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To the ClubEdit

Sezomaru: Ginsei yawned as he stood in his newly put together office. He stood in more formal clothing that he usually worse which consisted of black dress pants, black dress shoes, a black button up shirt and a black vest. It looked like he was ready for or coming from a funeral. He could partially see his reflection in the window that he was looking over the city out of. His newly cut hair was growing on him. He heard a knock on the door, glancing over his shoulder he spoke with enough volume to be hard on the other side of the door. "Come in." A man wearing an outfit similar to his, just colored differently, walked into his office. He was his current aniki and one of the twenty members of his clan. "What is it?" Ginsei turned, crossing his arms over his chest loosely. He looked at the man who's name was Leo. "You should really get out of this office. I know it's new and all but you do need some air right?" Ginsei shook his head some. "Don't see the point but I guess I could go for a drink.." He slid his hands into his pants pockets, walking towards the door of his office. "I haven't been to Club Lahana in a while.." He headed down the stairs to the building he had bought with money he made in Kagemaru as well as a little extra boost given to him by his father. He exited the building, glancing up at the evening sky which was a mixture of red and purple. He got into the back of a black car. It certainly wasn't a limbo, but it was how he was starting to get around. Getting a ride around to places was pretty helpful considering he wasn't much for driving. Leo got into the driver's seat, starting up the car. Ginsei leaned his right elbow against the door as Leo drove the car towards Club Lahana. The car soon came to a stop in front of Club Lahana. Ginsei said goodbye to Leo before getting out of the car. He walked up to the bouncer who nodded at him. Ginsei slid hsi hands back into his pants pockets as he walked into the club. He walked up to the bar, seeing his friend who worked like a workaholic for the club. She saw him and smiled, pouring the typical scotch that he ordered. "I like the new hair Ginsei." He nodded some as he sat down at the bar, taking the glass of scotch in his right hand. He swished the liquid around ebfore raising the glas to his lips, taking a sip from the glass. "Thanks. Thought it was time for a change." He glanced around the bar before looking back at his scotch, closing his eyes before taking another sip, savoring the taste.

Tasanagi: (( " Kid... where's my money..." Keyth sat in his seat tied up in a chair. His hands wrapped tightly binded in rope." I SAID.. WHERE'S MY FUCKING... MONEY!" he'd wail the male across the face making him spit blood, his head leaning to the right as he sat in the chair. A large man, barking for his money was known as Gonny wong. The man beating Keyth to death, his enforcer Stone. Keyth's head dangled his eyes low. "... I dont have... your fucking money.." He said shaking his head. " Oh, you dont got it... No.. No you got it. Look at your clothese. Look at your shoes. Oh you got my money. This shit wasnt free. infact, i think my money.. went into these fucking shoes and clotehse. How irresponsible keyth.. how irresponsible..." Keyths head rose up. ((Dont read unless you click this link haha. Looking at both of the men. " Kill em Stone.." The muscle head enforcer gripped tightly to his lead pipe as he eyed the boy. He'd cock his arm back, SWING! As he swung the pipe. Keyth screamed and pulled his body back dodging the pipe by making his chair break. he'd hit the ground, the chair breaking under him as he rose up on his feet. 10 more guys flooded the crowded room. Tilting his head up he'd wrap the ropes around his arms. " You want your money... you can get it back when i put you fuckers in a box.." He said as he charged the largest man first. He swung his pipe at Keyth's head. He'd duck under it only to move to the left side of the arm. Locking it under his right armpit. Using his left leg he'd slam it into the enforcers knee cap making him buckle over as he then knee'd him under his chin knocking him into the wall. Two of the other men charged with knifes. Keyth charged back leaping into the air sending both of his legs into there chest in a form of boot kick knocking them through the glass that connected to the other room. He leaped over the now broken window and into the other room. The men chased him down the hall as he ran. He'd turn around looking at the lot of them as they all came rushing towards him. He smirked.. he had backed them all into a corner. Rushing forward he'd slam his right hand into one of there faces. Kneeing another in the stomach, Uppercuting another in the jaw. The beatins went on and on as he went through the hall knocking them out left and right untill he saw the large man who ordered them all on him, standing at the end of the hall. (( " WHAT.. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU KID!?" Keyth smirked and continued to walk towards him cracking his knuckles. He was a bloody mess. "... Your going to tell me... where my father keeps his drug foundations..." He said to the man. The large man backed into the wall with fear as he put his hands over his face. "...WELL!?" Keyths voice boomed through the apartment as he looked down at him. "Oh... so your not gonna talk huh.." Walking over, he'd pick up a glock. Aiming it at the large mans head. " IM GONNA COUNT TO 3...." The large man began to sob. " 1...." Shaking heavily under Keyths barrol he'd piss himself out of fear. " 2...." he said tilting his head up, putting his hand over his face. Indicating he was about to take the shot, blocking the blood with his hand. " OK OK OK OK! JUST PLEASE.. PLEASE.... Please dont shoot me..." He said sobbing whipping his eyes. " He has two strongholds outside of District 1... in old New york ok... I dont know where, but its near where Manhattan used to be... Please.. Please just let me go.. please." Keyth smirked. " Thanks for your services..." He said shooting the man in the stomach and then drop kicking him into the wall. Only to land and then stomp him in the face. A loud crack echoing out of the room as keyth drew his leg back. "...." He'd pull his phone out of his pocket. " Claymore... you get all that...?" " Yup... im tracking anything i can right now. Why dont you go clean yourself up Keyth... go hang out. You've been working too hard." Keyth kept the phone to his ear as he said. " Alright..." he said closing it shut. His hair had grown back to its wild and untamed ways. Nothing had changed but the scars on his body. He sat down looking out of the window as he looked out at the night sky. "...Hmph.." he said to himself as he leaned back shaking his head. After a few hours He had cleaned himself up and made his way to his apartment to change. Stepping outside after about 45 minutes of getting ready he slid his hands into his jack pockets. Not wearing a shirt dispite the weather. He'd see pictures of his father, all over the place. They praised him in this city... they praised that monster. " Tch.." he shook his head and continued to move. Before he knew it, he had made it to club lahana. Seeing a group of guys outside jamming to some songs, seemed like those punk guys. " Yo guys, check it outtttt its the Arasumaru duddeee." They'd dap up with Keyth. " Sup man, where ya beeen?"  " Ahh.. been working alot guys. Trying to get answers to some things in my life. What about you guys?" The punk rocker with the red hair was about to speak when a hover car was flying by a bit to close to the ground. Keyth noticing out of the corner of his eye he'd push the guy out of the way. Dodging it barely by a few seconds. " HEY WATCH IT!" His eyes focused on the flying vechile. "..." It was a Kagemaru vechile. One of his fathers men perhaps. "...Fucking Kagemaru, think they run this place... C'mon guys.. Lets go inside." he said guiding the rest of the guys into the club with him.

InukaAnite: (( )) Fumiko shivered from the cold and yanked her jacket across her body. The jacket was old and tattered, and not made for this type of cold. She looked up and decided that it was time to move away from the alley way full of prostitutes. The alley way was conveniently right across from Club Lahana, a prostitutes’ dream hunting ground. Unfortunately for all the other girls, Fumiko had an all access pass thanks to one of her friends that worked inside. She grabbed her flat purse, and then walked away from the alley way, seeing the many club goers flood into the large building. She was in white heels, short shorts, stockings, and a satin white shirt; a perfect combo for a lucky night out with a young handsome bachelor. She teased her hair with her nails and unzipped her jacket as she got closer. Once she was inside the club, past the terrifying bouncers, she threw her jacket off into a nearby plant, so customers wouldn’t think she was a street urchin just coming in for a place to crash. Fumiko shoved through the crowd, most the eyes on her, and walked to the bar. The night was incomplete without a drink first, and a good look at all the potential prey in store for her. She felt lucky tonight, more lucky than usual.

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos sits in his hotel.. It was a very nice place, but looking around it didn't even seem like he lived there. Everything was so clean, as if not touched. Going to the room and looking into the bedroom Ayperos sits on the bed looking out the window. He was shirtless, but he then gets up, putting on a tank, and then a black jacket with fur close to the neck. He then straps on his two custom silver desert eagles. One under his ar,m and the other on his hip. He gets up and walks over to the corner where to katanas sat, putting one at a time on his back. He then walks to the door and puts on his shoes and heads out the door. Going down to the bottom floor and heading to a black crotchrocket and puts his helmet on and cranks it up. "Time to go to Lahana." He then smiles and takes off down the street, skidding and flying down the road like a bat out of hell. Going through back allies as well to avoid the cops. He then sees the club comeing up in the distence and smikes as he slams on the breaks, making the back weel come up and spins arount into a parking spot and turns it off, taking his helmet off, he puts it on the bike and takes out the key putting it into his poket. Ayperos looks around. And then walks into the club, his black hair a bit messy but he works it seeing, that he was getting looks from the girls close to the door. The tall man then walks up to ther bar and orders a dring, rum at that. The bar tender slides it to him and he catches it and lifts it to his lips downing the glass and puts in back down, now looking at the empty glass and listening to the music~ 

Tasanagi: Keeping his hands in his pockets he'd sit down at the bar. His long dreaded hair hanging over his golden yellow eyes as he looked out the dance floor. "..." Last time he had been to one of these, he was drunk off his ass, and found himself having to fight a mass of Tank gangsters. He crossed his arms looking out the people jamming and dancing all over the club. Keeping his arms crossed her turned to eye the female next to him, he looked her up and down. Not sure what to say to her before some guy tapped him on his shoulder. " Yo uh, your Keyth right?" Keyth turned to eye the dude. He was wearing a blue cap and some kind of futruristic suit. " Y-Yeah man, those guys over there told me to come speak to you uh..." " And who are you...?" The man blinked. " You dont know who i am? Why... im Anderson Blake. You know the movies ' Kungfu thunderfist, and Kungfuthunderfist 2?' C'mon you gotta know me man... 3 time oscar? No...? Well anyways... I need a bodyguard." He said looking around. " There are some guys around here... and they want... to kill me! And that girl over there recommended you help me out." Keyth turned his back on him. " Not intrested." " A-A-Ahhh c'mon man!" "...." " You cant leave me hanging like th-" " 15,000..." " FI-FI-FIFTEEN HUNDRED!!?!?" " 16,000...." " OK OK OK OK!" He'd pull out a card, writing down his name on the card and then handing it to Keyth. " Take it to the bank cash it. Just please, PLEASE! You have to protect me!" He said pulling on the young mans right arm. " ALrigh, Alright! Lay off..." When he turned, he'd see a group of guys watching them from the other side of the club. Putting his hands into his pockets he'd tilt his head up eyeing them back. " So much for my break..." He said staring the guys down from the other side of the room. They all wore black suits with shades. " Fucking Kagemaru..." He said with clenched teeth. They'd all turn.... imersing themsleves into the crowd of people. " Stay close.." keyth said smacking the man in the back of the head. " And pay attention to me. Lets move.." He said guiding him through the crowd trying to get him to the VIP section.

The Game BeginsEdit

Sezomaru: Ginsei sighed to himself as he sat at the bar, casually sipping at his scotch. He yawned a little, shaking his head some. "Tired?" The girl behind the bar smiled at him, leaning against it, staring at him. "No." He said as he glanced off to the left, shaking his head. He took another sip from his scotch before glancing past her at the collection of drinks the club had. "Word is you have your own clan now." Ginsei nodded some. "Yea, what about it? Who'd you hear that from?" She smirked, nodding some. "Nothing, I was just wondering. I heard it from a couple guys who walked in here." "Tch..."Ginsei shook his head some, sighing. "People hear everything now a days." He glanced up towards the ceiling, downing the rest of his scotch. He put the glass down so that she would refill the glass. He picked it back up, taking a sip from the glass before swishing the liquid around. 

Guest_Keizumai: -his name was kazuma fujimoto but his friends called him kaz, he'd just be waking up, he'd rasie his right hand up to his face holding it there for a little~damn my head hurts~ he then slid himself out of his bed and make his way to the bathroom he'd splash some water into his face to wake himself up completely he then look at him self in the mirror his hair was all back and swept down the back of his head stop a little bit after he base of his neck and he some hair that swept down each side of his face, his red eyes would be straing back at him he'd let out a sigh before he jumped into the shower and cleaned himself up, he then put on a all white t-shirt and some grey cargo shorts and some grey and white boots, he then walked back over to his bed reaching under his pillow grabing his modded glock 40 and hoistering it on his side he'd then grab his phone and headphones,he bei walking down the stairs,"oh your so your finally awake huh i thought you might have died or something" he looked down off the stair to see Ry sitting on the couch reading the paper"how long was i out" he said as he continued down the steps"a couple of days anyway that last job drew alittle too much attention to you so i enrolled you into that highschool you'll be a senior of course i heard a few people talking about it so i figured it be a good idea to draw attention from yourself really your still a nobody so really you don't have to worry but considering your line of i firgure just to be safe oh and it seem like they even gave you a nicnames", "what?"normally kazuma would have flipped out about him enrolling him in school but he had come to respect Ry decisions, "they're calling demon eyes", "demon eyes"he'd then sigh"thats the best they could come up with", "i don't know i think they that fits im mean have you seen your eyes there all red with fucking slit pupils hell if i'd hadn't seen you bleeding in that alley that day id be wandering if your even human not to mention that cold as stare if you ask me they put the nail in the coffin" he said as he continued to ead his paper, "whatever anyway im going to go get some drink you coming" "nah i got shit to do but i'll take you up there come on"they'd make their way down to car, it was and all black 2011 chevy camaro with tinted windowed yea this thing was beyond old but you gotta love the classic's right XD,"hey you know where that club is right uhm it called lahana or something like that take me up there i wanna try it out", when they got there kazuma would step out of the car and Ry would drive off doing whatever it was he was doing kazuma would then walk into the club the and make his way down to the end of the bar he order a bottle of bacardi when it came he'd grab it with his left hand and place his bottle to his lip tilting it back a bit taking a nice long drink before setting it back down and looking around the club.-

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos eyes shoot over to the two at the bar, the man begging for protection. He scoffs. "Well, guess its a living." He watches the two walk off looking over at the men in black suits as they try and blend in with the crowd. He chuckles a bit and then looks at his glass, He thought it would be refilled by now, but he looked over to see the woman talking to a guy and chuckes again. So he sat there, just listening to music, and watching people around him.. "Damn, some of thes people make a fool of themselves just by danceing.. He then sees soe rathe explcid danceing and turns back around. "Well, there goes any chance of me eating."

InukaAnite: Fumiko walked over to the bar and glanced down the long line of stools. And there, right when she was about to give up, she saw him right at the end. He looked young, handsome, and looked like he practically swam in money. She could smell his pocket from her stool. She clicked her nails on the bar and ordered the same thing he was having, trying to catch his eye. She slid up on the barstool next to her, flipped her hair so that he had full view of the side of her neck, a few strands of her red hair sliding down across her bare nape. Fumiko sat up, pushing her chest outwards, and striking a pose that looks very uncomfortable, but this was how she usually attracted them; Be overly attentive to how your body looks, and they will defiantly notice. She swirled her drink in the glass, not drinking at all, her red covered lips pursing like she was pouting. She glanced over and tried to catch his eye, but the distance between them was a little too large. It would be a miracle if he even saw her. 

xXAyperosXx: ~He looks back over at the dance floor seeing more than just one group now dirty dancing. he feels around in his pocket and smiles, then gets up and heads to the dance floor. as he gets into the crowd he pulls a rather large tube of lube out of his pocket all stealthy like and pops the top off and sqirts it on the floor as he zig zags through the whole crowd. The lube coveing the floor, after using up all the tube he slip out of the crowd and sits down watching, waiting for people to start falling and not even a few minute people start to fall all over the place. Ayperos trys not to laugh. But the site of people falling like dominos is almost to much. so he turns around and orders another drink laughing a bit~

Sezomaru: (( Ginsei sat at the bar, still sipping on his now third glass of scotch. The music began playing, a song he had actually heard before. He glanced over his shoulder watching as people slow grinded against each other, really feeling the music. The floor had obviously been quickly wiped off after someone put some sort of slippery substance on it. Ginsei downed the rest of his scotch before a person down the bar caught his eye. He glanced over at her, able to tell that she was trying her hardest to catch his or someone's attention. He looked at her, smirking some, seeing the pose she was taking that seemed rather uncomfortable. He looked back at the collection of drinks, seeing the different lables and their different labels. "She's not even drinking it.." He mumbled to himself before he decided to be nice for once and save her from that uncomfortable pose. He motioned to the right with his right hand, causing the scotch in the glass to swish to the right. He had motioned in his direction though he was still looking at the glass bottles in front of him. He wondered if she'd understand that he was motioning towards her or if she'd just sit there until he walked over to her though he really wasn't keen on getting up.

Not on BreakEdit

Tasanagi: After guiding the man upstaris he'd lock the door behind him in a seperate room. Pulling his pistol out from within the inside of his jacket. " Alright... Just hide here an-" BANG BANG BANG! Keyth turned around to see the man's body getting shot to hell. He put his gun up, aiming it at whatever it was that killed him in the shadows. " Show yourself..."(( A Large white haired man would step out of the shadows eyeing Keyth. Cracking his knuckles he'd put his hands up. " Put that gun down boy.." (( Who the man in the shadows was. )) Keyth put the gun away. And put his hands up. It was dark in the office room. Nothing but the window in the room that shun light into the room. Keyth looked down at the dead actor only to realize something.. " A.. Cydroid.." He said looking down at the robot. " A fake, set up by your father. How did claymore sound on your phone to come here? pretty good huh. Our voice changers are pretty nice. Haha.." Keyth kept his eyes on the men. " Your not even gonna make it out of here to get to our drug plants. So, why dont you be a good boy, and die." he said getting down in his stance. " My dad couldnt even do me in, what makes you think you can..." Keyth said putting his hands up getting into a Muy thai stance. The white haired man charged, and sent two kicks towards Keyths body. Keyth threw his hand sup blocking thei hits with his arms. First the right, then the left. After the two blocks he'd drop down, leg sweeping the white haired man off of his feet. Only for the white haired man to land on a desk with a back flip. Once he landed he'd send a sweep kick to Keyths face knocking him to the other side of the office. making his body twist and turn untill he hit the wall on the other side. Slowly... Keyth began to stand, whipping the blood from his lips as he stood back up. The white haired man hopped down from the desk walking over to Keyth laughing. Slowly Keyth would stand back up on his feet, only to get met with an uppercut to the stomach which knocked him into the wall. Then another uppercut this time with his left hand, previously using his right. Then another, then anotehr, then another, and another. The beating continued as he punished Keyths stomach beating him into goo it seems. Gripping the boy by the neck He'd sling him across the room making him crash into the computer. " Stupid boy, this is Kagemaru territory... you really didnt think, we'd be here waiting on you? C'mon man. You wanna be a boss, gonna need to be fuckin smarter than that..." He said walking over to the young man. Keyth had rolled onto his stomach slowly pulling himself up. " Yeah... your right.." He said getting into a push up postion. The white haired man began to run in what seemed like slow motion over to Keyth. Using his upper body strength he pushed himself into the air, flipping over the mans body in one twist, hooking his arms around the white haired mans neck and then DDT'ing him into the ground, face first right through a computer desk. Quickly Keyth rolled over mounting him as he began to slam his fist over and over into the man's face. " HAHAHA IS THAT IT... YOUR NOT YOUR FATHERS SON.." Keyth continued to slam his fist into the mans face as he sat on top of him. " Your weak!" The Generals face would turn black as his skin morphed to some hard rock like substance making the recoil from Keyths hand to his face push him back into the air and into the wall. He'd slam into the wall, his head dropping as he eyed the General as he began his walk over to him. " My Bodies, made up of some of the most powerful Nanomachines the world can buy. All in curtosey of your father.." He said walking slowly over to the young man.(( " The only way you'll hurt me boy, is if you can stab through me. Which you cant do..." Keyths eyes glanced up at him. " You have a feint chi signature.." He said eyeing the man. " CHi!? CHI!? Are you fuckin kidding me boy, screw that pussy shit... I never in my life, have i ever used Chi.." He said kicking Keyth into the wall some more before he lifted him up by his neck. " Your dad, told me to kill you. He must know how weak you are... your not even worth his time..." Keyth gripped the man by his face holding it tight. Both of his hands resting on the sides of his head. " HAHAHAHA... Look at em squrim!" Keyths eyes began to go white as the breathe was literally being strangled out of him by this massive man. Then.. SHINNNGG!!!! " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" A bright light would emit from the top of the Generals head, and just like that. Keyth's blade pierced right through the top of the mans skull. He dropped Keyth, holding his head as he began to back away screaming in pain. Keyth landed on his right knee. " In order for me to hurt you.." Keyth said slowly standing back up. " You must have a focus point... your head, itself had protection, but I noticed at the top of your skull... it didnt, its soft... like a baby.." Keyth finally stood back up straight and then pointed at the general as the general dropped to his knees holding his head. " I CANT GET IT OUT!" He said trying to pull the blade from his head. " Im suprised your still alive... fuckin Nanomachines.." He said eyeing the General from afar. " But... now im gonna end you, AND THE REST OF YOU KAGEMARU SCUM!" He said as his body began to glow a bright golden as he channled his chi throughout his body. He'd stick his hand out, calling his blade back over to him. Within a second the blade appeared back into his right hand. Pulling it back he'd bend down. " AAAAAAHHH!!" He said shouting as the glow grew even brighter. VWOOSH! He took off charging straight at the General. " CLEAVER..... SHOOTTT!!" He said pulling the blade across. CLANG!! It collided with the Generals Neck. His nanomachine tough skin trying to fight it off, but the injury to the top of his head had to be healed. His body focusing on healing that one part. Keyth decapated the man after a full power struggle. Killing him instantly. The young boy dropped to his knees coughing blood. " Im... using to much chi..." He said shaking his head. On the Generals Headless corpse his dispatcher on his hop began to talk loudly. " Boss... is the kid dead yet? Your time is up.. Were coming up there..." Keyths body was given out, he was almost out of chi after that. He'd crawl to the corner. Picking up his pistol as he sat in the corner... waiting for the Kagemaru to come in and finish him off. "...Shit... i thought i was ssupposed to be taking a break!"4

InukaAnite: (( ))Fumiko saw the signal, but she ignored it. For the time being, she shifted in her position, seeing him smirk. Okay, maybe he was a little smarter than she had originally thought. She swirled her drink in the opposite way, smiling and looking over the opposite shoulder as if she was looking for someone. Fumiko then proceeded to look around the room, her crimson lips in a thin line on her mouth. A fierce prey and hard to catch, meant she was going to have to try harder. She ordered another drink and had the barkeep put the drink in front of the stool next to her. She crossed her thin legs and flipped her hair back over and let it run down her back. Fumiko fixed her shorts and adjusted her top, smiling to herself. If he wanted her to socialize with him, he was going to be the man and come over to her. This was her game, not his. She grinned at the thought and tapped her foot to the beat of the music, waiting for his next move in their little game of flirty chess.

Sezomaru: Ginsei smirked at her reaction to the little gesture he had sent her way. He noticed her looking over her other shoulder, most likely trying to make him think she was meeting with someone. She ordered another drink and had it placed at the seat next to her. "Oi.. Alissa." Ginsei glanced at his friend behind the bar who walked over to him when he called her. Alissa leaned against the bar as she usually did when she talked to him. "Playing hard to get isn't she? It's like she's playing chess or something." Ginsei smirked, nodding some. He downed his scotch, setting the glass down. He shook his head when she offered to refill his glass. Leo walked up next to him, saying something to him before Ginsei waved him off. Leo adjusted the tie he was wearing before leaving again. Ginsei shook his head some, saying something else to Alissa. He pulled out his wallet, opening it, thumbing through all of the cash in his wallet before pulling out the right amount for the drinks. He gave Alissa the money, sliding his wallet back into his back pocket. He continued to sit there though, casually talking to Alissa.

InukaAnite: Fumiko glanced at him, saw him handing the bar tender money, and she began to take sips of her drink. She didn’t care for scotch, but the drink was only to capture his attention. She finished the drink and started to rummage through her purse, picking out some cash, placing it under the glass and got up from the stool. She fixed herself, slowly, acting like she was getting up to leave, glancing to the door, again like she was looking for someone. Fumiko fixed her hair and then got out a mirror, looking at herself in the mirror. She then proceeded to apply some extra lipstick as she had lost some of it on the glass. She turned her back to the man and used the mirror to watch him. She was acting disinterested, and this would surely work in her mind. She had never met another man like him; ignoring her every fatal flirt that usually sent the boys on a hormone rush, was not working. This made her want to take his money and cash it as fast as she could. What a difficult prey, he was going to lose anyway. He should just accept his fate, she thought. It was fate for her to catch every single prey she targeted, or so she thought. 

Sezomaru: Ginsei almost laughed though he stopped himself, shaking his head some. He looked at her as she turned her back to him. She was definitely playing a good game, but he'd have this checkmate. He stood up, saying goodbye to Alissa as Leo walked up to him again. Leo nodded to him, asking if he was ready to go. Ginsei glanced over at the girl as a few more members of his clan came walking in to meet him. He said a few words to them, casually glancing at her before turning all of his attention to his guys. "Bring the car Leo." He said it loud enough so that she'd hear him though it'd be hard unless she was really listening. Leo nodded and left, pushing through the crowd to get outside. Ginsei continued talking to his men before sending them back outside. He casually slid his hands into his pockets, slowly striding around the dancing crowd, making his way towards the door. He glanced over his shoulder just enough to see her reaction as he walked.

InukaAnite: Fumiko crushed her compact in her hands, her anger hitting its peak. Who the hell did this guy think he was? This was far from over. She placed her broken mirror into her purse and clicked her heel on the floor, walking to the door, flipping her hair as she did so. She purposely bumped her arm into him and at the right moment, flipped her hair on the same shoulder. Fumiko turned her head, smirking, “Oops~” She chuckled and kept walking to the door. His attempts were just a little too much for this diva. She carefully walked back through the doors, waving to the bouncers and then grabbing her raggedy jacket as she left. She slipped it back on, cursing under her breath, still walking out of the club. Fumiko reached into her purse and pulled out her phone, looking through all of her contacts, hissing when she had no one to help her recover from her loss. She stood at a crosswalk, the light red, tapping her foot angrily. She broke her mirror and lost a good customer. Tonight was not her night. She had pride to worry about. She wouldn’t be showing her face around that Club much any time soon. Not that many would miss her, it was just something to note. Fumiko ran a hand through her hair, placing the other hand on her hip, sighing heavily. “Dammit…”


Sezomaru: Ginsei grinned when she bumped into him, walking out of the club. He laughed, leaving the club himself as Leo pulled up. He got into the back of the black car that Leo was driving. "Alright, let's make this checkmate." He grinned, rolling down his window. "Pull up Leo." Leo knew exactly what he was talking about and pulled up in front of the girl he had been playing this interesting game of chess with. "Care for a ride?" He looked at her, leaning his cheek against his fist, his elbow propped up on the door. "You look like you could use one, much better than walking." He looked at her, waiting on her answer.

InukaAnite: Fumiko gasped when the car rolled up, her heels clicking as she took a few small steps back. It took her a minute, but she immediately realized it was the jerk from the bar. She took off one of her shoes and smiled sweetly, “Oh boy, ya think? Gee, I could sure use a ride mister,” she said, slipping the shoe back on. When she came up from putting it on, she placed her hands on her hips and her smile turned into a frown. “But, I’m sorry, I prefer not to take rides from strangers,” she finished, adjusting her top again. She looked at his car and raised an eyebrow, her confusion obvious on her face.

Sezomaru: Ginsei smirked at her response, shaking his head some. She seemed really bitter from him playing hard to get. It was just his nature considering he didn't focus on women much in the first place. She must be used to men flocking to her at the smallest flip of her hair. She was certainly beautiful so he understood that. He opened the car door, getting out of the car. He shut the door behind him, leaning back against it, crossing his arms loosely in front of his chest. "We both played a good game but it seems it's time to stop the game." He smiled at her which when Leo saw his eyes widened and his head snapped around so he could watch. "The boss is.. Smiling?.." He whispered to himself. Ginsei's smile soon faded as he looked into her eyes. He glanced over his shoulder at Leo who quickly turned back around. He held his right hand out to her, his palm turned up to the now dark sky. The moon had risen at this point and Ginsei noticed it. The light of the moon glinted off of his purple eyes as he continued to stare into her eyes.

Tasanagi: (( The Kagemaru men began to rush through the club, heading up stairs to catch themselves a Arasumaru. Keyth pulled his body up, looking for an escape route throughout the room. His hands pressed againt the gated window. " FUCK!" He said shaking the cage and screaming at the top of his lungs. The Kagemaru men had turned the corner pressing in closer to the room. Locking and loading there guns. " THINK THINK THINK!" He'd turn his head up to the air vent above his head. "...Heh.." He'd run to the other side of the room backing up against the wall. "...." Tilting his head down he'd take off running to the other side of the room, jumping onto a desk he'd leap right into the airvent sliding through it. The moment he leaped in, the Kagemaru men had kicked down the door with there guns up high. " away?" They said looking at one another. Keyths body banged and slammed through the air vent as he fell through. The latch on the outside of the Club Lahana opened up and there goes Keyth. Flying right out of the vent, tossing and turning in the air. BOOM! He'd land right... ontop of a Kagemaru flying car. " THERE... THERE HE IS!" The Driver said. The rest of the passenagers in the car began to fire at him at once. He pushed his body to the right now hanging on by the exhaust on the back of the car while they went flying in the air. " AHHHHHH!" Keyth said shouting at the top of his lungs. Holding on tight to the exhaust he'd pull his body left and right dodging projectiles they were trying to use to knock him off with.(( " AGHH SHAKE HIM OFF OR SOMETHING, TANAKEI, GET OUT THERE AND KNOCK HIM OFF!" One of the Kagemaru opened the latch to the car kneeling down he'd crawl to the side of the flying vechile. " I DONT SEE HIM!!?" " WE DIDNT KNOCK HIM OFF, SO HE HAS TO BE THERE!" " WELL I DONT FUCKIN SEE HI-GAWKKK!" A Blade was sent right into the man's head, Keyths blade. As soon as it pierced through his skull, it vanished and reappeared back into Keyths hand. He had flipped to the side of the car waiting for his chance. The Yakuza fell off of the flying car and into another. " GOT DAMMIT!" The driver said as he hit the gas even harder pulling the car up as the guided the boy higher and higher into the air. Keyth held on tight, gripping the side of the car for deal life. " DAMMIT, DAMMIT!" He said looking around at the ground, the city growing smaller and smaller as they went higher and higher. "....WE CANT GO THIS HIGH TODOSHI, YOU KNOW WE'LL DIE AT THIS ALTITUDE!" The driver ignored his other comrades continuing to go higher and higher. " For... the Kagemaru clan.." Once the car reached to high of a height. BOOMM!! Keyths body was sent flew out of the black smoke. His body falling from thousands of feet in the air. " AHHH! SHIT, AHH SHIT!" He said as his body jerked left to right falling from the sky. His eyes peered down at the ground. " Shit think Keyth, think!" He closed his eyes, thinking, making every plan he could forumlate in his skull. Remebering... what his Sensei had taught him about Chi Signatures... Keyths eyes opened back up, knowing what he had to do. He shook his head. " This is gonna hurt..." He said closing his eyes. A Techinque for Keyths new signature move, is that he can teleport his sword to him by tracing back its Chi Signature and simply moving it to him. A Technique that only Keyth could do, do to his odd background. He figured, if he could do the same thing, but in a reversed manner, then he should be able to save himself. He opened his hands, spreading them out. His eyes scanning the ground. " WHERE IS IT... WHERE IS IT!?" His eyes shot to the right." There it is!" He said holding his hands out. " Still need more time!" His body was about to smash head first into a building. " AAHHHHHHH!" ZIPP! His body litterally dispersed a bright light of blue as he appeared on the side of a building next to his blade, his back looking up at the night sky as he panted for air. Holding his chest. " ......" His eyes were wide open, scared to death. He'd turn around eyeing his blade. " Thank you..." The blade began to shake in response with his words. Keyth stood up, his legs woobly and then... he puked. Using to much chi he fell on one knee gasping for air. " Im in District 2 now..." He said standing up to his feet... limping off into the city.

InukaAnite: Fumiko blinked and he suddenly was speaking and then in a second, infront of her, holding out his hand. Her cheeks flushed and she gripped onto her jacket. The urge to place her hand on his was becoming the hardest thing to resist besides spraying him with mace. She blinked again and looked back into his eyes, her gaze going from his hand to his eyes. But when she saw his eyes that reflected her eyes, she felt like the battle was over. Fumiko cleared her throat and placed her hand on his, her gaze not turning from his. “I’m Fumiko. You have no need of my last name, just call me Fumi,” she muttered, not really wanting to show how much she really liked the feel of his hand beneath hers. She swallowed and suddenly got very nervous. What the hell was wrong with her? He looked a lot better than most of her customers, but that doesn’t mean he was any different. But he was. His eyes seemed to lock her in a tight grip that she couldn’t otherwise describe. Fumiko finally was let go of the hold on his eyes and looked away, “I assume your name is unimportant, but I’ll call you Jerk from now on,” she said, her voice cracking a bit. She really was nervous over this jerk. 

Sezomaru: Ginsei smiled a bit when she placed her hand on his, giving him her name. "Fumiko is a beautiful name." He said, not bothering to give her his name when she called him jerk though Leo yelled out from the front seat of the car. "His name is Ginsei! Ginsei Yanazuka!" Ginsei shook his head some as he pulled her close, leaning in. He placed a gentle kiss onto her left cheek before turning, opening the door of the car for her. After she' get in he shut the door, walking around to the other side. He got into the car, signaling for Leo to drive off. He leaned back in his seat, looking at her, sliding his hand over towards hers while Leo watched them using the rear view mirror, trying to keep his eyes on the road as he watched the two.

InukaAnite: Fumiko was whisked away in the car, and she had almost no idea what was going on. She was in a car, with a nosy driver. That’s all she knew. She looked at the man, and smiled, “So Ginsei, hmm? Sounds better than jerk,” She said, crossing her legs again. She placed her hands in her lap, batting her eyelashes at him, smirking a bit. This wouldn’t work like other guys, but maybe he got off in knowing that her attempts were futile against him. Fumiko leaned over to him and wafted her scent over him, her face gentler now that she was on her way to win this battle. 

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos laughed as most of the dance floor was cleared due to slippery floor.. But he was getting rather bored. He looks around and then at the end of the bar~ "Damn it.. theres nothing to.." ~He was stoped, feeling a gun in his back and a man~ "I finaly found you.. Piece of shit." ~Ayperos smiles to himself~ "And who might this be?" ~The man spins my chair around. It was the same one that he beat the fuck out of in the ally a while back~ "Oh, your the one that got fire and ice in your eyes.. How you been?" ~He mocks him openly and the man grits his teeth.~ "Get the fuck up! You can come out guys!"~ He calls out and waves his hands as severy rather big dudes come out from the crowd. Ayperos looks among them~ "Bigger thugs this time? Smart, if it wasn't me you hired them for." ~He smirks~ "Did you not tell them what happened last time?" ~The others all looked at each other in worry. The man lookst at them~ "Don't listen to him." ~As he looks away Ayperos sends his foot up, kicking the gun high into the are, jolting up, spining and kicking the man in the face, and like a bolt of lighting, runs at the rest of the men that started running at him. And one by one, they started to fly and roll onto the ground. Ayperos then catches the mans gun in his hand, being even faster that he was befor, the one who had the gun to his back started to run to the door and Ayperos jolted for him and jumps up, kicking jim hard with both feet in the back, making the man fly through the glass doors and onto the side walk. Ayperos slowly walks out at the man, his face all cut up~"Wha... What the hell are you?!" ~Ayperos grabs the man by the collar of the shirt with one hand~ "A man you never should have fucked with twice." ~Saying this and slams the man head first into a trash can, the impact knocking him out cold. Ayperos dusts off his shirt then looks around a bit~ 

Sezomaru: Ginsei smirked, looking at her as she was apparently still trying to seduce him. He looked at her, staring into her eyes again with his deep purple eyes. He snapped in Leo's direction, making Leo spaz a little. He kept his eyes on the road for the rest of the trip. They arrived at Ginsei's clan building which had his new room in it. The room was much bigger than the apartment he used to live in. Ginsei got out of the car, walking around to the other side. He opened the door for her, holding out his right hand to her. If she were to take his hand he'd walk her into the building, taking her upstairs to his room. He'd shut the door behind the two which for them, the night was only beginning.

InukaAnite: Fumiko felt the car stop and she looked out the window. She gasped as he got out and scared the driver. He didn’t live in a house, he lived in a building! She looked around and swallowed; he was definitely some sort of Yakuza. She took his hand gently and got out of the car, looking around worrying. What if she really did just up and leave tomorrow with his money? Would she be put on his black list? Fumiko looked at him, worry in her eyes, but her face remaining calm and playful. She leaned on his arm, her hands entangled in his. They walked up to his room, and she thought something she had never imagined she would ever have thought of until she thought it. What would it hurt to stay a couple of nights with a Yakuza guy? As the night went on, all she could think about was staying longer than she had ever stayed. Ginsei was interesting to her, their relationship was complicated, and their personalities and bodies matched almost in harmony. Why would she give this up? Plus, she thought of the protection. With all these wars going on, why couldn’t she use the extra protection? And hey, the guy wasn’t too bad looking either. So many emotions were inside her and bouncing off each other at the moment. She enjoyed that night with him. Maybe she liked this new feeling or maybe she just liked him. 

The Next MorningEdit

Sezomaru: (( Ginsei slowly opened his eyes, his right arm was draped over his forehead as sunlight hit his vision.  He glanced over to his right, laying on the left side of his bed. He could see out of the window through the crack in the curtains before he saw a beautiful face beside him. A smile curled across his lips as he looked at her, remembering the night before.

InukaAnite: Fumiko slept soundly in the nice warm bed, feeling waves of familiar body heat drift over her skin. She smiled a bit in her sleep, feeling the waves move a bit, or maybe that was the sheets. She turned over and her bare legs slid over one another under the covers, trying to also get warm. For some reason, this was the best night of sleep she had gotten so far. She also wasn't sleeping on the couch or one the floor like usual, she was in a bed without the worry of another partner coming home.

Sezomaru: Ginsei rolled onto his side, looking at her gorgeous face. He continued to remember the night before as he looked at her content face. He raised his left hand, placing it gently on her cheek. He was still smiling, possibly being the most he had ever smiled besides when he was a little kid. He leaned in, softly pressing his lips against hers for a brief second before laying his head back onto his pillow.

InukaAnite: She smiled in her sleep and hugged his arm, wanting to keep the warmth that carpeted her. Fumiko nuzzled against him, clinging to him. She rubbed his arm in-between her breasts, and then finally, after a while of letting him feel her breasts, she opened her eyes, yawning. Fumiko sat up, her arms letting go of his arm, and she stretched, exposing her bare chest to the windows. She rubbed her eyes and then looked down at Ginsei. “Good morning, Mr. All-Night,” she said, a chuckle in her voice.

Sezomaru: Ginsei grinned as he felt her breasts against his arm. He continued to grin when she sat up, exposing her breasts, calling him "Mr. All-Night." He proppped himself up on his elbows, looking up at her. "Morning Gorgeous." He sat up, the covers sliding down, coming to a stop at the bottom of his waist, barely covering his crotch. "Sleep well?"

InukaAnite: Fumiko chuckled and put up her hair, then let it down, letting it fall through her fingers and down her back, "I slept like a baby for once," she leaned over to him and touched his chest, "All thanks to you," she said in a seductive tone. She leaned her head on his chest, her back on his stomach. "Last night was amazing," Praise was going to be his breakfast this morning. Another part of the act for Fumiko.

Sezomaru: Ginsei smirked, hearing all the praise she was giving him. "Keep that up and you might just get a morning dose.." He grinned as he slid his right arm around her. He was holding her close, feeling her warm body against his. This was the first time he had felt a human body against his for this long. He smiled, his cheeks and jaw was beginning to hurt from all of the smiling he had been doing.

InukaAnite: Fumiko looked up at him, and blinked a few times. No this wasn't a dream and no, he wasn't in her fantasy. This amazing, jerk was a real person. He played a flirt chess game with her, won like no man had ever done before with her; he took her to his home, turned out to be Yakuza, and had sex with her. The chain of events seemed so unreal, Fumiko didn't even think about the money. She wanted to lay in bed and soak up some more time with Ginsei before she would have to leave. Her heart grew heavy when she thought of leaving. Usually, she was more eager to leave, but not with him. What was it about him? 

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