The Main HallEdit

( ) Densuke would rush into the dark hallway, his feet only feeling a tinge of the coldness that was being emitted. He’d keep running until the path he was in began to illuminate itself a bit more than what It had been previously. Densuke would slow down and begin being catious. “I don’t know the area I’m I need to be careful. Less this guy try to ambush me..”  ( ) Densuke would continue down the icy corridor, and await what may have been waiting for him. If Ayperos had cought up by now Densuke would turn and greet him. “You musta made quick work of that one guy. Good job! Your element is definitely going to come in some handy. Lets continue on, I’m actually starting to get cold, heh heh heh.” Densuke would continue forward until they hit an icy like corridor, which lead to somewhat of a throne room, with two statues on each side of it’s opening. ( ) Densuke would whistle. “NIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. I can feel two other enegies in here besides our own though…makes me wonder where our next target is.” ( ) The two statues on the opposite sides of the room would look over In unison…they’re bodies began to move as ice creaked form them, as they leapt to the ground. Their chi was enourmous….staggering to feel. The two even spoke in unison. “You…shall not…pass.” The two icy beings would disappear from sight, moving in a blurr. “Th-they’re to fast for ME? In this realm?!” Densuke would almost be cold clucked by one of their spears before ducking,and the one attacking Ayperos would attempt the same maneuver. Densuke would duck, and flip backwards three times, taking his HHS stance. “Ayperos! We take these two guys out, we only have on left to deal with!!”

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would catch up to Densuke and then nod as he said he made wick work of the dude. "Yeah. Though I don't think you can tell it was a person anymore." He takes off with Densuke and then stops along side him as the got into a big room with two statues. He looks around. "Can you feel that? The power is..." He looks as the two statues look at them at the same time and kind of jolts back. They both say that they shall not pass and then disappear. Ayperos was stuned at the quickness, his eyes cant even pick up on them, but he can feel were they were and quickly flips just as Densuke did and looks over at him and nods as he starts to congure water to his hands and the forming a very large water spear that he holds with both hands and then with great speed takes off, using water on his feet like jets to make him faster and takes off at the one that attacked him at very high speeds and then jumps up spinning around sideways, the spear long enough to stick out on both sides. As he spinns the only sound heard was the whistle of the spear as he was going very fast. He comes down hard on the one that attacked him with his spear. The force would be hard enough to go through the icey ground. If blocked he would start fly around and fipping and hitting at the large ice being. If dodged he would do about the same, ready for anything that this thing ad to through at him.

Uncanny TeamworkEdit

( ) Densuke would be engaged in a game of “Keep Up” with his icy assailant. Struggling to outspeed him, and even land a hit. Densuke would perservere, dodging strike, after stab, after slash, reciving minor cuts on his left cheek and his right side of his mid section. The suit would grunt as it formed 4 ice pentegons around his back side, and shot them forth, at a spinning speeds, but the main trick was that they were razor sharp. “!!” Densuke would rush forward and enfuse his hand with chi, chopping one of the disc in half, then he’d turn around and chop another one in half along with it. For some reason though…he could feel his body getting slower. “Tch..this must be..some sort of after effect of the ice!” Densuke would grunt as he narrowly dodged the third and fourth icy disc. His body was chilled and frozen in place. “I see….” Densuke thought. “If you make contact with the disc, your body slowly freezes over depending on how many you touch…interesting.” Densuke would remain there as the iced knight stood in triumph. Densuke’s face could barely move with the icey crackling as he’d mumble. “Wellesh you bish hunk of metal…! Common!!” ( ) Densuke’s body would begin glowing a bright gold as his chi began to super heat his body. “NYAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” Densuke would thrust his arms upward freeing himself of the ice that encased him and then squat down in an Olympian running pose. He’d then disappear from sight leaving behind a sunken crater where his feet used to be. In the next few seconds, Densuke would thrust his elbow at the knight head peace, knocking it square backwards. He’d then turn his entire body into one fast moving motioned blurr, throwing a series of elbows, he’d grab his opponents head and slam them into, a series of closely thrown knees, a series of spinning back hand fist, and the final topper would be an uppercut into the air, sending the knight sky high. Densuke would then dash forward and kick off of the walls of the place only to  ping pong the suit of armor in circle, covering his area and being careful not to hit Ayperos. Each hit’s velocity would increase as he’d make sure to kick off of each surface much harder than he’d kicked off of the previous one. After doing this 15 times in less than 10 seconds, Densuke would come flying downward with a spiraling karate style flying kick, to the suits gut, shattering the armor into pieces, and sending multiples of those pieces flying into the surrounding areas, each landing with a violent crack noise. Densuke would flip down wards tucked in a front flip and land on one knee. He’d look towards the throne and yell out. “Give back the ambassadors daughter! I’m not leaving this dump without her!!” If Ayperos had finished his opponent by now…the room would then turn a pitch black….then an icy apparition would appear ( ) She’d appear with quite the…outfit on. If one could call it that. She’s speak in an audible wishper. “So…you seek the daughter of the ambassador frost giants…I am she.” Densuke would raise an eyebrow and tilt his head. “You are? Well then bring your ass home! I need this countries alliance or it will all be turned to dust! Don’t you understand that?” ( )The woman whispered. “I do…you and your water based allie…are indeed gifted..and I respect the gods you whorship. However, I cannot allow you either of you to live. I’ve left for my own reasons. And My own reasons alone. Do not worry…I shall kill the lot of you quickly.” Suddenly it would seem that blue spots appeared every where in every direction..and they began to fire feverish amounts of ice blast. Densuke would dodge a few and then end up back to back with ayperos, had he dodged in a similar mannor. “Defend! But don’t directly touch them!” Densuke would draw his staff, and begin swining it feverishly, delfecting ice blast, left, right, above, and every which direction he could possibly muster to do. He’d end up

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jumping and flipng to cover any weak spot in his and ayperos’s formation, and if Ayperos could move in sync they’d have an impenetrable barrier of fast moving deflections until one of them acted on an offensive opportuinity.

xXAyperosXx: As Ayperos fipped down the sprear would smash straight down on the ice guards head. makeing the ice crack all the way down to its feet. Ayperos hits the ground on one knee and turns around to face Densuke The guard would slowly raise its hand up, crackleing and Ayperos eyes start to glow brightly and a spoke manifests from his back and goes straight through the ice guard makeing it shatter to peices. He looks around as Densuke yelled and then the ice woman showed up, her out fit.. Sexy in a way. his eyes turned to anger as she said that they must die and he got ready as ice spikes started flying at this time Densuke was back to back with him, and he starts to twirl the spear around just as he did with the staff. Ayperos would most likely surprise Densuke as he kept up with his movements. the ice blasts shooting in every direction as they move. "What now?" May be strong but we cant keep this up forever.." He keeps it up and then says once more. "Should we attack her?? We are suppost to bring her back alive..." He keeps it up, twirling his spear around as fast as possible. He moves with Densuke in Sync He knew what he could do, but didn't know if he should, so he waited to see what Densuke would do before he acted, they are supost to bring her back, but obviously she didn't want to, and if they killed her, what would this nation do?

Conclusion...7 More To GoEdit

“Quick! Double lariat lance!...god that sounded gay.” Densuke would twirl his staff a final time, temporarily stoping the ice but only for a few seconds. This would give Ayperos enough time to read his signal, and on this signal Densuke would spin his staff and then thrust it forward, extending it, at a mach like speed towards the girls stomach. If Ayperos acted on instinct, he’d also thrust his water based staff towards her stomach, completely dispelling the area she’d created and reverting things back to normal. She’d kneel down, huffing and puffing holding her stomach. “I-..I was beaten!...if figures…the legend of these other wordly people is true…I was never a match for either of you. I will go with my father. But not like this…” She’d stand up and spread her arms. Densuke would flinch and take a fighting pose thinking she was prepping for another attack…but she wasn’t. Her icy flesh striped into two halves, revealing a sweet looking young woman with blue hair ( ) “here. I don’t want to waste this power I’ve gained here…so ill lend it to you two. Someday I’ll come back for it..but for now I don’t need it.” One half would flow into densuke’s being, and the other into Ayperos being if allowed. Both would gain an ability dealing with the affinity of ice from this encounter…the girl would stand up and dust her self off. “Well..uh. Thanks I guess..dibs.” Densuke would walk over and hoist the girl up over his shoulder and begin carrying her. She’d start kicking and screaming of course. “THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT! IM CAPAALBE OF WALKING ON MY OWN!” Densuke would reply. “yada, yada, yada. Ayperos, lets jet man. We can figure out our power later, but for now lets get this girl back. The first step in the quest for peace has been made. Pluse we can grab some grub.” Densuke would look ahead, as they reached the outside again. He’d look at the beautiful atmosphere and sigh. “One island down…7 more to go.”

Sly AssEdit

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would look at him and then knod, getting what he was talking about and then spin his spearSteping stil in sync with Densuke and flip it forward and as he does he stop it quickly and instantly it extends directly beside his and slam into the womans stomach with Densukes. As she fell to the ground he would watch her as his spear then started to revert and then disappear. He looked at her as she then changed and look like a rather sexy looking woman. He goes to say something but then felt as the power was absorbed inside him and yet again be for he could say anything he heard dibs.. He just looked at Densuke blankly as he picked her up and walk past him he would up behind him with a water bat in his hand and goes to swing and then Densuke spoke once more and he put his hand behind his back and made the bat disappear and then nod as he walked with him with a fake smile and then steped off the broken bride flying back to the capital, eith fallowing or leading densuke and the woman.

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