Trip To The CapitalEdit

( )::Flashback:: Densuke would be in his meditative state yet again riding on the back of Mizuchi, along the ocean. He’d been recovering from his battle with the giant wolf he’d had the night prior. The wolf had a very dark esscence about it, and it left a sting of sorts on his arm, so he had a chi healer sort out the good from the bad, and give it a time to heal with special bandages. He’d be in his special place alongside his Shinto god mentor to whom he refered to as ‘Uncle Hachi.” “Alright uncle Hachi…how exactly do I get to…well.. fucking space.?” Hachiman would walk along side Densuke on the endless sea, illuminated by the moon of course. Hachiman would rub his beard and speak. “…..I honestly hadn’t thought of that.” Densuke’s mouth would drop. “FUCKING REALLY?! YOU WANT ME TO MAKE THIS UNSTOPIBLE WEAPON DON’T YOU?” Hachiman would laugh a bit before waving his hand at Densuke. “Fret not, I am a god. I have plenty of connections. I’ve sent word of message to the god of wisdom Omoikane. He can tell you more on how to gain access to the cosmos. He knows everything and anything about what you could possibly know. Which explains why he keeps to himself. Once you get to the imperial capital, you will have to contact him through mediation you like do for me. From there he will instruct you.”::Flashback end:: ( ) Densuke would be walking along the contenet’s shore known as Baki. He’d traversed the end of it, and waited on the shore. He’d contacted Keyth a while ago, but was now playing the waiting game. He’d be sitting on the edge, petting his dragon mizuchi on the nose, as his overwhelmingly giant head leaned on the shore. Densuke couldn’t help but…think of home. He missed everyone. Dearly. Sure felicity was here with him, but she’s always off on some adventure…just as he is. Maybe they were just a fad, he really didn’t know much anymore…” seems like being a Koikonjitto is…not what it’s cracked up to be…am I really only good for battle? I’m starting to wonder if theres a point. To any of it. Violence begots violence….and this world is so beautiful, I don’t wanna harm it or it’s you think I’m doing the right thing mizu?” Mizuchi would hmm low, almost at a purr, at densuke’s words. Densuke would smile and hug the dragon. “Thanks pal…There must be something more. But first I have to stop the chaos, and bring back harmony. I only thank the god’s I’m not alone..”

Tasanagi: (( Keyths body soared through the air as a lightning conduit of red energy. He bursted out with a spin then simply soaring. " Almost there man." He said to Densuke through his mind. He tucked his body down into a roll. Like sonic the hedgehog in a since as he rolled across the water at the great velocity, the waves exploding around him as he continued his roll before he blasted back up onto his feet. He continued to run across the waves before he began to run like an Animal of sorts getting on all fours, moving faster, and faster! " AHHHH YEEAHHHH!!!!!!" He said channling his chi into his feet and blasting off 50 feet into the air spinning rapidly like a tornado before his body morphed into a conduit of lightning again and he took off into the air. Before he knew it he was hovering over Densuke's head from above. " INNNCOMMINNGG!!!!!!" Keyth said as slid onto the beaches sand, the sand flying over her friend as he kicked off the ground landing on the other side of him on one knee. " Yo." He said as he pulled himself up. "I tried talking to the emperour... it didnt go as planned. It seems he's hellbent on all out war." Keyth said nodded. "... I dont know what were gonna do man. It seems stopping the war isnt possible. So... were gonna have to do somethin else... But anyways.. so what's the plan?" Keyth said crossing his arms as he long coat flowed in the wind.

Plans To Be MadeEdit

“Ah you’ve made it, good.” Densuke would greet Keyth as he made his entrance. Sand would fly over Densuke, but he’d spin his tail rapidly to repel the gravels from touching him completely. He’d heed the words Keyth had mentioned about the emperor and his proposal of war. “Damn….he’s giving us no other solution or choice but that of war. I feel nothing but sorrow for the men and women fighting for a lost cause…knowing they might die by the hand of the cause they fight for….this place makes Kasihana look like paradise.” Densuke was vastly conflicted, only clinging to the words his current mentor told him. It was his destiny to make or break this world, and only he himself could decide. Densuke would stand up, his bare feet now sunken in the sand as he’d walk to the shore line. “Well uncle Hachi told the imperial, theres a god of wisdom. To complete my task list, I have to…well…it sounds far fetched, but I need to get to the cosmos and obtain the core of a dying star. For a weapon I’m forging. I can’t do it alone, and I figured, you of all people could help. Ultimately…the real issue is GETTING…into the cosmos. Which is where Omoikane comes into play. We need to talk to him but.” Densuke would stop and whistle, and a large aquatic dragon’s head would emerge from the water, allowing Densuke to stand on the top of his head. “We’re going to have to be careful. This is the capital. It’s also nuertal, but they don’t. Trust. ANYONE from any of the other nine contentients. Could get hostile, and Hachi told me theres some pretty damn funky powered people there since it’s shut off to only the rich, wealthy people with too much free time.” Densuke would point in the direction to go. “Lets get going, we’ve no time to waste!” Densuke would lower his hand onto the dragons head, and the dragon would begin to accelerate it’s large mass at a rapid velocity across the water, carving a path in his wake. Densuke’s vest wriggling in the wind as if they both kept at a high sonic plus speed, they could reach the intended capital with ease, unless interrupted of the sort.

Tasanagi: Keyth nodded, seeing the captial from a distance. " Alright, well i brought someone along with us. If you dont mind..." Keyth pointed up at the sky, showing Yami transformed as a cloud carrying around a rather busty girl with dark hair. " Hold on miss Yahiko." Yami said, as he pulled her along through the sky. She was on a Nimbus cloud, a black one. " Alright now that the gangs all here. You lead the way to your homie densuke. Ill follow behind you. And Yami will Keep Miss Yahiko with us." " Right!" Yami said nodding his head. In the distance a hooded man stood watching them all from afar. " Haha... look at them.." He said pulling his hood back though his black hair hung over his face so he couldnt be seen. " It seems Keyth, never gave you an Answer, did he Lee?" The same mystery man from when Keyth was on the mountain top appeared. His long blue hair blowing in the wind as he smirked. *** FLASH BACK*** Lee had brought Keyth to the hang out of him and his groups place of stay. " Alright, here we are. Where Yokai and demons can run free. Waiting for our messiah to show his face." Keyth looked around turning to the direction Lee had been standing in. " For over 500 years.. we've been waiting for him. Keyth, you should join us. Man... we'd cause all kinda chaos me you and the boys." He said patting Keyth on the shoulder. " Your friends, they'll never truly understand who you are." Keyth closed his eyes. "...Im not sure man.. i'd have to come back to you on that..." Lee nodded putting both of his hands behind his back. " when you change your mind... and just want to truly be accepted... dont be afraid to come back." Keyth nodded as he teleported out of the room. A Grin breaking across Lee's face as he began to snicker to himself. **** FLASH BACK END**** (( )) Lee and the hooded man stood together watching them from afar. " He'll join us. And we he does... all will fall into place." The long haired man's face broke into a grin as he tilted his head up. His eyes bright hell red like Keyths eyes when he tapped into his inner power. " Good... then all will go according to plan.." They both turned there backs drifting into the thin air.

Travel MontageEdit

( )Densuke would his way across the ocean sea, at a break neck speed. The dragon’s body would flow up and down in a wave like motion as they were swerved from side to side, making a consistent wave in the current of the ocean. Some more dolphins would appear beside Densuke in his stride. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You guy’s couldn’t beat me last time! Keep it up Mizu!” Densuke would use his Atsuryoku no ken, and slap the head of the beast, giving it a speed boost, that left an invisible trail of water walls in their stride, so clear you could almost see straight to the bottom of ocean blue. Densuke would  leap into the air, as the dragon would then send it’s own body higher, and higher into the air. Densuke would run one the dragons body, as he whirled, swirled, and looped on the dragons back. “Almost there!” Densuke would push the tempo on the water dragon now diving above, and below the waters surface for the final super sonic push. “HEEEEERE!!!” Densuke would jump high into the air, almost seeing to the top of the island. Densuke would seemingly hover in the air a bit, as his vest fluttered in the air, and his pants legs did the same. “Man this place is huge….traversing this place is going to be an adventure in itself eh?” Densuke would flip forward multiple times before landing on the pavement…pavement? Marble pavement to boot. Grey and gold pathways along the edges and insides of the island’s walkways. “Well now..this place is…a lot richer than expected. I’ve only been here once the way if you see a giant skeleton…kill it.” Densuke would gesture as he’d nod to move on ward. “C--….can you go in this place, looking like that Keyth?”

Tasanagi: (( Keyths body took off after Densuke. " Tch... That things fast. Alright Lets go!!" His body was engulfed in a red burst of energy as his whole attire changed into a red cloak of sorts. Tapping into Raijin's power. He spun rapidly as he soared in the air. Keeping up with the dragon to the best of his abilites. When it split the water under him Keyth dove through the gap and then began to run only to kick off the ground again. His body exploding back into the air as he spun around the dragon as Densuke ran up it. " Hahahah!" His body errupted with chi as he took off even higher into the air he'd stop with a loud sonic boom as he looked at Densuke still floating in the air before he landed on the ground with Densuke. Listened to his question Keyth pondered on it himself before Junsei floated over to the both of them. " Dont cha worry about that, I got that one covered." He'd glomp Keyth his body engulfing him which of course Keyth didnt like at all and began to flail about fighting it untill finally the glomping ended. Keyth looked like his human self as he pulled himself up blinking. A pair of eyes apperead on his head momentairly. " Ill sit on Keyths body as a coat in a way. So that he blends in perfectly with the people around him. The eyes dispersed after speaking and Keyth simply sat there confused before nodding his head. " well i guess that settles it then..." He said shrugging at Densuke, soon following him to whereever they went.


Densuke would lead them up to the gates of the imperial city, and there would be two stone guards sitting there. There were two giant metal doors looming over them. “Erm….HELLOOOOO! olly olly oxen-free?” Densuke would knock on the gate three times before one of the stone statue, would turn it’s head, with a growl and snarl at Densuke. Densuke would jump back a bit. “DO NOT TOUCH THE IMPERIAL DOOR HEATHEN!” The opposite statue would talk with a soothing voice. “Now now brother, do not be so rude to outsiders. Maybe they’re worth something. Good greetings travelers. We are the gate guardians of the imperial palace, put together by the greatest alchemist in the land.” “YES WE ARE, SO FUCK OFF OF THIS SACRED LAND AND BEGONE!!!” A violent gust of wind would erupt from the raging statue, and a few trees would level out under the pressure. Densuke would lift a hand and cover his forehead. “Ah. This place is legit. Alchemy is an art form I haven’t heard of in a while. Anyway, think we can get an entrance through? I really need to get in here.” The calm statue would speak and address the two of them. “Ah it’s not so easy. Unlike most things you will be required to use your brain. We have riddles that  you must answer, and if either of you can complete them we will grant you access.” Densuke would nod and look to Keyth. “Think we can handle that?” weather Keyth responded or not, Densuke  would wait for the question. “FIRST QUESTION! WHAT CONJOINS THE SKY TO THE SEA! IT’S A FANCY WORD, BUT QUITE THOUGHT OF INDEED!”

Tasanagi: " Tch..." Keyth stared up at the door as he began to anger. " M-Master! Dont get so emotinally distorted! You'll blow your co-Gah!" " HYAAHH!" Keyth unleashed a burst of chi off of his body which knocked Junsei off of him making him splat to the groound as goo before he reformed. Keyth was now wearing a suit as his body brimmed with chi. He pointed at the door, his wild hair hanging over his eyes.(( " Yeah...I got a word for you..." He said withe sickest grin ever known. The door responded with an ' Uh..'Only a few moments later and the door would littealy crack and then errupt from the other side as Keyth launched a punch through the wall with his fathers attack known as the Oblitherating golden strike. His arm went back to its normal color as his sword seaped out of his arm and back onto his back. " There's your word... dick head.." He said stepping onto the gravel and continuing to make his way forward. " C'mon Densuke, we cant play riddler with a door. Trust me, i've played riddler with doors before, and they lie alot." One would wonder what other kind of doors could Keyth could have encountered that actually had the ability to speaking.... The boys would continue there push forward, Keyth letting Densuke lead the way as he got odd stares throughout town. " A-A Yokai!?" " It's a Demon!" Keyth paid it no mind as he continued to follow his friend, hands behind his head and eyes closed.

Densuke would raise an arm at ketyh’s now glowing body of red chi…the reading was ridiculous, and the punch through the door was even more devastating. Both statues were destroyed in a heartbeat, and well keyth’s cover was completely blown. Guess he stop giving a flying fuck. Densuke would shrug. “Eh. I’d have done the same at some point. However, you do realize we’ve draw every bit of attention to ourselves now….” As the people screamed yokai at Keyth Densuke would advance forward. The city was quite lively, brimming with people and royal like attire. It was quite nice…felt like home. Densuke would look around twice before stoping in the middle of the street to see some gaurds headed this way. Samurai no doubt. Densuke would nod and approach one. “Wait here Keyth. I don’t trust your social skills…” The dove on densuke’s shoulder would nod as Densuke approached the guard. “Excuse me sir.” “Ah at ease nobleman. What is it you want?” “I was wondering if you had any luxurious hotel resort around here? The best one you have with the highest view.” The guard would scoff. “For you of course. Your friend however….is odd. We’ve already recived word from the head of of the island that a Yokai…was here.” Densuke’s face became puzzled. “Damn word spreads fast in this place…..well he’s. Technically an actor…yeeeah. He’s supposed to be doing a play here AS… yokai. He’s not really such a thing at all.” Densuke would nod, and place his hands behind his back. “Also I have 20,000 gold to spare, for my expenses.” The gaurds would look at each other. “Follow me nobleman.” They’d begin heading twords an expensive looking hotel at least 50 stories high for a fudel era.

Tasanagi: (( Keyth followed behind Densuke to the hotel when he passed by a group of Geisha all bowing to him. " Ooooh.. A Yokai.. Your a brave one to come here." Keyth had a tooth pick in his mouth as he cocked an eyebrow. " what are you a whore or something?" Keyth said pushing past them leaving them with a blank stare. After arriving to the hotel Keyth's spirit buddy floated out of his chest and swarmed around his head. Junsei nodded and then pointed to the hotel. " Many famous people have stayed here, infact. The empeoror's sister is in there right now." Keyth blinked looking up at the building. " His sister huh? You must mean Yuna.." Keyth said blushing at her name as he rubbed the back of his neck. He thought about her often, but he also thought of Nora... and Now Kyoko. His feelings were mixed when it came down to females. " Gahh..." He looked up and then shook his head. When him and densuke went inside, a lady in a Kimono bowed to the both of them though her eyes went wild when she looked at Keyth. Keyth leaned over the counter and began to roll his clawed finger tips along the desk top of her desk. She began to shake in fear, just to fuck with her he'd emmit his chi into her mind. Also copying a technique his father more than likely... accidenatally put into his brain. Keyths eyes flashed a bright red as he placed a kind of Jedi mind trick on the lady upfront. Her eyes turned red as well as she began to open her kimono taking it off and then screaming, running around naked and then bursting out of the hotel. " HAHAAHAHAHA!" Keyth shook his head as he laughed, hopping over the counter top and taking room 503, tossing the room Key to Desnuke. " See, we dont have to pay." He said putting his hands in his pocket after placing another tooth-pick in his mouth.

Killing TimeEdit

Densuke’s eyes would widen at the sight of the woman’s breast when she busted forth from her kimono. Densuke knew Keyth had something to do with it. Neither of them looked that jaw droopingly good. Densuke would catch the keys and nod. “not going to lie. You saved me an ass of gold.” He’d have the “not bad” expression on his face, and make his way up the steps and head to the room addressed “503”.( ) The room looked quite nice. Fancy. Densuke would take time to feel the sheets. “Silk…fine too. Alright Omoikane, where are you?” Densuke would step to the balcony. Unbeknownst him at first, he then realized the giant tower was the hotel all along. Densuke would look up to the top, and see the large large scale they’d have to traverse. “. . .Fuck. –sigh-. This meditation stuff is getting old.” Densuke would hop on the railing of the building and take a meditation pose. “Keyth, go kill some time. This is gonna take me a minute, I’ve never tried to contact a god I’ve not come into contact with.” Densuke would flourish his golden chi for a moment before seeping it in and letting it smoke off of his body. Inside his mind he’d be walking along the watery path again like when he talked to Hachiman. “am I doing it wrong? HEY! OMOIKANE! WHERE ARE YO-“ “SHHHHHH!” A loud shh noise would erupt from no where as Densuke began..floating? and ascending upwards quite fast until he was inside of….a library? ( ) Densuke would now be seated. A young looking man would emerge from behind a bookshelf and make his presence known. ( ) “This is a sacred place. My domain. I’m never disturbed ever, who are you, and what is it you want!” The nerdy man seems quite serious. Densuke would scratch his head. “this is gonna be a long fucking night…”

Tasanagi: Keyth smirked and crossed his arms. " Burn sometime huh.." He said as his body teleported out of the room with a surge of lightning.(( " I think i know what i can do.." He said appearing in front of those two Geisha from before, tossing the gold coins up and down in his hands, they'd retrun there look back at him, and he's smirk licking his lips as he pulled them both by there hair. " C'mere.." He said tossing them into the dark alleyway. All that could be heard were growls and moans before 10 minutes later he had finished. Both Geisha were knocked out and Keyth had made his way out of the alley dusting his clothese off. He walked around the corner to a fight club, men using weapons to combat each other in a cage. Keyth leaped in, picking up an Axe and pointing out the biggest guy they had. He pounded his chest picking up a mace. Keyth took off his shirt and they began to fight. CLANG, CLANG, CLANG! Sweeping the man off of his feet with the axe, he then pulled it up and cut the man's head off and dropped the weapon, picking his shirt up and continuing his walk down the street. He'd go into the food court area picking up food without paying and eating it along the way. Some gaurds began to chase him but he continued to walk down the street, going down an alleyway where they followed him only to lose him. They looked up and all they could see was Keyth shirtless with his claws retracted shaodw over his face and his eyes bright red. He leaped down with a lions roar and all one would see from the alley way was blood spurting from the alleway. More gaurds rushed over to the scene where Keyth would already be gone. He had teleported back to the hotel room, laying on the bed after his 45 minute adventure.

God Of KnowledgeEdit

( ) “Ah..look Omoikane sir, I just wanted to ask of your help!” The scholar man would fail his arms. “help, help help. Everyone! Wants help! The people, the gods, the creatures, even the dirt needs instruction on how to grow! Oooooh why can’t anyone see the beauty of wisdom is to obtain it with personal grasp and not have it flopped on ones lap! Ugggh..primiitive.” The scholar would walk away with his nose turned up and deuske would get up after him. “Wait! Surely you know about the war going on! This is urgent! We need to make hast, I need a way to the nearest dying star…surely…..a man of your amounted wisdom could aid a poor passer by willing to learn something right?” The scholar would look back and adjust his hair. “Flattering. You’re very serious aren’t you. Tell me are you of Ryoji blood?” Densuke would tilt his head. “How the fuck does everyone know this? I don’t have distinguishing features at all…” The scholar would tap densuke’s forehead with his finger. “That look. It’s a look of sureness. Weather you mean to or not, Ryoji’s..or Koikonjitto’s rather. Have a nack for having the look of “I can do this”. Regardless of the situation you all seem so sure you can do anything. It’s entertaining really. I’m curious as to weather I should lend you a hand with my recent invention.” Densuke would perk up. “Invention? Tell me more! Do you have schematics?” The scholar god would nod. “Ineed I do! Follow follow, we must make haste!” They would head to another section of the library and Omoikane would pull a book from the shelf. Revealing another room with a giant cannon of sorts, made of metal, wood, and various other materials. There was also an enourmous amount of gun power present. “WHOOOOOA……’ Densuke would awe at the device. “Impresive is it not? You see scholars like myself have often wondered “what lies in the great cosmos.” While I can sail it myself, it’s only fair that the humans one day aspire to do the same. It is the only known device capable of breeching the barrier past the atmosphere!...but it’s only good for one shot every 10,000 years.” Densuke would be startled. “WHAT?!” Omoikane nodded. “Saddly, if I let you use it, It’s more time that I have to wait until it is finshed. I’m not sure I want to risk it. What can you offer? Reasurance? How will you even grasp what your looking for?” Denuske would pop the guantlets onto his hands, and eminate chi based hands from them. “Uncle Hachi gave me these star catchers. With these and this white magamata, I should be able to contain the core of a dying star, until I find everything else I need to put together a weapon that will either make or break this war.” The scholar would nod. “Ah…Koikonjitto to the call of battle again. Your cycle is a burden. And you are so young.” The scholar paused. “and those eyes….I can tell. One shot will do the trick. MEEGLE!” A young fairy would appear to Densuke. ( ) The fairy would then take the form of a magamata, a blue one, and take place beside the white one on Densuke’s necklace. “That will give you a guide to me, should you need prior knowledge on anything or anyone. Think of it as an infinite dictionary. Now then. “ he would snap his fingers, and ketyh would appear from thin air. “Welcome to the party ahaha!” Omoikane would then escort the both of them and in full detail give the plan. “In short, once you hit the atmosphere, Keyth will use his shapeshifting ruffians to get you past the rest of it. There you will enter the cosmos. Sail until you find a star on it’s deathbed, and the rest you know by memeory of what to do. Understood?” Densuke and hopefully Keyth would nod, as they’d leap up and jump inside of the cannon. They’d be..uncomfertably close, leaing foreheads against each other in a tight space. “KHH! FUCK! Ah…no homo, but meld your chi with mine. We need an almost impenitrible layer of it so we don’t burn alive, once he hit a high enough altitude….by the way. You stink.” Densuke would snicker to himself.” READY. AIM. Good bye now.” The cannon would erupt, in a firey explosion of lights and sound. Blasting the boys upward, and anyone looking would see something of a reverse meteor moving towards the sky.

Tasanagi: (((( was teleported into the room, his attire of that of his long coat again. He looked around and was clearly confused as he listened to the mysterous man speak onto the plan. " Gah.. yeah, yeah.." Keyth said picking his nose and listening in. Once they had arrived into the cannon Keyth sighd and shook his head. " man.. im tired of this shit... the things i do for friends.." He said shaking his head, preparing himself. " Ok you too! Ready yourselves!" Said the God Scholoar. " But i warn you both... becareful. In space, are creatures that linger around the planet as protectors. They may read you both as a threat. And try to eliminate you both." Keyth sighed shaking his head. " More death, alright... cool. " He said after just recovering after his battle with Konchi not even a week ago. " Alright, lets do this.." Keyth closed his eyes as he readied himself. " READY NOW... 5... 4... 3... 2.... 1!" It'd send the boy off with a rather large BOOm! Keyth had did what Densuke asked of him before they took off, making sure to use as much chi as required as they both drifted high into the air. Keyth Kept his body straight, they went higher and higher. The speed picking up faster and faster. Yami appeared behind Keyth, and Junsei behind Densuke, transforming into back packs, with a large thruster. " ALRIGHT, WE HAVE YOU BOTH SECURED." Keyth closed his eyes. "...Never... been to space." He said as they began to hit the atompshere. Junsei, and Yami both began to emiit Chi out of there bodies, causing them to higher and higher into the air before the broke the earths gravitational field and were now... in the depths of space. "You both are from earth, meaning your bodies have been able to do great things..." Keyth remeberd what Mr. Obvious had said to him and Ginsei after he found them after there battle. ' You and all of your friends posses the omega gene, created after WW3 in your world, a brith-defect and a gift. Here, in this realm your body soaks up chi like a sponge, granting you all with unlimted power as mortals... doing the impossible at every turn.' As they hit the sky, Keyth no longer needed air, he could breathe in the chi that was in space, they streamed this realms space with bright blue streams of chi every where. Keyth blinked as he glowed brightly with chi as he continued to look around. He shook his head, trying to regain composure at the best of his abilites before he turned to Densuke giving him a thumbs up. " Lets do this.." He said to his friend, as he waited for Densuke to continue his lead.

Into The CosmosEdit

The process took place, and after a long winded effort the two made it….past the atmosphere.  ( ) Densuke would hear Keyth talk of doing this but Densuke would…appear to daze out for a moment. “Hold Keyth…look around us dude.” Densuke would hold his arms out as his body glew gold, his very esscence steaming as he continued to soak up chi in the atmosphere. “This…is breathtaking…it’s so marvelous….I can’t…put it into words, but dude! Haha! I’ve never seen something like this! And to be able to traverse it like this?! ( ) “WORDS KEYTH! Fucking entire PLANETS! Out there! Waiting to be explored and ventured! Ooooooooooooo!!!!!!!” Densuke would spazz out in place before slaping himself. “Calm down Densuke…*sigh* Back to the task at hand. Now the only thing left to do is to find a dying star…lets go.” Densuke would use Junsei and propel himself forward into the amazing cosmos before them. Swirling, and sky dancing his way around. Trying to be serious was hard, when anyone could tell Densuke was having the time of his life up here. He’d skim along an alignment of a nebula, touching each particle it emitted. “I wish dad could see this…he’d always wanted to venture into space.” Densuke’s Magamata would glow blue. “hello? Can you hear me? It’s Omoikane. I’m going to use this stellar map I have to tell you where the nearest dying star is. I’ll guid you.” Densuke would nod and follow directions when suddenly..” Hey…keyth you feel that?” Densuke would stop for a second to look around, but he didn’t see anything. “Ah maybe I’m just imagining things. Anyway Keyth we’re not to fa-( )“ Suddenly densuke’s body was consumed by a giant looking creature which was black and red…tinted in some sort of goo, and was reeaking of blood ( ). The creature swallowed densuke whole, Junsei only managing to barely escape the creatures grasp. To make things worse, 5 more of the grotestque creatures appeared, making a legion of six of them. The protectors omoi mentioned…rather disgusting looking creatures. They’d all heard around Keyth sheriking at the to of their lungs, and their roars echoing thorough out space.

Space GuardianEdit

Tasanagi: Keyth blinked his eyes darting left to right as he eyed the monsters. " I need a vacation.." He said as he began to brim with even more chi. " Maybe we could reason or talk it out with e-" One of them would lunge at Keyth, Keyth swiftly Sliced it in half with his blade Yami Suki. " Never mind..." Keyth began to back up to Densuke. His eyes darting left to ride with his blade in his hand. " Shit!" The ooze from the beast began to burn Keyths skin, quickly whipping it off he looked off to the right and then the left once more. " They... sap your chi." Said an unknown voice as he began to float over to the both of them. His arms were crossed and his head was low. Keyths very being began to get weak as the Star man showed face. ((Before_Watchmen_Doctor_Manhattan_Vol_1_1_Variant_B.jpg )). " And so.. do i.." Even though they were both ( ) Even though they were both in space. The chi they gained around them would quickly but sapped away by this mystery man. " Tch... Who are you.." The man simply stood before the two boys. " Gaurdian of this world. Ameteratsu's most trusted solider. Tenshimaru.. I am one of many..." A red one just like him showed face as he stared the boys down. " We dont want any trouble..just stay out of our way alright.." Tenshimaru tilted his head up. " Im afraid... we cant allow that." Behind him a large... no the largest monster in exsitance showed face. He was about as big as earth it seems. "... What...the..." Keyth said blinking as the monster began to litterally get closer and closer before it finally stopped. To two energy beings zipped into the head of the monster. (( ))" Formed.. from a dying star behold the vessel we carry.... We were created to protect this planet. From any possible threats...And with Hoshigami.. we are unstable force. Even if you defeated Konchi, and the Ryoji has defeated many in his weak, and you both defeated Kitsune. You shall not pass us." They both said in harmony. " GAH! WHY CANT THINGS EVER BE EASY!" Junsei began to speak to Densuke. " There! If you can get into that opening.. then.. you'd be able to get inside. Okami was there when that thing was created out of the dying star. It's core is what your looking for Densuke! I'll guide you, you just gotta do all the work." Keyth looked at Junsei. "....Go Densuke. I'll distract it. But... dont take to long, im getting really tired of shit kickin my ass.." He said as his chi began to emmit an even brighter form of red as he stared it down.

The Core Is ObtainedEdit

Densuke would  be chopped free from the belly of the beast, and covered in some type of black goo. “Ahhhh this is fucking disgusting!” Densuke would wipe the substance off of his body, only to be greeted by another large…chi looking composed being, but he had a cosmic deity like presence to him. ‘Is this the core of the star that I need to be gaining?” Densuke would sit idol of the conversation that was going on. Then it would seem the situation got even worse, when a giant…planetary sized monster showed it’s face and loomed over them. Densuke’s mouth would drop, and he would face palm himself. “Fuck…this is going to be the hardest challenge…and it’s the first fucking one..” Densuke would yell at the top of his lungs and point to the giant planet sized beast.( ) “OPEN YOUR BELLY YOU BIG SON OF A BITCH! I’M GIVING YOU A FREE LYPOSUCTION TODAY!” Densuke would use Junsei and lunge himself into the fray. The giant would lift his hands, and open his fingers, and begin shining a rain of blue energy streams, all looking like a hailstorm of blue bullets. Densuke would channel his chi into junsei, and accelerate his body even further, using his mega enhanced physique, to weave in and out of some of the pathways. Dashing, dodging, and swirling his way into the atmosphere. “B-be careful!” Junsei would scream. “Shit!” Densuke would place the guantlets on and start punching at the beams, carving a pathway of somewhat behind him. “I-I CAN’T GIVE UP HERE!!” Densuke would now be literally fighting the lasers. “KEEP PUSHING JUNSEI!” Densuke would be punching and kicking the lasers as Junsei continued to accelerate them forward. The giant planet sized structure, would  then point one finger at Densuke and Keyth, and shoot a large subway train sized blue beam of chi at them both. Densuke would gasp, and drop down, narrowly dodging the beam. The beam would be following him though the area. “damn….i have to keep pushing…COOOOOMMOOOOOOOOOON!!!” Densuke would lash out the chi hand, to the finger of and whip himself to it, landing on the wrist of the thing. Densuke would lunge forward in a sonic sprint, with his arms outspread. Huffing loudly, and still continuing  up the arm. And then launching himself. While Keyth was distracting the beast Densuke would blow air into the Star Breakers fist, and inflate them to the size of a giant ogres. “HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!!!”  Densuke would thrust his arms into the core and begin pulling on the core at a harsh ass pace. ( ) Densuke would emit a bright gold glow and start pulling himself backwards. The core of the star began to brim from the things center, slowly but surely. “COMMON MASTER DENSUKE!!” Junsei would begin to accel his thrust to his maximum and Densuke would feed it chi to keep accelerating. Densuke’s chi arms would then begin transferring bits and pieces of the stars core to densuke’s magamata. “Alllllllllmost Theeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!......grrrr!!!” Densuke would close his eyes and grunt. His muscles were starting to strain, as he was attempting to lift the mass of the core of a start in general. He’d start heavy breathing and sweating as he could feel the heat of the star in a bit closer. “I…WILL…NOT…LOOSE THIS EARLY!....FUCKING…A!!” Densuke’s body was now engulfed in a large glowing ball of gold, with him and Junsei shadowed in the middle. Densuke would multiply the hands and make two more emerge, to push against the chest of the beast, for extra leverage. Densuke’s eyes were completely submerged in gold. He heard Hachiman’s voice ring in his ears. “YOU CAN DO THIS DENSUKE! SHOW THE GOD OF WAR, WHAT THE POWER OF WILL CAN DO!!” “nnnnnnGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Densuke would make one final thrust before the core of the foe was now in full sight. Densuke’s arms would then slowly absorb the mass of the star, and form it into his white magamata. Densuke’s body would float lifelessly for a second…Junsei would start dragging Densuke away. “K-Keyth! Finish it now!” Densuke would grab Junsei and cuddle it, for he could already tell whatever Keyth was going to do, it was going to be explosive. The beast’s armor would slowly start to fall and crumble into the vast of space, revealing only the body of the blue chi man origianally.

Going All OutEdit

Tasanagi: ((" HUYAAHHH!!!!" Keyth had blocked the subway sized blast with his barehands, paving the way for Densuke. Chi Brimmied off of his body as he stared the planet sized creature down. " Im the one you want..." He said starting to use Raijin's power as his body began to emmit the bright glow of red, his eyes glowing with the intense power. "Im so sick... of everyone here... trying to kill us! When were the ones... trying to save your miserbale world... your all pathetic. Even the pitiful gods.." Keyth said as the sky around him began to shake as he continued to stand there, power brimming off of his body." AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" He began to litterally absorb every bit of chi around him. " M-MAster Your power!" Yami said as he could feel every bit of chi Keyth had been drawing into his body" AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Keyth said as the chi around him began to sink into his very skin, space around his body.litterally space began to shake as Keyth continued to brim with power. " What.. what is this.." Tenshimaru said to his red counterpart. ' The omega gene allows you guys body to soak up chi like a sponge' Mr.Obvious voice echoed in the back of Keyths head ' Incredible feats... allowing you all to do incredible feats.' " I DONT CARE WHAT YOU PUT IN MY WAY! NOTHINGS EVER GONNA STOP ME AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" as he continued to soak in as much chi as possible. " AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"In a flash of light Keyth's apperance had changed, his skin turning into a hell red as horns began to protrude through his body. His body was glowing... He was becoming a full fledged ONi.. like his father. " AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" With the last shout a sonic boom began to errupt off of Keyths body so powerful it caused a ring of super nova's to errupt far out in the distance. " He's an Oni it seems... but he's not a normal one... His power.. is increasing by the second... how can this be.." The brothers said in unison as Keyths white hair had grew in length and his red eyes stared into the large beast. His muscle mass had increased as he took a deep breathe. A storm began to emmit around him, lightning clashing IN SPACE! Keyth raised his right hand and an Orb appeared, his teeth gritted he fired a bolt of Black lightning so large that it struck the planet knocking a chunk right out of it. The planet retailed, firing blast after blast at Keyth, his body began to phase left to right doding the attacks as he quickly phased left to right. Swirving at super sonic speeds in his transformed state. Even Yami had transformed absorbing Keyths chi. A chain of explosions followed behind Keyths body as he began to fly. The Oni chi had alterd Yami, Keyth pulled the spirit off of his back and formed into a Machine gun of sorts, He began to fire Large blasts of Black lightning at the large planet, knocking chunks off of it left and right. Keyth placed Yami under him, usiing him as a motorcycle as he took off getting a good distance before he got off of Yami and placed him back on his back. Golden wings sprouted from Keyths back as he panted. " K-Keyth finish it now!" Junsei said dragging Densuke along. Keyth nodded" Lets.. end this Yami.." He said with his altered tone. (( " HOW CAN THIS BE!" Keyth's blade floated from his back and seaped into his right arm. He looked off to the right, seeing a star not to far off. He pointed at it, and with all his strength he'd sap the star of all of its chi, the task caused Keyth's body to revert back to normal but he obtained the power in his right arm. "AHHHHHHHH! IT BURNS...." He said gasping and panting. " Ah..Ugh! But... IM GONNA END THIS!" With the last remaning bit of chi he had in his body he took off with a sonic boom. Junsei fired off as much chi as he could produce as Keyth continued his fly over. " SUPER... NOVA... OBLITERHATING... DARK GOD... FIIIIIIISTTTTT!!!!!!" He launched fist forward, breaking the planets orbit, soaring through its skies, and pressing that golden glowing fist into the very ground of the planet. The force Was so powerful, that it hit the very center of the planet, sending it flying light years away but not before it exploded. Keyths body was caught in the explosion and it knocked him millions miles away. Densuke as well. Due to being in space, the chi around them healed Keyths charled flesh almost instantly as they continued there fall from space. They'd break earths atomoshphere as they continued there fall. Keyth, which had went unconcious momentairly would turn as they fell to see a passed out Yami in his arms and Junsei and Denuske falling along with them both. They'd be soaring high from the sky as they broke through the atomoshphere and were breaking mach 5 in speed as they fell. " AAAAAAAAHHHHHH SHIITT WERE DEAD! WERE SO DEAD! AHHHH!" He said gripping tightly to Yami as he continued to fall.


Densuke would watch as Keyth let loose an unbelievable power. “Man, he’s been putting in just as much work in this place as I have!” his final obliterating strike was indeed stupendously powerful, but the aftermath of the attack was so strong not only did it defeat the enemy at hand, but it blasted everyone away form it, and sent them through the air. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” Densuke’s body along with the others would be flung backwards. Densuke managed to keep consciousness  only due him not exhausting everything he had at one time. “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF------“ Densuke would turn around as they’re bodies began to heat up from re-entering the atmosphere. Densuke would clench both of his fist tightly, and use his chi to make the hands, whipping Keyth over to his vinicity, and straping him to his back like a backpack, making sure he had yami with him. “HAAAAAAAAAAAAANG OOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!” Densuke would then dive forward, accelerating their mach 5 fall a few machs more. He’d then yelll out as luckily…they were approaching a large body of water. Densuke would extend another hand towards the sea and begin to stir the water flow. His pet dragon mizuchi would raise up and encase their bodies in water, and as they descended, the spin would slowly start to rob them of their momentum, and throw it into the water, causing a wild whirlpool. This was so their kenitic energy from the fall was now dispersed and they would all plop into the water, only to emerge on the long body of a water dragon. “WOO! Thanks mizu!” Densuke would pat the dragons belly and it would hum happily. Densuke would grin at Keyth and shoot him a thumbs up. Words need not be said, between allies in battle and if Keyth was feeling the trust, he’d shoot one back.

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