xXAyperosXx : Ayperos had begun his day just like any other here in the realm. Though it was very different than what he was used to, he was getting the hang of things. He had plenty of money left still from the Shadow wolves he, Aiden and Densuke had defeated. Though getting the reward was a pain in the as getting them all back to the village.. Densuke blowing one up didn't help, but they got them all there and got the reward. And Ayperos went on on his own way, he knew his destiny, but he knew he needed something else before he was to go on with his mission. But he didn't know what. He started to get into colder regions of this realm when he went into a village it was like any other, they prazed him and bowed to him, seeing that he was wearing the armor of Suijin. But instead of it being overwelming, he just ignored it like he did the real world. But as he was walking he stops as and elderly man stands infront of hijm with a cain and looked as though he was on his last days. "So...Your the champion of Suijin.." Ayperos looks at the man with a slight raised brow. The old man continues to talk. "If your all powerful, why do you walk? Why not fly like the rest of the gods were said to do?" Ayperos shakes his head. "Well, I wan't taught anything when I was given this power. So far everything I've done has been just out of my own imagination." The old man nods. "So you didn't imagin you could fly?" The man shakes his head and walks by him, Ayperos scratches his head and then listened as the old man walked off. "Word from the wise. If you go north, you will find that ice giants inhabit the area.. Just thought you should know.." He walks off into the crowd and Ayperos is left there a bit dumbfounded. He then looks to the north. "Fly eh? Lets see what I can do." He puts his hands to his sides and then looks down and starts to form water out of his hands.. He then starts to shoot it at the ground like a hose and then hard and he shoots up in the air. This caught him off guard and he starts to fall, but slows himself down before he hits the ground. He looks back, he when a good ways just with that blast. "I think I'll stick to the ground for now.." He bigins to walk north as the old man said. Maybe these Ice giant arn't bad... But that was an ill thought most likly, so far every stange being he has seen in this realm was evil, or tryed to kill him, these ice giants most likely were no different.

ChairmenRyoji: ( ) Densuke would trail through the skies of the shinto realm, sitting down criss cross apple sauce style, on his…staff. Yes his staff, he gained recently after his triumph over the fire god Kojin, he’d fly throught he skies, a trail of blue being left of of his staff as he traveled. He had a new look in his eye, one that looked fulfilled. One with conviction. He was no longer confused about his role, and after reciving his blessing from Hachiman, he decied that there was another thing he’d need to stop the war: Allied powers. While some of the islands, are to themselves, if they were to combat onigami it would require help of the entire realm. As such Densuke decided to travel to the island of the frost giants to seek out aid from them. He only picked them first because his curiousity had been getting the better of him as of late, and wanted to see if these guys would become a primary or a secondary ally. “Hm?...That chi signature…Ayperos!” Densuke would snap his fingers, using his Magamata teleportation to transport himself beside Ayperos’s location. He’d hover beside him still sitting on his staff, with his black tail curling behind him casually he’d greet him. “Oi, Ayperos! Fancy meeting you again out in these parts. We must be heading in the same direction it seems eh?” Densuke would casually nod and fold his arms. “You busy? I’m heading to the lair of the frost giants, to recruit an army for the upcoming battle against the emperor…alots happened as of late. I’ll fill you in as we go, but I may need you sooner than I thought.” Densuke would appear lost in thought as he remembered that day in Yomi…what happened with Onigami..and Keyth.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would now be flipping a gold coin up and catching it over and over as Densuke would come up beside him, ariding on his staff. Due to the chi that came from densuke, Ayperos knew who it was, Seeing that most everyone that came with him he had met here, all of them haveing a certain chi signature, just as he did. Though chi was all around them, it seemed like they would build up more than any that lived here. He kept his eyes straight but nodded to him as he said that they were heading to the same place. "No not at all.." He would listen to him as he told him that alot has happened and this peaked his intrests. "Well? What happened. Something bad if it involves Keyth I'm guessing.." He fliped the coin up once more and caught it. "seems something bad always happends with him around.. But tell me Densuke. What has happened to Keyth this time? Didn't get blown up again I hope." Ayperos smirks a bit remembering when he had done so himself .He continued to walk and listens to Densuke as he does so.. If Densuke would have came up to him like this when they first got in this realm the way he did, it would have caught him off gaurd, but he has seen some bad and cool things since he got here

iChairmenRyoji : Densuke would get comfortable, and lay down on his staff, placing his arms behind his head, and crossing his legs, using his tail as a steering wheel of sorts to keep his balance up as he told his story. “ah…well you guessed right. I journeyed into Yomi to receive a component I needed to forge this staff I have hear. I took Keyth with me, and Aiden came along as well, along with Felicity and Kyoko was her name I think…anyway, while down there…we confronted Onigami. I don’t know how much you know or have heard but…well Onigami is the reason we’re here. You see theres this prophecy or something floating around here that we i.e the people from another realm, are here to stop onigami and prevent him from breaching the gap of the two worlds…” Densuke would make appropriate hand motions to fit his speech while laying down. “After finding this out, it was also revealed that Keyth’s life up to this point was…well a convoluted scheme made by onigami, who also goes by the name..Of Keyken Tasanagi. An ancestor of the Tasanagi family. It started to do some sort of ritual to keyth’s body…left some strange markings on him. I had to get everyone out of there, or we would’ve died on the spot. Even with new found powers, I’m not so sure we can defeat Onigami alone…” Densuke would inhale and exhale slowly. “It also ties in to why the emperor of this realm wants the other contenents so badly. So he can also have a fair shot against onigami.. None the less, I think Keyth will be fine…he’s tough, so I don’t expect him to die out. Physically anyway. I can’t speak for his mental state…finding out your life had no menaing is a low blow to any human being ya know?” Densuke would swing his tail casually.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos keeps walking, he did know why he was here. But the last thing he had expected was for everyone to see the onigami so quickly. He keeps listening to him, they were getting close to thier destination. But he listened as densuke went on. "So the only reasion we are here is because of the Tasanagi family? Why did they do some fucked up ritual or something?" He kept walking. "And I wouldn't worry about Keyth's mental staight....Theres nothing mental about him if you ask me.." He puts his hands crossed behind his head. "If it was as bad as you say, we alone wont be able to beat this Keyken. We need many Allies, and I see how the ice giants would be a good first start.. But theres one question I have about that... How the hell and why would they help us... In my days here most of the creatures in this realm would rather kill/eat you rather than talk, much less join a side.. If you ask me, taining those shadow wolves would have been easier.. Because I bet you a gold coin that these things are going to attack us, then ask questions later, and being me? Ice is not a good thing.. I use water, and i know ice is just frozen water, but I don't know if I can control it.. Haven't had a chance to try it." He keeps walking looking over at Densuke before stoping at the cave and looking around.. Seems there were no guards.. "Well, I guess this is it... Don't seeany Ice giants though.. I would have figured they'd have one posted at the entrance of the cave.. Maybe they just dont get visiters very often?" He shrugs a bit and waits to see what Densuke does before he just strolls on in.

( )Densuke would nod at Ayperos’s words and regretfully explain. “Apparantly…back in the older days, the Tasanagi family were infamous for their practionings in alchemy. They actually started summoning demons and spirits…to not only compete with their counterparts, the Ryoji’s, but to gain an power that would span generations. As you can see…they succeeded.” Densuke would sit up on his staff, and continue looking forward. “Concerning the frost giants, I don’t think it’s a very good idea either…but well hey, it’s worth a shot. Besides, here in this world, we’re neigh invincible. I say that with hesitance however..” Densuke would then shrug. “And bruh, I’m pretty sure if you can manipulate water, Ice should be just another level on your list. It makes sense, it’s chemically the same thing. You know this heh heh.” Densuke would brush his nose with his thumb and smirk. “I don’t think they’ve had visitors in quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite someti- h-hey! Don’t just stroll in! we need to observe and ana-….ah. Forget it.” Densuke would sit back down on his staff and hover in beside ayperos. The air grew cold. Really cold. Much much colder than it was at the entrance. The walls started looking more icy and icy with each further descending step. “I think the tips of my hair are frozen…ugh.” Densuke would shiver to himself. They’d come to the opening of the icy cavern and see a literal winter wonder land ( ) Densuke would inhale and exhale. “I don’t know about you big guy, but this place? Takes my breath away every time with the scenery…Ah look! A tower in the distance! Lets push forward, and we should get there in no time.” Densuke would hop off of his staff, and shrink it to the size of a pencil, and place it in his mouth, like a toothpick, placing his hands at his sides and walking. “So, Mr.Assassian of the year…we still gonna be enemies after this ordeal, or we gonna be mutual alliances. I think the word “friends” Is a lil to strong, considering you’ve tried to ya know….kill me. BAHAHAHA!” Densuke would laugh about it. Strangely he was pretty light about the situation.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos walks and listens to him as well. He ignores him as he walks in and then is frozen by the sight he see's and then end of the cave.. it was like a whole nother world was here, an ice but beautiful land.. He stoof there in awe as Densuke spoke, all he could do was nod. He looked to the tower as soon as Densuke started to talk about it. He then looked over at him as his staff shrunk and he uses it as a toothpick. He keeps walking and then looks down as ge walks apon the snow. It seemed as though he was walking atop of it, but he looked over at Densuke and he was sinking into the snow. He Listens as he speaks of him as an Assassin and then finally speaks as he finishes. "I'm no longer an Assassin, I'm done with it.. Coming here gave me my memories back.. I'm not a bad person. I'm not the one you, Danny, Or keyth fought.. Something was inside me, something dark, Coming here has washed all of it away." He looks forword. "I can see us being Allies.. Friends later on.. But first I want to see my family.. Let them know I'm, not dead. But after, if you hang out with my little brother Lenris, you will be sure to see me, and then we will be able to "Break the Ice" He chuckles. "Pun was so intented.

Densuke would put his hands behind his head, and  nod. “Memories back? When did you even loose them? And your family….well. What ever happened to them? If you care to share that is…” Densuke would ask with concern. He’d then pause for a moment hearing ayperos joke…before bending over laughing . “HAHAHAHA! What in the FUCK! Who knew you of all people had a sense of humor!” Densuke would spout as he’d stop in dead walk. “Ah….I had a feeling this was coming. Typical wilderness with attacking monsters….I really wanted some peace today…” Densuke could sense the immediate threat coming as a throbbing in the back of his head…that’s when they appeared. ( ) “ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND here we go! Ferral beast, a granger! Can’t we ever just not fight anything? Tell ya what, do you guys wana like….give us a ride or something?” The beast would snarl and growl…menacingly….taking low coruch and looming closer. They were huge. Not as big as the one black wolf of course, but much higher standing up..There were six of the foul things to boot. “3 a piece?” Densuke would crouch low, keeping the staff in his mouth toothpick size, taking his HHS stance.

Ayperos looks over and laughs a bit as Densuke starts to laugh. "Well, You see..." he was cut off as he looks at the six beasts infront of them. "Yeah, it seems we never get a break..." He looks at them all and then his eyes start to glow bright blue and a blue mist starts to come out from the sides of his eyes. "Sounds like a plan.." He moves his hands to his sides  and starts to form water in both hand, the water turning to swords that go all the way up his forarms and comes down 32 inches long. He looks at the swords the water starting to get ice shards in them. It was almost freazing, but it seems that he was able to control ice as well. He looks at Densuke, the at the beasts infront of them and stands there in a sort of Berserker stance.

Densuke would flourish his chi and grit his teeth a bit. “COMMON!” Densuke would charge forward…….charge being an understatement. He’d disappear from view completely, only to reappear for a brief second, and kick one of the giant blizzard beast, on the side of it’s jaw, completely cracking it and sending the beast flying multiple miles accros the ground and into the snow, it’s white fur disappearing from sight. Densuke would land with a squat, only to move at the same speed he did yet again. He’d now appear in front of a another one of the feral beast. Densuke would stand there with his hands behind his back, as the beast raised his claw high in the air, and he’d lower it with the intent to slice desnuke’s flesh. Densuke would twitch his foot, and a tree root would grow from the ground, and curl itself over densuke’s position. The tree was thick in growth, and even when struck, it’s chi infused roots, only cause a minor scratch to be left on it. Densuke would then come from beneath the tree, and uppercut the second beast, on it’s chin, only this time a  violently loud and blue explosion would emit from densuke’s fist. What followed was a cloud of smoke…and a headless animal’s corpse falling backwards. “So these are the powers Hachiman spoke of…the power to crumble anything under my fist…” Densuke would see the last winter based beast charge at his being. He’d thrust his arm towards it, his fingers poised as if he was going to snap. Blue particles began to surround the beast vicinity…Densuke would snap, and the particles would combust, and explode with another loud “BOOM!”. Snow and bloody chunks would pop up high into the arm. A leg. Then the beast head would flop to the ground with a dazed look in it’s eyes. “As iv’e said before, I have a problem with killing humans…but beast are nothing but clothing and food. Though you deserve life too, I cannot let you take mine.” Densuke would look to ayperos to see if he was fairing well.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos Would look for a moment as Densuke charged forword. But then look at the three that he had and charged forword. He was very quick even with the heavy looking armor had on. He wasnt as fast as Densuke, but he was very quick, do to in his eyes everything was slow. He Keeps running looking as though he was glidding across the snow. He jumps up at the first ones face, crossing his arms infront of his face.. He looks as though he was going to slash it, but instead he curls into a ball, and the beast opens its mouth and swallows him whole. Inside the beast Ayperos starts to conjure up the water in its blood and then attatches it to himself.. Doing so he now has all control of this beast. it then turns to its two companions and charges at them, lunging at the first one and grabbing it by the neck. At this time the other one comes to help it and runs up grabbing the controled beast by the neck, but being controled by Ayperos it was only hurting it, and not him. Ayperos controled beast starts to shake its head and rip the other ones throat apart. He then starts to build up water and blood into a ball around him as he was in the beast. He smiles a bit and then like an explosion inside the beast the water and blood starts to seep from its mouth,nose,ears and even eyes. Soon after the entire beast explodes into peice and the water and bood turns to millions of spikes going everywere and scewers the other beast in holes.. The water then freezes and Ayperos would be seen standing attop the ice covered in blood He then looked down at Densuke to see that he was finished with his as well. The blood then starts to come off him and and swirl around him and steps off the side, the blood that swirls around him instantly makes steps down as he slowly walks and as soon as he has both feet on the ground the blood turns to liquid and goes onto the snow. He looks back to see his handy work. "Perfect work of art.. Don't you say Densuke?" He looked at the bloody heep of frozen gore that he had created.

Densuke would raise his hands and clap slowly applauding the…rather disturbing piece of created artwork. “Ah….well. I’ll say you  have a way with artwork….Divinchi would be proud…I think.” Densuke would take a look at it, and create his hands in a camera like motion, to memorize it appropriately. “going to have to remember that for the future! Well common the towers near, and we should go ahead and proceed accordingly. Now then as I was saying…your family. What ever happened with them?”( ) As ayperos explained (if he so wanted to) They would arrive at a rather large structured town ( ) “The scenery in this place does not end….” Foot steps could be heard from a distance and a rather large male looking creature would come into their vicinity. He was much taller than Ayperos, but not exactly a “giant” per say. ( ) “Hello good sirs. Are you new?” Densuke would nod and step forward. “I am Densuke Ryoji, Koikonjitto of this generation, and living disciple to Hacihman god of war.” The frost giant would await ayperos to introduce himself . The giant would then turn around and lead them downward. The buildins were unusually tall, mainly because well these were tall people. But compared to some of the contenets Densuke has been on, this civilazaitoin was advanced a good bit beyond measure. They had water wheels, what looked to be lighting, and even bathrooms. They rode on large frozen horses and walked the streets. “Welcome to Frosteria, on this content this is the frozen tundra we frost giants dwell, and have done so for many many years. We don’t often get visitors around these parts, but I’ll show you around. The city is one big circle and the center is the capital. There are plenty of bars, mederys, inns’ and whore houses, all with a refined touch to them. Make yourselves at home. Is there anything else I can aid you with?” Densuke would nod. “We’re actually here on business. I need to speak to the ambassador of your town here concerning Onigami’s return. I’m’ve heard by now.” The advisor would hang his head. “Indeed. News spread of his return, and the waring countries of silver and gold only aid in the trouble. We’re trying our best to remain neutral..but it’s hard when we live In a world that requires division and not unity. Come. I shall lead you to his estate.” Densuke would place his hands behind his back and follow along, taking in everything he saw.

xXAyperosXx: He would look at him and chuckle. Then walk with him to the capital. "Well As i was saying, i was to be married.. Had my own job and an honest working person. But due to my stature.. My and my wife to be were kidnaped.. She was killed do to me not haveing the money he thought I would.. Then he shot me, right in the chest and out of a three story window into the river. Well, it didn't kill me, and I was put as dead, along with my love. Our grave still standing with our names on them.. i woke and come to find out, I had no memorys of what happened, nor my family.. I was but a no body, but was trained as an assassin. The only reason I know my name was due to hacking to hospital records, But i guess my family cut themselves out due to what happened." He shakes his head a bit. "Maybe now you see why I was who I seemed to be.. What would you do, if you just woke up, not knowing your name, nor anything about your past? It drove me insane..." He walks with him now being quiet as the get to the city. He looked around.. The city was beautiful, The buildings and not just that but they were just far more advanced than the other villages he had seen. He then stops with Densuke looking up at the tall blue skined man, he waited for Densuke to say his name, then spoke. "Ayperos Akiyama. Champion of Suijin, the god of water." He fallows tem both not really listening but was at the same time. He was mor into the rest of the city as he looks around, following them and listening to them both.. The city, everything was just.. Bigger, not only thaty but was... "Just beautiful." Ayperos muttered lightly as he walked with them.

Densuke would continue to be lead by this giant blue man into a large capital like building, surprisingly the one they saw from a distance. “He is on the top floor of this estate. I’ll make preperations that your own your way. Thank you for visiting us.” Densuke would step on the platform and if ayperos followed they’d now be ascending upwards, up a long glass tube. As they went up images of the citys vast size could now be seen multiple directions and whatnot. “Ah…my condolences for you loss Ayperos…I can’t really blame you for a single thing you’ve done. Well. I can. But I’ve chosen not to. Long as you leave Felicity alone, it’s all biscuits and gravy…speaking of which. I haven’t eaten in a while…” Densuke would hold his stomach, in pain. It would emit a loud and low growl as their elevator ride continued. “By the way…I know by now you’ve met Wilson. Did he mention anything about A Ryoji? Or any forgoing plots in the future? I know it’s a long shot…but does he have any “higher ups” he’s working for or is he truly a solo man. I plan to  have his head..when I return home.” Densuke’s cheerful demeanor quickly vanished as he thought about the things and the history he had overall with Wilson.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos nods to the giant as he tells them thank you for visiting. He gets in the elevation tube with Densuke, listening to what he says and then chuckles a bit as he complains obout being hungry. He listens as he asks about Wilson. "Sadly, I worked for the guy and I know just as much as you do.. I tell you what though, If it helps I'll work alittle more with him, try to get close and figure out more about him. And I will tell you what I find out... Because I know the only way i'm going to get away from that life, is either die. Or kill him.. And I don't want to first option." He looks out of the tube at the massive city. and also listens to anything he says back to him.

Densuke would fold his arms. “Just tell him to meet me. I’ll give you a location of where…this entire thing will be settled. Til then lets try to convince the ambassador of our cause.” They’d arrive at the top and the stone doors would open revealing an office and one of the giant men in some warrior like attire standing there seemingly writing on paper…”Hello Mr. Ambassador.” The blue man would look up with a raised eyebrow. “Ah, Mr…Ryoji? And mr. Akiyama. Good evenings. I heard word about your affairs with me. What is it that you needed?” Densuke would shrink his staff into that of a toothpick and place it in his mouth. “You see, Mr.Ambassoder, I’m sure you’ve heard of Onigami’s return. I’m attempting to gather the trust of the other islands, in an attempt to build a resistence to coutner act the coming threat. I’m aware…that the silver and gold countries are at war with one another. However they too will soon join the cause, and if possible I myself will stop their war, with aid.” The ambassador would groan low. “Eeeeeh your cause is noble..but you have to understand, we cannot simply allie ourselves, with someone who doesn’t have anything to offer.” Densuke would talk prominent and stern. “I can offer that fact that you’ll have a tomorrow. How’s that for an offer?” The ambassador would stand up slamming his fist on the table. “The world does not run off of trust!” Densuke would slam his own fist back. “WHY THE HELL DOESN’T IT THEN!” A few of the blue men would drop down from the ceilings in black suits, looking like ninja’s and sourround desnuke and ayperos.  Densuke would keep his eyes on the ambassador aware that Ayperos would’ve probably taken some defensive action by now, hopefully not attacking them though…. “…if you’re really serious. Then you can do something for me Koikonjitto. My daughter…my precious daughter…was kindaped by an elite squad of the emperors….Oujins…I don’t know why he insist..but he came here before you trying to ally with us. He’s holding her hostage..until I agree to consult him…if you can go undercover and get her back? The frost giants will be at your side until the end.”

xXAyperosXx: He watches as the two try to get to an agreement. He watches as the two start to get rather violent. And as the other giants in black drop down Ayperos instantly gets into a berserker stance , water swords forming on his hands, they soon turning to ice as they form all the way. He watched the giants, he wasn't going to attack unless they did first, his eyes glow bright blue, the same blue mist comeing out of the corners. He looks back at Densuke and then the gaints as the ambassador spoke of his daughter being kiddnapped. He Keeps his ground, not moveing an inch as they speak. he then says himself. "Well... Seems we have another journy ahead of use.. I'd much rather gain an Allie here, Rather than fight.. What would you rather do Densuke?" He starts to power down, the Ice on his arms breaking into peices, and fall to the ground, forming into it. He then turns his back on the giants in black and faces Densuke and the Amdassador. He shakes his arms a bit and cracks his neck, the mist in his eyes staying there now. he really didn't want to fight these giants, they seem like they would make perfect Allies, and all they had to do is get the ambassadors daughter back. it sounded easy enough, but as usual it was going to be quite the journy as well as a test, not to mention difficult, but it was better than haveing to fight their way out of the middle of this massive city

“Well Ayperos I think we’ve got it in us to take another detour. It’s a deal. I bring your daughter, and you allie with me and my cause.” Densuke would offer his hand to be shaken and the ambassador would shake it. “They..they have a hideout on the edge of our snowy region. It’s a giant lookout tower. Heavily guarded..with cannons and gun power galore. The men there are adapt with their chi, and are said to have mystical connections with sacred beast spirits…I don’t know how much is fiction and how much is fact.” Densuke would turn and and look to the ambassadors window. “towards this way you say?” Densuke would point. “That’s the way….do your best.” The ambassador didn’t want to become to emotioinal, but even he couldn’t help but show concern. Densuke would would open the window, and levitate his staff, hoping on it in a legs corssed like fashion, and it holding him up. He’d feel a throbbing in the back of his head a bit. “I can…definitely sense a power in that direction. An abnormal one otherwise I wouldn’t be able to hone on it unless I focused…it’s divieded into fours. We’ll know more once we get there.” Densuke would look back at Ayperos. “You need a ride, or you gonna like sky jet with water or something along those lines?”

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos looks at Densuke and the ambassador and nods as he watches Densuke open the window.. He asks if he needed a ride but Ayperos didn't want to accept it, he walked up to the edge of the window and sighed. He looked down and then stepped off, as he fell water started to swirl around his torso all the way down his legs, forming a sort of water twister and he comes up beside Densuke. "No, don't need a ride. Lets go." He smirks and takes off in the direction of were the ambassador said. For just being a water twister he was moveing fast His arms to his sides as he is completly vertical looking start forword. The water that came from the twister turned to snow as it fell off of him to the ground.

( )“Heh! That’s what I’m talking about!” Densuke would nod his head and his staff would accelerate forward, his body being on top of it. He’d catch up beside ayperos and the two would follow densuke’s lead, as he could sense the tower in his stride. Upon arriving Densuke would retract his staff, and flip down to the ground, and look up at the looming tower above. ( )  Well doesn’t this look inviting” Densuke would utter. He’d ascend his way up to the steps, and start traversing the bridge. “…I know you can feel that prescence. Someone already…doesn’t want us here. A mysterious shadow would emerge from the tower opening. ( ) “Oi....whats the password from either one of you guys.” Densuke would continue to walk towards him. “Eat my ass that’s what, step aside or I’l- KUAH!” Densuke would be pierced through his shoulder with a long spike of…Ice? The mystery man would then lift Densuke up and toss him over the side of the bridge, causing him to fall, but luckily catching a ledge. The man would look at Ayperos. “I saw you’s flying here…you’re a water type ant yaz’?” The man would open his palms and being forming ice shards around his hands. Followed by small frost emitting form his finger tips. “Well? Common then! You’z ant getting in here anytime soon! Ice make: Lance!” The man would clap his hands together, and and 20 strings of ice spears, all the size of fire hydrant emissions, would all zoom towards Ayperos at a blitzworthy speed. If he blocked them, they would rebound,and attempt to attack him from behind instead, by curving their directions. If he was to use water, it would coutner act the ice and freeze on contact.

xXAyperosXx: He would slowly decend and the water would evaperate and he walks with Densuke. He nods as he said something about it not being to initing and then a simple "Yeah" as he could feel something as well. he then looked as the mysterious man would appear infront of them asking for a password. ayperos knew better that tol step forword, as the chi he felt was the man that stood infront of them. He then watched as densuke was struch through the arm ny an ice shard and flung over the side. (( )) He goes to catch him but could see he had the ledge and looked at the man who addressed him. He just smiled as his eyes start to glow bright blue, the blue mist gets dencer and as the man attacks Ayperos quickly forms a water sheild around his entire body. The spikes turning the water to ice with every hit and as the last one hits he is covered by ice. all is calm for a few moments, the man would most likly think that the fight was over, but then the ball of ice started to shake more and more violently, The ball then explodes, shards of eyes going everywere. But Ayperos is nowhere to be seen. If looking up one would see something comeing down in great speeds. It was Ayperos, he started to spin rapidly, water swirling around him like a cyclone. He was heading straight for the man. if hit it would most likly kill him. If he started throwing spikes or ice at his, the swirling water would break it. If dodged Ayperos would slam into the bridge, causeing the it to shake and leave a huge crater in the bridge were the man stood. Ayperos would stand up and look at the man, forming a sheild of water around one arm and a water sword in the other, the sword formed to his arm all the way to his elbow and then out from his fist 36 inches. He then started runing at the man where ever he landed his sheild infront of his face, the sheild being about the size of a spartan sheild, keeping most of his body covered. He would reach the man and slice at him back and forth about 3 times, then spin around and attempt to bash him with the water sheild. It being conected to him it would be the same as if he was hit by a real sheild, but the force he hit him with was that of a 16 wheeler smashing into him, this would cause a good bit of damage, maybe some broken chest bones and send him flying back on the bridge.. If done, Ayperos would stand there looking at the man with a smile on his face. Annd then at Densuke. "You alright kid?" He would look back at the man.

The ice mage would look for Ayperos for a spit second, before smirking. His sensory abilitiys were off the charts, as once he’d thought to look up he’d see his opponent coming down in a spiral of water. The ice mage would simply dive roll forward, all the while murmering an incantation. “Ice make..” The mage would hold his phrase, as he’d see his opponent make a sword and shield combination. He’d rush the ice mage and begin slicing at him. The first back and forth motion would swipe the mage accorss the nose, but his second attempt would be dodged, by weaving his body to the left. He’d then catch the spinning shield bash motion, and use the ice beneath his foot to slide his body to the left even further, completely avoiding the bash only to then utter the word. “Cataclysim!” The ice mage would slap his hand to the ground, and seeing as how this entire structure was made out of the substance, this would only be easier. At the moment he slaped the ground, enourmous ice spikes would emerge from underneath his being, attempting to shiscabob every body part of his water using opponent. If these shards made contact they would freeze the body part they’d made connection with. If not, they would also double as cover, for the ice mage to then dive on the ground and slide backwards, folding his hands together, and gaining some distance only to cast another spell. “Ice make: Tundra!” A giant old style cannon would emerge from infront of the ice mage at his now new found position away from his opponent, and beging firing a repeated blast of solid ice crystals at him. These crystals had the real impact of a cannon ball, which was enough to completely travel through both sides of a fully build pirate ship, and enough to cause massive concussive damage to the water users body. He’d then stand up again and create a barrier of ice, to sorruond his body in a dome of sorts, made of solid ice. It was so thick you couldn’t even see through it, and denser than solid lead.. Densuke would be dangiligng over the edge before pulling himself up and rebounding and landing on the ledge. Densuke would look at the battle ensue. As he was getting ready to intervine, he’d spot a body standing in the door way. It would slowly fade back into the shadow. “Tch..Ayperos I’m going ahead!!!” Densuke would rush into the building at an acceled speed, hoping ayperos would finish what he was doing in order to make it.

xXAyperosXx: He looks and everything starts to slow as the spikes start to come up he flips back to avoid them and keeps flipping. The cannon shards then start to fly at him, He then spins around as he flips and then jumps straight up in the Air. He floats there as the swirl of water goes around his torso. He moves his hands up in the air. He lets out a Rather large yell and water starts to form into a giant dragon starts to form. This thing was the size of a football feild. He then looks down at the man and smiles Pointing his hands down at the man. "I will only kill if I my life is at risk.. time to die!!" The dragon shoots down at the man, now starting to solidify and form into a black and blue dragon. It was now apparent that Ayperos didn't just form a water dragon, but formed the same one that was inside him. The Dragon starts to come down at him at full force, this would most likey crash through his ice barrior. The dragon would keep going opening its mouth as it would swallow him whole and take out the entire bridge. The dragon would fly up to ayperos and he would smile as it starts to turn into water and form into a giant ball. The ice mage in the middle. "seems like this is the end for you boy.. You didn't know who you were fucking with.." At that moment his eyes glow bright blue and all the water would just simply let him drop, ((note that all this would only happen if the dragon was able to swallow him)) He would drop but Ayperos wasn't done. "Time to break the ice." He smiles wide showing his jagged teeth and the water goes down as two walls on each side of him, and like a medieval trap start to shoot water spikes back and fourth as the man falls, this would rip him to a bloody heep before he would finally hit the ground with a loud splat his body wouldn't even be reconizable due to being riped to shreds and the fact that he just feel over 10 stories to the ground. He smiles looking down at the mangled corpse and then slowly floats down to the entrance of the castle and Runs to catch up with Densuke. ((Not trying to auto hit, all this would only be done if the dragon ate him, and as he fell would be able to do something, if he could fly somehow.))

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