The Final TestEdit

( ) Densuke would be gunning it at his top speed, dashing across the largest land Takeyoriwake, which was mostly made up of woodland, but was infamous for having the largest volcano in all of the continents…..which is also where Kojin lived. The god of fire. He was the one who could forge the staff’s actualy form together form the star core and the special bark in order to create what Hachiman called “Densuke’s ultimate weapon.” Darting his eyes from left to right, he’d keep in mind where he was going. After his…recent encounter wit Keyth and the onigami, and an apology to felicity for his behavior, Densuke was now out to finish his quest. He knew now more than ever, time was dwendeliing. “I can feel the area growing warmer…I’m close!” Densuke would push forward yet again, hitting super sonic speeds, and striping the very bark off of the tree’s he’d run past. The ground started to get hotter, and the air grew thicker. He was definitely near a volcano…Densuke would look up and see a tall ranging peak of stone. He’d made it. He’d leap and stop in his tracks, sliding along the ground a bit, and thrusting his fist into it to prevent him from moving any futher.( ) He’d look up at the volcano and clench his fist. The magamata would glow blue as Omoikane would emerge and proceed to give him a message. “Densuke this is it. The lair of Kojin, the god of fire. I must warn you, he is indeed a stubborn god. He will not listen to reason. His firey temper is why we keep him at bay most of the time and try not to communicate with him. He keeps to himself regardless. None the less, he will try to prevent your entry into the volcanic lair. How, I cannot say, but I do know this: The star breaker gauntlets you have could handle the heat of a star, so using them to combat him should be no problem. I only worry that well….he is of godly stature. And might crush you if you even slip up once.” Densuke would murmur. “He won’t win. The threat is coming, and I’ve got no time to loose. He won’t beat me!” Densuke would slap his chest with his fist, and leap high into the air. This volcano was only second tallest to the great mount fuji itself…traversing this thing is going to be a feat in it’s own.

Head FirstEdit

( ) Densuke would be heading skyward. His black silver tipped hair flowing backwards as he ascended upwards. He’d have to rebound of the surface of the  mountain a few times, but it was to be expected, as even in this realm he could not particularly fly…after a few moments of jumping, Densuke would look ahead to see a raid of meteor like fireballs coming in his direction. Molten rock heading right for him. With quick reflex and dexterity, Densuke would effortlessly bob, slip, and weave between the pathways of the oncoming fire. Taking time to hop and step off of the mountains surface, and even barrel roll numerous amounts of times, as loud crashes of force could be heard from the molten rock colliding with the ground below him. “Uncle Omoi wasn’t kidding here….hm!” Densuke would continue to ascend, his bare feet only feeling a tinged at the scorching hot rock he was stepping on. He’d continue upward until he saw something pop up from the opening ( )  ( ) Densuke would see the enourmous creature rise and begin to roar at the top of it’s lungs. “Are you Kojin! Speak monster! I need a weapon forged!” The monster would roar and spew from it’s mouth a large assortment of rocks and rubble, and dirt. Densuke would cross his arms over his face, and continue pushing through, taking a few blows to the head from the rocks abroad and, struggling to push forward. Densuke would then equip the star breaker gauntlets and from two giant forearms beside his person. Still ascending with one forceful step, Densuke would launch himself further into the air, using his open giant palm to fend off the ruble emting his direction, while stretching the opposite arm backwards, as far as he wanted it to go until it touched the base of the mountain. The beast continued it’s roar but then added fire to the mix, now spewing a stream of molten chuncks at densuke’s chi hand. Densuke managed to fend it off, but the arm was growing smaller and smaller, showing the true domiant power of the beast. “These gods, truly live up to their tittles…but!” Densuke would then sling forward the giant chi arm he’d just slung backwards and send it flying to the mosnter’s mouth. It would completely push back the monsters mouth blast and then “KA-BOOM!!” The giant chi fist would collide with it’s mouth, breaking it’s upper and lower jaw completely causing an ooze of magma based blow to spew as it receeded back into the opening of the volcano. “nailed it!” Densuke would then latch the hand to the opening of the volcano and proceed to slingshot himself upwards the rest of the way. He’d finally reached the opening….to Kojin’s lair.

Into Darkness..Edit

( ) Densuke would find himself atop of the opening…and look down into the very dephs of the volcanic palace () ) The place was smoggy and smoke filled…but Densuke quicky flurrished his eyes with chi, and made a makeshift filter in his lungs forming his chi into a miconet, to filterout toxins allowing him to properly breathe in this place. His barefeet felt numb…but this was a gods volcano. Any other volcano probably woulnd’t eve budge him in this realm. Densuke would step forward, and begin diving deep into the smog. He could then hear a voice speak to him. “WHO DAAAAARES, ENTER MY LAIR! THE LAIR OF KOJIN THE FIRE GOD!” Flames erupted around Densuke as he continued his descent. “It is i. Densuke Ryoji, Koikonjitto of this era, and Desciple to the god of war Hachiman! I’ve come to have a weapon forged!” “ WEAPON?! YOU’LL GAIN NO SUCH AID FROM ME! I ONLY AID MYSELF! YOU WHO’RE BUT A HUMAN SOUL WILL NEVER GAIN THE POWER YOU SEEK!” Densuke would growl. “I KNOW YOU’RE AWARE OF ONI GAMI’S RETURN! HE’S GOING TO KILL US ALL! THIS WORLD AND THE NEXT! INSTEAD OF FIGHTING AGAINST ME, AID ME! LEND ME YOUR STRENGTH SO THAT WE TOGETHER CAN PREVENT OUR UNTIMELY DESTRUCTION!” Densuke would see the ground and he would flip forward landing with a heavy “THUD” A large pillar of flame would light before Densuke, revealing the orangley lit walls, lighting from the lava of course…and the towering walls, which led to a small opening at the top. And Densuke wasn’t even at the bottom yet. A tall demonic figure would stand before him…it looked like a devil..yet it was a god..Kojin (Ifrit_Crisis_Core_Artwork.jpg ) The firey aura stayed around the deity as he looked at Densuke with smoke emitting from his mouth and nostrals. “I’m aware of what is happening….and I don’t CARE!” The volcano shook and tremered. “there are seven other volcanos I draw power from…I’ll have enough fire power thanks to the god of fire before me, Kaga-tsuchi! I do not need aid! I shall defeat him myself!” Densuke would shake his head at the god. “Even gods….are fools…to their own selfish pride.” Densuke would clench his fist and look down for a second. He’d raise his head as his chi overflowed and in anger he’d stomp the ground and take a fighting pose. “I’LL MAKE YOU HELP ME!”

The Battle Ensues..Edit

( ) “THOOOM!!” Would be the noise emited as Densuke and the god locked hands in a power struggle. The rocks and debree sourounding their very beings flew into the air at the clash. Densuke would rear his body back, and attempt to knee the god in his chin. The god wouldn’t even budge as he let the hit go through only to grab Densuke by his forearms and throw him backwards, slamming him on the hot and crisp rocky ground. Densuke would rebound, and dash at the god, with a flurry of spinning kicks, which would tie into spinning back elbows, and back hand fist. These gods are “gods” for a reason as Densuke’s hits went through clean and cut, but the god didn’t even seem to budge. “!!” Densuke was shocked, as the beast would rear his own fist back, enfused with fire and drive it straight into desnuke’s rib cage. “KUH!!” Densuke would fall to his knees, only to recive a swift fire infused uppercut to the chin, and then griped by the neck, with one hand and strangled. ( ) Densuke would struggle to break free, but Kojin’s grip was insane…the god taunted Densuke. “KOIKONJITTO EH? PFFT!” He’d spit in desnuke’s face, and the spit would scorch densuke’s skin a bit. “A TITTLE GIVEN TO MAKE HUMANS FEEL SOME TYPE OF SPECIAL! HACHIMAN IS A FOOL AMONGST ALL GODS. PROTECTOR OF THE SHINTO PEOPLE!? BULLSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!” Kojin would start to ignite his hand, around densuke’s throat, trying to incinerate his head right from his shoulders. The only thing saving Densuke was his chi control, which  made a barrier around his head, but it could only be held for so long. Kojin would then lift Densuke by the neck and slam him into the ground, createring it with his body shape. He’d then drop one knee into densuke’s stomach and begin to charge his flamed fist into Densuke’s face repeatedly. Over and over again. It wasn’t even at a fast pace, but a stead rhythm..and the flame round his fist got bigger with every draw of his punch. “SOME HUMAN WHO DREAMNT BIG CANNOT KILL ONIGAMI!” He spoke whilst hitting. “IT IS A GODLY AFAIR THAT ONLY GODS CAN HANDLE! I’M MORE THAN AWARE OF YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ENTERING THIS WORLD! FUFFILING THE PROPHOCEY OF DEFEATING ONIGAMI! IT IS ALL FALSE! YOU HAVE NO TRUE STAND POINT! JUST OUTSIDERS!” Kojin would pause and then leap up into the air, hovering with flames jetting from his feet. He’d then begin forming flaming meteors the size of SUV’s above his hands and hurling them at densuke’s already battered body. Each meteor hit with a large and crushing crash of rock against rock. He’d form these one after another taunting him. “FOR YEARS! WE KNEW OF ONIGAMI! YET WE COULD NOT STOP HIM ONLY BECAUSE EVERYONE WANTED TO RELY ON THE HUMANS! THE FRAGILE SUB SPECIES WE TOOK IT UPON OURSELVES TO MAKE! TALES OF THE HUMAN HEART, AND WILL ARE JUST FOOLISH WORDS AND ENCOURAGEMENT! IT IS POWER! POWER THAT BRINGS PEACE, POWER THAT BRINGS PURPOSE..POWER THAT BRINGS ORDEEEEEEEEER! HEED THESE WORDS, AS YOU FACE YOUR DEATH AT MY HANDS! I SHALL FINISH WHAT YOU COULDN’T HAVE STARTED IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU WRETCH!”

Into Death...Edit

( ) Densuke’s body went limp….he was now numb to it all. His body was constently being hammered away at by giant molten rocks…his chi, on instinct…was the only thing preventing him form truly corssing deaths door, though he was not far..his body crumbled under the gods fist…he was to strong. He was also…sadisticly right. At the end of the day Densuke was just human…what is a human to a god? Densuke pondered this as his body sunk further and further below the surface, with each molten rock hitting his body. He was bleeding. For one of the first few times in this realm, his body was devastated…all he could do was sink. Suddenly, desnuke could see himself…in a white space floating…”…I guess….I am just a human..after all huh…” Black shadowy hands would begin to emerge from the bottom of the white space…all coming and grabbing on different parts of densuke’s body. He was surcoming to death…slowly but surely. Densuke didn’t even fight, for his heart and spirit was crushed profoundly…the hands consuming his very being as he descended farther and farther. “That’s it…take me death….” Densuke’s body was completely submerged all except for his face. As the hands closed in, Densuke could see images…”Felicity….Keyth…..Amy….Claymore…Danny…what’re you guys doing here…” Felicty grabed densuke’s hand, and held him there for a moment and Densuke could hear something..screams. Screams of people being terried and killed. He could see visions of Onigami’s reign….the sky had been blacked…red clouds looming above..the undead romaing the land…innocent children’s heads hanging from pikes…parents striped of their every where…no sign of a life. Everything just withered and crumbled…into a personification of death itself. Densuke’s eyes grew dimmer as his friends grabed his arm and began to pull him from deaths grip. The hands began to recede…densuke’s eyes would widen. “My friends…the people of Shinto…the people of…” Densuke rememebered bones mentioning how far Onigami’s reign would spread…even into Kasihana city, his home. Densuke would then see…tetsu’s face looking stern and serious. “Become the shield that kasihana city needs.” Tetsu would then smile at Densuke with closed eyes. “If you can’t protect anything else, protect what you care about. No one has the right to take away what you cherish. Your fist can either be tools of war, or tools of justice. Or even tools of healing. To protect is to find strength Densuke..” Densuke’s eyes began to widen… “Strength..” he murmured. “…Strength….” Densuke’s eyes grew wide as he’d pull himself up using his friends hands, and start floating towards the light. “STRENGTH! NOT FOR ME! NO! FOR EVERYONE ELSE! I-I HAVE TO! I MUST! I DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME! IF I DIE TODAY SO BE IT, BUT I WILL PROTECT EVERYONE WITH MY STREEEEEEEEEEEEENGTH!” Densuke pulled himself towards the light….

Kneel Before A Human..Edit

Kojin would hover in the air, looking down on the hold he’d created. He’d huff out a puff of smoke and turn and begin to ascended into the air…( ) Densuke’s hand would emerge from the hole…he’d pull himself up. Blood spattered form his movements, as his wounds leaked a bit..but he’d pull himself up and stand looking right at Kojin. With a hateful look in his gold iris eyes. Kojin would flame himself up enraged as he’d turn to look at Densuke. “STILL NOT DEAD ARE WE?! FINE! I’LL MAKE SURE I SCORCH YOUR CORPSE THIS TIME!!” Kojin charged at Densuke with a super charged flaming fist. He’d aim right at Densuke’s head, but Densuke would catch his fist in his right hand. Kojin’s expression became puzzled. “You are a god Kojin…a GOD!” Kojin would fall to the ground, as Densuke’s grip on his hand got tighter and painful. Kojin would grunt attempting to reignite his fist. Densuke would tighten and crush his hand with his grip, forcing the god to his knees…”URGH! WHAT IS THIS! THIS POWER!...A GOD KNEELING BEFORE A HUMAN-GAH!” Densuke would speak through gritted teeth. “A god that created humans, looks down on them so easily…as if your ashamed of what you made. Yet you put yourself on pedestal as if you’re above everything we are when your no better your DAMN SELF!”  Kojin’s hand was now completely scraps and Densuke would release his hand, blowing him backwards to the wall of the volcano. Kojin thought to himself. ‘WHERE DID THIS POWER COME FROM?! KOIKONJITTO OR NOT, HIS POWER SHOULD NOT RIVAL MINE!” Kojin would charge Densuke and the real battle would begin..

The Last RoundEdit

( )  Images…after images of the battle between Kojin and Densuke would appear around the area of the volcano, as the two were now dead locked in the heat of battle. Densuke had flourished in a level of chi, that was unprecedented and allied by his determination to protect the world and it’s inhabitants. Becoming completely selfless and with a new fortified resolve, he charged into battle and his fist collied with Kojin’s demonic looking muzzle, sending him flying dowards into the lava. Densuke would adhese his chi to the rocky surface and begin running at a sonic speed  shooting Atsuryoku no ken blast at Kojin, attempting to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Kojin would shield himself in a ball of flame, only to begin shooting omni directional fireballs around the volcano, shooting right thorugh it’s walls. One could then see fireballs emtting from the outside walls of the large volcano. Densuke would then take charge and meet kojin head on with a headbutt, which sent a shockwave throughout the base of the volcano, literally cracking it, and causing a lava flow to be slightly released from it’s base. The  volcano was starting to become unstable…and quite fast to boot.  Kojin would begin to manipulate the lave, shooting wave after wave of it at densuke’s person. Densuke would use the star breakers and swat away the blast only to attempt to throw a barrage of punches at kojin with the chi arms. Kojin would shroud himself In lava and seemingly vanish, as did the platform they were standing on. Densuke would react quickly, by coating his body in a thick layer of chi doubling his defense and allowing him to walk on the molten liqud for the time beign. Kojin would appear behind Densuke and attempt to strike him with a flaming claw, but Densuke would duck. Kojin would repeat the process, attempting to hit Densuke multiple times with his wack-a-mole manovuers, but densuke’s speed proved to much. Kojin would then form a giant sized hand, above densuke’s head using the rocks and the lava in sucession, to push him under the lava….attempting to submerge him and his being.( ) Densuke would be falling downwards, before balling himself up. His eyes would shoot to a bright gold, completely covering his entire eye in general, as chi would leak from it in a Smokey fashion. Densuke would be at the very base of the volcano, making his foot hold and opening his arms expelling his chi outwards and pushing back all of the lava form his area. “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Densuke would then in a golden bee line, be above the vincinity of the volcano, charging his chi into the star breaker guantlets. He’d then form the biggest fist of chi he’d formed In this realm, looking like a second golden sun in the sky, it would appear a very heavenly hand would smash down into the pit of the volcano. Densuke’s now giant fist would hit Kojin with full force and plunge his body deep underground. This had many effects, as densuke’s after effect with the Atsuryoku no ken, would cuase the damage to not only multiply, but the lava flow back would utter cause it to blast free of the mountain, casuing it to spew, crumble, and break in a firey explosion of magama….The magma would hit the water and cool instantly, forming new land masses al their own…the towerous volcano now destroyed with only a pit of lava left in the center of the island..densuke would fall from the sky panting, as he’d land on the surface of the lava and look around..only to see the weakened body of Kojin float to the surface. His body appeared to scratchelss…but interally he was hurting..his bones had been crushed on the first impact. Once the air pressure hit however, it did him in completely and rendered his physical body useless….the demonic body would begin to crack open and reveal another ghostly looking persona ( ) “. . . .Mortal.” Densuke would squat down and take an offensive stance, thinking the fight was not over.

I Concede...Edit

( )The god Kojin would hold his hand up. “I. Concede. You…have defeated the firegod Kojin….” Kojin would walk closer to Densuke talking calmly unlike before. “I was in a state of blind rage…for years…..for  years now I’ve made it known that I regretted the death of my predecessor fire god, Kaga-Tsuchi. I guess that resentment turned me into the monster you just saw. I only made things worse…by saying those things to you I said. Trying to crush your hopes…with my fire fueled words.” Kojin would look up. “Truth be told I beilive in you. I don’t want to…because again you’re only human…..yet you managed to overcome a trial given to you that was meant to be impossible…I cannot help but bow before you, mortal Koikonjitto.” Kojin would bow gracefully to Densuke. Densuke would lax up and drop his guard. “it’s okay….i can see this negative time causes gods to go insane was well…glad to know we don’t come from perfection. In any case…I need to you forge my weapon, fire god. I have with me the core of a star, and an unbreakable bark.” Kojin would move his hands and bring forth a rocky table. He’d nod to Densuke  “Take out the material…I shall forge  your weapon. Stand back. This….will indeed be tricky.”  Densuke would use the star catchers ,and release the stars core hovering it above the table. Kojin would then manipulate the flame, and lay it out in a straight forward line, converting the entire thing. It now looked like one long glowing bar, of solar energy. “The bark..” Densuke would reach in the magamata and pull out  the elastic bark from the tree in yomi. Kojin would shape the bark to surround the long golden stream and encase it…he’d then lift it with both hands and plunge it down into the lava…..only to re-raise it, and it become a marble white metallic colored staff. “I cool my forges in pure lava…in this realm you can handle it’s touch..ah but Hachiman speaks to me…he wants to see you now.” Kojin would draw back on the staff and thrust it straight into densuke’s chest, which would teleport Densuke into that inner sanctum in his mind.

Right Of PassageEdit

( ) The one with the endless sea, and the giant moon. Densuke would stand there holding his newly forged staff. The moon light shined brightly off of it’s surface…it was a beautiful weapon. Hachiman would float down infront of Densuke with his hands behind his back. “You’ve done it. It took some time, but you have finally completed the assignments as followed…and earned your weapon. How do you feel Densuke?” Densuke would pause and look at the weapon he’d worked so hard to forge. “I feel….like I have a job to do. A definite one. I…don’t have to linger and wonder why I fight anymore. I’m fighting for the people. The rights of the people and the freedoms..hell the lives!...and I’d give my own to preserve that. It’s not a decision I’ve made of haste either. As of recent I’ve looked for something more to fight for. My lust for battle and confrontation made no sense until now…I’m a protector at heart.” Densuke would smile. “it’s what I wanna do is protect people, good or bad.” Hachiman would smile wide. “Then it is time. You are officially…..the Champion Koikonjitto of Hachiman, the God of War. Take a piece of me, with you always..and carry out the will of not your self, but the people of this world and the worlds beyond!” Hachiman would take his sword in hand, and tap Densuke on his forehead. A bright and blisteringly white light would emerge engulfing Hachiman and Densuke in it’s wake. Densuke would stand there holding the staff as he and the staff glowed an electric blue, with gold firefly like sparkles emitting off of them. “This staff is your partner, more so than your weapon. It will never bend, break, or fall unless you do. Spiritually, you and the staff share a bond, that only you can control. May it’s metal aid you…in your quest to protect the peace of this realm.” Densuke would then find himself back at Kojin’s volcano..well destroyed anyway.

Catching On Quite QuicklyEdit

With the staff in hand Densuke would bow to kojin. “Thank you Uncle Kojin.” Kojin would nod and hold out his hand. “Before you go, take this.” He’d tap Densuke’s Magamata, transforming one of them into a reddish like color. “When ever you wish to call upon the shower of molten rocks, it shall be so. But only twice a day, as it takes power to transport. The amount you transport is up to you. Now go Koikonjitto. “ Densuke would nod and walk to the edge of the island. He’d look at the staff….for some reason…he’d throw it infront of him and it would begin to hover. “Am I making it do this..?” Densuke would use his mind to push the staff to the left…then to the right…then back infront of him. “Hm….” Densuke would push his mind even further and the staff would slowly begin to extend….then retract…..”That simple eh?..Hachiman must have made this stuff second knowledge. Maybe if I tap into my brain potential a bit more…” Densuke would then cause the staff to multiply in size, creating a giant white pillar which hit the ground with a loud boom, looking like the body of a travel air plane. “EEEEEE!” Densuke would quickly fix it back to his normal state. He’d then leap up and hop on top of it, with both feet and squat down. He’d then start to push the staff slowly…then faster…then faster…until he was soaring through the sky like reading a surf board on air. “WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

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