The DepartureEdit

Naomy walked with luggage out from the building complex. A shoulder bag rested against her bck while she held two others in both her hands. Heading to the black Mercedes, she walked to the passenger side and placed a bag down before opening the door, throwing in the bags on the back seats. With a sigh she moved a hand through her hair before turning around and closing the door once more, leaning back against it and crossing her arms under her breasts. Her eyes lifted up to gaze at the clear blue sky, the city seemed to be quiet today, very unusual. As if it was saying a silent farewell. For this trip Naomy chose to ware a simple red tank top, jeans and sneakers. Something comfortable. The preparations to leave town were done, now all was left was for Nora to hurry up.
Nora was packing a few more things before heading out. Opening her cellphone she found to have quite a few missed calls from the office. But at this point, she really didn't care anymore. Another incoming call appeared on her screen and it was from an unknown sender. Debating to answer, she knew it might be someone from the office using another way to contact her. Narrowing her eyes a bit pissed off she pressed the end call button and tossed her phone to the side. Standing up, she began to undress. Taking off her tee shirt and shorts before walking towards the closet to find something else. She pushed through the hangers holding clothing before her eyes spotted a deep blue dress. It was sleeveless, with a V cut and reached down to her knees. Picking it out, she decided to ware it. Not usually wearing dresses except on special occasions, she felt like this was a good enough occasion to ware it. Slipping it on, she brushed her fingers through her hair before picking up her bag and heading towards the door. Completely ignoring her phone that was now in a corner blasting out with her  annoying ringtone.
Heading out of the building to see her sister leaning against the car, seeming to be a bit inpatient, she gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry...forgot a few things." "Could have brought the whole place with you, you know." Naomy spoke with a sight before getting off from leaning against the car. Nora in turn laughed and shook her head. That was when Naomy took another look at her and raised an eyebrow, cupping her chin in wonder. "You know...this is the first time i see you in a dress since you were little." Nora blinked a few times before looking down at herself, her hand nervously smoothing out the wrinkles in the dress. "Yeah...i thought it would be more comfortable for the ride." Naomy smiled and shrugged her shoulder, placing her hand on top of her head before walking towards the driver's side and getting in. Nora threw the last of the lugage in with the rest before noticing her sister getting in. "Oi! I thought i was driving!" Naomy chuckled and glanced back at her, her right eye closed in a wink as she turned the engine on. "Not today sweetheart." Nora nearly pouted at her sister, puffing her cheeks some before with a grunt opened the passenger's side door and got in. "Damage it and your gonna hear about it." With a chuckle Naomy pressed on the gas and they went flying down the street.

A Sister's TalkEdit

It had been a 6hour drive now and they were reaching district 4. It was a long debate on which route to take, but this was the only one out of town that was the quickest as well. And the quickest one they wanted. Nora's side window was down, her arms crossed on top of the rime and her chin rested on top of it as the wind blew against her face from the car being in motion. Her hair flying in strong wisps over her face. It singed a bit, but she didn't mind. "What should we do once we are on the other side?" Nora asked silently, which made her sister turn her gaze to her for a moment. "Keep driving till we find a town to rest in, or until we run out of gas. Whichever comes first." "Did you get any extra if we do run out?" Naomy chuckled then and shrugged her shoulders. "Well..whats the fun in that?" Nora turned her head for a moment to give her sister the death glare, which made Naomy gulp once and smile nervously. "Kiidddiingg....there is about three extra gallons in the trunk." Nora turned back to gaze out the window without another word.
It went silent once more then. The two females simply in their own thoughts. Until the border of district 4 was in sight. "Almost there." Naomy whispered. Turning around then Nora faced foreword and nodded, leaning back in her seat. "Have you ever gone there?" Naomy asked gripping the wheel a bit tighter, feeling some nervousness hit her for some unknown reason. "Once...on business. But it was only to investigate. I never went past the border for it was not stated to do so...its not a pleasant place i could say. But..not bad either." Nora replied tilting her head lightly and sighing, her eyelids closing halfway over her eyes. "What do you mean by that. How can a place be unpleasant but not bad at the same time?" Nora shrugged her shoulders then before her eyes closed fully. "Its hard to say..but when you get near that place, its as if you get a nostalgic/creepy feeling. Like you've gone there before but, have no memories of ever being there." "Do you know how weird you sound right now? do you think we were once wild animals living in district 4?" Naomy asked with a laugh, turning to look at her sister whom in turn began laughing as well. "Then you would have probably been a hippo." Naomy's eyes widened then as her cheeks turned a deep red. "Are you saying im fat?!!!" "Nora burst out laughing then as she opened her good eye to look up at Naomy's angry face. "Just saying that you have been gobbling up a lot of my food lately before i even realize i had any in the first place." "Thats not my problem! Im hungry and there if food i will eat! You barely eat any of it these days so i couldn't let it spoil!" Both woman then started an argument about who bought what and ate what at what time and place so on and so forth, laughing at recollections of events until......

Freak AccidentEdit

[ ] A shadow like figure appeared out of the blue before the car as soon as they were about to pass through the border, making Nora's eyes widen as she released a yell and reached to grab for the wheel. "NAOMY WATCH OUT!!" Shocked Naomy released a sharp gasp and pressed on the brake that sent the car screeching sideways over the dirt road and through the shadowy figure and straight through the barrier. The vehicle went out of control about to hit a building within the district. Right before the impact both girls shielded themselves with their arms ready for the crash..but,  it never came..

Was It A Nightmare?Edit

Naomy - Shivering with a heavy breath, the woman stood to her feet to find herself in a complete white place. Nothing shrouding her but white, and that sent her in to a panic. Turning from side to side, around, looking up, down...anywhere she could see, there was nothing. Her heart beat within her chest so hard she could hear it, her voice calling out to anyone that might be around but hearing only her own echo calling back to her. Spinning in almost circles, she turned around once more to release a sharp and loud yell. Her eyes landing on a young looking boy, cuts all over his body that seemed to still be bleeding furiously gazing at her with fiery red eyes. His expression blank  as if there was nothing wrong. He looked lifeless. Shaking Nora stepped closer to him, reaching a shaking hand towards the boy. "W..What happened to you?! Who did this to you?...w..why am i here?...what is this place?!" Nora's voice came out shaky and loud, louder than she intended to make it, but she was scared out of her mind. Falling on her knees, her hand still outstretched towards the young boy as if begging him to speak, her eyes wide as tears filled them, she asked the question that seemed to come to her mind over and over. "Am...I...Am i dead?" Her voice trembled. The red eyed boy, all through this time gazed at her motionlessly, the blank stare still on his face until suddenly he reached foreword with great speed and grabbed hold of her outstretched arm, a maniac grin spreading over his lips as his red eyes went wide with tears of blood flowing down his cheeks. This made Nora's own eyes widen in shock and terror as she saw the boy's body falling in to pieces, every cut on his body making a limb fall and burst in to flames. Jumping back, the only body part that remained of the boy by the time she backed away was the hand that still held on to her arm, and that also burst in to flames, making Nora's own body be engulfed in the raging flames. Releasing a scream she fell on her knees once more and held on to her head, not feeling the pain from the flames over her body, but an intense pain withing her head. Much like the raging flames over her body. Her own mind was engulfed in flames and the only part of her that experienced the pain. Screaming out in agony, Nora could only see the flames before her eyes when, once more all went white.

Naomy- Opening her eyes slowly, Naomy saw nothing but darkness. Sitting up she rubbed at her eyes to get adjusted, and found herself to be sitting on a patch of grass in the middle of a swamp. Her heart sank within her chest and her breath was cut short. Standing to her feet, she took a look at her surroundings and yelled out for Nora or anyone else. Possibly the person they hit...was still alive? But recalling that they didnt feel any impact being made with any human body, it was more bewildering. Looking above her head at the levee-less trees, she noticed that they were filled with cobwebs. Very large ones at that. It was frightening and puzzling at the same time. Wanting to take a step foreword off the patch of grass, her foot sank within the mud as if it was just water and almost swallowed her leg before she forced herself to fall back on the patch of grass with a sharp yell. Taking in a shaky breath she shivered as she stood back to her feet, where the hell was she...the thought of death seemed to constantly run through her mind, and it made her tremble and want to cry out at the thought of this being her eternal resting place. "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!" Naomy yelled out to the black skys and in return, she received a deep chuckle and a voice. "My vessel.." Startles she jumped, looking for the voice that echoed in this emptiness, but she could not find it. Something then hit her head, and reaching up to touch the top of her head, she brought her hand down to gaze at it. Sh saw red before her eyes. A deep crimson with a metallic scent. Her face went pale then and her body went cold. Blood, it was blood. Slowly she lifted her terrified gaze upwards to see the face of a woman. Her mouth dripping with blood, but the most terrorizing aspect was her body. It was not a human's body...but a enormous spider's. Frozen in place with her own blood running cold, Naomy wanted to scream, but nothing came out from her mouth. The spider like creature grinned, her teeth sharps like razors before it lunged at Naomy yelling. "My vessel!" Naomy then fell back with a loud scream, her body plunging within the murky water as the creature fallowed her in.

Narrow Escape To a New WorldEdit

[ ] Nora woke up with a breathless gasp, coughing and lifting her upper body, trying to shake off the pain within her mind and the intense heat that was withing her body. Burning her from the inside. She shook vicariously taking in gasps and breaths to calm herself down. Her vision slowly coming back to her as she was meet by a brightness, and afterwards bright green. It was grass, before her eyes. And never in her life did she feel such relief at seeing small detail like this in her life, instead of a white space. Shaking she stood on her hands and knees, before getting in a sitting position to take a look at her surroundings. She was in a large empty field. A bright blue sky above her head with a few clouds floating here and there, a breeze flowing the grass in small waves, it almost brought her to tears. She turned her eyes from left to right, and at her right she saw a figure in the distance, laying down within the grass. Wide eyed and heart racing within her chest she stood to her feet then and was about to run away, thinking it was the boy from before, but..she caught sight of black hair. It was not a bright color like the boy's. Curious but a bit scared she headed towards the figure, and as she got closer, she realized it was Naomy. In a frantic manner she rushed to her side and lifted her upper body off the grass and in her arms. Her eyes filled with tears once more as she called out to her sister. "Naomy! Naomy please wake up...Naomy! I dont want to be alone here please..i beg you!" She checked her pulse and then gently placed her on the grass once more to try and somehow bring her back by preforming all the medical techniques she learned in her training. However before she even got to it, Naomy's eyes snapped open with a sharp inhale and turned away from Nora and on her side, throwing up. Shaken Nora reached over and gently rubbed her back, a relieved look on her face as the tears escaped her eyes. Once calmed down, Naomy sat up weakly and looked up at her surroundings before she meet her sister's eyes. Puzzled. Nora lunged foreword then and embraced her tightly, forcing back a sob. "I thought i lost you again..." Her voice shook as she buried her face in her shoulder. And this took Naomy by surprise, slowly coming back to her senses as she wrapped her arms around Nora's shaking body to calm her down. The dream like events rushing through her mind still fresh, as they did no Nora's own mind. Once both women calmed down, they pulled away from eachother's embrace and turned to gaze at the field once more together. "Where...the hell are we...?" Naomy's voice broke the silence, the wind over the wavering grass offering a silent answer in return.

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