DeliriousAres: (( He stood, looking down at District two from the highest building he could find. His suit's coat tail blowing in the wind along with his dark hair. His eyes staring up at the night sky as he stared at the moon. Lightning a cigeratte in his mouth the wind blowing the cold snowy air making the cigerattes cheerry bud increase in heat as he stood there. Staring down at the city. Wild Card...had been marching the streets with Maru Jeitai soliders behind him. Turns out, he had survived the explosion through unknown circumstances as of now. But it was easily noticiable that Cybernetics had a play in things. Keyth watched the Maru Jeitai march the streets towards the building, the Kasaihana 'World Diamonds Wide'. Better known as WDW... The massive Jewerly Industry owned by the Tenchimaru clan. The Election was coming soon for the next Kagemaru chairman. And as of now, Keyth had pushed Ginsei's name pretty hard. Though other clans wondered why he hadnt done the same for himself. Taking the locket out of his twins he smiled. " Daddies always busy isnt he..." He said looking down at Wildcard from a distance. " Mr.Tasanagi?" Said a young voice. Keyth turned to see Hitomi's assisstant standing there with that big blush on her face. (( " What's the hold up. I came here to see Hitomi. Not you, quit beating around the bush." Her assisstant nodded. " Mrs.Hitomi told me to bring you this instead. " Keyth turned to the female and tilted his head up. Her assisstant pulled out a tablet, showing an Image of Hitomi through it. (( How Hitomi looked. Keyth tilted his head up at the image, sliding his hands in his pockets reamaining silent and allowing her to speak. " I bet your wondering...why i tried to save your life the other day. Tasanagi... I was foolish, trying to take over the Kagemaru clan... Your father..I.. I was inlove with your father. I was there when he built it all, i was there when Isabel left, when Alex died. When he... changed... I loved your father. But he wasnt there for me. Out of spite, i wanted to take the Kagemaru, and bury it into the ground because of how he left me. But... I cannot. It's not my place to have. But, Wildcard... cannot. Have the Kagemaru. Do you understand?" Keyth remained silent, the cigeratte burning in his mouth as he turned his head. " Oh yeah? Then who's supposed to have it?" He said taking a drag. " Dont worry lady, im gonna Get Ginsei to the top.." He said turning to look at her blowing the smoke from his nose. " No, Keyth. Not Ginsei..." His eyes darted back over to her own. Full focused. "... But you Keyth. It's your responsiblity... to take over the Kagemaru clan." (( The wind increased in speed, blowing his clothing, and Hitmoi's clothing all over the place. " Not my responsiblity. I have a family now." Keyth said dropping the cigeratte as it drifted down to the ground. " That life style wont be mine. Im just in the game to make some money. Then im out." He said turning to Hitomi. " I dont care about this Yakuza bullshit. It's low down, and dirty." He said staring at the female through the screen, a frown on his face. " All it's about is hurting other to reach this unreal level of being untouchable. And then what? Lose yourself, lose who you truly are in the process? No... they can have it." He said closing his eyes. " Keyth... one day. You will understand. This goes beyond you. Or your family, or mines, or Keyomes. But for now... i suppose time will be your teacher. Either way, you have to stop Wildcard. If he wins that election... he will throw this city into utter chaos." Keyth shook his head. " Why cant you do it? You have a family, you have a Syndicate. Handle it. Why is my probelm." He said waving her off. " Becaue Keyth. If your watching this message. Then im already dead..." Keyths heart thumped as he turned to the screen. " If your watching this. I am already dead. And i have failed..." Keyths eyes travled to her assistant who had tears in her eyes. She had already known. "...." Keyth turned back to face the female on the screen. " it's up to you, to do what you must. You cant let him have that spot Keyth. You cannot. It is your duty." The Screen faded away. Leaving Keyth there to face the cold silance between him and the Assisstant. (( " Wildcard... came last week... and murdered her dead. She knew she was going to die. She didnt even fight it..." She clenched tightly to the notepad. " She knew she was going to die, and she hid me. She told me to never cry to always keep fighting!" She said looking at Keyth with a smile. " She said she wanted to die. So she could go and say Hello... to your dad one last time." Keyth closed his eyes and looked up at the sky as the wind blew by. " She was... a beautiful woman. Miss Hitomi was." Her Assisstant said crying. " Please Keyth... will you fufill her dying wish?" Keyth turned to the female. And then back down to Wildcard who was just now making his way to the building. (( "... That Bastard.." He said watching him from afar. "... It's not my problem but." He turned to Her Assistant with a big Bright smile. His eyes gazing back into her own. " I'LL MAKE SURE... THAT I DO WHATS BEEN ASKED OF ME! FOR HITOMI!" Keyth said shouting at the top of his lungs. Her Assisstant dropped to her knews crying. " Thank you Keyth.... Thank you!" He walked past her, his coat tail flowing in the wind as he made his way down the building steps and back onto the streets. His coat tail flowing in the wind as he stood infront of the WDW building. "...."

Pallas: -( ) As Damian began to walk down the streets of District two, the thoughts of everything that have happened in the year continue to swirl through his head like a nightmare. He adjusts his short sleeveless jacket as he looks around as the city continues to bustle with laugher and joy. He looks like the one odd man out as his face looks like a statue. Damian stops for a moment and lights a cigarette while putting the filtered end between his lips. The bright neon lights keep the city well lit and bright for everyone to see the wonders that the city offers. After lighting his cigarette, Damian continues to stroll down the sidewalk. Cars pass by one by one as Damian’s mind cannot wonder past the horrific memories of what happened to him in Antarctica. He brushes his left hand across his right shoulder where the wound of his blade piercing into his own shoulder remains known by a full scar. While he rubs his shoulder with his hands, he feels a slight tug on his back where his blade is. Damian quickly turns around and sees a little kid whose curiosity led him to come touch Damian’s blade. Damian kneels down with his cigarette in his mouth and asks the small child-“Something I can help you with kid?”-The little kid smiles brightly and asks-“Yeah man, Why do you carry this big sword with you?”-Damian smirks a bit and says to the child-“It keeps the monsters away from taking me.”-The child scratches his temple with his small index finger confused and asks-“Well where do these monsters want to take you?”- But before Damian can make a response, the childs mother quickly yells out-“Timmy! Get over here now!”-and the child runs off like a scolded dog. As the child runs off Damian stands up, releases a cloud of smoke into the air from his cigarette and says to himself in a whisper-“A place you don’t wanna go kid…”-After a few seconds of standing idle, Damian turns back around and continues walking. He places his hands into his pockets with his head slightly down and loses focus on the things around him. Before he knew it, he is walking down one of the major streets in District 2 where all the high end shopping takes place. His head remains looking down until a pedestrian accidently hit him on the shoulder because he was running away from something. The civilian falls to the ground but still tries to move forward as if he were running for his life. He doesn’t even stop to say anything to Damian. Damian looks up as the hit didn’t faze him in the slightest. ( ) Damian’s eyes squint down in aggression at the sight in front of him. He sees Maru Jeitai marching down the streets of District 2 as if they own the entire City. A man that he had never seen before leads them from the front and Damian watches them march on by. The civilians continue to run in the opposite direction whereas Damian stands his ground as they march by. This reminded him of the times that he spent with his father about the stories Donnie had to tell about how Keyome first brought these men into the city like his personal army. The Maru Jeitai soldiers come to a stop in front of the WDW building and Damian stands at the back of their formations trying to see what is going on. In the distance he sees the Tasanagi boy standing in front of this army as if he were going to take them all on his own. Damian smirks and drops his cigarette on the floor while thinking to himself-“Never a dull moment in this city…”-Damian then bends down in a squat position and throws his body high into the air, over the entire formation of Maru Jeitai soldiers. His large body soars through the air causing his clothes and hair to sway back with the wind he creates with his body. Damian then lands on one knee directly next to Keyth’s body where he stands his ground in front of the soldiers. After landing on one knee and his right fist on the floor, Damian slowly stands back on his feet and with a straight back. His body facing away from the soldiers as a sign of no respect to them and his eyes facing straight ahead, he begins to speak to the Tasanagi boy.-“Tasanagi…What’s say you and I show these soldiers what real strength is? Hmm?”-Damian then awaits for a response as the moment of truth grows near.-

DeliriousAres: Wildcard stopped in the midsts of his tracks. Seeing the two men before him. " Is that the..." His eyes darted over to Damian. "... Donnie? No.. that's not Donnie.. Then..." He took a step forward. " If it isnt the Tasanagi boy. Thought ya had me didnt ya? Nice try.." He smirked. " I was found by my Maru Jeitai men seconds after you left me for dead. I was off that Tanker before it went sky high by 10 minutes." Keyth remained silent. " You killed. Hitomi.." He said undoing his shirt. Taking off his tie and tossing it into the snow. Wildcard smirked, laughing. " fufufu.. I dont know what your talking about." Keyth went silent again, pulling the wraps around his hands. Soon taking his shirt off. The Large snowy street didnt have a car on it. The weather had gotten to bad to use a car at this point in time. "...You've done nothing but Tarnish the Kagemaru name. It's none of my business. But i cant let you go any further... You have every Chairman under your payroll in there..." He took a stepfoward lookin at Damien. "... Yun." he said tilting his head up, an Image of Donnie and Keyome would appear before wildcards very eyes as he gasped for air. Gripping his chest in fear. "..." Closing his eyes Keyth opened them both as they burned a bright red. "... Help me with this one." he said taking a step forward one more time. Keyths anger growing the more and more he thought about everything wildcards done. " You... Sent that monster.... on my Family.... on my kids..." The Snow around Keyths body began to melt , forming into a mist.(( " You tried to use my sister againt me... my own flesh and blood..." He clenched his fist. A Red Aura around his body trying its hardest to appear but the snows effects continuing to dissipate it away. " You Killed Hitomi... in cold blood. You've been giving Guns to Kids... Selling the Maru Jeitai to Gangsters... You've litered the Kagemaru with a sorry excuse of what you call an Ambition. You dont know Ambition. YOU JUST KNOW YOUR OWN FILTHY... FUCKING GREED! AND I WONT LET YOU... HURT ANYONE ANYMORE!" Images of his kids flared in his mind, along with his sister Sonia. And Kyoko. And Then Hitomi. " I WONT LET YOU!!!" His Chi Errupted from his body. That Powerful Onigami untapped chi exploded around his body, causing a masssive push back of sorts. Keyth took a deep breathe as the red chi continued to burn intensly around his body. His eyes locked onto Wildcard from afar. Even though Daimen had the super Solider Gene, he'd be able to see the Chi due to him being Half human.. he'd see the Intense red aura burning around Keyths body, in the shape of a horned beast. " I'LL... KILL YOU BEFORE YOU BECOME CHAIRMEN OF THE KAGEMARU CLAN! OVER MY...DEAD...BODY..." he said taking a step forward. His eyes turning a Bright Red... his blood line showing. The area would grow misty... as the Snow around the area for two blocks began to melt, turning into a misty gloss across the sky. " THIS SNOW... KEEPS FIGHTING MY CHI BACK... BUT I CAN USE IT... FOR JUST ENOUGH TIME... TO PUT YOU ON YOUR FUCKING BACK!" The Maru Jeitai soliders began to shoot at Keyth in Unison. He took off, whizzing through them swiftly Before he pulled back his right arm. meeting Wild card, and slamming his fist into the mans Jaw. THUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! The wind would explode from the impact pushing back, the snow exploding around the area in a dome. Wildcards Cybernetic head seemed to crush, and crumble under the pressure of that one placed punch. Keyths strength had doubled with chi since he came out of the Shinto Realm. That one Punch was so intense... that the pressure alone, caused the Cyborg Wildcards head to tumble, and then explode around Keyths hand in a pink mist before two seconds later the after shock knocked him back by 30 feet into a car... dead. Keyths right hand steamed with heat as he stood in the middle of the Maru Jeitai. All of them rushing in on at him at once.

-Damian hears the request for assistance in this ordeal and he quickly gives a strong and confident nod to Keyth. Damian slowly cracks his neck to the left and to the right as his power level slowly began to rise. Before Damian could prepare himself for battle, the eruption of immense chi power quickly caught his attentions. The eruption of such power causes his clothes and his hair to be pushed back violently. Damian holds his ground steady but even that was a struggle seeing how he was so close to where Keyth was powering up. Damian thinks to himself as he witnesses the effects of the chi irradiation on the snow-“So this is the power that my father spoke of about the Tasanagi’s….impressive….”-Damian then turns around to face the hordes of Maru Jeitai in front of him. He holds a large smirk on his face as the winds begin to focus around his body now. ( A bright blue static begins to form around Damian’s body causing the nearby light bulbs in the street lights to pop like balloons. Damian’s smirk turns into a full on grin as his power begins to steadily increase from his base power. Damian’s eyes slowly evolve from his signature pitch black to a bright emerald green shade of color. Damian raises his arms in front of his body like an X formation as the energy inside of him begins to build up like a nuclear bomb. The ground around him begins to crack and tremble in fear as he grows. Finally, he thrusts his arms back to his side and releases all that built up energy like an explosion and a bright golden aura of energy surrounds his body like a vortex. He roars out with a loud war cry as his hair and eyebrows change into a bright golden color. His hairstyle changes to show his transformation and his muscle mass grows slightly all around his body. As the eruption of Damian’s power explodes, every window and piece of glass within a 200 yard radius completely shatters and the ground around him begins to lift up into the sky as if a bomb just went off at his feet. (FT_breakin_out.jpg) Damian continues to roar as the power continues to rise from his body. His aura is so hot around his body that his jacket is completely incinerated in the blast leaving Damian in nothing but his tank top and pants. As the explosion begins to die back down, the aura lessens to just surround Damian’s body. The rocks around the area that were in the sky crash down to the floor violently and the power that surrounds Damian can be felt for miles. ( With his blade on his back, he looks down at the soldiers around him who are trying to get back up on their feet and asks them-“So….who wants to die first!?”-He then leaps into the air, moving towards the center of Maru Jeitai, with his right fist over his head and thrusts his fist directly into the pavement with a furious amount of strength. As his arm makes impact with the ground it causes a shockwave to burst around him for thirty feet all around him. The pavement lifts up off the ground like a ripple effect and mixing with the shockwave it sends the Maru Jeitai around Damian to go flying backwards like ragdolls. Damian then stands to his feet to see a barrage of bullets to come straight for him from the Maru Jeitai who weren’t in the blast radius. Like a lightning bolt, Damian reaches back with his right arm and grabs his blade. Once he has the blade in hand, he spins the blade with such speed that to the normal eye it looks like he isn’t spinning anything at all. He spins the blade around his body causing the bullets to ricochet all around him. Some rounds head straight to the ground whereas some of them actually bounce off to hit a Maru Jeitai soldier. The barrage lasts about a good ten to fifteen seconds before the weapons run dry of ammunition. Damian places his blade at his side with his right hand gripping it tightly and says-“Wow, you all sure know how to run a weapon useless…now it’s my turn…”-( ) Damian quickly charges at a Maru Jeitai directly in front of him and from the floor up, Damian swings his blade which cuts the soldier to be cut in half right down the middle. Blood and wire fly into the sky after the one quick swing from Damian’s blade. Damian then tosses the blade high into the sky and continues his assaulting rampage. He practically flies across the board as his body moves like a total blur to the Maru Jeitai soldiers. He reaches another soldier almost instantly and Damian quickly thrusts his right fist forward and it connects with the center of the soldiers helmet. Damian’s fist breaks the helmet completely as it smashes into the metal and visor causing it to shatter completely. The soldier then flies backwards like a rocket and into the nearby building with a loud BOOM! Sound. The impact of the soldiers body into the wall causes a small dust cloud to form around the impact area. Damian afterwords grabs another soldier by the leg and begins to swing its body around like a baseball bat. One by one he moves across the area swinging the helpless soldier around to hit his own teammates. As he flies around the area, he also counts the amount of soldier that are around him as if he were to be planning some sort of plan to deal with the remaining soldier. After knocking around some Mau Jeitai, Damian lifts the soldier he is holding who is covered in the metal and blood of his comrades and like a battle axe, Damian slams his entire body into the ground. The impact causes a loud eruption as another cloud of dust is raised from the already destroyed pavement. As the smoke clears Damian stands tall in the center of the destruction as plenty of Maru Jeitai remain surrounding him. He leans his head and shoulders slightly to the right and his blade would descend back down from the sky and land directly in the sheath that Damian keeps on his back for his weapon. The blade slides right into place with a CHINK! Sound. Damian then bends his knees slightly while placing his hands in front of his belly, focusing his power. The bright golden aura around his body begins to flare violently as the concentration Damian has gets stronger. Veins begin to form on the sides of his neck and on his forehead as the struggle to control the gathered energy also grows within him. ( With a struggle in his words, he gathered the willpower to speak in a confident tone-“NOW! witness! A POWER like…NO…OTHER!”-Damian’s aura began to flare high into the sky now as his energy is about to erupt like a super volcano. Damian then yells out-“DRAGONS!....BARRAGEEEEE!!!!”-And as he yells that out, his aura comes to a pointed tip, 100 feet into the sky. And once it reaches the tip, seven dragon heads burst around in a circular motion and descend down to the ground around him. The seven dragons stay attached to the golden aura around his body; meaning that Damian cannot move as this attack takes fold. The seven golden dragons descend from the sky viciously and furiously. The Maru Jeitai look in shock as the dragons are heading straight for them. Within a matter of a few seconds, the dragons make impact with the ground fifteen feet in front of Damian’s circumference. On impact the dragons play like a kamikaze effect as they cause a huge explosion of energy. The explosion quickly engulfs the Maru Jeitai soldiers all around the area, completely wiping out the entire street. The Maru Jeitai burn in a bright golden flame that the explosion cause to spread around them; the screams of the suffering soldiers fill the street of District Two. As the smoke and destruction begin to fade and the street becomes visible once again, the picture is not a pretty one. The street around Damian..Is completely destroyed from the impacts of Damians attacks. The street is littered with Maru Jeitai bodies everywhere with limbs spread across the entire area. The buildings that surround the street are greatly damaged from the overall shockwaves and explosions that Damians attacks caused. Damian remains in the center of the street on one knee; his body is bent forward only being held up by his left hand that is kickstand on the floor. He breathes heavily as sweat drips down to the floor from using so much energy in such a short burst. The bright golden aura no longer surrounds his body after using such a large amount of its energy. This shows that Damian can still hold the transformed state but due to the high usage of power in short breaks like this, he decreases in overall power until recharged. After a few seconds of sitting there looking weak, Damain pushes himself to stand back on his own two feet. Damian then begins to slowly walk over to Keyth, going as far as to step on the bodies of the dead around them; showing no respect to the Maru Jeitai soldiers. When he gets over to Keyth who looked to make quick work of his opponent, Damian says to him-"Well it seems I am not the only one who knows how to make a quick entry and exit off the stage. Well done, Keyth."-Damian laughs a bit as the sweat continues to drop down from his forehead and to his chin. If Keyth were to look behind Damian he would see nothing but the purest form of destruction that Damian had caused. But what would you expect from someone who is the son of Donnie Yun, the master of Chaos and Destruction. Damian waits to see what Keyth has to say or if he will say anything at all about what looks to be a flawless victory.-

DeliriousAres: Keyth watched as Daimen Decimated the Maru Jeitai with the odd energy source. He went silent, but was in complete awe and shock. " I guess you used to much too.. huh.." He said smriking as he felt his own chi starting to dwindle rapidly.(( The punch to the head left Wildcards body embedded in the car. His brains leaking onto the interior of the car. But... something odd happened. Wiring sprouted from his decimated head. Linking itself deep within the Hovercar. Before long it made an odd RINNGGGG noise, and a lot of crushing could be heard as his Cybernetic body litterally consuemd the mechanic data system of the car as a failsafe. Linking itself to the massive vechile. It Began to devour, eating the rest of the other Vechiles around it before it formed and made one large Gigantic entity. (( It stood tall, towering over the both of them. Keyth stood up. Not showing a blink of fear. " I've fought bigger..." He said as the Chi continued to flourish around his body but it was growing weaker the more the snow began to fall. " SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Wildcards body had fused and mutated its cybernetic coding. " His will to Survive... allowed him to do something like this. I guess you did have Ambition. Even if it was a weak one..." he said clenching his fist. Keyth summoned Yami Suki for the first time since he had been back into this realm. The Chi usage taking a heavy toll on his body as he began panting a bit. But it wouldnt stop him, he tilted his head up. Pointing at the large Titan before them. " Lets get em...!" The KPD began to surround the area, pointing there weapons at the large robotic titan. And with some Odd Lazer protrusion. Wildcard began firing at the KPD officers Vechiles out of sheer anger. " And i thought i didnt know how to fucking die.." He said under his breathe as he pulled the blade infront of him up. " What happened to just... Politcial stand points and selling drugs, to fighting with our hands and our fists!" Wild Card fired a blast down at Keyth, but out of sheer strength Keyth knocked it away with his blade. Gasping seeing how that alone took alot of chi out of him. "Dammit... Damn this snow.." He felt the Aura dwendling... but the thought of everything he had done again, to all those people who didnt deserve it... spurred his Chi back into gear. The monster like Cybernetic before them stood to a full height of 15 feet. "...I'll kill you... No one will stop my ambition.." He said with an Odd incantation of his voice. Keyths eyes sqwented. Readying himself. More Maru Jeitai ran down to help the odd creature. " Why do they follow you like mindless drones... It's because of that control chip.. isnt it." Wild card's voice let out another SKRRRRRRRR. "...Correct. The Maru Jeitai have no control over there bodies as long as im alive. Nice try though, going for my brain. i got that thing removed years ago. I dont need such things to survive. It's beautiful how far Technology has come. No?" Keyth gripped tightly to Yamisuki as he gritted his teeth. " Enough talk tin can. Im gonna kill you over and over if i have to. This time your dying for good.." All 30 of the Maru Jeitai's suit all shifted, turning into Blue neon lights instead of the typical red ones. Showing they were now simple drones to be used, pawns.
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ChairmenRyoji: ( ) Densuke would be on the beach of Kasihana city, in District 2. His arms out placed in a pose, his right straight forward and bent at an angle. His left hand the same way but more so at hip level. His eyes closed as he meditates on the situation at hand. Reaching out to the other world..trying to contact his father for answers. Inside of Densuke’s mind a vast ocean would appear lit by the light of the moon. Densuke would be standing on it walking, calling out to his father. “Dad? Where are you? I..I need help!” Blue firefly like lights would flicker and trickle around Densuke, revealing tetsu’s physical ethereal like being. “Ah Densuke! My boy! It’s been far to long.” Tetsu would stand on the water with his son, his arms behind his back. “How’s everything going? Is your mother okay? And how is Ochig-“ “Tell me..who killed you.” The look in densuke’s eyes was the classic family look of determination. “They’re all find dad. I’ve been taking care of them. But I fulfilled my end of the bargin. Now tell me who killed you so I can make them pay!” Tetsu woud look up for a second. “..Densuke what will it fufil. Will you gain anything from taking the life of my assassians?” Densuke would fold his arms. “You said it with a plural, meaning it was more than one…my mind is made up. If I have to manually serach I will, but I want your blessing.” “I don’t condone revenge…alas I’m not alive to truly tell you how to live your life.” Tetsu would sigh. “You’re your own man. A Koikonjitto. My flesh and blood. My only son. As such I will trust you..” Densuke unfolded his arms and leaned in listening for his answer. “It was three men. Wilson Thomason, Raphel Graziano..and a remnant from my own past. Zetsui Ryukiri. Though they did not “kill me”. I was weakned. Fighting them all one by one was not the difficulty. The difficulty was doing that and then having to confront them all at the same time. You’ll need help Densuke. Wilson is out of this world, but by now you should be able to confront him on somewhat even terms.” “I wish I could dad, but something’s been messing with the chi flow. It’s something in the snow.” Tetsu furrowed his brow. “Snow? In Kasihana? What exactly is it?” Densuke discloses the details of the snow to Tetsu and after a few moments the two would nod to one another. “I see. In any case..please be careful Densuke. Don’t become consumed by vengeance, or you will fall. “ Densuke would nod, finding himself back on the beach once he’d opened his eyes. He’d recive a voice through his watch. “Hey it’s Ochigi. Might wanna jet down to the hot spot in D2. Somethings going down with some Maru Jitai and..looks like Keyth and Daiman.” Densuke would grab his lether jacket and slip it back on. He’d hop on the bike, reve it once, and take off. “Well that kills my search for the guy..” Densuke would arrive there in less than minutes and see a large crowd of maching soilders….and a giant robot. Densuke would tilt his head thinking to himself. “kinda….cliche.” Densuke would take not of keyt’s battle strategy, as he hovered above the battle field to take mental notes of what was going down. A while ago he thought he’d seen golden dragons erupting around, but was it his imagination? Or could this be Damians doing..and was Keyth using chi? Densuke remembered one aspect of him and tetsu’s conversation.( )“If the amount of chi is sufficient enough, there is a temporary power lapse, allowing for bits and pieces to break thorugh. That being said you’d have to physically strain yourself to the point of no return..” Densuke thought on tetsu’s words. “Gotta be smart..” Densuke would withdraw his tonfa and twirl them once. “one clean hit and I can at least weaken it!” Densuke would leap from his bike and charge chi into his hand, creating a golden glow which had a blurry look to it, as his body beelined in a straight line from the air. He aimed his fist fight for the giant robots head, which the pressure fist would’ve sunk deep into it’s crainiul caivity and exploded on itself, shattering the head into pieces. However if this missed, densuke’s fist would hit the ground with a loud “THOOM” cuasing some of the soilders to be pushed back but not for long as the chi would be almost instantly sapped from densuke’s being. Densuke would wince as he could feel the exhaustion rushing over him. “Tch..sup guy’s…heh.” Densuke would stand up, ignoring the feeling he had and speak briefly to his friends. “I’m sure you won’t mind an extra hand eh?” Densuke would rip the sleeves form his jacket, using them as inulation to prevent begins shocked as he’d then rush the crowd of Maru jitai soilders, leaping into the air and driving his foot into the base of one of their necks. The shock would discharge, but densuke’s boots took most of it being rubber soled. Densuke would land atop the soilder, and then throw his wraped fist to it’s forehead, Densuke would land atop the soilder, and then throw his wraped fist to it’s forehead, k.oing it on impact. Densuke would rise only to use both his hands to block a punch coming another direction. The sparks flew as Densuke was knocked back 4 feet towards a near by car. Densuke prepared to rush again, but saw some of the soilders cock their guns. With peak reflex he’d flip his body backwards, over the car and hide from the richochet. He’d sigh, thinking of what he could use until he looked at the car…a hub cap…made of solid steel. Next to densuke’s thigh was a metal pole, two of them. “…”( ) after a moment, Densuke would flip over the car, 7 feet into the air, and while upside down he’d toss the shield at a high velocity, blundering it upside the head of one of the maru jitai men knocking him on his ass. The disc he’d fashioned from a steel hub cap and two metal bars would then rebound itself to two more soilders, only to return to Densuke in trajectory. Densuke would hear the click of a rilfe and spin his body, while at the same time ducking, to a lower crouch posistion, and tossing the hub cap the the maru jitai’s knee cap. Thus knocking his aim off and causing him to shoot in the air. “SEIYAAAAA!” Densuke would then close the gap with a flying drop kick to the maru’s chest, only to then raise his right leg, followed by his left leg, preforming an ariel bysicle kick and sending the maru airborne. Densuke would land, and crouch down, the hub cap infront of him, fending off random arrays of gunfire. Densuke waited and as timed the maru’s artilary began to fall and as it did Densuke would throw catch two grenades, that fell of his belt, pull the clips with his teeth, and throw them fastball style, at 78mph at two maru jitai’s heads, this would follow by a loud ‘KA-BOOM!” The result being the maru jitai’s bodies being chared to black, and knocking back into fellow soilders. Densuke would then, take hold of the maru jitai’s riffle, still holstering his shield and now set his sights on the giant robot like monstrosity. He’d taken out at least 10 to 12 guys, clearing a bit of room. A few of the cops remaining would look in awe of Densuke. “hey…that kid fights like that one cop Tetsu. Wait isn’t that his kid? I thought his kid was a low life or something?!” the cop beside him would nod and stare at Densuke. “I don’t know, but whatever the case he’s on our side thank goodness. We’ve got more things to worry about, start rounding up civillians now!”

Pallas: -Damian’s eyes widen as the creature before him grows from a small head and into a giant monster of a being. Hearing how Keyth spoke about this figure in front of them caused Damian to smirk a bit. He then says to Keyth-“It’s not the will to live…This failsafe shows how weak he really is…because he knew his death was imminent…A cowards tactic really…”-( Damian, realizing that this night just got a little more difficult, he slowly reaches up with his right arm and draws his blade. The blade rings with a smooth sound as it exits the sheath and into Damian’s right hand. He then says to himself-“Let the fun continue then haha”- Damian then charges at the Maru Jeitai in front of him, going for the pawns first before trying to take out the king on the board. One by one, Damian begins to swing his blade at the Maru Jeitai soldiers, using the very rare metal base that is his blade to rip right into their armors like butter. The screams and sounds of bullet fire from the Maru Jeitai once again fill the streets. The blade seems slightly heavier than usual because of how much energy Damian had just put out on his Dragons Barrage. But his strong willpower to keep him pushing allows him to move his body at quick speeds and to swing his blade with furious power. Damian is forced to swing his blade constantly as he is on the offensive and defensive of having to fight off the rounds coming downrange. As he blocks the rounds with his blade, some ricochet into the KPD Cruisers that have pulled up to the scene. This would most likely cause them to drop down into cover, hoping to not get hit with a stray round after the blade hits it. Another face joins the party as Densuke jumps from out of nowhere to join the fight. The last time Damian had seen Densuke, their meeting didn’t exactly go peachy and nice. But Damian charges at a soldier not breaking focus after the rounds had stopped being fired at him and he quickly thrusts his blade through the chest of the soldier, piercing through the armor and into the man’s heart. The blood gushes through and begins to drip down onto the blade after the contact. Seeing that his Maru Jeitai drones are being slaughtered by Damian, Wild Card quickly fires a blast of energy at Damian. As he sees the blast coming his way, Damian lifts his blade up with the Maru Jeitai soldier still impaled on the blade. The blast then impacts with the back of the soldier causing a huge explosion all around them. The body of the soldier instantly becomes a pink mist. Damian loses control of his blade and it is sent flying into the wall of the WDW building. Damian now stares down the beast in front of him with his two hands clenched as fists. He then yells out-“THAT ALL YOU GOT!?”-( ) Wild Card laughs with an electric sound that could pierce into anyone’s ears and says-“Here! TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE!”-He then fires a large energy blast that makes the first one look like child’s play. Damian’s eyes widen as he sees the size of the attack coming straight for him. But Damian doesn’t let it faze him as his face turns serious and he unleashes what bit of energy he has left. The golden aura returns around his body for the moment as he prepares to give it his all. As the blast reaches him, Damian places his hands outward onto the blast as the two meet head on. The sound of Damian’s hands pushing against the blast sounds like a jet engine all around the street. Winds begin to shoot at hurricane levels as the two entities come to a stalemate. Suddenly, Damian’s body begins to slide back on the floor. Inch by inch, Damian’s body slowly is being outmatched by the blast in front of him. Sweat begins to trickle down again as his body becomes strained from his max effort put out. Damian grinds his teeth together and veins begin to form on his arms as he tries to hold back the blast as best he can. Wild Card yells out-“Don’t quit now boy! HAHA I’m just getting started!”-As he says that, Wild Card fires another blast at the same area of the first one. The second blast forms in with the first causing it to double in size and power. Damian’s eyes widen as he yells out-“WHAT!? THIS CAN’T BE!!!”-The blasts begin to push Damian faster as he heads straight for the building behind him. Damian’s body would then lift into the air as he and the blast go crashing through the wall and into the building that looks to be a warehouse of sorts. Almost immediately after, a bright blue light flash began to go off that peers through the windows and the hole created by their entry. Seconds after that, the building explodes with a very large blast effect. The shockwave of the blast pushes the KPD Cruisers into the air and knocked the officers off their feet. The building gets leveled entirely and pieces of the building come crashing down like meteors from the sky. The street becomes engulfed in a black cloud and flame from the explosion itself. The smoke is very thick and heavy, causing the impact area to remain hidden under the concealment of the smoke. No sign of Damian can be seen yet with the smoke blocking everyone’s vision.-

DeliriousAres: Keyth watched as Densuke rushed to the battle field. " HA! LOOK WHO CAME TO THE PART-" He turned at that very moment to see Daimen battling with Wildcard. It all seemed so fast... Daimens body had been blasted away with a loud and hard crash as the building began to tumble and fall apart on top of him. Keyths jaw dropped, and his his thummped. "...." Wildcard began to laugh, tilting his head back fully as he slowly turned to eye Keyth. " Your... Next..." Keyths fist tightend as his breathing increased heavily. "...NO... NO! I WONT STAND FOR YOUR SHIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!" (( CHi Errupted even further from Keyths body and it was showing a high physical strain as his power began to rage even more. His Anger flaring beyond its normal Comprehension. Increasing his attributes to such a high level that his hair flared a bright redish orange. Moving like a flame, his eyes glowing a bright red and his aura incoating his body in the red glow. His Onigami Tattoo's appeared over his body, back from the Shinto realm. Along with the tattoo on his eye. Wildcard smirked. " Nice hair.." Before he could continue to insult Keyth, Keyths body appeared right before wildcard with his right arm turned back. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! His fist landed into the Mech's body as it was sent tumbling back through the streets. Only for Keyth to appear on the right of it, Yamisuki in his hands as he soared with inhuman speeds next to the giant as it rolled through the Kasaihana streets like a tumble weed. He began to slash at the beast as he ran along it before he ended the slashing with a hard sideways slash, Hitting him like a baseball as he flew into a building with a hard CRASH! Keyth dropped to his knees. Gasping for air, his chi completely depleted now... it started to strain his body as blood leaked from his lips and down his eyes. " Sh-Shit..." He said holding his chest, slowly rising to his feet. Wildcard slowly but surely stood to his feet. Aiming its right arm at Keyth as an energy beam of sorts had been accumilating in that hand. Forming and shifting before it blasted off in Keyths Direction. Keyth threw his body to the right, dodging the energy beam just barely as he began to skimmper across the battle filed. Taking out the submachine gun out of his back pocket. Yamisuki in his other hand he charged wildcard. Running as hard as he could. " IM NOT... AFRAID OF YOUUUUUU!" He said darting left to right as he dodged the blast fire. His body aching all over but he didnt care. " DENSUKE!" He said running towards the best. " 69, SPLIITER!" Was all Keyth said. If Densuke turned, he'd see Keyth charging the Giant with his weapon and blade in hand. " IM GONNA FINISH YOU! WILD CARRRRDDD!" Keyth leaped into the air, his blade clashing with wild cards cybernetic fingers in swift clashing. SHING SHING SHING SHING SHING SHING SHING!(( Keyth's body bursted with the Raging Hadou Kusei again as his speed increased at even faster rate during the clash before he long he had sliced off Wildcards right hand. His body then appearing under Wild card as he swung his blade up in an Arc, a Diagonal Slash that blasted the creature high into the air. " DENSUKE! LETS DO IT! HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!" Keyths was coughing blood once the Hadou Kusei had worn off. Clearly pushing himself to hard. " ONE MORE... GIMMIE ONE MORE!" As the large beast soared high into the sky. Keyth ran up the building that was behind it. Bursting into the Raging Hadou Kusei one more time to increase his speed, beating the robot to the top of the building he was now hovering above it. Yamisuki in his left hand. His body began to glow a bright gold as he arched his body in the air. " CLEVER....... SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!" The Golden aura blasted itself around Keyths body, making a golden Wolf like Image appear over his body. Keyomes Image could be seen Before Wildcards eyes as he saw Keyth rushing to Slash him. " SUPER..... 69...SPLITTER!!!!!!!!!!"Keyth said rushing down from the sky using the Clever shot in mid air, waiting for Densuke to come along with his end of the tag team attack.
DeliriousAres: heart*)

ChairmenRyoji: Densuke would be battling the forces of the Maru Jitai relentlessly, as if he was trying to prove something..but to whom? He’d seen Damian in a power struggle with the odd robot which caused the majority of the KPD and civillians to completely clear the area…but Damian no where to be found after that. Densuke’s eyes winded as he’d seen his friend take a hit and be blasted backwards. Densuke would then watch as Keyth went to work his chi spiking..and Densuke could actually feel it? ( )He’d watch Keyth go to town on the beast with similar markings he’d had form the Shinto realm. Densuke watched in amazement. Densuke would then hear a whirling noise hush through the air, and he’d turn his head, to see his shield flying at him. Densuke would extend his hand and catch the red and silver shield. He looked around only to see a wisk of blonde hair leave the field. Densuke then returned his focus on keyth’s combination..once he’d heard “69 splitter” (start song at 2:25 here trust me) Densuke would nod and take a pose. Suddenly stomping his foot to the ground, cracking the cement beneath it, and literally forcing his body to give him chi. Golden particles started to brim form densuke’s body, faster and faster until they formed an Aura. “Tch..common…COMMON! DON’T QUIT ON ME NOW!” Densuke talked to his body as his chi then went form particles to a full fledged aura of sorts. Flashing on and off. His eyes fluttering between green and a bright gold. “NOOOOOOW!!!” Densuke’s body would erupt in a wind and he’d stomp his foot forward, disappearing from regular human sight. The power he was feeling was a familiar one, probably form the Shinto realm is where he’d remember taking this form..He’d stand underneath the giant heathen, and stomp his foot into the ground, propelling himself upward like a shooting star, his body straight forward like an arrow, with his invincible shield at the head of his body. A sonic boom wind erupted form his jumping spot , cratering the ground 9 feet deep. “69!!!!! SPITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!” Densuke’s shield would collide with the robots body, in combination with his friend Keyth, a gold and red energy flourish into the sky. The energy off of keyth’s blade, being reflected by the shield, only encompassed the machine monstrosity further. Densuke’s body fielt like it’d been hit by a freight train, emitting chi on that kind of scale in these conditions was foolish at best, especially when he’d just pushed his own brain limitations in that instant by 15%. After the collision was over Densuke’s body however the robot would take his hands and repel both Keyth and densuke’s attacks, holding onto keyth’s sword and densuke’s shield in mid air, in a suspened state of course, leaving himself wide open…

Pallas: -Damian lays there under the rubble and dirt that had been created from taking such a strong attack. His body already had been weakened from his use of the Dragons Barrage and to try and fight an attack like that head on wasn’t the smartest thing to do. His unconscious body lays dormant under the rubble as his mind continues to flashback to that fateful day in Antarctica. The day everything changed. ( *FLASHBACK*-“You’re weak Damian…just like your father…”-Those words echoed through his mind over and over as the images of his family lying dead on the snow continue to appear before him.-“Weak…weak….weak….just like your father….your father…your father…”-That demonic voice just keeps repeating those words over and over in his mind.*BACK TO REALITY* Above Damian’s body the ground begins to spark up with some kind of electric energy that can be seen above the rubble. The ground slowly begins to shake like an earthquake but it would go unnoticed to be anything but the robot contracting it. Under the rubble, Damian’s unconscious body begins to grow in energy as if it is tapping into an unknown source of power. As the energy begins to rise, the static electricity begins to form around Damian’s body. Then in one quick instance, his eyes shoot open violently. (1:37 in the song) As his eyes open up, they no longer hold the bright green emerald color of his Hyper Form. Now hey glow a bright white color similar to his father’s eye color. He grinds his teeth together and a huge energy bursts into the air causing all of the rubble to explode outward off of him. His body is engulfed in a golden flame aura that shines brighter than any light. Damian jumps to his feet using no momentum but his back as his new transformation takes hold. He bends forward slightly as his body begins to transform. His muscles begin to expand immensely, causing his overall body to grow in height and mass. His hair becomes more ridged and longer to match the change in muscle mass as well. Veins begin to form around his body as his body tightens up full of muscle and power.-“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!”-He roars out as his body practically grows into a seven foot giant. A bright blue static electricity swirls around his body violently as his golden aura changes form like a bright golden flame around his body. As he powers up, great winds swirl around his body like the eye of a hurricane, lifting the golden aura high into the sky. The winds are so strong that it pulls the dead bodies that litter the streets into the sky; tossing them into the nearby buildings and rooftops. After the transformation had been completed, the winds die down and his golden flame aura recedes to just surround his entire body. As his emotions come to a calmer state, his emerald green pupils return and he begins to slowly walk out of the rubble in his newly transformed state. (TrunksFutureUltraSuperSaiyan-Ep164.png) As he walks to the center of the street, he sees that Keyth and Densuke have the robot all caught up with their attacks. ( Damian’s head cocks to the side a bit as he prepares his attack from below. Damian focuses his energy again in the same stance he had before when he first used the Dragons Barrage attack on the hordes of soldiers. While in this position, four prods begin to form out of the back portion of his golden flame aura. Then in a burst of light, the four prods grow into full dragons heads and they spread around to the front of his body, growing their bodies. Damian then looks forward at Wild Card and yells out-“DRAGONS VISE!”-And upon the given command, the four dragons leap forward at blinding speeds that the human eye cannot keep up with and the dragons body swirl around each individual limb of Wild Cards body. Wild Card struggles to try and break the hold that Damian has on him but even that strength is un-matched to Damian’s second form. He chooses to wrap Wild Card up to give Keyth and Densuke the time to get out of dodge before Damian finishes his attack. Damian thrusts his arms out to his sides as the dragons keep their hold on Wild Card. ( The electricity that wraps around Damian’s body begins to surge violently as his energy builds up. With enough energy gathered and if the two men had gotten away from wild card, Damian would yell out-“Dragons!....DESTRUCTIONNN!!!”-Upon the command a larger dragons body shoots out from Damian’s chest and straight for the chest of Wild Cards mechanical body. Almost instantly, the dragon impacts Wild Cards body and rips through the metal and out of his back. The dragon would then wrap itself around the entire body of the robot and Damian would smirk as his attack comes to its close. Damian thrusts his arms forward across his chest like an X formation and the dragons bodies brighten to a near supernova color and explode like remote bombs. Each dragon explodes on a portion of Wild Cards body causing metal and oil to spread all over the streets. The shockwave is bigger than anything so far, pushing everything in sight to practically level the buildings around them. The explosion lifts high into the sky, alerting anyone within miles that something just went down in the area. For thirty seconds, smoke and explosion residue floods the city block and causes everyone’s sight to be weakened. But one thing could be seen for sure. In the center of the street stands a seven foot giant with a bright golden aura wrapped around his body. ( Damian stands in the center of the street like a statue with an angry expression just waiting to see what is coming next. Is the fight over with? Or will something pop up to be destroyed next?-

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth pulled himself away just in time to dodge Damiens attack. Watching the massive explsion take place it'd force Keyths body back into the ground with a crash only for him to land on one knee gasping for air. He'd land next to Damien, Standing up straight breathing heavily, his hair still in the bright red tint as he watched from a distance. "...." A naked Cyborg body fell from the explosion, with a missing head. Hitting the ground with a loud THUD! The Tenchiamru chairmen, and the rest of the Yakuza clan Chairmen had witnessed the acts of the Three from afar on top of the building. "...I told you wild card..." He said lifting his hand up, and pointing at the sky before he pointed at dead corpse. " YOU WERENT WORTHY! TO HOLD THE KAGEMARU NAME! IN THE NAME OF HITOMI! AND KEYOME TASANAGI! AND THE CHAIRMEN BEFORE HIM! I HERE BY TERMINATE YOU FROM ALL YAKUZA SYNDICATES IN THE CITY!" Keyth said reciting an old banishment from the code. His hand dropped and he took a deep breathe, his hair blowing in the wind as he nodded his head. Mr.Hanz, stood with his arms crossed as he shook his head. " WIldcards down, sir." The Mysterious man said with the long pony tail hanging from his back. His hands wrapped in black leather gloves as he talked to the man through the other side of the communicator. " Such as i thought. I guess the Kagemaru, wont be ours yet. Return to base." Mr.Hanz nodded. " Understood..." He said turning his back, looking at the Three of the youngmen. Remembering how Donnie, Tetsu and Keyome had defeated him a few years back. " It's like... they never fucking left." he said walking down the alleyway emersing in the shadows.(( The Streets went silent at first... before a loud cheering could be heard. After powering down, Keyth would turn to see a group, massive group standing behind the three shouting and clapping there hands. " D-DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?!?, NO DID YOU!? THEY WERE ALL BOOM, BOOM POW!" Said some teenage boys. Keyth stood there, his jet black hair returning as he blinked with confusion. " DENSUKE KUNNNNNN!" A Bunch of teenage girls appeared, Amy in the front of them. All of them Wearing Densuke T-Shirts that Amy had made after starting a fan club for the dude. " Densuuuukeee-kunnnn" She said waving from the crowd. Claymore clapped his hands. " HOO-RAA!" He said putting his right hand in the air as the crowd continued to cheer. The Maru Jeitai soliders took off there helemts. Seeing to get there minds back as they looked at Keyth. The Remaing few broke through the crowd all of them standing before the three. " Mr.Tasanagi sir." Said the one in the lead crouching down and kneeling to there Shogun to be. " Forgive us." They said in unison. Keyth looked confused a blush on his face before he turned, seeing an IMage of his father nodding his head to the right somewhere, walking into an alleyway dispersing into the air. Keyth nodded his head as well. And turned to the soliders with a serious look on his face. " No need. Stand." He said Saulting them, and they did the same. " SIR!" Keyth smirked. "....I could get used to this."

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