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-Jason yawned as he awoke blinking slowly at the dim light emenating from the warehouse lights above hi. Giving a groan he stood up and stretched before walking over to the cubboard and pening it taking the last little loaf offrench bread he had received from lily and taking a bite of it as he shivered in the cold of the early morning looking outside he saw that the sun wasnt even out yet odd he usually woke up around when it was coming out but its not like he could go back to bd. Taking another bite from the laof of bread he walks to the fire and throws a piece of broken crate on it smiling as the dry wood set ablaze and sent a rugsh of warm air over his bare chest. he had fallen asleep in only a pair of warm ups as he usually did though with the increasing cold he felt it would be best to add some more layer chuckling to himself he walked out to look at the warehouse smiling at the warmth he had small space heaters running throughout to keep his warehouse at a nice pleasant temperature so that none of his equipment would be damaged by the cold. he finished the bread in a few quick bite as he walked down to the nearest crate and grabbed the crowbar near it popping it open inside was a grouping of L9601 niper rifles and pulling one out he smiled alot of people went for semi-automatic ones these days but he himself prefered good old bolt action more kick to the rounds and there was also that hard to explaing feeling that he got from chambering another round by running the bol. putting the gun to his shoulder he aimed down the sights and with a satisfied nod grabbed a few filled magazines from a nearby crate slapping one into the gun and running the bolt to chamber a round- feels like its gonna be a good day 0he walked back into his officce and grabbed his revolver and two boxes of spare .45 ammo from his desk before making his way down into the basement of the warehouse swiching on the lights he started to hum to himself as he walked forward in the warehouses basement there wsas a crude firing range set up they had even dug out a little farther underneath a condemned building to actually have a bit of range with the proper tools the whole thing hadent taken long to set up. stepping up to one of the eight booths that were set up he set both guns down before pressing a button at which point a target flipped down from the ceiling around fity yards away from him about half the total length of the firing range just to be sure they had set pillars to reinforcce the ceiling so it wouldnt collapse and they also never used explosives within that area. He took a set of earplugs from a small box of the things which wason the counter of each booth and put them into his ears taking a moment to get used to the change in sound levels before he picked up the rifle and began to work at removing the scope he usually used one in the field but at this range there was far from need for one. After removing the scope he set it down gingerly on the counter before raising the rifle to his shoulder and taking a slow breath to steady himself as he aimed down the sights smiling softly he place his finger on the trigger and fired the bullet punching through the target in the center of the chest cycling the bolt quickly he took another shot hitting it in the head frowning to himself he lowered the gun and pressed the button the target dissapearing with another reapearing at the end of the range it had been too easy shooting the other one and maybe a bit more distance could test him more. taking another breath he brought the rifle back up and cycled the bolt firing another shot this one punching again into the center of the targets chest cursing he slowly lowered his gun and placed it back on the counter the range was far too short and frankly the paper target didnt shoot back scratching the back of his head he p[icked up the rifle again and fired two quick shots both hitting the target suarely in the center of where its forehead would be. setting the gun on the counter he sighed one last time as he shook his head after the fights he had had in the city paper targets just didnt seem like they would cut it atleast not enough to kep him sharp for real combat grabbing his revolver and the boxes of .45 ammo he made hsi way back up the stairs to the main warehouse shutting off the lights as he went and closing the door with a firm bacg he made his way into his office and set the weapons down upon his desk before tossing more wood onto the fire- well just sitting here wont do me any good -he dropped down and began to do slow push ups not really focusing his mind elsewhere now that he had all of that money what to do with it? first thing was to get some form of transport walking everywhere in this weather was far from fun nothing too fancy it wouldnt do him very well to get something that could be easily traced and then after that buy out the rest of the buldings within a mile of him he felt it shouldnt soak up too much of his cash its not like he was buying up prime real estate hell most of the buildings were at best condemned though there were squaters living in them well he wouldnt throw them out he just needed the buildings to be his and refurbished to legal liveabilty hell hed even let the people stay there free of charge and pay them to work for him he needed to get a foothold in this city ad he would start with this 1x1 mile radius free housing for any without a home though he would have a system to take women and children first he wasnt doing this to be extravagantly kind he just didnt like the sorrowful state of the place and if he was to call it home for the rest of his life he was ging to attempt to spruce it up a bit besides if he helped the people they would be less likely to rat on him besides he wanted to help some of the folks out they deserved it. blinking he cursed and had to check the clock he had been going for only around ten minutes but he stopped and stood up well not much to do now but head out and try to get himself a vehicle. Making his way down into the basement again he flipped on the lights and made his way down the grate and into the passageway to the experimentwal weapons vault as he walked down it the chip in his arm sent out a ping to the automatic chaingun marking him as friendly to the targeting computer so that he wasnt ripped to pieces. Smiling he did all of the relevant scans and input the code walking inside he looked around seeing the two hundred punds of C4 plastic explosive he had rigged up to blow if anyone ever tried to force the door. Grabbing one of the large duffel bags and a spare backpack that was lying around he tossed around a hundred thousand dollars into it before looking up and seeing a slight glow at the back wall of the room walking over to it he stooped down running off the schematics he had for the railgun batteries he had begun to work on a small extremely high powered generator so he and hopefully one day his bought property could run off the grid it worked by gathering energy from ambient elecctricity and the air as well as from some cables connected to the citys power grid then boosting the amount of power it was too small and poorly made Jason having canabilised parts for it from other things within the vault to even make it but it workedwould give of a tv while they ran an entire warehouse well it mostly worked damn thing was very unstable and frankly dipped in and out of working so he had yet to implement it in running his warehouse but soon enough he would standing he patted the small generator careful not to jossle it too much before zipping up his bag of money and going back out locking up the room before leaving he wondered what exactly he would buy he could afford a hover car but that seemed a bit to flashy and just a regular car would be too big and not fast enough for what he needed thinking on it for a few more moments as he climbed from the tunnel into the basement he decided it would be best to get a motorcycle something sleek and fast frankly he felt he could get away with it if anything he would play himself off as a pompous businessman whos hit his midlife crisis. smiling he walked into his office and tossed the bag of money on the desk before stripping down to his boxers and putting on his suit though with a blizzard still raging outside he would be more careful grabbing a heavy jacket from below the desk he put it on it was the same black as his suit and fairly thick though he did put his under arm holster on before he put on either the suit jacket or main jacket sliding his colt single action army .45 into the holster as well as slipping the three speed loaders filled with ammo into his inner pocket. with a stretch he grabs the bag and heads out refilling his jacket pockets as he went placing an incindiary grenade in the right one and two emp in the left stopping at the door he thinks for a moment then shrugs before activating the warehouses security system and padlocking the large doors on his way out. He walked slowly down the street and taking his cellphone out of his pocket groaned heavily he had fried the damn thin when hed thrown the E.M.P grenade at the club and hadnt thought to throw it out of range this was shock proof but not emp proof sighing he cocked his arm and threw it seeing it land with a satisfying thump into the trashcan he had been aiming at shrugging he continud his way down the street till he heard a scream and a struggle from nearby following the noise he found a run down house very small from what he could see. He snuck up to it and looking through the window saw a young woman in what looked like it used to be a business suit now torn and in dissaray as three large men surrounded her watching for a second he frowned disgusted rapists were one of th few groups of people he killed on principle alone murderers? never know may have a good reason thieves? well sometimes you need to steal to live but rapists had no reason to do what they did but some sort of sick erversion drawing his revolver he stepped to the side and aimed through the broken windoow and fired the bullet flying forward and punching into one mans head smiling jason ducked back behind the windows edgee as he heard the man slump and the others draw weapons unleashing a rain of hot lead where he had just been ameaturs boy how happy he was that he was fighting untrained men for once though they were suprisingly well armed as they stopped to reload jason took the chance to jump through the open window firing three bullets into the man on the rights chest who he just now noticed was holding an uzi well now would have been terrible if someone with any skill had used it but in the hands of this unskilled punk it would be spray and pray all day as he turned the other man pulled back the lever on the side of his gun and jasons ees narrowed time seemed to slow down as jason ranforward using his revolver to pistol whip the mans wrist the gun clattering to the floor but before he could celebrate he felt a solid kick to his left arm stumblin back he shook his head and seeing the man jump for the gun he fired a round into the mans chest missing his heart by inches as the man had been spinning when he fired. Tumbling to the ground the man cried out in pain clutching at the bullet wound ah it must have hurt and he would bleed to death slowly if left to his own devices but jason had other plans smiling brightly he walked over to the man and kicked him hard repeatedly till he was laying on hs back at which point he planted a foot on the mans chest and pointed the revolver down at the mans head- well no matter how much id like to just leave you to die here in the cold well the chances of you surviving may be one in a million but i cant take the chance of you getting out of this alive -with the same smile still plastered upon his face he pulled the trigger the bullet splattering the mans brains nicely against the cold cement floor- whelp that broke the monotiny -he flipped open the revolver and let the spen shells drp before pulling out a speed loader and reloading the gun slamming it shut when he was done after a second or two he heard a whimper and turned remembering the woman was in the room odd he would have thought she would have run away by now though to be fair there was a blizzard going on outside and the woman was wearing well nothing but a few scraps now not to mention she was too shocked to speak much less walk helping the woman to her feet with a bit of struggle as she fought him he removed his coat and wrapped it around her which seemed only to shock the woman more no doubt she probably thought he killed the men just so he could have a turn first oh well- do you remember where you live -the woman nodded slowly and jason lead her out following her slowly through the winter streets only now did he notice that the woman was for lack of a better word rather small his jacket covering her quite wellin any other situation he would have hit on her but this well this was too serious of a time for even him to mess around after about an hour he was able to get her home to a small apartment complex in district 1 letting her keep his coat he walkd away heading down the street when to his astonishemnt he saw a car dealership- well color me pink i may not have to deal with this thrice damned blizzard for too much longer . breaking into a run he walked through the car lot looking the vehicles over the bag still strapped to his shoulder- what gives these are far cheaper than i thought they would be maybe i should have just broguth a little bit of money. shrugging he made his way to the traler at the back of the lot and knocked loudly waiting for a moment till a round man wearing only boxers answered the door with a groggy growl. smiling jason took some of the money out about sixty thousand and tossed it at the mans feet- give me the keys to that motorcycle ver there and i was never here -with a silent nod the man took a set of keys off a rack next to the door and threw it to jason who caught it easilly as the man scrambled to take the money and get back inside locking the door apparently he had had jasons sort of business before walking to the motorcycle he smiled and sat on it inserting the key it was generic but that was a good hting. turning the key jason started the bike doing a lap around the lot to test it out- wooooohoooooooo -he laughed loudly and darted from the lot on his new bike headed down towards district one sure handling it on the snow packed road in a blizzard gave him some trouble he was able to keep it together till he suddenly pulled off to the side and stopped looking up he found he was in front of the AT&QI store which had just opened its doors now wow he must have been out longer than he had originally thought. standing he walked into the store and bought a dozen new phones making them all prepayed he filled them all with ten thousand minutes apiece paying onlyw with cash he slipped eleven of the identical touch screen phones into the small backpack along with the money he had left and gave the man the one he had left out to program with jasons old number smiling the man told him it would only take a few minutes so jason sat down in a chair and waited. Three hours later Jason left the store grumbling and feeling rather annoyed- it'll just take a few minutes he said. just take a seat his aid god i hate fucking phone salesman -he hopped onto his bike and started it again riding off back to his warehouse with little to no incident he unlocked the door and walked the bike inside today really had been a good day for him and mayb things would start to look up. he popped the kick stand on the motorcycle before heading back to his office and doing a few more push ups to regain the warmth in his body- note to self get a helmet snow seems harmless but damn does it sting when your on a motorcycle -standing up he shook himself off a little before making up a cup of the tea he had obtained from lily and taking a sip before sitting down at his desk and looking over his papers he believed hed try to pay the flower shop a visit later on maybe even ply his trade a little more to the local gangs even as he thought this a trio of men walked into the warehouse they appeared to be of average height and wearing sleek business suits with slicked back hair jason sat bcks and slowly pulled the revolver from its holster as they got closer to most they would seem like regular businessman atleast from a distance as they approaced he could see small wholes in their suits and patches of dirty skin that obviously hadnt been scrubbed hard enough well it wasnt any skin off his nose who they were so long as they actually had the money but from the looks of them they would barely have a twenty between them. he stood keeping his gun held behind them opening his mouth to shout for them to get out when a man pulled a bag from behind him and jason smiled it looked like it had some weight to it he set down his gun and started to walk forward from the office as they reached into the bag his eyes widening as he saw them pulling guns out uzi submachine guns with stocks attached jason dived to the side hearing glass break above him as bullets punched through the window at the front of his office which allowed him to look out over the warehouse suddenly he frowned was he going deaf? he couldnt hear the sounds of their gun shots no that wasnt right he could hear the glass shattering as it hit the ground and a verly slight noise from outside his windowshit the guys were using silencers no help would come any time soon though he doubted it would in general. After a moment the firing stopped he assumed they had run out of ammo as he heard the sound of a magazine slipping out ha now was his chance he jumped up and leapt for his gun and fel a sudden pain lancing through his heft arm and leg falling he was able to grab his revolver and craw behind the desk panting as they continued to fire fuckers had tricked him damn it he was so cocky after dealing with the idiots from before heed let himself be tircked looking at his arm and leg he frowned another ruined suit but the wounds were just flesh wounds they wouldnt hinder him too much but god damn did they hurt peeking over the desk as they fired he quickly ducked back down cursing himself he could throw an incindiary grenade at them or the whole place would go up sure the C4 would just burn away harmlesly but the crates of ammo and other explosives would rip the place to pieces and him along with it. he took a breath and ran out firing twice both shots hitting the same man once in the leg and the other in the head griining he rolled underneath his bed as the mans two friends enraged open fire again luckily enough they didnt seem to be hitting the bed good he wouldnt have to buy a new one of those liek he would have to with his suit waiting till the fire ceased he looked around and seeing a large uncracked piece of glass on the floor reached out and snatched it up it wouldnt work very well but it would do he held it out barely and moved it up so the light would hit it well enough to make it reflect through the glass he saw the two remaining men walking towards his office droppping the magazines from their guns and reaching into their pockets to grab another he rolled out from under the bed and ignoring the pain from his wound leg shot twice expecting to hit them but finding empty air as they ducked down behind the railing running to the window he himself took cover behind the cement wall beneath it now having the chance as they werent firing god damn it they were good he waited till he heard them pulling back the levers on their guns and roared jumping up and through the window the borken glass tearing at his ssuit and the fles of his arms and toso though suerficially he ran up and put a bullet in the closest mans head before spinning and finding the gun kicked from his hand by the other undetoured he lunged forward and grabbed the mans arm as he pulled the trigger forcing the man to point up he held on with both mans empied the magazine into the ceiling when the gun had run dry jason yanked the man to the side and threw him down pulling his knife jason stabbed down into his chest three times before the man stopped moving and jason stood panting wanting to be sure he cut way the mans sleeve and sure enough there was a tattoo of an armored rat well looks like the higher echelons of the sukabenja were tougher than jason expected them to be. standing straigh he looked up at the auto turrets and wondered why they hadnt fired till he remembered that he had shut them off shortly before starting to look through his paperwork to save power smacking his head Jason reactivated the defense systems before slowly dragging the bodies outside one by one and piling them there stripping them f anything of use which turned out to be nothing but a few spare magazines for the three uzis well it would work out. he took the incindiary grenade from his right pocket and pulled the pin tossing the grenade onto the corpses smiling as it went off and set them ablaze. turning he walked back into his warehouse humming happily to himself though with a slight limp from his leg wound- Todays actually been a pretty okay day.

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