FANDOM ) Densuke would  be standing on the peak of a hill. Looking over the ever looming battle field…it was  dark grey land…peaks and jagged rocks. Not a hint of dirt for a soft landing…no this was going to be the pennicle of battle. Where it all ends, and a new beginning will come, be it good or bad. A violent breeze rolled through densuke’s hair, as his newest weapon sat holstered on his arm. He had his staff in his right hand, placed firmly on the ground in a symbol of leadership. Densuke would watch…as soilders began to march in form all sides of the vast field for miles on end. As far as the eye could see. Men and women in different suits….in the thaousands. All upheled by their generals. Densuke would even spot Oujin…from this distance. With his legion of blind followers. But then…people would begin to gather behind Densuke as well. For he had aligned with two contents. The frost giants all dressed in their battle gear and the princesses royal army all gathered behind him along with Densuke’s friends, who’d travled this far with him. Each continent stoping one after another…a pause. Of silence roamed across the field. Only the sound of the breeze rose. “Friends…we’re here today as allies.” Densuke spoke to the people who were behind and beside him. “these people will not listen to reason…so we must use war as a method.
As sad as it is…it’s come to this. The violence will draw Onigami…and Kiken. That’s when hopefully…everyone will turn what left over forces they have in alliance rather than opposing. If you can help it don’t kill, we need every number of person we can get when the REAL thereat arrives…and if you can’t promise that…then prepare to make this the fight of your LIFE.” The people behind Densuke let out the very first war cry. The other armies responded. Oujin would smirk. “No war cry needed.” He’s speak loud enough for only his army to hear. He’d then stand in his throne, carried by 20 men underneath him. “STAIND THESE LANDS WITH THEIR CRIMSON BLOOD!” Oujin’s armies made the first move…and the other contenents followed like lambs to a slaughter. The other 6 contenents…each with their own unquie and vast battle abilities would take the center of the field. Densuke held back, wanting to be the last to enter the frey. Densuke would squat down. “LESS TALK MORE BOOTS TO ASSESS! BAHAHAHAHA!” Densuke would dive head first into the battle stream, as he came down slamming his staff into the ground and releasing a large shock wave, leveling a crowd of men, mixed in. Although in this crowd, even an even  hundred is nothing but a scratch on the surface. Densuke would then begin to combat each foe as they presented themselves, swing his staff around with his tail, while hand to hand combating many soilders left and right. The enemies however were more viscious than expected to be...not like Densuke wasn’t used to war by now.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos looks over the battlefeild it was dark, dead and just down right gloomy. He looks out and all around seeing the vast armies of all the contenets.. "Man.. this is gonna be hell.." he sighs a bit and looks and can see Ming atop one of the large hills. His cape blowing in the wing. His red eyes looking right at him. Then from all sides of the hill legions of his undead warriors come into the battle. Ming stands there, only watching. Ayperos then looks as Densuke drops down and Ayperos then takes a mighty leap and goes down to the earth. He spins rapidly, water forming a cyclone around him. He then hits and everyone around him is scattered by the force of the empacted and water. The hit causes a good sized crater in the ground, about the size of two 16 weelers and their trailers. The fore didn't kill anyone, but left them out cold. this would have hit a goo 150 people. Ayperos stands up and ice starts to form on his arms, forming two large hammers. He was told to try not to kill anyone and so this is what he did. he smiles a bit as he starts to be rushed from all sides by different contenets warriors. Ayperos dodges and blocks accordingly and tacks a few out with a counter to the face. He runs up to a few and take them out and once again getts rushed from all sides. He blocks and jabs a few of them before going up and balancing on the hammers, he then starts to spin around usung his arms.(( Black_Leg_Style_Infobox.png ))His legs extended out smaking people around him hard in the face. It looked as though he was busting a street move, but was using it as combat. He then started to use he arms as well as his feed cloncking people in the gut and kicking them in the face. He does this for a few mor seconds before he jumps up landing on another person taking them out as well. doing all this put him up to the 500 out mark, but this still wasn't even a chunk out of the armies. He then looks up and sees Ming as he jumps down off the cliff. As he hits the ground all Ayperos can see is a flash of red, then people flying through the air and screaming as they do. Ming has joined the fight earlly. Ayperos doing so is then covered by warriors trying to stop him. But as what happened with the undead he breaks out in a blast of water, people flying every which direction. He looks around at the cluster fuck of people, dieing and screaming. from being covered he has cuts and scraps on his face, his eyes glow brighter than ever as he lets out a laud battle cry Water forming above him. it then engulfs him and startes to turn into a massive dragon. it startes to solidify into a black and blue dragon (( )) , It stands on its hind legs and then smashes down onto the ground, the quake making everyone around it hobble back. The dagon lets out a blood curddling sound that shakes the very ground as it then whipes its tail, sending people flying back. It starts to just rampage through the battle feild, wounding the enemys but not killing them. *Elsewhere on the battlefeild.* Ming ripps through warriors, his movement so fast that some didn't even know they where cut in half untill they fell to peices. Ming fights will no mercy, no hesitation. His figure looks as though it flashes through the battlefeild only being seen when he stays in one spot, butchering his foes. He goes up and grabs one of the warriors by the face and squeezes the helmet, making it cumble and then throws him, the warrior then being impaled on a pike. He starts to spin around the massive blade cutting through warriors as he goes. not only is he useing the blade but send off a few devistating punches and kickes as he goes. Ming stops and looks as the warriors of legend fight. Red lighting starts to strike around him and his eyes glow bight red. Red energy starts to form in his hand as he holds his hand up palm open, he then lets out a gunt and lets loose a beam of energy. it ripps through the croud and goes a good football feild out, all in its pathing being turned to dust. He laughs and looks around, blood spatter all over his helmet and armer. he then goes back to slaughtering any in his path, not caring who he was attacking, he just loved the smell of blood

( ) Stomps could be heard throughout the field as Densuke held his staff in his mouth and began to clothesline the throats of everyone he ran past. His body was nothing short of a sonic blurr, coated in a golden stream as he soared through, only to stop and hop forward flipping with a twist. He’d perch himself on the shoulders of one of the emeperors soilders and wrap his legs around his neck, only to push himself backwards, and toss his body at such a speed, the soilders body ignited and soared through a crowd of hundreds like a raging fireball. Densuke would then take his staff and hold it with his tail, only to begin break dancing with a series of giant pressure waves, 7 ft in height, swinging from his feet. He’d move along the crowd, keeping control and distance from almost every enemy there. After which, he’d continue his assault. He’d levitate his staff in the air, and activate his star breaker guantlets. “Crowd control muthafucka!” ( ) Densuke would form the “hands of the giants” as he like to call then, and began faling his arms about like a child with a violent tempertantum, Smashing, lashing, and knocking enemies away like flies, as they flew into the air, screaming their heads off. Out of spite Densuke did directly target some of emperor Oujin’s men, and with a sadistic smile on his face, Densuke would stretch his right chi arm backwards. As It traveled further and further, he’d twist it along the way, until it looked like a giant golden rope with a fist on the end of it to match. He’d then lean forward, pulling it’s weight entirely, only to bring, hundreds of men with him on the surface of fist, those men that were foolish enough to stand in the way that is. When Densuke thrusted his fist forward reaching the peak of his punch, he’d cleared a 2 mile long pathway, between the crowd, this however was filled back in shortly by even more blood thirsty soilders. Densuke would girt his teeth and proceed forward, however he’d be stoped by a fireball that emerged form the sky. He’d look up, and see floating suits of angelic looking armor ( ) Densuke would stomp his foot in the ground, shaking the soilders in his area. He’d never let his chi roam this loose in this realm unless he had to and now was the time. “Gotta prevent them fr-….” Densuke would see a hooded figure standing in the middle of the battle field.. He wore only black garbs and had his face covered…but he’d had the same aura signature as Onigami..meaning one thing. It had to be..( )”KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYTH!” Densuke would squat, releasing a large wave of yellow chi, only to push it under him, his body soaring like a rocket in the sky. Before going for Keyth he knew he had to “clear the air” so to speak. He’d analyze everything in the air, from the hundreds of ark angel looking creatures, to the giant hovering demonic looking birds. Densuke didn’t want to let the team down…but he knew he had to be the one to take a crack at Onigami, to at least get a feel. Densuke would ball up, and flip forward in a sonic the hedgehog like motion, only to then propel himself into the torso of an armored demon, splitting it’s body into pieces from impact. He’d then bounce around to multiples of these enimies, one after another, after another, after another, looking like a literal shooting star. Densuke would then pause momentarily, to draw his staff and spin himself and the staff violently, heading towards a demonic bird.( ) It’s body was the size of a mountain, but that didn’t mean shit to Densuke. He’d spin himself until he turned his beign into a gold tornado with a pearl white edge. He’d then slam the staff on the birds neck, causing it to release a lareger than life cry of pain and agony. Densuke would then add insult to injury and and when on top of it, thrust his staff into it’s neck, and take control of it as a mount. He’d then use his tail to hold the staff in place and steer the bird, while he made his giant gold chi hands again. He’d turn the bird and fly in a beeline pattern, followed by a series of left to right strides, heading right for Keyth on the ground, with his right fist cocked back in an attempt to attack him, from this high altitude. “DON’T YOU FUCKING IGNORE ME!!!” Weather keyth’ responded or not, Densuke would thrust his right fist forward. Weather the giant fist hit or missed, it would cuase a large gold wave of cressent chi to brim on the battle field, erupting in a golden pillar of energy that would shoot straight into the bloodied red sky.

DelriousAres: DeliriousAres: (( On what looked like a large dark cloud ahead, the war had just stared people rushed out to the midts of the battle field. Rushing in fighting each other. As the Dark cloud loomed over head, tornoados ripped across the plains, thunderstrikes clashing across the skies and onto the ground. Men in 10 different uniforms flooded across one bloody battle field that stretched for what seemed like endless miles. The ground soaked in blood, death decaying the air, making it hot and stale... and burning. An everlasting burning in the air. Heads rolled, Organs torned. Screams of Victory and pain, screams of Death seared through the air smearing itself over the faces the bodies, the skin of all the soliders. The Dark Moon shinned down on the fighting after it moved back into its orginal position. its eye closed shut though it was soaking up all the power. The Dark cloud continued to seap over head untill the fighting would come to a cease for what seemed like a brief moment. " Oujin looked up at the cloud after decapitating a man. His eyes peered up at the... Large... Demonic creature that blocked out the light. " Wha-What..." Said one of the Gin soliders. A loud hellish siren could be heard as the creature shouted its battle cry. And as he did, Demonic looking humans began to fling themselves from the creature soaring down to the ground with blades in there hands. They all wore heavy black armour, thousands upon thousands, of demonic men began to pour from the sky. And then even more out of the ground. Tanaban, Danchou, Drakin... they all leaped off of the Demon as well dressed in there helish attire as they stood to there full terrifying heights. There bodies radiating with the Dark moons power. A Barrier appeared around the Dark moon again as it shinned brightly its eye finally opening. A hoodded male still stood on top of the demon, his blade robe waving heavily in the wind. His cold eyes darted to the right soon making eye contact with the Dark moon. Its eyes Met the Hooded mans eyes. Both shining bright golden. The hooded man pointed to 6 different places on the battle field.... and all 6 of those places errupted with explosive chi, destroying about 100 men or so with each plast from the sky. The hooded man soon pulled both of his hands apart, waving them swiftly as he did the earth began to shake, clapping his hands together and then slamming it into the head of the dragon he was on it'd combust the dragon into 800,000 droplets of blood... each droplet turning into blades as they hit the ground killing men all over the battle feild, there bodies getting sliced ripped, stabbbed gashed destroyed and completely erdicated. (( The hooded male floated from the sky slowly as the cries of the men attacked by the blades from above all died instantly. All of the soliders from all sides scattered as the hooded man landed, a circle around him as he slowly stooded to his full height. " Its... Its... ONIGAMIIII!!!!!" Said one of the soliders from the land of Ho. Oujin tensed. " DESTROY HIM, DESTROY HIM NOW!" over 800 men rushed in at the hooded mans location at once. His eyes open wide and as they did an explosive electric shock wave of black lightning errupted from his body making all of the soliders that charged him burst into dust on impact. ".....Weaklings..." The hooded man said as he turned to see Oujin from the other side of the battle field. Yuna stood next to him, she was sheer terror.... Oujin kept a firm look on his face though. The hooded man smirked and blew a small breathe of air, that travled 8 miles out and knocked Oujin off his horse making him stumble to his feet before he shouted at the top of his lungs. " I DONT CARE WHAT FACTION YOU ARE FROM, DESTROY HIM, KILL ALL OF THE DEMONS, KILL THEM, ALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!" Onigami's army began to charge as well fighting whoever they came in contact with. Slicing down men left and right as the Onigami stood in the middle of it all with his head down. His hood covering his face.

Impresssed: ( Felicity would almost taste the death in the air as she watched from a far. The battle is no longer a battle, it’s war. The sky was dark and the weather was giving her chills. She was crouched down in a hill watching the battle go down. She saw many men go down and creatures as well. They looked much worse than she imagined they’d be. “I’ve seen worse..” She muttered standing up. She smiled big and set herself up to charge at the hideous creatures running about on the field. She jetted to the center of the field, her reckless behavior caused one of the creatures to catch her by her sword and pick her up like an ant. She dangled in the air as it stared down at her just as it was about to rip off her arm, her smile was gone but it quickly returned as she pulled her body up and used both her feet to kick him down causing him to release her sword. The creature fell back and let go of her, she landed on it’s chest and pulled her sword above her and straight down through it’s torso. She giggled and jumped off of it. She could smell the rotted flesh and the screams of everyone and their battle cries. This was definitely getting intense. She could feel the breath of another individual near by her, she clenched tightly on to her sword and swung around cutting it in half. The two halves spit on both sides of her, just then she looked up and saw that the half she cut off was only the creature’s leg. She looked up more to see it was about 9 feet taller than she thought. She gulped as it groaned and reached down to slam his hand to crush her. She couldn't have time to run or move out the way so she sliced all of it’s fingers off before he could crush her, the creature yelled and was in extreme pain obviously pissed off he reached down with his other hand, although she had just enough time to climb up his arm in extreme speed she jabbed his eyes with her sword, he swung his arm up to swat at her, she cartwheeled over his shoulders, the creature missed every time he tried to swat at her. Felicity laughed at it’s failures. “You’re pathetic for a big guy.” She said just as she jumped off his shoulders sticking the sword in it’s chest and dragging the sword down through his chest as all of his intestines and organs spilled out she hurried off. “God this place was a blood bath..” She spoke exhaustedly but her adrenaline kept her going. She ran to attack more monsters that were in the midst of trying to kill her allies. “Come on! Felicity wants to play too!” She yelled throwing herself at the creatures. She was obviously in her wonderland.

LightFang: -The war was ripping through the lands as the 10 continents were waged in conflict against a figure known as Onigami. The red sky only accented by the dark clouds and the rain of blood caused from all this violence. As the body count rose so did the stench of death and decay. This plot of land will probably never recover from what is undergoing right now. Aiden stood atop the cliffs above the battle ground. He was analyzing the tactics of both sides before charging in. "The 10 continents cant win if they keep fighting like this. Can't they see they are fighting a war on two fronts." Aiden contemplated a few things over in his mind. Why was he even here? He told Densuke it wasn't really a problem of his but still He just couldn't deny this battle needed to be stopped. He blew a puff of air from his mouth quickly in disgust, "Guess I changed my answer Densuke.."( "This is war." Aiden looked to his left shoulder seeing Zyacsor sitting on his shoulder. That look was all it took to let him know to hold on as Aiden lept into the air. A light ring started to shine around Aiden's neck as The Amulet of Susano'o apeared on his neck. Using this he chaneled chi from his feet and changed it to the element of wind providing him enough lift to skate down the side of the cliff with amazing speed. Within seconds he had moved into the battle field.Demonic soldiers and Edo soldiers everywhere with the ocasional dragon and giant monster here or there. Aiden knew he would have to push his limits in this fight. The only problem was, he still didn't know his limits. Aiden dashed into the field of demonic soldiers dodging swords and claws alike. He moved with such finess it was uncanny to any of these monsters. He managed to get to the middle of a good bunch of them before he streched his arms out. His body then started to glow from the large amount of chi he was pushing out. A shimmery white sphere of chi started to emulate around his body before it expanded rapidly. As it expanded it would catch any thing it touched in the wall and bind it there as it pushed it back collecting more and more demons. It looked like one giant demon tomodachi once it hit 10 meters. It stoped there as Aiden didn't want to push it further. He then sent out the secondary wave oif chi that hit the barrier and made it expell all the demons contained within in the alternating directions with a huge ammount of velocity. This strength, given the size of the barrier, was enough to rip the demons bodies into a vapor of blood leaving a ten meter in diameter ring of blood around Aiden. He dropped his arms and looked around as the field and been cleared of nearly 80 demons but more just seemed to want to jump in to take their place. Aiden gave a smirk as he saw these monsters eagerness to die. "Soldiers! Advance, do not let these heithens gain any ground on you." Aiden said as he raised his right hand in the air and the Sword of Kusanagi appeared in his hand. The Mirror of Yata also apeared on his left arm as it normally did in unison with the sword. He pointed the sword toward the leagion of demons moving in on them. "Charge!!!" He yelled as hundreds of warriors ran past him with stern battle cries. Seeing Aiden's display must have given them courage and improved their moral. Along with Densuke making a mess of his own on the battlefield, many of the warriors began shouting things like "The Gods are with us now!" and "Prepare to take on the Gods!"-

DeliriousAres: " DONT YOU FUCKIN IGNORE MEEE!!!!!!" (( As Densuke screamed his battle cry out Keyth simply brought his right hand up a force of chi blocked the attack full on extended it into a clash of some sort. Keyths right arm fully extended with a barrier around his hand while Densuke was fully extended himself. Lights flashed bluring flares of chi flew all across the battle field, flying from left to right. The power struggle made the ground errupt around there clash, mountains toppled in the back ground from the immense power. " Stay out of my way Densuke..." Keyth said with a doubled tone. " Dont make me... kill you to." He said finally pushing his arm forward with so much force, so much power that the air around his hand turned green meaning the he had pushed past this realms reality, creating a sub space of some sort due to force along. The push would be so powerful so explosive it'd feel like a planet blew Densuke back 6 miles out through the battle field ripping through the soliders, undead and alive. Danchou Had been on the other side of the battle field crushing the necks of men left to right a cold stare in his face. Tanaban flew around the battle field firing beams of hellish chi into enemies and ally killing them off with no remorse. Even Drakin had got in with the relentless killing. Knocking peoples limbs off moving in satanic blurs as he brutally murdered everything he came across. If the push knocked Densuke back Keyth would simply began to levitate as he floated high in the air, placing his right hand up he'd call forth the power of the dark moon again. A beam of red chi forming in the middle of his hand and like some kind of heat seeking bombing system, keyth began to point with a rapid speed, highlighting 35 places on the battle field before he crushed the energy ball in his hand, and 35 rays of small beams flew from that same hand, hitting the designated areas causing massive nuke like explosions that littered the battle field.

xXAyperosXx: The blue and black dragon ((Ayperos)) Would look and start stomping across the battlefeild swinging its head and tail, taking people out left and right. It looked up with bright blue eyes seeing the demonic beings and then on the ground as they pop up from there as well. The dragon then heaved in and let loose an icey breath at the ones comeing from the sky, making them shatter to peices as they hit the ground. He whiped his tail across the feild, sending the demons and warriors flying across the battlefeild. Ayperos was tired of this slaughter, he wantded it to end. Looks up as a hooded figure comes down to the battle feild and watched as it killed all the wariors comeing at it. He then sees Densuke and shakes it off continuing to take out the demons that he could as well as the soldiers. He opens his wings, flapping them once, making everyone in a 20 yard radious of him fall to the ground. He takes flight, demons comeing at him from all sides smaking into him and landing on his back. They start attacking hitting his scales, they being like armor so for the most part protects him. Water clones of Ayperos start to come out of his back, attacking the demons, throwing them off and sliceing at them. As they are all gone The clones form back into the dragons body and it looks down at the battlefeild. And goes back to attacking the demons that come at him. *Back down on the battlefeild* Ming continues to slaughter and then looks up seeing the Dragon. 'Ayperos..." He holds up his sword pointing at him and as he does a ball of Red energy starts to form at the tip before its released right at him. The beam heading right at the dragons head and being to occupied with the battle is hit directly. It falls from the sky in a puff of smoke and lands.. Its turns back to water showing Ayperos laying on the ground. He gets up, on of his horns chipped off a good inch or two and the armor on his right shoulder busted.. He shakes his head before Ming runs up slashing his sword at him, Ayperos quickly bends back, the sword cutting off some hair.. As he bent back Ayperos flipped kicking Ming in the face, his Helm shooting off as he stumbles. Ming covers his face and then moves it slowly.. Ayperos was shocked.. 'W... What?" He was interupted as a a beem hit not far from the too. Ayperos covered himself in a water sheild and Ming was blasted away. Ayperos looks around as his ears where ringing and then went back to kicking ass. Ming stands up not to far away. He looks around and then see's Aiden with a smile. He blast a beam beside him to grab his attention and if Aiden looked he would look just like Ayperos, but with spiked hair, red eyes and a smiled filled with sharp jagged teeth. Ming was challanging Aiden to come at him, and waiting, slashing a few soldiers running at him. 

Discordia: As Kyoko watched, blackness started filling the void and closing around the image before her. A look of horror marred her visage and she pulled herself to her feet and rushed to the closing portal. It closed just before she reached it and she let out a scream of frustration and banged her fists on the surface. The last sight she saw was of Xiao being dragged into darkness and Keyome being impaled by more blades than she could count and she was helpless to do anything to save them. A tear streamed down her cheek. It was a futile effort and there was no way to break through. She slumped to the ground, weary yet knowing she did not have time to rest. Even alone on the moon she could hear the clash of armies going at it below her. Raiden gave her a roar of an encouragement and approached her, pressing his muzzle to her forehead. As he did so, he poured chi into her body causing the wounds that she had acquired during the fight with her Dark Half. It was as if a cold creeping feeling washed over her body and receded to reveal unflawed skin where her wounds had been. Her breathing became easier as the gash on her rib cage was repaired. When she was healed, the tiger backed away and gave her a look that was mingled with pride and urgency. She rose to her feet and stretched, her body felt so foreign to her as it pumped with Keyome and Raiden’s chi and her mind fluttered with all the information he had passed down to her. A halo of the various chi surrounded and reverberated off of her. Kyoko reached down and grabbed a hold of her skirt and tugged on one of the already existing rips. The fabric gave way, shortening her skirt enough to give her legs free range of motion. She walked over to where her shield and spear had laid scattered on the moon’s rocky terrain. She fastened them to her bag which she then fastened to the tiger’s collar. “You ready.” She said as she pulled out the sais that Hachiman had given her. Raiden gave her a nod and they both took off in a dead sprint before jumping from the edge of the moon and landing in a free fall. Their bodies plummeted towards the earth and Kyoko’s body pumped with adrenalin. As Raiden fell his body began to grow and expand as he released chi. As the battle rushed at them, Kyoko let out a loud battle cry and released a blast of pressurized air which did two things, first it cushioned their landing and second, anyone within 50 feet of where she landed was knocked to the ground from the force of the blast. Kyoko looked around at the battle field and innately knew that the person she was looking for was not going to be here. He would be lurking in the shadows, plotting and planning, moving all the pieces into place then watching the show. She closed her eyes and felt out the different chi, looking for anyone with powerful enough chi who should be in the battle that wasn’t. Her eyelids flicked open and she glared in the direction where she sensed what could only be him. Even though she doubted he would even be paying attention to the small priestess she screamed out in rage “KIKEN, I’M COMING FOR YOU SO I HIDE ALL YOU LIKE YOU WON’T ESCAPE. I SEE YOU NOW LURKING IN THE SHADOWS.”

( )Densuke would press his fist as hard as he could, in the struggle when keyth’s defense was more than strong to withstand the force of Densuke’s blow. As their energies clashed, Densuke would be the looser of this struggle, being sent flying miles backwards, six to be exact. His body felt like it’d been jammed between the foot of a planet and the soil of titanium. His body was in pain, it almost caused him to pass out on impact…so this is Onigami’s power. Densuke would open his eyes wide, looking directly at Keyth even from this distance. He’d back flip, and land, in a crouch, stopping himself with one hand. Men all around him, he’d even seen three hellish looking generals flying around the field and causing a massive destruction of their own. Densuke would grip his fist tight as he saw Keyth rise up, and begin to form a massive ball of energy. It had to have correlation with the eye, as Densuke could feel both of their chis in “resonance” with one another. Densuke would run forward, back towards Keyth. Some would call this idiocy, but Densuke preferred to think of it as “not giving up”. “EVERYONE, DEFEND YOURSELVES!” ( ) Densuke would draw his staff, and while running he’d fashion it like he was holstering a bow and arrow. Amazingly he’d start to aim and pull back, on it forming a string made of white chi and his staff bending as if it was a bow itself. At sonic speed, Densuke would begin rapidly firing an array of gold arrows at the individual blast, Keyth took it upon himself to shoot. While he could not shoot them all, using his enhanced danger sense, and accuracy he was able to pinpoint the main locations of his friends, and people in his general army. For every one blast from onigami, Densuke would rapid fire 20 arrows at it, followed by causing them to explode using his special ability, it would create a wild array of energy like fireworks. Out of the thirty five however, Densuke only managed to hit 20, as he was already arriving closer to keyth’s location. He’d leave it to the others to make shift of those blast. The ones that hit the ground would send wind through out the area, blowing densuke’s clothing wildly, and his hair also. “GONNA TAKE MORE THAN THAT YOU PIECE OF TRADEROUS SHIT!” Densuke would be running until he was now under keyth’s location. Weather Keyth expected it or not, he would stop, and slide across the ground, using his momentum and his star breaker giant fist, he’d launch it back, but at a much quicker pace as not to waste time. He’d then draw it forward, and with an open palm he’d attempt to smack Keyth out of the air, and plunge his body down to the ground, only this time it would have enough force to send him underground, deep into the burrows of the earths mantle. If it hit Densuke would follow him until Keyth would land in an opening deep underground. It would be dark, only with the light of densuke’s golden chi rushing at him as he descended downwards to continue his battle with Keyth. If the smack missed however, Densuke wouldn’t hesitate to spin his body and draw his staff, forming it into a bow yet again. He’d then begin rapid firing thousands, literal thousands of arrows at keyth’s body, mainly meant to pierce areas that would cause massive blood loss. Each arrow if it hit, would hit with the force of a meteor breaking the atmosphere and crashing to earth. Densuke didn’t want to kill Keyth, but he had to be weakened, in order to stop the main problem in this war as of now i.e the Onigami.

DeliriousAres: (( eyes shot left to right as he witnessed Densuke destroy all of his attacks. Within his own mind Keyth had been shouting. " YEAAHHH DENSUKE! THATS HOW YOU DO IT!" Though his words could not be heard in the demonic form... he was far to lost in the curse at this point. Drakin walked across the battle field, ripping limbs off everyone he passed by as he continued to march through the battled field... His eyes shooting over to a small female fighting her way through the soliders. His eyes slanted as he began his slow march to Felicity. The attack from Densuke connected. Knocking Keyths body travled through the earth ripping it up as he continued to blast through the ground. His left eye was closed though during the fall he had did something odd... his body phased through the ground even further on.. But Keyth landed in the underground area where Densuke soon followed. An after image maybe..? He stood slowly... seeing Densuke lower himself from underground. "....Why Ryoji.. why do you persist." Keyth said as he clenched his fist tightly the walls around them shaking before his body had its own glow of bright hell red. Kiken had been standing on a mountain listening to Kyoko's cries to face him. " The foolish priest wishes to fight me. In over head." Kiken said opened his eyes staring at the dark moon. " Bring the girl to me Konchi, once she is gone... then we wont have to worry of our Seal weakening again." As he spoke his words Konchi used his eyes to teleport the girl to his location. She'd appear right infront of him. " Kyoko..." Kiken said with a smirk on his face. " Nice of you to join me up here... it is a beautiful.. NIGHT!" He said attempting to slam a powerful punch into the females face. (( Mean while back to Densuke and Keyth... they'd be circling each other more than likely as there bodies played as laterns. "....I told you... to stay out of my way.... " Keyth said. Vwoosh! Densuke and Keyths body would go on a full fledge assualt on one another. Fighting toe to toe. The impaacts causing shock waves to errupt through the ground. Densuke seemed to be a even pair for Keyth when.. Keyth sent an uppercut to Densuke but he waved back dodging the attack, lunging forward with his own strike only for Keyth to spin his body out of the way, creating a barrier infront of Densuke so it'd seem like he crashed into a wall. As Densuke hit the barrier Keyth would pull his body back in a full flip and send another barrier wall into Densuke body from the back and then the right and left, incasing him in a small holding like space. "...." Keyth got down into what looked like a chidori of sorts with his right hand down and his left hand down. His blade appeared in his hand lighting flaring out of his right. He fired a pool of Black lighting into the opening of the force barrier he placed Densuke in. And then tucked his blade to the right channling chi into his body doing the cleaver shot, the full extended one as he sped forward his body coated in gold as he rammed his blade through the barrier, impaling Densuke through the stomach, the black lightning that had been frying him would then seap into his blade. So When Keyth ripped it out of Densukes stomach an explosive force of red and black chi would engulf him shattering the barriers and leaving Densuke on the ground bleeding out... he appeared dead. "....I told you... to stay out of my way..." He said as Keyths cloned faded away. When Densuke Knocked Keyth away into the earth his real body continued to go down, he instead left a clone to fight Densuke. (( Keyth sat in the core of the earth, corrupting it with his Dark Hadou, converting the godly planets power into his own as it consumed him his power grew.... and farther than it should have at this point. Keyth blasted out of the core his hands pressing against the ground that the battle field had been on. And with all the energy he just consumed he fired all of the CHi into the ground, it spanded litterally across the whole battle field... the ground beneathe them would turn gray as it all molted down into a lava like state. The whole battle field would glow a bright red soliders stopping in mid battle as they all looked down at what was happening, even the demons. With one push of Chi, keyth unleashed all of the Chi as it engulfed the battle field killing everything that couldnt withstand the blast as it destryoed all the soliders even his own. Anyone that didnt get to some form of safety would be erdicated if there bodies couldnt handle it. With the explosions of lava and chi tarnashing the battle filed Keyths body exploded out of the ground wings extended.... he roared a demonic roar as his body had altered completely, his hair hanging all the way to his back all of his teeth had sharpned and his hood had been completely ripped apart. The Dark moon grew a bit larger taking in all of the dead souls at once as it grew in even more power. Keyths body continued to float high in the sky... watching the carnage.

Impresssed: Felicity was in the middle of flipped an oddly looking creature over her shoulder knocking it into another creature causing them to collapse unconsciously ontop of each other. “Woah woah boys.” She chuckled turning around to them. “PDA is so overrated..” She said skewering the sharp blade through them both, lifting them up she swung them into another group of monsters. She glanced in the corner of her eye and noticed Densuke fighting... Keyth? Felicity looked closely.. ‘That’s not.. Keyth..’ she thought to herself almost losing her guard she spotted a hand grab her ankle. She fell over as it pulled on her ankle causing her to obviously fall, but as it was about to pounce on her she held up her sword fast enough for it to jump onto the sharp large bloody blade, she stood up quickly peeling the body off her sword. She glanced back at Densuke and saw him on the ground, bleeding away. She gasped about to run to him, but something caught her eye, someone.. or thing was coming towards her. She didn’t know what to do, if she were to go try and help Densuke that thing would continue to come at her. She shook her head confused, but she knew he could take care of himself and would want her to stay safe. Just as she was about to turn around she was face to face with possibly the most ugliest, horrid smelling creature she laid eyes upon this whole battle. She gulped trying to hold her breath. “Jeez, showers don’t exist here..?” She mocked jumping back as it tried to swing at her. She needed to focus on trying not to get killed by this thing and the other thing coming towards her? She needed to get her shit together quickly. Felicity hurried to slash at the creature and get it out of her way.

LightFang: -( Aiden's chi was rising as he saw the attacks coming toward his.He noticed they would hit in clash and the last three waves would burst on the contact The burst would send the six waves out in different directions five of them raining down on the battle field and killing demons and a few edo soldiers in their mix. However one of the waves continued of in a strate colision with the three minor blasts. It managed to rip through all three of them before it disapated. Aiden used this as a moment. He turned his body upside down and blast himself to the ground making it so the final blast was unable to hit him as he was no longer in the place it was aimed. He landed on the ground and began a rush on Ming. "One." Aiden said as he began to count. His hand holding Kusanagi was extended out to the side as Kusanagi started to change form into a large war fan. "Arashi-no-Uchiwa!" Aiden would yell as he looked up at Ming before swinging the fan. The enchantment of the fan would activate and a large funnel cloud would form arround Ming. The spiralling winds producing a sharp cutting edge should he try to move out of it. The ripping effects of the wind would be enough to rip through his armor and send him flying of from the shear power. Not only his but it caused a rifling storm to brew up. Aiden would drop into a gaurd with the fan back handed for easier use as the lightning started. Cracks of lightning would scorch through the sky and singe the ground with ten-thousand volts. These strikes easliy would kill a man or demon alike should one hit and since they were based on Aidens will he had a bit of control over where they strike. He produced 3 strikes to target Ming two seconds apart each time. Aiden only needed one of these strikes to hit as he was certain it was more than enough to obliterate Ming's body and spirit alike in one go. At this time there were large tremors and seismic activity all around. Aiden wondered what was about to happen and prepared for the worst, but he couldn't predict what was going on just beneath his feet. Zyacsor could however, sensing the large amount of dark hadou the tiny dragon seemed to melt into Aiden's shoulder. Aiden could feel the strange phenominon going on and turned to see the dragon forming into his body. "What are you doing?" Aiden asked the dragon. Before he even finished the statement he knew the answer as their minds linked. His aura grew brighter and solid white horns grew from his head. His shirt was ripped off from the force of two shining white dragon wings growing from his body. A tail also jutted out of his lower back before his hands and feet turned into scale covered claws. Aiden felt a huge surge of power within him as he rose into the sky. The explosion of lava and dark hadou erupted and passed Aiden almsot like a warm wind as he tanked through the hit. He would return his war fan and shield to their dromant state and crack his knuckles after the wave subsided. "Alright then, whos next."-

Discordia: As she screamed, it alerted several demons of her location and they converged on her. Raiden snapped the nearest one up and shook it vigorously before tossing the limp body to the ground. With her sais and the knowledge of Keyome’s thunderous punching she laid a barrage of piercing blows on her enemies, her sais now coated in the foul black blood of the demons. The tiger now stood well over 100 feet in the air and stretched out several hundred. His tail alone whipped back and forth knocking over countless demons who were crawling their way towards his priestess. Raiden’s head whipped back and a mighty roar filled the air causing the ground to tremble and quake. He lead the path of destruction towards Kiken while Kyoko dealt with anything that managed to slip by him. As she pierced her sai into the eye socket of a hideous demon that stood a few feet taller than her, the ground began to crack and a huge rift ripped through it as a pair of obsidian claws shot through the opening. The earth ripped further away as a two headed behemoth emerged before the pair. On closer inspection, the demons entire torso was comprised of the heads of the souls it had consumed. Each mouth gaped open, wailing and screeching in protest forming a cacophony of horror that ripped through the air. Before it fully materialized, Raiden was already pouncing on its chest, shredding it with his mighty claws. Kyoko stood her ground and focused as her chi flared around her. She tapped into the abilities Keyome had graced her with and began to build up pressure in the air around her, compressing it and contorting it at her will. As the pressure extended and reached in every direction, the monster used one of its mighty arms to fling her beloved Raiden to the side. He slid across the battle field, crashing into demon and human alike. As the Giant demon watched the feline, Kyoko let out a loud scream and released the air she had been building up. As it shot towards the enemy, bits and pieces of armor, weapons, corpses and whatever else littered the field between the two were picked up and flew at the demon. The air pressure alone was enough to shred the rotting skin while the shrapnel imbedded and smacked into him. He stumbled and fell into the ground. By this time Raiden had found his footing and was on his feet. Kyoko didn’t waste time to see if the demon was dead or alive and instead started sprinting towards the direction she sensed the dark evil chi. Raiden followed suit. “We don’t have time to fight everyone and everything that gets in our way, nor do we have the energy.” As she spoke, the sounds of the battle grew distant and she appeared before Kiken. “Nothing like a dance with the devil in the pale moonlight” she said as his fist swung towards her face. As it did, time seemed to slow and give her ample time to bob and weave to the left. Her fist tightened around the handle of the sai and she swung a left hook that carried the weight of ten punches towards his jaw. If he were to dodge the, her right was already flying towards him with an uppercut. “Do you always pick on the weak Mr Kiken?” She asked as her eyes fiercly bore into him. “Did you figure I would give you something to do while you waited out the damage you so carefully orchestrated? You underestimate me and you underestimate the other champions and most importantly you underestimate Keyth.” As Keyko stood toe to toe with Kiken, Raiden raged on the battle field tearing into everything he could reach, furious Kyoko had been torn away from him. He was so enraged he barely had time to build a barrier of chi as the wave of destruction decimated the battlefield.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would be fighting and then look down as the ground started to change and instantly jump straight up, forming water wings from the water that was used for his creations, he looks over at felicity and quickle flew right above the battle ground, his wings sliceing the monsters that came at her in half and grabs her quickly ((If allowed)), He then shoots to the sky, completly avoiding the explosion of lava. He looks at the death and destruction of the battlefeild. Everything starts to go black as Sujins voice is heard in a weakened state. "Ayperos.. I don't have much time... by now you have noticed that Ming is your evil alterego... You or one of your friends must kill him if you want to have the power to survive this battle.. take back in the darkness... take control of it.. Use it.. or you will die this day..." The blackness fades back to the explosion of the battle feild with felicity in his arms. *Ming* Ming looks at Aiden to late and is surrounded by a vortex and he looks around before looking up sing the storm. He groand but Attenpts to get out and is met with the ripping force of the vortex as it rips through his armor shredding it in places like his shoulder arm and torso. He yells as he is flown through the air and off the battle feild. He lands hard and his sword falls sticking in the ground beside him. "No... I will not die by his hand.. i refuse..." He gets up grabing his sword and starts to walk back to the edge of the battle feild seeing the massive feild of lava.

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth roared at the top of his lungs as he he closed his fist making the lava cease. The air was cool... only a few survied... mostly charred to death. Keyth stood to his ful height and landed back in the center of the battle field his eyes closed tightly shut. "K-Keyth..." Keyth turned to the right and saw what looked like a charrled body... burned all to hell. " His eyes shot over to the one that spoke ready to kill when his eyes softend. "...No.." He said in a singular voice. Yuna's body lay on the ground, her legs charled and her right arm missing. Her face had been burned on the right side as well... she was dying. He dropped down onto his knees dispite being in his demonic state meeting her half way in her crawl. " Yuna..." He said his hands hovering over her body to afraid to touch her. "...Yuna no..." She smiled and rested her head on the ground. " I told you.... next time we meet..." She coughed. " We'd... we'd... be enemies, and one of us would have to kill each other... i gues... I guess it was you who got me....Okam-.... Keyth." She said hacking up blood as her body continued to bleed out. ".... Im.... Im just happy. I got to see you.... one last tim-...." Her eyes went white as she died. Keyths body began to shake madly as the ground cracked around him, instead of it snapping him out of the state... it plunged him deeper. 'Monster'... 'weapon...' 'tool...' Some of Oujins men that survived rushed Keyth forcing there blades into him all at once. He tanked the stabs... Standing to his full height as he turned around slowly. They all shook in fear. "...Die..." He said in his doubled toned voice as he crushed his fist, using the push blast technique to combust all of there heads at once, popping them like pimples. Mean while back to Kyoko and her battle with Kiken. When the Beast roared its powerful roar in his direction he simply leaped to the right dodging it. But when the female made her approach she'd stab him in all the intended area's impaling his body and even his face, when her Sai went into his face, His skin would mold around it sinking it in so she wouldnt be able to rip it from his face. (( His left hand lashed out in attempts to gripp her by her throat, due to the range they were in this swift movement would be more than likely to happen. If it did connnect he'd start to raise the girl high in the air, his dark chi starting to Sap away at her own. " Foolish girl, trying to play hero..." He said starting to strangle her. " You dont have the hate... nor power to destroy me..." Kiken began to sap away at her Chi like a mad mean, eating all of her chi up soaking it up like a sponge... which. In this case... wasnt a good idea. He opened his shirt revealing the seal on his chest. " Im not a mortal girl, and mortal means wont destroy me..." He said smirking. " Alchemy in its finest. My whole being is constructed of hate... death and anger of every Tasanagi that had been wronged.... they will achieve there vengeance..." He said continuing to strangle her. Its been said... that the only weakness that Dark Hadou has... is light Hadou.. as Kiken absorbed her chi, he took aspects of her Hadou as well... maybe to much than he needed. By this time the girl would be getting ready to die from lack of air when Kikens body began to crack. ".... Wh-what..." His very core began to errupt. " You... you little bitch... you tricked me.." He said gripping even tighter to her neck now truly trying to murder her in her last moments before his body would combust, his physical form erdicated but his Seal floated in mid air. His spine floated with the Tasanagi insignia on it like before... His body would slowly start to reform itself around the spine if the seal wasnt disposed of quickly. His sinsiter laughing could be heard as he slowly started to conjoin again if the process wasnt stopped.

Sezomaru: (( Ginsei stared up at Oujin as the ground began to violently shake and erupt, lava soon overtook the battlefield. At the same time, Oujin swung his right hand towards Ginsei who disappeared, appearing on top of his hand. Ginsei stabbed his blade into Oujin’s hand, bracing himself as the hand traveled up towards Oujin’s face. A grin curled across Ginsei’s face despite his thoughts of what Keyth was doing. Ginsei shook his head slightly as he leaped into the air, thrusting his left hand out, sending the red violet dragon looking snake right into Oujin’s face. The snake that was able to eat Konchi bit onto Oujin’s face, causing him to start thrashing around. As he thrashed around, his different elements began to go crazy. A huge breeze began to blow, strong enough to cut into a person’s body. Fire erupted from the lava and from his own body and would hit anything in it’s path. Ginsei gripped his left hand as if he were grabbing onto his own snake’s tail. He pulled, launching himself forward as he released the snake to swirl around Oujin’s body, attempting to restrain him like Heba had done to Ginsukei. The image flashed through his mind of Ginsukei on his knees, unable to move because of Heba. Ginsei gritted his teeth, roaring out as he slammed the edge of his blade into Oujin’s armored skull, causing him to thrash around even more. Ginsei ripped his blade from Oujin’s skull as the snake reared back, biting into his throat. Ginsei stood on the snake’s jaw line, standing right in front of Oujin’s face. Ginsei began to rapidly swing his blade, his arm becoming a blur as he slashed and ripped at Oujin’s face with his strikes. Oujin floated backwards as he tried to move, the snake entangling him the more he tried to move. “Oujin… For a man who seemed to stand so high as to call himself Emperor…” Oujin grabbed the snake, squeezing as hard as he could, causing the snake to release his throat before shattering. Ginsei started falling only to catch himself by stabbing his blade into Oujin’s chest. He hung there loosely, shaking his head. Ginsei glanced up, seeing something in the sky, shining slightly before dropping, stabbing into the top of Oujin’s head. Ginsei recognized it slightly before it all rushed back to him. It was the same blade to Seijin had used to fight him. Ginsei grabbed onto Oujin with his left hand, pulling his blade from Oujin’s chest, beginning to climb up his body. Oujin roared out, fire exploding from his arms, slamming into the lava, causing lava to launch into the air, scorching anything that was in the air and near it. Bits of lava landed around Ginsei onto Oujin’s body which didn’t seem to faze him. Ginsei shook his head as he continued to climb. He climbed around the side of Oujin’s face, finally reaching Seijin’s blade. Ginsei tossed his blade into his left hand, twirling it so that it was backwards in his hand before he grabbed Seijin’s blade with his right hand. He ripped the blade from Oujin’s head before moving the blade in his left hand into his mouth, biting down on the hilt. He aimed his left hand at Oujin. “One… More…” He launched the snake from his hand, watching as it slammed into Oujin, beginning to swirl around his body once more. The snake bit Oujin’s side, swirling it’s body to restrain Oujin as Ginsei began to concentrate, his red violet aura swirling around him viciously. He roared out before dropping towards Oujin’s neck, both blades turning to an onyx black color as he grabbed the blade from his mouth with his left hand again. “And with this…” Ginsei held the blade in front of his face in a sort of X shape. He disappeared, this time a huge explosion resulted right after he disappeared. He appeared behind Oujin, Seijin’s blade cracked and chipped before shattering, leaving Ginsei holding the hilt in his hand with the broken base of the blade. The snake faded away as a huge X shaped gash ripped through Oujin’s throat, his head falling from his body into the lava. Soon the rest of his transformed body crumbled, falling into the lava. Seijin’s hilt slowly faded away before a strange tattoo appeared on the back of Ginsei’s neck, glowing red. Instead of falling like he should have, Ginsei was now floating in mid-air, looking at the chaos before him. He slowly landed on the ground that had reformed. He glanced off to the side, noticing Keyth standing there in the middle of the battlefield. Ginsei slowly began walking towards Keyth, a blank look on his face. (( “KEYTH!” Ginsei suddenly disappeared, appearing in front of Keyth. He raised his blade above his head, slashing downwards viciously towards Keyth. Regardless of Keyth blocking or dodging the slash, his arm would begin moving in a blur as his blade slashed viciously and swiftly in Keyth’s direction, the flurry of slashes if connected would tear into his body, leaving a multitude of deep gashes all over his body until he reared  back, sending one last heavy slash towards Keyth’s chest, trying to rip his chest open.

Impresssed: The large creature grabbed her arm and she just slipped out of his grip by spinning and slicing his arm off. She grinned as it screamed holding it’s bloody armless stub and falling to it’s knees. She chuckled, “So pathetic.. and worthless.” She said as she beheaded it, the creature felt to her feet and she turned around. As Felicity was just about to attack again at another creature she looked around as the ground. It shook like crazy, and it began to distort itself, causing her to almost fall over, just then she saw Ayperos swoop in and pick her up. She yelped and squirmed around in his arms. “HEY!” She glanced to see it was someone she knew and sighed a bit. She clung to him tightly hoping to god he wouldn’t let go and let her fall. “Jeez! A warning would have been nice, thought you were a random creep wanting a hug.” She said looking down at the battle field. She noticed as it started to fill up with lava her eyes widened a bit. “What.. the..” She looked over at Ayperos. “This is getting serious..” She mumbled turning her head watching a crap load of people fall into the lava screaming. She cringed watching their bodies burn into the molting lava. “Meh.. I’ve seen worse.” She said holding her sword closely and tightly to her. “T-thanks for getting me outta there.” She said staring at the field. Felicity could tell this place changed a lot of us, but it could also just be something good or bad, who knows. It’s still change, and she wasn’t sure how to take it. **

LightFang: -( Aiden would notice as Ming would be flinged well outside the battleground. He would then take off in an instant to follow after him. He would be moving so fast that five afterimages would be left behind him as he appeared on the ground behind Ming. He had made sure to stay quiet as he saw Ming grab his sword and say "No... I will not die by his hand.. i refuse..." Aiden's feet would touch the ground as he stopped levitating and raised a hand toward Ming with only one foot between Ming and his hand. "Oh yea? Lets see how strong your refusal can be." Aiden would form a sphere around Ming with his chi. If it hit his shimery white chi would spiral violently around Ming's body and expell it toward the center of the sphere which would only cause it to keep being violently shot against each edge of the sphere. On top of that Aiden added in the dragons chi changing his shimery white chi into a blueish hell fire that burned white hot. If Ming was to touch this it would incinerate his body until there was nothing left but ashes. Aiden would lower his hand after a few second knowing it was more than enough to deal with him after recieving so much damage previously.HE then took to the sky and moved over the battle field. He scanned it as some of the lava had already started to cool into little magma rock islands floating in the sea of lava. ( Aiden would see a large formation jutting out from the lava. On top of it he noticed one of Onigami's men, Drankin. "Guess he is next." Aiden said as he shot down at the man at sonic speed. He would move so fast he would cause a vapor trail to be left behind him. ( Keeping this momentum he went to tackle Drankin off of the rock formation. He would stop dead in his tracks at the moment that he calculated his shoulder should slam into drankins gut. If hit the force of this would send him crashing across the ground and over the cliff into the lava. If it missed however, Aiden would stop instantly in the place where Drankin had been standing and keep his eyes locked on Drankin waiting for a counter attack.-

DeliriousAres: Keyths body was litterd with slashes from Ginsei's strikes. (( a flash back of those weeks he and Ginsei trained together in the secrect style that Ao Ryoji taught them both flashed within his mind. His right hand gripped Ginsei's blade with the last strike, blood leaking down his hand as his eyes slowly went to lock onto his own. A Smirk on his face.... for that moment he was Keyth again. " ALRIGHT... YOU PRETTY BOY FUCK FACE... IM GONNA GUT YOU INTO 100000 PIECES FOR THAT LAST ONE!" He said tossing Gisnei back some to gain distance between the two. Due to the multiple encounters with his loved ones Keyth subconcious was starting to push through, fighting as hard as he could. His blade summonded itself back into his right hand, his mood setting back to the vicious Onigami as his voice doubled with two tones. " Stay out of my way.... Ginsei." He said pulling his blade up with both of his hands slashing 6 hard slashes that were so swift they sounded like 'Zits'! As they pierced the air. Then VWOOOSSHH! A Large explosion of chi would errupt into Ginsei's direction, with a 10 feet radius traveling at 400 mph ripping through the ground as it travled to the close distance of 10 feet. Keyths body would appear behind Ginsei at the same time as he attempted to decapitate him with a full 360 spin. A blow so powerful that it caused the earth under them started to errupt due to the pressure. Meanwhile..Aiden had approached Drankin. (( Turning his body fully to see the boy rushing him with a strike. Drankin mind slowed down... To him the boy had been moving at such a boring speed. Drakin in this ream is able to manipulate, alter, and distort the space-time continuum only due to his physcial body being even more advanced that it already as. based on the general relativity, "manipulation of space" is synonymous with "manipulation of time", due to space and time exist as a single continuum, so being able to manipulate either one essentially allows the user to distort the other. With this power Drakin can inflict distortions of various kinds within the space-time continuum in order to inflict damage to the target occupying within the said space. Because it affects the very third-dimension that the target is occupying, it bypasses any and all physical defenses, and as such, cannot be blocked. Also, since most attacks appear at the target location instantaneously, dodging is intensely difficult. So, As Aiden charged him, within a relentless speed Drakin would send a back hand to Aidens face and due to his momentum and to Drakin Aiden had been moving at the speed of 3 mph. He would have sent a back hand so powerful that it would have folded his face slightly in. To everyone elses eyes they'd see him strike Aiden with the back hand and then a boot. But in actuallity, Drakin had sent 45 kicks into Aidens torso after the explosive back hand. Each strike holding bone crushing contendcies, the last knocking him 50 feet back into a mountain. If it connected but to Aiden litterally charging right at him. Proablilty might have been high.

Discordia: Kyoko gasped for air as her feet dangled from the ground and she kicked like mad. Her words came out in wraspy bursts as she glared at Kiken. “That’s why… that’s exactly why I will destroy you.” Her green eyes never wavered even though the situation seemed completely hopeless. But he did exactly what she had predicted, the greedy bastard. She could feel the tug of her chi as he inhaled the pure chi that had not been tainted by evil, greed, hate and the likes. Her lips curled into a smirk as he began to crack and she was ready when his body burst around her and her eyes landed on the seal as she landed on the ground dropping to one knee. What little chi she had left flowed around her as she focused on the seal. It wasn’t the same as the other seals she had broken. It was like a maze as she guided her chi through it. At each wrong turn, she was slammed into with a wall of hate, anger and pure evil. Still, she pushed forward, working as quickly as she could. Kiken’s body fought to reform around the seal. She had to be faster, work quicker. Finally, it was as if everything made sense and the way was clear to her. When she reached the center, it took every bit of her chi to push forward. As the seal broke, a blast of hot air exploded out from the seal, sending Kyoko’s body spiraling through the air before she crashed into a tree. Her ribs cracked from the force and all the air escaped her lungs, causing her to wheeze in pain. Her nails scraped across the ground as she grabbed at it. She managed to pull herself up to her knees and looked around making sure that Kiken had not reformed. When it seemed like everything was safe, she slumped back against the tree and closed her eyes.

xXAyperosXx: Ming would turn around as Aiden landed behind him, but it was all to late as he was surrounded by a circle of chi. "You bastard..." He looks around as he touches his inprisonment and its takes his hand. He looks as it turns to ash and then holds his arms up as he is engulfted in the flames his voice echoing as he body is slowly turned to nothing "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" His voice fades as as he disappears. the orb then disappears and a large ball of white and black mist shoots off. *Ayperos* He nods to Felicity and goes down on one of the Islands of rock and as soon as he does so he is hit hard by the red chi making him hit the ground hard on his back. He lays there for a moment and then slowly gets up and opens his eyes, they being a mixture of red and blue, even the mist the comes from the corners of his eyes was red and blue. The same sword that was Mings forms in his hand and he grabs onto it The red cracks in it now a mixture of blue and red, being able to hold it with one hand. Ayperos looks across the battlefeild, looking for a target. He sees Tanaban and forms water wings and gets at him, His speed now combined with Mings so now he is at his final limit for speed, now to see how his strength will be tested. He rushes in and folds his wings in and frontflips at high speeds haveing his massive sword extended. He spins in like a wheel before he would connect with the sword, if it wasn't blocked it would easaly cut through his targeted. if dodged it would hit the ground blasting chunks of rock and lava everywhere. If blocked the sunden stop and the force of the attack would send a massive wind behind Tanaban and sends a wave of lava as if it was slashed. ayperos would flip back if blocked, seening a few ice spikes, allong with a water spear. He would fly up a bit, not carring if they hit and then spins around with a loud Roar and send a rather large red and blue energy slice at Tanaban. the blast would be enough to take out the island and completly abliterate his target. seeing that now Ayperos stength has increased x10 This was a massive blast but Ayperos flew there, just incase his target wasn't dead. he was ready for anything, his sences also hightened.

LightFang:-As Aiden was moving in to Drankin he could see him raise his hand to back hand him. Part of Zyacsor's abilities combining with Aiden's allowed there fused stated to see at a speed near the speed of light. This was only shown in glimmers as he could notice the moment something changes but he didnt have enough reaction time to fully react to it. However he could do one thing. Him and Zyacsor would resonated their chi together again and form Aiden more into a dragon. In and instant his body would be covered in glowing white scales. These scales were strongly enhanced with Aiden's barrier chi so that they would ultimately lessen any blow. As his face was struck it would turn his head, but his face wouldnt be collapsed in to itself as hoped. Aiden would then notice in slight flashes each individual kick as it struck him. Some how watching himself recieve a kick and not being able to do anything about it was almost more painful than the kicks them selves. The scales as well as the enhancement of the balanced mind state protected Aiden's bones from being crushed but not from the force they had givin him. He was launched back with the final kick. His head went back and he saw the mountain coming up fast. Aiden started to pour his built up chi around his body making a barrier around himself. As his body flew into the mountain the barrier protected him ripping through the rock of the mountain, carving a tunnel in a perfect straight line through to the other side. This force had managed to slow Aiden down enough to regain control and momentum. He did a back flip in mid air and sent chi behind himself to bring his body to a stop in mid air. "Guess i have to step it up a notch on this guy." Aiden then brought his hands together infront of himself and opened his mouth. He formed chi into the palms of his hands and the opening of his mouth. His hands began to glow bright white as the orb infront of his mouth grew to a bright blue. The three orbs would grow in size till they formed together making a huge white blue orb twice the size of Aiden. Since Aiden was behind the mountain it would be almost imposible for drankin to see this coming. Aiden would release the huge wave sending it out at the speed of light. Those around would only see a blinding flash as the mountain between Aiden and Drankin was vaporised. The wave would be targeting Drankin dead center and if he was caught in it the white hot flames would consume his body leaving him as ashes just as Ming was left a moment ago. Aiden's eyes stayed focused straight ahead as he let out a large amount of chi to surround his body in a 10 meter radius. Anything that came this close to him he would instantly be able to sense it and respond acordingly.-

( ) Densuke would continue his fight against Keyth. Forcing himself to dodge his attacks, knowing on the inside…his heart wasn’t in it. He couldn’t do it. He wasn’t “feeling this”. He missed fighting along side Keyth. And sparring with Keyth. Not…trying to kill him. Densuke would still be managing to gain a lead until suddenly…he’d crash into some invisible barrier of sorts. Densuke couldn’t even move himself…as such, when Keyth formed the black lightning, immediately stratigies formed inside of densuke’s head of what he should do, and he chose…to do nothing. A flash. It was quick. Densuke was hit by the black lightning, his body convulsing left and right, sezing of the sort. That’s when Keyth impaled his blade in densuke’s stomach. Densuke’s eyes would widen as he looked into the golden eyes of his once “best friend”. He looked at Keyth on last time. And the most disappointing aspect of it all was that Densuke was alive to see his dimise…in this realm he could endure almost anything, but the emotional pain form it all..was the true killing blow. He’d rather have just had a quick and painless death than to do this. ( ) Densuke would begin to fall…deeper into the earth. Or so he’d felt that way…this casim seemed bottomless. Black. Dark. Again with the darkness…Densuke’s eyes were half shut…as he remembered things..images of the night he first met Keyth. ::Flashback:: “….The fuck happened to you?” Densuke would raise an eyebrow, and if not a moment later add. “You some kinda stunt double? Quit emo-ing it out in an alley and take that ish to a hospital. Can you even move?” As rude as it was…Densuke was actually simply trying to aid the nappy headed stranger…all be it In a rather rude mannor. l. In some kind of illusionary techinque Keyth had managed to take the pizza from the roller-skaters container and wasted no time in his attempt at destorying the pizza like a mad man bat out of hell, he... even.. ate through the cardboard.. He looked over his shoulder at the male his eye twitching as he stood and then belched. He had eaten the pizza. "...."He didnt say anything to the guy and all that could be heard in the back ground was the light sound of a police siren going off, the shadow covering half of Keyths face and body in the alley as he stood looking at the boy with a scowl on his face. "....Yeah.. i can move, man those skates... are lame.... And... what are you even listening too..?" He said soon shaking his head. Keyth tilted his head up looking up at the moon then back at the guy infront of him... ".. All i got is a 5..." He said tossing the Tanz at the male with a high speed holding his bleeding arm. "... Thanks for the food..." He said with a bit of attitude as he drifted into the shadows of the alley way. “My skates are not lame you fucktard and- huh?” He was stunned to see the stranger had thrown money at him. Densuke went to speak. “Uh dude that was a large supereme pizza. Five tanz isn’t gon-“ He looks up again only to see the male…gone. The sound of rattling trash cans could be heard, but luckily the city lights were illumninescent enough to catch a feint shadow…leaping? Densuke looked stunned for a second, before realizing what had really just happened. “H-Hey! HEY!” Densuke didn’t want to loose track of him. While not as advanced in tracking as others, he did have one odd maneuver. Hoisting the pizza’s in his satchel, he squatted, and then if someone could see…his legs would look as if they’d “beefed up” as his muscles contracted and he leaped high into the air, clearing 20 feet in one go, which was enough to soar above the rooftops, and to catch the figure of the savage beast standing on a rooftop. Weather he saw him or not, he would hear a loud thud, when Densuke landed on the other side behind the beast, and would skate casually to the center of the building trying to avoid getting to close. The fact that he did this put a dent in his roller skate wheel slightly, so while speaking he casually sliped them off without a care in the world. “Hey pal uh….you got anymore money? 5 tans for a 25tanz pizza isnt’ gonna pay my bill. Either that or at least let me look at that damned wound on your arm for fucks sake dude, this isn’t an anime show. A kid about my age bleeding in an alley way isn’t exactly normal… I’m bored. And you owe me for the pizza dude.” Densuke would smirk at his next comment as if trying to egg the mysterious male on. “judging by that sword your carrying…you surely have a sence..of honor……ay samurai kun? That’s it! I’m gonna call you Samurai-Kun!”:: Flashback end:: Densuke would utter a smile. With bloodied lips. “Yeah…we fought those guys didn’t we…Images of Densuke and Keyth in prison, fighting along side each other kept appearing..the founding of Arasumaru. The building they’d gotten. Densuke and keyth’s talk about fathers…all of it poping up in densuke’s head. “. . .” Densuke would shed a tear. As his body hit the ground with a thud. (stop music here.) He lay there. And looked up at keyth’s figure. He was bleeding badly..he’d close his eyes for  a second and think to himself. “. . .I guess. Hachiman was right. no other option there Keyth..would you do the same for me..if we switched places?..” Densuke could feel the answer he’d been looking for..”There’s…still a way…and if their isn’t…” Densuke’s voice would bellow with a savage like growl as he’d let it echo from the depths of the underground, so loud even everyone on the battle field could hear it’s mighty echo. “I’LL MAKE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ( ) the darkness quickly turned to light..sunlight to be exact as the underground cavern was now illuminated by none other than Densuke himself. His body would begin to ascended upwards, now hovering over infront of keyth’s location…or so he tought at first. Densuke’s chi detection could sense two Onigami’s which was completely inaccurate. “you don’t have the honor to face me yourself…you’re not Keyth at all, Onigami.” Densuke’s glow would then disperse, leaving nothing but his physical body or so Keyth’s clone would think. Densuke actually made a dopleganger, just as Keyth had done, and left it there to fight with it. Densuke’s dopleganger would charge Keyth holding his staff in his hand, and using his tail as a propleller. The real Densuke would emerge from the ground, floating with a thick gold aura, that radiated with blue fire fly like sparkles. Every one there could immideately feel his prescence enter the field of battle yet again. Densuke would land  in the midst of the chaos and look at the red sky. Lava was everywhere..but to densuke’s feet it only felt like singed coal. There were blood stained men everywhere…dead….his comrades were fighting their hardest. But they were okay. A few straggling men attempted to slice Densuke, 5 of them. The blades literally broke on impact with densuke’s skin…”I am the living embodiment of the hope that is this world…and it’s about time I took my role as Koikonjitto more seriously. Give up now. You cannot harm me.” The demonic creatures would attempt to grab Densuke but suddenly a gust of golden air pressure would emerge from his body, completely distingerating every demonic based enemie within 10 kilometers of himself, clearing the field. Suddenly, clones of Densuke would begin forming and dashing the battle field with a golden glow, all moving at sonic speeds. Even while running he’d communicate with them telepaticly as they were of his own creation. “Get as many people as you can. No…I want every civilian, and wounded soilder on the previous continent in 3 minutes. Make that 2. Go!” hundreds of densuke’s all with the same chi signatures, would begin scouring the field picking up wounded men, and spreading across to the villages. They’d begin grabing the women, men, children, even farm animals, and giant peaceful creatures.  Densuke would then keep spanning another hundreds of clones, he was sitting on about 700 at this point. “The other 300, go to the neighboring continent ahead of this one, and bring everyone to the continent that the other 700 are going to. Grab in fives. Use the staff and the tail.” The clones would even begin to carry people on the large staffs, leaving a trail of flying white bars with people on them through out the sky. This would go on until all the battle field was now the few chosen ones, and a pile of dead..( ) Densuke would observe the fighting going on and nod. He’d communicate with everyone using his chi. “Everyone…get off the island…or whats left of it..and whatever you do..stay behind me..” Densuke would hold his arms up, and form two giant chi hands behind him, except this time they were the size of the legendary mt. fuji, dwaring Densuke in size completely and utterly. Densuke would then activate the gauntlet on his arm, and start absorbing the ambient chi from anything left living on the island…not just the island however. He’d gather energy from the sea, the atmosphere, and the trees harboring on the previous island of this one. Sucking it all into purgatory and literally “feeding” this massive mixture of contained pressure he was making. On top of all of this he would enlarge his staff to match the size of the chi hands, and begin spinning it counter clockwise rapidly with his mind. Sucking in air pressure, until a large visible glowing yellow mass of sun colored energy was now prescent. A large vaccum effect would start to pull chunks of the remaning land inward, as they bed the Silver Fleece, and allowed Densuke to feed his own energy ball..The Mega Atsuryoku No Ken. The ball’s light was so bring, it could even be seen by the deity of the stars, as her eyes gazed in amazement. Densuke’s shirt ripped completely off, everything off of  him except the gauntlet as he prepped the fire of this large massive blast. He’d lock on to keyth’s true chi signature. “Ginsei. Stall him until the last moment. I can get away in time.” ( ) Densuke would prep the blast by pushing his arms back and letting the blast fire forward. The combination of air pressure, ambient chi from the atmosphere and nature itself, explosions, and raw chi energy would begin to fire a s a giant golden beam, even taller than the mountain sized hands. The very ground infront of Densuke was ripped from it’s spots. The mountains, trees, large strucures and even the underbelly of the island itself. Rubble literally distintergrting into nothingnesss. Any one caught in this blast, would be hit with the force of 1,000 bombs superior to that of a hydrogen bomb and a nuke combined, but Densuke knew the only way to bring back Keyth was to kill onigami’s body…and save keyth’s actual soul. The blast would take every piece of physical matter with it, leaving utterly nothing but water and lava to fill in the gaps of missing island chunk. The water would erupt and form a literal 100 kilometer tall wall around the force of the blast, as every continent far off could see this eruption of energy, and the golden hands forming it. All headed straight for Keyth..If ginsei could hold him off and managed to move (god please say he did xD) this blast was moving at such a speed, that all forms of light would pale in comparison, to how fast it flickered across the battle field in two words: near instant. If ginsei moved, the blast would utterly hit Keyth, but with a twist. The blast would utterly harm keyth’s dark enfused body as this attack was solely light Hadou based, but it was the feelings that lay in densuke’s heart which made the blast even stronger.  Keyth would feel the heat of multiple explosions, not just on a regular level but down to his very celluar core. Densuke’s plan was to eradicate all traces of “Onigami” based chi from his body, but planning to leave keyth’s regular chi intact. On a side note this blast would push Keyth completely off the island along with the rest of of the chunks. The distance of the blast would span the island they were on, and also head straight into the neighboring contenet…completely erasing it’s exsistence.( ) It was the continent that oujin himself courrupted…densuke’s clones did their job as they literally cleared every single being off of the neighboring island and moved them to the island before this blast could eradicate them. Keyth’s being would be instantly engulfed, densuke’s chi combating the darkness within Keyth. Users possess a very potent heart both spiritually and physically letting them survive most heart diseases. The user's heart also possesses a grand form of purity, allowing them to survive most forms of evil and corruption. This also applies to the purification effect, which allows the user to combat or have energy to complete opposite and combat the “evil” energy with their own causing the dark effect to wave with enough pressure, and desnuke was putting just that. After a minute of this blast, which could feel like much more to Keyth or whomever was watching..if Keyth survived OR managed to dodge the blast, the next move Densuke made would be risky but worth while. If someone would look at the origin of the blast, Densuke would still be standing there, but this was merely an after image. The arms were still connected to Densuke, but would be seen going into the point of the blast, this was because Densuke launched his own body inside of the blast an accelerated himself towards keyth’s direction.( what it’s gonna look like, but opposite direction : ) What ever direction Keyth may have dodged in, Densuke would still travel through the blast and take the according exit to match keyth’s movement, of course if he’d taken the blast then it’s a straight beeline assault. Densuke would move at the speed of his blast, with his right fist reared back screaming at the top of his lungs. He was going to give this fight his all, and he would also do so with this punch. If Keyth would look at him he’d see not only Densuke, but images of the Arasumaru clan in the same pose Densuke was in. An angry tear would work its way from densuke’s eye as his fist would make contact with and he would yell at the top of his lungs, his body coated in gold chi looking like a ghost of ethereal energy or a being from the sun. “WAAAAAAAAAAKEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!” in this punch connected it would collide with the already large beam of energy already being fired and cause a massive land fill of energy explosion,drilling through the water, and even digging through the earths mantle towards the core, the resulting energy shooting upward and into the atmosphere (looks like this ) This punch would send both Keyth and Densuke plunging upward, with the result being them floating in the atmosphere, with massive damage to them both.( ) Who ever could keep track of them would be wise to follow to avoid complete and utter destruction. Densuke’s body would float there momentarily until he’d start spinning his tail and hovering in place, only to look over at Keyth. Gold chi would begin brimming from his body yet again, only a more subtle area. His hair constantly fluttering with the rise of his aura. He’d speak to Keyth with a raspy voice. “Are you ready to be yourself again…or do I have to bring you back the old fashion way..”Densuke would take the HHS stance, and anyone who was willing to join in or aid, or watch would take place by densuke’s side in this astral battle for epic proportions.

DeliriousAres: Due to him fighting Ginsei, he wouldnt see the onslaught that made its way to over to him. Densukes Light Hadou so powerful it was beyond his Sensory abilites. Tanabans body had been engulfed in Ayperos attacks destroying him quite easily. During this time, Ginsei and Keyth had clashed blades battling at fercious speeds throught the battle field. ' Shing, Shing, Shing!' (( In the back of Keyths mind, images of when he and Ginsei had trained together under Ao Ryoji after there battle with the demon at Heroes fall flashed through his mind as they clashed blades. And when Ginsei spoke of how there fathers had so much in common and how his dad, and keyths dad were best friends. The barrage of sword strikes ended between the two in a final clash. " Tch..." Keyth said... oddly enough, Ginsei's strength had doubled as well. Keyths voice went back to singular tone again. " Heh, Looks like... you've been getting stronger... too.." He said with a smirk on his face. A hint of Keyth showing, trying to break free of the hold but it'd soon warp back to the demon that held so tightly to his heart. At that moment, Densukes onslaught began, the first blast traveling over to him and Ginsei. Keyths eyes reverted back to normal for that split moment. " GINSEI, MOVE!" He said slamming his fist into his chest with enough force to knock him 10 feet back away from the attack if his punch connected that is. Boom! Keyths body had been knocked some great distance getting engulfed by the purity. " GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The rays of light chi had were so powerful that even Drakins body from a distance would implode due to Densukes purity. The onslaught continued.(( “WAAAAAAAAAAKEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!” Densuke shouted at the top of his lungs, at that very instant. Keyths memories flashed rapidly, when they had did the heist, meeting Amy, going to his families lab, Seeing Kyoko's face and her beautiful smile. Ayperos strong and scowling eyes that brimmed with pride. That one kid Aiden with the red hair and stuff. And Ginsei... his rival. All fighting for one thing, one cause... to save the ones they cared for. As the punch collided with Keyths body... his mind raced. And within Keyths own mind he had been shouting, his body being surcomed by darkness as a black goo, his right hand reaching out, and his torso and head being the only thing left that had been devoured by the darkness. " YOU HERE THAT! YOU HERE THAT YOU FILITHY DEMON! THERE COMING FOR YOU!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Keyth said smiling as the darkness soon ate him whole. Washing over his body in a black tide within his mind. By this time. Keyth, Densuke and whoever else that followed would be in space. Keyths shirt gone now, his body littered with the Demonic tattoos as he lay a drift in the stary sky. “Are you ready to be yourself again…or do I have to bring you back the old fashion way..” He heard Densuke speak to him as he slowly drifted back to a standing postion. (( " Fool." He said in a trippled tone... one of the voices Keyths, the other Kikens, and the other Konchis. " You have lost your friend. He is no longer alive. He gave away his lift, forfiting his body as my host. You have not even breached the crevice of my undawning power." He said clenchign his fist, as he did a star formed behind him expanded into a large blue one. Onigami snapped his fingers as the star turned red and he consumed it gaining another power boost. His body morphed and changed, turning into... Kikens form, but different. Seeing that Kiken was already an Onigami, this must be what all Tasanagi's look like once they acend the godly demon state. His long white hair swayed in the white hair as Keyths body changed completely. His hands spread whide open as his long coat flowed in the wind. "... I'll... show you... death... And with it. Bring Salvation... Vengance. Will be our calling..." (( )) He clapped his hands together creating a large void of red Hadou. Clenching his fist the red hadou burst into a long red blade. Coursing with black lightning. "...Come. To your dooms..."

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos looks as his attacks slaughtered Tanaban. He can then hear Densuke and gets way out of the way and watches him as he does the onslaught on Keyth. His eyes being able to slow the movments down and looks as he goes up and follows close behind him. Ayperos would be right beside Densuke looking as Keyth starts to change forms. Ayperos clenches tight on his blade, being where he was now he'd look at Densuke and then at anyone else that had been able to follow. and then back at the foe at hand. "...Come. To your dooms..." Ayperos eyes glow a bright red and blue as his own mixed aura of blue and red covers his body, the power making his hair float and wave around. He was battered up, but he will not quit he will not be defeated. A voice comes in his head, it was Suijin her voice weak. "Everything has come to this... You and you companions must defeat him.. or our world and yours is lost..." Images of his last memory's with his family flash in his head. His mother, his father and Lenris. The times he had with them. Him teaching Lenris how to play guitar, training with his father. He wanted to see them again, he will see them again...(( Ayperos Looks right at Onigami starts to yell, His power growing to its max and shoots forword at him at his speed, He yells loudly a red and blue energy forms at the tip of Mings blade and spins around letting off a slice of red energy righ at him, but this would only be to distract him, Ayperos travels right behind it, With the sword that was Mings and an Ice sword starting to form in the other about the same size Ayperos starts to spin around rapidly. His chi seeing to pulse off of him in about a 10 yard radious. He gets close enough to Onigami and yell out "IT'S TIME TO END THIS!!!"Both sword extended so that they would slash him into 3 peice. If he blocks both swords would collide with his with a loud "CLLLAAAANNNNNKKK!!" that would Echo and he instantly retaliates and comes back with both swords swinging with thr right and the left. he keeps this up as his spins around trying to throw him off as he attacks. As he does so Ayperos throws a few kicks to the gut as he could. His strenth now off the charts. Each attack being so strong and fast, one wouldn't even see as he kicks at Onigamis gut.

Densuke would watch as his friend joined along side him..he’d be happy to see Ayperos being the first one to take action. Densuke was happy he was not alone in the struggle of all things. Densuke was about to follow right behind ayperoes in his onslaught but then took a second to think. His first attack was actually really effective the purification process taking out other enemies and not just effecting Keyth. Densuke wanted to see all of his friends up here but he could sense other chi signatures down on earth still. Hopeful others like Felicity and Aiden would join in the fray, but if not surely thins would be handled with him and Ayperos, though Ginsei must have been around somewhere…none the less Densuke would form his staff, and extend it to it’s normal height, only to perch himself on top of it, sitting down in a meditive state. He’d then circle his body with a thickened layer of gold chi, and allow the Silver fleece to begin absorbing ambient amounts of chi once more…only this time he’d start not only from the earth, but from the sourrounding orbiting planets. Even the not so distant sun and starts, charging it all in the orb he was forming, causing it to grow bigger and bigger in size, but slowly..this took a lot of concentration to compress this energy, especially with it entering purgatory only to bring it right back out. Densuke’s right arm would start to blacken at the finger tips, signifying his usage of the fleece itself, was reaching somewhat limitations..none the less he pressed onward. He played smart and created a formation of 2 clones, each with their staffs held like bows and drawing back on them, ready to guard, and shoot, but not before aid. Densuke’s doppelgangers at his sides would begin rapid shooting a series of light arrows, 10 per second mind you, at Keyth, however it was their unique formation. They were locked onto keyth’s signature meaning they would avoid Ayperos completely and only his onslaught. Densuke would also give an added party bonus, by aiming precisely two arrows at ayperos’s blades, (if allowed) adding a light alignment to them, with his already enormous chi upgrade, it would only aid in their attack strength, significantly doubling them in force and output (again if allowed). Densuke’s clones would then keep their bows drawn, as the yellow orb Densuke formed would slowly begin to get bigger and bigger, though all the while a commotion could be heard on the ground of earth. Sounded like people shouting.

Sezomaru: (( As all the chaos took place, the seal that had appeared on the back of his neck began to glow brightly and as they were launched high into the sky, seeming to go into space, he was able to float easily, in full control of his movements. He watched as Keyth spoke before summoning his weapon. “So… He let himself be eaten by you weaklings? Pathetic as usual… I guess I’ll have to threaten him to get stronger again…” Ginsei thought back to the day that would linger in his mind for the rest of his life. He stood over Keyth, the tip of Yuuyaiba pointed at Keyth’s throat. The words “Get stronger” rang out in Ginsei’s mind as he snapped out of the small flashback. “Alright…” Ginsei exhaled a long and heavy breath as he thought back to the training he had done with Keyth before all of this. The training to get stronger and unlock a form like never seen before. Ginsei slowly closed his eyes, concentrating on his inner core as his red violet aura began to swirl around him, slowly and calmly at first. Ginsei’s aura was swirling a bit faster around his legs, making their way up to his torso and his arms. “If Keyth’s too weak to break out himself… I’ll have to grab him by his damn hair and drag him out…” Ginsei mumbled to himself as he glanced over towards Densuke. Ginsei slowly closed his eyes again, remembering his battle with Seijin and the decision to fight that he had made. He shook his head slightly as thoughts of Fumiko passed through his mind. “Grrrrggh…” Ginsei growled slightly as he continued to concentrate, his aura soon began viciously swirling and whipping around him. While this was happening, Keyth was being attacked by a guy known as Ayperos. “No way… You’re getting out of this… That easy… Keyth.”

DeliriousAres: (( As Ayperos sent out his onslaught of sword slashes, Onigami would use his blade of dark Hadou, clashing it with his now Light Hadoued weapon. When he began to send out his kicks Onigami would simply smirk. Now having all of the powers of Kiken in this form and more He'd use his demonic soul to tap into Ayperos, looking into his past for anything he could use against him at very moment. The moment he went out to attack him with the kicks, Onigami leaped back making what looked like another human. " Brother no!" Said Lenris... The kicks oblitherated his brothers body, even kicking his head off completely. Due to his momentum it'd be hard to stop his onslaught... that he himself had already made. He can create, change, destroy, or even alter reality just by thinking about it; while weaker users are limited to what is already considered "real", stronger ones can make changes from nothing.Depending on the power of a reality warper, they may alter something as tangible as physics to something inconceivable like logic. Ayperos would feel his 'brothers' body crumble under his own monstrous power. More than likely such an event would throw the male off. Onigami had simply warped the reality around Ayperos making him see and feel his brother, and everyone else as well. Densuke and Ginsei would see the onslaught themselves but not Onigami. For he knew the truth. Smirking he'd take advantage of the now more than likely, thrown off gaurd Ayperos. He'd open his hands and two large constructs of Dark hadou hands formed from his back would lash out to Ayperos body within 2.1 seconds, gripping Ayperos with hellish strength trying to crush him into dust. As the arrows of light hadou were fired to him he'd smirk as well stopping all of the arrows with his mind. After letting the clones fire them for over 10 seconds or so. They fired 10 per second so there the mass of arrows at this point littered themselves around Onigami. " Impressive you both show power far beyong my expectations.... however.." All of the arrows would began to burn into black ones as they soon began to multiply, splitting like atoms over and over again. " Your still... lacking hatred. " He said clenching his fist after the red orbs had split to about 10,000 of them. They all went off at the same time. Massive explosions pummped with dark hadou littered the spacey skies, the impact of all of the explosions having enough force that they'd damage the hereoes heavily. The explosions all looked like chain super nova's as they continued to ring out, blowing up in rapid succession.

Densuke would watch as Ayperos clashed with Keyth. Seemingly everything was fine until an image of..snow? isn’t that ayperos’s brother? That bastard! Using mind games…cheap. Densuke’s danger sense and supernatural detection cought on quickly that it was an illusion..but not to Ayperos maybe. No this was a battle he had to mentally the mean time densukes energy had been rising to a maximum but he’d see his arrow onslaught had been stoped..corupted..and was beginning to become multiplied into something else. “" Your still... lacking hatred.” He heard Onigami utter as he multipled the arrows more. Densuke would smirk. “It’s not about hatred…it’s about spirit. Something we’ve got that you don’ GO!” ( ) As the arrows were still forming, before they were fired, a large roar could be heared coming from earth…and getting..closer? if one looked they could see. Densuke. An army of densuke’s flying upward in the sky shrouded in golden chi. They’d already preformed their jobs of saving people and never went away (never stated they left.) they’d all begin to charge upwards, and red circle sigils would appear behind their bodies. There were an even thaousand which was still outnumbred by the arrows..until they started using the meteor shower spell and each one of them would begin shootin 10 + Basketball sized meteors, would begin to come from behind Densuke and Ginsei’s location, all to meet the darkened arrows in the middle, equaling up to 10,000 PLUS meterors being shot in order to completely counter act the reversed attack on Densuke and his friends. The after math of 100 meteors would then rain in onigami’s direction, and so would the rain of 1,000 densuke’s, all twirling their staffs, and yelling out with golden aruas, and golden mist leaking form their eyes and mouths. All falling in line to attack ,the light would naturally counter the dark, this was still not all as densuke’s golden ball of chi had grown tremendously. Allowing the other 2 clones that were by Densuke, to rejoin the fray forming 1,002 to attack onigami for now. (what Densuke is in right now FireEnergySphere2%28BoG%29.png ) With the distraction of Ayperos’s movements of ice crystals and mimicry, 100 + meteors, and exactly 992 densuke’s to deal with, Densuke would take not  moment to soon, hell even less than half a second to enact his next counter attack. He’d form the giant chi hands, and a giant staff, to which he’d bend to a bow. He now had a giant mountain sized pearl white bow, mounted with a bright golden formed arrow, and him in the center of it all holstering it. “THIS IS IT GUYS! ALL OR NOTHING!” Densuke would fire the one huge arrow in a straight beeline. This arrow as not only light Hadou powered but cosmically enhanced as well, and actually had layers. The arrow was a mile long, and it’s straight line fashion would move in just that such, between the chaos of everything, it would only effect Onigami himself. If the arrow made the slightest tinged of a connection, it would recreate the same effect it had before, so imagining the full effect would be painful for him, except this time the light and darkness would counteract each other so blatantly violently it would literally open up an internal portal straight to keyth’s remaining mental psyqiue within onigami allowing for someone or anyone to inter inside of keyth’s subconicious mind and possibly retain him. Densuke was no fool however and was aware of this attacks possible failure being a beeline, the reason only 992 attacked, was because the other 10, would’ve all  taken the scenic route, spanning their distance far from the entire battle field, only to be an extra kilomenter behind everyone (in that area’s) general location. (basically 2 miles behind Onigmai’s position) This would’ve happened in the midst of the created chaos with the mob attack and meteors, along with ayperos’s efforts. The 10 clones two miles away form everyone (however for a view point, they’d be infront of Densuke, so behind onigami) all ten except one huddle together and use the cryo-sheild spell, so if the attack MISSED onigami or would attempt to be redirected, not only would the arrow simply reflect off of their ice formation and come from behind at this point, but if it would be attempted to be manipulated or dispersed, the extra clone behind the ice formation ones would expand his own bow, and turn the chi based clones, into smaller body sized light arrows with the same effect of opening, but significantly lesser in power. This would only happen if the light arrows energy was tampered with to begin with or an attempt to change their direction was made.. If dodged, it would be reflected, as a “second shot” maneuver using the ice formation. Densuke would keep his giant sized arms, and staff at the ready incase of an imminent counter attack

xXAyperosXx:Ayperos looks all to late as he only heard. "Brother no!!" Before he then kicked Lenris and completly tore his brothers body appart. Ayperos looks with shock before he slowly walked forward, dropping the ice blade and holding out his hand, the ice blade shattering as it leaves his hand, sparkleing shards falling as it does so. "Lenris..." He then saw as the image of his mangled body faded and turned around quickly, only to be entangled by dark hadou tendrils and then being squeezed.. Ayperos wasn't done though, this filled him with anger as he started to push out the best he can, though his other shoulder armor and in others places started to crack and chip, even a few rips. But he kept it up. " Impressive you both show power far beyong my expectations.... however..Your still... lacking hatred. " This filled him with rage as all the times he was defeated, the reason he was being taken by darkness flashed in his head. This must have been why Ming had to die, why he needed the darkness inside him. Ayperos then yelled with beastal valor. Red and blue energy flowing around him as he then sent ice spikes out of his body and they began to rotate around, shredding the dark tendrils to peice and he stands there slowly looking up at him. One eye glowing bright red and the other glowing blue just as bright, looking on his face you could see that one half of his smile underneeth the red eye was demonic, with sharp jagged teeth, and the part under the blue just a normal smile. He started to speak. "Not enough hate? Hate is the only thing that got me this far, hate is what i lived off of.... And now, I will use it to kill you!!! GRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" He jets forword at high speed. His power was off the charts, As he got close enough he spun around slashing at his chest, the shash would be deep and powerful, but he wasn't done yet, He then jumps up and slashes straight down. He then jumps back with a demonic/ human smirk. He sends off a rather large ice shard at him and then flips him the bird as it then explodes with great power, but not only that it send out thousands of smaller shards at him as it was right infront of him. Ayperos used all of his energy doing so and slowly floated in space, weak and wounded. Though he was still awake he will soon drift off into unconsciousness. But would stay awat long enough to see Onigami die if the rest of them would take him out.

(( Ginsei clenched his fists as his aura engulfed his entire body, whirling around him with a tremendous force that could be felt through the area. Flashbacks streamed through Ginsei’s mind as his aura picked up speed, soon he could barely be seen through his own aura. He had thoughts of his father and Keyome, thoughts of Heba, thoughts of the blood he had spilled. He remembered the things he had done back home, how far he had gotten with the help of Leo. The battles he had with Keyth when they were trying to kill each other. “You… Damned… Monkey… Wake… Up…” Ginsei clenched his fists tighter as his aura looked like a dense tornado viciously whirling around his body. Ginsei slowly pulled his knees close to his body along with his arms, his aura condensing around him before he yelled out. “SAIYURUSU!” His aura exploded around him, his hair seemed to be even longer than it usually was and his eyes looked like they did in his hadou form, black where the white should be, the red violet of his irises were glowing. He had two black wings protruding from his back. The wings turned into what looked like ripped up bandage that swirled around his arms though they didn’t quite rest on his body. The powerful chi emitting from his body would have been felt as a HUGE pressure that was pushing down on them to those who couldn’t withstand it. Ginsei gripped the hilt of his blade which was now a naturally black onyx color. He stared across at the chaos going on before him, the attacks going towards Onigami. “KEEEEEYYYTHHHHHHHHH!!!! DON’T MAKE ME DRAG YOU BY YOUR FUCKING HAIR!” Ginsei roared out as he launched forward, the speed he was hitting caused his body to barely able to be seen though he could be felt moving. It felt like an intense force smashing past whoever was near his path of travel. Densuke’s maneuvers as well as his move opened some sort of portal in front of Keyth. Ginsei launched forward, slamming into the portal, being launched deep down into the darkness to look for Keyth. This of course relied of the success or failure of Densuke’s move.

DeliriousAres: ((" I grow bored... with this childs play..." His eyes began to glow with those bright Tasanagi eyes as he watched it all forth before him. There powers all in one combined effort. The moment Ayperos attacked he watched closely as he lunged at him, blade in hand. Densukes clones rushing the battle as well, ready to fight to the death. A massaive barrage of metors traveling towards him as well. And a very large arrow to add... Ginsei soaring over shouting. It all moved in slow motion to him. He snapped his fingers... a loud THUMMMMMMMMM.... Slowed everything down. It.. it hadnt been time manipulation. it just all stopped. An Onigami... such tremendous power they possessed. Onigami's or Primordial Voids represent the counterpart and sometimes the dark aspects of a Supreme Deity in many verses, they existed before the multiverse itself and are considered the essence of all evil, darkness, chaos and the ultimate decreator of the universe ranking them among the most powerful entities. Onigami's are vital to the balance of the cosmos as they represent the other side of the coin in the perpetual conflict between good and evil. The technique that Onigami used... was powerful one in deed.He can freeze anything, from tangible targets such as people to intangible energy such as fire, or even concepts such as time. When he snapped his fingers almost instatly strings of red hadou held every clone, metor, and hero together in one stich. Locking them all in place. He turned to Dark moon as he smirked. They wouldnt be able to move, all locked in what seemed like a stoned spot. " Such power... they possess such power... I want that power. Give me... that power...". All would be caught in this sticking trance. Due to the Darkmoon shining its light dead on to there location. Onigami's hands were engulfed in a dark blazing heat. as his body began to glow like a super nova. POOF! The clones of Densukes would each began to combust in heat, blazing enticing heat, along with the metors. Onigami can set anything ablaze, even if they are non flammable, and incorporeal matter such as the air itself. They are able to combust even conceptual entities. He opened his mouth and insects swarmed from his lips millions of them, each holding flamming bodies that whatever they touched combusted to flame. He can invoke and control pests, locusts that spoil crops, and flies that carry disease. The user will also gain immunity to pests and viruses, but can also create, invoke, and control diseases and viruses. " It is... time i.. END IT ALL!" Onigami said shouting as the flames and black lightning began to errupt heavily from his body.He is able to control the final force, the one that causes all of existence to end. Apocalyptic force does not mean they need to necessarily destroy, just end a universal cycle making it the representation of end or omega. They can truly tamper with the end power of existence and terminate any universal cycle, creating absolute chaos. " DEMONIC, CATALYSY!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. Toronados ripped through space, clouds ruffling up the skies as black lightning blasted and chimed from those very clouds. In the center of the dark moons eyes, a Large red orb appeared spanning out so big, that it grew past the size of the planet and even the sun. It glowing heavily behind Onigami's body as he continued to power the final beam. Able to cause an explosion of any scale, with varying effects ranging from stunning to total annihilation. able to cause suns to go supernova, a stellar explosion that is more energetic than a nova. This explosion can wipe out an entire solar system and everything within; planets, life, etc. Higher-level users may be able to cause even suns that are not massive enough to go supernova. " HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" (( " NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A Arm came ripping right out of Onigami's body. " Wh-What!?" He said looking down at the hand before it soon pulled its head out. " IT... WAS...." " H-How CAN THIS BE!?" " GETTING... TO... THE... GOOOD PAARTTTTTTTT!!!!" Keyth said errupted through the demons very core. As he exploded from the demons body. The hold he had on Densuke and friends would cease for the clones that didnt die they'd all rush in at once along with the metors. Ayperos attacks swayed slashing him up before Densukes attack followed and then Ginsei's attack. Keyth caught Ginsei before he made over to Onigami. " Nope! You arent pulling my beautiful hair!" He turned to the Demon as it was soon beaten down to a bloody pulp by the attacks. Using the energy Ongami just made, Keyth still had a slight control. Pointing his finger out like a gun he smirked. And the large sun like beam travled to the tip of his finger before he said. " Bang..." And the beam errupted with a 600 meter radius engulfing Onigami in a heavy streaming blast erdicating him completely. " BUT... BBUT HOW, HOW CAN TH-..." Onigami cut himself as he had a flash back. Notcing all the times Keyth had broke free of the hold only if it had been momentairly for his friends. ".... Keyome...was.... right..." Keyth began to clap his hands in praise turning around to all of his friends. " HAHAHAAHAH YEAH! DID.. DID YOU SEE THAT!? DID YA, DID YA SEE THAT THING!? YOU GUYS WERE ALL BOOM BOOM! AND AND HE WAS LIKE 'RAWRRR IM THE BAD GUY! ' AND THEN AND THEN! I CAME IN, AND I WAS LIKE BANG! IN YOUR FACE HAHAHAHA LIKE..." Keyth began to calm down as his eyes drifted over to Kyoko who had followed them. "...Oh no.." (( He said in a low tone as he began drifting over to her body. He thought she had died... the first thought that slammed into his mind as he placed the small girls small frame in his arms, cradeling her. "... You've been fighting. Really hard. Havent you." He said moving the girls hair out of her face. " Im sorry... if i hurt you.." He said placing his face on her cheek. Closing his eyes, holding her tight.

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