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HollowJak: -Jason made his way down the street plaing with his new phone by watching a video on it he had purchased the phone as a replacement for the phone he had foolishly fried with an EMP a few days previously after further investigation he had been able to track the maru jetai he had wounded and to his immense suprise had not found them to be what he had previously thought they were after trailing them he found them entering a run down building and speaking to an odd assortment of people both men and women who wore a mixture of armor he even thought he saw a few trashcans in there after a few ore hours investigation and recording with his phone he found that he had in fact been attacked the some groub called the sukabenja apparently a gang that was well known but was not very widely feared deciding he had investigated enough for the day he returned to his warehouse to get his guitar case with the railgun, railgun battery, and four titanium slugs and decided to head for the drink he hadnt been able to get before and besides he needed to talk to someone. now on the street on the way to the bar he felt into his suit jacket and found the manilla envelope within which were the schematics for mass production of the railgun and after thinking for a moment he shrugged he could call that man colt some other time to give him the plans he figured the first people who should have them are the kpd. shaking the snow from himself he continues on his way to the bar whistling softly to himself as he went-

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth sat ontop of a building. His feet dangling off the roof as he watched the traffic go by. "..Tch.." He turned his head to the right with a angry expression on his face as an image of that monster appeared in his head again. He had fought demons, killed the biggest badass from every nook and cranny of this city. But, something was off about this guy. " Weak.." He heard Zetsui say in his head as he stood to his full height. His Suit jakcet blowing in the wind as the snow flowed across his body. He wasnt dressing heavy enough for this cold weather, and that was clearly evident. "... Fucking asshole.." He said clenching his fist. " What do you.... What do you know about me." Keyth looked up at the moon and took a deep breathe as the cold air breezed from his lips, seaping out and flowing through the wind. "...To know strength." Said an Ominous voice behind him. Keyth turned, seeing the man stand on the air conditioning unit, loaded with swords again as his coat flowed in the wind. "... Is to know weakness. But to Know weakness. Is to give in to weakness." Keyth flicked his nose, a frown on his face and a smirk on his lips. " SO, i heard your rolling with the dickheads who took out my friends dad. You know im gonna have to kill you right." Zetsui smirked through the bandages on his face. (( His Dark Hadou, so rich that it began to manifest outof his arm and around his body in disturbing waves of power. " You'll never defeat me. Because your afraid." Keyth clenched his teeth. " What of your chidlren?" Keyths eyes lit up. "... How would they feel. If they knew that there father... was a coward." Keyth eyes went into a slant, pulling out the pistol from his back pocket, aiming it towards that man. And within that instant, he had disappeared. And Keyths Glock broke into two pieces. Hitting the snow. " Wha-What!?" He said as a hard kick was sent into his ribs, getting smashed into a air conditioning unit. Hitting him so hard that it embedded around his body. "... Look at you." Zetsui said looking down at him. (( " You make me sick...But, we are related you and I." He said as he watched Keyth struggle to pull himself from the Air-conditioing unit. Continuing to talk as he did. " Onihoruda. Share a relation with the others. It makes us Brothers and sisters. Not by blood, but by SOuls, and Demon...blood. So in way.." He said pointed his blade down at Keyth as he finally broke free from the AC unit. "... Im your big bro. Hahahaha.." Keyth whiped the blood from his lips as he stood to his full height. " Go to hell. Shit stain.."He said staring the man down from afar. " In a week from now. Meet me outside of Kasaihana city. In the Deseret... " Zetsui said. " Fight me out there, and die out there. I'd kill you now... but i want to see if you atleast... have some honor. Filithy fucking dog." Keyth gritted his teeth. " In a weeks time. Meet me out in the deseret. We'll fight. To see who's the real...Animal. Only one of us will survive..." Keyth waved his hand out. " And...IF i say no, and fuck you?" Zetsui slowly turned back to Keyth. A Plan, cold expression on his face. "...Then i'll kill your whole family. And Denuske too." Keyth eyes went into slants as he watched Zetsui disprese into the air. " You wouldnt, want to let those you care about... down would you?" Keyth shouted at the top of his lungs. " WHy!? Why are you doing this to me!? Just stop it!" Zetsui tilted his head back bursting out laughing, his head swiftly dropping down. And in 10 different places. Keyths body had been slashed up. Big Splurges of blood ripping from his body outta nowhere as he dropped to his knees. Gasping for air. The Chi strikes. Impacting him harder than any normal one. "...Because. I want to see, who's truly... the stronger one. Dispite your a fucking Idoit. You have so much untapped power... i plan to see this. And then kill you once im done being entertained enough. Hahahah..." He tilted his head to the right as he turned his back on Keyth again. " See ya around...Kid. Dont wanna keep me waiting to long... I'll get angry..." Keyth watched as the man dispersed... the black wave of chi sending his body elsewhere. Keyth shook his head, and out of sheer anger. He began to beat his hands into the ground. Shouting at the top of his lungs. " Why.. cant they leave them alone...Why them. Why threaten them..." Keyth looked back up, staning to his full height. " AGGGGGGH! OK ZETSUIIIIIII!!! I FUCKIN HEAR YOU! I'LL PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAME! DO YOU HEAR ME!?!? IM GONNA FUCKIN KILL YOU!" Keyth said tilting his head down. "...I promise you that..."

YuiKiara: Many of the day time shops closed down as night fell, as the clubs and convenient stores turned on their lights and open signs. However, a small flower shop at the base of a building turned on its lights and kept its doors open. A female figure walking out and pulling on some gloves, dressed in a simple tee and shorts with some boots. She crouched down and began picking out a few pots to put the extra plants in before they wittered away. From the small shop, another female walked out, having on a simple white dress and holding in her hands two cups with hot tea. She walked over the the crouched woman and held a cup over her shoulder. Her voice breaking the silence. " worked all day long, take a break." Turning her gaze up towards her older sister,  Nora offered a gentle smile before reaching over and taking the cup of tea offered. "Thanks Naomy..but i dont want a break today." Standing she walked over to the little bench available in front of their shop and sat down, blowing over the steam before bringing the cup to her lips." Naomy's brows furrowed but the smile remained, heading over to accompany her. "Why do you do that to yourself.." Silence fell once more, Nora's eyes fixated on the cup before she shrugged her shoulders. "If i do..i will start thinking again. And i dont want that to happen again. I've moved on." "And are you going to stay on the move till your legs fall off? then you will have lots to think about once you stop walking.." Nora paused, glancing over to her sister before she released an amused chuckle, closing her silver eye playfully. "If thats the case...then so be it." Both females laughed for a bit before going silent again, lifting their eyes to the night sky. There were no stars visible other than the moon, the lights so strong, it hid them. "Say...any guy coming to propose anytime soon?" Naomy teased, nudging Sonia with her elbow in the side, which almost made Nora spit her tea back out, coughing she looked to her sister with a bit of surprise. "As if! Most guys that come over here drool over you anyway. Plus...the flowers they buy are never for me, i know that already. So i never hope." Leaning foreword a bit she sighed and crossed her legs, looking down in the liquid of her cup. "Not that it matters, im feeling lighter now. Since we opened this shop and i left the KPD, i felt more at ease." Naomy watched her sister with some sadness in her eyes, but leaning towards her, she wrapped an arm around her shoulder and sighed as well. "Cheers, to the new life." She held her cup up, making Nora chuckle and nod, hitting it against hers with a gentle click.

HollowJak: -Jason sighed as he turned down a street to his left and realised that he was lost again damn it why did this always happen sure his new phone had a gps feature but he had no idea actually run the damn thing- Thrice damned phone why did they have to only have touchscreen or holo models? what ever happened to buttons i mean i really liked buttons they were solid and made you feel like you were important if you were dialing an important number -he kept going till he saw what looked to be some form of shop with two figures sitting in front of it on a bench yes maybe they could give him directions to somewhere he could just unwind picking up his pace he nearly charged over his feet pounding against the snow covered cement. As he approaches he sees to his suprise that ti is in fact a flower shop with two women sitting in front of it huh a flower shop open this late that was well it was odd but interesting as he thought this he didnt notices the fallen over bike in front of him and he fell over it falling to the ground roughly and skidding for a bit before he rolled back onto his feet- holy shit -he panted and looked at the two women in front of the shop which he now stood in front of- is that one of your guys's bikes?

DeliriousAres: Keyth had changed his clothing. The Suit completely discarded from before. His hands slid into his pockets as he the snow began to trickle down on the furr of the jacket. "..." His mind continued to warp over what he may have had to do. " Tch.." At this point, Keyth had walked past the Red light district. He hadnt been here since he was chased down by Nora and Ginsei both. He looked around, watching the people casually move by one another. A smirk broke across his face, tilting his head up at the sky. A group of working girls approached Keyth, but he'd wave them off. " Another time." He said shaking his right hand to dismiss them. They'd wave him off as well. Putting both of his hands behind his head he closed his eyes. Feeling the snow drift down on his cheeks as he closed his eyes. He stopped, looking to his right as he watched a TV blare on within the inside of a store. It blinked, and then the channel changed. a COmmerical about  losing weight with Nanomachines. Keyth pulled off shaking his head. Making his way down the street further. In the Industrial park area of D2 now. Lots of street gangs came here to look for girls and all that. Keyth, had just been passing by. A group of teenagers pulled him over, asking for his autograph. He had gotten pretty well known since he, Damien and Densuke took out wildcard ((‎)) Keyth watched as they laughed and joked amongst one another. The Group of kids. Keyth... never really got to act his age. Ever. He walked into the Old School arcade layout. His eyes peeling left to right as he looked at the others in the Arcade. And they stared him down back. Keyth ignored them though, going to a fighting game he heard Densuke talk about. He pulled out a Dollar bill. Dispening it for Four quaters and making his way back over to the Machine. Squatting down, he placed the tokens into the game and began to play. Tapping away at the buttons, and... having the time of his life. A few minutes later, and he had a crowd around him. Keyth was... Oddly enough way to good at this game. His fingers glided across the game swiftly. Tapping and smashing down at the buttons. And... for some reason. He didnt seem to upset anymore. " Yooo It's the guy with the flaming red hair!" They said charging the arcade, playing the games with him. And having a great time. Keyth laughed, now hanging out with a group of people he didnt even know. " Yoooo, Keyth? Lets go hit up the bar!" Said one guy. " Yeah dude! We've never hung out with a real Yakuza before. Most of em are stuck up. But your alright!" They loved him, for what? He didnt know. " Yeah! On me!" He said. The group of guys clapped there hands in praise. Making there way to the bar, Keyth began to pass out drinkins. Getting drunk off his ass. Drowing away the thought of Zetsui. Or so he thought. On his way out of the bar. Completely drunk now, he'd see Doubles of Zetsui as he continued to walk down the street. There images haunting him... Seeing that he wasnt gonna be able to make it home. He'd Call Kyoko. Telling her he was to drunk to make it back properly. Buying a Motel out, he simply stared at the ceiling. Before he pulled himself up, running to the bath room and puking. He sat next to the toilet, his head spinning rapidly before he passed out.

YuiKiara: Both females jumped when one of their bikes fell over and someone came toppling down. They both winched when the figure made contact with the pavement, then he looked up and asked if this was one of their bikes. The sisters glanced at one another with the same confused and slightly curious stare in their eyes. And standing up, Nora gave Naomy her cup before she walked over to the male. Crouching in front of him, she rested her arms on top of her knees, her black and silver eyes almost staring him down, her head tilted. "Dont tell me your gonna try and blame my bike for your fall, did you see the speed you were coming down the sidewalk with? Im not paying for any of your medical bills." Nora began, her brows furrowed a bit angrily.

HollowJak: -he jumped up and smiled laughing as he took his wallet from his pocket- no no it was all my fault but i was asking so i could pay for the damages -he frowns and looks around suddenly as heard some inconsequental nise his free right hand reaching into his suit jacket and gripping the handle of his revolver after a minute passed he let go of the handle and moves his hand back out giving a shrug- sorry about that tell me have ou seen anyone wearing trashcans around here? know what it is not important so how much do i owe you for the damages on the bike? -he stood there waiting for a response he expected to be stiffed atleast a little but he had some extra money to spare since he had sold that crate of H&K MP7's and the boxes of 9mm ammo-

YuiKiara: Nora stood up as well when the male did. He took his wallet out and offered to pay for the damages, however he pushed his hand back in his pocket and brushed an items in there. The sound it made, it would be nothing different to any other regular person, but Nora recognized it instantly, being a former KPD. Her eyes widened before they narrowed. With great speed she grabbed hold of his wrist and twisted his hand, spinning her body so that she was behind him now pushing his arm up against his back. Naomy gasped as she sat up, confused. "Nora what are you doing?!" Clenching her jaw, Nora's eyes narrowed as she gripped the man's arm tighter. "He has a weapon in his pocket Naomy..step back!"

HollowJak: -Jason frowned as he dodged past her attemp to grab his wrist and jumped back a good distance and stood his hand shooting into his suit jacket as he drew his single action .45 revolver pulling back the hammer slowly as he eyed the woman- now i dotn know what your doing but id rather not start a fight with two beautiful women all i wanted to do was pay for the bike and ask for directions now please lower your arms so we can have a nice pleasant conversation -looking through the corner of his eye at the other woman- i apologise for this ruckus ive had some trouble lately with the sukabenja so ive been a bit twitchy lately so if we can all just calm down we can all just talk and then get on with our business now doesnt this sound good -if she was paying attention she would see that his gaze wasnt that of a cold hearted killer but that his aim was unwavering his arm not shaking even a bit as he looked down the sights his finger gingerly on the trigger ready to pull it back and fire upon her if she pushed him to do so-

YuiKiara: As soon as he pulled the weapon out, Nora's eyes went wide as she quickly dashed and turned to face him, Naomy behind her. She had her arms outstretched, shielding her older sister from the weapon. "Nora!" Naomy yelled out as she grabbed hold of her shoulders, however the woman was not budging. As the man began to speak, Nora eyed him closely, studying every detail of his features and his gestures. He was not a stranger when it came to wielding guns it seemed. His expression was not that of a threat however, so her arms lowered back at her sides before she lowered her gaze bowing her head lightly. "Sorry...old habits came back as soon as i heard the sound of the revolver in your pocket. Where are you headed, i will try and draw you a map."

HollowJak: -As soon as she said that Jason twirled the revolver on his finger before slipping it back into his suit jack ant holstering it a large smile on his face- actually there are a few places i need to get to well atleast find a way to get a message to first somewhere i can get a drink right now it doesnt matter if its alchoholic or not this is just the third time ive tried to go to the bar and this is the first time i havent had to shoot my way out of a situation -he shrugged and gave them both a wink out of habit- now could you two pretty ladies direct me to somewhere i could get a drink to warm me up and also if you could tell me how i could get a message to KPD headquarters? i need to speak to the new head bacause i got something for him special delivery -he took a manilla envelope from his suit jacket he didnt know why but he felt he could trust these two with the information- i only tell you this because you see trustworthy and neither of you look like maru jetai or sukabenja though i hear through the grape vine that that keyth guy is running them now or atleast thats what i hear. good fellow helped save my life once -he laughed as he slapped the manilla envelope and looked to the tossed tea cups- actually could i bother you for a cup of tea real quick? this snow is bloody cold i'll tell ya that much -his voice had slipped into a smooth english accent without him realising it-

YuiKiara: Nora listened to the male speak, the mention of the KPD made her gaze quickly turn some place else, for a dark look would pass over her expression each time they were mentioned. And Naomy made it clear that it would be a dead giveaway if she showed it. So she avoided it. However, her eyes went wide at Keyth's name. Her jaw clenching and her eyes closing, her brows furrowing in a displeased expression. Why...why did his name have to be mentioned so much on the streets?! She just returned to the city and all she could hear was that name. Pissed her off! How he became a big shot..and now a family man too. Hilarious..It made her stomach turn as she thought of the past. She..really was played. And she gave up to him something she held so precious. Should have shot his brains out instead the first day she caught him. Naomy glanced at her sister with some concern. In turn, Nora released a sigh and glanced back at the male. If he was acquainted with Keyth, she had to be careful, because she didnt want to bring his "buddy" around for a cup of tea as well. She would draw him a map, give him his drink and send him on his marry way. Hopefully they he wont come by again. "Sure...just come inside and ill get things ready for you." Nora spoke moving a hand through her hair before turning on her heel and walking in the shop. Naomy gave the male a smile and a shrug of her shoulders as a silent apology before heading inside as well. In the shop, there would be bushes of flowers and flower pots all over the counters and window sills, some even hanging from walls. Nora lead the way in to another room that looked like a small kitchen area.

HollowJak: -Jason followed slowly and at the sight of the flowers he stopped for a moment and touch their petals gently his grandmother had always loved to keep plants around the hosue last he counted before he joined the military there had to have been forty of them laying around the house after a moment he shook his head and chuckled hed always loved to help her with the garden before he had left not only growing flowers but corn and peas and other vegetables shaking himself slightly and coming back to reality he followed them into the kitchen and stood fidgetting slightly and feeling an awkward tension in the air he had vaguely noticed it when he had mentioned that keyth guy and the KPD- look i apologise if i made you two uncomfortable so lets start over -he held a hand out to them smiling softly- my name is Jason Caldwell and if im completely honest im a criminal normally i wouldnt be so open about it but i feel if i hide it and then it gets hinted at in conversation you might just land up taking me out. -he raises his hands in the air palms out- now i have no desire to hurt anyone here and im sorry i carelessly mentioned keyth to be frank im fairly sure you only let me in here to kill me because i dropped the name now ive only ever met the guy once and one of my compatriates said the guy was a little nuts but i dont want to get into any sort of grudge match over a guy i barely know if it helps at all i also know that one densuke guy the one who all saving the city and all that -he laughed nervously but didnt reach for his gun he wasnt quite sure what was happening but to let a stranger into ones house without question either meant they were trusting or this was some sort of trap but there was nothing he could really do about it now. he let the guitar case on his back slip to the floor it giving a loud mettalic thud as it hit so that one would easily be able to tell that it was not a guitar-

YuiKiara: Nora went to put a pot of water on the stove to boil for the tea. That was when the male started talking, rambling on that he meant no harm and that he was actually a criminal. That he meet Keyth only once and that was about it and some other people, as well as the KPD once more. She would have turned and hit him in the face with a pan if Naomy didnt come in and silence him by placing a hand on his shoulder, leading him to a seat before she took a seat once more. "Its fine calm down, we are not gonna hurt you or anything, plus you walked in on your own, we didnt force you too. That should say enough." She smiled lightly, Nora simply kept her back to them and waited for the water to boil. Which it did. She poured it in three cups and put the herbs needed for the flavor and fragrance before bringing them to the table. She also pu a bowl of sugar in the center for whomever wanted sweetness. She sat down with them before taking some paper and colored pencils, starting to draw the map for him. " my ex.." Nora spoke, keeping her eyes fixated on her work.

HollowJak: -He gives a slow nod and knowing that keyth now had a family spoke softly- i am very sorry to hear that though he must have been a fool to not still be with someone as pretty as you -he wasnt hitting on her really it was just how he was he slowly took a sip of the tea and let it warm him a smile on his face- ah now that is some damn good tea its been awhile since i had any -he took a large drink now draining the cup in a few quick gulps before wiping his mouth with his free arm- ah now onto that map im sorry to ask for it so blatantly and if you want payment i'll be happy to put it up now i cant pay anything too expensive i didnt sell THAT many guns but i'll give you waht i can because frankly the map will be a huge help im new to this city only been here for about a week and well things have certainly been rather harsh i feel sorry for the construction workers and those who try to keep the city in the black -he pulled the guitar case into his lap and held it there it was obviously important to him to have it nearby as he fidgeted with the aipper he was altogether nervous though he tried to act smooth when it came down to it he was far from good around women especially ones he was pretty sure could snap his neck- um i am remiss to ask but could i maybe have another cup of tea? i promise i'll pay the price on whatever herbs you us if that makes it any better

YuiKiara: Nora shook her head in response and glanced up at him when he complimented her, a smirk spreading over her lips. "Not really, im actually thankful. I dont have to deal with a psychopathic and unstable man. Just feel sorry for the woman that was willing to even bear his kids. He is loyal when it comes to his kids, that much i can tell, but not to his woman." She propped her elbow on the table and rested her chin on top of her hand, her eyes staring at him with some interest. "Its fine you dont have to clutch that case so tight, we sell flowers here...not weapons. So we have no need for those." Nora finished the last few lines before writing the names above the dots. "As for payment, stop saying you need to pay anything as well, we have enough to get by we dont need your money." She then pushed her own cup towards him along with the map. "I am a former KPD officer, i retired last month. My location is also hidden from them, for i retired on my own account and was not given the ok. So you could say i am hunted for now. So if you can keep our encounter hush hush" Nora spoke, holding her index finger to her lips "It would be greatly appreciated. I have also changed my handwriting just in case they find this paper."

HollowJak: -he took the map and slipped it into his suit jacket next to the manilla envelope before reaching for her cup and taking a drink from it smiling- well this isnt just any regular weapon my dear this is something special -he put the guitar case on the table first laying the railgun on the table then placing its batter and four titanium slugs below it- this here has never been seen by this city before i have it on good word that im the only one who has them please feast your eyes on the R97 handheld railgun able to fire these here titanium slugs at Mach 4 these babys move at 0.8 miles a second and can punch through cars and buildings hell even people like they were made of tissue paper -he laughs and moves his hands away so that they could see it better- i only show you this because i know you wont tell either you have something to hide as much as i do and besides their going to become mainstream soon the plans go to Mr.colt the head of the KPD then to densuke that superhero type he gets one already fully made and after that i'll have the plans or even a full gun available at a nice high price for the yakuza or the local gangs normally i wouldnt have used it but i was lets say a bit too consumed with a want of war after the mj's shot up my former squad mate so i brought it out but now that their not a threat and so many have seen it in action i figure it was time to spread it around the city available to anyone so that this city can keeps it power balance -he sits back and takes another drink from his tea- and i wont tell anyone and i wont blackmail you either this cup of tea is payment enough for that -he took another long drink before gulping it down it really was very pleasant and he would have to ask for the recipe and to buy some of the herbs-

YuiKiara: "As if we didnt have enough trouble in this city already..." Nora spoke silently more to herself as she gazed at the weapon he was boasting about so proudly. Both sisters glanced at one another before letting out a heavy sigh and sitting back in their seats. It was clear they were not to pleased with this as he was. "Anyway...i will keep the shop open for a while longer before closing it, so you can hang around a bit longer if you would like." Nora spoke before standing to her feet and going to prepare the pots she was working on before. Naomy smiled at the male then as well before standing as well, going to get the plants ready. Non have shared names with one another, and she didnt wish to either. It was best if they stayed anonymous to one another.

HollowJak: -He shrugs and seeing how they were displeased smiled- hey now this is a good thing it puts people on an even playing field with all those meta-humans us regular folks need the help you know? -he didnt answer when they said he could stay a little while longer and as they broke away he went towards the one who was going to prepare pots and unbuttons his jacket sleeves and roll them up along with his under shirt and gives a slgiht smile- this is an odd question but i used to help my grandma around the garden but would you mind terribley if i helped out a bit? it brings back some good memories to me and frankly there arent alot of those going around lately so what do you say? -he closes his eyes and smiles at the woman he wasnt even sure what her name was but he was serious about doing some work in the shop as he thought about it it seemed like it would be a hell of alot more entertaining than going out to some club, getting drunk, hitting on a women and then getting shot down and honestly he liked these people it seemed like the two of them had some good heads on their shoulders and he could use some sanity at this point-

YuiKiara: Nora was taken by surprise as the man rushed at her side, offering to help her and giving insight on his gardening experience. Blinking a bit puzzled, she lowered her head lightly, her eyes closing as she smiled, letting out a chuckle. For the first time in a long while laughing around someone that was not her older sister. "Sure...why not. If you can grab thee more of the pots on that counter top and bring them out, we will fill them halfway with some soil then put the flowers in and fill the rest." She explained pointing to the available pots before heading outside to finish the ones she stared.

HollowJak: -He nodded and made his way over to the couter top and looking it over found the pots she had told him about and moved them carefully one by one to where she was setting them down he carefully filled them to halfway with the soil smiling softly ah he enjoyed this kind of work it was nice to fill raw soil on his hands and he found himself smiling broadley and whistling a soft tune he wondered what kind of flowers she want to put into the pots so he looked up at her and said softly- so what kind of flowers do you want me to pui into these pots? -he crouched there waiting quietly for her answer after a minute he shrugged off his suit jacket and set it to the side the revolver now being visible in an under arm hoslter though it was still strapped securely even with the snow he didnt want to pay dry cleaning costs so he set it very carefully under the awning leaving his spare ammunition, grenades and cellphone in it he trusted these people both sides had something to lose if there was a betrayal- also i never got your name as i said my name is jason -he held his dirty hand out to her with a smile-

YuiKiara: Nora finished preparing the rest of the pots, Naomy walking over with some lilies in her hands, at the bottom their roots were tied in a small bag so to not get damaged. She took the ones she needed before offering him the rest, planting her own with a gentle smile on her lips. Her hands carefully working on them like a mother on a newborn. She saw him extend his hand to her and introduce himself. However she could not help but give him an apologetic look. "I cant give you my real name, so i will let you pick one for me that you wish to call me." She responded clapping her hands together to dust off the soil.

HollowJak: -He put the lilies into the pot and filled the pots the rest of the way before carefully patting the soil down then slowly wiping his forehead happy that he had accomplished his task as he smile at her- pretty is what  you are but its not a good name hmm i'll just call you lilly as ive never been very creative -he stood and dusted off his hands before stretching his long black hair falling back into his eyes even after he had carefully groomed it- well then Lily it is -he holds his hand out to help her up off the ground the smile still on his face as he did so frankly he was happy that he had stumbled n that bike and met two good people that didnt appear to want to shoot at him or rip people to pieces at every turn though he was no saint he still liked to hang around with normal mostly law abiding folks that they happened to be two pretty woman was just another happy coincidence- and also if you could give me some of that herb blend for the tea i would be nothing short of eternally grateful i need something in me other than cup of noodles and the occasional soda

YuiKiara: She gazed over to him when he chose the name Lily. She blinked for a moment, then watched him stand to his feet and offer her a hand, also asking if he could have some of the tea she made to take with him. A smile spread over her lips as she took his hand and stood to her feet before lowering it back to her side. Lily...a pleasant  name. She would use that one for now, not to mention it was her most beloved flower. "I will pack you some. And such a diet sounds horrid.." She shook her head before she went inside. She spent away about 10 minutes before coming back with a small package. Inside she put some of the herbs she used for the tea as well as a few snacks for him, along with some fresh breads. "This should last you, and even though i dont approve of your mission with this weapon, i wish you luck." Such an encounter, she wondered if it was truly a coincidence that it had happened. Or after he went on his way, if she would cross paths with him again. But that...only time could tell.

HollowJak: -he smiled as she brought the package out and after gathering up his things and putting his jacket back on he smiled at her- thanks for the tea lily and for the other things as well -he smiled as she brought the package out and after gathering up his things and putting his suit jacket back on e smiled at her- thanks for the tea lily and for the other things as well i owe you big time oh yeah -he took a piece of paper and a pen from inside his suit jacket and carefully scrawled something on it before folding the paper and putting it in her hand- thats my cell number and the adress of my warehouse in district 1 if you ever wanna get in contact -he turned and started to walk down the street though twenty feet away he turned and waved to her- i'll try to come by tommorow maybe we could have some more tea and work with the plants some after my meeeting but if im not able to make it i'll definetely come by the day after tommorow to visit barring any city endangering catastrophic event he smiled at her and turned back around hmming softly to himself as he went today had been a good day-

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