The Past, Present, And Unavoidible FutureEdit

( )  Densuke would lead the way through murky sewer….he’d been hearing news. Rumors of an explosion….. That Tetsu was caught in. It was a rumor, and it was perceived that Tetsu was still alive, and well. After all no one would figure the supercop of kasihana would kick the bucket any time soon right?...Well sure enough Densuke got a phone call from his grandfather, Ochigi. He’d told him to come to the lab…for a talk. An important one no doubt. He also told Densuke to bring Keyth along, for he was needed… Densuke would inhale and exhale shaking his head. Taking one of his hands and running it through his hair, and with a slumped posture to boot. He was upset..stressed..and worried, all in that order. “I don’ t like this feeling Keyth…Hearing rumors about my pops…the anxiety I’m getting is off the fucking charts…amongst other things, my gramps wants to see me and you….to be honest, what’s strange is he’s calling us to the…well you’ll see. I know this probably looks really suspect, but trust me. I know where I’m going..thanks again for coming man I really appreciate it.” Densuke would stuff his hands in his pockets. His dark red jacket and blue jeans were casual wear…gloves as always. He’d prepared but for what reason? He didn’t know. There was a voice in his head telling him to bring that same orb as well..the creepy one him and keyth talked about…

Tasanagi: ((  Same song continuing off.)) Keyth kept his eyes on Densuke as they pushed forward. " Your pops, i bet he's fine man. Dont stress it. He's the Super cop." He said nodding as they pushed forward. They'd past by a turn way where Keyth would sudden get a flash back. His mind racing as the images hit him. Seeing a younger version of his father and tetsu fight in these very sewers. " Thomas flint.." Keyth said stopping, looking down the sewer drainge to the right, it had been shut off. Densuke would more than likely get the same feeling. " Down ther..." Keyth said pointing. " That's... where they stopped him... Thomas....Flint.." The fact the boys would be able to since the chi remnants of something that happened before they were even bored. Only showed how they had grown beyond there fahters expectations. "..." Keyths hands dropped as He and densuke continued there push forward. Images burning through there head when Tetsu and Hideo trained, When Keyome trained with Hideo... and even at one point when Tetsu and Keyome had trained together for Hideo's birthday. Something they had only did once in there lives. The images soaring through there heads would be the work of some outside force at this point. But, it was unknown... " Hideo.." Keyth said holding his head. The boys didnt realize it, but they were contacting spirtual spots just by walking through here, doing something that took Tetsu and Keyome to do only in a subconcious state... Hideo was indeed.. reaching out to them.

What’re these images…?” Densuke would murmer to himself..( ) Densuke took  note of the battle against Thomas Fline that Keyth pointed out…and he could see it? It was so vivid…as if the time period just went back and it was a freshly looking scene. Multiple people there..Tetsu, Keyome..Asami, Donnie Yun, and a red haired guy…and Thomas Flint. Who could forget Thomas flint…his legacy is more so scary than Keyomes..Densuke could see in his head Tetsu training with an elderly man. “Hideo..” Densuke thought. “Dad told me about him, but…why do I know him? As if I’ve always known him..Huh.” The fierce rivalry between Keyome and Tetsu bruned in his mind, as their very legacy of battle with one another. Two students of the same teacher. The epitimy of light and darkness incarnate….all emanating in the part of desnuke’s barin that controls vision…Densuke would shake his head, taking a moment to realize where they were. “Ah..I’ve got a headache…I think I’m seeing ghost. Ghost of the past…tch. We’re here anyways..” Densuke and Keyth would arrive at what appeared to be a wall. A plain jane brick wall. Matching perfecty with the sewers. If one was to look it fit the ambiance perfecetly with no individuality. That’s when Densuke would stand infront of it and hold his watch up into the air. The watch would blink twice a blue LED light flash, and a computerized voice would brim from the air. “Ryoji Tech recognition: 0ZH689-K932DR. Welcome Densuke Ryoji.” Densuke would stand back and sigal keyth to do the same. “Don’t be shocked, but my pops did most of this on his own with his personal bots. Don’t get all googly eyed, I’m really not supposed to show anyone this…eh.( ) The floor would start to quake as the wall split open, revealing a platform, up a long..and lighted corridor. Densuke would nudge for them to step on the platform. The platform would slowly ascend and begin making its way up through the well lit corridor. ( ) “this is the most descret route. Other than that we’d have to go allllll the way outside of D2 near the beach, but that’s a ways away.” The platform would then switch to a horizontal motion, moving at a pretty steady pace. After a while, they’d start to descend…deeper and deeper until they’d arrived at another door. Densuke would hold his watch up once, more and the same codec like reading would sound. Multiple doors would open down the corridor one after another until a rather large clearing was revealed filled with stairways, rooms, and gadgetry alike( ). Multiple cameras galore, and robotic parts all around..The boys would take the straight way only to see a man at the end of it, with his hands in his pocket, and lab coat on firmly. His brown hair, and green eyes. It was clear, this was the man responsible for the birth of Tetsu. “Densuke  you made it. And you brought Keyth. Pleasure to meet you Mr.Tasanagi.” Ochigi would extend his hand towards Keyth for a handshake, wether he got one or not he would step back and nod. “Follow me boys. I’ll explain… best as I can, what I need to two of you to do..I know it’s sudden..but things have changed, and as of now I need the two of you to take hold of the gifts you have. Understood? Good.” Ochigi would then begin leading them down a stairwell..water falls sourrounded the place at this point. “So Keyth. How much do you know about chi. Meditation wise. “

 Tasanagi: (( )) Keyth shook his hand, he looked just like Denuske, this couldnt be his grandpa... he looked younger than his dad. " Not alot sir... i've never had proper training in the arts of chi control sir." He said following Ochigi down the hall, his eyes shifted all throughout the hideout, it was.. massive. Like bigger than a mall. They could fit a colony down here.PLacing his hands into his pockets. " My mother was a powerful chi practioner though, i have learned a bit from her. But nothing on the scale of Densuke or anything more than likely.." He said looking around again. His cell phone began to ring, he'd place it on silences. He was dumbfounded by this place... just what could be behind the Ryoji family that they have to live in hiding like this...

::Ochigi:: Ochigi would nod. “Don’t count yourself out. I’ve been observing you for a while now from previous endevours, and information from Densuke. You’re quite the manipulater, and a good more. Even more so brilliant than your late father, My condolences…..” Ochigi would take a moment. He knew of Tetsu’s death….but Densuke hadn’t learned yet. “I’m taking you boys to the special chi room. Densuke know’s what this is. It’s a nature room. Desinged to be nothing but serene. In this room, you’ll be able to focus undoubtedly. This is mainly because…Well. You’ll soon find out. When you get in there, Sit infront of one another and bump fist. Hold this pose. Then I want the both of you to focus your chi’s and meld them together in a sense. Densuke,  you will be the celestial guide, and keyth’s chi will act as a medium. To aid the time.” Densuke would tilt his head. “What is this for? I’m confused. You’re being vauge about it all.” Ochigi would bite his lip. He didn’t want his voice to sound weeapy…He’d been doing nothing but crying for the past 24 hours. Trying to hold a high head infront of his grandson was already difficult..” It’ll all become clear. Soon.” They’d arrive to the room. It would appear to have a sky…serene different coloered plants. A river, with rocks, and even live frogs, and fist. And the gaping water fall at the end of the room. Wide and spacious and all around: majestic. Ochigi would point them to the waterfall. “Sit infront of it, and do as instructed. I’ll be moitoring and recording any activity. Densuke this is where the pressure comes in..your chi control has to be perfect to the tee. If you loose track of your spirits medium for even a second, you could drain yourself of chi completely, and distintergrate yours and keyth’s being. This is something your father could do with ease. I’ve no doubt you can as well.” Densuke’s face would drop for a second…but he’d nod. Biting his lip, the pressure was on. “I understand..well in any case, sounds fun eh keyth?” Densuke would smirk in this bleek yet serious situation. The two of them should make their way over and preform as instructed. Densuke would hold his fist out. “Trust me on t his one..kinda threw me in the frying pan here but I think I can manage. No….I know I can. Just keep your chi under control okay?” Densuke would close his eyes, and begin to stabilize his chi, pouring in into his being and if keyth did the same, both of their chi centers would meet through the mediums of their fist. Suddenly a white flash of light would appear in their mental mind states. ( ) they’d then find themselves…in some white room. It was..snowing. The chill of their breathing could be heard and felt. Densuke would look at himself. He was there….he could hear. See. Feel. And breathe. But the ambiance of this place was….strangely nice. Really nice. Really REALLY nice. “…………The hell…this is….beautiful….” Densuke would take a step forward..before taking a few more and walking…”hellooooo!? Anyone here? Anyone HOME? Nice place you got here!” “Thanks. Made it myself. Sort of. Not exactly done but well….everything takes some time right? God if Asami was here she’d at least make this place homey…I could live in a cave if I wanted to heh heh heh.” Densuke’s stoped. “that laugh..” Densuke would look around. “Dad?!” Blue fireflies would begin to sourround Densuke and Keyth, until tetsu’s being formed from them infront of them both. He’d had his hands behind his back, and his body was a sky blue, but illiuminated, with a glow…he looked perfect. The perfect example of kindness but the phsyqiue of a warrior in his prime. “Hello Densuke. And greetings Young Tasanagi. I’m glad you two have made it here. “

Keyth nodded fist bumping Densuke, concentrating his chi, trying his best not to over flow it all, Keyths chi over flowed with a bright black, red and golden before it chimed all together in a red and gold flame like color. Him and Denuske were pulling it off. But then the voice... from the mystery man made Keyth turn his head to see just who it was. (( (( The fireflies flew around his body untill it formed one man. Keyth blinked. " It's..." He looked at Tetsu like he was a super hero. " The... super cop.." He said as he blinked, his first time seeing the man in person. Well...kinda in person. When Keyth was going out for a KPD, He wanted to be just like Tetsu, ironcally while Denuske fought with his Dad. Keyth Idolized and Tetsu and at one point wanted to be his perfect replica. Though he knew he couldnt do it. He woulda gave it his all anyways. " Mr.Ryoji... It's really you..." He said blinking in amazement. To Keyth, when he was growing up his mother told him stories of Tetsu, way before she died and he came to Kasaihana city. To him, this guy was a real, live super hero. Keyth listened and then looked up at him with bright eyes. "...Why, have you brought us out here... and what's the big idea, why are you a big bright blue thing of chi.." He said to Tetsu with a serious and confused tone.

Tetsu would hold his hands up to the boys. “Please. This is a lot to take in some I’ll answer one at  time….I have brought the both of you here…because I took my own life to preserve the lives of others.” Densuke’s face went cold…dead cold…his color even faded for a moment as his breathing became if he was gasping..hyperventilaitng..even. He’d fall to his knees and look at the ground shaking his head, and covering his eyes. And gritting his teeth. “Densuke…I wish I could give you all the time in the world to mourn me. But you don’t have it. You must be strong about my passing, not a single tear, not a single weap…it hurts me to. I was on my way to see you…I wanted to patch things up while I was alive. Tell your mother and your sister, I’m sorry that I couldn’t give my final goodbyes.” “Who did it.” Densuke’s voice was sharpened. And almost sinister as he looked up to his father. A tear frozen to his face. His father places his hands behind his back again. “I’m limited by the time I have. So I can’t waste time telling you. I can tell you however, Ochigi has the answer. When you’re ready to hear it. You can ask him. But not until you finish my last request of the both of you. Tasanagi and Ryoji. Two family lineages that hearld almost a since of royalty. You must take the artifacts that Keyome asked me to gather a series of artifacts, that lead to the gate of somesort. Something he wanted. I gathered 3, and Densuke you have the very last one.” Densuke would keep his eyes to the ground, not wanting to utter a single word.  His blood was boiling as he couldn’t stop contemplating who his fathers killer was…his fist balled with rage….he was hurt…but he was glad to see his father again…”There is a the  desert. The government guards it heavily. If you can gain access before anyone else does you’ll have the one up, and be able to obtain what ever is in there. It isn’t just you’s in District 4. The mystery district of Kasihana City.” Densuke remained silent. “I do have odd news however…having crossed the other side. Keyth. I do not see your father here or feel his prescence anywhere…it’s odd. Here I have an omnipotent sense of my sourroudings and I can’t feel his prescense anywhere in the afterworld. This bothers me…dearly. Your father was not such a bad man, but he was always keniving. A tactical genious, even on my own level. I beilive these artifacts and his death..are connected. Somehow some way. It’s up to the two of you to find it. Which is why I brought you here. I didn’t have time to tell you, but Ochigi acted on my protocalls and lead to this. Now I don’t  have much longer, as the both of your chi’s are beginning to fein-“ “Why….” Densuke’s voice seeped from his lips. “Why won’t you let me avaenge you Dad…I can do it, I swear I…” Densuke would grab his fathers legs, and cradle himself like a child. Tetsu would sigh and place a hand on Densuke’s head. “because it’s not your place. Everything…in this world happens for a reason. I died because I chose to die. Your life is your own. Do what you feel is right. However I will not lead my last remaining bloodlines on earth on a quest for bloodshed..promise me you won’t pursue this quest until you have finished mine.” Tetsu’s body began to scatter into blue sparkles again..his body scattering from his legs up. “Make me proud boys. Regardless of name, bring a future to the city. The fate of that future is yours.” Tetsu’s body would materialize all the way down to his hand w hich would remain on Densuke’s head, until vanishing. “I promise…….” There was bright flash and Densuke would find himself in the waterfall room again. He’d quickly stand up, and look to the door. “Gramps! Lets get to it, we’ve got some work to do!!!!” he’d look at keyth and give him a thumbs up. “Lets go end this mystery!”

(( )) Tetsu's words lingered as Keyth stood there watching his idle disperse. "...." He looked up at Densuke who had a smirk on his face giving him a thumbs up though Keyth had a frown on his. His fist clenched. " That lying.... sick... son of a bitch!" He said shouting at the top of his lungs. " If my father, is the one causing all of this bullshit, i swear.." Keyth said lifting his hands up high a flaire of black lighting flairing off his body in rage.... something, he shouldnt be able to produce unless... he was an ONi. " Ill crush his bones... with my bare hands... And mow him into saw dust.." He said as he looked at Densuke. " Yo Ochigi!" Keyth said. Walking out of the room to what saw were armoured suits though he didnt see the Dark guard nor Densukes superhero outfit. "...Mind if we borrow these for the job.." He said looking up one that peaked his intrests. " We gotta break through that military force Densuke, were gonna need everyones help, even Ginsei.. on this one." He said looking back at him with a serious expression. " It's up to us... to do it now.." He said with a serious expression on his face as he closed his eyes looking back up at the suit. " Ill even. Wear the mask...Heh.." 

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