair. She took a can of spray, shook it feircely and then grabbed another, popping the top off both caps, shaking them in sync so much that her body shook with it. And then she went to work, streaking the concrete wall of an alley, making circles. When he ran out of one paint, she popped open another, her entire focus on the painting and nothing else. She wouldn't even take her eyes off the wall as the many colors ran over the other colors and the wall turned from gray to rainbow. She stopped finally, signing her name in unreadable letters down below the work of art. She stood back and smiled, reaching into her bag to grab a pack, sticking one in her mouth and lighting the end. She inhaled deeply and kept smiling at her painting. If ony she could transfer this on a canvas and sell it; she wouldn't be shit poor anymore. Evelyn dropped down onto the opposite wall, sticking her feet out and leaving her cans all over the alley way. She would be ehre all night staring at it if she had nothing better to do. 

The Word Around SchoolEdit

LightFang: - It was another late night in kasaihana city, seems there was always something going on. In the few short weeks Aiden had been here there have already been 2 parties, a race, and now going clubbing. Aiden was told it would be a down beat rave type club. "Totally underground" one kid told him. He also found out that this club didn't card people, so underground the cops don't even know about it. After a few days of thinking it over Aiden finally decided to go to this club and see what was going on. He threw on his dark hoody with the checkerboard pocket and the painted on heart to hide the brand logo, he hated brands, and a pair of charcoal shorts. After lacing up his boots and pulling on his rider gloves he set out of his penthouse and rode the elevator down to the lobby. He exited the front door of the building and started walking down toward the club. Aiden didn't feel like taking his bike today, besides exercise is good for a guy every now and then. It wasn't long befor he saw the white haired boy, Lenris, who everyone called "snow white". ( if allowed) Aiden had learned his name through role call during gym class one day. Aiden called out "Yo Len, whats up. Why you walking figured you would be joyriding that new bike of yours." He would quicken his pace to catch up beside Lenris to continue the conversation. "So your going to this club too eh? Planning on picking up any girls while they are under the influence?" Aiden would put air quotes around "under the influence" and continue with, "or are you hoping to see Danny there?" Aiden would softly laugh at his own joke and turn away just as they had entered a subjacant alleyway. When he turned away Aiden would see a large mural painted on the wall. It looked like someone had put a lot of time in it and really knew what they were doing except for one part. The signature seemed rushed, "eva... angl.... linda..?" he said trying to sound it out. By looking at the paint he could tell it was still fresh, like it had just been done. Aiden quickly looked around only to see a girl sitting on the adjacent wall smoking a ciggerette and covered in paint. "Hey you," He called out to her, "did you see who did this? It's really good but i cant read the name."-

xXAyperosXx: After begging his parents and pleeing for hours they finally cracked and let him go out on the town.Though he was heading to the party he heard about from another one from school. And now walked down the sidewalk to its location. He could then hear someone behind him and looks back, it was Aiden, they guy who he'd raced the other day. He lets him catch up and listens to his questions. "Well, thought I'd just walk tonight.." He says while laughing a bit. "Eh, I may see whos here.. I'm not really into takeing advantage of girls who are intoxicated." He shakes his head as he says something about Danny. "I don't think he'll be here, prolly off being a goof ass somewhere." He laughs and as they come around the corner he looks at the same thing Aiden does. It indeed was a very good mural, but even he couldn't pronounce the name. And he looked as Aiden started talking to a girl with a smoke and just waits for her to reply to him before he says anything and just looks back at the painting admireing it.

Saterday Night's Party NightEdit

Discordia: “Beep Beep Beep” sounded Yukina’s alarm as she fumbled from under the blankets to try to shut the damn thing off. Her hand finally shot free of the covers and she grasped the wailing alarm and chucked it at the wall. It seemed like a better idea than it was, and the alarm continued to scream at her, now from across the room. “Fuck me sideways” she muttered as she dragged herself up from the bed. Yukina had spent all the night before organizing her furniture till it was perfect and touching up the murals she had painted on the walls. It had been the first night she had slept in a bed in weeks and she was reluctant to get out of it. She looked at the numbers flashing at her as she turned the alarm off. “Hmm, Saturday night, surely there is something I can get into tonight.” She thought as she headed to the bathroom. It didn’t take her long to clean up, throw some make-up on and brush her long red hair. She grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed out to the living room, sitting on the floor fishing through the box of clothes as she drank her beer. Yukina pulled out a tight black dress and some thigh-highs and slipped them on, sliding her feet into a pair of black steel toed boots. She brought the beer to her lips and took a sip only to realize she had already drank it all. With a flick of her wrist she tossed the empty bottle into the trash and plopped onto a stool at the table, pulling out her stash. Yukina pulled out a few buds before looking at the bag and pulled out a few more. “It is Saturday night,” she said to herself as she broke it up and rolled four joints and slipped them into a little silver cigarette box. She slid the box into a pocket and picked up a few blades, stashing them on her body. The last thing she did before she left was hit the light switch. Yukina made her way around the back of her apartment building where her window overlooked and kids were always hanging out. She kicked a small pebble as she walked, watching it roll. As she rounded the building she saw that the crappy alley had gotten a paint job. Her lips turned into a wide smile as she walked over to a few of the kids admiring it. “Impressive,” she said as she looked over the kids realizing she recognized a few of the kids. “Hey, I know you.” She said as she eyed the two boys. “Good to see you aren’t causing massive accidents. You know who painted this? They did a damn good job.” Yukina pulled out a smoke and lit it with the ancient Zippo. As she exhaled, she held her hand out to the others. “I’m Yukina by the way, Yukina Saito. Anything exciting happening around here?” 

Who's the Artist Here?Edit

InukaAnite: Evelyn inhaled again and then took her cigarette out of her mouth, then exhaled the smoke, coughing. "The name is Evelyn, call me Lyn," she stood up and kicked a can out of her way, "Got a problem with it?" She looked the three over, her face in a hard frown. She put her smoke back into her mouth, then inhaled, soon after exhaling it. She turned her gaze to the painting and smiled, "I just finished. I would prefer you to not touch it but hell, this place ain't running with cops so why should I be one?" She chuckled and walked over to her painting, leaning against the wall next to it. "It's rare for kids to come by this alley and actually take a look at the graffiti... do you ahve an affinity for this sort of stuff?" She asked, putting her smoke back in her mouth, smiling. Evelyn took the cigarette out of her mouth and raised an eyebrow, "Where do all the kids come from? Shouldn't you all be in your beds where your Mommies are." She laughed, and then smirked, putting a hand on her hip,"Nah, just messin' with ya."

LightFang: -Aiden would nod to the girl as she stood up saying her name was Evelyn, or Lyn. When she said, "Got a problem with it?" Aiden cocked an eyebrow and looked down at the can that had hit his foot. He looked back up at Evelyn and said, "Maybe?" When she continued saying she was the artist of it Aiden got a bit intregued. "Actually i may have some what of an artistic eye. You happen to be looking for work?" Aiden reached into his pocket and took out his phone looking down at it. "Gimme your number and I'll call you if something comes up." If she gave him her number he would put it in his phone under the contact "E". Then he would put his phone away. Then the girl made a mistake by indirectly mentioning Aiden's mom. He lowered his head covering his eyes with his hair and giving off a dark vibe. He turned around to the painting and placed his hand on the wall, coating his palm in rainbow colored paint. He would then turn back to Evelyn and place his hand on her right cheek and smear it over her face, coating her face in a rainbow. Aiden would then wipe his hand off on Evelyn's shirt sleeve and turn toward Yukina. He would point to her cigerette and ask, "Can i get one of those? Names Aiden, I think we have a class together or something..." He would then point down the alley a bit more. "Theres a club down that way a bit. Me and Snow White here were heading to, you should check that out." He turned back to Evelyn a moment and said, "You can come too, just dont mention my mother again." His green eyes were very stern yet cold as he peered over the black band-aid on his nose.-

xXAyperosXx: Lenris watches as Aiden speaks and then looks at him after she said something about his mother.. He didn't say aanything though and watches as he puts paint on his hand and wipes it on the girls face and shirt. "Ahh daaamn.." These words just mutter out, but only slightly as he just watches. He keeps watching kind of fight, but thin raises a braw as his mood almost changes completely. Damn this guy must have some horrible mother issues.. God what did she do? this goes through his mind, he wasnt about to ask, god know what he would do to him if thats what he did to her. but him in a trash can, through a window.. He shivered on the inside at the thought of it. but shook it off.. "Umm, how about we just get to the party eh?" He trys to lighten the mood a bit. "Surly we can get a few drinks and just forget about this." He looks between them all."

InukaAnite: Evelyn grinned as he smeared the paint on her face, she took off her shirt then and wiped it off, laughing loudly. She put back on her shirt and continued laughing. "You think I'd actually work for a guy who wipes my own paint on my face?" She kept laughing and stomped on her cigarette, "You've got guts. But I already have a job and no phone." Her lips curled into an evil smile, "But do come back to visit me, you make for quite and interesting guy." She took a spray bottle and carefully sprayed her name "Lyn" on his jacket in bright pick letters and then threw the can over her shoulder, grabbing her jacket from the ground and walking back down the alley still laughing, "By the way, have fun gettin' that off ya clothes!" She laughed louder, disappearing down the alley way. 

I Need a SmokeEdit

Discordia: Yukina rolled her eyes at the scene that had just played out and took a long drag off the Newport. She was not high enough to get involved. “Here have this one,” she said as she handed him the two thirds of her cigarette and then pulled a joint out from the silver case. Her green eyes sparkled a bit as she inhaled deeply before bringing it to her lips and lighting the end. The smell filled the small alley as she took a few puffs and held the smoke in. It burned her lungs and she gave a little cough expelling the smoke into the night air. Yukina held the joint out, offering it to the others. “You said a club, sounds like fun,” she said as she glanced at the other two. “I ain’t got anything better to do at the moment and if there is drinks I am in.”

LightFang: -Aiden would look down at his jacket now covered in pink paint and read the name Lyn off of it in pink letters. He would let out a little grumble and take his jacket off revealing his muscle shirt underneath. He would hold the jacket in his left hand as he took the already lit cigerette and thought ,'eh not even a full one, oh well guess its better for me this way.' He brought it to his mouth and enhaled a quick drag letting out a puff of smoke. He would look down the alley way where the other girl dissapeared to. "Oh well, guess ill be looking around a bit more." he said to himself but loud enough the others could have heard him. "Anyway yea ya'll are right lets get in the club and have a little fun." When Yukina offered him the blunt he put his hand up and said, "Nah just the cig will do for now." He then would turn and head down the alley way a bit more toward the club. He would toss his jacket into a dumpster as he passed one. It was only a few more steps and Aiden saw the red door with a pull to open sign on the side of it. 'This must be the place' he thought to himself as he pulled the door back. ( ) Some loud punk rock music hit him as the door swung open and it confirmed his suspicion. He stepped inside the door assume the other two would be right behind him, leaving the door open. He took the cigerette to his mouth once more and inhaled a long drag before droping it on the concrete floor and stepping on it. When Aiden looked down to step on his cigerette he noticed the floor had a little bit of red splatters on it and looked a bit confused. A muscle bound man behind the counter spoke up saying, "Yea, we had a fight in here bout five minutes ago." The man chuckled and continued," Guy lost a tooth in the fray. may be a bit of blood scattered around cause of it." The man then placed his hands down on the counter and said,"How bout we get the drinks flowin. What's your poison?" Aiden would smirk slightly and move toward the bar. He would take a seat and say, "Gimme a glass of jack up there." pointing up at a bottle of jack daniel's about half full. In a few seconds the bartender had the drink fixed and slid it over to Aiden. He took a feew sips before downing the whole drink placing it back down on the counter and bobbing his head to the music.-

Hit the ClubEdit

xXAyperosXx: Lenris looked the girl up and down, sure he wasn't like other guys but damn, doesn't hurt to look a bit. he then shrugs it off and looks at the joint. "Nah, not for me. My names Lenris by the way. Lenris Akiyama." He shows off a pretty smile and puts his arms crossed behind his head.. He followed Aiden inside and looks around a bit. "Dis place is bumpen.." puts his hand down and spins around a bit, busten a little move as some would call it. He'd then looks at the bartender. "Jim beam." He didn't drink much but he'd sometimes get into his dads cabnet and get his and thats what he usualy had. He pours him a glass and Lenris downs it and smiles a bit. He comes up beside Aiden. "Come on man, thought we came here to have fun, not sit around bobben your head." He then goes off and starts to dance with a few girls that were there. He was haven the time of his life, he was in his element and nothing was gonna ruin that. Had good music going, a few girls dancing up on him. Yeah, he was haveing a good time, hopefully Aiden would take his advice and have some fun, maybe the girl will as well. But even here he stood out with his white as hair and pale skin. But he didn't even care, the girls seemed to like it.

Discordia: Yukina shrugged and took a few more hits of the joint before nubbing it out on the brick wall and sticking the roach back in the silver case. “Nice to meet you,” she added with a nod to each of them before following them in the club. She hopped onto a stool and crossed her long legs as she looked the bartender up and down and waved him over. Yukina propped herself up on her elbows and leaned into the bar tender as she asked for her drink. “Got any of that Tennessee Honey? I want it on ice.” She winked at the bartender before reclining back on the stool. Hey, it never hurt to flirt with the bartender. He returned with a tumbler filled with a honey colored liquid and a few cubes of ice floating around. Yukina smiled before taking the glass and draining a good portion of it in one swig. The liquid burned her throat and she let out a gasp. Her eyes scanned the club and she didn’t seen anyone that interested her so she finished her drink and ordered another with a little wave of her hand. She seemed to be more relaxed than normal and her head was bobbing along to the music. “Not the nicest place, but at least the music doesn’t suck.” She said to Aiden.

Not My SceneEdit

LightFang: -Aiden would knock on the counter and have the bartender come by and refill his jack. He would start taking a few sips from it when Lenris started urging him to "have some fun". Aiden just shrugged him off and turned around in his seat, resting his back on the counter behind him. He looked out over the club, seems there is a small dance floor taking up the one side and some tables on the other. There was also a small room past the dancefloor that looked to have pool tables and some arcade games, even a few video poker machines. Aiden thought over maybe going to test his skill in pool later but was interupted mid thought when Yukina started up a conversation. "Yea the music is pretty good i guess. Im just more used to nicer places." Aiden spun around toward her and said, "Say how bout a couple shots of tequilla?" He waved the bartender over and had him place two shot glasses down infront of them waiting to see her answer. If she was to agree the bartender would fill the glasses up and Aiden would count back from three then down his shot in one go. If she declined however Aiden would say "Suit yourself." and have the bartender just set him up a shot before downing that one alone.-

xXAyperosXx: Lenris keeps dancing for a bit and then heads back to the bar. "Could I get another?" The bartender nods and pours him another, he wasn't gonna drink to much, just enough to feel good. He picks up the glass. "Bottoms uuup." He downs it and puts the glass down. "Hell yeah, that hits the spot." He stands there a bit and looks as a girl waves him over with her finger. She was a little blonde, looked pretty cute too in her short dress and high heals. He smiles a bit and whistles. He starts over towords her and slides the rest of the way. 'What up sexy?" She smiles and says. "Thats what I was gonna ask you." She grabs his hand and pulls him into the crowd and starts to dance rather seductivly. He looks at her, on the inside he falls out but keeps his posture on the outside and starts to dance with her. She starts rub up against him. Lenris bits his lip as she does so but he keeps dancing.

Shots Shots Shots EverybodyEdit

Discordia: “Yeah, I am not really used to such places either.” Yukina said with a shrug. “Oh tequila, sounds good.” She added with a grin on her face as she watched the bartender pour the shots. As Aiden counted she picked up the shot, smashing it back simultaneously with him before banging the empty glass on the counter. By this time she was starting to feel the two tumblers of whiskey and she wobbled a bit on her stool. She pulled out the pack of smokes and tossed an unlit one to Aiden before lighting her own and inhaling deeply. She noticed the pool tables and her eyes traveled from them to Aiden, “You up for a game? I think Lenris is going to be busy for a while.”

A Game of PigsEdit

LightFang: - Aiden was still pretty focused even after the two jack daniels and the shot. He was one who knew how to handle his whiskey. Maybe it was a bit of that irish blood, that and the hair. He could clearly see that Yukina was getting a little toasted when she tossed him another cigerette. He took it and placed it behind his ear for safe keeping saying, "Thanks but I dont smoke all that often only when I get agitated. When she asked him about a game he looked over to the pool tables she was eyeing and said, "Yea i always enjoy games, but perhaps a more fun game." Aiden reached into his pocket again and pulled out his top of the line Pear Fruit Phone
PearPhone by Quatroversion
 and punch in three didgits. He would then hand his phone over to Yukina and say," Go ahead hit call and tip them off about this place." She should be able to see the phone is set to call 911 if she was to hit the call button. Aiden was clearly testing her to see if she was bad or not. If she was to press call then after she made the call Aiden would take his phone back and grab her wrist leading her out of the club and leaving out the other side of the alley way to avoid the heat that would soon be all over the place. If she chickened out He would undo the call prompt and place the phone back in his pocket turning back around to the bar.-

xXAyperosXx: Lenris keeps dancing with her and then a big dude comes up behind him. "Hey punk! Your rubben all over my girl!" Lenris looks at his and then at the girl and she kinda shrugs with a devilish look on her face. "Ahhh man, I didn't even kiss her yet bro." He looks at him and they guys starts to turn red and then goes to punch him in the face, but Lenris was very quick. "Oh shit!!" He ducks and the dude punches another guy in the face. And this causes a huge fight on the dance floor. Lenris raises back up. "Sorry baby, But I think its time for me to go." He grabs her arm and kisses her before takeing off back to Aiden and Yukina. "Uuum, think its time for us to go.." He looks back at the people fighting on the dance floor and looks back to the bartender. "One more drink." He puts the money on the bar and the man pours him a drink and he downs it. He then looks back at the other to to see what they say about it, but as soon as he does they guy that tryed to punch him earlyer grabs him and pushes him on the bar.. Out of reflex Lenris grabs the bar and pushes off sending his foot into the dudes chest, the force would send him to the other side of the room and hit the wall, knocking him out cold. Lenris looks over. "oh shit... I didn't even mean to do that.." He felt like shit, he hated hurting people.

I'll Take This To-GoEdit

Discordia: Yukina took the phone and looked at it, an evil glint crossing her eyes. She had already been thinking this spot was the perfect place to own a club, too bad this one was still a dump. If this place got closed down, she had plenty to buy it and redo the damn thing. She held up her finger as if to say one second and waved the bartender over. “Get me a bottle of black label Jack and a bottle of Tennessee honey. Put it on my tab.” As soon as he turned to get the drinks, she hit send. “Yeah, I would like to report an underground club.” She finished reporting the club just as the bartender returned with the two bottles. Yukina slid the black label towards Aiden and grabbed the other bottle, just as Len returned. “You better drink fast,” she called out to him as Aiden grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the club. The door slammed behind them, almost hitting Len in the face if he were to follow them. As they ran down the alley, her steps were wobbly but she had no trouble keeping up. At the end of the alley, she stopped for a moment as she burst out giggling. Her eyes glanced over Aiden, looking him up and down “Where to now? I am new around here and I have no idea what the hell to do besides get absolutely shitfaced.” She cracked open the bottle and took a hefty swig. Yukina could already hear the sirens heading their way.

LightFang: -Aiden took the bottle and his phone from Yukina as he moved for the door pulling her with him. He would direct her to the back of the alley way. It would seem to end at a parking lot barely full of cars. Yukina asked, "Where to now?" and Aiden replied saying, "Watch this." He would take out a set of keys and press the top button in the pattern. The button would send out a signal to his customised Jetcycle calling it to him. Aiden would turn around to see if Lenris folled them out. If he did Aiden would say to him, "Call your bike here and get out of the area. Meet us at this address." He would hand Lenris a sheet of paper that had Aiden's home home address written on it. "Just park on the roof and come through the roof entry." After that Aiden would get on to his Jetcycle that had just shown up and offer Yukina the spare helmet. He would wait for her to get on the bike before sailing up to the roof tops of District 1 shouting, "Hang on tight." before he left. He would set the bike to Mach 1 and speed on toward his penthouse building. He would arrive there in little less than a few minutes parking on the roof.
He actually parked his bike in a specific placement so that when he hit a button on his bike it synced with a command in the penthouse that the ceiling loowered the bike down into an indoor garage, closing the roof in above them.Aiden would turn off the cycle and place his helmet on the seat letting it colapse down into the bike. He would motion toward Yukina and have her follow him into the main room of his penthouse.  He would tell her, "Make yourself at home while we wait on Snow White. Oh and maybe get yourself a slice of bread, to soak up that alchohol." he said lightheartedly. -

Off to the Races AgainEdit

xXAyperosXx: Lenris runs out with them and almost gets hit by the door, but as lanky and quick as he is he slips right by and runs with them, he of course wasn't running as fast as he could but instead just stayed with them. He looks to Aiden as he speaks and would nod and press a button on his keys and then take the peice of paper. His bike was there within a few moments and he would grab his helmet and put it on, getting on the bike and hovers over the buildings and flips a switch on the handle bars and the look of the bike starts to change. He looks at the paper and nods, saying the adress and a Gps shows up on his viser. He then smiles and guns it, going just about as fast as Aiden did. Arriveing at his house and parking up on the roof. He gets off his bike and buts his helmet on the seat, the hemet going into the bike. He then goes in through the roof intrence and walks down to where they were talking. "Hey man, nice place. Should have came here earlier." He looks around a bit. he'd actually never seen such a nice place before, of caurse his dad is to blame for that, being rich and living in such a small house. But it save him money, so he stays just as wealthy.. Lenris sits down on the couch and rests his arm on the back of couch and keeps looking around. "So, what to do?"

Discordia: Yukina takes a swig before sliding onto the bike and handing the bottle to Aiden. Surely with all the fancy updates he had a place he could put that. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, probably too tight given that she really couldn’t measure her strength in her current state. The bike flew through the air and her heart pounded as adrenalin pumped through her. When they reached the pent house, Yukina hopped off the bike and made her way inside, lighting up a cigarette as she looked around the place. She poked and prodded all the fragile items on his shelves before plopping onto the couch. “I thinks it be counter produccccctive to eat. I works so hard to get this way,” she replied before she put out her smoke and pulled out her case. Yukina leaned back into the cushions pulling her feet up and curling her legs under her as she lit a joint and inhaled.

Casa de AidenEdit

LightFang: -Aiden takes the bottle of jack and puts it in a cabnet in his kitchen. He turns to see that Lenris had walked in and take a place on the couch along with Yukina. He raised his arms outward and said, "Welcome to Casa de Aiden. It cost a pretty penny but hey, you can't beat that view." He walks over to the couch and sits opposite it in an arm chair with only the table between them. "Oh i guess i should offer some drinks and shit since you are guests. Uh, there is a couple different drinks in the kitchen, just help yourself to whatever if you want something." He would pause a moment to see if anyone was to jump up before continueing with saying to Lenris specifically, "Man that was some kick, and what of that agility. Tell me, you gotta be inta some kinda martial arts with that skill." He would then turn to Yukina and say, "And you, bold move. I didn't think you would actually do it. Calling the cops on a party with a bunch of kids from our school like that." He would take out his phone and hit a button on it sending a wifi signal to his speakers signalling them to play a setlist of rythemic electronic music. The volume was low and there were no lyrics just to give the place an ambiance. Aiden then placed his phone down on the table and look back to the two of them, "So do you two have any other interesting skills, or say dabble in games?" He would be lightly hinting over the topic of illicit activities trying to ask if they had an area of expertese. However to a person that is not in "the game" they would mearly think he was talking of some kinda competion based thing in which you would need skill, like video games or mma tournaments etcetera.-

You in "The Game"?Edit

xXAyperosXx: Lenris nods as he tells them about drinks but didn't want anything at the moment. He then looks at him as he talks about the kick he gave that guy from the bar. and listens to him further after he talks to Yukina. And then Lenris raises his brow at his question about any other skills. Though honestly he was a good kid, but he humored him anyway. "Well, I've been trained in martal arts for years, since I could walk actually." He listens to the rest of what he has to say and smiles a bit, know what he ment. He honestly wouldn't want to get in trouble with the law, but of course, the only way he would be cought is if he broke his leg. "And I am very fast, in fact the only way you could catch me is if you put a bullet in my ass, and even then I'd prolly keep runin. Also, I am a bit of a computer wise. I'm really good a hacking. And I'm good at upgradeing things that would seem rather premitive." He looks at Yukina to see what she has to say, Though she seemed a bit drunk, but Lenris was tipsy so oh well. He looks back and fourth between them to see whos speaks first.

Discordia: “I has skills.” Yukina says with a giggle. “Someday, if you are lucky, you may find out what those skills are.” She finished the joint and then lit a smoke as she looked around wide eyed at the guys before bringing her finger to her lips. “It is a secret.” Yukina then winked before leaning into the cushion giggling some more. “Hey where is my free bottle of whiskey?” She asked looking around the room. She was sure she had brought it with her. She kicked her shoes off letting them fall in front of the couch before yawning.

LightFang: -Aiden calculates Lenris's answer carefully trying to see if he picked up on the hidden code. As lenris went on talking about his computer skills an ability to upgrade things he figured he got the gesture. 'A hacker is always good', he thought to himself even though Aiden had his own expertise in that area as well. Aiden would resonate his own chi slightly, just enough to allow him to look at the aura of other people. He would use this to study Lenris, being that he is a bit of a martial artist he must have some chi within him. As Aiden narrowed his eyes and focused on Lenris's Aura he was pleasently shocked. Lenris seemed to have a large bit of chi, no doubt from intense training. On further examination Aiden could see that his Hadou leaned toward the Lighter side of the spectrum. "Interesting.." Aiden would say to himself. He then asked," Hey Lenris, I know you have a phone. Mind if i take a look at it for a second?" He would then turn his attention to Yukina to get her answer. As she babbled about her secret skills Aiden just assumed she was way to drunk to even get the code. He shrugged it off and ignored her asking about a bottle of whiskey. He will make sure to get it to her later though. He then turned his attention back to Lenris waiting to see if he handed over the phone.-

xXAyperosXx: Lenris looked at him a second as he felt something strange comeing from Aiden. But then when he asked for his phone he would look at him even more weirdly. "Sure, but what you need it for?" He pulls it from his pocket and handed it to him, It wasn't as new as his but it was the same kind. He looked at him for a moment after handing it over and scratches his head a bit. Lenris know he had chi, but didn't know many others that had it. That feeling was strange, and he knew it was comeing from Aiden.. Not likeing the feeling he shrugs it off and heads over to the kitchen. He leaves his phone to Aiden, being a bit trust worthy. he looks through the cabnets for a snack and finaly finds what seems to be some cookies. "Awesome." He grabs a few munching them down and looks back. Scarfing them down. He hadn't ate all night. He then grabs a small bag of chips and stands by the counter and opens them getting a few and popping them in his mouth. He wasn't even high and he acted like he had a massive case of the munchies. But if anyone knew Lenris he was a fatty at heart, not really able to gain weight do to training he could eat what ever and as much as he wanted. So he stands there eating chips, Watching Aiden, still wondering about that feeling he put off. It felt as though he taped into his chi, but why would he do that. Eh he shugged it off and continued to stuff his face with chips.

Discordia: Yukina’s eyes had drifted closed as she lie sunk into the couch, comfortably feeling the effects of the alcohol and weed. She was not really paying much attention to the boys as they spoke. It really wasn’t any of her business anyways. Apparently she wasn’t getting her bottle of whiskey either. Napping, napping was good. She hugged one of the pillows tightly and her breathing deepened as she slept, her hair falling over her face. As if a gun had went off, yukina shot straight up off the couch and dashed out of the living room. Her feet could be heard running around the apartment before she returned to the living room, dancing ever so slightly. “Dude, where the fuck is your bathroom?” She exclaimed loudly as she shifted uncomfortably.

A Slight UpgradeEdit

LightFang: -Aiden would take the phone from Lenris and set it face down on the coffee table in front of him. He would take out a small stylus and tap the four corners of the back of his phone. This would be a code in the phone to unlach the casing for someone to repair any internal parts. However Aiden didn't have a repair job in mind. He took out a small chip with a cursive N on in and implanted it to the mother board of Lenris's phone. Aiden would close the Phone casing and reset the laching. He turned the phone over and looked at the home screen. A prompt had come up and Aiden types in a couple codes using the stylus. He then recieves a second promt message which at this time He stood up and walked over to Lenris. He handed the phone back and told him,"Just follow the promt from here out." After he handed the phone over Yukina jumped up asking for the bathroom. Aiden pointed down a hall and said, "Third door on the left." He would then walk away from lenris to fix himself a glass of water. The promt on the phone should read a couple pages of text that Aiden had left to inform Lenris of what he did. They read, =I have added a special signature to your phone now. It is now untracable by any global network. It still can connect to wifi but it wont show up on a trafficing source. Police cant trace it and hackers cant track it. It is now totally undetectable. I did this to make our conversations completely private from here on. I want you to act as though i didn't do anything special to your phone. Continue normally and I will contact you later when i have further details for you. PS i put my number in your phone.= After the last page of the prompt is closed a text message would immediatly pop up from Aiden saying, 'And I have yours.'-

xXAyperosXx: He looks at his phone reading it and then casually puts it in his pocket and continues to eat chips. It seemed weird that he did that, but Lenris figured that he had something big planed and shruged it off. He finishes off his chips and goes to get more but its gone and he frowns a bit. "Awww man." He wades up the empty bag and tossed it in the trash. He then pulls out his phone but laughs as Yukina dances around a bit asking for the bathroom and then putts his phone back up forgetting what he was about to do.

When You Gotta GoEdit

Discordia: Yukina nodded before she took off down the hall in search of the bathroom. When she finally found the third door, she opened the door and quickly flicked the switch on shutting the door behind her. Yukina didn’t bother to look before she hiked up her dress, slid down her panties and sat on the toilet. Her ass was greeted with a splash as she landed in the water beneath. She yelled out “fuck” as she stood up and slammed the toilet seat down and looked for a towel or something to dry off with as she muttered under her breath about men being stupid heads. Finally, she found a towel and managed to wipe off before sitting on the toilet with the seat down. She sighed in relief as she rested her head in her hands and elbows on her knees,  finally able to piss. After, Yukina wiped and adjusted her clothes before washing her hands and drying them off on a different, not toilet water towel. It seemed like not much had really changed amongst the guys, so she just plopped back into the spot she was in earlier. “Damn I could use some taco bell.” She said to no one in particular as she got comfortable and snuggled the pillow.

You Gotta Go...Edit

LightFang: - Aiden would look over to the far wall where he had a clock hanging and read the time.'Damn it's getting late already', He thought to himself before putting the glass down in the sink. He then walked out past the small seperational wall that sectioned off the kitchen from the rest of the main room. He then said toward Lenris, "Hey its getting pretty late, dont you prolly need to get home soon?" Aiden then looked over at Yukina thinking the same about her but figuring she was way to drunk to let her leave. And since both Aiden and Lenris drive Jetcycles it is probbably not a safe idea for either of us to drive her home. "You should probably stay here tonight." Aiden said to Yukina, "Dont need you all drunk and trying to stumble home at this hour."-

xXAyperosXx: Lenris would look at the clock as well, it was late, but his parents haven't called nor given him a time to be home, but he kind of got the hint. "Nah, but I'll get outa here. Prolly best or I'm gonna eat all your cookies." He laughs a bit and starts to go up the stairs. "If i don't hear from ya, I'll see you to at school." He heads on up makeing a peace sign and goes out the door putting on his helmet and flipping the switch as he floats up. He revs it a few times before heading out, just going a casual speed. He then starts to get a phone call and a picture of his dad shows up. "Send." He says and the phone picks up. "I'm on my way dad, Sorry I'm a bit late, ran into some friends." "Alright, I was just checking up on you." "I'm fine dad. I'll be home in a few momments. Go head on to bed.""Ok son, Be carfull." His dad hangs up the phone withough an I love you, but that was usual seeing his dad was bit of a hard ass. He's only told him this a few times in words, but many times with random gifts. But just as Lenris said he was gonna be there in a few he was home, parking his bike in the drive way, and then takeing his helmet off and lets it form to the bike and putting it on safe mode, making it to were if anyone touches it without pressing the button it would give them a nice little shock. Well enough to knock them out cold actually. He then goes into the house and up to his room, stripping down, then goes and takes a piss and brushes his teeth. he them goes back to his room and plugs up his phone and plops in bed with his hands behind his head. "Yep tonight was pretty fun." He smirks and then closes his eyes and starts to drift off to sleep.

Discordia: Yukina was already falling back asleep on the couch and gave a nod to acknowledge Aiden speaking to her. She mumbled something about pajamas but the sentence wasn’t exactly coherent given her face was smushed into the pillow. She curled up into a small ball on the couch and sighed contently. Her hand reached up and she lazily waved to Len. After a few moments, her breathing slowed and steadied as she drifted further into the deep slumber of drunkenness.

Good Guys Finish LastEdit

LightFang: -Aiden walked off to the side closet and took out a blanket. He walked back over to Yukina and draped it over her carefully. He mumbled something about how he lives in a penthouse with plenty of rooms and she picks the couch. Aiden then walks off down the hall turning off the lights and music as he leaves. He heads off and climbs into his bed to go to sleep for the night. He sat awake for a few moments thinking about how a pretty girl was in his penthouse with him totally wasted and he isn't trying his luck. He just shook his head and turned over to fall asleep rather than act on his thoughts. Maybe its just the good side to him but he isn't one to mess with women with out a true consent. The following days should be pretty interesting however. Aiden has big plans on the horizon.-

(Aiden and Lenris have each other's contact info. Lenris's phone is now untracable. Possable alliance forming from Lenris and Aiden. Yukina will deffinatly have a hang over tomorrow...) 

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