The GatheringEdit ) Densuke would be flying through the sky, sitting down in an Indian style pose. His arms crossed, and him looking forward. He’d hear hachiman’s voice speak to him from the dove. “So you’ve allied yourself with one island is that it?” Densuke would nod. “I did. I took the girl to a near by village. To recover..thanks for healing me Uncle Hachi.” The blue Magamata on Densuke’s necklace would glow and a blue fairy with wings would emerge and flutter around densuke’s head. “Oi! Densuke! Just a tip a to let you know where your going…you don’t have any idea do you?” Densuke would make a “:I” face. “Nah uncle I’m just flying around wiggling my dick in circles, NO I DON’T KNOW WHERE IM GOING.” The fairy would flutter around densuke’s head. “*sigh* so vulgar you foreign people are. Anyway, your heading to  Tsu-shima. It was once…an illustrious capital, once with one of the richest architectures in the land. Saddly…the war tore the place in two. People feuded and turned to violence  to solve their problems. Now it’s a wasteland…of sand. As you can see here.” Densuke would look out over the sandlands…that’s exactly what it was. Sand everywhere…with hints of buildings. Torn structures….and little to any life. There was a dry wind. Densuke would flip off of his staff and land in the sand with a squat. He’d withdraw his staff place it in his mouth as small as a toothpick. “I’m gonna go from foot here….maybe someone will see me and I can get some answers….if this place even has a leader here….” Densuke would continue his walk, his feet hitting the hot sand with each step. After walking for a while, he can vauagely…see a small structures of buildings…3 of them. Fairly tall. Densuke would head in that direction, holding his arm up and blocking some of the sand from entering his eyes.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos flies through the Desert. He looks around.. He can feel Densuke's chi. He keeps flying above and then as he goes down and lands on the ground, it was indeed hot, but his armor kept him cool. He walks across the sand and looks around. he looks back, Densuke would be behind him a few ways back. He looks back forward at the three towers and then felt a sharp pain on the back of his shoulder and pulled it out. It was an arrow He looks around and bandits tood all around him on the dunes. He looks at them all. "Give us everything you got, Freak." His eyes start to glow bright blue as he smiles a bit. "Come get it..." there was about 20 of them and as he said so they started to come at him. He then holds up the arrow as if he was holding a bow and they all stoped and looked at him like he was crazy, a few of them started to laugh. He pulls his arm back as if pulling back the string of a bow. "Look at him.. Guess the heat got to this one." Ayperos smiles and lets the arrrow go and it just falls to the ground, but then as they laugh they start to be hit by Ice arrows every single one of them are hit several times by them, as if a rain of arrows was sent down. All of them parish and Ayperos stands in the middle Ice arrows and body's around him. He looks around. Densuke should be passing by now and he would raise his hand in a wave. "Hey! Whats up kid?' He would only do so if Densuke would walk up like he though. seeing he was right infront of were he was getting his chi signature he would prolly run into him and the mass of body’s and ice arrows.

LightFang: -*FLASHBACK* Following the events of Aiden's trip to Yomi along with Densuke, Keyth, and Felicity. Aiden retrieved the legendary Seiryoku Stone. He returned to the sorceress at her shop and handed over the stone asking her what was so special about it and why he need to retrieve it. The sorceress scoffed about how she was shocked he managed to actually get it and then told him that the stone posesses a magical entity. It acts as a medium for Chi-moleculer flow. In simple terms a chi wavelength passed through this stone it is increased in power by the stone and then is able to be released from it with great velocity. The next step was for the sorceress to create an object around the stone to concentrate the area that it would be released from. The sorceress noted the stone Aiden found was large enough to make two out of and so she, with a wave of her hand and a bit of magical casting, formed it into two revolver style pistols.The stone would not be noticed fromt he out side but all Aiden had to do was pass his chi through the handle of the gun and pull the trigger. This trigger activated the stone and released the power in the form of a strong bullet wave. The sorceress gave these two guns to Aiden and told him these are now his own specialised chi weapon and asked him for a name to add to the weapons of legend. He siple holster the guns within the over jacket part of his kimono and said, "GodKillers" *END FLASHBACK* Since that day Aiden made it a point to train with these guns as much as he could between trying to find out what susano wanted with him and what war everyone is talking about. He couldn't quite figure it out but he knew better than to disobey a Kami of great stature such as Susano'o. This is why when Susano'o came to him today and told him to go to the Guerdo Valley he figured he might as well, but the task he was given. How am i supposed to restore a scorn land to be revitalised and support life again? Susano'o would only tell Aiden to rely on his power and let it fall from the heavens. "Some vague philosophy non-sense" Aiden scoffed as the wind rustled his hair while his body ripped through the sky pushing himself on toward this Guerdo Valley. "It's nothing but sand, how can he be serious, there is no way this place used to be a nice rainforest. This land hasn't seen a shade of green in years." Aiden suddenly felt a surge of chi rise. "Is that, Ayperos?" He turned off and headed that way almost instinctively. 'Wonder what he's doing out here.' He thought as he neared the source of this Chi pulse. He levitated above the seen as he saw Ayperos under attack by a few bandits. "Look one up in the sky there!" One of the bandits yelled out as some of the arrows started to fly toward Aiden as well. "Psh looks like amature hour.." He saide snidely as he raised his hand and released a chi barrier arround himself just as the wave of arrows would make contact. "Repel!" He said as the barrier disperced and shot the bandits arrows straight back at them with 10 times the orriginal force. If this didn't kill them it seemed the rain of ice arrows Ayperos made would do the trick. Aiden would then lower the disperced chi to slowly lower himself to the ground next to Densuke and Ayperos. "Damn, we sure seem to run into each other alot. Why are yall out here? in this, wasteland." Aiden said as he looked at one of the close by Ice arrows that Ayperos had manifested.-

An Offer Of AidEdit

Densuke would continue walking until his head felt a bit numb. He could sense two different chi’s approaching, both familiar as hell. Densuke would raise his eyebrow and see that same familiar black and blue armor. Densuke would speak softly. “Ayperos. What’re you- ?!” Densuke would see him get shot by an arrow, and then bandits would begin to surround him. Densuke would begin to hurry his walk thinking he may need to assist. Then. He would see all of the bandits drop dead by then..Densuke would walk up to Ayperos, and wave back smiling. “Gee wiz, you never really need much help for anything do you BAHAHAHA!” Densuke would attempt to fist bump him. Then he’d sense the other chi coming in rather fast. He’d turn to look and see Aiden of all people. “Yeah we do seem to do that often eh? Heh heh heh. It actually works out, I could always use more help looking for things.” Densuke would walk ahead and kick one of the ice arrows. “Looks like you put that chicks power to good use eh? I’m glad she’s back home..anyway. I need you guy’s assistance again. I’m looking for the leader slash ambassador of this dirt pile, but sadly…well I just got here and everything looks dead. No pun on the situation intended.” Densuke would turn around. “theres some structure, but well..who knows if anyone is even here.” Densuke would inhale and huff. “Guy’s mind giving me a hand? By the way Aiden, I’ll have to ask you as well, but I’m recruiting an army to face off against..well that.” Densuke would point to the sky and right opposite of the sun shining would be a big black moon, with an eye dead center of it looking down at them. It’s power so great, even in the day, it’s presence is easily visable. “That is the power that has been brought on by Onigami..he’s who I’m  trying to stop and I need to see if I can get all of who came here and the alliance of the islands to boot. Think you’d be interested?” Densuke would look at Aiden and cross his arms, looking patiently and awaiting an answer.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would look at Densuke and fistpump him. He then looked at Aiden and nods. "Well we are already here, why not help you out once again." He nods he was down for it, never hurts being around a good allies. He looks around and holds his arms up and the arrows come back to his hands in a massive shards of ice and then starts to form over his arms and seep into his suit of armor he looks at the towers. "Well, I guess our best bet is to head that way." He looks at the both of them to see what they say and cracks his neck a bit.

LightFang: -Aiden would listen to Densuke go on about why he was here to answer his question. Aiden added, "Yea it does seem a bit dead here. I was given the task of brining life back to this place... I got no clue how Imma do it though." Aide softly scratched his head and looked off. as he listened to densuke's offer. "An army? Im not one for big groups ya know. Honestly I dont know if i can help you, I have to consult Susano'o about it and get his views on the situation. Maybe if you convince him then he will let me use his power to help out, but right now i dont even know what power he is even talking about, much less how to use it. Nothing in shinto mythology says anything of Susano'o having powers of restoration or healing." Aiden crossed his arms as well looking a bit puzzled."You got any clue on how i am supposed to turn a desert valley into a thriving rainforest?" He asked them both.-

Densuke would nod to Ayperos and then tilt his head at Aiden. “Baaah…you know every time I’ve “talked” to a god recently, they’ve wanted to beat me senseless….ugh…Kojin.” Densuke would facepalm himself thinking about his battle with Kojin the fire god..”None the less I respect your decision. I will talk to him if need be…but I will ask you to make haste. Less you want to never see Kasihana again and be killed by that moon thing…none the less, for now help me find the ambassador. If susano’o won’t let you aid me, then he must not care to much. And I’ve no time” Densuke would try to sound as sincere as possible but he knew the real story. He knew he had no time to wait for decisions. “Lets go. The center building. I can sense some lifeforms with a slight tinge of danger..” Densuke would begin walking twords the center building. With the bandits dead it’s quite hard to imagine whos even here anymore. Densuke would open the door slowly, only to catch a knife, that was thrown at him, not half a second later, and in that same half a second he would throw it back at his secret assailant…who happened to be a little girl? ( ) The knife would land beside her little head, missing her only by an inch. Densuke would wince at his quite deadly reaction. He did it without a second thought. “WOOOOOO LIL GURL!....don’t be doing that. That’s how you get caped…ahem” Densuke cought his foul grammer and cleared his throat. “None the less…I’m sorry.” Densuke would look at the guys. Then back to her. “. . .We’re not bandits.” The little girl would hug the wall with her back, with a mean look, looking ready to defend herself. Desuke would speak yet again. “Is your family gone? We’re those men after you?” She would nod, and keep that same look. “It’s okay lil girl…erm. This guy took care of them” Densuke would pat aypero’s shoulder. He’d whisper to Ayperos. “think you could whip this girl up a snow cone or something? A sign of trust? Common man I know you can!” Densuke would look over at Aiden. “you got some candy or something? Or some dirt? I don’t know what do kids eat?!”

Joining The FrayEdit

Impresssed: Felicity laid in the grass outside the village, it was a very beautiful day as always but Felicity wasn’t the kinda of girl who could just stay in one place, it’s only been a couple of days and she had the urge to do something, but what? She sat up slowly as she saw a soft glimmer of light appear in the distance, she looked around to see if anyone would see what she saw, then she slowly and carefully stood up grasping tightly onto Ame in a defensive like stance appearing as if she was to protect the whole village alone. Ame started to giggle softly. “W-What? Do you know who that is?” Felicity mumbled squinting her eyes at it. The glimmer disappeared she then stood a bit dumbfounded loosing her defensive stance she shrugged and turned around to be face to face with her goddess, Ikanami. She gasped as if she was about to yell but quickly Ikanami covered her mouth with her cold pale hands and smiled down at her. “Sweet child, it’s just me.” Ikanami said reassuringly pulled her hand away from Felicity’s lips. “Y-you didn’t have to sneak up on me like that..” Felicity pouted a bit. “Oh? But seeing you jump over little things is funny, yes?” She asked looking down at Ame. Ame giggled again and spoke up. “Yes ma’m!” Felicity shook her head. “What is your reason for being here?” Ikanami looked Felicity dead in the eyes and her face became serious. “Your friend needs help.” She said pointing to the Jewel around her neck, it was magmata jewel, it's a jade green stone that Densuke had given her for him to teleport to her and for her to help find him anywhere at anytime. Felicity held her necklace and looked up at Ikanami. “Alright! I’m totally up for that!” Felicity smiled big and held out the jewel a bit to glance at it. “Now how do I find hi—“ She asked as she looked up to see Ikanami was gone. “WHY DOES SHE ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME?” Felicity stopped her foot into the ground pouting and looking around the area for her. “Maybe this Jewel can help..” Just then she knew exactly where he was. She smiled and nodded as if the Jewel was speaking to her, she started to walk off as the village started to grow smaller and smaller in the background as she mad her way to Densuke.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would be standing right beside Densuke as he would catch the knife he went to say wait but he was to late and Densuke threw it back, luckly the knife went right beside the little girls head and he sighed a bit. He looks at Densuke as he past him then whispers about a snow cone and he bops him upside the head. He reaches to his side that had a little pouch and pulls out an almost fresh half loaf of bread and holds it out to the little girl. "Here. This should tide you over little one." He would let her take it or do what she will and then look around. "Is there anyone else here?' he'd look back at the little girl. And then put the pouch back on his side. He was a bit lost at the moment, why was this little girl here alone, if she was how would she have survived for so long, besides throwing knives at peoples heads which was surprising how good she was at doing so, she must have practiced a bit, unless it was good look. "Nice throw by the way. I would have done the same thing if this guy walked into my house."

LightFang: -Aiden would follow along behind Densuke and Ayperos as he shrugged. "Eh guess it can hurt to see what up. Maybe it will give me a clue of what im supposed to do. He sensed her before the knife came. Densuke must have too as he caught the knife and tossed it back. He looked over to see a girl standing there with the knife stuck in the wall next to her. Densuke and Ayperos started to try and console the girl as Aiden was asked about candy or dirt. "I dont have and candy and idiot this whole place is dirt take some from the ground..." He took in the surroundings and looked over everything. someone had to watch their backs incase another wave of bandits show up. Aiden sighed and took out one of his guns starting to twirl it in his hand as he was becoming bored.-

Little WomanEdit

“..” The little girl would take the bread and begin noming on it slowly analyzing who all she was looking at. She’d  finish it and then speak. Her voice was surprisingly mature. As hell. “Thank you mister. I hadn’t eaten in a week..”  She’d rub her stomach and sigh to herself. “Now anser your qestions. I must explain my situation.” She’d place her hands behind her back and speak. “I’m not actually a child. What you see is a form I took on to protect myself from the bandits. You see I am Queen of these lands…well what they once were.” She’d pause. “once the violence broke out, and people started to turn. My royalty became nothing. Men only lusted after me.. I’d been trained to defend myself, but their numbers grew. And with the loss of crops and most of our water gaurds couldn’t hold out as long as I’d wanted them to. So. I took the form of a child to disguise myself. Cutting off my chi, but I kept my peak physical ability…I can only do so much however.” She’d sigh and look down balling her tiny fist. Densuke would let his head fall into his right hand. “this place gets odder and odder.” “You. Black and silver haired boy.” She’d speak and then “WHAP!!” Densuke would have his head leaning to the right, as the little girl would have leapt and hit him with a flying spinning Chinese style kick. “Children do NOT eat dirt! What kind of dofus are you?” She’d place her hands on her hips and look at Densuke. Then to Ayperos. “You are most kind thank you. I’d like to enlist the help of you and your red haired friend. I promise I can pay a healthy price to you and your red haired companion.” Densuke would turn around. “What about me? I’m the one who has a misson here!” The little girl would raise her hand to Densuke not even looking in his direction. “So what do you boys say? Want to make some money and help a ruler reclaim her country? All we have to do, is find the Bandit strong hold that houses the black flag legion. They’ve taken over my underground  laberynth, the source of all my war based operations. If we can get in there, eliminate them, and find the man who took it from me, I can not only pay you…but maybe pray to the gods and get this land back to it’s formor glory. It’s worth a shot..what do you two say?” She would look at them, and wait for a reply. If they agree’d she’d nod and cross her arms. “Good. My name is Sophia Heartfillia. Follow me. There is one stop we have to make before our true departure. It’s just a little further south of here.” She’d guide the men away from the towers and begin walking her way across the giant sandy abysss. Densuke would rub the side of his face, walking behind the group. “. . Bitch hits like a grown ass woman alright.”abysss. Densuke would rub the side of his face, walking behind the group. “. . Bitch hits like a grown ass woman alright.”

Impresssed: Felicity’s walk wasn’t too long, she was having girl talk with Ame the whole way, it was a great way for them to bond… somewhat. “So how does it feel to give birth Felicity?” Ame questioned. Felicity’s eyes widened as she stared straight ahead. “A-ahem.. I wouldn’t know Ame..” Felicity coughed slightly uncomfortable. “Why not? Are you not into men?” Ame wondered. Felicity almost choked from laughter. “O-Oh my god.. Ame.. please.” Just then the Jewel started to glow a bit, signaling they were very close. Felicity spotted Densuke and grinned devilishly. “I’m gonna try to scare him.” Felicity smiled as she crept up slowly towards him, sneaking her way making sure no one would be able to notice her. She slowly made her way up quietly to Densuke and jumped onto his back. “GAH!” Felicity yelled as she hopped onto his back attempting to tackle him down to the ground. She then looked up and noticed a little girl, she crawled off his back and walked up to her smiling softly, she crouched down and looked over at the small girl. “Aw! You’re adorable!” She’d squeal reaching into her pocket for the lollipop a young girl from the village had given her. “Here! It’s delicious, I had one before.” Felicity stood up and looked at Densuke. “… Why is your face red?” Looks like you’ve been hit.” Felicity giggled. “What happened?” She asked looking at everyone around her.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would look at her and simply be silent.. What the actual fuck?? He thought in his mind and then watched as she kicked Densuke in the face and about lost it.. He he bit his lip trying not to burst into laughter. The laugh faded as she turned to him, he simply nodded at her. He listened to her as she talked about regaining her kingdom. "I will help of course. " He looks at densuke with a slight snicker. "Guess we got another mission to go on." He would follow the girl and Chuckle at Densuke as he was talking about the kick and looks slightly as Felicity jumps on his back. He shakes his head as she trys to give the girl a lollipop and waits for it. Either she was gonna flip out or accept it. He waited to see which one she did. Ayperos thought of the mission ahead, what would they face. He looked at his arm and see's blood drip down his hand. The arrow must have gotten him pretty good. He sighs and under the armor water starts to form over the wound the water would keep him from bleeding out anymore and the blood on his hand would start to go back into the wound. "There we go." He pops his shoulder and then looks at the rest of them to see what’s going on.

LightFang: -Aiden chuckled as densuke was kicked for his idiocy then listened as the woman spoke. A child, queen of a once great land. Well now he'd seen everything. He reviewed over her talking of her kingdom and how she asked for help. Hey it beats standing around watching grass not grow. "Welp it's something i guess. And hey i want to see this place flow green again, if you think praying will help, then go for it." He turned to the others as it seemed Felicity had joined the party. "I guess we do, Ayperos. Hopefully with a lot less canines this time." Aiden looked back to the girl and asked, "So where exactly do we need to go to take care of this fool?"-

Time To TravelEdit

Densuke would be walking and then be glomped off of his feet. “BWAH!” would be the sound he made as he fell to the ground face first. Densuke would lay there, his face snug in the sand. This day so far was not going his way by a long shot. Sophia would look up at Felicity and place her hands on her hips. She’d take the loilipop and stuff it in her mouth, crunching on it, and keeping the stem in her mouth like a toothpick. “Like I told them, I am not a child. I am a grown woman in a childs body so to speak. None the less, I am quite adorable.” She’d fluant and beat her chest quite a bit. “You seem like a nice girl..” Sophia would run behind Densuke and hop on his head.”Wake up peasant. It’s time to  go onward. Our destination is at hand!” Densuke would lift himself up using his hands and shake the sand out of his hair. “. . .hello felicity. And ugh your stupid little bi- DOH!” Sophia would clonk Densuke on his head. “WALK! And to answer your question deary, we must traverse our path a little longer before we come to a large tower. This tower is actually the attic of a castle, that is buried beneath the sand dune covering it. Once there we’ll descend…I will warn. The layberynth is not only where we keep our weaponry…but out “pets”. As well.” Densuke would continue walking ahead as he held the woman who knew everything at this point. Sophia would perk up. “Ah we’re coming up on it.” There would be a shinto shrine..remnants of one anyway. It would be standing in the middle of the desert ominously. Sophia would hop off of Densuke and go to it, kneeling and beginning to pray silently. Densuke would outburst. “this is what you brought us for? To pray? *sigh* I’ve got a world to save and your case you didn’t know that’s not exactly helping…” Densuke would place his arms behind his head and pace back and forth, waiting for her to finish. Grumbling and his head hurting from all the impacts he’s taken today

Discordia: The harsh sun glared down as Kyoko shifted in her sleep. The movement was just the faintest of movements, but Raiden hopped to his feet and was at her side instantly. She had been in the comatose state for far too long in his opinion. He was not sure what had exactly transpired that caused her to go unconscious while they were traveling through Yomi. His charge had been fine and then all the sudden she was as still as a statue. Still he stayed by her side. It was effortless for him to sling her onto his back and travel through the land of Yomi with her unconscious form, but still it took days to find a way out. It was just their luck that the exit he had found had dropped them right smack dab in the middle of a desert. It seemed that Raiden had his work cut out for him. Tsukuyomi must have one hell of a sense of humor. Still, the tiger did the best he could to protect her. After days of wandering, he had finally sensed chi that was familiar to him. It seemed he and Kyoko were not the only ones wandering the sands. His paws began to trek towards the others. The girl on his back twitched again and if he could have smiled he would have. These were the first movements she had made since she had entered into the trance like state and he hoped it had meant she was coming to. Kyoko had felt the movement of his steps but her mind was so clouded it didn’t register and all she could comprehend was the vicious heat that bore down on her. She had the faintest feeling that she had been dreaming, yet it wasn’t an ordinary dream. Still, try as she might, she could not remember what the dream was about though she was sure it had been something important, something she was supposed to remember. Kyoko’s eyelids rolled back just enough to let the sun in before she shut them tight sealing off the blinding light that was almost painful to her eyes which had been closed for so long. She reached for a cover only to find fur and the lean muscles of Raiden moving smoothly beneath her. With this her eyes opened again and she forced herself to look around. The confusion of the endless miles of sand around her was not concealed and she sat up. Her muscles were stiff and her joints made soft cracking noises as she moved. Raiden paused in his step and glanced over his shoulder at her and looked her up and down, making sure that she was ok. “Boy, what have we gotten into and how did we get into it?” She asked as she ran her hand softly over his head, stroking between his ears. He gave a soft growl as if to say “I have no idea” and looked forward again. The chi he sensed wasn’t that far away now, just over the dune. As he reached the top, he and Kyoko both looked down to see the small group. Raiden gave a loud roar in excitement of reuniting with the group and made his way down the dune in a matter of seconds, Kyoko having to grip tightly to his neck in order not to fall.

Balls Of DoomEdit

DeliriousAres: (( ground would start to shake to the intense shifting in plates in the ground. Kiken with his arms crossed watched as the Chidren made there way across with the young girl. Keyth stood next to him, with his head down. His long black hair hanging over those bright demonic tasanagi eyes. " Look grandson. Your friends are all here, looking to gain the needs and means to destory you. They dont care for you. They just want you dead." Keyth's eyes were closed as he stood there motionless, the long black robe flowing off his body in the deseret air. " Dont you see, death is the only way. That the Tasanagi's will gain the respect that the oh so deserve. And with you my grandson. We shall do just that..." Kiken said as he let his hands raise. " But first... let us be rid of the pest." He said with a flick of his wrist. As he did, the Dark Moon would show face as it surfaced high in the sky even though it was mid day. The large one eye showed in the center of the moon as it bore down at the deseret. " Dark Moon, shine your darkness, and bring forth my hate into new form." Kiken said as he pointed at the deseret sand. " Let my hate fuel these hot sands with something of its equal..."The Dark moon's eye fired a rod of hellish red lightning into the ground infront of them. And once he was done speaking, the ground would tremble at an even harder rate. The Sand slowly rising into a dome. A large monstorous creature began to surface amongst them all. His size was uncanny, so big that it would block out the sun to the heroes. (( )) It roared and fire errupted from its dead sandy lips as its eyes boared down at them all. " Destroy them..." Kiken said as he turned his back on the scene, Keyth followed his head low and his eyes closed. Kikens body dispersed but Keyth stayed. Looking back at his friends he tilted his head up. "...." He closed his eyes again and then he dispersed as well. The monster fired its blast down at the group, and then swung its hands out at them, causing a massive shock wave so massive that it would knock them all back by a great distance of 25 feet. If they all attempted to attack the beast it would be futile, he'd tank all of there attacks, seeming to be an unstoppable force. " cliche..." (( Said an unknown voice. It echoed throughout the deseret causing the beast to stop its onslaught. The monster looked up roaring at what appeared to be a teen boy. He was flying, floating above the group as he had his arms crossed tightly a smirk on his face as his blonde hair waved lightly in the wind. " Yo, I was sent to help these Youngesters out! And if my baby Ame says i gotta do it! Then i gotta do it!" The beast began to speak. " FOOL! You claim the goddess as if she is your woman!" The blonde haired boy put both of his hands behind his head. " All in due time homie, all in due time. The names Xiao! And im gonna burn your ass to a crisp..." He said with a smirk as his body was engulfed a heating red flame. The beast sent out a blast of fire of its own but Xiao's body simply ate it. He slapped his hands together and spread them apart making 3 big orbs appear infront of the open space of his hands. " Heh.." He said he shouted. " SUPER NOVA AHHH FUCK IT, I SUCK AT SCREAMING OUT MY ATTACKS EAT MY BALLS OF DOOOMMM!!" He said as the fire balls began to strike against the beast in a barrage, 1000's of super heated energy beams blasting down at the beast. The balls of fire hitting him turning him into glass with each strike before whatever piece of his large body was struck, would evantually shatter off. " NOO! THIS CANNOT BE!" Xiao yawned. " Yup, yup it kinda is." He said as he clenched his fist making clones of himself. " Heh..." He pointed at the clones, all of them making flying down onto the beast... ALL... 600 OF THEM, slamming there fist into the monsters body into it shatterd completely. The clones would then all sink back into XIao's body before he floated down to the group.(( " Awsome timing that monster was." He said patting his clothing down then giving the group a big thumbs up. " I've always been one for entrances. The names Xiao. I was sent by my wife to be Ametarasu to help you guys out." A large wind would blow by knocking Xiao on his ass. " Alright Alright!" He said waving his fist at the sun. " Ok... maybe not wife to be... but maybe...Girlfriend one day..." The wave of heat would knock him down again before he got up shouting. " YOU DOING THIS WHOLE PLAYING HARD TO GET THING IS GETTING OLD AME! ONE OF THESE DAYS YOU KNOW YOUR GONNA GIVE IN BABY, YOU JUST WAIT!" He said turning back around to the group with that douchebag smirk on his face before he pulled his circle shades back onto his face. " Hey, before we save the world... can we go to a Host club? Or maybe a brothel? No no.: i told myself i'd stay away from Brothels... uh..." He looked away scratching his head with a confused look on his face.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos laughs at Densuke then looked around as the girl starts to prey. He felt something something.. Something Evil. He then looks and the monster comes out of the ground.. He looks and instantly shoots ice Arrows at it, but they just seemed to bounce off. As it took a deep breath he ran up to Sophia and grabs her before yelling "Run!" He takes off, He knew his water and even his ice wouldn't be able to stop the force, seeing that the power coming off this thing was making his head throb. He took off with her and then went to fly away, but was a bit late and the shockwave hit him, but not Sophia. Ayperos And Sophia fly off and hit the ground hard, but Ayperos once again took the force and had the breath knocked out of him. Sophia my be a grown woman on the inside, but was just a little girl on the outside and childran were Ayperos weakness. He lays there for a moment, trying to catch his breath he gets up and looks at Sophia letting her go. "Sorry." He then looks at the new kid as he destroys the monster and stands up, dusting himself off and walks up, most likly with Sophia right beside him. He listened to the kid and tapped his chin.. He acted like Keyth.. a dick and seemed a bit cocky as well. He looks at everyone to see if they were ok. He then looked back at the cocky kid and sighs a bit.

Densuke would look up hearing a giant roaring noise. He’d look back to see a giant titan like monster prepping for an attack at this very moment. Densuke’s eyes would widen as he saw the monster spew something from it’s mouth and then release a shockwave of sorts. Densuke would  cross his arms, extending them both outward, and pose his fingers in a snapping fashion. With exact timing and his enhanced sense of combat, Densuke would snap his fingers, and eliminate the portion of the shockwave that was in his direction, causing an explosion that would rip a hold the size of Densuke’s body in it, allowing  him to remain in the same spot without sustaining damage, but only to be pushed back a bit. He’d then squat down, and place his staff behind his back and look at the beast with a glare. That’s….when the mysterious blonde man appeared, and completely solo’d the monster before them. Densuke would look to see if everyone made it okay, and it appears everyone did, thank goodness. He’d look at the man and listen to his comment. Densuke would tilt his head and raise an eyebrow. “ uh..w-who are you?! Mr. Badass of the century? Explain yourself!” Sophia would open her eyes, as she didn’t get to see what exactly went on during the commotion. She’d stand up and dust herself off. “This is getting more and more absurd!” She’d climb up on Ayperos’s shoulder. “I can’t even pray to the gods in peace! I manged to pray to Susano’o at least…and a few others!

Just as Raiden stopped beside the group, all hell broke loose. He let out an aggravated growl; he was in no shape to fight anything, let alone the giant monster that had appeared. He had not eaten in days and water was impossible to find in this god forsaken place. The tiger was never so grateful as he was when someone else appeared to fight the behemoth. Kyoko stared on with wide eyes at the quick battle, flinching with each attack. Her body finally relaxed as it came to a close. She looked up at the guy who had defeated the monster expecting to see Keyth. Wasn’t it always Keyth that showed up and pulled some amazing super hero? That was how she first had met him, in that video game on Sora Street. It had seemed so long ago now and she had become accustom to him sweeping in and saving the day. A sinking feeling filled her gut when she realized that the hero was not Keyth this time. Her fingers instinctively ran through Raiden’s fur seeking some sort of answer to a question she hadn’t asked. She had no idea how she had gotten from Yomi to here or what had transpired in the time between. Her mind was a muddled mess of thoughts that were fragmented. Raiden purred reassuringly at her touch, he could sense the unease that she felt. He had his own fair share of worries. Still, at least she was awake and they had reunited with the group. Kyoko hopped off his back and adjusted the kimono before she nervously approached the others. She looked each one over, a warm smile on her lips. She desperately wanted to ask a million questions to the others. What had happened in the underworld? How had they ended in the desert? Where had Keyth gone? Where were they heading and why? But for some reason giving voice to them felt silly and so she remained silent. She reached into the pack that was still on her back and pulled out the mirror. Perhaps she would get a glimpse of something that would make sense. Alas, all she saw was her reflection and it wasn’t exactly in the best shape. Her lips were chapped and parched and her cheeks had seemed to hallow just a bit, causing her cheek bones to stick out with angular precision. Her hair was tangled and her normally pristine locks looked dull and greasy and stuck out oddly while being flat in some places. She couldn’t help but blush slightly; embarrassed by the poor condition she was in. It seemed the mirror had no desire to reveal anything else to her so she slipped it back into the bag, trying to tame her hair as she did.

Sophia would perch herself comfortably on Ayperos’ shoulder and speak attentively. “In any case…it’s time to continue our journey. It’s literally just up ahead, so let’s go onward! Sophia would point ahead.  There would be a looming tower in the distance. Densuke would stand himself up after hearing the blonde haired man’s reaction and begin walking onward behind ahead, now completely curious as to what was going on. “theres an energy around I can’t lock on to….damn.” Densuke would cross his arms and look up at the tower. “Alright everyone! We’re one step closer to winning this place back!.....So now it’s time to- “ “HOLD IT!”  blue fairy would emerge from densuke’s magamata and begin fluttering through everyone there.  It would be Omoikane, the god of wisdom, speaking. “You ignorant dunce why don’t you slow down and pay attention to what Sophia said!” Densuke would pause. “GETTING REAL TIRED OF EVERYONE TREATING ME LIKE A MORON!” Densuke would then have a red face with a cartoony steam blowing out of his ears. “In any case, hello everyone I am Omoikane, god of wisdom. What Sophia says is true. This laybrenth is filled to the brim with not only weapons, but dark creatures captured by the capital and stored here. There are even high level witches and worlocks here. To boot the black flag clan is notorious for their samurai skill and prowess..though you are all blessed by gods, take heed you are not invincible. I suggest the buddy system be at play. Traveling together will only slow you down. The pathways all intervine to the same area, just differing lengths. This is your best bet, but choose wisely.” Densuke would be sitting on the ground with his arms folded, and his tail wagging furiousluy, in a comideic angry fashion. Omoikane would speak once more. “Onward young foriengers! The path is up there through that only window opening!”

Pep TalkEdit

Impresssed: Felicity watched as Densuke was being teased repeatedly and giggled a bit. She then started to pout. “Hey, wait that’s my job ..” She crossed her arms as she spoke silently to herself. Just as the fairy appeared she blinked repeatedly. It was adorable, and she couldn’t help but reach out a finger to poke her. She slightly went in to poke the fairy’s side and giggled as she did. She pulled away looking around and embarrassed she pulled a serious look together. As soon as she heard she had to buddy up she glanced over at Densuke as he was clearly getting frustrated, she walked over to him as he sat down and patted his head. “Buddies?” She smiled looking down at him and tilting his chin to look up at her as well. “Don’t pout, you know it only makes people happier when they see you down, ‘cause then they know they’re getting to you and will use it against you. Show no weaknesses!” Felicity hopefully pep talked him to pick his ass up off the ground and get his head in the game. She held out a hand to help him up. “Now let’s go, stop being so stubborn.” She said as his tail sacked the side of her leg. She moved in front of him so it would stop hitting her but it just swayed to his other side and started hitting her again. “… DOES YOUR TAIL HAVE A MIND OF IT’S OWN OR?” She blinked and paused again. “S-sorry.. ehm.. Now come on!” She said holding her hand out still.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would walk on with the rest of them with Sophia on his shoulder. He didn't care was Densuke said, he was going to try and stay with the group the best he can, though it would be faster to slit up he knew for the sake of safty that being in a group was indeed the best. He looks at the little fairy and nods. "We need to stick together, the only one who knows the way is Sophia, and that is our best chance to get in, and take the Black flags out.. He looks at Densuke. Get the fuck up and stop acting as a child. We stay together, No questions, no arguing. You split off you risk death and thats that." He stands at the door and looks back at everyone with the usual stern look on his face, as the blue mist comes from the corners of his eyes. He then looks back at the door. "Though.. I do feel a strange power comeing from with in.. a power like ours.." *Through the laberynth and in the Throne room* Two members of the black flag group walk past rows apon rows of japanese warrior statues and kneel down at the end of them. "Sir.. The group of Travelers have come, they are at the attic door..." (( Only pic I could find that matches well)) A man in massive black and silver armor and horsemans helm that covered his face would be sitting there in the throne, a massive black sword, with red glowing cracks all down it, it would be out to the side of the throne infrom of the arm, his hand resting on the hilt. Looking at the helm you can tell that he opened his eyes for as soon as they were a red glow would come from the darkness. He spoke, his voice deep and seemed disembodied. "Then kill them." One of the Black flag looks up at him. "But sir, one of them killed over twenty of our men by hiimself." The man in the thrown grips the hilt of the sword tight, his bones cracking. "I don't care. If you don't kill them, you better hope they kill all of you. Because if they don't.. " His free hand slowly goes up, his bones cracking again and points at the black flag beside him. His eyes start to glow bright red. "This will be you.." The man stands up grabbing his head screaming in pain. Blood starts to seep from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears and suddenly his head explodes in a mass of brains, blood and chunks of his skull. The other man jumps up and nods. "Y..Yes Sir!" He runs off gathering the rest of the gang. The man closes his eyes once more and puts his hand down on the throne. "They will fail.. And it will be up to me to get rid of them... The war will proceed.. And all that go against my master.. Will Die..." *Back on the outside with Ayperos and the others.* Ayperos looks at all of them to see what they do. He was as ready to get this over with as much as they where.

Choose Your DestinyEdit

LightFang: -Aiden would start to churn his chi within his body as the girl said it was just ahead at this tower poking up out of the sand. He continued to meditate on his chi as a blue fair apeared near Densuke. Aiden thought this was strange as well but he had come to terms that this whole realm was far different from his home. A labrenth filled with weapons and monsters, sounds like a fun time to test a few new skills. Aiden would start to levitate as his chi was being pushed from his body directly below him."Team up? Who ever wants to team with me better move quick, I'm going in now." He heard Ayperos speak of them staying in a group together and he responded saying, "Well then you better hurry up." With that Aiden took off soaring straight to the tower and landing in the window frame. He placed a hand on the edge of the frame and dropped down the tower landing in a room with multiple pathways. It was very dark down here, but Aiden's body worked as a pretty good light from his Chi radiating around him. However that didn't matter, his sold white glowing eyes allow him to see in any light perfectly. Aiden would wait a moment to see if anyone followed him before he would start to walk down one of the paths. "This way," he would say if someone followed him as he stepped into a corridor and followed down a pathway. The pathway was of dark stone the same to match what was on the outside of the towers. He didn't know what to expect but he didn't really care either. It just felt like something was calling him this way, and he had to know what.-

Discordia: Just as Raiden stopped beside the group, all hell broke loose. He let out an aggravated growl; he was in no shape to fight anything, let alone the giant monster that had appeared. He had not eaten in days and water was impossible to find in this god forsaken place. The tiger was never so grateful as he was when someone else appeared to fight the behemoth. Kyoko stared on with wide eyes at the quick battle, flinching with each attack. Her body finally relaxed as it came to a close. She looked up at the guy who had defeated the monster expecting to see Keyth. Wasn’t it always Keyth that showed up and pulled some amazing super hero? That was how she first had met him, in that video game on Sora Street. It had seemed so long ago now and she had become accustom to him sweeping in and saving the day. A sinking feeling filled her gut when she realized that the hero was not Keyth this time. Her fingers instinctively ran through Raiden’s fur seeking some sort of answer to a question she hadn’t asked. She had no idea how she had gotten from Yomi to here or what had transpired in the time between. Her mind was a muddled mess of thoughts that were fragmented. Raiden purred reassuringly at her touch, he could sense the unease that she felt. He had his own fair share of worries. Still, at least she was awake and they had reunited with the group. Kyoko hopped off his back and adjusted the kimono before she nervously approached the others. She looked each one over, a warm smile on her lips. She desperately wanted to ask a million questions to the others. What had happened in the underworld? How had they ended in the desert? Where had Keyth gone? Where were they heading and why? But for some reason giving voice to them felt silly and so she remained silent. She reached into the pack that was still on her back and pulled out the mirror. Perhaps she would get a glimpse of something that would make sense. Alas, all she saw was her reflection and it wasn’t exactly in the best shape. Her lips were chapped and parched and her cheeks had seemed to hallow just a bit, causing her cheek bones to stick out with angular precision. Her hair was tangled and her normally pristine locks looked dull and greasy and stuck out oddly while being flat in some places. She couldn’t help but blush slightly; embarrassed by the poor condition she was in. It seemed the mirror had no desire to reveal anything else to her so she slipped it back into the bag, trying to tame her hair as she did. A labyrinth, Kyoko had no idea what was going on or where they were heading but she didn’t want to get lost. She looked at the giant tiger beside her and whispered “This is all on you boy, I am not any good on these sorts of things.”

( ) Densuke would smile as Felicity rekindeled his fighting sprit. “..You’re right. As always. I seem to loose my cool to easily now adays huh..tch.” Densuke would take Felicity’s hand and stand up. He’d noted his tail kept beating against her leg and he’s quickly galre at it. “down boy.” Densuke would then flex his tail a bit, curling it in and out, showing he had somewhat control over it. “Damn thing acts more like a reflex than anything…eh?” Densuke would look over at..Kyoko was her name. Looks like she’d made it to the party as well. “Ah it’s you! The girl that was with Keyth. Welcome to the party, make things short.” Densuke would point at her picking her outta the crowd. “You, pick person, travel with them. Best bet is to catch up to speedy gonzolez over there” Densuke would’ve nodded to Aiden who’d already took the initiative. “Ooooor blondy super power guy.” Densuke would point to Xiao who’d be drifting off into space for a while now…looking lost in thought. Densuke would then attempt to grab felicity by her wasit…using his tail. He’d lift her up in the air, seeming as how the tail had as much strength as Densuke did in t his realm…he could probably bench a boulder with that thing. “ Sorry Ayperos, but you look a lil outvoted. Besides…ten bucks says I can solo more baddies than you can.” Densuke would smirk at Ayperos. “Alright everyone! Lets rock n roll here!” Densuke would then point at Sophia, the little girl on Ayperos’ shoulder. “Prepare to aid me after this is over. You can thank me later child.” Sophia would glare at Densuke for calling her that. He’d then take hold of his staff and jam it in the ground. He’d grunt as the pole would begin to grow in length, lifting him and felicity (if she allowed him to lift her) up to the opening, and right through it, descending downward into the tower, only to land and see Aiden had taken off in a route already. He’d place felicity down, and shrink his staff again, taking in the errie atmosphere. “Place already gives me the creeps…and theres dark energies everywhere…” Densuke would smirk and scratch his thumb across his nose. “Perfect. Heave ho! Felicity! Into danger!” Densuke would race forward, not at a high speed as he wanted to take in the moment and his suroundings. “Be careful everyone! The magamata’s you have from me will let you communicate with each other and myself. If things get bad I’ll come to you!” As Densuke kept going forward, he’d swear he could hear…heavy breathing..::throne room:: A man shrouded in a black cloak would enter the throne room, seeing the mesh of blood and brain on the ground. He’d walk in his face covered in wraps all but his eyes ( ) bow before his armored king. “Evening master...I shall intervene accordingly…at your wishes.” the mess of organs on the floor would start to..move towards hits mysterious man’s feet…and seemingly be sucked up into the bottom of his if he was feeding on them.  He’d stand up before the armored man and wait for his command to do so.

Impresssed: Felicity would smile as she saw he gained his confidence back, she helped him up and smiled big. She then watched as Aiden already took the initiative to go ahead of them, just as she was about to say something she saw Densuke lift her and she quickly held onto him. “W-Wha, Warn me next time!” She said as he picked her up. She held tightly as he raced forward. Felicity somewhat had a bad feeling about this place, she could have sworn that she had chills down her back around this area. It gave her the creeps, not like the scary creeps, but the creepy kinda creeps. If that made any sense, nothing made sense here anyways so what did it matter to her. She then was placed down next to him and stood behind him to back him up in case of anything. Felicity looked around curiously nibbling on her lip. “This.. gives me a strange feeling.” She said quietly poking Densuke’s back and glancing around her. “I don’t like it one bit, and you know me. I love danger..” She said turning around to look behind her. This was true, Felicity loved danger but some how she didn’t like this certain type of danger. This whole entire world questioned her love of danger, she didn’t know wether to like it or not.

That's When The Fight StartsEdit

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would sigh and look over at Sophia on his shoulder then at Densuke with and smirk a bit. "We will see.." Water starts to swrirl around his torso and he starts to go up and through the opening with Sophia on his shoulder still and then go down and to the ground, the water disappearing and he slowly looks around. He could deffenatly her things being shuffled around.. This place was indeed creepy but Ayperos then looks over at Sophia. "Just point me in the right direction." He starts to kind of jog forword, though with his armor he still doesn't make a single sound. He keeps going, going were ever Sophia if she said anything. *In the Throne room* The man in the throne would oprn his blood red gloing eyes once more at the sound of his loyal servant. "Go. Kill Any of the Black flags that don't die by their hand. But keep your presents secret. Don't let them know your here. Just.. Watch...." He would close his eyes once more. "This is your masters bidding, Don't disappoint me.." He sits there perfectly still once, more, looking as if he was but a statue sitting there. *Back to Ayperos, Sophia and whoever else is with him* He goes around the wall and is able to miss all the traps due to Sophia being there, but He could hear stuff moving all around them. "I don't like this.." He'd look around and then stop looking around once more hearing breathing now. Along with footsteps. He keeps looking around, he could feel great power down hear as well as dark chi everywhere. He then catchs an arrow that was heading right for Sophia. He then threw it back in the same direction, water going around it as it goes straight through a black flag gang member. He falls off a small wooden stand and Ayperos looks around.. "Seems they are gonna be useing sneak attacks." He looks around as he walks, his sences now being used to the max. "Guess i gotta keep an eye out for anything now." He then looks back and he was seperated from the rest of them.. A way had shot up and he then looks infront of him, Black flag members blocking the way with their swords drawn and one that seems to be commanding this group points at him and Sophia if someone was following they would now be seperated from him. He looks at them and set Sophia on the ground. strands of water start to flow around him as his eyes start to glow bright blue. "Leave now.. If you want to live..." They all look at each other and laugh a bit and starts to run at them. Ayperos smiles and waves his arms forword with a slight grunt and water came out of his palms kind of like tentacle and then break of. Then then start to go through each of the gang members, throwing them in every which direction. But it seem they keep coming. But not as fast as the water tentacles. One after another would be stuck through and then thrown off. After about 30 or so the rest of them run off scared out of their minds. "Now we can go on.' He lets the water go back in him, then set Sophia back on his shoulder walking on, looking out for any other signs of danger, though he felt like something was coming up soon.

::In the throne room:: “yes master…” The shrouded man would turn into an intangible black smoke and diesapear from sight…::Sophia:: “Keep straight…I think this path is a familer one. I would play down here  on my free days when I was a younger lass..” The two would move until Sophia would stop in awe and look at the black flag soldiers. “And to think you used to be my loyal guard…war has croupted the lot of you!” Sophia would be sat down on the ground and she would fold her arms, watching the water manipulator go to devastating work on these men. “Incredible…” She’d whisper. When he was done, he’d prop heer back on his shoulder. “You foriengers possess power I’ve never seen. There is something odd about you…are you perhaps one of the champions of legened, come to stop the legendary onigami?” She’d wait for his answer, before the two would come to an open room. “This place…I remember this place…it’s..home to!” ( ) A strange “KREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” noise would be made as the room began to shake and rumble. Debree falling from the ceiling. Sohpia would look up but the ceiling was dark….the room was only dimly lit with the torches on the walls regardless, so it was already a scary setting to begin with. “I can sense it but I can’t see it! It’s the Gohma! We captured this one some time ago, but he was small…I can’t imagine how time has treated him since.” That’s when a giant eyeball opened in the blackness. The whites of it were a dirty yellow and it’s iris was green and red. The beast would drop down in front of them with a loud thud ( ) Sophia would hop off of the water users shoulder, and withdraw 3 knives in each hand. “I’ll help you! Don’t worry, I’m a capable combatant!” The beast would begin by drilling it’s  legs into the ground, and making these solid bone black spikes appear form the ground in a series of peaks towards the both of them. Sophia would dodge them with…such nimble grace and quickness. Her little body flipping, kick flipping, and sliding through the area. She would arrive at one of the beast legs, and spin  herself around 5 times in the air, before extending her tiny arm, and dismembering a leg from the thing, only to land and quickly start darting around on the battle field.::Densuke:: Densuke and Felicity would be walking and Densuke would have his arms behind his head. “Oooooooooooi. That energy is killing my vibe…I wish it would just pop out already. Common now.” Suddenly the ground would be…wet. Very wet. They were basically wading through water. “!?” Densuke would nod to Felicity to continue. The water would increase to knee level. They’d then come to an opening area. “Eh?” Densuke would walk in a room that had only one skylight lighting the room and illuminating the water. Densuke would look into the water and see his reflection. This reflection…turned black. And would slither it’s way to the center of the room. It would then form itself from the water and look like an exact replica of Densuke In his Shinto form. “Well…isn’t this guy quite the handsome foe.” The Densuke clone would draw a staff and twirl it around, and holding it in a post outward. Densuke himself would crack his neck. “chillax Felicity. I got this fake….hm!” Densuke would rush towards him, only for his clone to swing towards him with a staff. Densuke would block the staff with his forearm and  continue his attack, throwing a right hook at it’s face. The clone would block the hit with his tail…”…NICE!” Densuke would land down with a splash, and start to combat his clone. He’d throw two roundhouse kicks, only for the clone to duck the first one, and deflect the second kick with his staff. The clone would then shrink his staff, and cross his arms extending them fully and having his hands posed in a snapping pose. Densuke would take the same pose and the two would stare each other down..”He has my moves and abilities too eh..” Gold paritcales would start to surround the both of them…if either one of them snap, they could blow the other one to bits. The two would then start to run in circles around each other snapping furiously, a chain of explosions following the both of them as they trailed. Water popping up from multiple directions into the air. Densuke would then leap up towards the sky light, and spin his tail rapidly, fusing chi with it to literally hover in the air. He’d raise his arms above his head, and cross them, posing them to snap. The water area then became flooded with gold particles. “Felicity move!” She would move accordingly and with a swing of his arms and a snap, the ground area would light up with blue and gold energy based explosions…since they disintegrate on a molecular level, the water was now completely gone….and the ground had sunk in a bit. Densuke would land with a squat and look around. The water would suddenly fall from the ceiling and cover him and Felicity, filling the area in. The clone would then re-emerge itself ominously, giving a death stare to the two of them and tilting it’s head. Densuke would shake its head. “I didn’t think I could be this this is how my opponents feel  fighting me…ugh.”

xXAyperosXx: He looks at Sophia and nods. "Yes, I am. Or said to be. Along with the others you have see.. Besides the blonde headed kid that killed that thing up top. i have no clue who that is or where he is from." He stops Sophia starts to look around and then say somthing about a Gohma, feeling something as well. He looked up at the blackness and the saw the eye. He had no idea what the fuck this thing was and then watched as it droped down and dug its legs in the ground. He instantly started to dodge and weave as the spikes started comeing up, for in his eyes things seemed to go much slower, but this was the usual thing. He then looked over at Sophia as she cut one of the limbs off. He looked for only a few moment and then smiled a bit. This thing only had one eye, big one at that. He stood there for a moment and held his hands together. a giant ice ball started to form in his hand and then he simply moved his hands forword really quickly. This would sent a huge spike of water at the beasts giant eye. Hitting it the spike would go all the way through the eye, damaging it internal organs and possibly killing it. Though Sophia went for the legs, Ayperos thought that the eye was the most volnerable and most crippling spot he could hit. But he didn't know so he was just going off of what he thought was the best thing to do. If he killed it he would then smile and look at its dead corpse. "One large eye... The easiest to take out." he would keep going forword feeling the dark chi get closer and closer. He looks ahead at a rather large door. "This must be the throne room." He looks around to see if anyone else has made it yet. But can't see anyone yet. "Lets wait for the others." He says to Sophia as he sits down in a chair made up of his water. He makes one for Sophia as well. "Don't worry, it wont get on you." He smiles a bit before resting his head on his fist as he waits for the rest of them to come. The dark shi was banging the back of his head.. What ever was be hind the door was powerful.. Very powerfull.. *In the Throne Room* The bulky armored man would open his eyes. "So.. One has made it... Seems these monsters and Black flags are as usless as I thought.. We will see how they fair with my warriors.. " His eyes glow red as muffled breathed yells would be hear from the statues. His eyes go back closed. He looks as if he has been sitting in that spot for a very long time, as dust covers his armor and sword. *Back outside the Door* Ayperos would look at Sophia then at the door. "Did you hear that?" He sits there for a moment. "Think this place is just getting to me, that or my friends are kicking ass..." He just sits there as he waits for anyone to show up.

LightFang: -As Aiden continued down his path he rouned another corner to find another room. He saw sophia and Ayperos had already made it here. He walked up to them and asked, "So anything interesting out there?" He would lean back against the wall and wait with Ayperos for the others. He would try to keep idle chit chat going as the others were to approach. "I found this dragon, sorry i took off suddenly before I just had an urge that i needed to follow. Dont know how to describe it." He leaned his head back against the wall and let out a sigh. "Man i need a cig. It has been far to long..."-

Seeing DoubleEdit

“fucking…..TUYAAAAAAA!!” Densuke would uppercut his clone, only to grab it by it’s hair, and bring it’s face down, to the point of his knee, cracking the clones nose and teeth. Causing it to stumble backwards a bit. Densuke would huff, in frustration. “You’re becoming a real pain in my ass!....literally, that roundhouse kick to the asss hurt..” Densuke would rub his butt. He’d then take his martial arts HHS stance and let the clone come in, with a violent and blurred screech of a roar. Showing it’s inhuman ness. “…” Densuke would draw his right arm back and step back once, dodging the clones wildly lashed spinning back kick. Only to thrust his right arm into his clones gut. The pupils of the clones eyes disappeared as it’s eyes rolled into the back of it’s head. Densuke would lift the clone up into the air, holstering it on his fist. “I’m done with you..” Densuke would implode the pressure around his fist, and then explode it, dispersing the clones body into a burst of glowing particles. Densuke would then inhale swiftly, taking in the particles through his nose and end up exhaling a slow breath. He’d then look at felicity and poke her forehead, only for a blue light to emerge from his finger into her body. “There! Guess who’s gonna be seeing double for a while.” Densuke’s body would then split into another version of himself that was translucent, but had a solidified golden chi outline. The figure would then sink back into Densuke’s body. “I’m telling ya, the magic’s of this place amaze..common lets keep going!”  Felicity would nod and the two would run ahead, and end up outside the door of the throne room. There they’d see Ayperos and Aiden standing there and Densuke would come to a halt In his tracks. “Well damn, looks like I caught up to you guys pretty quickly.” Densuke would look around the room and take in the surroundings . “So it looks like this is it eh?” Sophia would nod. “this is it. The door outside of the throne room….where the person who took my country resides. I can feel his immense energy from here…it’s kinda scary..” Shophia would swallow some spit and leap off of Ayperos’ shoulder. “none the less we must go on!” “NEVER AGREED MORE!” Densuke would burst through the doors and see a..dead body perhaps? Sitting in the middle of the room idoly in a chair..sourounded by a thick mist of some sort. Then there were errie looking statues..making disturbing noises of the sort..Densuke however felt no sort of fear anymore and would boldy exclaim. “Helloooooooooo? Anyone home?! Lets play  cherades! You can be the ass, and I’ll be the boot! Prepare for penetration, muthafucka!” Densuke would crouch down  and spread his arms, making fist and bracing for what was to come next. Felicity would draw her blade, and hold it presently, with both hands.\

The Throne RoomEdit

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would follow them in and look around. He looked right at the large, dead looking body of armor sitting in the throne. "All of these people.. Where ruled by a dead body?" he looks around and walks up to one of the statues, looking at it close he then put his ear to one of them. he could hear scratching around. 'Um... i think... these statues have something in them.' He backs up looking at them as they all start to shake and crack.. (( )) Soon undead looking warriors would start to bust out of the statues and look at at all of them with a snarl. The armor sitting in the chair stays there motionless still as though it was a dead body in the suit of armor. Ayperos looks at them all, there where atleast 100 of them in this one room, maybe more. "This is gonna be a clusterfuck.." He sighs as ice starts to form down his arms and 36 inches from his fingers. He grits his teeth as he cn feel the chi from these things, they arn't just mindless undead. He runs up and slashes the one infront of him, its head sliding off and it falls to the ground. He looks at the rest of them. "Well this will be..." He looks as it starts to get back up with no head. 'What tha.. how.. it has no head." He looks around them to see if they were being controled by something, but he couldn't pinpoint the chi seeing every single one of these thinges had a chi signature. He starts to cut the one ifront of him to peices all the way down to just legs. Finally it stops moving. "Guess we gotta completly destroy them to kill them!" he smiles, the more the marrier. He runs of into thr crowed of undead slashing and sliceing, though he was fighting several he was haveing to go back to others to kill it completely. It was like they were nothing but doll.After killing a few on would then block and slowly look at him. Ayperos looked back at it and suddenly it started to yell, as well as the rest of them, and every thing went to shit. all of them started to attack everyone, moveing like a normal person.. Actually moveing as fast as they do. All of them attacking each person in groups. Ayperos did his best to block and slice but it was happening to fast and he was hitting hit left and right, though his armor did its job. Ayperos started to get pissed and then completly stop attacking lettting them pill ontop of him.. a muffled yell would be heard and the the undead would be sent flying all around and then sending a blast of ice right behind it, freezing them all in place and then let loose as barrage of ice.. The iced undead shadder to peices.. seems thats the best way to kill them without waisting to much energy.

LightFang: -"Hold on little guy." Aiden would say to his new dragon pet as he took off moving his left hand out in front of him and his right hand curled up about 2 inches from his nose. This was an altered stance for the crippling palms style, one Aiden used to keep his attacking motions and defending motions quicker and more fluid. He had noticed that these people did not die from decapitation or other traditional means. This led Aiden to assume if he blew them up into many different parts then they wouldnt be able to continue. Using this thought Aiden waited for one of these undead to come to him. Using an Aikido base he lured the monster into geting in to close before placing his palm on the corpse's chest. He grined and whispered, "Now you die, again." He then gripped the body's clothing and sent a pulse of his chi inside its body. Aiden formed this chi into his barrier move and let it expand rapidly. (Eight_Trigrams_Mountain_Crusher.jpg) All you would see is it suddenly be ripped apart with shreds of skin raining across the room. There would be nothing left except for a bit of the fabric Aiden gripped onto. He then turned to the others and waited for the next to come to him. They had seemed to stop at this point so instead Aiden took this moment to go on the offencive. He outstreched his arms one infront and the other behind him as he hunched slightly bending his knees as if to lean forward. ( He pushed of his right foot and sailed through the room in a flash stoping on his left foot infront of another undead forcing his palm to its chest and blasting it to pieces before flashing away by launching off his left foot and land on his right next to another. He repeated this alternating process after clearing out a good chunk of the undead before moving his hands back to the orriginal Crippling Palms stance.-

Densuke would cut an aerial cartwheel into the fray and place his HHS style guard up. A zombie would charge him, rather quickly. It was like those zombies from 28 days later, except x10 and with better fighting ability. Densuke would cross his arms and block the monsters overhead hammer strike. Only to have to turn around and elbow block another one of these things incoming kicks. Only to have to turn around even faster and weave one of their incoming straight punches. This block and weave motion would continue until Densuke literally had at least 15 of these things rushing in and out of a circular pattern launching attacks at him. All the while, he’d observe everyone else actions and take note of the one true way to deal with these things. “Gotta destroy them completely it seems..” Densuke would then simultaneously block two swords, with both his forearms, and a punch towards his gut, by raising his knee. ( ) “it’s time to get serious!” Densuke would push them away only to extend his arms on both sides of himself and snap, combusting two of the undead on impact. Densuke would then draw his staff and begin swinging it wildly, whilst running. He’d hit sonic speed traversing the unusually large battle field, while the monsters would speedily follow him in his stride. “As I thought, still instinctive for them to chase…perfect.” Densuke would run in a massive circle, and as the creatures followed it looked like a blurry imagery of colors deriving form Densuke and the undead. Densuke would then spin his body, sliding on his feet and turn around to the monstrous zombies, only to have a red circle sigil appear behind his person ( ) “Rain from the fiery heavens!” Densuke would then suddenly have a barrage of firey molten rocks come forth at meteor like speeds, and begin crushing, severing, and completely charring the charging horde of zombies that were chasing him. Due to their already accelerated momentum, they’d only run slam into Densuke’s attack. The meteors  burned their way through and even caused some significant area damage, including a hold in the near by wall they were shot in and scattered molten chunks, luckily Densuke planed this assault away from the rest of his allies. He’d then call off the spell only to be attacked from behind, or at least it was an attempt. The undead solider would lunge at Densuke, but he would simply duck, and extend his leg upward, knocking the thing into the air, extending his staff to the size of a baseball bat, and knocking the thing clean clear, over towards the throne itself where the seemingly dead body of armor was sitting. “This is what you call crowd control!” Densuke would draw his staff back in a base ball like swing, and swing it forward. As it swung, it would extend, and being sweeping a large crowd of 20 zombies all in one go, severing each of them, and with a surprise towards the end, Densuke would quickly extend his arms, and cross them, placing his hands in a snapping like motion, and snap. Thus causing a mass of golden particles to appear around the halves, and combust them all as such in a golden and blue based explosion.  Densuke would turn to see Felicity standing in the center of a long circle of dismembered body parts, and give her a thumbs up. She’d return one and Densuke would take his staff in hand, and  hold it with both hands, pointing it up a bit, waiting the next batch of creatures to emerge, though he got a strange feeling of presence from the suited corpse on the throne.

"Worst Nightmare"Edit

LightFang: -Aiden just ripped through about 30 men as he landed on his right foot. He looked around to see who to target next when he saw Ayperos. He seemed curious of the armor suit in the chair. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the 7 foot suit of armor rise up to its feet. "I am General Ming..And i am your worst Nightmare." It spoke before a red aura wave started to erupt from its body. "Damn.." Aiden would say as he lunged off in another flash of blinding speed seemingly leaving an afterimage in his spot. He stopped behind Ayperos and gripped the back plate of his armor (if allowed) while springing off his left foot toward where Densuke was standing. The afterimage left of Ayperos and Aiden was eradicated in the red aura that seemed to keep coming. Aiden positioned himself between Densuke and Ayperos and put his hands out. His chi started to chur up in a bright light and swirl around the 3 of them. It went out about 3 feet from his actual body almost being 2 meters wide. (20111107023542!Air_sphere.png) It was definately big enough to comfortable fit Ayperos and Densuke inside it as well as Aiden. Aidens body was glowing white his eyes solid as the red aura barrier would hit his barrier. Aiden pushed more chi out to hold his barrier togetther as the wave passed over the 3 of them and cleared them with no harm. After the wave passed Aide dropped the barrier and lowered his hands to his knees. "Wow I think that is the first time i felt any kind of strain since we got here.." He said jokingly to the others. "Now then where is he hiding." He looked arround the room and figured if he appeared to drop his gaurd then the man would appear. "Well guys i guess he ran off, mission acomplished." He said as he held a thumbs up to the two of them with a bit of a 'Go with it' wink. Aiden lowered his Chi by taking most of it into his own body and using it to strengthen his muscles well beyond their mortal limits just to keep a bit of gaurd up in this act. He walked arround casually kicking over bodies and checking pockets as if to look like he was checking for loot.-

Densuke would watch as Ayperos took a fall from this mysterious man in armor who had such a fearful presence to him. He was a taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall motherfucker. Densuke would watch as Ayperos struggled to get up but then take note this “General Ming” fellow was charging his sword for yet another attack. Densuke would grab onto Felicity and prepare to shield her with his back, but luckily aiden had stepped in and prevented the blast from making contact..Densuke would hear his talk of “mission accomplished.” He’d be stumped at first but quickly catch on.l “Tch..hell yeah. Lil bitch ass probably ran off somewhere..” Densuke would sit felicity down and begin digging in his ear, and walking up to where the throne was. He could feel the chi energy of Ming still present..but he didn’t want ming to know that. Instead his plan was to draw him out honestly. Densuke would mockingly sit down in the throne chair, and make a deep gruff voice. “LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE. ME KING OF UNDERGROUND LAYER. AND DIG DINGLEBERRIES OUT BROWN HOLE.” Densuke would laugh violently and Felicity would clap her hands in laughter. Densuke would then lean back and cross his legs, placing his head in his right hand, looking quite royal sitting in the position he was in. Ming was here…and Densuke was going to use himself as human bait if need be, but the entire meaning was to draw this ming fellow to the light. With Densuke’s danger sense, he could probably pick up on an attack towards himself quicker than the others..he’d have enough time to react if need be, but this depends on what happens.

Lets Get Outta Here!Edit

Ayperos was quickly grabed by Aiden and Ayperos grabbed Sophia as the all were in the huge bubble blocking the the shock wave. After the shock wave Ayperos would look around.. Ming was still here.. But were was he. Ayperos listens as Aiden say mission accomplished and then watched as Densuke started to walk over  to the throne and sit down.. Ayperos begins to laugh but then looks around as the chi starts to get stronger and stronger. "Densuke!! Get Out of there!!" A beam of red energy would be shot out of blackness from the wall right at Densuke. If this hit it would would him very badly, but if he was able to dodge, Being Densuke this would be likely Ming would come up from another portal from the wall right behind him, his speed was outstanding. He came out spining around, Ayperos seeing this but was to far away to do anything. Ming mutters the words. "Hello there warrior.." Before he sends the face part massive sword around at Densuke's back. This wouldn't kill him, but knock the wind out of him, also sending him across the room if it hit. If not Ming would keep swinging at him at the face and feet a few times with the same side of the sword but then at his chest, if hit would do the same thing. He would then look at the rest of them and Ayperos would run up a bit. "My turn..." He would call apon the power of ice and start to send spikes at him. Ming shadders one with the sword and then starts to zig zag past them. He movements looked as the he was a ghost, only being seen when he moved from side to side. He gets closer and Ayperos forms his ice swords on his arms, running at Ming.  Ming starts to slash at him but Ayperos dodges and then trys to slash him back, his attack bing blocked, arperos then starts to slash at him left and right, a few dodge and a few blocked. Ayperos comes down with one hand and Ming grabs it with his free hand  and then steps fown on the other leaving Ayperos in a kneeling possition. Ming looks down on him. "You would have been a great companion Ayperos Akiyama... But.. You chose the wrong side. You chose to work with enemy's rather than seek a way to kill them.." He chuckles. "Thats ok... We have one of your "friends" Already." He smashes down on Ayperos wrist breaking the Ice sword with his foot and then throws him up to the side and spins around kicking him in the chest sending him sliding across the floor. He then looks at Aiden and the rest of them and chuckles once more. "Come on... Lets see your skills.. " He waits for them to come at him as Ayperos shoots right back up. He was pissed the hell off and starts to puild up his power, he was about to use a power he got from the ice tower that he went through with Densuke. This takes a bit to build up though, seeing that he can only use it once a day. But then Mings eyes glow bright red and then stabs his sword in the ground. "Well, seems there are a change in plans. But heres something to remember me by.' He holds his arms up and starts to let out a blood curdling yell and the entire place starts to shake. A red ball of energy forms around Ming and then he looks at them all. "Now... Die.." He grabs is sword and starts to spin rapidly before disappearing, The ball of energy stays there and starts to shake rapidly. The entire room starts to crumble and Ayperos stops powering up. "We gotta get outa here!"  Sand starts to come through and Ayperos looks around before he then see's a small body of water. He runs and jumps in right before the roof comes down on it.. Else were he comes out of a small oasis in the desert and watches the sand sink in, Hopeing everyone else was able to make it out. He stands at the top of a dune to get a better look, to see if they were able to escape, he couldn't help thim due to his powers only he was able to use it. He stands there untill he see's anyone and if he does he runs up to help them with anything they need.


Densuke would be sitting down enjoying the fruits of his taunting, until he’d catch wind of a hint of danger in his vicinity. He’d quickly look to his left and see a red beam of energy coming his way. Densuke would quickly spring forward, with a front flip to avoid taking serious damage. Saddly Ming took haste to appear from antoher location, behind Densuke with blurring speed. Densuke would be met with a sword to the back leaving a decent sized cut, but densuke’s durability would be enough to keep the blade form piercing any further..for now. Densuke would be sent flying and hit the wall face first, but quickly backflip into the air, to avoid one of the slashes sent his way. Densuke would continue to block and parry some of the hits, only suffering cut to this face, shoulder, abdomen, and left side. Blood leaked profusely as this man’s intention was to kill him, but it’s nothing new to Densuke, though this foe was deadly powerful. Densuke would squat down on one knee to recover for a second. The dark chi gave Densuke a bit of a winded effect, but it’s nothing he can’t work through. Densuke would then take note that the structure was beginning to crumble. He looked around at everyone, and a surge of yellow chi would burst from his body, as it levitated him off the ground a bit. Blue firefly like sparkles erupted from his body mixing with the gold. “I’LL PROTECT EVERYBODY, I SWEAR!” Densuke would begin to spin his staff over his head, and continue doing this faster, and faster, and faster. The pearl white spear creating a fan like vortex over densuke’s head. As the structure began to crumble Densuke would create a vortex, mixing with the sand, and the very strength of the vortex would start spinning the debree, the sand, and anything else harmful that would attempt to harm them. The entire underground fortress would begin to rise above the sand on a brown vortex, until Densuke would jump and spin, pointing his staff to the right, tossing the entirty of the crumbling room and pieces of the fortress to the side, 20 miles away. He’d huff and puff looking back at everyone there. Densuke now looked at the land..he’d then look at Sophia. “Your land…is going to be restored once again!” Densuke would withdraw his staff, and shrink it to the size of a toothpick, placing it in his mouth. He’d then clap his hands together a golden pillar of chi composing around his body, raising high into the sky. His clothing, hair, and everything loose on him would begin to flutter violently with the he’d then open his eyes, revealing a pure golden Smokey arua emitting from them. An image of Hachiman would appear behind him, as a symbol. Densuke would then thrust his hands to the ground, and the ground would begin to rumble as if a tremor was spreading through the land. Suddenly  root would sprout infront of Densuke. A single root. The root then instantly expanded, and continued to expand over and over, and over. Followed by more, and more and more, until in mere minutes the land was beginning to flurrish with dirt, grass, and trees. Rapid green spreading across the lands., even taking the effect of natural erosion and creating pathways for rivers, and water fills to be filled in. Sophia’s eyes would widen, and tears would come to her eyes. She’d bite her lip as she saw the beauty of her land being restored in front of her eyes. Densuke would stand back up now in a grassy field, from where the foretress once was. “It’ll take some rebuilding but…Ayperos and Adien can handle refilling your natural water supply..and the rest of the land i couldn't reach..all I ask is that when I need you y-“ Sophia would hug densuke’s legs. Crying softly. “I’ll help you however I can!” She’d sniffle a bit. “Thank you! Thank you so much!” Densuke would pat her head. “Alright you guys. Lets get this land back up to ruling standards.”

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