Dollar WorldEdit

( ) Densuke would be sitting the Heroes for Hire shack, by himself. Ayperos had been away for a while, and Mykale. Well. He’s a twat. Densuke was infront of a giant idea boared, filled with markings, X’s and drawings. More notable was a drawing of the cyborg head Gus had given him, and his jewel, along with the listed weaknesses of the two previous cyborgs he’d fought..Then there was the snow. Kasihana NEVER snowed. At all. For anything or any rate, which is why this was quite the odd occurance. The jewel was on the board also, as Densuke sat down biting on the end of his pen. “..It’s all connected somehow..subtle…but somehow connected. I hope Gramps has been able to get the data anaylsis on the snow yet, scan it for any odd properties. If anything, the chi is there it just isn’t excessible. Being suppressed..hmm.” Densuke would recive a fax in from Ochigi with a message entitled. “Final anaylisis on mystery snow.” Densuke would nod as he’d read it. “….Huh.” Densuke would stand up and tak the paper to his detective wall. “….I’m gonna need some help. I need to find Keyth..He is still my best friend. First things first, I gotta grab a few things.” Densuke would step out the back door of the shack, taking the emergency route, so he could exit as a civilian and not be noticed. He’d call his hover bike, playing it smart. When in normal use it’s a blood red, with a smaller frame. So no notable similarities would come up with the red dawn’s own bike. Densuke would mount it, rev it once, and drive off causally heading to the nearest Kasihana Dollar World. Parking the bike he’d step off it, and head inside whistling. He’d grab a shoping basket and begin causally walking around the store, picking out things he’d feel like he needed for the shack.

AlessandraSkar: 'Flick...flick..flick...' After exactly three strokes, a tiny flames appeared out of the fancy silver lighter and just as Shira Hanako was about to light her cigarette...WHOOSH! A nice, crispy gust of wind seemed to wrench the flame clean out of her use. Maybe it was a sign to stop ruining her lungs with the stuff, then again, these days a few cigarettes a day seemed to be the only thing capable of keeping her sane in this INsne city. She gave up on the smoke after coming to terms with the bitter weather that smoking in the harsh winds and snow just wasn't going to work out. Tucking the silver lighter in her pocket, she simply allowed the white and gold stick to move around between her soft, pink lips. She lifted her eyes to the sky above to watch the snow fall as she walked down the streets of Kasaihana. After another brief argument with her adopted mother, she was in need of a casual stroll to take her mind off of things, to meditate on her training. She Seismic Sense she had acquired two years ago had grown stronger with her constant use, enabling her to feel the movements and very locations of the other civilians going to and fro around her. Pretty cool, hanh? Wrong. Sometimes it was VERY distracting and even made Shira a little paranoid depending on how strong the vibrations were. After several strange encounters with fearsome enemies and villainous brigands in Kasaihana, there was no telling when she needed to be on guard. Therefore, she was on guard all the time. The city streets seemed to be enjoying a normal level of tranquility as far as her sapphire hues could see. A great day to go for a walk or have a nice hot coffee at the local diner. Speaking of which, Shira couldn't help but softly sigh as she walked by the popular eatery. Each time she laid her eyes on it, she would immediately think of a long lost friend of hers...Damian Yun. It'd been months since she had last seen or spoken to him but it indeed felt like years. She tried to shake him out of her mind as she was steadily approaching another building along her path. She glanced up at the sign which read: DOLLAR WORLD in flashing green letters. 'Hmm.' She kept her eyes on the sign for a moment, soon deciding that she could use a few chocolate bars and a cheap soda for the time being. What better place to grab a snack than a dollar store? Approaching the doors of the shop, she pushed them open gently and stepped into the warm heat within. She couldn't help but sigh in relief as the electric heating sweltered about her in soothing waves. Although she had been well trained to brave any climate, she absolutely could not stand the cold and for some reason, Mother Nature was pissed at Kasaihana. She casually tucked her hands into the back pockets of her high-waisted acid wash denim jeans as she strolled about the dollar world, making her way toward the cndy section where she hoped to find just the right snack to settle her cravings


HollowJak: -Jasons breath came out of his mouth in short white bursts of mist as he layed down on a cleared off spot on top of a eight story tall building. he looked up above him to make sure that the snow white tarp he had set up to keep the snow off of him and his equipment was holding and so far it was holding fast. he sat up the tarp still being an inch aboe hsi head and looked around at what he had laid out he had brought a varitable arsenal all slowly snuck up over the course of the entire previous night after he had returned to the warehouse to find his squadmates in a tumble apparently while going to retrieve some guns from jut out in the harbor he had stumbled upon some vessel where he had fought a group of the armored bastards no not armored bastards he knew their name now if only through whispers they were called the maru jiteai. Though Gabriel had initiated the fight Jason did not care they had harmed someone close to him and that was never a good idea so he had set a trap he had set the suit he had stolen in the middle of a crossroads and switched on the tracking device he had found on it halfway through running home and had originally switched off but he was getting ahead of his own thoughts before that he had cleared off a large section of roof which had clear lines of fire to all the roads entering the intersection esxcept the on the ight directly against it but he knew they would not swarm out from sitrict 1. he had carefully lined the other three streets carefully burying twelve anti tank mines in the snow (for each road) and lining each road with fifty pounds of c-4 all of which had been brought by his other three squadmates after they had returned from collecting extra stock. wherever he could he had rigged c-4 to the gas tanks of parked cars so he could get a bigger boom for his buck. All the c-4 had been rigged to go off when he pressed any of three long range wireless detonators one for each street which he had laid out right next to the M107A1 semi-automatic fifty caliber sniper rifle whch he had set up in the center of his cozy little snpers nest looking it over he made sure that the one of the five magazines of ammunition he had brought was already loaded into it the other four being tood rounds up carefully lined up to the right of the rifle all of the magazines having armor piercing rounds loaded into them for that extra anti mj kick. Taking a breath he tore his eyes away from the beautiful rifle and looked at the two piece de resitances he had brought with him one was a javelin missile launcher a beautiful piece of work with one hell of a tracking system on it, though it only had one shot, the other being an ics-190 GLM gernade launcher along with a small crate though it had already been loaded with emp grenades he had packed a few more just incase in the box was six more emp grenades and nineteen regular old 40 mm grenades but he figured rapid enough fire would cause some destruction to the mj's suits. He smiled to himself and checked the revolver still holstered in the under arm holster inside his suit which he had filled with six armor piercing shots though he had two more speed loaders filled with armor piercing along with the regular speedloaders in his inner pocket. in his right suit pocket ere two emp grenades and an incindiary grenade if it really came to trouble though he doubted it would get that far. He had changed into a white version of his favorite suit in order to be better camoflauged in his firing position. Taking a breath he turned and layed down behind the sniper rifle peeking through the scope as he started to hear the distant rumble of engines. looking through the scope he saw a convoy of six maru jiteai armored vans coming down the road from his figuring they could fit eight people in the back of those vans, twelve if they were willing to squeeze together very tightly. Grinning he pulled back the lever on his M107A1 before grabbing all three triggers and waiting for the vans to get into the middle of his explosive net at which point he would press all three hoping the wreckage on the other two streets from the cars blowing up would stop any reinforcements from coming well atleast not easily still waiting as the slow moving vehicles got closer he pulled a ciggarete from his jacket pocket and put it in his lips lighting it. The sun fully broke the horizon as the vehicles came into range and he smiled taking a long drag of his ciggarete- This is for gabriel you stupid mother fuckers hes layed up for a month thanks to you. lets see how well your suits absord this much explosives. -he smiled broadley as he though on how insane this plan was but he wouldnt let it go people needed to learn that harming someone he considered important to him would get them wiped off the face of the earth whether Gabriel or them had started it on the boat he didnt care because he was damn well going to finish it. Oddly a favorite quote of his popped into his head even though it had been so HollowJak: since he had watched the odd show with a blue box on holovids when he was a kid chuckling he raised his voice and called out- sontar ha! -as the words left his mouth he punched his thumb down on each of the three buttons in rapid succession his eyes alight with the fires of war. ( The c-4 went off without a hitch the subsequent roar from the explosions caused Jasons ears to ring as he looked down upon the carnage cars flying up and landing with a loud thud in the snowy streets. the two back vans flipped and crashed through the air as the c-4 hit them with such force while the one in front which was over the mines dissapeared in a nova of fire and shrapnel as it had hit one of the anti tank mines them being layed close enough together fro a chain reacton to be caused making all twelve go up nearly simultaneously. the three center vehicles received the least damage suffering a few dings and scratches but otherwise staying mostly untouched. Jason frowned as the vehicles left running blew past what remained of the front car and continued on towards the center of the crossing the men piling out and forming a rough firing square in the center with the three vans circlling to encompass them like wagons used to do when they were harassed by indians "interesting i expected them to turn tail and run but it appears that they have more gal than i thought" even as he thought this a dozen soldiers began to move from the wreckage of the back two vehicles rushing forward to join their companions- damn suits are tougher than i thought note to self next time use twice as much C4 and mines im gonna have hell cleaning this up even as he grabbed the javelin from the spot next to him he knew it probably wouldnt do anything more than maybe scatter a few of them. moving to a crouching position he waited till the computer got a lock on one of the vehicles surrounding the men and fired the missile flying true or so it would seem till the missile went off in mid-air. blinking to clear his eyes he saw a man with the same armor holding up a sniper rifle a argeting computer put over his eye trying to pick out the gun jason strained his eyes but fell back as bullet shot from the mans gun and narrowly missed his head- well fuck another note to self dont expect things to be easy -he slid back behind the .50 caliber rifle and fired off a quick shot towards the man but found the bullet hitting empty pavemjent where the man had stood a second before him now rolling into a crouch a foot away and unleashing a barrage of fire luckily for Jason the shots continued to miss he figured the targeting computer must have been damaged during one of the crashes and didnt quite give off a proper reading good he would need all the luck he could get-(

Old FacesEdit

Densuke would’ve picked up at least 4 bottles of sparkling white grape juice by now. Even running off of his trust fund, he couldn’t pay lunch for any and every guy there. He’d probably  just put it in his room in his mini fridge..well whole fridge. For a boy who’d just inherited god knows how much money from the greatest cop who’d ever lived, he sure was cheap as hell. Densuke would walk past an old lady accidentally bumping into her and causing her to spill her fruit onto the ground. “Oh I’m sorry mam.” Densuke would lean down to help her pick up the fruit, but be met with a purse to the head. “YOU LIL HOOLAGIN! TRYING TO CHECK OUT MY GOODIES! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII SAW YOU LOOKING!” “Aye yo chill chill chill!! Ah!” Densuke would cover his head, and dive into the candy section, sliding on the floor a bit He’d stand up and bump into a shelf, knocking an ass of candy all over the floor. “Dah…….SHIT….” Densuke would look up to see who was around, seeing a peculiar and almost familiar face. Almost. It was Vauge. Densuke could swear he’d seen her before. Shruging it off it’d point to the candy on the floor. “Hey uh..wanna help a guy out here? Kinda don’t wan the store clerk all on my ass here ahahaha…ha.” An anime style sweat drop would appear behind densuke’s head.

HollowJak: -Jason chuckled at his terrible luck as he rolled to the side away from the M1O7A1 and grabs the grenade launcher at his side what a troublesome experience this had turned out to be he had hoped the explosives would have wiped most of them out but had not been so lucky in that regard counting he saw that there were atleast 36 of the men left atleast the ones he had seen this far into the fight. Taking a breath he rolled onto his stomach before getting to one knee it would be tricky to say the least especially with that thrice damned sniper firing on him taking a breath he jumps up and fires twice the emp grenades he had loaded in flying out with twin thumps before the sniper could raise his rifle the grenades detonated on the ground in the middle of the soldiers the twin emp waves crossing each other as they spread outwards frying the mens suits a smile coming to jasons face as he saw a spark fly from the snipers targeting sensor. Jason jumped hitting the floor as 36 men fired upon him their bullets ripping into the cement on the edge of the building sending pieces flying through the air- damn these guys are persistent take away their armor and they still wont just run away -he reached into his suits right pocket and pulled the pin on a grenade lobbing it over hand down the building landing it next toone of the vehicles encircling the men the roar of flames being heard as the grenade went off the fire would not last long with the persistent snow but it gave him the chance he needed. he used the distraction to jump behind his rifle firing three quick shots only one of them punching into a mans chest ripping the armor open with a sprout of blood though the other two shots caused the others to duck behind the stalled vehicles Jason using the chance to drop the clip and slide home another one pulling back the lever and aiming through the scope waiting for one of them to peak out- (35 mj's now remaining all with fried suits)

AlessandraSkar: Now carefully browsing through the candy aisle, Shira reached for one particular chocolate bar on the shelf that she had never heard of before. Miss Yummy Bar was what it was called. A rather cheesy name for chocolate but then again, it could have been one of those generic brand chocolates. She turned it over in her hand as she examined the yellow and red wrapping. "Hundred and eighty calories, zero trans fats, rich in calcium. Eh...sounds pretty shitty to me." She mumbled gruffly under her breath and sighed before tossing the candy bar back on the shelf. In the back of her mind, she was hoping at least one of her friends would hit her up and tell her about a hot hotel party going on in the city. Anything to cure her current sickness called boredom in dollar store. But nope. That just wasn't gonna happen. "Alrighty then." She said to herself. "Let's see what a Fantasti-Bar tastes like--" Just as she was reaching for said Fantasti-Bar (cause I didn't know what the fuck else to call it goddamnit lol), some loud commotion caught her attention from somewhere nearby. It sounded like an angry old lady was screaming at someone. She could just barely make out a masculine voice when she tuned in a bit more, a rather familiar masculine voice. Her eyes narrowed slightly, yet instead of letting her curiosity win, she simply went back to chocolate bar shopping. Suddenly, someone dove right into the candy aisle like a fucking 007 wannabe hiding from war criminals and Shir's attention snapped toward him as quick as a hawk. Her brows furrowed in alarm as the young man tried to pick himself up and ended up knocking an entire shelf of candy down onto the aisle floor. She gasped and placed her hands on her hips, almost instantly recognizing the little runt with the spikey brown hair. "I swear, every time I run into you, it's like a whole new door of chaos opens up." She shook her head in embarassment. Even if the young man didn't recognize her, Shira knew full well that she had once gotten into a brutal street fight with the kid and later on ran into him again at the diner after clocking some punk named Wilson upside the head with a table. She tilted her head at him after he asked her to help him with the candy, giving him a rather harsh and sarcastic stare. "Are you crazy? Does it look like I made this mess? If you aren't too busy running from old women, maybe you can get all this stuff cleaned up before the store staff arrives." She looked down at the pile of candy on the floor before a particular piece caught her eye. "Hey, what is that? That looks pretty good." She said, making her way over to it

HollowJak: -sweat covered Jasons body as he quickly peeked back and forth through the scope bullets whizzing past him as the men sired blindly from behind their cover. this had quickly become the worst case scenario that Jason could have forseen as a man peeked over the side of the front van hsi weapon raised to get a better shot jason pulled the trigger the .50 caliber round punching through the mans head well ripping through it frankly jason was suprised that there was anything left he chuckled softly before wincing as a bullet flew dangerously close to his head looking around for the shooter he saw the sniper from before. growling jason spun to aim at the man growling as he ducked behind the back of the van moving out of sight damn it damn it think what to do. looking through the scope he saw just the side of the mans head through the vans windows it would be a tough shot but he could pull it off the men still spraying wildly in his direction afraid to peek there heads above the cars lest they face the same fate as their friend adjusting his aim carefully he pulled the trigger the bullet flying forth and hitting the glass the minor trun caused from hitting the glass actually sent the bullet careening into the snipers head spraying what would be left of his head across the snow behind the van. Jason released the breath he had been unconciously holding and spun to fire again the round flying forward and hitting a maru jiteai through the back blowing a large hole in his torso this was going better than he had thought he would at first but with that blasted sniper dead he had a chance- (32 mj's left with fried exo-suits)

Densuke would tilt his head at the blonde haired girl said something about running into him..and that’s when it hit him. He remembered her from a few years back in his first fist fight with a woman. A blonde and this was most definitely her. Densuke would facepalm himself, now remembering her completely. “WOOOOOW now I remember you. Yeah you cleaned my clock some years back! If it weren’t for the attitude I’d love to ask for a rematch but good god your bitter eh?” Densuke would watch as she made her way over to another candy bar on the floor. “ I’ll buy that for ya if you help me out? Comoooooooooooon this is some serious stuuuuuuuuuuuuuf. Can’t ya let the beef die?” Densuke would begin shoving the candy bars underneath the shelves, trying to rid the floor of them,  as quickly as possible. He even began eating some of the candy to dispose of it quickly, like a poor African child who hadn’t had food in the longest time. He’d even eat the piece of candy the blonde girl was eyeing on accident. “gotta!” NOM NOM NOM. “clean this!” NOM NOM  NOM. “up!” Densuke would continue his push, shove, and eat pattern, actually making some remote progress too. Random people would pass by with their shopping buggies and give odd looks to the two in the asle. “so, gonna help yet blonde wonder?” Densuke would speak with a chocolate covered mouth..followed by a loud belch.

AlessandraSkar: Shira eyed the boy as he suddenly remembered who she was, smiling sarcastically as she nodded her head once at him. It was good that he remembered that fight because it wasn't just a fight that came and went; the two youngsters at the time had learned a thing or two from it. She had to wonder if he had gotten stronger over the past couple of years and if a round two would be just as destructive as she imagined. But, as a young lady now blossoming into womanhood, she couldn't react on violence and had to rain check on that thought. "Bitter?" She arched a brow before chuckling. "I'd be bitter if I had actually LOST." Still smirking a bit, she gave the young man a questioning look as he offered to buy one of her candy bars if she helped him pick up his mess. He was practically begging her, which was going to annoy her rather quickly if he continued. To be frank, she didn't exactly like the attention the two were now getting from nearby customers. Nor did she want to hear any fuss from angered employees wondering just how in the hell so much candy got on the floor in the first place. She could feel the seismic vibrations just beneath the soles of her sneakers, originating from approaching nosey onlookers. She knew that, pretty soon, the curious ones would be the folks working in the store. She rolled her eyes, noticing that the young man was now shoveling bars into his mouth while tossing some on the shelves. "Alright, alright." She finally gave in, reaching forward and snatching a bar out of his hand before he could shove it into his mouth. "I'll help you out, but not for the candy bar. Only because I'm trying to be a nice person these days. And stop eating these!" She snatched away another bar. "That's called STEALING and you'll get into a lot more trouble that way, comprende?" Whether or not he responded to that, Shira began picking up the candy bars and plcing them back on the shelf. While doing so, she had a sudden thought and laughed softly to herself. "Ha. If my friend Damian was here, he would've put a huge knot on the back of your head for this public embarassment." And shook her head slowly, continuing to laugh.

HollowJak: -Jason fired another two rounds from the rifle dropping two more of the men who were stupid enough to peek their heads over the side of the vans. dropping the magazine he smirked and reached for another his smirk quickly dieing as he heard the beep of a thrown grenade damn it he hadnt thought they would be able to throw one this high but sure enough it sailed toward him. he spun and leaving his weapons running towards the door though he didnt quite make it as the explosion threw him forward thanfullly no shrapnel hit him head on but did tear at his suit making some deep gouges in his left arm. stanidng he tried to move his left arm relief flooding through him as he found he could move it looking around he frowned as he heard the pounding of boots hitting metal steps man could they move fast looking around he hopped behind a nearby air conditioner and unholstered his revolver from the holster beneath his arm pulling back the hammer he smiled happy he had brought the armor piercing .45 rounds just incase though he had only brought the 18 the six in the gun and the two speed loaders worth. He stayed waiting for a moment till he heard the rooftop door burst open if he had counted the number of steps right they had sent atleast six of the men up to the roof which was foolish sure he wasnt armed with anything extremely powerful but he was wtill armed popping up from behind the air conditioner he pulled the trigger the bullet flying forth and punching into the head of the lead soldier. pulling back the hammer again he fired another shot into the next soldiers head but his eyes widened shit he had counted wrong dropping behind the heater he pushed himself flat as six smgs unloaded into the air conditioner their armor piercing rounds ripping through it like butter though they all went over his head damn it he was really unlucky today. quickly standing he fires four shots rapidly one of them missing though the other three found targets two punching into the chest of one of the mjs and the other blasting through the head of another as the four remaining soldiers raised their guns he ran to the left side of the building and jumped off his free hand scrabbling in the air till it grabbed a metal rung stopping him with a jerkl he had jumped down aiming for the fire escape which led down into the alley. he hung there for a moment panting before dropping down to the alley below and flipping open his revolvers ammo container the empty shells dropping to the fround before he pulled a speed loader from his pocket and reloaded the revolver flipping it closed before looking around happy to have some form of breather after his hectic run-

Densuke would scowl as he’d had the candy bars were snatched from his hand. Strangely..he’d smile and laugh a bit. Though they did fight, Densuke rarely holds a grudge. Not like she’d killed his homeboys or something. “Stealing? Pft. Call it a public service. You know how many people don’t appricate good chocolate?” Densuke would reply to her comment, but as soon as the name “Damian” was mentioned Densuke would pick up a candy bar and hold it in place. “….you wouldn’t happen to mean Daimian Yun would you?” Densuke would look over to the blonde haired girl with a high strung look of curiosity and concern. “If so, I’m pretty sure he would’ve lifted this entire candy shelf and walked outta here with it..tch. Guy was a friend of mine. Sorry to ramble. You might not even be talking about the same guy..” Densuke would sigh, his head filling with memeories of the events at the bank. Having to stand on the opposite side of someone who was once his partner..and that sickening beast he was with..Densuke would crush the candy bar in his hand, feeling a mix of anger, resentment, and regret.

AlessandraSkar: Something about the boy's attitude had changed the moment he heard Shira mention Damian and she was able to detect it in his voice when he replied. "You wouldn't happen to mean Damian Yun would you?" He asked her, and she froze in a bent over position to look at him. "Actually, I was talking about a Damian Yun." She retorted with a slight frown, keeping her eyes on him as she slowly stood to put the candy back on the shelf. "And I didn't know he would get so popular from the short period of time that he was actully here." She noticed his look of curiosity and concern as he made his next statement regarding Damian, rather apalled to hear such a thing about him. And that tone he was sounded much like he was angry with the guy. To Shira's understanding, Damian was still thousands of miles away so what did this guy have againt him? "A friend of yours, you say?" She spoke with a rather stern tone, feeling as though she needed to stand up for her long lost friend. "If you were REALLY a friend of his, you would know that Damian Yun would NEVER do something as ridiculous as stealing candy from a dollar store. I think you might be a little mixed up there, pal." She placed one hand on her hip as she stood up straight, eying him closely, waiting to hear a response. She was curious to hear more on what this guy THOUGHT he knew about her Damian Yun. "Then again, what could you know? Last time I saw him, he was headed off the coast in a ferry and to my understanding, he's still thousands of miles off."

HollowJak: -he panted but raised his head as he heard the sound of boots pounding intio the ground towards the alley opening he ducked behind a trash can pulling back the hammer on his revolver as he closed his eyes slowly taking a breath he waited as the foot steps came closer and eventually passed him not seeing him as they passed looking at them he noticed that there were only two of them taking his knife from his shoe he stalked toward them his knife held in his left hand he stood and spun the one on the left to face him and plunged the knife through the eye hole yanking it out and tackling the other one down plunging the knife through the weak armor around his throat to cut off any cries the soldier may have sent out. working quickly he stood blood splattered across his suit as he searched the two over holstering his revolver and replacing it with a sub-machine gun he had stripped from one of the dead soldiers though he only had time to grab one full magazine of armor piercing ammo and slam it into place before another two rounded the corner and he had to grab one of the nearest corspses and hold it in front of him as he ran towards a trash can the mjus bullets ripping into the flesh of their fallen comrade but thankfully not being powerful enough to pierce all the way through. reaching the trashcan he threw the corpse to the side and pulled back the lever on the sub-machine gun prepared to continue fighting till he was killed though he was tired his muscles burning from the prolonged fight how long hads it even been since the fight had started? he didnt know and he couldnt even see the sun properly from the alley to get a good reading- (24 mjs left with fried suits)

Disrespectful/Blaze Of GloryEdit

( ) Densuke would listen to her words. Sharp they were. Peircing…but to Densuke it was indeed offensive. He’d let out a laugh to keep from shouting…cynical in nature. “Ah really his friend…hm. Funny. Reeeeal fucking funny. Nah fuck that. It’s not funny.” Densuke would stand up and look at her, his emerald eyes emiting a stare right through her very being. “He WAS…my friend. He was a partner. A good man. He wanted to do something different with his life, unlike what Donnie Yun became. He wanted to carve his own path,and he left to do just that. That’s what you know.” Densuke would take a step forward. “what you DON’T that he’s back. Here in kasihana, doing the OPPOSITE..of what we were doing. We were saving people! Helping people! But now he’s back destroying shit. I witnessed…him fighting this super hero guy..and…” Densuke would growl and push a button on his watch. It would show video feed form a near by camera, containing footage of Damien and some beastly man, a man she’d probably never heard of, but the two would be shown murdering and slaughtering cops. Damian showing off his skills, disarming guns, and spraying bullets on the kpd. Images of a black and red wearing superhero would also show, as he blocked damian’s gunfire on multiple occasions, preventing as many deaths as he could. Densuke would let her finish watching before, turning the holograph video on his watch off. He’d then raise his eyebrows and look at the blonde girl talking in a low secretive tone. “That red and black guy? Yeah that was me. It hurts and I hope you won’t tell,but that’s the truth you don’t know. The daiman you and I know isn’t here anymore..what ever happened to him changed him for the worse..but you know what you probably don’t even really understand. Why don’t you fight a guy, who was your best friend at some point eh? Maybe then you have a right to say some bogus shit..” Densuke would, begin walking past her, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Stepping out of the doors of the store, he’d begin making his way to   his motor cycle. He’d take a seat on it and plop his head down on it’s dashboard. Clsoing his eyes as cold breath escaped his lips. “The fuck happened to you man…” ::Meanwhile:: Steven would be sitting in his office, going over some important paper work and files, that he’d meant to get around to. After touring the building, and learning it in one night of course, he’d now be getting to the nitty gritty. An official would walk into his doors, a secretary would speak sternly. “Sir there is a heavy rucus in district 1. Reports and survailence say it’s a battle between one man and Maru jitai soilders. Reports say the man had a squad, but has been stranded.” Colt would continue his paper work, before folding it up neatly and setting it down. He’d then stand up and grab his gloves and his lighter, stuffing it In his pocket, and walking towards the door. “Get me 20 men in the NGKPD department, all heavy armed with vest, and gravity knuckles. I want them all to form a perimeter around the area, no maru jitai get in, none get out. Incapacitate, do not kill them. They are a private owned militia, so we can be legally assaulted, however in this particular case, it’s a justified cuase for police action.” Colt would walk past the woman as she hurridly followed him. “Sir where are going? The NGKPD will handle it!” Colt would hold his cold composure entering the elevator. “Sorry. I don’t always intend to sit idoly by..” ( ) moments later, Colt had taken a basic hover squad car, and floored the pedal, diving right out of the loading area, and speeding down towards the scene, gunning 150mph. “Kasihana cars pack some juice..” He’d adjust the gear, and punch it to 200mph, everything a blur but the advanced GPS would get  him there. At the scene before the other men had reached it colt would step out of the car, and quickly begin sprinting with nothing in his hand but a lighter. The scene was already ruggid, debree and smoke coming from a few area’s. colt would use his Thermal vision( ) via the nanomachines in his body and identify all bodies present. “17..” Colt would pull out the lighter and ignite it. Spinning it in his hand, and then grabing it whole, with the flame still ignited. His hand would glow red for a moment before his body suddenly vanished, leaving a trail of molten glowing red cement behind his feet. With heat abosroption he could reach an enhanced state just by absorbing heat and redirecting it’s energy to a physical property. He’d make his way down the hall, and see the civilian man in hiding. Quickly darting past him colt would rush two maru jitai soilders at once, gipping them by their throats. The shock factor kicked in and stung colt..but only momentarily. The heat given off by the static only empowered his being further as he’d lift the maru men up now on equal terms with their physiques, and crush their necks, snapping them in two.  Two more maru jitai men would rush Colt, one bursting form the wall to his right and another ninja diving through the window. With swift peak reflexes colt would simply turn his body, simultainously avoiding both of their attacks, but taking two cuts to his torso and back. The maru jitai would stand there with their taser knives in hand, circling colt. With that same facial expression colt would raise his hands,  and open his palms releasing the mini propane cylinders and igniting them releasing two waves of enduced combustion explosions upon the maru jitai. The maru’s however seemed to be flame resistant. “Ah so physical force is needed. In that case..” Colt would draw his combat knife and twirl it twice before taking a cqc stance, minus the gun. “Let’s go.” ( ) Colt would take charge, rushing in and elbowing one of the maru’s in his gut. The maru would wrap his arms around colt, attempting to shock him, but they didn’t learn that the heat from that static is exactly what he gunned for, and as the other maru would draw his assault rife, colt would pick up on the ‘clack” let out by it’s loading action and quickly, jam his now superheated knife into the gut of the Maru jitai. Intending not to kill it, but instead he’d flip the body of the soilder behind him, still griping the knife in his gut, cuasing the soilder with the gun to shoot his own ally multiple times. Colt would then throw a right handed slugger fist to the back of the maru jitai who’d just been shot, igniting his entire suit by combusting the potential energy within and converting it to heat energy, essittially creating a giant fire ball which would blast both of the soilders out of the building about 30 feet away into a car, which exploded shortly after. The onlsought continued as Colt would light his lighter again, already super charged, and make his way thorugh the building. He’d begin to battle each set of maru jitai by the two’s, admitting they were formiddible foes.( ) Colt didn’t leave without any scratches at all, and after only 3 mintute’s he was now face to face with the last two. Down to his dress shirt, and pants, with one pants leg riped off at the knee,  revelaing where a soilder had jammed a knife into his calf, however colt didn’t seem to feel it. In fact his facial expression never changed. “So you’re the last two huh. I can see why Kasihana is going to hell. Allowing PMC’s to roam around like this is insulting. You guys aren’t needed to do our jobs..” The maru jitai soilder infront of him, would dart towards colt, with bliding speed, uplifting the rock behind his feet. Colt would catch the soilders hand with his palm. Focousing the heat energy he could emit with the gloves he’d begin to melt the maru’s hand off until literally the armor had been eaten through, and the only thing revealed was a bone which colt would snap it off, an release a stunning backhand, his enhanced strength, digging into the soft part of the maru jitai’s neck, completely snapping it, and making his body limp. The last maru jitai stood there with his hands in a thunderous boxing pose. “You guys don’t quit. None the less. You’re obsolete now.” The solider would approach colt with a a flurry of punches. Ranging form hooks, jabs, and hey makers, all at speeds that would make muhammid ali cry. Colt however had advanced boxing training and a god given gift for combat as he’d bob, and weave his way through the maru’s assault, his speed rivaling that of the suits enhanced capabilities.  Colt would then duck the last punch, and proceed to rush forward and grab the maru jitai soilder by his face and slam him to the ground. “Things are going be changing around here from now on. A leader has been gone for too’s time to establish what’s right here. I’ll see to it the end of fucks like you.” The maru jitai would grab at colts arm aware of what was happening. The armor was..beginning to feeze over. Colt was abosorbing the heat energy so much so that it reduced the soilders internal and external body to frost temperatures below zero, causing the body to frost rapidly. The crackling of ice could be heard as colt released his hand and the last maru’s body lay dead in a frozen pile. Colt would casually place his hands in his pockets, not before wiping a spot of blood from his mouth and spitting some out. He’d make his way back up the hall way and if the wounded civilian was still there he’d talk to him without even speaking. “Weather your morals were selfish or did good today. Get outta here. Before the rest of the autorites show up and I have to arrest you. You have 2 minutes tops. I never saw you, got it?” Steven would walk outside, physically moving with almost no sign of injury, though his body looked like a train wreck. Cop cars would begin making there way there aphrehending the dead soilders and making effort to clean up. “This city needs work. But I’m here. And I’m willing.” Colt would be met by the paramedics and sit down, letting them work on his face, though the nano machines would do most of the work. Authorities arrived and began putting out fires and preforming damage control.

HollowJak: -Jason stood the sub-machine gun still sitting gingerly in his hands as he eyed the man though he as thankful for the assistance he had no idea who the man was or how he had even got there after a moment he nodded- nineteen of those bastards killed and now the rest of 'em works for me just fine ass-holes shot up Gabriel the other night -he looked around for a mment before hearing the mans words about more police officers- ah great the cops are coming well thanks for the warning mate after a moment of thinking he pulled a business card out of his bloodied suit and placed it on top of the trash-can he had taken cover behind during the fire fight- any enemy of the maru jetai is an ally of mine if you ever want some heavy weapons just swing on by my warehouse and pick some up minus your cop friends of course i do not have any qualms with them but if they try to take my warehouse well i will kill the majority of them before i go down i'll tell you that much -he starts to walk down the hall- the names Jason by the way and i hope to see you in the warehouse soon minus your cop friend of course -he charged down the hall and out of the building ducking and weaving through the wreckages of the cars he had blown with C4 to stall mj reinforcements all in all it had been a productive day and if he was lucky he may have just met a business partner. ducking through an alley to avoid a patrol car which sped down the road he made his way slowly back to his warehouse making sure that no one was tailing him before running the final block and heading inside-'

Night TerrorsEdit

Pallas: -A few nights have passed since Duke and Damian’s return to Kasaihana City. Their return wasn’t a very happy welcome or a welcome home at all for that matter. After escaping the Kasaihana Police and the Maru Jeitai, Damian and Duke made their way to a nearby motel in the second district of the city. Their funds had almost run dry by this point and they no longer have a benefactor to help them with their financial troubles. They considered going to Kuma or back to Donnie’s old home but they both couldn’t bare the idea of going back to where their family had once lived in piece. In the motel room, Damian lays asleep in the cheap bed that they practically spent their last on. His body tosses and turns as sweat trickles down from his forehead. He groans a bit and clenches onto the bed sheets as he dreams away in his sleep. *INSIDE OF DAMIANS DREAM, FLASHBACK TO BEFORE RETURNING HOME* Donnie and Damian stand along the long and vast white snow of an Iceberg in Antarctica. The rest of the gang stands a few hundred yards away from the father and son as Donnie begins to speak to his son. ( ) Donnie’s white hair sways in the wind as his eyes glow the signature white color base. He speaks to Damian in a caring and calm voice,-“Son, I brought you out here because I wanted to talk to you…as a father to son…”-Damian laughs a bit not really understanding what his father’s intentions are.-“Son, you have made me beyond a proud father. You always achieve everything I ask of you and more…A father couldn’t ask for a better son. You are the best thing I could have ever brought up in this world.”-Damian scratches the back of his neck laughing and says to his father-“Ahh pops no need to act all mushy with me, I want to carry the Yun name as best I can is all.”-Donnie smiles at his son and continues the conversation by saying-“You carry the Yun name with more pride and honor than I ever could, my son. And I hope you continue to carry this honor even after I am gone.”-That last part caused Damian to raise his eyebrows at his father. Damian then asks Donnie-“After you are gone? Are you going somewhere?”-Donnie smiles at his son as if peace was surrounding his body, something that a Lord of Chaos should not be giving off, and he says-“My Son, my time here on Earth has finally reached its end. I’m afraid I won’t be here to help you all fight this being…but I know I trained you all well enough to combat this thing on your own.”-Damian’s eyes widen as he takes a step back in the snow. He then shakes his head and says-“No! That can’t be true…You can’t be dying…You were brought back from the dead…how…how is it even possible to just die!?”-As he says that, the sky around them begins to turn blood red as the Blood Eclipse begins to activate. Everyone in the distance looks up at the sky and witness the transition before the creature they all have been training to fight finally awakens. But as the eclipse begins, Donnie’s skin begins to sparkle and small pieces of shiny substances begin to lift up into the air. Damian’s eyes begin to water up a bit as he feels the life-force of his father’s begun to dwindle as they stand there. Donnie places his left hand on his sons shoulder and pulls him in for a strong fatherly hug. As he does that, the metal arms slowly begin to form back into the arms that he had when he died against Keyome. His eyes begin to revert back to the dark black pupil color and his hair returns back to its natural dark black color. He holds his son as tight as he can and one solidary tear comes down from Damian’s right eye as this happens. Donnie then says to him as his body begins to de-materialize-“I love you…My Son…”-Donnie’s body then slowly de-materialize into the thin air as if he never existed to begin with. (MajinBuuKidKilled.png ) Within seconds, all proof of Donnie’s existence ever being there was gone. Every part of him had disappeared into nothing, leaving Damian there to struggle with what just happened. Damian’s body remains motionless as he tries to gather his mind to what just happened. Then as it finally hits him that his father had just been taken from this realm, the tears begin to flow down his face. He falls down to his knees as the tears fall down to the floor in front of him. The others don’t know whether to help him or let him handle the situation on his own. Damian raises his head up and yells out-“NOOOOO FATTHHHERRRRR!!!!!!”-( ) *BACK IN REalITY* The further the flashback went, the more violent Damian began to act with his physical body. A gust of wind began to slowly build up around him as his dream went deeper and deeper. The ground began to shake violently as if a small Earthquake was passing through and throughout all of it, Damian remained unconscious to his actions. His mind then takes him further into his memories. *FLASHESBACK TO THE BATTLE FOR ANTARCTICA* Damian’s family had been completely dismantled and killed by the strength of the mysterious creature they had been training three years to combat. Duke is in the hands of this creature with his neck bitten into and blood spilling out of his body. The creature then drops Duke as if he were nothing but a pile of meat and says to Damian who is on all fours badly beaten and battered from hours of fighting with this creature-“Well, there goes another fighter…you could have saved…”-He then glares down at Damian ( )-“I heard the words your father spoke to you before he made his exit from this world…You’re nothing but a weakling in my eyes…Your father must have been the same…”-( ) Damian’s head slowly rises up to face the creature and he sees that they begin to shine over as a bright emerald color. Damian slowly makes his way back to his feet and with a strong and confident voice he says-“My father…was not weak…and neither……”-and then he explodes in a burst of rage as winds begin to erupt around him-“AMMMM!!!! IIIIIIII!!!!!”-His hair quickly bursts into the bright golden color that symbolizes his transformation stage but his power still continues to grow past what has been clocked in as his max. A bright golden aura begins to consume Damian’s body as his power continues to increase dramatically. The creature looks at Damian in amazement as he asks-“What’s this!?”-Damian continues to roar out in rage as the ice below him cracks and the iceberg practically begins to fall apart from the power Damian is giving off. Ice particles begin to lift up in the air causing Damian’s body to become hidden under the thick white layer. Then with a power not ever achieved by Damian before becomes known after three years of training. A bright yellow explosion of energy bursts around his body and fifteen feet all around him, pushing the white Smokey ice away from the two of them with hurricane level winds. *BACK IN REALITY* As Damian slept through the first effects of the dream his body begins to slowly rise up in power and the winds begin to pick up around his room. A blue static electric aura sparks around Damian’s body as this all happens. Then without sudden warning, Damian’s body bursts like an explosion of raw power and energy. The room he is in completely explodes like a bomb and it causes the whole hotel to shake under the pressure. Smoke begins to fill the air around Damian’s room and Duke quickly comes running in, thinking someone had tried to attack them for what they did back at the bank. When he comes in and the smoke begins to clear, he sees Damian standing up in the center of the room that had now been completely leveled to where there isn’t even a wall up around them. Damian’s body has a golden aura wrapped around his body along with the blue electricity swirling around his body. His muscle mass had gained slightly and his golden hair looks longer and more spiked than his original transformation look. ( His eyes slowly began to open and he began to come to his senses. Once he realized what has been happening, his hair quickly popped back to normal and his eyes revert back to their natural black color. He falls to the ground as the situation dies down. Duke runs over to him and places his hand on his back and asks-“Bro, you alright?”-Damian quickly pushes Duke away with his right hand and makes a B-line straight for the door. Damian says to Duke-“I’m fine…just leave me the hell alone for right now…”-Damian then slams the door shut and begins to make his way for the streets of Kasaihana City before the place becomes littered with cops. Duke looks around and knows that he has to run out of dodge as well. Damian begins to rub his head as he practically stumbles down the stairs to get down to the streets. Where he is going know, even he doesn’t know…-


AlessandraSkar: Shira arched a brow when she heard the boy begin to laugh at her statements, then speak. She listened closely, especially now that his voice had grown thick with anger. Her sapphire eyes followed his movement as he stood and locked gazes with her, and despite feeling as though he was looking straight into her soul, she kept her expression as hard as stone. Never looking away from his eyes as his sharp tone pierced into her ears. Hearing someone speak of Damian that way was disturbing. She felt it right down to the core and it took nearly everything in her power not to jump forward and drill her fist through the guy's face. But no. She chose to remain cordial until it was her turn again. She lowered her gaze to the device on his wrist after he mentioned something about Damian fighting a super hero and her eyes widened slightly when she saw the holographic images playing. It was Damian alright, in all his gargantuan glory, but she had to squint to see who the other man was. It didn't take long for her to recognize the mohawk and deadly bone claws. "Deucalion..." She said softly, moreso to herself than anyone else. She had no idea that the two were even offiliated with each other. Lastly, there was the man in black and red, armed with brazen shield. She had mostly definitely seen him before, but where? 'The night at the diner...' She thought to herself as the memory came flashing back to her. Her eyes lifted again to look at the young man as he said something to her in a low voice, something that caused her entire body to freeze in place. He WAS that super hero! 'That's....that's impossible. He's such a clutz...' She didn't turn to watch him as he left the store, for her feet were still rooted to the floor where she stood. All of what she had seen and had been told had to sink in. Damian Yun...fighting the law? Killing the innocent? A vigilante revealing himself to her like it was just average news? After a moment, Shira spun on her heel and made her way out of the store with the stride of a woman with a personal vendetta. She spotted the boy sitting on his motor vehicle, laying facedown on the dashboard like this was a good time for a nap. Within seconds, Shira was standing beside the vehicle with her arms folded over her chest and a stern frown upon her brow. "So what, you're just gonna walk away from me after all that?" She spoke, not quite angrily but with a sharp tone. "You may think Damian's gone mad, but I saw two men in that footage whom I proudly called my friends. It may be true what you showed me, but that's not gonna stop me from finding them, especially Damian. Believe it or not, the guy means a whole lot to me and I don't care if he shows up right now and starts killing everyone in plain sight, I refuse to turn my back on him. I'm sure you're convinced that he's different...that he's turned into something deadly...but I know the Damian I once knew is somewhere in there. And all it takes is the right person to find him. Me."

Densuke’s ears would perk up as she talked about not turning his back on them. Densuke kept attention to it all..and relazied there was some truth to her words. Densuke would exhale a cold breath and sit up looking at her with a drowsy look. “I can understand that you call them friends. Comrades. I’m sorry for my outburst. It just sucks to see him go this way…I can’t understand what happened to him over there..maybe you are the key to unlocking the old him. Just keep in mind if we can’t bring him back, that’s going to be a burden I will not share alone. If he’s in there I’m certain you can get him back..i don’t want to keep fighting my best friend..and you don’t want to see them down this path right? Surely you have a sense of right of wrong in this case…don’t defend them just cause you know them. You’re going to do whats right. Right?” Densuke would look at her with resolution. He didn’t want to harm his best friend..he wasn’t even sure he could stand a chance..but that wouldn’t stop him from trying if things weren’t going to change.

AlessandraSkar: After hearing his take on her decision and the question he had for her, Shira lowered her head to release a deep sigh and her arms slowly slipped from her chest. "Do what's right...?" She repeated in a soft voice and as the cold wind swept her platinum blonde hair across her face, so was her mind swept away into a cloud of memories. She stared blankly at the side of the motorcycle, but seemed to be looking right through it as her senses dulled to everything around her. In her mind, she saw images of the night she first saw Damian, checking into a hotel downtown. She saw herself knocking on his door, inviting him to the bangin' party next door, dancing with him, sharing drinks with him, the random outbreak of blood-sucking druggies when he rescued her from becoming a canibal feast. She saw their run-in at the mall, their date at the carnival, the happiness and excitement they shared just from being near each other. The day that she had recieved the message of his department felt like a knife wound in the chest. The connection they had built came and went just like that. She remembered telling a nearby fisherman that she would wait for him to return even if it drove her to insanity. That was exactly what she did and now he was back, according to the young man before her. He had returned, yet she didn't recieve a call, a message, or anything. She had to wonder to herself if she was even on his mind while he was away. Had he forgotten about her? Would he still consider her a friend after she found him? Shira blinked once to clear the flashbacks from her mind, the scenery of the city street returning to her vision. She glanced sideways into the distance, squinting against the wind. "I'll follow my heart on this one. I'll find Damian and I'll get down to the bottom of all this. That's doing what's right. And if I find out that he's reached a point of no return..." Her voice trailed off. She didn't want to say what would need to be done if that were the predicament. It seemed to be pretty well understood. If it were even possible. She returned her attention to the young man she was speaking to. "You get the point." She stated firmly. "And by the way, about what you told me in there...your secret is safe with me."

Densuke would looked at her as she looked lost in thought. He’d stay silent, respectful. Give her time. It was obvious that she was feeling some of the effects of it now. The decisions Densuke had to make internally and the conflict that came with it. “We’ll do it together. I won’t let you go in alone on this. I’d be an asshole if I did.”  Densuke would smile a bit. “And thank you for keeping my secret. Can’t have everyone knowing this shit. Levels to it I tell ya, levels.” Densuke would fold his arms looking to the sky, snow flakes falling to his face. “But where would he be? After what him and that other guy did, I don’t know where they’d even be. Laying low no doubt, but I don’t even have a way to track the guy.” Densuke would scratch his chin hair and look over to the blond haired girl, extending his hand out for a handshake. “Lets do this the right. I’m Densuke Ryoji. If you know that name, then you know who I’m related too.” If she was willig, Densuke would shake her hand and wait for a reply.

AlessandraSkar: Shira nodded as the young man spoke, a sense of relief coming over her when he decided to join her in going after Damian. While she was telling him of her idea, somewhere in the back of her mind she knew it would be a dangerous task. She had been witness to Damian's capabilities before and at times, it was rather astounding. The last thing she needed was for the giant to turn on her and that would be the end of Shira Hanako. As he then presented the issue that he had no idea where the hellish duo would be, she realized that she didn't either. She hummed in thought as she placed one hand on her hip, her weight leaning on one leg so the hip jutted out a bit. "Good point. Maybe we can look around the scene of the incident for some sort of clue if the KPD will allow it. I don't know what all we could possibly find but my gut's telling me it'll be worth a try. By the way, the other guy in the footage...his name is Deucalion. He's also a friend of mine. Definitely a lot scarier than Damian but I'm sure somewhere deep down inside, he's pretty good at heart." After her statement, she saw the young man hold out his hand with a courteous introduction, one that definitely could have saved the two plenty of drama from the time they first bumped into each other. "Densuke Ryoji, huh?" She extended her hand to shake his. "Sure I've heard the name Ryoji before somewhere. Not sure where, but somewhere. You can call me Shira. Shira Hanako. Guess I can say it's finally nice to the man behind the shield." She whispered that last part so no one else around could hear.

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