Where Is The Love?Edit ) Danny would be….jogging today. After his string of bad luck with motorized vehicles, he really just wanted to avoid all of that completely. He’d be jogging lightly. In densuke’s sweat pants and wife beater, since he rarely wore his own clothes, and a pair of densuke’s flip flops. His miniature Mario “bomb omb” speaker would be blasting a tune (the link) as he strolled. He’d jog past a fruit stand, and grab a green able, taking a large bit and continuing his run along the path. “HEY! YOU GOTTA PAY FOR THAT, SHIT AN’T FREE!” Danny would’ve finished the apple by now and thrown the core back at the guy, in a snude attitude. “Oh yeah? Get em chico!” Danny’s face would look confused. “chico? HOLY SHIT!!” It was a giant vicious german shepeared now cashing danny down the street. Danny would break out into a mad sprint with a hilarious fearful look on his face. Making his way through the people and doing his darnest best to outrun this beast of ass biting. “OH COMMON! ON APPLE MAN! WHERE IS THE LOOOOOOVE, THE LOOOOOOVE THE LOO-EEEK!” Danny would almost get nipped on his calf, as he’d continue pouring every bit of muscle power into his run down the side walk as people gasped and moved to the side. Danny would then, with amazing and surprisingly professional, grace leap 8 feet into the air, and latch his hands on a light pole, completely out of the dogs grasp. The dog would stand under him and bark mallciously, but danny would pull himself up onto the top of it and sit there laughing. “NAH NAH NAH NAH N-NAH NAAAAAAAH!” Danny would hang upside down like a monkey, as random middle school children took picutres of him for sheer enjoyment.

Sheer BoredomEdit

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would be standing in dancing in her closet jamming to one of her favorite songs ( she was in her baggie pajama pants and her black sports bra revealing her belly button piercing and the tattoo that decorated her tummy, her hair was pulled up in a messy bun and she was warring her glasses instead of her contacts. She would move her body to the beat of the music and occasionally sing along. Ariel had no plans for the day and was honestly just going to stay home and clean out her entire closet which would be an all-day thing for her, since she had a walk in closet and a crap load of clothing. She would toss the clothing she didn’t want any more in a pile that she would take to the thrift store and the clothing she wanted to keep she would fold and put away. Once her song ended Ariel got up and turned her music down and headed out to her balcony. She took a deep breath and smiled at the beautiful sunny day “Damn, such a nice day and no one to hang with” she thought to herself before she went back inside and turned the music back up and kept cleaning out her closet.

Doing Anything?Edit

Danny would hang upside down and beging doing frequent sit ups. The dog fell asleep and danny didn’t’ feel like outrunning the son of a bitch. “Ah…today is not my day. I need to get some training in though. Fuck I really ant in the mood for this.” Danny’s phone was about to slip outta his pocket, and he cought it just in time. Only to open it up to a new number he’d gotten. “Ariel?...AH! The tasanagi girl! Lets see what she’s up to today….ah. She was a good kisser indeed.” Danny would hang upside down and dial her number. Assuming she’d answer he’d speak. “hey whats up? You doing anything? Of course your aren’t! lets go out somewhere today. Ya know. Be spontainious?”

Littlemermaidary: At this point Ariel was sitting on the floor of her closet “Ahhhhhhhh, Why do I have so much clothing” she would yell before she heard her phone ring, she sprung up from the floor and headed towards her cell phone that was laying on the edge of her bed but before she made it to the phone the tripped over the pile of clothing she was going to give away falling face first on the floor, She would stay laying on the floor and just reach her hand up to feel around for the ringing phone, once in her hand She would answer “Hello”. She heard Danny’s voice “And what makes you think I’m not doing anything” She replied before continuing, “ah who am I kidding I have nothing going on, what did you have in mind” She asked as she got up off the floor and sat on her bed crossing her legs.

Danny would swing back and forth on the light pole like a little Asian monkey. “Welllll I was thinking it’s a hot sunny day. I look good, you look awesome, so we should go show off our awesome bodies at the beach and let the world shrivel with jelousy. Sound like a plan?” Danny would wait for a reply as a police officer came up to him and poked him with a night stick. “Son, that’s city property. I’m gonna have to ask you to get down now.” Danny would sigh. “Yeeeah…gonna need an asap on that answer Ariel.” Danny would swing himself up, and leap to the flagpole next to the light pole he was on. He’d perch there before placing his phone on speaker and, and using his upper body strength, to scale the small outward ledge soundings the buildings center, to manvouer himself to the fire escape. He’d sit on the ledge and wait for an answer.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel listened to Danny’s offer and even though the way he asked to go to the beach was a bit different at this point she just wanted to get the hell out of that closet, it was a terrible idea to think about sorting her closet and since Danny seemed to be in a hurry for her answer, she replied “Yea, for sure sounds like a plan. Um meet me at the park okay” She said as she hung up the phone and headed towards her closet once again but this time instead of being slightly irritated she was excited. She looked for her bathing suit and then the dress that she would ware over it and started to get ready for a day at the beach.

Second Date!Edit

Danny would do the tiger woods arm pump as she accepted his offer to meet at the park, and wanted to go. “WOOO! Got a second date! Heh heh. She wants the D.” Danny would slick his hair back and smirk. Until a lady threw her purse at him from seemingly out of no where. “Get the hell outta my fire escape you twat!” Danny would rub his sore forehead. “my bad my bad! Geez!” Danny would continue to escalate up the fire escape until reaching the top of the building. “Better hop  ride…and to think I was going to walk today. OH WELL! BWAHAHAHA!” Danny would leap a distance reaching the other rooftop beside the building he was on. He’d continue to parkur his way over buildings, air conditioner vents and units, air pipes, until he’d built the momentum to leap out into the air traffic space, and latch himself on to the bumpeer of an eighteen wheeler hovering truck. Danny would cling on for dear life, his feet dangling as he made sounds of discomfort. “FFFFFFF------! Shoulda went for the top of the damned thing!” Danny would then arrive at the park him and Ariel had met at, only to drop himself down, but….well insitead of aiming for land he’d plop himself right in the middle of the pond. “BWAAAAA SHI-!” A loud splash could be heard as bubbles rose up and danny would submerge face first outta the water. His hair soaking wet and his cheesy grin coming into play. “ a heheheh. Guess I shoulda’ been more careful on that one. Now we play the waiting game.”

Littlemermaidary: Ariel let her hair out of the messy bun and let it fall before clipping her bangs up, the she did the finishing touches on herself before she slipped out of her P.J’s and put her bikini on then throwing a dress over it and looked in the mirror “I look so cute” she said as she smiled and applied s soft pink lip-gloss before. She slipped on some white heels, probably not the best shoes to ware at the beach but he knew that at one point she would go bare foot. She grabbed a bag that she had stuffed with a towel and some sunscreen before heading out the door. She stood outside her house for a bit before she put her sunglasses on and started to walk towards the park. She would walk with confidence as she noticed the stares of some guys and the occasional compliments that they would shout. Once she got to the park she spotted Danny and started to walk over to him letting her hair blow in the wind and soft smile on her face.

Danny would see her approach, and as she did he’d pull himself outta the water. Now soaking wet, he’d stand back a few feet and shake himself a little dryer, his hair still wet though sort of drooped over a bit more than usual. He’d grin at Ariel and point to her. “Nice outfit sweet thing. Sorry mines a little under the gutter but eh it’s the beach ya know? Shall we go?” Danny would lean in with a bow and offer his hand to her. If she took it or not he’d begin to walk towards the beach, which wasn’t that far off from their location. “So first and foremost, can you swim?.....caaaaaaaaaaaaaause I can’t” Danny would scratch the back of his head and grin with a goofy tone.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would look at Danny as he stood in front of her all wet and then she would give him a sweet smile as he complimented her outfit “ Well thank you, and I can see you decided to catch up on getting wet before me” she joked as she took this hand and started to walk towards the beach. “Of course I can swim, I love swimming it’s so fun, and what do you mean you don’t know how to swim?” She asked a bit confused, “You mean to tell me out of everything you do and have done you never learned how to swim” Ariel shook her head as they arrived at the beach. There were kids playing in the water and some making sand castle by the shore. Ariel would walk over to a clear spot on the beach and set her things down and look back at Danny “so what now?”

Can't! Swim!Edit

Danny would nod and follow behind her, and sigh. ‘Wellll I never really had the time. Espically not when hitching a boat is so much easier than trying to swim somewhere. Heh heh heh.” Danny would scratch his head, in content. Some kids were playing in the water and Danny would nod twaords the water. “What do  ya say coach? Wanna teach me a thing or two about water? I’m a quick learner I promise!” Danny would toss of his tank top,and in his sweats run towards the water and leap inside of it, jumping surprisingly high. There was a silence for moment, as danny would then flail up from the water, apparently drowning. “AH! HELP! BLAURGH! CAN’T! SWIM!” A little girl, no more than five possibly would swim by and pull him by his  hair to the shore and lay him there face first in the sand. She’d then cutely speak. “You suck mister.” She’d kick some sand into danny’s hair and then walk off. Danny would lay there in silence. And embarrassment.

Shaolin MassageEdit

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smirk at him when he asked to teach him how to swim “Yea for sure just let me put on some sun screen on ” she said but Danny had already Jumped in the water and thanks to the little girl she didn’t have to go in and save him. “Well you right you can’t swim” she said as she giggled she then would slide her dress of leaving her in her white bikini that had black and pink designs on it, her breast looked really good and so did her butt. She took her sunglasses off and took out her contacts since she didn’t want to lose them in the water and then put her glasses on since he needed them to see. She then took out the white sun screen and put it on her arms and legs, and rubbed it on her tummy covering her tattoo with it and then she squeezed some on her breast and started to rude it in, she would glance up at Danny and ask “Do you want some?” if he said yes she would hand it to him and then would ask “Would you mind putting some on my back?”

Danny would push himself up shaking his hair free of sand and see weed. He’d look up and see her in her bikini…Danny’s eyes would widen for a second. He saw she had a body before, but this…was an entirely new level of hotness. Danny would catch himself drooling, and wipe his mouth. Yet he could feel his “manhood” catching feelings quite quickly, and he’d had no choice but to control it as she’d rub some on her boobs. He was asked if he wanted some. Retaining his composure in no time he’d reply. “Ah I’m fine, but I’ll definitely help you out. Bod like that needs all the hands on extra care it can get.” Danny would rub his hands together before taking the bottle and squirting some in his hands. “Don’t blame me if this feels nice. Shaolin temples practice a lot of physical therapy.” Danny would stand behind her and with no hesitation what so ever begin to massage the sunscreen on  her backside, with a deep stroking motion, that shifted from upwards outwards, to downward, inward. He’d hit the mid back, and lower back in a smooth transistion, having a slight tingle to his touch, but more of a gentle aggressive grip to his hands as he cascaded her back in the concoction. “So, I take it you sunburn easy? Your skin feels preeeeeeeeeeeeetty sensitive. Plus you weren’t tense at all. Guess you’re pretty comfortable with me by now huh.” Danny would smirk as he’d keep his hands on her hips, and lay his head on her shoulder, causally. It was clear the guy had no shame in his game as one would say, and was confident about it to boot. “I hope this stuffs water proof cause I’m damned serious about that swimming lesson.” He’d smile.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smile at Danny as she lifted her hair and let him put sunscreen on her back. She laughed at his comment about not blaming him it felt nice, “I doubt you are that good but carry on” She felt the clod sunscreen on her back and it sent chills down her spine before she felt his hands warm it up as he moved his hands up and down her back and she was impressed by how nice it actually felt she closed her eyes as Danny continued to rube the sun screen on her back then opened them when she felt his head on her shoulder and his hands on her hip. She put her hands on his as she turned to face him leaving his hands on her hips and look at him “Hey I might be tan but I definitely burn and I don’t like it, plus skin care is good” she said with a cute smile and then continued “and it’s not that I’m comfortable with you, it’s just that I use to go to the beach a lot so I got use to people helping me put sun screen on sir, and of course it’s water proof you didn’t think I came to the beach just to look pretty did you” she would then take off towards the water leaving Danny standing there “Well come on then if you’re so serious about this swimming thing let’s do it” She said as she stood at the shore with a smile on her face a hand on her hip and the other one on her head

Get WetEdit

Danny would watch as she turned in his arms and smiled. Then he’d observe her as she went to the shore line and waited for him. “Man she looks good in the sunlight…..hmmm. Wonder how long it’ll take for me to get her really into me….lets see what the chan man’s got in store.” Danny would speak to himself as he cracked his fingers, and waltzed over beside where she was. The sun was beginning to set, but it only made the scenery. “alright coach, I’m ready to get in there and get you wet, I MEAN, get wet. Yes. Get wet.” Danny would place his hands behind his back and whistle innocently as if he hadn’t made a dirty joke, knowing full and well he did. He’d look around almost innocently.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would glare at Danny as he made the inappropriate joke, “Oh honey I’ll be wet but it won’t be for you” she teased “You aren’t going to go swimming with pants are you?, I mean you do realize most people swim with shorts right or a bathing suit?” she would smile at him and then start to walk in the water, it was a bit cold but nothing she couldn’t handle, she would walk in till the water reached her knees. She then would look back at Danny as he stood there just looking at her and wave an arm at him “well come on what are you waiting for GEEES, I promise I won’t let you drown okay and if you fo drown I promise I’ll organize an awesome funeral”

Danny would look down at his sweat pants and shrug. “Well I mean I don’t have any swim trunks……but hey what the hell!” Danny would strip himself of his sweat pants, and reveal his white boxers, which had pikachu’s all over them, and pokeballs. He’d stretch his arms as he walked into the water and instantly shivered his ass off, holding himself at the cold water. “GEEEES this shit is cold!” He’d hold himself and look at Ariel, with chattering teeth. “Alright so what are we doing? Right stroke and left stroke?.....wait that doesn’t sound remotely correct.” Danny would laugh to himself and then look to Ariel as he saw the same little girl who’d saved him earlier, flip him the bird. Danny would have a “-__-“ expression on his face, before looking back at her with an inquisitive look in his eyes.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would bite the inside of her cheek as she looked at Danny’s childish boxers she would wonder for a minute what he was packing and then shock that image out of her head before speaking “Man do you always complain this much, it’s just a little cold water what the worse that can happen” Ariel would splash some water towards him and then giggle. “Wow you really don’t know anything about swimming, and the correct version of that would be the breath stroke but let’s start with something a little simpler like floating” Ariel would reach out a hand at Danny and then pull him in a little deeper “Okay watch me first, I’m going to lay down and you want to keep your head tummy and chest out like try to keep them above the water okay watch” Ariel would lay back on the water sticking her boobs out of the water before getting up and looking back at Danny “Okay you try”

Danny would scratch the top of his head and watch as she floated…she made it look easy as all get out. Danny would beat his chest twice before grunting. “Alright! Floating! I got this! I know I do!” Danny would crack his knuckles and leap up in the air, landing slam on his back, and sinking on impact. His feet would kick up from beneath the water’s surface and the splashes would be frantic and wide spread. Danny would turn himself upwards, and his head would emerge from the water, just barely past his nose, so he could breathe as he’d look at ariel with a cute and innocent expression. “Was that it? Ooooooooooor do I at least get points for trying?” Danny would be squatting in the water with a frownie face on. “I’m scared..”

Littlemermaidary: “No that wasn’t quiet it but you will get points for trying” she said to Danny with a sweet smile. “There’s nothing to be scared about honestly the worse that can happen is you drown and even then I would just have to give you mouth to mouth so it can’t be that bad right” she would joke as she walked towards Danny “Here let me help you okay” She would let Danny lay back on the water but this time she would put her hands under his back keeping him a float “ see it’s not that hard is it, now I’m going to let go okay ready” Ariel slowly moved her hands away from Danny to see whether he would sink or float.

Danny would begin hyperventilating. “okay, okay, okay, okay, okay okay AHHA!” Danny would let her take control and lean himself backwards..his body was floating. “Yay! Hahaha! I did it! I’m floating!” Danny’s body would start to float backwards a bit. “WOOO! Man…so this is what it’s like to float. It’s peaceful.” Danny would  place his hands behind his back, and float there endlessly. “So whats my next lesson, Coach Ariel?” Danny would cross his feet and look at her casually. His wet hair shrouding his eyes a bit, but the silver managed to shine it’s way through.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smile at how happy Danny was that he learned how float “Well see told you it wasn’t that bad now will start with a basic swimming lesson it the most simple stroke there is Its called the doggy paddle” Ariel would go in deeper in the water where the water would hit her neck and drag Danny along with her “well what you do here is you basically just move your hands in front of you up and down and you kick your feet and lean it whatever direction you want to move like so” Ariel would demonstrate and the look at Danny.

Danny would watch as she got out further into the water…danny would take a gulp to himself as he was starting to get a little more nervous. “ah…alright yeah!..” it was obvious danny’s enthusiasim started to go away little by little as he nervously struggled to keep up with Ariel. He would flail his arms and his legs, trying his darn best to stay aflot. Danny would try to take paced breaths, as it seemed like he was trying to climb a mountain rather than sleep. However danny would start going slower and calming himself down…little by little. Eventually he was doggy paddling at a focused pace. Danny was always a quick leaner, so he should honestly be able to surpass this phase if he tried his hardest. “A-am I doing it? I’ve never felt this accomplished before haha!”

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would clap her hands and give him a hug pressing her breast against his chest and wrapping her arms around his neck “yay you did it!” She would exclaim before pulling away and giving him a huge smile she would then walk closer to shore so the water was just about bellybutton level “It’s getting dark maybe we can keep on the lesson some other time” she said as she stretched out her arms she would glance at Danny and out of boredom would ambush him with splashes of water to the face as she laughed like a little girl.

Boat JackingEdit

Danny would smile and hug her back, lifting her up a bit only to enjoy the subtle pressure emitted from  her breast pressing against his body. He’d sit her down and also begin heading to shore. “Awww do we have to? It’s only like what mid sun set? Pluse when the kids leave, that’s when the REAL fun begins. Chillax, we’ve got plenty of time unless you’ve got other things to do-ah!” Danny would be met with some splashes and fall backwards into the water. In retaliation  he’d hold himself up on his hands and start kicking his feet, splashing up any water at her he could muster. He’d also start sticking his tounge out at her before getting up and looking back over the water,  until he saw a lone sail boat. Danny then had…a malevolent look in his eyes. “oh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaariel.” He’d walk behind her and place his hands on her shoulders, talking in a whisper. “See that boat? Lets take it for a spin on the ocean blue! Why you  might ask? Because it’s fun, different, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to pilot one of these little fuckers instead of hiding in the luggage section.”

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would squeak as a wave of water that Danny created would splash her back she covered her face as she laughed and then started walking to shore before answering him “No believe it or not I don’t have anything to do, I’m not a very busy person, I would probably just go home and watch television.” Once she arrived at the shore she picked up her towel and proceeded to dry herself off before feeling Danny’s hands on her shoulders, for some reason she was really comfortable with his touch and instead of shaking him off like she normally would she just smiled and listened “Um well I have never been on a boat so what’s the worst that can happen right?” Ariel answered him with a bit of doubt in her voice

Danny would smrik and rest his head on her shoulder. “Awesome! Common lets go!” Danny would lead push her by her shoulders out out towards the water. Danny would hop into the water first, looking back occasionally to make sure Ariel was behind him. If she was he’d look every direction before hopping up to the main deck and taking a seat in the boat. He’d turn to Ariel. “Let up that sail would ya? Thaaaaaaaaaaanks. Then come take a seat on my lap if. You. Dare.” Danny would click his teeth and wink. Weather she’d adhere to it or not, he’d pop out the transmission and start hotwiring it. If she’d holstered the boat properly and taken a seat, Danny would pull off and begin taking of into the sea. Danny would shout “WOOOOOOO! I’ve never drove a boat before..or a car…what am I doing?” Danny would nervously smile.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smile At Danny as she followed him back into the water, “I can see that drying myself off was pointless” she shouted as they arrived by the deck she saw Danny hop on and start to walk towards the front of the boat “You know a gentle men would have helped me up” she complained as she hoped up after him with ease. Ariel looked around till she came across the sail and did as he asked and then started to walk towards Danny as she saw him fiddling around with the boat and all of a sudden the boat came to life, “I rather not shit on you thank I’m a lot heavier tan I look” She would decline his request at a seat and stood next to him holding on as the boat moved across the ocean she would listen to him shout “ You better not kill me Danny or I will haunt you” she teased, Danny would then hit a wave that made Ariel lose her balance and plop down on Danny’s lap.

Danny wuld smirk as she fell into his lap, he’d let out a subtle humming noise of appreciation. “You must have been sitting in suger all day cause you’ve got a sweet…smile.” Danny would stick his tounge out at her, and cradle her in his arms, while steering the boat, being careful to keep it to the coast. “If you shit on me, that’s worth like 50,000 dates I’ll have you know Ms. Tasanagi”. It was getting a we bit later outside, and some stars were starting to mix with the dark orange sky, fading to a subtle black. Danny would then start to slow the boat down, as he’d found a rather pleasant view. The ocean waves seemed to kind of..make their own nosie as they flowed back and forth. Kinda like a sweet song of sorts. Danny would inhale and sigh. “Kinda takes your breath away doesn’t’? I don’t know about you, but well…when I was homless a while back, views like this used to keep me going. Keep me wanting to stay alive for a while. It was peaceful. I didn’t have not a single care…kinda miss those days.” Danny’s eccentric behavior kinda dispressed into a more serious mood for a second. He’d lead his head on her chest, more namely his chi touching her boob, and he’d cradle her there. Lost in thought for a second..

Littlemermaidary: Ariel laughed at Danny’s lame pick up line “Look you don’t have to keep hitting on me with lame pickup lines I get it you are attracted to me now you can start on more suave lines instead of that little kid stuff” she said as she lightly pushed his face to the side. The way he held her made her feel safe, not that there was anything safe about this boat ride considering if something happened and they needed to get off the boat Danny would not be able to swim anywhere making that situation a little hard, but Ariel just pushed that terrible thought away and enjoyed being in his arms even if she wouldn’t admit it. “Well aren’t I a lucky one I just one 50,000 dates with the incredible DANNY!” she would wave her hands in the air as she said his name sarcastically “What are we going to do on are next trip high jack a train” she said as she laughed. They would ride out into the ocean as he started to slow down and tell her about the days when he was homeless, she would sit in his lap in silence for a bit as she felt his chin against her boob, she blushed for a bit and then she would walk out onto the nose of the boat and feel the air rush through her hair as she looked up to the darkening sky “I don’t really know how to relate to that but, before my mother passed away I remember we would come the beach and we would sit out here for hours after the sun seat and she use to say that if I listened really, really hard I could hear the sirens sing but not to listen to closely or else I would get hypnotized” she would close her eyes and smile as she wrapped her arms around herself, “that was so long ago”

Danny would chuckle at her train hijacking joke. “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Dunno. Thought crossed my mind if your up for some high flying action.” Danny would retort as she got up and walked to the nose of the boat. Danny would watch her, his eyes focused on her being. He’d never looked at someone so focused before..Danny was officially smitten by her. Yet his personality..wouldn’t let him show it off bat. He’d instead get up, and continue listening to her story. He’d silently walk behind her and place his arms on her shoulders, only  to pull her body into his. “Weeeeeeell look at us now? We’ve come a long way from where we were. Memories like that can either make or break a person. Your mother cared about you, and you remember her for that. That’s all that matters. What also matters is making memories with the people you care about. To which I’m certain I fit that categorie now. Eh? Eeeeeeh?” Danny would nom on her shoulder playfully, and await a response. He was a goofball true and true.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smile at Danny as she felt his arms on her shoulders and fall back into his arms, “Yea my mother did care a lot about me.” She would close her eyes and imagine her mother, her long black hair and her green eyes and her soft sweet voice and the warmth of her touch, Ariel would then smile at the image she painted in her head before speaking to Danny again “Memories aren’t all ways created with people you care about sometimes the most vivid memories are those of people you dislike very much, the memories that made you learn to hate the ones that made you who you are today” she would realize that she was starting to sound melodramatic at this point so she decided to turn and face Danny, stopping him from nibbling at her shoulder. They were very close together but there was still a bit of space between them, Ariel left her hands on her side and looked at Danny and give him a sweet smile “Well I can’t say your quite there yet but, you do run the possibility at getting there, I mean I’m sure you could make it if you really tried”

Danny would listen to her, and hear her words. They were sorrowful..but her meaning was just. It wasn’t so melancholy if looked into properly. “I’ll give you that…and common. I’m pretty sure I’m above average at this point. At least that’s what I was going for anyway.” Danny would look at her and smile back with his trademarked grin.   “You know what. You’re a pretty special girl ariel. I like you.” Danny would smile and pull her in a for a hug. “Common we should probably get you home….ooooooor back to my place for some hot chocolate or something. Oooooooor I’ve got some wine. Well it’s not MY wine, it’s actually my homeboys private stash buuuuuuut he won’t mind. Besides you already stole a boat with me, whats one glass of wine eh?” Danny would break the hug and tilt his head smiling at her.

Your Um..DifferentEdit

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would hug him back and simile “I like you to Danny your um well… different“ She would lean her head into shit chest as she continued to speak “Ah yes turning me into a rather good thief are we now” She said as she laughed, “But yea that sounds good I really don’t wanna go home anyways and believe it or not I do enjoy spending time with you, even if you can’t swim well” She teased

“OOOOOOOOh It’s like that now hm?” Danny would tease and with no hesitation lean in and kiss her forehead. “Common lets jet.” Danny would begin to pilot the boat back towards the beach land, and grab his shirt slinging it over his shoulder.  If she’d let him, he’d grab her hand and  and begin to walk with her towards his house. The day had been long but it’d finally been able to come to a conclusive end. And he got to admire an entirely new aspect of her flawless body...yeeeeeeah life was good right now.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smile sheepishly as he kissed her forehead, once they got to shore she would hop out of the boat and into the shallow water and head to her bag and throw her dress back on. She would hold Danny’s hand and let him lead the way to what she assumed would be his home. She momentarily took he glasses off and cleared them before putting them back on and looking at Danny “You better not try any funny business Mr.”

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