The SealEdit

Discordia: The tiger and girl stood before the gate wondering where they were to go from there. How does one proceed forth when they have no idea where to even start. Her chest rose and fell in a sigh and she adjusted the shield in her left hand, gripping the miniature spear in the other. Her green eyes landed on the tiger at her side and she gave a firm nod of her head to say “I’m ready even if I don’t know for what” and she placed her hand on the cool metal of the gate, pausing for just a moment before she began to push forward, only to hault and spin quickly on her heals and jab her spear at the white haired yokai that seemed to appear from nowhere. Raiden gave an intimidating roar that was far more effective then Kyoko’s spear wielding. The yokai held his hands up as five fluffy tails swished behind him and he smirked. “Woah, Woah, there kitty, I’m not gonna hurt the pretty little priestess.” He said with a chuckle, “I just am the mail man” With slow movements he pulled out a small scroll and handed it to her. “Take care now” He said before walking away with his hands in his pocket. Kyoko unrolled the scroll and another piece fell out. One was a map and one was a note. She read through the note and slipped it into her bag before looking over the map. “Hmm, you probably should have a look at this.” She said as she lowered to a knee and held the map before the giant feline. “I guess our path is just a tad bit clearer now.” She said as she slid onto his back. Raiden had already memorized the mad from the glance he had taken. He followed the route and came to a stop at the foot of a jagged mountain that jutted out into the sky angrily. Kyoko’s eyes widened as she tried to take in the sight before her. Her arms broke out in goose bumps and a shiver traversed her spine. She wasn’t sure if it was the daunting nature of the mountain or the eerie way the temperature had dropped around the mountain.

DeliriousAres: (( " Keyome! Watch out!" Said a Golden haired boy. He had blocked an attack that was meant to decapitate a younger Keyome. Keyome landed on one knee. (( He panted heavily, his eyes turning into a bright red as he stood back to his feet slowly. The blonde haired boy, later to be known as Xiao ran by Keyomes side. (( Xiao -> Ken-alpha3-fixed.jpg)) They both stood at the ready as they faced the large monster. (( It was collosal, its wing spanned out to such a length that it blocked out the sun on the battle field. "...Xiao.." Keyome said coughing blood and falling over. Xiao caught him, holding him up and gasped. " You ok!? Keyome!" Keyome smriked. " Yeah man, im alright... The Dark Hadou within my body... is still rejecting me since i vanquished Okami... If im hurt.. its not by him." The beast roared at the top of his lungs. " Fool! I am Konchi... you will know fear. You two think you are powerful enough to stop me!? Fool hardy!" The large monster said as he fired a beam of dark energy down at the two. Xiao used his immense power to kick off the ground lifting him and Keyome away onto a another plain a few miles out. Keyome regained himself and stood back on his own two feet as he gripped tightly to his blade. " Konchi... that bastard. He wont get past us..." Keyome said as he whipped his mouth from the blood with his sleeve. " But Keyome..." He said under his breathe. " Dont worry about me Xiao... I wont let that thing leave here, and continue with his plans. He wont hurt anyone else... that's a promise." The Dark moons eyes opened and shinned bright as it peered down at the two heroes. Xiao nodded acknowledging his friends strength. " Hey keyome..." Xiao said getting into a stance of some sort. " When this is all over... Say.. you take me back to your world with you?" He said smirking. Keyome smiled back. " Its a deal... Xiao maybe... you can meet Ginsukei. You'd irritate him, but i think he'd grow to like you." Xiao nodded with triumph. " Now we cant lose then!" He said clapping his hands as he pointed at Konchi. Kiken appeared on the shoulder of the Demonic Konchi. He didnt look any older as he did in present time. "... It seems, that they still fight master." Konchi pointed the large blade in his hand at the two. " Like it matters." Xiao and Keyome both stood up with there heads high. "...Alright Xiao... Lets finish this." " Right..". The two began to walk and then before you knew it they were both in a full on sprint charging right into the heat of battle. Xiao's eyes sprung open as he had awaken from his dream. "...." He had been sleeping and flying at the same time again. "....Im gonna find ya bud... Im so close now.." He said taking off into the air and flying even farther out. Finally landing on the ground, his eyes peering up at the dead red sky and the ominous looking mountain. He pulled out his map that he had obtained from the labrynth that day and began to walk forward. As he did, his eyes shot left to right before he removed his shades, walking backwards he'd more than likely accidentally bump into the female possibly knocking her down if she didnt see him coming. Turning around he'd jump out of suprise kicking and punching in mid air in a blind furry at nothing shouting out loud ' WUTA'S!' And, ' Woooo!'s all over the place before finally stopping in a awkward postion blinking in confusement as he turned to eye the female known as Kyoko. " Hey its you.... that one girl... d'ahhh.. whats your name again..?"

Discordia: “Kyoko” She said, her voice barely above a breathless whisper as if she was afraid the slightest noise would alert countless enemies to their location. “And this, this is Raiden” she added as she rested her hand on his head. Her eyes followed the treacherous path up the mountain side. She couldn’t help but feel so miniscule at the cusp of the crag that stretched above them. In the deepest pit of her stomach, a tight knot formed. It was if she could feel the very unnaturalness of the area, but she also knew they were closer. “You are looking for the seal as well aren’t you?” She asked, before continuing on without giving him a chance to answer the very obvious answer he would have given. “We should probably get going.”

DeliriousAres: " Y-Yeah.. im looking f-.." She cut him off and he blinked, nodding his head in approval. " Yeah your right.. Alright sweet cheeks lets get a move on then." He placed both of his hands behind his head. " Man.. this place gives me the creeps..." (( He said eying the surroundings. " I can feel...Onigami all over the place... can you? He's in the air... in the grass... in" He said clenching his chest as he followed up the path with the girl. Gripping tightly to his chest. " Its as if... he's killing this world from just being here... He hasnt even made the move yet but it already..." He cut himself off as he looked up. Eying what looked like an opening to a cave of some sort. He pulled out his map, and looked at the opening, nodding his head, he was on to something. That insignia."Yo sweet cheeks, check it out huh. " He said walking up to the marking of the Cave. He placed his hand on the cold stone, tracing his finger tips along the edges of the marking. As he did, the caves opening shinned a bright light, revealing what to be a door of some sorts. Xiao blinked, and attempted to push the door open but to avail he wasnt able to do the task. " Tch..." Turning his attention back to the symbol. " Whatta ya think it means?" He said turning around to face her, a confused look on his face. When his finger tips tapped at the marking it began to slither like a snake before it spelled out words in an unknown language. But they'd be understand it... though for reasons they wouldnt understand. " The blood... of pure creature, will drain out the taint, and fill the void with purities..." He said blinking in confusion. " What..? What does that even..." He scratched his head.. The wind picking up around the two.

Discordia: Kyoko wasn’t exactly sure about how she felt about being called sweet cheeks, but she was too focused on the issue at hand to make an issue of it. She followed Xian, each step placed carefully on the path so she wouldn’t lose her footing. He was right, the place hung heavy with a dark miasma, and he seemed to cling to every surface clouding it over in shadows and darkness. The further they climbed the darker it seemed to get. Raiden watched carefully as the trio made their decent, his eyes swaying left to right and his senses heightened awaiting any surprises that may lay in wait in the trees that surrounded the path. The trees were barren of their leaves from lack of light and their limbs reached up like fingers curling and clawing at the red sky. They stopped at the entrance and she watched curiously as Xian examined the emblem. It seemed before he could even get the words out about blood of a pure creature she knew exactly what she was to do. Kyoko pulled out her spear and eyed the blade before wrapping her hand around it and clenching a tight fist around it. With a quick motion she slide her hand down, a deep slice parting the center of her palm. Searing pain coursed up her arm, but she gave no more than a soft gasp and clenched her teeth. She pulled her fist away and watched her blood flow freely from the wound before smearing a bloody handprint over the symbol. Her hair whipped around her face as she looked over her shoulder at Xian and Raiden. “What could be purer than the blood of a virgin priestess?”

DeliriousAres: Xiao watched as she brought her blood across the marking. His ears twitched to the hearing of 'virgin' A Wolfish smile broke across his face and his buldged out of his head like some sick pervert. " Mmm Virgin you sayyy?" His voice would sound like Kurbarwas from that Yuyu hakasho as his fingers wavered over her body like some kind of mad man. He blinked, and turned his attention to the door as it shifted, and soon opened up. Xiao returned to his natural focus as he took a deep breathe. " I dont know whats in there.. but i dont care, im gonna find... my best friend." He said walking inside nodding his head and pushing the doors open. They had gotten jammed and Xiao used his hercules like strength to push the doors open with a hard THUMMM! They crashed into the slots as they were rammed open. Dust particles floating through the air as Xiao stood there with his arms swinging back and forth before he nodded his head. " Alright..." He said nodding his head and making his move inside. The gave was shallow, cold.. and dead feeling. " For them hiding him away... you'd think they'd do a better job than th-.." He stopped in his tracks as a bright light was turned on throughout the Cave, lights flashing down the long hall way ahead of them... they looked like modern lights, and the hall way was also of Modern structure. "...C'mon.." Xiao said gripping the girl by the sleeve of her Kimono and pulling her along. " Dont let me forget to get something for that wo-.." He stopped in mid-sentences... had her hand healed itself he would blink in awe and slight confusion. "...." He turned back down the hall before they reached the end of it. A hand rail infront of them that led to nothing... darkness straight head. Nothing could be seen from the gate way just emptiness. Xiao gasped in disappointment. " N-No! it took me a whole 20 years to find this ma-" " This is..." Said an odd voice, " Where you've been hiding hasnt it. Tasanagi." A man in a white suit stood there with his arms crossed next to Xiao and the girl... he had suddenly appeared out of what looked like thin air. " I was waiting for that gate to be opened. I couldnt do it, no one could but... that girl there.." Said the man in the white suit. His blonde hair hanging over his face as he smirked. " Foolish Tasanagi's..." Said the man in the white suit as he pressed his hands on the railing, knocking Xiao away. Xiao blinked and lashed out a punch to the mans head, but his hand phased right through him, a blast of what looked like an invisible forced knocked Xiao back down the hall about 6 feet away. As the man in the white suit hands gripped onto the railing he began to pump some form of energy into it, and as he did.... the empitness of the cave would soon fill itself, everything digitizing... A lab of some sorts. It seemed out of place... errie almost. " Kikens... alchemy lab.." The man in the white suit said. " Heh..." In the middle of the room, a large stone like structure that looked like a oval of some sort sat on top of what looked like a gravitonal pod, the large stone simply roated over and over, the Tasanagi family insignia clearly on the stone. " There you are... the real you... Keyome...Tasanagi..." He said smirking and laughing devilishly to himself. " You are powerful Keyome... even in that cooocon. You managed to force good into the fake you in the real world... Making him go past protocol... Not killing Keyth and simply bringing him here like Kiken instructed you to. You allowed him to go here on his own free will... foolish. The weapon has grown stronger now, you idoit. You even laid down clues for Tetsu Ryoji, and then basically let Keyth in here with him and his friends...You put there lives in danger as well. But why? What did you hope to accomplish by doing that? The Government knew what would happen if you sent him into this place. The monster he would become. And you knew as well... He will destroy our world, just like he'll destroy this one. You really are a monster Tasanagi." (( " Nope..." Xiao said rolling his sleeves up. " You got it all wrong Miami Vice.." A movie refernces Keyome had taught him about. The man in the white suit turned to Xiao, a frown on his face. " Keyome... told me everything...He even told me about you... Agent Angel."(( The man in the white suit smiled as he pulled his shades off, revealing his hallowed out eyes that glowed with white. " Keyome brought Keyth here, and let Keyth live... because... he knew that if he did kill him... that his power from that container there... wouldnt be strong enough to stop his evil self in bringing Keyth here to Kiken. Kiken would have gained full control over Keyth, but with Keyth coming here... he'd have to control Keyth as a puppet instead of him taking Keyths body for his own control. In the end, Keyome knew that Keyth would grow bonds, and his friendship would pull him away from Kiken in the end.... and thats what he's been riding on this whole time..." Agent angel turned his head up. " You mean to tell me...he's looking to use his bonds, to free him? And when did he tell you this!? How do you even know all of this!?" Xiao began to laugh as he walked back over slowly. " What... you cant hear him... He's shouting... i can hear him... I've been able to! Even before i got here! LISTEN CLOSELY!" Xiao said stomping his foot as he pointed at Agent Angel. " ...Im going to destroy you, then this girl. Take Tasanagi's power with the instruments Kiken left here like a fool... Destroy Onigami, and then destroy the rest of his little friends as well... And then... the US government will seize this world. And we'll take over this world as kings..." Xiao smirked. " Yeah whatever... gotta get past me first..." He stood infront of Kyoko. Turning his attention to her she'd hear Xiao in her mind, using the Chi telepathy techinque. " Get to Keyome... i wont be able to beat this guy. You gotta get my buddy out while i distract him. I can feel... somethings off with this guy. Im gonna need ya help. Can i count on you for this?" He said with a light smile on his face before he turned back around to face Agent Angel.

A warrior nowEdit

Discordia: The darkness enveloped them and even with the bright lights of the lab, the cave still felt dark. It was as if no matter how much light was poured into the cavern, it would never be enough to eliminate the darkness. When the man appeared in the white suit, she could feel a buzz of power reverberating from his being… but it was wrong. Kyoko should have been scared, terrified, however she wasn’t. She gripped tightly around the ashes at her neck. She finally knew her purpose and why Tsukuyomi needed her to travel forth into this world. Tsukuyomi’s blood ran in her veins and he was the only family she had ever had, even if they could hardly lived as family. She was a priestess, and she had the most powerful ancestors on her side to watch over her and protect her, and she was not about to let Tsukuyomi down. Plus, it would help Keyth. Her rage boiled inside her at the man who had turned Keyth into the angry being she saw in her mirror. If she was able to help even a little to bring him back to who he wanted to be, then she would give her all. She dropped to one knee and rested her head against Raiden’s. Without exchanging words she knew that he understood she wanted him to stay here and help fight while she completed her task. Raiden looked into Kyoko’s eyes and he wanted to protest but the fierce gaze that peered back at him was enough for him to consent to her wishes. He nodded softly and she threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly… partly to say goodbye and partly to absorb just enough of the magnificent beast’s confidence. She rose to her feet, and gone was the silly little girl who stumbled over her own two feet and ate poisonous mushrooms and instead a warrior stood there. Kyoko gave a nod to Xian before she slipped off into the darkness towards the revolving stone that was the centerpiece to the room.

DeliriousAres: " Your just another stepping stone.." (( Agent Angel said as he took off dashing at Xiao, As he did the large beast would slash across the mans chest with blundering speed. A bust of blood leaking on his red suit as he stood there. " That beast..." He said eying it. " Its from one of those weak gods... isnt it.. thats why you could strike me huh." Agent Agnel shook his head. " This will be fun then.." Xiao leaped next to the tiger, readying himself in a tiger fighting stance. " Im gonna fight like you then!" The beast roared in agreement as they both charged at the man in white. Xiao leaped high in the air sending a flurry of kicks only for them to all be ducked and doged and then his body getting slammed into the wall with a godly throw from Agent Angel. The tiger roared out at Agent Angel a powerful burst of Chi errupting from its mouth as it fired a beam of energy at the man. He made his body phase through the blast. Simply running down the length of the beam and punting the tiger into a table of sorts. Xiao used that time fragment to come down from the sky, striking the agent in the back of the head with an Axe kick, only for the tiger to sweep him acorss his legs making him flip in mid air. They both landed at the same time. Raiden and Xiao both. Agent Agenl stood laughing as he dusted himself off. " Childsplay.." he said turning around to the both of them once again. Agent Angels body began to multiply making replica's of himself. Xiao and Raidens eyes followed as he made 3 versions of himself. Two of them dashing towards Xiao and one to the large feline. Xiaos hands quickly moved to block and counter the strikes of the two Agent Angels but they'd lay the pressure down hard. The feline weaved, leaping back and forth before biting the Agnet angel replicas leg right off with its fercious strength. The same leg began to emiit some strange energy and would explode blowing raiden back once again into the wall. Though he shook it off, bleedin slightly and roaring its proud roar. The two agent angels began to send a flurry of combos on Xiaos body. The one on the right struck him 6 times in the chest with swift hard to read punches, while the other blatently beat him with swift powerful kicks. They both ended the the combo with upper cuts. Leaping in the air at the same time and conjoining there bodies into one and kicking Xiao through the wall with explosive godly force. " Sh-Shit!... That strength... he's even stronger than me..." Agent Angel reached his hand out, gripping Xiao by the throat and throwing him out of the crator he had currently been in. (( He began to strangle Xiao with his explosive strength. " You were just another pawn to him... dont you see. All Tasanagi's do is use people. That's why they must be destoyed." Xiao's hands gripped tightly to the mans arm. " N-No.. your wrong... Keyome... didnt use me... He showed me... what a friend was..!" Flash backs of the both of them in the shinto realm fighting Konchi and Kiken together flourished through his mind, when they had met all the people along the way in there journeys together. " He showed me! What it meant... to be true... to yourself!" He said gripping tightly to Agent Angels arm. " Your a fool... just like the rest.." He tossed Xiao's body to the right making him the ground with a hard thud. Only For Raiden to lunge at him. Catching him in an Orb of some Kind, Agent Angel held him in the airless bubble, with his left leg on Xiao's throat strangling him out. "...Ill finish you both at the same time..." He said with a sinister smirk as he watched them both start to slip into unconciousness.

Discordia : Kyoko ran her hand along the stone examining it closely and she sighed. It was like a huge puzzle and she knew all the pieces were before her she just had to fit them into the right places. Behind her she could hear the scuffles of the fight taking place and she did her best to block out the noise and focus. She closed her eyes and breathed in and out slowly, regulating her breathing, and whispered word “focus” like it was some mantra that would clear her mind. As she did, she felt a presence tugging at her. She felt it pressing and pulling on her and her eyes snapped back and she could suddenly see the chi swirling around the stone encasement, forming an intricate knot. It was almost an instinctual reaction that she started tugging on different threads of the entwined chi. The knot didn’t seem to want to budge and a groan of frustration escaped her lips before she pursed them together and tried again to pull at the giant knot. There were so many different loops and tangles and know way to tell where one started and another ended. Still, she was unyielding and she glared at the knot. She tugged harder, examining each spot and pushing and pulling desperately, begging for it to give. Finally, her concentration paid off and something shifted and a tendril of chi loosened. Her lips curled into a small triumphant smile, and she continued pushing, pulling and tugging. She had a long way to go but the seal was weakening with each strand that came loose. As she focused, a fine sheen of sweat crossed her brow. The pillar came to a stop as she got closer to untangling the mass. Her own tendrils of white chi that looked like moon beams swirled around her and mixed and mingled with the dark red and black chi that formed the knot. The longer she worked the more of her chi filled the area and each time she worked a bit of the seal free some of the darkness dissipated. Finally, the last little tangle released and she was standing there with moon lit tendrils snaking from her body and twisting and turning in the air. The stone encasement exploded around her sending chunks of the rock through the air. She hardly had time to duck and cover before the debris was flying at her. The dust settled around her, and she stood only to see Keyome Tasanagi step forth from the ruble. Kyoko had never seen him before, but Keyth’s eyes peered back at her as she looked him up and down and she knew. Exhaustion swept over her and she swayed, blinking her eyes as she fought to maintain consciousness. With inhumane quickness, Keyome was there to catch her before her legs turned to jelly beneath her. She looked up at him and her voice wavered as she spoke. “Your son seems to think you are a hero and he sort of needs one right about now. Don’t let him down when he needs you most.” It seemed like those few words used the last of her energy up and the world went black around her, but the darkness… it wasn’t the endless darkness that she felt when she first entered the cavern. It was the type of darkness that was warmed by the soft glow of a moon that would steadily guide travelers to their destination and the small priestess had a tender smile on her lips and Keyome laid her softly on to the ground and made his way towards the exit.

The Return, Keyome Tasanagi!Edit

As he laid her body down he'd slowly stand to his feet. The red aura streaming from his body in a glow. (( " Dont worry..." He said turning to agent Angel with a frown on his face. " I will..." Agent angel tensed. " Dammit..." He said under his breathe. " How did she break that seal so fa-" VWOOOSH!  Keyome was in his face out of what seemed like an instant of speed. Lightning exploding from his body in discharges. "...Tasanagi..." Keyome smirked. " Agnel.." Keyome said responded back to the man in the white suit. He attemped to punch Keyome, but with a incredible swiftness Keyome phased through the punches weaving left to right before catching the mans fist in his right hand. " A-Ah!" He said as keyome began to crush his hand in his grip. " You wont terrorize my family... or anyone else... ever again." He said with a thundering voice. With an unknown power, relentless and strong the red aura exploded around Agent angel and Keyomes body. " AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! TH-THIS POWER!?!? WHAT... NO!!!" The aura alone dissipated Anget Angels body... for good this time. Keyomes hand dropped as he stood there, shirtless with a pair of white  Gi pants. He closed his eyes and could hear the fighting about to start miles out. "...I dont feel the gods chi, am i to late." He said looking up at the top of the labortory. He cocked his right hand back. " Push... BLAST!"  One of Keyome, and Tetsu Ryoji's signature moves. It blasted the whole mountains roof off exposing the red sky as the roof was blasted far off into space. " I thought so.... the dark moon." He said clenching his fist. " That's why the gods havent returned yet. And whats powering Kiken and....." He closed his eyes seeing Keyths body heavily demented. " Keyth.." He turned to see the large feline walk over to the girl licking her face and smiled. " Sorry... for the wait..." Xiao said on the ground gasping for air. " Took... ya.. 100 years." Keyome said laughing pulling his friend up on his feet. " Hey... you know how time flys here." He said to Keyome in a fourth wall joke. The tiger had placed the girl on his back. " Dont worry about Raiden... he can carry her, he can handle himself, isnt that right Raiden?" Xiao said as it nodded in approval. " Alright... then lets move..." He channled some of his chi into the girls body, and into the tiger, allowing it to keep up its pace with Keyome and Xiao as the 3 of them blasted out of the mountain with thunderous speed.

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