Missing HerEdit

xXAyperosXx: Its been a few days since Lenris fell asleep at the park with his girlfriend Yuno.. And Its been a while since he had seen her. He was worried and it showed in his face as he layed there in his bed. "Were is she... I haven't heard from her in days.." He lays there for a little while longer and then gets up to find his dad. He needed something to get his mind off missing her.. it may be alittle quick to be that way.. But He's never felt this way with someone. "Hey d---" he walk up behind his dad and was met with a kick theat he would bend back to dodge. His dad looks at him with a smirk. "You getting much better my son. I remember when that would send you back to the living room." Lenris scratches his head. "Yeah.. but I wanted to ask if I could get some money.." He dad looked at hi with a raised brow. "For what?" His dad crossed his arms and Looked at him. "Well, to make a few upgrades on the bike." he dad looks at him still. "That bike is top of the line.. It's the newest model realeased to the public and you want to make upgrades?! Why?" Lenris kind of shrugs. ~Because i want to?" His dad scorns at him. "I tell you what.. I want to see what you've learned throughout the years. So if you have a spar with me.. And do well, even beat me. I will give you however much you need." Lenris looks at his dad. "Alright.." Lenris was a bit worried, his dad wasn't as young as he was when Lenris would spare with him when he was little. He goes outside with his dad and takes off his shirt and shoes. His dad does the same, and even for his age, he was still pretty fit.They then stand infront of each other only a few feet away and get into the same stance, seeing that Lenris fighting stance was taught to him by his dad... His dad speaks. "Well, come at me son." His dad smiles a bit and waves his hands at himself. You can say, that his dad, acted alot like Ayperos in a way.  

InfectiousSoul: The warm sun hit Yuno's pale soft skin as her eyes fluttered open and shut ajusting to the sunlight. She yawned a little as she stretched her arms above her head. She had gotten a decent about of sleep, but still woke up often to check her surroundings. She swung her legs over the thick, very lively tree branch, the leaves rustling as she moved a little. She smiled as she looked down at her new outfit remembering. She giggled a little mumbling softly to herself. "The cops still amaze me." She smiled and jumped down off the branch. The dead leaves under her crunched under her new boots as she landed on her feet. She stretched again stretching her arms high over her head as she slowly moved onto her tippy toes, then moving back down to the heels of her boots she placed her right hand over her mouth and yawned again. She figured over some clothes the cops would have forgotten about her as she made her way out to the streets heading to the residental area, hoping to see Lenris on the street. Yuno felt horrible for leaving him under the tree, but new threads were screaming out her name. 

xXAyperosXx: He looked at his dad for a moment then almost like a flash of lighting he jolts at his dad. Most would say that he had him there as he spin around with a roundhouse kick right at his dads face.. But just as fast as he had kick his leg was met with his dads arm with a block. His dad smiles as and grabs his leg and slings him across the yard like he was a feather. He rolls and goes to his feet and runs back at him, sending a fast flurry of fists and kicks, his dad blocks most of them and takes the rest like they are nothing... His dad smiles once more and comes at Lenris with the same blinding speed and does about the same thing.. But then as he goes in for a punch to the face, Lenris bends all the way back and backflips with a hard kick to his fathers chin and sends him flying on his back. Lenris looks as his dad just lays there, dumbfounded. "Well.. You can get the parts." He reaches in his pockets as he gets up and hands lenris a credit card." Don't go crazy though." Lenris nods and grabs his shirt putting on his shoes And puts on his shirt.. He looked at his bike and then shook his head. "The part isn't to big. Might as well walk.. Might see Yuno." He then starts off walking down the road to the nearest part store, hopeing he can see Yuno somewhere. 

InfectiousSoul: Her red hair looked like a red shimmering silk in the sun as it flowed behind her as she walked against the slight breeze in the air. Soft 'Clack, clack, clack" Sounds against the side walk. She had a head phone in one ear as the music played she sang along. (( )) She hadnt really been paying attention to where she had been going, or where she was really. Yuno had become lost in her music, singing loudly. She could care less who heard. Her eyes closing as she walked along. She had bumpped a few shoulders with people, but she just continued to walk. Her breasts bounced slightly in her new top as her favorite song had come on to her music player. (( Singing loudly she had bummped shoulders with a male. He was tall, very pale and had dark hair. A small smirk ran along his creepy face as he eyed her. He grabbed her by the shoulder roughly as he pushed her against a rock fence and pinned her there. "Well arnt you a pretty little thing." his deep voice rolled passed his creepy lips. Yuno let out a sigh as she looked up at him a slight roll in her eyes. " Let go of me." She simply stated, her voice calm, and very stern. She tried yanking her shoulder away from the stranger. He let out a creeepy chuckle. "Oh I dont think pretty little thing." She gripped her shoulder tighter. This annoyed Yuno. "I said let go of me you creep." Yuno's voice had risen, any place near by would hear her clearly she was sure of that. She stompped on his foot. The male's smirk dissapeared from his face. His grip only tighter on Yunos shoulder and covered her mouth. She began to struggle against him trying to push him off. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris would walk up to the door and stop as he heard a female yell to let go of her. He looks and sees a rather big male and then red hair.. It was Yuno.. He watched as the man covered her mouth and she start squirming... Lenris was pissed and this was seen as. He then takes off at high speeds, almost not even being seen by the human eye. He reaches them in seconds and spins around. "LET GO OF HER YOU FUCK!!" sending a hard and fast kick to the mans chest. The man would most likely be sent back but still on his feet. He then runs right up to him sending punch after blinding punch to the mans chest and ends it as he jumps up, sending a powerful and fast kick at the mans chin. This would send the man into a flip and land on his head right on the road. Lenris looks at him as he trys to get up and he runs up kicking him in the stomach with almost inhuman speed, this cause the man to fly through the air to the other side of the street into a dumpster, leaving a dent in it.. "Keep you hands off people you cunt!." He turns around to Yuno and all the anger in his face turns to a smile. "Are you ok?" 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno gasped slightly sliding down the wall as her shoulder was released, and her mouth was uncovered. "Fucking prick." She mumbled kicking her heel into his back before Lenris was able to kick him away with his blow to the strangers chest. She had slowly got up as she saw the white hair. A smile rolled across her face as she watched Lenris kick the fuck out of the creep. She quickly gathered herself, fixing her top, brushing off her pants, and fixing her hair. As he turned to her seeing his blue eyes and cute smile she nodded. " I could have kicked his ass.. just didn't get to my kn.." She cut herself off and smiled back at him. " I'm fine." She giggled running her fingers through her hair, it falling back down as her fingers rolled through it. "Thank you.." She looked up into his eyes with a blush and leaned in to kiss his cheek softly. 

xXAyperosXx: He smiles as she thanks him and then blushes a bit as she kisses him on the cheek. "Your welcome." he smiles at her. "So what you been up to? I woke up and you were gone." He looks at her and begins to walk, holding his hand out to her for her to hold. He walks with her while listening and gets a text on his phone holding it up and reads it. It was Zak: "Hey man Matt got a new bass if you want to come over and practice.. Don't bring your bike though..." Lenris looks at Yuno and waits for her to finish if she was still talking. 

InfectiousSoul: She smiled at him and took his hand as they walked. "Oh.. you know.. nothing much.. new outfit.. hiding from people." She giggled and looked over at him and smiled. "Apparently people don't want me to look good." She said with a huff as she had heard his phone go off and stopped talking slowly not wanting to distract him. The soft clacks of her black boots followed her foot steps as the walked down the side walk. She had shut up and began looking around.. She felt as though she didn't know the neighborhood very well, and she was right. Some how as she walked from the park, she managed to make her way to D2. The houses looked nice, and it was kinda quiet. She smiled looking at all the houses. She had saw inside one house seeing a family, a mother, father, and a little girl. She had looked as though she had been crying and her parents looked as though they were yelling at her. A soft frown had a ppeared on her face. "That poor girl.." She had whispered out loud softly.. Yuno had shook her head, blinking her eyes a bit from the tears that had came up and looked away, seeing all that had just nearly triggered her past memories. She looked to Lenris and smiled. Her jade eyes slightly glazed over from the tears she had blinked away. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris looks over at her and smiles putting his phone away. "Your eyes are so beautiful.." He blushes and scratches his head. "Soo.. Umm, woud you rather go to my house? or go to a friend of mine. they want to pratice.. My band I mean.. Only if you want. If not, we can go to my house. My parents wouldn't mind.. actuall i think they left.' He looks over at her and stops walking and looks olver at her with a smile. "What ever you want to do." He didn't care what she picked as long as he was with her, He just loved to be around her, and he did remember she said that she loved music. But honesly, he just wanted to know what she would like to do. He was just that kind of person. So he waits for her to tell him as he stands there looking with a bright smile. 

InfectiousSoul: She blushed a little and giggled. "Thank you." as they stopped and he had asked either or not to go to his friends or his house she hadn't been quite sure.. She never goes anywhere.. or to anyones houses. She had placed a finger up on her delecate soft red lips and softly bit the side of her lower lip. "I really.. Don't know." She gave a soft giggle and rubbed the back of her head thinking. She had softly tapped her boot. "Um.. Id really like to hear your band." She smiled and looked into his eyes. "Then maybe go to your place?" She cringed her eyes and bit on her lip again. She didnt know what the situation on that would be, when his parents coming home and all that. "Can we take the bike?!" It had scared her last time, but it gave her that thrill, that rush, and excitement, Yuno had come to crave in her life. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris chuckles and nods. "Ok, band first then my house.' He presses a button on his key chain and within seconds his bike comes up to them and he then presses the safty button off and hopps on the bike, handing her the helmet and then putting his on.. He lets her get situated and then as she does it starts to float up and change shape, then take off to Zaks house. He looks back a bit and smiles as she was probably holding on to him like she did last time. It had only taken a few moments till they arrived at Zaks house and all his friends greated him outside. zak looks at him as he gets off the bike with a scorn.. "I thought I said don't bring the bike.' Lenris holds out his hand to Yuno to help her off and puts the helmets on the bike as she does and then press a button on his key chain. The bike then zooms off. Lenris shrugs. "What bike?" He chuckles as they all look at Yuno. "Oh, This is Yuno, My girlfriend. Yuno this is Zak, Rissa, Matt, and John." He points to all of them as he said their names and they all waved and said hello."She wants to hear us play. ' He smiles at her a bit and they nod and all start to go inside."Come on Babe." he grabs her hand taking her into the basment as they all walked down. All off their equipment was down there as well as a huge hold in the wall. "You want anything to drink, or wait till we go to my house. "He asks Yuno.

InfectiousSoul: Yuno got onto Lenris's bike and placed the helmet over her head and wrapped her arms quickly around his waist and held on tightly. She giggled as the bike lifted in the air. She watched her ground lift away from her feet. She wrapped her arms around his waist tighter as they took off. Her silky red hair that didnt get tucked under her helmet flowing wildy behind her. She closed her eyes. The speed and being in the air made her feel like she was flying. As they slowed down and arrived at his band members house she opened her eyes slowly. She let her grip from his waist go. Yuno took his hand and got off the bike. She had a blush on her face as he began introduce her to them. She waved softly at everyone. Her voice was quiet, giving a soft hello. She looked up at them showing her Jade green eyes. She nodded as he said she wanted to hear them play. "Please?" She smiled softly. She smiled and giggled as they made their way inside. She looked around the basement and cocked her eyebrow at the hole at the wall then eyed the equipment and smiled. The drums looked amazing, the guitars, they were shiny and looked very nice. The amps, looked expensive. She then looked over to Lenris as he asked if she wanted anything to drink. She shook her head and smiled. "No thank you." She rubbed the back of her neck softly and leaned against the wall a little. 

xXAyperosXx: He smiles and nods as he turns around to the rest of them. Rissa gets at the drums and matt goes to base zak goes to his guitar and John to his. "Lets play...Behind A Smile. Maybe this time we can finish it.." "Behind a Smile" They all smile and then get to their instuments. Lenris finishes off his chips and gets a big drink off water, actually finishing it. He walks up to the mic and looks at all of them to see if they are ready. and then holds up his hand with three fingers up and slowly count out loud. "Three... Two... One.." (( )) Rissa starts to play the Zilophone a bit and then Zak starts to play here and there. Rissa stops playing and goes to the drums as they all play and Lenris starts to sing. "A knock on my door disturbs my dream,I'm confused by your sudden farewell,The bonds between us are broken,It's happened suddenly,Nothing left for me..." Lenris stops and Zak then starts to scream. "There are a thousand things I need to tell you, And all regrets in mind" Lenris then picks back up as The dums stops and the rest echo. "We went through some hard times together,But now is the time to say goodbye!!" The music picks up again And Lenris continues "I know what happened and I can't take it,Telling myself there is nothing I can do,But I don't wanna say goodbye... turn my eyes to you with a fake smile" Matt stops playing and all you hear is Rissa on drums and Zak, with Lenris singing. "I always promised to come back here, Although I never wanted to go back,I don't think I can hurt for so long.It's happened suddenly... It's happened Suddenly...." They all start playing hard again. And Lenris goes back to singing. "I know what happened and I can't take it,Telling myself there is nothing I can do,But I don't wanna say goodbye... turn my eyes to you with a fake smile" Lenris stops singing and smiles at Yuno before Zak starts to scream" WE ARE SET FREE!!" His voice echos and the music stops for a split second and then starts up again and Zak continues. "DESTINED TO GO OUR SEPERATE WAYS!! WE'VE ALREADY GONE TOO FAR!!!" His voice Echos after each lyric and then Lenris picks up." I smell your perfume everywhere I go. " He then repeats. "I smell your perfum everywhere I goooooo" The music lightens up as Matt and John are the only ones playing as Lenris sings. "I know what happened and I can't take it,Telling myself there is nothing I can do,But I don't wanna say goodbye... turn my eyes to you with a fake smile" He sang slowly as the band starts to play again and repeats with everyone else echoing him."I know what happened and I can't take it,Telling myself there is nothing I can do,But I don't wanna say goodbye... turn my eyes to you with a fake smile...."The band dies down slowly and Lenris then looks at Yuno. And waits for what she has to say. 

InfectiousSoul: Leaning aginst the wall Yuno looked to everyone watching them get ready. The sound of the Zilophone starting drew Yuno's eyes to Rissa as she watched her, then the guitar drew her attention to Zak. Shiveres went up her spine as she listened to them. Then she heard Lenris start to sing and she closed her eyes listing close as she tapped her toes softly onto the ground with the drums easily. The sudden scream from Zak caused Yuno to open her eyes smiling. Her right hand reaching up to the end of her hair gripping it softly as she played with her hair listenting to them. She began closing her eyes again as she continued tapping her toe on the floor, Lenris' and Zak's voices causing her cheeks and skin to tingle. She smiled as they began to die down opening her eyes slowly and looked over to Lenris. "You guys are great!" She said pushing herself off the wall. "Seriously, just amazing! I can see you guys going far." She nodded with a big smile.  

xXAyperosXx: Lenris and all the others smile as she complaments them. "We have been practicing for years now. I'm glad to see that it's paid off." He smiles and walks up to Yuno kissing her cheek. Zak looks at his phone. "Well damn I've got to get going, I'm gonna end up being late. Everyones free to stay if you want, just dont mess anything up." Zak walks up stair and out of the house. Rissa looks over and Lenris and Yuno then to John and Matt. "Hey lets go do something, let the two love birds be alone." She chuckles and walks out with the two of them down in the basment. He scratches his head and looks at Yuno. "Well, that was weird.. What you wanna do know? I'd rather not stay here in Zaks house without him here." He puts his hand in his pocket. "Any Ideas?" 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno smiled blushing softly as Lenris kissed her cheek softly, then looked to Zak, she held up a hand waving it bye smiling. She then looked to Rissa cocking a eyebrow a little as she said to leave them alone. She raised her left hand to her head running her fingers through her hair and then rubbed the back of her neck softly. Yuno looked as they all left, then looked over to Lenris and shrugged a little. "I don't know really.." she looked down at her feet kicking her foot as if there was dirt there. "Guess we could go back to your place if you want." She looked back up at him and smiled softly. "Thats if you want, and if your parents don't mind." She giggled softly, blushing looked off to the side now at the guitar and Mic. Singing and playing guitar had always been a dream of hers to do. She gave a quiet sigh then looked back over to Lenris. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris looks over at the guitar and mic as she does and smiles. "Ok we will head to my place." He takes her and and heads out the door. He presses the button on his keys and soon the bike zooms up infront of them. He smiles and hands her a helmet and puts his on. He hops on the bike and waits for her to get on and get ready. He smiles and revs it up before Zooming off as she holds on to him. it only too about 10 minutes for them to show up at his house. He looks at his phone and says hin it to text dad. "Hey, I've got a friend over. I hope you don't mind." he then Gets off the bike and helps Yuno off and puts the helmets on it, both of them forming into the bike. He smiles at Yuno and then takes her hand, pressing a button on his keys, then another. The first one setting his bike on safe mode and the other unlocking the door and he walks in with Yuno, going straight up stairs to his room and cleaning up some cloths that were in the floor. "Sorry about the mess." His room was rather big. On the walls were trophies of his wins in martal arts, one being for almost every year since he was 6. There were other things on the walls too, old looking armor and swords. And them a short spear, looked rather new. he also had a guitar hanging up as well. After putting up his cloths he looks at Yuno. "Can I get you anything? Theres really no were to sit, so just take a seat on the bed." He smiles a bit. 

InfectiousSoul: Nodding Yuno followed him out the door and placed the helmet on her head smothing out her red hair. She crawled onto the bike behind Lenris wrapping her arms around his waist. As the took off she didnt hide her face, she watched the buildings and cars quickly getting left behind. Before she knew it, they had stopped infront of a house. With the way his bike looked, and the way he seemed rich, Lenris house seemed normal, like a common house. This shocked Yuno slightly. She shrugged as she got off the bike with Lenris taking the helmet off her head smothing out the rest of her hair and handing it over to him as he then put them up. Yuno then smiled as he took her hand. She looked around, there was no TV's nothing in this house. As they stepped into Lenris' room she looked at all the trophies and her eyes widened. "Wooow.." She said softly her mouth open as she looked at them all. A guitar caught her eye as she walked up to it slowly. Softly she ran her fingers along the strings then looked over to Lenris as he spoke. "Oh, um.. Some water I guess." She smile softly and made her way to the bed and sat down looking at the guitar again. "Do you play?" She had looked to him again. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris smiles as she said a glass of water and goes to get her some. He comes back up and hands it to her and looks as she asks if he plays. His smile faded a bit and he sat down beside her and shakes his head. "No, But my brother did. He was teaching me how.' He looks at the guitar and remembers the day Ayperos gave it to him. He wa only 8 at the time and he does know how to play but refuses to seeing it brings back the memory of his brother. "He's dead now.. I haven't even touched it since. Brings back memories." He looks at the guitar then at Yuno and smiles a bit at her trying not to show the sadness that filled him when he thought about it. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno took the glass of water and took a drink as she held it between her legs as she sat on the bed. She could hear the sadness in his voice as he told him about the guitar. The past behind the guitar took the idea of playing it right out of her head as she nodded. "I'm sorry to hear that, or bring up any memories." She looked down at the ground, her red velvet like hair falling infront of her face on both sides, sliding with ease over her shoulders.She began swing her legs a little. "But if he was teaching you.. I don't think he would want you to stop. I mean.. with the band you have.." She looked up at him, pushing her hair over her ear moving it from her face on one side, the other side still haning over her shoulder. "I can tell that music is a passion for you. He wouldnt want you to drop your passion." She smiled at him. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris smiles a bit. "I know, If i had the money for another one I would, but I can't play that one with the memories it has." he looks over at the big window on the side of his room, remembering Ayperos and him as a kid sitting there, Ayperos teaching him. He adored Ayperos, thought everything of him. Though he didn't  see him much he was like any little brother, idolizing their big brother for just the smallest things. He looked away from the window and back at Yuno with a smile and then gets up looking, looking at the guitar and takes it from the wall and hands it to her. "I can see in your eyes you want to play it. So here." He holds it out to her. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno nodded slowly listing. " I see.." An idea popped into her head and she smiled. She looked to the window as he did trying to see what he was seeing then looked away back at the guitar. As he got up Yuno looked at him, watching him walk to the guitar and back to her handing it to her. She looked up at him "Are.. you sure?" She had asked blushing as she ran her fingers over the strings again. It had been a while since she last played the guitar. It was her escape from the world when she lived with her parents. They didn't enjoy it much, but it never stopped her. She wanted her own guitar, but with no place to stay she didn't want to take one from a store and just leave it to be ruined by the weather. 

xXAyperosXx: He smiles at her and nods as she asked him if he was sure. "Go ahead." He would let her take it and then sit down beside her, he would then grab something from the side of the table. Other than trophies and cloths in his room, he had alot of electronic scrap on the tables and what was in his hand seemed like an old phone. He tampered with it a bit and then put the back back on it pressing the power button, it comes to life and he smiles as he starts to mess with it and also listen to Yuno talk, or play the guitar if she took it from him. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno had taken the glass of water from between her legs and sat it down off to the side. She then took the guitar from him and lightly strummed it. She heard it was out of tune, which was expected if he hadnt played it. She quickly tuned it humming to get the right pitch on the cords. She then started out soft and sang. ( Her voice started off soft "We say its okay and to leave it alone.. " Her eyes closed as she continued hitting a cord here and there. "But I want you to notice this case isn't closed, Doors are open, and the lights are left on.. And there's never a night I sleep, with dreams that I'd have if you never decided, decided to leave.. Decided, decided to leave.." She started strumming louder and faster as her voice grew louder. "There's never an ounce that I breathe, Without thinking about who I could have been with you. There's never an ounce that I breath, without thinking about who I could have been if you didn't leave." her voice got even louder as she began tapping her foot on the floor getting into the music. "The phones been patient to hear your call, but you never touched the dial, you never touched the dial and now I know. There's someone I wish walked through these halls, but you'll never take the chance to come home. " Her voice got soft.. "So come home.." She had stopped placing her hand on the guitar and looked to him with a smile. She stopped the song early not wanting to get fully into it. The song hit home for her, wondering if her parents even missed her. 

xXAyperosXx: He looks st her as she stops and smiles. "So beautiful. I love your voice..." he blushes a bit and smiles. "You really do." He looks at the phone and hands it to her, it was the same model as his, and he fixt it to were it can connect to his cell phone. "Here, you can have this to get in contact with me. I took out the chip in it, so it can't be tracted. A friend of mine showed me how to do it... Oh and you don't have to pay for it." He smiles at her. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno smiled and blushed as he complimented her voice. "Thank you.." She looked down at the guitar then stood and hung it back on the wall where it originally was. She sat back down and looked at the phone in his hand then took it from him as he explained how it couldnt be tracked. "Oh. Thank you Lenris." She smiled and placed it in her top tucking it between her breasts. Her pants didn't have pockets in them. She smiled softly and leaned in kissing his cheek softly.  

xXAyperosXx: Lenris blushes as she kissed his cheek and then put his arm around her and then leans in and kisses her lips quickly and then leans back up blushing badly he scratches his head and then looks around his room, his eyes only going back to Yuno's her cheeks red with blush and smiles. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno blushed deeply as he kissed her, she kissed back. As he quickly looked around the room she placed a hand on the back of her neck rubbing it softly as she smiled her other hand up near her mouth as her fingers were placed softly against her own lips. As they made eye contact she looked back smiling at him biting one side of her lip softly. Breaking the silence, she had asked him "So..What do you do for fun around here?" She had blushed deeper, unsure what to say or do. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris didn't say a work, but instead, he kisses her lips once more and leans her back on the bed as he kisses her. He puts his hand on her cheek as he kissed her and then breaks the kiss looking at her and finaly says. "Well.. here theres nothing to do. as you could see when we came in we doon't have tv's.." He looks at her and blushes badly.. "i'm sorry about that.. I couldn't help myself.." He looks at her his face still red as he leans beside her. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno's eyes widen then quickly they closed as he kissed and leaned her back against the bed. Her body slightly relaxing as she kissed back. As her broke the kiss she nodded. "Yeah I did notice you didnt have much as for TV and such.." She looked up at him blushing biting her lip again. As he apologized she smiled. "It's quite alright dont worry." She giggled still laying next to him. "But thats not what I asked." Another giggle came from her. " I asked what YOU" She had poked his nose softly. "Do for fun." 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris chuckles and smiles at her. "Well, for me. I usually train, or tinker with stuff. As you can see with all the scrap around my room." He chuckles  once more and looks at all the electronic scraps and then back down at Yuno. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno nodded and looked around the room at all the scrap metal and electronics "Handy man I see." She giggled sitting up a little, proping herself on her elbows. Her red hair falling down over her shoulders haning off in the back. She looked over to Lenris and smiled.  

xXAyperosXx: He looks around with her and chuckles. "Yeah. If I have the parts I can make pretty much anything." He looks back to her now that she raised up to where her face was just eye level with his. "I mean for me its fun, but other than training, its pretty boring here." He looks at her, blush still a bit in his face. "So what do you want to do?" he rubs the back of his had, really not knowing what to do now. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno quickly kissed his lips and sat up. "Well, I was gonna head to some shops." She looked over her shoulder and smiled. "You're welcome to come along if you want." She bit her lip, she needed stuff which ment he was going to find out her secret probably. She combed her fingers through her hair, her hair lifting up then falling over her shoulders landing softly over her breasts on each side. 

xXAyperosXx: He feels her lips touch his quickly touch his in a kiss and blushes a bit sitting up with her and listens to her. "Sure, I might as well come along with you." He smiles a bit, he didn't have any idea that she was a theif and the way he felt about her he honestly wouldn't care. He gets up and holds out a hand to her and helps her up, being the gentlmen he was. "So where to first?' he looks around grabbing a coat. He takes off his shirt, showing his toned body. He then puts the coat on zipping it up and then turning to Yuno. He had no shame of his body, and honestly felt comfertable around her so doing this really didn't phase him much. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno took his hand and stood up fixing her top and bottoms. She looked over seeing his toned body just in time, a dark blush forming on her cheeks she smiled looking down quickly her hair covering her face. Softly she spoke, "Just to the shopping district for now, I'll figure it out when we get there." She then looked back up to see him in a jacket now. She softly tucked her hair behind her ear.  

xXAyperosXx: He smiles a bit and kisses her cheek as she moves he hair behind her ear. "Ok, the market district isn't far drom here, so lets just walk." He grabs her hand and starts to walk off down the stairs with her and opens the door for her, letting her walk out and then follows behind shutting the door and presses a button on his keys, locking up the house and then takes her hand again walking on the sidewalk, heading to the market district that was only just a few blocks away. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno blushed deeper as he kissed her cheek. She nodded and held his hand tightly in her own as they walked out of the house. She stood and waited for him to lock up. The day was slowly growing into night as dusk had covered the sky with its golden glow. It gave Yuno's skin the apperence of glowing. She smiled as he turned back to her and took her hand again as they walked down the street to the Market District. She looked around, seeing shops with food, some shops with gadgets, and her favoirte kind of shops, clothing. She eyed the window seeing a beautiful gown. Prom was coming soon. The dress was a long black gown, simply elegant. She had stopped walking and just stared in the window at the gown. 

xXAyperosXx: He walked with Yuno looking at her mostly, it seemed that dusk made her skin seemed to glow, though she was beautiful no matter what, she just seemed even more so at tis time of day. He then looked around and saw his favorite store, the gadgets. He loved to buy their damaged stuff and make it even better. But he didn't ome here for that. He then noticed that Yuno stopped and looked at a rather beautiful black dress in a window. He could see that he really liked it and chuckles a bit. "I see you really like that dress.. You want me to get it for you?" He smills big and looks over to her with a raised brow. He needed to find something for prom anyway as well. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno's eyes widen as he asked if she wanted him to buy it for her. "Oh no no!" She shook her head biting her lower lip. "Please don't!" She looked to him quickly turning. "I'll get it one day. "She smiled. "I got time!" She took his hand and dragged him away from the store. She had finally returned to a normal pace as they got away from the store. She had a deep blush on her face from making such a scene. she hadnt even relized the cops not to far ahead. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris looked at Yuno with a raised brow as she started freaking out when he asked her if she wanted him to buy it, and basicly dragged him away in a rather fast walk. They then started to slow down and he just looked at her. "Whats the matter?" He walks with her and waits for her to say something back to him. He was rather comfused, he thought that any girl would jump on the fact that a guy would buy something for him, but she seemed a bit embarassed, if not a little mad. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno put her hair behind her ear again and sighed. "Sorry about that, I just don't like things bought for me." She sighed again softly. Before she was able to speak again, a flash of cop lights went on from a cop car not to far ahead. A deep voice called out. "Gasai, Yuno! Please remain still!" She let out a deep sigh and rolled her eyes, taking Lenris hand she looked to him. "They really don't give up, for fuck sake." She quickly turned around and began to run in the other direction. "Just stay close, please." She let go of his hand and took off back twords the residental area. As she ran she began to hop on one foot taking off her boot, then switching to the other taking off the next. She can run in heels, but she can run just as fast barefoot. She held a boot in each hand as she ran. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris looked ahead as the cop said her name and she said to stay close to her as she then took off running. He was confused but did so anyway, standing there for a moment then took off at high speed. Lenris was going atleast 60 miles an hour being able to now tap into his peak human speed. He was scared as well as a bit upset but even though he lifted her up as he went by, this only slowed him down to about 56 miles an hour and kept running. The cops would mostly likly be dumfounded at his speed, but Lenris didn't stop, even when he couldn't hear the sirens. He kept running and running, going the back ally ways and short cuts, he was only circling as he would then jump a fence and now be in his back yard and then put Yuno down before catching his breath. He had never ran that fast, it was even a first for him. He then looked at Yuno with a stern look. "What was.. that all about..." He would have only been here if he had lost the cops, but with his speed it was more than likly that he did. 

InfectiousSoul: As Yuno ran she felt her feet sweep off the ground as she was now in Lenris arms. She watched all the shops fly by turning soon into houses. As he jumped a fence he grabbed tightly onto him so she wouldnt fall out of his arms. Yuno stood in his back yard straighting her hair and outfit out as she listened to her surroundings.  She looked to him as he asked her the question.  She didn't want to tell him, so she simply looked down at the ground kicking some of the grass in the yard. "Nothing.." She bit her lower lip. "I'm sorry." She kept her gaze on the ground not looking up at him. 

xXAyperosXx: Lenris would walk up to her and put his finger under her chin and lift her head up to where she could see into his eyes and his in hers. "Yuno... Cops calling your full name and then chasing after you isn't nothing... what kind of trouble are you in." He looks at her for a moment, he really wanted to know what she had done. "Please Yuno.. I need to know. Don't think it will change the way I fell about you, because it wont." He kisses her lips softly and slowly. "I love you Yuno.. I've never felt this way with anyone. But I do know its love, because when I'm around you, i feel like I haven't a care in the world. Like i want to be around you till the day I die. I promise that what ever you've done , wont change that." he looks in her eye still, his eyes never leave hers as he hopes that she will tell him. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno looked into his eyes still biting her lower lip softly. She listened to his words a deep blish forming on her cheeks as he spoke how he felt about her. She kissed him back softly as she placed her hand on his. Once he was done talking she sighed softly. " Lenris, I'm wanted by the law because of my reputation. I'm homeless so the only way I get things I want is by taking them. They've grown to recgonize my face, my hair, let alone my height and style of dressing." She let out a long deep sigh as she looked back down at the ground. "I never wanted yu to find out, specially not like this. I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you Lenris." She looked back up at him and bit her lip once more. "You're an amazing guy, and I really think I'm falling in love with you as well." She gripped his hand tightly with out thinking. 

xXAyperosXx: He looks at her with surprise. He had thought it was strange that she never had any belongings. But never would have guessed that she was homless and had been stealing to get by. This made a tear go down his face. "You.. Your homless?" He pulled her into him and holds her close to him and just stays that way for a moment. "I don't care what you've done in your past, but you wont have to anymore.. I want you to stay with me.. No more stealing, no more running from the law." he looks at her, thinking to himself, hope she will agree. 

InfectiousSoul: Yuno blushed as he pulled her in and held her close. Her hands softly rested on his back. She looked down as he looked at her she wasnt sure what to say. The law wouldn't give up on her any time soon but it would help to stay at his place and lay low. Maybe he could help get her hair dyed, that will help the law not notice her as much. She nodded slowly. "I'll stay. It'll be nice to not have to sleep in a tree for once." She looked up at him, her soft red lips forming into a soft smile as she closed her eyes tilting her head to the side a bit. Her hair followed, falling off to the side like a wave of new red silk.  

xXAyperosXx: Lenris smiles a bit and kisses her lips once more closeing his eyes. "No more running, no more steal, you need anything, you tell me and I will get it for you." He pecks her on the cheek and smiles a bit. And hold your hand and walks inside. And takes her up to his room. "I will need to let my parents know your situation, and don't worry, i wont tell them about you being in trouble with the law. I'll just let them know that you need a place to stay. They would be more than happy to let you stay here with us.' He sits on the bed and takes out his phone calling his dad. "Hey, when are you comeing home?" you could barley hear his dad on the phone. "Ok, i got something to ask you when you get home." His dad seems to raise his voice. " No it's nothing bad dad." it goes back to were you could barely hear what he was saying. "ok dad, love you too." He hangs up the phone and then looks back over a Yuno and sighs a bit. "They wont be home for another three hours." he puts his phone on the edtable beside his bed and lays back. "Guess all we have to do is wait." InfectiousSoul: Yuno kissed back softly and nodded. "I won't steal or run anymore. I promise." She took his hand as they walked inside and up to his room. She sat at the edge of his bed as he called his father. She closed her eyes and let herself fall back against his bed. She had dropped her boots infront of his bed. The excitement of the cops wore her out as it normally does. She smiled as she combed her fingers through her hair as she laid on his bed. She nodded as he told her. Her eyes fluttering open and shut as she began falling asleep on his bed. xXAyperosXx: He lays there with her for a moment and then when she was asleep got up and put her all the way on the bed, putting her head on the pillow and covered her up. He lays there with her for a while and seemed to dose off. He then heard his parents walk in and got up walking down stairs. "Well, what did you want to ask us?" He took a deep breath and then explains. "Ok.. i met this girl.. I really like her, She goes to the school but.. she's homless. She needs a place to stay, not perminate bur atleast till she gets back on her feet.." He scratches his head a bit, they sood there a bit shocked. His dad crosses his arms and his mom puts her hand on his dads shoulder. He sighs a bit. "She can stay.. But, you will be the one taking care of her.. Whats her name anyway?" Lenris looks at him. "Yuno Gasai.. I really like her, i promise You wont even know shes here." they nod and then head off to bed and Lenris does the same, Taking his shoes and jacket off and lays right beside her.

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