Day in The ParkEdit

Littlemermaidary: Ariel stared out the window of the class room before she glanced up at the clock in front of the class and saw that it was almost time to go home. She could hear all the other students start to gather up there things as the day came to an end, she simply sat there and turned back to look out the window. Once the bell rang she put her note book in her black book bag and headed out. She saw some students stop in the hallway and talk while other went to their lockers, she simply headed out the big doors in front of the school. She stood outside for a few minutes as she took some time to admire the beautiful day and taking a deep breath of the fresh air. On any other day she would have headed straight to her home but today she decided to take a stroll out to the park. She pulled her mp3 player out of her book back and put her ear phone in as she listened to her favorite songs. She started to walk to the nearby park and looked at the kids that were playing and the picture perfect families, she let out a soft shy and walked towards the ice-cream stand that was on the corner of the park. “Good afternoon miss what can I get for you today” the man asked as he picked up his ice-cream scoop and looked at her with a kind smile. Ariel took her ear phones out and looked at the man as she bit her lip trying to make up her mind as to what she wanted, after she finally decided what she wanted she answered the man “May I get a cookie dough ice-cream cone please”. The man nodded and started to scoop up the ice-cream and then he plopped it on the cone and handed it to her. “Thank you, how much will it be sir?” “For a beautiful young lady no charge” Ariel smiled and answered with a sweet “Thank you” before she turned around and looked for a nice place to there were so many benches to choose from and seeing as she was warring her school uniform, which involved a skirt and a white shirt, that probably would have been the better option but instead she walk towards a large oak tree an sat down right next to it leaning on the trunk as she put her ear phones back in and scrolled through her music and enjoyed her ice-cream

( ) Danny would be up to his usual….well usual tom foolery as one could call it. He’d been using densuke’s stuff for the longest ever since he’d been gone, and was now using the man’s roller-skates of all things. He managed to get the bike repaired like he’d wanted to, so all was going according to plan thankfully. He’d skate to his hearts content, his music speaker booming out a tune (the link) and he was feeling as smooth as ever. “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeell yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!” He’d then start to pick up the pace a bit, skating full speed down the side walk. The wind blowing through his black hair, and pushing his jean jacket vest backwards along with the suspenders that hung from his jeans. He’d skipped school because of some business he had to take care of back at the Arasumaru hideout, but he figured he’d make it  up. If there’s one thing he kept it was the blade he’d received from the old man. Something about it just….made him want to possess it forever. Honestly. Danny would now be hitting a blurring speed, until admiring a blonde woman’s voluptuous pair of breast. “Stop!..Danny Time.” Danny would stand up straight, still moving fast of course, and turn his head the entire time looking at the woman’s rack. Only to be met with a still taxi in the middle of the road and collide with it head on. This caused his body to flip forward with great momentum into a near by park, and alllllll the way into the branches of a tree. “BADDAYBADDAYBADDABYBAD DOH!” Danny would then start to hit every branch on the way down the tree until he’d finally hit the last one, and it caught the back of his shirt. He was now suspended in mid air wriggling for dear life, only to give up and look down at a young lady with raven black hair. “OOoooooOOO.” Danny would think and raise a brow. If she’d heard him he’d corss his arms and legs in mid air, and shake one more time, falling down to the ground and landing on his butt, beside her. Arms still folded and legs inn a criss cross applesauce like fashion. “Why hellooooooooooo there good madam, how’re we doing today?” Danny would give her a grin, with a head full of leaves and there was even a baby chick on the very top of his head chirping to death.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel was sitting peacefully under the tree with her music blaring in her ears enjoying her ice-cream when out of nowhere a guy just plops down right out of thin air with a baby bird in his hair. Ariel was startled and dropped her ice-cream cone and her MP3 player which cause her ear phone to fall out as well she looked at the guy “What is wrong with you!” She screamed.” You think this is funny, oh my goodness you monster look at the poor bird you should be ashamed of yourself” She picked the bird out of his hair and held it in her hands before it took off in flight. She stood up brushing her skirt off and looked down at the guy. “You know there are other ways to approach girls, dropping out of a tree is probably not your best option a simple “hey” as you walk up to tem would probably be more effective” Ariel’s voice sounded harsh and irritated. She picked up her Book bag and started to walk away forgetting her MP3 player on the ground. “Uh I wasn’t even done with my ice-cream” she muttered under her breath. A day that was supposed to be peaceful and quiet turned into her being annoyed really fast.

Danny would start picking leaves out of his head, and standing up to chase after her at a hurried pace. “hey, hey , heeeeeeey! Chill chill!” Danny would walk backwards infront of her, keeping pace so he could stay ahead. “Look look check this out. I was just messing aroooound common now! I’ve noticed you for a while now, and I admit.” Danny would stop and place his hands on his heart. “I did that very unessecary of me, and I am truly, truly sorry.” Danny would bow to her, placing one hand on his abdomen and pointing his other hand outward, as if bowing in front of a stage crowd. “Look tell ya what sweet thing, I ‘ll grab you some more ice cream any flavor you might want! Pretty please?! I promise I won’t be bad no more!” Danny would clap his hands and feet together and tilt his head smiling, batting his eyes in a hilarious type fashion.

Getting You Some Ice CreamEdit

Littlemermaidary: Ariel looked at this guy as he walked backwards facing her and telling her how he had seen her around and crap. He was so full of shit but it was funny to watch him make a fool of himself. She listened to his offer to get her more ice-cream “Fine you can get me another ice-cream seeing as it is your fault I dropped mine and don’t make promises you can’t keep” she said as she rolled her eyes. She turned and started to walk over to the Ice-cream stand with him. As they walked she asked him “So where have you seen me before mister since you have seen me, are you stalking me or something” she sounded so serious when she talked but that was mostly because this guy had managed to annoy her in a matter for five seconds, which I mean wasn’t very hard to do seeing as Ariel isn’t a big people person but five seconds that was a new record for a person.

Danny would smile in enjoyment, only to trip over his own shoe string and fall backwards, hitting his head slam on the side walk. “GAH!!....friggin….oooh!!!” Danny would sit on the ground and answer h er question as she asked it. “Ah, I go to Kasihana high too. I’m being forced honestly…was gonna drop out but they want to me have this thing called an “education” or what ever. I don’t know. Sounds stupid.” Danny would spring up to his feet and twist in the air, and stand beside the girl again. “And a couple of times, I noticed you. Noticing me. Soooo I just wanted to put on notice. That I noticed you to.” Danny would look away in a swavue like motion, slicking his hair back and smiling only for his hair to fall right back in place. He’d scowl for a second and run his hand through his hair again. “Anyway! Lets go.” Danny would approach the ice cream man, and lean over the container, suddenly having a toothpick in his mouth. “Yeah buddy boi, this young lady here, lost her ice cream, see I droped it see.” He’s speak in his Italian accent. It was surprisingly fluent. “So I was-a wondering if you could you know, help a guy out, cha know hook a guy, you feel me?” The ice cream man would look at the girl and then make a “-_-“ face. He’d then pull out a long metal spoon and clonk Danny in the head with it, making a loud clang type noise. Danny would fall to the ground, holding his head murmering. “FFFFFFFFF-----“ The ice cream man would point the spoon at Danny. “Show some respect! Now you appoligize to his young lady while I fix her another cone!” Danny would start bowing in place. “I’m sorry…again…and again…just don’t hit meeeeeee” Danny would close his eyes rubbing his scalp as he sat on the ground with playful teary eyes.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel covered her mouth as she watched this guy fall and hit his head and she was going to ask if he was okay but seeing as to his answer to her question, she knew there wasn’t much to get hurt in that head of his. She rolled her eyes once again at him “I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re talking about, I haven’t seen you once at the school and if I have you must have not made much of an impact, and honestly I think you could use an education because right now you’re the only one who sounds stupid” she replied in an annoyed voice, as he got up they started to walk again, “yea let’s see how far you can walk before you eat shit again” she mocked. Once they arrived at the Ice-cream stand the guy made himself at home talking an a ridiculous Italian accent as if he had known the guy for years, her eyes widened as the man hit the guy in the head with the spoon and Ariel lost it she started to laugh for a few seconds before composing herself back to seriousness. The man asked her once again what kind of Ice-cream she wanted and Ariel replied “Cookie dough please” her attitude change completely when she talked to the man she seemed so sweet and kind as appose to when she talked to the guy she sounded rude and sarcastic. He man handed her the cone and then turned to look at the guy.

Danny would stand up and look at the ice cream man with a hopeful smile. “hey, can I get an ice cream?” Danny would be met with a waffle cone to the face. That’s it.  A waffle cone. “What is this? This is wack! I can’t get jiggy with this shit!” danny would shrug and exclaim. The ice cream man withdrew his spoon again and Danny would back away shaking his hands. “CHILL CHILL, I’LL TAKE THE CONE!...’Geez.” Danny would nod to her to common and continue walking. As such he’d munch on his cone and eye her eating her  ice cream. “You’re not a very friendly person are you. It’s cool by all means, works with your overall demeanor. I bet you’re just the sweetest thing when you want to be. By the by, names Danny Chan. And who might I have the pleasure in eating a waffle cone with on this fine day?” Danny would toss the cone up and catch the rest of it in his mouth, munching on it and waiting for an answer. He’d adjust the strap for his sword as he didn’t want it to  start getting uncomfortable.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would laugh at the guy as he stepped back taking the empty waffle cone that the man gave him. “Wow you are so full of yourself huh” she walked next to him as he listened to his comment about her not being very friendly, “well you see I can be a sweet heart if I want to be, but when it comes to guys who think they are oh so clever I’m not very nice” she gave him the sarcastic side smirk and continued to walk. “Danny huh, that’s such a childish name guess it suits you, and I’m Ariel” she looked over at him “and I was having a perfectly good time eating my Ice-cream alone before you came along but I mean I did get it replaced so things could have been better” she sped up the pace walking around the park licking her ice-cream slowly.

Sooo What About That Date Doe?Edit

Danny would stuff his hands in his pockets, and eye the girl slowly. His shimmering silver eyes, took in every detail of her. “Ahh so you’re a conditional sweet heart, okay I got your game. A cute one though, so it’s all for the better. Gotta say though, you got some killer gold eyes. Almost put my own silver ones to shame. Almost.” Danny would flamboyantly flip his hair, playfully before laughing about it holding his stomach. “So Ariel is it? Where ya from, who’s your peoples, you single? Kinda dudes you like, why you so pretty, and how much would a guy have to do to get you on a date with mua?” Danny would slide infront of her, stopping her in her tracks as he’d lean forward a bit with his hands in his pockets, and a bubbly smile on his face. “Not to rush, but you are quite radiant, like a blooming lotus. That’s actually my birthflower! Raised by a shaolin monky so I’m supposed to be a chinesey like, but IIIIIIIIIIIIIII’m not about that life….so about that date doe?” Danny would flash his pearly whites and raise an eyebrow with quite the cartoonish look on his face.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel smiled slightly at his comment “Yea not many people can keep up with my game, seem to me you’re not very good at it” she teased. “Ha, so your cocky huh, well my eyes run in my family wasn’t something I really asked for” Ever since her father’s passing Ariel wasn’t as worried of people knowing who she was or who she was related to, to her it was like letting the memory of her father live on. Danny stood right in front of Ariel stopping her from continuing to walk and ambushed her with a billion question. “Woooooooh you need to slow it down with the questions give me some time to answer” she smiled “well I live in district two, and I don’t really have people but I have friends, I like guys that are romantic and spontaneous and less annoying, so work on that and maybe you might get a shot someday. As for the reason that I’m pretty I’ll let you know, you see my father was very pretty and I look like him so just think about that” she teased. She listened to him complement her and go on about himself before she answered “Ah a Chinese boy huh, well I love Chinese food not sure how much I enjoy Chinese men, and if you think for one minute you’re going to get anywhere with you lame compliments try a different strategy” She said as she walked around him continuing to eat her ice-cream.

Me No Hablar InglesEdit

Danny would nod and give a casual look at her replys and comments. He didn’t want to seem to upbeat, since that wasn’t his style when it came to women. As she walked off danny would follow behind talking to her. “Ahh not a sucker for fancy wordplay eh? I don’t blame you.” He’d catch up beside her and look up while talking for a bit. “Guys now adays are so typical. It’s either the fancy words and chivalrous ways or the jackasses who get the assess. Me personally I mix a little of this and a little of that.  Whatever attracts the eye…usually my eyes though. “Danny would smirk and wink at Ariel. “Anywho, I’m sure at some point I can suit your taste. Say theres a fair going on by the docks at the end of this walkway through this park if you wanna head there.” Danny would turn his head and a familer face would catch his eye. “Ay yo CHAN!” Danny would facepalm himself as the meanacingly tall muscular man would walk towards him and start poking his head repeatedly. “You owe me some money Danny Boy. Fork it over.” Danny would look at Ariel. He…was really a pacifist and preferred not to fight unless it was a fair sparing match, so violence out of place was bad seeing as how well…he’d look like a little bitch. “Oi uh….m-me no hablar ingles……”

Littlemermaidary: “I’m not a sucker for a lot of things. I’m what most guy call difficult or what’s that other word oh yea a tease” She replied as she took the last few bites of her ice-cream before she tossed it in a nearby trash can. She listened to his description of himself “so your kind of full of your self aren’t you, I mean there’s nothing wrong with that just that there’s a difference between confidence and cockiness, just saying” she looked at his eyes after he made the comment about them “well you do have very nice eyes but not nice enough to catch my attention, but that’s just me” Ariel loved the fair and she was supposed to go there with her friend a few days ago but she canceled so she figured it was a good opportunity to go “well lucky for you I’m a sucker for the fair so I would actually enjoy doing that” as they walked a few more steps they were stopped by someone calling his name and asking for money that was owed, Danny answered in Spanish and Ariel looked at him “So you speak Spanish now?” she asked

Danny would start to sweat a bit, glaring at Ariels lack of fucks for the situation and looking back at the man infront of him.  Danny would then point to Ariel and speak out “Hey man you don’t know who you’re fucking with here. Like this girl here? This is my bodyguard okay? She’s wanted in 15 states, no actually 20! But the law was so scared they DROPED HER CHARGES BRUH!” Danny would circle ariel and begin pointing to to her. “Man she killed 70 men, with a pistol that had 4 bullets. She richocheted off their skullllllllllls bruh I mead dude HAHAHAHAHA this girl is a KILLER! You don’t wanna mess with her man, and on top of that I’m her best friend? Mmmmmmhmmmmmmm she can wreck you shit bruh!” Danny would nudge ariel on the arm. “Play along. Fluant a body part or something, I’ll pay you back later.” The man would corss his arms and raise an eyebrow at ariel, wondering if these were lies or plain truths.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel listened to Danny’s bull shit story and figured it wouldn’t hurt to play along a since it seemed like this was a serious situation, what was the worst that could happen I mean if things escalated Ariel knew she could take him she might be small but she had a lot of training growing up in the Tasanagi house. “What seems to be the problem never seen a girl body guard before” Ariel pooped her knuckles a few times before continuing “Look I just came back to town a few days ago to catch up with my old best friend and all I want to do is get to the fair over there” she pointed towards the fair at the end of the dock “that won’t be a problem will it, because if it is then you know we can surly figure something out. I mean you heard my story you can find out from there just know looks can be deceiving” she said as she glared at the man.

Little Bit About MeEdit

The man’s eyes would windend in a slight fear as he backed away with a hurried look. “Uh. Oh um I’m sorry miss uh….Danny don’t even worry about it! I-I’ll make more money hahahahaha! See you guys!” the big man would slowly start to walk away, and danny would watch im and then look back to ariel smiling. “That was smooth. You’re gonna have to come with me on sommore con artist type missions some time.” Danny would give her a thumbs up and head on to the direction of the fair. Once there, the sun was already starting to set, and the lights were starting to shine a little brighter than usual. Danny would look around, and nod. “Gah. I remember I used to live out here…as a matter of fact I used to live underneath the peir here. Homeless life was interesting. Fun at times to hahaha!” Danny would place his hands on his hips and smile lightly. As if having been homeless was completely okay.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel let out a soft laugh “well that was fun” she said as she put her hands on her hips and listened to Danny talk about going out to help him out with similar ordeals, and she assumed he was kidding “Yea well that was more of a onetime thing, you know, plus if we did do it again that would mean hanging out again and I’m not sure there will be a next time” she teased. She wasn’t sure what to say to him about being homeless since she had never been in that situation “well I don’t know what to say seeing that my most of my life I have had everything I needed and more since I was raised by Mr.Tasana…” Ariel didn’t finish her sentence and just looked at Danny since she had never told anyone that.

Danny would nod listening to her speak. “Yeah you give off the rich girl vibe. You’re the type I’d beg for money. Then sleep with and get more money…buuuuuuut you have a “I stand alone” type attitude. You can’t be used. Not that I’d do that to you, because you got spunk.” Danny would point at her and nod. He’d raise an eyebrow however, when ever she stopped pouncing the last name she was going to. “Hm? Tasa who? That already sounds rich heh heh.” Danny would look around and spot a giant faris wheel. Danny would then point to the wheel and nod his head towards it. “your not afraid of heights are ya?”

Littlemermaidary: “Oh do I know” she said as she rolled her eyes “well I’ll have you know that I’m the kind of girl who wouldn’t give into beggars and good luck sleeping with me sir I’m not something you pick up off the street” she looked as they arrived at the fair grounds and the lights surrounded them. “Yea rich girl last name Right” she said sarcastically. “Anyways actually out of all the rides here the fairs wheel is probably my least favorite not so much cause I’m afraid of heights but because it so slow and it’s just sketchy to me I have never been on one” she said with a smile

Tasanagi TrademarkEdit

Danny would shake his head and let out a chuckle. “ah common. Lets ride something chill at first, I’m still in the getting to know you phase. And plus I don’t even think at this point I could even score you if I wanted to.” Danny would scratch his nose and look towards the setting sun sky. “But I’m curious as to how things could go so I’ll just tag along with you for a while. Who knows. You might even grow on me. Or vice versa.” Danny would look over at  her and smile. “I could call ya pretty all night, but that wouldn’t get me any closer now would it? Common lets go!” Danny would guide them to the ferris wheel and there was quite the line. Danny would nudge ariel on the arm. “hey think you can put that body and those acting skills to the test again, and get us to the front of the line? Unless you know…the great Ariel Tasanagi can’t possibly do it.” Danny would smirk with confidence. “You think I didn’t catch that tidbit? You’re not the only Tasanagi around these parts. I know your brother anyway. Those eyes. Deeeead give away.” Danny would nod and wait for her to reply as  he’d look at  her with a smug yet playful look.

Littlemermaidary: “Oh are we now” she said as she rolled her eyes “well I’ll have you know that you’re right, I’m not the kind of girl who would give into the stupid compliments and plus, I’m not something you pick up off the street, you have to work to get with me” she said with a smile before she looked the fair grounds and saw the lights surrounded them. “Anyways, actually out of all the rides here the fairs wheel is probably my least favorite but if you’re into these lame rides why not” she said as she walked with him to the line where the fairs wheel ended. She listened to his challenge about using her looks as a way to manipulate there spot in line, before she listened to him say her last name and then continue about how he knew her brother. She stopped and stepped right in front of him putting her hands on his shoulder and looking right into his eyes “Wait, what? Did you just say you know my brother?” she asked as her voice went from playful and joking around to all around serious.

Wanna Use Your Talants?Edit

Danny would give a sly smile at her comments, and scrath his nose, with his thumb in a cocky fashion, but then she made her presence more personal when he mentioned her brother of all things. Danny would look her back in the eyes, a meeting of gold and silver present. Danny would have a blank look on his face as if confused. “Yeah I know your brother, don’t you? He’s famous by now, anyone would. You’re both Tasanagi’s, living celebrities.” Danny would shrug. ‘You should seek him out sometime. Don’t be surprised if you end up in some trouble with him it’s bound to happen BAHAHAHAHA!” Danny would laugh, and softly grab her wrist, lowering them and holding them for a second while talking. “Now lets go chill on the wheel and I’ll answer even more questions about your brother. And let you get a look inside of the life of the Chantastic wonderboy eh?” Danny would attempt to walk backwards, and moonwalk his way over to the conductor of the ride. He’d signal Ariel over to do heer thing with this guy, and try to get them on the wheel even faster.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would look at the ground and bite her lip as he spoke to her about her brother “No I don’t know him, I mean I knew I had sibling but never really thought I would run into one” She shook the feeling away and then looked back at Danny “Living celebrities huh, more like pain in the ass if you ask me, and I have no interest in meeting him or anyone by the last name Tasanagi” She ignored the rest of his sentence and at this point she had forgotten that her hands were on his shoulders until she felt his touch, she simply looked at him. Once he let go of her they walked towards the ride while he was blabbing about using her to get on the rife sooner “Look at you, you just met me and already using me for your own evil “she joked. Danny would signal her over to the man running the ride and as Danny put it she worked her magic. She walked over to him and looked into his eyes and then started to speak “Hey, I was wondering if a nice man like you could do a good girl like me a favor” the guy looked at her up and down and then looked right at her chest, where she had undone two of the buttons on her shirt showing off her cleavage “And what you that be miss”, “Well you see my friend here is showing me around town and I really love the fairs wheel, but the line is so long” Her voice got more seductive and she got closer to the man putting her hand on his chest before finishing her sentence “ and I really want to take a RIDE on it” you could tell the man was fighting hard to keep his excitement in “You can go right ahead miss” he said as he opened the gate to the ride, She grabbed Danny’s hand and pulled him in behind her “Men are so easy” she said as she took a seat.

Silver And GoldEdit

Danny would be strung along by the woman. He’d giggle at her comment on using her and her charms for his own personal gain.  Danny would be impressed by how she handled that situation though. As they got in the cart danny would yawn and stretch his arm across the back of the seat. “SOOooooooo Ariel was it?” Danny would cross his legs, and sigh. “Men are easy eh? Then you obviously haven’t met me before heh heh heh.” Danny would shift in his seat. “I mean don’t get me wrong, I like you so far, buuuuuut it’s gonna take a little while longer before ya know. I really try to pursue anything. No point in chasing the unobtainable ya know?” Danny would smile, his silver eyes seeming to cast a glow as the wheel slowly ascended. If anything was nice about him, it was his easy goingness and his eyes. The wheel would slowly ascend, and the lights would seem to get farther and farther.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would roll her eyes, something that seem to come natural when it came to talking to this kid. “So are we pretending to not remember names now huh? And for the record yes it is ArieL, Ariel Tasanagi in case you forgot that as well” Ariel lifted her arms behind her head letting out a soft, girly, yawn before putting her hands back down looking off in the distance, the lights of the fair would make her eyes sparkle like gold, she listened to Danny as he talked about how he liked her but wasn’t in for a pointless chase. Ariel would turn to face Danny and then lean in really, really close keeping them just breaths away and then she would look at him with her sparkling eyes before speaking in a very soft sensual voice “But I hear that the chase is all the fun” she then lifted her hand and slowly reached over towards his face and he could feel the warmth of her hand she slowly ran her hand up his face towards his hair and pulled a twig out “You had something in your hair” ^_^ she said as her tone went from sexy and sensual to joking and silly

Danny would keep his demanoer, and surprisingly calm about their conversation. That’s…when Ariel leaned in really close..unbeilivably close actually. Danny could feel her breath on his lips, and it was quite enticing. She had plenty of seductive talent..but was it only talent? Danny pondered to himself as she pulled a twig out of his hair playfully after running her hand up his face. He’d laugh a bit, grinning at the sheer randomness that came with that situation. He would however..pull a bit of a slick move. She’d already leaned over, and unbeknownst to her, danny had uncrossed his legs whens he did. While leaned over after pullng the twig, danny would use his knee and push against her leg, causing her to trip up a bit in this confined cart space and lean even closer to danny, keeping them a close distance, so close the tips of their noses would bump into each other slightly. “Thanks for that…but be honest, somewhere inside you don’t mid being this close do you..cause I sure don’t. In fact you can stay here for a while, this wheels still got a waaaaaays to go.” Danny would place the side of his index finger to her chin if he’d let her, and whisper to her. “ Silver and Gold complement each other pretty well eh?” his lips tingling closer to hers.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel was glad that he chuckled at her silliness and joined in with his chuckle. This was the first time in a long time that Ariel was actually enjoying herself, and as she was trying to lean back to her side of the ride, his leg bumped into her and pushed her closer into him, she pressed her hands against his chest and then looked up into his silver eyes, their noses touching. It was the perfect picture like something out of the movie, Ariel wasn’t sure of what to do, she had only remembered on situation where she had frozen in the same way. She heard the words that Danny would say and even though she wasn’t one to fall for sweet words she would admit that the way he spoke did catch her attention. Ariel’s face would turn bright red as he touched her chin with his finger and whispered to her, she would not pull away she would just sit there looking straight at him with a bright red face.

Danny would smile at her state of mind right now…her body languae and facial expression would give it all away. And danny with no hesitation would lean forward, and press his lips to hers, timidly, but only for a second. He’d move his hand down to her hip, not going to far, because he wans’t an amateur…he knew if he tried to move to fast he’d alarm her, so he’d keep it subtle. Leaning his head into hers, and tilting it to the side a bit he’d patiently peck her lips with his before making one hard push with his own, only to run his tongue acorss the edge of her lips, keeping the tone of the entire ordeal interesting, patiently waiting for her to respond..

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would feel his lips against hers and her eyes widened and then she also felt his hand on her hip, and this time Ariel was not going to ruin the moment she closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his and let things fall into play, she felt his tong against her lip as she let him go further, allowing him to slip his tong in her mouth turning a childish kiss into a full make out. After a while she felt the Farris wheel come to the stop and as she pulled away from the kiss she looked up and saw that the man that she had flirted with to get on the ride was standing over them waiting for them to step out. Ariel’s face went from red because of the kiss to red of embarrassment.

Danny would smile embracing every moment of this kiss. He’d felt an inner satisfaction inside, as he’d managed to get a little closer to her, at least physically anyway. He’d flow his tongue with hers,  moving in complete sync. The wheel stopped and the door opened, as the conductor would look inside. Ariel broke the kiss blushing to look at the conductor. Danny would raise his eyebrows. “Problem? No? Well send us on another round why don’t cha?” Danny would toss the guy a few bucks, and  turn back to Ariel. “Now where were we hm?”

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