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The SoliderEdit

Pallas: -With the snow falling from the sky, practically blinding the vision for anyone looking outside, a large black cargo ship flows into the harbor of district one. The ship sounds its horn as the longshoreman on the docks quickly grab the large ropes that tie the ship down to the harbor. ( On the top deck a man in an all-black leather jacket, black jeans, and black combat boots comes walking out from a nearby hatch. He dons a high-and-tight style haircut and a lit cigarette in his mouth. On his back is a daypack that looks very mechanical and has lit gears on it as he wears it. ( It stands out from his outfit but the purpose of it compensates the randomness of it all. With his right hand he grabs his cigarette and flicks it off the side of the boat while releasing a large cloud of smoke into the air. He stands at a modest six feet tall with a muscularly tone body build. Once the ship came to a complete stop and people were allowed to exit the ship, he makes his way towards the quarterdeck to leave the ship. As he exits the ship and heads onto the streets of Kasaihana, he takes value in the sights and sounds of the city. He quickly sees of 100 yards in the distance that there is some homeless gathered about one metal trash can that they turned into a bonfire. He turns his head slightly to the right and he sees a shakedown of a kpd officer onto a man who looks to be someone who could be gang affiliated. He takes in all these sights and sounds to help get a fixture on what the atmosphere of the city is like. It comes into play with his process of Combat Hunting. Observe, Profile, and then Track; the techniques of a proficient Combat Hunter. A few minutes after he scans the area, a man in a hooded sweater and cargo pants comes walking up to him and asks-“Aye yo, you Bennett?”-Bennett turns around and faces the male walking towards him. Under the hood is a black male who smelt of weed that was just smoked. Bennett quickly profiles this man by thinking to himself-“Black male…poor clothing…smell of substance abuse…mid to late 20’s…possible drug dealer or middle man for gang of somesort…threat…none existent.”- Bennett replies to the man with a calm-“Who is asking?...”-The black guy stops in front of him and says-“Yo my name is Crash and I was told to give you a meet and greet to Kasaihana city from my boy Keyth. He said to direct you to where you need to go for whatever bidness you guys gotta handle.”-Bennett squints his eyes a bit and then says-“Very well, Carry on…”-For the next few minutes Crash walks Bennett over to a meeting point on the edge of the docks where Keyth should be waiting for him. Bennett can only wait to see what will come of the situation.-

The ThugEdit

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth listend to a preacher on the dock. Shouting out his religous chants about god. And how there lord and Saviour would soon return. "..." Keyth was never the religous type, he wasnt born and brought up to have moral vaule. In a way, its a wonder he feels anything. Brought up a young age and forced to kill his younger siblings in physcial spartan like combat. He was trained young to be a killer. Even now, he wants to avoid this life style. But to feed his family he's doing the only trade he knows how. And being a Hitman for Ginsei has its perks. but at the same time... he just wants to lay it all down. His once childish deamonr kind of faded after being in the realm of Dark Hadou for every 200 years. His innocense, the small amount that he had was completely gone now. Keyth turned to look at Crash, his long black trench coat hanging off his body as he tilted his head up. " Thanks Crash." Handing the male a 50 dollar bill. " happi to do sum'Servace homie. Hit me up when your around the way." He said to Keyth strolling along the dock. " So your the guy. Dont say my name out here. I know your name. But just in case voices are around. It's best we stick to CN's. Call me Lion on this one." This oone meaning the job. " C'mere." he said Signaling the male over. He handed him a pair of Binoculars. If he took them from keyth as instructed. Then Keyth would have pointed out into the distance at a Large tanker of a ship. Massive it looked like a normal Navy ship that gaurded the coast of Kasaihana. But.. Keyths intel new better. Ginsei and him had found out that Wild Card. (( Had a big Maru Jeitai weapons shipment coming in. With Densuke gone, Keyth needed to find a well abled guy to help him out. Which is why he hired the Mercenary. " We've looked at your record bro. I gotta say your pretty nice. You got hits all over the world you know. Some of them some pretty big faces. Dont know how you pulled em off... but hey." Keyth crossed his arms. " I dont know if you saw, but on the lower deck of the ship. It has the Armada's signia on it. My pops, and Donnie Yun actually took those guys out when they were in the prime. They were constructing Cybernetics, getting ready to hit a raid on Kasaihana. But thats irrelevant. Those guys are carrying some heavy shit in there. All we gotta do. Is get in there, and take it. Sounds easy enough right?" Keyth said putting both of his hands behind his head after lighting a cigeratte. " I got my guy Claymore ready with a chopper a few meters from our current postion right now. And we have a sub to. We'll have to load them both up with Cargo. I know.. this is a big job. Like a 10 man team job. But two people is all were gonna be able to get onto that thing. So its just me and you." Keyth said crossing his arms. " So. If were done staring out at the sea like some 1990's gay couple. We can get a move on. Were gonna have to swim. I got diving gear below the docks. It's about a 30 minute swim. So.. be ready. I also got guns down there to. Maybe not the shit you like. But we'll make due. If we can help it... we wont get into any fire fights..." Keyth said walking down below the dock so Bennet could follow.

Pallas: -Bennett stands a few feet away from the two men as they exchange verbal greetings to one another. Then as the binoculars were reached out to him, Bennett takes them and looks through the lens’ where Keyth had pointed out. Bennett thinks to himself-“Lion…simple, barney style.”- As he looks through the binoculars, he says to Keyth-“I guess you can call me, Titan…”-Bennett begins to learn the outter layout of the ship by observing it through the binoculars. He sees the large mass of equipment all around the ship and the moving bodies that are on the top deck. He could only imagine the amount of numbers that are in the hull of the ship. After examining the ship for a few minutes as Keyth talked about his family story, Bennett says to him-“The chopper will have to wait…You bring that thing anything close enough to where their radar scanners can pick up on it, they will know we are here. I say we leave the chopper behind until we need it.”-If Keyth would concur with what Bennett requests, the two of them would walk down to the bottom of the dock where the gear was waiting for them like a gallery. Bennett would quickly get changed over into diving gear because he wasn’t trying to swim in civvies. Even with the diving gear on his body, he keeps his daypack on his back. If Keyth would see the pack he would surely wonder why Bennett keeps the thing on him like that. After being fully prepped for diving, Bennett glances over at the weapons that would be suitable for this style of mission. He quickly grabs a M9 Beretta that was sitting on the armory table. He chooses the M9 Beretta because it holds a smaller caliber round and it is compatible with an under-flashlight and silencer attachment. Bennett also grabs a M4A1 service rifle that has a RCO, flash and laser lights on the side rail systems, a broomstick foregrip, and a silencer all attached to the weapon. To finish off his gear, Bennett grabs utility belt with frag and flash grenades along with a simple service combat blade. Along with that, Bennett puts on an LBV jacket that holds extra magazines for his weapons. After making sure his weapons are good to go, he looks over at Keyth and says-“All ready on this end. ACE report is Green, Green, Green.”-He’d then wait to see how Keyth was fairing with the plan before moving on any further.-

DeliriousAres: " Agreed." Keyth said to 'Titan'. As they made there way down to the armoury. Keyth pulled the swim suit on quickly zipping it up. He placed the bullet proof armour over his chest area, over the swim suit itself. After putting the suit on. He handed Titan a mask, and a ear piece. " With this ear piece. We dont even have to speak with our mouths. You communicate with me through your head in a since. The mask is just a Oxygen mask. Should allow us to breathe down there. But.. i say we make it a challange and not use em at all. I wont be." Keyth said being over confiden in his abilties once again as he tossed the mask aside. Pulling the suit on. He placed three combat knives in the front of his flak, letting them sit securely as he turned and began to pick up guns. " Socom.. old, but nice.." The MK23 SOCOM is a .45ACP caliber semi-automatic pistol. it comes with a pre-attached laser aiming module. Applying a suppressor on the gun. He placed it on the left holster of his flak Jacket. Picking up a rifel he pulled it onto his back strapping it tightly as he secured himself. A fully automatic assault rifle with a fast 1000 rounds per minute rate of fire and holding 25 bullets per magazine. Sadly it doesnt have a suppresor so Keyth wont be able to use it unless he absolutely have to. " Alright. Lets move." Keyth walked to the water phoning into Claymore on the ear piece. " You heard titan right?" Claymore spoke back. " Yeah i heard em. Dont approach em due to the radars. Good thinking Titan." Claymore said as he pulled himself even higher. " That goes for you to Amy. Wait till we atleast disable the radar systems before approaching. We'll give you the ok." " Roger that boss." Amy said in the sub filing her finger nails. Keyth nodded to titan and soon they'd both make there way to the water, submerging under the waves as Keyth took a deep breateh. (( The water was freezing cold... incredbily cold. Keyth and Titan would start there long and enduring swim as they made there way through the Kasaihana waters. Soon, they'd be approaching the large tanker. Lights flashed along the bottom of the large ship like a beacon of sorts. Two men sat within the underwater light house area of the ship. The lights shining on the area to catch intruders. Keyth lowered himself swimming low as he pulled himself under the rays of the lights, looking for the opening to the ship. Shaking his head at what he saw.. the Armada had a waste opening for there sewers, letting there waste litteraly spill out into the ocean. Keyth pulled himself through the opening of the waste openings and before long he'd break through to some air. Gasping for breathe he pulled himself out of the sewer hole, now on the lowest part of the ship. Cargo boxes all over the place. FIlled with ammunition. Bombs even. More than likely Titan had made his way inside as well and if he did Keyth would communicate with him via ear piece. " Alright, your the solider. I'll follow your lead. We need to take out there radar systems. So we should find there radar room so we can do that." Keyth said pulling the swim gear off. Now in a full black sneaking suit as he stood to his full height. He pulled his hair back into a pony tail as it drapped over his back.

Pallas: -Seeing that he chose not to use the mask, Bennett’s inner pride wouldn’t let someone one up him so as he grabs the mask from Keyth he crushes it in his hand and says-“Sounds like an interesting challenge.”-Bennett would smirk a bit as he said that and made his way behind Keyth as they began their trek into the oceans. As they swam through the ice cold water, Bennett made sure to keep close to his partner so they wouldn’t set off any traps or hit any alarms. Similar to how patrols are ran when they have to go through I.E.D. possible areas, Bennett covers down directly behind Keyth. He does this because he knows that Keyth doesn’t set off any alarms or traps where he moves so if he moves in the same places they will be 100% in the clear. Soon they would reach their entry point and they both quickly make it up to the lower hull of the ship. After they completely make it inside of the ship, Bennett drops all the gear that is no longer mission essential. The fins on his feet come off to reveal his combat boots and he adjusts his Kevlar to fit the situation. He has his gold eye goggles on his face now with his “Ghost” mask covering his face. He draws his M9 and the combat blade and gets in the combat-ready stance now that they have entered the combat zone. Knowing that the first thing they needed to do was shut down their communications systems, Bennett says to Keyth through their communication devices-“We could hit the communications room of the ship and destroy their equipment…but the room is most likely near the command deck which doesn’t give us much wiggle room to work with. I say we go down to the maintenance center where all the ships components and circuits are at and we sabotage the equipment from there.”-Bennett then began to walk towards the door that leads to the hallway of the deck they are on. As Bennett looks outside through the small window on the door, he sees a sailor walking back and forth like he is on patrol. Bennett waits for the sailor to walk past the door with his face facing away from him before striking. Bennett slowly opens the door as the sailor walks past him and with his combat blade in hand, Bennett walks up to the sailor and slits his throat from ear to ear without a seconds hesitation. Bennett quickly grabs the sailor with his hands and drags him into the cargo room where Keyth and Bennett entered. Within the next thirty seconds, the sailor would become motionless as his life fades away. Bennett then stares at Keyth and says to him-“Let’s move…”-And with that, Bennett would begin to slowly make his way through the hallways, trying to locate the nucleus of their communications center.-


DeliriousAres: (( Keyth nodded at Titan as he watched him take out the solider. He heard the go and Keyth proceeded. Taking out the Socom and one of the combat knives. Using what Claymore had taught him. Cqc at its finest. In the typical CQC stance, the user holds their gun (a one handed weapon such as a pistol) with their dominant hand while supporting it with the other hand, which holds their CQC knife. By using this stance, the gun remains steady for accurate engagement of opponents outside the range of unarmed combat, while allowing a quick transition to the knife for close-work. The style also incorporates various grabs, chokeholds, strikes and throws to disarm and disable opponents. One powerful CQC slam could knock even the strongest opponent unconscious. In addition, CQC, when used by experts, can also be used to field-strip a firearm effortlessly, should the opponent attempt to attack the CQC expert with a firearm, and thus force the opponent to concentrate on repairing their weapon. Keyth moved pressed himself against the wall on the right side of the doorway they just exited. Pulling himself onto the wall with the socom, low but on the ready. He peaked around the corner. Pulling up his right fist to hault Titan for a moment. After scanning the area he nodded and pressed his fingers in a two formation and pointed forward. He pushed forward with the socom in hand. As they made there way down the hall, Keyth would notice the large cargo room ahead. Men scattred all throughout the room. Rolling forward he pressed himself against one of the boxes. And looked up the stairway. " I knew it.." Keyth would say to Titan. " Maru Jeitai... we gotta be extra careful." He said seeing the Maru Jeitai soliders scattred throughout the lot. "...Tch, fucking Wild cards selling the Maru Jeitai to one of the biggest terriorist agencies on the planet? Is he fucking insane... if the Armada gets there hand on that kind weaponry. Kasaihana's gonna be done for..." Keyth pulled on one of the tags for one of the boxes. " This shit, isnt for the Maru Jeitai back home... it says that this is coming from Kasaihana city. Meaning..." He looked at Titan with a look of suspense. "... That Were selling this weaponry to the Armada... which means Wild cards Agenda is really up to high question. He's offically a fucking terrorist now. But how could this go un noticed something isnt right here..." Claymore pitched into there frequencies. " If thats the case, then we have a change of plans. Were going to plan B. Your going to have to blow up that Tanker..." Keyth sighed. " I was Afraid of that.." He turned to Titan. " Well, those are our orders..." He said looking up at the stair way. (( Pushing forward again. Keyth rolled forward again. Crocuhing behind the cargo box he peared off at the Solider holding the large assualt rifel. He had his back turned to Keyth. Taking his oppourtunity, Keyth lunged forward. Stabbing the solider in the neck with the blade, and pulling his right hand over his mouth, pressing him agains the floor, holding his lips down to muffel out his screams before he died. He pulled from the soliders body in an odd finese like manner, kicking off a box and gripping the ledge of the stairway. Pulling himself up rather quickly as he rolled behind another Cargo box. At the door that the two needed to enter. Two gaurds stood blocking it off sot ehy wouldnt be able to go through without disposing of the both of them. " Shit..." Keyth said looking at Titan. " You try to handle them... I'll... try to find a way around." He said dahsing off.

YuiKiara: Down stairs, where most of the sleeping chambers of the ship were, a clanking noise would be herd like a constant rhythm. Hitting against metal and wood, drifting from one end to the other. A pair of golden eyes peered through the dim lighting of the halls, a sheathed sword held in her hands as she hit it against walls and doors. Her cheek a bit diss-formed from the lollipop in her mouth. "Shit when i agreed to this i didnt think i would be on guard duty, the hell am i?! your rookie you fucking asshole?!" Came the female's voice, echoing through the halls which seemed to wake up a few grumps. They banged against their doors for her to keep quiet, and in turn she banged right back, louder than them. Annoyed, she decided to head up on the deck. Climbing the stairs up, she shielded her eyes from the intense sun. How long as it been now that she has been doing jobs like these? The memories went through her mind like a blur. Her teeth clamped down on the candy in her mouth, shattering it in to pieces as a familiar face passed through her mind. Her thirst for blood seemed to grow each time she recalled this particular person. Sonia stood still for a moment at the top of the stairs, enjoying the sea's breeze, until something did not seem to be right. Her eye caught the main door being without a guard. Where was the sailor that was supposed to be paroling the area? Her brows furrowed and her jaw clenched, if she caught another slacking bastard she would slice his throat again. She walked towards the area with steady steps, glanced from side to side and surveyed the area, but no one was in sight. Now something was clearly wrong. "This better not be what i think it is....Someone is gonna lose a head if i am losing any of my profit in this." Turning on her heel, Sonia speed walked down the hall to go check on the cargo.

Metal Gear PirateEdit

Pallas: -As he listened to what Keyth was talking about with the other members of the team, Bennett began to think of other ways to approach the situation. But before he could even give a response to what they dicussed, Keyth decided to go on his own and leave Bennett with these two Maru Jeitai to be dealt with by himself. Bennett says to himself-“This will be fun…”-( After Keyth leaves the area, Bennett quickly walks over to where he is now facing the direction as to where the guards are standing. He puts away his combat blade and m9 so he can make hold of his M4A1. After he grabs his rifle, he gets in the alert position and stares down that hallway with tunnel vision. With his right non-firing hand he grabs a flash bang grenade and prepares his attack. He leans left shoulder on the cover of a wall and tosses the flash grenade in between the two guards. The grenade would explode on impact and it would cause the two guards to become disoriented and blind. Using that to his advantage, Bennett begins to charge forward towards them. As he picks up speed, he slides down like he is stealing home and stares down the RCO, locating his targets. As he slides across the floor, he unleashes a barrage of well aimed and well placed rounds onto the enemy guards in front of him. He fired three rounds each into the T-box of the guards. On the third round of each guard, the round is able to pierce through the armor and hit the guard in the medulla oblongata. Both guards fall to their knees and then smack their heads onto the floor from losing control of their bodies. Bennett’s boot hits the next wall and it springs him forward onto the wall that leads into the communications room. Due to the sound of the flashbang, the door opens up and a Maru Jeitai comes running out. Bennett quickly grabs the soldier with his right hand and pushes him up to the wall. As he does that, he places the M4A1 on the chest of the shoulder and fires 10 rounds into the body of the maru Jeitai. Bennett then grabs his remaining flashbang grenade and tosses it in the communication room where he was sure more soldiers were in there working. On the sound of the grenade exploding, Bennett charges in with his rifle up high on his shoulder. Upon entering the room, Bennett quickly sees Maru Jeitai in the area. Without hesitation, Bennett fires a controlled pair into the soldiers around him. A controlled pair consists of two very quick rounds into the chest of a single target. He is forced to reload after firing a few controlled pairs and using his combat training, he drops down to the kneeling position. As he drops his body down he ejects his empty magazine and uses his non firing hand to load the next 30 round mag. Once his rifle was ready to fire he quickly continues to fire his rifle at the helpless Maru Jeitai who feel the effects of the high end flashbang grenades. Within a minute, Bennett clears out the room of Maru Jeitai with his rifle. Keeping himself on the alert, Bennett scans the area. Once he knew the area was clear, he begins to go to work on disconnecting their coms. While he works with that, he reports to Keyth by saying-“Lion, the com room has been breached and clear. My ACE report is Green, green, green. Estimated time of completion is five minutes.”-

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth darted down the corners of the ship. Moving as quickly as he could. His ear piece starting to ring out, echoing titan's voice through his ear drums. "Lion, the com room has been breached and clear. My ACE report is Green, green, green. Estimated time of completion is five minutes." Keyth nodded his head, his pony tail flowing through the air as he ran down the hall. " Roger that Titan, within radius of the Radar room so we can get on with our get away. Disenage that com room. Over." Keyth continued to run full speed down the hall. A troop of gaurds all appearing infront of him as they turned the corner. " INTRUDER!" Getting down in some odd unison shooting sequence. Keyth slid on his right foot. Right in the range of gun fire. As they got down readying themselves almost out of instinct he pulled two chaff gernades from his holsters. Pulling them across in an X formation, he then launched them out towards the Maru Jeitai soliders. Exploding, the EMP frequinces would cause there high tech suits to go into a frenzy. Shocking one another in there five man formation. "AAHHHHH!" They all shouted at once before hitting the ground dead. " Tch.. Gotta do better than that next time keyth, you were almost done for.." He said to himself as he continued to sprint down the hall. As Keyth approached the Radar room, a team of men all in rows sat there, the captain of the ship staring out at the sea with a smirk on his face. Keyth loaded his gun and looked around the room, his eyes lowering into slits as he pulled two frag's from his flak jacket and charged into the room. He tossed one frag to the right of the room, firing a bullet at while it flew across in mid air, tossing another on the opposite side and shooting that one as well. In slow motion it seemed, he pulled his SOCOM from its holster and shot the two gernades. Blowing the room up as it was engulfed in flame. The men and women working in the room all scorched alive dead to the bone. The impact blasted keyth out of the com room and made the whole ship shake due to large impact. But the massive tanker wasnt even phased. The captain stood in the middle of the flame, his shirt burned off now as he slowly turned around to see Keyth pressed against the wall outside of the radar room. (( The captain turned slowly, his eyes locking onto Keyth as he pulled himself up. Keyth had ripped the flak jacket off of his body. His Socom scattred across the room, to far from his reach. " Heh, so there are intruders after all." Keyth, now in his sneaking suit of combat boots and a tank top and combat pants stood with his combat knife in his right hand, turned upside down in a CQC fighting stance. " No shit.." The captain cracked his neck, his abnormal muscles buldging out as walked over to keyth. " Heh... In the Armada. Im a Commander. Do you know what that means? That means i've killed thousands of men... Im a real Devil dog." Keyth gritted his teeth listening to the man speak on about his accomplishments. " Yo... titan. Try to be quick... im gonna have some trouble up here.." He said Via communicator. " Captain Burns. Is the name... REMEMBER IT.." With un-natural strength he clothelined Keyth through the tough metal of the ship. Making him blast through the walls landing in the mess hall of the ship. Surrounded by soliders. Keyths body crashed into a table, pulling himself up slowly... when Keyth turned to look around. MAru Jeitai soliders all out of uniform stood around him looking rather pissed off. " GET EM!" Said the captain. Keyth got into his Normal, off brand Karate stance. A Varation stance from the Notorious H.H.S. (( Two Soliders charged, launching there first foward in attempts to punch Keyth in the face in unison. He ducked low, spinning in that same spot so his back was facing them, rising up with a uppercut for the both of them. Landing it in there chins and sending them jolting back. Only to spin with a double back hand, causing them spin, ending it with a back flipping boot kick landing on his feet in a crouched postion as the men he kicked flew into four more of there gaurds. Shouting at the top of his lungs he began to fight them all. Getting his ass kicked in the process but holding his own non the less. Captain Burns watched with a smirk on his face antcipating the young mans death.

YuiKiara: -Sonia dashed to the control room to see it up in flames and other men trying to put out the fire. If the flames got to the main engine, this whole thing would blow up and the cargo would be lost. Where the hell were the other bastards?! Sleeping on the job? Dashing down the hall she smashed one of the alarms with the base of her sword, sending a blazing noise throughout the place. Burns's control room was next to the cargo where he was supposed to guard it with his life. And as she reached the area she noticed a fight had broken out, the men throwing themselves at a small figure A bit out of breath from all the running, she let her eyes investigate all the boxes, seeing some of them had holes in them, which sent her aflame. Gritting her teeth she dashed at Burns, him being taller and massive than her, this didnt stop her from jumping up and grabbing hold of his collar and pulling him with all her force at her eye level. Unsheathing her sword as she held it against his chest, her eyes going in to slits, almost a menacing glow to them as she glared. "Fucking retard!!! what are you doing damaging the goods? if we bring back damaged product the profit goes down, did no one tell you this?!" She shouted pushing the tip of her sword against the man's chest, however her eyes darted to the screams and yells of the men fighting the other single man. Her gaze only catching a glimpse of his face. And that face, instantly made her eyes go wide and her lips to part in a gasp. Shoving Burns away she turned towards the attacking men. "Dont kill him!!! capture him alive! I need him alive!"


Pallas: -( In the com station near the front end of the hull, Bennett hears the explosions and gunfire going off on the other side of the ship. Bennett quickly throws himself into the action by making his way to the top deck of the ship. On the front end he sees a tower of cargo crates in front of him and he begins to climb up the crates one by one. As he stands on top of the crates, the cargo spreads about one hundred yards down the ship until it reaches the captains lookout.( import-cargo.jpg) From the distance he is at he barely sees Keyths body as he is slammed out of the room with a strong clothesline. Bennett quickly begins to sprint into the direction of the captain’s lookout with his M4A1 in hand. As he charges down the crates, leaping on top of the ones that are higher up than where he is at, Maru Jeitai begin to climb to the top as well. Bennett wastes no time as he fires round after round into any soldier he saw. Moving at quick speeds he never loses composure and keeps tight aim on his targets. When he reaches half way to the end of the cargo holds he sees in the distance a Maru Jeitai soldier with an RPG in his hand. The grenade is quickly fired and headed straight for Bennett. Seeing the grenade fly straight for him Bennett continues to sprint at it head on with all his might. Then, just as it seemed like it would hit him directly, Bennett throws his body to a hard forward-left dive and the grenade makes impact with the cargo hold five feet behind him. The explosion causes one crate to completely bust open whereas the nearby crates began to fall off the edge. Bennett rolls up to a kneeling position after his dive and quickly fires three T-box shots at the head of the soldier with the RPG in his hand. Before Bennett could even take a breath of relief the sounds of metal creaking and falling caught his attention. The RPG had broken the gears that held the cargo together and the crates began to fall off the ship and into the ocean like a pyramid falling to pieces. The crate that he is kneeling on began to wobble from being unstable and Bennett quickly begins to sprint towards the end once again. With crates practically falling under his feet, he has to sprint as fast as he can to get to the edge. The crates begin to catch up to him as Bennett gets closer to the finish line. Finally, Bennett sees the end of the crates in the near view but he is reluctant to see that there is a fifteen foot gap and vertical lift from the crates the command deck. So Bennett drops his rifle, unhooks his LBV and Kevlar to make himself as light as possible. After he did that, he came to the edge of the last crate and he takes a huge leap of faith and jumps off the tower of remaining crates. While in the air, his backpack begins to move its gears and metal pieces begin to quickly wrap around his body like a suit. A white, green, and blue body suit quickly begins to form around his body. His body also begins to descend to the ground as the suit comes to completion around his body. Inside of the suit, Bennett yells to himself-“Come on! Come on! Activateeeee!”-And like a miracle right before he hits the ground, his suit activates and the lights shine from his suit. Bennett quickly activates the jet pack system and it thrusts his body into the command deck where the large Armada Commander had just disposed of Keyth. Using the momentum of his jetpack to assist him, Bennett thrusts his right hand forward and clocks the commander on the jaw with a furious punch. The punch causes the commander to fall to the ground in pain and Bennett’s feet slide across the floor as he makes a smooth landing. He then turns to face the commander who is now slowly getting back up on his feet and says-“You aren’t a Devil Dog…so don’t call yourself one…”-

DeliriousAres: (("AHHHHHHHHH!!!" Keyth said screaming at the top of his lungs as he launched his fist into one of the soliders faces, knocking them across the room. His body moved like some kind of animal. As he flipped tossed and twisted across the room. Slamming his fist, knee's and elbows into any solider he could. Gripping two males with both of his hands after running full speed. Hooking his hands around there throat as he lifted them air bourne and choke slammed them through a table. He flipepd off there bodies landing in the kitchen. Two sloliders ran in after him . The shirtlesss one launching his fist into Keyths jaw knocking him into the wall, only for Keyth to retailate with a boot to the males stomach knocking him out of the kitchen into the wall, where the cabinets fell ontop of his head for a instant K.O. . He turned to the right, seeing the other one with the mohawk charge forawrd. Intercepting him, Keyth opened the oven door making him run right into it. Kicking off the counter top he did a full round house kick with his right leg, into the males head, pressing his foot into his head at the same time making it crash onto the top of the stove. Swiftly reaching over turning the stoves top part on 500 as he burned the left side of the males face, pulling him back up and then punching him on the bridge of his nose so he fell right on his ass knocked out. A large solider ran in after Keyth this time and simply elbow bulldozed Keyth through the wall making him land in the back part of the kitchen where the cutting of the meat and all the other food preperations were made. " Nanomachines son.." The large solider said, talking about his enhanced strength. Keyth stood to his full height and growled as animalistc drool leaked from his lips. The Large solider charged, smashing his fist into Keyths head, left, right, left, right, left, upper cut, boot kick! The boot kick causing keyth to slam into the wall coughing blood before he shook his head. " Mother..fuc-.." Before Keyth got to speak the male began to choke him. Even with Keyths normal Enhanced strength he couldnt break the grip of the Nanomachines solider as he began to choke the life out of keyth. " Sonia wants you alive... but i think i want you DEAD!" Keyths legs wiggled left to right as he felt the life slowly leak from his body. His left hand reached out to the cabient, pulling out a broken piece of glass and stabbing it intot he brutes head. "AHHHHHH!!" He said dropping Keyth, Keyth stumbbled back but swiftly gripped two kitchen knifes. " AAAAAHHHH FUUCCKK YOU! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOUUU!!" He said with each slash he made towards the males body. Slicing him left right, up and down, all over the place. Blood flying all across the room before Keyth stabbed both knives into the brutes chest. Making him cough blood. (( In slow motion it seemed... Keyths body moved like a cornred animal as he saw the knives sit in the brutes chest. Blood leaking from his lips, it wasnt enough to kill him.. Keyth charged forward, his body moving in slow motion as he launched both of his feet into the soliders chest making the knives errupt from his back, ripping through his heart... killing him dead. Keyth hit the body gasping for air. Blood leaking from head as he looked left to right. The kitchen filled with other Maru Jeitai. " Fuck.. me.." He said standing to his full height. " AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" He said charging into the mass group.

HollowJak: -Gabriel's eyes scanned the waters as the little dingy bounced up and down on the waves he was annoyed that he had drawn the short straw and would be forced to dive down and retrieve a small amount of the stock they had left in the ocean. He was a tall only slighty muscular man and though he was only thirty his eyes shone with a fire in them he had fought for most of his adult life and ad te scars to prove it. sighing to himself he looked down checking what equipment he had brought though it was not much sitting at his feet was some basic scuba gear and a bag withing which was his m-16 which he had wrapped in plastic to help keep the salty air from damaging it and two spare magazines one regular and one armor piercing he had wanted to be prepared ever since Jason had come back to the warehouse wounded and soakig and told them about the armored soldiers hed fought against Gabriel had wanted to be sure he was always prepared to take them down especially since Jason had shown him the suit he had stolen. knowing haow people were he had no doubt that whoever they were would be gunning for them. he had also packed three grenades and some rope and a grappling hook figuring he could hook onto one of the small crates by lowering the hook into the water and hauling it up. he snapped from his thoughts as he saw a large ship looming just ahead and cursed they were too close to where the stash was. what if they saw him? thinking quickly he pulled the dingy up next to the ship and slinging the bag over his shoulder took the rope and grappling hook and spun it tossing it up to hook on the ships rails after a breath he tarted the treacherous climb up he was simply going to climb onboard and "convince" the ships captain to move to a different area-

YuiKiara: -Sonia stumbled foreword a bit when a large object slammed in to Burns, knocking him a couple of feet away. Glancing back she noticed that the large object was actually another man. Releasing an annoyed sound, she simply turned her attention back towards the other fight and headed foreword. She could really care less about Burns right now. She thought a few mice might have sneaked on the ship. However, she never expected to see an actual rat. And a rat that she wanted to catch for so long now. One of the soldiers she was familiar seemed to catch Keyth on instant, she knew he had the nano-machines and was capable enough, however he seemed to be crushing his head instead of bringing the rat to her. Her jaw clenched, pulling out her sword about to stab the bastard in the chest when suddenly Keyth went rampant, stabbing the soldier several times before charging in another direction. A shocked expression was on Sonia's face, but it was soon replaced with a wide smirk, looking almost excited as she released a laugh. " the hell does he think hes going? He still had not said hello to his little sister yet." She spun her sword around her hand a few times as she casually walked towards Keyth, a red glint in her eyes, stepping over the dead bodies he left in his tracks.

The Devil DogEdit

Pallas: -( The commander stands to his feet now as his muscles begin to grow slightly from his anger. He yells out to Bennett-“You stupid fool! I’ll end you!”- Bennett slowly raises his fists up and gets into his basic warrior stance while saying-“Bring it on then…”-Having said that, the commander quickly rushes him with his large body. The commander quickly throws strong left and right punches in the aim to hit Bennett in the head. But Bennett’s reaction time is greatly increased while in his battle suit and he sways left and right to evade the punches. The commander himself shows great speed as he throws a strong right handed clothesline and it clocks Bennett on the neck with a lot of force. It causes Bennett to flip around in the air and land on his chest with a loud THUD! sound. The commander then quickly thrusts his left fist into the ground, trying to hit Bennett on the back. But Bennett quickly activates his thrusters and it springs him forward and back onto his feet. The Commanders fist hits the ground with crunching power and it causes the floor that they stand on to collapse and send them both tumbling down onto the room below them. The metal that held up the room above them crashes down on top of the two of them and the commander is quick to rage himself back to his feet. Bennett lies under the metal, slowly getting back to his feet as the HUD on his display screen is static up a bit from the impact. As Bennett made his way back to his feet, he reaches behind his back and his suit activates an armory detachment and a white and green high tech assault rifle forms from a small portion from his suit. Bennett quickly drops down into the kneeling position and begins to unload his high powered rifle rounds into the direction of where the commander is standing. The rifle carries a 7.62x50 mm Full Metal Jacket Armor Piercing round while in a 50 round magazine. Using his advanced marksmanship, each round flies perfectly behind one another like a straight line. The commander begins to get littered with the rounds in his chest. He quickly raises his left arm up and begins to charge forward at Bennett, knowing that he cannot take these rounds head on all day long. Bennett continues to fire his rifle at the commander hoping that the advanced tech in his weapon would be enough to put the big man down. The commander quickly thrusts his right shoulder into Benett and it sends him flying through the wall of the room they were in and into the next portion of the ship. Bennett once again lands on his chest roughly as his suit begins to flicker a bit from the impact. As Bennett tries to stand back on his feet, the commander doesn’t let him get a break and with his right leg he kicks Bennett in the chest and sends him into the air. While Bennett is in the air, the commander grabs him by the head with his right hand and thrusts him into the ground. The impact of Bennett’s body into the hard metal deck causes a small uproar of energy to burst around the room. It bends the metal in the room as if a small bomb went off in the center portion of the room. The commander then takes a few steps back as the pain of his left arm and chest begins to hit him. He yells out-“Gat damn this shit hurts! You fucking prick! This will take forever to heal!”-As he complained about his injuries, Bennett slowly rolls to his chest and begins to push himself back to his feet. Inside of the suit, Bennett begin to spit up some blood even through his suit looked fine on the outside. Bennett says to the commander-“Let’s finish this…”-And that angers the commander enough to where he charges at Bennett with blazing speeds. Bennett uses his jetpack thrusters to send him directly at the commander and he thrusts a strong right superman punch that hits the commander square on the forehead. This dazes the commander as it causes him to swing his head back, facing the ceiling. Bennett then grabs the back of the commanders head with his left hand and thrusts his right knee into the bottom jaw, breaking the jaw completely. While still in the air, Bennett uses his free right hand and grabs a plasma grenade that is hooked onto the belt of his battle suit. As his body begins to lower down from the air, he thrusts the grenade into the mouth of the commander. Once his feet hit the deck, Bennett throws a strong right handed uppercut on the bottom jaw again and it activates the grenades set timer. The impact of the punch causes the commander to land flat on his back, hitting the deck with a loud CRASH! Sound. Bennett then turns around and begins to walk away. As he walks away from the fight scene, the plasma grenade explodes in the mouth of the commander and it creates a large blue explosion with the mixture of red mist from the commander’s head. After a few seconds pass, the mist would disappear and only the body of the commander would be left to be accounted for. Bennett smirks to himself under the helmet of the suit knowing that he earned himself another hard earned victory. He thinks to himself-“Now to go help, Lion…”-and begins to sprint up the staircases at a high rate of speed due to his suit assisting him.-

HollowJak: -Climbing up onto the deck gabriel looked around there seemed to be the sounds of fighting echoing around him suddenly he stumbles as the sound of a nearby explosion ocks him turning to look to his right he sees a bright blue nebula hang in the air from lord knows what- just my luck climb onto a ship to threaten her captain and the damn things already under attack -he unzips the bag and tears the plastic off of the m16 before sliding home the magazine filled with armor piercing ammunition as he saw a suited man walk away from the explosin making his way forward slowly he raised his rifle at the man not noticing the woman standing smewhere in front of him as he souted- identify yourself! are you one of the sailors manning this vessel? -he aimed carefully along the sights of his rifle he didnt want to be caught off guard incase the man decided to attack. he absentmindedly used his thumb to swithch to his rifles 3-round burst mode not wanting to use up too much ammo on this one man but seeing the suit not wanting to take his chances either-

The LunaticEdit

Keyth continued to fight through the men using all of the strength he had, but his human body could only do so much. They all began to use tazers on his body at the same time. The shocks were increasingly painful but he fought through it. Using all that he had. Taking out men left to right, shouting at the top of his lungs. A real Devil on the battle field. Blood rained left to right. (( His breathing had slowed as he turned to the reaming few. Keyth roared like a beast as his pony tail ripped itself from its hold, his wild hair flowing about in its dark lush mane. His bleeding body moving in slow motion. The Maru Jeitai were like wolves... Wolves just like his father. They even fought like his dad. But Keyth, had asscended past that. He was not a meer wolf, but a beast in its own.. The king of the dogs. The king of the beasts... " AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" He charged forward, slamming his fist into a man's face, lifting him up and slamming him on his back at the same time bashing his hand into the soliders head over and over untill his face caved in. One of the other Soliders had gripped him by his throat from behidn choking him out. While two soliders on his left and right side kicked his arms making him fall on his stomach, so the solider choking him out wouldnt have much struggle. Anotehr Maru, stood infront of Keyth stommping in his face while he was behing choked out at the same time.  Keyth bit down so hard on the mans arm that had been wrapped around his throat that he broke through skin, ripping out flesh. The Maru Jeitai rolled away in agonizing pain letting go of Keyth. The one stomping his head would launch his boot forward one more time as Keyth twisted to the right like a beast from hell. His head bleeding profusently but it wasnt enough to stop him. " AAAAAAAAGHHH!!" The Berserker gripped the Maru Jeitai by his waist Squeezing as hard as he could as he began to crush his bones. Keyth snapped the man's spine with his pure berserk like strength alone. Getting stabbed in the back, he turned around to the attacker who had done it , launching his finger tips into the males eye sockets gripping his skull. Keyth pushed the male down with his left leg. His teeth in a tight clench as he began shouting at the top of his lungs. (( " AAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" His eyes turned into a bright red as chi exploded from his body briefly, though the suprresor that had supprssed everyones chi quickly engufled the chi. Eating it so even though Keyths will broke it free he couldnt use it. WIth one hard pull he ripped the soliders head clean off, blood errupting around the room. Keyth launched the head into the ground. The Maru Jeitai... who never knew fear... saw before there very eyes. A Devil.. just like Keyome. Keyomes image appeared over Keyths body as he stood there like a feral beast. They shook there heads and charged forward again. Punching holes into peoples chest cavity, in full berserker mode at this point. He Kneed a man in the head, causing his skull to cave in... not even using his chi at this point. His breathing increased as he continued to bleed out of his mouth growling. His ears twitched hearing the clik of a gun. He took off running, sprinting moving like a bat out of hell as he zipped past the bullets with peak human speed. Kicking up and running along the room before he was right above the shooter. The Maru Jeitai pointed his gun at Keyths head and shot once. But in the mist of Keyths teeth he caught the large calibur bullet, spitting it out and slamming it into the top of the shooters head killing him dead after stabbing him in the top of his skull with it 10 times. ZIIPPPP! A Dart had slipped into Keyths neck as his vision. Slowly... started to get hazy. His heart rate slowing down... THUMP! His body hit the ground with a loud thud. One of the Maru Jeitai soliders had used a knock out dart that could take out a african Elephant on keyths body. Keyth passed out... with blood and carnage all over the room.

YuiKiara: Sonia noticed a man on the other end of the hall pointing a weapon at Keyth whom seemed to go rampant, a dog on rabies as it seemed. She glanced over at one of the men in board and nodded her head towards Keyth, the male held up a dart gun and shot the crazed guy right in the neck, making him pass out on the spot. With a grin she headed over to his body and keeled down, grabbing his hair by the bangs and pulling his head up to study his face for a moment. Without a mistake this was him. She would never be able to forget this face. Her jaw clenched as she slammed his head down against the metal flooring before standing and digging her heel in his stomach. The men around her stared for a moment unmoving. Her expression showing she was clearly pissed off. She was not getting any satisfaction from this since he was passed out and couldn't hear him scream. "Pick him up, tie him down with whatever we have, heavy chains preferred, blindfold him and tie a metal rod to his mouth as well, i dont want him going on biting any more limbs." After the orders were barked, her eyes turned back towards the man on the other side of the hall and raised a brow at him, stepping off from Keyth's body, she faced the other male with a hand on her hip and her head tilted, her golden eyes fixated on him. "The hell are you...i dont remember you geting on board. So i suspect you are not a friend either." Her gaze turned back at the armed men behind her, making sure they are ready to attack if needed.


DeliriousAres: (( Keyth sat in the chair with his head low. Blood leaking from the top of his head as he sat in the dark room of the cellar. His other bound and gags had been removed after some time. His arms strapped to heavy duty chain that wrapped around his wrist binding him up. Keyths eyes slowly opened, looking around him in the cold room.. it was dead feeling in here. Cold and the snow coated the sky outside the window. He could see Kasaihana city. He looked pretty beat up. Within the room Maru Jeitai stood all over the room. Staring at him from a distance. All of them with there helmets off. "...." Keyth turned to look at all of them. A frown on his face as he eyed the lot of them. " A fallen prince. Deserves dingy place like this for his gave..." Said wild card as he stepped out from the midst of the Maru Jeitai. Keyths eyed stayed locked on the male as he was binded up. If Sonia had been with him, she'd more than likely be right by his side. Next to Wild card. Taig appeared with a smrik on his face. " Hey Handsome."The red headed assassian said as he put his hands into his pocket. " I see ya, you know. Been doing ya thing. Man it took alot of time finding the right sedative to knock you out." He said smirking. A flash back of the needle going into Keyths neck flashed back. " So you shot that.." Keyth said to Taig. His hair hanging over his face. " I thought i killed you already.." Taig smirked. " The love of pussy and money brought me back my friend. Back like Jesus fucking christ." Keyth kept his eyes locked on the mercenary as stood there. " Oh, and the help of Cybernetics of course." Wild card pulled out a combat blade, tossing it in between his fignrs. " You.. little.. fucking shit. You tried to get the jump on the wild!?" He slashed Keyth acorss the chest with the blade, cutting him deep. "UGHnn.. Heh.. wooo.. cutting up a bound man. Arent you hot shit.." Keyth spat in his face and wild card whipped it from his face smirking. Looking at taig with a nod. WHich tod responded with a smirk of his own. He gripped a large bucket of water. And dumpped it over Keyths body soaking him. "....Now. You got something we want. Boy." He said to Keyth putting on a pair of gloves that gave off an electric current. Keyth gasped at the ice cold water as it drenched him completely. "... We want. Your life. Your father, has wronged alot of people. All for his baby boy." He said looking at Sonia. " Even Sonia knows what im talking about, isnt that right?" He said walking behind the small girl. " Keyome Tasanagi. Neglecting his baby girl. For his no good piece of shit son..." Keyth's eyes darted to Sonia, as more and more water had been dummped on his body. Ice cold water. "...What...?!" Keyth saw her bright golden eyes more than likely staring back at him. Taig had a sinister grin on his face as he began to trace around the room listening. " He even shitted on me, and if Ginsukei were alive. He'd prob be helping me kill you to. Placing you in his will like that, that selfish bastard. Just because your son. Doesnt mean your meant to lead the Kagemaru. Your not worthy..." Keyth blinked in utter confusion. "...Can we just kill em already?" Taig said rubbing the back of his neck. "... I already seen his girlfriend. And i kinda wanna have a go at her. If ya know what i mean. Maybe dispose of his kids two, dont wany any loop holes hittin ya boss." Wildcard snapped his fingers. " I agree Taig. Gooooooodd... thinking." " NO! YOU LE-...LE..LEAVE TH-THEM OUTTA THIS!" He said feeling light headed. " Your kinda fucked her Tasanagi.." Taig said leaning against the wall. " I've been stalking you since you came home. I made the perfect posion for you. You see your DUrabilites to fucking strong for any kind of posion. I had to make one, juuuuuussttt... for youuuuu.." Keyths eyes turned to him, looking at him with a sinster look. " That needle, was constructed from the venom of a king cobra, 20 black widows... and awhole bunch of other sick back yard shit i found." Taig slid his fingers through his artifical hair. " It's a wander your alive right now... so. Im a bit impressed. But that's why were gonna speed up the process." Wild card gripped tightly to the electric gloves. " This Maru Jeitai gear on my hands. Enough eletricty to charge a car all the way up with one..." He slammed a punch Into Keyths body, making the electric force send flurries of white lights through his mind as he shouted at the top of his lungs. " Single!" HE slammed another fist into his gut. " PUNCCCHHH!!" Wild card began to laugh as he slammed his fist into Keyths body over and over again. Beating him down into mush with each electrfied punch. The torture seemed endless. After 30 mintues. Keyths body lingered from the thin line of death and life. His head bobbing up and down as saliva leaked from his lips. They placed a plastic bag over his face. Pouring water on his head so he'd suffocate, laughing to one another untill
DeliriousAres: they got bored. " Thank you for the time Taig. This has indeed been fun.." Wildcard said leaving the room with Sonia and Taig. " Do as you please. im going back to Kasaihana." He said leaving them all in the room with Keyth with the bag

HollowJak: -seeing the men in the suits gabriels eyes slitted damn it these were the guys Jason had stolen the suit from standing there Gabriels mind was racing what was he going to do he only had thirty armor piercing rounds reaching into the duffel bag he wrapped his hand around one of the two frag grenades he had in it popping the pin he pulled his arm out and hurled it at the center of the men who were in front of him then quickly raised his rifle there were atleast ten of them so he would have to be careful repressing his finger on the trigger he fired two quick bursts of armor piercing bullets. all six rounds punched into the helmet of the lead man seeing im drop Gabriel jumped to the side sliding behind a solid line of rails as the grenade went off. from what he knew of the exo-suits it wouldnt slow them down very long but it would give him atleast enough time to gather his wits and prepare an appropriate counter-attack-

YuiKiara: Sonia walked in with Wild Card, leaning foreword as she stepped over the dent in the doorway. Her eyes glanced over to the spot where Keyth was sated at without looking at anything else. A cold stare in her eyes. He seemed to be a bit riled up, which brought her a bit of joy. As Wild card and the read head walked over to Keyth, she stood behind and simply leaned with her back against the wall, simply staring for now. Her sharp eyes fixated on Keyth's face. Her hands rested in her skirt's pockets. The read head went on and started ro rile him up a bit, mentioning his woman and some others. Kids? already? It almost made Sonia burst out laughing. So in a away he was like father? having kids here and there, is he going to throw them aside like dad did? Her jaw clenched then as the amusement vanished from her eyes. They were better off dead then, along with his women. The read head walked over to her and introduced her to him for the first time. The bastards while going on a rampage, he didnt even notice her in the crowd or stop to look at her, was she lower than dirt to him? was he like father, ignoring her when she was right in his sight?! Her fists clenched in her pockets as she narrowed her eyes, anger shows on her expression. The assassin proceed to punch Keyth with shock charged gloves, over and over punching him in the face and gut, making the man spaz out. Such a pitiful sight. Her eyes simply gazed with an icy stare. Her head tilting lightly as Keyth leaned sideways and hit the floor. Afterwards a plastic bag was put over his head and was to be left to suffocate there as such. Wild card walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders to lead her out, she forcefully shrugged him off and headed towards Keyth with steady steps. Reaching for her thigh, she pulled one of the swords from the belt around her leg and unsheathed it, kneeling next to Keyth's head, she slashed the bag to let the oxygen enter and keep him alive. She knew this would raise some questions, and her explanation was simple. "Letting him die like this will not bring me any about we make him suffer a bit more? physically he seems to be able to withstand anything, which pisses me off and makes me believe its a waste of time." Her lips spread in to a grin them, her small fangs popping from under her lips as her eyes, a red glint in them stared wildly down at Keyht's face. "Les make him suffer in the most painful way, by making him watch everything he loves being taken away from him." Standing to her feet she sheathed back her sword and turned to gaze at the wto men with the same grin on her lips, a hand on her hip. "Capture his bitches, and make him watch as they are done in, tortured, and slowly i had to watch father die by his hand." Her golden eyes turned back down at him, the black pupils turning in to slits as she released a dark chuckle.

HollowJak: -( Gabriel took a deep breath and popped out from behind the the railing pulling the trigger three times before rolling to the side as a storm of pullets punched into the railing he was just behind. looking uo he saw that three of his bullets had miss but two bursts had dropped another two of the men in exo-suits raising his rifle again he screamed in pain as a man he hadnt seen camup behind him and threw him head over heels forward with a hard push sending his rifle clattering off the deck with a curse Gabriel used the momentum to roll to his feet yanking the grappling hook from the railing the rope trailing behind him as he charged a bullet from one of the soldiers side arms punching through his side causing a firey pain to shoot up him though he kept charging he swung his arm and with a growl punched one of the sharp hooks from the grappling hook punching through the nearest soldiers left eye as the man fell he yanked the mans side arm from its holster seeing vaguely that it was Hi-Point .45 ACP before he spun and fired the gun the armor piercing bullet punching through the eye of the the Maru Jieitai directly to his right. Gabriel cried out in pain as he was kicked and the side and sent slamming into the rails having to regain his balance as he winced at the pain in his side knowing that atleast two of his ribs were broken working through the pain he raises the gun and fires two more shots dropping two more soldiers before the remaining four began to converge on him- come on! -he winced as he stood up stright and raised the gun prepared to take atleast one more of them with him before he went firing as quickly as he could shot after shot he emptied the rest of his clip into the two in front of him before they could raise their guns to fire spinning to raise his gun on the other two he pulled the trigger and as he heard a click his heart dropped. a trio of bullets punched into his left shoulder causing him to stumble back into the wall his breathing harsh as he looked over the two remaining soldiers who walked towards him slowly not even bothering to raise their guns grinning he pulled a detonator from his pocket and depressed the buttone a loud whirring noise blasting from the dingy below as the trio of emp gernades rigged to it went off the subsequent blast frying the mens exo suits as well as Gabrielscell phone and any other nearby electrical devices that werent shielded. shoving himself off the wall he charged forward and tackled one of the men down pulling his sidearm from its holster and pivoting on top of him firing a bullet into the standing soldiers head as he raised his sub-machine gun turning he found himself thrown off the maru jietai he had been on top of the gun thrown to the side as the man drew a knife and jumped on top of him his knees driving into grabiels shoulders sending a shot of pain from his wounded left shoulder. the soldier raised the knife an plunged it twords him yanking his working arm free he grabbed the mans wrist and a power struggle ensued as gabriel turned the knife and with a loud growl shoved the knife into the soldiers eye hol the blade punching through the glass and into the soldiers head. Gabriel pushed the dead soldier off of him and layed there panting his blood slowly leaking onto the deack-

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth watched Sonia rip the bag from his face as she exited the room. His eyes staring his younger sister down. But his body in to much physical pain to speak. " W-..Wait.." he said but his voice was clouded out as the Maru Jeitai started to beat him down even further stomping him into nothing as the posion began to seap through his body even further. Taig lit a cigeratte and his made his way out as well. " Time to go pay your kids a visit. I'll tell em you said you love em." He said laughing as he left the room. Soon exiting the area completely. Keyth hugged his head taking the blows full on as his body was beaten down. "KEYTH, COME IN KEYTH! KEYTH!" Keyth continued to shield himself from the blows as the beating continued. It seemed endless. Blood spewing from his lips. " I was a king once.." He said during the beating. Feeling some of his bones push under the pressure. " I was a king.. and i was a demon too... " He said feeling his ribs shatter at this point. His enhanced durability continuing to lower as the posion started to seap its way deeper into his blood stream. 'Okami!' Keyth said shouting, deep, deep, deep down within himself. Looking for anything. ' Okami! can you hear me!?' He said in the darkness of his mind. ' OKAAMIIII!!!!?!' Nothing... was all he got. But. An old voice could be heard in the back of his head. " Hey.. I thought you said you wanted to be a super hero.." ((‎)) His eyes fluttered in the darkenss as he looked ahead of him. It was... " Densukes... Dad..?" He said sqwenting ahead of him. His pops was in his dark god suit with his helmet under his left arm floating. " Real Heroes get up. And Real Heroes protect there families..." Densuke said nodding his head. Keyth stood there infront of his idol as he gave him lessons on life. " You gonna keep looking for help. Or are you gonna start being a man for your family and for your loved ones." Keyth shook and his suprised expression turned into a full on serious expression. "...Your right." He said with a hint of harshness in his tone. "... Now get up." Tetsu said putting on his helmet. A bright light flashed in Keyths mental as he began to shout at the top of his lungs during his beating.(( " GET... THE... FUCK... OFF... ME.." He said through gritted teeth. In a drunk state He exploded up back onto his feet making all of the Maru Jeitai soliders all get knocked into the wall in unison as he shouted at the top of his lungs. All of the soliders hit the ground at once. Most of them turning to get right back up. Keyth's groggy body picked up the shock gloves pulling them around his fist and looked back at the men with a frown on his face as he punched his hands together to make a spark. His eyes low as he panted heavily. " No one... threatns.. my kids..." His eyes turned a bright red as his Tasanagi blood line started to show. " NO ONE!" All that could be heard was fighting untill one of the Maru Jeitai soliders had been punched right out of the room, Keyth staggered on his right knee gasping for air as he felt the posion rush further throughout his body. Taig stopped in the middle of the hall way. Turning around to Eye Keyth. A frown broke across his face. " You dont know how to fuckin die. Do you." Keyth stood there leaking blood from his mouth. ".... Neither... do you..AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" Keyth pulled all of the strength he could muster as he pushed forward running down the hall meeting Taig full on. Taig swiftly extended his cybrnertic arm as a Katana blade came out 5 feet from his arm. Swinging swiftly at Keyth with means to end him quickly. ' Damit.. why isnt tht posion took this bastard out yet..' Keyths anger flared the more he fight, the strive to survive.. to protect his loved ones fuled him with the power to push. One of the slashes ripped Keyths stomach open. Taking this to his advantage he slid down the blade letting it trap itself in the wound. While Keyth swiftly twisted to the right and did a full spinning back hand at Taig's face. The blood errupting from the wound to blind him. So that this back hand could be successful. The impact so powerful that it knocked the male into the wall. And through it. Taig got up quickly on one knee as he watched Keyth stand there, still standing on his feet. " You... Fucking bastard. Unlike you. My body doesnt grow tired.." He said standing to his full height. " I'll tell your kids hello." Taig kicked open the emergancy exit hatch behind him. His excellerated Cyborg speed so great that he sprinted right over the water back to the city. " NO!" Keyth said shouting at the top of his lungs as he reached forward desperatly. " Cla-..Claymore... Im gonna take out the ship.  that.. bastard. He's trying to kill my fami-... He's He's trying to hurt my family.Lion.. out.." Claymore began shouting. " keyth! Your vitals!" (( " Screw that... I can do this.." Keyth ripped cloth from his pants around his wound on his stomach as he began his limp towards the control room. Keyth made his way down to the lower docks stumbling and pulling himself forward. " I wont let anything stop me... Once i blow this.. fucker up... Im going for my family.." Keyth had broken the blade from the Cyborgs during the battle when he knocked him through there fight. His right hand gripping onto the steel it cutting his hand as he continued to grip onto it. Stumbling down the hall untill he came to see Sonia more than likely down the hall. His eyes locked onto the female. If she saw him. Keyth would have been silent. Standing there with his head low. "... If your my sister.." Keyth said with a groggy tone. " Then. I dont want to hurt you.. So please. Stay out of my way." He said with gritted teeth. The posion clearly tryying to kill him... but his body was fighting it off.

HollowJak: -Gabriel dragged himself to his feet and yanked the hook from the soldiers eyes slowly making his way to the edge of the ship after taking a long staggered breath he hooked it into the railing and grabbed the rope slowly lowering himself using his good arm down into the dingy. he started the motor after some struggle and began to drive towards the shore his eyes barely able to keep open as he went he scavenged a lighter and a knofe and used it to cauterize his wounds no he would not let himself die today he would return and tell Jason to arm up they had killed too many of them now to avoid suspicion from much longer. As the boat hit the edge of a trash covered beach he dragged himself out and onto his feet his eyes roving around the area before heading off into the city and back towards the warehouse his feet crunching slightly in the snow as he approaced the warehouse the lights now on as the others had arrived after completing their missions to gather supplies from their hidden stocks. Gabriel grunted and opened the door stumbling in the last vision he had before falling unconcious was of three figures rushing forward to help him the vague thought going through his head that he should have sprayed the blod left on the boat with clorox to make it useless to anyone who tried to run it through a system-

YuiKiara: As she walked out with Wild card, she heard a commotion going on back there. "He got back up.." She whispered as she stood behind while Wild Card headed on ahead. Tagi seemed to ambush him, then take off. She stood in the hallway, hearing the commotion come her way. Afterwards, Keyth's limping form came around the corner. Bloodied and beaten, he came to her, weakened already he could barely speak. If she was really his sister, he didnt wanna harm her? Her brows furrowed as a hand moved up to her lips a "pfth" like sound escaping them before a full on laugh. She bent foreword a bit, then moved her fingers through her bangs, her golden eyes peering up at him. With a fanged grin, she stood up straight, stepped to the side, and bowed in mockery. "But of course, go on your way." She spoke, holding out her arm to show him the direction. She was probably enjoying this more than she thought. Seeing him suffer, was more satisfying that seeing him die. She could not help the grin on her lips, knowing full well that Tagi would get to them before he could reach shore.

A Brothers loveEdit

DeliriousAres: (( "..." He watched her laugh at him. That sinister smile on his face. Wild card had his arms crossed with a smirk on his face as well as he laughed at Keyths broken body. Posion leaked from the tip of his lips. The Dark blood secreating on the floor. "... It sucks... doesnt it.." He said taking a step forward. " It sucks. When he neglects you.. didnt it.." He said to the female. " You know i didnt know alot about dad.." Keyth said wobbling left to right as he stood. " I didnt know, what his favorite color was. Or what he liked to do as a kid.." Coughing blood Keyth tossed the blade aside. Dark bags under his eyes showed that the posion was still fighting its hardest. " The man. That we knew... Wasnt our father.." He said holding his chest. " The man we knew, was an imposter... A false image of the real.. thing..." Wild card bursted out laughing. putting both of his hands on his hips. " Why dont you shut the fuck up Kid. Your already gonna die! I woulda shoot ya, but this is better..." Keyth took another step forward. " But forget must be younger than me right?" He said with a smile on his face. " So that makes you my younger sister too... you.. and Ariel both.. Haha.. You'd think.. i'd get a brother sometime..." He said smiling. " Im..21.. I like Pizza.. and hanging out with my friends... and playing video games..." His hands hook horribly as he pulled out a locket from his back pocket. Showing his two kids to his sister. " And these.. are my little angels... Hahaha.." He said smiling , a big grin on his face. " Keyomi... and KIn." He said smiling with his eyes closed." Keyomi's kind rough... around the edges. And Kin's a sweet a heart. He's really modest.. and.. really smart..." Keyth showed her for a moment before dropping his hand back down. " I'd guess... how old you were... but i suck with numbers hahaah... Hopefully your better than me.." He said holding his chest. "... You have our features. But you dont look like dad, your actually pretty hahaha..." He closed his eyes. " Sonia.. right?" Dropping to his right kneee he'd smile again. "...That wild card guy... He's an asshole... He's just.. using you. To get to me..." Keyth said turned up smiling at her. " He knows if you werent there... i'd have cut that bastard down five minutes ago..." He said bleeding from the mouth again. " Tch, im getting sick of this." Wild card said pulling his pistol from his holster. Removing the gun and Aiming point blank at Keyths head. " Figures... shoot a man when he's down..." Keyths eyes turned into slits as he looked up at the man. " I may not be the best Yakuza. But i know.... That's not the Kagemaru way..." Wild card gritted his teeth. " You think i'd use her?! Hahaha..... your right." He said smirking to himself. With his powerful strength Wild Card would have put his right over Sonia's neck. With his Large Deseret egale at her head. " Heh..." He said with a big grin on his face. Keyths eyes went into slits as he watched it all go down. His chest heaved slowly up and down. Fighting from going unconcious. " You bastard..." Wild card broke out into unbarebale laughter. " If i kill you both! I wont ever have to worry about anoteher filthy Tasanagi ever again! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Keyth reached out. " No! Please.. if your going to kill someone..." Images of his father broke out into his mind as he thought back real hard on the last and first conversation they had... ((** FLASH BACK*** " We have to... we have to go..." Keyth said crawling to his father, and Xiaos body, putting them both over his shoulders as he began to walk through the darkness, the world began to crumble left and right, the ground breaking under there feets and the sky shattering at every turn. " Son..." Keyome said with a raspy voice. Pointing at the large purple shining orb in the middle of the room. " There... the catalyst..." Keyth nodded and with his remaining strength he pushed himself to the purple orb before collapsing with the men on his shoulders. ".... I.. I.. I cant move..." Keyth said as he lay limp on the ground. Keyome pulled Keyth and then Xiao over his body this time. ".... C'mon son...We have to keep moving.." He said pushing them across the darkness this time before they all stopped. "...Dammit!" Keyome shouted at the top of his lungs. "...Only, two of us can leave..." Keyome said clenching his fist as he held the two boys up. Keyths eyes flickerd at the orb. "....What!, Why!" Keyome sighed. " There are only two orbs here, these are what magatama look like before they transform into the necklace form.." Keyome said closing his eyes. "...I shall stay...Keyth you and Xiao le-" " NO! DAD IM NOT LEAVING YOU!" The sky cracked even further as the thunder began to clash against the ground. " I wont! I refuse to leave you here! Those people need you in the Shinto realm! What if some of the guys from our world break through trying to get powerful and go back to the real world and take over! Thats not exceptable! I wont, I wont let you rot here!" Keyome closed his eyes. " I've lived my life....Keyth. Live yours..." Keyths eyes began to tear up even further. " Dad..." He said standing up. As Keyome tossed them both into the orbs, Keyths eyes slanted and he gripped the weak Keyome, barrol rolling him out instead. " KEYTH NO!" He said reaching out to his son, but the orb had been sucking him in. " THEY NEED YOU DAD! THEY NEED YOU, THEY THINK YOUR A HERO THERE!" Keyomes hand gripped on to the orb as it began to suck him in, his hand reaching out to Keyth. " NO! I WONT.. LOSE MY LITTLE BOY AGAIN! KEYTH!" Keyths eyes streamed the tears as he reached out for his father as well but his body was to weak to do so. " IM... IM..." Keyth bursted out laughing as he stood up. " IM NOT A LITTLE BOY ANYMORE DAD! IM A SUPERHERO! YOUR SON, IS A SUPERHERO DAD! IM A HERO, JUST LIKE YOU DAD!" He said standing putting his hand on his chest shouting at the top of his lungs. Keyome began to tear up, his eyes flooding with tears. " I love you.... Keyth..." He said drifting back into the shinto realm. "....I love... you to dad.." He said as the ream closed itself around Keyths body.****FLASH BACK END**** (( " If your... going to kill someone..." He said standing back up to his full height as he opened his eyes. The bags under his eyes from the posion completely gone. His body... fought off, it won the battle... He had been puking it out this whole time through his blood. " Then kill me.." He said with his voice at its full and booming tone. Wild card tensed as he saw the drastic change in that very moment. "I..Impossible... You should be dead by now..." Keyth kept his gaze on Wild card. " FUCK THIS!" Keyths eyes saw his fingers twitch. Getting ready to blast there girls head off. ( if he had been successful in grabbing her.) Keyth, slid his foot over the blade that the Cybrog taig had. Kicking the blade with full force it would Nip Sonia's Calf. But go right through Wild Cards leg, Cutting it right off. "AGGHHHHH!!" He said screaming in pain as he hit the ground. Holding onto His leg. Keyth zipped over to Sonia's body within seconds of her hitting the ground picking her up and pulling her back up to her feet. "....I feel sorry for you... Kashi." Keyth said nodding. " I hope you find peace. Whereever you go." Putting SOnia down he'd start to walk forward. Looking back at Sonia. " Hey. Get off this ship..." He said with a cool tone. " It's gonna go sky high in about 15 minutes..." Keyth said walking down the hall. His long black hair flowing as he took off in a full sprint. RUnning down the hall till he got to thee control center. Getting the last two frag gernades he had. He placed them within the large gernator and ran out of the room. He waited 10 minutes as he lit a cigrattte. Walking out to the top of the ship. Hopefully enough time for Sonia to had exited the large vessel as he stood there staring at the clouds. ".... Well then." He said with a sigh as he shook hishead. He pulled a string that he had tied to the bombs as they all blew up. Destroying the interrior of the ship. Keyth turned to see the flames picking up. Exploding up even from the top of the ship. Running as fast as he could. Trying to beat the flames.. but seeming like he wouldnt.

The Grand blazeEdit

Pallas: -After defeating the commander of the ship, Bennett had to fight his way through the entire ship, scratching his way through each deck of the ship. ( While he ran through the area, Bennett comes across a room that stands out to him. It has something different that every other room didn’t have. The lights were shut off and the only light that came through the room is from candles and even they looked like they were melted all the way down to the tips. Scattered across the floor and on the tables in the room are scrolls and pages of paper that are written in an unknown language that even Bennett didn’t know. Bennett spreads the papers around with his fingers while his suit began to examine the ancient texts. His suit had no recorded history of anything like this, even dating back to the Sumerian times. Bennett thinks to himself-“What the hell are these?”-And then out of nowhere, a deep and dark voice speaks up and says-“It’s the writings of my people…”-Bennett quickly turns around with his rifle pointed at a man who stood the same size as him but something felt off about him. ( The stranger then says to him-“No need for the weapon, Son…I won’t bring you any harm right now…”-Bennett quickly profiles the man by using his Combat Hunter techniques. Bennett thinks to himself-“Muscular build, stone like face, calm to a weapon being pointed at him…means one of two things…he fears nothing…or knows that my weapon won’t do anything to him…Threat…high level…This feeling…is it his presence? I’ve never felt something like this before…its almost pure evil wrapping around me…”-As he thinks this, the man says to him-“It’s both reasons…”-Under the mask, Bennett’s eyes widen in shock that the stranger in front of him can know what he is thinking. The stranger then said to him-“I saw the way you fought against that scum commander…and I have to say…I am impressed. You make quick work of your enemies and don’t hesitate when it comes to taking a life…You fight with honor…I can respect that…Do you think you and your toys can show a warriors fight to me?”-Bennett’s forehead began to sweat under the helmet not knowing how to answer the question. But before any more time could pass a large explosion went off somewhere on the ship. Then the explosions took the entire interior of the ship, including where they are at. A large explosion of flames goes off in the room they are in and Bennett has to lift his left hand over his visor to stop the blinding flames from cutting off his vision. As the flames filled the room, the stranger disappeared as if he was never there to begin with. Even the papers that surrounded the room were all gone; not burned, just gone. Thankfully, Bennett’s suit keeps him cool even in the flames. But with the ship now falling apart, Bennett quickly activates his jet pack and flies to the top deck of the ship where the fresh air is. As he comes to the open air he sees that the ship is practically falling apart now. Bennett says to himself-“What the hell did Lion do here?!?”-And just as he says that, he sees Keyth running on the ship trying to avoid the flames as they catch up to him. Bennett jumps into action and quickly fly’s into the direction of where Keyth is running. ( just the first song) Bennett quickly swerves through the wreckage and dodges smaller explosions as they erupt from the hull of the ship. Maru Jeitai who were still active on the ship try to shoot him down but he moves with blinding speeds to reach the location of where Keyth is running. The sound of his suit moving at such high speeds could be enough to alert Keyth that he is near. But just in case, Bennett yells out-“Lion, turn around!”-And if Keyth would turn around he would see Bennett flying over him with his hand outreached for him to grab to lift him off the ship. If Keyth were to take Bennett’s hand, Bennett would lift Keyth high into the sky as the ship began to explode and sink deeper into the ocean.-

YuiKiara: Sonia was taken back that instead of simply passing when she made way, he started speaking to her. *How stupid* She thought, gazing at him with cold eyes. He spoke of not having known father, calling him a fake. Her fists clenched as she wanted to punch him in the throat. And she was about to, when he suddenly held the pendant with pictures of his kids up. Her brows furrowed, puzzled at that. What the hell was he trying to prove? That he was a better father than theirs? Her teeth almost gritted in anger as she gazed at him. Father might have been fake to him, but he was very real to her. "His favorite things..or what he liked to do in his free time, you might not know...but i do." She commented her tone clearly angry. The conversation shifted to Wild Card, and her eyes glanced back at the man. Keyth spoke of him using her to get to him, this made her chuckle as she tilted her head. "So what? In the same using him. Its how this business works.."big brother". Didn't you know?" She spoke those words with some disgust. However Wild Card and his stupidity seemed to go over board as grabbed her and tried to use her as a shield. " let go!" She yelled glaring up at him, but he only tightened his grip around her neck. With a grunt, she was about to take her weapon out and stab him in the stomach, however Keyth beat her to it and slashed his whole leg off. Nip her calf in the process which made her winch.Wild Card released her and fell to the ground, dropping her as well. He came and picked her up quickly, taking her away from Wild Card's reach before telling her to get off the ship before it blows up. As he walked away, she lowered her head as her bangs covered most of her face. "This is not over, i owe you nothing. And i still wanna see you wither at my feet. Just you wait." She spoke in a silent and dark voice. She turned on her heel then and walked in the opposite direction, wiping at her eyes with the back of her hand with an angry grunt. Why the hell was she crying all of a sudden. Why did he have to look like dad from behind so suddenly? Slamming on the emergency release of the lifeboat, she did not look back before she jumped over the rail, letting it drift away from the ship. And it seemed to get just far away before the first explosion went off. She sat down in it, her eyes fixated on the ship before she closed them and released a soft sigh. Reaching in her breast pocket, she pulled out a small and tightly packaged box. "This should help me get through a few months...what a waste, this is all that is left of the cargo.." With a heavy sigh she fell back in the life boat, letting the breeze blow over her frame as she stared up at the blue sky, which now had a heavy cloud of dust from the ship's fire raising and staining its pure color.

Im on my way!Edit

DeliriousAres: (( The flames were catching up... burning everything in his path. He could feel the heat at his back but he kept pushing. " LION! TURN AROUND!" Without question, he leaped high turning around to see Titan. Latching his right hand onto the soliders as they both went airbourne. Keyth ducking death yet again with mili seconds to spair. Gasping for air he watched the tanker explode. The KPD boats already on there way, but a little to late. "... Funny..." He said drifting in the air. His broken body aching to the core. "... Go to do pirating... come back stopping terrorist. Ironic..." Keyth closed his eyes as he pictured wild cards death over and over in his head. "...This wont end well." Claymore appeared next to the young men in his chopper. Amy Opened the door. " Get in! We'll turn on the cloaking Devices. The KPD Air units will be here at any moment!" If Titan had listned to the pink haired girl. Then him and Keyth both would get into the Arasumaru clan chopper as the cloaking device coated the exterior of the beast. "...I need you... to take me to the forest area outside of Districr 2, stat!" Keyth said panting. Amy began tending to his wounds but he pushed her away. " Roger that. Titan, i'll take you to a place you can lay low for awhile till this blows over. To hot to leave the state right now with the destruction of a Navy tanker blown up. Terroist or not, they wont believe us..." Claymore said as they flew off through the sky. " Good Work T." Keyth said giving him a nod. " You did awsome out there.." Keyth said pulling on the black hoody that claymore had in the back. Staring out at the sky.' Im coming.... just hold on...'

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