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  • Keyth
  • Danny
  • Xiao
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  • Jason

You've gotten stronger...Edit

((! CLAK! CLAK! The sound of the blunt weapons striking in perfect unison echoed throughout the room as the two young men continued to spar. Leaping by 4 feet,  Keyth stood shirtless with the wooden Katana in his hands. Glaring at Ginsei from across the Dojo. His hands gripped tightly to the wooden weapon as he crouched. "..." His wild hair hanging over his crazed eyes. Like a beast he took off on his right foot, pulling the wooden blunt weapon acorss in a Horzontial strike attemtping to swipe Ginsei across the face if he didnt parry or block quick enough. If the strike had struck or missed Keyth would have spun in a swift 360 spin attempting to bring the wooden Katana to Ginsei's stomach where if the strike landed he would twist his body again, then sending a roundhouse kick to Ginsei's head attempting to make him flip about 3 times in mid air due to the strike alone. If the combo nation had connected Keyth would hold the weapon in wait for Ginsei to ready himself. Wildcard stood in his office in the ran down Syndicate building he's owned since Keyome had been alive. Looking over Keyth and Ginsei's files. " There just like there fathers.... which will prove a problem. I need them dead..." He said turning around to the red headed assassian. (( Taig smirked as he pulled his arms in a cross. " I got some issues to handle with the Tasanagi boy. Dont worry, you want em dead. Then there dead." He said stepping out of Wildcars Office. Wildcards eyes lingering up to stare at the Maru Jeitai in his room. He clicked a button on his table and the Maru Jeitai soliders mask all turned red in unison shining a bright light. A mind control of the sorts. Wildcard smirked again and took a drag from his cigar. " I gotta hand it to that, Hitomi. I can see where she feel control is the right answer. But still, Chaos is where the money is." he said smirking. " As long as theres chaos, the Maru Jeitai will be needed, and more money... will be made. But, that fucking Tasanagi, and Yanazuka are starting.." He got up, breathing heavily. " TO REALLY... TO.. TO REALLY.." he launched his WHOLE desk, computer and all at a Maru Jeitai solier before gripping one of them by the throat. The Electric energy flaring off his body before he tossed him out of the window and out into the streets. " TO REALLY PISS ME OFF!" He said watching the solider fall into traffic... dying. His breathing slowed as he sat back down staring out at the dead ally, laughing to himself. " All in due time though..."

Sezomaru: (( Ginsei stared at Keyth as he backed up. Ginsei gripped onto his guard-less boken, watching Keyth for his movements. He stood with his feet shoulder length apart though his right foot was partially in front of his left, his right being closer to Keyth. He held the boken with both hands, his right hand higher up than his left. He watched as Keyth began charging forward, bringing a horizontal slash towards his face. Ginsei ducked the slash; thrusting the boken with both hands in a stabbing motion towards Keyth’s gut which upon connection would have slightly knocked the air out of him, it also would have cancelled out Keyth’s next move. Upon connection, Ginsei would raise the boken in a sort of crescent motion to the left, raising it until it was in line with Keyth’s skull above his head. He would swiftly bring the boken down, aiming to send a vertical strike right to the center of Keyth’s skull, this all happening in a matter of two seconds exactly. This strike would send Keyth’s head downwards, causing him to either bend over or be jolted backwards onto his butt. In the event that he was simply bent over, Ginsei would pivot on his right foot, sending a hard kick to the side of Keyth’s head with his left foot, sending Keyth crashing off to the left, down to the floor in which Ginsei would then leap back and retake his stance, waiting for Keyth to get back up and ready himself. In the event that Keyth was jolted backwards and sent to the ground Ginsei would quickly rush forward to stand over Keyth, placing the tip of his boken under Keyth’s chin which in traditional sparring like they were doing would have meant Ginsei had taken the session and a new one would start if they chose to. Ginsei would stand over Keyth, nodding some. “Reminds me of that time when I told you to get stronger…” Ginsei would move away from Keyth and hold his left hand out to help him up. In the event that his moves were blocked, countered, or dodged, Ginsei would prepare himself accordingly to whatever came his way.

DeliriousAres:(( " OOUF!" He felt the strike blast into his stomach after Ginsei weaved his first strike. But, the second strike getting dodged in a cart wheel like motion as he tucked his body to the right dodging it with .5 seconds to spar. As he landed on his right leg. Keyth's eyes saw Ginsei's incoming Kick, barrol rolling to the right, right under it he blasted himself back onto his feet, swinging his blade out in 3 swift Horzontial strikes towards Ginsei's stomach. After the strikes were sent Keyth would land on his right foot. Stomping down his left foot he'd blast himself high into the air, coming down with the Wooden Katana tucked back to the right as he darted down to Ginsei from above. Swiinging his wooden blade across in a Horzontial manner. " AAAGGHH!" He said pushing forward putting all of his strength into the strikes. If they had been blocked then the impact alone would have knocked Ginsei back by 5 feet into the wall. Landing on his right knee, Keyth would roll backwards tossing the blade up and down.A Burst of blood would leak from Keyths forhead out of nowhere, the blood trickling down his right eye. “Reminds me of that time when I told you to get stronger…” He heard Ginsei say as he slowly stood to his full height. A Smirk on his face. " Ahhh.. shut up. You dont know strength when you see it then!" He said charging forward again. Sending a flurry of swings so fast, that the wind picked up around there bodies. The approach would force Ginsei to clash with Keyth in the high speed striking contest. " YAH,YAH,YAH,YAH,YAAAHH!" He said with each strike as they continued to clash over and over. CLAKCLAKCLAKCLAKLAKCALKCALK!!! The sounds would blast, echoing through the room completely. If the clashing would have continued then BOOM! Both of the wooden blades would explode on impact in one last strike from the both of them. ' He's... gotten even stronger...' Keyth said in his mind as the wooden broken shards flew across the both of there faces in slow motion before they both leaped back getting some distance. Thats if the clash sequences happened that is. If it did, and the clash was ended with the broken weapons Keyth would bow to Ginsei. Acknowleding his strength but soon rising back up. " Yup Pretty boy..." He said putting both of his hands behind his head. " You've gotten stronger to. I cant wait to see how much stronger the others are too." He said nodding his head.

Sezomaru: (( Ginsei took the first two kicks to his stomach, barely blocking the lase one with his left arm. He stumbled backwards a bit from the force of the kick though he quickly regained himself as Keyth launched into the air. Ginsei leaped to the right, easily dodging the vicious strike that Keyth sent his way. He watched as Keyth rolled backwards as blood burst from his head. Ginsei took his traditional stance, watching Keyth, waiting for him to move. As he responded, Ginsei smirked. Ginsei prepared himself as Keyth charged forward, their boken meeting in a strong clash before the two began sending a flurry of slashes at one another in rapid succession, each swing ending up in a hard clash. As the two sent their final strikes at each other the boken shattered upon connection, wood splinters flying everywhere. A grin slid across Ginsei lips as he shook his head, leaping away from Keyth. He dropped the broken handle of the boken, wiping his hands off. “You’ve gotten a lot stronger.” Ginsei nodded to Keyth before walking over to a rack, grabbing a towel. The two had been going at each other for about an hour yet they were just now coming to an end. Ginsei ran the towel across his face, wiping off any sweat that was there. He looked at Keyth, wondering what sort of training he had been doing to get this strong.

DeliriousAres:(( Keyth flopped on the floor gasping for air as he wrapped a bandage around his forehead to stop the bleeding. " Your both. Weak shits to me." Keyth turned, seeing Xiao, Claymore, and Amy at the door. " Hm, G-Guys!?" Keyth said standing to his full height. Leo would have followed more than likely. " C'MERE KID!" Claymore said putting Keyth in a bear hug of sorts. " HAHAHAHA I KNEW YOU'D COME BACK I JUST KNEW YOU WERE HAHAHAH" He put Keyth down all discombulated. Shaking his head Keyth finally got his footing back and gave Claymore a nod as he stood to his full height. " Ahhh yeah man. Hahah it's me." " I heard you were running with Ginsei's crew. Whats up with that?" Keyth patted his pants down. " Man, Clay... i have kids now." " So, your only 21. Your still a kid. Doesnt mean you have to be out here fighting. The fact you have a kid, or better yet Kids should make you reconsider your career choices." Keyth closed his eyes looking to the right. He knew Claymore had been right. " So, what do you purpose i do..." he said sighing. Claymore placed his right hand on Keyths shoulder. " I think. You should do what you feel is right. Sad, and sorry kid. but we had a good run. When Densuke left, and i was Dispatched the Arasumaru well... we aint nomore dog." Keyth closed his eyes. " Densuke-kunnn.." Amy said in a sad tone as a stream of tears leaked from her eyes. " (( Xiao stepped in pushing Claymore to the side as he punched Keyth in the face so hard that he flew on the other side of the DOjo, landing in a tumble roll. " Ha! That's for being moody! You must be as blazing as the sun! Shine bright and live strong! We dont let the past hold us back because we burn everything in our way. Were to destructive to look back! Even I had to teach that to your pops. I guess that's why he wanted me to come out here so badly. " Keyth pulled himself up slowly, his jaw slightly slacked from the hit he sat on his knees and nodded. " Your right.." He said looking at Xiao. " The Arasumaru's gone. But im only doing this untill i get enough cash to support my family. In the process... im helping Ginsei get to the top. In exchange for him helping save my life in the shinto realm. Twice." He said as flash backs of them fightin Konchi, and then when everyone had fought the Onigami in the end blared through his mind. "... Ahh enough of this. I know a club that all of you assholes are gonna love!" Xiao said hooking his arms around Amy and Keyth. " C'mon Leo, and Ginsei. You guys are family now." Claymore said looking back at the two of them as they walked out of the Dojo.

Sezomaru: Ginsei watched as Keyth’s old buddies and Leo came walking in. Leo made his way over to Ginsei as he finished drying himself off. He watched the scene before him, watching the emotional moment for the former Arasumaru and then as a guy he hadn’t met smashed his fist into Keyth’s face. Ginsei smirked at that as Leo shook his head at the scene. The man Ginsei had tried to kill before, Claymore was his name, told Leo and Ginsei to come along and that they were family now. “Maybe Keyth can go somewhere after training as he is, but I’m not going anywhere all sweaty.” Ginsei shook his head as he walked off towards his room for a shower, considering they were near the Osoremaru building. “I’ll only be a few minutes.” Ginsei took a quick shower, literally only taking a few minutes. He came down in his formal attire, meeting with the others

HollowJak: -Jasons hair still dripped on the floor as he made his way through a large metal door the door shutting behind though if one glanced over his shoulder they would see a clean metal room with boxes labeled caution as the door finished closing jason turned towards it and looked to the right of the door where a number of different scanners were placed as well as an electronic number pad if one knew technology they would notice that the scanners included a fingerprint scanner, one which tested dna and an iris scanner. punching a short code into the number pad the sound of metal gears could be heard just behind the sound of heavy bolts slamming into place. he spun on his heels and walked down an earthen tunnel he had changed his suit after the escapade on the roof and had locked the stolen exosuit and emp grenades into the room for further research though he had had little chance to dry his hair reaching the end of the tunnel which was forty yards long he came upon a ladder which he proceeded to climb up nearly forty feet wherehe shifted a heavy grate and climbed out standing he looked around the room he was in bing the cellar of his warehouse. replacing the grate he straightened his suit and quickly climbed the steps up to the warehouse proper opening the door and shutting it behind him with much force the door had a habit of opening on its own if not closed properly. the warehouse was silent except for his own breathing the lights set to dim as he walked through stopping only to reload the two bullets hed fired from his revolver before continuing on. The rest of his crew had gone out drinking but jason had business to do he had decided to hit the club he had been told about again intedning to look for more buyers. replacing his revolver in his holster he exited through the main door and padlocked them shut. slipping the keys to the padlock in his pocket he proceeded down the snowy road towards the club-

To the club!Edit

DeliriousAres: Keyth had been drug to the dry cleaners by Amy. As usual she dressed him up like a doll. They made there way to the club known as Kega no Kou Myou. A club off in District 2. It was lively, people pouring in and out of the club. Standing infront of it. Drinking, smoking. Having a good time. " Hey i cant get in there... i dont have an I.D. i dont even have my I.D." He said looking over his shoulder, feeling a light tap as Amy handed him his I.D." He blinked and pulled it into his back pocket. as he made his way to the door. Keyth sighed shaking his head thinking about his kids. Before long the group had made there way into the club. See men and women compilled around each other. Dancing in unison all over the dance floor. (( As Keyth passed by a few girls they'd pull on his arm pulling him onto the dance floor. " Ooooo, Look at his hair!" They said petting and pulling at his lions mane. Shrugging at the rest of his friends, Claymore shook his head laughing. " There ya go Keyth! Dont tell me ya done got scared since ya done had some kids! Hahahaah!" Claymore said laughing tilting his head back. Xiao's left eye twitched. " TCH! YOU WONT GET MORE DANCES THAN ME LIL KEYO!" He said rushing onto the dance floor jerking girls up left and right forcing them to dance with him. Keyth had been surroudned by two girls, two soon turned into four. All four of the girls had different color hairs dancing around Keyth in a rave like manner, grining and bummping against him. Forcing him to do the same. (( " Look at em, i think he's shyyy, awwwww." They said pulling on his cheeks. The one with green hair made her way infront of him, grinding against him slowly while the other 3 took to either his side or his back. A bright blush was apparant on his face as he stood there in th e middle of the raindbow sandwitch. Taig had made his way into the club as well. Wearing normal attire his bright red hair stuck out but not to that bad of extent to get noticed. With his new Cyborg body... he looked like a brand new mand. Despite how Keyth had killed him orginally. 3 almost 4 years ago.

Impresssed: Yoko was forced into yet again another date with some creep her mother met at one of her parties. Yoko couldn’t careless as long as it made her mother happy and she got free food so what else could she ask for? Except this time this guy brought her to a club, he looked like one of those italian juice heads with a suit on, and had a very rude nature to him. The snow fell down on her shoulders but she didn’t mind them, although it would be nice if he offered her his jacket, but why would he, as I said before he’s some creep her mother met and those never end up well, but it’s not her mother’s fault, she just wants her to be happy and forget about the past. Yoko continued walking in silence as the man continuously talked and talked as they started to walk up to the club, he cut the whole line and flashed the security a card and pushed Yoko right in front of him implying that she was with him. She scurried in front hoping he’d release his grip on her waist, as he did she left him lead the way, as she doesn’t usually come to clubs on a date. She looked around as all the flashing lights passed by her and the sweaty old people dancing their lives away. Soon enough they sat down by the bar and he ordered drinks. “Two margaritas please.” Yoko quickly glanced over at him and shook her head at the bartender. “No. I wanna sprite. I’m under the age limit.” She snapped with a slightly trollish grin at the man in front of her. The bartender chuckled as he noticed what she did and nodded glancing at the shocked juice head in front of her. “So.. um.. Yako? Was it?” The man asked as the drinks slide over to us. “Yoko. My name is Yoko..” She said taking a sip of her sprite. “So.. Yoko, please tell me. Why does such a beautiful girl like you work with the army? You could harm your beautiful body..” He asked with a slight grin looking down upon her. She almost spat out her drink at him, feeling a bit mocked. “Are you implying that I’m not fit for my job?” She glanced up from her drink and shot him a glare. She was obviously only trying to get him away from her, in hopes to get him to get the feel she doesn’t want him around her. The man looked a bit embarrassed as he noticed he might have insulted her, he blushed a bit and stood up from his seat. “I’m.. ah.. gonna go dance you wanna come?” He asked holding out his hand trying to charm her with his stupid grin. She looked down at his hand then back at him. “No.” She said bluntly with a sly smile. He shook his head almost as if he was never turned down before. “Fine, I’ll go by myself..” He said walking away like a pathetic sad puppy. Yoko giggled to herself then turned her attention to the bartender. “Bring me over another sprite?” She asked politely, her mood changed completely when the creepy guy left. The bartender smiled and nodded. “Ugh, I felt him staring at my chest the whole entire time, but I mean that’s why I wear this, to see if guys are actually just always so.. “ the bartender passed her the sprite, she took the drink and looked up at the bartender and took a sip. “Thirsty.” She turned her head to look at the man she was just talking to dancing with two other girls in a sandwich. “Typical.” She chuckled softly shaking her head.

Crunch timeEdit

ChairmenRyoji: ( ) Danny would be walking along the snowy ground, with his head held high and his nose in the air. He was officially bored beyond all wild belief. It’d been a while since he’d talked to Densuke, ever since he started his little hero club. Danny would scowl as he thought about it. “I don’t..really wanna be hoping from group to group. Maybe I’ll just ride solo for a while..yeah, the chan-tastic master of disaster alone! Me! By myself! One house! One bed! One pillow! No pillow case! No- OOOOOooooooOOOOOO.” Danny would arrive at some pretty sweet looking joint, and see quite the attractive woman walking inside of the door way. Her bright red hair, with sparkles in it, and a tight..tight, tight tight tight tight TIGHT. Red dress. That hugged her curves in allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the right places. Danny could feel his extension rising to the occasion as he feverishly stared at her..and she caught his glance. She’d til her head, and wink, her red pumps clicking against the concrete as she walked in the club. Danny would fix his hair up a bit, moving it from his eyes and rubbig his eyebrows across, making sure he was as neat as possible. He’d suck in his stomach and head to the door, handing the bouncer some monopoly money and , and slipping past the guard in a smooth footwork like fashion. He’d enter the club, and fix up his jacket, and see the red haired woman take a seat at the bar. Danny would stride his way over, and lean his elbow against the elbow counter, looking over the woman and nodding at her. “What’s craka-lacking good looking?” The red haired woman would flip her hair out of the way of her face, and look up at danny. “Nothing really, enjoying the festivities of this to buy a girl a drink?” Danny would knock on the counter and the bartender would arrive present. Danny would slide the man a monopoy based 50 tanz bill. “Two drinks please. One of the ladies choice, and the other a shot of hard perperment schnopz. It’s bout to get good in here.” The red haired woman would roll her eyes, and shake her head, looking back at danny with almost no interest.

DelriousAres: (( Xiao had turned his head to the right spotting the red haired female from afar. He gulped hard. Feeling his chest rise and then lower again as his breathing slowed itself down. "...Wow..." He said staring at her in the tight tight tight tight tight TIGHT dress. Coughing he shuffled his feet and made his way over to her direction. Claymore had been speaking with Leo about random things when he saw Xiao moving in utter slow motion. " EH...?" Litterally. The Asshole had been moving in slow motion. The rest of the club had been moving at normal hype speed but he had been in pure slow motion. His Bright green jacket glowing in the neon lighted club as he made his slow shuffle to the redheaded female in the tight red dress. His hands swaying slowly. He pulled his hair out of its pony tail, letting his golden locks flow out of there holding place as he slow strided over to the female. Whipping his hair left to right in slow motion. Girls began to pass out around him, even men dropping left and right as Xiao let down his golden locks. He became a sex magnent. Opening his dress shirt up a bit to show his chest he slid his fingers through his hair and winked as he made his way over to the female. Going behind her while she continued to look at Danny with unintrest. Xiao opened his mouth getting ready to speak when she placed her right hand on his mouth. "...You... are just as bad as him. I can see, and smell broke. And you and him Definatly look the part. You two are made for each other..." She said slowly striding out to the dance floor. Leaving the both of them there to stare at the female. "..." Xiao turned to Danny. (( " Ay Homie! WHY... WHY YOU FUCK UP MY GAME! YOU FUCKIN.. FUCKING... MONOPOLY MONEY USING... FUCK FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" A Volcano errupted behind Xiao as he pointed at Danny. " I'LL SHOW YOU, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DOUCHEBAGS FUCKS UP THE SUN DRAGONS GAME. IM GONNA KICK, YOUR, ASS, SO, HHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAARRRRRDD!!" Xiaos eyes errupted with flame as he shouted at the top of his lungs. Amy took a step forward and Claymore held her. " No... Xiao has reached his maximum level. He's in his...'Anti-Cock blocker mode.' His power will grow so immesnly powerful. No one will be able to stop him now." A Dark Shadow sat over Claymores face as he spoke. Amy had Faceplanted in pure shame as she listened to Claymores bullshit.

ChairmenRyoji: Danny’s mouth would drop as he’d heard the females comment about being broke. Danny would frown as she walked away watching her amazing ass sway left and right. Danny would turn as he’d heard the blond haired male erupt in a burst of anger. Danny would hold his hands up and sigh. “Whoa whoa whoa, YOU killed MY game!. I had my monopoly money out and everything, ready to buy her an drink and everything, and then here YOU come, you got damn blonde blunder!” Danny usually never gets angry or upset, but this time was different. Danny hadn’t had any ass in weeks and he was getting deprived…quickly. “YOU COULDN’T KICK MY ASS, EVEN WITH A SIZE 15 BOOT, YOU BLUE EYED DICK!!!” Danny would now be face to face, with eyes of flame as well, his spirit blazing on fire as he’d now be face to face with someone who’d stole his prey. The flame would then disappear however as his innocent look returned, and he raised his hand up and spoke. “Can we spar over this though? I don’t really fight unless It’s a spar. Kind of a pacifist at heart, cha know?” Danny would scratch his head and grin goofy like.

The crowd around the two males would start to make a cricle around the two young men. WHispearing about the two. Xiao shook his head as he pointed at Danny. " I aint kicked some ass in awhile, and with my recent fucks up with all my movie attmepts.... i need to let out some stress. I think i'll use your face as a punching bag." Xiao said through gritted teeth as he smirked. (("..." Xiao blinked at his request for spar, with the whiplash of a bullet, Xiao would send a glass into the top of Dannys head. If it connected it would stagger Danny to the right so Xiao could trip him with his right leg with a sweeping manner. IF the strike connected then Danny would go airbourne side ways spinning in a 360 motion only for Xiao to back flip kick Danny into the ceiling and smash into the floor.  Though if any of these manuneves would have been coutnered Xiao would reset his fighting stance, ready to intercept and block any attacks getting sent out his way. Each strike would look like multiple strikes to Danny and anyone else, his movements fluent and quick, so swift in speed that some to almost of the strikes would seem like blurs of green due to his bright jacket.

ChairmenRyoji: Danny would watch as the crowd began to circle. Danny would’ve replied, but was suddenly struck to the head with a glass bottle. Danny would then regularly keep up a blank expression as he leaned, and then was triped, spinning in mid air. While spinning he’d utter audibly. “Guess that’s a yes eh?” Danny would adjust his body in mid air, with his Peak Flawless coordination he could fight at literally any angle, even adjust his body in mid air with more grace than a peak olympist preforming a ten point routine. Before the kick impacted, Danny would throw up a block using his left arm bent, and his right arm, in combination, simply converting the kick into a “kick off” more so. Sending danny fling towards the ceiling. Once at the ceiling, danny would spin, facing downward now, and kick his right foot off of it, coming down at Xiao at the moment he’d finish his kick. With razor precision, Danny would throw a descending tiger claw at Xiao’s face, attempting to leave a trail of 3 slice marks across his face, that would trail down his entire upper body (should this hit be taken). If dodged, Danny would then, throw alternating left and right, swiping tiger claws, each at a peaked martial art speed aimed for the males torso, which if connected would also leave a trail of cut skin and blood. Weather dodged or not, Danny would then jump and spin, changing the shape of his hand from a claw, to a sort of beak, with the spinning maneuver in play, Danny would attempt to bring his beaked hand onto the cranium of xiao which would bring Xiao’s head downward. Allowing Danny to then spring forward with a rising right leg kick, taking the stance of “the crane” as he launched it. The kick would be launched even if the initial downward hit failed, and If the kick hit it would’ve sent Xiao flying backwards a few feet in the air, with a now throbbing chin line. If dodged, danny would take a step back, holding his crane fighting stance, the crowd “ooing” and “ahhing” at the martial arts battle at hand.

DeliriousAres: The slash struck across Xiao's face knocking him back, sliding all the way down his face. Then the flow of the rest of the tiger strikes would be stopped. With a loud THAK. " Tiger style..."He said with a low tone.(( " Havent met someone who's known this style... for over 500 years..." Xiao said with a smirk on his face. If Danny noticed, Xiao would be in the same formation as he was. The rest of the tiger strikes would fly together in unison. It'd almost look like a dance as the hands clashed together in perefect flow. For each tiger strick sent his way, Xiao did the same sending it out just as fast. Before hey both were locked in an X formation before they both pushed off one another getting distance. When Xiao's head had been pressed down, Danny launched a kick, but Xiao used the momentum to his own advantage, tucking his body down with his arms forward he pulled himself down holding himself up with his arms alone. His body bent and crocuhed so the kick flew right over him. When Danny pivoted off, Xiao spun on his right hand twisting himself in the air so he'd land right infront of Danny's landing spot. Sending a swift kick to his shin, then coming around with a 4 piece chopping combonation. All of them aiming for his neck and chest area. Each strike seeming percise and well aimed. The last attack would be a strong Monkey styled punch, Swinging his left fist foward, a simple straight punch with his left hand that was so fast... that it wasnt his left hand at all. As his left hand travled to Dannys face the image would litterally shift to his right fist 2 seconds before the left was sent out. So if Danny went to block the left strike, then the right punch would rock him so hard he went flying behind the bar crashing into the drinks. Where Xiao would then get low swining his arms out slowly making 'Woooooooo' Sounds as he got down readying himself.

Kung fu maniaEdit

ChairmenRyoji: Danny would raise an eyebrow as Xiao demonstrated his own mastery of the tiger style. “is he of Shaolin origin too?” Danny would think out loud as he’d jump back form the x formation made. Reacting quickly, Danny’s kick was dodged, and a swift kick to his shin was lashed. Danny however adjusted his leg, so Xiao’s foot instead hit the kneecap, in essecene using his harder parts of the body to deflect the hit. While there was a sting to xiao’s kick, it allowed danny to keep ground, which was needed for this next onslaught. His feet now shoulder width apart, Danny could see the first chop coming, and as such he’d, quickly formate his arms in the basic wing chun stance, keeping his distance the same instead of blocking the chops, danny would launch his fist into the forearms of Xiao, for three of the four chops that ensued, aiming to cause a bit of muscle strain and delfect the chops entirely. Each deflection making a “FOOSH,FOOSH, KA-TAK-“ type noise and utilizing the “phantom pain effect”. A Shaolin technique that allows a hard hit to intercept an attack with maximum force and be felt when the attacker is stationary or the attacked part is stationary. Danny wasn’t able to catch the last one as it, hit him dead in his throat causing a light gaging noise. This did indeed stun danny as Xiao’s next punch came from the left or so danny thought. Danny would literally be looking this fist dead in the face for milliseconds only to see that it was actually his right hand launching the punch. With almost inhuman timing and a peak reflex factor for a human being, danny knew at this point he couldn’t dodge the punch..instead he’d adjust his head to the left a bit, just enough so the fist would graze off of danny’s face, but the majority of it’s force would still be in tact, sending danny flying into the bar. Seeing as how though, he’d managed to erase some of the lethal force danny would flip backwards during his ariel ascent and land on the bar top, in a legs crossed sitting position. Drinks rattling, and falling off of the counter top hitting the floor. Danny would feel his jaw, slightly swollen, and a bit bruised but nothing he wasn’t used to. He’d nod and speak. “Monkey style…your kung fu is excellent..beautiful..” Danny would let his goofy grin spread against his face. “But what you make up for in tenacity, you lack in execution against your own skill level young grasshoppa.” Danny would grab a bottle and crack it, sipping some of it, and throwing it to the bartender. ( ) Danny would stand back up, and circle the fielding crowd of people. Tossing his jacket to the side, and eyeing show with an innocent grin. He was excited. Happy. He rarely got in any good spars. Danny would then stand about a foot from Xiao and take on his wing chun stance. He’d tilt his head and speak. “Ya ready? Alright! Kata number one! HEI!” Danny would lunge forward with a surefire right kick, while screaming “left foot stomp!” If Xiao responded, by moving backwards or the right or left, Danny would stop and point, only then to close the gap in a skilled footed dash. (the dash would be done weather the feint was taken or not.) Danny would now, be throwing a brrage of punches, moving his fist as if he was pealing a bicycle with his hands, only much faster, throwing what looked to be to a human 5 punches, when it was actually 10 alternating fist aimed in an asceding fashion, from Xiao’s mid section to his face, all with a sting to them. Danny would then, step in even further, leaving less than an inch form himself and Xiao, attempting to throw two right kicks towards Xiao’s lower calf and the area right above his knee, both these blows enough to collapse suerly some form of balance from Xiao’s stance. If they hit, danny would launch a third kick with his right foot towards xiao’s left rib area, while SIMULTAINIOUSLY launching a left straight fist at Xiao’s throat. If the side kick hit it would only aid the straight fist, if not both attacks would still launch at the same time, quickly to avoid a grab based counter. To end his combination, danny would attempt to hit Xiao with a a Shaolin shoulder thrust. The motion itself was fast, what was unique about it was it’s posture. Danny would have his right arm at his chin level and his left arm at his waist level, ramming his right soulder into Xiaos gut. If it connected it would knock the wind out of Xiao and send him flying into the crowd with a big bruise on his abdomen. However with danny’s hand positioning a counter during this attack would be more than possible.

DeliriousAres: Once the strike had been pushed back by dannys knee. Xiao pushed back a bit himself. But the counter strike sent a numbing pain into his arm, though Xiao continued with his flow of chops as the fight continued. As his punch Knocked him into the bar Xiao continued to bounce around waiting for Danny to come out. " C'mon twinkle toes... get up.." He said getting into a Xiaolin boxing stance, swinging his arms around swiftly getting into the stance. The crowd had been in complete awe. Danny moved, his feint working on Xiao as the punches began to fly his way. All 5 of punches landing in his mid section. But the last two swiftly counterd with strikes of his forearm knocking them away. Xiao pushed his left leg in between danny's leg as he stepped further. There forheads meeting in a clash as they both roared, well xiao roared, Danny smiling to himself. Twisting his body to the right. Xiao blocked the strikes to his legs with his own leg strikes but the one to his knee did hit. Xiao pivoting to the right of the booting like kick, he leaned to the right, his right leg still btween Danny's. as he twisted his body to the right. (( He doged the kick and the punch a smooth flow in one clean stroke. Using Danny's moving momentum. Xiao pushed forward. His right hand and left hand moving in swift movements. Sending out 5 strikes to the human eye when they were 10 themsevles... but noormal punches. The Diamond Finger (一指金剛法 Yī zhǐ jīngāng fǎ; literally: One Finger Vajra Skill) allows the practitioner to cause damage to an opponent's internal organs by knocking at the opponent's chest. The practitioner trains by striking hard objects with his finger repeatedly over time to increase striking power. The skill usually requires three years to master. Only Xiaolin Masters would know it. Each strike would make Dannys chest feel like his chest caved in and the air had brusted from his chest till blood bursted from his lips. If they connected then Xiao whould have leaped back gaining distance. Ending the combo with a full 360 spin kick, kicking Danny in the face making him crash through the fish tank, to the other side. Ripping his dress shirt off, Xiao now only wore a white shirt getting into a Xiaoling boxing stance again waiting as he circled the stank waiting for Danny to get back up.

ChairmenRyoji: Danny would indeed be impressed by Xiaos knowledge of the Shaolin arts, it was astounding to see! Even while taking hits danny was enjoying the full fruits of this fight for everything it’s worth. Xiao did dodge the final kick however, and begin launching punches, that weren’t punches..Danny’s eyes winded as he exclaimed to himself. “The Diamond Finger!” Danny would grit his teeth as he knew the damage of this overall technique, and he could anticipate Xiao was aiming to full fledge put him down. Danny would hold his composure however, not intending to go down without an effort. Danny would then imploy a specific but risky counter, one of very few utilized martial arts, known as the Iron Shirt (traditional Chinese: 鐵衫; simplified Chinese: 铁衫; pinyin: tiě shān; Cantonese: tit1 saam3) is a form of hard style martial art exercise for protecting the human body from impacts in a fight. This is one of the 72 arts of the Shaolin Temple. Some martial arts are based on the idea that a correctly trained body can withstand more damage internally and externally than one that is untrained. Iron Shirt is said to be a series of exercises using many post stances, herbs, qigong and body movements to cause the body's natural energy (qi) to reinforce its structural strength, but requires a highly trained body to master. Danny himself has been known to have durability to an extreme high, allowing him to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects. He’s been able to survive massive and even horrific injuries or damage, or any level of danger or circumstances, combined with this technique and knowledge in mind Danny would spread his legs apart and allow all ten strikes to strike his chest, however his adrenaline pumping, it would feel different than striking regular flesh. His muscles now completely flexed, it would feel vaguely similar to striking a thing of hardened rubber. The effects still took a toll on danny’s body as his cheeks would expand, and blood would make it’s way form danny’s lips. Xiao at this point would now be back stepping preparing for his final attack. ‘Wait for it..’ Danny would think. His chest was brimming with pain, and his heart was actually pumping a bit faster, but his adrenaline was fighting off the full amount of what he’d just taken. Danny would wait til the moment Xiao went to step in for the kick, and step in himself. As stupid as it seemed Danny would lean his face into the kick, allowing it make impact with his jaw, but Danny had loosened his jaw to the point where the kick would impact but not break anything. Danny’s durability the only reason he could preform self risking strategies. His body would begin to turn from impact, but this is what he wanted. As his body turned, Xiao’s foot was still connected to danny’s face, which allowed for a full momentum spin allowing Danny to mimic xiao’s kick, but in a more aerial like fashion as his body would be suspended in it due to the kick. launching this counter in the final phase of Xiao’s attack Danny would aim his kick however with a hardened force of surprisingly deadly precision, aiming his counter, i.e the heel of his foot (his spin was a reverse one, not a forward one) towards Xiao’s jugular vein. This vein if slit would bleed out,but blunt damage, would cause a back up of blood in the head region, causing a burst of blood to emit from Xiao’s throat and a massive neck pain for a long time and cuasing his body to fly backwards across the room into the jukebox. Danny’s foot striking with a hard force, but it could not stop his body from being launched backwards into a fish tank. His back hit first, but never releasing the Iron shirt technique the glass bits would cause minor scratching and bleeding. The water erupted as people moved out of the way. Danny would then fall forward landing on his knee, and panting, still with a goofy grin on his face. “Ha….ha….ha…..Man..I thought my province was the original practioner of that move..but I see I was wrong…” Danny would stand up, and stumble a bit, but stomp his foot to the ground, taking his wing chun stance once again with a smile. Two streams of blood from his lips as he’d take off his jacket, and wrap it around his waist, revealing a black shirt, v neck specifically. Danny would sit and smirk waiting for the blonde man to get up himself.

DeliriousAres: Xiao was smashed into the juke box. Both fighters knocked back. Shaking his head Xiao stood to his full height. " I've fought thousands. And a meer mortal child... Has the martial arts expertise... to combat me.." He said as his eyes slanted getting serious. " Your not normal... are you." Xiao ripped off his shirt. " Well. I guess i'll use that style that i saw the other day. From that Anime i just recently got into.." Xiao stomped his foot as a Dragon spiraled around his body as he got down into his stance. ((‎)) " I'll show you... real... KUNG FU.." He said swinging his legs getting into his infamous Sun god fist style. His hands in the normal stance though his fingers switched and shifted to a hand stance that may have Sparked Danny's intellegence. The Deity's Palm (仙人掌, Xiānrénzhǎng) training process involves the practitioner striking a wooden object repeatedly using four fingers initially, followed by striking a hard stone repeatedly. The practitioner is deemed to have mastered the skill once he can strike the stone hard enough to create a dent in it. His hands swiftly moved, in swift zipping motions as he channled air through his lungs to ready himself. Smoke coming from his nose as he exhaled. Taking off at a Darting speed. His arms sent out a swift 10 hit combonoations that blured multiplying themselves at high frequinces that looked like 20 arms branching from Xiao's strikes. " IF YOU CAN SURVIVE I WILL TEACH YOU THIS STYLE! AND MAKE YOUR PUNK ASS THE BEST MARTIAL ARTIST EARTH HAS KNOWWNNN!!" If Danny could Keep up with the inhuman speed. Xiao's body shifted into 6 images in 6 different places. One coming from alll angles. Though the actual strike would be a uppercut aiming to his chin. The rest were strikes made moments before his punches were actually made. Each Strike sent would send a Pulverzing effect to Dannys body. Feeling like a bullet rammed itself into body due to the Deity palm. Ending the swift maddening striking combonations. Xiao would try to make it a game ender. " NOW. BEHOLD! THE DIM MAKKK! THE ULTIMATE MARTIAL ARTS TECHNIQUEE!!" Xiao put his right foot forward placing it inbetween Dannys leg and sent a quick right palm into Xiao's shoulder rocking him to the right just a bit still in his state of dizzyness that he would have felt after the combos. He folded both of his fist to the point his middle pointer finger was extended out just a bit from the others using a slight bit The middle finger would almost apply as a small dagger when he began to attack. Each strike if he attacked like this would leave deep gashes within the oppoenets body. With a rushing burst of speed... an onslaught of swift punches were sent into the boys torso. So quick that to the un trained eyes they'd simply see Drankin throw 5 swift punches when in reality he threw 50. This move was called the Dim Mak, made from an Ancient Chinese Martial arts style. All of the punches happening in such a fast time frame that if danny blocked the blows. Each punch would have bone crushing effects with the strength that Xiao applied within each punch and stabbing sensations slicing Dannys skin when ever his fist met the same area of attack twice.. After the 50 or so punches he would end it with a powerful Right palm thrust into the males chest with enough force to knock him right in the middle of the dance floor. Knocked out. BUt Xiao had held back with the true power. So the cuts would be minor rather than the huge gashes that would usually murder a man if the technique was used.

ChairmenRyoji: Danny would observe as his Xiao got more serious..Danny’s smirk would soon disappear and turn into sheer unbridled focus ) His eyes locked on Xiao as Danny would begin to take on a stance of his own, extending his right arm outward opened palm, and his left one as well but lowering it, and beinding it more, his body flexing it’s muclse as an image of an egale could be seen from danny’s body, but only for a brief moment. Danny would watch him make his move. “Deity’s palm…hm!” danny would step in, his bullet like reflexes activating as he’d throw his palms up using the style Xing Yi Quan. Xing Yi is characterized by aggressive, seemingly linear movements and explosive power that's most often applied from a short range. A practitioner of Xing Yi uses coordinated movements to generate bursts of power intended to overwhelm the opponent, simultaneously attacking and defending. While Xiao threw what seemed like 20 hits, danny’s peak combat and martial arts expertise, allowed him to intercept these hits, with, foot pivots, and bobing weaving techniques, which all had the form of tai chi induced within them. Danny would even throw a few palmed blocks. Xiao’s body bursted into what some would “clones’ but were actually after images. Danny would use his keen fighting instinct alone to follow Xiao’s movements perfectly, though it was up to his body to legitimately keep up. Danny would raise his chin and use it as an attack to counter the blow to his chin by slamming his chin, mainly the tip into it, measuring the force and trajectory in his head, with pure combat experience. Though danny had to take and give some blows, the effects of the deity palm were taking their tole on danny’s body, wearing down his durability bit by bit…Danny knew his next maneuver would have to be all or nothing. He’d then hear Xiao utter something about the dem mak…this would place the grin back on danny’s face. “Dem mak…DEM MAK! I FUCKING LOVE THAT TECHNQIUE!” ( Danny should be dizzy, but he simply used it to implement his drunken fist like reflexes, using the push to turn him around, but not to open himself up to the strike, but to preform the exact same strike. . He folded both of his fist to the point his middle pointer finger was extended out just a bit from the others using a slight bit The middle finger would almost apply as a small dagger when he began to attack. Each strike if he attacked like this would leave deep gashes within the oppoenets body. Danny reposistioned his foot, as Xiao did, their opposite legs now crossing each other, leaving the two in sort of a stalemate of stance. With a rushing burst of speed...Danny would mimic the Dem Mak Xiao threw not aming for his torso, but aiming for his hands. That’s right, danny would be throwing his own Dem Mak to match and exchange with Xiao’s Dem Mak, as their fist collided, their fingers would both feel the effects fo the dem mak, Danny aiming to break the finger that Xiao was using. Perfectly aware what this would to his own hands he didn’t care, because this particular move had the power to inflict damage no matter who it was used on. Danny would utilize his wing chun principles, and preform the bicycle hand maneuver to perfectly execute his strikes with Xiaos. Danny would continue to counter, having damaged his and Xiao’s hands by now, and when launched his final palm, Danny would launch a left crossed side fist at Xiao’s arm, in the same spot he’d done before, all of his strikes using the phatom pain effect except this time, Danny had literally hit the same spot, which would cause even further damage to said arm, possibly hitting the bone itself. Danny continued his onslaught however, as once he’d punch the arm and delfected it danny would quickly catch the arm as it was sent away, and begin twisting his body, with xiaos right arm in his left hand. In a swift tai chi combination he would spin his own body twice, using the momentum to flip Xiao not once, but twice, in a complete and balanced mixture of judo and tai chi. If the grab was sucsesful, xiao’s back would hit the ground with a sickening crack noise, showing the floor area he’d land on was damaged, and Danny would hold the arm in place, twisting it a bit as his counter would already further damage the arm, this maneuver would move it to it’s breaking point if he Xiao wasn’t careful. If the grab failed, danny would pivot off of his right foot and leap backwards, holding his wing chun stance, with bleeding fist and a serious look on his demeanor.

DeliriousAres: (( He watched as Danny matched with him blow for blow. TAK,TAK, TAK, TAK, TAK! The sounds of there fist colliding into one anothers echoed throughout the room. During the Dim make clash they had been moving acorss the dance floor and hadnt even realized it. Xiao's body bumpping into a table stopping them from moving back and further. Though Xiao's right arm was feeling all of the pain. " Shit..." He said in his mind as the clashing continued. ' How does this kid no the Dim mak! Impossible! When the last Dim mak Strike had been sent, he felt a shift Using some form of Judo, the Kid had flipped xiao, twisting that same arm. "AGHHHH!" Xiao Grunted as he was flipped. But using some form of odd Acrobact like motion he extended his legs so they flopped out on the table he bummped against later. Stopping Danny from continuing his onslaught. Xiao twisted his legs in a break dance motion, and the drinks on the table all went airbourne. Twisting his joints, he pulled himself up, slipping from Dannys grasp. And flipped himself onto the top of the table. As the drinks continued to fall from the glass cups. Xiao would do a full flip over Dannys head, a cart wheel if you will. Then kicking the cups at the same time. Using his training skills to litterally kick off the weight less cups and launch them into Dannys head all the while kicking off of them gaining distance. Xiao would land on his right knee. His right arm disloacted. " Tch.." With a hard grunt he popped it back in place. Standing to his full height. (( "...." The Crowd all had big white eyes at the fight that had been going on. " AGGHHHHH!" Xiao charged danny head on. Doing something out of his normal nature. Clearly hanging out with Keyth too much. If the tackle was successfull then the two would end up in a back alley hitting the fence. The crowd followed of course. Once they were in the back alley. Xiao turned and looked at the two poles at his feet. "..." He looked at Danny, and kicked one to him, while he lifted one up with his feet. Catching it and then snapping it in half with his knees so he had two. Showing his skill with such weapon types as he flipped and twisted them around in between his fingers. Singaling Danny to c'mon.
ChairmenRyoji: ( )Danny’s eyes would widen as he saw his opponent Xiao had managed to compose himself after such a brilliantly planed combination. Managing to get himself back to normal, and spin out of Danny’s grab. Xiao would then flip over Danny’s head, also kicking some glass at his direction in general. Danny would whip his jacket, off of his waist, and swirl it with expert precision, encasing the cups in the swirl of his jacket. After spinning them around a bit, he’d whip his jacket towards the ground, spilling the cups on the floor and actually putting his jacket back on, adjust it once. Danny would wipe some leaking blood from his mouth, licking the rest off. Xiao would however then charge at Danny, tackling him, and being carried outside now in the cold snow. It was at least 4 inches deep, enough to come up halfway of Danny’s calf. Danny would stand up and brush some snow out of his hair. He’d love to make a witty retort of some kind, but the time for talk was long gone..Danny would pick up the pole that was handed to him and spin it around his head one time, then slamming the end of it on the ground, only to hold it with both hands, on opposite sides of the staff, tilting it upwards. Danny would step forward lunging the staff in a straight forward lunge, however, he’d quickly rotate the staff in a circle, aiming to hit Xiao with a horizontal circular sweep. If this attack missed or hit, Danny would then take a step back, and flip his staff completely, coming down towards Xiaos shoulder, the same one that was previously poped out of place. Should it hit the impact from the pole would severely damage it even further possibly even tearing a muscle tendon. If this hit was blocked specifically, danny would step in, spinning the stick between his fingers, alternating from left to right, attempting another downward strike but this would be a feint, however if this feint was chosen to be taken, it would leave another shoulder pain on Xiao’s opposite shoulder.. Before impact, Danny would pull the staff back a few inches, missing Xiao completely, and allowing Densuke to bring the staff back up, and attempt to hit Xiao between both of his legs, spreading them, and then finally letting the staff slam upward into Xiaos family jewels. The force would cause Xiao to close his legs and lay on the ground in squeling pain for a while, however if countered danny would make a circle with the end of his staff, spinning it around, and taking 3 steps back to gain some form of distance.

New aged Kung fuEdit

DeliriousAres: f(( Xiao readied himself, Swinging the left pole around, holding it back wards, he spun clashing the pole with the lunge, letting it roll off of it. Only to lean backwards, dodging the horzontial strike with a matrix lean back. Pivoting off his right foot he stood back up and slid across the snow. When the next strike occured, Xiao winced. Seeing that he was aiming for his bad arm. " Tch.." He shifted his shoulder to the opposite. Using his staff of the left hand block the attempting at fucking his arm up further. BUt the strike itself did hit the back Xiao's back pushing him forward a bit. Turning back around. So that the faint strike to his other soulder hit him hard. He took the hit though shifting his body a bit to the left, twisting both ends of the staff down he'd clash them down in X formation. the strike meant to spread his legs worked exposing him or so he thought. When it finally came up to hit him in the balls. Xiao had antcipated it and caught the pole intween both of his. Kicking off it, Densuke and him both would flip back gaining a full distance of 3 feet. Panting lightly to himself, blood specs on his white shirt from the both of them. A girl pushed her way through the crowd after watching it all and recording it on her phone. Going over it again and again with utter amazement. (( how she looked.)) " Faaabbuuullouuusssss!!" A strange girl appeared clapping her hands in praise to the two combatants. (( " You two are great! And you both look the part in our next film! Real Hollywood action hero stuff!" Xiao would turn in utter confusion as he listned to the girl. " Eh...?" He said blinking. Looking at Danny for reassurances. " Mhm! For our new film! The Dragon and Egale! Two brothers who were sperated at birth. Coming together finally on there 18th birthdays and fighting this gang out of this peasent town! Taking back during the Sengoku ear of Japan!" The female said clapping her hands. Xiao's eyes lit up with money reels as his jaw dropped. "C'mon! This doesnt happen to everybody hahhaaha! Im Melina!" She said pulling the two boys away. Leaving the crowd with the odd an awkward looks on there faces.

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