Schools outEdit

( Danny’s official theme xD) Danny would be strolling down the hallway with his music (song) bumping from his protable speaker for all to hear. As usual he was having a more than good day as he usually does on the regular which is quite odd, due to the fact that well…life sucks. But he never lets it get him down no matter what. Danny would spin around in a dance like motion and open his locker, only to grab his sword. He wasn’t allowed to have it in plain sight at school. In plain sight. So he keeps it hidden. Easy catch. Danny would inhale deeply and loudly, before exhaling the same way and yelling. “tuuuuuuuuuurn UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP! SCHOOLS OUT MUDDY FUCKAS!” Danny would run down the hallway, ducking, and dodging, and rudely shoving his way through the gangs of school children, with his portable speaker in full boom. It theres one thing about Danny, he’s never hard to locate. Once through the crowd he’d jog outside and take a look at the sourrounding city for a moment. He’d then shrug lightly, and smile, talking out loud and placing his hands behind his head. “I should probably grab a bit to eat. All this extra money, and I gotta do something with it….ehhh. I’m gonna go chop fruit!”

xXAyperosXx: Lenris can hear Danny go by as he sat there to finish his work so he didn't have to do it latter. After finally getting it done he grabs his bag and puts his paper on the desk and walks out looking around. He really didn't see anyone he really knew, besides his mind was more on the lines of who the hell tryed to steal his bike. He pulls out his phone and starts to text Aiden. "Hey man, watch your bike, some assholes tryed to steal mine yesterday.. Just thought I;d let you know." He sends it and puts his phone away and goes to his locker and puts his bag up in his locker and then closeing it looking at the locker deep in though, the events of the day before going through his head.


Impresssed: Rina exhaled deeply as she slammed her locker shut, she locked it and turned around leaning up against it. She looked around the halls, finally school was over. It was a long day and to make it worse her body was still sore from over working herself in her training last night. She straightened herself up and started to walk through a crowd of people trying to exit the school as she was. "Excuse me.." She spoke as she stopped walking staring at the crowd, knowing if she tried to push through her tiny self would be crushed. The crowd looked back at the short cute looking girl, they all scoffed and laughed and kept walking. She shook her head and grabbed a girl but her ponytail flinging her to her side. Rina was not in the mood to deal with people today. She grabbed a boys wrist and spin him behind her and made her way but shoving people out of the way. She bumped into the back of a large woman/man thing. She looked up as the man/woman turned to look down at her and laughed. "Aha, tiny girl. You ok there?" The man/woman asked her in a Russian accent. Rina looked up at it and nodded. The man/woman patted her head and chuckled. "You are very cute and small, i like that." it said to her. Rina cringed a bit as it touched her. She grabbed it's wrist and tilted her head and blankly stared, almost as if she was looking into it's soul. The man/woman's eyes widened and tried to pull away from her. Rina quickly flipped it over onto it's back and let go of it's wrist walking over it, stepping on it's chest and over. The man/woman had swirls in their eyes as they laid on the ground. Soon enough Rina felt a shove and was pushed out of the way by of course, Danny. She shot a look at him as he kept walking. Rina walked up to him as she finally got outside and flicked the back of his head. "What happened to saying "Excuse me?" " She folded her arms watching him emotionlessly.

Late On The First DayEdit

InfectiousSoul: Pushing the doors of the school open, a young girl looking as if she was 18 walks through the doors. Her skin was very pale, causing her red lipstick, and the black septum peiricng on her nose to stand out. Her long slender legs showed off her tall height of 6ft, and her thin delicate body. Her deep red hair done in neatly high pigtails, that flowed down her shoulders to her chest. Her eyes looked like delicate jades, as she looked over everyone. She was a shy girl didnt talk to people much, they made her feel slightly on edge. Straighting her tight fishnet top, only making her skin look like an undershirt, and her bra barely visable, she started walking down the hallway looking for some where to pretty much hide, her heels making soft 'clack, clack, clack' sounds against the stone floor. She quietly walked down the hall placing her hands on her legs rubbing the fabric of her red jeans looking around at all the people. Her palms were a bit sweaty from being around so many new people. With a sigh she reached up fixing the skull pendent on the choker she wore then held onto it, her other hand fitting tightly in her tight jean pocket. She weaved in and out of the crowded halls, mumbling to herself "Late on the first day Yuno, way to go." She scolded herself in her thoughts. She managed to sigh again before finding an almost empty hallway an leaned against the end of a row of lockers placing her headphones in her ears to block out all the voices around her blaring her music (( )) singing to it softly, her voice like a whisper from an angel.

LightFang: -The bell rang and that meant it was another school day to cross off. Despite excelling in it, Aiden actually dislikes school alot. There really isnt that much to do at school. And being the new kid doesnt help him out at all. However after school, thats when things get interesting. Aiden would collect his books and pack them away in his back pack carrying them to his locker and storing it for tomorrow. He reached in and grabbed out a small plastic bag. He took it with him and walked over to the bathroom across from his locker. He locked himself in a stall and quickly changed into his casual clothes. A pair of faded denim jeans and a skull and cross bones muscle shirt. This clearly would show off his arm sleeve tattoos as he left the bathroom and headed down the hall way to the exit of the building. He noticed on his way that Danny was making quite a ruckus as he dashed through the hall way. He would yell out, "Yo, where's the fire Dan-O?" when he thought he was within ear shot and keep walking towards the building exit. 'This school is way more violent than back home in wakanda.. And thats saying something.' Aiden thought to himself as he passed by a large person that had just been layed out on the ground by a small girl. He gave her a look wondering how she packed so much power in her petite body. –

Chantastic MicheifEdit

Danny would feel a thump on the back of his head and turn around to see Rina of all people. “Oh look it’s my ray of sunshine!” Danny would turn and place his hands on his hips. “I know the meaning of excuse me! I just choose purposely not to use it. Last time I checked the chan man has no rules, and follows his own plan.” Danny would spin around and click his teeth and wink at Rina. Even though she was usually negative about this stuff, danny would do it for all the trolltastic reasons in the word. He’d then look over at the dojo where the local karate club was. He’d heard grunts from there, and pondered for a second. “You know what Rina we’ave reached a golden opportunity here. To harass some martial artist! Common lets go! You don’t have a life!” Danny would smile and attempt to nudge her playfully, and quickly take off heading twords the dojo at a jogging pace. He’d peer inside and see the Karate students preforming drills galore, and their ususal Kata’s with grace and precision.

Being A Man.Edit

xXAyperosXx: Lenris would snap outa his though and look at the end of the hall as he heard someone sing, it was a girl. He peered down seeing her as she had earphones in. "DDaaaaamn... Whata voice." He looks a bit closer. "Is she new? i've never seen her before." He walks up to her nd waves his hand infront of her a bit. He would wait till she took her earbuds out befor he would say. "Hey, you have a really pretty voice." He smiles a bit and rubs the back of his head not really know what he just did. "Umm, just thought I'd say that..' He pause a moment. "My names Lenris by the way.. Lenris Akiyama.." He holds out a hand to her for a hand shake. He was a bit nervous, but he was a complete sucker for a pretty voice. guess you could call that his weakness but he didn't care at the moment, he wants to know who she is and he will, hopefully. he waits to see what she says, sadly still in his uniform,this was a white button up shirt with a tie on and messed up, a few of the buttons undone showing his neck tattoos and black pants with chains on the side and black boots on. Even his hair was white and messed up. He indeed looked like a pretty boy.

Adult Supervision RequiredEdit

Impresssed: Rina blinked as he would nudge her. "H-hey I have a life.. I just--" Before she could finish he hurried off. God this kid is full of surprises. She shook her head walking behind him and looked over at the dojo. "You really wanna mess with them?" She peered inside through the glass windows. She noticed how hard they were working, like she does on her own except they had professional help. She somewhat envied them. She pointed at a local hardware store by the dojo. She sighed slowly turning back to look at him. "Maybe we can find something in there to help us out with this then? She offered leaning against a near by wall. "I'll just wait here and you can do all the work." She nodded crossing her arms and watching him clearly entertained with what was about to happen. "I'll supervise." She said shooing him off to the store.

InfectiousSoul: As she sang a hand appeared infront of her face causing her to jump back a bit. She slowly removed her head phones. As he complimented her voice, a soft blush came across her cheeks. She smiled softly speaking quietly "Um, Th-thank you." She looked down at him taking his hand in her small soft hand. "Yuno, Yuno Gasi." She softly, shaking his hand as she looked at him closely, he was cute she thought, why would he be talking to her, she thought to herself. She spotted the tattoos on his neck and smiled. "Love the tats!" She said giggling a little as she leaned back against the locker.

Training For The High RoadEdit

LightFang: -Aiden didnt really have that much time to spare goofing off today. He had to get home and start working on his Chi training. He had been working on furthering his ability to flow between each Hadou easier. Wanting to hurry on home and get that done, Aiden pushed his way out the front door. He reached n his pocket and took out his phone selecting one app that would call his Jetcycle to him. A dark red custom modded Jet cycle would decend from the sky infront of Aiden. It caused quite the scene amungst the students that had already made their way outside. Many of the boys made jealous, snide remarks like it wasn't that cool and caling him a show off while many girls fawned over the jetcycle and Aidens tattoos. Aiden gave a little smirk and looked down at his bike to hide his blush. He waved his hand over the seat and a matching helmet molded out from under the seat with a few sliding panels of metal. He took it and slipped in onto his head before straddling over the seat and starting the engine. Aiden knew he would be rushing home so he hit an additional switch on the left side of his handle bars. With a press suddenly metal plates would colapse around Aidens legs, arms, and torso till he was completely covered. This was the Protective flight suit his father had installed to protect him from high velocity impacts. After waiting for the air tight seals to be established, Aiden reved his bike and launched off into the sky. He dashed across the roof tops of the city heading toward his home in District 2 giving it all it needed to ascend into Mach 2. However, due to his house being so close he didnt have enough time to even get into Mach speed. It took him merely 10 minutes to get home, park , have a light lunch, and get to work on his training. This training involved a very boring few hours of meditation. Not a normal chi meditation but a back and forth type. For a few minutes he would channel his Light Hadou and then as quickly as he could try to move to Dark Hadou. He finds it harder to switch types without some kind of emotional switch but his father assures him that, given practice, he can master instintanious switches at will. This was his goal and so, he trained. One Hadou at a time.-\

Training for The ClimaxEdit

Tasanagi: Keyth pulled himself out of bed, looking at the time on the clock he didnt even bother getting dressed for school. Surrounded by women again... and the same empty feeling as usual. Nothing new around here. Keyth pulled a pair of sweat pants on as he picked up the bokken making his way to the matting in the middle of his hideout. He placed both hands on the wooden blade. All of the araumaru men were there too. All of them surronding Keyth with there own bokken. (( His head down he walked in the middle of them all of them gripping there weapons tightly when drew his blade up they all leaped back and shouted at the top of there lungs at the same time. CLAK, CLAK, CLAK, CLAK. He swiftly guided himself through the wooden boken clashing weapons then countering for every clash there was a counter. He fought all 50 of men with there bokkken striking them down one by one untill they all were groaning on the ground. Keyth was panting a little bruised but nothing he was used to. " TASANAGI!" Claymore said leapping off of the top balcony down on the mat with his own wooden blade. Keyth put both of his hands on the wooden blade and so did Claymore. They waited staring each other down before they charged in a blow for blow clashing battle. CLAK.... CLAK... CLAK,CLAK,CLAK! The sounds were percise. " Where'd you learn your skills claymore..." Keyth said cirlcing. " Yo mama..." Keyth smriked before they both stopped in the middle of the ring again about to charge when Amy leaped down in an armoured suit. (( cept her hair was pink.)) They all circled one another giving each other death stares. " Keyth do you think your ready for your battles ahead..." Claymore said spreading his legs. " I dont have a choice but to be..." Keyth said holding his blade like his old Sensei Slash man. He took off, clashing his bokken with Claymores, Swinging his body in a spin kick, claymore lifted his right leg to dodge it. Keyth rose to his feet with the spin spinning the wooden blade and swinging it Claymores head which he weaved back, side stepped. Amy leaped over Claymores head coming down with power swift kicks which forced Keyth to defend, defend. She knocked his bokken out of his hand then kicked him to the other side of the room, but he recovrered with a back flip looking at them through blades of hair as he got down into his maritla arts stance. Claymore and Amy did the same standing side by side.(( Keyth would bow. ANd they'd bow back. Charging at each other in a hand to hand exchange. CLaymore swung at Keyth with an Uppercut but Keyth leaned his body back dodging it. At that Very moment Amy came in with a base ball slide which Keyth dodged with a flip using his chi to force him in the air and land on his right knee turning back around and getting down in his fighting stance. They eyed one another intensely. "....I'll protect this city, AND I AM STRONG ENOUGH TO DO IT!" Keyth said charging the both of them now. He sent out a 5 piece combo at Amy, 2 kicks and 3 punches. The two kicks were dodged but every roundhouse and back had knocked her all over the place before he booted her to the other side of the room she crashed into the wall rubbing her head. Keyth truned back over to claymore. " GET.. READDYY!" claymore said as a bright flash of blue hadou flaired off his body. Keyth blinked and before he knew it, Claymore had uppercuted him so high into the, twisting and turning rapidly before air recovred using his chi again. " KEYTTHHH! HIT ME WITH YOUR STRONGEST THING YOU GOT!!!!!!" Claymore stomped the ground, chi began to engulf his body in a bright blue light as he screamed at the top of his longs. " ALRIGHT THEN!" Keyth said doing the same after he landed except a red and golden flame like aura coursed around his body before it turned completely gold. They booth took off, charging at each other with both of there hands in a lock.All of the windows within the establishment would explode as there hands locked in the clash. " AGGGHHHHh!" Claymores overwhelming strength had Keyth on the ropes but it wasnt enough. " I... LEARN... FROM... THE BEST!!!!!!!!" Keyth said twisting his body, putting claymores right arm over his right shoulder. Gripping to it tightly. Using his own momentum Keyth Judo slammed his large frind into the ground with a loud BOOOOOOOOOOM! Keyth then did a battle cry as he got down into a Jeet kun do stance and bowed. Claymore sprung to his feet, giving his little homie a thumbs up. " ALRIGHT!"

Failed MischeifEdit

Danny would be running for his very life now. He'd entered the Karate club saying something about every single members mother. The worst part of it all was that he'd actually slept with the female karate instucters duaghter. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU IF SHE'S PREGNANT CHAN!!!" The entirety of the Karate club was now running full scale after Danny as he pushed the tempo to the max, panting with a very scared exprsion on his face. "RINA! HELP! MAN DOWN! NO! CHAN DOWN! CHAN DOOOOWN!" One of the Karate students threw a brick at Danny and stopped him dead in his tracks. Once the cought up to him they all proceeded to beat him relentlessly with wooden kendo sticks, and barefist. After a five minute beating, Danny would lay in the street groaing in pain. "nnnngggggggggggggggggggaaah. Bad. Day."

Blooming Relations.Edit

xXAyperosXx: He smiles as she blushes at his comment and then takes his hand telling hin her name. He indeed never met her. He then rubs his neck as she says something about the tats. "Thank. Forgot I had them actually." He looks at her then out the doors at his bike, but then at her. "Hey you got anything going on? If not wanna go for a joyride? Maybe get something to eat?" He trys his best to stay cool. "My Jetcycles right outside." He looks at her for a moment then rubs the back of his head. "Of course you don't have to, but I have nothing else to do and could use the company." He was really nervous, but he kept his cool the best he could. He really didn't have anything to do since his dad had stuff to do today and he had training later tonight, so he had time to hang out and would like for her to come with him. "I'm not forcing it on you of course, just thought.." He sighs a bit as he trips himself up, he was rubbish with a girl if he hadn't had anything to drink. He ajusts his tie some, but not really as it was still loose and messed up.

InfectiousSoul: She looked at him then tapped her lip, wasnt like she had anywhere to go any how, and maybe he would drop her off somewhere near a shope she hadn't gone into yet. She smiled and nodded. "I'm down" She said as she pushed herself off the end of the locker. Standing next to him she looked at him from the corner of her eye, smiling. She thought.."Hes so cute!" she began to giggle out loud, then blushing hoping he didn't hear her really. She looked over to him, "So, jetcycle huh?" She tilted her head, she knew they were new, but didnt figure that somoene in High School would have one.

xXAyperosXx: Lenris would fall out on the inside and be doing a little dance, but only on the inside. He would nod with a smile and walk forword with her, he could see that she was looking at him and honestly was a bit flattered. He walks up to the door as she says something about his jetcycle and opens the door pointing to a regular looking croch rocket that was in the parking lot. "Don't be fooled by the appearance, its the newest model that was released to the puplic." He smiles and presses a button on his key chain and the bike turns on still on weels and comes to the end of the steps and revs a few times. He grabs her hand. "Come on." He walks down and lets go hopping on and his helmet forms out of the bike. His helm was white just like the bike was and he puts it on and flips a switch oppening a compartment with an extra helmet. "You may want this.' He looks at her and the viser comes up showing just a bit of his white hair and his ice blue eyes. "Trust me, ethis thing can hit some speed, and this may save your life." he chuckles a bit. holding it to her. If she didnt take it and hoped on he would put the helmet into the comparment, if she did get the helmet he would wait for her to put it on and get on and flip a nother switch makeing it hover and the weels forming into the bike. "Ok hold on tight." The bike would slowly change shap and he then guns it, making it speed off out away from the school and into the city.

InfectiousSoul: Looking over the bike Yuno's eyes opened a bit wider seeing the bike roll up to the steps before them. A soft meep sound came from her as he grabed her hand and walked with her down the steps. She blushed softly looking into his eyes with her soft green jade eyes as she listened to him talk about the bike as she grabbed the helmet, she tucked it under one arm, as she reached up with the ither arm taking down her pigtails, bits of her hair falling down, wavey as it landed with the rest of her hair just at her chest. She reached up placing the helmet on onto her head making sure it was well fit. She then hopped onto the bike. Once he told her to hold on tight, she simply just grabbed the sides of the seat she was on. However once it started speeding off away from the school, her arms quickly wrapped around his waist as she placed her head against his back closing her eyes. "The speed on this thing is insane!" She told her self, clenching tightly onto him.

xXAyperosXx: He chuckles a bit as she grabs him tightly. "Told you to hold on!" He was high enough that he diddnt have to worry about traffic and kept speeding along." So were you wanna go?" He ask slowing down just a bit so he could hear her. He didn't wanna scare her of course, the he prolly already did. But he can make up for that. "i know I'm driven, but I just thought i'd ask ya." He smiles a bit and he stops and hovers down onto a building waiting for what she had to say. "Sorry if I scared you. Not used to anyone being on there with me." He keeps it on and looks around over the edge of the building, they were pretty high up.

InfectiousSoul: Yuno's grip was tight as she held onto him. Her eyes were shut tightly, the motion of the fast cycle almost made her sick. As they stopped over a building her eyes slowly opened as she could not see the ground she quickly gasped grabbing onto him tightly as she spoke softly a little shake in her voice. "A-anywhere but h-here!" She cried out as she closed her eyes again putting her head back against his back. "Ju-just please get me down from here." Her breathing as rapid a little. Heights wernt her thing so to say.

xXAyperosXx: Lenris hurrys down to the ground slows down, going the speed limit. "its ok now. We are closer to the ground." He leans up a bit as there was no need to lean in to go really fast.. He looks around for a place to stop and see's a nice little place were they can get something to eat. He stops the bike and flips the switch making it touch ythe ground as soon as the wheels hit, The bike itself then started to change shake into a rgular bike and he then looks back taking off his helmet. "Here we are, are you hungry? I'll buy." He points to all the different places they could go to eat and then looks at her." Your choice." He flashes a smile as he waits for her to get off and take off the helmet. and tell him were she wants to go.

InfectiousSoul: Her grip slowly got loose as she felt them hit the ground, hearing him reasure her. She slowly opened her eyes with a sigh of relief. She smelt the different resturants around her, causing her stomach to growl. They all smelt devine. She saw a sweets shop, eyeing the displays from the bike and shook her head. Seeing a burger joint caused her to lick her lips and take a hand from his waist, placing it onto her stomach. She looked to him and pointed to the burger joint. "What about there? They smell good.." She really shouldn't be picky, but the school food just wanst cutting it. She smiled at him as she took off the helmet running a hand through her hair. It came up off her chest as her hand ran through, then fell back down.

xXAyperosXx: He smiles and looks over at the place and nods."Sure come on." He gets off the bike and puts his helmet formed to it. He waited for her to get off then pressed the safe mode button on the key chain, this makes it to were it would shock whoever touched it. "Shall we go?" He smile and gestures his hand in the direction and lets her go first. Following biside her he opens the door for her. "After you." He bows his head letting her walk in first. He was acting like a complete goof ball, but that was his charm, he was himself. He didn't act like someone hes not. Thats prolly why most people liked him. He walked in behind her and the cook looked up. "Lenris! Good to see you again." He looks at Yuno." Ohhh, you gotta girl eh? Goood job, you better treat her right." The man was old and very nice, but knew how to completly shoot him down.. Lenris cheeks flushed as he scratched the back of his head. He wasn't even able to say a word, just covered his face with his hand for a second. he then looked back up and looked at Yuno. "Go ahead and order something." He smiled a bit, his face still flushed. After she would he would sigh and order him a regular cheese burger and fries. He goes to get money out but the cook stops him. "Nah nah, It's on the house for you and your girly." The old man chuckles and Lenris would sit down with her and sigh a bit.

InfectiousSoul: Yuno hopped off the bike with a smile as she watched him lock the bike giving him a quick nod she began walking to the burger place, soft clicks from her heels were heard from the side walk. As they got to the place and he opened the door she gave a smile. "Thank you." She walked in taking a big wiff of the air in the place smelling the burgers and fries, almost made her drool a bit, she was starving. As the cook called him her girl she blushed looking off to the side, hiding her face from him. Yuno, Lenris' girl. She could only wish for a guy like him, her mother always told her she'd never have anyone, at all. She sighed at the thought then heard Lenris tell her to order. She quickly looked to the cook and ordered a small fry and a cheese burger. She followed Lenris and sat down at the table with him. Her face almost red from being called his girl. She looked at him and smiled. "Pretty well known arn't ya?" She asked him. She leaned in a bit placing her elbow on the table and her chin on her hand.

xXAyperosXx: He sighs a bit. "Sadly yes." He was known around here seeing that he and his parents came here a lot. Its been a few years since he'd been there, but the old man still knew him. "So tell me about youself. You must be new, I've never seen you at school." He looks at her rightinto her eyes. "Damn shes got some pretty eyes." He says in his mind as he would listen to her. He would be happy if she was his girl, but why would such a pretty girl get with him? Maybe, he will ask her.. He starts to blush a bit at the thought as he would listen to her.

InfectiousSoul: She smiled. "I dont see it as such a bad thing being known.. He just gave us a free meal.." She giggled a little. She placed a finger on her lips as he asked about her.."Well, you know Im Yuno Gasi..Um.. Im new here.. but we'll see how long that lasts.." She sighed leaning against the back of the chair looking down. "Hell.. I don't even want to be at school.. But if it wasnt for school, who knows where I would be.." She sighed once more, she knew she should shut up. She looked out the window a little then back to him, her eyes were softly watering, but soon enough the tears went away. She leanred to keep her emotions to herself. She gave a soft smile at him. "And you? Tell me about you, Mr.Popular." She giggled at the little nickname she gave him and crossed her legs, placing one hand in her lap and the other gripping the skull pendent hanging from her choker.

xXAyperosXx: He listens to her as she speaks and looks as she seems to get a bit uncomfertable about telling him about herself. He can feel that something hurts her but thats to do with him being able to tell peoples emotions. But chuckles as she called him Mr. Popular. "Well, as you know I go to the same school, get straight A's. But other than that I've been training in martal arts since I was Able to walk. Also I'm a vocalist in my band that me and my friends started up, not famous, we've played a few shows and made ourselves known." He smiles at her a bit as the qustion of Do you wanna go out with me goes through his head. He will pop that question later though. The old man comes up with their food and slide Yuno hers "For your lady." He then slides him his. "And for you, Hope youn enjoy lovebirds." The man chuckles and walks away. Lenris covers his face again at the comment and turned red. He moves his hand and slowly starts to eat. "Sorry about him..."

InfectiousSoul: Akasha nodded listing, as he brought up a band her eyes grew with excitement. "You're, in a band?" She shook her head. "No way!" She smiled uncrossing her legs leaning in again. "Thats awesome. Music is a passion for me! I always find myself singing everywhere." She giggled, the talk about music, brought back her cheery side, making her forget. As the food came to them she looked at the old man and blushed as he called her Lenris' lady. She took a wiff of the food, her tummy letting out a loud grumble. It smelt oh to delishous. She looked up at Lenris and smiled. "Oh, its no problem." She giggled and picked up a fry taking a small bite out of it. She chewed it up and swollowed before talking again. "So, you're band, what do they play? Like what type of music?" She said looking at him her eyes pretty much gleaming with excitemnt. After she asked her question she picked up her burger taking a small bite then setting it down quickly covering her mouth with a hand. "Oh.. my.. goodness..." She said.. "These are delish!" she cried out.

xXAyperosXx: He chuckles a bit as she gets so excited about his band. "Well, we play rock. Thinks like Slip of the Lip and stuff." He smiles as he could hear hear tummy growl. And took a bite of his burger chewing up and swollowing it. He chuckles again and nods as she comment the food. "Its really good, me and my parents used to come here alot, but that was a long time ago. Now I just pop in every now and then." He eats some more this time stuffing his face. He was very hungery, but that was Lenris, he was always up for food. He swollows and then looks at his plate seeing it was all almost gone and blushes a but. "Haven't ate all day." He chuckles and eats the rest slowly. "So once done, what you want to do?"

InfectiousSoul: She nodded listing to him talk about his band as she ate up her food, quickly, but not too quickly. She looked down and one side of her mouth cornered up as she let out a huff. Thinking to herself, "Yuno.. You should have ate quicker. You never know when a meal like that will come around again." She shrugged off the thought and looked back up to him. As she saw him blush she let out a little giggle, words slipping from her mouth "You're cuter when you blush." Her eyes quickly widened as she covered her mouth. She cringed on the inside but looked up at him, blushing deeply. "I just said that out loud didn't I?" She quickly let her hair fall to her face as she looked down. His other question went unanswered, she grew shy again, yelling at herself on the inside for allowing herself to say such a thing out loud.

xXAyperosXx: He smiled as he finished off his food and the next thing she said made him blush bad and he chuckles a bit, but then looked at her as she became shy. 'Yeah you did.." he paused a moment before he could say anything." But so are you.." He blushes hard core as it slipped out. He covers his face looking through his fingers to see what she does.. he feels like he made it weird and dude to his pale skin blush showed up easally on his face.

InfectiousSoul: She looked out the window trying to hide her face a bit more. She then looked quickly to him. She blushed more, speaking softly. "T-thank you." She quickly changed their subject. "So what to do now? Um, We'll I was gonna go sco-" She cut herself off, and looked out the window. "I was gonna go see! Ah yes, see, the sights of the park for a while." She nodded quickly, hopeing he didnt notice the change of the words. She looked to him with a smile. "So what about it, a nice walk around the park, before it gets late?" She closed her eyes with a smile this time running her fingers through her hair.

xXAyperosXx: He looks at her and then nods to her and gets up holding a hand out to her. "Sure, its right across the street." He smiles, his face a bit red still and if she grabed his hand he would walk out with her, holding the door, the old man yells out. "You two have fun. don't get into any trouble now." Lenris nods at him and closes the door as they walk out and run across the street to the park. He walks beside her with his hands in his pockets looking up a bit, the setting sun seemed to make his white hair glow and his blue eyes sparkle. But honestly, he was very happy. Had a cute girl with him and no one else. He was indeed saticfied. Now the only thing that runs through his head was how to ask her out..

InfectiousSoul: She placed her soft hand in his as she stood up. As the walked out she looked over her shoulder and waved to the old man. "Thank you Sir, it was all to die for!" She called out to him as she looked back forword. She ran across the street with him to the park smiling. As they got to the front she looked up at the trees scouting out her next possible place to sleep. Her gaze then ran across his figure seeing his hair glow and smiled softly. Speaking to herself "Seriously Yuno, you have no chance, he just said that you were cute in the burger joint so things wouldn't get awkward." She huffed softly to her self shaking the thoughts out of her head then looking up at the sun setting sky. A few starts sprinkled the sky, a soft hint of the moon shined throught the orange color of it all, a full moon was about to appear as she smiled. "It's going to be a lovely night." She spoke out loud lost in her gaze of the sights. She sighed happily grabbing his arm a bit leaning aginst him softly as they walked, too lost in thought to relize what she was doing.

xXAyperosXx: He smiles a bit and looks over at her. "It will be." His face turns red as he can feel her lean against him. He had never blushed so much befor in his like and this girl, this pretty girl knew just how to get him every time. he didn't pull way or anything as they walk. But simply speaks his mind, even though he was blushing badly. "S.. Since you new around here.. I guess your not seeing anyone.." He pauses to collect himself to pop the question, he was so nervous about it. "I..if not would you want to be with me?" He rubs the back of his neck kind of scared of her reaction. "I've just never felt this way around someone.. You have managed to make me blush more than I ever have.. And Its only been a few hours.." His face was bright red. "If its to soon please tell me...I don't want to come off weird." He covers his face with his free hand still nervous.

InfectiousSoul: She nodded as he agreed with her. As he started speaking she began to blush listing to him figuring out a way to ask her out. She blushed deeper looking at him biting her lower lip. "Yo-you want to date me?" She hadnt really relized how much she made him blush. She placed her hand over her lips as she bit on a lower one. She nodded slowly and smiled uncovering her mouth. "I'd like that, I really would." She rubbed the back of her neck smiling. "I'm just in shock is all." She giggled softly. "Ma told me that no one would ever like me.. I'd be alone forever." She looked down kicking some leaves. "Guess this proves her wrong."

xXAyperosXx: He smiles as he heard her reply and jumped for joy on the inside. What kind of luck was this?? He then listened as she told him about what her mother said. "I don't see how... Your Beautiful, great personality and not to mention.. Your eyes.. You can just get lost in them." He chuckles a bit."great now I'm being corny.." He sighs a bit and looks over at her still walking, if she looked at him he would be looking straight into her eyes. "I mean it though.." He would look back ahead and keep walking till they got to a big tree infront of a pond and walks over sitting under the tree and pats beside him with a smile.

InfectiousSoul: She shrugged off what her mother had said and smiled to him, she looked over, looking back into his eyes. "My eyes arnt the only ones." She said blushing deeply, as they walked over to a tree she sat beside him, looking out over the pond. It was getting a bit darker, the crickets began to cherp a bit, some toads croaking off in the distance. Some fish jumped gathering the remains of some bugs hovering over the water. She sighed happly, as she placed her hand softly on his. As she watched the life before her in the pond.

xXAyperosXx: Lenris smiles as she commented about his eyes and sat there with her hand on his and slowly grasped it, slipping his fingers between hers and smiles looking out and then to her. He knew he was late for practice, but one day since never isn't gonna hurt him. He leans in and kisses her cheek softly and then sits back on the tree. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with her, seeing that this all felt like a dream. He leans over against her and then looks up at the stars, praying to the gods that this will never end. Because now, he was trully happy and blessed to have someone in his life.

InfectiousSoul: She smiled as her free hand touched the cheek he kissed, as it grew warm flushing red. She looked over at him and smiled kissing his back as she leaned against him, resting her head on his chest. Her legs curled up to her as they started into the scenerey ahead. She was night, this night was amazing. And her mother was wrong, a sweet, cute, guy thought she was beautiful and amazing. She thought to herself "Eat that mother." She smiled big. She listened to his heart beat as she began dozing off on him. It had been a while since she was actually comfortable, let alone wanted, and that made her happy to feel those things for once. 

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